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This page lists items from RNZ that are identified as "Spiritual Outlook". RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access these items, plus the vast audio collecton from the mid-2000s onwards by using the day schedule pages. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

13/11/1993: The Ratana Church 75th Anniversary
Clive Conland presents a CONNEXIONS programme to mark the anniversary of Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana's visitation by the Holy Spirit on 8 November 1918. and the founding of the Ratana Church (RNZ). [image:96544:full] [more]

09/11/2008: Spiritual Outlook: Creator
In this programme Maureen Garing talks with Dr Jim Veitch about the image of God as the creator. [more]

16/11/2008: Spiritual Outlook: Clouds
Maureen Garing talks with the Right Reverend Dr Graham Redding about the image of God in the clouds. [more]

23/11/2008: Spiritual Outlook: Control
Maureen Garing asks three guests whether they consider God as being in control of their lives. [more]

30/11/2008: Spiritual Outlook: Change
Maureen Garing talks with David Simmers about how our ideas about God can change throughout our lifetimes. [more]

07/12/2008: Spiritual Outlook: Cartoon
Maureen Garing talks with a religious cartoonist about his image of God. [more]

14/12/2008: Spiritual Outlook for 14 December 2008
The final episode of Imagining God, the realist versus the non-realist, with Professor Jim Veitch. [more]

14/12/2008: Spiritual Outlook: Realist
Dr Jim Veitch sums up the ways in which we imagine God, talking about the realist and the non-realist God. [more]

21/12/2008: Spiritual Outlook for 21 December
The Rev Allister Lane talks with Maureen Garing about the nativity stories in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke. [more]

08/03/2009: Spiritual Outlook - Tahupōtiki Wiremu Rātana
Maureen Garing talks to Keith Newman about Tahupotiki Wiremu Ratana, prophet, healer and visionary. [more]

15/03/2009: Spiritual Outlook 15 March
National manager of the Churches Education Commission, talks about Christian education in our state primary schools. [more]

22/03/2009: Spiritual Outlook for 22 March
David Hines talks with Maureen Garing about the internet church he has recently established. [more]

29/03/2009: Spiritual Outlook 29 March 2009
In the light of recent articles in a Vatican newspaper Father John O'Connor talks about heaven, hell and the seven deadly sins. [more]

05/04/2009: Spiritual Outlook for 5 April 2009
In Spiritual Outlook this week Maureen Garng talks with Bill Wallace about his idea for the greening of Christian worship. [more]

23/08/2009: Spiritual Outlook for 23 August 2009
In Spiritual Outlook this week Dr Graham Redding talks with Maureen Garing about the Protestant reformer, Jean Calvin who was born 500 years ago. [more]

30/08/2009: Spiritual Outlook for 30 August 2009
In Spiritual Outlook Maureen Garing askes Professor Jim Veitch to explain why are we afraid of Islam. [more]

06/09/2009: Spiritual Outlook for 6 September 2009
In Spiritual Outlook Maureen Garing talks with Jean Cartmell, a member of the Voluntary Euthanasia Society about the right to decide the time and manner of one's death. [more]

13/09/2009: Spiritual Outlook for 13 September 2009
The Sea of Faith is an international network in which members discuss the deeper meaning of life. In Spiritual Outlook Maureen Garing talks to Noel Cheer, a life member of this network. [more]

20/09/2009: Spiritual Outlook 20th September 2009
The celebration of Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, falls this year on 19 and 20 September. In Spiritual Outlook Maureen Garing talks with Professor Paul Morris about this import festival. [more]

27/09/2009: Spiritual Outlook for 27 September 2009
Maureen Garing talks with members of the New Zealand Hymnbook Trust about the new collection of New Zealand hymns being launched at Labour Weekend. [more]

15/11/2009: Spiritual Outlook for 15 November 2009
Maureen Garing talks with English Author, David Boulton, about his latest book,"Who on earth was Jesus"in which he looks for what we can actually know about the Jesus of history. [more]

22/11/2009: Spitirual Outlook for 22 November 2009
Maureen Garing talks with the Rev Martin Baker, executive Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand about aspects of church practice which might appeaer to not conform with New Zealand law. [more]

29/11/2009: Spiritual Outlook for 29 November 2009
Maureen Garng talks with Dr Beth Johnson-Taylor, research director at Mary Potter Hospice in Wellington, about spirituality and terminal illness. [more]

07/03/2010: Spiritual Outlook for 7 March 2010
Maureen Garing talks with Derek Pringle about the group he has established to discuss religion, spirituality and mythology. [more]

14/03/2010: Spiritual Outlook 14 March 2010
Maureen Garing talks with Andrew Johnston of Christian World Service about the war on poverty. [more]

21/03/2010: Spiritual Outlook 21 March 2010
Maureen Garing talks with Matthew Potts about the Parachute Christian Music Festival. For copyright reasons the music has been removed from this programme. [more]

28/03/2010: Spiritual Outlook 28 March 2010
Bill Wallace talks with Maureen Garing about the Parliament in World Religions which he attended in Melboune in December. [more]

11/04/2010: Spiritual Outlook for 11 April 2010
Maureen Garing talks with Bryan Bruce about his book 'Jesus: the Cold Case'. [more]

30/05/2010: Spiritual Outlook for 30 May 2010
Maureen Garing talks to Murray Short, a member of Wellington's Quaker meeting about the beliefs and practices of Quakers. [more]

13/06/2010: Spiritual Outlook 13 June 2010
Maureen Garing talks with Professor Elaine Wainwright of the Univeristy if Auckland about their recent research into spirit possession. [more]

20/06/2010: Spiritual Outlook 20 June 2010
Ginny Luedeman is a Christian Science Lecturer who was a recent visitor to New Zealand. Maureen Garing asks her about her church and its beliefs. [more]

27/06/2010: Spiritual Outlook for 27 June 2010
Maureen Garing talks with Professor Jim Veitch about the links we see between religion and terrorism in some parts of the world. [more]

04/07/2010: Spiritual Outlook for 4 July 2010
Maureen Garing talks with Jill Kayser, leader of an organisation called Kids Friendly whose aim is to encourage churches to make children more welcome. [more]

22/08/2010: Spiritual Outlook for 22 August 2010
In this programme Maureen Garing talks with Dr Bill Cooke, spokesperson for the Rationalist Society, about atheist spirituality. [more]

29/08/2010: Spiritual Outlook for 29 August 2010
Dr Art Buehler tells Maureen Garing about the practices and beliefs surrounding the sacred Muslim month, Ramadan. [more]

05/09/2010: Spiritual Outlook for 5 September 2010
Bishop Richard Randerson talks with Maureen Garing about his worl in the area of social justice. [more]

12/09/2010: Spiritual Outlook for 12 September 2010
Maureen Garing talks with Juliet Batten about hew new book, 'Dancing with the Seasons'. [more]

19/09/2010: Spiritual Outlook for 19 September 2010
In the light of recent government moves to raise the drinking age, Spiritual Outlook looks at the temperance movement of a century ago. [more]

26/09/2010: Spiritual Outlook for 26 September 2010
This is the middle of the Jewish celebration of Sukkot or the Festival of Booths. Professor Paul Morris talks with Maureen Garing about this important time. [more]

21/11/2010: Spiritual Outlook for 21 November 2010
Maureen Garing asks Professor Jim Veitch what has happened to our churches which have changed so radically over the last forty years. [more]

05/12/2010: Spiritual Outlook for 5 December 2010
Maureen Garing talks with Jane Brook about the work of the Family Works Centre. [more]

12/12/2010: Spirtual Outlook for 12 December 2010
What is truth? What are lies? How often do we find ourselves not telling the complete truth. Do we sometimes tell small lies in order not to hurt people. This is what Maureen Garing is talking about with two guests in this programme of Spiritual Outlook. [more]

30/01/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 30 January 2011 - Bahai Community in New Zealand (part 1)
The Bahai faith was founded in the mid 19th century in the Persian and Ottoman empires. With around 5-6 million Bahai's around the world, it's one of the fastest growing religions next to Christianity. In the first of a two-part series Sonia Yee meets a Christchurch-based singer-songwriter whose music travels throughout the Bahai world, and explores the situation of Bahai's from Iran. [more]

06/02/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 6 February 2011 - Bahai Community in New Zealand (part 2)
Without question, adolescence is tough and young people face so many challenges. But what is it like to grow up as part of the Bahai community a faith that is still under the radar in New Zealand? Sonia Yee gains a candid insight into the perspectives of Bahai youth. [more]

13/02/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 13 February 2011 - Southern Star
A smart twist on a centuries-old tradition of hospitality and refuge is providing a new lease of life for a community of Cistercian monks at a monastery in Hawkes Bay. [more]

20/02/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 20 February 2011 - Church Music
The Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne caused a bit of a stir last year when he banned pop music and football songs from funeral services. At the same time as the Archbishop was making his stand, the fiercely independent and notoriously strict Free Church of Scotland voted to relax its rules and allow instruments and hymns to accompany their church services. So what constitutes church music nowadays? What makes one piece of music sacred and another secular? Spiritual Outlook talks to Archbishop Denis Hart, church historian Peter Matheson, Wellington Cathedral Music Director Michael Fulcher and Parachute Music Director Mark de Jong on how to pray through music. [more]

13/03/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 13 March
The centuries-old Camino walk in northern Spain may be a popular pilgrimage for thousands each year. But why go all that way from New Zealand? Two recent walkers compare notes on contrasting motivations. [more]

20/03/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 20 March 2011
When faiths collide. And a psychological take on the parables. [more]

17/04/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 17 April 2011 - Fo Guan Shan
Fo Guan Shan is an international form of Mahayana Buddhism. It was founded in the 1960's in Taiwan and there are temples located in Christchurch and Auckland. So what is it, and how does it function? Sonia Yee heads out to the architecturally designed centre in Christchurch. [more]

24/04/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 24 April 2011 - Fo Guan Shan
Fo Guan Shan is an international form of Mahayana Buddhism. It was founded in the 1960's in Taiwan and there are temples located in Christchurch and Auckland. So what is it, and how does it function? Sonia Sly heads out to the architecturally designed centre in Christchurch. [more]

01/05/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 1 May 2011 - Yoga
Sonia Sly meets a yoga practitioner who believes in the power of transformative sound as a means to come closer to one's true self. [more]

08/05/2011: Sunday, 8 May 2011: In da bginnin God cre8d da hvns and da earth
Want to know which way is Mecca? Just get the app for your iPhone. Can't make it to church on a Sunday morning? Live streaming means you can watch it from your bed. Turned off by how long and wordy the Bible is? Don't worry; the text message version is much shorter. No room for that Buddhist prayer wheel in your home? Download it to your phone, then just shake and pray. Spiritual Outlook investigates technology and faith and discusses what could be lost and what might be gained by text prayer, by replacing church communities with social media sites, and by keeping the Koran on your iPhone. [more]

22/05/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 22 May 2011 - The Rapture
Another prediction about the end of the world falls by the wayside. So should we take seriously the idea that we are living in the end times? [more]

29/05/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 29 May 2011
Quilter, artist, writer and counsellor Trish McBride reflects on her quest for an all-inclusive spiritual way. [more]

05/06/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 5 June 2011
Author Keri Hulme made history by winning the Booker Prize, and now finds God in nature in the Okarito Lagoon. [more]

12/06/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 12 June 2011
TVNZ correspondent and novellist Tim Wilson speculates on what The Rapture might look like in Auckland. He talks to Noelle McCarthy as part of a series of interviews with interesting kiwis who've found something to believe in, and are making it work. [more]

19/06/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 19 June 2011
Former Prime Minister Helen Clark says she doesn't believe in God, she prefers to set goals instead. She talks to Noelle McCarthy as part of a series of interviews with interesting kiwis who've found something to believe in, and are making it work. [more]

26/06/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 26 June 2011
Max Gimblett explains how it's possible to reconcile the life of a world renowned painter with that of a Buddhist monk. [more]

03/07/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 3 July 2011
This week's guest in Noelle McCarthy's series I Know This Much Is True is the Dean of Christchurch Cathedral, the very Reverend Peter Beck. [more]

10/07/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 10 July 2011
Broadcaster and former politician Pam Corkery talks about her beliefs with Noelle McCarthy in the series "I know this much is true". [more]

17/07/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 17 July 2011 - The Possibility of Past Lives
Sonia Sly looks at the journey of the soul and the possibility of past lives. [more]

24/07/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 24 July 2011 - Finding Freedom
This week, an insight into Falun Gong- a spiritual movement, which since its inception in the early 90's has seen the persecution of its practitioners in China. [more]

31/07/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 31 July 2011 - Sikhism
Exploring the beliefs, history and the future of Sikhism, through the metaphor of the turban. [more]

07/08/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 7 August 2011 - Celebrating Death
Celebrations in the streets of Washington followed the announcement of the death of Osama Bin Laden. But is it ever OK for a Christian to celebrate the death of a person? [more]

09/10/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 9 October 2011 - The Food of Love
Sonia Sly finds out the secret ingredient in Hare Krishna cooking, she meets a man who turned away from his Catholic roots and is celebrating 25 years within the Hare Krishna faith, and a woman who left a 'typical Kiwi lifestyle' of partying to join a faith where she can satisfy her need to please others, [more]

16/10/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 16 October 2011 - Creative Spirits
Immortality, ancestors from the past and childhood memories are the source of inspiration for some of the creative spirits that Sonia Sly meets in Spiritual Outlook. [more]

23/10/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 23 October 2011
Composer John Gibson and actor and voice teacher Sylvia Rands have long shared a passion for the religiously inspired works of poet Rainer Maria Rilke. Now they’ve turned that passion into a new theatre show. Justin Gregory talks to them both about creativity and religion, and gains an insight into how sound and music can heal the human body. [more]

30/10/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 30 October 2011
The United Nations has said that blasphemy is a human right. But here in New Zealand, there are no plans to repeal our blasphemy law. In Spiritual Outlook, we ask who does the law protect and is it really necessary anymore? [more]

06/11/2011: Spiritual Outlook for 6 November 2011 - Finding Buddha
Monk-making, silent retreats and the ritual involved in creating Buddha statues are just some of the topics of discussion when Sonia Sly meets a travel writer who loves going off the beaten track. [more]

11/03/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 11 March 2012
For Auckland-based life coach and artist -Jo Hutchinson, a realisation that corporate life just wasn't enough was the trigger that changed her life around and led her down new paths. She needed to do some soul-searching… and where she ended up, revealed more than she could've dreamed. Jo chats to Producer Sonia Sly about her first trip to Egypt, personal transformation, and the possibility that there may be an artist inside each and everyone one of us. (Part 1). [more]

18/03/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 18 March 2012
Sonia Sly speaks to author and spiritualist Suzanne Boult about numerology and other methods of divination to find out how we can unlock our potential, and how she came to discover her own. [more]

25/03/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 25 March 2012 - Religion for Atheists
Author and Philosopher Alain de Botton discusses his new book, 'Religion for Atheists'. [more]

01/04/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 1 April 2012
Spiritual Outlook examines the call by Muslims in New Zealand for more flexibility in observing religious holidays. Muslims think they should be able to swap some of the public holidays in this country for their own religious observances. The Federation of Islamic Associations in New Zealand plans to take the matter up with government. [more]

13/05/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 13 May 2012 - Julianne Hickey
Sonia Sly talks to Julianne Hickey, the newly appointed director of Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand, - a member of Caritas Internationalis, a confederation of 168 Catholic aid, development and social justice agencies working in over 200 countries and territories. [more]

20/05/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 20 May 2012 - Lunchtime Chanting
Sonia Sly eats her way into a lunch time chanting session to find out how chanting on your own or as a group can help to unlock our hidden potential. [more]

03/06/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 3 June 2012
In Spiritual Outlook this week: Canon Paul Oestreicher assesses the legacy of Rowan Williams, the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury, and weighs up the chances of the men most likely to succeed him. [more]

10/06/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 10 June 2012
In Spiritual Outlook this week; Misotheists are fervent believers in God. The only problem is they fervently hate him, too. [more]

29/07/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 29 July 2012
Sonia Sly investigates the origin of part of India's sex industry to find out what the role of women was historically in regards to Temple Worship. She speaks to a PHD student based in Southern India to find out what role these women play in contemporary Indian society and the reality for young girls born into a sacred tradition. [more]

05/08/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 5 August 2012 - Jerusalem: How Far Is Heaven
Sonia Sly speaks to the creators of a documentary premiering at the New Zealand International Film Festival. [more]

12/08/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 12 August 2012 - Bibles in Schools 1
Bibles in Schools; sound values teaching for children or indoctrination by stealth? [more]

19/08/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 19 August 2012 - Bibles in Schools Pt 2
Bibles in Schools; sound values teaching for children or indoctrination by stealth? The final episode in a two-part series. [more]

07/10/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 7 October 2012 - Becoming a Preacher
This week- 'Becoming a Preacher' looks at the journey of a man who was on a mission to fill a void in his life. In the process he explored an array of religions, spiritual practices and philosophies to make sense of this deep feeling of emptiness. For Paul Curwen, finding Christianity and becoming a preacher has helped to release him from the bind of depression and obstacles that stand in his way as Sonia Sly finds out. [more]

14/10/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 14 October 2012 - Creating Saints
Sonia Sly speaks to a UK iconographer who spent his youth growing up in New Zealand. Aidan Hart doesn't mind keeping people waiting and those that commission him to create large scale frescoes, sculptures, and icons don't seem to mind too much either, (not even royalty!). [more]

21/10/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 21 October 2012
Australian psychologist Stuart Edser is a life-long Christian and a gay man. For many years he sought to reconcile the two, to find, as he puts it, both self-esteem and a connection with God. The title of his new book, 'Being Gay, Being Christian: You can be both' suggests he believes he's found it. [more]

28/10/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 28 October 2012
For forty years and almost 400 hymns, Dunedin composer Colin Gibson has been praising his God through song. Staunchly Kiwi and fiercely liberal in his writing, he's strived to use the imagery and the idioms of New Zealand to discuss a theology that speaks to his faith, his politics and his nationality. He's touring the country right now, teaching a series of workshops on the art of the hymn, and he sits down to talk with Spiritual Outlook producer Justin Gregory. [more]

02/12/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 2 December 2012 - King James
Mike Gourley recalls the events that happened or were planned for in New Zealand last year, to mark the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. [more]

09/12/2012: Spiritual Outlook for 9 December 2012 - Victor Shields
Mike Gourley meets Father Victor Shields the Maltese priest with a thoroughly modern take on psychology and faith. [more]

13/01/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 13 January 2013 - Leaving Religion
It's the story of Invercargill-born and raised Craig Hoyle. As a former member of the Exclusive Brethren, he reveals the reality of growing up in a world of restrictions and constraints, where access to technology, media and everyday activities that most of take for granted, are forbidden. His story looks at the positive aspects of the teachings and what it means to belong to the community, but also the impact of challenging the church and its doctrine. [more]

20/01/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 20 January 2013
This week Sonia Sly visits a house which is referred to as Stillwaters Community. Ten people tenant the house, and part of their role is to make themselves available for weekly organised events where the house is open for public gatherings to share food, company and Christ-based teachings. As Sonia finds out, it's a place that provides comfort, solace and open-arms to those in the inner city community who sometimes have nowhere else to turn. [more]

24/02/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 24 February 2013
Over two decades, through Papal visits, clerical sex scandals and fierce religious protests, Catholic spokesperson Lyndsay Freer became the public face of the Church in New Zealand. She sits down with Spiritual Outlook producer Justin Gregory to reflect on a life spent putting forward the perspective of her church. [more]

03/03/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 3 March 2013 - Sacred Art
Somewhat improbably, Auckland's North Shore is home to a small studio that's keeping alive the ancient tradition of icons, or sacred art. Michael Pervan is the director of the 'Studio of St John the Baptist'. He and manager Jenny Trolove have committed their skills - and their faith - to producing what they call "images of the unseen God in the icon of Christ". And as Michael tells producer Justin Gregory, they do it in an appropriate location. [more]

10/03/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 10 March 2013
Amelia Nurse talks to Belgian neurosurgeon and brain researcher Dirk De Ridder about what goes on in the brain when you have a spiritual experience; whether repeated spiritual experience can change the brain; the Geschwind syndrome; if there’s a “God Spot”  in the brain - and what’s involved in the study of all this. Dirk De Ridder was recently appointed as the inaugural Neurological Foundation Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Otago. [more]

17/03/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 17 March 2013
Amelia Nurse talks to Belgian neurosurgeon and brain researcher Dirk De Ridder about the five stages of drug induced spiritual experiences; how repetition - of anything - can change your brain; whether religiosity is genetic; god as a phantom experience; and whether science can prove or disprove the existence of god. Dirk De Ridder was recently appointed as the inaugural Neurological Foundation Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Otago. [more]

17/03/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 17 March 2013 - Additional audio
A brief discussion about belief. [more]

24/03/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 24 March 2013
With Easter soon upon us, church leaders around the country are busy preparing their communities for the most important festival in the Christian calendar. But the question is 'how do you plan for Easter?' How can a church community participate in the Christ story in a way that honours its own tradition and culture, yet draws on the wisdom of thousands of years of Christian practice? At the beginning of this month, Laidlaw College, an evangelical tertiary institution based in West Auckland, hosted a workshop entitled Awakening the Easter Imagination, inviting church leaders from a range of denominations to come and discuss such questions and to gather ideas. Spiritual Outlook producer Lisa Thompson went along to hear how different ministries are preparing to lead their congregations into the Easter story. [more]

31/03/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 31 March 2013
One of New Zealand's most senior Anglican ministers is taking on a high profile international role. Archbishop David Moxon is heading to Rome as the Anglican Communion’s chief representative to the Roman Catholic Church. He will step down in April as the Archbishop of the New Zealand dioceses, and thus as one of the three leaders of the Anglican Church in New Zealand. He will also relinquish the role of Bishop of Waikato, a position he has held for two decades. In Spiritual Outlook this week, Archbishop Moxon sits down with Lisa Thompson to discuss what his new role will entail. [more]

07/04/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 7 April 2013
Mike Gourley explores historical, theological and personal perspectives on the Eucharist. [more]

14/04/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 14 April 2013
Mike Gourley in conversation with Bennett Friedman, a Wellington man who turned to Buddhism in spite of his Jewish upbringing and background. [more]

26/05/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 26 May 2013
Underway right now is the first comprehensive census of churches in this country since early last century. The Mission Koru Report expects to reveal a surprising growth in the number of churches and an emerging diversity in both denominations and ethnicity. Associate Professor Peter Lineham of Massey University is one of the researchers behind the census and the author of articles on the history of the Christian church in New Zealand. He discusses history, methodology and changing paradigms with Spiritual Outlook producer Justin Gregory, who asks him whether the census will reveal more about New Zealander than just our church-going habits. [more]

30/06/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 30 June 2013
Trish McBride has experience as a spiritual guide, chaplain in a mental health context, counsellor an educator and writer who's lived in several different religious traditions. She talks to Mike Gourley about the role of spiritual directors. [more]

07/07/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 7 July 2013 - Spiritual Direction-2
In the second of a 2-part programme exploring the practice and benefits of what's become known formally as Spiritual Direction, Mike Gourley talks with Wellington woman , Anne Hadfield, a past executive member of the Association of Christian Spiritual Directors [more]

14/07/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 14 July 2013
Justin Gregory talks to MP and former race relations commissioner Dr Rajen Prasad about Hinduism in New Zealand. [more]

21/07/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 21 July 2013 - NZ Church Census
Underway right now is the first comprehensive census of churches in this country since early last century. The Mission Koru Report expects to reveal a surprising growth in the number of churches and an emerging diversity in both denominations and ethnicity. Associate Professor Peter Lineham, one of the researchers behind the census, discusses history, methodology and changing paradigms with Justin Gregory, who asks him whether the census will reveal more about New Zealander than just our church-going habits: [more]

28/07/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 28 July 2013 - Numerology and Bach
Amelia Nurse joins Erin Halyard, harpsichordist and lecturer in historical performance at the NZ school of Music to discuss the role of numbers in music and especially in Bach's music. They discuss recordings and play live examples to try to get to the bottom of the centuries old question: to what degree did Bach used numbers to convey hidden meaning in his music. [more]

04/08/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 4 August 2013 - Numerology and Bach
Amelia Nurse joins Erin Halyard, harpsichordist and lecturer in historical performance at the NZ school of Music to discuss the role of numbers in music and especially in Bach's music. They discuss recordings and play live examples to try to get to the bottom of the centuries old question: to what degree did Bach used numbers to convey hidden meaning in his music. [more]

11/08/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 11 August 2013 - Leaders like Lydia
The idea of pursuing theology through art was at the heart of a recent three day residential hui hosted by the Anglican Women's Studies Centre of Aotearoa. Participants were invited to explore how the Bible stories of Lydia of Thyatira and other biblical women could be woven into their own masterpieces. Before joining the weaving workshop, Lisa Thompson asks the Archdeacon of Auckland, The Venerable Carole Hughes, to explain the origin of the study centre. [more]

18/08/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 18 August 2013 - Interfaith Forum
Lisa Thompson speaks with Todd Nachowitz, secretary of the Waikato Interfaith Council, about his desire to explore outside of his own Jewish background. [more]

25/08/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 25 August 2013 - The Cardboard Cathedral
Justin Gregory takes a tour of Christchurch's Transitional Cathedral - better known as the Cardboard Cathedral. A couple of weeks after opening, has it fulfilled everyone's expectations? [more]

25/08/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 25 August 2013
The Builders of the Adytum study the Qabalah, Sacred Tarot and the Tree of Life to attain their goal of 'spiritual attunement' and to 'hasten the true brotherhood of mankind'. While they might be a Mystery School, they are not keeping their faith a secret. [more]

01/09/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 1 September 2013 -The Builders of the Adytum
Justin Gregory meets members of the occult group 'The Builders of the Adytum'. [more]

08/09/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 8 September 2013
Amelia Nurse visits the prayer facilities at Auckland International Airport and discovers who uses them and why. [more]

15/09/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 15 September 2013
Last week in Spiritual Outlook Amelia Nurse visited Auckland International airport to find out about their prayer facilities. This week we're looking at other parts of the world. Amelia talks to Rev. Canon Jonathan Baldwin, president of the International Association of Civil Aviation Chaplains, and Chaplain at Gatwick Airport. [more]

22/09/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 22 September 2013
FILE TITLE Spiritual Outlook for Sun 22 Sep - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ANNOUNCER INTRO: Ecie Hursthouse has been described by her colleagues as "a selfless human dynamo" for the work she carries out as a hospice volunteer. As the managing director of Amitabha Hospice, Ecie has spent the past 18 years building up a network of specially trained volunteer caregivers who offer support for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people with terminal illness across the Auckland region. And as the only Buddhist hospice in the country, over a thousand caregivers have received training based on the religion's principals of love, integrity and service. Spiritual Outlook producer Lisa Thompson pays a visit to Amitabha's training centre in Avondale to meet Ecie and volunteer Glen Wilkin-Holland. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - IN: MUSIC (0:10) 'Buddhism is New Zealand's. . . . OUT: . . .you know, and it works.' MUSIC (0:10) fades DUR: 18:39 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BACK ANNOUNCE: Ecie Hursthouse ending that Spiritual Outlook programme produced by Lisa Thompson. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BRIEF TRAIL: Spiritual Outlook this week explores a Buddhist perspective on palliative care, during a visit to Auckland's Amitabha Hospice. [more]

22/09/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 22 September 2013
Spiritual Outlook explores a Buddhist perspective on palliative care, during a visit to Auckland's Amitabha Hospice. [more]

06/10/2013: Spiritual Outlook for 6 October 2013: Messianic Believers
Mike Gourley meets up with a Wellington woman who says her Christian faith was only complete, when she recognised its Jewish origins. [more]

09/03/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 9 March 2014 - Spaces for Meditation
Wellington architect Hugh Tennent is fostering an unusual design niche for himself. Combining a passion for Buddhist meditation with a love of architecture, Hugh has designed and overseen the building of many spiritual spaces around the country, from a Cistercian Abbey in the Hawkes Bay, to a meditation retreat near Akaroa. And while he enjoys working on both domestic and commercial buildings, he says it's the ability to support the spiritual wellbeing of a community through his architecture, that brings him most satisfaction. Lisa Thompson travelled to Wellington to meet Hugh and to discover how he is helping people bring order to the chaos of everyday life. [more]

16/03/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 16 March 2014
Coming up in this week's Spiritual Outlook - Professors Carol and Eric Meyers, biblical archaeologists and finders of 'lost arks'. [more]

23/03/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 23 March 2014 - Buddhist Recovery Network
Recovering from addiction with help from the Buddha. [more]

30/03/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 30 March 2014: The gospel in New Zealand
Christmas 2014 will mark the 200th anniversary of the gospel first being proclaimed in New Zealand. Or does it? Justin Gregory investigates the arguments for and against. [more]

06/04/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 6 April 2014 - Rekindling the relationship with God
David Steemson talks to two women who met through church. Cathy and Liz were two outstanding church women in their country town. Liz, the vicar's wife and Cathy married to a local farmer. But then thirteen years ago they fell in love and had to leave. It's taken them some time to rekindle a relationship with God and to find their place in a church again. [more]

13/04/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 13 April 2014
David Steemson checks out the prospect of green-burials in Auckland, learns about an alternative to coffins, and canvases the question of Life after Death. [more]

20/04/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 20 April 2014 - Lutheran traditions (part one)
Mike Gourley profiles the Lutheran tradition, its founding principles and practice. [more]

27/04/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 27 April 2014 - Lutheran traditions (part two)
Mike Gourley talks with New Zealand's Lutheran Bishop, Mark Whitfield, about the coming of the Lutherans to Aotearoa. [more]

04/05/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 4 May 2014 - The Power of Presence
This week Sonia Sly meets Amit Dhull and Sri Rajasekar, two men whose lives have intersected through a love of cricket. Together they have undergone a process of 'transformation' through life's successes, losses and failures. As a result of their experiences they're set on helping to change the lives of others through personal development programmes, and a trust where funds are distributed towards worthy causes here and abroad. [more]

10/05/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 11 May 2014
Sonia Sly heads to The Boys and Girls Institute at Troupe House on Dixon Street in Wellington. It's here that young people from the age of eight into their 20s head along to take part in mentoring and youth development programmes. Some have been referred by government agencies, whilst others attend the activities and programmes on a voluntarily or self-referred basis. Although BGI has roots in Christianity, staff and volunteer mentors come from diverse backgrounds, but the common thread, is their shared goal of improving the lives of young people in the community. [more]

06/07/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 6 July 2014
One man remembers a trip to South Africa forty years ago, which had a life-long impact on his career. [more]

13/07/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 13 July 2014
Work and Worship - Exploring religious diversity in New Zealand workplaces. [more]

20/07/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 20 July 2014
Finding Authenticity for a Post-Christian Generation Mark Johnson is the supervising chaplain at the Anglican chaplaincy at Victoria University, his parish is in excess of 20,000 students Mark observes that Chaplains grew out of a world where there was this assumption everybody was a Christian and you just come along and give them advice every now and then. but that world is gone. He often encounters students with little or no knowledge about Christianity.They may see the residue and the symbols but they don't know the story. However he says students still have an ache to make a difference and an ache for the Kingdom of God. [more]

27/07/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 27 July 2014 - Dealing with Grief
There are many ways to deal with grief, here's one Aucklander's story. [more]

03/08/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 3 August 2014 - Facing Death
If you knew more or less when you were going to die, what would you do? One Auckland man faces up to that prospect… and he talks to David Steemson for Spiritual Outlook. [more]

10/08/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 10 August 2014 - Celtic Christianity
Mike Gourley talks with Christchurch indigenous rights campaigner and educator, social historian and writer, Robert Consedine, about his own encounter with Celtic Christianity. [more]

17/08/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 17 August 2014 - Fools for Christ
Mike Gourley talks to Wellington South Anglican community minister, Richard Noble about the contribution people with mental illness make to Christian ministry. [more]

24/08/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 24 August 2014 - Memories of Water
This week, Sonia Sly speaks to Auckland-based sculptor and artist Caroline Robinson, she may have started her career in the World of Wearable arts, but for the past 16 years her focus has been on sustainable practice in the built environment including collaborating on civic projects, public art, urban design, master planning and infrastructure. She has a holistic and spiritual approach to her work and she's currently taking a side-step from the built environment to investigate the importance of one of life's most precious resources -water. [more]

19/10/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 19 October 2014 - Food for Life
Lisa Thompson meets Buddhi Wilcox, a Northland Hare Krishna devotee who has so far delivered 70,000 hot meals to school children, in his bid to try and tackle child poverty in his region. [more]

09/11/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 9 November 2014 - Simonne Butler Alive
How do you survive one moment in your life where you almost die as a result of a horrific attack? Simonne Butler knows how. [more]

16/11/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 16 November 2014 - what’s in the mirror
He's an artist who seems to enjoy the macabre in his paintings, and it's won him a big prize. [more]

16/11/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 16 November 2014
He's an artist who seems to enjoy the macabre in his paintings, and it's won him a big prize. [more]

23/11/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 23 November 2014
If you want to say your daily prayers or read the Bible, but don't have the right books, the Internet has an answer for you. [more]

30/11/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 30 November 2014 - Contemplative Network
Mike Gourley meets up with members of the Contemplative Network of Aotearoa New Zealand, who use silent reflection, chanting, centring prayer, and meditation to explore their spiritual growth. [more]

06/12/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 7 December 2014
Mike Gourley profiles the Jewish festival of Hannukah. [more]

14/12/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 14 December 2014 - Riding for Redemption
Sonia Sly meets members of The Redeemed Motorcycle Ministry, including founding member Amos Perese Ale, female rider Ni Te Pou, and Rotorua-based William Rudolf whose contrasting perspectives and experiences force us to question the power of faith and its ability to transform lives. [more]

21/12/2014: Spiritual Outlook for 21 December 2014 - Gays in Leis
Pacific people are often portrayed as conservative Christians with one collective view on moral issues, particularly when it comes to sexual orientation. But despite this stereotype, there are many Pacific people for whom their sexuality, culture, and faith, coexist. [more]

15/03/2015: Spiritual Outlook for 15 March 2015
How a ceramic garden is providing comfort to the whanau of Mercy Hospice in Auckland. [more]

22/03/2015: Spiritual Outlook for 22 March 2015
On Spiritual Outlook: celebrating Nowruz or Persian New Year. [more]

29/03/2015: Bringing a creative vision to the church experience
Two young pastors-husband and wife team Joshua and Jasmine Robbins, bring their creative backgrounds and contemporary perspectives to the fore in creating an atmosphere that is relevant to the community and has helped to foster the growth of Elim Church in Rotorua. Sonia Sly with this story. [more]

05/04/2015: Spiritual Outlook for 5 April 2015
What happens when the faith that we are born into doesn't align with who we are on the inside? We meet two young women who go on an exploration of self-discovery to find a path to freedom and self-acceptance. [more]

12/04/2015: Poet Sam, the praying man
When poet Sam Hunt was nine years old he was strapped by a harsh nun at his convent school. That turned him off religion he says, but he's still a praying man. [more]

19/04/2015: Making Sense of Carnage
In 1915 the British and French allies wanted to seize the Dardanelle Straits to allow their navies to get to Constantinople and defeat the Turks. Their attempt was a disaster. [more]

26/04/2015: Selling Yoga
Over the last few decades, yoga has exploded in popularity, especially in the west. But as it did so and also adapted to suit the needs of consumer culture, has it lost its connection to its ancient roots? Or are those roots more myth than reality? Justin Gregory investigates the arguments for and against [more]

10/05/2015: Spiritual Outlook: the French religious community of Taize
Mike Gourley marks the nearly 75 years of existence of the French religious community of Taize. [more]

17/05/2015: Spiritual Outlook for 17 May 2015 - Creating Welcoming Churches
Creating Welcoming Churches is a disability resource for faith communities promoting the greater inclusion of Disabled worshippers. Mike Gourley attended one of the launch celebration services and canvassed opinions on the booklet. [more]

17/05/2015: Spiritual Outlook for 17 May 2015
Mike Gourley profiles a new Disability Resource for Faith Communities: ' Creating Welcoming Churches'. [more]

24/05/2015: Singing to Save a Language
It's often said that a nation without its language is a nation without a soul. Spiritual Outlook producer Justin Gregory reports on efforts here in New Zealand and also in Niue to preserve their language from what seems to be an irreversible decline through the singing of hymns. [more]

05/07/2015: On a wing and a prayer
"Every three minutes an MAF plane is taking off or landing somewhere around the world…we fly to more destinations than any airline - over 2,500 worldwide." - Mark Fox, CEO MAF New Zealand [more]

05/07/2015: On a Wing and a Prayer with Lisa Curran
Find out how New Zealand pilots and their families are helping bring aid and spiritual care to those living in isolation worldwide, through Mission Aviation Fellowship. [more]

12/07/2015: Spiritual Outlook for 12 July 2015
A "golden" Koran and Arabic manuscripts - Religious treasures from Auckland City Libraries [more]

19/07/2015: Sir George Grey Special Collections – Religious treasures from Auckland City Libraries
Exploring the special collections of the Auckland City Libraries, and some of the religious treasures that lie within it. [more]

02/08/2015: The Spirited Gift
They come from all round Northland to eat, listen to music and GIVE in return. [more]

23/08/2015: Near-death experiences in New Zealand
Research into near-death experiences raises more questions than it answers. Justin Gregory asks if it is possible that consciousness could survive the death of the body? [more]

29/08/2015: Spiritual Outlook: Defence Chaplains
Mike Gourley discusses the material and spiritual role of Military Chaplains with John Neal, a former Principal Defence Chaplain, and Pauline Law, the first woman appointed into Defence Chaplaincy in the Commonwealth. [more]

05/09/2015: Spiritual Outlook: The moral dilemma for Military Chaplains
Mike Gourley explores the moral dilemma for Christian clerics serving in the Military in discussion with: Stephanie du Fresne, Advocate for Quaker Peace and Social Witness; Rev John Neal, former Principal Defence Chaplain; Pauline Law,: former Principal Naval Chaplain; Jenny Dawson, Anglican Priest & Theologian. [more]

10/10/2015: Floating Without Hope - The Rohingya Refugees
As the monsoon season comes to an end over the next few weeks, it is expected that boatloads of Rohingya Muslims will flee their home in Myanmar forced with other desperate refugees onto dangerously over crowded boats to find safety away from the majority Buddhists who have been waging a violent war against them joining the thousands who have already boarded dangerous vessels to escape thanks in many cases to the traffickers profiting from the shipping of this human cargo. They have landed in other south-east Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Bangladesh and Malaysia. Jennifer Pak hears from the refugees in their new home, learning of their treacherous journeys and how their faith has helped them as they crossed the ocean. But she finds that many of the new refugees have not been welcomed by the Malaysian government who dont officially recognize refugees nor have they by the people of this Islamic country who largely don’t want them either. As she meet the refugees, she will explore how this sits with the Islamic idea of ‘Ummah’ that all Muslims are part of one body and if one Muslim is in need of help, then others in the faith should offer it. Is that the case as the world attempts to cope with the massive movement of people due to war and persecution? By meeting the refugees who have fled Myanmar and witnessing how they have been treated, Jennifer will hear claims that the idea of Ummah that traditionally binds Muslims around the world is being forgotten as more and more refugees seek shelter. Producer and Presenter Jennifer Pak Image of a Rohingya refugee boy studying the Qu’ran by Jennifer Pak [more]

20/12/2015: Spiritual Outlook for 20 December 2015
Mike Gourley marks fifty years on after Vatican Two. [more]

29/03/2018: Food of the Gods
When religion and food is mixed together the result is a recipe that includes both sweat meats and boiled vegetables. Long fasts and massive gluttony. In this programme Phil Smith looks at the interraction between food and faiths. It is not a deep theological feast of heavy meat and boiled vegetables. It's a series of tasty treats that touch on connections between food and religion. It explores relgious attitudes to eating, fasting, overeating and offering food to the Gods. Vegetarianism and cannibalism - and a menu that stretches from ancient Egypt to the present day across all the continents. Produced & narrated by Phil Smith for RNZ. [more]