Radio New Zealand: One In Five

This page lists items from RNZ that are identified as "One In Five". RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access these items, plus the vast audio collecton from the mid-2000s onwards by using the day schedule pages. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

08/02/2000: One in 5
The argument for putting compassion back into health and disability services. [more]

09/03/2008: One in Five 9 March 2008
Minnie Baragwanath, talks about her role as the Auckland City Council Disability Advisor - From parking permits to policy. [more]

06/04/2008: One in Five for 6 April 2008
Derek Petera and Tuila Tenari discuss a kaupapa Maori organization offering tikanga based services to adults with intellectual disabilities. [more]

13/04/2008: One in Five for 13 April 2008
Trevor Coleman talks about his journey, CEO Tuila Tenari discusses working with challenging behaviour clients and non-verbal [more]

20/04/2008: One in Five for 20 April 2008
Manase Lua talks about Pacific Island attitudes to disability and barriers to accessing support services. [more]

27/04/2008: One in Five for 27 April 2008
Manase Lua discusses Lu i Ola, a new project and concept for disability in New Zealand based Pacific Island communities. [more]

04/05/2008: One in Five for 4 May 2008
People at an International Cultural Festival discuss disability and health issues for refugees and migrants. [more]

11/05/2008: One in Five for 11 May 2008
Dr Tony Wansbrough talks about disability and health issues for aslyum seekers. [more]

18/05/2008: One in Five for 18 May 2008
Mani, Victoria, Ivan and David discuss dating and the perfect partner. [more]

21/05/2008: One in Five for May 25 2008
Huhana, Philip, Maria, and Charles discuss dating and ideas about relationships. [more]

21/05/2008: One in Five Web 1 June 2008
Mani, Victoria, Ivan and David discuss long term partners and having children. [more]

25/05/2008: One In Five for 25 May 2008
Huhana, Philip, Maria, and Charles discuss dating and ideas about relationships. [more]

01/06/2008: One In Five for 1 June 2008
Mani, Victoria, Ivan and David discuss long term partners and having children. [more]

08/06/2008: One in Five for 08 June 2008
Charles, Huhana, Maria and Philip discuss long term partners and having children. [more]

15/06/2008: One in Five for June 15th 2008
David, Victoria, Ivan and Mani talk about disability and sexuality. [more]

22/06/2008: One in Five for 22 June 2008
Huhana, Philip, Maria, and Charles discuss sexuality and internet dating. [more]

03/08/2008: One in Five for 3 August 2008
Waitakere cricket earns top honours for its disability friendly club. Australia ratifies the UN disability rights Convention. [more]

10/08/2008: One in Five for Sunday 10 August 2008
The media grants that are out to combat mental health stigma. And a tribute to a noted bioethicist and disability activist. [more]

17/08/2008: One in Five for Sunday 17 August 2008
An American lawyer and academic who is an expert in combating discrimination against disabled people in schools. [more]

24/08/2008: One in Five for Sunday 24 August
We move closer to ratifying the UN Disability Rights Convention, and we look at the response to the Bioethics Council report. [more]

31/08/2008: One in Five for Sunday 31 August
Blind humour, business leaders take a fresh look at hiring the disabled, and Rehabilitation International's world president. [more]

14/09/2008: One in Five for Sunday 14 September 2008
The first review of the New Zealand Disability Strategy. And the pros and cons of inclusive education [more]

21/09/2008: One in Five For Sunday 21 September 2008
Rehabilitation International's 21st World Congress in Quebec City. [more]

28/09/2008: One in Five for 28 September 2008
More information and ideas from Rehab International's world congress in Quebec. [more]

05/10/2008: One In Five Sun 5 October
As NZ ratifies the UN Disability rights Convention, we get an international take on its likely impact on the world's disabled. [more]

12/10/2008: One in Five for Sunday 12 October 2008
A small victory for accessible tourism, increased safeguards for property and welfare protection, and voting made easy. [more]

19/10/2008: One in Five for Sunday 19 October 2008
An Election 08 special - the parties front up to put their views on disability issues [more]

26/10/2008: One in Five for Sunday 26 October 2008
Updating Melanie Trevethick's ACC human rights case; and the parliamentary candidates who live with disability. [more]

02/11/2008: One In Five for 2 November 2008
Inclusive education advocate debates National's policy on special education with the Party's education spokesperson. [more]

09/11/2008: One in Five for 9 November 2008
It's Graduation day for Partners in Policymaking students; and the Hamilton Disability Pride film festival gets previewed. [more]

16/11/2008: One in Five for 16 Nov 2008
Profiling Celebrate Diversity Week in Dunedin, and Touch Compass inclusive dance troupe rehearse their new show. [more]

23/11/2008: One in Five for Sunday 23 November 2008
A helping hand for disability agencies, and winners of the inaugural mental health media grants get an airing. [more]

30/11/2008: One in Five for Sunday 30 November 2008
Disabled peoples' stories find a ready audience in the younger set. [more]

07/12/2008: One in Five for Sunday 7 December 2008
The Japanese compare notes on disability rights progress. Mental health consumer advocates protest against the global handcuff. [more]

07/12/2008: One in Five for Sunday 7 December 2008
The Japanese compare notes on disability rights progress. Mental health consumer advocates protest against the global handcuff. [more]

14/12/2008: One in Five for 14 December 2008
A report from Dunedin's 3rd festival of disability culture and sport; the New Zealander who helped bring about this century's first human rights treaty. [more]

01/02/2009: One in Five for 1 February 2009
Marking the 200th anniversary of Louis Braille's birth: putting the case for Braille and accessible website technology. [more]

08/02/2009: One in Five for 8 February 2009
The Doctor who wants to put compassion back into health and disability issues. [more]

15/02/2009: One in Five for Sunday 15 Febuary 2009
The benefits of adaptive physical activity for disabled people. [more]

22/02/2009: One in Five for Sunday 22 February 2009
Featuring an interview with self confessed 'westie' and new Minister for Disability Issues, Paula Bennett. [more]

01/03/2009: One in Five for Sunday 1 Mar 2009
Travelling the often fraught journey of parenting and disability issues. [more]

08/03/2009: One in Five for 7.06pm Sun 8 Mar
Two young people share their experiences of living with mental illness. [more]

15/03/2009: One in Five for 15 March 2009
The Australian Way: with the new government looking to adopt the Western Australian system of local area coordination. [more]

22/03/2009: One in Five for 22 March 2009
Different takes on choosing disability. Also, being a disabled black woman in South Africa - past and present. [more]

29/03/2009: One in Five for 29 March 2009
Different takes on choosing disability. And being a disabled black woman in South Africa.- past and present. [more]

29/03/2009: One in Five for Sunday 29 March 2009
Momentum 09's disability arts festival and Lynne Pillay takes the Government to task over the Select Committee Inquiry. [more]

05/04/2009: One in Five for 5 April 2009
International perspectives on disability and the arts. [more]

12/04/2009: One in Five for 12 April 2009
Reverend Imoa Setefano's story of how he came to be part of the 'Like Minds Like Mine' campaign. [more]

19/04/2009: One in Five for 19 April 2009
Gisborne improves physical access; Recreate Auckland survives the credit crunch; more about the disability rights convention. [more]

26/04/2009: One in Five for 26 April 2009
Produced and presented by Mike Gourley. [more]

03/05/2009: One in Five for Sunday 3 May 2009
Impaired bodies caught on camera - but is it human rights? And carers are not happy with their lot according to a recent study. [more]

10/05/2009: One in Five for Sunday 10 May 2009
New Zealand Sign Language week. It's three years since New Zealand Sign Language achieved official status in this country. [more]

17/05/2009: One in Five for 17 May 2009
Funny man Philip Patston; and long serving wheelchair user Allan Pullar [more]

24/05/2009: One in Five for 24 May 2009
A cool reception for new government moves on disability issues; and the new HDC Deputy Commissioner for disability issues. [more]

31/05/2009: One in Five for Sunday 31 May 2009
Showcasing arts and inclusion - Acting Up performers and directors reflect on their 2008 production, 'Dream Working'. [more]

07/06/2009: One in Five for Sunday 7 June 2009
The Blind community celebrates the Braille renaissance; and one of its senior citizens tackles the new technology and bureaucracy. [more]

14/06/2009: One in Five for Sunday 14 June 2009
An extended interview with German film director, Niko von Glasow about his award winning filmÂ'NobodyÂ's Perfect'. [more]

21/06/2009: One in Five for Sunday 21 June 2009
Marking disability awareness Sunday with offerings from an anthology of writings and reflections; and the latest findings on the benefits of inclusive education. [more]

28/06/2009: One in Five for Sunday 28 June 2009
We meet up with Workbridge's first disabled chief executive - a fitting appointment to the government agency responsible for getting disabled people into jobs. [more]

05/07/2009: One in Five for 5 July 2009
Doing the rounds at Wanganui's annual Mayday health and disability expo. [more]

12/07/2009: One in Five for Sunday 12 July 2009
A critical eye cast over media reporting on the Christchurch shooter; and an insight into whatÂ's called 'suicide by cop'. [more]

19/07/2009: One in Five for Sunday 19 July 2009
Expanding the talents of disabled youngsters; and That Blind Woman takes the business of her life to the world. [more]

26/07/2009: One in Five for 26 July
Meeting the needs of refugees who experience disability; and talking music therapy at the Raukatauri centre. [more]

02/08/2009: One in Five for Sunday 2 August 2009
It's all about participation - from accounting software to the last word on community participation. [more]

09/08/2009: One In Five for Sunday 9 August 2009
President Obama signs up to the UN Convention; unions stump up the worth of support workers, and the Attitude Awards are back in town. [more]

16/08/2009: One in Five for Sunday 16 August 2009
"Give it a gander" - showcasing the equipment and instruction that makes adaptive snow sports the real deal for disabled people. [more]

23/08/2009: One in Five for Sunday 23 August 2009
With appetite whetted for a bit of adaptive snowsports, Mike Gourley tries out the art of snowboarding... [more]

30/08/2009: One in Five for Sunday 30 August 2009
Thinking smarter in the face of a recession. And a plea from a young learning disabled woman confined to a rest home. [more]

06/09/2009: One in Five for Sunday 6 September 2009
Doing the rounds at this year's Mental Health Expo in Wellington - a chance for people to network and share information. [more]

13/09/2009: One in Five for 13 September 2009
An interview with Californian Creative Growth Art Centre Director, Tom di Maria. [more]

20/09/2009: One in Five for Sunday 20 September 2009
Capital and Coast DHB mends its fences with disability rights activists. And Arthritis NZ gets a break from Dancing with the Stars. [more]

27/09/2009: One in Five Sunday 27 September 2009
When They Leave School - transition services for disabled students confronted by the question"what next"? [more]

04/10/2009: One in Five for Sunday 4 October 2009
Disabled kids who're making it through our education system - in the mainstream, along side their non-disabled peers. [more]

11/10/2009: One in Five for Sunday 11 October 2009
Adaptive single sculler Robin Tinga sets the pace; and marking twenty years of supported employment in New Zealand. [more]

18/10/2009: One in Five for Sunday 18 October 2009
Post-colonial trauma - Professor Judy Atkinson reframes the experience of mental illness for Aboriginal Australians. [more]

25/10/2009: One in Five for Sunday 25 October 2009
More than a facelift for Focus 2000 as it re-brands; and living with essential tremor. [more]

01/11/2009: One in Five for Sunday 1 November 2009
Helping people tell their own troubling stories - creatively and safely. [more]

08/11/2009: One in Five for 8 November 2009
A new advance in helping Blind peoplesÂ'mobility; campaigning against violence. And challenging the power of indifference. [more]

15/11/2009: One in Five for 15 November 2009
Advisors who keep local authorities disability friendly; and disability friendly products from New ZealandÂ's industrial Brains Trust. [more]

22/11/2009: One in Five for Sunday 22 November 2009
DIG that! Disability advocates out to change attitudes; and the psychologist who has a lot in common with his patients. [more]

29/11/2009: One in Five for Sunday 29 November 2009
Australian mental health consumer advocate, Leonie Manns talks about her own journey and that of mental health services across the Tasman. [more]

06/12/2009: One in Five for Sunday 6 December 2009
Putting the experience of injury to good use; exhibiting the work of local disabled artists in Paris. And disability in a cross-cultural context. [more]

06/12/2009: One in Five for Sunday 6 December 2009
Putting the experience of injury to good use; exhibiting the work of local disabled artists in Paris. And disability in a cross-cultural context. [more]

13/12/2009: One in Five for Sunday 13 December 2009
'Our House' - the people who've turned Rowan House into a home. [more]

20/12/2009: One in Five for Sunday 20 December 2009
Highlighting Disabled victims of violence and abuse; and a warning not to write off people with dementia. [more]

31/01/2010: One in Five for 31 January 2010
The case for more humane rest-home care. And we're dining in the dark. [more]

07/02/2010: One in Five for Sunday 7 Feb 2010
Educationalist Roger Slee argues that inclusive education benefits all learners. [more]

14/02/2010: One in Five for Sunday 14 February 2010
Self taught artists and their work; and taking issue with the view that people with dementia have a moral duty to die [more]

21/02/2010: One in Five for Sunday 21 February 2010
Selling the benefits of music therapyplus a positive and negative spin on aging. [more]

28/02/2010: One in Five for Sunday 28 February 2010
Being young, Iraqi and disabled - and over here; And checking out the benefits of Feldenkrais when living with disability. [more]

07/03/2010: One in Five for Sunday 7 March 2010
Parents as paid caregivers? Human rights tribunal says yes - the Government appeals. So who's right? [more]

14/03/2010: One in Five for 14 March 2010
The Blind Boys of Kakanui. [more]

21/03/2010: One in Five for 21 March 2010
When teaching Deaf people art or when west meets east in psychiatry - a little cultural modification is required. [more]

28/03/2010: One in Five for 28 March 2010
We meet up with the woman whose life saving dog inspired a new assistance animal service. And we talk with an Avatar critic who's panning the blockbuster's portrayal of disability. The first guest is Helen Johnson made the finals in last month's inaugural New Zealand Awards. [more]

04/04/2010: One in Five for 4 April 2010
The EU backtracks on its pledge to ratify the disability rights Convention; staying ahead of the game in supported employment; and aging well with Arthritis. [more]

11/04/2010: One in Five for 11 April 2010
Acting locally and Thinking globally on special education. [more]

18/04/2010: One in Five for 18 April 2010
Former Human Rights Commissioner Ross Brereton to head up national disability rights lobby group. [more]

25/04/2010: One in Five for 25 April 2010
A story of recovery from Lake Alice Hospital to care in the community; Judy Small, who convenes the Office for Disability Issues Nominations Service; and aging with a life-long disability. [more]

02/05/2010: One in Five for 2 May 2010
Dr Martin Sullivan reflects on the accident that paralyzed him forty years ago, and the subsequent events that reshaped his life. [more]

09/05/2010: One in Five for Sunday 9 May 2010
Blurb Special Olympics goes global with Athletes Leadership; and a case of laughter the best medicine: a dose of Like Minds' campaigner Taimi Allan. [more]

16/05/2010: One In Five for Sunday 16 May 2010
Teaching integrated dance; and two takes on what it takes to make schools a good place for disabled students. [more]

23/05/2010: One in Five for Sunday 23 May 2010
Musicman Johnny Mattteson, and the songs he writes to combat the self stigma associated with a legacy of mental illness. [more]

30/05/2010: One in Five for Sunday 30 May 2010
Some super sized disability advice for the oncoming Super City; and the woman who wants to publish the stories of others like herself, living with bi-polar. [more]

06/06/2010: One in Five for 6 June 2010
Have Wheels will Travel - the Otago Rail Trail by bike and chair; and the Budget gets a once-over from DPA's national president. [more]

06/06/2010: Have Wheels Will Travel - Tales from the Trail
When part-time wheelchair user Trish Harris got the notion to do the Otago Rail Trail in her chair, it inspired others of her friends and respective partners to join in the adventure, including One In Five producer Mike Gourley, complete with adapted bike. So fasten your seat-belts - it may be a bumpy ride as Mike saddles up and joins his fellow rail trailers in Middlemarch. [more]

13/06/2010: One In Five for 13 June 2010
More 'Tales from the Trail'; tracking the government's record on disability issues; and why many disabled people couldn't vote in the British election. [more]

20/06/2010: One in Five for 20 June 2010
Back in the 60s New Zealand was happy to accept its share of Hong Kong orphans - including six year old Jean Griffiths, as she came to be known. This is her story of survival and resilience. [more]

27/06/2010: One in Five for 27 June 2010
More tales from the trail; when data collection goes viral. And what you need to know about the Auckland super city. [more]

04/07/2010: One in Five for Sunday 4 July 2010
More tales from the trail; a budget boost for disability friendly housing design; and the Australian face of UN disability rights monitoring. [more]

11/07/2010: One in five for 11 July 2010
More tales from the trail; and the Lu'i Ola project challenges the Church to embrace Pacific disabled people. [more]

18/07/2010: One in Five for 18 July 2010
It's our final time together on the Trail. Is there anything to fear from long-term benefit reform? And did the ban on wheels at the SBS Marathon breach common sense? [more]

25/07/2010: One in Five for Sunday 25 July 2010
A blind-friendly IT course that's connecting students and tutors around the Asia-Pacific region. [more]

01/08/2010: One in Five for 1 August 2010
US Immigration discrimination against mentally disabled people exposed; and outgoing Human Rights Commissioner Robyn Hunt looks back on eight years of service. [more]

08/08/2010: One in Five for Sunday 8 August 2010
It's official - singing together is good for you. And the former farming auctioneer who's sounding the alarm over rural mental health. [more]

15/08/2010: One in Five for 15 August 2010
Disability providers unite; new tactics to deal with challenging behaviours on offer; and Graceland's founding chief executive calls it a day. [more]

22/08/2010: One in Five for Sunday 22 August 2010
An intrepid disabled kiwi globetrotter; speaking about barriers to work; and the mental health and disability consultant who's got serious fun in mind. [more]

29/08/2010: One in Five for Sunday 29 August 2010
Touch Compass dance troupe's triple billing integrates the disabled body; and a cultural exchange with visitors from the China Disabled Persons Federation. [more]

05/09/2010: One in Five for Sunday 5 September 2010
A family experience of disability that doesn't fit any of the boxes, and the performance workshops that are bringing Deaf and Hearing people together. [more]

12/09/2010: One in Five for Sunday 12 September 2010
Where's Special Education heading? And veteran of stage and screen, Miranda Harcourt, works her magic with budding Deaf and hearing performers. [more]

19/09/2010: One In Five for 19 September 2010
Community activists launch their own welfare working group; and the deaf and hearing performers who're showing their resolve. [more]

26/09/2010: One in Five for 26 September 2010
Paying a visit to IHC's oldest client, and Pablos makes the move to its new accessible art-space. [more]

03/10/2010: One in Five for Sunday 3 October 2010
In the year of the Rugby World Cup, how prepared is New Zealand to cope with disabled tourists? And a portrait of the artists. [more]

10/10/2010: One In Five for Sunday 10 October 2010
Raising the disability profile at the Health and Disability Commissioner's office. And some Aussie advice for the Rugby World Cup bosses on disability friendly access. [more]

17/10/2010: One in Five for Sunday 17 October 2010
A taste of Blindness or a fundraiser in bad taste? And a new breed of educators tackle inclusion. [more]

24/10/2010: One in Five for Sunday 24 October 2010
Mike Gourley gets into a bake-off against the Queen of 'Cooking Without Looking' That Blind Woman Julie Woods; and poet and columnist Karlo Mila. [more]

31/10/2010: One In Five: freedom on three wheels
Brooke Haverkort might be a teenager, but she's still riding a trike. It's keeping her mobile and making her the envy of her schoolmates. And it's all thanks to her trike designer dad, Chris. Now, according to him, Brooke's been able to stay riding, thanks to her early years with Conductive Education. [more]

31/10/2010: One in Five for Sun 31 October 2010
The BSA decision that goes the extra mile in the Paul Henry case; and the art of Conductive Education and Trike maintenance and design. [more]

07/11/2010: One in Five for Sunday 7 November 2010
Welfare Working Group Chair, Paula Rebstock responds to the critics. [more]

14/11/2010: One in Five for Sunday 14 November 2010
Rodney Hide says he wants inclusive education but the devil is in the detail; And Disabled Maori and Pacific people find support services wanting. [more]

21/11/2010: One in Five for Sunday 21 November 2010
The Learning Connexion makes a difference for art students living with disability; and the Blind Australian who combines disability and race discrimination in his portfolio. [more]

28/11/2010: One in Five for Sun 28 Nov
Te Papa to host the launch of a new strategy for inclusive dance. And an introduction to the new Health and Disability Commissioner. [more]

05/12/2010: One in Five for Sunday 5 December 2010
Disability issues are front of mind thanks to the annual international day of disabled people. But does it get enough attention? And is there reason to celebrate? [more]

12/12/2010: One in Five for 12 December 2010
Resilience and humour help relieve the shock and uncertainty for disabled Cantabrians during and after the Big One. [more]

19/12/2010: One in Five for 19 December 2010
The year that was in the affairs of the disability community. Matt Frost, Minnie Baragwanath and Jade Farrar join Mike Gourley on the One in Five panel. [more]

30/01/2011: One in Five for 30 January 2010
As a senior ranking NZ diplomat, Don MacKay led the negotiations at a critical time in the development of the UN Disability Convention. Now retired, Don MacKay looks back the highpoint of his career. [more]

06/02/2011: One in Five for 6 February 2011
A milestone event in the monitoring of disability rights in New Zealand: the Convention Coalition unveils its findings. [more]

13/02/2011: One in Five for 13 February 2011
Te Papa plays host to a celebration of disabled peoples' artistic and creative achievements. And Welfare Justice continues to challenge government mantras on welfare reform. [more]

20/02/2011: One in Five for 20 February 2011
Accessible environments - outdoors and in. Proponents of inclusive playgrounds walk the talk. And Microsoft's chief accessibility officer visits down under. [more]

06/03/2011: One-in-Five for Sunday 6 March 2011
Sport and disability in New Zealand - the first of three documentaries looking at how we're doing in the aftermath of the No Exceptions Strategy. [more]

13/03/2011: One in Five for Sunday 13 March 2011
Sport and disability in New Zealand - the second of three documentaries looking at how we're doing in the aftermath of the No Exceptions Strategy. [more]

20/03/2011: One in Five for Sunday 20 March 2011
We’ve not been getting much information about how disabled Cantabrians are coping following the Christchurch. How does a blind person fetch water from a tanker down the street, or a wheelchair user get into a Port-a-Loo? Mike Gourley gets disability perspectives from the quake zone. [more]

27/03/2011: One in Five for Sunday 27 March 2011
Sport and disability in New Zealand - the third of three documentaries looking at how we're doing in the aftermath of the No Exceptions Strategy [more]

03/04/2011: One in Five for 3 April 2011
Disabled mothers recall the attitudes they encountered in the early days and the Canterbury musician who refuses to be boxed in. [more]

10/04/2011: One in Five for Sunday 10 April 2011
Tackling mental health issues by bringing them out into the open. [more]

17/04/2011: One In Five for 7.06pm Sun 17 April
A foot-care Nurse on the beat in Auckland, as well as an international expert on GBS argues for a greater awareness of the condition and its long term effects. [more]

24/04/2011: One in Five for 24 April 2011
Revisiting Christchurch after February's devastating aftershock. [more]

01/05/2011: One in Five for 1 May 2011
The sleepover employment decision and its likely impact on disability services. [more]

08/05/2011: One in Five for Sun 8 May 2011
Parents of vision impaired children band together. And Vincents Artspace turns twenty five. [more]

15/05/2011: One In Five for 15 May 2011
Sign Language is par for the course at The Learning Connexion. And Disability support agencies band together to achieved better outcomes for disabled people. [more]

22/05/2011: One in Five for 22 May 2011
Film maker, writer and blogger Chris Banks takes on the myths and stereotypes associated with mental illness. [more]

29/05/2011: One In Five for 29 May 2011
A Disability studies conference later this year that will be a first for New Zealand. And the Passport to a better deal from the health system. [more]

05/06/2011: One In Five for 5 June 2011
This year's Budget analysed through a disability issues lens. [more]

12/06/2011: One In Five for 12 June 2011
Controversy and concern over welfare reform now that it's firmly in the court of National's election year policy platform. [more]

12/06/2011: One In Five for 12 June 2011
Controversy and concern over welfare reform now that it's firmly in the court of National's election year policy platform. [more]

19/06/2011: One In Five for 19 June 2011
Disability Awareness Sunday - Artist, poet and church worker Rhonda Swenson gives artistic expression to living with multiple disabilities, including cerebral palsy and specific learning disability. And her 'disproportionate cross'... a large wooden cross in which the crooked angle of the horizontal bar represents her personal response to living with disability in the so-called 'normal' world is an example of her participation in the Christian community. She talks to Mike Gourley about Disability Awareness Sunday and efforts to help congregations engage more fully with disabled people. [more]

26/06/2011: One In Five for 26 June 2011
In One in Five, two theatre productions in Auckland signal a new approach to attracting deaf and blind audiences. [more]

25/09/2011: One In Five for 25 September 2011 - Kidney Failure
Sonia Sly meets a man who miraculously survived without any kidneys, but first she gets an inside look at the process her Mum undergoes as a 'home dialysis' patient in Christchurch. [more]

09/10/2011: One In Five for 9 October 2011
A film documenting the lives and loves of blind and developmentally disabled adults who live in a hostel in Manhattan. [more]

16/10/2011: One In Five for 16 October 2011
The trials and tribulations of bringing up an autistic child. Jo and Steve Paull are both teachers and musicians in their own right. When they discovered that their son was autistic they tried every way possible to find a way to try and communicate with him. Produced by Sonia Sly. [more]

27/11/2011: One In Five for 27 November 2011
NZ documentary film-maker Peter Wareing spent more than a decade in New York City. He used the opportunity to document the lives of a group of disabled residents, over a fourteen year period. The result is a compelling documentary, 'Not Everybody Can Do Everything' which he discusses with Mike Gourley. An excerpt of 'Not Everybody Can Do Everything' is one of the works from 9 New Zealand artists included in the 2011 Rencontres Internationales feature 'Focus on New Zealand' presented at the Pompidou Centre in Paris in late November. [more]

18/12/2011: One In Five for 18 December 2011
Nothing seems insurmountable to Dunedin woman Julie Woods who has challenged herself to say 'why not' to every opportunity offered to her since losing her sight in 199. Now calling herself 'That Blind Woman', Julie is following successes in writing, cooking and travel with a project to visit every intermediate school in the country. [more]

22/04/2012: One In Five for 22 April 2012
True Colours is a child health service organisation set up eight years ago by Cynthia Ward to provide a service for seriously ill children, young people and their families. [more]

29/04/2012: One In Five for 29 April 2012 - Matangi Motors
Waikato sportsman Maioro Barton has gained his independence and has picked up a car from Matangi Motors. The mechanic's workshop modifies cars for people with disabilities. [more]

29/04/2012: One In Five for 29 April 2012 - Beverly Grammer
Late last year Bev Grammer was elected president of the Disabled Persons' Assembly . She's a Whakatane business woman and active advocate for people with disabilities. [more]

06/05/2012: One In Five for 6 May 2012 - Therapeutic choir
A new therapeutic choir, based upon Auckland's Celebration Choir, has been boosting both the vocal abilities and the confidence of a Christchurch group with neurological disorders. [more]

06/05/2012: One In Five for 6 May 2012 - Neelu Memon
Neelu Memon who earlier this year became the first blind woman to complete the Coast to Coast. [more]

13/05/2012: One In Five for 13 May 2012
Parent to Parent aims to support and empower parents who have children with disabilities or an impairment. It puts parents in touch with other parents of children with the same condition, runs training sessions for parents, provides them with information relevant to their child, and organises camps for the siblings of children with a disability. Our second item is about Wendy Neilson, the immediate past president of the Disabled Person's Assembly. She also teaches a paper on Physical Activity and Disability for Waikato University's School of Education. [more]

20/05/2012: One In Five for 20 May 2012
Katy Gosset meets Helen Grice, whose life changed abruptly on February the 22nd last year. [more]

27/05/2012: One In Five for 27 May 2012
Dawn Brocket contracted polio three days before her husband in 1952. They'd been married just six weeks. The couple spent almost a year in hospital. Then, when the authorities refused to let them go - they discharged themselves. [more]

03/06/2012: One In Five for 3 June 2012 - Disabled Refugees and Migrants
The Disability Rights Commissioner, Paul Gibson, says Christchurch's Refugee and Migrant communities who are also living with disabilities are struggling more than many realise in the aftermath of the quakes. [more]

03/06/2012: One In Five for 3 June 2012 - LSVT-BIG Therapy for Parkinsons
Katy Gosset drops in on a physical therapy session with Jimmy Jagit Dillon who has Parkinsons Disease. [more]

10/06/2012: One In Five for 10 June 2012
This week on One in Five two generations get together to discuss their hopes and wishes for a fulfilling future for their disabled brother or sister or child. Lorna Sullivan facilitated a recent 2nd Generation workshop in Auckland. It brought together families from all around the country. [more]

17/06/2012: One In Five for 17 June 2012
One in Five meets A Different Light, a mixed ability theatre company, who leave for England this week to show their latest production at a contemporary performing arts festival. [more]

24/06/2012: One In Five for 24 June 2012
Carol Stiles visits Hamilton's Mckenzie Centre - an early childhood centre for children with special needs. [more]

01/07/2012: One In Five for 1 July 2012
Katy Gosset reports from an Emergency Preparedness Symposium for People with Disabilities in Christchurch. [more]

08/07/2012: One In Five for 8 July 2012
One in Five catches up with Paralympic rower Danny McBride after a training session on Lake Karapiro and takes a look at the very complicated science of classifying athletes with disabilities. [more]

15/07/2012: One In Five for 15 July 2012
Katy Gosset visits Kilmarnock Enterprises which has been providing employment for people with disabilities for more than 50 years. [more]

22/07/2012: One In Five for 22 July 2012
Wheelchair Rugby with farmer, paralympian and Wheelblacks coach Peter Martin. [more]

29/07/2012: One In Five for 29 July 2012
Katy Gosset examines the language of disability and how it's changed over time. [more]

05/08/2012: One In Five for 5 August 2012
More and more disabled people are beginning to call the shots when it comes to the supports and services they need. [more]

12/08/2012: One In Five for 12 August 2012
FILE TITLE One in Five for 7.06pm Sun 12 Aug (wheelchairs) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ANNOUNCER INTRO: Time now for One in five our weekly look at the issues and experience of disability. We meet the Christchurch team that builds and sends customised wheelchairs all over the globe. Melrose Kiwi Concept Chairs began life in a garage with a staff of four. Now the company's celebrating 20 years in business, supplying a host of international clients, including many of the world's top wheelchair athletes. Katy Gosset took a tour around the firm's purpose built factory. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - IN: SFX 05 ah this is where OUT: still got a long way to go DUR: 21:03 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BACK ANNOUNCE: One in Five was produced and presented by Katy Gosset. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BRIEF TRAIL: This week on One In Five, we meet the Christchurch team that builds and sends customised wheelchairs all over the globe. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - [more]

12/08/2012: One In Five for 12 August 2012
Katy Gosset meets the Christchurch team that builds and sends customised wheelchairs all over the globe. [more]

19/08/2012: One In Five for 19 August 2012
Carol Stiles takes a look around Hamilton's artificial limb centre with a man who has been helping people get back up on their feet for 45 years. [more]

26/08/2012: One In Five for 26 August 2012
Changes to funding for community law centres may threaten speciality law providers like Auckland Disability Law. [more]

02/09/2012: One In Five for 2 September 2012
Providing employment for people with disabilites and a project archiving the evolution of New Zealand Sign Language. [more]

09/09/2012: One In Five for 9 September 2012
The National Riding for the Disabled Association is celebrating an anniversary and, with it, the benefits its brought to many New Zealanders with a range of disabilities. [more]

16/09/2012: One In Five for 16 September 2012
An advocacy and support group and seeks to make life better for the parents of children with autism and for the children themselves; and a talent agency devoted to getting people with disabilities on screen. [more]

23/09/2012: One In Five for 23 September 2012
A Christchurch performance group that offers people with a disability a creative voice. [more]

30/09/2012: One In Five for 30 September 2012
Demolition crews have levelled the old Homai College for the Blind in Manurewa and now a brand new, purpose built building has gone up in its place. BLENNZ principal Jane Wells tells us about the organisation and takes Carol Stiles on a tour of the state-of-the-art facility. [more]

07/10/2012: One In Five for 7 October 2012
Mike Gourley recalls a poetic event where, in the interests of recovery and rehabilitation, Dunedin based poets performed their work at the Isis Rehab ward in Dunedin's Wakari hospital. [more]

14/10/2012: One In Five for 14 October 2012
Many hundreds of people contracted polio in New Zealand during epidemics in the first half of last century - most of them recovered well. But now, as polio survivors age, they're experiencing new physical challenges - linked to the disease they had when they were young. It's called post polio syndrome or the late effects of polio. Many people who have it confuse their symptoms with aging and struggle with pain, fatigue and muscle weakness. Jega Jegasothy is a physiotherapist who specialises in the late effects of polio and says with the appropriate treatment, a lot of the physical complaints can be overcome. [more]

14/10/2012: One In Five for 14 October 2012
As polio survivors age, they're experiencing new physical challenges linked to the disease they had when they were young. [more]

21/10/2012: One In Five for 21 October 2012
Amelia Nurse talks to Connie Laurin-Bowie, executive director of Inclusion International Canada;  and Interact Festival director Paula Crimmons previews the second annual disability festival in Auckland.   [more]

28/10/2012: One In Five for 28 October 2012
Katy Gosset looks at the impact of spinal cord injuries on intimacy within relationships and speaks to Claire Freeman about life after a spinal cord injury and the challenges it brings. [more]

04/11/2012: One In Five for 4 February 2012
Carol Stiles is at the New Zealand Occupational Therapists conference to hear about the breadth of an OT's work and how they promote health and well being by helping people to take part in meaningful activities. [more]

11/11/2012: One In Five for 11 November 2012
Engineering students get some first-hand experience of how their design can impact on the disabled community. [more]

18/11/2012: One In Five for 18 November 2012
Four years ago New Zealand ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities - a convention that aims to protect the dignity of all people with a disability. [more]

23/11/2012: One In Five for 25 November 2012
One in Five visits the McKenzie Residential School in Christchurch, a specialist facility for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. [more]

02/12/2012: One In Five for 2 December 2012
Carol Stiles heads along to InterACT 2012, a three day disability arts festival. [more]

09/12/2012: One In Five for 9 December 2012
Katy Gosset attends a flash mob marking International Day for Persons with Disabilities. [more]

09/12/2012: One In Five for 6 December 2012
FILE TITLE One In Five for 12.30am Thu 6 Dec - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ANNOUNCER INTRO: Time now for One in Five - Radio New Zealand's look at the issues and experience of disability. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - IN: 'Good evening. . . . . OUT: . . . .have a great week DUR: 23:03 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BACK ANNOUNCE: You can hear that story again or any other stories that have already been to air on One in Five by visiting the One in Five Page on the Radio New Zealand website. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - BRIEF TRAIL: It was a case of 'lights, music, action' at InterACT 2012 , a three day disability arts festival held recently at Corban's Estate in Auckland. Dancers, musicians, clowns and models took to the stage to show case their talent and award winning artists exhibited their work. It was the second year the festival has been held, and organisers say it's now set to become an annual event on the Auckland arts calendar. One in Five went along to see why the event is being called 'inspirational'….. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - MUSIC DETAILS LINKS: [more]

09/12/2012: One In Five for 9 December 2012
Katy Gossett attends a flash mob that marks the International Day for Persons with Disabilities. [more]

16/12/2012: One In Five for 16 December 2012
Mental health services have been available in the central north island for 82 years now. For most of that time the focal point was Tokanui hospital just south of Te Awamutu. At its height, 1200 residents lived at Tokanui and a community arose around it. Earlier this year Changing Times, Changing Places was published - a collective history of mental health services in the Midland district. It traces the evolution and complex history of mental health care in the greater Waikato and describes an institution that was a place of ' utter despair, of hope, of care, or treatment, of employment and of much, much more.” One in Five speaks to two of the people who helped put the book together. [more]

23/12/2012: One In Five for 23 December 2012 - The Champion Centre
Katy Gosset visits The Champion Centre, a specialist, one stop shop for children who have developmental delays. [more]

27/01/2013: One In Five for 27 January 2013
South Africa-based occupational therapist Frank Kronenberg has founded Occupational Therapists without Borders in the hope the profession will become more socially responsive to the needs of communities around the world. [more]

03/02/2013: One In Five for 3 February 2013
Aaron "Wheelz" Fotheringham, is one of the world's top wheelchair stuntmen. He's currently touring New Zealand with the circus, and spoke to Katy Gosset ahead of the Christchurch gig. [more]

10/02/2013: One In Five for 10 February 2013
Resthomes have been home to hundreds of disabled New Zealanders simply because there's been nowhere else for them to be given the care they need. [more]

17/02/2013: One In Five for 17 February 2013
This week on One in Five, Katy Gosset drops in on the inaugural Disability Studies Class at Otago University's Summer School. This relatively new academic field examines disability across a range of disciplines, focusing on the experiences, rights and leadership of disabled people. It also encourages students to consider where their own ideas about disability come from and to question whether those perceptions are correct. [more]

24/02/2013: One In Five for 24 February 2013
Reels on Wheels is an Auckland-based charity with the sole purpose of taking people in wheelchairs fishing. Carol Stiles puts on a life jacket and went out for the afternoon with the anglers and their buddies recently; the fishing was good and the company even better. [more]

03/03/2013: One In Five for 3 March 2013
This week One in Five looks the experience of disability within Christchurch's Pacific Island community. [more]

10/03/2013: One In Five for 10 March 2013
There are around 20 supported living providers in New Zealand that support people with disabilities to live in the community. Today One in Five hears about one that aims to do itself out of a job with its clients. The Renaissance Group is one of just three, private, supported living providers in the country. It started in a garage 11 years ago and is now supports 240 people in the Auckland area. [more]

17/03/2013: One In Five for 17 March 2013
This week One in Five jumps aboard a day trip to Orana Park with Don Nordhaus - who for more than two decades has been taking people with disabilities on holiday. Don and his wife Saree run Specialised Charter Services which takes members of the disabled community on outings of every type, including party weekends around the country and overseas trips as far afield as Fiji and the United States. [more]

24/03/2013: One In Five for 24 March 2013
When Grant Sharman was 15 he dived into a ruck during a school rugby game and broke his neck. That was more than 35 years ago. In the intervening period Grant has played for and coached the Wheel Blacks, has been the high performance director at Paralympics New Zealand and now has his sights set on representing New Zealand in shooting at the Rio games. Grant is now a celebrated mouth painter who has had work published around the world and is one of just a hundred painters employed by the international Mouth and Foot Painting Artist's association. However his artistic career got off to an inauspicious start. Carol Stiles talks to Grant about his life and work. [more]

07/04/2013: One In Five for 7 April 2013
The Association for Spinal Concerns is an organisation that supports people in the mid and upper North Island who have spinal injuries. It was set up 22 years ago when a newly injured tetraplegic found there was little support available to him once he had left the spinal unit. These days TASC tees up injured people with "buddies" who have a similar injury, helps people access services in the community and acts as a drop in centre for tetra and paraplegics. TASC runs art classes, has set up a community garden and hosts "back on track" sessions where people who have a spinal injury can talk about their experiences. [more]

14/04/2013: One In Five for 14 April 2013
This week: heavy metal, catholicism and the pleasures of broadcasting! Katy Gosset meets some other Christchurch-based presenters who taking disability to the airwaves. [more]

21/04/2013: One In Five for 21 April 2013
Carol Stiles heads along to The Big Event, a showcase of products and services for people with disabilities and the biggest accessibility expo in the country. [more]

28/04/2013: One In Five for 28 April 2013
As New Zealanders remember their countrymen who fell at Gallipoli and other battles, One in Five looks instead at what happens to those who are become injured or disabled in the line of duty. Katy Gosset talks to Staff Sergeant Marfell who suffered complete hearing loss in one ear after an accident in Afghanistan. [more]

05/05/2013: One In Five for 5 May 2013
Anthony Towler has written, directed and was due to star in his play Defensability. The 32-year-old has cerebral palsy and says writing about people with disabilities is inspired by his own experiences. However, a recent fire at Auckland's Maidment Theatre meant opening night never arrived. Lisa Thompson met up with Anthony during a read-through session, to find out how he is getting on with trying to re-stage Defensability at an alternate venue. [more]

12/05/2013: One In Five for 12 May 2013
These days, you name it, the Internet has got it, but some people living with disabilities may only be enjoying a fraction of what's available. Katy Gosset gets on line with the Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind and Deaf Aoteoroa to find out what works, what doesn't and what web designers can do to bridge the gap. [more]

19/05/2013: One In Five for 19 May 2013
Dina Whatnell's job is to improve the health outcomes for people with an intellectual disability. She works as the country's only Clinical Nurse Specialist Lead Intellectual Disability and is based at Palmerston North hospital. [more]

26/05/2013: One In Five for 26 May 2013 - Anne McKenzie
What would you do if your day suddenly shrank to just eight hours ? Anne McKenzie, an interior designer and mother of three, found herself in exactly that position when she was knocked off her bike and left with a traumatic brain injury seven years ago. She fell into a profound sleep every afternoon and struggled to cope with basic functions, all the while pushing herself to keep on top of household chores and raise her family. [more]

02/06/2013: One In Five for 2 June 2013 - Sailability
Each week between 45 and 50 sailors take to the water on the Waitemata Harbour through the Sailability programme. It's a programme that operates worldwide, supporting people with disabilities to learn to sail. Many of Auckland's disabled sailors have their first taste of sailing on a simulator. One in Five's Carol Stiles takes her turn on the simulator and meets novice sailors and paralympians who are all on the water because of Sailability. [more]

09/06/2013: One In Five for 9 June 2013 - Lifeline
This week on One in Five, Katy Gosset meets a blind woman who is using voice software to work as a volunteer counsellor for Lifeline. Petronella doesn't use her real name when she takes calls for the counselling service, but she does draw on her own experiences when interacting with clients. She says losing her eyesight was the catalyst for her to fulfil a long held desire for her to become a counsellor. Six months after completing her training, she says the knowledge that she can make even a small difference to someone’s day is a huge buzz. [more]

16/06/2013: One In Five for 16 June 2013
Alison Atwell believes signing is the key to communicating for many people in the hearing community. She has set up an organisation, Voice Thru Your Hands, which aims to provide support to every person to find their own voice through sign language and/or visual communication. [more]

23/06/2013: One In Five for 23 June 2013 - Disability Studies
Katy Gosset speaks to American disability specialist, Professor Susan Gabel, about raising children with disabilities and changing the way society thinks. She also talks to this country's teachers about working with disabled students and how New Zealand is performing when it comes to inclusive education. [more]

30/06/2013: One In Five for 30 June 2013 - BLENNZ
One in Five is picking up shakers at the BLENNZ campus as pre-schoolers and students take part in music lessons and music therapy sessions. BLENNZ is the Blind and Low vision Education Network New Zealand and is based at the old Homai campus in Auckland. Nation-wide it has a roll of 1500 students aged from birth to 21 years old. One in Five spends time with two BLENNZ staff members who believe music can enrich the lives of blind and low vision young people. [more]

07/07/2013: One In Five for 7 July 2013 - Tribes
Katy Gosset checks out an acclaimed and provocative play that explores being deaf within a hearing family. [more]

07/07/2013: One In Five for 7 July 2013
A dramatic take on being deaf within a hearing family. The contemporary play, Tribes, currently being staged at Dunedin's Fortune Theatre, centres on an argumentative, academic family in which the youngest son, Billy is deaf but has been raised to lipread. Family dynamics are fractured when Billy's new girlfriend, who is losing her hearing, teaches him sign language and he begins to find his independence. The acclaimed and, sometimes, provocative, play, by Nina Raine, explores family relationships and the ways people communicate, whether they are able to hear or not. Katy Gosset talks to the actors who have learnt sign language for the production as well as both deaf and hearing crew members about making the play authentic. [more]

14/07/2013: One In Five for 14 July 2013
Featuring a conversation with Colin Allen, the president of the World Federation of the Deaf who was in New Zealand earlier this year encouraging the deaf community here to exert more pressure on the government to ensure equal access to services and information for the Deaf. And One in Five’s also at the recent National Agricultural Fieldays where IHC Calf Scheme employees and volunteers were meeting up with some of their most loyal supporters. [more]

21/07/2013: One In Five for 21 July 2013
This week on One in Five: '50 Shades of Grey' and what it has to do with a landmark multi-country treaty that's just been signed in Morocco? The Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind says it's been estimated that, of all published books, less than 5 per cent are available to the blind, visually impaired and print disabled communities. And, for some keen readers, that means popular titles like '50 Shades of Grey' and 'The Hunger Games' have been hard to come by. [more]

28/07/2013: One In Five for 28 July 2013
Helene Ritchie talks to Mike Gourley about her campaign for a Royal Commission into ways of supporting carers, particularly those looking after people with a degenerative illness. [more]

04/08/2013: One In Five for 4 August 2013
The Royal New Zealand Foundation of the Blind says it's been estimated that, of all published books, less than 5 percent are available to the blind, visually impaired and print disabled communities. And, for some keen readers, that means popular titles have been hard to come by. Now a treaty finalised by the World Intellectual Property Organization means that individual countries can convert books to braille formats, audio recordings and large print books more easily, and more importantly, share that material with other countries. The foundation says this historic treaty will go a long way towards addressing what it calls "The Book Famine". Katy Gosset talks to members about their love of books. [more]

11/08/2013: One In Five for 11 August 2013
Last month, a conference was held in Hamilton for people with lived experience of autism and Asperger's, their families and for clinicians and professionals who work with autistic people. Carol Stiles speaks to 'Aspies', as they call themselves, about the perceptions around the way they experience life and how, for many Aspies, the use of social media and the internet has opened up a new world for them. [more]

18/08/2013: One In Five for 18 August 2013
This week One in Five takes to the slopes as Katy Gosset visits Cardrona Alpine Resort's Adaptive Snowsports programme. The scheme is the one of the largest in the country and enables people with disabilities to enjoy the snow using bi and mono skis and a range of other adaptive equipment. At the helm is Jane Stevens who also oversees adaptive programmes around the country on behalf of Snow Sports New Zealand. Katy talks to Jane as she trains a group of international volunteers keen to lend their services to the programme. And she also meets with one of the scheme's most famous graduates, Paralympic Gold Medallist, Adam Hall, who is currently training at Cardrona for the upcoming Winter Games in Sochi, Russia. [more]

25/08/2013: One In Five for 25 August 2013
One in Five catches up with Matt Frost – an advocate for people with Autism Spectrum Disorder who would like the government to plough another 20 million dollars into supporting people with autism in New Zealand. We also meet Hamilton-based clinical psychologist Tanya Breen who works in the legal system helping people with ASD get the representation they need before the courts. [more]

01/09/2013: One In Five for 1 September 2013
They say they're the underdogs but the Parafed Otago Panthers are bringing plenty of energy and determination to this month's Wheelchair Basketball National Championships in Wellington. The Dunedin-based team has been playing together for several years but they're still keen to recruit new players to build up numbers in their southern squad. Members say while Canterbury and Auckland are the teams to beat, they've been gradually honing their skills and hope to make a strong showing later this month They talk to Katy Gosset about finger flattening passes, high speed spills and the bond they all share. [more]

08/09/2013: One In Five for 8 September 2013
Like hundreds of other cyclists around the country, Phil Thorn is in training for the Lake Taupo Challenge - a 160 km race around NZ's largest lake. Unlike other cyclists, Phil is blind and deaf and has limited use of his legs. Bacterial meningitis took Phil's sight and hearing and almost his life, in 2008. One in Five meets Phil, his wife Julia and Phil's neighbour and cycling partner Neil Davis to hear about the build up to Phil's next challenge, and about his journey to his new life. [more]

15/09/2013: One In Five for 15 September 2013
Katy Gosset is learning to talk with her hands - tackling this country's third official language. Here in New Zealand, sign language is spoken by about 24,000 people including deaf, hearing impaired and hearing people and Katy intends to become one of them. And yet a new report, just released by the Human Rights Commission, shows deaf people still face barriers in using New Zealand Sign Language, particularly when trying to access education and health care. [more]

22/09/2013: One In Five for 22 September 2013
The Hamilton Competitions Society has been holding annual performing arts competitions for more than 70 years. Four years ago it decided to add another category - a competition for children and young people with special needs. A couple of months ago scores of performers turned out to sing, dance and perform musical items to a hall full of spectators. [more]

29/09/2013: One In Five for 29 September 2013
In 1999 Karl Hitchcock began hearing the voices of Templar Knights during periods of psychosis. At the same time he was grappling with episodes of both mania and depression. Karl decided to write a play about his experiences, entitled "Manic to Madness", with the help of actor and friend Nic Farra. The show debuts in Christchurch tonightas part of Mental Health Awareness Week. Katy Gosset drops in on rehearsals and talks to Karl and Nic about a creative process that has also proved cathartic. [more]

06/10/2013: One In Five for 6 October 2013
Paula Booth used to be a caregiver for people with a disability. She thought she knew all about it... until she had an accident. Now she uses a wheelchair. Paula talks to Carol Stiles about life as a young woman with a disability – flat hunting, socialising, negotiating Wellington’s hills and her plans for the future. [more]

09/02/2014: One In Five for 9 February 2014 - Stroke Survivors’ Fishing Club
One in Five this week is pulling in snapper with members of the world's only Stroke Survivors' Fishing Club. Club members get together once a month, fishing rods in hand, for a day out on the water. One in Five joined them earlier in summer for a trip on the Kaipara Harbour. [more]

16/02/2014: One In Five for 16 February 2014 - enabling good lives
What does a good life mean to you ? Young people with disabilities have their own ideas but they haven't always had the freedom to pursue their dreams and goals. Now the Government has launched "Enabling Good Lives", a new funding model which will give young people living with a disability more control over the supports they receive and, ultimately, their own lives. On this edition of 'One-In-Five', Katy Gosset meets one young man who has plans-a-plenty. [more]

16/02/2014: One In Five for 16 February 2014
What does a good life mean to you ? Young people with disabilities have their own ideas but they haven't always had the freedom to pursue their dreams and goals. Now the Government has launched "Enabling Good Lives", a new funding model which will give young people living with a disability more control over the supports they receive and, ultimately, their own lives. On One-In-Five this week, Katy Gosset meets one young man who has plans-a-plenty. [more]

23/02/2014: One In Five for 23 February 2014
One in Five is off to the circus this week. Circus Kumarani is a community circus based in Dargaville. It was set up ten years ago to use circus and social arts to help enhance the lives of people with disabilities. Some of Circus Kumarani's star performers have been with it since its inception and are now adept at juggling, walking on tightropes, spinning hoops, whizzing around in the German wheel and swinging on a trapeze. One in Five's Carol Stiles heads along to a circus skills session and discovers it's definitely not as easy as it looks! [more]

02/03/2014: One In Five for 2 March 2014
This week on One in Five, Katy Gosset is at Surfability Day at Christchurch's Sumner Beach. The event, run by the local long boarders club, offers people with disabilities a chance to get out in the waves, each supported by a large crew of volunteers. The club runs an event each year to give something back to its beachside community: this year it chose the Surfability concept proposed by a club member, Gary Butt, who had run similar events in Kaitaia. The participants include novices and, in some cases, more experienced surfers testing the waters again after a life changing accident. [more]

09/03/2014: One In Five for 9 March 2014
One in Five meets Whangarei woman Vanassa McGoldrick who, when she was a teenager, dreamed of becoming a lawyer. Then, there were no accessible universities, and even a few years ago, arms had to be twisted to allow her to study law by correspondence. Vanassa talks about her journey to becoming a lawyer, and about her work with the Whangarei Housing Trust. [more]

16/03/2014: One In Five for 16 March 2014 - Chronic pain
It's there all the time but no one else can see it. Chronic pain affects one in six New Zealanders and can be hugely debilitating, sometimes leading to sleep loss, depression and changed family dynamics for those who experience it. This week a Christchurch man, Kenny Didham, describes his experience of chronic pain and the improvements gained by working with the Pain Management Centre at Burwood Hospital. Katy Gosset also talks to specialists about how pain management is gaining ground as a medical speciality in New Zealand. [more]

23/03/2014: One In Five for 23 March 2014
Taupae Connelly lives in Kaiwaka, Northland surrounded by whanau. When he was young up he didn't know of anyone else with a disability in his community. Taupae calls himself a 'thalidomide baby'; born with physical disabilities as a result of a drug women took to alleviate morning sickness during pregnancy. Taupae talks about his childhood, growing up with a disability and his efforts to get compensation from the distributors of thalidomide. [more]

30/03/2014: One In Five for 30 March 2014
Tim Bardrick says, after some 40 years of driving himself around, his loss of independence was frustrating and caused complications for work and family life. But as his health has improved, he has undergone a driving test under the watchful eye of Barbara Steptoe, an occupational therapist who specialises in assessments for people with disabilities or who have experienced a health event. [more]

13/04/2014: One In Five for 13 April 2014 - accessible walks
Anna Jameson is a wheelchair user and disability rights advocate who has written a book about accessible walks. New Zealand is full of scenic locations but not all of them can be enjoyed by wheelchair users or others living with a disability. Anna's book, co-written with her brother, Andrew Jameson, provides detailed information about 100 South Island walks, all of which she completed using her wheelchair. Here she shares the experience of one such walk near Queenstown with One in Five's Katy Gosset. [more]

13/04/2014: One In Five Extra!!!
Anna Jameson takes One In Five's Katy Gosset on a walk near Frankton. [more]

20/04/2014: One In Five for 20 April 2014 - audio describers
Audio describers are employed to describe almost anything you can imagine for blind and visually impaired people - from parades to live opera, art exhibitions, weddings and funerals. American audio describer Joel Snyder was in New Zealand recently and One in Five caught up with him and one of New Zealand's audio describers, Nicola Owen, to hear about their craft. [more]

27/04/2014: One In Five for 27 April 2014 - comedian Thane Pullan
Katy Gosset meets Thane Pullan - a rising star in stand up comedy who does his gigs sitting down and makes comic fodder of the fact. Thane uses a wheelchair and voice technology to deliver his routines which have earned him a spot in next month's Raw Comedy Quest Grand Final in Auckland. He talks to Katy about comedy gigs, heckling and why political correctness and his own disability are often the butt of his jokes. [more]

11/05/2014: One In Five for 11 May 2014
What's your favourite sign? That's both the question and video campaign from Deaf Aotearoa on the eve of New Zealand Sign Language Week (12 – 18 May 2014) Last year's Census showed the numbers of sign language users had fallen by 16 per cent but there are still more than 20,000 people who use New Zealand's third official language. Katy Gosset heads out into the community to meet some of them. [more]

18/05/2014: One In Five for 18 May 2014 - Raukatauri Music Therapy centre
The Raukatauri Music Therapy centre has just celebrated its 10th birthday. Despite the growing demand for music therapy, the Auckland centre remains the only music therapy centre in New Zealand. Each week 200 people have therapy sessions at RMTC's Grey Lynn villa or as part of the centre's outreach programmes in schools, early childhood centres and rest homes. One in Five visits the Raukatauri Music Therapy Centre to hear how everyone, no matter what their ability, can be drawn into shared music making and how music therapy can help improve lives. Visit the Raukatauri Music Therapy centre website to find out more.  [more]

01/06/2014: One In Five for 1 June 2014
The LYNKZ programme in Whangarei helps support people living with disabilities to move into the workforce, participate in community events, and gain skills for independence, to set goals and to achieve them. [more]

08/06/2014: One In Five for 8 June 2014
This week on One in Five: some Central Otago youngsters with disabilities are reaching new heights, courtesy of a local sports programme. Game on Everyone was set up by Wanaka parents whose children are autistic, or have learning difficulties, to provide a better range of activities. Katy Gosset heads along to Wanaka's Base Camp Climbing Centre to meet the young people as they make fresh ascents on the rock walls. [more]

15/06/2014: One In Five for 15 June 2014 - assistance dogs
There are 17 assistance dogs working with people with disabilities in New Zealand – and a long list of people who would like one. Assistance Dogs New Zealand breeds the labradors and retriever crosses that are destined to become assistance dogs. After basic training, the dogs are trained specifically to assist with the needs of the person they will work beside. [more]

22/06/2014: One In Five for 22 June 2014 - Canterbrainers
This week on One In Five Katy Gosset revisits the Canterbrainers Choir. The Christchurch-based singing group was established two years ago to help people with neurological conditions improve their vocal ability and engage more in social activities. Now members are helping with research to analyse the vocal and social gains. The University of Canterbury's Department of Communication Disorders will analyse the data but the singers are already convinced of the benefits. [more]

29/06/2014: One In Five for 29 June 2014 - head injury
It's estimated that every 15 minutes in New Zealand someone sustains a head injury. It happens mainly to men and boys under the age of 34. Seven and a half years ago Gary Farrow's life changed in an instant. He was 19 when he was in a car crash with another vehicle driven by a drunk driver. Gary's brain injury has left him with a significant physical disability and frontal lobe damage. Gary talks about his long journey to recovery and what it's like to live with a head injury. [more]

06/07/2014: One In Five for 6 July 2014
This week on One In Five: student life in Dunedin. Katy Gosset pays an early visit to a Caversham flat to catch its five busy inhabitants before they head off to their South Dunedin campus. Like most flatmates they take turns cooking, doing the chores and they often hang out with each other. But each has an intellectual disability and their living arrangements and campus day programme have been desiged by the Otago-based organisation, Pact, to offer a better quality of life. [more]

13/07/2014: One In Five for 13 July 2014
Even a mild brain injury can have a huge impact on a person's life. Following an accident, medical staff often focus on the injuries they can see and sometimes brain injuries are missed. One in Five speaks to a neuropsychologist about the symptoms of brain injuries, how head injuries are diagnosed and the path to recovery. One in Five also meets an extreme athlete who has had to re-assess haw far he will push himself following a severe traumatic brain injury. {topics] Disability [more]

20/07/2014: One In Five for 20 July 2014
This week on One In Five: recovery, romance and finding a place to fit in. Katy Gosset is at The Apartment, a Dunedin day facility for people recovering from mental illness. The centre is run by an Otago-based support organisation, Pact, and offers a range of activities, aimed at building skills and supporting new friendships. But for two of its clients who took part in a public speaking course, a new friendship has also led to love. Katy hears their story and takes a tour around the facility. [more]

27/07/2014: One In Five for 27 July 2014
It you have parked in a disabled carparking space in Whangarei by mistake, you may have heard from the Tiaho Trust. It’s been battling to up the number of accessible parks in the city and has had the council on side to deal with those who misuse them. It’s even had its own notes printed to leave on the windscreen of miscreant parkers. The Trust, which celebrates the contributions disabled people make to society, also has plans to promote Northland as an accessible tourism destination, appealing to the 20 percent of people who identify with having a disability and also to older tourists many of whom also have impairments. Tiaho’s latest project has a nation-wide focus. It has launched a social media campaign to encourage people with disabilities to vote September’s general election. It’s using Facebook and twitter to start conversations about disability policies. [more]

03/08/2014: One In Five for 3 August 2014 - Shane Blows
This week on One In Five we meet a Motueka man keen to put his stamp on the world of hand cycling. Shane Blows has had a fast track in the sport and is now ranked 17th in the world. Shane's dream is to make the 2016 Paralympics in Rio but his more pressing priority is this month's World Championships in South Carolina. He talks Katy Gosset through his training regime in Motueka. [more]

10/08/2014: One In Five for 10 August 2014 - Disability Policies
One in Five speaks to political party disability spokespeople about action they'd like to see taken to improve the lives of people living with a disability. Employment, education, housing and community attitudes are up for discussion. [more]

17/08/2014: One In Five for 17 August 2014 - Alexandra singing stars
Katy Gosset visits Living Options, an organisation helping locals with an intellectual disability, to lead full and independent lives. [more]

24/08/2014: One In Five for 24 August 2014 - Taranaki Hospital's New Wing
Taranaki Base Hospital has recently officially opened a smart new wing. It cost $80 million dollars to build and includes six new wards, six operating theatres and day stay services. It has also been built with people of all abilities in mind thanks to the input of the hospital's Disability Action Group. One in Five takes tour of the new building. [more]

07/09/2014: For Laughter’s Sake
We find out why laughter is important in our daily lives and meets a man who begged to be institutionalised before seeking alternative ways to heal from a lifetime of depression and bipolar. [more]

02/11/2014: One In Five for 2 November 2014
Jim Morunga's been serving his community for 40 years. Last year he was named New Zealand's Local Hero of the year. Other regional winners were in the running, but Napier-based Jim took the top award. The award recognises people doing extraordinary things in their communities. It all started when he became blind in 1972. He was 22. "The company of people was pretty important so I got involved with people and when you get involved with people sometimes you get to hear that they've got problems and you figure out hmmm maybe I can help." [more]

09/11/2014: One In Five for 9 November 2014 - a low vision lifestyle
The pleasures and pitfalls of a low vision lifestyle: You'll seldom see a cane in Mike Steven's hand but he has just one eighth of the vision most people enjoy. Mike is one of almost 170 thousand New Zealanders who have some form of vision impairment. And he's learnt to adapt, relying on his other heightened senses and a mixture of technological aids. Katy Gosset takes a tour around Mike's work place and gets a glimpse of life through Mike's eyes. She also talks technology with the Blind Foundation. [more]

16/11/2014: One In Five for 16 November 2014 - I am an Artist
Vibrant posters have been appearing on street corners in main cities around the country as part of a national campaign to promote artists who happen to have a disability. The 'I am an Artist' campaign highlights the abilities of these artists, the impact being involved in art has made on their lives, and the value of the studios and organisations that support them. [more]

23/11/2014: Things They Make
Denis talks Amelia through the range of things they make at the Shed Project. [more]

23/11/2014: One In Five for 23 November 2014 - The Shed Project
Denis Wood is founder of The Shed Project – a wide reaching initiative in Paraparaumu which offers opportunities and choices to differently abled people and youth. [more]

23/11/2014: Community Relations
Denis Wood talks about negotiating positive relationships in the community. [more]

30/11/2014: One In Five for 30 November 2014 - Running Jump to Rio
Eighteen-year-old Jono Brownjohn is on the Pathway to Podium programme – a nationwide talent development programme for young athletes. A sprinter and jumper, Jono’s aiming for selection for the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He’s recently been given a blade to wear on this lower left leg and can’t wait to see the difference it’ll make to his results. [more]

07/12/2014: One In Five for 7 December 2014 - Volunteers
This week on One in Five: Singing the unsung heroes. Volunteers are the mainstay of many activities available to the disability sector. As the world marks the International Day of the Volunteer, Katy Gosset looks at what unpaid helpers bring to New Zealand's disabled community. Also on the programme, a petition calling for Disney to make an animated hero with Down Syndrome is delivered. An update with Californian activist, Keston Ott-Dahl. [more]

14/12/2014: One In Five: Sailability Hawkes Bay
There are Sailability clubs dotted around the globe - nine of them are in New Zealand. Their aim is simple - to spread the joy of sailing to anyone. Sailability Hawkes Bay was the third club to be set up in New Zealand and each week dozens of sailors head out from the Napier marina to enjoy the sea air and the freedom of sailing. [more]

14/12/2014: One in Five: Tribute to Stella Young
Australian comedian, journalist and disability activist Stella Young has died. This is an excerpt from a Radio New Zealand Interview with Stella earlier in 2014. [more]

21/12/2014: One In Five for 21 December 2014
This week on One in Five: teaching children about the birds and the bees is often challenging. But it can be tougher still for parents whose young people have learning difficulties. Katy Gosset meets a sexual health educator who is helping those families to navigate puberty and all it brings. [more]

08/02/2015: A Job Well Done
Until a few months ago, Selwyn Cook had no idea how many people he'd employed who live with disabilities. He says he doesn't count them and just employs the best person for the job. It turns out that in the past 3 years, Selwyn has employed more than 70 staff with disabilities. His business runs 12 'Z' service stations in Waikato. Late last year Selwyn received the Employer Award at the Attitude Awards. Each year the honour goes to a person who sees opportunities and not barriers in their work place for people with disabilities. [more]

15/02/2015: Blind Cricket Commentator Dean Du Plessis
This week on One in Five: He describes himself as the world's first Blind Cricket commentator. Katy Gosset talks to Dean Du Plessis who uses the sounds of ball and bat to help report on the sport. [more]

15/02/2015: Redesigning Hospital Rooms for Tetraplegic Patients
Katy Gosset visits a Christchurch hospital where tetraplegic patients are helping to redesign the spinal injury facility. [more]

22/02/2015: One in Five: Ngā Tukemata O Kahungunu
For more than 20 years now Jim Edwards has been working alongside people with disabilities. He runs a kaupapa Māori daily activities programme under the umbrella of Ngā Tukemata-O-Kahungunu Charitable Trust. It's based near Hastings in Hawkes Bay. [more]

01/03/2015: Taking New Steps with Technology
Some parents worry that their children spend too much time on tablets. But for Nathan Carter, an ipad has been a means of making new connections with his school mates. The 12-year-old is on the autism spectrum and has been taking part in research to see how tablets can improve early communication skills. Katy Gosset finds out more at Canterbury's Darfield High School. [more]

08/03/2015: Achilles - A Reason to Run
Achilles in an international organisation that supports people with disabilities to participate in mainstream sporting events. It's in 65 countries, and is particularly active in New Zealand. Recently 32 Achilles athletes and 49 Achilles guides took part in Wellington's 'Round the Bays'. Many of those athletes have their sights set on running in the New York marathon at the end of the year. [more]

15/03/2015: Attitude - Part 1
Smooth-talking James has a lot of attitude and doesn't tolerate fools gladly. Then he's blinded in an accident and finds other people's attitudes to him have changed completely. [more]

22/03/2015: One in Five for 22 March 2015 - Attitude by Stuart Hoare
A play by Stuart Hoare about a man who with a lot of attitude coming to terms with disability. The concluding episode of a drama centred on James, who has recently become blind but refuses to accept or admit it. He has met Laura in a Christchurch square. Laura uses a wheelchair and after a difficult meeting they have reached a truce and a deal to help each other. (RNZ) [more]

22/03/2015: Attitude - Part 2
The concluding episode of a play by Stuart Hoare centred on James, who has recently become blind but refuses to accept or admit it. He has met Laura in a Christchurch square. Laura uses a wheelchair and after a difficult meeting they have reached a truce and a deal to help each other. [more]

29/03/2015: Women with Disabilities - Women in Crisis
Women with disabilities are significantly more likely to be abused than women in the general population. In fact figures gathered around the world show up to 90 per cent of women with an intellectual disability report being abused at some time in their life. In Australia, programmes have been developed for women with disabilities to ease their escape from violent or abusive living arrangements. Funding is available for them to take support workers with them and to buy the equipment they need for a new living environment. Refuges have been audited for their accessibility, refuge staff have been given training on how best to support women with disabilities and even taxi drivers have been trained in how to help a woman with a disability in a crisis. [more]

29/03/2015: The panting mobility aid
When Chris Orr was paired with his first guide dog 40 years ago there were only 12 dogs working in New Zealand, now there are about 240. Chris has had 4 guide dogs, each with different skills. His requirements are simple; he wants a dog that walks fast, doesn't bark, that has been well socialised and it has to be black. Chris can't stand the thought of golden dog hairs on his black suits. [more]

05/04/2015: Twenty years of Disability Services
Mike talks with current Disability Services Manager, Rachel Anderson-Smith, who outlines the functions and purpose of the services. He also meets up with the founding and first full-time manager, Ava Gibson, who outlines the early humps and hurdles needed to be overcome in order to get consistent funding, policies and procedures in place. [more]

19/04/2015: Welcome Everyone - The Accessibility of Parliament
A report into the accessibility of parliament has found many areas wanting. Now an action plan has been put into place to make the buildings and grounds and information about parliament accessible to everyone. [more]

26/04/2015: A New Direction
This week on One in Five: staff describe it a magic place. We visit Nelson's Salisbury School, a residential special education facility for girls with intellectual and behavioural difficulties. Three years ago it faced closure by the Government but earned a reprieve when the High Court ruled the proposed closure unlawful. Now the school is seeking more students and looking to the future. Katy Gosset takes a tour of the facility as the pupils return from their holidays. [more]

03/05/2015: Promoting Chinese mental health
For 40 years Auckland psychiatrist Dr Sai Woh Wong has been trying to remove barriers for Chinese people in New Zealand to access mental health services. His work has taken place in the community, in university lecture halls and within the health setting. He was honoured for efforts in the New Year's Honours list. [more]

10/05/2015: One in Five for 10 May 2015
New Zealand Sign Language Week has just finished - So what do we know about our third official language ? About 20,000 people identify as using New Zealand Sign Language.Katy Gosset meets some of them - she also drops in on a taster class and talks to a sign language interpreter about the ethics and rewards of the job. [more]

17/05/2015: Rugby VIPs
The New Zealand Rugby Foundation supports players who have broken their back or neck during a game. It works with 102 Very Injured Players, or V.I.Ps, giving them financial and emotional support and advocating for them. The Foundation also works to prevent injuries on the rugby field. [more]

24/05/2015: The Cost of a Coffee
It's almost five years since the first of the earthquakes that rocked Canterbury, causing loss of life and destroying many buildings and homes. Much during that period of struggle has already been documented. But one Canterbury researcher wants to find out more about how the disability community has fared since the earthquakes. Johnny Bourke shares his phD research with Katy Gosset. And they take a tour of the central city to see what could be done to make the new Christchurch more accessible. [more]

31/05/2015: Shared spaces
Town Planner Tshering Phuntsho wants to introduce the concept of a shared space in his city in Bhutan. Charaf Ahmemed from UNESCO. Chris Orr from the Blind Foundation says disability groups were consulted at the outset about the design of Auckland's shared spaces. [more]

07/06/2015: Looking for Love
This week on One in Five: One man's long quest for love. American artist and writer David Matthews spent years sticking quirky personal ads on lamp posts. It brought him some dates but nothing that lasted. Undeterred, he took his story to a film maker, Julie Sokolow. The result was "Aspie Seeks Love", an award winning documentary in which David Matthews discusses his diagnosis of Aspergers Syndrome and shares the ups and downs of dating. He and Julie talk to Katy Gosset about the film making journey. [more]

14/06/2015: Get in Behind – a Shepherd’s Tale
Anita Kendrick is a shepherd on an 1800 hectare North Island station. In her spare time she trains working dogs and breeds border collies. Anita also has a broken back. The farm bike she was riding landed on top of her in October 2011. She was 18. It wasn't clear whether Anita would be able to continue working as a shepherd, but with a modified farm vehicle and a huge amount of determination Anita is back doing what she does best. [more]

21/06/2015: Trans-Tasman Tussle
A Trans-Tasman clash comes to Christchurch as the New Zealand and Australian deaf rugby teams fight it out. Katy Gosset is on the sidelines for the hotly contested Cochlear Cup match. [more]

28/06/2015: One In Five for 28 June 2015
Yaniv Janson started painting just 8 years ago. Seven months later he was a finalist in the prestigious Wallace Art Awards. And the awards have just kept on coming. The 23 year old, who lives in Hamilton, has now exhibited his work around the globe. The country's most well know art collector, Sir James Wallace owns four of Yaniv's works. Yaniv has also published two books of his art work; one has been selected by UNESCO as a resource to give teachers inspiration when they are working with students with a disability. [more]

05/07/2015: A hell of a good time
Bridget Chamberlain has been taking part in a training programme run by Hell Pizza and IHC. The placement gives young people with intellectual disabilities the chance to gain practical skills and to experience a workplace environment. Katy Gosset ventures into hell to see Bridget at work. [more]

12/07/2015: Thumbs Up
Seven years ago, a group of parents, concerned that there were no quality services for their multi-impaired children post-schooling, got together to set up their own service, with the purpose of supporting their sons and daughters to participate meaningfully in their local community in Petone. [more]

19/07/2015: Dining with Signing
New Zealand sign language is our third official language, and of the 190 languages spoken in New Zealand it's the 12th most frequently used. But while we might try to say "Un rosso vino per favore" in an Italian restaurant or "Un rouge vin s'il vous plaît" in a French one - what do you say in a sign language restaurant? Amelia Nurse finds out with Olivier Lacoua in his Wellington Restaurant. [more]

26/07/2015: Disability Advisor Roles to Disappear?
There are fears the voices of people living with a disability in Auckland will no longer be heard if the city council goes ahead with a proposal to dis-establish its two disability advisor roles. The roles are being reviewed, along with many others, as the council looks to down-size its Community Development and Safety team from 101 positions to 78. [more]

26/07/2015: Grandma's Brain
Auckland author Ann Andrews is a grandmother with Parkinson's. Her latest book is a children's picture book called Grandma's Brain. It aims to tell children in a simple way, what they need to know about Parkinson's. Ann, who has also written a book for adults called Positively Parkinson's, hopes Grandma's Brain will help reassure children about Parkinson's and answer some of the questions they may be too scared to ask. [more]

02/08/2015: Accessing an education
Katy Gosset heads south to Studentville - Otago University. Some scarfies may get a bad rap for partying but many others are just grateful for the chance to pursue an education - in some cases with a bit of help. Each year some 800 students use the university's Disability Information and Support Service. Katy Gosset meets one of them and gets a taste of campus life. [more]

09/08/2015: Help them Blossom - Unlocking Potential in Autistic Children
Emma Goodall is on a crusade to change the world one teacher at a time. She is an education consultant and university lecturer with a special interest in autism. Emma is on the spectrum herself and has just written a book with simple tips for teaching children with autism. [more]

16/08/2015: The impact of social bonds on mental health services
Mike Gourley presents a range of perspectives on the impact of social bonds on mental health employment services. [more]

23/08/2015: The Big Birthday Bash - CCS Disability Action turns 80
CCS Disability action is taking the party to the people. This year it is holding 17th birthday celebrations across the country to mark the 80th anniversary of the organisation. [more]

23/08/2015: The Big Birthday Bash - CCS Disability Action turns 80
CCS Disability action is taking the party to the people. This year it is holding 17 Birthday celebrations across the country to mark the 80th anniversary of the organisation. Founded in 1935 after much lobbying by the well-known orthopaedic surgeon Sir Alexander Gillies and launched by Rotary; the Crippled Children Society, as it was then known, very quickly had branches all over New Zealand. Wealthy benefactors donated land, homes and money to the organisation which originally supported children with spina bifida, cerebral palsy and the many hundreds of children who had been paralysed in polio epidemics. The organisation's name has changed, as has the way in which it works, but CCS Disability Action says it's still in the business of working alongside people with disabilities to enable them to have good lives. [more]

30/08/2015: Action and Adrenaline
One in Five is courtside to watch Canterbury's powerchair football team in action. The squad has been working its way up the Trans-Tasman rankings and will face Australia again in October. But, as Katy Gosset finds, for many players with disabilities, the sport is also a chance to get lost in the moment and revel in a burst of adrenaline. [more]

06/09/2015: Barney should be knighted
A mother shares the ups and downs of living with autism. [more]

06/09/2015: The right note
Five years ago, 21-year-old Georgia Steel hadn't picked up a viola. Now she's playing it in the National Youth Orchestra. [more]

06/09/2015: The Perfect Tablet - Musician Georgia Steel
Five years ago, 21 year old Georgia Steel hadn't picked up a viola. Now she's playing it in the National Youth Orchestra. [more]

13/09/2015: Tania Humphreys: A Tale of Tourette's
An insight into the world of Tourette's Syndrome. Canterbury woman, Tania Humphreys hits, kicks and sometimes throws things. And she has a wide range of verbal exclamations. But these are involuntary sounds and movements, or tics, that are part of a largely misunderstood condition. In this interview, originally broadcast on Easter Monday, Tania talks Tourette's with Katy Gosset [more]

20/09/2015: Post-Polio Predicament
Edith Morris contracted polio in the 1940's when she was 6 months old. Now, like 60% of people who have been affected by polio, Edith has Post-Polio Syndrome. [more]

20/09/2015: Sparkplugs for the Spirit
Kylee Black knows what it's like to be isolated because of a chronic illness, so she set up Spirit Sparkplugs. [more]

27/09/2015: A glimpse into the world of conductive education
This week on One in Five: a glimpse into the world of Conductive Education.The holistic therapy was designed in Hungary in the 1950s for children with motor disorders such as spina bifida or cerebral palsy. The philosophy then became popular in the United Kingdom and gradually spread throughout other English speaking countries as well as Europe. Most New Zealand centres now offer Conductive Education and the "conductors", who carry out the therapy, are very much in demand. Katy Gosset pays a visit to the Conductive Education Centre in Southland. [more]

04/10/2015: Call for fresh approach to learning support
Parents, educators, academics and students have been giving parliamentarians a report card on the support available to children with austism, dyslexia and dyspraxia. Many say there are significant barriers to children reaching their potential and that the Government needs to address teacher training and take an entirely new look at who it deems eligible for learning support and how it is funded. [more]

11/10/2015: From Dunedin to Doha
This week on One in Five: from Dunedin to Doha. We meet two para athletes trading their chilly city for Qatar and a chance at medal contention. Holly Robinson and Anna Grimaldi are part of New Zealand's eight strong team heading to this month's International Paralympic Committee Athletics World Championships. Katy Gosset caught up with the pair as they trained at their Dunedin gym. [more]

18/10/2015: One In Five for October 18, 2015 - Perceptive Pooches
You can recognise a hearing dog because of its little yellow jacket. They work in the community to alert others to the fact the person they are with is deaf and, at home, their job is even more important. Hearing dogs are trained to respond to the fire alarm, the door bell, the telephone and even to the oven timer. They know to race up to the person they work with, tap them and lead them to the source of the sound. The dogs spend six months training at Hearing Dogs in New Plymouth and are then placed with people throughout New Zealand. It costs 30-thousand dollars to source and train each dog but the only cost to the recipient is a visit to New Plymouth and the day-to-day costs of keeping a dog. [more]

24/10/2015: One breath at a time
This week on One in Five: It's thought there are just six people in the country with Sanfilippo Syndrome, a rare degenerative brain disease. And Cody Heslop is one of them. The 13-year-old lives in a small farming settlement in Otago, surrounded by family and friends, and a mother who has now written a book to help demystify disability. Katy Gosset travelled there to meet them.  [more]

01/11/2015: One in Five for 1 November 2015
Mike Gourley checks out this year's IHC Art Awards, and talks with Auckland GP, David Beaumont, who's an opponent of the Medical model. [more]

01/11/2015: One in Five - IHC Arts Awards 2015
Mike Gourley meets the Judges and Organisers of this year's IHC Arts Awards 2015, and occupational physician Dr David Beaumont talks of the differences between healing and curing; seeing the whole person; and Doctor-Person partnership' to achieve greater health literacy - giving patients greater control of their health. [more]

08/11/2015: Sibling Stories
This week on One in Five: sibling stories. We may have fought like cats and dogs but most us who have brothers and sisters share a life long bond with them. And for people who have a sibling with a disability, looking to the future may bring some extra challenges. Katy Gosset visits a Second Generation workshop where families plan ahead to build a good life for a disabled member. [more]

15/11/2015: One In Five for 18 October 2015 - A Sensation for the Senses
A sensation for the senses. Thousands of people are flocking to New Plymouth's new Len Lye Centre. The doors of the striking new 12 million dollar building opened in late July and, in the first three months more than 53,000 people have visited. The Len Lye Collection curator, Paul Brobbel says the exhibitions and building are proving to have huge appeal and are bringing in people who would not usually venture into a gallery. He says the building's been designed to cater well for people with disabilities and says it's been like a magnet; to people who live locally and to domestic and overseas tourists. Accessible tours are regular features on the Len Lye Centre calendar. Paul Brobbel says people enjoy the physical sensation of moving around the centre as well as having a sensory experience when they stand beside Len Lye's kinetic sculptures. "We try to think of them less as objects but more as performances …they perform like dancers but they also make a sound." He says the centre offers something for everybody. "You can't be in this room and not leave (without) having some sort of sublime encounter," he says. [more]

22/11/2015: One in Five for 22 November 2015 - Rosemarie Garland-Thompson
Mike Gourley talks with American academic, Rosemarie Garland-Thompson about the modern day paradox confronting Disabled people: from a human rights angle, now has never been a better time to be a disabled person, but from a technological angle - with screening and genetic diagnosis on the rise, never have there been more of a threat to disabled lives. [more]

29/11/2015: Footy to Farming – Philip Wells’ story
Nobody told Philip Wells he would never walk again. He was 15 and in the Otara spinal unit following a rugby tackle that had gone badly wrong. It was 1979. [more]

06/12/2015: A Better Life
This week on One in Five: what does speed dating have to do with individualised funding for disability services ? Well, it can be very handy in finding a carer. Enabling Good Lives is a government trial that gives young disabled people control over their own funding. Two years in, Katy Gosset looks how the scheme is working. And she also finds its spawned some creative ways of recruiting support workers. [more]

13/12/2015: Retailer Reviews
Going shopping in Taranaki has just become easier for the 29 per cent of its population who live with a disability. The Taranaki Disability Information Centre (TDIC) has been running a campaign encouraging business owners to re-jig the layout of their shops, provide seating, use easy to read signage and labels and make entrance-ways more accessible.  [more]

13/12/2015: Junior Champ: Attitude Award Winner Nic Brockelbank
Nic Brockelbank has just won the Junior section of the annual Attitude Awards; awards that recognise the achievements of people living with disabilities. The 13 year-old lives in Cambridge, has muscular dystrophy and has written and published cookbooks to raise thousands of dollars for charity. Nic's recently taken up road cycling. At first he could barely cycle one kilometre, now he is cycling 30 kms and has built up the strength in his legs so he no longer needs to use a wheelchair. [more]

20/12/2015: A Year of Disability Issues
The final One in Five programme. From accessibility in the Christchurch rebuild to herding sheep with a disability. And from the IPC Athletics World Championships in Doha to running the New York marathon. We look back on the year's disability issues and revisit some of the individuals who shared their stories. Katy Gosset compiles a selection of programmes from the One in Five team. [more]