Radio New Zealand: Summer Report

This page lists items from RNZ that are identified as "Summer Report". RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access these items, plus the vast audio collecton from the mid-2000s onwards by using the day schedule pages. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

26/12/2008: Yachtsman Rewi Kemp returns home
Mr Kemp was found clinging to a rock near Norfolk Island, more than 12 hours after his boat was wrecked. [more]

26/12/2008: Bay of Plenty diver survives 6 hours in choppy seas
59-year-old Ian Foden was out diving for mussels with his wife when his boat drifted from its anchor. [more]

26/12/2008: Tough year for retailers
Most retailers resorted to pre-Christmas sales in an effort to get the tills ringing. [more]

26/12/2008: Boxing Day Sport
With Richard Wain. [more]

26/12/2008: Boxing Day Weather
What to expect this summer with Allister Gorman. [more]

26/12/2008: Festive etiquette
With etiquette experts Christie Stephens and Ana Maria Moore. [more]

26/12/2008: Central Otago Rail Trail - Part 1 of 9
It has caught on as a tourist attraction in a way that few people expected, Todd Niall went to check it out. [more]

26/12/2008: Retailers the world over are feeling the pinch
In the United States, there have been calls for a national sales tax holiday, as makers of big ticket items like cars struggle. [more]

26/12/2008: Police expect busy day on the roads
Police now have a new way to track bad drivers. [more]

26/12/2008: 57th annual Cemetery Circuit Motorcycle Race
Gears up in Wanganui this morning. Jim Tuckerman joins summer report. [more]

26/12/2008: Millers Flat holds much awaited Rodeo today
Dianne Gillespie is the secretary and joins summer report from the showgrounds gate. [more]

26/12/2008: Sports News for 26 December 2008
The latest from the RNZ sports team. [more]

26/12/2008: Surf Report
With Doug Young. [more]

26/12/2008: 64th Sydney to Hobart yatch race
New Zealand sailor, Adam Minoprio is among those preparing for the event. [more]

26/12/2008: Holiday Hotspot - Mangawhai
Mangawhai and Te Arai are right next to each other on Northland's east coast, about an hour south of Whangarei. [more]

26/12/2008: Feature Documentary
Canterbury University Post Graduate Jounalism student Blair Ensor investigates just what happens to your recycling. [more]

26/12/2008: Boxing Day signals the start of summer racing
All over the country today people are getting ready for race day, which is today. [more]

26/12/2008: Caroline Bay Carnival kicks off today
It will be underway for the next three weeks. [more]

26/12/2008: Music 101 this Summer
Kirsten Johnstone will be with you through the summer starting at 12pm tomorrow. [more]

26/12/2008: While the economy is straining your veges still grow
One Wellington garden centre has even reported a boom in the sales of edible plants. [more]

26/12/2008: Music Mix - Supergroove
It's been ten years since funk veterans Supergroove last took to the stage. [more]

29/12/2008: Israel and Gaza interview
Israel is calling up thousands of military reserve personnel as it continues to attack the Gaza Strip [more]

29/12/2008: Petrol Price Package
With the christmas holidays in full swing pressure is on petrol companies to lower their prices [more]

29/12/2008: Motorcycle safety interview
Todd talks to Finn Nielson the president of the Bikers Rights Organisation of New Zealand [more]

29/12/2008: Fiji expulsion of NZ acting High Commissioner
The acting High Commissioner to Fiji was expelled from Fiji last week in a growing rift between Fiji and NZ [more]

29/12/2008: New Zealand's best beach
When it comes to beaches, New Zealanders are spoilt for choice [more]

29/12/2008: Todds Otago Cycling Odyssey
Todd continues his cycling odyssey across the Otago hinterland [more]

29/12/2008: Central Otago Rail Trail - Part 2 of 9
Todd continues his cycling odyssey across the Otago hinterland [more]

29/12/2008: Gaza bombing by Israel
Katya Adler reports on the continuing fighting between Hamas and Israel [more]

29/12/2008: Rhythm and Vines Concert interview
Hamish Pinkham organiser of the Rhythm and Vines musical Festival talks to Todd and Rowan about the festival [more]

29/12/2008: Chris Gunnis interview on Gaza bombing
Chris Gunnis is the spokeperson for the UN Relief and Works Agency in Gaza. [more]

29/12/2008: Recession Busters Series
Rowan finds out from Paula Taylor how to find a little recession chic [more]

29/12/2008: Hilltop School interview with Rhonda Evans
Hilltop School board Chairperson Rhonda Evans talks to Todd about the ongoing viability of the school [more]

29/12/2008: Motorcycle accidents package
Erina O'Donohue reports on the growing concerns over the numbers of motorcyclists being killed on our roads [more]

29/12/2008: Southdown Freezing Works story
Auck City Council is preparing to tear down the remains of the Southdown Freezing Works [more]

29/12/2008: Daytripper hotspot horseriding
RachelAskew heads off to The Country Club Riding Academy at Ohariu Valley 20 minutes out of Wellington [more]

29/12/2008: Body sculpting interviewing
Naomi Arnold spent a day with body sculptor Helen Kerr [more]

29/12/2008: Hotspot Sam Hunt part 1
Sam Hunt's not a huge fan of summer. He soike to Lois Williams about his work and the summers of his childhood. [more]

30/12/2008: Maketu search and rescue interview
Rowan spoke to Mike Roberts about the search for a missing family off Maketu [more]

30/12/2008: Gazza interview with Robert Berger
Todd spoke tp CBS correspondent Robert Berger about the continuing conflict in Gaza [more]

30/12/2008: Whaling protests interview
Rowan spoke to Paul Watson the captain of the anti whaling ship Steve Irwin [more]

30/12/2008: Holiday traffic monitoring
Inspector Leo Tooman talks to Todd about the"Eye in the sky"monitoring holiday traffic [more]

30/12/2008: Camping and caravan holidays
Camping holidays are enjoying a resurgence in these tough economic times. [more]

30/12/2008: Cycling the Otago Hinterland
Todd continues his cycling odyssey across the Central Otago Hinterland [more]

30/12/2008: Central Otago Rail Trail - Part 3 of 9
Todd continues his cycling odyssey across the Central Otago Hinterland [more]

30/12/2008: New Years Eve preparations
Naomi looks at council and police preparations for the new year [more]

30/12/2008: Taxi safety story
While the country gears up for New Years Eve, taxi drivers are gearing up [more]

30/12/2008: Maketu sea search
Coastguard Marine Controller Tom Scott talks to Rowan about the ongoing search for a missing boat off Maketu [more]

30/12/2008: Global warming interview
Researchers have found NZ probably once had sea temperatures like its South Pacific neighbours [more]

30/12/2008: Biofuel flight interview
Todd talks to Air NZ group manager Ed Sims aviation biofuels [more]

30/12/2008: Holiday Hotspot - The Catlins River Valley
Mary and Fergus Sutherland take Emma Lancaster on a tour of their stunning property [more]

30/12/2008: Generation Y documentary
A group of Generation Y-ers form the NZ broadcasting school attempt to redeem their generation [more]

30/12/2008: Generation Y documentary part two
A documentary from the New Zealand Broadcasting School students [more]

30/12/2008: Maketu Sea Search update
Rowan talks to Ross Henderson from the Rescue Co-ordination Centre to update the sea search off Maketu [more]

30/12/2008: What's Going On - PHAT 09
Sharon George tells Todd and Rowan more about the Phat 09 music festival on the West Coast [more]

30/12/2008: Prana New Year Festival
Jamie Dennis tells Todd and Rowan about the Prana New Tear Festival on the Coromandel starting today [more]

30/12/2008: Recession Busters - Cooking
Tim Graham finds out how to make your dollar go further with food in these gloomy ecomic times [more]

31/12/2008: New Years Honours
Nearly two hundred people have been named in this New Year's honours list. [more]

31/12/2008: Dave Currie
Dave Currie has been named a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to sport. [more]

31/12/2008: Michael Seresin
Michael Seresin has been made an officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to the film and wine industries. [more]

31/12/2008: Maketu rescue
The crew of the 'Wait N Sea' have been bought back to land by the coastguard. [more]

31/12/2008: Maketu rescue
The crew of the 'Wait N Sea' have been brought back to land by the coastguard. [more]

31/12/2008: Fiji and South Auckland
Fiji's interim Minister for Tourism claims South Auckland is more dangerous than Fiji. [more]

31/12/2008: Sport Chat
Richard Wain on the cricket and highlights of the sports year. [more]

31/12/2008: Weather Chat
Weather news with the Metservice's Allister Gorman. [more]

31/12/2008: New Year's Eve
Rebecca Hardie tells us what is planned for Wellington's New Year festivities. [more]

31/12/2008: Cycling the Otago Hinterland
The last in the series of Todd Niall's cycling odyssey. [more]

31/12/2008: Central Otago Rail Trail - Part 4 of 9
Part four of Todd Niall's cycling odyssey. [more]

31/12/2008: Ngatata Love
Ngatata Love has just been made a Principal Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to Maori. [more]

31/12/2008: Billie Mackie
Billie Mackie was one of the men aboard the 'Wait N Sea' who had to be tracked down by Search and Rescue. [more]

31/12/2008: Revellers in Waikato
Inspector John Kelly is the District Operations Manager for Waikato. [more]

31/12/2008: Biofueled planes
Biofuels could be powering Air New Zealand's domestic fleet within five years. [more]

31/12/2008: Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

31/12/2008: Holiday Hotspot - Robinson Sports Museum
A sports memorabilia collecting compulsion put forward to the public. [more]

31/12/2008: Carbon Diet
The Feature Documentary is by AUT student Anna Roberts. Her family tried to have no impact on the environment. [more]

31/12/2008: Caanan Downs Music Festival
Caanan Downs Music Festival organiser Simon Kong. [more]

31/12/2008: New Years Eve events
The picks of New Year countdown events. [more]

31/12/2008: Fuel Efficiency
Tips from how to get the most from the black gold. [more]

01/01/2009: The New Year in New Zealand
Our reporters were at New Year celebrations in Wellington and Christchurch. 235 arrests were made in the Tauranga area. [more]

01/01/2009: Punakaiki rescue
Two Irishmen and a New Zealander were rescued from a West Coast cliff top late last night. [more]

01/01/2009: 2008 drownings
The death of a man in the Hurunui river in North Canturbury has bought 2008's drowning toll to 96. [more]

01/01/2009: What's in a Dame?
Law lecturer Dean Knight has drafted legslation to return titles to the New Zealand honours system. [more]

01/01/2009: Sport Chat
Barry Guy with sports news and views. [more]

01/01/2009: Weather Chat
Weather with the Metservice's Allister Gorman. [more]

01/01/2009: Resolutions
Life coach Carolyn Aukafolau on New Years resolutions. [more]

01/01/2009: Otago by bike
Part five of Todd Niall's cycling journey. [more]

01/01/2009: Central Otago Rail Trail - Part 5 of 9
Part five of Todd Niall's cycling journey. [more]

01/01/2009: New Year celebrations
New Year celebrations in Auckland and Queenstown. [more]

01/01/2009: Summer Festival of Racing
The Summer Festival of Racing is on in the Hawke's Bay. [more]

01/01/2009: Paudie McCarthy
Paudie McCarthy and his friends had to be rescued from a West Coast cliff face last night. [more]

01/01/2009: Road toll
Road safety experts say the low road toll for 2008 is due in part to economic circumstance. [more]

01/01/2009: Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

01/01/2009: Holiday Hotspot - Bungy Jumping
Queenstown celebrates 20 years of the Bungy Jump. The intrepid Steve Wilde jumps off a bridge with A.J. Hackett. [more]

01/01/2009: Baking boys
Men who enjoy baking and not just eating it. [more]

01/01/2009: Pregnancy and netball
Today's student documentary is by Canty Jardin and concerns netballers and their decision on whether to play while pregnant. [more]

01/01/2009: The Highland Games
The Highland Games are underway in Waipu. [more]

01/01/2009: Steven Fry
Author, actor, presenter and general renaissance man Stephen Fry is in New Zealand filming a nature programme. [more]

01/01/2009: Review of Sport in 2008
Stephen Hewson tackles sport in 2008. [more]

02/01/2009: Thailand fire
At least 60 people have died in a nightclub fire in Bangkok. [more]

02/01/2009: McKenzie sky
Could the view of the sky create a world hertage site? [more]

02/01/2009: Internet censorship
The Australian government wants ISPs to block over a thousand websites. [more]

02/01/2009: Sport Chat
Barry Guy with sports news and views. [more]

02/01/2009: Weather Chat
Weather with the Metservice's Ian Miller. [more]

02/01/2009: Catering for a crowd
Julie Biuso with some summer specific tips. [more]

02/01/2009: Central Otago Rail Trail - Part 6 of 9
Todd Niall visits a working farm that also caters to tourists. [more]

02/01/2009: Maketu Volunteer Sea Rescue Unit
The Maketu Volunteer Sea Rescue Unit has been involved in multple successful rescues in the recent past. [more]

02/01/2009: New year, old revolution
This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Cuban revolution. [more]

02/01/2009: Hari Hari or Harihari
The township with two inexplicable names. [more]

02/01/2009: Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

02/01/2009: Holiday Hotspot - Kerikeri
Lois Williams visits Kemp House in Kerikeri. [more]

02/01/2009: Airborne biscuits
Air New Zealand has reinstated free snacks on domestic flights. [more]

02/01/2009: Polo
The Deardon Memorial Cup Polo tournament is taking place at Wanstead near Waipukurau. [more]

02/01/2009: The New Zealand Sidecar and Solo motorcycling championships
The New Zealand Sidecar and Solo motorcycling championships [more]

02/01/2009: Cheap clothes
Rachel Askew looks at how to get good cheap clothing. [more]

02/01/2009: Music 101
Sam Wicks previews Saturday's Music 101. [more]

05/01/2009: Chaos in Gaza
Middle East Correspondent Tim Butcher is on the West Bank. [more]

05/01/2009: Road toll
22 people died on New Zealand roads during the official christmas holiday period. [more]

05/01/2009: Top territories for families
We've got the mayors for numbers 2, 8 and ninth. [more]

05/01/2009: Sport Chat
Richard Wain with sports news and views. [more]

05/01/2009: Weather Chat
Weather with the Metservice's Bob McDavitt. [more]

05/01/2009: Central Otago Rail Trail - Part 7 of 9
Part seven of Todd Niall's cycling journey. [more]

05/01/2009: Analysis of Gaza
Justin Alexander is a Middle East conflict analyst. [more]

05/01/2009: Educational success
A new study suggests what may make for educational success. [more]

05/01/2009: New speeding campaign
There is a new speeding campaign aimed at men. [more]

05/01/2009: Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

05/01/2009: Holiday Hotspot - Hamilton Zoo
Andrew McRae visits Hamilton Zoo. [more]

05/01/2009: Big wave
AUT student Claire Fitzjames' surfing documentary. [more]

05/01/2009: Classic tennis open
The ASB classic tennis open starts today. [more]

05/01/2009: Pencarrow lighthouse
Pencarrow lighthouse, New Zealand's first permanent lighthouse has turned 150. [more]

05/01/2009: Neil Finn
Neil Finn is launching Seven Worlds Collide today. [more]

06/01/2009: House fire
Four people have died in a house fire in the Auckland suburb of Mangere. [more]

06/01/2009: Jet ski and jet boat collision
Two people are missing and two people seriously missing after a jet ski and jet boat collided. [more]

06/01/2009: The search for Sonny Fai
League star Sonny Fai is missing at sea. [more]

06/01/2009: Dargaville fire
At least three Dargaville shops have been destroyed by fire. [more]

06/01/2009: Weather Chat
Weather with the Metservice's Bob McDavitt. [more]

06/01/2009: Tents
There are changing trends in tents. [more]

06/01/2009: Central Otago Rail Trail - Part 8 of 9
Part eight of Todd Niall's cycling journey. Includes Mister the counting dog. [more]

06/01/2009: Mangere fire
Sam Morrah at the the scene. [more]

06/01/2009: Gaza update and interviews
Omar Khamoun of the Wellington Palestine Group and Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully. [more]

06/01/2009: Don Mann
The Warriors team manager Don Mann was among those who delivered the news about player Sonny Fai to his teammates. [more]

06/01/2009: Sport Chat
Simon Bird with sports news and views. [more]

06/01/2009: Dry summer
This summer's weather is proving a struggle for farmers from the dry of Gisborne, to devastating hail in Canterbury. [more]

06/01/2009: Car free beach
A women is calling for a car free zone on Waiterere beach after losing her memory in an accident. [more]

06/01/2009: Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

06/01/2009: Holiday Hotspot - Bone carving
One of the experiences you can have in Nelson is a one-day bone carving workshop. [more]

06/01/2009: The million dollar leg project
Canterbury University Post-graduate Journalism student Blair Ensor investigates a unique fundraising event. [more]

06/01/2009: Summer holidays
A new survey has asked the question.... should we move the summer holiday? [more]

06/01/2009: Summer Festival of racing
Racing New Zealand's Summer Festival of racing is continuing across the country and is in Ruakaka. [more]

06/01/2009: Older people in Motor Sport
According to a Motor Sport New Zealand survey about sixty percent of the sport's participants are between 30 and 60 years old. [more]

07/01/2009: More casualties in Isreali Palestinian conflict
Palestinian medical sources say Israeli tank fire has killed up to 40 people at a UN school. [more]

07/01/2009: Water-related incidents increase
Coastguard NZ says new trends in watersports have increased the number of incidents this holiday season. [more]

07/01/2009: Police urge clients to come forward
Clients of slain Chritchurch prostitute are being told to come forward, before before they have to be tracked down. [more]

07/01/2009: Houseware company feels the pinch
The company behind brands Royal Doulton, Wedgwood and Waterford crystal appears to be a victim of the global financial crisis. [more]

07/01/2009: Sports News
The latest from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

07/01/2009: Holiday weather
The situation with Met Service ambassador Bob McDavitt. [more]

07/01/2009: Togs, togs, togs.....undies
An update of summer beachwear fashion with personal stylist and fasionista Sally-Ann Moffat. [more]

07/01/2009: Central Otago Rail Trail - Part 9 of 9
We go to Central Otago for the last time this morning as Todd completes his epic cycling adventure. [more]

07/01/2009: 40 people reportedly killed at UN school
Interview with Mark Regev, the spokesperson for the Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. [more]

07/01/2009: Mangere housefire aftermath
The Mangere community is rallying to support those affected by a major housefire early yesterday morning. [more]

07/01/2009: Million dollar storm
The cost of the hailstrom that hit Canterbury on the weekend is ecpected to top one million dollars. [more]

07/01/2009: Water-ski death investigation
A Maratime Safety investigation gets underway today into how a 9-year-old girl was killed on Lake Taupo. [more]

07/01/2009: Hopes for sharemarket gains to continue
Stock Exchange chief executive Mark Weldon, and ANZ-National Bank chief economist, Cameron Bagrie. [more]

07/01/2009: Sports News
The latest from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

07/01/2009: The surf report
The summer swell situation with big wave rider Doug Young. [more]

07/01/2009: Holiday Hotspot: Morere Hotsprings
Today we join Heugh Chappell in Northern Hawke's Bay with a literal hotspot - the Morere Hotsprings. [more]

07/01/2009: Student documentary - hearing loss
Today's student documentary looks at hearing loss, particularly for younger people using personal stereos. [more]

07/01/2009: Whale insallation ruffles feathers
A sculpture of a whale's skeleton to be installed Opunake in Southern Taranaki is causing controversy. [more]

07/01/2009: Cricket update with John Morrison
The Black Caps will be looking to draw level today in the one day cricket series against the West Indies in Wellington. [more]

07/01/2009: Fancy a toddle waddle? Perhaps a jumpathon?
Aussies throw thongs but up North they biff jandals as part of the festivities at the Paihia Summer Festival. [more]

07/01/2009: Bowls, bridge and croquet
Young people are donning the towling hats and bucking the trends by encroaching on the greens and playing fields of the nation. [more]

08/01/2009: Growing opposition to Gaza attacks
There is growing discontent about our government's failure to take a hard line against Israel's behaviour in Gaza. [more]

08/01/2009: Government defensive over Gaza stance
Intervirew with the Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully. [more]

08/01/2009: 'Wake up' to water danger
Queenstown Lakes District harbourmaster Marty Black says officials are doing all they can to promote safety. [more]

08/01/2009: Faith in justice system 'lost'
The Police and Corrections Minister Judith Collins, and Kim Workman, of the organisation Rethinking Crime and Punishment. [more]

08/01/2009: Protesters set to hit tennis tournament
A protest about the presence of an Israeli player is likely to see increased security at the ASB Classic Tournament today. [more]

08/01/2009: Fire out faster than expected
A huge paper plant fire in South Auckland appears to have been put out by the Fire Service overnight. [more]

08/01/2009: Sports News
An update from the summer team at RNZ Sport. [more]

08/01/2009: Summer weather
With Met Service ambassador Bob McDavitt. [more]

08/01/2009: Drop that holiday weight
Head personal trainer from Auckland's Les Mills gym, Norm Phillips tells us how. [more]

08/01/2009: World Trade Centre rebuilding project
Graeme Acton looks at the pride and frustration that surrounds the redevelopment at the site of the Twin Towers. [more]

08/01/2009: Israel attacks as defence
Interview with Mouin Rabbani, a Jordan-based analyst who specialises in Palestinian issues. [more]

08/01/2009: Most popular baby names - psychologist Sara Chatwin
In about five years, school teachers will be inundated with little Jacks, Ellas, and Sophies. [more]

08/01/2009: Sports News
The latest from the summer team at RNZ Sport. [more]

08/01/2009: Addiction services running hot
The Salvation Army says its addiction services are in high demand as the economic downturn bites - Major Lynette Hutson. [more]

08/01/2009: Holiday Hotspot - The Southward Car Museum
If you usually drive past the Southward Car Museum on your journey north out of Wellington - now's the time to stop. [more]

08/01/2009: Student documentary - 180 Minutes to Dream
AUT journalism student, James Sneddon reflects on the success of the NZ All Whites making the 1982 Football World Cup final. [more]

08/01/2009: Attack of the jellyfish
Holiday-makers at Mount Maunganui's main beach are feeling the sting of a massive influx of jellyfish. [more]

08/01/2009: Blues, Brews and Barbeques - co-ordinator Andrew Scott
Three events will be happening over the next month in Blenhiem, Hastings and later today in Mount Manganui. [more]

08/01/2009: Kids Funfest - organiser Rob Blake
Something for the kids - Funfest gets underway at Alexandria Park in Auckland. [more]

08/01/2009: Home economics make massive comeback
All over the country, young people are breathing new life into activities like knitting, embroidery and baking. [more]

08/01/2009: Attack of the giant rhubarb
DOC staff in Taranaki are stepping up their fight against a breed of giant rhubarb that's threatening rare native plants. [more]

08/01/2009: Holiday Hotspot - Orion Cruise
Our Nelson reporter Geoff Moffett went along to look over the small but luxurious Orion. [more]

09/01/2009: Fox Glacier ice collapse
One man is dead and another man is assumed dead after an ice collapse at Fox Glacier on the West Coast of the South Island. [more]

09/01/2009: Power
Meridian Energy is resisting demands from consumer groups to cut power prices now that hydro lakes are overflowing with water [more]

09/01/2009: Power
Meridian Energy is resisting demands from consumer groups to cut power prices now that hydro lakes are overflowing with water [more]

09/01/2009: Niwa outlook
New Zealanders look set to enjoy a long, hot summer. [more]

09/01/2009: Sports News
An update from the summer team at RNZ Sport [more]

09/01/2009: Summer weather
With Met Service ambassador Bob McDavitt. [more]

09/01/2009: Music for a Roadtrip
Music for a road trip [more]

09/01/2009: Airbus A380
The world's biggest jet will start making passengers flights into Auckland from the first of February with Emirates Airlines [more]

09/01/2009: Fox Glacier ice collapse DOC
DOC Area manager for Fox Glacier [more]

09/01/2009: Gaza
The United Nations says it has suspended all aid deliveries in the Gaza Strip [more]

09/01/2009: Shark autopsy
Crowds gather to watch shark autopsy [more]

09/01/2009: First anniversary of the death of Sir Edmund Hillary
Sunday marks the first anniversary of the death of Sir Edmund Hillary. [more]

09/01/2009: Sports news
An update from the summer team at RNZ Sport [more]

09/01/2009: Emma Daken will become the youngest person to walk New Zealand
Emma Daken will become the youngest person to walk the length of New Zealand [more]

09/01/2009: Surf Report
a look at what the surf's doing around the country with surfer Doug Young [more]

09/01/2009: Holiday Hotspot - Orokonui
Dunedin reporter Emma Lancaster tagged along on a public tour of the ecosanctuary [more]

09/01/2009: The Parihaka International Peace Festival
The fourth Parihaka International Peace Festival kicks off in Taranaki today. Craig Ashworth went to check it out. [more]

09/01/2009: V8 Series - Supertrucks
Karen Paddon from the Timaru motor raceway joins us with the latest from Timaru. [more]

09/01/2009: Tall Ships Regatta
The annual Tall Ships Regatta takes place in Russel in the Bay of Islands tomorrow. [more]

09/01/2009: Airport Firefighters
There's more to the life of an airport firefighter than just spotting planes. [more]

09/01/2009: Auckland's Stardome Observatory
Grant Christie showed Rowan Quinn through the planetarium and told me what's in our skies this summer. [more]

12/01/2009: A state of emergency
Fiji: Thousands have been evacuated from their homes due to flooding. [more]

12/01/2009: Charles Clayton
Director for World Vision Jerusalem. [more]

12/01/2009: Drug ring in Paremoremo Prison
More than a dozen people have appeared in North Shore and Waitakere courts to deny charges. [more]

12/01/2009: Anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary's death
There were church services, memorials at the beach, a museum exhibition, and even an icy rugby field tribute. [more]

12/01/2009: Sports Update
With Clint Owens. [more]

12/01/2009: Weather Update
With Metservice weather ambassador, Bob McDavitt. [more]

12/01/2009: Home Business
More and more people are moving towards working from home. [more]

12/01/2009: Steve Wilde visits the set of Coronation Street
Steve catches up with one of the youngest actors in the programme. [more]

12/01/2009: Holiday makers return to work for another year
As Penny Smith reports, if you sell cars, real estate or bonds, the year ahead isn't looking that good. [more]

12/01/2009: Rations running low after flood
It's believed the flooding in Western Fiji has already claimed at least seven lives. [more]

12/01/2009: New Zealand's Next Top Model underway in Wellington
Colin Mathura-Jefferee is one of the judges auditioning today's hopefuls and he joins summer report. [more]

12/01/2009: Memorial held for Scottish tourist Karen Aim
The 26 year old died of head injuries in Taupo, and a 15 year old has been charged with her murder. [more]

12/01/2009: Biennial Jousting Tournament in Upper Hutt
The mead was flowing, the maids were merry and the knights were chivalrous. [more]

12/01/2009: In Christchurch locals mourn the death of a community worker
Ms Antoun was an Egyptian immigrant who worked constantly for a huge range of voluntary organisations. [more]

12/01/2009: Annual rugby game held on Antaractica
The Kiwis at Scott Base and the American's at McMurdo Station is a fixture on everyone's calendar on Antartica. [more]

12/01/2009: Budding fishers test out their lines
The young people, aged between 6 and 14 are taught how to hold and control a fly rod by experienced anglers. [more]

12/01/2009: Classic Comedy and Bar on Auckland's Queen Street
Featuring Comedian Andrew Clay. [more]

12/01/2009: Feature documentaries by journalism students
We find out how a love of horses developed in a lifetime career choice for an Auckland teenager. [more]

12/01/2009: Heineken Tennis Open begins in Auckland today
The four top seeds - Juan Martin Del Potro, David Ferrer, Robin Soderling and Nicolas Almagro all have first round byes. [more]

12/01/2009: The Fourth Parihaka International Peace Festival
Strong winds and rain battered the annual event held in the small Taranaki settlement over the last three days. [more]

12/01/2009: The Music Mix
The Benka Boradovsky Bordello Band hails from the dark back streets of Auckland city. [more]

13/01/2009: Flooding in Fiji
Fiji is experiencing some of the worst flooding the Pacific Islands have seen in decades. [more]

13/01/2009: Cabinet meets over economic crisis
The prime minister will meet with cabinet this Thursday to address the country's worsening economic situation. [more]

13/01/2009: Anna Paquin wins Golden Globe
Anna Paquin will need to clear a new space on the mantelpiece, after adding a Golden Globe to her collection. [more]

13/01/2009: Gaza crisis worsens
Israel's prime minister vowed to take as long as necessary to stop Hamas rocket attacks. [more]

13/01/2009: Sports
A sports update with Clint Owens. [more]

13/01/2009: Police fail to find injured teenager
Seventeen year old Jordan Bowler, 17, was lying in the drain with head injuries when his family found him. [more]

13/01/2009: Weather update
For our daily look at the weather, we are joined by Metservice Weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt. [more]

13/01/2009: Summer health
Sunburn is just one of the numerous health worries that summer throws at us. [more]

13/01/2009: Coronation Street
Steve Wilde speaking to Coronation Street star, Helen Worth who plays Gail Platt. [more]

13/01/2009: Race against time in Fiji
Another downpour is expected later today with concerns it will exacerbate problems. [more]

13/01/2009: GE-Free protesters call for closure
GE-Free protesters are calling for the immediate closure of all genetically engineered field trials. [more]

13/01/2009: Helen Clark on economic crisis
The government has been criticised by Labour for failing to do enough to ward off economic woes. [more]

13/01/2009: Crossing Cook Strait
The Interislander ferries almost a million passengers across the great divide every year. [more]

13/01/2009: Redheads
AUT student Madeline McCaffrey says all sorts of insults are leveled at misunderstood red heads. [more]

13/01/2009: National Surfing Champs
The eight day event runs until Saturday and plays host to the cream of New Zealand's surfing talent. [more]

13/01/2009: Tensions at the beach
The hot weather is leading to tension on the water between surfers and swimmers at one popular Christchurch beach. [more]

13/01/2009: Shackleton centenary expedition
Today, while out and about at Cape Evans, Naomi comes across three lonely figures walking in the frozen wasteland. [more]

13/01/2009: The music mix
The sounds of"dubstep"hail from bedroom studios and pirate radio waves in the UK. [more]

13/01/2009: Comedy
Stand up comedy by Rose Matafao recorded at the Classic Comedy and Bar on Auckland's Queen Street. [more]

13/01/2009: Boutique beer
Tuatara is located north of Wellington and has scooped haul of national beer awards. [more]

14/01/2009: Business confidence falls
The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research December Survey of Business has found confidence at a 40 year low. [more]

14/01/2009: Business confidence falls (part 2)
Labour Leader Phil Goff reacts to new figures on economic downturn. [more]

14/01/2009: Fiji floods continue
Heavy rains continue overnight making floods in Nadi the worst in a generation. [more]

14/01/2009: Air NZ crash victims to return home
The bodies of most of the victims of an Air New Zealand crash over southern France have now been identified. [more]

14/01/2009: Sports update
With Richard Wain [more]

14/01/2009: TV viewing increases
A large increase in the number of people watching television is being put down to the economic slowdown. [more]

14/01/2009: Weather update
For our daily look at the weather, we are joined by Metservice Weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt. [more]

14/01/2009: The kiwi barbeque
We are right in the middle of the kiwi summer, time for the beach, the boat, the bach, and of course the barbeque. [more]

14/01/2009: Steve Wilde's trip to the set of Coronation Street
This morning he talks to one of the bad girls, Jane Dansen who plays Leanne Battersby. [more]

14/01/2009: Fiji floods
Residents in flood affected parts of Fiji are intently watching water levels as more heavy rain slams the region. [more]

14/01/2009: Kiwi dollar falls
Following overnight trading the dollar is currently buying 54.65 US cents.. a fall of more than 5 per cent. [more]

14/01/2009: Roger Douglas
The Finance spokesman for the ACT party, Sir Roger Douglas is warning the Government's solutions may expand the budget deficit. [more]

14/01/2009: Hotspot
Today we join our Hawke's Bay reporter Heugh Chappell visiting a winery. [more]

14/01/2009: Feature documentaries by journalism students
The story of one man's fight to have the railway return to Opua in the Bay of Islands through the use of his ukelele. [more]

14/01/2009: Missing woman found
A South Island woman who went missing for ten days in Westland is now recovering in hospital. [more]

14/01/2009: Record rowing attempt
A British man is due to set out from Hobart today aiming to row around Antarctica, a distance of 24,000 kilometres. [more]

14/01/2009: Terracaotta warriors exhibition opens
The soldiers were discovered again by farm workers in the 1970s, and an exhibition of replica's goes on display in Wellington. [more]

14/01/2009: Aviary under threat
The future of a landmark Timaru bird aviary is in jeopardy and plans to relocate it are up in the air. [more]

14/01/2009: Antarctic ice diving
NIWA scientific diver, Arslen Wright-Stowe talking about ice diving in Antartica with Naomi Arnold. [more]

14/01/2009: Music mix
Renee-Louise Carafice is a New Zealander who, after battling with mental illness, upped and moved to Chicago. [more]

14/01/2009: Comedy - Dave Wiggins
Time now for some stand up comedy recorded at the Classic Comedy and Bar on Auckland's Queen Street. [more]

14/01/2009: Maori flag debate
The prospect of a Māori flag on Auckland's Harbour bridge on Waitangi Day has ignited debate about which one to use. [more]

15/01/2009: John Key meets with ministers
On the table for discussion, the branding of the forthcoming Budget, liquidity issues affecting the economy. [more]

15/01/2009: Fiji floods aftermath
Relief efforts are moving slowly in Fiji where heavy rain continues to hamper aid workers. [more]

15/01/2009: Gaza crisis
The conflict in Gaza is showing no signs of slowing, with Israeli troops edging closer to the heart of Gaza City. [more]

15/01/2009: Sport
A sports update with Simon Bird. [more]

15/01/2009: Bodies recovered in Air NZ crash
Authorities in France have confirmed that four of the New Zealanders killed are among those bodies recovered. [more]

15/01/2009: Summer foot wear
Flip-flops, jandals, crocs or Roman sandals. When it comes to summer footwear, there's certainly plenty of choice. [more]

15/01/2009: Steve Wilde's trip to the set of Coronation Street
We catch up with one of the newest members of the cast Katherine Kelly, who we'd all know better as Becky Grainger. [more]

15/01/2009: Fiji floods continue
Six days on, flooding in Fiji is not letting up as tropical storms continues to hammer the island nation. [more]

15/01/2009: John Key meets ministers
Prime Minister John Key will meet with key ministers to discuss what the Government can do to revive the economy. [more]

15/01/2009: Auckland super city
There's speculation the Auckland region will be governed by a single super city council from as early as next year. [more]

15/01/2009: Transmission gully project
It's unclear whether spending on roading will include Transmission Gully, a billion dollar highway out of Wellington. [more]

15/01/2009: Rental company deny accusations
New Zealand Car Rental Specialists was yesterday condemned in the media on both sides of the Tasman. [more]

15/01/2009: Hotspots: Farewell Spit
Described as one of those must-do trips, a visit to Farewell Spit in Golden Bay at the top of the South Island. [more]

15/01/2009: Feature documentaries by journalism students
AUT Journalism student Jane Kingan's documentary, A Night in the Cells. [more]

15/01/2009: Climate change
A visiting climate change expert says coral and marine life will be threatened by acidic seas. [more]

15/01/2009: Festival of lights
Its been the mainstay of summer attractions for New Plymouth residents since the 1950s. [more]

15/01/2009: Antarctica
We venture back to the frozen continent, with Canterbury University post-graduate journalism student, Naomi Arnold. [more]

15/01/2009: Music Mix
Little Pictures are Mark Turner and Johanna Freeman, a couple of kids playing synth pop tunes together. [more]

15/01/2009: Comedy - Chris Brain
Time now for some stand up comedy recorded at the Classic Comedy and Bar on Auckland's Queen Street. [more]

16/01/2009: The economy - Pt. I
Labour's critical of the government's response to the New Zealand recession. [more]

16/01/2009: The economy - Pt. II
Prime Minister John Key responds to criticism about government intertia on the economy. [more]

16/01/2009: The economy - Pt. III
Professor Roger Bowden from Victoria University's school of economics joins us for comment. [more]

16/01/2009: Gaza update
UN corresepondent Nathan King has been following Ban Ki Moon's visit and joins us from Israel. [more]

16/01/2009: Big Day Out 2009 - Part I
Auckland's to be besieged today by 45,000 music fans hellbent on hedonism and a big day out! [more]

16/01/2009: Sports news
The latest from the Heineken Tennis, the start of the footy season and more. [more]

16/01/2009: Weather
MetService weather ambassador Bob McDavitt joins us for a look at the nation's meteorology. [more]

16/01/2009: Not your usual tourist towns
Spokespeople from the towns of Gore, Levin and Tokoroa talk to us about the attractions of their provincial idylls. [more]

16/01/2009: Steve Wilde's trip to the Coronation Street set
Steve talks to Craig Charles, mini-cab driver Lloyd, also known for playing Dave Lister in the comedy series Red Dwarf. [more]

16/01/2009: New Zealand economic summit
NZX Chief Executive Mark Weldon is to head up the symposium. Is he the right man for the job? He joins us. [more]

16/01/2009: Fiji flood update
Monique Devereux is in Fiji with the Red Cross and looking at the aid progress. [more]

16/01/2009: Turkish cafe refuses Israelis
Two Israeli women found an Invercargill cafe's refusal to serve them on the basis of their nationality, hard to swallow. [more]

16/01/2009: Proposed Auckland mega-council
It's reported that a royal commission wants to proceed with a single council entity for the city. [more]

16/01/2009: Markets update
A quick look at local and international currencies and exchanges. [more]

16/01/2009: Sports news
The latest local and international news from the RNZ sports desk. [more]

16/01/2009: Surf report
Surf's up and we find out where with Doug Young. [more]

16/01/2009: Hotspots - New Plymouth
Rogaining, like orienteering but on mountain bikes. Craig Ashworth's with enthusiasts in the 'Naki. [more]

16/01/2009: Student documentary feature
A group of NZ Broadcasting School students entered a rugby changing room to find out how the media is affecting the game. [more]

16/01/2009: Emails and texts
Some of what you've had to say about, among other things, the show today. [more]

16/01/2009: Big Day Out 2009 - Part II
We talk to festival organiser Campbell Smith about how preparations are going for today's BDO. [more]

16/01/2009: Wings Over Wairarapa
Despite the crash of one of the star attractions, a MkIX Spitfire, the aviation festival will go ahead as planned. [more]

16/01/2009: Organic River Festival
We talk to the organiser of the festival, Malcolm Hadlum to find out why this Levin event is so popular. [more]

16/01/2009: Antarctica
We're back on the frozen continent with Naomi Arnold and today we're talking poo management, yes faeces, with Ewan Paterson. [more]

16/01/2009: Big Day Out 2009 - Part III
Music 101's producer Sam Wicks talks Big Day Out. [more]

16/01/2009: Classic Comedy - Mike Loader
We're back at the Classic Comedy and Bar in Auckland with funnyman, Mike Loader. [more]

19/01/2009: Gaza ceasefire
Israeli forces are reported to have begun withdrawing from Gaza after a twenty-two day war. [more]

19/01/2009: Bar posts anti Israel sign
A sign in a Kaikoura bar, saying Israelis are not welcome, has angered the region's mayor and some residents. [more]

19/01/2009: Review of foreshore and seabed act
The Recreational Fishing Council wants assurances an agreement with Ngati Porou won't shut off parts of the East Cape. [more]

19/01/2009: Washington prepares for inauguration
More than a million people are expected to flood into the US capital on Wednesday, to attend the inauguration of Barack Obama. [more]

19/01/2009: Hopes for better relations with Fiji
There are signs the floods in Fiji may change the political as well as the physical landscape. [more]

19/01/2009: Sport
A sports update. [more]

19/01/2009: Weather
MetService weather ambassador Bob McDavitt joins us for a look at the nation's meteorology. [more]

19/01/2009: Town reaction to rape accusation
The incident happened at the Five Mountains Holiday Park in the western Southland town of Tuatapere on Thursday morning. [more]

19/01/2009: Talks in Zimbabwe
Power-sharing talks between the Zimbabwean President and his opposition rival are facing their first obstacle. [more]

19/01/2009: People
Justine Simei-Barton has been at the forefront of efforts in this country to tell the stories of Pacific Islanders on screen. [more]

19/01/2009: Foreshore and Seabed Act review
The leader of the ACT Party says a review of the Foreshore and Seabed Act is a waste of time and instead should be scraped. [more]

19/01/2009: Fijians begin return to homes
The National Disaster Management Office in Fiji says it expects all people to be back in their homes within a week. [more]

19/01/2009: Markets report
A quick markets update. [more]

19/01/2009: Surf report
Time now for a look at what the surf's doing around the country with surfer Doug Young. [more]

19/01/2009: Hotspot
Jamestown and nearby Martins Bay are situated at the end of the Hollyford Track in Fiordland. [more]

19/01/2009: Sea Careers
A look at the careers that lie ahead for young New Zealanders who study for a life at sea. [more]

19/01/2009: Tennis
It's day one of the Australian Open and favourite Rafael Nadal says he'll be keeping a wary eye on Andy Murray's progress. [more]

19/01/2009: Fire Service try outs
Wannabe firefighters tried out for the Fire Service at the weekend at a series of open days around the country. [more]

19/01/2009: Air show
This weekend there were unprecedented numbers at Masterton's Hood Aerodrome, for the Wings over Wairarapa airshow. [more]

19/01/2009: Antarctica
A one-on-one Antarctic Field Training lesson on polar survival skills with mountaineer and Antarctica instructor Paul Rogers. [more]

19/01/2009: Music Mix
An Arts Foundation of New Zealand Laureate award was one in a long line of successes for Moana Maniapoto. [more]

19/01/2009: Comedy
From Auckland's Classic Comedy and Bar for another of our Stand Up comedy sessions with Steve Wrigley. [more]

19/01/2009: UFO sighting over Christchurch
The duration was far too long for a meteor and was most likely a sattelite re-entering the atmosphere. [more]

20/01/2009: Inflation drop expected
It's expected that figures out today will show the biggest quarterly drop in inflation since the nineteen sixties. [more]

20/01/2009: Prisoners escape
The hunt for three remand prisoners who escaped from the back of a police escort van continues today. [more]

20/01/2009: Accident at Fonterra plant
An investigation is underway to find out why a chlorine gas cloud enveloped the Fonterra Southland Dairy Plant yesterday. [more]

20/01/2009: Troops withdraw from Gaza
Pressure is now growing on Israel to reopen border crossings with Gaza to let in vital aid while. [more]

20/01/2009: Sport
Our daily sports chat with Murray Williams. [more]

20/01/2009: Weather
MetService weather ambassador Bob McDavitt joins us for a look at the nation's meteorology. [more]

20/01/2009: Government accused of inconsistencies
Cabinet is having its first meeting of the year later today and is expected gloomy economic forecasts will dominate proceedings. [more]

20/01/2009: Wellington man wins peace prize
The Loxley Award has gone to Alyn Ware, to fund his research in Costa Rica and the United States. [more]

20/01/2009: Tennis
New Zealand number one, Marina Erakovic, has won her opening round of the Australian Open women's singles. [more]

20/01/2009: People
Antonia Prebble who plays Loretta West on TV's Outrageous Fortune. [more]

20/01/2009: Prisoners escape (part 2)
Three remand prisoners are still on the run after escaping Hamilton police yesterday. [more]

20/01/2009: Inflation set to fall
Economists are predicting figures out today will show the trend for rising inflation has reversed. [more]

20/01/2009: Sex attacks in Dunedin
Police in Dunedin investigating two unrelated sex attacks continue to piece together events which led up to each incident. [more]

20/01/2009: Obama fever
On the eve of his historic inauguration, US President-elect Barack Obama has honoured civil rights leader Martin Luther King. [more]

20/01/2009: Health servey results
The Salvation Army says figures suggesting people care more about vanity than the health of children are a concern. [more]

20/01/2009: Markets update
The latest news from the finacial sector. [more]

20/01/2009: Fatal house fire
South Auckland Police say they're speaking to persons of interest following a fatal house fire in Pukekohe this morning. [more]

20/01/2009: Minister stops fight
At the weekend Ms Bennett stepped into a group of around thirty teenagers at a west Auckland shopping mall to break up a fight. [more]

20/01/2009: Sam Hunt
One of New Zealand's most recognised poets, Sam Hunt is performing alongside Leonard Cohen tonight. [more]

20/01/2009: Ballet tours
The New Zealand Ballet opening its premises at the Saint James Theatre in Wellington for backstage tours. [more]

20/01/2009: Bay of Island's Sailing Week
The three days of competitive racing culminates in beach party with a special historical significance. [more]

20/01/2009: Russell Coutts
This country's most successful sailor is back limbering up in home waters for the first time in nearly six years. [more]

20/01/2009: Antarctica
Built a hundred years ago, British Antarctic explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott's base had been slowly disintegrating. [more]

20/01/2009: Wairau excavations
Archaeologists are exploring a site in Marlborough they believe is probably the home of some of the first New Zealanders. [more]

20/01/2009: Music mix
Anthonie Tonnon doesn't seem to be your typical musician - he has a bit of a thing for economics. [more]

20/01/2009: Comedy
Stand up comedy recorded at the Classic Comedy and Bar on Auckland's Queen Street - Michelle A'Court. [more]

21/01/2009: US presidental inauguration
Barack Hussein Obama has been officially sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. [more]

21/01/2009: US presidental inauguration
Barack Hussein Obama has been officially sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. [more]

21/01/2009: The mood on the Washington Mall
Our Washington DC correspondent Daniel Renches has been among the millions on the Washington Mall. [more]

21/01/2009: US presidental inauguration (part 2)
Barack Hussein Obama has been officially sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. [more]

21/01/2009: US presidental inauguration (part 3)
Barack Hussein Obama has been officially sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America. [more]

21/01/2009: Analysis of presidential speech
The American people knew they were going to get a good speech from Barack Obama. But just how good was he? [more]

21/01/2009: Weather
For our daily look at the weather, we are joined by Metservice Weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt. [more]

21/01/2009: Colin Powell
Among the huge number of US political figures at today's inauguration was Colin Powell, the ex Secretary of State. [more]

21/01/2009: Lewis Burks
Mrs Lewis Burks is a great grandmother and the vice chair of the Indiana Democratic Party. [more]

21/01/2009: Power out in Wellington
A problem with the national grid has left parts of Wellington without power this morning. [more]

21/01/2009: Markets update
The latest news from the finacial sector. [more]

21/01/2009: Sport
Our daily sports chat with Murray Williams. [more]

21/01/2009: Contact Energy shares fall
Contact Energy is blaming underinvestment in the country's national grid for a likely twenty percent drop in its profits. [more]

21/01/2009: House fire post mortem
A post mortum will take place later today of the 49 year old woman who died in a house fire in South Auckland yesterday. [more]

21/01/2009: Minister sacks school board
The Education Minister got rid of the board at Selwyn College after a below-par report from the Education Review Office. [more]

21/01/2009: Surf report
Time now for a look at what the surf's doing around the country with surfer Doug Young. [more]

21/01/2009: Holiday Hotspot: Driving Creek Railway
New Zealand's only narrow-guage mountain railway, the Driving Creek Railway near Coromandel Town. [more]

21/01/2009: Power out in Wellington (part 2)
A problem with the national grid has left parts of Wellington without power this morning. [more]

21/01/2009: Leonard Cohen in Wellington
The 74-year old has been recording for over 40 years and is best known for songs including Bird on a Wire. [more]

21/01/2009: TW Ratana biography
A new biography about the prophet, TW Ratana. Its author, Keith Newman joins us in the studio. [more]

21/01/2009: Antarctica
Today Naomi spends a day on the ice shelf drilling for ice cores with Lyal Cross and Dr Nancy Bertler. [more]

21/01/2009: Dave Henry
Dunedin man has walked the entire city 8 times. [more]

21/01/2009: Comedy
Stand up comedy recorded at the Classic Comedy and Bar on Auckland's Queen Street - Jeremy Corbett. [more]

22/01/2009: Doctor shortage
District Health Boards in the Auckland region are considering getting rid of junior doctor jobs they are unable to fill. [more]

22/01/2009: US finance
In the United States it's the day after the night before and the party's well and truly over for Barak Obama. [more]

22/01/2009: First home buyers
Property experts say the market is finally opening up to some first home buyers, with affordability at its best since 2005. [more]

22/01/2009: Winter electricity
Electricity companies could be made to bear the costs of forced power cuts, to ensure a more secure power supply. [more]

22/01/2009: Sport
Time now for our daily sports chat with Clint Owens. [more]

22/01/2009: Weather
For our daily look at the weather, we are joined by Metservice Weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt. [more]

22/01/2009: Another prisoner escape
A low security inmate from an Auckland Prison at who went missing yesterday, today remains at large. [more]

22/01/2009: Tennis
Marina Erakovic, New Zealand's tennis number one, has lost her second round match at the Australian Tennis Open. [more]

22/01/2009: A tour of Akaroa
Its name in Maori means long harbour yet you are just as likely to find French name places and road signs around the town. [more]

22/01/2009: Akaroa history
Lynda Wallace from the Akaroa Museum, Victoria Andrews from the Akaroa Civic Trust, and Sandra Innes from the Akaroa I Site. [more]

22/01/2009: Doctor shortage (part 2)
Auckland's District Health Boards are considering cutting junior doctor vacancies to solve their staffing crisis. [more]

22/01/2009: Nuclear compensation case
Is being brought by veterans who witnessed Britain's first hydrogen bomb tests, known as Operation Grapple, in the 1950s. [more]

22/01/2009: Obama's first day
Barack Obama started his first full day as U.S. president with a full menu of problems laid out on his desk. [more]

22/01/2009: Low wool prices
Wool Exporters are blaming the lowest wool prices in 14 years on years of under-promoting wool. [more]

22/01/2009: Markets report
A look at financial markets from around the globe. [more]

22/01/2009: Akaroa guided walks
Suky Thompson a local historian, conducts Guided Walks around Akaroa. She tells us about the whaling history of the town. [more]

22/01/2009: Akaroa people
We meet some Akaroa locals catering to tourists in the area. [more]

22/01/2009: Walking around Akaroa
Francis Helps runs Bank Peninsula Track, a privately owned walking track. [more]

22/01/2009: Akaroa people (part 2)
Sitting on the edge of a beautiful harbour, Akaroa is a tourists' playground and is visited by thousands every year. [more]

22/01/2009: Art in Akaroa
Another aspect of Akaroa and Banks Peninsula is its thriving arts community. [more]

22/01/2009: Live Music
Akaroa is also a very musical town. Joining us now is an impromptu band led by Ray Bygate. [more]

22/01/2009: Food in Akaroa
Akaroa is renowed for its distinct French flavour - and that continues right down to its food and produce. [more]

22/01/2009: Akaroa people
Rowan Quinn walks around to talk to Akaroa locals. [more]

22/01/2009: Live Music (part 2)
Now we go back to the 3 peas, an impromptu band led by Ray Bygate. [more]

23/01/2009: Death for milk powder guilty
Two men convicted of making and selling toxic milk that killed six Chinese babies have been sentenced to death in China. [more]

23/01/2009: Smelter job losses likely
Global mining giant, Rio Tinto says the potential for job losses at its New Zealand aluminum smelter is still a real one. [more]

23/01/2009: Fuel costs rise
Petrol prices have risen 20 cents in 9 days and there could be further rises on the way. [more]

23/01/2009: PM challenged on wages
The Prime Minister John Key is being criticised for not acting on his desire to freeze MP's salaries. [more]

23/01/2009: Sport
Our daily sports update with Simon Bird. [more]

23/01/2009: Weather
With our Metservice Weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt. [more]

23/01/2009: National and maori party links
For the first time the Maori Party plans to walk onto Ratana Pa today with the National-led government. [more]

23/01/2009: Buskers festival
Performers from around the globe will be in Christchurch over the next ten days for the 16th Annual World Busker's Festival. [more]

23/01/2009: New motorway to be opened
The new 365-million-dollar road opening on Sunday comes at a cost for most users, and small town businesses on the old route. [more]

23/01/2009: UNESCO conference on Astronomy
Plans to make Lake Tekapo the world's first 'night sky reserve are now being considered internationally. [more]

23/01/2009: Farmers worried about interest rates
Federated Farmers are concerned cuts to the official cash rate haven't flowed through to interest rates on bank loans. [more]

23/01/2009: Student Jobs
This year the summer job hunt is proving more difficult than usual, and the finger's being pointed at the recession. [more]

23/01/2009: Markets update
News from financial markets around the world. [more]

23/01/2009: Anniversary of games
35 years ago the Commonwealth Games began in Christchurch. Organisers and competitors get together to commemorate. [more]

23/01/2009: Waiheke sculpture biennal
Art lovers gathered last night to celebrate the opening of Waiheke Island's biennal headland Sculpture on the Gulf exhibition. [more]

23/01/2009: Police hunting escaped prisoner
Police say Auckland, Tauranga, and Napier have been identified as the most likely areas for him to be hiding out. [more]

23/01/2009: Surf report
For a look at what the surf's doing around the country, and joining us live in Victoria Square is surfer Doug Young. [more]

23/01/2009: Taupo to host A1 GP
A1 is one of the stepping stone series into Formula One, and its unique feature is the each team is a national franchise. [more]

23/01/2009: Buskers festival (part 2)
It wasn't just flash international acts wowing the crowds at the World Buskers Festival - there were flash kiwis performing too. [more]

23/01/2009: Buskers in Christchurch
Raw, natural and uncontaminated by the marketing industry, buskers inhabit most of our major cities. [more]

23/01/2009: Sanlu guilty are sentenced
The chairwoman of the former Chinese dairy company Sanlu has been sentenced to life imprisonment. [more]

23/01/2009: Bob Parker
Live from Victoria Square in Christchurch, mayor Bob Parker. [more]

23/01/2009: Buskers festival (part 3)
We join various international busking acts around christchurch. [more]

23/01/2009: Buskers festival (part 4)
One of the favourite acts from previous years has returned to the World Buskers Festival this year. [more]

23/01/2009: Buskers festival (part 5)
We went along and saw what could be the smallest banjo orchestra in the world, the Cloghoppers. [more]

28/12/2009: Top stories for Monday 28 December 2009
Tighter security on flights to the USA. President Obama orders security policy reviews. Police investigate a rape in central Auckland. Possible cricket tour to Zimbabwe. [more]

28/12/2009: Tighter airline security after attack on US-bound flight
Airline passengers travelling to the United States face tighter security screening after a man tried to blow up a passenger jet on a flight from Amsterdam to Detroit. [more]

28/12/2009: Washington orders aviation security review
The failed Christmas Day attack has prompted President Barack Obama to order wide-ranging policy reviews into aviation security. [more]

28/12/2009: Police seek help from public in central Auckland rape
Police investigating a rape in central Auckland hope to speak further to the victim today. [more]

28/12/2009: Decision on Zimbabwe cricket tour to be made in March
The head of New Zealand Cricket says any decision on whether a tour of Zimbabwe will go ahead or not will be made in March. [more]

28/12/2009: Sports news for 28 December 2009
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

28/12/2009: Three new tramping tracks in Molesworth Station
Three new tramping tracks will be officially opened to the public today on New Zealand's largest farm, Molesworth Station in Marlborough. [more]

28/12/2009: Crop of the Day: Asparagus
There's good eating at this time of year at the moment with lots of great fruit and veges coming into season. [more]

28/12/2009: Scitech for 28 December 2009
In a new semi-regular segment, we're talking to"techie"Peter Griffin about the happenings in the scitech world. [more]

28/12/2009: Bug of the Day: Wasp
Summer and bugs - they seem to go together. [more]

28/12/2009: Aviation Security Service outlines new US travel restrictions
The United States has asked airports and airlines around the world to tighten security after the failed Christmas Day attack on a passenger jet. [more]

28/12/2009: New Zealand yacht set to win Sydney-Hobart line honours
New Zealand yacht Alfa Romeo is poised to take line honours in the Sydney to Hobart ocean classic. [more]

28/12/2009: Retailers expect New Year sales to lift growth
Boxing Day sales hit more than $101,000,000 this year, up five percent on last year. [more]

28/12/2009: Whale rescuers say Coromandel pod should be safe and well
Dozens of pilot whales that beached on the Coromandel Peninsula have safely returned to deeper waters. [more]

28/12/2009: Maldon Mud Race
Joining us from Maldon in Essex, England is race winner James Haskey-Jones. [more]

28/12/2009: Sports news for 28 December 2009
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

28/12/2009: Biking report
Joining us today is Keiran Turner the CEO of Bike New Zealand. [more]

28/12/2009: Off the Beaten Track: Kokukohu, Hokianga
There is much of New Zealand to be discovered out while on"holiday"off the Beaten Track. [more]

28/12/2009: Tour de Femme event in Nelson
One of the most gruelling cycle races in the country. [more]

28/12/2009: Place names: Kupe
Seatoun, Te Tūranganui-o-Kupe, Mana Island, Te Mana o Kupe ki Aotearoa, Hokianga Harbour: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's dictionary of New Zealand place names. [more]

28/12/2009: US Airline security incident
In reports just now coming out of the United States, it appears there's been another security incident on a passenger jet bound for Detroit. [more]

28/12/2009: Racing at Ellerslie
The CEO of Auckland Racing Club, Chris Weaver joins us from the racecourse. [more]

28/12/2009: Sidecar motorcycling in Rotorua
Rotorua is playing host to a Sidecar motorcycling spectacular tonight. [more]

28/12/2009: Search teams gear up for peak season
Search and rescue crews around the country are preparing for peak season - the summer holiday time when more people than ever get lost, or need rescuing. [more]

28/12/2009: Simon Climbs Mt Aspiring: Episode 1
Today, Simon starts an attempt to climb Mt Aspiring or Tititea , located in the Mount Aspiring National Park in the back and beyond behind Wanaka. [more]

28/12/2009: Kiteboarding Champion, Laura Adams
Despite only turning her hand to what some people consider the extreme sport of kiteboarding three years ago, Laura Adams is now New Zealand women's national kiteboarding wave champion. [more]

29/12/2009: Top stories for Tuesday 29 December 2009
New Zealand takes line honours in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Severe weather warnings for New Zealand and floods in Australia. The 15th International Unicycle World Championships began with an international parade down Wellington's waterfront yesterday. [more]

29/12/2009: New Zealand yacht wins Sydney to Hobart race
Over the Tasman they're calling it a masterful victory by skipper Neville Crichton and it's broken the four year hold on the race by Australian boat Wild Oats Eleven. [more]

29/12/2009: Severe weather to hit parts of New Zealand from today
Campers are being warned to watch for rapidly rising river levels as a front moves on to central New Zealand, bringing rain, high winds and a drop in temperatures. [more]

29/12/2009: New South Wales hit by flooding
Australia's also getting its share of the bad weather with four days of at times torrential rain bringing flooding to parts of north-western New South Wales. [more]

29/12/2009: Unicycle World Championships begin
The 15th International Unicycle World Championships began with an international parade down Wellington's waterfront yesterday. [more]

29/12/2009: Sports news for 29 December 2009
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

29/12/2009: Caroline Bay Carnival
The Caroline Bay Carnival in Timaru runs until the tenth of January and has loads of entertainment on offer for all the family. [more]

29/12/2009: Overlander passenger numbers increase
Just three years ago the Overlander train journey was on the brink of being axed. [more]

29/12/2009: Place names: Abel Tasman
New Zealand, Cape Maria van Diemen, Three Kings Island, Tasman Bay, Abel Tasman Park, Murderers Bay: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's dictionary of New Zealand place names. [more]

29/12/2009: Alfa Romeo wins the Sydney to Hobart yacht race
It's taken a New Zealand yacht and crew to break the four year stranglehold by an Australian team on the Sydney and Hobart race. [more]

29/12/2009: Dunedin police examine scene of Argyle Street assaults
Dunedin Police have issued descriptions of two men sought after a woman was assaulted on two separate occasions at her Argyle Street home on Sunday night. [more]

29/12/2009: Thousands bunking community work sentences
A victims advocacy group says too many offenders see community work sentences as a soft option. [more]

29/12/2009: Sports news for 29 December 2009
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

29/12/2009: Shellfish at risk
Could shellfish at your favourite spot be wiped out by the disease that's killed 80% of cockles at the largest beds near Auckland? [more]

29/12/2009: Report: Fishing
Grab a rod and line as we're off fishing with Mike Rendle from "Fishing Coast to Coast" magazine. [more]

29/12/2009: World unicyle champs begin in Capital
The one wheelers are taking over not just city streets but also its main athletics track and mountain bike tracks. [more]

29/12/2009: Bug of the Day: Cockroach
Entomologist Allen Heath. [more]

29/12/2009: Al Qaeda claims responsibility for failed attack
A regional wing of al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the failed Christmas Day attack on a U.S.- bound passenger jet, saying it was to avenge American attacks on the group in Yemen. [more]

29/12/2009: Fire on Flat Top Hill conservation area
Part of the Flat Top Hill conservation area near Alexandra in Central Otago has been ravaged by fire. [more]

29/12/2009: Locals upset at Cathedral Cove icecream stall
Locals at the remote holiday spot of Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel are upset that the Department of Conservation has allowed an icecream stall to be set up there. [more]

29/12/2009: Moby joins Empire of the Sun at Rhythm and Vines
The perfect sound to listen to while watching the first glimmers of sun come up on a new decade. [more]

29/12/2009: Whangamata Week
Where the surf's a bit quiet but at least the sun has been shining. [more]

29/12/2009: Dave Dobbyn celebrates 30 years of touring
Dave Dobbyn has been now entertaining New Zealanders in those good old kiwi summer concerts for thirty years - first as part of DD Smash and then as a solo performer. [more]

29/12/2009: Simon Climbs Mt Aspiring: Episode 2
A few weeks back he packed his rucksac and headed south to have a go at climbing Mount Aspiring near Wanaka. [more]

29/12/2009: Kiwis living the Solomon Islands
Bruce and Gwen Levick work as educational advisors in Kirakira, a city in the Solomon Islands as part of a year long assignment with Volunteer Service Abroad. [more]

30/12/2009: Top stories for Wednesday 30 December 2009
Three men rob twenty thousand dollars from a South Auckland tavern. Police warn holiday makers to be safe around water after three deaths yesterday. Several homes have been destroyed and others are threatened as two bushfires burn out of control across Western Australia's wheatbelt and Britain condemns the execution of a British man convicted of drug smuggling in China. [more]

30/12/2009: Tavern manager fears for customers in armed robbery
The police in South Auckland are hunting for four men who got away with thousands of dollars in cash in an armed robbery. [more]

30/12/2009: Police urge preparation before taking to water
Police are warning holiday makers to be wary in the water, following three drownings yesterday. [more]

30/12/2009: Bush fires threaten homes in Perth
Several homes have been destroyed and others are threatened as two bushfires burn out of control across Western Australia's wheatbelt. [more]

30/12/2009: Finance companies to pay more if investors reject govt scheme
At least two big finance companies are welcoming the chance to wean their investors off the Government's Retail Deposit Guarantee Scheme. [more]

30/12/2009: World leaders condem China's execution of mentally ill Briton
British and American leaders have condemned China's execution of a British man convicted of drug smuggling, despite his family's plea for clemency on the grounds he was mentally ill. [more]

30/12/2009: Sports news for 30 December 2009
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

30/12/2009: Thousands expected at Phat 10 dance party.
A quiet and isolated spot on the West Coast is about to get a noisy wakeup in the form of drum and bass dance party, Phat Ten. [more]

30/12/2009: Jet boating down the Wairaurahiri River
We continue exploring some of the more isolated parts of New Zealand with a trip down the Wairaurahiri River near Tuatapere in Western Southland and on the edge of Fiordland National Park. [more]

30/12/2009: Scitech for 30 December 2009
Hi-tech news now with Peter Griffin. [more]

30/12/2009: New Zealand's Rarest Bird - the Fairy Tern
Only 30 remain in the world and they only nest at four sites north of Auckland. [more]

30/12/2009: Police to South Auckland's armed robbers: you will be caught
Armed and masked men who robbed a South Auckland tavern of thousands of dollars remain at large. [more]

30/12/2009: Brother tells how drowned man saved grandchildren
Three deaths in the water yesterday have sparked a warming by authorities for holiday makers to be wary. [more]

30/12/2009: BBC's security correspondent on aviation and Al Qaeda threats
The United States fears Yemen-based terrorists may try to blow up other American planes. [more]

30/12/2009: Stall on DOC land gets frosty reception from green groups
An ice cream stand at the famed Cathedral Cove beach is making waves with some who think it shouldn't be allowed on conservation land. [more]

30/12/2009: Sports news for 30 December 2009
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

30/12/2009: Bird-brained lotto dreams killing vultures in South Africa
In South Africa, a traditional medicinal practice of smoking dried vulture brains to predict winning lotto numbers is threatening poulations of these wild animal. [more]

30/12/2009: Summer activities - shopping
We've been looking at summer activities this week but they've all been outside. We don't want to discriminate against the city so today we look at shopping. [more]

30/12/2009: Racing - Taupo
Forget the trout in the lake, today the action in Taupo is at the race course and the focus is on the thoroughbreds. [more]

30/12/2009: Lake Clearwater
Here's another secret holiday hotspot from around the country. [more]

30/12/2009: Place names: Captain Cook
Cape Egmont, Cape Farewell, Cook Strait, Banks Peninsula, Mount Cook, Doubtful Sound, Young Nick's Head, Cape Kidnappers, Bay of Plenty, Poverty Bay, East Cape: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's dictionary of New Zealand place names. [more]

30/12/2009: Tauranga growing tropical crop defies sceptics
Vanilla's normally grown in the tropics - but one NZ company has started growing this expensive spice in sunny Tauranga. [more]

30/12/2009: Controversial Cathedral Cove shop
More now on the controversy over a seaside stall allowed to operate in the remote Cathedral Cove on the Coromandel Peninsula. [more]

30/12/2009: Whare Flat music festival
They sell it as the the very first folk festival on the planet every year. [more]

30/12/2009: New Year festival offers opportunity to rejuvenate.
It's the season of parties and celebrations and the biggie - New Years Eve - is just around the corner. [more]

30/12/2009: Fish of the Day: Trevally
Fishy facts from the sea to your table, we're looking at a different species of well known fish from around the country throughout the summer - something to throw onto the barbie maybe or at least encourage you out with your rod. [more]

30/12/2009: Simon Climbs Mt Aspiring: Episode 3
A few weeks back he packed his rucksac and headed south to have a go at climbing Mount Aspiring near Wanaka.Get your walking boots on, we join Simon as he has a go at climbing Tititea, standing at 3,033 metres above sea level. [more]

30/12/2009: Bug of the Day: Ants
Entomologist Allen Heath. [more]

31/12/2009: Top stories for Thursday 31 December 2009
Helen Clark and Peter Jackson head New Years honours list; heroes of the Tamahere coolstore fires honoured; and the U.S. eases some in-flight security restrictions. [more]

31/12/2009: Helen Clark, Sir Peter Jackson head New Year Honours
The former Prime Minister Helen Clark and six new Knights and Dames head the New Year Honours list. [more]

31/12/2009: Helen Clark made a Member of the Order of New Zealand
Former Prime Minister Helen Clark has been made a Member of the Order of New Zealand, in the New Years Honours. [more]

31/12/2009: Heroes of Tamahere Coolstore fires honoured
Five firefighters hailed as heroes in the Tamahere coolstore explosion that killed one officer and injured seven others have been awarded Queens Service Medals. [more]

31/12/2009: US eases some in-flight security restrictions
The United States has eased in-flight security restrictions two days after a blanket ban was imposed on US-bound passengers moving around on planes during the final stages in the air. [more]

31/12/2009: Sports news for 31 December 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

31/12/2009: Crop of the Day - Grapes
The New Zealand wine industry celebrated news that its wine export market hit the billion dollar mark this year. [more]

31/12/2009: Kiwi in New York for New Year's Eve
Prepartions are underway at one of the most famous international venues for New Years celebrations - New York's Time Square. [more]

31/12/2009: Cable car
We're all on board for a trip on one of Wellington's most visited tourist attractions - its cable car. [more]

31/12/2009: Newly knighted Sir Douglas Myers on beer, pop stars, family
The former prime minister Helen Clark heads the New Year's Honours list, becoming a member of the Order of New Zealand. [more]

31/12/2009: Host of lesser known New Zealanders honoured
Many well known names have made their mark in the New Year Honours list, but also honoured has been a host of New Zealanders who are less in the limelight. [more]

31/12/2009: Police prepare for onslaught of party goers at holiday spots
The police in many popular holiday spots around the country say they're well prepared for partygoers celebrating New Year Eve. [more]

31/12/2009: Twizel woman first New Zealand female to ski to South Pole
A Twizel woman has become the first New Zealand woman to ski all the way to the South Pole. [more]

31/12/2009: Sports news for 31 December 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

31/12/2009: Bowls upsets
There's been a few upsets at the national lawn bowls championship which is entering the knockout stage. [more]

31/12/2009: Daily report
We're wave hunting with Doug Young from [more]

31/12/2009: Round up of New Year's Eve council events
If you plan on getting out and about for New Year's Eve there is a huge range of events being run by councils all around the country. [more]

31/12/2009: Survey to find out how many Kea in New Zealand
We continue our look at New Zealand birdlife today by travelling into the mountains of the Southern Alps. [more]

31/12/2009: Best Job in the World comes to an end
A British man is about to bid farewell to what was advertised as the 'best job in the world'. [more]

31/12/2009: Veteran broadcaster Bailey honoured
Among those who've made the New Year Honours list is former Television New Zealand news reader Judy Bailey. [more]

31/12/2009: Paihia boy's marlin may snare world record
Sam Marsh of Paihia is only 10 but has his sights set on a world record for the 133 kilogram striped marlin he hauled in on his father's boat. [more]

31/12/2009: Groove into the New Year
If music is what you want to hear as 2009 becomes 2010 there's no shortage of New Year festivals. [more]

31/12/2009: Bug of the Day: Sandfly
Apparently they prefer hairy legs... [more]

31/12/2009: Simon climbs Mt Aspiring: Episode 4
Get that rucksack on your back - we're joining Simon again as he attempts to climb Mt Aspiring. Today he finally reaches French Ridge Hut - after a lot of huff and puffing. [more]

31/12/2009: Cage fighting
Matt Maguire from Canterbury University examines the calls to ban the bloody sport of cage fighting. [more]

31/12/2009: Place names: Rakaihautu
South Iakes Rotoiti, Rotorua, Ohau, Pukaki, Tekapo, Wakatipu, Hawea: with Peter Dowling, editor of Reed's 'Dictionary of New Zealand Place Names'. [more]

01/01/2010: Top stories for Friday 1 January 2010
Confusion surrounds warning of attack on Bali; 2010 a time of reckoning; Nelson reclaims title of 'Sunniest Area'; and how to use electricity to mature cask wine. [more]

01/01/2010: The new year is here
It is 2010 and the new year, and the new decade, has been welcomed in without any major troubles around the country. [more]

01/01/2010: Holiday road tolls
The holiday road toll now stands at five after separate crashes in the Bay of Plenty yesterday killed two people. [more]

01/01/2010: Sports news for 1 January 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

01/01/2010: Kawau Island Regatta
You might be feeling a bit queasy this morning after last night's celebrations. But some of us are taking to the seas on this first day of the year. Ross Masters tells us about the Kawau Island New Year's Day Regatta. [more]

01/01/2010: Bug of the Day: Moth
It's the winged creature of the night that loves the bright lights and is partial to a feed of wool - and we use balls to keep it away. [more]

01/01/2010: Peter Janssen's tour of New Zealand
Today Peter casts his eye over the best collections to visit around the country. [more]

01/01/2010: Scitech for 1 January 2009
With Peter Griffin. [more]

01/01/2010: Locals getting into truffles
Truffles have a reputation for being expensive and reserved for those that are cashed up. But its a growing industry in more ways than one, with several farmers around the country attempting to produce the delicacy which is highly praised in European kitchens. [more]

01/01/2010: Confusion surrounds warning of attack on Bali
Indonesia is warning that a possible terrorist attack was planned for Bali on New Year's Eve. [more]

01/01/2010: 2010 a time of reckoning
That's the countdown to the new year in Sydney last night, accompanied by fireworks at the Opera House. Here at home, the year has been seen in with music, street parties and fireworks in what was a largely trouble free night. [more]

01/01/2010: Nelson reclaims title as sunniest area
If you're at your holiday spot wishing for warmer weather, you may want to up stakes and head to Nelson - New Zealand's sunshine capital for 2009. [more]

01/01/2010: How to use electricity to mature cask wine
Wine-lovers may no longer need to wait years for their wine to mature, thanks to reearch from Waikato University scientists. [more]

01/01/2010: Sports news for 1 January 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

01/01/2010: New cricket record set
Canterbury has posted the highest one day total in New Zealand limited overs cricket, scoring 410 for five in 50 overs against Otago. [more]

01/01/2010: Waipu Highland Games
The gates have opened at the 2010 Waipu Highland Games. [more]

01/01/2010: Hunterville holds its 32nd gay camp
Camping is popular at this time of year, there are campsites, and then there are others. [more]

01/01/2010: Fish of the Day: Groper
We return to the bottom of the sea and take a look at hapuku, more commonly known as groper. [more]

01/01/2010: Sports news for 1 January 2010
With Phil Burrows. [more]

01/01/2010: Almost 200 New Year arrests around Coromandel
New Year celebrations around the country have been largely trouble free. However, almost 155 people were arrested in various spots around the Coromandel Peninsula. [more]

01/01/2010: 'Tis the season to make resolutions we'll never keep
Yes, all around the world it's a time for wishes and a time for resolutions. And as the party wears off here, many people may also be remembering, with dread, those New Year resolutions they made with such conviction last night. [more]

01/01/2010: Two golfers begin year of play
Two Wellington amateur golfers are making a true year of it. Jamie Patton and Michael Goldstein are planning on playing 365 games of golf over the next 365 days, at courses around the world. [more]

01/01/2010: Three race meets from north to south
Today's a big day if you're a fan of the gee-gees, or even if you just like the party atmosphere trackside on New Year's day. [more]

01/01/2010: Stock men and women in race off
Some of the hard men and women of southern horse riding will be turning out tomorrow for the Glenorchy Races. [more]

01/01/2010: Coromandel hosts celtic fair
Coromandel township's popular Keltic Fair is held each year on January the 2nd. [more]

01/01/2010: Place names: von Haast
We go way down to the very bottom of the West Coast today and the trail blazed by explorer and surveryor Julius von Haast. Haast Pass, Mt D'Archiac, Mt Elie De Beaumont, D'Archiac, My Davy, Humboldt Range, Ritter Range. [more]

01/01/2010: Music 101 Preview
Music 101 Preview [more]

01/01/2010: Simon climbs Mt Aspiring: Episode 5
Grab your polypro, as we're heading to the hills with Simon - he's hoping to climb Tititea or Mt Aspiring which stands at 3033 metres above sea level. [more]

04/01/2010: Top Stories for Monday 4 January 2009
There are hightened fears of another al qaeda attack. Driving conditions are expected to be difficult in the North Island. Restaurant and bar patrons risk being hit with a second serving of surcharges today after the second public holiday fell on a weekend. The Department of Conservation says it may be just a matter of time before didymo turns up in North Island waterways. [more]

04/01/2010: New Zealand expecting aviation security advice today
New Zealand authorities are expecting to be advised shortly about any easing of the restrictions imposed on US flights following the al-Qaeda Detroit bomb plot. [more]

04/01/2010: The quickest way home from holiday spots
Tens of thousands of holiday makers heading home today should expect traffic to slow to a crawl in several parts of the country. [more]

04/01/2010: Pubs end public holiday surcharges to attract customers
Restaurant and bar patrons risk being hit with a second serving of surcharges today after the second public holiday fell on a weekend. [more]

04/01/2010: Didymo still spreading
The Department of Conservation says it may be just a matter of time before didymo turns up in North Island waterways. [more]

04/01/2010: Sports news for 4 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

04/01/2010: ASB Classic tennis tournament begins in Auckland
The $310,000 ASB Classic tennis tournament begins in Auckland later today, after qualifying matches were completed at the weekend. [more]

04/01/2010: Mormon College closes doors
Fifty-one years ago the vision of elders of the Latter Day Saints Church, the Mormons, became reality as their one and only secondary school was opened in this country. [more]

04/01/2010: Scitech for 4 January 2009
Scitech news now with Peter Griffin. [more]

04/01/2010: Lavender farming
Lavender has come to prominence as a viable crop in New Zealand over the past two decades. [more]

04/01/2010: Future of the 'House of Horrors' site still unclear
Christchurch's so-called House of Horrors has gone, but the future of the land it stood on remains undecided. [more]

04/01/2010: Whangamata liquor ban excessive, says councillor
A regional councillor says the policing of a liquor ban in the Coromandel Peninsula resort town of Whangamata is excessive. [more]

04/01/2010: Guests snowed in at pub get out at last
Guests who turned up at England's highest pub to celebrate New Year's Eve last Thursday have only just begun returning home today. [more]

04/01/2010: Sports news for 4 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

04/01/2010: Summer search for oil and gas to be biggest in NZ history
New statistics show oil production soaring in New Zealand. [more]

04/01/2010: Full steam ahead on Auckland, Wellington rail upgrades
Hundreds of railway staff and contractors are working around the clock to have major upgrades of the rail networks in Auckland and Wellington largely completed before most commuters return to work - that's the plan anyway. [more]

04/01/2010: Biking Report
Joining us today is Kieran Turner the CEO of Bike NZ. [more]

04/01/2010: Rodeo comes to Canterbury, Northland
There'll be plenty of noise both from cowboys and their mounts, and no doubt from the crowd, at both the Canterbury Rodeo which is on at Mandeville North just west of Kaiapoi and in Northland at the Wild Out West Rodeo, in Umawera, a little south of Kaitaia. [more]

04/01/2010: Holiday Hotspot: Cape Kidnappers
Our reporter, Heugh Chappell goes on an adventure to Cape Kidnappers to see a colony of birds that draws tourists from all over the world. [more]

04/01/2010: Place names: Māori myths & legends with a love theme
Lovers Leap, Māori Leap, Morere, Omanawanui, Erangi Point, Te Waharoa Point, Waioriri Stream: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's dictionary of New Zealand place names. [more]

04/01/2010: Investigation into suspicious death
The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding a man's death in Orewa north of Auckland. [more]

04/01/2010: Search for missing man resumes
The search has resumed this morning for a man who went missing while fishing from rocks at Piha Beach in West Auckland yesterday evening. [more]

04/01/2010: The big walk for New Zealand's youth
Adventurer Jamie Fitzgerald and mountaineer Graeme Dingle have been walking the 3000km long Te Araroa trail since November 30th. [more]

04/01/2010: Drag Racing in Taupo
If your New Year celebrations weren't enough of a blast how about some drag racing. [more]

04/01/2010: Family fun at the Paihia Summer Festival
If you're looking for plenty of family friendly fun this holiday, the Paihia Festival in the Bay of Islands might be the perfect destination. [more]

04/01/2010: Fish of the Day: Snapper
New Plymouth fisherman Keith Mawson joins us. [more]

04/01/2010: Bird of the Day: Kakapo
The world's rarest parrot and only found in New Zealand, mainly on Codfish Island off Stewart Island. [more]

04/01/2010: Simon climbs Mt Aspiring: Episode 6
It's back to Mount Aspiring National Park where Simon is shivering high up on French Ridge above the Matukituki Valley near Wanaka as he tries to have a go at climbing Mt Aspiring. [more]

04/01/2010: Bug of the Day: Monarch Butterfly
We talk with Entomologist Allen Heath. [more]

04/01/2010: Topp Twins
They're two of our best loved entertainers and recently celebrated a double half-century as twin sisters. [more]

05/01/2010: Top stories for Tuesday 5 January 2009
A new Antarctic research expedition sets out to prove you don't have to kill whales to study them. The holiday road toll closes at 12 and is the price of a new home set to rise? [more]

05/01/2010: New Zealand whale scientists to confront Japan
New Zealand scientists are about to embark on politically-charged research into whales that confronts Japan and its claims the creatures have to be killed. [more]

05/01/2010: Police claim success over low holiday road toll
The holiday road toll has this morning closed at twelve - the lowest in several decades. [more]

05/01/2010: Relief workers assess Solomon Islands quake damage
Disaster relief officials in the Solomon Islands expect to know later this morning the extent of damage to isolated villages from a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck yesterday. [more]

05/01/2010: Timber price rises hit house construction costs
The building industry says the cost of building a house is set to rise in the face of higher prices for timber. [more]

05/01/2010: Sports news for 5 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

05/01/2010: Unveiling of Jack Lovelock Memorial
World record breaking runner Jack Lovelock winning gold in the 1500 metres at the 1936 Berlin olympics. [more]

05/01/2010: Tekapo lobbies for night sky reserve
There is a whole collection of"starmen"high on a hill above Tekapo in the McKenzie country. [more]

05/01/2010: Cross Country skier, Ben Koons
While we are basking in warm summer temperatures, spare a thought for those New Zealanders training for the Winter Olympics which will be held in Vancouver next month. [more]

05/01/2010: Vegetable processing factories work overtime after bumper crop
Canterbury growers have a"feeling"that this winter will produce a bumper crop of peas that will rival last season's haul. [more]

05/01/2010: New Zealand setting precedent for non-lethal whale research
The New Zealand and Australian governments are joining forces to try to undermine Japan's whaling programme around Antarctica. [more]

05/01/2010: Government Minister on whaling research
The Government's Duty Minister Judith Collins is with us. [more]

05/01/2010: UK Prime Minister condemns march plans
To Britain where the Prime Minister has condemned an Islamic group's plans to march through a town renowned for honouring British soldiers killed in Afghanistan. [more]

05/01/2010: Crimestoppers tip-off line spotlights Auckland's P problem
Community leaders say strong support for Crimestoppers, the anonymous crime tip-off phone line, shows the service is badly needed. [more]

05/01/2010: US-bound airline restrictions to remain on Qantas, Air NZ
Passengers travelling to the United States will continue to face additional security controls after New Zealand decided not to risk upsetting US authorities. [more]

05/01/2010: Ocean drilling ship prepares for Antarctic voyage
A state of the art ocean drilling ship is in Wellington this week before heading for the Antarctica to further investigate links between climate and ice sheet dynamics. [more]

05/01/2010: Sports news for 5 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

05/01/2010: IPL announces selected players tonight
Nine New Zealand cricketers will learn tonight whether they've made next month's auction for the lucrative Indian Premier League. [more]

05/01/2010: Fishing report
Time for a look at what happening in the world of Mike Rendle from Fishing Coast to Coast magazine. [more]

05/01/2010: Ruakaka races today near Whangarei
Racegoers are as ever being spoilt for choice these holidays. [more]

05/01/2010: Is it an Albatross or a petrel?
Continuing our look at New Zealand birdlife, today we look at a species of bird often confused with albatross. [more]

05/01/2010: Totaranui Campground Managers
One place of pilgrimage with expansiv beaches is the Department of Conservation's Totaranui Camping ground in Abel Tasman National Park - both a popular spot for campers, trampers finishing the Abel Tasman Track and kayakers making their way along the coast. [more]

05/01/2010: Upgrades to Heaphy Track underway
A major upgrade to South Island's 78 kilometre long Heaphy Track begins today. [more]

05/01/2010: Teens' late bed times contributes to depression
Over these long summer days it can be harder than usual to get teenagers into bed at a reasonable hour. [more]

05/01/2010: Beach Volleyball Tour kicks off at Sumner Beach
The McEntee Hire NZ Beach Volleyball Tour kicks off today in Christchurch at Sumner Beach. [more]

05/01/2010: Bug of the day: Mosquito
We talk with Entomologist, Allen Heath. [more]

05/01/2010: Simon climbs Mt Aspiring: Episode 7
Grab an ice axe we are off to scale a mountain with Simon. He's on the snow halfway up Mt Aspiring near Wanaka. Will he make it to the top? [more]

05/01/2010: Place names: Auckland
Tamaki Makaurau, Auckland, Mount Eden, Manukau, Waitemata, One Tree Hill, Ponsonby, Mission Bay, Okahu Bay: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

05/01/2010: Mountain climber Lydia Bradey
Mountain climber Lydia Bradey was the first woman to climb Mount Everest without oxygen way back in 1988. [more]

05/01/2010: New Zealander in Tanzania
Continuing our look at New Zealanders living in exotic locales, today we visit the African continent. [more]

06/01/2010: Top stories for Wednesday 6 January 2009
Wholesale Milk powder prices have just dropped at auction for the first time in 6 months. The noughties was the warmest decade on record. Most of the early demand for package deals to the 2011 Rugby World Cup is coming from foreign rugby fans and what do you do when your dog finds a hand grenade in the backyard? [more]

06/01/2010: Price drops 7 percent in Fonterra's latest global auction
Dairy prices have dropped in Fonterra's latest global auction overnight after five months of price rises. The average selling price for whole milk powder fell 7.05% to $3,309 US dollars a metric tonne. [more]

06/01/2010: NZ records warmest ever decade
Latest weather statistics due out today will confirm that 2000 to 2009 was the warmest decade ever recorded in New Zealand. [more]

06/01/2010: Crews begin to assess damage in quake-striken Solomon Islands.
Solomon Islands have been hit by a series of earthquakes overnight including a strong one of magnitude 6.9. [more]

06/01/2010: Early demand for Rugby Cup tickets comes from abroad
Most of the early demand for package deals to the 2011 Rugby World Cup is coming from foreign rugby fans and, perhaps predictably, retailers are warning New Zealanders they could miss out if they're not quick. [more]

06/01/2010: Look what the dog dragged in - a hand grenade
What do you do when your dog finds a hand grenade in the backyard? [more]

06/01/2010: Sports news for 6 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

06/01/2010: Uncertain future for iconic wool industry
The wool industry seems a bit tangled - it's facing a crisis of identity as it struggles to find new markets and grow demand for this raw material. [more]

06/01/2010: Scitech for 6 January 2009
Scitech news now with Peter Griffin. [more]

06/01/2010: Holiday Hotspot: Kuaotunu
Once a thriving gold mining town, Kuaotunu is a beautiful coastal village located 15kms north of Whitianga on the Coromandel Penninsula. [more]

06/01/2010: More earthquakes shake Solomon Islands
Solomon Islands has been hit by a series of earthquakes overnight including a strong one of magnitude 6.9, in the same area where a 7.2 magnitude shake struck on Monday. [more]

06/01/2010: Economic news
The latest economic news coming out of both the rural and retail sectors is less than encouraging. [more]

06/01/2010: Taranaki farmers threaten to prevent beach access to paua
Taranaki farmers are threatening to shut off beach access to the public, to protect paua stocks from poachers taking hundreds of paua a day. [more]

06/01/2010: Sports news for 6 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

06/01/2010: Teenage yachtie heads towards Cape Horn
The Australian schoolgirl attempting to sail solo around the world is heading towards a challenge that has daunted sailors for centuries, rounding Cape Horn. [more]

06/01/2010: NZ's endurance runner to race up world's tallest building
The new 828 metre high Dubai Tower presents a special challenge to New Zealand's two time world mountain running champion Melissa Moon. [more]

06/01/2010: Morris dancing
A troop of dancers is touring the West Coast and today will hold demonstrations in Punakaiki, Charleston and Westport. [more]

06/01/2010: Place names: murders and cannibal feasts
Umutaoroa, Murderers Point, Deadman's Creek, Dobson, Maungatapu, Murderers Rock: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

06/01/2010: Bug of the Day: Spiders
We talk with Entomologist Allen Heath. [more]

06/01/2010: Drilling boat prepares to explore depths off Antarctica
More on the scientific mission that's preparing to set off from Wellington to examine the evolution of the Antarctic ice sheet. [more]

06/01/2010: Teens splash it out off Takapuna
The first World sailing championship of 2010 is underway off Auckland's Takapuna Beach. [more]

06/01/2010: Jack and Sophie top baby names for 2009
The names Jack and Sophie have again topped the list of the country's most popular. [more]

06/01/2010: Garden sculptures proving popular in Auckland
The combination of large scale sculptures and a garden walk is proving popular at the Auckland Botanic Gardens. [more]

06/01/2010: A report from Te Papa
Usually we have a daily report on something happening outdoorsy - but what about the city folk? Intrepid correspondent, Kate Gudsell went to Te Papa museum in Wellington to tell us more about the arts and cultural events in the major cities. [more]

06/01/2010: Simon climbs Mt Aspiring: Episode 8
Simon is near the top of Tititea or Mt Aspiring - the highest peak in Mount Aspiring National Park behind Wanaka. [more]

06/01/2010: Fish of the Day: Rock Lobster
Luxury delicacy rock lobster or crayfish gets our fishy focus for today. [more]

07/01/2010: Top stories for Thursday 7 January 2010
Anti-whalers claim they were rammed by Japanese, Solomon Islands Police commissioner updates recovery efforts, Government says fighter pilot training would bring economic benefits, Payroll giving to boost charity donations, Final day of Unicycling World Championships. [more]

07/01/2010: Whalers and protestors blame each other for collision
New Zealand anti-whaling protestors and a Japanese vessel are both blaming each other for a collision near Antarctica that's left the New Zealand boat crippled. The New Zealand skipper Pete Bethune and Glen Inwood of the Japanese government backed Institute of Cetacean tell their sides of the story. [more]

07/01/2010: Solomon Islands Police commissioner updates recovery efforts
A disaster asessment team in Solomon Islands has visited the island of Rendova near to where two large earthquakes and several smaller ones struck this week. [more]

07/01/2010: Singaporean Air Force pilots may be trained here
Singaporean Air Force fighter pilots may be trained in New Zealand under a deal being negotiated with the global defence contractor Lockheed Martin. [more]

07/01/2010: Sports news for 7 January 2009
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

07/01/2010: Chris Cairns to fight defamation and league ban
Chris Cairns' London-based lawyer says the former cricket star may sue the Indian Premier League Commissioner and a cricket website to protect his standing within the game. [more]

07/01/2010: Parkour traceurs explore Wellington
If you're an urban dweller you may have seen people doing some unorthodox navigating of public spaces, opting to walk down hand rails and jumping from walls instead of using stairs. [more]

07/01/2010: Cruising on the Hauraki Gulf
Auckland's Hauraki Gulf is always busy with boats of various sizes chugging about. But for some of the people on the many islands dotting the gulf, the vessel Hauturu is essential in bringing them their food and supplies. [more]

07/01/2010: International New Zealander: Commander on Syrian Border
Lieutenant Commander Lana Knaapen is posted with the Golan Observer Group, which is part of the UN Truce Supervision Operation along the Israeli and Syrian border. [more]

07/01/2010: Govt says Maritime NZ will investigate whaling collision
New Zealand anti-whaling protestors and a Japanese security ship are both blaming each other for a collision near Antarctica that's torn the bow off the New Zealand boat. [more]

07/01/2010: Govt says fighter pilot training would bring economic benefits
The Government says plans to train Singaporean fighter pilots in New Zealand will bring economic benefits. The defence contractor Lockheed Martin, which currently trains the pilots in France, still has to renew its training contract with Singapore. [more]

07/01/2010: TVNZ's sale of Commonwealth Games rights criticised
Television New Zealand's sale of the rights to screen this year's Commonwealth Games shows the public's lack of interest in the Games and TVNZ's own diminished role in public broadcasting say industry players. [more]

07/01/2010: Brown leadership challenge, 'damp squid' says UK cabinet member
In Britain, the Prime Minister Gordon Brown's leadership is being challenged by two ex-cabinet ministers. [more]

07/01/2010: Sports news for 7 January 2009
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

07/01/2010: Payroll giving to boost charity donations
New Zealand workers are now able to donate to charity directly from their pay and receive an immediate credit on their tax. [more]

07/01/2010: Women's Tennis Clasisic enters quarter finals
The Women's Tennis Classic is getting towards the business end of things in Auckland with the quarter finals beginning today. [more]

07/01/2010: Top archers compete in Hamilton
Archers competing at the National Archery Championships in Hamilton today head out into the fields for a simulated hunting contest. [more]

07/01/2010: Crop of the Day: Tea
The country's first commercial tea plantation was launched last month near Hamilton. The 50-hectare Zealong plantation produces Oolong tea. [more]

07/01/2010: Off the Beaten Track: Foxton
The Horowhenua town of Foxton is off the beaten track today, but may soon be back on it. Passionate locals have launched a $15 million project to turn the town into a tourist hub in time for the Rugby World Cup in 2011. [more]

07/01/2010: Ruling goes against SPCA for TV filming
A top lawyer says a judge's ruling against the SPCA in an animal cruelty case should make organisations hesitate to invite the media in to provide coverage of their operations. [more]

07/01/2010: China endures heaviest snowfalls in decades
China is enduring its heaviest snowfalls in nearly six decades, pushing the country's power supplies to the limit. [more]

07/01/2010: Final day of Unicycling World Championships
If you've been in the capital you would have seen an abundance of one-wheel wonders making their way around the city. Today is the final day of Unicon, the 15th Unicycle World Championships and Convention. [more]

07/01/2010: Long trek in aid of kiwi
Des Lehndorf sets off today to trek the length of the South Island, starting at the top, to raise funds for a kiwi project. [more]

07/01/2010: Bug of the Day: Weta
The Weta's an ancient species dating back 190 million years to when New Zealand was still part of Gondwanaland. [more]

07/01/2010: NZ's only native mammal - the short-tailed bat
Bat's are New Zealand's only native land mammals and were previously found pretty much everywhere around the country. [more]

07/01/2010: Simon Climbs Mt Aspiring: Episode 9
The last part of Simon Morton's perspiring in Mt Aspiring National Park. [more]

07/01/2010: Place names: pronunciation
Whanganui, Otago, Hanmer, Lake Alexandrina, Onamalutu, Waihola: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's dictionary of New Zealand place names. [more]

08/01/2010: Top stories for Friday 8 January 2010
Police on lookout for rapist; air travel security report set to shock Americans; anti-whaling group accuses Govt of favouring trade; Australian officials outline Antarctic crash investigation; US Justice Dept won't say if it is targeting NZ company; Transport Minister outlines new road safety measures; Christchurch hosts Elite Road Cycling Nationals; DOC campsite on Somes Island very popular. [more]

08/01/2010: Police nationwide on lookout for rapist
Police nationwide are on the lookout for a convicted rapist they say is highly likely to reoffend. [more]

08/01/2010: Air travel security report set to shock Americans - White House
The White House is poised to release a report that top aides say will shock Americans about security lapses that allowed a Nigerian man to come close to blowing up a Detroit-bound passenger jet. [more]

08/01/2010: Anti-whaling group accuses Govt of favouring trade
Anti-whaling protesters in the South Pacific are accusing the New Zealand and Australian Governments of being more loyal to their trade agreements with the Japanese than to the safety of their own citizens. [more]

08/01/2010: Australian officials outline Antarctic crash investigation
Both New Zealand and Australian maritime safety officials are investigating the incident where a NZ anti-whaling protest boat rammed a Japanese whaling ship. We spoke to Beth Holden from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. [more]

08/01/2010: US Justice Dept won't say if it is targeting NZ company
The Ministry of Economic Development is defending its company registration system following criticism it's open to money laundering or terrorist activities. [more]

08/01/2010: Sports news for 8 January 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

08/01/2010: Transport Minister outlines new road safety measures
Third party car insurance is unlikely to be made mandatory, following a report showing insurance levels are already very high. [more]

08/01/2010: Christchurch hosts Elite Road Cycling Nationals
The Elite Road cycling nationals kick off, or rather wheel off, in Christchurch today. [more]

08/01/2010: DOC campsite on Somes Island very popular
One of the Department of Conservation's latest editions to its collection of camping grounds around the country has been a booming success. [more]

08/01/2010: SciTech for 8 January 2010
With Peter Griffin. [more]

08/01/2010: Varroa parasite could force restructure of pollination industry
The spread of the varroa mite to the South Island could force a restructure of pollination contracts in the bee-keeping industry. [more]

08/01/2010: Foreign Minister defends Antarctica crash response
The Government is being accused of putting the lives of New Zealanders at risk by not doing more to avoid conflict between anti-whaling protesters and Japanese whalers. [more]

08/01/2010: Protestors plan to disrupt Secretary Clinton's visit
The police are finalising security arrangements for the visit of the United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, who arrives here in a week for political talks. [more]

08/01/2010: Pressure on Minister to stop cubicle dairy farming
Pressure is mounting on the Minister for the Environment to stop applications for intensive dairy farms in the Upper Waitaki Valley. [more]

08/01/2010: Sports news for 8 January 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

08/01/2010: Fire Service says hoarders' homes pose fire risk
The Fire Service is warning hoarders their homes are at greater risk from fire, following an Australian study that found one in four fire fatalities was associated with hoarding. [more]

08/01/2010: Weather
The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research is predicting this summer will be"average"and windy - with all regions experiencing normal or below normal temperatures. [more]

08/01/2010: Rugby Sevens
The National Rugby Sevens Tournament gets underway in Queenstown this weekend. [more]

08/01/2010: Showreel: Monterey
Lets take you back now to the very beginning of"Summer of Love"and an event billed as the first musical festival of its type ever. The Monterey Pop Festival in California in June 1967 has been hailed for turning relative unknowns Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Janis Joplin into superstars. [more]

08/01/2010: Place names: Scandinavian
Dannevirke, Norsewood, Berlins: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's dictionary of New Zealand place names. [more]

08/01/2010: MP Harawira to take stage at Parihaka festival
Maori Party MP Hone Harawira got his fair share of attention last year on the political stage but these holidays he's taking to the festival stage. [more]

08/01/2010: Unicyclists defy Wellington wind to compete
The15th Unicycle World Championships and Convention have been going on in Wellington over the past 10 days. Sixty unicyclists gathered yesterday to compete in a 42 kilometre marathon around the Wellington suburb of Miramar. [more]

08/01/2010: Fest shows off many ways to prepare a mussel
If there's more than one way to cook a goose, then just how many might there be to prepare a mussel? [more]

08/01/2010: Canterbury hosts classic car motorsport
One of the most historic prizes in New Zealand motorsport is on the line at the Canterbury classic Lady Wigram Trophy event. [more]

08/01/2010: Purpose built eco-classroom in Hamilton
A Hamilton primary school has taken its commitment to the enviro-schools programme one step further and opened a purpose-built eco-classroom, called the Living Room. [more]

08/01/2010: Off the Beaten Track: Queenstown's Flying Fox
Dream no longer - flying without wings is possible in Queenstown where the country's biggest flying fox is up and running. [more]

08/01/2010: Join Together
For many New Zealander's the 1974 Commonwealth Games marked a triumpht for a small country on the edge of the world. Stacey Wouters, Nathan Beardsley, Morgan Croasdale, Scott Miligan and Willy Nicholls from the New Zealand Broadcasting School explore the history of the"friendly games"and what made them so special. [more]

11/01/2010: Top stories for Monday 11 January 2010
The UK father of a woman killed in a Queenstown river boarding accident forms a pressure group. House prices go up in a surprise move. Christchurch police review their checkpoint procedures after an officer is dragged behind her patrol car and a major new track opens along Auckland's Waitakere coast. [more]

11/01/2010: UK pressure group formed after adventure tourism deaths
Families in Britain who've lost loved-ones in adventure tourism accidents in New Zealand have formed a pressure group targeting the tourism industry here. [more]

11/01/2010: Unexpected turnaround in house values
House values have experienced an unexpected turnaround, rising nearly 3 per cent overall nationwide last year. [more]

11/01/2010: Police review checkpoint security after officer injured
The police in Canterbury are reviewing their traffic checkpoints after an officer was dragged underneath a police car she was attempting to stop being stolen. [more]

11/01/2010: Sports news for 11 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

11/01/2010: Queensland orders popular campervans off roads
The owner of a popular Australiasian campervan company whose vehicles have been ordered off Queensland roads says his vans are safe - on both sides of the Tasman. [more]

11/01/2010: ID cards compulsory for Kiwis wanting to work in UK
New Zealanders working in Britain or considering heading there for work will have to apply for identity cards after the British Government accelerated its roll-out of the ID card programme. [more]

11/01/2010: Hillary Trail opens
The Hillary Trail, through the Waitakere Ranges Regional Park and along Auckland's west coast, opens today, the second anniversary of Sir Edmund Hillary's death at the age of 88. [more]

11/01/2010: Moko the dolphin moves on
Gisborne locals are hoping their celebrity dolphin fares well in his new home - wherever it may be. [more]

11/01/2010: Routeburn Falls Hut
Summer is a popular time for many to get outdoors and tramp along the country's numerous walks. [more]

11/01/2010: Scitech news for 11 January 2010
Scitech news now with Peter Griffin. [more]

11/01/2010: Tourism Industry reaction to UK pressure group
British families who've lost family members in adventure tourism accidents in New Zealand have formed a pressure group to campaign for improved safety here. The Tourism Industry Association's advocacy manager Geoff Ensor joins us. [more]

11/01/2010: Convicted killer dies in prison
The convicted double killer, Rufus Marsh, has been found dead in prison. [more]

11/01/2010: Surprising turnaround in house values
The latest real estate figures have thrown up some surprising news - New Zealand's house values rose nearly 3 percent last year. [more]

11/01/2010: Drought hits dairy and meat production
Droughts in Northland and the east coasts of the North and South Islands have hit dairy and meat production, and are stunting grass growth, according to Federated Farmers. [more]

11/01/2010: Queensland premier wants New Zealanders recognised on Anzac Day
Australia and New Zealand might be fierce sporting rivals but when it comes to ANZAC Day, Queensland's premier Anna Bligh is all for promoting neighbourly respect. [more]

11/01/2010: Sports news for 11 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

11/01/2010: South Korea to use Christchurch base for Antarctic operations
South Korea is planning to become the third country to use Christchurch as the base for its Antarctic operations, boosting research and bringing economic benefits. [more]

11/01/2010: Speculation over ban on NZ-US military operations
There is speculation the United States' ban on military exercises with New Zealand could be dropped when Hillary Clinton visits this week. [more]

11/01/2010: Maori games in school?
A Northland teacher has lodged a claim with the Waitangi Tribunal aiming to get traditional Maori games included in the national curriculum. [more]

11/01/2010: Heineken Open starts with strongest line up yet
The strongest line up yet for a Heineken tennis Open takes to the courts later today at the ASB Tennis Centre in Auckland. [more]

11/01/2010: Biking news
Time for a look at what's happening in the world of Biking, here's Kieran Turner from Bike New Zealand. [more]

11/01/2010: Off the Beaten Track: Southland's Organic Farm
Robin and Lois Greer started selling their Retro Organics cheeses just over a year ago, and already they're stocked by more than a hundred retailers throughout the country. [more]

11/01/2010: Ark in the Park bird recovery project
A native bird project is doing wonders for the numbers of hihi and kokako - and all just a stone-throw from our largest city. [more]

11/01/2010: Phoenix fans salute their new hero
Two stunning goals. That's all it took for striker Eugene Dadi to win the hearts of Phoenix fans, playing his first game on Saturday night after transferring from Perth Glory. [more]

11/01/2010: Indian man set alight in Melbourne attack
Australia's image is getting a drubbing in India after a spate of violence across the Tasman. [more]

11/01/2010: NZ Opera school
Opera might not be everyone's cup of tea, but for a group of twenty four students gathering in Wanganui its been their life for over a week. [more]

11/01/2010: Te Papa's Pompeii exhibition pulls in the crowds
If you've ever wanted to know more about the fateful infamous day of 24 August 79 AD then Te Papa is the place for you. [more]

11/01/2010: The worst spring on record!
It has been a challenging year for apple growers in Hawkes Bay with some growers saying it has been the worst spring on record. [more]

11/01/2010: Place names: Wellington
Port Nicholson, Lambton Quay, Whanganui-a-Tara, Khandallah, Karori, Kelburn, Oriental Bay: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's dictionary of New Zealand place names. [more]

11/01/2010: Rowan"hits the road"
Over the past few weeks you've heard Simon Morton up on a mountain, well we're about to hit the road with Rowan - she's taken the warmer option with a tropical road trip beside the sea. [more]

11/01/2010: Bug of the day: house fly
We talk with Entomologist Allen Heath. [more]

11/01/2010: Place names: wars and battles
Crimea Range, Mt Sebastopol, Alma, Raglan, St Arnaud, Blenheim, Havelock, Cromwell, Bannockburn, Naseby, Twizel, Meeanee, Napier, Kirwee: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's dictionary of New Zealand place names. [more]

12/01/2010: Top stories for Tuesday 12 January 2010
A high profile blogger defends breaching name supression orders once again. John Banks says the cost of Auckland's Queens Wharf development could now be cost more than a hundred million dollars. Northern Ireland's First Minister is standing down for six weeks, amid a storm surrounding his wife's affair with a teenager. [more]

12/01/2010: Police confirm investigating blogger's latest revelation
The police in Nelson say they will investigate the latest deliberate breach of a court name suppression order by a high profile Internet blogger. [more]

12/01/2010: Top lawyer says blogger at risk of being kept in custody
Prominent Auckland lawyer Chris Comesky has commented on the case and Mr Comesky joins us. [more]

12/01/2010: Banks puts big price tag on latest Queens Wharf push
Auckland City's mayor John Banks is accusing the Government of moving to force the city into a more expensive redevelopment of Queens Wharf. [more]

12/01/2010: Northern Ireland's leader steps down
Northern Ireland's First Minister is standing down for six weeks, amid a storm surrounding his wife's affair with a teenager. [more]

12/01/2010: Sports news for 12 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

12/01/2010: Businessman defends role after arms trading revelations
A New Zealand businessman implicated in international illegal arms trading is defending his role in setting up the company apparently involved in facilitating the deal. [more]

12/01/2010: Bowls team awaits penalty for throwing part of game
The New Zealand four men's bowls team has been found guilty of attempting to throw part of a game at last year's Asia-Pacific bowls tournament. [more]

12/01/2010: Researcher calls on public transport users to be more sociable
You'd think deciding which seat to sit on when you get on the bus is one of the less taxing things you could do in your working day. [more]

12/01/2010: Off the Beaten Track: Maud Island
The Department of Conservation calls them its treasure chests - those reserves that are sanctuaries to rare and endangered birds, animals and insects. [more]

12/01/2010: Bug of the day: Stick Insect
We talk with Entomologist Allen Heath. [more]

12/01/2010: Police say more serious charges against blogger possible
The police in Nelson are to investigate the deliberate breach of a court name suppression order by an Auckland Internet blogger. [more]

12/01/2010: Dollar gains ground
The New Zealand dollar has been gaining ground alongside the Australian dollar's rally which yesterday hit a five week high against the greenback and a 26 month high versus the euro. [more]

12/01/2010: Anti-whaling group files criminal case against Japanese
A Dutch lawyer acting for the anti-whaling protest group Sea Shepherd has filed a criminal case against Japanese whalers alleging they committed piracy. [more]

12/01/2010: Airport deal aimed to lure more Asian tourists
Auckland Airport says its investment in two Queensland airports could mean an additional one hundred thousand passengers coming through its own gates. [more]

12/01/2010: Sports news for 12 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

12/01/2010: Phil Skoglund comments on 4's Bowls team
A former world bowls champion is defending the New Zealand four men's bowls team after they were found guilty of attempting to throw part of a game. [more]

12/01/2010: Group urgers Gov not to fight ruling to pay parent carers
An organisation of carers is urging the Government not to appeal against a decision in favour of parents being paid for the support they give to severely disabled adult children. [more]

12/01/2010: Fishing report
Time now for a look at what happening in the world of Mike Rendle from Fishing Coast to Coast magazine. [more]

12/01/2010: Take the Weather with you
The summer holidays are a busy time for New Zealand's Met Service as an eager public await to hear the predicted fate of their vacations. [more]

12/01/2010: Cherry season is here
The Cherry season is underway and while the Marlborough region was hit by poor weather conditions last year, Central Otago growers are hoping for a reasonable season. [more]

12/01/2010: Whanganui cycleway work underway
Work on the government's National Cycleway has begun over the summer with some projects being given the green light. [more]

12/01/2010: Kayakers contest rescue bill
Two kayakers, rescued from the flooded banks of the Shotover River are contesting a bill for the service, claiming they didn't need help. [more]

12/01/2010: Federated Farmers lobbies for lift on trout sales
Federated Farmers is calling for a ban on trout farming to be lifted to allow participation in what it calls a lucrative export industry. [more]

12/01/2010: Great Britain outclasses New Zealand at Rifle Championships.
The New Zealand Rifle Association's National Championships are underway in Upper Hutt and will culminate with the individual shooting challenge for the prestigious Ballinger Belt later this week. [more]

12/01/2010: What's Going On: City Music Events
Well both Auckland and Wellington have an excellent array of summer music in parks - and the best thing its free. [more]

12/01/2010: What's Going On: New Plymouth Festival of Lights
It's the longest running and most successful festival and arts event in Taranaki, attracting about 150,000 visitors each summer. [more]

12/01/2010: Rowan Quinn on the Kauri Coast - Part 1
Rowan's taking a trip down the Ripiro – or Kauri – Coast on the west coast of Northland. [more]

12/01/2010: Fish of the Day: Paua
We return to the surf now to take a look at the pearl producing paua. Paua diver Storm Stanley, the chair of the Paua Industry Council joins us. [more]

13/01/2010: Top stories for Wednesday 13 January 2010
Mother of DUI vicitim says police as culpable as driver; Protestors plan to build on occupied land; When will Telecom customers get their money back?; Govt invites owners of certain diesel cars to complain; Kiwis revolutionise dairy farming in Missouri. [more]

13/01/2010: Mother of DUI vicitim says police as culpable as driver
The mother of a man killed along with two others by a drunk driver who could have been stopped by police, says the officers are just as responsible as the driver. [more]

13/01/2010: Protestors plan to build on occupied land
Maori protestors occupying private land at Taipa in Northland say they aim to reclaim all privately-owned land in the area for their iwi Ngati Kahu. [more]

13/01/2010: When will Telecom customers get their money back?
1400 former Telecom customers are still owed money, after the company overcharged customers by a total of $9.5 million. [more]

13/01/2010: Sports news for 13 January 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

13/01/2010: Govt invites owners of certain diesel cars to complain
Now here's something you don't hear every day - the government wants people to complain... That's if their new diesel vehicle engine dies because of fuel contamination. [more]

13/01/2010: Kiwis revolutionise dairy farming in Missouri
Dairy farmers in Missouri are crediting New Zealand migrants with bringing an on-farm revolution to the US state in the face of their dwindling economic prospects. [more]

13/01/2010: Moral attitudes flexible when it comes to internet use
It's changed the way we communicate with one another, how we shop, do our banking and even find romance, so it seems fitting the we're now developing a new moral code around using the internet. [more]

13/01/2010: Crop of the Day: Spud
Potato industry experts are estimating a loss of up to $47 million as the pest psyllid continues to spread. [more]

13/01/2010: SciTech
With Peter Griffin. [more]

13/01/2010: Police defend pursuits after report into 2005 fatalities
The Independent Police Conduct Authority says officers could have prevented a drunk driver killing three young people and seriously injuring two others in Taranaki in 2005. [more]

13/01/2010: Alastair Campbell defends Iraq war dossier
Alastair Campbell, the most prominent figure to appear before Britain's inquiry into the Iraq war, has defended a 2002 dossier which alleged Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. [more]

13/01/2010: Aussie govt challenged to take action against Japanese whalers
In Australia, the Opposition party is challenging the Government to take legal action against Japanese whalers. [more]

13/01/2010: Land occupiers target all private land in iwi area
Protestors occupying private land at Taipa in Northland say their aim is to reclaim all privately-owned land in the area for their Ngati Kahu iwi. [more]

13/01/2010: Sports news for 13 January 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

13/01/2010: Companies' optimism doesn't mean more jobs
A survey by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research shows companies are increasingly optimistic about the economy. [more]

13/01/2010: Kapiti bar backs down on under-20 ban
The Kapiti bar that tried to ban under 20-year-olds after a chaotic opening night has backed down. [more]

13/01/2010: Fraudsters easily steal New Zealand addresses
To open a bank account or even get a library card, you have to produce identification and proof of address. But to register a company in New Zealand, all you need is access to the Internet. [more]

13/01/2010: New Zealanders slow to use online travel and holilday services
If your Christmas travel and holidays were booked on-line, then you were among a minority of New Zealanders that did so, according to TradeMe. [more]

13/01/2010: Theatre
We've sent out our reporter Kate Gudsell to find out what's going on at major theatres around the country. [more]

13/01/2010: Off the Beaten Track: Northland's Treehouse Backpackers
Sleeping in a bus isn't everyone's idea of a quality accommodation, but at one of New Zealand's first backpacker lodges on the northern shores of the Hokianga harbour - its simply one of the treats. [more]

13/01/2010: Place names: Governors
Hobson, Grey, Eyre, Gore: with Peter Dowling, editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

13/01/2010: New Te Papa CEO's plans for the museum
The new head of Te Papa, the national museum in Wellington, has just been named. [more]

13/01/2010: What's Going On: Hola Mexico Film Festival
Well the sun hasn't turned up much these holidays which is all the more reason to get to the cinema, escape to warmer climes and check out what's happening in the Mexican film industry. [more]

13/01/2010: What's going on:"Balls of Steel"
Whanganui is playing host to a race with an international flavour this evening as New Zealand takes on Australia at side-car racing in the"Balls of Steel"speed-fest event. [more]

13/01/2010: Bugs: Headlice
Bug of the day: headlice! [more]

13/01/2010: World's Smallest penguin - the little blue penguin
The world's smallest penguin, the little blue penguin, has been making its home around New Zealand's coastline for generations. [more]

13/01/2010: Rowan Quinn on the Kauri Coast - Part 2
Rowan's back on the West Coast of Northland. Today she's at Maunganui Bluff. [more]

13/01/2010: All Whites prepare for World Cup
Now it's only a couple of months until the world cup - the first time since 1982 the All Whites have competed. [more]

14/01/2010: Top Stories for Thursday 14 January 2010
Four New Zealander's are among the thousands missing after a severe earthquake in Haiti. [more]

14/01/2010: Haiti quake witnesses tell
Three young children who are New Zealand citizens and their father are believed to be trapped under rubble after the earthquake in Haiti. [more]

14/01/2010: Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister on Haiti quake
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Emma Reilly. [more]

14/01/2010: Louis Ballinger of Oxfam
Louis Ballinger from aid agency, Oxfam, is heading to Port au Prince after arriving Santa Domingo in the neighbouring Dominican Republic. [more]

14/01/2010: New details on Jordanian New Zealand facing terrorism charges
A Jordanian New Zealander who has been jailed in Lebanon has been visited by officials and is said to be safe and well. [more]

14/01/2010: Sports news for Thursday 14 January
Sports headlines from the RNZ sports team. [more]

14/01/2010: Hillary Clinton arrives tomorrow for two-day visit
The United States Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, arrives in Auckland tomorrow for a two-day visit which will focus on trade, security and the Pacific. [more]

14/01/2010: Google threatens to leave China
The internet giant Google is threatening to pull out of China, saying it can't cope with the country's censorship. [more]

14/01/2010: Newmarket Business Assn. Rugby World Cup fears
Newmarket's new $35 million rail station will officially open later today, boosting business and enabling shoppers to get from Queen Street to Newmarket in just 10 minutes. [more]

14/01/2010: Lack of rain stretches water supplies to New Zealand towns
Sweltering temperatures and a lack of rain in parts of the country has led to water restrictions until the end of February. [more]

14/01/2010: Pencarrow Lakes
The little nown Pencarrow Lakes south of the Wellington suburb of Eastbourne are said to be the most natural low and lagoons in the country. [more]

14/01/2010: Tasman Glacier
We head to the top of New Zealand's longest glacier, the Tasman on the east side of Mount Cook. [more]

14/01/2010: Haiti Earthquake traps New Zealand children
The three children who are New Zealand citizens and their father, a Haitian, were in the Port Au Prince hotel where they live when the quake struck. [more]

14/01/2010: Aid agencies scramble to get aid to Haiti
Aid agencies scrambling to get help into Haiti are being hampered by severely disrupted communications and damaged infrastructure. [more]

14/01/2010: Hillary Clinton arrives in Auckland tomorrow
The Secretary of State will have meetings with the Prime Minister John Key, which will also focus on trade and Pacific issues. [more]

14/01/2010: Sports News for Thursday 14 January
Sports headlines from the RNZ sports team. [more]

14/01/2010: Ministry of Health's swine flu vaccine plans
Just two months before the next wave of swine flu is expected to hit New Zealand, the Council of Europe's health chief Wolfgang Wodarg is claiming that swine flu is a"false pandemic"pushed by drug firms. [more]

14/01/2010: ADHD treatment set for review
The Health Ministry is set to review treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder after moves by Australian authorities to move away from medication as the main treatment. [more]

14/01/2010: Jellyfish heading south to popular tourist destinations
Visitors to Australia's Sunshine and Gold coasts could soon be forced to stay on the sand as poisonous irukandji and box jellyfish move south. [more]

14/01/2010: Group will use dolphins' DNA to work out population size
A survey is about to begin to find out just how rare Maui's dolphins are. [more]

14/01/2010: Whangarei RSA insulted likened to cannabis club operation
The Whangarei Returned and Services Association says its members are in uproar after the way the RSA is run was likened to the operations of New Zealand's first cannabis club. [more]

14/01/2010: Tonga aiming to launch first rocket
The Government has given the go ahead for American company Interorbital Systems to launch a rocket for a commercial venture which includes developing a Tsunami satellite programme. [more]

14/01/2010: Surf Report
Time now for a look at what happening in the world of surfing with Doug Young. [more]

14/01/2010: Bugs - The Cicada
The Cicada. [more]

14/01/2010: Mitchey Greig talks Skier Cross
The countdown is on for next month's Winter Olympics in Vancouver. [more]

14/01/2010: National Horse and Pony Show starts in Dannevirke
The four day event which is in its twelfth year promises to be bigger and brighter than ever before. [more]

14/01/2010: Sheep dairy farming has bright future in New Zealand
New Zealand is known for its sheep and dairy industries but seldom are the two but they're rarely connected. [more]

14/01/2010: Plane crash near Bulls
Ambulance services say they attended a crash site at Santoft west of Bulls in the Rangitikei District at 8.20 this morning. [more]

14/01/2010: Place names: Māori contractions
Kaikōura, Taupō, Hahei, Kaiteretere: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

14/01/2010: New Zealand doctors expect calls for Haiti quake assistance
In the past New Zealand doctors have been quick to respond to calls for help in such disasters. [more]

14/01/2010: Rowan Quinn on the Kauri Coast - Part 3
Rowna takes us down the Ripiro Coast of Northland. [more]

14/01/2010: Plane crash near Bulls
The plane, understood to be an Air Force training craft, came down on Crown land next to the farm of Hugh Dalrymple. [more]

14/01/2010: Fish of the Day: Mussel
With the government promising to turn the aquaculture industry into a billion dollar industry, we thought it prudent to take a bit of a closer look at one of the main"crops"- as it were - the Green Shell mussel. [more]

15/01/2010: Situation grim in Haiti
We get an overall assessment of the situation on the ground in Port-au-Prince, which it has to be said is dire. [more]

15/01/2010: Oxfam in Haiti
Communications are extraordinarily difficult with the Caribbean's poorest nation but we have got through to Oxfam's Louis Ballinger on the border with the Dominican Republic. [more]

15/01/2010: UN has no further word about NZ aid worker's family
We speak with the United Nation's office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs in New York to ask if they've heard about the plight of the New Zealand family who are in Port-au-Prince with the UN. [more]

15/01/2010: Sport with Barry Guy
Highlights from the RNZ sports desk. [more]

15/01/2010: Official criticism of intensive dairying
The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment is urging the Government to intervene in consent hearings for intensive dairy farming in the Upper Waitaki. [more]

15/01/2010: Red Checkers grounded as fatal crash investigated
The elite aerobatics team the Red Checkers remains grounded this morning, as the Air Force investigates yesterday's fatal crash. [more]

15/01/2010: Fiji military regime to cut dissenters' pensions
Tough new measures are being introduced in Fiji which appear aimed at stifling dissent. [more]

15/01/2010: Under-19 Cricket World Cup opens in Christchurch
Defending champions India say they're feeling confident ahead of their first game against Afghanistan at the Bert Sutcliffe Oval which opens the tournament today. [more]

15/01/2010: Police Association calls for tougher punishments for chases
The New Zealand Police Association is echoing calls from its brethren across the Tasman for tougher penalties on drivers that cause Police chases and prolonged pursuits. [more]

15/01/2010: Big Day Out expected sell-out
Organisers of this year's Big Day out are anticipating a sell-out. [more]

15/01/2010: Avocado farmers suffer huge losses
Northland avocado farmers are suffering huge losses following winter storms, some as much as 70 percent of their crop. [more]

15/01/2010: China warns internet firms to work within the law
China says foreign internet businesses are welcome to operate in the Communist state, but only if they follow the law. [more]

15/01/2010: 600 NZ-sponsored children still missing
Appeals have been launched by aid agencies in New Zealand amid the international efforts to get search teams, medical help and supplies into earthquake-hit Haiti while many New Zealand sponsor children are still unaccounted for. [more]

15/01/2010: Expert predicts more quakes to hit Haiti fault
A seismological expert says the earthquake that struck Haiti this week could be the first of many. [more]

15/01/2010: New Family Court programme to emphasise mediation
The Principal Family Court Judge says a new programme coming in later this year will help reduce bitter disputes over children and stop self-indulgent parents from deliberately delaying the court process. [more]

15/01/2010: 24-year-old in critical condition after wheel hits bus
The young man remains in"critical condition causing concern"in Auckland Hospital this morning after a truck lost its wheel which hit a bus on the motorway yesterday. [more]

15/01/2010: Prince William on first official visit to New Zealand
Royal commentator and former editor of the International Who's Who, Richard Fitzwilliams, joins the show to discuss the visit. [more]

15/01/2010: Sport with Barry Guy
The latest from the RNZ sports desk. [more]

15/01/2010: Forty five thousand expected at concert day
Big Day Out organiser Campbell Smith tells us about the lineup and expectations for today's show. [more]

15/01/2010: Teenager almost halfway round the world
Australian teenager Jessica Watson has successfully navigated around Cape Horn and is almost at the halfway mark of her solo round-the-world voyage, defying critics who pressured her parents not to let her go. [more]

15/01/2010: Air New Zealand wins Airline of the Year award
Air Transport World magazine judged the national airline #1 in the world for the airline's record for safety, environmental concern and financial management in what has been one of the most turbulent periods in aviation history. Chief Executive Rob Fyfe joins the show to talk about the accolade and the team that earned it. [more]

15/01/2010: NZ remittances to Pacific islands decline
The amount of money sent by New Zealand's Pacific Islander population to family back home is likely to be down ten per cent over the last year. [more]

15/01/2010: One dead after Australia canyon trip goes wrong
The body of a canyoner who died in Australia's Blue Mountains is expected to be recovered today. [more]

15/01/2010: Weather with Bob McDavitt
Let's have a look at the weekend's meteorological phenomenon and that for today's Big Day Out. [more]

15/01/2010: Place names: Christchurch
The etymological and cultural origins of the garden city's names: Bryndwr, Glandovey Road, Taylors Mistake, Murrays Mistake, Hoon Hay, New Brighton, Shirley. [more]

15/01/2010: Off the Beaten Track: Tuapeka Punt
Imagine having a job so rare, that you're the only person in the southern hemisphere doing it. [more]

15/01/2010: Heineken Open update
New Zealand's premiere tennis tournament resumes today in Auckland. [more]

15/01/2010: What's Going On: Petrolhead Heaven
Its petrolhead heaven this weekend with motor racing events all around the country. [more]

15/01/2010: Bugs: Silverfish
We take a look at some of those critters we see each day and some we choose to ignore. [more]

15/01/2010: Rowan Quinn on the Kauri Coast - Part 4
Rowan's back on her journey along the Ripiro – or Kauri – Coast on the western side of Northland. [more]

15/01/2010: Showreel: 1968
Documentary maker, Trevor Reekie looks back on revolutionary '68. [more]

15/01/2010: Haiti: NZ aid worker family update
The family has just issued a statement. [more]

15/01/2010: Today's bird
The elvis of the bird world - the South Island Kokako. [more]

18/01/2010: Top stories for Monday 18 January 2010
Aid bottleneck in Haiti leads to fights over water and food, First Royal tour will test Prince William, In Iraq, the man dubbed 'Chemical Ali' is sentenced to death. [more]

18/01/2010: Aid bottleneck in Haiti leads to fights over water, food
In Haiti, aid is finally beginning to reach earthquake survivors but only in trickles - and incidents of looting and violence are on the rise. [more]

18/01/2010: First Royal tour will test Prince William
It's down to business today for Prince William on the second day of his first official overseas visit. [more]

18/01/2010: In Iraq, the man dubbed 'Chemical Ali' is sentenced to death
In Iraq, the man dubbed 'Chemical Ali' has been sentenced to death for ordering the gassing of 5000 Kurds in the town of Halabja in 1988. [more]

18/01/2010: Sports news for 18 January 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

18/01/2010: Ninety Mile beach may become Te Oneroa a Tohe
Ninety mile beach may be given a new name under a tentative agreement between the crown and five Far North Iwi to settle historic treaty claims. [more]

18/01/2010: Campers south Wairarapa caught in floodwaters
Campers caught in floodwaters in south Wairarapa at the weekend are asking why they weren't warned of the dangers. [more]

18/01/2010: Cricket teams surrender passports to play in New Zealand
New Zealand Cricket has taken the unusual step of asking teams taking part in the Under 19 World Cup to hand in their passports for the duration of the tournament. [more]

18/01/2010: Business news for 18 January 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

18/01/2010: Big names dominate first-day line up of Australian Open
The first tennis grand slam of the year, the Australian Open, gets underway in Melbourne today. [more]

18/01/2010: Elderly man refuses to leave vandalised home
Hawke's Bay pensioner Barney Huriwaka woke up this morning in his virtually windowless home because the windows were smashed in a vandalism attack at the weekend. [more]

18/01/2010: Nattering about Nelson Lakes
The Nelson Lakes National Park area is being beseiged by an invasion of mice. [more]

18/01/2010: Hopes fade of finding more survivors in Haiti
The rescue operation in Haiti is into its fifth day and hopes are beginning to fade of finding many more earthquake survivors under the rubble. [more]

18/01/2010: Toxic waste fears for gold mine town
Residents of a West Coast town say a proposed gold mine in their area could unearth harmful toxic waste. [more]

18/01/2010: Prince wins over crowds as he prepares for Wellington visit
Prince William is due to arrive in Wellington this morning where he will open the Supreme Court. [more]

18/01/2010: Sports news for 18 January 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

18/01/2010: Anna Paquin hot tip to win at the Golden Globes
New Zealander Anna Paquin is the hot tip to win best actress in a television drama at the Golden Globes today in Hollywood. [more]

18/01/2010: Tests expected to reveal what's killing blue penguins
Conservation officials hope to find out today what's been killing dozens and dozens of little blue penguins on the North Island's west coast. [more]

18/01/2010: Warm-up match could prove valuable for All Whites
The All Whites will get just one warm-up match before June's Fifa Football World Cup in South Africa. [more]

18/01/2010: Phil Kafcaloudes with news from Australia
There's been another attack on a person of Indian descent in Australia. [more]

18/01/2010: Business news for 18 January 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

18/01/2010: Biking report
Time now for a look at what happening in the world of biking, with Kieran Turner, the CEO of Bike New Zealand. [more]

18/01/2010: Delays at Wellington airport
Officials say this could affect Prince William's arrival in capital to open the new Supreme Court. [more]

18/01/2010: Place names: Biblical
Sodom and Gomorrah, Devil's Punchbowl, Devil's Armchair, Devil's Staircase, Paradise, Paradise Flat, Purgatory, Bible Terrace, Hiruharama, Epiha, Kenana, Canaan Downs: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

18/01/2010: Scitech for Monday 18 January 2010
The German government is advising internet users to avoid using Internet Explorer to protect their computer security. [more]

18/01/2010: New signal problems close Auckland commuter line
One of Auckland's main commuter rail lines is closed today because of unexpected difficulties with new signalling at the Newmarket Junction. [more]

18/01/2010: New era for Antarctic electricity generation
Antarctica's the coldest, driest and windiest place in the world and now the winds of the sourthern continent are being harnessed to provide electricity for New Zealand's Antarctic outpost, Scott Base. [more]

18/01/2010: Summer's bad weather means good business for some
The beginning of 2010 has not delivered the best holiday weather for many around New Zealand, with much wetter and colder conditions than usual. [more]

18/01/2010: British shooter wins New Zealand's oldest sporting trophy
A British shooter has claimed New Zealand's oldest sporting trophy, the Ballinger Belt, at the National Rifle Championships. [more]

18/01/2010: Open source software conference opens in Wellington
The Linux computer software conference starts today in Wellington. [more]

18/01/2010: Akaroa festival
Dozens of young musicians have descended on Akaroa for the third annual summer festival. [more]

18/01/2010: Marfell's Beach, Marlborough
Marfell's Beach is home away from home for people who've been coming year after year since the 1940s. [more]

18/01/2010: Pest birds
Biosecurity officer for Pest animals Steve Playle probably has after all his job's to exterminate Magpies for Wellington Regional Council. [more]

18/01/2010: The royal visit
And Prince William had been due to fly into the capital a short time ago amid disruptions at Wellington airport due to mist and poor conditions. [more]

18/01/2010: Bug of the day: Bees
Bug time now and as you can probably hear - today we're doing bees. [more]

19/01/2010: Top Stories for Tuesday 19 January 2010
UN seeks help in Haiti, Union fights to appeal double bunking decision, Police investigate incident at royal BBQ, Aids group pushes for more treatment funding, Earthquake engineering in New Zealand, BBC looks to NZ for forecasting options, Supreme Court look ignites debate. [more]

19/01/2010: Kabul suffers its worst attack in almost a year
Last night's coordinated attack on the Afghan capital by Taliban insurgents is the worst in almost a year, and came as Afghan President Hamid Karzai was swearing in cabinet members. [more]

19/01/2010: Lack of security in Haiti holding back aid agencies
In Haiti, there have been reports in the last two hours of three aid workers being injured at the main airport in Port-au-Prince. [more]

19/01/2010: First Cabinet meeting - economic growth the theme for the year
Tax is back on the Government's agenda for the start of 2010 with the Tax Working Group due to release its final report tomorrow. [more]

19/01/2010: Sports news for 19 January 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

19/01/2010: Royal corespondent analyses Prince William's visit
Prince William ends his three day official tour of New Zealand today with a visit to Wellington Children's Hospital. [more]

19/01/2010: Auckland commuter rail line opens
The main Auckland rail line that unexpectedly shut yesterday has reopened this morning after Kiwi Rail commissioned it overnight. [more]

19/01/2010: Somali pirates fight amongst themselves
Somali pirates appear to be fighting amongst themselves, only a day after releasing a Greek-flagged oil tanker when an aircraft dropped a ransom of at least five-and-a-half-million dollars in cash on its deck. [more]

19/01/2010: Markets update for 19 January 2010
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

19/01/2010: Union fights to appeal double bunking decision
The Corrections Association is attempting to appeal against an Employment Court judgement in favour of extending the use of double bunking in jails. [more]

19/01/2010: Mayor fumes after councillors accept gang invitation
The mayor of Whanganui says councillors who've accepted an invitation to the local Hell's Angels motorcycle gang headquarters are providing support for criminals and their wrong doing. [more]

19/01/2010: BBC looks to NZ for forecasting options
The BBC has begun talks with New Zealand firm Metra about taking over weather forecasting on Britain's state broadcaster. [more]

19/01/2010: Syndicate plans to bring Phar Lap's name back to racing
Fans of Phar Lap are close to breathing new life into the legacy of the great thoroughbred that died in mysterious circumstances in the United States in 1932. [more]

19/01/2010: UN needs help in Haiti
The United Nations is seeking extra peacekeepers to bolster security in earthquake-shattered Haiti to combat marauding looters. Some US 2,200 Marines with heavy earth-moving equipment, medical aid and helicopters are due to arrive today [more]

19/01/2010: Few months yet before interest rate rises
Some economists say the latest house sale figures showing fewer sales and lower prices in December should mean it will be a few months yet before interest rates start rising. [more]

19/01/2010: Supreme Court look ignites debate
Love it or loathe it, the look of the new Supreme Court is certainly a talking point for Wellingtonians. [more]

19/01/2010: Sports news for 19 January 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

19/01/2010: Stale reception instore for Prince William's Australian arrival
While Prince William has received a warm reception in New Zealand, it has been nothing like the royal visits of years gone by, when thousands of people would line the streets. It's unlikely to improve beyond the lukewarm when he arrives in Australia later today where the Republican movement is stronger. [more]

19/01/2010: Bug of the Day: Aphids
Aphids must be the most pervasive garden insect pests of all. As soon as any new growth appears in spring, aphids seem to materialise out of nowhere. They come in all sorts of colours and attack a wide range of plants. [more]

19/01/2010: Earthquake engineering - how much damage can it prevent?
Engineers say that even if a similarly strengthened tremor hit a built up area in New Zealand the damage here would be much less than that in Haiti. [more]

19/01/2010: Aids group pushes for more treatment funding
The New Zealand Aids Foundation wants Pharmac to fund a new HIV treatment now that it has been approved by Medsafe. [more]

19/01/2010: Golden Globes hangover
The science fiction epic Avatar and the comedy The Hangover scooped the top film honours at this year's Golden Globes in Los Angeles. [more]

19/01/2010: Morning business for 19 January 2010
News from the business sector. [more]

19/01/2010: Project seeks to find forgotten war-time children
Around two million United States servicemen spent time in New Zealand and other Pacific Island countries during world war two. [more]

19/01/2010: Tackling the Tongariro Crossing
The Tongariro Crossing has been billed as the best daywalk in the country - crossing the active volcanic plateau between Mount Ngarahoe and Mount Tongariro in the Central North Island. [more]

19/01/2010: Holiday Hotspots - Goat Island
When the Goat Island Marine Reserve was created in 1975 off the coast of Leigh, north of Auckland many people said it would destroy fishing and wouldn't work. [more]

19/01/2010: Police investigate incident at royal BBQ
The royal visit is wrapping up with Prince William at Wellington Hospital this morning before flying out to Australia. [more]

19/01/2010: Liquidation of care provider costs 50 jobs
The early childhood care provider Easy Mind has been liquidated and its South Island operation closed with the loss of around 50 full time jobs. [more]

19/01/2010: Dream come true for Antarctica Youth Ambassador
2009's Antarctic Youth Ambassador has dreamed of going to Antarctica since she was five years old. [more]

19/01/2010: Bags and shoes showcase a person's pysche
For some New Zealand women their passion is the humble shoe and the handbag - mixing names like Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Chanel and Valentino. [more]

19/01/2010: Place names: Dunedin
The Edinburgh of the south - Musselburgh, St Claire, St Kilda, Macandrew Bay: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

19/01/2010: NZ's longest cave just got longer
New Zealand's longest cave system has just got longer, after an exploration over the holiday period. [more]

19/01/2010: John Clarke - Farnakeling
New Zealand-born, Australian-based satiricist John Clarke introduces us to the fictitious sport farnakeling now. [more]

20/01/2010: Top stories for Wednesday 20 January 2010
Support parties split over incoming three strikes law; Police Minister outlines three strikes policy; Tax working group releases report today; Mark Sagar; Shane Bond is cricket's million dollar man; and John Key says to expect more boat people to target New Zealand. [more]

20/01/2010: Support parties split over incoming three strikes law
Two of the Government's support parties are at loggerheads over the three-strikes legislation unveiled yesterday. [more]

20/01/2010: Police Minister outlines three strikes policy
We spoke to the Minister of Corrections, Judith Collins, and asked her why her Associate Minister, Pita Sharples, was not involved in negotiations between Act and National. [more]

20/01/2010: Tax working group releases report today
The Tax Working Group releases its final report today and is expected to focus in on proposals to tax property more. [more]

20/01/2010: Sports news for 20 January 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

20/01/2010: Mark Sagar
Wellington technology wizard Mark Sagar is preparing to head to Hollywood to receive an Academy Award for work on a series of big-name movies including Avatar. [more]

20/01/2010: Shane Bond is cricket's million dollar man
Fast bowler Shane Bond has just become New Zealand cricket's million dollar man. [more]

20/01/2010: Key says to expect more boat people to target New Zealand
The Prime Minister says New Zealanders must prepare for the likelihood that more boat people will target this country. [more]

20/01/2010: Markets update for 20 January 2010
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

20/01/2010: Former UK Defence Secretary gives evidence to Iraq Inquiry
The former British Defence Secretary has told an inquiry into the Iraq war that Tony Blair asked him to delay the purchase of body armour for troops - a decision which may have cost lives. [more]

20/01/2010: Tonga's Finance Minister faces questions over Princess Ashika
Tonga's Minister of Finance is expected to face the Royal Commission of Inquiry this week to establish his role in the purchase of the ferry Princess Ashika, which sank last August. [more]

20/01/2010: Ladyhawke up for award
New Zealand musician Ladyhawke has been nominated for a Brit award in the same category as some of the biggest names in the female pop world. [more]

20/01/2010: ACT, Howard League for Penal Reform debate 3-strikes
The Opposition and justice reformers are dismissing the 'three strikes and you're out' legislation as a cynical stunt that will do nothing to reduce violent crime. [more]

20/01/2010: NY Times reporter on NZ's SAS troops in Afghanistan
Troops from the New Zealand Special Air Service were at the scene of a Taliban attack on the heart of the Afghan capital Kabul on Monday, the most serious such attack in months. [more]

20/01/2010: NZ Afghanis criticise SAS involvement in Afghanistan
Afghanis living in New Zealand say the involvement of SAS troops will only escalate problems. [more]

20/01/2010: Sports news for 20 January 2010
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

20/01/2010: Franklin District Council accepts the inevitable
The creation of New Zealand's first 'supercity' is continuing to cause deep divisions in parts of rural Auckland. [more]

20/01/2010: Human Rights Commision mediating in Sikh turban case
The Human Rights Commision is today mediating in the case of an Auckland Sikh man refused entry to the Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club for wearing a turban. [more]

20/01/2010: Rugby season pass sales up following World Cup sweetener
Sales of rugby season passes are rising after a deal allowing season pass holders to buy tickets for next year's Rugby World Cup ahead of the public. [more]

20/01/2010: Morning business for 20 January 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

20/01/2010: World's young surfing champions compete at Piha
It's known as the birthplace of New Zealand surfing, so what better venue than Piha Beach for the World Junior Surfing Championships which get underway today. [more]

20/01/2010: Accommodation providers prepare for tough year
Hotels and other accommodation providers are preparing for another tough year despite new figures showing an increase in international visitors. [more]

20/01/2010: SciTech for 20 January 2010
Technology news with Peter Griffin. [more]

20/01/2010: ACT in deathzone of New Zealand politics - Rodney Hide
ACT says the three strikes policy announced yesterday is an example of the party's impact in government. [more]

20/01/2010: Australian teachers also fighting league tables
The New Zealand Government is being told to take notice of an Australian teacher boycott of national testing, as a similar debate rages here. [more]

20/01/2010: Afghan youth turn to cricket
The lush green grass of Hagley Oval in Christchurch is half a world away from war torn Afghanistan. [more]

20/01/2010: Breeding ground of rare bird found in Afghanistan
A breeding area has been discovered there of a bird that's been called the world's least known species. [more]

20/01/2010: What's Going On: Bay of Islands Sailing Week
Let's hope the wind's blowing in the Bay of Islands, it's full of boats as part of the eighth Bay of Islands Sailing Week and racing gets underway today. [more]

20/01/2010: What's Going On: Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra
That's the sound of the Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra who will be at the Neudorf Vineyard in the Upper Moutere valley tonight for their only South Island concert this summer. [more]

20/01/2010: Place names: royalty
Victoria, Albert, Franz Josef, Alexandra, Elizabeth, Coronation Peak, Balmoral, Sandringham: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

20/01/2010: Passion for guns and duckshooting
Its almost a rite of passage in New Zealand - getting up early on a winters morning to go sit in a maimai and hunt ducks.y [more]

20/01/2010: NZ farmers keenly watching planned UK bumblebee reintroduction
A team from the United Kingdom is getting closer to releasing a swarm of bumblebees after painstakingly collecting them one by one in the South Island. [more]

20/01/2010: Blue Duck Project
We take our last look at a native bird today by travelling to Turangi in the central North Island. [more]

20/01/2010: Chatham Islands harnessing wind power
In what may well count as the country's smallest wind farm, the Chatham Islands is putting up two wind turbines to try to cut locals' power bills. [more]

21/01/2010: Top stories for Thursday 21 January 2009
Haiti is rocked by a very strong aftershock. The former principal youth court judge criticises the government's three strikes policy and people on the street reject proposals to raise GST to 15 percent. [more]

21/01/2010: Tax changes could hit families who rent
A proposed rise in GST and new property taxes is creating anxiety and debate following the release of the Tax Working Group's recommendations. [more]

21/01/2010: Finance Minister responds
The Finance Minister Bill English has been listening to that and he joins us. [more]

21/01/2010: Aftershock sends Haitians running from their homes
Haiti has been hit by the strongest aftershock since last week's earthquake, sending people running out of already weakened buildings fearing their collapse. [more]

21/01/2010: Massachusetts defeat blow for Obama
The US President Barack Obama is taking stock following his party's shock loss in the Massachusetts Senate election. [more]

21/01/2010: Sports news for 21 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

21/01/2010: Hide says new law will prevent LA Galaxy-style fiascos
The Local Government Minister Rodney Hide says an incoming new law should make it harder for councils to get involved in financial disasters like the LA Galaxy soccer match. [more]

21/01/2010: Suspect hands himself in after Virginia mass shooting
A man suspected of shooting dead eight people in rural Virginia in the United States has handed himself in after an all night stand-off. [more]

21/01/2010: Former Youth Court head criticises three strikes
The former Youth Court head judge is criticising the Government's three strikes policy targeting the most violent criminals. [more]

21/01/2010: Microsoft moves to fix browser
Microsoft is about to release an update for its internet browser, after a loophole allowed a cyber attack on Google. [more]

21/01/2010: News from the financial markets
For an update on the markets we're joined by Keith Ferguson, an investment adviser with Craigs Investment Partners based in Wellington. [more]

21/01/2010: Bidding open for oil and gas exploration
The Government is offering six new permits to drill for oil and gas across the Reinga Basin, off the northwest coast. [more]

21/01/2010: Codeine restriction expected to be adopted
Pharmacists are already taking codeine-based pain killers off the shelves in preparation for anticipated new rules. [more]

21/01/2010: Wahine mast installed in Eastbourne
A mast from the Wahine is the centrepiece of a ceremony in the Wellington suburb of Eastbourne today to remeber the lives lost in the ship's sinking. [more]

21/01/2010: Tax leader says 'incoherent' tax system must change
The proposals to over-haul the tax system has sparked debate and warnings that low and middle income groups could be be hit hard. [more]

21/01/2010: Rower embarks on trans-Tasman attempt
New Zealand rower Shaun Quincey's just embarked on a two month journey to cross the Tasman Sea. [more]

21/01/2010: Fast track for Waterview link riles opponents
Opponents of Auckland's Waterview motorway connection say the way the Government is pushing the project through is undemocratic. [more]

21/01/2010: Sports news for 21 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

21/01/2010: MSF angry at aid being turned away from Haiti's main airport
Haiti's largest aftershock since last week's earthquake has sent people running in panic but does not appear to have caused further damage or impeded relief efforts. [more]

21/01/2010: Youngsters rescued from rip at Riversdale Beach
Fifteen youngsters and an adult have been rescued at Riversdale beach, east of Masterton. [more]

21/01/2010: Business and union leaders react to tax proposals
Returning to our lead story now, and the Tax Working Group is urging a fundamental shake-up of the tax system saying as it stands it is unfair, incoherent and an obstacle to economic growth. [more]

21/01/2010: Mike Moore to be NZ's man in Washington DC
He's been the Prime Minister and he's led the World Trade Organisation and now Mike Moore has been named as New Zealand's next ambassador to the United States. [more]

21/01/2010: Obama's health care reforms face being held up in Senate
Barack Obama's health care reforms face being held up in the senate after the shock loss of the traditionally safe Democratic seat of Massachusetts. [more]

21/01/2010: Business news for 21 January 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

21/01/2010: Call for new approach from government to environmental issues
One of the country's leading environmental educators says local and central government have to completely revise their approach to environmental issues. [more]

21/01/2010: Political reaction to tax working group report
The Government's response to the recommendations for tax changes is being closely watched, after the Tax Working Group tabled proposals for a major overhaul. [more]

21/01/2010: Auckland's homeless to gain inner city housing
Resource consent has been given for a $100,000,000 project with 80 inner city apartments in Auckland for homeless people to shift into. [more]

21/01/2010: Passions for jewels
Whether it's the sparkle of a diamond ring, a glass bangle from India or the quiet shine of a Fijian tabua or whaletooth - jewellery plays a huge role in many women's lives. [more]

21/01/2010: Get the loose change ready - the world's best buskers are back
The Clogghoppers - the smallest banjo orchestra with circus tricks in the world. They were one of the acts at last year's World Buskers Festival and more fun in the sun is promised at this year's festival that starts today. A major Christchurch event is in its 17the year, the festival's director Jodi Wright joins us. [more]

21/01/2010: Place names: amusing names
Nightcaps, Nonoti, Oilskin Pass, Skulkers Bay, Dismal Swamp, Manui: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

22/01/2010: Top stories for Friday 22 January 2010
A french photographer defends photographing two New Zealand SAS servicemen on patrol in Kabul. Seventy five thousand Haitians are buried in a mass grave and the Maori Party says it wants to challenge Labour's relationship with Maori at the Ratana celebrations. [more]

22/01/2010: SAS Willie Apiata photo upsets Govt and Defence
New Zealand Defence forces in Afghanistan are today dealing with two difficult issues, the publication of a photograph of SAS troops in Kabul and references to biblical passages discovered on gunsights used by soldiers there. [more]

22/01/2010: Lobby group criticises gunsight bible references
The SAS photograph issue comes at the same time as references to biblical passages are being discovered in the form of codes inscribed on gunsights used by New Zealand soldiers in Afghanistan. [more]

22/01/2010: Mental health patient charged with murder
Both the police and Waikato District Health Board say they will investigate an incident which has resulted in a mental health patient being charged with murder. [more]

22/01/2010: Maori Party sends message to voters at Ratana
The Maori Party says its arrival at this year's Ratana celebrations will send a message that despite being part of the Government, it's still independent of National. [more]

22/01/2010: Sports news for 22 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

22/01/2010: 75,000 Haitians buried in mass graves
Seventy five thousand Haitians have been buried in mass graves amid fears the earthquake death toll could be more than double that number. [more]

22/01/2010: Defence Minister on Afghanistan SAS photo
The publication of photos of New Zealand SAS troops in Afghanistan and the use of biblical references on rifle sights is causing issue for the Defence Force. [more]

22/01/2010: Obama reins in America's banks
United States President Barack Obama has proposed plans to limit the size of American banks. [more]

22/01/2010: News from the financial markets
For an update on the markets we're joined by Keith Ferguson, an investment adviser with Craigs Investment Partners based in Wellington. [more]

22/01/2010: Officials study the need to toughen company registration rules
Questions about whether New Zealand's rules on company registration are too lax and are being exploited by fraudsters have prompted the Commerce Minister Simon Power to call for a review. [more]

22/01/2010: Land tax would be"unfair"for Maori
Maori businesses and the Maori Party are criticising a proposed land tax, saying Maori would be hit especially hard. [more]

22/01/2010: Former All White attacked by dog
Former All White Stu Jacobs paid a heavy price after stepping in to help a man and his dog being attacked by a bull mastiff. [more]

22/01/2010: Defence Force criticises papers for SAS photo
Defence force officals are expected to meet with managers from the New Zealand Herald newspaper to discuss the publication of a photo showing two New Zealand SAS soldiers on deployment in Afghanistan's capital Kabul. [more]

22/01/2010: The editor of the Dominion Post responds
The Editor of the Dominion Post, Bernadette Courtney joins us now. [more]

22/01/2010: Annual Ratana Pa celebrations
The Maori Party says its arrangements for attending Ratana Pa this year send a message that is an independent political movement. [more]

22/01/2010: Brash backs tax changes but says they should go further
The former Reserve Bank Governor and National Party leader Don Brash is welcoming proposed changes to the tax system, even though they are less radical than plans he put to the Government last year. [more]

22/01/2010: Sports news for 22 January 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

22/01/2010: Fashionistas next financial crisis victims
Fashionistas are set to be the next victims of continuing straitened financial times. [more]

22/01/2010: Stiff opposition to Fiji's decision to send military man to NZ
Fiji's decision to send a senior military figure as its representative to New Zealand has been met with stiff criticism. [more]

22/01/2010: Former top diplomat puzzled by Fiji's approach
Joining us now Terence O'Brien, a former top diplomat and international relations specialist . [more]

22/01/2010: Public health calls for potting mix masks
Canterbury's Medical Officer of Health is calling for masks to be provided with potting mix after ten cases of legionnaires disease in the region since November. [more]

22/01/2010: Earthlike planets could be studied by the 2020s.
Earthlike planets could be found and studied by space probes as early as the 2020s, according to Nasa scientist, Dr Jack Lissauers. [more]

22/01/2010: Business news for 22 January 2010
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

22/01/2010: Programme for underpriviliged children has its first intake
A government funded programme for underprivileged children has had its first intake this summer, with activities including rugby, boxing, tennis and hip hop. [more]

22/01/2010: Sweet NZ wines now allowed into lucrative European market
A long standing import ban has kept New Zealand winemakers out of the lucrative European market. [more]

22/01/2010: SciTech for 22 January 2010
Technology news with Peter Griffin. [more]

22/01/2010: Proposed tax changes could trigger drop in house prices
We're joined now by the chair of Massey University's Real Estate Analysis Unit, Professor Bob Hargreaves, along with Peter McDonald , the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand president . [more]

22/01/2010: Pakistan snubs US Defence Secretary
A split appears to be emerging between the United States and Pakistan over fighting the Taliban. [more]

22/01/2010: New vehicle sales tipped to grow in 2010
There's optimism sales of new vehicles will rebound slightly this year following a horror 2009, in which sales plummeted by 28%. [more]

22/01/2010: Prince William takes to centre court
Prince William has upstaged the stars of tennis at the Australian Open. [more]

22/01/2010: What's Going On? Raggamuffin
To tell us more I'm joined by Leesa Tilley. [more]

22/01/2010: WGO Taupo Jousting Tournament
Nic Harrison is here to tell us more. [more]

22/01/2010: Revealing Auckland's Secret Hideaways
The Auckland Regional Council runs many camp sites in their area including one at the Tapapakanga Regional Park on the back road between Auckland and Thames. Camp host Jim Rollisen has been staying there for weeks and joins us now, from the top of a nearby hill I understand! [more]

22/01/2010: Not everyone gets a summer holiday
Spare a thought for the many who haven't had the luck of enjoying the start of summer, and have been busily working right through the holiday period. Kim Baker Wilson visited some of those, who've been striving to keep holiday-makers safe. [more]

22/01/2010: Place names: superceded names
The Elbow, Hicksville, Insolvency Court: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

22/01/2010: Bug of the Day: Huhu Grub
We talk with Entomologist, Allen Heath. [more]

22/01/2010: Ashburton farmer's plan to bring back blue ducks falls flat
In the heart of Canterbury, a twenty-five minute drive from Ashburton, a retired farmer has crafted a bird oasis. [more]

27/12/2010: Summer Report Top Stories for 27 December 2010
After shocks continue to rattle Christchurch - we'll speak to the deputy mayor and the police chief and Peter Ellis tries again for an official pardon. [more]

27/12/2010: Aftershocks rattle Christchurch, closes parts of city centre
Business owners in central Christchurch face a nervous wait to find out whether they'll be able to reopen following a series of 18 aftershocks which rattled the city yesterday. [more]

27/12/2010: Police discuss latest on Christchurch quake response
The Christchurch Central Area Commander, Inspector Derek Erasmus, has been in charge of the police's response to the latest aftershock. [more]

27/12/2010: Peter Ellis to lodge fourth request for pardon for sex offences
The former Christchurch Civic Creche worker was found guilty of sexual offences against seven children in 1993, but continues to maintain his innocence. [more]

27/12/2010: Shoppers head out in their droves to Boxing Day sales
After just one day of rest, retailers reopened their doors yesterday to the hundreds of thousands of shoppers keen to take advantage of the Boxing Day sales. [more]

27/12/2010: Today's weather
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining me now is Met Service deputy forecaster John Crouch. [more]

27/12/2010: Morning Sports News for 27 December 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

27/12/2010: Seismologist discusses latest tremor to shake Christchurch
Christchurch has been shaken once more by a series of aftershocks, disrupting Boxing Day shoppers and businesses expecting bumper sales. [more]

27/12/2010: Extent of role of Maori Statutory Board will surprise some
Appointed Maori representatives are to have votes on most of the new Auckland Council's committees - taking on a role which is expected to surprise some councillors. [more]

27/12/2010: Northland's visits from sharks, blue whales and rare jellyfish
We are joined by the editor of Northland's Northern Advocate, Craig Cooper. [more]

27/12/2010: Scitech news for 27 December 2010
In a new semi-regular segment, we're talking to 'techie' Peter Griffin about the happenings in the scitech world. [more]

27/12/2010: 200th anniversary of Campbell Island discovery
It's two hundred years since the discovery of Campbell Island, a World Heritage Site remotely nestled amid the wild Southern Ocean. [more]

27/12/2010: Christchurch's acting mayor discusses city's reaction
The Christchurch city centre has been hit hard by a series of aftershocks yesterday and overnight which broke windows, brought down bricks and widened cracks in already damaged buildings. [more]

27/12/2010: Christchurch aftershock sends goods flying in Ballantyne's
The Ballantyne's department store had to be evacuated and closed yesterday after the large shake sent merchandise flying from shelves. [more]

27/12/2010: Hamilton officer avoids knife and machete attack
A police officer in Waikato is nursing a black eye after narrowly avoiding more serious injuries after being attacked by two people, one of whom was armed with a machete. [more]

27/12/2010: Queensland residents prepare themselves for floods to worsen
Across the Tasman residents in central and southern Queensland are bracing themselves for floods to worsen as more rain is forecast. [more]

27/12/2010: Maori will have votes on all Auckland council committees
Appointed Maori representatives will have votes on all of the Auckland Council's committees - even though the government rejected dedicated Maori seats. [more]

27/12/2010: Morning Sports News for 27 December 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

27/12/2010: AA concerned at drivers lack of knowledge about ABS
An Automobile Association survey reveals nearly 60-percent of people who have ABS brakes in their vehicle don't know how to use them properly. [more]

27/12/2010: Arts news
Let's have a look at what's happening in arts and we are joined by Dan Chappell from the magazine Arts News New Zealand, [more]

27/12/2010: Media and entertainment report
Mark Cubey's looking at media and entertainment for us, and Mark you've just seen megamind but before that, you've had a bit of a recycled Christmas. [more]

27/12/2010: Australia in woeful Ashes position after appalling batting
Australia is in a perilous position in the Ashes cricket series. [more]

27/12/2010: New study shows Neanderthals ate plants, not just meat
They may not have been master chefs, but new research suggests Neanderthals weren't just meatheads. [more]

28/12/2010: Summer Report Top Stories for 28 December 2010
Boxing day sales are down, we'll hear from retailers about their not-so merry Christmas. We talk to the Police Commissioner Howard Broad about the latest attacks on police officers and wind and rain is bringing down powerlines and closing roads in the upper South Island and Lower North Island. [more]

28/12/2010: Drop in Boxing Day sales harbinger of difficult retail year
A big drop in spending on Boxing Day could signal a difficult year ahead for retailers. [more]

28/12/2010: Major retailer discusses Boxing Day sales slump
We're joined by the chief executive of the Noel Leeming group of appliance stores, John Journee. [more]

28/12/2010: Damaging shocks threaten future of central Christchurch
There are fears for the future of Christchurch's inner-city businesses, after the spate of aftershocks that have closed down part of the central business district. [more]

28/12/2010: Latest update on Boxing Day aftershocks
Some areas of Christchurch still remain cordoned off after a number of aftershocks on Boxing Day. [more]

28/12/2010: Weather update
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining me is John Crouch. [more]

28/12/2010: Police Commissioner discusses new attacks on police
Another sole-charge police officer attending a crime has been attacked by a group of teenagers, who punched and beat him over the head with his own baton. [more]

28/12/2010: Weather causes road closures
Wind and rain is bringing down powerlines and closing roads in the upper South Island and Lower North Island. [more]

28/12/2010: Morning Sports News for 28 December 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

28/12/2010: Waikato DHB investigates medical letters found in rubbish
The Waikato District Health Board has launched an investigation into how copies of confidential medical letters ended up lying around a Hamilton street. [more]

28/12/2010: Severe weather causes widespread disruption on East Coast of US
There is widespread disruption across large parts of the north-east of the United States as some of the worst weather conditions in recent years sweep across the region. [more]

28/12/2010: Heavy weather warnings have been issued for West Coast
We are joined by the deputy editor of the Otago Daily Times, Simon Cunliffe. [more]

28/12/2010: Place names: Christmas and New Year
With Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's dictionary of New Zealand place names. [more]

28/12/2010: Boxing Day sales draw crowds, but not big spending
New figures suggest many people spent their Boxing Day window shopping rather than exercising the plastic. [more]

28/12/2010: Aftershocks affect Christchuch's Boxing Day spend-up
Boxing Day spending was affected by a series of aftershocks from September's earthquake. [more]

28/12/2010: Australia's wild weather: floods, a heatwave and snow
Australia's been served a triple dose of extreme weather events. [more]

28/12/2010: Guilty verdict for Russian oil tycoon
The former Russian oil tycoon, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, has been found guilty of embezzlement and money laundering in what he's described as a political show trial. [more]

28/12/2010: Game fishing season kicks off
The game fishing season has just kicked off and the first of the big fish was caught earlier this week. [more]

28/12/2010: Morning Sports News for 28 December 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

28/12/2010: Bad weather forces yachts out of Sydney-Hobart race
A dozen teams have already dropped out of the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race with wild weather said to be tossing vessels about like a bucking bronco. [more]

28/12/2010: Charity hospital says still unmet need for elective surgery
The Canterbury Charity Hospital Trust says the government's claim of increasing elective surgeries does not match reality. [more]

28/12/2010: Aucklanders flock to expanded library service
The super city may not end up saving on rates, but it has given an unexpected boost to Auckland's libraries. [more]

28/12/2010: Pupping season underway for endangered NZ sea lion
Pupping season is well underway for the rare New Zealand sea lion which this year, for the first time, was listed as critically endangered. [more]

29/12/2010: Summer Report Top Stories for 29 December 2010
In the news today, the flooding in Tasman and Nelson. We have the latest on the clean-up. Almost a third of southern Queensland is declared a disaster zone after the worst flooding there in half a century and cordons are expected to be lifted in central Christchurch today. [more]

29/12/2010: Tasman Civil Defence meets to assess flood damage
Civil Defence in Nelson will meet this morning to assess the flood damage after heavy rainfall in the Tasman and Marlborough regions. [more]

29/12/2010: Homes across Queensland inundated with floodwater
The overall damage bill is expected to exceed one billion dollars as some communities experience the worst flooding in decades. [more]

29/12/2010: Christchurch cordon lift should return business to normal
The Christchurch City Council says it hopes to lift the cordons in Cashel Mall today, and that's good news for mall retailers. [more]

29/12/2010: Police say holiday road crashes down by 20 percent
The police say the number of road crashes this holiday season is down by more than 20-percent compared with previous years. [more]

29/12/2010: A baby boy for Sir Elton John
Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish say they're overwhelmed with happiness following the arrival of their son - who was born to a surrogate mother in California on Christmas day. [more]

29/12/2010: Weather Update
Joining us is Metservice duty forecaster Oliver Druce. [more]

29/12/2010: Morning Sports News for 29 December 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

29/12/2010: Festival to showcase 'real' New Zealand during World Cup
The government wants New Zealanders be on their best behaviour in all aspects of life as the rest of the world comes to visit during the Rugby World Cup [more]

29/12/2010: News from the Oamaru region
We're joined by the Oamaru Mail's editor, Sally Brooker. [more]

29/12/2010: Internationally renown academic Denis Dutton dies at 66
The internationally recognised academic, author and media commentator Denis Dutton has died at the age of 66. [more]

29/12/2010: Scitech news for 29 December 2010
Peter Griffin's here with Sci Tech news. [more]

29/12/2010: Sushi - the latest food fad
New Zealanders are increasingly adopting, and adapting, this cuisine as their own. [more]

29/12/2010: Mass evacuations as Queensland flooding worsens
Homes across the state of Queensland are inundated with flood water and defence helicopters are poised to help with evacuations. [more]

29/12/2010: Police say liquor ban helps cut serious Christchurch crime
The police in Christchurch say the inner city liquor ban is behind what they call a phenomenal decrease in reports of serious crime this year. [more]

29/12/2010: Mexico's war on drug cartels
A 28-year-old woman who was the sole police officer in the town of Guadalupe has been kidnapped by gunmen, in the latest incident in Mexico's escalating war on powerful drug cartels. [more]

29/12/2010: Cycle trails provide great rides, local economic boost
The New Zealand Cycle Trail has been trumpeted as a series of great rides around the country as well as a money spinner for the rural economies where they are built. [more]

29/12/2010: Wild Oats XI waits for victory to be confirmed
Wild Oats eleven has crossed the line first in this year's Sydney to Hobart Yacht race - but is now facing disqualification. [more]

29/12/2010: Morning Sports News for 29 December 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

29/12/2010: New research on Maori migration challenges whakapapa
New research, which confirms New Zealand was first colonised from around the mid thirteenth century, is challenging some Maori oral histories. [more]

29/12/2010: How to treat jellyfish stings
Jellyfish can have a mean sting - and blooms of them can often be found around New Zealand shores during the warmer months. [more]

29/12/2010: Visit to Birds of Prey Centre near Rotorua
This morning we visit the Birds of Prey Trust's Wingspan Centre, near Rotorua. [more]

30/12/2010: Summer Report Top Stories for 30 December 2010
An investigation is underway in Afghanistan after a raid involving members of New Zealand's elite SAS that killed two Afghan guards - we'll hear from a witness to the attack. Five men have been arrested over a suspected terror plot to attack a Danish newspaper and Japan admits to involvement in a whale meat scam. [more]

30/12/2010: Inquiry underway after deadly Afghan raid involving SAS
An investigation is underway in Afghanistan to find out if mistakes were made in a raid involving members of New Zealand's elite SAS that killed two Afghan guards. [more]

30/12/2010: Witness describes NZ SAS apology for Afghan raid blunder
Nawid Shah's family owns the Afghan Tiger Group logistics company that operates in the building that was targeted. [more]

30/12/2010: Danish police foil planned terror attack
Overnight five men have been arrested in connection to a suspected terror plot to attack the Danish newspaper which printed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed in 2005, outraging many Muslims. [more]

30/12/2010: Four police officers attacked in past three weeks
A Wairoa policeman has become the fourth officer to be attacked while on the job in the past three weeks. [more]

30/12/2010: Japan admits fisheries officials take whale meat 'gifts'
Japan has admitted its fisheries agency officials have been involved in a whale meat scam. [more]

30/12/2010: Weather Update
Joining us is Metservice duty forecaster Oliver Druce. [more]

30/12/2010: Morning Sports News for 30 December 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

30/12/2010: Securities Commission may regulate on 'low-ball' shares
The Securities Commission may step in to regulate unsolicited offers for shares, often made via mass mail-outs. [more]

30/12/2010: Approval of new hydro dam 'perfect timing' for West Coast
The Grey district Mayor says a hydro-electricity scheme approved for the Arnold River comes at just the right time after the Pike River disaster. [more]

30/12/2010: Gisborne in party mode with music festivals
Each morning we talk to a newspaper editor outside of the big metropolitan dailies, about what's happening in their region and today we're joined by the editor of the Gisborne Herald, Jeremy Muir. [more]

30/12/2010: England retain Ashes after whipping out-of-form Australia
In Melbourne, the English Barmy Army cricket fans have been celebrating their side's victory against Australia and the retention of the Ashes. [more]

30/12/2010: Place names: Hawaiki
Titirangi, Tawhitinui, Whangara, Hikurangi: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

30/12/2010: Britain's Turner Prize goes to sound installation
The controversial Turner Prize for British modern art has been awarded for a sound installation for the first time. [more]

30/12/2010: Anger over deadly raid on Kabul office
Afghanistan's government has accused international forces of going beyond their mandate in their raid on a Kabul office on Christmas Eve - which involved members of New Zealand's elite SAS. [more]

30/12/2010: Venue for Christchurch's New Year celebration still up in air
The Christchurch City Council will today decide whether or not the city's New Year's Eve celebration can be held in Cathedral Square. [more]

30/12/2010: Evacuees in Australia may be away from home for weeks
People forced to leave flooded towns in the Australian state of Queensland have been warned it could be weeks before they're allowed to return to their homes. [more]

30/12/2010: Landslips, downed trees spark warning for Heaphy track
The Tasman District is now clearing up after the worst floods in the region for 150 years. [more]

30/12/2010: New Zealanders to vote on year's top sporting moment
One of the country's biggest sporting awards is branching out next year to include a prize for New Zealand's favourite sporting moment. [more]

30/12/2010: Morning Sports News for 30 December 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

30/12/2010: New Zealand number 2 on CNN's list of 2011 destinations
New Zealand has come second only to New York as the place to go next year. [more]

30/12/2010: Surf's up - find out the best swell on the shores
Time now for our daily report and today the surf is up. [more]

30/12/2010: The Upper and Lower Selwyn Huts
Thirty-five minutes drive south from Christchurch - at the end of a no-exit road - there's another world. [more]

30/12/2010: Testing for Vitamin D could help prevent chest infections
A researcher who's been studying how Vitamin D deficiency affects young children, says he'd like to see a formal testing regime introduced in New Zealand. [more]

30/12/2010: Media and entertainment report
Mark Cubey's looking at media and entertainment for us. [more]

31/12/2010: Summer Report Top Stories for 31 December 2010
The top Royal Honour goes to one of our most famous athletes, we'll talk to Sir Bob Charles, now a member of the Order of New Zealand. We'll hear about the search for a missing boat off the south coast of Wellington, at least one person has died and the police prepare to deal with New Years revellers. [more]

31/12/2010: TV chef, author, inventor among 164 given Honours
A TV chef, a pioneering author and an inventor who's helped the world's poor are among the New Zealanders being awarded top New Year's honours today. [more]

31/12/2010: Sir Bob Charles looks back at his achievements for ONZ
One of New Zealand's most successful sportsmen, Sir Bob Charles, has been made a member of the Order of New Zealand, the nation's highest honour....the honour's limited to only 20 living people. [more]

31/12/2010: Search for 2 missing off Wellington's south coast
A boatie who managed to swim to shore at Wellington's Owhiro Bay in the early hours of this morning, has said that one of the two others he was out with died in the water. [more]

31/12/2010: Rotorua council seeks witnesses to hot pool accident
The 10-year-old boy who fell into a thermal pool in Rotorua on Sunday has died. [more]

31/12/2010: Police around New Zealand gear up for New Year's Eve
The police say they're ready to deal with any trouble that erupts during New Year's Eve festivities. [more]

31/12/2010: Christchurch taking extra precautions for New Year party
In Christchurch, the City Council is taking extra precautions in planning the annual New Year's Eve celebrations at Cathedral Square. [more]

31/12/2010: Weather update
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining me is Met Service duty forecaster Chris Noble. [more]

31/12/2010: Morning Sports News for 31 December 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

31/12/2010: Former Israeli president convicted of rape
The former Israeli president, Moshe Katsav, has been found guilty of rape and other sex crimes. [more]

31/12/2010: Surf lifesaving volunteer is recognised in New Year honours
Lots of household names are being recognised in the New Year Honours, but there are many other that are more unkown. [more]

31/12/2010: In Whangamata, speedsters can be on road and water
We've been chatting to editors of some of the country's regional newspapers each day and today we are joined by the editor of Whangamata's Coastal News, Lesley Staniland. [more]

31/12/2010: Government begins new Research and Development programme
A national fruit and vegetable distributor has become the first beneficiary of a new Government research and development programme. [more]

31/12/2010: Summer Report talks to our science technology correspondent
We are joined by our sci-tech commentator Peter Griffin. [more]

31/12/2010: Alison Holst becomes dame companion of Order of Merit
She's been dishing out advice on cooking for more than 40 years - and now Alison Holst has been made a dame. [more]

31/12/2010: Michael Hill becomes Knight in New Year Honours
For his services to business and the arts, Michael Hill has been made a Knight Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the New Year Honours. [more]

31/12/2010: Logs, debris pose hazard for Lake Benmore boaties
Water lovers in Canterbury are being warned to keep their wits about them while out on the region's flooded lakes. [more]

31/12/2010: Plans for re-enactment of Michael Jackson's autopsy
Plans to re-enact Michael Jackson's autopsy in a TV programme have been called exploitative and shockingly bad taste. [more]

31/12/2010: Tonga set to announce new cabinet lineup today
There's speculation the new prime minister, a noble, may appoint a commoner as his deputy. [more]

31/12/2010: Waipu set to hold its annual Highland Games
There's a bit of a highland fling going on in Waipu this weekend. [more]

31/12/2010: Morning Sports News for 31 December 2010
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

31/12/2010: Veteran RNZ reporter awarded Queen's Service Medal
A familiar voice here at radio New Zealand is among those in the New Years honours today. [more]

31/12/2010: Lake Waikaremoana jewel in the crown of Te Urewera
Heugh's taken us to many wonderful places over the years and for Summer report he headed into the area described by the Department of Conservation as the jewel of Te Urewera National Park. [more]

31/12/2010: Burst pipes leave thousand without water in Northern Ireland
Emergency meetings have been held in Northern Ireland where nearly 40-thousand people have been without running water for days. [more]

31/12/2010: "Glampers"pay up to $700 for Sydney campsites
Sydney's getting ready for its New Year's fireworks display - said to be a million dollar event. [more]

31/12/2010: New York correspondent
To New York and our correspondent Gemma Gracewood. [more]

03/01/2011: Summer Report Top Stories for 3 January 2011
The Mid Central DHB says it can't provide chemotherapy for cancer patients - we'll have more on the lack of specialist oncologists. The flooding in Queensland gets worse and the latest on the road toll and the top cop whos been caught speeding. [more]

03/01/2011: Cancer patients to miss out on chemotherapy
Chemotherapy has been axed for some cancer patients in the central North Island - simply because there are not enough specialists to treat them. [more]

03/01/2011: Hawke's Bay DHB speaks up on oncologist shortage
Joining us is the Hawke's Bay DHB's chief medical officer for primary care, and the chairman of the New Zealand Medical Association, Dr Peter Foley. [more]

03/01/2011: Mayor of Rockhampton anxious as peak floods hit
Across the Tasman twenty-two towns and cities in Queensland have been hit by the floods that now engulf an area three times the size of New Zealand. [more]

03/01/2011: Official holiday road toll stands at 10
Eleven people have died on the roads over the holiday period so far this season. [more]

03/01/2011: Weather update
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining us is a Metservice forecaster, Eric Brenstrum. [more]

03/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 3 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

03/01/2011: Money sought from Govt for Golden Bay flood recovery
The Government is being asked to provide funds for rebuilding as Golden Bay deals with the aftermath of the worst flooding to hit the area in 150 years. [more]

03/01/2011: Team NZ happy with San Francisco as Cup site
Team New Zealand says funding is the only thing holding it back from confirming it'll be competing in the America's Cup in 2013. [more]

03/01/2011: Gisborne shooting sparks police manhunt
The police have arrested a man after a shooting in Gisborne yesterday that sparked a police manhunt across the district. [more]

03/01/2011: Two inquiries to probe UK prison riot
To Britain, where authorities have promised two inquiries into a prison riot that caused millions of dollars worth of damage on New Year's day. [more]

03/01/2011: Manawatu Standard's editor looks back at tragic year
Today we are joined by Michael Cummings, editor of the Manawatu Standard. [more]

03/01/2011: Summer Report talks to our science technology correspondent
We are joined by our sci-tech commentator Peter Griffin. [more]

03/01/2011: Star players take the court at the ASB Tennis Classic
The New Zealand Women's Tennis Open gets underway in Auckland today, with the event drawing some of the sport's star players from all over the world. [more]

03/01/2011: Skill shortage threatens some cancer treatments
Cancer treatment services in the central North Island are being downgraded temporarily because of a shortage of specialists. [more]

03/01/2011: Floodwaters triple the size of NZ engulf Queensland
To Queensland now, where authorities say the flooding disaster is probably at its peak. [more]

03/01/2011: Team NZ chasing America's Cup sponsorship
Team New Zealand says it can't yet guarantee that it'll make it to the next America's Cup, to be held in San Francisco in 2013. [more]

03/01/2011: Brazil gets its first female president
The first female president of Brazil has been sworn into office. [more]

03/01/2011: Summer Report's art news update
Let's have a look at what's happening in the arts and we are joined by Dan Chappell the publisher of the magazine Art News. [more]

03/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 3 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

03/01/2011: Search for man who went missing in Whitianga
The police search for a 19-year-old man who went missing in Whitianga has resumed this morning. [more]

03/01/2011: Moehau's Kiwi zone is 'jewel in Coromandel's crown'
Now we travel to near the top of the Coromandel Peninsula, to the Moehau kiwi zone, where pest control has succeeded in increasing the numbers of kiwis and other native birds. [more]

03/01/2011: Summer Report's media and entertainment report
Our Chief Coastal Entertainment Reporter Mark Cubey has been boosting his vitamin d levels. [more]

04/01/2011: Summer Report Top Stories for 4 January 2011
The latest on the body found in the Coromandel. The Mid Central DHB says hundreds of people could be affected by the decision to cut access to chemotherapy and Facebook - it's the world's most popular website but is it really worth 64 billion dollars? [more]

04/01/2011: Police investigate Matarangi death
The body of a man, found in bush at Matarangi in the Coronmandel, remains at the scene this morning. [more]

04/01/2011: Hundreds could be affected by oncologist shortage
MidCentral Health says hundreds of people could be affected by its decision to reduce access to chemotherapy. [more]

04/01/2011: Queensland flood death toll rises
In Queensland the death toll and the cost of repairs from the floods ravaging the state is rising. [more]

04/01/2011: Facebook valued at 64 billion dollars
The New York Times is reporting that Facebook has raised about 640-million New Zealand dollars from the investment bank, Goldman Sachs, and a Russian firm. [more]

04/01/2011: Weather update
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining us is Met Service duty forecaster Allister Gorman. [more]

04/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 4 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

04/01/2011: Pakistan government on brink of collapse
Pakistan's Prime Minister, Yousuf Raza Gilani, is scrambling to make friends with his political opponents to stave-off a vote of no-confidence in his government. [more]

04/01/2011: Separatists seek to leave two Bay of Plenty councils
Discontent is simmering in Bay of Plenty where two separatist movements are agitating to leave their councils and join different ones. [more]

04/01/2011: Queenstown's Mountain Scene editor discusses the local news
Each morning we'll be talking to a newspaper editor outside of the big metropolitan dailies, about what's happening in this region. [more]

04/01/2011: Diet resolutions made - and broken - after Xmas excess
If you've been eating heartily over the holidays, you may have made one of the most popular New Year's resolutions - to do something about that expanding waistline. [more]

04/01/2011: Places names: sites of controversy
Rimutaka, South Ridge on Aoraki Mount Cook: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

04/01/2011: Defending champ in action on day two of NZ Tennis Open
While the former tennis number one, Maria Sharapova, isn't in action on day two of the New Zealand Women's Tennis Open, the crowd can still expect to see some star performances on court today. [more]

04/01/2011: Costs of repairs rise in flood ravaged Queensland
To Australia, where the Queensland city of Rockhampton has been completely cut-off by the floodwaters that now cover more than a million square kilometres. [more]

04/01/2011: Greens call for bans on plastic shopping bags
The Green Party says the Italian government's setting the pace by banning plastic shopping bags. [more]

04/01/2011: Fierce competition for Sunshine Capital title
Four centres are locked in competition for the coveted title of the Sunshine Capital of New Zealand. [more]

04/01/2011: Sth Korea open to dialogue with the North
South Korea's President says the door is open to new dialogue with North Korea - but that the North should abandon its"military adventurism"first. [more]

04/01/2011: Weekly fishing update
Time to check out what's in our waters. [more]

04/01/2011: Celebration marks 100 years since Scott's Antarctic arrival
It's one hundred years today since Captain Robert Scott's expedition landed at Cape Evans in Antarctica, and began building a base. [more]

04/01/2011: China moves to crack down on traffic congestion
If you're getting hot under the collar this summer stuck in holiday traffic jams - spare a thought for motorists in Beijing. [more]

04/01/2011: Gaming update
For a look into the world of gaming - we're joined by our games commentator Matt Maguire. [more]

04/01/2011: HMNZS Wellington readies for busy year ahead
The Navy is bracing for a busy year ahead, with the ships it's describing as the two new workhorses of its fleet. [more]

04/01/2011: A look at Qatar
It was a poor British territory in the 18-hundreds. Today, Qatar is one of the highest per-capita income countries in the world and has won the right to host the FIFA World Cup in 20-22. [more]

05/01/2011: Summer Report Top Stories for 5 January 2011
One person is dead and another seriously injured after a police pursuit in central Auckland. New Zealand civil defence heads to Queensland to help with their flooding crisis,we'll talk to the head of civil defence later this hour and a problem gambler wins a jackpot that Sky City initially refused to pay out. [more]

05/01/2011: Police pursuit overnight in Auckland
One man is dead and another seriously injured after a police pursuit overnight in Auckland. [more]

05/01/2011: Queensland farming community reels from floods
The Queensland farming community is still reeling from the effects of devastating floods. [more]

05/01/2011: NZ to send assistance to flood ravaged Queensland
The New Zealand government has announced it will send a Civil Defence emergency response team to assist the flood ravaged state. [more]

05/01/2011: Paksitan governor shot by one of his own bodyguards
One of Pakistan's governors has been killed by one of his own bodyguards. [more]

05/01/2011: Problem gamber gets $60,000 jackpot despite ban
A problem gambler who was banned from SkyCity has now received a 60-thousand dollar jackpot that the casino had initially refused to pay him. [more]

05/01/2011: Weather update
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining us now is the Met Service's weather ambassador Bob McDavitt. [more]

05/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 5 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

05/01/2011: Holiday road toll period ends
The official holiday road toll period ended at six o'clock this morning - with a total of thirteen deaths. [more]

05/01/2011: Government badly undershoots marine reserve goal
Marine advocates are accusing the Government of badly undershooting its own target for protecting the coastlines and the area further out to sea. [more]

05/01/2011: Financial markets reopen
New Zealand's financial markets reopen today and the kiwi dollar fell for a second day yesterday after data showed China's manufacturing growth eased last month. [more]

05/01/2011: Marlborough Express's editor tells the region's news
Time to talk to a newspaper editor about what's happening in their region. We are joined by the editor of the Marlborough Express, Steve Mason. [more]

05/01/2011: Tunnelling thieves rob Argentinina bank
Thieves in Argentina have made off with more than 100 safety deposit boxes after tunneling in to a bank vault. [more]

05/01/2011: A catch-up with our SciTech correspondent, Peter Griffin
Our science and technology correspondent. [more]

05/01/2011: Six lifeguards ready to circumnavigate New Zealand in IRB
Six surf lifeguards are about to begin a 40-day circumnavigation of New Zealand in an inflatable rescue boat, to celebrate 100 years of surf lifesaving in New Zealand. [more]

05/01/2011: Queensland state emergency efforts focus on Rockhampton
Back to Queensland now where Rockhampton is the focus of the state's flood emergency efforts. [more]

05/01/2011: Hundreds of dead snapper on Coromandel beaches
The Ministry of Fisheries is investigating the death of hundreds of snapper which have washed up on Coromandel Penisula beaches. [more]

05/01/2011: Skycity does a u-turn on jackpot payment to problem gambler
A man who was refused payment after winning a 60-thousand dollar jackpot has now received his prize money - but Skycity Casino maintains that it was within its rights not to pay him. [more]

05/01/2011: Republicans promise major changes in the US
To the United States, where the Republican party is poised to take control of the house of representatives. [more]

05/01/2011: Ivory Coast president willing to negotiate
The current president of Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo, says he's willing to negotiate what he calls a peaceful end to the country's political crisis. [more]

05/01/2011: Fireworks cause mass heart attacks for Arkansas blackbirds
If you thought you felt worse for wear after New Year revelry, spare a thought for Arkansaw's blackbirds. [more]

05/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 5 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

05/01/2011: Australian government facing pressure to monitor whaling
The Australian government is facing pressure from the opposition to monitor the annual whale hunt in the Southern Ocean. [more]

05/01/2011: A cyclist's view of the Otago Central Rail trail
We have on the line the chair of the Otago Central Rail Trail Trust, Daphne Hull. [more]

05/01/2011: Oparara Valley, a hidden gem near remote Karamea
One of New Zealand's remote communities is Karamea, at the top of the South Island's West Coast. [more]

05/01/2011: NZer Gemma Gracewood's take on life in New York
To New York and our correspondent Gemma Gracewood. [more]

06/01/2011: Summer Report Top Stories for 6 January 2011
The cost of the Queensland flood rises and there's more rain to come - we have the latest from our correspondent in Rockhampton. Will the Government come to the aid of Marlborough following the floods there and global food prices hit a new high. [more]

06/01/2011: Queensland flood could impact international markets
Floodwaters have levelled in Rockhampton in central Queensland, and the Fitzroy River has still not reached a predicted 9.4-metre peak. [more]

06/01/2011: "Some weeks"before floodwaters can be drained from mines
The floods are causing catastrophic damage to infrastructure and could well have an impact far beyond Australia. [more]

06/01/2011: Govt still to decide whether to assist Golden Bay flood cleanup
The Minister of Agriculture, David Carter, says the government's still not decided what assistance it will give to those affected by the recent floods in Golden Bay [more]

06/01/2011: Tasman mayor responds to David Carter
Listening to that was the Mayor of Tasman, Richard Kempthorne. [more]

06/01/2011: World food prices spike to new high
Soaring prices for basic food items such as sugar, cereals, oils and meat have pushed world food prices to an all-time high. [more]

06/01/2011: Weather update
Time to talk weather with the Met Service's Bob McDavitt. [more]

06/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 6 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

06/01/2011: Funeral for slain governor held in Lahore
Thousands of people have attended the state funeral of assassinated Punjab Governor Salman Taseer. [more]

06/01/2011: Details of royal wedding revealed
Prince William and his fiancee, Kate Middleton, have revealed plans for their impending wedding. [more]

06/01/2011: Local stories from the editor of the Taranaki Daily News
Each morning we'll be talking to a newspaper editor outside of the big metropolitan dailies, about what's happening in their region. [more]

06/01/2011: "Viral"tops list of words to be banished in 2011
Are you sick of people saying you should"man up"or telling you that they'll"facebook you later"? [more]

06/01/2011: Michael Jackson's doctor denies wrongdoing in singer's death
A pretrial hearing in Los Angeles has heard Michael Jackson's doctor waited 20 minutes before phoning for help when the singer collapsed. [more]

06/01/2011: Top players go down at the NZ Tennis Open
It was an eventful day at the New Zealand Womens Tennis Open yesterday, with four seeded players eliminated from the tournament in Auckland. [more]

06/01/2011: More flood warnings in Queensland
Fresh monsoon rains are forecast for Queensland and flood warnings have been declared for seven river systems. [more]

06/01/2011: Boy who survived waterfall plunge 'amazing and brave'
It's been a very busy time for rescue services in Queensland - including for CareFlight medical services who've been ferrying the sick and injured out of the flood zones. [more]

06/01/2011: Anglers complain about"exclusive"trout fishing access
Anglers say they're angy that an increasing number of farmers are selling exclusive rights to fish in rivers on their properties. [more]

06/01/2011: Drilling into Alpine Fault to begin late January
Scientists will start drilling into the Alpine Fault - one of the world's biggest fault lines - in about three weeks. [more]

06/01/2011: New Republican-heavy congress sworn in to office
The United States' 112th congress has been sworn in to office, two months after mid-term elections which saw President Obama's Democratic Party suffer heavy losses. [more]

06/01/2011: Council fined $15,000 for refusing cell phone tower
The Environment Court has slapped the Wanganui District Council with a 15-thousand dollar fine for trying to stop a cell phone tower being erected. [more]

06/01/2011: Surf's up - report
Big waves and wipeouts - it's time to check out the swell. Joining us to discuss the best surfing spots across the country is Doug Young. [more]

06/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 6 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

06/01/2011: Quit Group makes progress targeting employers
The Quit Group say it's about three quarters of the way to its goal of targetting thousands of smokers in New Zealand's 30 largest employers. [more]

06/01/2011: Beware of sharks at beaches this summer
A North Island beach waxs was temporarily closed yesterday afternoon when a shark fin was seen cutting through the waves. [more]

06/01/2011: Science and innovation board members announced
Some of New Zealand's top scientists, business people and innovation experts have been named on two new independent boards which will be responsible for allocating hundreds of millions of dollars in funding. [more]

06/01/2011: Youngest supernova spotter ever
A lot of children want to be stars - but one 10-year-old is discovering them. [more]

06/01/2011: Hangover expert debunks myths on this"summer ailment"
And now for a look at summer ailments. [more]

06/01/2011: Place names: forces of nature
Falling Mountain, Marewa, Onekawa, Rangipo Desert, Te Tangi-o-Hinerau: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

07/01/2011: Summer Report Top Stories for 7 January 2011
High hopes for a new gas exploration well off the Maui coast. The Pike River miners start heading for Australia and Crickets anti-corruption tribunal involving three Pakistani players starts in Doha. [more]

07/01/2011: Shell hope to find oil or gas in new exploration well
The company which runs the Maui gas field off the South Taranaki coast has high hopes for a new exploration well in the area - the first in a decade. [more]

07/01/2011: 50 Pike River workers take jobs in Australia
Efforts to create jobs for coal miners made redundant from Pike River have proved too slow for some, with more than 50 men taking jobs in Australian mines. [more]

07/01/2011: Keep Pike River Royal Commission on Coast
Listening to that is the national secretary of the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing union, Andrew Little. [more]

07/01/2011: Pakistan cricket spot-fixing hearing starts in Doha
Three of Pakistan's star cricket players are defending themselves at an anti-corruption hearing in Doha which started overnight. [more]

07/01/2011: Campsites chocka as people enjoy the New Zealand summertime
The traditional New Zealand camping holiday is as popular as ever with motorcamp sites around the country full up and turning people away. [more]

07/01/2011: Weather update
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining us is the Met Service's weather ambassador Bob McDavitt. [more]

07/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 7 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

07/01/2011: Oxfam damns disaster relief effort in Haiti
The charity organisation, Oxfam, has released a damning report of disaster relief in Haiti - saying efforts have been paralysed by a lack of leadership from the Haitian government and the international community. [more]

07/01/2011: Poorest households hardest hit by food price spikes
Householders can expect to pay more at the supermarket as global food prices hit record highs. [more]

07/01/2011: Local stories from the editor of the Southland Times
Time to check out what one of the regional daily papers is covering this summer. Today we are joined by the editor of the Southland Times, Fred Tulett [more]

07/01/2011: Summer Report talks to our science technology correspondent
We are joined by our sci-tech commentator, Peter Griffin, who's currently at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. [more]

07/01/2011: Indian wedding of the decade underway in Auckland
What's being billed as New Zealand's first big fat Indian wedding is underway in Auckland, with the nuptials set to take place in the most lavish of settings later today. [more]

07/01/2011: Pike River Royal Commission 'should be on the Coast'
News that more than 50 West Coast miners are taking up jobs in Australia has come as another blow to the region, which is still coming to terms with the Pike River disaster. [more]

07/01/2011: Companies defend themselves after GOM oil spill report
The three big companies involved in last year's massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have defended themselves against the latest criticism of their handling of the disaster. [more]

07/01/2011: Youth unemployment at 20 year high
The Hospitality Association says the rise in the minimum wage is putting employers off hiring young people - and that's one reason for the increase in youth unemployment. [more]

07/01/2011: French carmaker targeted by industrial spies
The French car-maker Renault says it may be the victim of industrial espionage. [more]

07/01/2011: Real life caped crusader in Seattle
A real-life masked superhero, dressed in a black and gold Lycra suit, has been patrolling the streets of Washington in Seattle in the hope of stopping crime. [more]

07/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 7 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

07/01/2011: Sharapova knocked out of the NZ Tennis Open
As we just heard in sport, the top draw card for the New Zealand Womens Tennis Open, Maria Sharapova, has been knocked out of the tournament. [more]

07/01/2011: Christchurch faces first water restrictions in 13 years
Christchurch could soon be under city-wide water restrictions for the first time in 13 years. [more]

07/01/2011: Old rockers dominate the record industry
It could be time to blow the dust off the old vinyl and start belting out those power ballads because the music industry looks set to become stuck like a broken record. [more]

07/01/2011: Board games having a comeback for kids this summer
X-Boxes and Playstations might top many Christmas wishlists but there's a stronghold on Auckland's North Shore where the board game reigns supreme. [more]

07/01/2011: Summer Report's media and entertainment report
Let's catch up with our Chief Coastal Entertainment analyst, Mark Cubey, who's been living without any access to wifi. [more]

10/01/2011: Summer Report Top Stories for 10 January 2011
A US Congresswoman remains in critical condition after a gunman goes on a rampage at a Tucson supermarket. We talk to the New Zealanders helping flood-hit Queensland and hospitals have a surge of admissions to emergency departments over the holidays. [more]

10/01/2011: Police seeking accomplice in Arizona shooting
The United States Congresswoman shot at point blank range in Arizona remains critically ill, as authorities hunt for a second man in connection to the shooting. [more]

10/01/2011: New Zealand helps out in flood clean-up
To Queensland where forecasters are warning that flooding in vast areas of the northeast could soon hit tourist areas and the state capital Brisbane. [more]

10/01/2011: Accident and Emergency Departments stretched over summer
The rising cost of going to the doctor may be the reason behind a big increase in the number of people using hospital emergency departments. [more]

10/01/2011: Black Caps face crushing defeat to Pakistan
The New Zealand cricketers have had a crushing defeat in the first test against Pakistan at Hamilton. [more]

10/01/2011: Weather update
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining me is Bob McDavitt, the Met Service's weather ambassador. [more]

10/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 10 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

10/01/2011: Licencing 'could reduce boat accidents'
The Tairua/Pauanui Harbourmaster and the police are calling for fresh regulation to help stop crashes involving recreational boats and jetskis. [more]

10/01/2011: Millions turn out for first day of voting in Southern Sudan
Millions of voters have turned out in southern Sudan for an independence referendum which is widely expected to see Africa's largest country being split into two nations. [more]

10/01/2011: Regional update from Rotorua's Daily Post
Lets have a look at one of the regional daily papers and today we're joined by the assistant editor of the Rotorua's Daily Post, Ingrid Tiriana. [more]

10/01/2011: Indian nuptials take the cake
It's the season for summer weddings and one of the biggest weddings of the year took place at the weekend in Auckland. [more]

10/01/2011: Scitech segment: the rise of the tablet
Now time to chat to our science and technology expert Peter Griffin, who's currently at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. [more]

10/01/2011: Calls for political calm after Arizona shooting
But first - US police say charges will be laid later today against the man who is thought to have shot a Congresswoman and 11 others in an Arizona carpark. [more]

10/01/2011: More rain in southern Queensland
South-east Queensland has been bearing the brunt of torrential rains as the state's flood crisis continues - with the region, including Brisbane, on high alert. [more]

10/01/2011: Vodafone security breach 'should be a wake up call"
A technology expert says Vodafone's Australian security breach should act as a wake up call to New Zealand businesses. [more]

10/01/2011: Recession motivates people to be thrifty
Organisers of community events say the belt tightening effect of the economic downturn has motivated people to become more thrifty. [more]

10/01/2011: Dunedin businesses cruise through Summer months
This summer's shaping up as one of Dunedin's busiest yet for cruise ship visits with 70 thousand people expected to visit the city. [more]

10/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 10 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

10/01/2011: Wedding planning now big business in New Zealand
About 24-thousand marriages are registered in New Zealand each year. [more]

10/01/2011: Time for a look into the world of art and culture
Time for a look into the world of art and culture. We're joined by Virginia Were, the editor of the magazine, Arts News. [more]

10/01/2011: Deep sea drill ship delves into extinct underwater volcanoes
More than 30 scientists are spending summer in the South Pacific, drilling into a chain of extinct underwater volcanoes. [more]

10/01/2011: Summer Report media and entertainment report
Our Social Coastal Correspondent Mark Cubey has been tweeping with the fishers. [more]

11/01/2011: Summer Report Top Stories for 11 January 2011
At least seven people are dead with more missing as the Queensland floods spread south. Why the gay community is outraged with McDonalds new Internet policy, we'll ask McDonalds about their blocking of gay websites in the next half hour and clashes between whalers and protesters in the southern ocean. [more]

11/01/2011: Flash floods devastate Toowoomba
A desperate situation is unfolding in Queensland's south-east, where flash flooding has claimed the lives of at least seven people. [more]

11/01/2011: McDonalds under fire for website blockings
Members of the gay community are outraged with McDonald's after the fast food chain blocked access to many gay and lesbian related news and information websites in its stores. [more]

11/01/2011: McDonalds pledges to review banned gay websites
We're joined now by the managing director of McDonald's restaurants, Mark Hawthorne. [more]

11/01/2011: Anti-whaling confrontation flares up
Anti-whaling activists are promising to continue to harrass Japanese whaling ships after a confrontation in the Southern Ocean. [more]

11/01/2011: New Zealand glaciers face decline of more than 70 percent
New Zealand's glaciers have appeared near the top of a list of those expected to drastically retreat in the next hundred years. [more]

11/01/2011: Weather ambassador
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining me now is the Met Service's weather ambassador, Bob McDavitt. [more]

11/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 11 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

11/01/2011: Negotiations will be tough after Commission takes hard line
Unions have embarked on a campaign to protect workers from the 90-day trial for new workers by excluding it from collective contracts. [more]

11/01/2011: Labour says employment law may define 2011 election
We're joined in the studio by Labour's State Services spokesperson, Grant Robertson. [more]

11/01/2011: Industry welcomes possibility of NZ presence in piracy patrols
The meat and shipping industries are welcoming news the Government is considering taking part in an international task force to tackle piracy off the coast of Africa. [more]

11/01/2011: Regional daily newspaper
Today we are joined by Antony Phillips, the editor of Hawke's Bay Today. [more]

11/01/2011: Places named by women
Aoteaora, Mana Island, Mataketake a Kupe, Whakatane, Eureka, Mount Madonna, Alice Peak, Mount Garnier, Lake Never-never, Lake Truth: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

11/01/2011: Three NZers eliminated from Men's Tennis Open
In the first day of play, three New Zealanders have been eliminated from the Heineken Tennis Open in Auckland. [more]

11/01/2011: NZ team assisting in Queensland
There are grave fears for an unknown number of Queenslanders caught in flash flooding west of Brisbane, with at least seven dead, others missing and the toll certain to climb. [more]

11/01/2011: Suspected shooter due in Tuscon court today
Doctors at the University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona, say the victims who were hospitailised in Sunday's shooting are recovering well. [more]

11/01/2011: Decision on how to distribute money to Pike River families
A meeting has been held to decide how to distribute the money raised to help the Pike River miners. [more]

11/01/2011: HVDHB told to review respite facilities following death
The Hutt Valley District Health Board has been asked review its respite care following the death of man whose family was unable to access the service. [more]

11/01/2011: World Record Blue Marlin caught in Northland
They're reeling them in in Northland. [more]

11/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 11 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

11/01/2011: Predicted spending gloom over Christmas fails to eventuate
New figures have been released which reveal just a small rise in retail spending over the Christmas period. [more]

11/01/2011: The ocean-spanning journey of sea turtles revealed
Researchers studying a species of increasingly rare sea turtles tracked one whose migratory route took it more than 7-and-a-half-thousand kilometres across the southern Atlantic Ocean. [more]

11/01/2011: Queenstown's iconic steam ship still plies Lake Wakatipu
Today we take a trip on board Queenstown's famous old steam ship, the TSS Earnslaw. [more]

11/01/2011: 2011: the year of most things, including chemistry
Chinese astrologers have long deemed it the year of the rabbit. [more]

12/01/2011: Summer Report Top Stories for 12 January 2011
Brisbane prepares for the worst flooding in more than a century. Residents of 80 suburbs are being told to evacuate as six and a half thousand homes and businesses are expected to go under and in Toowoomba the death toll is 10 with 78 people missing - we'll talk to New Zealanders caught up in the flooding. [more]

12/01/2011: Brisbane prepares for floods to get worse
Thousands of people have been forced from their homes in Brisbane as the city braces for the worst flooding in more than a century. [more]

12/01/2011: Continual rain hampers rescue efforts in Toowoomba
Meanwhile, the worsening rain is hampering rescue efforts in the Toowoomba region, where the death toll is expected to rise. [more]

12/01/2011: NZers still caught up in Queensland floods
Thousands of New Zealanders are caught up in the deadly Queensland floods. [more]

12/01/2011: Police resume search for missing diver in Titahi Bay
The search for a diver missing off Wellington's Titahi Bay has resumed this morning. [more]

12/01/2011: Weather update
Joining us is MetService weather ambassador Bob McDavitt. [more]

12/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 12 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

12/01/2011: NZ Civil Defence team helps with Condamine evacuations
A New Zealand Red Cross contingent is poised to fly to Brisbane today or tomorrow to help with the emergency effort. [more]

12/01/2011: Haiti - one year from the earthquake
January the 12th is the first anniversary of the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti in 2010. [more]

12/01/2011: Business leaders say retail is still unpredictable
Business leaders say while business confidence is up and the chance of a double dip recession is receding, the retail sector remains unpredictable. [more]

12/01/2011: Road and grammar issues converge in Taupo
Time for a look at what the regional newspapers are up to over the holiday season, today we are joined by Mary McCarty, editor of the Taupo Times. [more]

12/01/2011: Cook Islands government may deport HIV patient
Health and human rights campaigners are condemning the Cook Islands government for its treatment of the first person in the country to test HIV positive. [more]

12/01/2011: UK MP pleads guilty to expenses fraud
The UK MP Eric Illsley, could face a prison sentence after he admitted to fraudulently claiming about 30-thousand dollars in Parliamentary expenses. [more]

12/01/2011: New Zealanders asked to brush up on their bushcraft skills
New Zealanders are being asked to brush up on their bushcraft skills as the number of search and rescue callouts continues to rise. [more]

12/01/2011: Thousands of Brisbane residents forced to flee flooding
More than 9,000 homes are being evacuated as the worst floods in a century hit Brisbane. [more]

12/01/2011: Close call in Toowoomba flash floods
Rescue efforts will continue today in the Toowoomba region, which has been devastated by unprecedented flash flooding. [more]

12/01/2011: Another close call in Toowoomba flash floods
Steve Price wasn't the only one who had a close call, New Zealander, Imogen Gillions, is in Toowoomba. [more]

12/01/2011: Couple's case spurs debate on IVF gender selection
An Australian couple's wish to have a daughter has prompted calls for a relaxation of the law banning gender selection during in-vitro fertilisation. [more]

12/01/2011: Our SciTech correspondent
The United States government has subpoenaed the social networking site Twitter for personal details of people connected to Wikileaks. [more]

12/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 12 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

12/01/2011: Assange appears in London court
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has appeared in court in London as part of extradition proceedings over sexual assault allegations. [more]

12/01/2011: An Antarctic summer
For many New Zealanders, summer means hot days at the beach. [more]

12/01/2011: Throwing a line still popular pursuit but may be under threat
Nearly one and a half million 1.4 m New Zealanders go fishing at least once a year, making it one of the most popular recreational activities in the country. [more]

12/01/2011: Stand-Up-Paddle craze hitting New Zealand waters.
When you think of surfing you don't usually think of using a paddle but the sport of Stand Up Paddle or S U P is getting more and more popular. [more]

12/01/2011: NZer Gemma Gracewood's take on life in New York
Now to New York and our correspondent Gemma Gracewood. [more]

13/01/2011: Summer Report Top Stories for 13 January 2011
Brisbane's floodwaters are expected to peak about now - as many as 36 thousand homes could be flooded, the death toll is now 13 and the bill from the damage is mounting and back home - the missing Wellington diver is found in Hawke's Bay. [more]

13/01/2011: Brisbane floods reach their peak
The Brisbane River is due to hit its peak about now, flooding up to 36-thousand homes and businesses, and devastating the city's infrastructure. [more]

13/01/2011: Floods cause further distress for the sick
The floods are also causing distress for those with health problems whose lives are dependent on electricity. [more]

13/01/2011: We speak to a Brisbane arcitect in Saint Lucia
A Brisbane architect, Peter Skinner, lives in the riverside suburb of Saint Lucia. [more]

13/01/2011: Ipswich's Bremer River excedes 1974 flood peak
West of Brisbane in Ipswich, flood waters have reached their peak, covering a third of the city. [more]

13/01/2011: Police still investigating reappearance of missing diver
The police are to release more information later this morning about the missing diver who turned up safe and well last night. [more]

13/01/2011: Weather update
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining us is Bob McDavitt of the Met Service. [more]

13/01/2011: Brisbane Correspondant
The ABC's Robin McConchie is in Brisbane. [more]

13/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 13 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

13/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 13 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

13/01/2011: Flooding and mudslides killed dozens in Brazil
Dozens of people have died in towns near Rio de Janeiro as heavy rains continue to cause flooding and mudslides in southern Brazil. [more]

13/01/2011: Speed limits on beaches could be challenged in court
Council by-laws enforcing speed limits on beaches could be challenged in court. [more]

13/01/2011: Questions asked following second death at level crossing
A second fatal collision at a Taranaki level crossing has left some asking why it still hasn't been upgraded with safety features. [more]

13/01/2011: Place names: deciphering te reo Māori place names
Te, Puke, Awa, Mutu, Maunga, Roto, Wai, Nui, O: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

13/01/2011: Brisbane River now expected to peak at a lower level
Queensland's Premier has warned that Brisbane residents will wake this morning to 'shocking' flood scenes - despite the Brisbane River now expected to peak at a lower level than originally feared. [more]

13/01/2011: Architect compares these floods with those in 1974
Earlier we heard from a Brisbane man, Peter Skinner. [more]

13/01/2011: Busy Dunedin street cordoned off after building collapse
One of Dunedin's busiest streets remains cordoned off this morning after part of a building collapsed. [more]

13/01/2011: Local stories from the editor of the Timaru Herald
We're joined by the editor of the Timaru Herald, David King. [more]

13/01/2011: Surf's up report
Joining us to discuss where to find the biggest waves across the country is Doug Young. [more]

13/01/2011: NZ Bus spends up large for new buses
The largest bus operator in New Zealand has shelled out more than 50-million dollars for more than a hundred new buses in Auckland. [more]

13/01/2011: For crayfishermen, work is a constantly moving feast
For fishermen, their office is constantly on the move, the scenery changes daily, there's no traffic and wearing a white collar at sea is unheard of. [more]

13/01/2011: 2010 national climate figures released
Whakatane has taken the crown of sunniest town in New Zealand with the release of the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research's climate figures for 2010. [more]

13/01/2011: One of the most common summer ailments - sunburn
We're all aware we should slip, slop, slap and wrap during the summer months, but sometimes the sun still gets the better of us, possibly more of a problem for those living in Whakatane than in Wellington. [more]

14/01/2011: Summer Report Top Stories for 14 January 2011
Police Commissoner Howard Broad has announced their decision to end their work at the Pike River Mine. We'll talk to the police, to the families of the miners, to the receiver of the mine company - and we ask the experts if there's any hope for a successful recovery operation and Queenslanders brace themselves for a long recovery from the devastating floods. [more]

14/01/2011: PM accused of breaking Pike River promise
The Prime Minister is being accused of going back on his word following news the police are planning to halt the Pike River Coal Mine recovery operation. [more]

14/01/2011: Reporter on family reaction
Our reporter Geoff Moffett is in Greymouth and joins us. [more]

14/01/2011: Experts disagree about Pike River re-entry
Despite the decision to end the recovery operation at the Pike River mine, some of the experts brought in as advisors still believe there is a chance such an operation would actually succeed. [more]

14/01/2011: Brisbane locals told brace themselves for a long recovery
Flood-besieged Brisbane locals have been told to brace themselves for a long and arduous recovery that could take months, or even years, to complete. [more]

14/01/2011: Weather update
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining us is the Met Service's weather ambassador, Bob McDavitt. [more]

14/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 14 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

14/01/2011: Brisbane residents forced to abandon their homes
In Queensland, thousands of people have been forced to abandon their homes as they've been inundated with flood-waters. [more]

14/01/2011: Death toll from heavy rains in Brazil rises to 375
At least 375 people have died in Southern Brazil after severe flooding and mudslides near the city of Rio de Janeiro. [more]

14/01/2011: Police explain Pike River recovery operation closure
Returning now to the police decision to halt their Pike River Coal Mine recovery operation. [more]

14/01/2011: Man charged with wasting police time
Search and rescue organisations say making the families of missing people pay for call outs that are not genuine, could mean fewer people ask for help in genuine cases. [more]

14/01/2011: Families angered police are halting Pike River recovery
The families of the men who died in the Pike River Coal Mine are angry the police are ending their recovery operation. [more]

14/01/2011: Grey District Mayor angry Pike families"left in limbo"
The Grey District Mayor, Tony Kokshoorn, says the families have been through eight weeks of hell, and now the police announcement last night has left them in limbo. [more]

14/01/2011: Prime Minister accused of breaking promise
The prime minister, John Key, is being accused of going back on his word following news that the effort to recover the remains of the 29 Pike River miners has been abandoned. [more]

14/01/2011: Families left confused and hurt by Pike decision
The Anglican minister in Runanga, Tim Mora, has been involved in the district's response to the disaster, and is a trustee of the The Pike River Miners' Relief Fund. [more]

14/01/2011: Police search Queensland towns for bodies
The death toll from the flooding in Queensland still stands at 15. [more]

14/01/2011: NZ Red Cross team arrives in Queensland
The New Zealand Red Cross team who will help co-ordinate aid in flood-devastated Queensland will arrive there today. [more]

14/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 14 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

14/01/2011: New Caledonia hit by earthquake with cyclone on the way
Islands in the east of New Caledonia have been hit by a magnitude 7 earthquake, just as the area is on full alert for Cyclone Vania. [more]

14/01/2011: Conservation advocates worried about native birdlife
Conservation advocates fear the end of birdsong because of a rapid decline in unprotected native birds in this country. [more]

14/01/2011: Business is booming in New Zealand Indian community
Now every day we speak to an editor of a newspaper and I'm joined by Venkat Raman, he's the editor of the fortnightly newspaper Indian Newslink. [more]

14/01/2011: Berlusconi no longer protected by controversial immunity law
The Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, could be ordered to stand trial for tax fraud and embezzlement charges, after judges ammended a law that temporarily shielded him from prosecution. [more]

14/01/2011: Residential property prices drop 0.9% in 2010
Property analysts predict house values will continue to slide, following another gloomy year across most of the country. [more]

14/01/2011: US concerned about China's emerging military capabilities
America's top ranking military officer says he's concerned about why China's military is focusing some of its emerging hi-tech capabilities on the United States. [more]

14/01/2011: Theme park wars
Harry Potter is taking on Mickey Mouse in the battle for the theme park dollar. [more]

17/01/2011: Rising floodwaters in Victoria
Australia's flood crisis is spreading with rising water levels now threatening large parts of Victoria. [more]

17/01/2011: Food prices likely to rise following Queensland floods
The price of bread, tomatoes and dairy products could all rise in New Zealand because of the Australian floods. [more]

17/01/2011: Brazil declares 3 days of mourning as flood toll rises
Brazil has declared three days of national mourning for the more than six hundred people killed in the country's worst flood disaster on record. [more]

17/01/2011: Sealed mine could jeopardise Royal Commission
The lawyer representing the families of the men who died in the Pike River Coal Mine, says sealing the mine could jeopardise the Royal Commission looking into the disaster. [more]

17/01/2011: Auckland Grammar dumps NCEA
Auckland Grammar, has become the first public school to dump NCEA qualifications for Year-11 students. [more]

17/01/2011: Weather Update
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining us is the Met Service's weather ambassador, Bob McDavitt [more]

17/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 17 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

17/01/2011: Telecom database breach warning to other companies
The Privacy Commissioner says the threat of unauthorised access to Telecom's customer database should serve as a warning to other companies to tighten their security. [more]

17/01/2011: Regional update from the Kapiti Observer.
We to talk to Randall Walker from the Kapiti Observer about what's happening in the Kapiti region. . [more]

17/01/2011: Tunisia to hold elections 'soon' after politcal violence
Fresh gunfire has broken the fragile calm in Tunisia, where leaders are struggling to regain control after deadly riots, jailbreaks and looting. [more]

17/01/2011: 'Wot, no books?' campaign empties UK library's shelves
Residents of a small town in South-east England are fighting the closure of their local library, by taking all of its books. [more]

17/01/2011: Mayor of Wellington encouraging councillors to learn to dance
Ballroom dancing may not be on many employers list of required skills but the Mayor of Wellington is encouraging city councillors to pick up a new skill set. [more]

17/01/2011: Scitech segment: cloning technology gets better
Peter Griffin discusses rapidly improving cloning technology, the iPad only newspaper and NASA's prototype airliner. [more]

17/01/2011: Death toll climbs as floodwaters recede
The clean-up in flood-devastated Queensland is underway. [more]

17/01/2011: Victoria's SES issue more evacuation warnings
The flooding in Victoria has brought some rivers to their highest levels ever recorded. [more]

17/01/2011: Pike River contractors and suppliers plead for financial help
The mayor of Greymouth has appealed to the government for a 13 million dollar stimulus package to help those put out of work by the Pike River Coal Mine disaster. [more]

17/01/2011: 2010 farm deaths almost double the year before
The number of people killed on farms in 2010 doubled compared to the previous year and serious accidents are up 15-percent. [more]

17/01/2011: Morning Business for 17 January 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

17/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 17 January 2011
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

17/01/2011: Easter Island land disputes continue
On Easter Island there has been tension for months between the indigenous Rapa Nui and Chilean police. [more]

17/01/2011: The world of art and culture
Time to check out what's happening in the arts around the country. [more]

17/01/2011: Population of tiny Herbertville booms over summer
We head to historic Herbertville, a tiny and remote coastal settlement in southern Hawke's Bay, whose population over the summer holidays increases by more than nine hundred percent. [more]

17/01/2011: National surfing championships wrap up in Dunedin
Gisborne surfer, Jay Quinn, has beaten his brother to become the 2011 mens national champion. [more]

17/01/2011: Summer Report media and entertainment report
Mary Cubey discusses the intricacies of shopping and payment. [more]

18/01/2011: Pike receiver says bodies won't be recovered
Receivers of the Pike River Coal company are warning the families of the 29 men who perished inside, that despite announcing a plan to stabilise the mine rather than seal it - they have no plans to recover the remains of the men. [more]

18/01/2011: Gerry Brownlee on government's response
Joining us is the Minister for Energy and Resources, Gerry Brownlee. [more]

18/01/2011: Pike River families refuse to give up hope
The families of the 29 men found out about the receivers' plans at a meeting with police late yesterday evening in Greymouth. [more]

18/01/2011: Flood crisis continues to spread through Victoria
In Victoria, more than 40 towns have been hit by unprecedented water levels. [more]

18/01/2011: Swiss whistleblower banker hands over material to Wikileaks
Swiss whistle-blowing banker Rudolph Elmer has handed the Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, two CDs with the confidential banking details of some 2,000 rich individuals and corporations. [more]

18/01/2011: Weather Update
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining us is the Met Service's weather ambassador, Bob McDavitt. [more]

18/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 18 January 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

18/01/2011: Business sentiment highest since 2008 - Hudson report
A new report says business sentiment is at its most optimistic since 2008 and more employers are looking to take on staff. [more]

18/01/2011: Govt fails to improve maternity system - lobby group
A group lobbying for changes to the maternity system says the Government has wasted an opportunity to improve the safety of mothers and babies. [more]

18/01/2011: Daily look around the regional newspapers - today is Southland
Time to talk to a newspaper editor about what's happening in their region. [more]

18/01/2011: Place names: Southland
Invercargill, Gore, Bluff, Takitimu Mountains, Riverton Aparima, Raiura Stewart Islands, Bush names: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

18/01/2011: Pike River families angry at receiver's decision
The receiver for the Pike River Coal Mine says it could be two years before the mine is safe enough to re-enter. [more]

18/01/2011: Reverend Tim Mora says more could have been done
Joining us is an Anglican minister on the West Coast, Reverend Tim Mora, who has been supporting the mineworkers' families. [more]

18/01/2011: Labour says govt is passing the buck over Pike River Mine
The Labour Party leader, Phil Goff joins us now. [more]

18/01/2011: Business confidence falls
A new report by recruitment firm Hudson says that business sentiment is at its most optimistic since 2008 - but another survey has a different conclusion. [more]

18/01/2011: Morning Business News for 18 January 2011
Here's Amy Williams with the business news. [more]

18/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 18 January 2011
Here's Amy Williams with the business news. [more]

18/01/2011: Political impact of Australia's floods
The Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh, has announced a commission of inquiry into the state's devastating floods, as the disaster's death toll rises to 20. [more]

18/01/2011: Companies may get storm funds back
Federated Farmers says the companies which donated funds to help Southland farmers following the massive storm last year will be offered some of that money back. [more]

18/01/2011: Weekly fishing report
The big game fishing season is continuing on the North Island's west coast. [more]

18/01/2011: Northland targets Australian tourists
A television advertising campaign promoting Northland will be launched in Australia next week in an effort to draw more tourists to the region. [more]

18/01/2011: In tough times, many deciding on stay-at-home vacations
If you're back at work and already thinking about what to do on your next holiday, here's an idea - stay at home. [more]

19/01/2011: Police report calls for major culture shift
The Police Commissioner is rejecting claims the police have stalled in implementing the changes ordered by the Commission of Inquiry into Police Conduct. [more]

19/01/2011: Police Minister echoes need for faster culture change
Joining us is the Minister of Police, Judith Collins [more]

19/01/2011: NZ'ers not getting Disaster Relief after Australian floods
Many New Zealanders who have been badly affected by flooding in Australia are not receiving Disaster Relief Payments. [more]

19/01/2011: Weather Update
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining us is the Met Service's weather ambassador, Bob McDavitt. [more]

19/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 19 January 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

19/01/2011: Turners predicting strong demand for small cars in 2011
The country's largest car auction house is predicting 2011 will be the year of the small car. [more]

19/01/2011: Another person hit by bus on Manners Street
Another person has been hit by a bus on a controversial bus lane in Wellington's inner-city. [more]

19/01/2011: Auckland Council partly blamed for bird killing disease
The Auckland Council is being partly blamed for a massive out-break of the water bird killing disease botulism. [more]

19/01/2011: Chinese president makes first US state visit in 13 years
The Chinese president Hu Jintao arrives in the United States later today for the first Chinese-American summit since the onset of the financial crisis. [more]

19/01/2011: Daily look around the regional newspapers - today is Waikato
Time to talk to a newspaper editor about what's happening in their region. [more]

19/01/2011: Science and technology matters
We're joined by our science / technology correspondent Peter Griffin. [more]

19/01/2011: Complaint laid against Hone Harawira from within his Party
The Maori Party President says he's received a complaint against Hone Harawira from the party's other MPs. [more]

19/01/2011: Police commissioner questions police culture report
The outgoing police commissioner is afraid a new report critical of police management, is so negative it will set the organisation back, rather than move it forward. [more]

19/01/2011: Police Association says critical report will dent morale
Listening to that is the New Zealand Police Association National President, Greg O'Connor. [more]

19/01/2011: Tertiary Education Commission to axe a third of its jobs
Staff at the government's tertiary education funding body are said to be shocked by a plan to axe about a third of its jobs. [more]

19/01/2011: Morning Business for 19 January 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

19/01/2011: Maori party complaint against Hone Harawira
Returning to our story about a complaint laid with the Maori Party about the Tai Tokerau MP Hone Harawira. [more]

19/01/2011: Sports News for 19 January 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

19/01/2011: UK MP targets"anti-catholic and anti-women"Royal laws
Months before the royal wedding takes place, talk is already turning to the future of Prince William and Catherine Middleton's offspring. [more]

19/01/2011: Are shark stories spoiling swimming?
Fin sightings, beach closures and warmer oceans have propelled sharks into the headlines in the past few weeks. [more]

19/01/2011: Radio enthusiasts gather to teach the next generation
Amateur radio enthusiasts have gathered in Christchurch to teach their passion to the next generation. [more]

19/01/2011: vespa scooters, a mechanical love affair for over six decades
They're slow stubby cigar shaped bikes, recognised by their unique two stroke blue smoke engine sound and smell and by their often psychedelic paint jobs. [more]

20/01/2011: General David Petraeus
The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan says troops will need to remain in the country beyond the current date to transfer responsibility to Afghanistan's security forces in 2014. [more]

20/01/2011: Harawira not ruling out departure from Maori Party
The Maori Party MP Hone Harawira won't rule out splitting from his party and standing as an independent following a complaint made against him by fellow MP, Te Ururoa Flavell. [more]

20/01/2011: Weather Update
Time to talk about the all-important weather, joining us is the Met Service's weather ambassador, Bob McDavitt. [more]

20/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 20 January 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

20/01/2011: Incoming commissioner to take hands-on approach
The incoming police commissioner, Peter Marshall, says he supports the idea of high level managers being required to work night shifts on the frontline. [more]

20/01/2011: Waterview Connection: Report Criticises NZTA's methods
The Transport Agency has been criticised for underestimating the air pollution likely to come from Auckland's proposed Waterview motorway. [more]

20/01/2011: Daily look around the regional newspapers - The Hutt News
Time to talk to a newspaper editor about what's happening in their region. [more]

20/01/2011: Commentators and voters look ahead to the election
It's election year and political party strategists will be focusing on their campaigns. [more]

20/01/2011: Fire Service plans regional restructure
The Fire Service says day-to-day fire fighting will not be affected by proposed changes to reduce the number of fire fighting regions from eight to five. [more]

20/01/2011: Place names: dual Maori/European names
Aoraki/Mt Cook, Taranaki/Mount Egmont, Whananui/Wanganui, Piopiotahi/Milford Sounds, Matiu/Somes Island, Makarora/Ward Island, Te Moeka o Tuawe/Fox Glacier: with Peter Dowling, revising editor of AW Reed's 'Place Names of New Zealand'. [more]

20/01/2011: Maori say Harawira's being kicked out for telling the truth
The outspoken Maori MP, Hone Harawira, says his views on the party's relationship with National reflect the opinions of its rank and file better than the position held by the party's leadership. [more]

20/01/2011: Hone Harawira says he has support of the majority of his party
joining us now is the lawyer the party has hired to help it with its complaint, Mai Chen. [more]

20/01/2011: NZ couple caught up in violence in Tunisia
A New Zealand couple have been caught up in the violent overthrow of the Tunisian government over the past week. [more]

20/01/2011: Morning Business for 20 January 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

20/01/2011: Morning Sports News for 20 January 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

20/01/2011: Chinese President arrives at Whitehouse for state visit
The Chinese president, Hu Jintao, has arrived in Washington for China's first state visit to the United States in 13 years. [more]

20/01/2011: 100 days until the Royal Wedding
It's 100 days to go until Prince William marries Kate Middleton, and preparations are already in full swing. [more]

20/01/2011: Wikileaks-linked banker found guilty of leaking secret files
A Swiss banker who has leaked files of mass tax evasion to the Wikileaks website has been found guilty of breaking Switzerland's banking secrecy laws. [more]

20/01/2011: Wool making a comeback
After a recent run of bad years for prices, it appears wool is starting to make its comeback. [more]

20/01/2011: Lawn bowls defies popular image to attract young players
Lawn bowling clubs are still experiencing an influx of youthful bowlers. [more]

21/01/2011: Lawyer says mother accused of abuse tried to get help
The lawyer for a woman accused of horrific child abuse says her client tried to reach out for help numerous times. [more]

21/01/2011: Air NZ grabs a stake in Oz carrier
Air New Zealand has taken a stake in Virgin Blue and says it plans to buy more of the company. [more]

21/01/2011: Barry Colman financially supports bid to save St Helier houses
Those fighting to save three art-deco houses in Auckland have been thrown a lifeline by one of New Zealand's richest men. [more]

21/01/2011: UK moves to strenghten defence ties with NZ
The British Foreign Secretary William Hague is signaling a marked shift in UK foreign policy, with more emphasis on the Commonwealth including New Zealand. [more]

21/01/2011: Thousands of Victorians isolated by floodwaters
Thousands of people in the Australian state of Victoria could face up to a week of isolation, after flooding in the north and northwest. [more]

21/01/2011: Weather report
For the last time this summer, we are joined by Met Service weather ambassador Bob McDavitt. [more]

21/01/2011: Sports News for 21 January 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

21/01/2011: Inflation blowout even as half of retailers swallow GST rise
New figures show a big increase in inflation could have been much worse if it weren't for the reluctance of retailers to pass on last year's increase in GST. [more]

21/01/2011: Wellywood sign a 'taggers magnet' says mayor
The Wellington mayor says her wish to see Wellington Airport's 'Wellywood' sign stopped in its tracks doesn't mean she's opposed to the city's film industry. [more]

21/01/2011: The Timaru Herald's editor talks about regional news
Time for our last chat with a newspaper editor about what's happening in their region. [more]

21/01/2011: World Buskers Festival opens in Christchurch
The World Buskers festival opened in Christchurch last night, and this year's entertainment promises to be even more risque than ever. [more]

21/01/2011: Science and technology matters
Peter Griffin talks about science and technology. [more]

21/01/2011: Lawyer says child was let down by state agencies
The lawyer for a west-Auckland woman accused of abusing her nine-year-old daughter says the system has let her client down. [more]

21/01/2011: Children's Commissioner moots Children's Ministry
The Children's Commissioner John Angus has called for an independent report. [more]

21/01/2011: Clinical psychologist on Christchurch quakes
Frayed nerves and sleepless nights in Canterbury could remain a reality for some time, with news that the aftershocks could continue all year. [more]

21/01/2011: FBI arrests 100 alleged mobsters in New York
To the United States, where federal agents have arrested more than a hundred suspected mobsters in simultaneous early morning raids in and around New York. [more]

21/01/2011: Taupo police forced to abandon Segways
The police in Taupo have had to abandon the use of electronic Segway scooters after finding it was against the law to drive them in public areas. [more]

21/01/2011: Morning Business for 21 January 2011
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

21/01/2011: Sports News for 21 January 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

21/01/2011: General David Petraeus
The top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan has defended the administration of President Hamid Karzai, in the face of international criticism that it's rife with corruption. [more]

21/01/2011: Attempts to save lighthouse history
Former lighthouse keepers who manned a spot on the southern tip of the North Island are urging the Wellington Regional Council to preserve its heritage. [more]

21/01/2011: Thousands expected at today's Big Day Out
Thousands of people are expected to descend on Mt Smart stadium for a full day of musical entertainment - including the heavy metal rock bands, Tool and Rammstein. [more]

21/01/2011: Mounted Games Association a South Island first
The popularity of mounted games is spreading with the newly formed Otago branch due to give a demonstration of their sport at the Taieri A and P show this weekend. [more]

21/01/2011: Summer Media Summariser
Mark Cubey Summariser Summer Media for the last time. [more]

26/12/2011: Aftershocks continue in Christchurch
Aftershocks have continued to rock Christchurch overnight, following two major tremors on Friday. [more]

26/12/2011: Students mobilise volunteer army
The organisers of the student volunteer army that shoveled thousands of tonnes of silt in the past year are again mobilising to help those in need. [more]

26/12/2011: Auckland may get motorsport park
New plans have been unveiled to build a motorsport park and race track on the Whenuapai air force base in Auckland. [more]

26/12/2011: Sports News for 26 December 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

26/12/2011: No serious damage from Northern territory cyclone
The police at the remote Croker Island in the Northern Territory say the local community has escaped serious damage from a category two cyclone. [more]

26/12/2011: Soldiers celebrate Christmas in Afghanistan
In Afghanistan, 187 New Zealand defence personnel have been celebrating Christmas. [more]

26/12/2011: Peter Gordon cooks Summer Brunch
Summer's a time to eat, drink and be merry, and this week we are asking some famous chefs to share their favourite dishes for a summer brunch. [more]

26/12/2011: Science and technology with Peter Griffin
Let's talk science and technology with Peter Griffin of the Science Media Centre. [more]

26/12/2011: GNS Science says more quakes likely in Christchurch
We're joined by the director of the GNS science Natural Hazards Research Platform, Dr Kelvin Berryman. [more]

26/12/2011: Holiday road toll stands at 6 ahead of Boxing Day rush
The holiday road toll stands at six this morning, with the Boxing Day rush still looming. [more]

26/12/2011: More pigs for diabetes research on way to Southland
Southland is to play host to more pigs from the Auckland Islands as the trials of pig cells in humans continues. [more]

26/12/2011: Weather forecast
Time to talk about the weather, joining me is the Met Service weather forecaster, Oliver Druce. [more]

26/12/2011: Tills expected to ring on Boxing Day
There are about 45 minutes to go until malls and shops open around the country for the Boxing Day sales. [more]

26/12/2011: Sports News for 26 December 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

26/12/2011: What's happening in Eastbourne
Each morning we'll be talking to a newspaper editor outside of the big metropolitan dailies, about what's happening in this region. [more]

26/12/2011: Big crowd expected for Melbourne cricket test
In Australia, more than 60 thousand people are expected to pack the Melbourne Cricket Ground today for the first test between Australia and India. [more]

26/12/2011: Fishing report
Let's catch up on what's biting for those planning a spot of fishing over the holidays. [more]

26/12/2011: New movies out today
Boxing day is the day a lot of the big movies start screening. [more]

26/12/2011: Summer report goes blueberry picking
It seems the little blueberry is gaining in popularity. [more]

27/12/2011: Help for Russian vessel stranded near Antarctica arrives
Work is under way to fix a 30 centimetre hole in a Russian fishing vessel, stranded off Antarctica. [more]

27/12/2011: Police hope to speak soon to Turangi campsite attack girl
The police hope to speak soon to the five year old girl who was attacked in a Turangi camping ground last week. [more]

27/12/2011: Lawyers want change to process of royal pardon
The Criminal Bar Association is calling for the creation of a commission to investigate court cases where miscarriage of justices may have occurred. [more]

27/12/2011: Killer may have lain in wait for New Zealand singer
The police in Queensland say the person who killed the New Zealand-born musician Tony Williams may have been lying in wait at his home. [more]

27/12/2011: Syria: Arab League observers arrive to monitor violence
In Syria, just hours before the expected arrival of a team of Arab League observers, there are reports of further violence in the city of Homs. [more]

27/12/2011: Sports News for 27 December 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

27/12/2011: What's in the morning papers
The New Zealand Herald leads with the death of two teenage girls in a car crash near Tauranga on Christmas Day. [more]

27/12/2011: Hacking of US company embarrassing, not damaging
A technology expert say the hacking of a US-based company that provides political, economic and military analysis to international clients, including some from New Zealand, is more embarrassing than damaging. [more]

27/12/2011: Pollen surge assaults hay fever sufferers
Pollen counts are high from Kaitaia to Invercargill, sending some hayfever sufferers into fits of sneezes, with itchy eyes and red noses to boot. [more]

27/12/2011: Researcher tracks eye movements to improve identity parades
A Victoria University researcher is trying to reduce the number of mistakes made in police identity parades by studying the way eye-witnesses choose their suspect. [more]

27/12/2011: Annabel Langbein cooks Summer Brunch
Time now to cook up some more summer brunch. [more]

27/12/2011: Place names: Turi
Place names left by the explorer Turi: Aotea, Kāwhia, Marokopa, Mōkau, Waitara, Oakura, Pātea. [more]

27/12/2011: Turangi locals convinced attacker not one of their own
The community in Turangi is convinced the man who assaulted a five year old girl almost a week ago at a campground is not a local. [more]

27/12/2011: Boxing Day sales lure shoppers in droves into stores
People turned out in their droves around the country for the Boxing Day sales yesterday. [more]

27/12/2011: Imran Khan gains political momentum
To Pakistan where tens of thousands of people have turned out at a rally for Imran Khan in Karachi. [more]

27/12/2011: Sydney-Hobart yacht race enter second day
The Sydney-Hobart yacht race has entered its second day. [more]

27/12/2011: MetService gives update on New Zealand's weather
And now for the latest on the weather here, the Met Service weather forecaster Paul Mallinson, joins us. [more]

27/12/2011: Sports News for 27 December 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

27/12/2011: Queenstown Times chief reporter discusses local news
Each morning we'll be talking to a newspaper editor outside of the big metropolitan dailies, about what's happening in this region. [more]

27/12/2011: NZSO players value old hand-me-down instruments
In these times when people are always looking for new gadgets, there are still some things that get better with age. [more]

27/12/2011: Retired Skyhawks find new homes
It's ten years since the Labour Government's controversial decision to disband the Royal New Zealand Airforce's combat wing. [more]

27/12/2011: How to be a better person in the New Year
As the New Year dawns some of you may be thinking I'm going to try to be a better person next year. [more]

28/12/2011: CYF pays out more than a million dollars in compensation
Child, Youth and Family has paid out more than a million dollars in compensation over the past two years, for failing those in its care. [more]

28/12/2011: Child killer out of prison
A man who fatally bashed a sleeping boy, believing voices had told him to kill a Pakeha, is out of jail for a second time. [more]

28/12/2011: Wet weather threatens to put dampener on end of year
Wet weather is on the way, bringing heavy rain to holiday hotspots including already-drenched Nelson. [more]

28/12/2011: Flood-soaked Nelson prepares for more rain
And joining us is Nelson's mayor, Aldo Miccio. [more]

28/12/2011: North Korea prepares to farewell 'Dear Leader'
North Korea is preparing a huge ceremonial farewell today for its leader Kim Jong-Il who died of a heart attack eleven days ago. [more]

28/12/2011: Sports News for 28 December 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

28/12/2011: Sparta set to leave ice shelf location tonight
The Russian fishing vessel stranded near the Antarctic ice shelf is expected to be escorted out into the open sea later today. [more]

28/12/2011: Academic say 'Maori child abuse' dangerous phrase
An Auckland academic says the term "Maori child Abuse" should be cast out of the vernacular. [more]

28/12/2011: Duke of Edinburgh leaves hospital
The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, has left hospital following treatment for a blocked coronary artery. [more]

28/12/2011: Martin Bosley cooks Summer Brunch
Martin Bosley wanted to be a chef from the age of nine and his food philosophy is to eat what's in season and what's local. [more]

28/12/2011: Older, draughty houses prime contenders for renovation
It's a New Zealand tradition to spend part of the summer fixing up the house. [more]

28/12/2011: Arab League monitors get into restive city of Homs
In Syria, Arab League observers have been met by tens of thousands of anti-government protestors in the city of Homs. [more]

28/12/2011: Genetic research suggests PSA may have originated in China
A study of the genetic make up of the kiwifruit vine killing disease PSA has found it almost certainly came to New Zealand from China. [more]

28/12/2011: Heavy rain forecast to hit holiday spots
The Metservice has issued a severe weather watch, warning of heavy rain for Northern and Central parts of the country. [more]

28/12/2011: Forecaster speaks on the coming rain
Joining us is the Met Service's forecaster, Paul Mallinson. [more]

28/12/2011: Boxing Day spending using cards up by nearly 7%
Boxing Day spending using credit and eftpos cards is up by nearly seven percent on the same day last year. [more]

28/12/2011: Sports News for 28 December 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

28/12/2011: Markets Update for 28 December 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

28/12/2011: News from Lakes District and Central Otago News
We are joined by Pam Jones, the chief reporter at the Lakes District and Central Otago News. [more]

28/12/2011: Where's the best place to head out surfing
Let's get a report now on surfing conditions - joining us is our reporter Nick Butcher. [more]

28/12/2011: Dogs trained to avoid kiwi in effort to help native survive
Dogs are being trained to stay away from kiwi in an effort to help the endangered native species survive in the wild. [more]

28/12/2011: Polar medal push for one of Shackleton's men
A push is continuing to posthumously honour a man whose heroics are said to have saved Sir Ernest Shackleton's Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. [more]

29/12/2011: Police arrest teenager for attack on girl in Turangi camp
A Turangi teenager will appear in court today charged with assaulting a five-year-old girl in the town last week. [more]

29/12/2011: Turangi relieved by arrest over attack of 5-year-old
The community of Turangi has raised 13 thousand dollars for the young girl who was attacked in the town. [more]

29/12/2011: More rain forecast but Golden Bay open for business
Heavy rain is expected in much of the country today including in Nelson and the Tasman District where torrential rain two weeks ago destroyed homes and isolated communities. [more]

29/12/2011: Civil Defence says Nelson-Tasman preparing for more rain
We're joined by the Nelson-Tasman Civil Defence operations controller, Jim Frater. [more]

29/12/2011: Salvage company stops container recovery as swells predicted
The company removing containers from the stricken ship, Rena, has stopped work because of worsening weather conditions. [more]

29/12/2011: Sports News for 29 December 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

29/12/2011: Bay of Penty iwi mull appeal against dredging in Tauranga
Bay of Plenty iwi say they will consider appealing against an Environment Court decision that allows the Tauranga Port to dredge the harbour to deepen its shipping channels. [more]

29/12/2011: It's day two of the Arab League mission to Syria
The authorities in Syria say they have freed more than seven-hundred-and-fifty prisoners involved in anti-government protests. [more]

29/12/2011: Ruth Pretty cooks Summer Brunch
Ruth Pretty's prepared food for movie stars and film premieres and for royalty at the Rugby World Cup. [more]

29/12/2011: Moon, our nearest celestial neighbour, subject of new research
Science commentator Peter Griffin discusses new research about the moon. [more]

29/12/2011: Relief in Turangi after attack arrest
There's relief in Turangi after the police arrested a teenage boy over the brutal attack on a five-year-old girl at a local holiday park. [more]

29/12/2011: Trampers warned off Abel Tasman track
The rain clouds are now gathering over the Nelson-Tasman region, threatening another round of flooding for the already sodden area. [more]

29/12/2011: Occupy Auckland protesters in court on contempt
Occupy Auckland protesters will head to court today after disobeying an order to leave Aotea Square. [more]

29/12/2011: Close finish to Sydney-Hobart yacht race
The Sydney to Hobart yacht race will be decided in a committee room after a protest was lodged against provisional line honours winner Investec Loyal. [more]

29/12/2011: A weather update
Joining us is Met Service weather forecaster Paul Mallinson. [more]

29/12/2011: Sports News for 29 December 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

29/12/2011: Markets Update for 29 December 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

29/12/2011: Coromandel Peninsula Post editor talks about local news
We are joined by the editor of the Coromandel Peninsula Post, Shenagh Gleeson. [more]

29/12/2011: Sale of Tuwhare's crib may stymie plan to make it a retreat
The crib that was home to the Maori poet, Hone Tuwhare, is being put on the market - and possibly out of reach of a charitable trust trying to raise the money to buy it. [more]

29/12/2011: What are the best - and the worst - in movies in 2011?
The year's almost up, will it be remembered as a great year for movies? [more]

29/12/2011: Vowing to lose weight? Here's how to keep that resolution
Our reporter Georgina Ball visited Auckland personal trainer and nutrionist Jonothan Andrews to get the low down on how to make sure that happens. [more]

29/12/2011: Trillions of bugs unleashed to munch fat in Yorkshire sewers
Trillions of fat-eating bugs have been unleashed to unclog the sewers of Yorkshire. [more]

30/12/2011: Violence continues in Syria despite Arab League inspections
Syrian security forces have shot dead 17 protesters, ahead of massive street protests expected there later today. [more]

30/12/2011: Three families evacuate Golden Bay
Three familes have left their homes in Golden Bay overnight as the flood-ravaged area was hit with more heavy rain. [more]

30/12/2011: RNZ reporter describes scene in Pohara
Radio New Zealand's Mark Cubey is in a holiday bach a couple of minutes walk from Pohara beach. [more]

30/12/2011: Police Commissioner details NYE preparations
The police are sending extra staff to holiday spots in preparation for New Years eve festivities. [more]

30/12/2011: Tourists not put off Bay of Plenty by Rena
Mount Maunganui is bracing itself for a big New Year's eve party tomorrow night. [more]

30/12/2011: Samoa shifts timezones to align with New Zealand date
Today is Friday the 30th of December 2011, and that's a date that will never occur in Samoa. [more]

30/12/2011: Sports News for 30 December 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

30/12/2011: Turangi residents relieved by arrest
Residents of Turangi say they're relieved someone has been arrested for the attack on a five-year-old girl last week, but they're still sickened by the act. [more]

30/12/2011: Christchurch police may have to use pre fabs next year
The Christchurch Central Police Station could be operating out of pre fabs by early next year after the decision to abandon the 13-storey building it's called home for nearly forty years. [more]

30/12/2011: Judge's ruling gives Auckland protesters leeway to camp
The protesters still camping in Aotea Square could be there for several more weeks after a judge declined an application by the Auckland Council to arrest and imprison those remaining. [more]

30/12/2011: World youth yachting event comes to Napier
Napier will be home to some of the world's top youth Optimist yachties over the next week. [more]

30/12/2011: Sparkling new beers may replace traditional bubbles
When it comes to toasting to good health and a happy new year during the holiday season, more often than not, it's champagne that's the drink of choice. [more]

30/12/2011: Place names: provincial capitals
Whangarei, Napier, Masterton, Nelson, Blenheim: with Peter Dowling. [more]

30/12/2011: Gumboots, rain coats and rain drops on New Year agenda
Rain is expected throughout most of the country this weekend. [more]

30/12/2011: Police warn to take care in New Year's holiday rush
Many people will be hitting the roads today to get to their New Year's Eve destination. [more]

30/12/2011: Christchurch's celebrations moved to Hagley Park
Christchurch's New Year celebrations will have a decidedly different feel this year. [more]

30/12/2011: Canterbury study uncovers mechanics of debris slides
A Canterbury scientist is studying landslides to learn more about the physics that propel debris downhill. [more]

30/12/2011: Sports News for 30 December 2011
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

30/12/2011: Markets Update for 30 December 2011
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

30/12/2011: Gisborne Herald chief reporter discusses local news
Today we are joined by Debbie Gregory, who is chief reporter at the Gisborne Herald. [more]

30/12/2011: Rhythm and Vines organiser tells of celebration highlights
Twenty-eight thousand people are grooving in the New Year at the Rhythm and Vines festival in Gisborne. [more]

30/12/2011: Spanish duke to appear before judge
The son-in-law of Spain's King Juan Carlos has been summoned to appear before a judge over allegations of corruption. [more]

30/12/2011: Thousands of cruise ship tourists descend upon Akaroa
In the small, French-settled village of Akaroa on Christchurch's Banks Peninsula it's proving to be a great season for tourism, giving a boost to struggling local businesses. [more]

30/12/2011: Keen to meet Mister or Miss Right? Here's how
New Year's Eve is almost here and maybe you're thinking - this year I am determined to find the perfect person to share my life with. [more]

30/12/2011: Summer Madness with Mark Cubey
Let's join our Summer Madness correspondent Mark Cubey. [more]

02/01/2012: Chch geologist Mark Quigley joins Summer Report
University of Canterbury geologist Dr Mark Quigley joins us. [more]

02/01/2012: NZTA on latest with road closures
Bad weather has led to holiday chaos, with slips and flooding closing roads in the North Island and turning some camping areas to fields of mud. [more]

02/01/2012: Regional council on the weather in North Island
With us is the rivers and drainage manager at the Bay of Plenty Regional Council, Ken Tarboton. [more]

02/01/2012: Maritime New Zealand discusses Rena condition
Heavy seas off the coast of Tauranga have forced open a massive crack in the stranded container ship, Rena. [more]

02/01/2012: Sports News for 2 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

02/01/2012: Study shows tax hikes having little impact
AUT's Centre for Tobacco Control Research is pushing for more tax hikes on cigarettes, despite its own research showing only three per cent of Maori and Pacific island smokers have permanently given up since a series of price rises began. [more]

02/01/2012: Al Brown cooks Summer Brunch
One half of Wellington's Logan Brown restaurant, Al Brown's now an established chef, on and off screen, has written several cookbooks and recently opened Depot in Auckland's Sky City. [more]

02/01/2012: The rise of two pioneers of graphene, and google+
We're joined by our science commentator Peter Griffin. [more]

02/01/2012: Chch Mayor Bob Parker discusses quake swarm
We're joined by the Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker. [more]

02/01/2012: Newspaper deliverer on today's quakes
Alistair Wilson was driving around the city delivering papers this morning when the series of quakes struck. [more]

02/01/2012: Latest on road closures in the Bay of Plenty
The worst of the bad weather seems to be easing for much of the country, but flooding is keeping some roads closed in the North Island. [more]

02/01/2012: Waikato region blights 2011's low road toll
The official number of people killed on New Zealand roads this year has climbed to 17. [more]

02/01/2012: Sports News for 2 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

02/01/2012: Weather update
We're joined by Met Service weather forecaster John Crouch. [more]

02/01/2012: Taranaki Daily News chief reporter
We are joined by the chief reporter at the Taranaki Daily News, Rob Maetzig. [more]

02/01/2012: New Year Honours List recognises hard workers
New Zealanders throughout the country were recognised in the New Year Honours List, with one of the country's most influential artists taking the highest honour. [more]

02/01/2012: Rugby expert not surprised by Williams rumours
Sonny Bill Williams seems set to change codes, and countries, again. [more]

02/01/2012: Queen Charlotte Track big drawcard for trampers, tourists
Seventy kilometres over at least three days - the Queen Charlotte Track is one of the big drawcards, for locals and tourists alike, of the Marlborough Sounds. [more]

02/01/2012: Summer Madness with Mark Cubey
Let's join our Summer Madness correspondent Mark Cubey. [more]

03/01/2012: Fiji's attorney general promises media, personal freedom
Fiji is beginning to lift the public emergency regulations that have curbed personal and media freedom since 2009, but diplomats and human rights activists aren't celebrating yet. [more]

03/01/2012: Search for missing DOC worker continues
Search teams say they're still holding out hope of finding a Department of Conservation worker missing on Raoul Island. [more]

03/01/2012: Police on the trail of gang-related attack
The police in Napier say they are confident of finding those responsible for an attack on two young men, which has left one victim fighting for his life in hospital. [more]

03/01/2012: Sports News for 3 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

03/01/2012: Police in Tauranga are asking the public for help
The Police in Tauranga are asking the public for help to solve an assault which has which left a man in a critical condition in Waikato Hospital. [more]

03/01/2012: Whakatane district mopping up after floods and slips
The Bay of Plenty region is mopping up after heavy rain that caused flooding, slips,and major delays for holiday traffic. [more]

03/01/2012: Syrian military withdraws to outskirts of cities
Syria's military has withdrawn to the outskirts of the country's cities, but the Arab League says gunfire continues and snipers remain a threat. [more]

03/01/2012: GOP nomination race begins in earnest
In the United States, the Republican Party's presidential hopefuls are about to be put through the first hurdle of what promises to be a long and grueling nomination race. [more]

03/01/2012: South Africans don't barbecue - they braai
New Zealanders tend to think we have barbecuing down to a fine art - but there are others who also pride themselves on their efforts over a hot grill. [more]

03/01/2012: An end to liquefaction for Christchurch?
Rattled Christchurch residents who suffered another wave of aftershocks yesterday are likely to be in for more of the same. [more]

03/01/2012: Tragedy strikes near Motatapu Gorge
Search and Rescue officers say that they are devastated at the death of teenager, Dion Latta after his dramatic rescue from a waterfall near Wanaka, on Sunday night. [more]

03/01/2012: End of martial law in Fiji cautiously welcomed
The end of martial law in Fiji has been cautiously welcomed by pro-democracy advocates. [more]

03/01/2012: Iran uses missile tests to send its New Year msg to the world
That's the sound of Iran test firing two missiles at the end of ten days of military exercises in the Gulf region. [more]

03/01/2012: Weather outlook
We're joined by Met Service weather forecaster Andy Downs. [more]

03/01/2012: Sports News for 3 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

03/01/2012: Gore Ensign's chief reporter on the town's top news
We are joined by the chief reporter of the Gore Ensign, Margaret Phillips. [more]

03/01/2012: Michael Rendle details the fishing near the Coromandel
Let's get a report on the fishing this season - Michael Rendle is the editor of Fishing Coast to Coast magazine. [more]

03/01/2012: Antarctic sees in the New Year
Antarctica, saw in the New Year with the annual Icestock music festival at the American base, McMurdo Station. [more]

03/01/2012: Place names: dastardly names
Blunt and downright nasty names with Peter Dowling: Mount Misery, Mount Horrible, Dark Peak, Bad Passage, Broke Adrift Passage, Useless Bay, Cape Foulwind, Ngunguru. [more]

03/01/2012: Parliament adapts as first deaf MP arrives at House
Parliament now has its first profoundly-deaf MP. [more]

04/01/2012: Call for more median barriers to bring down road toll
The official holiday period ended just over one hour ago with at least 18 people dying on the roads compared to 12 at this time last year. [more]

04/01/2012: Boating fatalities off Bluff
Two bodies have been recovered south of Bluff after a recreational boat capsized late last night. [more]

04/01/2012: Latest on missing DOC volunteer
The search for a Department of Conservation volunteer on the remote Raoul Island has resumed this morning, but it's feared the effort may be in vain. [more]

04/01/2012: 10 guns missing after Stratford burglary
The Police in South Taranaki say they're worried that 10 high powered firearms stolen from a rural property, including shotguns and rifles, will be sold on to gang members. [more]

04/01/2012: Sports News for 4 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

04/01/2012: "Transphobic" ad may be pulled
Further screenings of a television commercial featuring a transvestite have been cancelled after causing a storm of controversy. [more]

04/01/2012: NZ lawyer to defend Fiji grandmother on politics charges
A New Zealand lawyer has flown to Fiji to argue for the freedom of a 73 year old woman who is accused of plotting to overthrow the government. [more]

04/01/2012: Iowa Republicans prepare to vote
To the United States where the first event in the Presidential election race is held today. [more]

04/01/2012: Wind and waves stalls Tasman rowing team
A group trying to become the first New Zealand team to row across the Tasman say they hope they can begin moving again today. [more]

04/01/2012: Barbecueing up a storm this summer - for vegetarians
Barbeques are a staple in summer. It's so easy to feed a crowd by slapping on some pieces of steak and some sausage. [more]

04/01/2012: Road policing manager addresses high holiday toll
The official holiday period has ended with at least 18 people dying in road accidents. [more]

04/01/2012: Earthquake-shaken residents turn to Lifeline
The national telephone counselling service Lifeline is bracing itself for a wave of calls from anxious Cantabrians. [more]

04/01/2012: Occupy Wellington deadline looms
The remaining protesters occupying Civic Square in Wellington have been told to leave today. [more]

04/01/2012: Spike in Pacific suicides prompts rapid response plan
A major suicide prevention programme is underway in south Auckland to deal with an increase in suicides among Pacific young people. [more]

04/01/2012: Weather outlook
The Met Service's weather ambassador Bob McDavitt is with us. [more]

04/01/2012: Sports News for 4 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

04/01/2012: Markets Update for 4 January 2012
Let's have a look at the markets - here's our producer Jo Leavesley. [more]

04/01/2012: Te Awamutu's news year revolves around bikes
We are joined by the Te Awamatu Courier's editor, Dean Taylor. [more]

04/01/2012: Surf report
Time for our surfing report - our reporter Nick Butcher is at Lyall Bay. [more]

04/01/2012: New Zealand scientists spend summer drilling in Antarctica
New Zealand scientists are involved in an international project that will have them spending their summer drilling into the ice in a remote part of Antarctica. [more]

04/01/2012: Do-it-yourself home maintenance
It's a New Zealand tradition to spend part of the summer fixing up the house. [more]

04/01/2012: Morris curious? Dance to the beat of your melodian
Jo Leavesley delves into the folklore of this unusual and sometimes wacky pursuit [more]

05/01/2012: Port and Union blame each other for Fonterra loss
The Ports of Auckland and the Maritime Union are blaming each other for Fonterra's decision to take its business to other ports. [more]

05/01/2012: Councillor calls for Mayor to act over port dispute
Ports of Auckland is owned by Auckland Council Investments Limited, which is a council-controlled investment company. [more]

05/01/2012: New building method may make Chch rebuild cheaper
A group of Christchurch researchers say they've come up with the solution to rebuilding the city's CBD without the need for expensive foundations. [more]

05/01/2012: Camper speeds to Abu Dhabi in Volvo Ocean Race
Team New Zealand is second on the leaderboard after the second leg of the volvo ocean race. [more]

05/01/2012: Sports News for 5 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

05/01/2012: DOC mourns loss of volunteer on Raoul Island
The Department of Conservation is mourning the loss of one of its volunteers, after the search for a man missing on Raoul Island was called off last night. [more]

05/01/2012: Romney has narrow win in Iowa
To the United States where the field has narrowed after a razor-thin victory by the former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in the Iowa caucuses. [more]

05/01/2012: HMNZS Canterbury tests response capabilities
One of the New Zealand Navy's most vital vessels has been put under scrutiny to ensure it's ready to respond if a major disaster strikes. [more]

05/01/2012: Brewing without a brewery
Over the past few years, the number of New Zealand craft breweries has increased dramatically, and in the past year, new breweries have popped up every few months. [more]

05/01/2012: Science commentator Peter Griffin
Our science commentator Peter Griffin is with us. [more]

05/01/2012: Maritime Union rejects accusation Fonterra move about striking
The Ports of Auckland says its ongoing dispute with the maritime union has damaged its reputation. [more]

05/01/2012: Family of burned mentall ill woman say system failure
The family of a mentally ill Porirua woman who poured petrol on her own face and set it alight says she has fallen through the gaps of a failing mental health system. [more]

05/01/2012: Optimism for tourism in Christchurch
Summer's usually a bumper season for tourism, and never have operators been keener to reap the rewards of the fine weather, than in quake-hit Christchurch. [more]

05/01/2012: Northland road toll at record low for 2011
Northland has recorded its lowest ever road toll. [more]

05/01/2012: Weather outlook
Joining us is the Met Service's weather ambassador Bob McDavitt. [more]

05/01/2012: Sports News for 5 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

05/01/2012: Bay of Island news review
We are heading north for our newspaper segment - to the Bay of Islands and Keri Molloy of the Bay Chronicle. [more]

05/01/2012: Markets Update for 5 January 2012
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

05/01/2012: New movies coming out
Let's talk movies with Dominic Corry. [more]

05/01/2012: 'House of Pain' may soon become house of rest
Dunedin's old Carisbrook sports ground - dubbed the 'House of Pain' - may soon be turned into a retirement village. [more]

06/01/2012: Government, council step back from failing port
The Maritime Union says it is making a counter-offer to the Ports of Auckland that it hopes will end the industrial dispute that's cost the port millions of dollars. [more]

06/01/2012: Maritime Union to make counter-offer to Port
Joining us is the National President of the Maritime Union, Garry Parsloe. [more]

06/01/2012: Rena faces worst sea swells since October
The stranded containership, Rena, will soon be subjected to the worst sea conditions experienced in the three months that it's been stuck on Astrolabe Reef. [more]

06/01/2012: Preparations to seal shaft at Pike River
Workers at the Pike River coal mine are a step closer to putting in a second seal, that should allow the remains of the 29 miners who died there to be recovered. [more]

06/01/2012: Obama looks to Asia-Pacific in new defence strategy
President Obama has announced a major realignment of US defence spending and military strategy. [more]

06/01/2012: Sports News for 6 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

06/01/2012: Flood victims face $200k penalty for not fixing homes
Some Nelson residents have been surprised to learn they could be slapped with a 200-thousand dollar fine if they don't fix their flood-damaged homes. [more]

06/01/2012: Southland faces drought as driest December ever bites.
Southland is facing drought with the driest December since records began, forcing farmers to kill stock and councils to warn the fire danger is extreme. [more]

06/01/2012: Martinborough wines - Rose, Germans and Masters
The south Wairarapa town of Martinborough has cemented its name alongside Hawke's Bay and Marlborough as one of the country's premier wine-growing areas. [more]

06/01/2012: Council warns of ant infestations
The Hawke's Bay Regional Council wants the public to tell them if new infestations of an invasive ant pop up. [more]

06/01/2012: Maritime Union set to make counter offer to Ports of Auckland
The Maritime Union is expected to make a counter-offer to the Ports of Auckland today. [more]

06/01/2012: Tourists assaulted in Kaikoura
Visitors to Kaikoura are being targeted in a series of attacks the police say are racially motivated. [more]

06/01/2012: Banned NZ athletes could compete in Olympics
New Zealand sportspeople suspended for doping offences will be free to go to the London Olympics this year, provided their ban is completed before the event. [more]

06/01/2012: Weather outlook
We are joined by the Met Service weather ambassador Bob McDavitt. [more]

06/01/2012: Sports News for 6 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

06/01/2012: Markets Update for 6 January 2012
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

06/01/2012: Hutt News review
Let's find out what's been happening in the past year in the Hutt Valley - the editor of the Hutt News Simon Edwards is with us. [more]

06/01/2012: Is 'tsunami debris' washing up on US West Coast ?
Debris, that's believed to be from Japan's tsunami last year has begun washing up on the coast of the United States and Canada. [more]

06/01/2012: Place names: in the news 2011
Peter Dowling takes a look at names which have been making the news, starting with some of the suburbs in Christchurch, following the quakes: Avonside, Bexley, Dallington, New Brighton, Lyttelton, Astrolabe, Motiti Island, Whakaari/White Island. [more]

06/01/2012: Not just for rowers - cruising on Lake Karapiro in Waikato
If cruising on the high-seas isn't your cup of tea, how about a more sedate way to enjoy open water? [more]

06/01/2012: More summer madness with Mark Cubey
With Summer madness here's Mark Cubey. [more]

09/01/2012: Rena: MNZ fearful of fresh oil spill
Maritime New Zealand says it is preparing for oil spilled from the stricken Rena cargo ship to wash up on beaches today, and for debris to come ashore. [more]

09/01/2012: Bay of Plenty reporter at local beach
With us now from Harrison's Cut near Papamoa Beach, is our Bay of Plenty reporter, Lorna Perry. [more]

09/01/2012: More bodies removed from scene of balloon accident
More bodies of those killed in the hot air balloon accident in Wairapara at the weekend will be removed from the scene this morning. [more]

09/01/2012: Radio NZ reporter live from Carterton
Our reporter Rebecca Quilliam joins us from Carterton. [more]

09/01/2012: Sports News for 9 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

09/01/2012: One of biggest changes to Auckland's roads
Auckland commuters are being promised an end to some of their frustration, with one of the biggest changes to the city's road networks in half a century. [more]

09/01/2012: Arab league meets over 'toothless' Syria mission
Foreign ministers from the Arab League are meeting in Cairo to assess the progress of their mission in Syria and to discuss whether to ask for UN help. [more]

09/01/2012: Anti- whaling activists risk prison in Japan
The Australian government says it is doing everything it can to try to ensure the release of three anti-whaling activists who are being held onboard a Japanese boat and risk being sent to prison in Japan. [more]

09/01/2012: Hundreds of stinging Jellyfish on Oreti beach
A swarm of Jellyfish has forced the closure of Southland's Oreti Beach. [more]

09/01/2012: Adopt a pony at a holiday programme with a difference
At summer there are plenty of school holiday programmes around - many involve arts and crafts, a trip to the movies, a swim at the local pool, games and maybe a bush walk. [more]

09/01/2012: The CES Tech fair
Our science commentator Peter Griffin is with us. [more]

09/01/2012: Where to now for container recovery from Rena
Oil and debris from the container ship Rena has started to come ashore, at Waihi Beach. [more]

09/01/2012: Maritime New Zealand on Rena
A Maritime New Zealand briefing has been underway this morning, and their spokesperson, Bruce Fraser, is with us. [more]

09/01/2012: Search for answers to air ballooning tragedy
Hot air balloonists are desperately seeking answers as to how one of the safest forms of aviation has resulted in New Zealand's worst air disaster since Erebus. [more]

09/01/2012: Condolence book to be set up for victims of balloon tragedy
A condolence book for the 11 victims of the tragedy will be set up at Carterton's Event Centre for people to sign today. [more]

09/01/2012: New Zealand academic on the US's defence strategy
China has hit out at the decision by the United States' President, Barack Obama, to focus his country's defence resources in the Asia Pacific. [more]

09/01/2012: Sports News for 9 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

09/01/2012: Markets Update for 9 January 2012
Let's have a look at the markets - here's our producer Amanda Strong. [more]

09/01/2012: Met Service update
The Met Service weather ambassador, Bob McDavitt, joins us. [more]

09/01/2012: Triathlete Ryan Sissons
This week we are going to be talking to some of those who may be competing for New Zealand at the Olympics. [more]

09/01/2012: How to make delicious cocktails - without alcohol
Today we look at how to best adapt a cocktail to make it non-alcoholic. [more]

09/01/2012: Northland mechanic still at same garage after 60 years
While politicians debate the age of retirement - a 76-year old Northland man is showing no signs of putting his feet up. [more]

09/01/2012: Summer madness!
Here's our Summer Madness correspondent Mark Cubey. [more]

10/01/2012: Locals urged not to touch debris, containers from Rena
Debris and containers from the broken Rena may wash up as far north as Whitianga. [more]

10/01/2012: RNZ reporter at Waihi Beach
Our Bay of Plenty reporter, Lorna Perry, is at Bowentown and joins us. [more]

10/01/2012: Will Hine at the Ports of Auckland picket line
More than 300 Martime Union members are on strike at the port in Auckland again this morning. [more]

10/01/2012: More than 300 Auckland port workers on strike for fifth time
The Mayor of Auckland, Len Brown is with us. [more]

10/01/2012: Sports News for 10 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

10/01/2012: Investigators continue examination of balloon accident scene
Investigators looking into the Carterton ballooning tragedy are likely to be finished at the crash site within 2 days. [more]

10/01/2012: Conflict over referendum on independence for Scotland
In Britain, there's a conflict between the British and Scottish Governments over a planned referendum on independence for Scotland. [more]

10/01/2012: Union attacks proposed job cuts at MFAT
Public service workers are critical of proposed job cuts at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, saying they will affect its ability to advance New Zealand's overseas interests. [more]

10/01/2012: Fijian Government extends police powers
The Fiji interim government has published its revised Public Order Act, granting itself extended and vast powers to maintain security. [more]

10/01/2012: One of country's only saddlers aims to make 500 saddles
Summer is the season for horse events, with more than 30 rodeos and a growing range of multi-day horse treks. [more]

10/01/2012: Place names: abbreviated
Taupo, Rotorua, Lake Rotoiti, Motueka, BJ Peak, Blimit: with Peter Dowling. [more]

10/01/2012: Braemar Howells says Rena cargo may wash up in Whitianga
Debris layered with oil from the wreck of the Rena cargo ship is continuing to wash up on local Bay of Plenty beaches. [more]

10/01/2012: Ports of Auckland confirms private contractor plan
The Ports of Auckland is pushing ahead with moves to hire private contractors to replace striking workers, though the Mayor of Auckland is adamant this is just a contingency plan. [more]

10/01/2012: Auckland stevedore live from the picket line
Craig Harrison, who has been a stevedore for 18 years, is on the picket line on the Auckland waterfront and he joins us. [more]

10/01/2012: Met service update
We are joined by the Met Service's weather ambassador, Bob McDavitt. [more]

10/01/2012: Sports News for 10 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

10/01/2012: Markets Update for 10 January 2012
Let's have a look at the markets - here's our producer Amanda Strong. [more]

10/01/2012: Fishing report
Time for our fishing report - here is the editor of Coast to Coast Fishing magazine, Michael Rendle. [more]

10/01/2012: Swimmer Matthew Stanley wants an Olympic place
Swimmer Matthew Stanley is being touted as one of the best freestyle prospects New Zealand has unearthed in many years. [more]

10/01/2012: One farmer's life's work results in National Arboretum
Nestled among the Ngatapa hills just over 30 kilometres south west of Gisborne, is Eastwood Hill, the National Arboretum of New Zealand. [more]

11/01/2012: Authorities in Waihi Beach allow locals to clean up Rena debris
Authorities in Bay of Plenty have responded to public pressure and will now allow the public to help clean up Waihi Beach of Rena debris that's littered along the shoreline. [more]

11/01/2012: Oil response teams are mobilised for Rema clean-up
Oil spill response teams will mobilise this morning to protect sensitive areas of Bay of Plenty coastline from oil which is expected to reach shore today, from the wreck of the Rena cargo ship. [more]

11/01/2012: Environment minister on Rena clean-up
We are joined by the Environment Minister, Nick Smith. [more]

11/01/2012: Fears Southland heading for a drought
Authorities in Southland fear the province is heading for an official drought after the driest December on record and little rainfall this month. [more]

11/01/2012: Sports News for 11 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

11/01/2012: Families Commission concerned about poor housing conditions
The Families Commission says cold, damp and unaffordable housing is stopping parents getting the help they need for their children. [more]

11/01/2012: Mitt Romney primed to take New Hampshire
To the United States, where the first primary in the Republican presidential race takes place today in New Hampshire. [more]

11/01/2012: Eighty birds arrive on Somes Island
Eighty fluttering shearwater chicks, have been successfully moved from their original homes on Long Island in the Marlborough Sounds, to Wellington's Somes Island. [more]

11/01/2012: The easy way up to Angelus Hut high above Nelson Lakes
Thousands of trampers are enjoying the great New Zealand outdoors this summer, some of them in the high country of the Nelson Lakes National Park. [more]

11/01/2012: Summer home maintenance
It's a New Zealand tradition to spend part of the summer fixing up the house - or at least thinking about it. [more]

11/01/2012: Government says Rena wreck must be removed
The Government says the Rena wreck must be removed from the Astrolabe Reef - including the 27 dangerous goods containers that are thought to have plunged to the sea floor off the coast of Tauranga. [more]

11/01/2012: Locals concerned about debris on their beaches
It's a nervous wait for residents along Bay of Plenty beaches as the contents of the broken Rena container ship continue to wash ashore. [more]

11/01/2012: Tourism Bay of Plenty trying to rebrand the area
Moves are underway to rebrand the tourism image of Bay of Plenty to make it less focussed on its beaches following the Rena disaster. [more]

11/01/2012: Driest December leads to large number of fires
The Fire Service says there has been an unusually high number of fires in rural parts of Southland and a small area of Otago. [more]

11/01/2012: Weather update
Let's get the latest on the weather from Dan Corbett at the Met Service. [more]

11/01/2012: Sports News for 11 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

11/01/2012: No Tsunami threat from Sumatra quake
Back now to the news we reported a short time ago about a 7.3 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Indonesia. [more]

11/01/2012: Markets Update for 11 January 2012
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

11/01/2012: Katie Glynn hopes to make the Olympic team
Black Stick striker Katie Glynn has been scoring hockey goals from the tender age of four and the 22-year-old is not about to stop now. [more]

11/01/2012: Mayday call from deep in the southern ocean
A Korean fishing vessel with 40 crew on board has issued a Mayday call from deep in the southern ocean. [more]

11/01/2012: Unique theme gardens attract over a million visitors a year
In Hamilton, the themed gardens known as the Paradise Collection attract more than one million visitors a year. [more]

12/01/2012: Divers waiting for swells to ease before assessing Rena
Divers are waiting for better conditions at sea before going out to assess the sinking stern of the containership, Rena. [more]

12/01/2012: Cleanup on Waihi Beach under way
On Waihi Beach, the locals are taking over much of the responsibility for the clean-up there. [more]

12/01/2012: Wife killer insists he isn't a risk and never has been
A man who killed his wife and took 12 years to reveal her whereabouts, insists he isn't a risk and never has been. [more]

12/01/2012: Driest start to year for Southland farmers
Officials meet again today to discuss the driest start to a year that many can remember in Southland. [more]

12/01/2012: Pilbara in lockdown ahead of Cyclone Heidi
To Western Australia, where people have been ordered not to go outside in Port Hedland ahead of the arrival of Tropical Cyclone Heidi. [more]

12/01/2012: Sports News for 12 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

12/01/2012: Three incidents in Ross Sea spark calls for protected area
The third fishing vessel incident in the Ross Sea in a little over a year has sparked fresh calls for the area to be protected. [more]

12/01/2012: Foreign Minister sounds cautious note over Fiji regime
The Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, says he is disappointed that Fiji brought in a new public order decree just before the public emergency regulations were lifted last week. [more]

12/01/2012: Burma's opposition leader will run for parliament
Burma's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has confirmed she will run for a parliamentary seat in the by-elections in April. [more]

12/01/2012: Thousands of animals stay in 'pet motels' over summer
Every summer thousands of animals are put into boarding kennels - or pet motels as they're also known. Occupancy rates can hit 100 per cent at this time of year. [more]

12/01/2012: New developments in technology
Our science commentator Peter Griffin is with us. [more]

12/01/2012: Latest on clean-up from Rena
While divers have not been able to get to the wreckage of the stricken containership, Rena, the clean-up on the land continues. [more]

12/01/2012: Mitt Romney wins New Hampshire primary
To the United States now where Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has had a big win over his rivals in the New Hampshire Primary. [more]

12/01/2012: Otago harbour dredging on track to court
Dredging plans for Otago harbour appear to be heading to court after mediation between the port company and opposing groups was only partially successful. [more]

12/01/2012: Government ministries at odds over sealion research
Government ministries appear to be at odds over research into the effect of squid fishing on the population of sea lions. [more]

12/01/2012: Weather outlook
Dan Corbett from the Met Service is on the line. [more]

12/01/2012: Sports News for 12 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

12/01/2012: Markets Update for 12 January 2012
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

12/01/2012: Let's talk movies
With Dominic Corry. [more]

12/01/2012: Three Olympic spots available for cycling sprint team
With only three Olympic spots up for grabs for the members of New Zealand's cycling sprint team, the motivation for claiming one has never been stronger for 20-year-old Ethan Mitchell. [more]

12/01/2012: An abandoned town with tales of ghosts and gold
Waiuta on the South Island's West Coast was once a township said to be literally paved with gold - concealed in the crushed rock walkways around a mine that still ranks as one of New Zealand's richest. [more]

12/01/2012: Modern twist on old-fashioned sour cocktail
We look at a twist on one of the original cocktails, the Sour. [more]

13/01/2012: Marine video angers Afghanistan
A video showing what appear to be American Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters has prompted anger in Afghanistan and promises of a full investigation. [more]

13/01/2012: Marine video angers Afghanistan
A video showing what appear to be American Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters has prompted anger in Afghanistan and promises of a full investigation. [more]

13/01/2012: International freight report biased and flawed- CTU
As talks over the industrial dispute on Auckland's waterfront break down again, a new report says union power and public ownership of ports may be hampering their productivity. [more]

13/01/2012: International freight report biased and flawed- CTU
As talks over the industrial dispute on Auckland's waterfront break down again, a new report says union power and public ownership of ports may be hampering their productivity. [more]

13/01/2012: Ports of Auckland want less workplace restrictions
Listening to that is the Ports of Auckland chief executive Tony Gibson. [more]

13/01/2012: Ports of Auckland want less workplace restrictions
Listening to that is the Ports of Auckland chief executive Tony Gibson. [more]

13/01/2012: Pakistan government in 'dangerous' discord
Pakistan's President, Asif Ali Zardari, has left for Dubai on a private visit, as talk of a coup in his own country reaches fever-pitch. [more]

13/01/2012: Pakistan government in 'dangerous' discord
Pakistan's President, Asif Ali Zardari, has left for Dubai on a private visit, as talk of a coup in his own country reaches fever-pitch. [more]

13/01/2012: Sports News for 13 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

13/01/2012: Sports News for 13 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

13/01/2012: Southland rainfall may not be enough
It's raining in Southland much to the relief of farmers and the Regional Council, who stepped back yesterday from declaring a drought in the province. [more]

13/01/2012: Wickliffe incapable of a law-abiding life - advocate
A prisoner advocate who has known the notorious criminal, Dean Wickliffe, for nearly 30 years, says he is institutionalised and incapable of living a law-abiding life. [more]

13/01/2012: Windy Wellington airport landing not that scary
It's not called windy Wellington for nothing and the cross-winds have a tendency to get up some pilot's backs. [more]

13/01/2012: Hidden cameras reveal drug driving attitudes
A new road safety campaign has used hidden cameras to reveal how people react when they find the person driving them is under the influence of drugs. [more]

13/01/2012: Beginners guide to fly fishing
Throwing a line into water and seeing what bites is a staple of the New Zealand summer. [more]

13/01/2012: Place names: the coast
Te Tai Tamatāne, Te Tai Tamahine, Te Moana-Nu-a-Kiwa, Te Tai-o-Rehua, Te Tai Hauāuru, Te Tai Rāwhiti, Te Tai Poutini, Te Ara-a-Kiwa, Te Tai o Arai Te Uru, Raukawa Moana. [more]

13/01/2012: US to investigate Afghan urination video
The US military is investigating a video which appears to show a group of Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters. [more]

13/01/2012: Unions say they're not to blame for ports problems
Unions say they should not be blamed for problems at New Zealand ports. [more]

13/01/2012: Bay of Plenty reporter on Rena
The sea swells around the grounded containership, Rena, are expected to intensify today. [more]

13/01/2012: Weather outlook
Dan Corbett from the MetService joins us. [more]

13/01/2012: 2011 a year of flooding, tornadoes, heavy snow and storms
2011 was a year for flooding, tornadoes, heavy snow and storms in New Zealand, according to climate scientists. [more]

13/01/2012: Sports News for 13 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

13/01/2012: Markets Update for 13 January 2012
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

13/01/2012: Steady rain disrupts Heineken Tennis Open
Steady rain disrupted the Heineken Tennis Open last night, but organisers are expecting to push ahead with the finals today and over the weekend. [more]

13/01/2012: Olympians
Lisa Thompson talks to decathlete Brent Newdick. [more]

13/01/2012: Art Deco style lives on in Napier
More than eighty years ago, a devastating earthquake struck Hawke's Bay, killing 261 people and destroying most of the buildings in central Napier. [more]

13/01/2012: Summer madness with Mark Cubey
Mark Cubey is with us. [more]

16/01/2012: Costa Concordia: 15 people remain unaccounted for
Rescue divers are combing the partially submerged Italian ship, the Costa Concordia, trying to find fifteen people still missing two days after the cruise liner hit a submerged rock off the Tuscan island of Giglio. [more]

16/01/2012: Police launch homicide investigation into baby's death
Twenty police officers in Whanganui are investigating the death of a two-month old girl, who died on Thursday afternoon as a result of non-accidental head injuries. [more]

16/01/2012: Cordons remain at body-in-drain site
Cordons are still in place in central Wellington around the scene where a body was found lodged inside a stormwater drain. [more]

16/01/2012: South Canterbury Finance fraud case goes to court
The biggest fraud case in New Zealand history heads to court today, with five individuals involved with the failed South Canterbury Finance making their first appearance. [more]

16/01/2012: Oil explorers to expand on the East Coast
A oil exploration company based in Canada says it plans to start drilling four wells on the East Coast in about four months, as part of efforts to significantly expand operations. [more]

16/01/2012: Sports News for 16 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

16/01/2012: Albatrosses text message researchers hunting habits
Albatrosses will soon be sending text messages about how they feed their young. [more]

16/01/2012: Insurgents detonate bombs and storm police building in Iraq
The police in Iraq say insurgents have detonated bombs around a police building and then stormed it wearing explosive belts. [more]

16/01/2012: Farewell to Blanket Man
Wellington is bidding farewell to perhaps its best-known homeless person, known as Blanket Man. [more]

16/01/2012: Leading grape growers threaten revolt over Nelson water plan
Two of Nelson's leading grape growers are threatening a revolt over a plan to get ratepayers to pay for a 42 million dollar water storage project, saying it is unaffordable for many farmers. [more]

16/01/2012: Home brewing growing in popularity
The 2011 national home brew competition received 420 entries, an increase of about 100 beers from the year before. [more]

16/01/2012: France defends its credit downgrade
Several countries in Europe had their creditworthiness downgraded over the weekend as the value of the Euro continues to fall. [more]

16/01/2012: Economics academic says downgrading could be good for NZ
In New Zealand businesses are being advised to be aware of the crisis in Europe, and where possible turn the situation to their advantage. [more]

16/01/2012: Divers still waiting to survey sunken stern of the Rena
Divers are still waiting to survey the sunken stern of the Rena but it's not expected to happen until tomorrow at the earliest. [more]

16/01/2012: Red zone residents wants new park to border Avon
As residents leave parts of Christchurch's red zone, and plans are made to demolish entire streets of houses, some who have to abandon their properties are pushing for part of the land to be made into a park. [more]

16/01/2012: Weather outlook
Dan Corbett of the Met Service is on the line. [more]

16/01/2012: Sports News for 16 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

16/01/2012: Business News for 16 January 2012
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

16/01/2012: Lack of strong water skills and planning is to blame
Water safety officials say a horror weekend of two drownings and two missing swimmers were all preventable incidents and that a lack of strong water skills and planning is to blame. [more]

16/01/2012: Indian cricketers lose to Australia by an innings - again
The Australian cricket team has again trounced India, winning the third test match in Perth by an innings and 37 runs. [more]

16/01/2012: 'Women on Water' helps Tauranga women to learn to sail
During the warmer months in Tauranga, women take to yachts and go sailing around the harbour. [more]

16/01/2012: Summer madness with Mark Cubey
Now summer madness with Mark Cubey. [more]

17/01/2012: Cruise ship owners blame human error for grounding
A state of emergency will be declared at the island of Giglio after a stricken cruise ship capsized after hitting rocks near Tuscany. [more]

17/01/2012: Adventures of Tintin wins Golden Globe
Staff at Wellington's Weta Digital are thrilled with the Golden Globe win for The Adventures of Tintin. [more]

17/01/2012: Pakistan PM faces Supreme Court contempt order
Pakistan's Supreme Court has issued a contempt order against the nation's Prime Minister, raising fresh tensions between the government, courts and army. [more]

17/01/2012: SCF charges are detailed
More details are emerging about New Zealand's biggest white-collar crime. [more]

17/01/2012: Sports News for 17 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

17/01/2012: Divers hope to return to Rena wreckage
Divers assessing the condition of the wreck of the Rena container ship are still waiting for weather conditions to improve before they can survey the sunken rear section. [more]

17/01/2012: Bank threatens to euthanase rare cats at wildlife park
The fate of 36 big cats at Whangarei's Zion Wildlife Gardens could be decided in a matter of weeks. [more]

17/01/2012: Approved demolition of heritage cottage raises questions
A 19th century cottage in Freemans Bay in Auckland will be demolished after the council over-turned a ruling from its own heritage adviser. [more]

17/01/2012: A year since major storms hit Mauao in the Bay of Plenty
The local authorities in Bay of Plenty are still working to clear up slips and re-open walkways on the popular Mauao, a year since a deluge of rain forced it to close. [more]

17/01/2012: Ever wondered how to make the most of a bush walk?
If you found last week's dummies guide to fly fishing helpful, stay listening as today we're tackling bush walks. [more]

17/01/2012: Twenty preserved Maori heads will soon arrive back
Twenty preserved Maori heads will soon arrive back at the national museum, Te Papa, after being handed over by French authorities. [more]

17/01/2012: Pedestrians don't like Manners Street rope fence
Central Wellington pedestrians are critical of a proposal to install a rope fence along a section of Manners Street in an effort to keep people from being hit by buses. [more]

17/01/2012: Met Service on the weather
Dan Corbett of the Met Service is on the line. [more]

17/01/2012: Sports News for 17 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

17/01/2012: Morning Business for 17 January 2012
With the business news, here's Naomi Mitchell. [more]

17/01/2012: Online prediction market more accurate than traditional polls
The election result for the National and Labour parties was most accurately forecast not by the traditional pollsters - but by an online prediction stockmarket; Ipredict. [more]

17/01/2012: 100th anniversary of Scott doomed polar expedition.
Today marks the 100th anniversary of Robert Falcon Scott's trip to the South Pole. [more]

17/01/2012: Weddings exhibition exudes romance, glamour, extravagance
People who love weddings and or fashion are in for a treat this summer with Te Papa's latest exhibition, Unveiled. [more]

17/01/2012: Place names: the influence of the Scots
Glen, Ben, Burn, Inver, Inch, Strath Taieri: with Peter Dowling. [more]

18/01/2012: Twelve homes evacuated in Hastings after major fire
Twelve houses were evacuated overnight after a major fire at a fruit packaging company on the northern outskirts of Hastings. [more]

18/01/2012: Outrage at NZOA moves to restrict TV show's broadcast
The film maker whose documentary sparked a furore when it was broadcast just days before the election says free speech must be protected even during politically sensitive times. [more]

18/01/2012: Analysis from our political editor
Our political editor Brent Edwards joins us. [more]

18/01/2012: Music fans mourn Big Day Out
Organisers of Auckland's Big Day Out say low ticket sales and the high cost of securing top international acts are the reasons why this year's festival will be the last. [more]

18/01/2012: Sports News for 18 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

18/01/2012: Radical cleric allowed to stay in UK
A radical cleric who has been convicted of two major terrorism plots has been allowed to stay in the United Kingdom after a ruling from the European Court of Human Rights. [more]

18/01/2012: New Zealand's economy set to stutter
New Zealand's economy looks likely to stutter along this year with business confidence taking a knock according to the latest survey from the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research. [more]

18/01/2012: Christchurch residents sceptical about police crackdown
Christchurch residents are sceptical that a crackdown on sex workers in the central city over the weekend will act as a deterrent. [more]

18/01/2012: Researcher warns social media being used to boost drinking
A researcher is warning that social media is reinforcing the drinking culture, with alcohol companies and bars exploiting the online networks to get close to their customers. [more]

18/01/2012: First appointed female Navy commander, has new goal
The first female commander of a Navy ship relinquished control of HMNZS Pukaki late last year, and has her sights now on eventually taking charge of a Frigate. [more]

18/01/2012: Mind, body expert gives tips on how to completely unwind
Time now for more from the dummies guide to summer, and today we're talking real relaxation. [more]

18/01/2012: Radio NZ's Mediawatch host analyses NZ on Air reaction
New Zealand on Air is seeking advice over whether it can stop potentially politically charged TV programmes from airing during election campaigns. [more]

18/01/2012: Structural engineer says focus shouldn't be on quake theory
An expert in structural engineering says to make buildings more eathquake proof there needs to be more emphasis on making them stronger, rather than mathematical modelling. [more]

18/01/2012: New trans-Tasman fibre optic cable
A proposed trans-Tasman fibre optic cable, which would bolster broadband provision, could be completed by the end of next year. [more]

18/01/2012: China growth slows to lowest point in more than 2 years
There are signs that strong economic growth in China is slowing. [more]

18/01/2012: Met Service with the weather
Dan Corbett of the Met Service is on the line. [more]

18/01/2012: Sports News for 18 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

18/01/2012: Business for 18 January 2012
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

18/01/2012: Robert Falcon Scott's South Pole centenary
Last night Scott Base in Antartica celebrated the centenary of Captain Robert Scott reaching the South Pole. [more]

18/01/2012: BDO organisers defend their decision to axe the event
As music fans prepare for their last ever Big Day Out, on Friday, one of the event's promoters is defending the decision to axe the festival. [more]

18/01/2012: Secret artworks by zany Dr Seuss on display in Wellington
Theodor Seuss Geisel or Dr Seuss as he is better known, is infamous for his colourful and wacky rhyming children's books such as Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat. [more]

18/01/2012: Surf's up at Raglan
Raglan Area School has a surfing academy which attracts some of the country's top young surfers. [more]

18/01/2012: Surfing - not just a young person's sport
While hanging ten on a surf board is normally a young person's game, surfers nowadays are still riding waves in their 60s, and beyond. [more]

19/01/2012: Gas-supply deal to boost country's coffers says minister
The Energy minister says a gas manufacture and supply deal between Methanex NZ and Todd Energy, which it's hoped will create around 500 jobs and $250-million in exports, will be a huge boost to the economy. [more]

19/01/2012: Mayor of New Plymouth welcomes news of gas deal
The Mayor for New Plymouth and former Labour Party Associate Minister of Energy, Harry Duynhoven, joins the programme to talk about the benefits of the energy deal to his region. [more]

19/01/2012: Gareth Morgan on sale of GMI to Kiwibank
Mr Morgan talks about the conditions of purchase and sale of the Kiwisaver fund management Gareth Morgan Investments to Kiwibank which was announced yesterday. [more]

19/01/2012: Russia warns West against attacking Iran
The BBC's diplomatic correspondent, Jonathan Marcus, joins the programme to talk about Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, and his claims that Western sanctions against Iran and talk of a potential attack undermine efforts to revive negotiations with Tehran. [more]

19/01/2012: Sports News for 19 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

19/01/2012: Councils lay the ground work for new road rules
Risky intersections are the focus of councils across New Zealand - who are busy determining potential problem areas with new give way rules coming into force in two months when [more]

19/01/2012: Brownlee says it's too early to tell if port reform is needed
The Transport Minister, Gerry Brownlee, would not comment on the dispute at the Ports of Auckland itself, but he says the Government is keen to see the final report into the transport system from the Productivity Commission. The minister joins the programme. [more]

19/01/2012: Labour: port reform needed, but selling won't help
Labour's Transport Spokesperson, Phil Twyford, gives his party's perspective on the reform necessary to increase efficiency and effectiveness in the competitive ports industry. [more]

19/01/2012: Deadline is upon defiant Port Hills home owners
Time has run out for Christchurch Port Hills home owners who have being defying orders to move out of their red stickered homes. Port Hills resident Sue Stubenvoll joins the programme. [more]

19/01/2012: Pelorus Mail Boat a lifeline for people living in the Sound
Susie Ferguson joins passengers and crew on the Pelorus Mail Boat in the Marlborough Sounds. The weekly service, in Pelorus Sound off Havelock, is a lifeline bringing more than just mail to those living and staying in remote areas. [more]

19/01/2012: Three-year-old boy seriously injured in by dog attack
The infant remains in a critical condition this morning in Christchurch hospital after being bitten on the throat by a family pet in Ashburton. [more]

19/01/2012: Mitt Romney urged to release his tax papers
The Republican presidential race candidate Mitt Romney is being urged to release his income tax forms after admitting he pays less tax than most Americans. [more]

19/01/2012: Experts fear Avondale spider could become extinct
Arachnophobes may not be concerned but experts fear the Avondale Spider could be wiped out from the wild within the next 20 years. Live animal curator Brian Lawton is in the Auckland studio with some eight legged friends. [more]

19/01/2012: Weather update
Met Service weather ambassador Dan Corbett joins the programme for a look at thing meteorological. [more]

19/01/2012: Sports News for 19 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

19/01/2012: Morning Business for 19 January 2012
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

19/01/2012: New meningoccal vaccine cautiously welcomed
Expert reaction is cautiously optimistic to a newly developed a vaccine that could protects against all strains of the Meningoccol B bacterium. [more]

19/01/2012: Mission Concert annual pilgrimage for thousands
The annual concert at the historic Mission Vineyard is one of the highlights of Napier's year. This year Rod Stewart is the feature act for the concert next month. [more]

19/01/2012: Murder Mystery exhibition at Auckland Museum this summer
The Poisoners, is a murder mystery where visitors get an interactive experience, as they try to figure out whodunit. [more]

19/01/2012: Place names: North
Peter Dowling looks at why North comes up in so many place names: Palmerston North, Havelock North, Waimate North, Totora North. [more]

20/01/2012: Meridian ditches plan to build $2bn Project Hayes windfarm
The state-owned power company has spent $8.9-million trying to build the Project Hayes windfarm on the Lammermoor Range and says it can no longer justify a protracted fight in the environment court. [more]

20/01/2012: Green Party on controversial windfarm project's demise
The Green Party's energy spokesperson Gareth Hughes joins the programme to comment on Meridian Energy's decision to cancel plans for a massive windfarm on the Lammermoor Range in Central Otago. [more]

20/01/2012: Several strong earthquakes shake lower South Island
The strongest, a 5.8 magnitude quake, hit just before eight o'clock last night, southwest of Tuatapere, and the last one was felt at quarter to two this morning. GNS Science seismologist Lara Bland joins the programme. [more]

20/01/2012: Inside Child Poverty documentary 'cleared of law breach'
The maker of the the Inside Child Poverty documentary, Bryan Bruce, says the Electoral Commission has ruled the screening of the programme - just three days before the election - did not breach the Electoral Act, nor the Broadcast Act. Mr Bruce joins the programme. [more]

20/01/2012: Sports News for 20 January 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

20/01/2012: Hawea Vercoe's killer seeks release
The killer of the Bay of Plenty regional councillor and Rotorua school principal, Hawea Vercoe, has made his first bid to be released from prison. [more]

20/01/2012: Santorum was the winner in Iowa - two weeks late
Washington correspondent Simon Marks joins the programme to give us an update on the complex runnings for the Republican presidential nomination - with Gingrich, Romney and, surprisingly perhaps, Santorum still in the race. [more]

20/01/2012: Travel blogger: NZ an expensive destination
A freelance writer for the award-winning Smithsonian magazine, Alastair Bland, has described the country as an expensive destination, and not for people looking for a cheap holiday. [more]

20/01/2012: Australia to formally recognise Aborigines in constitution
The ABC's Anna Henderson joins the programme to talk about the proposed constitutional changes the Australian government is considering to ensure equal rights for indigenous people. [more]

20/01/2012: Plan to reduce flow of Rakaia has salmon fishers worried
A plan by Trustpower to reduce the amount of water flowing down Canterbury's Rakaia River has salmon fishers concerned. [more]

20/01/2012: Wind Energy Association says future still bright for windfarms
The New Zealand Wind Energy Association says the future of wind as an energy source still looks good despite the canning of a major windfarm planned for Central Otago. The Wind Energy Association's chief executive, Eric Pyle, joins the programme. [more]

20/01/2012: Boy thought to have drowned at West Auckland beach
A paramedic with the Westpac Rescue Helicopter says he thinks a boy who was caught in a rip at a West Auckland beach may have drowned. [more]

20/01/2012: Prison pepper spray trial ends
A trial of pepper spray in prisons has ended, with the spray being used just once in the year-long trial period. A decision on the ongoing use of pepper spray in prisons will be made in April. Prison Service's acting general manager Eric Fairbairn explains. [more]

20/01/2012: Unions: 'Inflation rate no excuse to scrimp on wages'
Unions are warning employers not to use a sharp fall in the annual inflation rate to short-change workers in wage negotiations. [more]

20/01/2012: Summer Report weather update
Met Service weather ambassador Dan Corbett outlines the likely weather for the day. [more]

20/01/2012: Sports News for 20 January 2012
n update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

20/01/2012: Morning Business for 20 January 2012
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

20/01/2012: A Twenty20 league for the USA?
Baseball may be the official summer game in the United States, but in small pockets of the country, cricket also has a keen following. [more]

20/01/2012: Tucked away on wild, windy coast is irresistible Castlepoint
For most of the year just sixteen people live in the historic settlement, the centre point of which is a one-stop dairy, petrol station, and fish & chip shop. But at this time of year the population booms, as thousands of holidaymakers arrive en masse. [more]

20/01/2012: Listener feedback
Some of what you've had to say about the programme today. [more]

20/01/2012: Summer Madness with Mark Cubey
A final taste of Summer Madness with Mark Cubey. [more]

26/12/2012: Top Stories for Wednesday 26 December 2012
Drunken youths attack police officers in Dargaville. Social services agencies say they're under more stress than ever and in the US, gun rights advocates call for Talk show host Piers Morgan to be deported. [more]

26/12/2012: Police officers attacked by drunk partygoers
Two police officers have been injured in an attack by a group of drunk party-goers in Dargaville overnight. [more]

26/12/2012: Social service demand at saturation point in 2012
Key social support services say demand for help from vulnerable people this year reached a saturation point that they can barely keep up with. [more]

26/12/2012: Retailers hoping tills keep ringing
It's been a strong month for retailers with spending on Christmas shopping up three percent on last year. [more]

26/12/2012: Momentum behind petition to deport Piers Morgan grows
The gun lobby in the United States is calling for talk show host and former British tabloid editor Piers Morgan to be deported from the US. [more]

26/12/2012: Sports News for 26 December 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

26/12/2012: Napier acting now to make sure Art Deco buildings survive
The city of Napier is famous for its art deco buildings built following the 1931 earthquake that devestated the area. [more]

26/12/2012: Summer food
Caitlin talks to Wellington chef Martin Bosley as he cooks his favourite summer dinner. [more]

26/12/2012: Science and IT
Peter Griffin tells us why the search engine giant Google wants to get into the smart phones market - and how Facebook may charge you to send messages. [more]

26/12/2012: Police officers attacked by drunk partygoers
Two police officers have been attacked by a group of drunk party-goers in Dargaville overnight. [more]

26/12/2012: Interpreter for NZ troops says he's desperate
The interpreter for New Zealand's reconstruction team in Afghanistan says he's desperate. [more]

26/12/2012: The latest on the Christmas weather
What a scorcher! But the hot Christmas Day weather won't last for long. [more]

26/12/2012: Big malls prepare for Boxing Day sales
Deb McGhie from Westfield's malls talks to us about the Boxing Day sales. [more]

26/12/2012: Learning a second language
Is it time to make learning a second language compulsory? We preview tonight's Outspoken programme on this subject. [more]

26/12/2012: Sydney to Hobart yacht race gets under way
The Sydney to Hobart yacht race gets under way today - we talk to the Commodore of the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia, Howard Piggott. [more]

26/12/2012: Sports News for 26 December 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

26/12/2012: Fishing report
Grant Dixon tells us where the fish are biting. [more]

26/12/2012: Summer movies
Sarah Watt previews the best of the summer season movies. [more]

26/12/2012: Boom boxes to lure rare seabirds
Ian Telfer is at St Clair Heights as conservationists try to attract rare seabirds to a new sanctuary. [more]

27/12/2012: Top Stories for Thursday 27 December 2012
A series of attacks on police officers sparks calls for the police to be armed. A blow-out in the budget for security for politicians and the Black Caps lose out in a Twenty20 decider. [more]

27/12/2012: Police attacks reignite calls to arm officers
The Police association says the police should be armed to cope with increasing violence, Mani Dunlop reports. [more]

27/12/2012: Police assaults a real concern - Government
We talk to Justice Minister Judith Collins about the attacks on police. [more]

27/12/2012: Diplomatic Protection Squad in million-dollar budget blowout
A blow-out in the budget for the Diplomatic Protection Service, police reporter Craig McCulloch has the details. [more]

27/12/2012: Collins responds to critics of budget blow-out
The Justice Minister Judith Collins responds to criticism of the DPS budget blow-out. [more]

27/12/2012: Sports News for 27 December 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

27/12/2012: Black Caps lose out in Twenty20 decider
The New Zealand cricketers have lost their third and final Twenty20 match at Port Elizabeth, with South Africa cruising to a comfortable victory. [more]

27/12/2012: Te Papa's head chef whips up raspberry lamb loin
Tim talks to Te Papa's head chef Bernd Lippmann as he cooks up a tasty lamb dish. [more]

27/12/2012: Place names: recent changes
Peter Dowling with the latest changes in place names. [more]

27/12/2012: More police officers want to be armed - union
The Police Association says police should be armed all the time, Luke Shadbolt of the Association speaks to Summer Report. [more]

27/12/2012: Principals ask Auditor-General to investigate Novopay
Phil Harding of the Principals Federation tells us why they want the Audit Office to investigate the Novopay problems. [more]

27/12/2012: Drought watch underway in Hawkes Bay
Hawkes Bay prepares for possible drought, we speak to Ian Liburn of the Hawkes Bay Regional Council. [more]

27/12/2012: Plodding economic recovery expected in 2013
Where's the economy heading? We preview tonight's Outspoken programme on this subject. [more]

27/12/2012: Sports News for 27 December 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

27/12/2012: Surf update
Let's check out the surf conditions for today with surfer Doug Young. [more]

27/12/2012: The secret life of the spotted kiwi
Lynn Freeman gets close with the little spotted kiwi. [more]

27/12/2012: Last get-together for the Maori Batallion
Andrew McRae meets the surviving members of the 28th Maori Batallion. [more]

28/12/2012: Top Stories for Friday 28 December 2012
The Treasury warns the share market may not be able to handle three Government asset sales at once. President Obama cuts short his holiday as the US gets close to going over the fiscal cliff and a merry Christmas and Boxing Day, for retailers. [more]

28/12/2012: Treasury warns Govt about power company sales
Can the sharemarket handle three partial asset sales at once? Craig McCulloch reports. [more]

28/12/2012: US approaches fiscal cliff
President Obama returns from holiday to try and avert an economic crisis, our Washington corespondent Daniel Ryntjes has the latest. [more]

28/12/2012: Retailers reap rewards in big Boxing Day
The Boxing Day sales have retailers more than happy, Jacob McSweeny reports. [more]

28/12/2012: Fertiliser could be answer to Kiwifruit PSA disease
A new Italian fertiliser could help combat the vine killing PSA-v disease, Leigh Mclachlan reports. [more]

28/12/2012: Sports News for 28 December 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

28/12/2012: Morning Business for 28 December 2012
Here's Rachel Askew with the latest from the markets. [more]

28/12/2012: Chinese firm to open baby formula plant in Canterbury
A Chinese dairy company wants to set up an infant formula factory near Waimate, we talk to Don Brash, a director of Oceania Dairy which may be talen over by the Chinese company. [more]

28/12/2012: Warning for farmers following quad bike death
Federated Farmers talk about the latest quad bike death. [more]

28/12/2012: Prof says long-term Cannabis use harm underestimated
New studies suggest cannabis use may have worse effects from previously thought, we speak to Professor Richie Poulton of Otago University. [more]

28/12/2012: Summer food with Alexa Johnston
Lisa Thompson talks to author Alexa Johnston as she cooks up summer bread. [more]

28/12/2012: Peter Griffin reviews the big IT stories of the year
Peter Griffin talks about the big tech stories of the year. [more]

28/12/2012: Investors likely to have appetite for the partial float
Rob Cameron from the Capital Market Development Taskforce talks to us about the partial asset sales. [more]

28/12/2012: Southern harbour towns looking to cash in on cruise trade
Record numbers of cruise ship passengers will arrive in Christchurch this summer, Nicola Grigg reports. [more]

28/12/2012: Antarctic mission called off
An Antarctic experiment to drill through three kilometres of ice to a 500-thousand year old lake has had to be called off. We talk to the project's manager in Antarctica. [more]

28/12/2012: US gun debate has taken yet another twist
In the US, a newspaper prints the names and addresses of registered gun owners. [more]

28/12/2012: Maori board may co-opt outsiders to Alk council committees
Is Auckland Council's Maori board a success? we preview tonight's Outspoken programme. [more]

28/12/2012: Sports News for 28 December 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

28/12/2012: A look at the weather for the new year
Dr James Renwick from Victoria University talks about the weather. [more]

28/12/2012: The Gisborne region a mecca for tourists in summer
Heugh Chappell previews a big festival in Gisborne. [more]

28/12/2012: New track opens round tip of the north
Lois Williams takes a great walk along the Re Paki Coastal Track in the far north of New Zealand. [more]

31/12/2012: Top Stories for Monday 31 December 2012
Equestrian Mark Todd and broadcaster Paul Holmes top the list of New Years Honours. Emergency services in Solomon Islands assess the damage caused by tropical cyclone Freda and President Obama pressures Republicans to accept a deal aimed at stopping the US going over the "fiscal cliff". [more]

31/12/2012: Seven knights and two dames created in NY honours list
Seven knights and two dames in New Years Honours list, Catherine Hutton reports. [more]

31/12/2012: Mark Todd to be knighted for services to Equestrian
Sir Mark Todd speaks to us from France. [more]

31/12/2012: Flooding and landslides as Cyclone Freda hits Solomon Islands
Jared Berends of World Vision speaks to us from the Solomon Islands about the damage from Cyclone Freda. [more]

31/12/2012: Mark Todd to be knighted for services to Equestrian
Sir Mark Todd speaks to us from France. [more]

31/12/2012: Hours left until fiscal cliff deadline
To the US now, where President Obama has slammed his Republican opposition for the looming "fiscal cliff" crisis. [more]

31/12/2012: Sports News for 31 December 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

31/12/2012: Markets Update for 31 December 2012
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

31/12/2012: Philanthropist Owen Glenn to be knighted
Philanthropist Sir Owen Glenn talks to Caitlin about his knighthood. [more]

31/12/2012: Animal cruelty alarms advocacy groups
Ruth Hill reports on the spate of attacks on animals. [more]

31/12/2012: Summer food and drink
Marlborough chef Chris Fortune cooks crepes with Caitlin. [more]

31/12/2012: Peter Griffin reviews the big IT stories of the year
Peter Griffin talks about the new super computer and other tech stories. [more]

31/12/2012: Entrepreneur Wendy Pye recognised in New Year honours
Dame Wendy Pye talks about her business career. [more]

31/12/2012: Former mayor and surf lifesaving president becomes a Sir
Sir Robert Harvey talks about his New Years honour. [more]

31/12/2012: Cities prepare for NewYears celebrations
Authorities prepare for New Year celebrations, Marcus Irvine reports. [more]

31/12/2012: Murder charges laid after death in Indian gang rape case
The Indian woman who died after being gang-raped has been cremated. [more]

31/12/2012: Last day of NZ 's legal commitment to Kyoto Protocol today
Today marks the last day that New Zealand is tied to any formal commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions under the Kyoto Protocol. [more]

31/12/2012: Sports News for 31 December 2012
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

31/12/2012: Summer movies
Movie reviewer Sarah Watt on the best movies of the year. [more]

31/12/2012: Kiwis break mass skinny dipping record
We hear about a new record for naked swimmers. [more]

31/12/2012: Take a tour of Bay of Plenty's oldest European heritage site
Lorna Perry visits a historic home in Tauranga. [more]

01/01/2013: Top Stories for Tuesday 1 January 2013
Wet weather mars New Years celebrations in some parts of the country. In the US, there are no signs of a deal between the White House and Republicans as the deadline for the fiscal cliff looms and the international film industry is mourning the death of the Oscar-winning sound designer, Michael "Hoppy" Hopkins, [more]

01/01/2013: Wet weather in Wellington at New Years Eve
Weather mars New Year celebration in Wellington, Catherine Hutton reports. [more]

01/01/2013: Fireworks welcome in the Auckland New Year
Auckland sees in the New Year, Murielle Baker reports. [more]

01/01/2013: Auckland police kept busy by New Year crowds
A busy night for Auckland police, we speak to Inspector Andrew Coster. [more]

01/01/2013: Deadline for fiscal cliff looms
Simon Marks reports from Washington on the latest negotiations. [more]

01/01/2013: Wet start to the New Year in parts of Canterbury
South Canterbury duty flood control Tony Henderson on the bad weather expected to hit parts of the South Island. [more]

01/01/2013: Film industry mourns NZ sound pioneer
Tributes to Mike Hopkins who died in a rafting accident, Ruth Hill reports. [more]

01/01/2013: Sports News for 1 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

01/01/2013: Markets Update for 1 January 2013
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

01/01/2013: Price of prescriptions rises from 3 to 5 dollars today
Jane Patterson reports on the debate over the rise in prescription charges. [more]

01/01/2013: Christchurch police appeal for further information on fires
The police tell us about their investigation into two arsons. [more]

01/01/2013: Rain keeps crowd numbers low in Queenstown.
Steve Wilde on a wet New Years Eve in Queenstown. [more]

01/01/2013: Green shell mussels in a fennel and curry cream
Tim joins chef Simon Peacock as he cooks up a summer appetiser. [more]

01/01/2013: Place names: the provinces
Peter Dowling on how our provinces got their names. [more]

01/01/2013: Oabma tries to do budget deal
Simon Marks with the latest on the talks to avoid the fiscal cliff. [more]

01/01/2013: New Years Eve celebrated in Christchurch
Marcus Irvine joins Christchurch revellers. [more]

01/01/2013: New Plymouth welcomes in the New Year
Juliet Larkin reports on a warm summer evening in New Plymouth. [more]

01/01/2013: Bad beginning to 2013 for some
We talk to Wellington emergency room doctor, Penny Jeffrey. [more]

01/01/2013: Whanganui smell has to go - mayor
The stench in Whanganui mystifies locals, we speak to the city's mayor Annette Main. [more]

01/01/2013: Firefighters in the South Island have been busy overnight
Firefighters in the South Island have been busy overnight with numerous call-outs in Canterbury, Otago and Southland. [more]

01/01/2013: Woring past the retirement age
It's growing more common for people to work past the retirement age of 65. [more]

01/01/2013: Sports News for 1 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

01/01/2013: David Slack on what to watch this summer
David Slack on must see TV. [more]

01/01/2013: Northland community unites to save a beach for the dotterels
Lois Williams joins bird lovers in Ahipara. [more]

01/01/2013: Older workers
Jean Slobbe works on in her 80s. [more]

02/01/2013: Top Stories for Wednesday 2 January 2013
Police hunt for the man who stabbed a tourist in Waihi. From behind bars, a triple murderer claims to have abandoned his alter ego that told him to kill women and state housing tenants are told to leave their homes because of the earthquake risk. [more]

02/01/2013: Police investigating New Years' Eve stabbing in Waihi
Bridget Mills has the latest on yesterday's stabbing of a tourist in Waihi. [more]

02/01/2013: Two-month old dies in Auckland
Police investigate the death of a baby in Manurewa. [more]

02/01/2013: Triple murderer claims to be rid of killer alter ego
Craig McCulloch reports on Hayden Poulter's appearance before the Parole Board. [more]

02/01/2013: State house tenants to be shifted from quake prone buildings
State house tenants have their homes declared unsafe, Jacob McSweeny reports. [more]

02/01/2013: The US falls over the cliff
Simon Marks reports from Washington on the latest talks. [more]

02/01/2013: Sports News for 2 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

02/01/2013: Caravan lovers implore the young to join them
Tim joins people taking a caravan holiday. [more]

02/01/2013: Summer food with Annabel Langbein
Lisa Thompson joins chef Annabel Langbein as she cooks ginger soy lamb kebabs. [more]

02/01/2013: Peter Griffin talks tech
Peter on the problems with anti-virus software. [more]

02/01/2013: Police investigate fatal attack in South Auckland
Detective Inspector Mark Benefield talks to us about the investigation into the fatal assault on a Panmure man. [more]

02/01/2013: 120 trampers stuck in huts on Milford Track
DOC's Annie Wallace updates us on the missing trampers. [more]

02/01/2013: US lawmakers agree to fiscal cliff deal
Currency markets commentator Derek Rankin talks about the effects of a possible deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. [more]

02/01/2013: Call for urgent help for Pacific communities in Auckland
We preview tonight;s Outspoken debate about Pacific Island communities in Auckland. [more]

02/01/2013: The internet turns 30
Ruth Hill on the 30th anniversary of the Internet. [more]

02/01/2013: Kauri wins the hearts of New Zealanders in 2012
Jesse Bythell tells us about the plant of the year award. [more]

02/01/2013: Sports News for 2 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

02/01/2013: Fishing Report
Grant Dixon of NZ Fishing News tells us where the fish are biting. [more]

02/01/2013: Shrek heading for Te Papa museum.
Steve Wilde on the trail of Shrek. [more]

02/01/2013: Summer Birds
Lynn delivers lunch to the rarest species at Zealandia, the takahe couple Puffin and T2. [more]

03/01/2013: Top Stories for Thursday 3 January 2013
Bad weather hits the West Coast, washing out a bridge and leaving people isolated. Share markets around the world rally as US politicians make a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff and the New Zealand cricketers are humiliated in the first test at Cape Town. [more]

03/01/2013: Floods close West Coast roads, strand holidaygoers
Flooding leaves parts of the west Coast isolated, Jacob McSweeny reports. [more]

03/01/2013: Wild weather whips West Coast
The Westland District Civil Defence manager Richard Simpson updates us on the floods.. [more]

03/01/2013: Markets surge as US lawmakers make a deal
Wall Street welcomes the deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, Nathan King reports from New York. [more]

03/01/2013: Black Caps out for just 45
New Zealand cricketers collapse at Cape Town, commentator Neil Manthorp reports. [more]

03/01/2013: Child injuries investigated by police and CYF
A nine-month-old boy in Rotorua is seriously injured. [more]

03/01/2013: Sports News for 3 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

03/01/2013: Update on Waihi stabbing
Police Inspector Dana McDonald joins us with the latest on the investigation into the stabbing of a 64 year old man. [more]

03/01/2013: Savings industry touts Kiwisaver plan as sharemarket winner
Kiwisaver is bossting the share market, economics correspondent Nigel Stirling reports. [more]

03/01/2013: Fire rips through Invercargill school
A large blaze has ripped through at least two classroom at an Invercargill school. [more]

03/01/2013: Summer food with Paul Hoather
Caitlin joins chef Paul Hoather as he cooks a summer dish. [more]

03/01/2013: Place names: marae
Peter Dowling looks at the names of marae: Taputapuatea, Tūrangawaewae. [more]

03/01/2013: Torrential rain, thunderstorms and gale winds wreak havoc
Mark Pinner from the Transport Agnecy updates us on the West Coast roads. [more]

03/01/2013: Bad weather moving north
Weather forecaster Andy Downs tells us where the weather is heading . [more]

03/01/2013: Record low road toll as holiday period closes
The road toll was high over the whole year, but low over the Christmas period, Police Superintendent Carey Griffiths talks to us about why. [more]

03/01/2013: Fijian Constitution Commission distribute draft
Fiji's progress towards a new constition may be stalling, we talk to the Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully. [more]

03/01/2013: Neighbourhood turned into a "ghetto" by Housing New Zealand
Home owners in Lower Hutt are concerned about the vacated state houses, William Ray reports. [more]

03/01/2013: Sports News for 3 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

03/01/2013: St John needs to cut number of people it takes to ED
St John ambulance says it's unnecessarily taking up to 80,000 people to hospital each year. [more]

03/01/2013: Surf Update
Let's check out the surf conditions for today with surfer Doug Young. [more]

03/01/2013: Kapiti coast highway site holds secrets of early Maori
A long stretch of grassy dunes on the Kapiti Coast that may be the path for a highway linking Manawatu and central Wellington is to be studied by archaeologists. [more]

04/01/2013: Top Stories for Friday 4 January 2013
Five men are charged in India over the rape and murder of a young woman. A six year old girl is in critical condition after a quad bike accident - we talk to a hawke's Bay doctor about the region's spate of alcohol fuelled accidents and the latest on the West Coast roads affected by floods. [more]

04/01/2013: Five men charged over gang rape in India
A trial for the men accused of a gang rape in India could begin within days, according to the BBC's Sanjoy Majumder in Delhi. [more]

04/01/2013: Disappointing quad bike safety message not getting through
Renewed concern about the safety of quad bikes after a six-year-old girl was injured in an accident in Hawke's Bay. [more]

04/01/2013: Bump in alcohol-related admissions in Hawke's Bay
We talk to Hawke's Bay emergency doctor Scott Boyes about the spate of alcohol fuelled accidents in the region. [more]

04/01/2013: Woman continues to fight radiotherapy treatment for her son
New Zealander Sally Roberts doesn't want her son Neon to be given radiotherapy treatment, UK correspondent Olly Barratt has an update. [more]

04/01/2013: Sports News for 4 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

04/01/2013: State highway 6 still closed as NZTA looks for solutions
The Transport Agency's Mark Pinner updates us on the status of West Coast's main roads. [more]

04/01/2013: Markets Update for 4 January 2013
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

04/01/2013: IRD to look at controversial searching powers
The IRD reviews its use of powers to search businesses and homes to track down tax evasion. [more]

04/01/2013: Study shows many immigrants who get NZ residency then leave
A third of immigrants who get NZ residency then leave New Zealand, Gill Bonnett finds out why. [more]

04/01/2013: A crisp vegetable salad with a twist from Ruth Pretty
Tim joins chef Ruth Pretty as she makes one of her favourite summer dishes. [more]

04/01/2013: Peter Griffin talks science
Peter Griffin from the Science Media centre with the latest news. [more]

04/01/2013: Dotcom accuses US government of misleading the court
The lawyer for Kim Dotcom, Ira Rothken tells us about the Internet millionaire's latest legal battle. [more]

04/01/2013: Pharmacists react to prescription fee rises
The Pharmacy Guild says it will discourage pharmacists from increasing prescription fees, Sofia Wenborn reports. [more]

04/01/2013: Victoria bracing for bushfires as heatwave continues
Donna Demaio reports from Melbourne on the heatwave in Victoria. [more]

04/01/2013: Picton businesses worried about the move of the ferry terminal
Caitlin visits Picton where locals are worried about the town's future. [more]

04/01/2013: Sports News for 4 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

04/01/2013: A look ahead at the weekend's weather
Dr James Renwick from Victoria University talks about the weather. [more]

04/01/2013: Gold rush in Reefton
Conan Young visits Reefton where they're experiencing a mining boom. [more]

04/01/2013: The country's first native forest zipline
Our Bay of Plenty reporter, Lorna Perry, went along for a look at what's believed to be the country's first native forest zipline canopy tour on the outskirts of Rotorua. [more]

04/01/2013: A Place In The Sun - St Bathans
The best places to spend the summer in New Zealand. [more]

06/01/2013: Chatham Islands wants in on any mining benefits
Can the Chatham Islands cash in on potential mining of phosphate deposits on the sea-bed, Demelza Leslie reports. [more]

07/01/2013: Top Stories for Monday 7 January 2013
The hunt for bodies begins in Tasmania as the bushfires continue to blaze - 100 people are missing. The police in Coromandel search for the man accused of indecently assaulting a five year old girl and Carterton residents mark the anniversary of New Zealand's worst ballooning tragedy. [more]

07/01/2013: Bushfires destroy thousands of homes in Tasmania
Tasmanian authorities have begun searching for bodies amid fears lives may have been lost in the bushfires. [more]

07/01/2013: Dunalley pub rallies to help those who've lost everything
The Dunalley Hotel publican, Bill Kidd, tells us about the fires in Tasmania. [more]

07/01/2013: Cooks Beach in shock after indecent assault on girl
The search continues for a man who indecently assaulted a girl, we talk to the local Community board member, Paul Hopkins. [more]

07/01/2013: All is on track for Westland road to re-open
The state highway near Harihari should be restored tomorrow, Sofia Wenborn reports. [more]

07/01/2013: Sports News for 7 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

07/01/2013: Markets Update for 7 January 2013
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

07/01/2013: First anniversary of Carterton balloon tragedy
A memorial service will be held today to mark the anniversary of the deaths in the Carterton ballooning accident, William Ray reports. [more]

07/01/2013: Health and Safety experts defend SkyWalk
The Skywalk is defended after a man threatened to throw himself from the Sky Tower, Briony Sowden reports. [more]

07/01/2013: Living the good life on Arapawa island
Caitlin joins the Denize family, living at remote Stingray Bay. [more]

07/01/2013: Peter Griffin talks technology
Peter Griffin talks about the Las Vegas electronics show. [more]

07/01/2013: Dunalley service station survives the Tasmania bushfires
The Tasmanian town of Dunalley has been devestated by the bush fires, Danielle McBride owns a service station there. [more]

07/01/2013: Thosuands take advantage of Christmas red zone tour
Nicola Grigg looks around Christchurch;s red zone which has been temporarily open during the holidays. [more]

07/01/2013: Thousands take advantage of Christmas red zone tour
Nicola Grigg looks around Christchurch's red zone which has been temporarily open during the holidays. [more]

07/01/2013: Are tough regulators hurting the share market?
We preview tonight's Outspoken programme on the Commerce Commission. [more]

07/01/2013: Sports News for 7 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

07/01/2013: Summer movies
Sarah Watt on what's hot at the movies. [more]

07/01/2013: Runners try to beat the Kingston Flyer train.
It's man v machine as Queenstown runners race against the Kingston Flyer, Steve Wilde reports. [more]

07/01/2013: NZ's first purpose built digital archive opens
Heugh Chappell visits New Zealand's first purpose built digital archive. [more]

08/01/2013: Top Stories for Tuesday 8 January 2013
New South Wales faces catastrophic fire conditions today. New figures show thousands of mistakes made by the Novopay system and if you're back at work and feeling a bit blue after a holiday - you're not the only one. [more]

08/01/2013: NSW on high alert as fire danger reaches catastrophic
Parts of New South Wales face their worst ever bushfire risk today, with fire conditions classed as catastrophic in Illawarra and the southern ranges. [more]

08/01/2013: Novopay problems 'probably under-reported'
The Principals' Federation says the latest figures detailing problems with the Novopay system are likely to be conservative, and errors are snowballing. [more]

08/01/2013: Chaotic scenes as India rape accused appear
A judge has been forced to eject the media and members of the public from a courtroom after angry scenes erupted at the first appearance of the five men accused of raping and killing a 23-year old physiotherapy student. [more]

08/01/2013: Sports News for 8 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

08/01/2013: Markets Update for 8 January 2013
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

08/01/2013: Indonesian Government slammed for tourist death
Hoteliers in Indonesia call for action after a New Zealand tourist dies, Briony Sowden reports. [more]

08/01/2013: Keep that holiday buzz after heading back to work
Psychology lecturer talks to Tim about the post-holiday blues. [more]

08/01/2013: The mysteries of Matiu-Somes Island revealed
Nick Butcher spends a night on Matiu-Somes Island. [more]

08/01/2013: Place names: children
Peter Dowling on the links between place names and children: Children's Bay, Nga Tamariki o Hikura, Young Nick's Head, Kupe's daughters. [more]

08/01/2013: Fire danger catastrophic in parts of NSW
The Mayor of Wollongong ahead of what could be catastrophic bush fires in New South Wales. [more]

08/01/2013: Conditions ease in tasmania where fires still rage
The ABC's Brad Markham talks to us from Hobart where bush fires continue to blaze. [more]

08/01/2013: Conditions ease in Tasmania where fires still rage
The ABC's Brad Markham talks to us from Hobart where bush fires continue to blaze. [more]

08/01/2013: West Coast washout of state highway six repaired
State Highway Six near Hari Hari on the West Coast is open again after last week's bridge wash-out, Marcus Irvine reports. [more]

08/01/2013: Controversial choice for US Defence Secretary
In Washington, President Obama has just nominated the former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel as his new Defence Secretary. [more]

08/01/2013: New powers for the Privacy Commissioner
The Justice Minister is hoping to report to Cabinet on increasing powers for the Privacy Commissioner in April or May, six months later than originally planned. [more]

08/01/2013: Strong wings in the Coromandel cause chaos
Strong wings in the Coromandel caused chaos at at least one camping ground overnight. [more]

08/01/2013: Sports News for 8 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

08/01/2013: Black Caps described as being at "sixes and sevens"
Ahead of a tour to New Zealand by England's cricket team, a senior English cricket writer is describing the Black Caps as being at "sixes and sevens" while playing South Africa. [more]

08/01/2013: Summer movies
With some summer movie suggestions - the author and broadcaster David Slack joins us. [more]

08/01/2013: 85 year old proves working is worthwhile
85 year olds aren't generally found in retail jobs at downtown department stores. [more]

08/01/2013: Threat to trout and salmon habitats
Fish and Game are worried about changes to the Resource Management Act, Marcus Irvine reports. [more]

08/01/2013: Chatham fishers still have some concerns over phosphate
Fishermen on the Chatham Islands are worried by plans to mine the seabed nearby, Nicola Grigg reports. [more]

09/01/2013: Top Stories for Wednesday 9 January 2013
The bushfires blaze across Tasmania, New South Wales and Victoria. Back home, the fire risk in Hawkes Bay has been raised to extreme and cuts in funding for surf lifesaving as the numbers of rescues reach new highs. [more]

09/01/2013: Tasmania Peninsular bushfire flares up again
The Tasmanian Fire Service talks to us about the emergency warning in the north-west of the state. [more]

09/01/2013: Extreme fire danger
The Hastings Rural Fire Officer, Trevor Mitchell talks to us about the extreme fire risk in that region. [more]

09/01/2013: Surf lifeguards working with small budgets to save lives
Cuts in funding for surf life saving as rescue numbers reach record highs, Murielle Baker reports. [more]

09/01/2013: Buchanan says NZ not playing at Test level
John Buchanan of NZ Cricket on why the rest of the world doesn't want to play the Black Caps. [more]

09/01/2013: Sports News for 9 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

09/01/2013: Markets Update for 9 January 2013
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

09/01/2013: School staff put holiday aside for Novopay
Principals head back to school to deal with Novopay problems, Jonathan Mitchell reports. [more]

09/01/2013: All Whites captain becomes Toronto FC coach
Ryan Nelsen takes up a coaching job, we talk to Fred de Jong of NZ Football. [more]

09/01/2013: End of the road for Kombi vans
Tim talks to kombi fans as the last vans roll off the production line. [more]

09/01/2013: Las Vegas Electronics Show
Peter Griffin reports on the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show. [more]

09/01/2013: Arrest in Waihi murder investigation
Murielle Baker has the latest on the arrest of a teenager over the murder of a man at Waihi Beach. [more]

09/01/2013: Firefighters battle balzes across southern Australia
The ABC's Sarah Hawke has the latest on the battles against the bush fires in New South Wales. [more]

09/01/2013: Tasmania residents without power, mains water for weeks
Tasmania continues to battle bush fires, we talk to Eaglehawk Neck resident Karen Gowlett-Holmes. [more]

09/01/2013: New Zealanders head to Tasmania to help with the fires
New Zealand firefighters fly to Tasmania today to help with the fires, we talk to the National Rural Fire Officer Murray Dudfield. [more]

09/01/2013: Parents fight to keep Jacobs River School open
A remote West Coast area loses its school, Catherine Hutton reports. [more]

09/01/2013: Clash between India and Pakistan at Kashmir
Andrew North reports on the latest dispute between India and Pakistan. [more]

09/01/2013: Sports News for 9 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

09/01/2013: Fishing report
Let's talk fishing now with the editor of New Zealand Fishing News, Grant Dixon. [more]

09/01/2013: Memories of El Alamein
Andrew McRae joins veterans of the battle of El Alamein, 70 years on. [more]

09/01/2013: Shirleen Ericson - 5 decades at Radio NZ
Caitlin talks to Radio New Zealand's long serving receptionist Shirleen Erickson. [more]

10/01/2013: Top Stories for Thursday 10 January 2013
Criticism of a plan to leave asbestos in quake damaged Christchurch homes. Flooding and lightning strikes overnight in Southland and a helicopter pilot talks to us about battling the Bush fires in Tasmania. [more]

10/01/2013: Fears over future impact of asbestos in quake homes
A policy of covering up asbestos in quake-damaged Canterbury houses is being condemned as shortsighted and a potential health hazard for future owners, Sophia Hesselgrave reports. [more]

10/01/2013: Flooding hits Southland overnight
Steve Wilde reports on overnight flooding in Gore. [more]

10/01/2013: NZ pilot says Tasmania fires worse than Victoria in 2009
New Zealand helicopter pilot Dave Latham tells us about battling the Tasmanian bush fires. [more]

10/01/2013: Sports News for 10 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

10/01/2013: Markets Update for 10 January 2013
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

10/01/2013: Rising building consents not enough to fill housing shortage
It's a bumper time for building consents but will it be enough to meet the housing shortage, Nigel Stirling reports. [more]

10/01/2013: Predictions of more jobs for Eastern Bay of Plenty
Kawerau community leaders are hoping industry expansion will mean the area isn't badly affected by job losses at the paper mill, Mani Dunlop reports. [more]

10/01/2013: Opposition parties say Treaty must be protected.
We preview tonight's Outspoken programme on the place of the Treaty of Waitangi in our constitution. [more]

10/01/2013: Kayak fishing off Wellington's south coast
Tim goes kayak fishing at Wellington's south coast. [more]

10/01/2013: Place names: German influence
Peter Dowling talks about the German influence on our place names: Franz Josef Glacier, Agassiz Glacier, Mount Kinkel, Liebig Range, Hochstetter, Blenheim, German Bay, Ransau, Neudorf. [more]

10/01/2013: Global warming blamed for Australia's heat wave
Australia's unprecedented heat wave is being blamed on global warming. [more]

10/01/2013: Job seekers 'too qualified, or have a bad attitude'
Christchurch employers struggling to fill low-skilled job vacancies say applicants are either over-qualified, or have a bad attitude. [more]

10/01/2013: Asteroid 'Apophis' heads towards Earth
An asteroid measuring about 3-hundred metres across will pass by Earth today. [more]

10/01/2013: Sports News for 10 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

10/01/2013: Surfing Update
Let's check out the surf conditions for today with surfer Doug Young. [more]

10/01/2013: Dunedin tops exercise table
Too many New Zealanders aren't getting enough exercise. [more]

10/01/2013: Cape Reinga has long been a must-see place for visitors
Cape Reinga at the tip of the north island has long been a must-see place for visitors to the Far North, but until recently it's been a bit of a mission to get there and a bit of a let down for anyone wanting to learn about why it's so special to Maori. [more]

10/01/2013: Kaka monitors at the Zealandia
From August till February, in her spare time, Arts on Sunday presenter Lynn Freeman is part of a hardy bunch of kaka monitors at the Zealandia sanctuary in Wellington. [more]

11/01/2013: Top Stories for Friday 11 January 2013
Prebbleton fires destroy homes; Selwyn district mayor Kelvin Coe on the Prebbleton fires; Fiji's military government dumps draft constitution; Three Oscar nods for The Hobbit; NSW expects tough firefighting conditions; Building industry says asbestos register a soft option; Senior UK police officer found guilty of selling information to tabloid. [more]

11/01/2013: Prebbleton fires destroy homes
Firefighters have worked through the night to contain a blaze which ripped through grass land south of Christchurch - destroying at least four houses and a chicken farm. [more]

11/01/2013: The Mayor of Selwyn with a fire update
The Mayor of Selwyn, Kelvin Coe updates us on the fight against the fires. [more]

11/01/2013: Fiji's military government dumps draft constitution
Fiji's military government has dumped the draft constitution it commissioned last year and given its legal team until the end of the month to produce a new one. [more]

11/01/2013: Three Oscar nods for The Hobbit
The Hobbit is in the running for three Oscars this year, but has missed out on being nominated in any of the major categories. [more]

11/01/2013: Sports News for 11 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

11/01/2013: Markets Update for 11 January 2013
A brief update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

11/01/2013: NSW expects tough firefighting conditions
Thousands of firefighters will have to contend with temperatures of above 40 degrees and strong westerly winds in New South Wales today, as they continue to battle more than 100 bushfires across the state. [more]

11/01/2013: Building industry says asbestos register a soft option
The Demolition and Asbestos Association says a policy of covering over undisturbed asbestos in cracked Canterbury ceilings is not a safe option. [more]

11/01/2013: Police officer found guilty of selling information to tabloid
In Britain, a senior counter-terrorism police officer has been found guilty of attempting to sell information about a phone-hacking investigation to the tabloid paper, News of the World. [more]

11/01/2013: Controlling the wilding pines in Marlborough Sounds
Many of us have travelled through the Marlborough Sounds on the Cook Strait ferries - and some may have noticed a change in recent years, as the native bush regenerates and some of the wild pines start to disappear. [more]

11/01/2013: Highlights of the Las Vegas Electronics Show
Our science and technology commentator, Peter Griffin, is in the US for the Consumer Electronics Show. [more]

11/01/2013: Cordon around Prebbleton grass fires to be lifted
The cordon surrounding the area of grassland engulfed by a large fire, south of Christchurch yesterday, will be lifted shortly. [more]

11/01/2013: Nursey owner assessing fire damage
Twenty staff at the Ambrosia Nursery near Prebbleton had to be evacuated when fire reached that property yesterday. [more]

11/01/2013: Bushfire evacuees to start heading home in Tasmania
Police in Tasmania will today begin allowing some residents evacuated from their homes during the bushfires to return to their properties. Brad Markham gives an update on the fight against the fires. [more]

11/01/2013: Fiji's Government dumps its draft constitution
The Foreign Affairs Minister, Murray McCully, comments on the latest developments in Fiji. [more]

11/01/2013: Exporters more vulnerable to strong NZ dollar
The New Zealand dollar strengthens, pleasing retailers. [more]

11/01/2013: Australia enduring NZ television programmes during summer
The Sydney Morning Herald's Peter Munro tells us why he's sick of New Zealand television programmes. [more]

11/01/2013: Sports News for 11 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

11/01/2013: A look ahead at the weekend's weather
Dr James Renwick from Victoria University talks about the weather. [more]

11/01/2013: Calls for tougher regulations for hunters
Hunters want regulations toughened to help prevent more accidental deaths. [more]

11/01/2013: Health leaders call for public input into funding options
Health leaders say debate is needed about the future of public healthcare before the current system becomes too costly and changes are urgent. [more]

14/01/2013: Top Stories for Monday 14 January 2013
More arrests may be made over the pack attack on a Featherston man. There are calls for more to be done to protect police officers in sole-charge stations and freedom campers challenge a bylaw restricting their right to camp near towns. [more]

14/01/2013: Police update on death of Featherston man Glen Jones
The police say they expect to make more arrests over the pack attack on a 40-year-old Featherston man. [more]

14/01/2013: Sole-charge police stations under scrutiny after police attack
The Police Association calls for more to be done to protect police oficers in sole-charge stations, Craig McCulloch reports. [more]

14/01/2013: NZ cricketers forced to follow-on in second Test
South African cricket commentator Neil Manthorp talks to us about another disastrous day for the Black Caps. [more]

14/01/2013: Caravan owners taking council to court
Caravan owners launch a legal challenge to a freedom camping bylaw implemented by the Westland District Council, Mani Dunlop reports. [more]

14/01/2013: Sports News for 14 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

14/01/2013: Morning Business for 14 January 2013
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

14/01/2013: Southern Fire Communication's Brent Dunn with fires update
Fire crews in Canterbury have spent the night monitoring hotspots after extinguishing a flare-up at the site of one of last week's scrub fires, the Fire Service's Brent Dunn gives us the latest. [more]

14/01/2013: Internet Freedom activist remembered after suicide
Charles Arthur from the Guardian on the remarkable, but cut short, life of internet activist Aaron Swartz. [more]

14/01/2013: Benefits of NZ Cycle Trail under review
The 80 million dollar national cycle is under review, the trail's programme manager John Dunn, speaks to us. [more]

14/01/2013: Police call for information on Kawhai assault
The Kawhai community is shocked by the attack on a police officer, community board chairman Hano Ormsby talks to us. [more]

14/01/2013: Police call for information on Kawhia assault
The Kawhia community is shocked by the attack on a police officer, community board chairman Hano Ormsby talks to us. [more]

14/01/2013: New Zealand firecrews redeployed in Tasmania
Residents of northern New South Wales have been evacuated, as bushfires threaten more homes. [more]

14/01/2013: Police warn air guns should be treated as carefully as firearms
The police say the fatal shooting of a teenager in Auckland over the weekend is a tragic reminder that air guns can be just as lethal as fire arms if they're not used carefully. [more]

14/01/2013: Morning Business for 14 January 2013
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

14/01/2013: Sports News for 14 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

14/01/2013: Movies spot
Sarah Watt talks to us about the Oscar nominations. [more]

14/01/2013: Beachgoers face jellyfish and junk
Beachgoers seeking some relief from heat, are having to share the water with jellyfish and junk in some parts of Auckland, Astrid Gjerde reports. [more]

14/01/2013: Confessions of a hitchhiker
Nick Butcher meets some interesting people while hitch-hiking to Palmesrton North. [more]

15/01/2013: Top Stories for Tuesday 15 January 2013
A report into the closed Napier-Gisborne rail line finds it is economically viable. Steven Joyce defends the Government's estimate of how many jobs were created by the Hobbit movie and Islamist fighters in Mali win ground despite military intervention by the French Government. [more]

15/01/2013: Gisborne to Napier railway line 'economically viable' - report
A review of Kiwirail's controversial decision to mothball the Napier to Gisborne railway line has found the route is economically viable, Bridget Mills reports. [more]

15/01/2013: Winston Peters wants film company to repay Hobbit tax breaks
The Economic Development Minister, Steven Joyce, defends the Government's estimate of the number of jobs created by the production of the Hobbit films. [more]

15/01/2013: Mali rebels seize new town, but retreat from Gao
Al-Qaeda linked Islamist rebels in Mali have seized the central town of Diabaly from government troops, our Paris correspondent Elaine Cobbe has the latest. [more]

15/01/2013: Kalimpong Kids families rapt story getting out
The families of more than 100 illegitimate mixed-race Indian children which settled quietly in New Zealand for fear of racial discrimination say they are delighted their story is finally being told, Ian Telfer reports. [more]

15/01/2013: Sports News for 15 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

15/01/2013: Morning Business for 15 January 2013
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

15/01/2013: Next schools' pay-days could have problems
The Ministry of Education is warning schools to be prepared for underpayments for the first two pay rounds of the new school year, our education correspondent John Gerritsen reports. [more]

15/01/2013: Part two of the beginners guide to Parliament
The snake pit, the mad house... call it what you will, Parliament's debating chamber is where the business end of law-making takes place. [more]

15/01/2013: Black Caps suffer disastrous loss in South Africa
The Black Caps lose again in the second test in South Afica, former national coach David Trist tries to explain why. [more]

15/01/2013: Report raises questions about Kiwirail decision
A group fighting the mothballing of the Napier to Gisbourne rail line say a new report raises questions about KiwiRail's decision, we talk to the Hawkes Bay Regional Transport Committee chairman Alan Dick. [more]

15/01/2013: Breaking the trans-Tasman silence on child abuse
An Australian advocate for sexual abuse victims says the extent of assaults on children will shock people when the country's big investigation of child sex-abuse in institutions starts hearings. [more]

15/01/2013: Taranaki records 18 quakes since Jan 1
Taranaki residents have had a shaky start to the year, with 18 earthquakes recorded in the region since the start of January. [more]

15/01/2013: History Man: Jim Sullivan racks up 50 years in broadcasting
Jim Sullivan, is celebrating 50 years in radio this week. [more]

15/01/2013: Morning Business for 15 January 2013
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

15/01/2013: Sports News for 15 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

15/01/2013: Place names: returns
Peter Dowling with names that suggest a return: Te Hokianga-nui-o-Kupe, Ramaroa, Hokitika, Awhitu, Cape Turnagain. [more]

15/01/2013: Report shows Cargill's Castle can be stabilised
An engineering report into the country's only castle ruins has showed they can be made safe for the public if strengthened and re-roofed, Ian Telfer's report. [more]

15/01/2013: Stock agent says loyalty important to his long career
As debate continues to rage about the retirement age, a Porangahau-based stock agent is proving even those well past 65 are more than able to put in a hard day's work. [more]

16/01/2013: Top Stories for Wednesday 16 January 2013
Auckland property prices surge, are they being priced out of the market? A norovirus is on the way and Oprah Winfrey talks about her interview with cyclist Lance Armstrong. [more]

16/01/2013: Auckland economy booming at the end of 2012
Property prices in Auckland are surging as the Auckland economy shows signs of a boom. [more]

16/01/2013: David Shearer discusses rising Auckland house prices
The Labour Party leader, and Mt Albert MP, David Shearer put housing policy at the centre of his party's agenda while speaking at the Labour Party conference in November. [more]

16/01/2013: New norovirus strain could affect 100,000 people this winter
A strain of the norovirus infecting millions across Europe and North America which causes violent vomiting and diarrhea has already reached New Zealand. [more]

16/01/2013: Lance Armstrong doping claims to be discussed on Oprah
The talk show host Oprah Winfrey says Lance Armstrong did not come clean in the way she expected about claims he used performance-enhancing drugs. [more]

16/01/2013: Sports News for 16 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

16/01/2013: Morning Business for 16 January 2013
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

16/01/2013: Kawhia comes together to discuss attack on cop
More than 300 people crammed into Kawhia's town hall last night, four days after the town's sole police officer was attacked, Andrew McRae was there. [more]

16/01/2013: Unresolved and worsening conflict in Syria worries Britain
The British Foireign Secretary William Hague talks about international politics with Caitlin. [more]

16/01/2013: Part three of beginners guide to Parliament
The last of Chris Bramwell's series looking behind the scenes at Parliament. [more]

16/01/2013: Auckland housing problems reaching crisis point
The Salvation Army says new Auckland house price figures are further evidence of a growing housing crisis in the city. [more]

16/01/2013: Pakistan prime minister arrested on corruption charges
Pakistan's Supreme Court has ordered the arrest of the Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf and 15 others over corruption allegations, raising fears of a political crisis just months ahead of an election. [more]

16/01/2013: UNDP comes under fire for how its tackling poverty
The United Nations Development Programme, headed by the former Prime Minister Helen Clark, is under fire for not tackling poverty properly. [more]

16/01/2013: TVNZ news chief jumps ship as Seven Sharp launches
The Australian executive at the helm of Television New Zealand's newsroom is jumping ship - just as it is set to launch a replacement for the current affairs show he axed, Close Up. [more]

16/01/2013: Hospitality industry want more control of pokie machines
The hospitality industry is calling for gambling licenses to be bought and sold between establishments to make gambling easier at new bars and pubs. [more]

16/01/2013: Morning Business for 16 January 2013
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

16/01/2013: Sports News for 16 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

16/01/2013: Australian heatwave part of an unmistakeable trend
The United Nations says there is no doubt last week's extreme heat in Australia is part of a global warming trend. [more]

16/01/2013: Racial tensions flare in Brisbane
Pacific Island leaders in Queensland say three days of violent clashes there aren't racially motivated. [more]

16/01/2013: Rail cart tourist venture up and running
The mothballed East Taranaki railway line is back in action - as a tourist venture. [more]

16/01/2013: Divers clean up under Wellington warf.
It is the old community clean up story with a difference, instead of on the beach or in the park, it's underwater. [more]

17/01/2013: Top Stories for Thursday 17 January 2013
Bethlehem College mourns the deaths of three New Zealanders killed in a mini van crash in Kenya. President Obama announces sweeping changes to the gun laws in the US and is Auckland's council doing enough to address the city's housing crisis? [more]

17/01/2013: Church groups remember those who've died in Kenya
Bethlehem College mourns the deaths of three volunteers in Kenya, Craig McCulloch reports. [more]

17/01/2013: Three New Zealanders killed in Kenyan bus crash
We talk to Bethlehem College's principal, Eion Crosbie. [more]

17/01/2013: Barack Obama announces gun control proposal
President Obama wants a radical shake-up of the gun laws in the US, Nina-Maria Potts reports from Washington. [more]

17/01/2013: Auckland mayor responds to Government warning on housing
Bill English says the Auckland Council needs to do more to encourage the building of affordable housing, the Auckland Mayor Len Brown responds. [more]

17/01/2013: Sports News for 17 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

17/01/2013: Morning Business for 17 January 2013
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

17/01/2013: Family defrauded of 800 thousand dollars by property developer.
A family, defrauded of hundreds of thousands of dollars by a property developer, says it's been a huge financial stress for them., Mani Dunlop reports. [more]

17/01/2013: Rule changes aimed at investors rorting NZ tax system
Industry leaders are worried that law changes proposed to stop foreign investors ripping off the tax system may scare off overseas investment, we talk to Kim Campbell of the Employers and Manufacturers Association. [more]

17/01/2013: SAFE condemns live export of 7000 cattle
The animal welfare group, SAFE, is condemning the export of more than 7000 (7200) live cattle to China next week, Marcus Irvine reports. [more]

17/01/2013: Tuhoe plan New Zealand's first ever living building
The Tuhoe iwi is planning to build its tribal headquarters near Taneatua and claims it will be New Zealand's first ever so-called "living building". [more]

17/01/2013: Obama faces stiff opposition to new gun control proposals
The US President, Barack Obama, is proposing a number of sweeping changes to tighten laws around gun control, but faces huge challenges in getting the legislation passed through congress. [more]

17/01/2013: Helicopter crashes in central London
Two people have been killed and thirteen injured in a helicopter crash in central London, Olly Barratt reports. [more]

17/01/2013: Bars and shops fear new licensing regimes
Bars, restaurants and alcohol shops fear new licensing restrictions will send them out of business in a shake-up billed as the biggest since the end of six o'clock closing, Gill Bonnett reports. [more]

17/01/2013: Antarctic airlifts come to grips with weather problems
Scott Base workers preparing for the arrival of Prime Minister John Key have been battling unseasonally warm temperatures which have melted some of their ice roads and runways, we talk to Lou Sanson of Antarctic New Zealand. [more]

17/01/2013: Scrabble purists dismiss call for new tile scores
How much value should we give to the letters Q Z and X in scrabble? Cushla Norman reports. [more]

17/01/2013: Morning Business for 17 January 2013
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

17/01/2013: Sports News for 17 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

17/01/2013: Age bans on quad bikes should be considered in NZ
Federated Farmers says putting age restrictions on quad bikes should be considered after a spate in injuries on the all-terrain vehicles over the holiday period, Leigh McLachlan reports. [more]

17/01/2013: Place names: shipwrecks
Peter Dowling talks about place names that mark shipwrecks: Cutter Rock, Burnett Head, Amphlett Stream, Orpheus Island,  Fifeshire Rock, Arrow Rock, Delaware Bay, Corsair Bay. [more]

17/01/2013: New Motorsport Park to be NZ's best.
Steve Wilde reports on plans to make a park in Cromwell one of Australasia's top motor sport venues. [more]

17/01/2013: The kaka survey at the Zealandia sanctuary in Wellington
Lynn Freeman monitors the feeding habits of the kaka. [more]

17/01/2013: The kaka survey at the Zealandia sanctuary in Wellington
Lynn Freeman monitors the feeding habits of the kaka. [more]

18/01/2013: Top Stories for Friday 18 January 2013
Islamist terrorists seize hostages at a gas facility in Algeria. Workers at the Stockton Mine on the West Coast agree to cut their hours to save their jobs and are the poor being forced off benefits into poverty? [more]

18/01/2013: A military operation is ongoing in Algeria overnight
Professor George Joffee is a lecturer at the Department of Politics and International Studies in the University of Cambridge. [more]

18/01/2013: Welfare numbers may point to 'hidden' unemployed
Advocates for the unemployed say figures showing a fall in beneficiary numbers, show the Government is forcing people into poverty. [more]

18/01/2013: CTU economist critical of drop in benefit figures
Listening to that was the Council of Trade Unions economist, Bill Rosenberg. [more]

18/01/2013: Stockton mine workers take cuts to shifts, pay
Workers at the Stockton mine on the West Coast have agreed to a cut in their hours as the mine's owner, Solid Energy, pushes to save 32 million dollars. [more]

18/01/2013: Sports News for 18 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

18/01/2013: Morning Business for 18 January 2013
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

18/01/2013: Kim Dotcom poised to launch MEGA one year on from raid
The internet tycoon Kim Dotcom has taken to the streets of Auckland to promote his new file-sharing site Mega, which he's promising will be like nothing else the internet has seen. [more]

18/01/2013: New insurance policies criticised by CHCH residents
Short term insurance polices are being criticised as unaffordable and not comprehensive enough to protect Canterbury homeowners. [more]

18/01/2013: World awaits Armstrong 'drug cheat' confession to Oprah
The world of cycling is holding its breath today as it awaits revelations about what exactly Lance Armstrong said to Oprah Winfrey in a tell all interview scheduled to air this afternoon. [more]

18/01/2013: Govt won't force relocations to Canterbury - PM
The Prime Minister, John Key says making people on the unemployment benefit shift to Canterbury is always an option but not one that the Government is currently considering. [more]

18/01/2013: Bringing the dawn chorus back to Picton
Caitlin talks to the team that wants to bring the dawn chorus back to Picton. [more]

18/01/2013: Casualties confirmed in Algerian hostage crisis
Algerian forces have moved against Islamic militants holding hostages at a gas plant in eastern Algeria, but there's confusion over the outcome. [more]

18/01/2013: John Key makes first trip to Antarctica
John Key is expected to leave for Antarctica later this morning for the start of a three-day visit, his first trip to the continent since becoming Prime Minister. [more]

18/01/2013: Coca-Cola CEO says anti-corporate attitude damaging business
Comments from the outgoing chief executive of Coca-Cola Amatil in New Zealand have ignited debate about the so-called tall poppy syndrome. [more]

18/01/2013: Long term solutions being sought for wastewater plant
Long-suffering Whanganui residents living with foul smells from the city's failing wastewater plant are being told it may be beyond repair. [more]

18/01/2013: Construction begins on world's longest waterslide
A hill near Helensville, in Auckland, is soon to play host to a very slippery kind of fundraiser. [more]

18/01/2013: Morning Business for 18 January 2013
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

18/01/2013: Sports News for 18 January 2013
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

18/01/2013: Behind the scenes at Te Papa
At the National Museum, Te Papa the vast display of Maori artifacts are chosen from a pool of thousands of pieces collected, donated, and repatriated from other corners of the world over the years. [more]

18/01/2013: An inside look into a Taranaki natural gas production plant
The Pohokura gas field in Taranaki provides about 40 percent of the natural gas used to fuel homes and businesses throughout the country. [more]

01/01/2014: Rakiura Stewart Island: volunteers
The Department of Conservation staff on Stewart Island/Rakiura have a vast area of national park to cover, and restructuring has not made that responsibility any easier. [more]

02/01/2014: Top Stories for Thursday 2 January 2014
Corey Anderson hits the cricket record books for six with the fastest century ever. The wait continues for the passengers stranded on a ship in Antarctic and farmers promise to clean up the country's waterways. [more]

02/01/2014: Anderson breaks world record with fastest century
The 23 year old reached the fastest ever international century off just 36 balls with 14 sixes and six fours - and finished on 131 not out after just 51 minutes batting. [more]

02/01/2014: Stranded Antarctic ship faces another night in the ice
There is still no word on when people will be evacuated from a Russian ship stranded in Antarctic sea ice. [more]

02/01/2014: Cleaning up the country's waterways
The farming community is promising New Zealanders they are committed to cleaning up the country's waterways. [more]

02/01/2014: Scientist says world temperature could rise by five degrees
An Australian study suggests global temperatures could rise by up to five degrees by the end of the century. [more]

02/01/2014: Sports News for 2 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

02/01/2014: Weather update
With Dan Corbett from the Met Service. [more]

02/01/2014: DoC considering using dog DNA to identify kiwi-killers.
The Department of Conservation says it's looking at using DNA technology to track down dogs that kill kiwi so the owners can be prosecuted. [more]

02/01/2014: New WOF laws come into effect January 1
The Motor Trade Association is warning that changes to Warrant of Fitness rules will eventually lead to about two-thousand job losses. [more]

02/01/2014: Adult learners' access to student allowance slashed
And another change taking effect this week - adult learners have had their access to student allowances slashed. [more]

02/01/2014: Social problems in Featherston
The Wairarapa may be one of the country's key wine regions, but it also has some of the country's poorest communities. [more]

02/01/2014: Support grows for commission
Support is building for a special commission to review cases where there is an alleged miscarriage of justice. [more]

02/01/2014: 10 people being kept in isolation after contracting measles
At least 10 people have contracted measles following a hip-hop event in Sydney. [more]

02/01/2014: Trapped Antarctic scientists wait for weather clear for rescue
Conditions in Antarctica are improving and a planned rescue of passengers stranded on a research ship may go ahead today. [more]

02/01/2014: NZ road toll still lags behind UK, Sweeden, Norway
Despite the lowest annual road toll in 60 years, road safety advocates say the number of deaths is still too high compared to countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden and Norway. [more]

02/01/2014: Serious crash on the Napier -Taupo Road
Emergency Services are currently dealing with a serious crash on the Napier -Taupo Road (SH5) near Te Haroto. [more]

02/01/2014: Sports News for 2 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

02/01/2014: Debbie Hockley to be inducted into cricket hall of fame
The former White Fern, Debbie Hockley, will be inducted into international cricket's hall of fame today. [more]

02/01/2014: North Korean leader promises to eliminate factionalist filth
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has spoken of the "elimination of factionalist filth" in a new year message broadcast on state TV which is his first public reference to the execution of his once-powerful uncle. [more]

02/01/2014: Plan to create Geopark on Banks Peninsula
New Zealand's first geopark could be created in Canterbury's Banks Peninsula. [more]

02/01/2014: Updated view of the life of the moa
One of the oldest displays at Auckland museum is having a makeover so bring it in line with current scientific thinking. [more]

02/01/2014: Featuire Interview - Brett Martin
Brett Martin is the author of "Difficult Men" a book about the anti-heroes of television and the 'difficult men' who created shows like 'The Sopranos', 'Deadwood', and the show he says started it all, 'Hill Street Blues'. [more]

02/01/2014: An inside look into life as a hut warden
Trampers visiting the Abel Tasman national park this summer will be greeted by a warden each night as they make themselves at home in one of the many Department of Conservation-operated huts within the park. [more]

02/01/2014: Rakiura Stewart Island: the tourist levy
Lynn Freeman finds out how the money will be used and what the tourists think about it. [more]

02/01/2014: Researchers uncover the secret life of cats
Cats have been getting some bad press after being slated by entrepreneur and conservationist Gareth Morgan, who really made the fur fly with his assertion that cats are 'natural born killers' causing carnage in the bush. [more]

03/01/2014: Top Stories for Friday 3 January 2014
The passengers on board the stranded ship in the Antarctic are rescued. The latest on the police investigation into a sexual assault on a six year old girl and a bid to rescue two kayakers who spent the night trapped at the base of a cliff. [more]

03/01/2014: Passengers rescued off ship
Rescuers have now transferred all 52 passengers stranded on the ice-bound research vessel. [more]

03/01/2014: Dangerous rescue operation underway ay Godley Head
A dramatic rescue operation is underway at Godley Head in Christchurch to try to save two kayakers who went missing yesterday afternoon. [more]

03/01/2014: Criminal Bar Association: Govt should push case reviews
The Labour Party says it will look into setting up an independent body to investigate possible miscarriages of justice if it is elected to government this year. [more]

03/01/2014: Police concerned attacker may strike again
Police are concerned the man who sexually attacked a six-year-old girl in West Auckland may strike again. [more]

03/01/2014: Sports News for 3 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

03/01/2014: Weather update
With Dan Corbett from the Met Service. [more]

03/01/2014: US Sec of State back to Israel/Palestine peace talks
The United States Secretary of State John Kerry has travelled to the Middle East to broker ongoing peace negotiations between Israel and Palestine. [more]

03/01/2014: 'High' marijuana sales in Denver after law change
Marijuana retailers in Colarado say business has been booming since a law change came into effect on January the 1st allowing the sale of pot to anyone over the age of 21. [more]

03/01/2014: Antarctic rescue successful
Passengers from a ship that has been stuck in Antarctic ice since Christmas Eve have been airlifted to safety in a five-hour rescue mission. [more]

03/01/2014: Asian dancer behind measles outbreak - organsier
The organiser of the Australian hip-hop competition linked to a measles outbreak here, says a contestant from Asia spread the disease but he didn't have any obvious symptoms at the time. [more]

03/01/2014: Temperatures in South Australia soar toward 50 degrees
Heatwaves are hitting Central and southern Australia, with some towns registering near-record temperatures in the high 40s. [more]

03/01/2014: Parliament being urged to ensure minority voices are head.
Politicians from ethnic backgrounds are urging Parliament to do more to ensure the voices of their communities are heard. [more]

03/01/2014: Sports News for 3 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

03/01/2014: Update on van crash at Te Haroto yesterday
Some news just in on the conditions of those injured in the van crash at Te Haroto yesterday. [more]

03/01/2014: The Girls Project
A project is under way to investigate how and why young girls use violence. [more]

03/01/2014: New Zealander shot dead in Libya
We are just receiving reports of a New Zealander having been shot in Libya. [more]

03/01/2014: Actor Chad Moffitt on his favourite summer song
The summer's a far cry from the snow and ice which dominated actor Chad Moffitt's year. [more]

06/01/2014: Top Stories for Monday 6 January 2014
Claims that Filipino immigrants working on the Canterbury rebuild are being exploited. Weather conditions hamper the search for a fisherman who fell overboard into Wellington Harbour and a United States Coast Guard icebreaker is on its way to assist two ships stuck in the Antarctic. [more]

06/01/2014: Claims of migrants being exploited in Christchurch
The First Union says Filipino immigrants working on the Canterbury rebuild are being exploited by local employers who are making them work weekends for free and aren't paying them for months at a time. [more]

06/01/2014: Searching is to resume in Wellington harbour
Searching is to resume about now for a man who was swept into Wellington harbour last night after falling off a small boat on the Hutt River. [more]

06/01/2014: Another deadly start to the New Year
It's been another deadly start to the New Year for outdoor recreationalists, with several drownings and a fatal jetboat accident. [more]

06/01/2014: Rescued Antarctic scientists head to Casey Station
A United States Coast Guard icebreaker is on its way to assist two ships stuck in the Antarctic. [more]

06/01/2014: 2013 second hottest year on record
Last year was the second hottest year ever recorded in New Zealand with average temperatures nearly one degree higher. [more]

06/01/2014: Sports News for 6 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

06/01/2014: Weather update
With Dan Corbett from the Met Service. [more]

06/01/2014: US promises to help Iraq fight militants
The US secretary of state says the Obama administration will help Iraq fight al-Qaeda-linked militants, but that it is not planning to send troops back to the country. [more]

06/01/2014: Drug company says it will negotiate with Pharmac
A drug company is defending the price of a medication used to treat a rare blood disorder and says it is still open to negotiating with Pharmac. [more]

06/01/2014: Olive oil industry growing
When we think of areas like Marlborough, Hawkes Bay and Martinborough, we think of wine... but many of these hot dry areas are also becoming famous for their extra virgin olive oil. [more]

06/01/2014: Union says Filipino immigrants are being exploited by employers
The First Union says some Filipino immigrants working on the Canterbury rebuild are being exploited by their employers. [more]

06/01/2014: US icebreaker on way to assist two stuck ships in the Antarctic
A United States Coast Guard icebreaker is on its way to help free two ships stuck in the Antarctic. [more]

06/01/2014: AA says too soon to say if speed restrictions working
The Automobile Association says it's too soon to tell if the reduced speed tolerance is making the nation's roads any safer. [more]

06/01/2014: American midwest bracing against arctic blast
Americans in the Midwest are preparing for what could be some of the coldest temperatures the region has experienced in two decades. [more]

06/01/2014: Sports News for 6 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

06/01/2014: New films
With our movie reviewer Sarah Watt. [more]

06/01/2014: Protecting a marine reserve
Renowned for its golden sand beaches, sculpted granite rocks and coastal vegetation, Abel Tasman National Park has long been a mecca for holidaymakers. [more]

06/01/2014: The largest dairy farm in New Zealand
In the next 10 years the South Island iwi, Ngai Tahu, will have developed what is likely to be the largest dairy farm in New Zealand, at Eyrewell just north of Christchurch. [more]

06/01/2014: Visiting National Army Museum on eve of start of WW1 centenary
2014 is the centenary of the start of the First World War. [more]

06/01/2014: Foraging for wild food on the Chatham Islands
The Chatham Islands have an abundance of great food, from crayfish to mutton, and the wild larder is no exception. [more]

07/01/2014: Top Stories for Tuesday 7 January 2014
The Government is under pressure as Japanese whaling resumes. Also on Summer Report today - a child in Afghanistan is suspected of being a suicide bomber and a New Zealand rugby league player is sent to prison after a drunken assault in Australia. [more]

07/01/2014: Pressure on Govt to act on whaling
The New Zealand and Australian Governments are facing renewed pressure to act on Japanese whaling in Antarctic waters after activists released footage of the latest slaughter. [more]

07/01/2014: Still no decision from Hague on whaling
Last year New Zealand and Australia took a case to stop whaling in the Southern Ocean before the International Court of Justice in the Hague. [more]

07/01/2014: Young girl Afghan bomber stopped
The girl who is thought to be the sister of a prominent Taliban commander was detained at a police border post in Helmand province before she could detonate the suicide vest she was wearing. [more]

07/01/2014: Sports News for 7 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

07/01/2014: Weather update
With Dan Corbett from the Met Service. [more]

07/01/2014: Former Warriors player sentenced to two years jail for assault
The former Warriors rugby league player, Russell Packer, has been sentenced to two years in jail for an assault on a man in Sydney last year. [more]

07/01/2014: Grower report into Zespri smuggling fizzles
A report on Zespri's role in a kiwifruit smuggling scam in China has been released - without details of the scam. [more]

07/01/2014: Stranded whales at Farewell Spit were unable to be rescued
A senior Department of Conservation ranger is standing by the decision to put down whales stranded near Farewell Spit at the top of the South Island. [more]

07/01/2014: Still no arrests made over the killing of New Zealander
There have still been no arrests made over the killing of a New Zealand woman and British man in Libya. [more]

07/01/2014: Port accident raises serious questions
The union representing maritime workers says the latest accident at Lyttelton Port in Christchurch could have been avoided with proper safety standards and better training for workers. [more]

07/01/2014: Pressure goes on government over whaling
The Foreign Affairs Minister is hopeful further diploamtic talks may lead to the Japanese ending their whaling programme in the Southern Ocean. [more]

07/01/2014: Search to continue today for missing fisherman
The search resumes today for the body of a man missing near the mouth of the Hutt River. [more]

07/01/2014: NZer kinghit in Sydney recovering
The New Zealand teenager injured during a night out in Sydney is recovering but remains in hosptial. [more]

07/01/2014: Dart River given all clear
The crown research institute, GNS, says the threat posed by a wall of water behind a natural dam on South Westland's Dart River, has now subsided. [more]

07/01/2014: Sports News for 7 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

07/01/2014: Cheney's daughter pulls out of election race
Liz Cheney, the daughter of the former US Vice-President Dick Cheney, has ended her run for a US senate seat, citing a family health crisis. [more]

07/01/2014: Rural secondary schools face NCEA challenges
The government wants 85 percent of 18 year-olds to have at least level two of the NCEA by 20-17. [more]

07/01/2014: NZer takes on TomTom
A New Zealand woman who says she has spent tens of thousands of dollars fighting the international brand Tom Tom over its trade name says she will not back down. [more]

07/01/2014: Irish soldiers lobby for better pay
In New Zealand the likes of the police, firefighters, nurses and doctors all have organisations who speak on their behalf, and advocate for better wages and conditions. [more]

07/01/2014: Oamaru's Pen-y-bryn Lodge turns 125
Oamaru is on the rise as a tourism destination and that's being helped by a luxury lodge in one of New Zealand's grandest old houses. [more]

08/01/2014: Top Stories for Wednesday 8 January 2014
Shell is granted the right to drill for gas off the Otago-Southland coast. Water for Gisborne residents could run out within three days and extreme weather - while it freezes in north America, Western Australia records record highs. [more]

08/01/2014: Calls for environ impact of new gas well to be released
Environmentalists are expressing concern at Shell deciding to go ahead with plans to drill for gas off the Otago-Southland coast. [more]

08/01/2014: Council warns Gisborne could run out of water in 3 days
The Gisborne District Council is warning water will run out in three days if people don't drastically reduce their use after a massive landslip cut the city's main water supply. [more]

08/01/2014: Big freeze spreads
Southern and Eastern parts of the United States and Canada are the latest to suffer from dangerously cold weather. [more]

08/01/2014: Spanish king's daughter summoned over corruption scandal
It's a case that's gripped the public imagination in Spain - the long-running trial of the King's son-in-law, for corruption. And now it's taken another dramatic twist. [more]

08/01/2014: Sports News for 8 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

08/01/2014: Weather update
With Dan Corbett from the Met Service. [more]

08/01/2014: Fund manager slams Treasury over asset sales
A fund manager has slammed the Government's asset sales programme, saying Treasury's handling of it has been a disaster. [more]

08/01/2014: NZ professor questions French study on super volcanoes
A new study may help us understand what causes so-called supervolcanoes to erupt. [more]

08/01/2014: Little progress in South Sudan peace talks
The chief negotiator for rebels in South Sudan is expressing confidence that "full reconciliation" can be achieved with the government. [more]

08/01/2014: Summer brings record high tempreatures aceross Australia
A significant heatwave which affected central and eastern Australia over the last few weeks is due to hit the west in the coming days. [more]

08/01/2014: Dunedin Mayor 'cautiously optimistic' about new test well
The Mayor of Dunedin says he is 'cautiously optimistic' about the economic development the search for a new gas field off the Otago Southland coast could bring. [more]

08/01/2014: 2014 looking good for NZ economy
After a bumpy ride out of recession, economists are predicting a rosy year for New Zealand, with one going as far as calling the country the "rockstar" economy of 2014. [more]

08/01/2014: Gisborne in water crisis
In Gisborne, a massive landslip has affected the city's water supply, leading the council to warn water could run out in three days. [more]

08/01/2014: Sports News for 8 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

08/01/2014: Claims Navy vessels forced asylym seekers back
Indonesian authorities say the Australian Navy has forced two boats, carrying asylum seekers, back into Indonesian waters. [more]

08/01/2014: Jane Campion to preside over Cannes Film Festival jury
The organisers of the Cannes Film Festival, have announced that New Zealand's film-maker Jane Campion is to head this year's jury in May. [more]

08/01/2014: One of the country's dirtiest rivers
One of the country's dirtiest rivers is the Ruamahanga - which is so contaminated that some locals have dubbed it the Sewer-mahanga. [more]

08/01/2014: Forensic scientists able to give better evidence in court now
The Government's forensic scientists say they'll be able to give better evidence in court now that they have a better idea how far blood spatters after someone is shot in the head. [more]

08/01/2014: Educators urge children to keep reading during summer holidays
School is out for summer, but education experts say that is no reason for children to stop learning. [more]

09/01/2014: Top Stories for Thursday 9 January 2014
An investigation is launched into a video showing a drunk nine-year-old boy. Christchurch residents ask who will pay for flood protetction as a report forecasts low lying suburbs will be submerged in the next century and a new book suggests President Obama was sceptical of his own policy on the war in Afghanistan [more]

09/01/2014: Side effects on drunk children include brain injury
A video showing a child drinking alcohol has prompted police to launch an investigation into an incident in a Hamilton Park. [more]

09/01/2014: Insurance Council - rising sea levels could affect coverage
The Insurance Council says if nothing is done to deal with the threat of rising sea levels some properties could become uninsurable. [more]

09/01/2014: Book says Obama was sceptical on Afghanistan war
The former US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates has written a book strongly criticising President Barack Obama's handling of the war in Afghanistan. [more]

09/01/2014: Sports News for 9 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

09/01/2014: Weather update
With Dan Corbett from the Met Service. [more]

09/01/2014: All 50 US states report freezing temperatures
Staying with the weather - After days of ice, snow, and sub zero temperatures the United States is starting to thaw out, but the polar vortex is still causing major problems in several places. [more]

09/01/2014: Some lung cancer patients get more choice from drug change
From this month some patients with a particularly lethal cancer will have better access to a new class of medicines that can prolong life. [more]

09/01/2014: Black Caps walloped in final ODI
The West Indies have thrashed the Black Caps in the final One Day International in Hamilton, levelling the series at 2 all. [more]

09/01/2014: Foraging for a whole meal in Wellington
Now, diving for kaimoana is a staple of New Zealand life, but what about foraging for a whole meal? [more]

09/01/2014: Video of nine-year-old boy, allegedy drunk, shocks
Charges may be laid over an online video which shows a young boy, allegedly drunk, in a skate park in Hamilton. [more]

09/01/2014: Christchurch Mayor welcomes report on sea levels
The Christchurch City Council says work is already underway to prevent flooding in low lying suburbs, after a new report warned some areas could end up under water. [more]

09/01/2014: Average price of houses sold in Auckland tops $700,000
Auckland house prices are continuing to reach record highs with the average price of houses sold in the city now topping $700,000. [more]

09/01/2014: Mark Duggan killing lawful, says jury
An inquest in London into the death of Mark Duggan, the man whose shooting by police sparked riots across England in 2011, has concluded that it was a lawful killing. [more]

09/01/2014: Sports News for 9 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

09/01/2014: German charged over Nazi massacre in France
German prosecutors have charged an eighty-eight-year-old man over a notorious Nazi massacre in a French village during the Second World War. [more]

09/01/2014: Man catches ball, wins $100,000 at cricket
Hamilton man Michael Morton was just expecting to spend a day with his Dad watching the Black Caps take on the West Indies yesterday. [more]

09/01/2014: Piano technician and tuner, Glenn Easley
Piano technician and tuner, Glenn Easley has prepared pianos for many thousands of concerts and recordings in his 25-year career. [more]

10/01/2014: Top Stories for Friday 10 January 2014
Air New Zealand plane is forced to make an emergency landing at Melbourne. The legal action against Fonterra is set to hit dairy farmers in the pocket and we talk to the Mayor of Hamilton about the controversy over the drunk nine-year-old boy. [more]

10/01/2014: Air NZ plane Flight NZ726 makes emergency landing
An Air New Zealand flight was forced to make an emergency landing at Melbourne airport shortly after it took off last night. [more]

10/01/2014: Legal action against Fonterra could be costly for farmers
An economist estimates legal action against dairy giant Fonterra could cost the average New Zealand dairy farmer 43 thousand dollars. [more]

10/01/2014: Youths and alcohol in Hamilton cause concern
Hamilton MPs are to meet police next week over growing concerns over the nine-year-old boy who appeared drunk in an online video. [more]

10/01/2014: Penalties loom for Chch red zoners
Christchurch home owners who've been red zoned and have sold their properties to the Crown may face late penalties if they don't move by the end of the month. [more]

10/01/2014: Sports News for 10 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

10/01/2014: Weather update
With Dan Corbett from the Met Service. [more]

10/01/2014: Cyclone bears down on Tonga
A category four cyclone, bearing destructive gusts of up to 231 kilometres an hour, is bearing down on parts of Tonga. [more]

10/01/2014: Research on giant earthquakes points to NZ risk
New research says a fault line off the East Coast of New Zealand is one of a few areas around the world where a mega-quake could occur, triggering a major tsunami. [more]

10/01/2014: New study show mixed-race people more attractive
A new study suggests that people find multi-racial faces more attractive - until they start categorising their ethnic backgrounds. [more]

10/01/2014: Fishing company hopes it can get on with business
A commercial fishing company says new rules around harvesting shark fins will help it get on with business and leave the controversial issue behind. [more]

10/01/2014: Top seeds miss out at tennis open
The semi-finals of Auckland's Heineken Tennis Open take place today, with some of the big names not there. [more]

10/01/2014: The latest digital innovations showcased in LA
Las Vegas is the place to be at the moment if you're interested in high tech gadgetry. [more]

10/01/2014: Investigation begins into emergency plane landing
An investigation is under way after an Air New Zealand plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Melbourne Airport last night. [more]

10/01/2014: Expert concerned about wider cost of Danone-Fonterra dispute
An agribusiness expert says she is concerned that the legal battle between Danone and Fonterra could be very costly for the country. [more]

10/01/2014: Leading Republican apologises after traffic scandal
To the US, and the New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has apologised and fired an aide who allegedly orchestrated traffic mayhem to pursue a petty political vendetta. [more]

10/01/2014: Lake Wakatipu changes colour, for now
The massive landslide on the Dart River is believed to have changed Lake Wakatipu turquoise. [more]

10/01/2014: Sports News for 10 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

10/01/2014: Sport and Aged Care among changes in ethnic diversity
Auckland golfer Lydia Ko is being cited as an example of how the expanding Asian communities may change the face of New Zealand sport. [more]

10/01/2014: Climate change in Australia brings potential problems
Town planners in Australia are expecting more densely populated high rise city centres in the future, as urban development adapts to climate change. [more]

10/01/2014: Capital coffee scene changing
In Wellington, there's growing interest in coffee with a festival due to be held there in March. [more]

10/01/2014: NZ may soon have its first zero-energy certified home
New Zealand may soon have its first zero-energy certified home. [more]

13/01/2014: Top Stories for Monday 13 January 2014
Up to 5000 people in Tonga are left homeless by Cyclone Ian. Australia is to deport a sex offender to New Zealand - how will he be monitorred and protesters in Thailand try to shut down central Bangkok. [more]

13/01/2014: Tonga left reeling by massive storm
Five thousand people are thought to be homeless after a powerful category five tropical cyclone tore through the kingdom this weekend. [more]

13/01/2014: Photos reveal extent of cyclone damage
Ian Wilson from the New Zealand Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management is in Nuku'alofa, advising the National Emergency Management Office there. [more]

13/01/2014: Sex-offender cannot be subjected to parole conditions
The Justice Minister says a sex offender being deported from Australia to New Zealand will be monitored by authorities. [more]

13/01/2014: Protesters aim to bring Bangkok to halt
The Thai government says it is deploying eight thousand soldiers and ten thousand police to keep order during today's planned shutdown of the capital Bangkok by anti-government protesters. [more]

13/01/2014: Sports News for 13 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

13/01/2014: Weather update
With Dan Corbett from the Met Service. [more]

13/01/2014: Massive bushfire threatens Perth Hills in WA
Fire crews in Western Australia have been spending the night securing parts of the Perth Hills area after a massive blaze destroyed at least 27 homes. [more]

13/01/2014: French president to sue over allegations of an affair
The French First Lady Valerie Trierweiler has been admitted to hospital after media reports of an alleged affair involving the President Francois Hollande. [more]

13/01/2014: Act's future hangs in balance of Epsom
The Act Party has begun the search for a new face to be its candidate in Epsom, and potentially lead the party. [more]

13/01/2014: Try-outs to join best hip-hop dance group
Try-outs to join the best hip-hop dance group in the world take place in just a few weeks in Auckland. [more]

13/01/2014: NZ Orion helps to assess Tonga cyclone damage
Thousands of people in Tonga are without water, shelter or power after a category five tropical cyclone ripped through the kingdom this weekend. [more]

13/01/2014: Update on conditions in Tonga
Our reporter Jacob McSweeny has the latest from Tonga this morning. [more]

13/01/2014: The impact of Ariel Sharon's death
A steady stream of mourners in Jerusalem has been filing past the coffin of the late prime minister Ariel Sharon whose body is lying in state at Israel's parliament, the Knesset. [more]

13/01/2014: Call for drug testing policy to be scrapped
Advocacy groups and the Council of Trade Unions say drug testing of beneficiaries should be scrapped after it was revealed only 22 failed in the two-and-a-half months to September the 30th. [more]

13/01/2014: Sports News for 13 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

13/01/2014: Golden Globes to be awarded today
It's one of Hollywood's big days of the year with the Golden Globes to be awarded in a lavish ceremony in Los Angeles. [more]

13/01/2014: Camp aimed at reducing Maori drowning toll wraps up.
An annual six-day water safety based wananga or camp aimed at lowering the Maori drowning toll by reconnecting Maori youth with the sea wound up in Hawkes Bay yesterday. [more]

13/01/2014: White tails come inside for summer
With the ready availability of digital music, you might expect record stores to be a dying breed. [more]

13/01/2014: Record stores thrive despite digitisation
With the ready availability of digital music, you might expect record stores to be a dying breed. [more]

13/01/2014: Volunteers are the only way for boosting sanctuaries
Volunteers are the only way the growing number of sanctuaries around the country, can fulfil their purpose - to provide safe places for the country's native flora and fauna. [more]

14/01/2014: Top Stories for Tuesday 14 January 2014
Fonterra issues another product recall. The boat building industry cries foul as the Government awards the contract to build a ferry to Bangladesh and charities mobilise in Tonga where 800 homes have been destroyed by a cyclone. [more]

14/01/2014: Fonterra issues recall of 8,700 bottles of fresh cream
After a horror year, including a contaminated milk scandal and subsequent lawsuit, Fonterra has issued another product recall - this time of fresh cream. [more]

14/01/2014: Boat building industry call for ferry to be made locally
Cheap and risky is what the marine industry is calling the government's decision to award a contract to build an 8-million-dollar ferry to a Bangladesh company instead of having it locally made. [more]

14/01/2014: Charities mobilise for Tonga
Charities are mobilising to pick up the pieces from the powerful tropical cyclone which ripped through Tonga this weekend. [more]

14/01/2014: High Commissioner assesss the damage in Tonga
New Zealand's High Commissioner to Tonga, Mark Talbot, has been out surveying the damage in the Ha'apai Islands. He joins us. [more]

14/01/2014: Weather update
With Dan Corbett from the Met Service. [more]

14/01/2014: Former MP disgusted by Colin Craig's smacking admission
The former MP who introduced the anti-smacking amendment bill in 2007 says she's appalled that the leader of the Conservative Party, Colin Craig, has publicly admitted smacking his daughter. [more]

14/01/2014: Colin Craig on smacking
And listening to that was the Conservative Party leader Colin Craig. [more]

14/01/2014: Victoria feels the heat
Four people are missing and up to 50 homes have been destroyed by fires that swept through the Perth Hills in Western Australia. [more]

14/01/2014: Chatham Islanders speak on the prospect of phosphate mining
Chatham Islanders are divided on whether mining phosphate from the Chatham Rise, east of New Zealand, would benefit them. [more]

14/01/2014: Aid agencies in Tonga assess needs of cyclone victims
Thousands of people are homeless after a tropical cyclone tore through Tonga and officials are still working to piece together the exact nature of the damage. [more]

14/01/2014: Govt ferry contract goes offshore
Local ship-builders are concerned that the government contract for the building of a ferry has been awarded to an overseas company. [more]

14/01/2014: 2013 was third warmest year on record
The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research says on average, the country was almost a degree warmer than last year. [more]

14/01/2014: Auckland Transport urged to act
An Auckland consultant who witnessed the aftermath of a crash in which a cyclist was killed in the city last week is urging the council to act on a report on the issue of cyclist safety. [more]

14/01/2014: Ariel Sharon laid to rest
Israel's former prime minister Ariel Sharon has been buried with military honours at his family ranch in the south of the country. [more]

14/01/2014: Gisborne water crisis should be over within a week
The Gisborne District Council says the current water crisis should be over within a week, with the city avoiding any major water restrictions due to residents successfully conserving water. [more]

14/01/2014: Taking a tour of the Port of Tauranga
The origins of the Port of Tauranga can be dated back to the 1860s when buoys were first put in place to mark out the channel. [more]

14/01/2014: Middle East correspondent Lily Grimes
Ariel Sharon laid to rest in family ceremony after state funeral. [more]

15/01/2014: Top Stories for Wednesday 15 January 2014
Charges are laid over the nine-year old boy who was filmed drunk in a skate park. The rape trial of Coronation Street star William Roache gets under way, while comedian Rolf Harris pleads not guilty to sex abuse charges and conservationists fight to save whales stranded at Farewell Spit. [more]

15/01/2014: Three charged with supplying alcohol to nine year old
Three people have been charged with supplying alcohol to a nine year old boy who was filmed drunk at a Hamilton skate park. [more]

15/01/2014: Rolf Harris and William Roache appear in court
The veteran Australian-British entertainer Rolf Harris has denied sex offences dating back to the 1960s, on a day that's seen the start of high-profile trials of several entertainment figures accused of sex crimes allegedly stretching back several decades. [more]

15/01/2014: New Zealand's food safety system
The Ministry of Primary Industries insists that New Zealand's food safety system is as robust as it was ten years ago, especially regarding milk products. [more]

15/01/2014: Whales still stranded
Conservationists will this morning try to refloat the remaining eight whales stranded at Farewell Spit. [more]

15/01/2014: Sports News for 15 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

15/01/2014: Weather update
With Dan Corbett from the Met Service. [more]

15/01/2014: NCEA results to be published today
NCEA results go online today, ending the wait for the 143,000 secondary school students who sat exams at the end of last year. [more]

15/01/2014: Egypt referendum: Vote under way amid tight security
Egyptians are voting on a draft constitution amid tight security, and calls for people to boycott and disrupt the two-day poll. [more]

15/01/2014: Another National MP announces he won't seek re-election
The National Party is continuing to refresh its ranks, with Eric Roy, the MP for Invercargill, the latest to say he won't stand again at this year's election. [more]

15/01/2014: Fiji Rugby Union sending full strength team
The Fiji Rugby Union says it is sending a full strength team to the Sevens tournament in Wellington, and team morale is strong, despite the Union's financial woes. [more]

15/01/2014: Wellington, dubbed the Craft Beer Capital
Indian Pale Ales, Pilsners, Stouts.... The choice of beer style in New Zealand has become almost as varied as the drinkers themselves. [more]

15/01/2014: ACC won't renew contracts
The ACC Minister Judith Collins says the 19 million dollars spent on health and safety contracts since 2003 is a rort. [more]

15/01/2014: Growing economy could mean increase in wages
Employers and unions are dampening expectations that a growing economy will mean more money in the pockets of workers. [more]

15/01/2014: War of words between Israel and the US
Israel's Defence Minister Moshe Yaalon has launched an attack on the US Secretary of State John Kerry, calling him messianic and obsessive, ahead of planned peace talks later this week. [more]

15/01/2014: New push to save Otago coastal route from sea
Coastal residents near Oamaru have launched a new push to save a scenic route crumbling into the sea. [more]

15/01/2014: Sports News for 15 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

15/01/2014: French president holds press conference amid rumours of affair
The French president, Francois Hollande, has told journalists he can't yet say whether his partner, Valerie Trierweiler, will continue to be France's First Lady. [more]

15/01/2014: New links between tropical cyclones and heatwaves
The southern states of Australia are set for a third day of extreme heat today. [more]

15/01/2014: Penises vanish as toxic paint TBT is banned
Australian scientists say female sea snails are no longer growing penises after a ban on a chemical previously used on boats. [more]

15/01/2014: Scientists ready to test the (new) limits
While summer socialising often goes hand-in-hand with a cool beer or glass of wine, for those caught drink-driving, the penalties can be sobering. [more]

15/01/2014: Chatham Islands suffer poor quality housing and no respite care
A report into the health and social needs of Chatham Islanders has found that they lack respite care and live in poor quality housing. [more]

16/01/2014: Top Stories for Thursday 16 January 2014
A father and two children are dead after a shooting overnight in Dunedin. The US tries to scale back environmental protections in the TPP acording to new leaked documents and Kim Dotcom attracts some interesting supporters to his new party. [more]

16/01/2014: Shooting in Dunedin
A father and two children are dead after a shooting in Dunedin last night. [more]

16/01/2014: WikiLeaks exposes deep rifts over environmental policy in TPP
WikiLeaks has exposed new details about trade talks between the United States, New Zealand and 10 other Pacific Rim nations that show deep rifts over environmental policy. [more]

16/01/2014: Scoop founder resigns over involvement in Dotcom party
The internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom hasn't launched his new political party yet, but he's already recruited a key member. [more]

16/01/2014: Oxfam NZ working with Tongan authorities
Emergency workers from Oxfam New Zealand have started assessing the damage from the category five storm that devastated Tonga over the weekend. [more]

16/01/2014: Sports News for 16 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

16/01/2014: Weather update
With Dan Corbett from the Met Service. [more]

16/01/2014: Law experts not convinced private prosecution will succeed
Electoral law experts say a Wellington man's attempt to privately prosecute the Auckland Mayor, Len Brown, is likely to falter at the first hurdle. [more]

16/01/2014: Stranded whales will have to be put down
The Department of Conservation says the eight whales it's been trying to refloat at Farewell Spit, have restranded and they will now have to be euthanaised. [more]

16/01/2014: School may not be demolished for road
An Auckland community's received a stay of execution after a surprise change-of-heart by Auckland Transport and the Transport Agency. [more]

16/01/2014: Dropping costs don't mean reforms are working
An Auckland University economist says the Government hasn't yet proved its social welfare reforms are working, despite a new report that showing a significant drop in the forecast cost of beneficiaries. [more]

16/01/2014: Vinyl records, making a comeback
Vinyl records might seem like strictly historical items these days, but the large black discs have been making a steady comeback in recent years, proof that good things never die. [more]

16/01/2014: More on Dunedin shooting
A man and two children are dead after a shooting at a Dunedin house last night, in what appears to be a domestic incident. [more]

16/01/2014: New wikileaks documents made public
WikiLeaks has revealed more details exposing the secret US-Pacific trade negotiations - this time about its highly contentious environmental chapter. [more]

16/01/2014: British man arrested over courtside betting a Australian Open
A British man has been arrested at the Australian Open in Melbourne for courtside gambling. [more]

16/01/2014: Convicted police prosecutor warns of meth perils
The police prosecutor convicted for using drugs, including methamphetamine, is warning others about use of the drug. [more]

16/01/2014: Sports News for 16 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

16/01/2014: Obama to introduce new rules on surveilance
President Obama is to issue new guidelines later this week to curtail government surveillance, but is not expected to embrace the most far-reaching proposals of his own advisers. [more]

16/01/2014: Push for smacking law changes in Australia too
An Australian paediatrician says the Conservative Party Leader Colin Craig is wrong to look to Australia for a model for child smacking laws. [more]

16/01/2014: New personal camera could revolutionise film.
If you've ever missed a moment with your digital camera, or wasted hours trying capture a special moment a new invention from a group of new Zealanders could be just what you're looking for. [more]

16/01/2014: Housing pressure high in Chatham Islands
In the last year, there have been hundreds of column inches on the spiralling cost and shortage of homes, particularly in Auckland and Christchurch. [more]

17/01/2014: Top Stories for Friday 17 January 2014
Claims that the justice system isn't taking protection orders seriously and the Vatican fronts up to an UN inquiry into child abuse by the clergy. [more]

17/01/2014: Criticism of justice systems reaction to protection orders
Lawyers and women's advocates say the justice system isn't taking protection order breaches seriously, after two Dunedin children were shot dead by a man who had an order against him. [more]

17/01/2014: Violence counsellor says protection orders have their uses
Jeremy Logan of Wairarapa stopping violence services deals regularly with male violent offenders - he says protection orders are a very useful tool - the problem comes when they are breached. [more]

17/01/2014: Vatican questioned over sex abuse cases
The Vatican has been strongly criticised for its handling of child sex abuse by Roman Catholic clergymen, in the first ever public hearing it has attended on the issue. [more]

17/01/2014: Sports News for 17 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

17/01/2014: Weather update
With Dan Corbett from the Met Service. [more]

17/01/2014: Boscawen to stand in Epsom
The ACT party president, and its former MP, John Boscawen, will seek the party's nomination for the Epsom electorate - and for the Party's leadership. [more]

17/01/2014: Kiwi dollar reaches highest level against Aussies in 8 years
The New Zealand dollar has surged to an eight years high against its Australian counterpart. [more]

17/01/2014: Australian government denies Navy fired warning shots
The Australian government is denying reports the country's Navy fired warning shots as part of an operation to turn around a boat carrying asylum seekers from Indonesia. [more]

17/01/2014: Anti-violence worker says police protection orders are complex
There have been claims that the justice system is not taking police protection orders seriously, after two Dunedin children were shot dead by a man who had an order against him. [more]

17/01/2014: Survivors of RC church abuse attend UN hearing
The Vatican has come under attack over child sex abuse by Roman Catholic clergymen, in the first ever public hearing on the issue. [more]

17/01/2014: Vatican has come under attack over child sex abuse
The Vatican has come under attack over child sex abuse by Roman Catholic clergymen, in the first ever public hearing on the issue. [more]

17/01/2014: Sports News for 17 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

17/01/2014: Second ferry breaks down
The replacement InterIslander ferry Stena Alegra's already broken down, less than a week into service. [more]

17/01/2014: Commodore Bainimarama to stand down as military boss
Fiji's Commodore Frank Bainimarama is to stand down as the head of the military in so he can run for Parliament in this year's election. [more]

17/01/2014: AirNZ partnership with Singapore Airlines
Air New Zealand has announced it will resume flying into Singapore for the first time in more than eight years. [more]

17/01/2014: Abortion laws challenged in the US
Judges on the US Supreme Court are expressing doubt about a Massachusetts law which creates a protective buffer zone for patients near abortion clinics. [more]

17/01/2014: New Te Papa may be built in Auckland
The government will soon decide whether a northern Te Papa should be built in Auckland. [more]

28/12/2014: Top Stories for Monday 29 December 2014
The search is suspended for an Indonesian plane that went missing. A dramatic rescue mission is under way in the Adriatic, where a Greek ferry boat is on fire and the latest on the investigation into a death at an Epsom motel. [more]

28/12/2014: AirAsia flight goes missing in Southeast Asia
Indonesia has suspended the air search for an AirAsia flight that went missing mid-way to Singapore from the Indonesian city of Surabaya. [more]

28/12/2014: Rescue mission for a burning Greek ferry
A dramatic rescue mission is underway in the Adriatic to save almost five hundred passengers on a burning Greek ferry. [more]

28/12/2014: Post Mortem to be carried out today on man attacked in Epsom
The police in Auckland will today carry out a post mortem on the body of Ihaia Gillman-Harris [more]

28/12/2014: Sports News for 29 December 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

28/12/2014: All bets off when TAB website crashes
The TAB says it's working hard to fend off a cyber attack which has seen its website crash. [more]

28/12/2014: Spending up but shoppers careful
Festive spending across New Zealand has smashed all records. [more]

28/12/2014: AA urges driver caution as the road toll mounts
Five people have died on New Zealand roads this festive season. And many more have been seriously injured. The holiday road toll period doesn't officially end until January 5. [more]

28/12/2014: Nato has formally ended its 13-year combat mission
Nato has formally ended its 13-year combat mission in Afghanistan - heralding the start of a new phase of support for local Afghan troops. [more]

28/12/2014: Youth gliding camp regenerates the sport
A glider training camp for under 25 year olds is being credited with regenerating the sport. [more]

28/12/2014: Aviation expert on missing AirAsia flight
Geoffrey Thomas is an aviation expert and the editor of Airline ratings dot com. [more]

28/12/2014: Festive spending records were broken in NZ this year
The festive season may be drawing to a close but the shoppers are still out in force, taking advantage of Boxing Day sales. [more]

28/12/2014: Specialist in cyber attacks gives his thoughts on the TAB hack
The TAB is investigating attacks on its website which has crashed several times since Boxing Day. [more]

28/12/2014: International test cricket has made a comeback to Christchurch
International test cricket has made a comeback to Christchurch, and the Black Caps batting order has made it a memorable return. [more]

28/12/2014: Search for body of 16 year old continues
The search for a missing teenage boy at 90 Mile Beach has turned into a body recovery operation for police. [more]

28/12/2014: Wild Oats XI wins 2014 line honours ahead of Comanche
The veteran Australian supermaxi, Wild Oats Eleven, has claimed line honours in the Sydney to Hobart yacht race - for a record eighth time. [more]

28/12/2014: Regulator promises more public information about doctors
The body charged with regulating doctors is promising to provide more information to the public about doctors and their performance. [more]

28/12/2014: Pallet furniture event brings 'carpentry to the people'
Have you spent more time than you care to admit, on the internet, marvelling at the furniture people make out of old pallets? [more]

28/12/2014: Science on detoxing
Dieters keen to detox after Christmas over-indulgence may want to think twice about spending hundreds of dollars on the latest craze. [more]

29/12/2014: Top Stories for Tuesday 30 December 2014
The missing Indonesian plane is believed to have crashed into the sea. The police say there's growing public support for lower blood alcohol limits for drivers and burning Greek ferry evacuated. [more]

29/12/2014: Missing Air Asia plane weckage 'likely to be at bottom of sea'
Search and rescue teams scouring Indonesia's waters for missing Air Asia flight QZ8501 believe the wreckage is likely to be at the bottom of the sea. [more]

29/12/2014: Plane in trouble lands safely at Gatwick
A Virgin Atlantic passenger plane has landed safely at London's Gatwick Airport, after preparing for an emergency landing. [more]

29/12/2014: Burning Greek ferry evacuated
Rescue teams have worked through the night, defying high seas and freezing weather to evacuate all the passengers from a car ferry that caught fire off Greece's Adriatic coast. [more]

29/12/2014: Two deaths at sea puts fatalities at a ten year high
Deaths from boating accidents are at a ten-year high, after Manukau Harbour's treacherous bar claimed another two lives yesterday. [more]

29/12/2014: Sports News for 30 December 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

29/12/2014: Police urge driver caution as the road toll mounts
The holiday road toll stands at seven. [more]

29/12/2014: NZ's decision to invest in Australian retirement - shrewd
Infratil has gone into a joint venture with the New Zealand Super Fund to invest in Australia's retirement industry. [more]

29/12/2014: NSW city of Broken Hill needs water 'fixing'
The city of Broken Hill in New South Wales is facing dire water shortages as its supply from the local Menindee Lakes dries up. [more]

29/12/2014: Childhood home of Janet Frame
A trust set up to protect and preserve the childhood home of one of New Zealand's greatest writers, Janet Frame, celebrates 10 years of operating this summer. [more]

29/12/2014: Public seachange in attitude to alcohol
The Transport Agency and the police say there's already been a major shift in public attitudes toward the lower alcohol limits for adult drivers, which came into effect on December the first. [more]

29/12/2014: AirAsia Flight QZ8501 rounds out horrible year
Air Asia's missing flight QZ8501 has rounded out a year the Asian airlines would probably rather forget. [more]

29/12/2014: Principals say review of school deciles is urgent
School principals say a review of the decile system is urgently required. [more]

29/12/2014: Tongan academic says democracy could flourish under commoner
Tonga, has just voted in its first democratically-elected commoner as prime minister. [more]

29/12/2014: Hutt City Council files advert complaint
The Greater Wellington Regional Council's been accused of running a propaganda-filled campaign in support of a super-city amalgamation. [more]

29/12/2014: Hagley Oval given praise as test cricket venue
Christchurch has welcomed back international test cricket in fine style with Hagley Oval being described as a remarkable test venue. [more]

29/12/2014: Marlborough Marine Futures project launched
Politicians, iwi and the Department of Conservation have joined force to try to manage the competing environmental demands on the Marlborough Sounds. [more]

29/12/2014: Aviation commentator on plane safety
Returning to our top story - on the missing plane, Flight QZ8501,which was on its way to Singapore when it lost contact with traffic control on Sunday night. [more]

29/12/2014: The Gallipoli landings
100 years ago on April 25th 1915 New Zealand and Australian forces landed on a remote part of the Ottoman Empire as it was then known, and at a place that would be forever be etched in the annals of this country's history [more]

29/12/2014: Summer movies with Sarah Watt
Edge of Tomorrow, Ida, What We Do in the Shadows. [more]

30/12/2014: Top Stories for Wednesday 31 December 2014
The New Years Honours list is out - we talk to Dame Tariana Turia. Wreckage and bodies from the missing plane are located in the Java Sea and the big dry in South Canterbury. [more]

30/12/2014: Magic in New Year honours
The internationally recognised oncologist Murray Brennan, the former Maori Party leader Tariana Turia and the lawyer Peter Williams are among the top recipients of New Years Honours. [more]

30/12/2014: Tariana Turia becomes a Dame
Dame Tariana Turia joins us. [more]

30/12/2014: Wreckage and bodies found from missing plane
Indonesian officials say bodies and debris found in the Java Sea off Borneo are from AirAsia flight QZ8501 that went missing on Sunday. [more]

30/12/2014: Search for climbers hampered by weather
Worsening weather today could affect the search for three missing climbers on Aoraki Mount Cook. [more]

30/12/2014: Sports News for 31 December 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

30/12/2014: Farmers fight drought in South Canterbury
Farmers in South Canterbury are battling a dry summer - irrigation reserves are low and rainfall's been disappointing. [more]

30/12/2014: Former judge recognised in New Year honours
A former High Court judge recognised for his leadership role in the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquakes and the Pike River mine disaster has paid tribute to his colleagues on the bench who kept the wheels of justice turning. [more]

30/12/2014: Top honours for internationally acclaimed actress
Also among those honoured is the actor Lisa Harrow. [more]

30/12/2014: Car that plunged into Wanganui River to be airlifted out
Up to four people are feared dead after their car smashed off a bridge and into Wanganui River in Westland. [more]

30/12/2014: A new youth camp is set up in Q'Town
It looks like it could be a wet New Years Eve in many parts of the country, including in Queenstown. [more]

30/12/2014: Sir Murray Brennan thanks his Otago education
The top recipient in this year's New Year's honour list is the New York-based surgeon, Sir Murray Brennan. [more]

30/12/2014: Former Split Enz band member makes the New Year's Honours List
Also honoured is the former Split Enz member and mental health campaigner Mike Chunn. [more]

30/12/2014: Glasgow Ebola victim is transferred to London
The first Ebola victim to be diagnosed in the UK has arrived at a specialist treatment centre in London. [more]

30/12/2014: Greek warship investigates cargo ship's distress call
A Greek warship and helicopter have been deployed in the waters off the coast of Corfu, to investgate whether a cargo ship with up to seven hundred illegal migrants on board, is in distress. [more]

30/12/2014: Airline accident investigator on Air Asia flight
Returning now to our story of bodies and debris being found in the Java Sea off Borneo from AirAsia flight QZ8501 that went missing on Sunday. [more]

30/12/2014: Regional Tuna Commission "failed"
Industry players and conservationists say the regional Tuna Commission can no longer be relied on to protect declining stocks in the huge Pacific tuna fishery. [more]

30/12/2014: Green ideas for an unkillable garden
Is your garden up to the test of keeping itself alive while you sun yourself on holiday? [more]

30/12/2014: Little blue penguins on road to recovery
The Mauao Wildlife Trust says the Little Blue Penguins affected by the Rena oil spill have almost fully recovered, but still face the threat of another environmental disaster affecting their habitat. [more]

30/12/2014: NZ's first dedicated hop and beer museum opens
Nelson is fast carving itself out a reputation as the craft brewing capital of New Zealand, vying for the title with its neighbour across Cook Strait, Wellington. [more]

31/12/2014: Top Stories for Thursday 1 January 2014
Rioting in Gisborne on New Years Eve - 63 people are arrested. A finance company specialising in ethical investing goes into receivership and petrol prices continue to fall. [more]

31/12/2014: 63 arrested after a riot breaks out
A three hour riot in Gisborne with tents set on fire, cars overturned, and cans thrown at police, has left 83 people injured and resulted in 63 arrests. [more]

31/12/2014: Revellers see in the New Year
Tens of thousands of people were in Queenstown to celebrate the New Year. [more]

31/12/2014: Investors saddened by receivership of finance company
Investors are lamenting the collapse of a finance company which dealt specifically with green projects such as solar power, electric cars and environmentally friendly homes. [more]

31/12/2014: Efforts continue today to winch a sunken car
River levels have dropped on the West Coast exposing the car that crashed through the guard rail of a bridge near Hari Hari. [more]

31/12/2014: Sports News for 1 January 2014
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

31/12/2014: Police say distracted drivers are to blame for road toll
At least 44 more people died on the country's roads in 2014 compared to 2013. [more]

31/12/2014: DOC warns public after great white shark spotted
The Department of Conservation is warning people not to swim in an area of the Waitemata Harbour, after a great white shark was spotted on Monday. [more]

31/12/2014: Petrol lowest in 4 years
Consumers and businesses will look to capitalise on the country's lowest petrol prices in more than four years. [more]

31/12/2014: Greens dismiss call to become single issue party
The Green Party's batted aways calls for it to become a solely environmental party, which could work with either a National or Labour government. [more]

31/12/2014: Bowls Museum a treasure trove of trinkets
Its time for another in our series about New Zealand's lesser know museums. [more]

31/12/2014: A night's rioting in Gisborne
63 people have been arrested after a night's rioting in Gisborne. [more]

31/12/2014: Gisborne Mayor reacts to riots
The Mayor of Gisborne, Meng Foon, is with us. [more]

31/12/2014: Prometheus Finance calls in receivers
A national investment industry body says there are many opportunities in the social investment market in New Zealand, despite claims the scene is fragmented. [more]

31/12/2014: More than 40 bodies have been recovered from Air Asia wreckage
The first two bodies from the AirAsia Flight QZ8501 crash have arrived back in the Indonesian city of Surabaya, where relatives are waiting. [more]

31/12/2014: New Building regulations come into force from New Year's Day
The Government hopes its new building regulations will keep homeowners safe from rogue builders. [more]

31/12/2014: New Zealand dollar soars against Australian dollar
A foreign exchange advisor says the New Zealand dollar could break the 97 Australian cent mark. [more]

31/12/2014: Record number of building apprentices
The construction industry has ended the year with a record number of apprentices, but it might be a one-off. [more]

31/12/2014: Libraries work with DIA to get ebooks available to public
New Zealanders are great readers, but the way we are reading books is changing. [more]

31/12/2014: The voices of Gallipoli
The campaign was fought by the ANZACS in 1915, during the First World War. It was a military disaster and one that played no large part in the outcome of the war, which was to drag on for another three years. [more]

31/12/2014: Gallery visit - Dowse Art Museum
The Dowse Art Museum with Courtney Johnson. [more]

01/01/2015: Top Stories for Friday 2 January 2015
The police defend their efforts to suppress the Gisborne riot. An aerial search may be launched for the climbers who went missing on Mount Cook and New Zealand takes its seat at the United Nations Security Council. [more]

01/01/2015: Police in Gisborne standing by their efforts to diffuse riot
Police in Gisborne are standing by their efforts to diffuse the New Year's Eve riot. [more]

01/01/2015: Future of 2015 BW Summer Music Festival in jeopardy
Toby Burrows is the organiser of the Rhythm and Vines Festival and he joins us, [more]

01/01/2015: Climbers feared dead on Mt Cook
The search for three climbers missing on Aoraki Mount Cook since Monday, has switched from a rescue effort to body recovery. [more]

01/01/2015: Egyptian court orders retrial of Peter Greste
Egypt's top court has ordered a fresh trial for the Australian journalist, Peter Greste, and his two colleagues from the Al Jazeera network. [more]

01/01/2015: NZ's 2 year term on UN Security Council starts officially today
New Zealand's two-year term on the United Nations Security Council begins today. [more]

01/01/2015: Sports News for 2 January 2015
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

01/01/2015: It's hoped higher prices can help smokers kick the habit
It's not a happy New Year for smokers who now face a bill of more than 20 dollars for a packet of cigarettes. [more]

01/01/2015: Tough questions to be asked in China
Tough questions will be asked of Chinese officials after a New Year's eve stampede in Shanghai crushed 36 people to death. [more]

01/01/2015: Older men buying powerful motorbikes
The latest road toll figures show the number of motorcyclists dying on the roads is going up. [more]

01/01/2015: Maori land law reform due this year
The law around the governance and management of Maori land is due to be reformed this year, [more]

01/01/2015: Drive for more electric vehicles
Craig Salmon is a a big fan of electric vehicles and he's just shown it's possible to drive from Cape Reinga to the Bluff without a drop of petrol. [more]

01/01/2015: Frog that gives birth to tadpoles found
In the depths of an Indonesian rainforest, scientists have identified the first known frog that gives birth to tadpoles instead of laying eggs. [more]

01/01/2015: Gisborne District Council to discuss tighter rules
The Gisborne District Council says it will consider restrictions on alcohol after a riot broke out during New Years Eve festivities at the BW campground. [more]

01/01/2015: NZ's two year term on UN Security Council starts today
New Zealand's two-year term on the United Nations Security Council begins today. [more]

01/01/2015: Victoria on bushfire watch from today
To Australia now, and Victorians are being warned to get ready for the two most severe bushfire danger days of summer this weekend. [more]

01/01/2015: Could it be Bush v Clinton in Presidential race
It's looking increasingly likely that the former Florida Governor Jeb Bush will run for the White House next year. [more]

01/01/2015: UN mission in South Sudan criticised by NZ award winner
An army captain who's been decorated in the New Year Honours list has criticised the management of the United Nations mission in South Sudan. [more]

01/01/2015: Significance of gaining seat on UN Security Council
New Zealand is now a member of one of the most influential and powerful organisations in the world, responsible for helping to maintain international peace and security. [more]

01/01/2015: Summer Report gets tour of Sea Shepherd vessel
While you're enjoying the summer weather, give a thought to the dozens of volunteers with the activist organisation, Sea Shepherd, spending their summer freezing in Antarctica. [more]

01/01/2015: Holiday homes - What's popular and where?
Heading to the bach in summer is a New Zealand tradition, and right now they're in 'hot' demand. [more]

01/01/2015: Shazam the popular music app
Shazam is the popular music app, whose ingenious algorithm, has been helping hundreds of millions of users to identify songs within seconds. [more]

04/01/2015: Top Stories for Monday 5 January 2015
The holiday road toll is twice that of last year - we ask why. We talk to the New Zealander who has just been appointed a Cardinal by the Vatican and Buckingham Palace denies Prince Andrew's involvement in a sex scandal. [more]

04/01/2015: Critics question Govt's approach to speeding
Sixteen people have died on the road this holiday period- more than double last year's figure. [more]

04/01/2015: Pope appoints diverse group of Cardinals
Pope Francis has named 20 new cardinals, including representatives from New Zealand and Tonga as he continues his drive to reform the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church. [more]

04/01/2015: New Zealand's new Cardinal
Wellington's Archbishop John Dew is with us. [more]

04/01/2015: Buckingham Palace denies Prince Andrew sexual allegations
Buckingham Palace has for a second time denied Prince Andrew had sexual contact with a woman who claims she was forced to have sex with him. [more]

04/01/2015: Ross Asset investors vowing to fight after being
Investors in the fictious Ross Asset Management Scheme aren't closer to recovering any of their money. [more]

04/01/2015: Sports News for 5 January 2015
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

04/01/2015: Dozens of homes feared lost to South Australia fires
About 350 firefighters in South Australia have spent much of the night battling to control a blaze threatening homes in the Adelaide Hills before temperatures rose again today. [more]

04/01/2015: Police suspend search for missing Mt Cook climbers
The search for three climbers missing on Aoraki-Mt Cook has been suspended. [more]

04/01/2015: Akl Council's $47 million "shared spaces" need less sharing
Urban design specialists say the Auckland Council needs to move more quickly to cut traffic, from the fifty million dollar network of sidestreets upgraded to be more appealing to pedestrians. [more]

04/01/2015: Vanished World fossil trail attracts thousands
An Otago fossil trail is growing in popularity, with more than seven thousand visitors last year. [more]

04/01/2015: Holiday road toll reaches 16 as period closes
The roads have claimed 16 lives this holiday period. [more]

04/01/2015: Fire fighters continue to combat burning fires
Thousands of people have now been evacuated from their homes in South Australia. [more]

04/01/2015: More bodies and more debris is found
Divers have now recovered 31 bodies from the Java Sea, eight days after Air Asia flight QZ 8501 disappeared off the radar. [more]

04/01/2015: Jim McLay on NZ's new role on the world stage
New Zealand is poised to play a pivotal role on the world stage with its election to the United Nations Security Council. [more]

04/01/2015: Today's ASB Classic begins a fortnight of tennis in Auckland
The New Zealand women's tournament, the ASB Classic, begins today in Auckland, marking the start of a fortnight of tennis for the city. [more]

04/01/2015: Tips on beating the back-to-work-blues
Well, Ian and I have been working right through - but for many of you after a few days at the beach or in the garden, it's your first day back at work. [more]

04/01/2015: The changing face of the media
The media landscape is changing rapidly as the traditional lines between radio, newspaper and television converge. [more]

04/01/2015: Teen mother support units in Auckland under pressure
A group that provides schooling for teen mothers says some Auckland centres are oversubscribed, and are struggling to cope with demand. [more]

04/01/2015: Waiwhakaiho River inspires digital artwork
A spiritual lifeblood to many Taranaki Maori, the Waiwhakaiho River is also the source of New Plymouth's water supply and a playground for hundreds of kayakers, swimmers and recreational fishers. [more]

04/01/2015: Summer movies with Sarah Watt
Singin' in the Rain, The Birds, Topsy Turvy and Secrets And Lies. [more]

05/01/2015: Top Stories for Tuesday 6 January 2015
Investigators try to work out the cause of yesterday's Pines Beach fire. How long will the dairy boom continue? And an eighth drowning death since Christmas. [more]

05/01/2015: Evacuated Pines Bush residents back in their homes
More fire crews will arrive at Pines Beach near Kaiapoi this morning to dampen down hot spots, following yesterday's forest fire. [more]

05/01/2015: South Canterbury's on the brink of drought
South Canterbury's on the brink of a serious drought, and already farmers are being forced to sell off stock. [more]

05/01/2015: NZ told to watch itself - relying on commoditiy prices
Warnings are being sounded from across the ditch about New Zealand's reliance on dairy exports. [more]

05/01/2015: Quakes felt at Arthur's Pass
There have been a series of earthquakes this morning near Arthur's Pass. [more]

05/01/2015: Boy dies at Northland river mouth
An 11-year-old boy has died, after being pulled from the water at a Northland river mouth yesterday -- bringing the number of drowning deaths since Christmas Day to eight. [more]

05/01/2015: Sports News for 6 January 2015
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

05/01/2015: Rainbows End defends its roller coaster
Rainbows End is standing by its roller coaster, saying it did what it is was supposed to do - despite leaving 30 riders stranded mid air. [more]

05/01/2015: Supermarket licence suspended for a week
The Takapuna Countdown supermarket will have its licence suspended for a week after selling two six packs of beer to a man who was so drunk that he struggled to speak and stand up. [more]

05/01/2015: It could take centuries to reverse damage to NZ glaciers
Scientists say it could take hundreds of years to reverse damage to the Fox and Franz Josef Glaciers brought on by climate change. [more]

05/01/2015: Community workers say teen dads are "ignored".
Community workers say teen fathers are being ignored. [more]

05/01/2015: Earthquakes hit South Island
South Islanders have been woken by a series of earthquakes - the strongest measuring magnitude 6.4 north of Methven. [more]

05/01/2015: Firefighters kept busy after spate of fires in New Year
While firefighters keep watch at the scene of a pine plantation blaze in Christchurch, authorities in other parts of the country are declaring total fire bans. [more]

05/01/2015: Pines beach residents forced to evacuate
At Pines Beach near Kaiapoi, fire crews and a helicopter with a monsoon bucket battled for hours to bring the blaze under control, after it broke out early yesterday afternoon. [more]

05/01/2015: Jury selection begins for Boston bombing
In the United States, the man accused of carrying out the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013 has appeared in court at the beginning of his trial. [more]

05/01/2015: Euro slumps to nine year low against US dollar
Investors in the European economy are keeping a close eye on its central bank, as the euro slid to a nine-year low against the US dollar yesterday. [more]

05/01/2015: Auckland prepares for unprecedented funding debate
Aucklanders are about to take part in an unprecedented debate, over whether they are happy to pay new taxes and motorway charges totalling hundreds of millions of dollars a year. [more]

05/01/2015: Who wants a summer holiday?
According to a poll, almost half of all New Zealanders would support shifting the summer holidays to February when the weather's usually warmer. [more]

05/01/2015: Baby names beginning with Z are in
Around 65 thousand babies were born in New Zealand last year and according to the latest top ten, the perennial favourites - Charlotte, Olivia, Oliver, Jack and James, all features once again. [more]

05/01/2015: 3000 teens take up babysitting certificate
Most teenage babysitters will have a good working knowlege of your pantry, and the TV remote, and are bound to have figured out what your Wifi password is, but how much do they actually know about looking after your children? [more]

05/01/2015: RNZAF Iroquois helicopters to be phased out
The familiar "whup-whup" of the Royal New Zealand Air Force's fleet of Iroquois helicopters will soon to be a thing of the past as the choppers are phased out in 2015. [more]

06/01/2015: Top Stories for Wednesday 7 January 2015
Oil prices fall to a five and a half year low. Kane Williamson on a record breaking day at the cricket and Japanese whalers head back to the Antarctic. [more]

06/01/2015: Global oil price slump leads to market volatility
Tumbling oil prices and jitters about Greek elections have prompted a slide in the global markets in the first days of new year trading. [more]

06/01/2015: NZ shares slide as global markets get the jitters
In New Zealand, the benchmark top 50 index dropped about half a percent yesterday. [more]

06/01/2015: A Day of records at the Basin Reserve
It was a day of records at the Basin Reserve yesterday, as Kane Williamson and BJ Watling batted together for eight hours to save the second cricket test against Sri Lanka [more]

06/01/2015: Non-lethal whaling a farce
Japan is sending its whaling boats back to the Antarctic tomorrow for what they are describing as non-lethal scientific research. [more]

06/01/2015: Residents concerned if arsonist is responsible for fire
Police say the fire at Pines Beach, Kaiapoi, on Monday that threatened 40 homes is suspicious. [more]

06/01/2015: Sports News for 7 January 2015
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

06/01/2015: Auckland house prices spiral to an all-time high
Short supply and voracious demand have pushed average house prices in Auckland to an all-time high. [more]

06/01/2015: Vodafone's fixed line and broadband price hikes questioned
Commentators and experts are questioning the need for Vodafone to raise its prices. [more]

06/01/2015: Search called off for Wellington man missing in Mt Aspiring
Police in Wanaka says it's likely a missing Wellington man in Mount Aspiring National Park has drowned. [more]

06/01/2015: Ex Warriors player signs to 2015 NRL
The former Warriors player, Russell Packer, is considering a return to top level rugby league, just a week after being released from a New South Wales jail. [more]

06/01/2015: Open air markets make a come back
Chances are if you're on holiday this summer you may spend some time browsing a local outdoor market. [more]

06/01/2015: Oil prices, Eurozone jitters drive down world markets
A global drop in oil prices has consumers racing to the petrol pump, and investors eager to sell off stocks. [more]

06/01/2015: Fierce blaze in wrecker's yard possibly suspicious
Fire investigators In Invercargill are heading back today to the site of a fierce blaze at a car wreckers yard. [more]

06/01/2015: Excitement at Wellington's Basin Reserve
A record breaking, eight hour partnership by Kane Williamson and BJ Watling has all but saved the second cricket test against Sri Lanka at the Basin Reserve. [more]

06/01/2015: Anti-Islam protests gain momentum in Germany
Supporters and opponents of a group campaigning against what it sees as the expansion of Islam in Europe have held rival rallies across Germany. [more]

06/01/2015: The balancing act between privacy and security
Parliament is about to begin a review of the security and intelligence agencies in 2015, following rushed law changes which clamp down on so called freedom fighters. [more]

06/01/2015: SEEK: Salaries up 7 percent in 2014
Move to Wellington and become a consultant -- at least that's what one online recruitment site's new data shows will put more money in your pocket this year. [more]

06/01/2015: Green ideas for getting your deck in shipshape
Its slimy, dirty, slippery and dangerous and you've been trying to ignore it all winter, but I'm afraid the time has come. [more]

06/01/2015: Businesses still operating in Christchurch's redzone
Two and a half years after some of the most badly earthquake damaged parts of Christchurch started getting cleared of residential homes, half a dozen businesses are still trying to make a go in the areas. [more]

06/01/2015: Youth organisation inspires into its tenth year
A community organisation set up to tackle the rising number of young people in gangs and committing crimes is growing. [more]

06/01/2015: D-day 'great Escaper' dies aged 90
A British war veteran who left his care home to attend last year's 70th anniversary D-Day events in France has died - months before he hoped to return to Normandy's beaches. [more]

07/01/2015: Top Stories for Thursday 8 January 2015
The latest on a terror attack in Paris, 12 people are dead after an attack on a Paris newspaper office. Investigators are trying to work out what caused a plane to crash into Lake Taupo and New Zealand's test cricketing stocks continue to rise, following the latest series win over Sri Lanka in Wellington. [more]

07/01/2015: AirAsia flight tail found: black box discovery could be next
Investigators are getting closer to finding out what happened to AirAsia flight QZ8501, with the discovery of the plane's tail. [more]

07/01/2015: Coronial reforms behind other countries
A review has recommended officials be required to make a formal response to recommendations from a Coroner. [more]

07/01/2015: Martin Crowe is shunning traditional cancer treatment
The former New Zealand cricket captain Martin Crowe is shunning traditional cancer treatment, as he fights a rare form of lymphoma. [more]

07/01/2015: Global condemnation of the shooting
Sylvain Attal is the deputy director of new media at France 24 based in Paris. [more]

07/01/2015: Skydive Taupo CEO ready to get business back in the air
Investigators are trying to work out what caused a plane to crash into Lake Taupo. [more]

07/01/2015: Taupo's mayor praises operators' safety procedures
David Trewavas is the Taupo District Mayor. [more]

07/01/2015: Sports News for 8 January 2015
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

07/01/2015: European leaders have been expressing solidarity with French
European leaders have also been expressing solidarity with the French, and urging people across the continent to stand up for the principles of freedom. [more]

07/01/2015: Farmers and firefighters feel the pinch of dry weather
Already South Canterbury's on the verge of a drought and now the Otago regional Council is warning of low water levels in rivers used for irrigation. [more]

07/01/2015: Labour MP to carry out audit of overseas investments
The Labour MP Stuart Nash wants an audit into overseas investment applications and just how many have been approved in the past decade. [more]

07/01/2015: Black Caps stocks continue to rise
New Zealand's test cricketing stocks continue to rise, following the latest series win over Sri Lanka in Wellington. [more]

07/01/2015: Woodville Organ Museum hits the right note
A converted Catholic hall in the small Manawatu town of Woodville is home to almost 150 organs of different size, shape and grandeur. [more]

07/01/2015: Latest on hunt for attackers in France
We cross to Senior Foreign Analyst with France 3 Television, Christian Malard in Paris. [more]

07/01/2015: TAIC begins investigation into Skydive Taupo plane crash
A three-person Transport Accident Investigation Commission team has begun its investigation into a skydiving plane crash over Lake Taupo. [more]

07/01/2015: Creating more jobs in rural regions
Creating more jobs in rural regions has been touted as a way to help ease Auckland's housing crisis. [more]

07/01/2015: Drop in oil prices to continue until supply is cut back
There's no end in sight yet to a crash in oil prices, but could the low prices end up hurting the consumer? [more]

07/01/2015: Sheep numbers fall to 80 year low
Australians might need to shelve the sheep jibes, as New Zealand's woolliest population drops to its lowest point since the 1930s. [more]

07/01/2015: AirNZ is named one of ten saftest airlines in world
In a year of catastrophic plane crashes, Air New Zealand has been named one of the ten safest airlines in the world. [more]

07/01/2015: Beekeeping takes off in schools.
Tens of thousands of bees buzzing on the doorsteps of primary school classrooms might sound like some parents' worst nightmare. [more]

08/01/2015: Top Stories for Friday 9 January 2015
The two main suspects in the attack on a Paris magazine office, are still on the run. Vigils are held in New Zealand to mark the deaths in France and the plane that crashed into Lake Taupo may be recovered today. [more]

08/01/2015: Police zone in on magazine massacre suspects
The intense manhunt for two brothers, believed to be behind the French magazine massacre, has moved to the North of Paris after an apparent sighting of the fugitives. [more]

08/01/2015: Middle East cartoonists raise pencils to Hebdo victims
Cartoonists around the world have put pencil to paper in solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo artists slaughtered in Paris -- while admitting their own fear of being targeted. [more]

08/01/2015: Update from French correspondent
Natalie Powell is our correspondent in Paris. [more]

08/01/2015: French baker in NZ finding it tough to be away from home
Twenty five year old French woman Elise Fournier has been in New Zealand for the past four months. [more]

08/01/2015: French community holding vigils
Vigils have been held in New Zealand as the French community mourns the deaths of the 12 victims of the attacks. [more]

08/01/2015: Skydiving plane wreckage to be salvaged
In other news, a salvage crew is hoping to lift the wreckage of a shydiving plan from Lake Taupo today. [more]

08/01/2015: Sports News for 9 January 2015
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

08/01/2015: Terrorist preacher to be sentenced tomorrow
The radical preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri is due to be sentenced in New York for terrorism charges, marking the end of a decade-long legal battle. [more]

08/01/2015: Film industry going strong - but is it steady?
People in the film and television business are banking on a big surge in activity, with more demand for infrastructure and plenty of work to go around. [more]

08/01/2015: Former Akl prosecutors looking to take Govt contract
The law firm Meredith Connell has been prosecuting criminal cases in Auckland on behalf of the Crown for over 90 years, but now it is facing challenges for the warrant from three groups of former partners. [more]

08/01/2015: Major search for MH370 may be wrapped up by May
As investigators continue to sort through the wreckage of AirAsia Flight QZ8501, what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 remains a mystery. [more]

08/01/2015: Guarding New Zealand's shores
Summer's the busiest time of year for the men and women charged with keeping New Zealand free of invaders like fruit-fly, or rabies, that could arrive by boat. [more]

08/01/2015: Paris hunts for gunmen on the run
We're joined by Jack Parrock our correspondent in Paris. [more]

08/01/2015: Terrorism analyst says France attack was a professional assault
The gunmen have claimed to be members of the Yemeni affiliate of Al Qaeda. [more]

08/01/2015: French doco maker in NZ upset by deaths of fellow journalists
Pascale Laboute is a documentary maker currently visiting New Zealand with her partner. [more]

08/01/2015: Bali accused faces 10 month trial
The Wanganui beneficiary accused of trying to smuggle 1-point-7 kilograms of methamphetamine into Bali is facing a ten month trial. [more]

08/01/2015: ASB Classic semi-finals set to wow Auckland today
The New Zealand tennis number one Marina Erakovic will have to wait another year for her chance to win her home tournament at Auckland's ASB Classic, after bowing out in both the singles and the doubles. [more]

08/01/2015: Cartoonists turn to their trade following Paris attacks
Some newspapers have reprinted some of Charlie Hebdo's most irreverent illustrations in a gesture of solidarity. [more]

08/01/2015: Parties told to better understand NZ-born Pasifika voters