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This page lists items from RNZ that are identified as "Arts on Sunday". RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access these items, plus the vast audio collecton from the mid-2000s onwards by using the day schedule pages. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

23/03/2008: Tribute to Ruth Dallas
New Zealand has lost an important literary voice. NB: An interview with Ruth Dallas will feature on Sounds Historical 30 March. [more]

06/04/2008: Douglas Lloyd Jenkins
Douglas Lloyd Jenkins is the Director of the Hawke's Bay Museum and Art Gallery. [more]

06/04/2008: Theatre Forum
Wellington's independent theatre practitioners swap ideas on creating more exciting work. [more]

06/04/2008: Michael Tuffery
Visual artist and print-maker Michael Tuffery has unveiled a sound installation as his 'New Artland' project. [more]

06/04/2008: Moonlight and Magnolias
Tim Sanders reviews"Moonlight and Magnolias", on now at Dunedin's Fortune Theatre. [more]

06/04/2008: SCAPE Public Art Project
Artworks of all kinds will appear throughout Christchurch this year, as part of the 5th biennial SCAPE project. [more]

07/04/2008: Writers Block: Christine Leunens
Christine Leunens lives in Wellington, working on a PhD in Creative Writing at Victoria University [more]

07/04/2008: Writers Block: Felicity Price
Felicity Price talks about her first novel"A Sandwich Short of a Picnic", a Random House publication. [more]

07/04/2008: Kura Te Waru Re-wiri
Kura Te Waru Re-wiri is the curator of the exhibition"John Bevan Ford: He Aho Tangata - the human thread." [more]

07/04/2008: Werner Fitsch on Faust
Faust continues to fascinate one of Germany's highest profile and most political contemporary playwrights, Werner Fitsch. [more]

13/04/2008: Unpicking The Past
Shirley Mahony and Paula Haines on an exhibition of colonial dresses at the Nelson Provincial Museum. [more]

13/04/2008: Tim Sanders
Tim Sanders provides an insight into the art of film production. [more]

13/04/2008: How To Put On A Play
Lucy Orbell charts the progress of new Wellington production 'Singularity' from rewrites to dress rehearsals. [more]

13/04/2008: Opera Hawke's Bay Birthday
One of the companies founders, Naomi Baker-Wenley on 21 years of musical acheivement. [more]

13/04/2008: Theatre Royal Reaches Century
Adrienne Simpson and Phillip Norman on a new illustrated history of Christchurch's Theatre Royal. [more]

13/04/2008: Richard Reeve
Dunedin poet, editor and environmental activist celebrates his third collection, 'In Continents'. [more]

13/04/2008: Vacant Spaces
British artist Paul Winstanley bases his large paintings on photographs of vacant spaces. [more]

20/04/2008: Marv Wolfman
Accomplished comic writer talks about his 20 years in the industry. [more]

20/04/2008: La Boheme
New Zealand Opera has given a modern twist to Puccini's much loved opera. [more]

20/04/2008: Canterbury University Review
Extended interviews with people involved in the proposed split of the combined Theatre and Film Studies programme. [more]

20/04/2008: Haiku
The launch of an antholgy, 'The Taste of Nashi' taskes place this weekend in Christchurch. [more]

20/04/2008: Mahinarangi Tocker Tribute
A repeat of an interview first aired in 2004. [more]

20/04/2008: The Female of the Species
Elizabeth Hwathorne and Brooke Williams about a famous author who has been captured by a crazed fan. [more]

20/04/2008: Damian Skinner
The Carver And The Artist looks at turning points for Maori art in the twentieth century. [more]

20/04/2008: Not About Heroes
A new play examines the relationship between war poets Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. [more]

20/04/2008: International Comedy Festival Review
Diana Wichtel reviews the opening night of the festival. [more]

27/04/2008: Army Artist,Matt Gauldie
Foreign correspondent Jon Stephenson reviews Matt's latest exhibition. [more]

27/04/2008: Walters Prize
This year's judges discuss the merits of this year's finalists. [more]

27/04/2008: At The Movies
Produced by Simon Morris [more]

27/04/2008: Erupt,The Taupo Arts Festival
Artistic Director Drew James talks about the new look Taupo arts festival [more]

27/04/2008: Toi Poneke arts centre
Lucy Orbell gets the guided tour of Wgtn's Toi Poneke art centre by manager Fiona Gunter-Firth [more]

27/04/2008: Mirror Me
Shona McCullagh has created an interactive audio -visual looking glass,called mirror Me [more]

27/04/2008: Writers' Block - The Magpies
Painter Dick Frizzell reflects his journey in illustrating Denis Glover's poem, 20 years ago. [more]

27/04/2008: Writers' Block Swings and Roundabouts
Editor Emma Neale and poets talk about their contributions to a new anthology of poems on parenthood. [more]

27/04/2008: Reuben Paterson
Reuben discusses his new media of Glitter featuring in his new exhibition The Painters Lot [more]

04/05/2008: Genevieve Packer and Caroline McQuarrie Interview
Genevieve and Caroline talk about their exhibition, Etiquette for the Homesick [more]

04/05/2008: Steph Walker Interview
Steph has come back from London to become Programme Manager for Bats theatre [more]

04/05/2008: At The Movies
Film Reviews with Simon Morris [more]

04/05/2008: Strike Interview
Lynn talks with precussion ensemble Strike who are about to premiere a new work at the Taupo Arts Festival [more]

04/05/2008: Dance Forum
DANZ is hosting dance forums around the country, Lynn talks to Merenia Gray, Amanda Skoog, and Claire Needham [more]

04/05/2008: Art Curators
Lucy Orbell finds out what's involved in being an art curator [more]

04/05/2008: Tessa Duder Interview
Tessa talks about her first collection of short stories for adults, Is She Still Alive [more]

04/05/2008: Micheal Palmer
A chat with renowned San Francisco poet Micheal Palmer [more]

04/05/2008: Footnote Review
A review Made in New Zealand, the touring show by dance company Footnote [more]

05/05/2008: Footnote Review
A review Made in New Zealand, the touring show by dance company Footnote [more]

11/05/2008: Lara Macgregor
'Bone' is a British play, directed by New Zealander Lara Macgregor. [more]

11/05/2008: Close Encounters
Four New Zealand artists are working towards a joint exhibition at the Hyde Park Art Centre in Chicago. [more]

11/05/2008: At the Movies
At the Movies is produced and presented by Simon Morris. [more]

11/05/2008: Auckland Art Gallery
The Auckland Art Gallery is about to undergo a massive facelift. [more]

11/05/2008: Emily Siddell
Glass artist Emily Siddell's latest exhibition is called ' Influorescence'. [more]

11/05/2008: La Boheme Review
Alan Badley reviews the NBR New Zealand opera production of 'La Boheme'. [more]

11/05/2008: Chris Orsman
Chris Orsman's experience in Antarctica was the inspiration for his new poetry collection 'The Lakes of Mars'. [more]

11/05/2008: Charlotte Randall
'The Crocus Hour' is Christchurch-based author Charlotte Randall's latest novel. [more]

11/05/2008: The Material Mansfield
'The Material Mansfield' is the book of an exhibition that paints an intimate picture of Katherine Mansfield. [more]

18/05/2008: Copyright, artists resale rights, Amendment Bill
A discussion on the proposed Copyright, artists resale rights, Amendment Bill. [more]

18/05/2008: At The Movies
At The Movies is produced and presented by Simon Morris. [more]

18/05/2008: Isaac Marsh
Former street kid now Drama student Isaac Marsh talks about his journey. [more]

18/05/2008: NZ Book Awards
Lucy Orbell on the road with New Zealand Post Book Awards finalist Ruth Paul. [more]

18/05/2008: Free Theatre
Christchurch's Free Theatre is celebrating 25 years and Lynn talks with 2 long standing theatre members. [more]

18/05/2008: Paul Cleave
Paul Cleave discusses his latest novel , Cemetary Lake. [more]

18/05/2008: Poet Amy Brown
Amy Brown is a poet and creative writing editor of the online arts journal , The Lumiere Reader. [more]

18/05/2008: Poetry and Painting
Poet Karlo Mila and painter Delicia Sampero combine works in the book , A Well Written Body. [more]

25/05/2008: Writer's Block: Maurice Gee
Maurice Gee took the Young Adult category at the New Zealand Post Book Awards this year with 'Salt'. [more]

25/05/2008: Marlena Campbell
Marlena Campbell is the Production Manager for the New Zealand School of Dance Choreographic Season of Steel Skeletons. [more]

25/05/2008: Tim Slade
Tim Slade is the director of the new documentary feature 'Four'. [more]

25/05/2008: At The Movies 21 May
At The Movies is produced and presented by Simon Morris. [more]

25/05/2008: Authors Fund
Included in this year's Budget is extra funding for the New Zealand Author's Fund. [more]

25/05/2008: The History Boys
David Chambers reviews the Court Theatre production of 'The History Boys'. [more]

25/05/2008: World Play
Lucy Orbell explores the inner complexities of making a multi tracked radio play. [more]

25/05/2008: Writer's Block: Joy Cowley
Joy Cowley is the 2008 Junior Fiction and New Zealand Post Book of the Year winner. [more]

25/05/2008: Charlotte Simmonds
Charlotte Simmonds' play 'Burnt Coffee' opens at Wellington's Bats Theatre this Thursday. [more]

25/05/2008: Justin Paton on Don Driver: Banners
The Govett Brewster Gallery in New Plymouth has produced a new exhibition featuring Don Driver's collage banners. [more]

01/06/2008: Visual Art
Lisa Reihana works on a new artwork for Te Papa and talks about her involvement in a major art project with Chicargo artists [more]

01/06/2008: Patronage
Gillian and Roderick Deane,s support offered to many New Zealand artists ia acknowledged with the Arts Foundation of 2008 [more]

01/06/2008: At the Movies
At the Movies with Simon Morris [more]

01/06/2008: Music Review
Mika Reviews the touring Aussie stage version of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert [more]

01/06/2008: Art Conservation
Lucy meets two conservators at Te Papa to find out the tricks of their intricate trade [more]

01/06/2008: Storyteller
US storyteller and author,Cathy Spagnoli tells us of her love of storytelling [more]

01/06/2008: Writers Block MO Zhi Hong
Mo Zhi Hong talks about setting his debute novel The Year of the Shanghai Shark [more]

01/06/2008: Writers Block Laura Solomon
Laura Solomon talks about her collection of short stories [more]

08/06/2008: Film Composer Tom McLeod
The Auckland Philharmonia will perform Tom McLeod's winning film score for the Cut To: Music short film competition. [more]

08/06/2008: Regan Gentry - The Maungaparua Soldier Resettlement
Artist in residence at the Tylee Cottage in Wanganui discusses his exhibition on the settlement, Near Nowhere, Near Impossible. [more]

08/06/2008: The Late Great Bo Diddley
Simon Morris chats with Bo's musical partner Billy Boy Arnold who spilled the beans on the Bo Diddley. [more]

08/06/2008: Hilary Beaton of Wellington's Downsatge Theatre
Downstage was the country's first regional professional theatre and now, once again, is on shaky ground financially. [more]

08/06/2008: Dick Bett - Exhibition: Aboriginal Artists
Kiwi Dick Bett has spent the last 35 years promoting contemporary Australian visual art. [more]

08/06/2008: At The Movies for 4 June 2008
This week Simon reviews: Shine a Light; 21; Happy Go Lucky. [more]

08/06/2008: Review: Pianist John Chen
The NZ-based pianist is only in his early 20s but already he has won competitions and gained a big following here and overseas. [more]

08/06/2008: African Play: His Excellency Is In Love
Stanley Makuwe's play His Excellency Is In Love premieres this Saturday at TAPAC in Auckland. [more]

08/06/2008: Writer's Block: Emily Perkins - Novel About My Wife
Emily and Lynn chat about the new novel. [more]

08/06/2008: Writer's Block: Tim Jones - Transported
Author Tim Jones has made to the short list of the Frank O'Conner International Short Story Prize. [more]

08/06/2008: Filmmaker Vincent Ward
Vincent Ward has just premiered his new film Rain of the Children at the Sydney Film Festival. [more]

15/06/2008: Body Artist
Yolanda Bertram's competing in this years Body Art Awards in Auckland as a previous winner there. [more]

15/06/2008: Annie Mae's Movement
Playwright Yvette Nolan's written a play about FBI raids into a North American Indian reservation in the 1970's [more]

15/06/2008: Assignments John Chapman
Photojournalist John Chapman has had his striking black and white photos appear in The Guardian ,and The Times [more]

15/06/2008: Great Costume Auction
The Royal New Zealand Ballet is due to open an exhibition of its many wonderful and elaborate costumes [more]

15/06/2008: Organists
On the centenary of Messiaen's birth and three of Wellingtons top organists are performing a series of recitals in his honour [more]

15/06/2008: Iranian Video Art
Iranian Video artist Leila Pazooki is about to tour NZ with her work [more]

15/06/2008: Maraea and the Albatrosses
Patricia and Waiariki Grace discuss their latest literary collaboration [more]

15/06/2008: Poet Kon Kuiper
Poet Kon Kuiper discusses his latest book of poetry , Bounty, published by Canterbury University Press [more]

15/06/2008: Harold Pinter's - Betrayal
Colin Moy is one of the stars of the Silo Theatre production of Betrayal. Opening at the Edge in Auckland this Friday [more]

22/06/2008: Josie McNaught
Josie McNaught reviews Australia's biggest art exhibition, the Biennale of Sydney. [more]

22/06/2008: A Forum on Downstage Theatre
Downstage has revealed to the theatre community how it plans to re-invent itself. [more]

22/06/2008: Hansel and Gretel
Fairytale favourite Hansel and Gretel is about to tour the country with an all Kiwi cast under the direction of Michael Hurst. [more]

22/06/2008: Young and Hungry
Young and Hungry opened its 2008 season this weekend. [more]

22/06/2008: Lace Art
Sandy Heffernan is one of several artists featured in"Amazing Lace"at Pataka in Porirua. [more]

22/06/2008: David Nevell
David Nevell is the associate editor of the International Dialects of English archive. [more]

22/06/2008: Peter Bland
Peter Bland blends his love of poetry with his theatrical past in his latest poetry, Mr Maui's Monologues. [more]

22/06/2008: Sam Sampson
Sam Sampson's collection of poetry"everything talks"is an Auckland University Press Publication. [more]

29/06/2008: Venice Biennale
Judy Millar and Francis Upritchard have been selected to represent NZ at the 2009 Venice Biennale. [more]

29/06/2008: Florian Habicht
Kiwi filmmaker on"Rubbings from a live man"and being the inaugural winner of the Harriet Friedlander residency in New York. [more]

29/06/2008: Auckland Theatre Venues
Sussanne Ritzenhoff and Ruth Stokes discuss how Auckland is to meet the demand for performance space in the city. [more]

29/06/2008: Writers' Block - Fiona Kidman
Lynn Freeman helps Dame Fiona Kidman searcg for clues about forgotten NZ literary figures. [more]

29/06/2008: Legacy in Las Vegas
Lucy Orbell speaks to hip hop dance crew Legacy who are to represent NZ at the world champs. [more]

29/06/2008: Writers' Block - Kapka Kassabova
A new travel memoir has been released by an author who all to briefly called NZ her home. [more]

29/06/2008: NZSO Review
Heath Lees reviews first performance of the latest NZSO concert season. [more]

29/06/2008: Diane Ragsdale
NZ's art organisations need to take a good hard look at why they exist. [more]

06/07/2008: Writers Block: Eleanor Catton
Lynn talks to Eleanor Catton about her book, 'The Rehearsal'. [more]

06/07/2008: Kerikeri National Piano Competition
Simon talks judge Ian Munro and organiser Clare Penny about the competition. [more]

06/07/2008: Art Therapy
Lucy Orbell discovers how art is regularly used as a therapeutic tool. [more]

06/07/2008: Ant Timpson
Simon talks to Ant Timpson who is the programmer of the Incredibly Strange section of the International Film Festival. [more]

06/07/2008: Paua House in Cantebury
Simon talks to Marcus Lush about the instalment of Fred and Myrtles extraordinary paua house at Cantebury Museum. [more]

06/07/2008: Museum Secrets Revealed
Curators John Early and Tom Trinski talking about Auckland Museum's latest exhibition. [more]

06/07/2008: Writers Block: Andrea Jutson
Lynn talks to Andrea Jutson about her book, 'The Darkness Looking Back'. [more]

06/07/2008: Matthew Ross
Simon Talks to Matthew Rossabout the Vector Wellington Orchestra and its current workings. [more]

13/07/2008: Festival of Pacific Arts: Tanya Muagutiti'a
Lynn talks to Pacific Underground mainstay and Christchurch based musician Tanya Muagutiti'a about the upcoming Festival. [more]

13/07/2008: Festival of Pacific Arts: Maaka Pohatu
Lynn talks to actor Maaka Pohatu about his part in the play 'Strange Resting Places'. [more]

13/07/2008: NZSO in Beijing
Lynn talks to NZSO Chief Executive Peter Walls about thier part in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. [more]

13/07/2008: Ballet: Romeo and Juliet
Lynn talks to Amy Hollingsworth and Cameron McMillan who are performing in Romeo and Juliet for the RNZBC. [more]

13/07/2008: Montana Poetry Day
Lucy Orbell previews some of the events around the regions. [more]

13/07/2008: Black Hibiscus: Louise Stevenson
Richard Parmatatau talks to artist Louise Stevenson about her exhibition in Otara. [more]

13/07/2008: Gith: Chris Else
Wellington author Chris Else talk to Lynn about his latest book Gith. [more]

13/07/2008: Typography
Lynn talks to three leading type designers to see what exactly typography covers. [more]

13/07/2008: Belfast Touring Poets Group
For tour details go to: [more]

20/07/2008: Arts Magazine
Lucy Orbell asks a cluster of artists and writers about the current state of arts journalism. [more]

20/07/2008: Chris Finlayson
Chris Finlayson puts a little meat on the bones of the Ntional Party's arts policy. [more]

20/07/2008: Bill Hastings
Chief Censor Bill Hastings explains what a difference 'artistic merit' makes in the divide between art and pornographer. [more]

20/07/2008: Art and Pornography
What is art and what is sleazy pornography? [more]

20/07/2008: Everywhere Instantly by Daniel Crooks
'Everywhere Instantly' by Daniel Crooks has just opened at the Christchurch Art Gallery. [more]

20/07/2008: Writers' Block: Janet Charman
Janet Charman's 6th collection, 'Cold Snack', won this year's Montana Book Award for poetry. [more]

20/07/2008: Writers' Block: Bronwyn Tate
The fifth novel by Bronwyn Tate has been published - several years after her death. [more]

27/07/2008: Ira Sachs
American film director talks to Simon Morris about his movie 'Married Life'. [more]

27/07/2008: Black Tuesday
Rachel Lenart and Felix Prevel on their play depicting the death of Fred Evans during the 1912 Waihi miners strike. [more]

27/07/2008: The Casting Couch
CEO of TVI Actors' Studios, Alan Nusbaum has a few tips for actors wanting to make it big in Hollywood. [more]

27/07/2008: Te Mata: The Ethnological Portrait
Roger Blackley has curated an exhibition that includes a remarkable series of busts sculpted by Nelson Illingworth. [more]

27/07/2008: Land Without Sundays
Josie McNaught reviews the second in a trilogy of plays that reflect the Dalmatian immigrant experience in NZ. [more]

27/07/2008: Book Award Winners
Montana Book Award winners Aaron Beehre and Greg O'Brien discuss, birds and book design with Lucy Orbell. [more]

27/07/2008: O E Middleton
Fifty years of short story writing is celebrated in a new retrospective, 'Beyond the Breakwater'. [more]

27/07/2008: Calypso
Bob Orr is a boatman on the Waitemata Harbour and his fourth collection of poetry reflects that love of the sea. [more]

27/07/2008: Art, Information and Tuataras
Peter Belton talks about upcoming events at the Southland Art Gallery and Museum. [more]

03/08/2008: Play - Ship Songs
A look at Ian Hughes' first play Ship Songs.Three stories spanning several centuries. [more]

03/08/2008: Short film - Take Three
Simon Morris wonders why our award winning short films are so hard to find at home. [more]

03/08/2008: Opera Hawkes Bay
Lynn Freeman discusses the future of Opera Hawkes Bay with chairman Dianne Abraham. [more]

03/08/2008: Pecha Kucha
Lucy Orbell finds out why Pecha Kucha has taken off all over the country. [more]

03/08/2008: Luke di Somma
Lynn finds out why a career in musical theatre was for Luke di Somma. [more]

03/08/2008: David Murphy
David Murphy discusses his novel,set in a fictional coastal NZ town called Bullock. [more]

03/08/2008: The Ringmaster
Vanda Symon discusses her latest novel The Ringmaster. [more]

03/08/2008: Barbara London
Hear how New York's Museum of Modern Art defines modern art in the 21st century. [more]

10/08/2008: Apron Strings
Producer Rachel Gardner discusses her new feature film Apron Strings. [more]

10/08/2008: Tim Walker - Auckland Museum
Tim Walker explains why he's leaving the stunning NewDowse for Auckland Museum. [more]

10/08/2008: Composer Ross Harris
Kiwi composer Ross Harris discusses his 3rd symphony. [more]

10/08/2008: Holly Melancholy - Night That Saved The Day
Lucy Orbell meets a couple who put the Goth back into gothic fairy tales. [more]

10/08/2008: Painter - Peter Ireland
Wanganui based artist Peter Ireland brings Waka to Wanganui. [more]

10/08/2008: Author - Sue Orr
A debut short story collection from former journalist Sue Orr. [more]

10/08/2008: Poet - David Beach
The End Of Atlantic City,new poetry from David Beach. [more]

10/08/2008: Artspace
Lynn has a chat about the past,present and future for Auckland's Artspace gallery. [more]

17/08/2008: Grace
'Grace' is a play based on a woman who faked her own death and ran away to New Zealand. [more]

17/08/2008: General Assembly
Fiona Jack's exhibition 'General Assembly' is on at Mary Newton Gallery in Wellington. [more]

17/08/2008: Linda Kitchen
After concentrationg on operas, Linda Kitchen is now directing a play, 'The Smell of Strawberries'. [more]

17/08/2008: Art Venture
The Art Venture programme is designed to help mid-career creative people to generate an income. [more]

17/08/2008: Anna Leese
Nelson reviewer Margo Hennigan reviews New Zealand's latest concert star, Anna Leese. [more]

17/08/2008: Ruddygore
The Really Authentic Gilberrt and Sullivan Performance Trust in Dunedin is presenting 'Ruddygore' in its original form. [more]

17/08/2008: Writers Block: Jack Ross
Jack Ross talks about completing new New Zealand Poets in Performance. [more]

17/08/2008: Writers Block: Chloe Lane
'Hue and Cry' is a literary journal which has just published its second issue. [more]

17/08/2008: Shakespeare
Professor Jean Howard is coming to New Zealand as the Hood Fellow and Alice Griffin Fellow in Shakespearean Studies. [more]

24/08/2008: Maddie Leach
Weather features prominently in the Wellington sculptor's work, part of the One Day Sculpture Project. [more]

24/08/2008: Blastosaurus
Richard Fairgray launches a new monthly comic in New Zealand. [more]

24/08/2008: National Youth Choir
The National Youth Choir has found a new backer, after the loss of its long-time major sponsor last year. [more]

24/08/2008: Rockquest
Lucy Orbell takes a look back at 20 years of the Rockquest. [more]

24/08/2008: Mark Morris Review
Raewyn White reviews the Mark Morris Dance Company's Mozart Dances. [more]

24/08/2008: Writer's Block - Bernard Beckett
Bernard Beckett, winner of awards for young adult fiction, has published his first adult novel. [more]

24/08/2008: Writer's Block - Janis Freegard
One of three up-and-coming poets featured in AUP New Poets 3. [more]

24/08/2008: Christine Webster
Photographer Christine Webster's new exhibition in Auckland includes a film work. [more]

31/08/2008: Richard Olivier
Lynn talks to Richard about a project that will see Shakespeare's works performed around NZ. [more]

31/08/2008: Golden Slumbers
Lynn talks to Paula Booker and Kah Bee Chow about thier 24 hour artwork in Wellington's Haining street. [more]

31/08/2008: Mtyland
Teacher of dance and improvisation, Clare O'Neil is in the studio to talk about her Fidget Dance Company. [more]

31/08/2008: Outside Culture
Lucy Orbell talks to Angela Blachnitsky about her photography exhibition, Outside Culture. [more]

31/08/2008: Whero's New Net
Albert Belz has adapted several of Witi Ihimaera's short stories for the stage. [more]

31/08/2008: Nourishing the Roots
50 years since NZ's first literary fellowship was established and Otago Uni has opened an exhibition to mark the anniversary. [more]

31/08/2008: Writers Block
In Writers Block today, the Six Pack Collection. [more]

31/08/2008: Rhian Gallagher
Timaru Poet, Rhian Gallagher has been awarded a 10 thousand dollar grant from a fund Janet Frame set up to help NZ writers. [more]

31/08/2008: Music Review
Janina Nicoll reviews Michael Houston and the NZ String Quartet. [more]

31/08/2008: Darcy Lange Exhibition
Helen Legg is the Curator of a exhibition on artist and video maker, Darcy Lange. [more]

07/09/2008: The Pohutakawa Tree
Stagecraft celebrates it's 50th anniversary with Bruce Mason's play [more]

07/09/2008: Mark Sarvas in Christchurch for the Writers Festival
American writer,reviewer and recent novelist [more]

07/09/2008: Body Parts
Arts Laureate Phil Dodson is a master manipulator of sound [more]

07/09/2008: The Body Festival of Dance and Physical Theatre
The Body Festival of Dance is launching it's 2008 events with an attempt on the largest synchronized dance routine record [more]

07/09/2008: Public Artwork
Christchurch will be transformed as artists create public artworks for SCAPE [more]

07/09/2008: The Birthday Boy
Reviewed by Mike Houlihan [more]

07/09/2008: Writers Block
Our writers block today features Booker Prize nominated writer Lloyd Jones [more]

07/09/2008: Writers Block
A literary tribute to Banks Peninsula [more]

07/09/2008: Alan Loney,Poet and Printer
Alan Loney has made a name for himself as one of australasia's leading printers of hand crafted books [more]

07/09/2008: Centrepoint Theatre's premiere of Vigil
Reviewed by Richard Mayes [more]

14/09/2008: Open Eyes Open Minds
Lucy Orbell talks to organisers and participants about the upcoming exhibition of elderly artists. [more]

14/09/2008: Walters Art Prize Review
John Hurrell reviews the Walters Art Prize exhibition, just opened at the Auckland Art Gallery. [more]

14/09/2008: Polynation
Tim Page, Serie Barford, Selina Marsh and Doug Poole - all part of Polynation, on at the Going West Literary Festival. [more]

14/09/2008: Anne Sophie Duprels in Jenufa
Anne Sophie Duprels stars as the soprano heroine in the NBR NZ Opera of Jenufa. [more]

14/09/2008: Laurie Foon and Dorthe Hendrickson
Starfish designer and founder and goldsmith-artist Dorthe Hendrickson have created a collection for Air NZ Fashion Week. [more]

14/09/2008: Ian Wedde's Chinese Opera novel.
Ian Wedde discusses his latest book Chinese Opera. [more]

14/09/2008: Prime Ministers Literary Achievement Awards
Elizabeth Smither is the winner of the 2008 Prime Minister's Award for Literary Achievement in Poetry. [more]

14/09/2008: The Devils Architect
The play is premiering this Friday at Soundings Theatre. Dolly Reisman is the playwright and Ken Keyes the director. [more]

21/09/2008: Drinking Games
A new play looks at male friendship, its pleasures and failures through a beer glass. [more]

21/09/2008: Photography: VizulEyz
Anthony and Chrissy Coulter say Content is more important than fancy cameras. [more]

21/09/2008: Everybody Dance
More people dance than play Rugby and Netball - combined. [more]

21/09/2008: W.O.W
The 20th Montana World of Wearable Art awards are about to take place in Wellington. [more]

21/09/2008: Opera Review: Jenufa
Conducter Uwe Grodd with his thoughts on Jenufa, currently playing at Auckland's Aotea Centre. [more]

21/09/2008: David Lange Memorial
Sculptor Virginia King talking about her Otahuhu memorial for David Lange. [more]

21/09/2008: Writers Block: Violence 101
Violence 101 by Denis Wright is a Penguin publication [more]

21/09/2008: Writers Block: Girlie
Gillian Ranstead, whose novel Girlie is published by Penguin. [more]

21/09/2008: Nina Cook
Nina Cook's exhibition is called Strong Migratory Tendencies and it's on at COCA Gallery in ChCh. [more]

28/09/2008: Schubert's Death
Shirley Horrocks has made a documentary on the emergence of the New Dance Group in the 1940's. [more]

28/09/2008: On-line Auctioning
How safe is on-line art dealing? Lucy Orbell investigates. [more]

28/09/2008: Barbara
Film and TV designer Barbara Drake talks about the TV series 'The Pretender'. [more]

28/09/2008: Copyright
Who does the current copyright law actually benefit - artists or those who buy their work? [more]

28/09/2008: Daddy's home
Jackie Clarke reviews 'Daddy's Home', which is on at the Basement in Auckland. [more]

28/09/2008: Palliative Care
Palliative Care by Emily Duncan premieres at Dunedin's Globe Theatre this week. [more]

28/09/2008: Writers Block: Philip Norman
Philip Norman has won an award which means he can write a companion book to his biography of composer Douglas Lilburn. [more]

28/09/2008: Writers Block: Helen Rickerby
Helen Rickerby is editor, co-founder and co-managing director of JAAM magazine, and runs Seraph Press. [more]

28/09/2008: Parliamentary Library
Library historian John Martin has written about the history of the Parliamentary Library. [more]

05/10/2008: Daniel Belton - Good Company
A magical jukebox has a starring role in the latest dance film, Jukebox, from the multi award winning New Zealander. [more]

05/10/2008: Nine Artists In Fiordland
In 2007, nine artists and a film maker set sail for Fiordland to find inspriration from the remote and wild places visited.. [more]

05/10/2008: Southern Opera's Il Trovatore
Elizabeth O'Connor reviews the production on at the Isaac Theatre Royal in Christchurch and the Regent in Dunedin. [more]

05/10/2008: Peppermints and Incense
Jim Cooper's ceramic exhibition has just opened at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. [more]

05/10/2008: The Flood, My Chanteing
Artist Amy Howden-Chapman has created a One Day Sculpture project - 17 sites around Wellington will be ringing out with sound. [more]

05/10/2008: Lyne Pringle reviews 'Tent'
Choreographer and dancer Michael Parmenter has just revealed his new work, Tent. [more]

05/10/2008: Tama Ma
Taiaroa Royal and Taane Mete have collaborated to bring to life a new work called Tama Ma. [more]

05/10/2008: Burns Fellowship 50th Anniversary (Part 1)
Interview with current Burns Fellow Sue Wootten and Cilla McQueen who held the Fellowship in the mid 1980s. [more]

05/10/2008: Burns Fellowship 50th Anniversary (Part 2)
Christine Johnston, Burns Fellow in 1994; Phillip Temple, Fellow in 1980; Lawrence Jones, author of Nurse to the Imagination. [more]

12/10/2008: Comics
Simon talks with Jeremy Bishop about his new anthology of NZ comics 'New Ground'. [more]

12/10/2008: Dr. Ruth Harley
Outgoing CEO of the NZ Film Commision Dr. Ruth Harley, who'll be taking up a new job as head of Screen Australia. [more]

12/10/2008: Phillipa Campbell
Phillipa Campbell, new literary manger for the Auckland Theatre Company. [more]

12/10/2008: Sound Sketch
Lucy Orbell goes to the Govett-Brewster in New Plymouth to see Peter Robinsons polystyrene links. [more]

12/10/2008: Bouncy Marae
Lynn talks to Inez Crawford who's Bouncy Marae is on show at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. [more]

12/10/2008: Writers Block
Writers Block with Lynn Freeman. [more]

12/10/2008: Joanna Tokona
Joanna Tokona's exhibition Coversations Within is on show at Dunedin's Moray Gallery. [more]

12/10/2008: Wait Until Dark - Review
Alexander Bisley reviewing Wait Until Dark which is on at Wellington's Circa Theatre. [more]

19/10/2008: Carol Bean
Carol and the rest of the Mt Misery Band are one act headlining at next weekends Wellington Folk Festival. [more]

19/10/2008: Classical Sparks
Records the highs and lows of the Chch Symphony Orchestra over the last 50 years. Written by Tom Rogers and Simon Tipping. [more]

19/10/2008: Scape
Elizabeth O'Connor reviews the biennal public art project in Christchurch. [more]

19/10/2008: Bats Theatre Stab Season
Lucy Orbell talks to the programme manager Steph Walker about the upcoming season. [more]

19/10/2008: The Our Soldiers Project
Two Belgium artists explore the role of New Zealanders in Belgium during WWI. [more]

19/10/2008: Review
Michael Hurst reviews One Man by Steven Berkoff. [more]

19/10/2008: In Search of Paradise
Graeme Lays new book is about artists and writers in the colonial South Pacific. [more]

19/10/2008: Thornspell
Chch writer Helen Lowe has had her novel published in one of the toughest markets - the USA. [more]

19/10/2008: Reconstruction China
Ceramicist John Parker has a new exhibition on at the Avid Gallery in Wellington. [more]

26/10/2008: Doug Jones
Doug Jones specializes in putting life into dgi characters through movement and is a guest at the Armageddon expo in Auckland. [more]

26/10/2008: Dunedin Photographer Chris Gable
Chris Gable has snapped dozens of shopowners over two years, and is exhibiting his research at the Otago Settlers Museum. [more]

26/10/2008: Young at Heart
Simon talks to some of those behind the popular documentary Young at Heart. [more]

26/10/2008: NZ On Screen
NZ On Screen is a new website with free video clips and documentaries about NZ's big and small screen history. [more]

26/10/2008: Pao Pao Pao
Pao Pao Pao Celebrates Contemporary Maori Music, we talk to one of the stars of the concert, Ariana Tikao. [more]

26/10/2008: Writer's Block - The Mock Funeral
The Mock Funeral is a novel set on the West Coast in the 1860s and based on real events. [more]

26/10/2008: Psychic Artist
The Blue Room is a book about clairvoyants -13 artists have used this as the basis for a show at the Blue Oyster Gallery. [more]

26/10/2008: Ronald Hugh Morrison
Lucy Orbell looks back at the work of Ronald Hugh Morrison and a festival in his honour today in Hawera. [more]

26/10/2008: Theatre Review
The Little Dog Laughed. [more]

02/11/2008: Peter Kirby
An American filmmaker is re-telling the story of threee New Zealanders serving in France and Egypt during World War 1. [more]

02/11/2008: Peter Robinson
Winner of the Walter's Art Prize 2008. [more]

02/11/2008: Kohai Grace
Weaver Kohai Grace has just returned from San Francisco where she was artist in residence at the de Young Fine Arts Museum. [more]

02/11/2008: Kids in Art
Lucy Orbell looks at a new book aimed at getting Kiwi kids interested in art, and asks the target market what they think of it. [more]

02/11/2008: Dance Review - Don Quixote
Lyne Pringle reviews the Royal NZ Ballet's production of Don Quixote. [more]

02/11/2008: Justin Morgan
The Wellington artist talks about his recent time in Slovenia at the 'Arhipelag' International Contemporary Arts Festival. [more]

02/11/2008: Writer's Block - Sonata for Miriam
Linda Olsson describes her novel, Sonata for Miriam, which follows her internationally acclaimed collection of short stories. [more]

02/11/2008: Writer's Block - Second Violins
Marco Sonzogni and Catherine Chidgey discuss a new collection based on unfinished Katherine Mansfield stories. [more]

02/11/2008: NZ Sculpture OnShore
Curator Rob Garrett looks ahead to the NZ Sculpture OnShore festival overlooking the Hauraki Gulf. [more]

09/11/2008: The Spelling Bee
Penny Ashton reviews 'The Spelling Bee' which is playing at Skycity. [more]

09/11/2008: Gary Day - A Kid From Texas
Christchurch artist Gary Day explains his enduring enthusiasm for war hero turned actor Audie Murphy. [more]

09/11/2008: Downstage Theatre
Stephen Wainwright from Creative NZ on the proposed funding for Downstage. [more]

09/11/2008: Shane Cotton
Shane Cotton on his work and becoming one of the new Arts Foundation Laureates. [more]

09/11/2008: Helen Pollock
Sculptor Helen Pollock has fashioned a work from 40kg of clay from Passchendale. [more]

09/11/2008: Un Ballo
Arlette Van Boven and the NZ School of Ballet is to present a rare staging of Ravel's 'Un Bello' choreographed by Jiri Kylian. [more]

09/11/2008: Oliver Stead
'Art Icons of New Zealand - Lines in the Sand' is an examination of 40 iconic NZ artworks by Oliver Stead. [more]

09/11/2008: Divine
Gender reassignment meets small-town New Zealand in Michelle Holman's new novel 'Divine'. [more]

09/11/2008: Ann Robinson
'Divar-icate' is the new exhibition by Ann Robinson. She talks about this and the tricky art of casting glass. [more]

16/11/2008: AK09 Festival
Festival director David Malacari discusses the programme for next year. [more]

16/11/2008: Carl Gottlieb
The man who penned the screenplay for the movie Jaws. [more]

16/11/2008: New Zealand Fashion
Authors Douglas Lloyd Jenkins and Lucy Hammonds talk about a history of New Zealand fashion designers [more]

16/11/2008: Janet Dunn
Lucy Orbell meets clothing recycler Janet Dunn. [more]

16/11/2008: Cartoon Conference
Sean McKenna paid a visit to the exhibition and spoke to a number of international cartoonists. [more]

16/11/2008: Theatre Review
Gilbert Wong reviews Kafka's The Trial at the Aotea Centre in Auckland. [more]

16/11/2008: Lisa Marr
Reintroduces us to Arthur J Rees and his acting troupe of Merry Marauders. [more]

16/11/2008: Writer's Block
Mark and Rowan Sommerset, writer and illustrators of the Cork in the Ocean series for children. [more]

16/11/2008: The Frangipani is Dead
Karen Stevenson takes a fresh look at contemporary Pacific art in New Zealand. [more]

16/11/2008: Lighted Windows
Mary Edmond-Paul offers new insights into Robin Hyde's life and work. [more]

23/11/2008: Whangarei Museum - Phillipa Tocker
Will it be the first of many regional arts and cultural institutions to bear the brunt of proposed rates cuts? [more]

23/11/2008: Participant Productions - Chris Adams
Movie makers with two aims - to do well at the box office, and to do good. [more]

23/11/2008: Young playwright - Paul Rothwell
Wellington based Paul Rothwell is the winner of the 2009 Bruce Mason Playwriting Award. [more]

23/11/2008: John Drawbridge The Book - Tanya Ashken
John Drawridge's brilliance encompassed not only paint, but printmaking, large public murals and stained glass. [more]

23/11/2008: Former Principal Viola Emmeritus for the NZSO
Vyvyan Yendoll has played for the NZSO for 46 years, and has recently stepped down as Principal Viola. [more]

23/11/2008: The Enchanted Forest Exhibition
Lucy Orbell reports on The Enchanted Forest which opens this coming Staurday at the Dowse in Lower Hutt. [more]

23/11/2008: Landfall Prize for 2008
Kirsten Warner and Alice Miller, share the prize for this year, while the Kathleen Grattan Award goes to Joanna Preston. [more]

23/11/2008: Kapiti Coast based writer Linda Niccol
Her new book The Temperature of Water is published by Silver Owl Press. [more]

23/11/2008: A history of dance in NZ
Tara Jahn-Werner has written, 'Dance: The Illustrated History of Dance in New Zealand', published by Random House. [more]

30/11/2008: Drawing Award
Lynn talks to the winner of the national Drawing Award ,John Ward knox [more]

30/11/2008: Time Cinema
Time Cinema is picture-going the old traditional way.Lucy Orbell talks to the owner John Bell [more]

30/11/2008: A Year To Learn A Woman
Paddy Richardson talks about her psychological thriller, A Year To Learn A Woman [more]

30/11/2008: Art Valuation
Neil Roberts looks at gallery closures and reducing sales as the recession bites [more]

30/11/2008: Freedom of Choice
Dianna Wichtel and Simon Wilson talk about the year in New Zealand television with Simon Morris [more]

30/11/2008: New Generation Artists
Meet two of the Emerging Artists awarded 25-thousand dollars by the Arts foundation [more]

30/11/2008: Painting out the Past
The life and art of Patrica France written by Richard Donald [more]

30/11/2008: On A Different Shelf
Irene Pink reviews the play On A Different Shelf [more]

30/11/2008: Ecce Cor Meum
Murray khouri reviews the Orpheus Chorale's concert of Paul McCartney's piece Ecce Cor Meum-Behold my Heart [more]

30/11/2008: Ecce Cor Meum
Murray khouri reviews the Orpheus Chorale's concert of Paul McCartney's piece Ecce Cor Meum-Behold my Heart [more]

07/12/2008: Peter Lange
On display at the Waikato Museum is Peter Lange's caravan - made from Huntly brick. [more]

07/12/2008: The future of book editing
Invisible, hard working and crucial to the success of a writer. What is the state of the NZ editing industry. [more]

07/12/2008: Visual Arts - the year in review
Mark Amery, Elizabeth O'Connor and Andrew Clifford discuss with Lynn Freeman the state of the visual arts in 2008. [more]

07/12/2008: New Zealand Landscapes
Rhian and Grant Sheehan talk about their collaboration - a book of landscapes you can read - to music. [more]

07/12/2008: Terry Stringer
A new documentary by Bruce Morrison looks at the intricate process Terry Stringer takes in sculpting large scale works. [more]

07/12/2008: Sonja Yelich - Get Some
This new collection of poems imagines an unfliching portrait of a young mans tour of duty in Iraq. [more]

07/12/2008: Stephanie Johnson - Swimmers Rope
Stephanie discusses her new novel - a tale of a man who spends a lifetime covering up his true self. [more]

07/12/2008: Christopher Johnstone
The Painted Garden in New Zealand Art looks at almost 200 years of artworks featuiring gardens. [more]

07/12/2008: The Reindeer Monologues
Penny Ashton reviews The Reindeer Monologues which is playing at Auckland's Basement Theatre. [more]

14/12/2008: Wellington's Cuba Street Carnival
The carnival started 10 years and has come along way. Lucy Orbell looks at Wellingtons favourite street party. [more]

14/12/2008: Heather Morrison
Heather and Ivan Morrison are in Wellington creating a spectacular one day sculpture. [more]

14/12/2008: Theatre in the spotlight
How have the arts fared in 2008. [more]

14/12/2008: Marty Welch
Celebrity portrait painter and his new show 'The Sitting'. [more]

14/12/2008: Gary Schofield
Expat artist and environmentalist. [more]

14/12/2008: Writers Block
Stu Bagby does a mash up of poems included in his new anthology of poems about Auckland. [more]

14/12/2008: Shaun Tan
His new novel, The Arrival: A husband and father leaves his homeland in search of a new life with his family. [more]

21/12/2008: Dunedin's historic Quarantine Island
Aam Hyde and Zoe Walker, two artists in the 24 hour intertidal sculpture project in Dunedin. [more]

21/12/2008: Art buying tricks and trades
Lucy Orbell tracked down an array of experts on the etiquette of art buying. [more]

21/12/2008: Writers Block - C.K Stead
C.K Stead collected poems. 1951-2006, published by Auckland University Press. [more]

21/12/2008: A year of books
A look back at the books of the year. Good and bad. [more]

21/12/2008: Cracking the overseas markets
Kylie Sanderson and curator Young Sun Han from Auckland's City Art Rooms. [more]

21/12/2008: David Tanenbaum
David Tanenbaum, one of the international stars at the Adam Chamber Music Festival [more]

21/12/2008: Writers block - E-Books
Martin Taylor heads what's called the Digital Publishing Forum. [more]

28/12/2008: Best of The Arts on Sunday
Simon Morris presents his picks of the year: English film-maker Mike Leigh about his award-nominated film Happy Go Lucky, Sarah Gavron about the movie Brick Lane, Cult figure, actor/stunt man Doug Jones about his work in Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy, and an extended interview with comedian and musician Bill Bailey. [more]

04/01/2009: The Arts on Sunday Special
An extended interview with Rolf Harris [more]

11/01/2009: The Best of The Arts on Sunday
Lynn Freeman with more of her picks from 2008. [more]

18/01/2009: Best of The Arts on Sunday
Orbell revisits some of her favourite stories of 2008. [more]

23/01/2009: The Best of The Arts on Sunday
Lynn Freeman with more highlights from 2008 [more]

30/01/2009: The Best of The Arts on Sunday 2008
Lynn Freeman with a last look at the gems of 2008. [more]

01/02/2009: Pacific Arts festival
Lynn Freeman speaks to Maria Ifopo about her exhibition that is part of The Pacific Arts Festival. [more]

01/02/2009: Nicholas Rowe
Dance educator and film maker Nicholas Rowe recently premiered a film he made with a group of Palestinian children in Romallah. [more]

01/02/2009: The Strength of Water
Armagan Ballantyne, director the NZ feature film 'The Strength of Water', currently playing Rotterdam and Berlin Film Festival's. [more]

01/02/2009: Elva Bett
Next week is the 50th anniversary of an exhibition that opened at a Wellington art gallery run by Elva Betts and Catherine Duncan. [more]

01/02/2009: The Compleate Workes Festival
The Compleate Workes Festival celebrates Shakespeare's 250th birthday by performing all of his works throughout 2009. [more]

01/02/2009: Ted Dutch
Kate Orgias speaks with Artist Ted Dutch's wife Cheryl Dutch about his 'Life and Work' exhibition. [more]

01/02/2009: For Auld Lang Syne: 250 years of Robert Burns
Lynn Freeman speaks with President of the Dunedin Burns' Club, Margaret Smith and Otago Settlers Museum curator Sean Brosnahan. [more]

01/02/2009: Chapter and Verse - Lindy Kelly
'Bold Blood' is a new novel by author and former professional event rider Lindy Kelly. [more]

01/02/2009: Alan Preston
'Between Tides: Jewellery by Alan Preston' is a new book by Damien Skinner. [more]

08/02/2009: Bedwyr Williams
Bedwyr Williams is in New Zealand to create a work for the One Day Sculpture commission series. [more]

08/02/2009: Arthur Meek and Alistair Browning
As part of the Darwin 200 Conference, Arthur Meek's play 'Collapsing Creation' premiers this week in Christchurch. [more]

08/02/2009: The Mapreader
Jordon Selwyn stars in the new film 'The Mapreader'. [more]

08/02/2009: French Film Festival
Agathe Andre is manager of the French Film Festival, soon to open in Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. [more]

08/02/2009: Sue Paterson
Sue Paterson is the Executive Director of the New Zealand International Arts Festival. [more]

08/02/2009: Renee Liang
Renee Liang's play 'Mask' will be performed as part of the Stamp Festival in Auckland. [more]

08/02/2009: Two Day Plays
Lucy Orbell reports on 'Two Day Plays' - 48 hour theatre productions - as part of the Wellington Fringe. [more]

08/02/2009: Chapter and Verse
Brian Turner and Gilbert Van Reenan speak about their collaboration of words and photographs. [more]

08/02/2009: Typeradio - TypeSHED11
Typeradio will head to Wellington to cover a conference of typeface designers called TypeSHED11. [more]

08/02/2009: Lara Almarcegui
Lara Almarcegui is in New Zealand to create a work for the One Day Sculpture commission series. [more]

15/02/2009: Monet and the Impressionists
Karl Maughan reviews the new Monet exhibition at Te Papa [more]

15/02/2009: Street Art
Lucy Orbell asks if street art has evolved into 'real art' yet [more]

15/02/2009: Adam Page at the Fringe Festival
Australian Adam Page talks about his upcoming show for the New Zealand Fringe Festival [more]

15/02/2009: Medieval Manuscripts
Chri Howe explains how DNA technology cam help solve manuscript mysteries [more]

15/02/2009: Face Value
Photography and film installation by Serena Stevenson featuring the work of moko artist Shane Jones. [more]

15/02/2009: Four Seasons,Wanganui's professional theatre
Hazel Menehira takes up the story of how Wanganui got its professional theatre [more]

15/02/2009: Chapter and Verse
Michael Thorp on his self published book and new work from essayist and poet Michael Harlow. [more]

22/02/2009: DOCNZ 2009 Documentary Film festival
Co-director of the DOCNZ 2009 Documentary Film Festival Alex Lee talks with Simon Morris. [more]

22/02/2009: Maori Heritage Arts
Dr Ngahuia Te Awekotuku discusses why levels of participation in Maori heritage arts are to be studied around the country. [more]

22/02/2009: Te Matatini - National Kapa Haka Festival
Justine Murray reports from 2009 Te Matatini National Kapa Haka Festival. [more]

22/02/2009: Tutus on Tour
The Royal NZ Ballet is coming to a town near you. Lucy Orbell finds out about Tutus on Tour. [more]

22/02/2009: Yinka Shonibare MBE
Rachel Kent is curator of the exhibition Yinka Shonibare MBE which opens at the Auckland Art Gallery this Saturday. [more]

22/02/2009: Laurence Shustak Documentary
Stuart Page's documentary 'Shustak' premieres at the DOCNZ 2009 festival this week. [more]

22/02/2009: Peace Wall
It's taken 24 years but the Peace Wall on the corner of Ponsonby and Karangahape Road is finally complete. [more]

22/02/2009: Chapter and Verse
Kapiti based writers Cathy Smeed and Brent Lewis discuss how they came to specialise in writing sex scenes. [more]

01/03/2009: Sir Miles Warren
Known as one of New Zealand's most honoured architects, Sir Miles talks about his recent talent for designing landscape gardens. [more]

01/03/2009: Choreographer Neil Iremia
Neil talks about his latest work, Gathering Clouds - Peace, Poverty, Dreams. [more]

01/03/2009: Sam Neill
Simon Morris asks Sam about his new film Dean Spanley. [more]

01/03/2009: Dianna Fuemanna
Dianna's fifth play Falemalama begins in American Samoa in the early 1960's. [more]

01/03/2009: The Venice Biennale
Two NZ artists will be exhibiting at the Venice Biennale, Lucy Orbell met the person who will look after their work in Venice. [more]

01/03/2009: Sue Mingus
Sue Mingus talks to Simon Morris about her husband bass player and composer Charles Mingus. [more]

01/03/2009: Chapter and Verse - Nikki Patin
Chicago based Def Jam poet and member of the American National Slam Team. [more]

01/03/2009: Dave Ellis
New York artist David Ellis attracts a lot of attention with his works and he's currently in NZ on residency. [more]

01/03/2009: Review - Tutus on tour
Lyne Pringle reviews the latest show from the Royal New Zealand Ballet. [more]

08/03/2009: Documentary Theatre:Hush
Hush is a play that tells the stories of people who've been involved in family violence. [more]

08/03/2009: Franky Bostyn: Passchendaele: The Begians Have Not Forgotten
A new exhibition about World War 1 - 90 years on, the nightmare of Passchendaele continues. [more]

08/03/2009: Mercury Bay Art Escape
Lynn Freeman looks around the Mercury Bay Art Escape where Coromandel artists strut their stuff. [more]

08/03/2009: Feminist Art
Lucy Orbell delves into art, politics and feminism. [more]

08/03/2009: Crazy Art
The exhibition"Art Crazy Nation"features modern art masterpieces and artists created using Lego. [more]

08/03/2009: Chapter and Verse: Contemporary Poetry
On the selection process for a new nthology of contemporary New Zealand poets. [more]

08/03/2009: Chapter and Verse: Cliff Fell
Nelson poet Cliff Fell on his new collection Beauty of the Badlands. [more]

15/03/2009: Thomas Hirschhorn
Paris based-Swiss artist creating art using a modified car in Sumner as part of the 24 hour sculpture project. [more]

15/03/2009: Trevor Schmidt
Artistic Director of Canada's Northern Light Theatre getting Kiwi plays seen abroad. [more]

15/03/2009: Bill Gosden
World Cinema Showcase director talking with Simon Morris. [more]

15/03/2009: Toxic White Elephant Shock
Experimental choreographer and film maker Alexa Wilson explains this dance piece. [more]

15/03/2009: Opera Review
Elizabeth O'Connor reviews Southern Opera's latest offering, Puccini's 'Gianni Schicchi'. [more]

15/03/2009: Jeffry Feegar
Lynn talks to Papua New Guinean artist Jeffry Feegar about traditional art and contemporary art in the pacific. [more]

15/03/2009: Charles Brasch
Lucy Orbell speaks with friends and family of Charles Brasch about his diaries and how he is being celebrated. [more]

15/03/2009: Kirsten Haydon: Ice Terraine
Lynn talks to Kirsten about her Jewellery exhibition and how it is inspired by Antarctica. [more]

15/03/2009: Eroica Trio review
Andrew Buchanan-Smart reviews the Eroica Trio. [more]

22/03/2009: Miranda Jones
Canadian blacksmith and painter Miranda Jones, in Whangarei for an international gathering of artists. [more]

22/03/2009: Patricia Wright
Patricia Wright is an art history specialist and was involved in rebuilding London's bombed office blocks. [more]

22/03/2009: Viggo Mortensen
Simon Morris interviewed Viggo Mortensen about his new film, 'Good'. Full interview in a month or so. [more]

22/03/2009: Lewis McCallum
Lewis McCallum has a new album out, 'Wake', and is a member of countless other groups and bands. [more]

22/03/2009: Artist Studio's
Lucy Orbell asks if it's harder to get an inner-city studio in these times of recession. [more]

22/03/2009: NZSO Review
Murray Khouri reviews the NZSO's latest tour with violinist Cho-Liang Lin. [more]

22/03/2009: Daniel Unverricht
The seedy side of our cities as seen through the canvas of painter Daniel Unverricht. [more]

22/03/2009: Chapter and Verse
Two new collections from Victoria University Press, one from Stephanie de Montalk and the other from Lynn Davidson. [more]

22/03/2009: Elizabeth Walsh
Artistic director of Tasmania's Arts Festival, which will be seeing a lot of Kiwi work this year. [more]

29/03/2009: Blind Boys of Alabama
Blind Boys drummer Eric Mckinnie, ahead of the popular gospel band's NZ show in Christchurch for the city's Jazz Festival. [more]

29/03/2009: Peter Davidson
The fifth Dr Who, Peter Davidson, is in New Zealand as a guest of the Armageddon Pulp Culture event. [more]

29/03/2009: Cultural capitals
A panel discussion on the recent "Is Auckland or Wellington the cultural capital" debate. [more]

29/03/2009: Arts philanthropy
Lucy Orbell looks as what drives our arts philanthropists and how important they are to the arts in New Zealand. [more]

29/03/2009: Adam Cello Festival and competition
Wolfgang Schmidt reports from the Adam Cello Festival and competition. [more]

29/03/2009: Jai Hall
Jai Hall explains why she's typing out Alice in Wonderland on an old typewriter for her Dunedin Fringe Festival show. [more]

05/04/2009: Rebecca Hall
Actress Rebecca Hall talks with Simon Morris [more]

05/04/2009: Rebecca Hall
Actress Rebecca Hall talks with Simon Morris [more]

05/04/2009: David Elliott
Artistic director of the 17th Biennale of Sydney [more]

05/04/2009: Fringe
Does the fringe festival's future hang in the balance? [more]

05/04/2009: Quilting
Quilt Symposium Wellington [more]

05/04/2009: Theatre Review
Kate Ward-Smythe reviews 'The Cherry Orchard' [more]

05/04/2009: Theatre Review
Kate Ward-Smythe reviews 'The Cherry Orchard' [more]

05/04/2009: Darren Glass
Pinhole Cameras [more]

05/04/2009: Books
'Weathered Bones' - Michele Powles [more]

05/04/2009: Books
'Footnotes to Sex' - Mia Farlane [more]

05/04/2009: Theatre Review
Uther Deans reviews 'God of Carnage' [more]

05/04/2009: Art for the consumer age
Tracey Walker talks to Lynn about her upcoming exhibition 15.1 [more]

12/04/2009: How New Zealanders feel about the arts?
Lucy Orbell analyses the latest report into how New Zealanders feel about the arts. [more]

12/04/2009: Dreamgirls of Bollywood
Simon previews a post-Slumdog Millionaire Bollywood dance/music spectacular coming to New Zealand. [more]

12/04/2009: Te Papa's art collection
Lynn goes on a tour of Te Papa's art collection with William McAloon. [more]

12/04/2009: Jazz Aotearoa
Richard Hardie and Allan Thomas, editors of a history of New Zealand JazzÂ-Jazz Aotearoa published by Steele Roberts. [more]

12/04/2009: Leanna Brodie
Visiting Canadian librettist, writer, translator and actor. [more]

12/04/2009: Chapter and Verse
Barbara Ewing on her latest historical novel The Fraud, and Sarah Laing, author of Dead People's Music. [more]

12/04/2009: The Winter's Tale
Kate Ward-Smythe reviews The Winter's Tale, by the touring UK-US Bridge Project company directed by Sam Mendes. [more]

19/04/2009: War Hero
Michael Galvin talks about 'War Hero' a play about WW1 conscientious objectors [more]

19/04/2009: Warwick Brown
'Seen This Century, A Collector's Guide' [more]

19/04/2009: Lexus Song Quest
Dame Malvina Major [more]

19/04/2009: National Youth Drama School
Lucy Orbell took a road trip and spent a couple of days immersed in theatrical energy [more]

19/04/2009: Review
Heath Lees reviews The NZ String Quartet's tour of Haydn's 'Seven Last Words'. [more]

19/04/2009: Push
Legendary French dancer Sylvie Guillem [more]

19/04/2009: Books
Lynn talks to 'Our Own Kind' photographer Mark Smith [more]

19/04/2009: Review
Terry MacTavish reviews a new version of 'Emma' [more]

19/04/2009: Royal Portraits
'Legacy: The Norrie collection and Other Portraits from Government House' [more]

19/04/2009: Cargo - Host
The Living Room 09 [more]

26/04/2009: Lexus Song Quest
Winner Aivale Cole [more]

26/04/2009: Auckland Art Fair
Matt Nache from the Paul Nache Gallery in Gisborne [more]

26/04/2009: Sonic Museum
Co-ordinator Nick Bollinger and muso Nathan Haines [more]

26/04/2009: Frances Hodgkins
Dancer and actor Jan Bolwell on turning the life of artist Frances Hodgkins into a play [more]

26/04/2009: Carnival Hound
Lyne Pringle reviews a new dance work based on the choreographer's parents stories of leaving war torn Europe for New Zealand [more]

26/04/2009: Mike Nook
Jazz man Mike Nock on his upcoming premiere at the Festival of Colour in Wanaka [more]

26/04/2009: Books
Anne Thwaite [more]

26/04/2009: High Endeavour
Central Otago high country artist Norman Sinclair [more]

26/04/2009: Book Repairs
Lucy Orbell meets book restorer Bill Tito [more]

03/05/2009: The 2009 Festival of Colour
Lynn Freeman reports from the six day Festival of Colour in Wanaka. [more]

03/05/2009: Irene Gardiner
NZ On Screen content director. [more]

03/05/2009: Rob Ritchie
UK screenwriter, teacher and development consultant. [more]

03/05/2009: Colin McColl and Tony Rabbitt
Lynn speaks to director Colin McColl and designer Tony Rabbitt about their potent and enduring working relationship. [more]

03/05/2009: Blood Wedding
Lynn talks to director Willem Wassenar and actor Geraldine Brophy. [more]

03/05/2009: The 2009 48-Hour Film Festival
In the build up to next weekend's 48-hour Film Festival, Lucy Orbell swaps war stories with some of the survivors. [more]

03/05/2009: Books
'The Sea Between' by Carol Thomas. [more]

03/05/2009: Raymond Boyce
New Zealand's most respected set designer. [more]

03/05/2009: Review
'She Stoops to Conquer'. [more]

10/05/2009: Review
Simon Morris reviews 'The Italian girl in Algiers'. [more]

10/05/2009: Photographer Ann Shelton
Ann Shelton looks at the history of the Salvation Army's former Rotoroa Island Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre. [more]

10/05/2009: Auckland Art Fair
We get an Australian art dealer's perspective on the recent Auckland Art Fair. [more]

10/05/2009: The Festival of Colours Pouwhenua project
They saw the same landscapes, heard the same stories and produced wildly different ideas. [more]

10/05/2009: The stand up game
Lucy follows some young comedians wanting to make their name in the stand up game. [more]

10/05/2009: Books
'Mother's Day' by Laurence Fearnley. [more]

10/05/2009: Books
'Relief' by Anna Taylor. [more]

10/05/2009: Alicia Frankovitch
Alicia Frankovitch is a former gymnast and a current performance artist. She is exhibiting in Art Space in Auckland. [more]

17/05/2009: Ceramicist
Manos Nathan combines his Maori and Greek heritage in a new series of work based on the Battle of Crete. [more]

17/05/2009: Metal Birds
Lucy Orbell heads to Hawkes Bay to hear about the popularity of metal birds. [more]

17/05/2009: Jesse Wikiriwhi
Dancer Jesse Wikiriwhi translates his mother's harrowing experiences in a Christchurch orphanage into a dance work. [more]

17/05/2009: Books
A panel discussion on the New Zealand Book Awards. [more]

17/05/2009: Caro Llewellyn
Director of the PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature. [more]

17/05/2009: Kevin Berkhan
Haute couture designer. [more]

17/05/2009: Jay Hutchinson
Dunedin artist who creates art gallery grade tapestries from graffiti. [more]

17/05/2009: Chapter and Verse
Commonwealth Writers Prize Award winner Mohammed Hanif [more]

24/05/2009: Warwick Blair
One our most original composers. [more]

24/05/2009: Nga Manu ere
Whale Rider star Keisha Castle Hughes takes on her first stage role. [more]

24/05/2009: At the Movies for 24 May 2009
Simon Morris investigates Angels and Demons, goes in search of Beethoven, and talks to the director of critically-acclaimed French film I've Loved You So Long, Philippe Claudel. [more]

24/05/2009: Sarah Foster
Choreographer and dancer. [more]

24/05/2009: Nicholas Thomas
Tene Waitere, Maori Carving, Colonial History. [more]

24/05/2009: Tokyo String Quartet
The Tokyo String Quartet invites New Zealand to be part of its 40th birthday celebrations. [more]

24/05/2009: Peter Elliot
'The Scene' [more]

24/05/2009: Chapter and Verse
Charlotte Grimshaw. [more]

24/05/2009: Chapter and Verse
Chris Price [more]

24/05/2009: Review
Lyne Pringle's reviews the most recent 'Made in New Zealand' dance tour from the Footnote Dance Company. [more]

31/05/2009: Anthony Frederick Taylor 1937 - 2009
From the archives, an interview with the late Tony Taylor, theatre director, writer and mentor, who died recently. [more]

31/05/2009: Glenn Colquhoun
Broadcast of an hour long discussion with award winning poet and GP, Glenn Colquhoun, recorded at the recent Festival of Colour in Wanaka. [more]

07/06/2009: Sideshow
"Sideshow: what filmies do on the side"opens on Tuesday at Thistle Hall in Wellington. [more]

07/06/2009: Viggo Mortensen
Simon Morris interviews Viggo Mortensen. [more]

07/06/2009: Chris Booth
Chris Booth talks about the water sculpture he has created for Kerikeri. [more]

07/06/2009: Michael Hill International Violin Competition
Shmuel Askenasi is one of the international judges of the Michael Hill 2009 International Violin Competition. [more]

07/06/2009: Moana Nepia
"Ka Mau te Wehi - Conversations in Maori Dance"is curated by Moana Nepia. [more]

07/06/2009: Vicki Thomas
Vicki Thomas' photographs are on show at"Take a Photo it Lasts Longer"at Kura Gallery in Auckland. [more]

07/06/2009: Chapter and Verse: Apirana Taylor
"A canoe in midstream: poems new and old"by Apirana Taylor, is published by Canterbury University Press. [more]

07/06/2009: Chapter and Verse: Voyagers, sci-fi poetry
"Voyagers, Science Fiction Poetry from New Zealand"is edited by Tim Jones and Mark Pirie. [more]

07/06/2009: Anne Dewey
25 knitters from around the world have hand-knitted costumes and the set for a new dance work. [more]

07/06/2009: Textiles
Sweden is hosting work from a group of five New Zealand textile artists at Rydals Museeum. [more]

14/06/2009: Isobel Crombie
Australia's national curator of photography. [more]

14/06/2009: Gordon Adam
Film distributor Gordon Adam looks at the changing faces of New Zealand cinemas. [more]

14/06/2009: Hamish Coney
Hamish Coney from Auckland's art auction house Art+Object, offers us an insider's guide to the New Zealand art market, with its 50-million-dollar-a- year turnover. Collecting art, he says, is just as popular as ever. [more]

14/06/2009: Starlight Express
Lucy Orbell meets the roller skating stars of the Starlight Express. [more]

14/06/2009: Review - The Blackening
Uther Dean reviews the latest play from Bruce Mason Playwright Award winning writer, Paul Rothwell. [more]

14/06/2009: Chris Szekely
Chief Librarian at the Alexander Turnbull Library, on the future of the country's precious archives. [more]

14/06/2009: Chapter and Verse
Pliny's Warning, an explosive novel set partly on White Island and largely around Mt Vesuvius, written by expat ABC arts-journalist Anne Maria Nicholson. [more]

14/06/2009: Chapter and Verse
Beside the Dark Pool, the sequel to Fiona Kidman's memoir At the End of Darwin Road. [more]

14/06/2009: Review - Bryn Terfel
Elizabeth O'Connor reviews the concert by opera star Bryn Terfel, who's touring the main centres. [more]

14/06/2009: Preview - Carol Nev
A preview of the new NZ play Carol and Nev, in which Nev is trapped in a campervan with the ghost of his dead wife, Carol, as he rushes to get to their daughter's wedding. [more]

21/06/2009: Monopoly Street Project
Hamilton artist Kate Muggeridge on transforming the city's CBD into a giant Monopoly board. [more]

21/06/2009: Artists in schools
Maggie Gresson, Sam Cunnane and Simon Gray discuss the axing of the popular artists in schools programme. [more]

21/06/2009: Bootless
Adam Harvey's movie, Bootless, premieres this thursday at the Wintec Moving Image Studio, as part of the Ignition Fringe Festival in Hamilton. [more]

21/06/2009: Behind the scenes
From WOW to WOMAD, none of it would happen without the crew of people working backstage. Rob Peters, Kathryn Osbourne and Alistair Cameron are all on the executive of Entertainment Technology New Zealand. [more]

21/06/2009: Hamilton's creative industries
Grant Collier heads SODA Inc, HamiltonÂ's new business incubator. [more]

21/06/2009: The Crystal Chain Gang
Lucy Orbell meets two cast-glass artists, Leanne Williams and Jim Dennison, at their studio in Martinborough. [more]

21/06/2009: Chapter and Verse
Journalist Lyn Loates sets her novel Butterscotch in Christchurch, when the Parker and Hulme murder cast a shadow over many lives. [more]

21/06/2009: Lost and Found
Megan Baker and Scott Newth discuss an exhibition of the abandoned and the curious, around Hamilton and around the world. [more]

28/06/2009: Tim Walker - The Arts and the World Cup
Consultant Tim Walker has been talking to arts groups about the 2011 Rugby World Cup. [more]

28/06/2009: Tim Finn - Poor Boy
Elder statesman of the Finn musical dynasty, Tim Finn, has added another string to his guitar. [more]

28/06/2009: National Youth Orchestra clebrates 50 Years
For 50 years our young classical musicians have refined their skills by playing with the NZSO's National Youth Orchestra. [more]

28/06/2009: China in Four Seasons: Jin Jiangbo
Govett Brewster Gallery director Rhana Devonport talks to Lynn about the exhibition. [more]

28/06/2009: Station to Station - Michael Galvin
Cameron Rhodes, director of Station to Station which premieres this Wednesday at the Herald Theatre in Auckland. [more]

28/06/2009: Censorship Panel Discussion
A panel discussion on the issues of censorship with Chief Censor Bill Hastings, Vic Uni's Prof Mark Williams and John McIntyre from the Children's Bookshop in Wellington. [more]

28/06/2009: As the earth turns to silver - Alison Wong
Alison Wong's novel, As the Earth Turns to Silver, is published by penguin. [more]

28/06/2009: Poet Laureate - Michelle Leggatt
Michelle Leggatt, the first official New Zealand Poet Laureate is about to hand her laurels over to someone else. [more]

05/07/2009: Hits of 74
Centrepoint theatre in Palmerston North turns 35. [more]

05/07/2009: Film Fund
Simon Morris is back at the Film Fund which is being wound up. [more]

05/07/2009: Arts Funding
Lucy Orbell has tips for any artist struggling to fill out the necessary forms for grants from potential funders. [more]

05/07/2009: Young and Hungry
A Wellington theatrical institution takes on Auckland for the first time. [more]

05/07/2009: Wonderland
The Mystery of the Orchid. [more]

05/07/2009: Matt Kenyon
Pop culture, new media, mass media and big corporates. [more]

05/07/2009: Chapter and Verse
Dorothy Fowler. [more]

05/07/2009: Chapter and Verse
Monica Taylor. [more]

05/07/2009: Photography
Matt Palmer. [more]

12/07/2009: The Clinic
Love You Approximately. [more]

12/07/2009: Luit Bieringa
The man in the hat - Peter McLeavy. [more]

12/07/2009: Theatre review
Lucky Numbers. [more]

12/07/2009: Review
Cirque du Soleil. [more]

12/07/2009: Angels
Pacific Underground. [more]

12/07/2009: Mark Lynds
Art in prison. [more]

12/07/2009: Chapter and Verse
A panel of New Zealand Sci Fi writers. [more]

12/07/2009: Naomi Ferguson
'Songs my mother taught me' [more]

12/07/2009: The Great Gatsby
We find out about the stage version of the literary classic The Great Gatsby in Christchurch. [more]

19/07/2009: Pierre Brault
Bringing"Portrait of an Unidentified Man"to the Christchurch and Taranaki Arts festivals. [more]

19/07/2009: Film Guys
Ben Steinbauer and Michael Paul Stevenson preview their documentaries playing at the International Film Festival. [more]

19/07/2009: Richard Muller
Richard explains his part in"Kaitangata Twitch". [more]

19/07/2009: Venice Biennale.
Arts On Sundays' very own Lucy Orbell stopped off in Venice to check out some art. [more]

19/07/2009: Body Painting
Amelia Nurse bares all for art. [more]

19/07/2009: NZ Typeface Design
Jonty Valentine talks about his exhibition, recording New Zealand's Typeface history. [more]

19/07/2009: Chapter and Verse - Mary Cresswell
New Zealand as seen through the satirical eyes of an American expat. [more]

19/07/2009: Chapter and Verse - Brian Turner.
New poetry from the Central Otago Backblocks. [more]

19/07/2009: Seraphine Pick
Her Survey show will be on display in the Christchirch City Art Gallery, then Wellington and Dunedin. [more]

26/07/2009: New Poet Laureate
After 10 collections of poetry and a CD, Bluff poet Cilla McQueen has been appointed Poet Laureate. [more]

26/07/2009: Patron of the year
Arts patron Adrienne, Lady Stewart and young conductor Holly Mathieson on the importance of patronage in the arts. [more]

26/07/2009: Test Screenings
Lucy Orbell goes to the test screening of a NZ film, where the audience is invited to grade the film. [more]

26/07/2009: Christchurch Art
Elizabeth O'Connor reviews an et al installation at the City Gallery and subversisve textile art at COCA. [more]

26/07/2009: Poe
Geoff Murphy talks with Simon Morris about his film based on the work of Poe: Tales of Mystery and Imagination. [more]

26/07/2009: Lunch Theatre
One Sharp! Lunch Theatre brings a short play and a hot soup to the people at a Wellington city pub. [more]

26/07/2009: Joanna Preston
The Summer King is the new poetry collection from Joanna Preston. [more]

26/07/2009: Bernadette Hall
The Lustre Jug sees Bernadette Hall exploring her links with North Queensland and Ireland. [more]

26/07/2009: Booksellers
Lincoln Gould from Booksellers ponders the future of selling books in NZ. [more]

26/07/2009: Shakespeare in schools
Sarah Nunn from Shakespeare's Globe in London on the continuing relevance of The Bard in schools. [more]

02/08/2009: Gray Niccol
Gray Niccol was one of the pioneers of what was in the 1970's cutting edge comtempary art. [more]

02/08/2009: Briar March
Briar March has proven once again that our film-makers are building an enviable reputation overseas. [more]

02/08/2009: La Sylphide
La Sylphide is one of the great romantic ballets, Lyne Pringle went along to have a look. [more]

02/08/2009: Bernard Bories
Berard Bories is President of the Cinema des Antipodes Festival, which for 11 years has played Kiwi and Australian films in St. Tropez in the south of France. [more]

02/08/2009: K Road art scene
Karangahapi road is quickly becoming an art hub. [more]

02/08/2009: Steven Snell's 'The Keeper'
Steven Snells's 'The Keeper' has it's New Zealand premiere at the Pumphouse Theatre in Auckland on Wednesday. [more]

02/08/2009: French and Saunders
French and Saunders wrap up their sell-out Auckland season tonight, tomorrow and Tuesday at the Civic. [more]

02/08/2009: Diana Bridge
Diana Bridge's collection 'Aloe' is an Auckland University Press Publication. [more]

02/08/2009: Tim Upperton
Tim Upperton is a past winner of the New Zealand Listener's National Poetry Day Competition and Takahe's poetry competition. [more]

02/08/2009: Rae McGregor
Rae McGregor's book is called 'Nitescope' and it's published by Glen Innes Publications. [more]

02/08/2009: Elizabeth O'Connor
Elizabeth O'Connor reviewing 'Once and for all we're gonna tell you who we are so shut up and listen'. [more]

02/08/2009: Neil Brand
Silent movie pianist and composer. [more]

02/08/2009: How much do ballet dancers know about music
Lee Christofis is the Curator of Dance at the National Library of Australia. [more]

09/08/2009: The Conchus Season
Wellington-based Pasifika company The Conch's new show The Conchus Season [more]

09/08/2009: New home for NHNZ
Michael Stedman from documentary makers NHNZ explains the move to Dowling Street in Dunedin [more]

09/08/2009: 3D film artist
Jeremy Ryder is one of the artists who worked on new stop motion and 3D film Coraline [more]

09/08/2009: Ballast:Bringing the Stones Home
NZ artist John Edgar's exhibit Ballast has just opened at the Edinburgh Art Festival [more]

09/08/2009: Emergent Submersives
Artist Marcia Lyons' art installlation incorporating sounds of Humpback whales [more]

09/08/2009: International arts advisor in NZ
Andrew Mcintyre is taking ideas from here on audience growth, internationally [more]

09/08/2009: Google book settlement
Lawyer Rick Sherba from Lowndes Jordan explains the fishhooks for NZ writers of the Google Book Settlement [more]

09/08/2009: Solo Exhibition of Small Works 1998-2009
87 year old artuist Don Peebles explains his move to earthy tones in his abstractionist artwork [more]

09/08/2009: Production Manager and Lighting Director, Andrew Melmo
Freelance production manager Andrew Melmo is keen to get more NZ shows shown overseas [more]

16/08/2009: Art Review
Pushover is an exhibition that looks at how vulnerable buildings are when earthquakes strike. [more]

16/08/2009: Graeme Mason
Film Commission CEO Graeme Mason talks about a solid production year and about his first 3 months in the job. [more]

16/08/2009: Toa Fraser
Director Toa Fraser on his plans to turn a Robert Louis Stevenson novella,set in colonial period Samoa,into a movie. [more]

16/08/2009: Josette Bushell Mingo
Dynamic British actor and director Josette Bushell Mingo,who's championed the arts for black performers talks with Lynn Freeman. [more]

16/08/2009: Jack Kaptein
The photography of space is a new exhibition by artist Jack Kaptein.Lucy Orbell visited him at his studio in Wellington. [more]

16/08/2009: Duncan Sarkies
Writer Duncan Sarkies on his new film plans,and the success of the show he's toured around the world for the last three years. [more]

16/08/2009: Chapter and Verse - Colin Peel
Colin Peel has more than twenty books to his name.He discusses his latest thriller,The Ryblinsk Deception. [more]

16/08/2009: Chapter and Verse - David Gregory
Canterbury poet David Gregory is back with a new collection of poetry. [more]

16/08/2009: Rotterdam
Lucy Orbell talks a walk through the bustling arts scene of Rotterdam. [more]

23/08/2009: Gary Daverne and Stephanie Poole
Gary Daverne has a special love for the accordian and has been composing accordian works for around 20 years. Stephanie Poole teaches accordian and is taking part in the World Championships which are being held in Auckland this week. [more]

23/08/2009: Richard Francis-Jones
Richard Francis-Jones is behind one of the largest hertiage restoration projects ever undertaken in New Zealand - The 113 million dollar Auckland Art Gallery. [more]

23/08/2009: Alistair Te Ariki Campbell
New Zealand has lost another of it's great poets, Alistair Te Ariki Campbell. Long time friend Sam Hunt shares thoughts on the life of this novelist, playwright and poet. [more]

23/08/2009: Music Industry's behind the scenes stars
Music engineer Andrew Buckton has been nominated for his work on Midnight Youth's big selling album, The Brave Don't Run. [more]

23/08/2009: Music Industry's behind the scenes stars
Competing against Andrew Buckton are Lee Prebble for When The Fever Takes Hold by Spartacus R, and Mu for Fat Freddy's follow up album Dr. Boondigga and the Big BW. [more]

23/08/2009: Graeme Thompson
Graeme Thompson's exhibition 'More alchemy, More Play' opens tomorrow at Thistle Gallery in Wellington. [more]

23/08/2009: The New Zealand poetry book continues
New collections from Wellington-based Saradha Koirala and Frankie McMillan from Canterbury. [more]

23/08/2009: Saradha Koirala
Wellington secondary teacher, Saradha Koirala has already had poems published in print and on line. [more]

23/08/2009: Nanageddon
Stitching isn't about making garments anynmore; it's an artistic medium. [more]

30/08/2009: David Flemming
David Flemming runs Liverpool's main museums, and he's been holding workshops around New Zealand for our museum directors. [more]

30/08/2009: Rena Owen
Rena Owen has returned from Hollywood to take to the stage, in The Pohutukawa Tree. [more]

30/08/2009: Milton Justice
Milton Justice is now a guest director at the Department of Performing and Screen Arts at Unitec in Auckland. [more]

30/08/2009: Books
Lucy Orbell indulges her senses at bookstores all round Wellington, to find out if pre-loved books are still as popular as ever. [more]

30/08/2009: Haydyn Tour Review
Michael Joel reviews the New Zealand String Quartet's Haydyn Tour with its two programmes, which it's taking to Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Nelson and Taradale. [more]

30/08/2009: Beached As
"Beached As"features a skit about a roughly animated stranded whale and helpful seagull with flattend faux-kiwi accents. [more]

30/08/2009: Chapter and Verse: Cone-Ten-Down
In Chapter and Verse today, alook at the halcyon years of studio pottery in New Zealand - 1945 to 1980. [more]

30/08/2009: Sibelius Festival
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra's Sibelius Festival at Wellington's Michael Fowler Centre runs from September 16th - 19th. [more]

30/08/2009: Where Are You, My Only One?
Vanessa Rhodes' play"Where are you from, my only one?"premieres at the Circa Studio in Wellington. [more]

06/09/2009: ethKnowcentrix
Multi-media artist Lisa Reihana is invited to London to take part in ethKnowcentrix, Museums Inside the Artist. [more]

06/09/2009: The New Zealand Post Book Awards
The New Zealand Post Book Awards have a new naming rights sponsor. Linda Burgess, Guy Somerset and Lincoln Gould comment. [more]

06/09/2009: Make Way - Regan Gentry
Amelia Nurse talks to sculptor Regan Gentry's about his new work. [more]

06/09/2009: Music Director Simon Over
Considered one of the most exciting projects in music for decades, the Southbank Sinfonia is Britain's newest orchestra, and its founder and music director Simon Over is currently in Dunedin conducting the Southern Sinfonia. [more]

06/09/2009: Steel Ballerina
Lucy Orbell finds out about the reinvigoration of Margot Fonteyn. [more]

06/09/2009: Court Theatre celebrates Edgar Allan Poe
A True Account of the Regrettable Circumstances and Mysterious Demise of Edgar Allan Poe. [more]

06/09/2009: Chapter and Verse - Going West Litarary Festival
Murray Gray comments on this years festival. [more]

06/09/2009: Good Night - The End
Sonia Yee talks to Jo Randerson about her new play 'Good Night - The End', the characters of which are Grim Reapers. [more]

13/09/2009: La Fine del Mondo
Photographer Edith Amituana'i documents the story of immigrants who make a new life at the end of the world. [more]

13/09/2009: World Press Photo Exhibition
Colin Peacock from Mediawatch surveys 200 examples of photojournalism currently on display in Wellington. [more]

13/09/2009: Kristen Darragh
An up and coming mezzo-soprano describes her progression from appearing in television advertisements as a child to the rarefied world of opera. [more]

13/09/2009: Stephen A'Court - Body
Stephen A'Court has documented his love of dance in a new exhibition for the Dance Your Socks Off festival. [more]

13/09/2009: The Bird Wife
Textile artist Jane Siddall has created a series of intricate minature embroideries depicting an old folk tale. [more]

13/09/2009: The Box Woman
A travelling Brazillian theatre troup presents the tale of a mystical woman with a magical box for a head. [more]

13/09/2009: Joanna Orwin
Collision is a novel that recounts the clash of cultures that occurs when a French expedition washes up in the Bay of Islands in 1772. [more]

13/09/2009: Charlotte Trevella
At only 17 Charlotte is one of the world's top young poets who has a newly published collection entitled 'Because Paradise'. [more]

13/09/2009: The Girl with No Words
Lucy Orbell previews a new multi-media performance due to open in Wanaka next week. It is the story of a young woman whose inability to express herself verbally leads to self-harm. [more]

20/09/2009: Nick Lowe
Musician and producer Nick Lowe, whoÂ's about to tour New Zealand with Ry Cooder. [more]

20/09/2009: Ben Plumbly
Ralph Hotere artworks. [more]

20/09/2009: Scott Chamberlain
2009 Portage Ceramics Awards. [more]

20/09/2009: Eugene Onegin
Uwe Grodd reviews NBR New Zealand OperaÂ's production of Eugene Onegin. [more]

20/09/2009: Barry Thomas
He made his name planting a cabbage patch in central Wellington, all in the name of art. [more]

20/09/2009: Score
Painter Michael Shepherd creates visual art from Douglas LilburnÂ's music, notations and the composerÂ's life. [more]

20/09/2009: Chapter and Verse
Fiona Inglis [more]

20/09/2009: Chapter and Verse
Bridget Williams and Sam Elworthy. [more]

20/09/2009: John Dixon
Lucy Orbell looks at poet John DixonÂ's musical collaboration with Alistair Galbraith. [more]

27/09/2009: Wellington's City Gallery's reopening
Wellington City Gallery reopens after a multi-million dollar upgrade [more]

27/09/2009: Bromhead
Peter Bromhead talks about his life's work [more]

27/09/2009: Gong Crazy
Composer Jack Body is about to retire after 30 years at Victoria University's New Zealand School of Music. He talks to Lynne Freeman about the difference between sound and music, upcoming gamelan concerts and his approach to his work. [more]

27/09/2009: Wanganui's Sarjeant Gallery
Lucy Orbell meets Patrick Cush who's been exhibiting work in the Review for the last 11 years [more]

27/09/2009: Harlequin: Servant of Two Masters
Lynn Freeman spoke to company member Stefano Guizzi about Italy's commedia dell'arte, still very much alive after 500 years [more]

27/09/2009: Dance Photographer
Writer,artist and photographer Keith Money talks about his career [more]

27/09/2009: Chapter and Verse
Features the talents of poet Geoff Cochrane and Book Council Executive, Noel Murphy on encouraging young people to read more [more]

27/09/2009: From macrocarpa to bronze
Auckland sculpter Tanya Blong on her move from macrocarpa to bronze [more]

04/10/2009: Collectors : To Have And To Hold
Find out what drives people to collect stuff,from hankies and garden tools to encyclopaedias. [more]

04/10/2009: Collateral : Dane Mitchell
Artist Dane Mitchell responds to criticism over his award winning pile of artistic rubbish. [more]

04/10/2009: Footnote Dance Company : Forte Solo Series
Lynn talks to two of the choreographers about the kiwi icons that inspired their works. [more]

04/10/2009: Kenyan playwright : Wakanyote Njuguna
Kenyan theatre director,Wakanyote Njuguna looks at why theatre has been seen as a threat in parts of Africa. [more]

04/10/2009: Opera Review : The Magic Flute
Elizabeth O Connor casts a critical eye,and ear over the latest production from Southern Opera,Mozart's Magic Flute. [more]

04/10/2009: The Robot Show
Lucy Orbell chats to, The Robot Show, exhibition organiser and robot print maker Sam Broad [more]

04/10/2009: Chapter and Verse : Owen Marshall
Novelist and short story writer Owen Marshall on his new collection. [more]

04/10/2009: Chapter and Verse : Kelly Joseph
Writer Kelly Joseph chats about her eight weeks recently spent on Kapiti Island. [more]

04/10/2009: Southern Lights
The country's newest dance company,Southern Lights,is premiering at the Body Festival of Dance in Christchurch. [more]

11/10/2009: Maori Art Market
The third Maori Art Market is being held at two venues in Porirua, Pataka and Te Rauparaha arena. [more]

11/10/2009: What counts as a great New Zealand films?
Hamish McDouall is the author of 100 Essential New Zealand Films. [more]

11/10/2009: Auckland Architecture Week
Today is the first day of Auckland Architecture Week, we speak with Christina van Bohemen. [more]

11/10/2009: 2009 Forte - Solo Series
Lyne Pringle reviews Footnote Dance Company's new series. [more]

11/10/2009: Stop-motion animation
Antony Elworthy is a kiwi animator and he talks about his animation work. [more]

11/10/2009: Review - Biography of My Skin
Mark Westerby reviews Miranda Harcourt and Stuart McKenzie's latest play. [more]

11/10/2009: Atarangi Whenua
Auckland painter Penny Howard and poet Doug Poole have combined their artistic endeavours to create Atarangi Whenua. [more]

11/10/2009: Alice Miller
Wellingtonian Alice Miller has won the 2009 Katherine Mansfield short story competition. [more]

11/10/2009: Banquo's Son - Tania Roxborogh
Tania Roxborogh, author of Banquo's Son, discribed as a kind of fictional sequel to Macbeth. [more]

11/10/2009: The Undrawn - Paul Hartigan
New Zealand neon artist Paul Hartigan has recycled rare glass from the 1930s to create whirling neon tubes of light that the publicity describes as looking like alien artifacts. [more]

18/10/2009: Martyn Sanderson
Martyn Sanderson - stage and screen actor, director, poet and co-founder of Wellington's Downstage Theatre, died on Wednesday 14 October. [more]

18/10/2009: Live at Six
Sean Plunket reviews"Live at Six", a new play which turns the tables on journalists. [more]

18/10/2009: The Fried Bread and Golden Syrup connection
Fried Bread and Golden Syrup is the name of a joint exhibition by husband and wife Tawa-based artists. [more]

18/10/2009: German Film Festival
Christoph Muecher is the director of November-Kinder, the German Film Festival. [more]

18/10/2009: Micheline Van Houtem
Belgian chanteuse Micheline Van Houtem has made her name in the world's concert halls as a passionate singer of her countryman Jacques Brel's work. [more]

18/10/2009: Nalini Malani
Indian artist Nalini Malani is currently exhibiting at Taranaki's Govett Brewster Gallery. [more]

18/10/2009: Chapter and Verse: Ian Wedde
Ian Wedde is this year's Michael King Centre Writer in Residence at Auckland University. [more]

18/10/2009: Chapter and Verse: Michelle Holman
Michelle Holman's latest book is entitled"Knotted". [more]

25/10/2009: Film concept design
We find out what it takes to design sets for Hollywood films, from Spiderman to the animated background for Happy Feet. Marco Nero is a concept designer with an intriguing CV. [more]

25/10/2009: Trouble on the Waterfront
Arts administrator and musician, Chris Prowse on his concept album, Trouble on the Waterfront, which looks back at the bitter Waterfront dispute of 1951. [more]

25/10/2009: Philippa Boyens
An extended interview with Philippa Boyens, an integral member of the trio of filmmakers who put New Zealand on the map with the Lord of the Rings trilogy and King Kong. Philippa talks about the trio's dynamics and looks ahead to the release of Peter's next film, The Lovely Bones. [more]

25/10/2009: Muka Youth Prints Exhibition
Lucy Orbell visits New Plymouth's youngest art collectors at the Muka Youth Prints Exhibition, and discovers a unique approach to"dealing". [more]

25/10/2009: Chapter and Verse
Sally-Ann Spencer on translating a giant book about dwarves from German into English. [more]

25/10/2009: Show Me Shorts
Simon takes a look at the upcoming Show Me Shorts Film Festival. [more]

01/11/2009: Donald Kerr
Curator of the exhibition Heresy, Sedition, Obscenity - the Book Challenged. On show at the De Beer Gallery at the University of Otago. [more]

01/11/2009: Early Maori cloaks found in the US
Dr. Patricia Te Arapo Wallace from the Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies in Christchurch. [more]

01/11/2009: Chapter and Verse: Len Lye
The extraordinary works of film-maker, sculptor, painter and poet - Len Lye [more]

01/11/2009: Bevin Linkhorn
To get involved with Mash Pit Comedy simply go to the website; [more]

01/11/2009: Crows Feet
Crows feet, the affectionate name given to a Wellington dance emsemble. Lucy Orbell went to see what keeps there feet moving. [more]

01/11/2009: Michael Smither and Tony Hiles
An unique collaboration between an artist and a video director, that allows a rare examination of the whole creative process. [more]

01/11/2009: Stand Up and be Counted
TJ McDonald, Benjamin Crellin and Jim Stanton face off in the grand final next week. [more]

01/11/2009: NZSO Review
Murray Khouri reviews the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra's premiere of Leif Segerstam's 191st Symphony. [more]

01/11/2009: Chris Welsby
Artist Chris Welsby literally lets the natural forces if time and weather direct his films. His exhibition is on at the MIC Toi Rerehiko Gallery in Auckland. [more]

01/11/2009: Backstage - Review
A new play by British playwright Roy Smiles got its world premiere at Christchurch's Court Theatre this weekend. Reviewer Alan Scott went for a look. [more]

08/11/2009: Rachael and Jonathan King
Rachael and Jonathan King are creative siblings who have taken different paths into their respective worlds of books and film. [more]

08/11/2009: Live Panel Discussion
Eva Radich, Lyne Pringle and Simon Sweetman assess the 2010 New Zealand International Arts Festival programme. [more]

08/11/2009: Julian Robertson
The Julian and Josie Robertson"Promised Gift: An Exclusive Preview"has just opened at the Auckland Art Gallery. [more]

08/11/2009: Neil Pardington
Neil Pardington's latest exhibition is entitled"The Vault". [more]

08/11/2009: Pip Hall
Pip Hall is the 2009 winner of the Bruce Mason playwriting Award. [more]

08/11/2009: Stand up and be Counted: 4
The Grand Final of the comedy-competition series"Stand up and be counted". [more]

08/11/2009: Dreamlife of Elephants
"Death and the Dreamlife of Elephants"is a new play on soon at Bats Theatre. [more]

08/11/2009: Chapter and Verse: Patricia Grace
An extended interview with novelist and short story writer Patricia Grace. [more]

08/11/2009: Keith Clancy
Keith Clancy's solo show opens at The Lane Gallery in Auckland this week. [more]

15/11/2009: British TV producer Gareth Wiley
Gareth Wiley has four Woody Allen films on his CV and is currently in New Zealand working on the UK-NZ Co-pro movie 'Tracker' starring Ray Winstone. [more]

15/11/2009: Boutique Theatre
Auckland's Silo Theatre harks back to the Theatre Corporate days of pushing the theatrical boundaries and reintroducing the ensemble model. Hear the full story from Silo's Oliver Driver. [more]

15/11/2009: The Cabinet Makers
Gavin McLean talks about curating 'The Cabinet Makers' - a new exhibition in the Capital, at Shed 11. [more]

15/11/2009: National Novel Writing month
Lucy Orbell signs up for National Novel Writing month or "nanorwimo", an annual worldwide event that challenges people to write a novel in a month. [more]

15/11/2009: Mozart and ME
A theatrical look at the life of one of the world's greatest and most scandalous librettists, Lorenzo de Ponte. [more]

15/11/2009: The Word Witch
Margaret Mahy's magical verse is collected into one magical book by editor Tessa Duder and illustrator, David Elliot. [more]

15/11/2009: Chapter and Verse
Laura Soloman releases her latest novel about a giantess, 'An Imitation of Life', and New Zealand writers share some of their childhood memories in a book edited by Graeme Lay called 'Way Back When Before We Were Ten'. [more]

15/11/2009: Richard Chen See
Richard Chen See is currently working with our School of Dance graduates on their end of year show - 'Airs'. [more]

21/11/2009: Arts in the Super City
We talk to Anne Rodda and Maggie Gresson, members of a new working party set up to make sure the arts get a fair go under the new Auckland super city structure. [more]

22/11/2009: Christchurch Art Gallery
We take you through the flash revamped main gallery at the Christchurch Art Gallery, which will house old favourites and hidden treasures in the gallery's collection. [more]

22/11/2009: Niki Caro and Joan Scheckel
Simon Morris chats to the director of the big screen version of the literary bestseller, The Vintner's Luck. Lynn speaks with Joan Scheckel, co-writer of the screen play. [more]

22/11/2009: Henry Padovani
An interview with one of the founders of the band The PoliceCorsican, Henry Padovani, whoÂ's the subject of a documentary about London's punk music scene in the 70s. [more]

22/11/2009: Photographer Anne Noble
One of the new Arts Foundation Laureates, photographer Anne Noble, whose three trips to Antarctica have produced a large and intriguing body of work. [more]

22/11/2009: Distraction Camp
A ringside seat at rehearsals for Distraction Camp, a new work from Christchurch's boundary-pushing Free Theatre company. [more]

22/11/2009: JS Parker
One of New Zealand's important abstract painters, JS Parker, is about to open a retrospective of his work, co-inciding with the release of a book on his career. We hear from John and from writer/curator Damian Skinner. [more]

22/11/2009: Chapter and Verse
Ann Mallinson talks about starting her publishing career in the 1960s, founding her company, signing up Lynley Dodd of Hairy Maclary fame, and why she's decided to sell the company. [more]

22/11/2009: Surplus and Creativity
Lucy Orbell discovers that household items are up for grabs for sustainable designers. [more]

29/11/2009: Playmarket
The director of the playwriting agency Playwarket, Mark Amery, responds to criticism by Silo Theatre's Oliver Driver, who suggested theatres are better placed to develop scripts. [more]

29/11/2009: The Mercury Theatre
Auckland's theatre community is upping its efforts to save the old Mercury Theatre, which is up for sale. The deadline being the 6th of December. [more]

29/11/2009: Film Archives
Lucy Orbell explores the cool stores at the Film Archives, which is now officially bulging at the seams. [more]

29/11/2009: Warriors of Brazil
Find out how a Brazilian dance show has rescued many of its stars from a life of crime in the ghettos. [more]

29/11/2009: Gaylene Preston
Filmmaker Gaylene Preston talks about her ongoing and upcoming projects, and appearing in Deborah Shephard's book of conversations with New Zealand women. [more]

29/11/2009: Chapter and Verse - Jenny Haworth
Novelist Jenny Haworth has set her new novel in Paris just after the Armistice. [more]

29/11/2009: Chapter and Verse - Vanda Symon
Crime writer Vanda Symon continues her detective series starring Sam Shephard and unleashes another lot of murders on Dunedin. [more]

29/11/2009: Chinese Art - Gerda Leenards
After a trip to China last year, Dutch-New Zealand artist Gerda Leenards has tried to recreate the feeling of gliding along a river, in her art. She explains what drew her to China. [more]

06/12/2009: Jenny Harper - Christchurch Art Gallery funding
After being starved of money to buy new art works, the Christchurch Art Gallery has had a pre - christmas present from the city's council. [more]

06/12/2009: Arts for All
Galleries, theatres and concert halls are always on the lookout for new audiences. It's strange then don't you think, that so many have ignored and even made things difficult for, audiences and visitors with disabilities. [more]

06/12/2009: Morris, A Life with Bells
Director Chaz Oldham talks to Lynn about his mockumentary. [more]

06/12/2009: Nina Simon - museum design
American museum designer Nina Simon explains her mantra of 'Not too flash, and telling stories people want to come and hear'. [more]

06/12/2009: The Wellington Most Famous Orchestra of Miraculous Delights
Turning images, from chewing gum residue on a footpath, to birds sitting on telephone wires, is the particular gift of the Wellington Most Famous Orchestra of Miraculous Delights. [more]

06/12/2009: Architecture - Part 1
We're not a country known for ground breaking design, however we are improving, and getting a little bolder. [more]

06/12/2009: Breathing - Jane Boston
Senior Voice Practitioner at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Jane Boston, has for more than 25 years, studied, taught and written about breathing. [more]

06/12/2009: Katherine Mansfield Menton Fellowship - 40th Anniversary
Jenny Patrick and Jenny Bornholdt talk to Lynn about the anniversary and thier own time spent in Menton. [more]

06/12/2009: Plyability
An exhibition in Napier celebrates the innovative designs over the decades right through to today, and the plyability of ply. [more]

13/12/2009: Alex Broun - Short and Sweet
Australian Alex Broun is behind the first Short and Sweet 10 minute theatre festival in New Zealand on in Auckland in January. [more]

13/12/2009: Lisa Walker
Expat jeweller Lisa Walker returns home from Munich as the New Dowse in Lower Hutt mounts a retrospective of her radical designs. [more]

13/12/2009: Father and son creatives - Tom Scott and Samuel Flynn Scott
Cartoonist, playwright and filmaker Tom Scott and his son, musician Samuel Flynn Scoot discuss their musical tastes and their sussessfully careers. [more]

13/12/2009: A Day in Pompeii
Patrick Greene and Lucinda Blackley discuss 'A Day in Pompeii' an exhibition that opens at Te Papa in Wellington, Saturday 19 December. [more]

13/12/2009: 'Beloved' - Dunedin Public Art Gallery
Aaron Kreisler and Robyn Notman discuss the anniversary of New Zealands oldest public art gallery, celebrating its 125th year. [more]

13/12/2009: Chapter and Verse
We explore Canterbury's landscapes and people in a new anthology of prose and poetry, Crest to Crest. [more]

13/12/2009: Anya Noble
15 year old musician and inventor Anya Noble talks about her discovery about different coloured horse hair and violin bows. [more]

20/12/2009: Juliet O'Brien - Auditions
Juliet O'Brien is not long back from France to audition for a play she is directing for the New Zealand International Arts Festival. [more]

20/12/2009: Auckland's Civic Theatre celebrates 80th birthday
George Farrant knows the Civic well, he's chief heritage advisor for Auckland City. [more]

20/12/2009: Movie Panel - Dan Slevin and Dominic Corry
Dedicated film reviewers Dan Slevin and Dominic Corry talk with Lynn about the year and decades best and worst movies. [more]

20/12/2009: Black Milk - Douglas Wright and John Savage
Lynn speaks to Douglas Wright and John Savage about the process of creating Black Milk. [more]

20/12/2009: Book Panel - Gill Clarke, Laura Kroetsch and Ruth Todd
Gill Clarke, Laura Kroetsch and Ruth Todd with Lynn review the year in literature. [more]

20/12/2009: Chapter and Verse - Richard Langston
The Trouble Lamp by Richard Langston is out on the Fitzbeck Publishing label. [more]

20/12/2009: Chapter and Verse - Louise Wallace
Louise Wallace and Victoris University Press has published her debut poetry collection, Before June. [more]

20/12/2009: Chapter and Verse - Bryan Walpert
Bryan Walpert's two books are Ephraim's Eyes published by Pewter Rose Press and Etymology, published by Cinnamon Press. [more]

31/01/2010: Conservatorium - Chris Moore
Chris Moore, the Arts Editor for The Press, discusses the University Of Canterbury's planned Conservatorium, destined for the carpark at the Arts Centre. [more]

31/01/2010: James Napier Roberstson
Writer-Director James Napier Robertson discusses his low budget feature film"I'm Not Harry Jensen", currently screening around the country. [more]

31/01/2010: Short Film - The Six Dollar Fifty Man
NZ short film, The Six Dollar Fifty Man, had triumphed at the Sundance Film Festival, winning the Jury Prize for International Short Film-making. Lynn Freeman spoke to producers/directors, Louis Sutherland and Mark Albiston. [more]

31/01/2010: Fractur
Take your cast, turn half of them into prisoners and half of them into guards, then lock them away in a hall for a few days. That's the recipe for a new play called Fractur. [more]

31/01/2010: Architecture
Lucy Orbell wanders down Chews Lane for a look at some interesting Wellington architecture. [more]

31/01/2010: Model Makers
Meet the genius model makers who are currently creating a robotic moa and recreating the giant Haast Eagle. [more]

31/01/2010: Mentors
Find out why New Zealand doesn't have enough bright young things wanting to be literary editors, and plans to do something about it. [more]

31/01/2010: Poetry - Vana Manasiadis
Greek-Kiwi writer Vana Manasiadis, discusses her new poetry collection, Ithaca Island Bay Leaves. [more]

31/01/2010: Play - 360
Lynn chats to two of the creatives behind the play 360, which is what you'll be doing in your swivel chair to see all the action in this New Zealand International Arts Festival show. [more]

07/02/2010: Art Collecting
In the last twenty years, New Zealanders have become patriotic art collectors. [more]

07/02/2010: John Barnett
The New Zealand Film Commission has just announced its new Head of Sales, James Thompson. [more]

07/02/2010: Marti Friedlander with Lynn Freeman (2010)
More than 40 years after they were taken, photographer Marti Friedlander has seen her powerful original images of Kuia brought together in one gallery. [more]

07/02/2010: Fringe Festival
Zelda Edwards is Wellington's Fringe Festival producer, and Paul Smith is the director of Dunedin Fringe. [more]

07/02/2010: The Second Test
1953 was a dramatic year for New Zealand and its sporting history. [more]

07/02/2010: Bob Davis
Bob Davis is the kiwi at the helm of the International Military Music Society. [more]

07/02/2010: Jacquie Baxter
Jacquie Baxter, who wrote her poetry and short story under the name of J C Sturm, died just before the New Year. [more]

07/02/2010: Donald Kerr
Footnotes on Official History - Celebrating Dr Hocken's Pamphlet Collection opens tomorrow at the Central University Library in Dunedin. [more]

07/02/2010: Janice Gill
Janice Gill has been telling stories on canvas for more than 30 years. [more]

14/02/2010: Bill Viola - The Messenger
Bill Viola is a video-art superstar - after almost 40 years, we finally get to see one of his major works over here. [more]

14/02/2010: James Thompson - NZ Film Commission
James Thompson, the NZ Film Commission's new Head of Sales responds to criticism levelled at the Commission's choices by John Barnett last week. [more]

14/02/2010: Katherine Smyth - Potter
Lucy visits Wellington potter Katherine Smyth who's effectively a one woman factory. [more]

14/02/2010: New Ballet
Choreographers Andrew Simmons and Christopher Simmons talk about creating new ballets - how they do it and why opening nights are hell. [more]

14/02/2010: How Miss New Zealand became Miss Anonymous
From Glitz and Glamour to a Tarnished Crown - How Miss New Zealand Became Miss Anonymous. Dr Caroline Daley looks back to the days when beauty queens captured the hearts of the nation. [more]

14/02/2010: Anne Frank exhibition
Historian Jock Phillips reviews the Anne Frank exhibition at Te Papa. [more]

14/02/2010: Chapter and Verse
We find out what it takes to organise the country's biggest literary event, with Laura Kroetch and talk to author Paddy Richardson about her latest novel, Hunting Blind. [more]

14/02/2010: Cellist Francesa Mountford
Francesa Mountford's CV ranges from cabaret punk and carnival gypsy to indie rock and a new CD called 'Nervous Doll Dancing'. She returns home to perform in this year's New Zealand Fringe Festival. [more]

21/02/2010: Creative New Zealand's board cut
Creative New Zealand's board is being cut in half and the $200,000 that saves is to go to arts practitioners. We hear from Art Collector Jim Barr, Arts Minister Chris Finlayson, and the Chair of Creative New Zealand Alistair Carruthers. [more]

21/02/2010: Peter and Sophie Hamilton
Peter and Sophie Hamilton are father and daughter. Both are actors and currently rehearsing two different shows for two different festivals. [more]

21/02/2010: Peggy Seeger
US folk legend Peggy Seeger is holding a benefit for the Nelson Women's Centre. [more]

21/02/2010: Swaroop Mukereji
Swaroop Mukereji left behind his corporate career to become one of India's most in-demand artists. [more]

21/02/2010: Nag
Lucy Orbell explores a bike-driven collaborative Wellington Fringe Festival show performed by Afterburner. [more]

21/02/2010: Chapter and Verse - Paul Cleave
Christchurch crime novelist Paul Cleave has sold almost three quarters of a million books around the world. [more]

21/02/2010: Chapter and Verse - Lost in Translation
Marco Sonzogni is editor of the new 'Lost in Translation' anthology which looks at the ambiguity of words. [more]

21/02/2010: TWACAS
Kate Ward-Smythe reviews TWACAS which is on at the Maidment Theatre complex at Auckland University. [more]

21/02/2010: Dear Beauty, Dear Beast
Auckland artist Rueban Paterson's new work is in part a response to the 'Gay Panic' defence. [more]

28/02/2010: Sutra
Sudi Larbi Cherkaoui is a Belgian-Flemish choreographer. He has worked with Shaolin monks to create a piece placed upon a set of giant boxes. [more]

28/02/2010: From Here to There review
The Royal New Zealand Ballet's production of From Here to There reviewed by Terry McTavish. [more]

28/02/2010: Three Tenors
Not one, not two, but three Kiwi tenors ahead of their 23 centre nationwide tour with a soprano. [more]

28/02/2010: The Parihaka Album: Lest We Forget
Rachel Buchanan talks about her investigation into the untold stories of the Crown's 1881 invasion of Parihaka Pa, one of the most troubling chapters in New Zealand's history. She includes own family history in the story. [more]

28/02/2010: Drawing with light
Lucy meets English artist, Anthony McCall, whose light sculptures have habit of disappearing. [more]

28/02/2010: Playing the Unplayable
A chat to German drama teacher and director, Harry Fuhrmann, who's working with young New Zealand actors on a project that will give audiences a glimpse into Jewish life in Germany during WWII. [more]

28/02/2010: Sound of Silence
The Latvian show Sound of Silence, is a three and a quarter hour long play - without words, but using Simon and Garfunkel's music as a soundtrack. [more]

07/03/2010: Performing Arts Markets
Selected New Zealand artists have had two big shots at attracting international interest in their work recently, at the performing arts markets of APAM and APANZ, held in Australia and New Zealand. [more]

07/03/2010: Sherrie Johnson and Karen Fisher
The arts festivals around New Zealand offer an opportunity for New Zealand acts to get 'discovered', because overseas festival directors come here to sample many of the shows in the programme. [more]

07/03/2010: Sid Bernstein
Jason Ressler is co-director of"Sid Bernstein Presents", which is part of the Documentary Edge Festival on in Wellington and Auckland. [more]

07/03/2010: New Zealand music showcase
A showcase for New Zealand music is being held at WOMAD in New Plymouth. [more]

07/03/2010: Grumpy Old Women
Christine King reviews Grumpy Old Women, a popular British play which is touring New Zealand. [more]

07/03/2010: Cornellia Parker
Cornellia Parker is the Turner Prize-winning English installation artist and sculptor. [more]

07/03/2010: Kate Camp
The Mirror of Simple Annihilated Souls is the new poetry collection from Wellington writer Kate Camp. [more]

07/03/2010: Thirty Ukeleles
Thirty artists around New Zealand were briefed by Marg Morrow to turn ukeleles into mini art works. [more]

14/03/2010: Dance Troupe Supreme
TV star Jaquie Brown leaves the small screen to experience life on the stage in Thomas SainsburyÂ's play, Dance Troupe Supreme. [more]

14/03/2010: Furious Archivists
Why historians and archivists are furious at government plans to merge Archives New Zealand and the National Library back into the the Department of Internal Affairs. [more]

14/03/2010: Theatre preview: That Face
Rose McIver, Chelsie Preston Crayford are starring in a gritty drama that starts off Silo Theatre's 2010 season. 'That Face' was written by Polly Stenham when she was 19 and made her the the youngest playwright to debut on London's West End. [more]

14/03/2010: In search of "national cinema"
Film makers Geoff Murphy and Gaylene Preston on the importance of movies about us. [more]

14/03/2010: Land Wars Exhibition
The Taranaki land wars are remembered in New Plymouth 150 years on with the most ambitious exhibition yet at Puke Ariki. [more]

14/03/2010: Musical Theatre
Celebrating 50 years of musical theatre in New Zealand. [more]

14/03/2010: Musical Installation
Lucy Orbell tunes in to Jane Cardiff's musical installation at Wellington's City Gallery. [more]

14/03/2010: Chapter and Verse: Modern international publishing
Laurie Chittenden Executive Editor of William Morrow/ HarperCollins in the US, and Derek Johns whoÂ's a literary agent and Director of AP Watt UK talking about publishing in the 21st century. [more]

21/03/2010: Chris Saines
Chris Saines is the Director of the Auckland Art Gallery. [more]

21/03/2010: Triennial Panel
Three commentators take a look at thyis year's fourth Auckland Arts Triennial. [more]

21/03/2010: Gavin Bishop
Christchurch's Gavin Bishop is a prize-winning children's book author and illustrator, and he is currently part of an exhibition on show at Canterbury Museum called "Wairua - Tikanga Maori in New Zealand Children's books". [more]

21/03/2010: The Desert of Forbidden Art
In the middle of Uzbekistan's desert is a museum, home to one of the most remarkable collections of 20th century Russian Art. [more]

21/03/2010: Govett Brewster Art Gallery
The Govett Brewster Art Gallery is having it's 40th birthday celebrations in New Plymouth this month. [more]

21/03/2010: Black Grace
Neil Iremia talks about Black Grace's North American tour. [more]

21/03/2010: Musical Theatre
Steve Spiegel and Kim Ransley are speakers at the Musical Theatre New Zealand conference in Auckland. [more]

21/03/2010: Dame Fiona Kidman
"Where Your Left Hand Rests"is Dame Fiona Kidman's latest poetry collection. [more]

21/03/2010: Aboriginal Dancer
Vicki Van Hout is one of Australia's most in-demand Aboriginal contemporary dancers and choreographers. [more]

28/03/2010: Paul McGann
During his career heÂ's been on board ship in Hornblower, been a murder suspect in both Poirot and Mrs Marple mysteries, starred alongside Susan Hampshire in Hotel and appeared in a movie called Lesbian Vampire Killers. Another appearance was as the 8th Doctor Who, and thatÂ's why Paul McGann is in New Zealand for the Armageddon Expo. [more]

28/03/2010: Philip Tremewan - Christchurch Arts Festival
After troubled financial times with a budget blowout and the sacking of its director last year, the Christchurch Arts Festival has a new person at the helm. Philip Tremewan explains his plans and priorities for the festival. [more]

28/03/2010: Herb and Dorothy Vogel
The story of two New York art collectors whose little flat became a gallery of American art collected over decades. Neither earned much, but they lived on one salary and spend the other on collecting art. After several decades of acquisitions, they could have sold the collection for millions, instead they gifted it to the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC. We speak to the director of a film about them; Megumi Sasaki. [more]

28/03/2010: Paul Lewis
British silent film composer Paul Lewis has created a music score to accompany rare film footage of life in NZ from the 1920s to the 1960s. The scenes range from the 1926 Royal Show, to a trip to Aoraki Mt Cook to the 1967 Orange Festival in the Bay of Plenty. Paul will be playing his score at the National Jazz Festival in Tauranga over Easter. [more]

28/03/2010: Elizabeth Smither
New Plymouth writer Elizabeth Smither opens her new novel with one of the great lines:"On the day Lola Dearborn vowed to never attend another funeral, she was deliberately present at three". [more]

28/03/2010: John Reynolds: Nomadology
Band set lists, song lyrics, the top ten auction prices for New Zealand art, and the entire New Plymouth Street Directory and an LED motorway sign work listing dead philosophers names and the often ironic ways in which they died, all play a part in an exhibition John Reynolds calls NOMADOLOGY [Loitering with Intent]. [more]

28/03/2010: Christine Adair
Voice coach Christine Adair helps actors get the most out of their voices. [more]

28/03/2010: Expat Martin Edmond and Australian writer Jill Jones
Speakers at the Home and Away 2010 Trans Tasman Poetry Symposium at Auckland University starting on Tuesday. [more]

28/03/2010: Don Peebles
Abstract Christchurch painter Don Peebles has died aged 88. He was interviewed for the Arts on Sunday in 2008. [more]

28/03/2010: Christine Webster
Christine Webster's photography has surprised, shocked and provoked discussion since she burst onto the New Zealand arts scene in the 1980s. Christine works with nudity, eroticism and subversion, she mixes up genders and these days is looking into the realms of Facebook and skype. [more]

04/04/2010: Wayne Barrar - An Expanding Subterra
Professor David Pike studies underworld civilisations from Medieval times through to the present day, in fact and in fiction. He's a fan of New Zealand photographer Wayne Barrar's series of subterranean photographs. [more]

04/04/2010: Peter Graham
The Christchurch Parker-Hulme murder case was one of the most talked about New Zealand crimes of the 20th Century. [more]

04/04/2010: Dave Maddigan and Tandi Wright
Spokespeople from the Technicians Guild and Actors Equity discuss the issues raised by the Gallo affair and whether there will be repercussions for the industry here once word gets out. [more]

04/04/2010: Rene Auberjonois
Veteran American actor who is featured at this weekends Armageddon Expo in Wellington via his character of Odo from the Star Trek series. [more]

04/04/2010: Leilani Kake - Tino Rangatira Tanga
Artist Leilani Kakes' video installation 'Tino Rangatira Tanga' is being shown at the City Gallery Wellington. [more]

04/04/2010: Folk Tales
Lucy Orbell visits a folk club with a difference, a location like none other. [more]

04/04/2010: Chapter and Verse - Harvey McQueen
As well as mining his memories and experiences, Harvey has used his garden and his thoughts on aging, through to politics and terrorist attacks, as starting points for his latest poetry collection Goya Rules which is published by HeadworX. [more]

04/04/2010: The Architecture of the Adam Art Gallery
Our third programme looking at architecture around the country leads Lucy Orbell to an unusual site in Wellington city. Purpose built to showcase collections of contemporary art, The Adam Art Gallery applies some unique design solutions to a tricky slice of land. Architect Guy Marriage provides his take on the building. [more]

11/04/2010: Art Spaces
A new public art series is due to open in Wellington later this month."Letting Space"is a new project connecting artists with empty inner-city real estate. [more]

11/04/2010: Arts Funding
Creative New Zealand explains its re-think about the way it funds the country's main arts organisations. [more]

11/04/2010: Harbour Molars
Sculptor Regan Gentry has carved a set of giant molars in Oamaru stone, which now reside at the mouth of the Otago Harbour. [more]

11/04/2010: Southland Arts Festival
Ange Newell from Venture Southland is at the helm of Invercargill's second arts festival. [more]

11/04/2010: Living Room 2010
Public art entitled"Living Room 2010: A Week of Goodness", has just started in Auckland's CBD. [more]

11/04/2010: Mangere Arts Centre
The Mangere Arts Centre is one of Manukau City's latest developments - it's designed to house all the community's artistic activities under one roof. [more]

11/04/2010: Gordon Brown - Towards the Promised Land
Artist and writer Gordon Brown has brought together a collection of essays about Colin McCahon, in a book entitled Towards the Promised Land, published by Auckland University Press. [more]

11/04/2010: Sarah Broom - Tigers at Awhitu
Coping with relationships, motherhood and serious illness are among the experiences Sarah Broom reflects on in her poems. [more]

11/04/2010: Postcards
Sending postcards to friends and family used to be a compulsory part of any holiday, but they're losing out to texts and emails. Wellington postcard collector and curator Hannah Scott has invited photographers to produce postcard-sized images in an exhibition entitled Sightseeing. [more]

11/04/2010: Theatre review - Dead Man's Cell Phone
Reviewer Mark Westerby discusses"Dead Man's Cell Phone", a new production at Wellington's Circa Theatre. [more]

18/04/2010: Somebodys Darling
How finding two lonely headstones in Central Otago resulted in a dance work for choreographer Michael Parmenter, and a family connection between his dancer and composer. Somebody's Darling is part of the Footnote Made in New Zealand programme that's about to tour the South Island. [more]

18/04/2010: Natural History New Zealand
The head of Natural History New Zealand, Michael Stedman on how the Dunedin-based documentary makers are taking expanding throughout the world, what is in demand from TV channels and progress on the company's new headquarters. [more]

18/04/2010: Dusty: The Original Pop Diva
Greer Morris-Clarke is playing the role of Dusty Springfield in the New Zealand premiere of the musical about the singing sensation of the 1960s. [more]

18/04/2010: Send No Medals
A preview of a play called Send No Medals based on the trial, execution and pardon of Private Jack Braithwaite. The play will be performed in Napier. [more]

18/04/2010: Heather Straka
Heather Straka asked dozens of Chinese artists to copy a painting of hers for an exhibition she calls The Asian. [more]

18/04/2010: Leap of Faith
An exhibition of art and sculpture remembers the many thousands of women in New Zealand and other countries who fell in love with servicemen during World War II. Leap of Faith opens at the Otago Settlers Museum next weekend in time for ANZAC day. [more]

18/04/2010: Simon Kaan and James Voller
Two artists appearing in the Blue Oyster Gallery Performance Series; Simon Kaan and James Voller, who are using Skype and a commercial building for their respective public artworks. [more]

25/04/2010: Chapter and Verse - Tatau
Tatau, Samoan Tattoo Art - a new book documenting Samoan tattooing in photographs, Mark Adams talks about his 30-year project. [more]

25/04/2010: Harlem Gospel Choir
The founder of the Harlem Gospel Choir, Allen Bailey talks about its links with the church and Michael Jackson. [more]

25/04/2010: Public Art
Sculptor Sam Mahon on why he believes the public should have a say in public artworks which are commissioned with their money. [more]

25/04/2010: Creative migration
Lucy Orbell looks at creative migration, when artists leave one city for another. [more]

25/04/2010: Unnerved
The gallery with the largest collection of New Zealand art outside of this country is in Brisbane - who' have thought.They'e about to showcase their Kiwi work in an exhibition called Unnerved. [more]

25/04/2010: Head to Head
Then the two portrait artists showing at the National Portrait Gallery, Martin Ball and Mary McIntyre, go head to head. [more]

25/04/2010: The Golden Girls
A photographic exhibition that hits the road in search of a pair of blonde bombshell truck driver. [more]

25/04/2010: Chapter and Verse - Gaylene
Dunedin poet and integral part of the city's underground music scene in the '80s and '90s, Gaylene, on gifting her papers to the Hocken Library. [more]

25/04/2010: Don Binney
Don Binney on his drawings of one of his favourite parts of the country, the Waitakere Coast. [more]

25/04/2010: Rent - review
Mika is here to review a new Auckland production of the musical RENT. [more]

02/05/2010: Te Papa
One of the overseas consultants who helped shape Te Papa, American Elain Heumann Gurian, believes the national museum is about to enter a new phase. [more]

02/05/2010: Arts Patron
Fashion designer Beth Ellery is one of four people selected by fashion and art lovers Gus and Irene Fisher to share in their awards as 2010 Art Patrons of the Year. [more]

02/05/2010: State-of-the-art music studio
In Dunedin, a new multi-million dollar 100-plus channel recording desk will change the way musicians think about recording their tracks. [more]

02/05/2010: Andrew Drummond
Andrew Drummond has been producing indoor and outdoor sculpture for 30 years. [more]

02/05/2010: Underland Domain
"Underland Domain"is an interactive installation of light, sound and movement which has been commissioned for Taupo's Erupt festival. [more]

02/05/2010: Charlotte Grimshaw - The Night Book
In The Night Book, Charlotte Grimshaw has taken a character we first met in her two interlinked short story collections. [more]

02/05/2010: Pumpkin Cottage
Back in 1895 a bunch of would-be Bohemian artists took up residence in Pumpkin Cottage, north of Wellington. [more]

09/05/2010: Andy Leleisi'uao
New Zealand born Samoan artist Andy Leleisi'uao spent his first years as a painter critiquing Pacific Island stereotypes. [more]

09/05/2010: Wade Kernot and Emma Pearson
The NBR New Zealand Opera's latest version of Mozart's Marriage of Figaro will feature two high flyers on the Australasian and now European opera circuit. [more]

09/05/2010: James Acheson
Award-winning costume designer James Acheson talks to Simon Morris. [more]

09/05/2010: Paul Millar
Uncovering the intensely private life of one of New Zealand's foremost essayist, Bill Pearson. [more]

09/05/2010: Monte Cassino tribute
Sofia Elise is one of 41 New Zealand artists whose work will be exhibited at Cassino in Italy to mark the 66th anniversary of th Battle of Monte Cassino. [more]

09/05/2010: Railway Collection
Special Collections Librarian at Otago University, Donald Kerr, Tells us more about the great collector and character, Ernie Webber. [more]

16/05/2010: 17th Sydney Biennale - Josie McNaught
Josie McNaught looks at two major art exhibitions involving kiwis. The 17th Sydney Biennale and the Unnerved exhibition of New Zealand art on show at Brisbane. [more]

16/05/2010: Pacific Island Arts
The country's Pacific Arts capital, Manukau, is celebrating what's been achieved so far in the arts, and what is still holding Pacific Island artists back. [more]

16/05/2010: Fat Freddys Drop
Fat Freddys Drop are about to release a CD of a live gig in London. They explain why their music is in demand around the world. [more]

16/05/2010: Contemporary Dance: Paula Steeds-Huston
Lynn chats with the new head of Contemporary Dance at the New Zealand school of dance, Paula Steed-Huston. [more]

16/05/2010: Canadian Artists
Lynn chats to two visiting Canadian artists who make sure people don't forget what life is really like on Indian reserves. [more]

16/05/2010: Opera Review: The Marriage Of Figaro
Dave Armstrong reviews Opera New Zealand's latest version of Mozart's The Marriage Of Figaro. [more]

16/05/2010: Sculptor: Andrea du Chatenier
Lucy Orbell meets a sculptor whose take on femininity challenges the norm, with her exhibition, Golden Age. [more]

16/05/2010: Adaptation: Novels to Movies
In our books section, why is it that when a great novel ends up on the big screen, something often gets lost in translation? We investigate the challenges of adaptation. [more]

16/05/2010: Play: Pear Shaped
Lynn speaks to writer and director Andy Saker, whos first play, Pear Shaped, premieres Wednesday at the Pumphouse Theatre Company in Auckland. [more]

23/05/2010: Rock photographer Bruce Jarvis
Bruce Jarvis has been at more rock concerts than he can remember. Lucky for him then that he's a photographer with a massive catalogue of Rock Legends. From Mick Jagger to Frank Zappa, Led Zeppelin to Joan Armatrading. [more]

23/05/2010: The four finalists in The Walters Prize
The four finalists competing for the country's top arts prize, The Walters Prize, who say their chosen exhibitions have a lot in common. [more]

23/05/2010: Welsh actor Roger Rees
Roger Rees is one of the stars of a London production of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot that's winging its way to New Zealand as Vladimir to Sir Ian McKellan's Estragon. Roger reflects on his early years with the Royal Shakespeare company. [more]

23/05/2010: Nelson Theatre Royal
Find out about the 5-year-long make-over of Nelson's grand old lady, the Theatre Royal. [more]

23/05/2010: Dr Faustus
Elizabeth O'Connor reviews a new dramatic interpretation of one of the great literary and legendary characters. [more]

23/05/2010: Avenue Q
Mika reviews Avenue Q, a strictly not for children twist on Sesame Street which has been one of Broadway's biggest hits. [more]

23/05/2010: Ready to Roll
Artist Richard Maloy talks to Lucy Orbell about his ever-changing sculpture of hundreds of cardboard boxes. [more]

23/05/2010: Chapter and Verse
Kyle Mewburn has won the top children's book prize for 2010 with his story Old Hu Hu, a character who dies on the first page. He tells how the story relates to his own grandfather. [more]

23/05/2010: Seresin Landfall Residency
Announcement of the winner of the second Seresin Landfall Residency. [more]

23/05/2010: Mel Parsons and Eva Prowse
Mel Parsons and Eva Prowse on why they're proud to be country girls. They talk about the resurgence of country music and do a little bit of strumming. [more]

30/05/2010: Photographers and climate change
Australian Rodney Dekker and Auckland's Peter Evens are among the photographers taking part in the Auckland Festival of Photography. [more]

30/05/2010: Music School building in limbo
Plans for Wellington's new school of music are in limbo after the government withdrew a promised contribution of $11 million. Composer Robin Maconie and the head of the Wellington School of Music, Elizabeth Hudson comment. [more]

30/05/2010: Andrew Bovell - When the rain stops falling
The acclaimed scriptwriter for Strictly Ballrom and Lantana talks about his new play set largely in a future where fish fall from the sky and snow falls in the desert. [more]

30/05/2010: Dame Pat Evison
Dame Pat Evison, who died yesterday, talks in 2002 about her early years in television. [more]

30/05/2010: Ross Girven
Actor Ross Girven talks about his new role as the notorious demon barber, Sweeny Todd. [more]

30/05/2010: John Pule
Poet, novelist and painter John Pule,"possibly the most important living contemporary Pacific artist"on his new retrospective at Wellington's City Gallery. [more]

30/05/2010: Lee Gutkind
The author and editor of several books talks about the rise of the creative nonfiction genre. [more]

30/05/2010: Matariki and Maori Modernisim
Bishop Muru Walters and Selwyn Muru discuss the contemporary Maori art movement that began in Northland in the 1950s. [more]

06/06/2010: toi iho
The Maori trademark for art and crafts, toi iho, was abandoned by Creative New Zealand. Elizabeth Ellis pushed for toi iho to be established - now she's chairing the Maori foundation which is taking it over. [more]

06/06/2010: 40 years of Toi Whakaari
A look at the 40 years of Toi Whakaari The New Zealand Drama School with current director Annie Ruth who was one of the first graduates, and casting agent Liz Mullane. [more]

06/06/2010: School Theatre
Lucy Orbell discovers a touring theatre show bringing together New Zealand contemporary plays and secondary school students. [more]

06/06/2010: Looking Terrific
We revisit the Auckland fashion house of El Jay, which helped New Zealanders look stylish for around 50 years. Doris de Pont went in search of El Jay garments still in wardrobes around the country. [more]

06/06/2010: Up North
Richard Mays reviews a new play from Pip Hall, 'Up North', which had its world premiere in Palmerston North. [more]

06/06/2010: Otago Settlers Museum
We catch up with the big changes at the Otago Settlers Museum and its multi-million dollar redevelopment. [more]

06/06/2010: Sonnets Unplugged
Shakespeare's sonnets are revisited by actor Rima te Wiata and composer Gareth Farr. [more]

06/06/2010: Chapter and Verse
Poet Anna Livesy on her first published collection since 2003 when she won a fellowship to study at the Iowa Writers Workshop in the American Midwest. [more]

06/06/2010: Sightlines
Choreographer Suzanne Cowan talks about her latest project, working with people who can't, or struggle to see. [more]

13/06/2010: Stepping Out : Raewyn White
Raewyn White reviews the Auckland Theatre Company's production of Stepping Out, featuring former infomercial queen Suzanne Paul. [more]

13/06/2010: Maori Playwrights
A panel of Maori playwrights and actors consider the current state of play of Maori theatre, Rawiri Paratene remembers the old days before there was much around. [more]

13/06/2010: Escalator : Bootcamp
Escalator is a New Zealand Film Commission project to encourage, and ultimately develop new low-budget feature films. Lucy Orbell joins some young film makers at Boot Camp. [more]

13/06/2010: Play : On The Rocks
A play that reunites the tempestuous literary neighbours Katherine Mansfield and John Middleton Murry, and D H Lawrence and his feisty wife Freida. [more]

13/06/2010: Review : Te Kaupoi
Paul Diamond reviews Whiti Hereaka's new play, Te Kaupoi. [more]

13/06/2010: Prison Art
Inside Out is an exhibition of art by prisoners who want to be judged solely on their artistic merit. We hear from curator Ellie Drummond and to former prisoner"Jason" [more]

13/06/2010: Writer : Pip Adam
Today's feature writer is Pip Adam, who's continuing New Zealand's fine tradition of disconcerting short story writing. [more]

13/06/2010: Dance : Charles Koroneho
Lynn talks to Charles Koroneho, a dancer, choreographer, Elam School of Fine Arts graduate and lecturer in Performing and Screen Arts. [more]

13/06/2010: Conductor : Alexander Lazarev
Music censorship in Russia and why Stalin forced Sergei Prokoviev to rewrite the finale to his 7th Symphony. [more]

20/06/2010: Heather Galbraith
Lucy Orbell chats to the new Senior Curator Art at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. It's a role of national and cultural significance, influencing what both New Zealand and international tourists see of our art. [more]

20/06/2010: Faith McManus and David Sarich
Kaitaia artist Faith McManus discovered stills of a cowboy movie that was supposed to have been filmed in the Far North of New Zealand in 1926. This set her off in search of The Riders of the Red Manuka. David Sarich's Shifting Sands: Maungapiko to Mount Camel is an exhibition of new works on paper that are inspired by the landscapes of the Far North. [more]

20/06/2010: Collaboratorium
A chat to visiting New York artist, curator and writer Gregory Sholette, who's working with other artists, here and abroad, to create an Imaginary Archive of Wellington second hand bookshops. [more]

20/06/2010: Creative parents and children
The next in our occasional series of conversations between creative parents and children, this time hugely influential dancer and choreographer Shona Dunlop MacTavish and her daughter Terry who is both a dancer and actor. [more]

20/06/2010: Chapter and Verse
Today's featured writer is Pat White (below) who's busy working on a biography of his old teacher, mentor and mate, West Coast writer Peter Hooper. [more]

20/06/2010: A potter's world
Octogenarian potter and teacher Peter Stichbury remembers his time studying his craft in Africa in the late 1950s as Te Papa displays its acquisitions of his work from that time. [more]

20/06/2010: Kerikeri National Piano Competition
Albert Tiu is the judge of the 2010 Kerikeri National Piano Competition. He explains what he's looking for from the young finalists. [more]

20/06/2010: F4 art collective
Marcus Williams and Susan Jowsey, winners of the 2009 Wallace Art Awards Paramount award along with their children Jess and Mercy, talk about their family art collective and their six month residency in New York. [more]

27/06/2010: Raising the Titanics
Mika reviews Albert Belz' new play about the Maori Showband era, Raising the Titanics. [more]

27/06/2010: Film Piracy panel
Speaking about internet piracy of feature films are producer of Boy, Ainsley Gardiner; Tony Eaton from the New Zealand Federation Against Copyright Theft; and veteran film producer John Barnett of South Pacific Films. [more]

27/06/2010: Paul Nicholas
Paul Nicholas, co-producer of Grease the Musical which opens at the Civic in Auckland in August. [more]

27/06/2010: New Zealand Post Book Awards
Stepehn Stratford, head judge of the new look New Zealand Post Book Awards. [more]

27/06/2010: Helmut Hirler: Photography
Forgotten Kiwis by Helmut Hirler is on at Wellington's Exhibitions Gallery of Fine Art. [more]

27/06/2010: Theatre review: Mauritius
Dave Armstrong reviews Mauritius on now at Circa Theatre in Wellington. [more]

27/06/2010: Patrice Tipoki: Wicked
Expat Patrice Tipoki, the new Elph-aba in the Sydney production of Wicked. [more]

27/06/2010: Mapping the Distance: Ingrid Horrocks
Mapping the Distance by Ingrid Horrocks is published by Victoria University Press. [more]

27/06/2010: Let It Be Me: Ann Corney and Megan Pickering
Lynn speaks to the play's director, Ann Corney and to Megan Pickering who plays Amy, a woman who cares for her Aunt Sylvia who suffers from Alzheimers. [more]

04/07/2010: Arts Foundation laureate Shane Cotton
Shane Cotton on taking his art in new directions, on the canvas and trying to break into the London art market. [more]

04/07/2010: The New Zealand Portrait Gallery
It's been a long, long fight but at last New Zealand's portrait gallery is to get a permanent home. [more]

04/07/2010: Review of the Film Commission
Simon Morris delves into the Jackson/Court report on the NZ Film Commission with 48 hour Film Festival head Ant Timpson and filmmaker Robert Sarkies. He also talks to Film Commission CEO Graeme Mason. [more]

04/07/2010: Freedom Fruit Gardens
Lucy Orbell visits the ultimate community art project - the planting of the first Freedom Fruit Garden in Otara. [more]

04/07/2010: Young and Hungry
We find out what three playwrights think their young actors and audiences want to see on stage, including bullying, pop culture and Justin Bieber. [more]

04/07/2010: Artist Joanna Langford
Artist Joanna Langford transforms the stuff we throw out to turn into fantastical new worlds. [more]

04/07/2010: Eulogy
Kate Ward Smythe reviews a play satirising religious evangelism, 'Eulogy' starring Scott Wills. [more]

04/07/2010: Wellington's Wind Sculptures
We find out about the logistics of designing sculptures that use the wind rather than being buffeted by it, as Wellington's decade long wind sculpture project comes to an end. [more]

04/07/2010: Chapter and Verse - Deborah Challinor
Deborah Challinor has brought out the third in her series about the feisty Kitty who gives up life on board ship to look for gold across the Tasman in lawless Ballarat. [more]

04/07/2010: Chapter and Verse - Penelope Todd
Penelope Todd has moved easily from writing for young adults to their parents with 'Island' [more]

04/07/2010: The Rhythms of Ireland
Jenny Stevenson reviews one of the main successors of the wildly popular Lord of the Dance -"The Rhythms of Ireland". [more]

11/07/2010: 60th anniversary of the Elam School of Fine Arts
We mark the 60th anniversary of the School of Fine Arts in Auckland by talking to lecturers and graduates, past and present. Contributors include writer Richard Wolfe, Jim Allan; one of the school's first teachers, gallery owner Anna Miles and artist Sara Hughes. [more]

11/07/2010: Insatiable Moon
Unlikely filmmakers Mike Riddell and Judge Rosemary Riddell talk about the process of turning Mike's novel 'Insatiable Moon' into a film. [more]

11/07/2010: John de Prez
The musical partner of Monty Python's Eric Idle, who's helped turn 'Holy Grail' into the 'Spamalot' musical and 'The Life of Brian' into an oratorio. [more]

11/07/2010: Noel McKenna with Brendan and Gregory O'Brien
A conversation between brothers Gregory and Brendon O'Brien and their old mate, Aussie artist Noel McKenna, about their years working in the legendary Sydney jazz club, The Basement. [more]

11/07/2010: Michael King Writers' Centre
Lucy Orbell meets some of the people making use of the Michael King Writers' Centre in Auckland. [more]

11/07/2010: Chapter and Verse - Karen Zelas
Karen Zelas talks about setting her novel 'Past Perfect' in Akaroa and France in the 19th and 21st centuries. [more]

11/07/2010: Chapter and Verse - Tina Makereti
Tina Makereti gives Maori legends a contemporary spin in her short story collection, 'Once Upon a Time in Aotearoa'. [more]

11/07/2010: Knowing You Knowing Me
A chat to artist Jeremy Leatinu'u whose work involves performing acts of welcome to unknown visitors, and Jess Johnson whose line is in guerrilla advertising posters. They are two of the artists selected for Artspace's Knowing You Knowing Me group show. [more]

18/07/2010: Gordon Crook
Gordon Crook has put his hand to many different media over his lifetime- from drawing, collage and photography to painting and tapestry. His life story is told in a documantary directed by Clare O'Leary that is to debut at the International Film Festival. Director and artist speak to Lynn Freeman. [more]

18/07/2010: Doreen Blumhardt
Hundreds of ceramics made by the late Dame Doreen Blumhardt are about to go under the hammer. It has been called the largest applied arts auction in New Zealand and the proceeds are to go to the Blumhardt Foundation. Simon Manchester from Dunbar Sloane and Kaye McKinley from the foundation talk about it. [more]

18/07/2010: Imelda Staunton
Acclaimed British actress Imelda Staunton talks about her career. [more]

18/07/2010: Warren Feeney
The retiring director of Christchurch's Centre of Contemporary Art (COCA)talks about his 11 years at the helm. [more]

18/07/2010: Review - Perfumed Garden
Fiona Clapham reviews the new play by Dean Parker, The Perfumed Garden, which is set in the heart of Afghanistan. [more]

18/07/2010: TAPAC
Lucy Orbell goes behind the scenes at The Auckland Performing Arts Centre. [more]

18/07/2010: Kevin Ireland
Veteran writer Kevin Ireland on his new novel Daisy Chains, a biting satire about the recession and those who feed off the misfortunes of others. [more]

18/07/2010: Craig Cliff
A Man Melting is the debut collection of short stories published by Wellington author Craig Cliff. [more]

18/07/2010: Media Provera
What happens when 'New Media' becomes old technology? Sally Anne McIntyre, Kim Pieters, and Nigel Bunn speak about the new show on at the Blue Oyster Gallery in Dunedin. [more]

25/07/2010: The Sunshine Boys: Fiona Clapham
Its taken 40 years for Neil Simon's Broadway hit"The Sunshine Boys"to get its New Zealand debut. Fiona Clapham popped along to see how it stands up. [more]

25/07/2010: Creative New Zealand Panel
A panel of opinionated people discuss Creative New Zealand's shake up to the way it allocates the bulk of its funding. [more]

25/07/2010: Do You Mind: Art vs Science
Research into Autism, brain plasticity and drug addiction has been translated into artwork. The University of Auckland is behind the"Do You Mind"project, which helps people understand the advances in neuroscience. [more]

25/07/2010: Architecture: Graeme Burgess
An opinionated critic finds a building that completely underwhelmed him. [more]

25/07/2010: Parlour Song: Paul Diamond
Paul Diamond reviews the New Zealand premiere of"Parlour Song"- a tale of deceit, paranoia and murderous desire! [more]

25/07/2010: Artist: Sriwhana Spong
Artist Sriwhana Spong talks about her recent presentation at the Basel Art Fair in Switzerland. [more]

25/07/2010: Poetry Archives
With Poetry Day this Friday, we mark the launch of a new Poetry Archive. [more]

25/07/2010: South Auckland Poets' Collective
Lynn speaks to one of the founding members of the South Auckland Poets' Collective, Grace Taylor. [more]

25/07/2010: Designer: Jean Guy Lecat
Lynn talks with french theatre and set designer, Jean Guy Lecat, who's been in Wellington working with students at Toi Whakaari. [more]

01/08/2010: Rugby World Cup and the Arts
A $9.5-million Lottery Fund has been made available for a nationwide Arts Festival during the course of the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Lynn speaks with The Festival's director Briony Ellis, Christchurch's Body Festival director Adam Hayward and Tauranga Arts Festival director Greg Latham about showcasing our arts, food, wine, heritage, entertainment, experiences and lifestyle. [more]

01/08/2010: Unfinished
In her final report for Arts on Sunday Lucy Orbell investigates the creative process and what's needed to complete a project. [more]

01/08/2010: Dog Sees God
Lynn chats with the lead actor and the director of this new play about a grown up Charlie Brown performing at Wellington's Bats Theatre. [more]

01/08/2010: Exhibition Review
Athol McCredie takes a look at new work by some of the country's most well know and celebrated photographers. [more]

01/08/2010: Kate Harcourt
New Zealand theatre's matriarch speaks with Lynn about her new play and lying down on the job. [more]

01/08/2010: The Widow's Daughter by Nicholas Edlin
Lynn speaks with the writer about his new book based around the WWII military camp at Auckland's Victoria Park. [more]

01/08/2010: Poetry with Lynn Jenner
Lynn chats with Lynn about her first poetry collection inspired by Houdini, Dear Sweet Harry. [more]

01/08/2010: Eve de Castro-Robinson
Composer Eve de Castro-Robinson on her new work for counter tenor and choir inspired by and celebrating the Estonian composer Arvo Part. [more]

08/08/2010: Tim Spite
Writer and director Tim Spite says his play, The December Brother, is not about guilt or innocence, it's about a much broader theme of truth. [more]

08/08/2010: Sue Patterson
Despite the that fact that the New Zealand International Arts Festival recorded a drop of up to 14 percent in ticket sales this year, Chief Executive Sue Patterson is confident about the event's future. [more]

08/08/2010: Mark Chamberlain
Sunday event producer Mark Chamberlain. [more]

08/08/2010: Caring for the Dead
Christchurch artist Bridgit Anderson asked a local funeral home to let her shadow them for a year, documenting the care they provide for the deceased and their families. [more]

08/08/2010: Roger Boyce
Roger Boyce: The Illustrated History of Painting, at the Christchurch Art Gallery from this Friday. [more]

08/08/2010: High Seas
One of Auckland's Karangahape Rd's newest neighbours is celebrating it's first birthday. The High Seas. Julie Hill was there. [more]

08/08/2010: John Newton's poetry collection, Lives of the Poets
Victoria University's JD Stout Fellow, John Newton. [more]

08/08/2010: Whiti Hereaka
The Graphologist's Apprentice by Whiti Hereaka is published by Huia. [more]

08/08/2010: Moko Smith
The 23 year old Waikato University graduate is to be the first Maori student to be accepted at the Jacques Lecoq International Theatre School in Paris. [more]

15/08/2010: James Wallace Arts Trust Collection
Thye James Wallace Trust Collection owns several works by painter Dick Frizzell. [more]

15/08/2010: Film Awards
Film Critic, Sam Edwards assess' this year's lineup. [more]

15/08/2010: Madeleine Pierard
One of the soloists with the Orpheus Choir for their performance of the Bach Mass in B minor next Saturday at the Wellington Town Hall. [more]

15/08/2010: Duncan Speakman
Duncan Speakman is a British sound engineer turned sound artist. [more]

15/08/2010: Carol Brown
Touch Compass' Tripe Bill season opens on Wednesday at the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber. [more]

15/08/2010: Christchurch Arts Centre
Sonia Yee takes a look at whether The Arts Centre of Christchurch has its finger on the pulse. [more]

15/08/2010: New Zealand's short short story history
Lily Richards, Mark Broatch ad Emily Perkins. The Sunday Star Times and the The Long and Short of It short story writing competitions are still open. [more]

15/08/2010: Istanbul hosting New Zealand art exhibition
I could have Sworn I: New Zealand Artists Abroad has just opened at the Daire Sanat Gallery in Istanbul. [more]

15/08/2010: The New Zealand String Quartet is back
The New Zealand String Quartet are on the road for the 9th year, celebrating the 200th anniversary of Schumann and his ultra-romantic music. [more]

22/08/2010: Artists as Activists
Jane Zusters, Michael O'Donnell and Ian Hamlin talk to Lynn about the Artists as Activists exhibition, on now at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts. [more]

22/08/2010: Auckland Theatre Company
The Auckland Theatre Company's search for a permanent home may have come a step closer. [more]

22/08/2010: Creative Dynasties: John Drawbridge
We continue our occasional series on creative families by bringing together his silversmith/sculpture wife Tanya Ashken and their sons Tony and Cameron. [more]

22/08/2010: Flight of Fancy
Sonia Yee visits the weekely art workshop at Mary Potter Hospice in Kapiti, and also their exhibition Filght of Fancy which is currently on at the Roderick and Gillian Deane Art Space at Paraparaumu Library. [more]

22/08/2010: Eros: Poly-Amory and Nanotechnology
Poly-amory and nanotechnology are both explored in Eros, the first play by Auckland-based writer Caroline Lark. [more]

22/08/2010: Stunning Debut of the Repairing of a Life
'Stunning Debut of the Repairing of a Life' is a name given to the collection of work posthumously published, after winning the 2009 Kathleen Grattan award for Poetry. Lynn talks to Leigh's widow Susan Davis. [more]

22/08/2010: The Fallen: Ben Sanders
Ben Sanders is only 20 and he's just published his first book with a big publishing house. [more]

22/08/2010: Jam Radio's Cultural Icons: Dean Buchanan
A chat with artist, environmentalist and mountain climber Dean Buchanan, one of the first artists to be interviewed for a series on Jam Radio's cultural icons series. [more]

29/08/2010: Katherine Mansfield - The Story Teller
British writer Kathleen Jones, author of a substantial biography about Katherine Mansfield, feels many past writers have misrepresented both Katherine and her husband John Middleton Murray. [more]

29/08/2010: New Zealand Post Book Award Winner- Brian Turner
An interview with one of the big winners at the New Zealand Post Book AwardsAn interview with one of the big winners at the New Zealand Post Book Awards [more]

29/08/2010: Auckland Museum's Gallery Renewal Plan
Following months of upheavals at Auckland Museum, staff get to concentrate on one of its most ambitious projects yet. [more]

29/08/2010: E books
As eBooks gain more traction with readers, what is the future for bookshops? We talk to an American who's helping bookshops across the States cope with this bold challenger to paperbacks. [more]

29/08/2010: Young Opera Designer, Hedda Oosterhoff
Holland-born New Zealander Hedda Oosterhoff is a violinist, opera lover, architect and designer - so she's found the perfect career in designing opera sets. She's won a scholarship that will see her spend seven months in the UK working with the award-winning Opera North company. [more]

29/08/2010: The Christchurch Free Theatre
Sonia Yee chats to Christchurch Free Theatre stalwart, George Parker [more]

29/08/2010: The Creative Hub
Julie Hill ventures into a writer's workshop at The Creative Hub in Auckland. [more]

29/08/2010: Opotiki Silent Film Festival
Nick Butcher finds out about the intricate art of silent movie piano playing with pianist David Beattie [more]

05/09/2010: Don't Mention Casablanca
The director of that 'beautiful friendship', the 1942 film Casablanca, Michael Curtiz has his own love story told in a new play written by his Kiwi granddaughter. [more]

05/09/2010: Shiela McGregor from Axis
Axis is an an online resource for contemporary art. We find out how British arts groups are taking on the new coalition government over its slashing and burning of arts funding. [more]

05/09/2010: Sound designer Tim Prebble
Tim Prebble has collaborated on three NZ Films all of which are up for a number of awards, including best sound at this year's Qantas Film and Television Awards. Sonia Yee discovers Tim is a man who loves playing with sound and finding it in unexpected places. [more]

05/09/2010: The Guru of Chai
The Indian Ink Company goes back to how they started in the 1990s, with a solo show for star Jacob Rajan as The Guru of Chai. [more]

05/09/2010: Metonymy 2010
Four of the artists and writers who've been paired up on blind dates to create work for an exhibition called Metonomy. [more]

05/09/2010: Chapter and Verse
Expat Stephen Daisley redefines heroism and traitors in his debut novel 'Traitor', set both in New Zealand and in Gallipoli during World War One, and published by Text Publishing. [more]

05/09/2010: Michel Petrucciani
A tribute to a heroic French composer by his biggest fan, New Zealand jazz pianist Phil Broadhurst. [more]

05/09/2010: New York curator Meredith Johnson
A chat to New York curator Meredith Johnson who helps artists realise big dreams with the help of a lot of public money. [more]

12/09/2010: WOW
Sonia Yee goes behind the scenes of the upcoming World of Wearable Arts show, getting up close and personal with the people who are tasked with dressing the models. [more]

12/09/2010: Free NZSO Christchurch concert
NZSO cellist Brigid McMeeghan talks about the orchestra's upcoming free concert in her hometown of Christchurch. [more]

12/09/2010: Auckland Heritage Week
Linda Tyler from Auckland's Gus Fisher Gallery takes us on a tour of some of Auckland's art gallery buildings ahead of Auckland Heritage Week. [more]

12/09/2010: Words Chosen Carefully
Siobhan Harvey, Owen Marshall and John McCrystal speak about Words Chosen Carefully - a book of discussions between New Zealand writers. [more]

12/09/2010: The Collector's Dream
Jean Anderson translated French writer Pierre Furlan's tribute to Will Bodmin, an obsessive collector who was the son of Franklin Bodmin the wealthy inventor of the crinkle hairpin. [more]

12/09/2010: Shakespeare
Shakespeare authority Professor Tiffany Stern is not deterred by the thousands of other scholars who've delved into the Bard's work. She says there are still important questions to be asked. [more]

19/09/2010: Filmmaker Rudall Hayward
Pioneering filmmaker Rudall Hayward is remembered for his significant contribution to New Zealand's film industry, making films, documentaries and his own cameras. [more]

19/09/2010: New Zealand Fashion Week
Sonia Yee takes a look at New Zealand Fashion Week, where there are more emerging designers than ever before. [more]

19/09/2010: Artists Sheyne and Michel Tuffery
A chat with brothers and artists Sheyne and Michel Tuffery - they talk about being competitive from a young age and how that helped them to develop their own distinctive artistic styles. [more]

19/09/2010: Macbeth
We meet one of the stars of the NBR New Zealand Opera production of Macbeth - soprano Morag Atchison, and the opera itself is reviewed by Kate Ward Smythe. [more]

19/09/2010: Travesty
In Mike Johnson's graphic novel 'Travesty' his heroes live in the Rathouse in the midst of a Gotham-like world called Travesty. [more]

19/09/2010: A Foreign Country
Anna Caro and Juliet Buchanan have edited a collection of speculative New Zealand fiction called 'A Foreign Country'. [more]

19/09/2010: Andrew Ross
Documentary Photographer Andrew Ross has a particular interest in buildings threatened with demolition or renovation that will change their character. For six months he focused his camera on Whanganui and its environs. [more]

26/09/2010: Body art
We discover what it takes to impress Alex Hansen, one of the international judges at the upcoming New Zealand Body Art Awards. [more]

26/09/2010: Sculptor Howard Sly
Sonia Yee finds 3D artist and sculptor Howard Sly has a connection with both Weta and with acclaimed sculptor Ron Mueck whose work is about to go on show in Christchurch. [more]

26/09/2010: Titus Kaphar
Artist Titus Kaphar, one of the darlings of the New York art scene whose work is included in an exhibition that's come to Wellington - roundabout. [more]

26/09/2010: BonaNZa
The New Zealand trombone quartet BonaNZa fills us in on the instrument's history and why so many classical composers were blind to its potential. [more]

26/09/2010: Sean Kerr
Artist Sean Kerr proves that art with something serious to say, can still be fun. [more]

26/09/2010: Greer and Toby Twiss
Father and son artists Greer and Toby Twiss, talk about their shared love of sculpture. [more]

26/09/2010: Chapter and Verse
Buddhist Rain is the name of a new CD of Bill Manhire's poetry set to music by Norman Meehan. [more]

26/09/2010: Limbs
Two former Limbs dancers look back on the last 20 years and how the dance scene has changed in that time. [more]

03/10/2010: The logistics of art
Charlie Clark talks about the logistics of transporting and installing artworks by one of the UK's highest profile sculptors, Ron Mueck, whose exhibition has just opened in Christchurch. [more]

03/10/2010: Creative New Zealand grants
Creative New Zealand's $400 thousand grants for touring arts events over the next three years. [more]

03/10/2010: The Art of District 9
An insight into what it takes to create aliens, their spacecraft and their futuristic weaponry for Neil Blomkamp's 'District 9' - one of 2009's unexpected hit movies. Daniel Falconer has written a book detailing the design process called 'The Art of District 9'. [more]

03/10/2010: Composer Anthony Ritchie
Dunedin composer Anthony Ritchie is celebrating his fiftieth birthday in style by writing a symphony. [more]

03/10/2010: Shall We Gather at the River
Director Louise Petherbridge and writer Renée talk about their new play, where two estranged stepsisters are reunited. [more]

03/10/2010: Artists @ Work
For his new book Richard Wolfe was invited inside the studios of some of our big name painters and sculptors. [more]

03/10/2010: Villa Pacifica
Author Kapka Kassabova's 'Villa Pacifica' is set in the wilds of South America. [more]

03/10/2010: Dance artist Cat Ruka
Cat Ruka has returned from New York for Auckland's Tempo Dance Festival and to unveil two new works. [more]

10/10/2010: Kirsty Gardiner
The winner of the Portage Ceramics Award talks about the prize, the link to her mother's flamboyant jewellery, and the future. [more]

10/10/2010: The Walters Prize 2010
The international judge of the Walters art prize and former head of London's Tate Modern, Vicente Todoli. [more]

10/10/2010: Armando Iannucci
Armando Iannucci is behind Bafta winning television shows like political satire' The Thick of It' and the Oscar nominated movie 'In The Loop'. [more]

10/10/2010: The Art of Stage Combat
For many years Tony Wolfe was one of New Zealand's only stage combatants but now his son Josh Wolfe is fighting fit and teaching the art of stage combat. Sonia Yee heads to one of Josh's workshops. [more]

10/10/2010: The Finding Value Procession
Brydee Rood has been showing rubbish around the world - literally working with rubbish containers like plastic bags and wheelie bins, to create art installations. [more]

10/10/2010: Surrender
Screenwriter turned novelist Donna Malone has created a new investigator called Diane Rowe. Her book 'Surrender' is the winner of a substantial publishing prize. [more]

10/10/2010: Quinine
Kelly Ana Morey has set her new book 'Quinine' in Papua New Guinea just after the First World War, as control moves from Germany to Australia. [more]

10/10/2010: New faces in different spaces
Raewyn Whyte reviews the latest touring work from the Footnote Dance Company. [more]

17/10/2010: New Zealand glass art
We consider the history and future of the New Zealand glass art scene ahead of a conference of glass artists and the publication of a book about them. [more]

17/10/2010: Munira Mirza
Munira Mirza advises the Mayor of London on his strategy for Arts and Culture. She looks ahead to the UK coalition government's major spending review out this week, and considers the implications for the British arts sector. [more]

17/10/2010: Staying in Tune
Chamber Music New Zealand marks its diamond anniversary with a book by Jane Dawson looking back over 60 years and ahead to the future that's looking good. [more]

17/10/2010: Victoria University Drama celebrate 40 years
This year the Theatre and Film programmes at Victoria University celebrate forty years. Sonia Yee crashes the big party of graduates. [more]

17/10/2010: Richard Maloy
Richard Maloy on why he photographed another artist's left-over-bits of clay for three months on his recent Fulbright residency in the USA. [more]

17/10/2010: David McGill
'Shaking 1960' is the lastest novel by David McGill. It covers some of the big events of that year - from the Hastings Blossom Festival riot to the protests against the all-white All Blacks. [more]

17/10/2010: Elizabeth Smith and Jane Dove Juneau
Elizabeth Smith has teamed up with photographer Jane Dove Juneau for a new book, 'The Sea Question'. [more]

17/10/2010: Australian printmaker Caren Florance
Caren Florance has turned poems from both sides of the Tasman into artworks using a rare printing press. [more]

23/10/2010: The Hobbit Saga
With the Hobbit saga continuing we attempt to get some actual facts into the discussion. We hear from Robyn Malcolm of the NZ Actors Equity, expat NZ actor and agent Holly Shanahan and crew members caught in the crossfire, Theresa Eberhardt and Ra Vincent. [more]

24/10/2010: Wellington Folk Festival
Kevin Ikin with the low down on the Wellington Folk Festival being held in Wainuiomata. [more]

24/10/2010: Manukau Arts Festival
An update on the Manukau Arts Festival where there's comedy, visual art, fashion and music. [more]

24/10/2010: Queenstown Jazz Festival
A report from the Queenstown Jazz Festival where 150 local, national and international jazz artists have been entertaining locals and visitors since Thursday. [more]

24/10/2010: Armaggedon Expo
This weekend, Auckland comic book and pop culture fans will be flocking to the Armaggedon Expo. Simon Morris finds out more. [more]

24/10/2010: NZSO Tour
We bid farewell to the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra ahead of its biggest ever overseas tour and we find out what the highlight will be. [more]

24/10/2010: Photographer: Brian Brake
Athol McCredie has created a lavish tribute to Kiwi Magnum photographer Brian Brake. [more]

24/10/2010: Fantasy writer : Helen Lowe
Lynn chats with fantasy writer Helen Lowe, whose second fantasy novel The Air Of Night has been picked up by publishers in the UK, the US snd Australia. [more]

31/10/2010: Peter Mars
Peter Mars has one of the art-world's more unusual gigs - he's an official artist for Elvis Presley Enterprises. He's also a highly respected leading figure in the modern Pop Art Movement in America, and from his base in Chicago Peter has ruled the scene for the last twenty years with his mixture of the so-so modern and the unapologetically nostalgic. [more]

31/10/2010: Fringe Festivals
Wellington's Fringe Festival is the most expensive in the country for artists to take part in. Dawn Tratt crunches the numbers of the capital's annual feats of the strange and the experimental and compares it with others throughout the country. [more]

31/10/2010: Ann Robinson
Glass artist Ann Robinson didn't need to go far to find inspiration for her new exhibition. Called 'Abundance', it was triggered by some twisted flax seed pods that conveniently grow in her backyard. [more]

31/10/2010: Toi Whakaari
Forty years of performing arts training is celebrated in a new book; 'Transitions: Four Decades of Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School'. [more]

31/10/2010: Cabaret review
'Outrageous Fortune' creator James Griffin reviews The Auckland Theatre Company's production of 'Cabaret'. [more]

31/10/2010: Art Critics
They're the bane of many artists' and performers' lives - critics and reviewers. With their apparent ability to make or break a show, they're often feared by those being criticised. But how important are they for the survival of the arts? Sonia Yee recorded a forum about the changing nature of arts criticism. [more]

31/10/2010: The world under one roof
Associate Professor Roger Fyfe, senior curator at the Canterbury Museum, argues that the health of museums has never been better, and the reports of their demise are greatly exaggerated. [more]

31/10/2010: Show Me Shorts
Simon Morris talks to Gina Dellabarc, the director of the 'Show Me Shorts' Film Festival. [more]

07/11/2010: NZSO : Victoria Jones
Justin Gregory chats with Double Bass player Victoria Jones of the NZSO, literally minutes after they came off stage in Vienna. [more]

07/11/2010: Art Week Auckland
A preview of Auckland's first Art Week, hear what's on, where it's on and what it's trying to achieve. [more]

07/11/2010: European Masters : Roger Blackley
Art historian Roger Blackley reviews Te Papa's latest exhibition, European Masters : 19 - 20th century art from the Stadel Museum. [more]

07/11/2010: Designers : Trubridges
David Truebridge is a renowned furniture and lighting designer while son Sam has made his name in the world of performance design. Justin got them together for a chat. [more]

07/11/2010: Art, Fruit, and Confrontation
Wellington artist Maddie Leach on her latest work which opened in Chicago last month and what the locals made of it. [more]

07/11/2010: The Unexamined Work : Critics
Sonia Yee continues her report on a recent panel discussion on the point - and the future - of art criticism. [more]

07/11/2010: Poet : Paula Green
Our featured writer today is poet Paula Green, who found a new urgency when she was diagnosed with cancer. [more]

07/11/2010: Design Critic : John Walters
UK design critic John Walters looks for a balance between critical journalism and pleasing the punters. [more]

07/11/2010: Exhibition : Bugs, Beetles and Butterflies
Hear about the new exhibition,"Bugs, Beetles and Butterflies"which opened yesterday at the New Dowse Gallery in Lower Hutt. [more]

14/11/2010: Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition
Lynn explores Hastings' Wildflower Sculpture Exhibition, an open air showcase of the work of Central North Island artists, held in the gardens of the Russell family. She talks to several of the 40+ sculptors involved and to the family who make it all possible. [more]

14/11/2010: The Past Awaits
Simon Morris in conversation with visionary New Zealand filmmaker, Vincent Ward, who's just published a book about his long career. [more]

14/11/2010: Ragged
Actor turned director Jim Moriarty has been using theatre discipline and its skills to help guide at risk youth for more than a decade. Sonia Yee finds out about his latest project. [more]

14/11/2010: The Sole Project: The Exhibition
The Sole Project teams some of the country's top visual artists with at-risk young people from South Auckland - Julie Hill finds out what they've come up with. [more]

14/11/2010: Carl Nixon
Carl Nixon's latest novel takes on some hefty issues, from body theft to youth suicide to the recession. [more]

14/11/2010: Peter Butler
Nelson based novelist Peter Butler creates a fictional small town based on his observations of living on the fringe. [more]

14/11/2010: Passage
Irene Pink reviews Passage, a multimedia performance looking into issues of forced migration, truth and reconciliation. [more]

21/11/2010: City Showcase Napier
Napier is the first city in the world outside London allowed to host one of the UK's biggest music events - City Showcase. We talk to the organiser of what will become an annual festival, Jacqui Sutherland; to members of three of the selected local bands - Jess Atkin, Shane Gibson (VALVE) and Charlie Wallace (Horusset); and to one of the movers and shakers in the Hawkes Bay music scene, Richie Jackman. [more]

21/11/2010: The NZSO returns
The triumphant NZSO has returned home - with standing ovations and rave reviews following their biggest overseas tour yet. We talk to Principal bass trombonist Graeme Browne. [more]

21/11/2010: Arts philanthropy
Creative New Zealand has just put out a report looking at ways to get more out of the private sector and a government think tank looking at arts philanthropy issues its report in a few weeks. We hear from Margaret Belich who's a member of the government-appointed Cultural Philanthropy Taskforce, Elizabeth Kerr, the CEO of the New Zealand String Quartet, Simon Bowden, who manages the Arts Foundation, and from CNZ, Stephen Wainwright. Also from Louise Walsh who heads Artsupport Australia. [more]

21/11/2010: Taking Stock
Artist Eve Armstrong puts discarded packaging to good use in her newest installation. [more]

21/11/2010: Hand Me Down World
Lloyd Jones talks about creating a wandering protagonist with no name in 'Hand Me Down World'. [more]

21/11/2010: The Hut Builder
Laurence Fearnley sets much of her novel 'The Hut Builder' on the side of Mount Cook where a young poet combines his love of words with a passion for mountains. [more]

21/11/2010: Full Swing
Vintage Swing dancing is experiencing a steady growth in New Zealand, according to dance instructor Peter Shackleton. Sonia Yee hits the dance floor to find out what it's all about. [more]

28/11/2010: ART Ventures
We find out about Auckland's ART Venture with two of the project's new intake, Alex Lee and Beth Kayes. [more]

28/11/2010: The Auckland Arts Festival
The outgoing director of the 5th Auckland Arts Festival, David Malacari, talks about how it's evolved, and why ticket sales are not the right way to measure a festival's success or otherwise. [more]

28/11/2010: Artist Rangi Kipa
One of the Maori artists credited with the resurrection of taa moko - Rangi Kipa is a guest at the Tattoo and Art Festival in New Plymouth. [more]

28/11/2010: Fantasy art
We explore the realm of fantasy art which has struggled to get the recognition it deserves, with the publication of White Cloud Worlds, an anthology of Science Fiction and Fantasy artwork from New Zealand. Paul Tobin is the editor and an artist and we also talk to Christian Pearce who specialises in designing robots. [more]

28/11/2010: Laura Kroetsch
Laura Kroetsch is one of the lynchpins of the New Zealand book industry and has a ridiculously large collection that extends to her larder. She is heading away to organise the Adelaide Writers and Readers Festival. [more]

28/11/2010: Jewels for Christmas
An upcoming exhibition in Wellington 'Jewels for Christmas' is the inspiration behind Sonia Yee's look into professional jewellery making in New Zealand. [more]

28/11/2010: Landfall editor David Eggleton
New 'Landfall' editor David Eggleton has just released a book of poetry called 'Time of the Icebergs'. [more]

28/11/2010: The Radio Room
Cilla McQueen is New Zealand's poet laureate and winner of this year's Prime Minister Award for Literary Achievement in Poetry. Her eleventh collection is called 'The Radio Room'. [more]

05/12/2010: Photographer : Laurence Aberhart
Photographer Laurence Aberhart talking about his visit to the once prosperous, now abandoned home of film, Kodak. [more]

05/12/2010: New Zealand Symphony Orchestra : Peter Walls
Lynn chats to the CEO of the NZSO Peter Walls on the orchestra's future, with the government refusing to up its funding and concern also for some of the regional orchestras. [more]

05/12/2010: Tangiwai
Justin Gregory finds out what the criteria are for an extra on the Tangiwai film set. Set in the 1950's. [more]

05/12/2010: Hawkes Bay Art Gallery - on the move
A catch up with the big shift out of the art deco Hawkes Bay Art Gallery and Museum ahead of its multi million dollar redevelopment. [more]

05/12/2010: Piano Tuners
Nick Butcher chats to a couple of the country's most in demand piano tuners. [more]

05/12/2010: A Century of Library Life in Aotearoa
Julia Millen's investigation into 100 years of this country's Library Association which aimed to put the existing libraries in order. [more]

05/12/2010: Kinetic Art - Automata
Sonia Yee meets Blair Somerville, who makes automata. Though his kinetic creations speak for themselves. [more]

12/12/2010: Points of Contact
Performance artist Jim Allen on re-staging his 1970s performance work. [more]

12/12/2010: Red Leap
Julie Nolan from Red Leap Theatre on the phenomenal success of their show The Arrival. [more]

12/12/2010: The Topp Twins
Next month the Topp Twins' Summer Hoe-Down Tour takes the twins to wineries across the nation before they head to WOMAD in March. Justin Gregory spoke to them about new audiences, old songs and gaining acceptance inteh country music community. [more]

12/12/2010: Dame Gillian Whitehead
Dame Gillian Whitehead and Noel Sanders talk about their book 'Moon, Tides, and Shoreline' which explores Gillian's life. [more]

12/12/2010: Hui Publishers' Writer incubator
Huia Publishers set out to look for new Maori novelists through a developmental scheme - Te Papa Tupu. Six writers out of 80 were selected to particpate in an intensive writers programme, with the goal of publishing a full length novel. Sonia Yee met the writers at the end of their six month journey. [more]

12/12/2010: Short Films
The New Zealand Film Commission have come up with a new entry-level way to get your film career up and running. Simon Morris investigated. [more]

12/12/2010: Ben Cauchi
Victorian photographic techniques feature in a new exhibition openign at Whanganui's McNamara Gallery. Ben Cauchi's The Doppler Effect is a boxed set of salted paper prints of cloudy, otherworldly images. How does reaching for the salt cellar produce such spooky effects? [more]

12/12/2010: Kendrick Smithyman
It's often the sad fate of a ground-breaking artist to be appreciated by the critics and ignored by everyone else. Such was the case with Auckland poet Kendrick Smithyman, who published a dozen volumes between 1944 and his death in the nineties. Smithyman freely admitted his work was, complex, demanding and too modern. Self-confessed 'Smithymaniac' Scott Hamilton thinks we may have finally caught up. [more]

12/12/2010: Anthony Morris
In 1977 Anthony Morris returned home to New Zealand and started an artisan pottery business called Morris and James. His terracotta pots were extraordinary, and Ant Morris achieved that rare transition - from artisan potter to remarkable artist. [more]

19/12/2010: Creative New Zealand's New Funding Strategy
Stephen Wainwright, Chief Executive of Creative New Zealand. Catherine Chappell, of Touch Compass Dance Trust. [more]

19/12/2010: Private Arts Funders
Simon Bowden of the Arts Foundation and the winner of this years Harriet Friedlander New York Residency, Seung Yul Oh. [more]

19/12/2010: Glass Art
Sonia Yee visted Ginny O'Dea, a lead'lighting artist and tutor based at Kaka Point. [more]

19/12/2010: NZ Film School
Simon Morris talks to the New Zealand Film and Television School Director Tommy Honey on its 10th anniversary. [more]

19/12/2010: Supercity
Exhibition at Auckland's Film Archive - Supercity. A look into the changing attitudes of music making in Aotearoa. [more]

19/12/2010: Mix and Mash
Shaun D Wilson looks at some of the entries for Mix and Mash; a competition based on reworking material not covered by copyright. [more]

19/12/2010: Rayne Cockburn's book - Someplace for Boys
Damien Wilkins, Novelist and co-covenor of the Masters in Creative Writing at Victoria University and Rayne Cockburn, this years winner of the Adam Foundation Prize in Creative Writing. [more]

19/12/2010: Lawrence Venuti - Professional Translator
Lawrence Venuti has translated more than a million words. [more]

19/12/2010: Outrageous Fortune Exhibition at the Auckland Museum
"Take a walk on the West side", with costumes, sets, and previously unseen footage from the long running Drama. Robin Malcolm casts her critical eye over Outrageous Fortune - The exhibition. [more]

30/01/2011: Perry So
We ask why Asia continues to produce so many of the world's most highly regarded classical musicians, when we chat to the highly in demand Perry So who is currently working with the NZO. [more]

30/01/2011: The Mercury is Rising
The battle to keep the Auckland's old Mercury Theatre as a theatre venue is intensifying - we talk to Richard Howard from the Mercury is Rising Campaign. [more]

30/01/2011: Dan Slevin reviews summer movies
Film critic Dan Slevin's take on the summer movie highlights and lowlights. [more]

30/01/2011: Hair as Art
Jennie Hasler-Jacob's 'hair art' sets her apart from the pack. She uses a range of techniques from melting and crocheting hair to create her fantastical, award winning, avant-garde designs. Sonia Yee met up with this talented Balclutha local. [more]

30/01/2011: TechStyle
New York fashion designer Diana Eng combines new technology and fashion to create garments that look fabulous but have a way to go until they can be mass produced. [more]

30/01/2011: Dave Dobbyn in Antartica
On a visit to Scott Base, Our Changing World producer Alison Ballance found musician Dave Dobbyn who in turn found inspiration - in silence. [more]

30/01/2011: Sculpture on the Gulf
Ruth Watson and Paul Radford are two of the sculptors who've created site specific work for Headland: Sculpture on the Gulf. [more]

30/01/2011: Austen Deans biography writer Nathalie Brown
Nathalie Brown has written a biography of painter and prisoner of war Austen Deans. [more]

30/01/2011: Greg O'Brien on the work of Graham Percy
Taranaki born Graham Percy spent much his life in Britain but now New Zealanders have the chance to experience the work of this illustrator, designer, and typographer. [more]

30/01/2011: Wrestling with the Spirits
The Hastings City Art Gallery starts the year by showing the work of a group of Maori artists who're in big demand in Canada. [more]

06/02/2011: The Festival of the Elements
This festival has been a part of Waitangi Day in Porirua since 1992. This year Band Wai is part of this year's line up. [more]

06/02/2011: James Campbell
Canadian clarinettist James Campbell was last here in in 2007 as part of Nelson's Adam Festival. [more]

06/02/2011: Lost Play Grounds
Auckland's latest outdoor art project. The works range from a life size tunnel to guerrilla poetry. [more]

06/02/2011: Documentry Edge Festival
There are 64 film from 20 countries this year, we look through the programme for the Documentary Edge Festival. [more]

06/02/2011: Wellington Festivals
Normally this time of year Wellington hosts the One Love Festival. Not this year. Some artists are frustrated that a big chunk of the City council's cultural grant was earmarked for the Rugby World Cup. [more]

06/02/2011: Operagasmic
Sonia Yee finds out why Francesca Geach is taking opera underground, with her opera company Operagasmic. [more]

06/02/2011: Hamish Clayton
Hamish Clayton's novel is called Wulf and it's published by Penguin. [more]

06/02/2011: Vivienne Plumb
Crumple. The name of Vivienne Plumb's latest poetry collection. [more]

06/02/2011: Julie Hill's new play
I Won't Be Happy Until I Lose One Of My Limbs, is on at The Basement Theatre. [more]

13/02/2011: Kila Kokonut Krew - Four Women
The Kila Kokonut Krew's production Four Women premieres at the Centrepoint Theatre in Palmerston North on the 26th of Februrary. [more]

13/02/2011: Ihimaera - Victoria Girling-Butcher and Warren Maxwell
Warren Maxwell and Victoria Girling-Butcher are two of the musicians appearing on the Ihimaera CD which is being launched tomorrow. [more]

13/02/2011: Everything and The Kitchen Sink - Ant Timpson
Ant Timpson with Simon Morris on why NZ short films are mostly heard of, rather than seen in their home country. [more]

13/02/2011: Midnight in Moscow - Dean Parker
Dean Parker's play Midnight in Moscow premieres at Christchurch's Court Theartre on the 19th of Februrary. [more]

13/02/2011: Fortune Theatre - Lara McGregor
Lara McGregor is the Fortune Theatre's new Artistic Director. [more]

13/02/2011: Leo Bensemann: A Fantastic Art Venture
Leo Bensemann: A Fantastic Art Venture, is the name of the exhibition on at Christchurch City Gallery, and Peter Simpson has called his book, Fantasia: The World of Leo, and it's published by Auckland University Press. [more]

13/02/2011: Strange Meetings, The Poets of The Great War - Harry Ricketts
Strange Meetings, The Poets of The Great War, by Harry Ricketts is published by Chatto and Windus. [more]

13/02/2011: Apres Les Baleines - Richard Stratton
Amelia Nurse talks to Richard Stratton whose exhibition is on now at the New Dowse in Lower Hutt. [more]

20/02/2011: The Wet Hot Beauties
Justin Gregory takes the plunge and goes to rehearsals for the first New Zealand water ballet to be staged in several decades. [more]

20/02/2011: Yvonne Rust
How one of Whangarei's best loved art galleries, named after local artist Yvonne Rust, is to get a whole new lease on life thanks to a big fundraising effort. [more]

20/02/2011: The Globe
A special programme marking the 50th anniversary of Dunedin's much loved and still busy Globe Theatre, which started out life as the comfortable suburban home of Rosalie and Patric Carey. [more]

20/02/2011: Roger Hodgman
Multi-skilled director Roger Hodgman can turn his hand to plays, musical theatre, opera, TV series and he's working on three feature films. He tells us how he does it and about his current project, Handel's Xerxes for NBR NZ Opera. [more]

20/02/2011: Peter Siddell
Painter Peter Siddell tells his story in words and images in his long awaited autobiography - The Art of Peter Siddell, published by Godwit. [more]

20/02/2011: Gordon Hunt
One of the world's great oboeists, Gordon Hunt, who's also the nephew of the oldest surviving member of the original NZSO. [more]

06/03/2011: Xerxes
Heath Lees reviews the first professional production New Zealand has seen of Handel's Xerxes. [more]

06/03/2011: Niki Hastings-McFall
Faith, resurrection, redemption, life, death, love, loss and reincarnation are all themes examined in a new series of light works by Auckland artist Niki Hastings-McFall. [more]

06/03/2011: Hullapolloi
Ann Hunt gives us her impressions of Hullapolloi, the latest touring show from the dance company Footnote. [more]

06/03/2011: The Rugby World Cup opening ceremony
We report on a symposium held in Auckland with the Australian company managing the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony. [more]

06/03/2011: Dave Atkins
Dave Atkins Enterprises has won the contract for the Rugby World Cup opening ceremony. [more]

06/03/2011: Stan Wolfgramm - Style Pasifika
Stan Wolfgramm talks about taking the fashion extravaganza Style Pasifika to the next level. [more]

06/03/2011: Chapter and Verse - Charlotte Randall
We talk to Christchurch novelist Charlotte Randall about her new work, Hokitika Town. [more]

06/03/2011: Massive Theatre Company
Stage and TV director Sam Scott started the Massive theatre company 21 years ago. It's one of the big winners in the changes to CNZ's long-term funding scheme. [more]

06/03/2011: How to look at a painting - Justin Paton
Christchurch writer, art curator and now TV host Justin Paton turns his award-winning book How to Look at a Painting into a TV series. [more]

13/03/2011: Christchurch Creatives - Tim Chesney
Christchurch's pro-active creatives are putting out a call to the rest of the country for work. [more]

13/03/2011: Nitin Sawhney
Nitin Sawhney has written scores for more than 40 films and countless TV series and ads, he's produced eight albums, is in demand as a DJ and for writing music for high grossing video games. [more]

13/03/2011: Michelle Ang
Simon talks to Michelle about new film 'My Wedding and Other Secrets' which opens nationwide this week. [more]

13/03/2011: Clare Mora - Urbis Designday
Auckland designers are about to open their studio doors to the public for the Urbis Designday. [more]

13/03/2011: Hear to See
In 'Hear to See', a young lad is obsessed by computer games to the point where they can't get him out of his room. [more]

13/03/2011: Bernard Beckett - August
Wellington novelist Bernard Beckett turns the lives of his two protagonists upside down...literally. [more]

13/03/2011: Sue Orr - From Under the Overcoat
Auckland based writer Sue Orr has used some of the world's best known short stories as a spring board for her own collection. [more]

13/03/2011: Expressions Art and Entertainment
Expressions Art and Entertainment Centre is determined to provide opportunities for NZ's best and brightest emerging musicians, in collaboration with the NZ School of Music. [more]

20/03/2011: Arts-RWC tie-in
Four big cultural events are to be tied in with the Rugby World Cup in September. Most of the money for them is coming from the Cultural Diplomacy International Programme (CDIP) and they will be part of the nationwide Real New Zealand festival on during the cup season. Lynn spoke to NZSO CEO Peter Walls, head of Te Matatini Darrin Apanui, Te Papa's Claudia Orange, and director of the City Gallery Paula Savage. [more]

20/03/2011: Arts graduates
We find out what it takes to forge a career in music, the visual arts, writing, acting and dancing. We'll meet five recent graduates who are determined to make a living in a notoriously difficult industry. They come from Toi Whakaari New Zealand Drama School, the Elam School of Fine Arts, the New Zealand School of Dance, Otago University's School of Music and the International Institute of Modern Letters at the University of Victoria. [more]

20/03/2011: Mangere Arts Centre
The Mangere Arts Centre has come a long way since Arts On Sunday last visited, when it was under construction. Since then it's seen 30 productions and more than 60 performance nights. Sonia Yee went to see the final result of a project that took more than 15 years of planning and community consultation. Manager Naomi Singer took her on a tour. [more]

20/03/2011: Graeme Tetley
As a tribute to the screenwriter Graeme Tetley, who died last weekend, we play an interview with him which first went to air in 2007 on the Arts on Sunday. [more]

20/03/2011: Chapter and Verse
Our featured writer is French-American novelist, playwright and librettist Yann Appery, who's in Wellington on a Randall Cottage writer's residency. [more]

20/03/2011: Poor Boy
A review of Poor Boy, a theatrical show based on the music of Tim Finn. It has been performed in Australia, now the Auckland Theatre Company gives it its first New Zealand outing. [more]

27/03/2011: The Art of Science - Rebecca Priestly
The Art of Science, curated by Rebecca Priestly, opens at Shed 11 in Wellington on Thursday and will be travelling around the country until 2013. [more]

27/03/2011: The Art of Science - Rebecca Priestley
The Art of Science, curated by Rebecca Priestley, opens at Shed 11 in Wellington on Thursday and will be travelling around the country until 2013. [more]

27/03/2011: Womex - Ben Mandelson
Ben Mandelson, one of the founders of Womex who's been checking out NZ acts at Womad in New Plymouth among other places. [more]

27/03/2011: Aaron Schneider
Extended interview with Aaron Schneider from 'At The Movies'' about his new film 'Get Low'. [more]

27/03/2011: Roxy Cinema
A new jewel in the crown of the film industry in Wellington is promising to bring old world glamour and magic into cinema-going. Sonia Yee gets a tour with Jamie Selkirk and Tania Rodger from Stone Street Studios and Weta Workshop. [more]

27/03/2011: Ice flutes - Julian Evans
Grandson of Robert Falcon Scott, composer Julian Evans visited Antarctica over summer and is working to recreate a magic lantern presentation which along with the ice flutes projects, will mark Scott's centenary. [more]

27/03/2011: Seat Assignment - Nina Katchadourian
Nina Katchadourian's exhibition 'Seat Assignment' has just opened at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery. [more]

27/03/2011: Fosterling - Emma Neale
Emma Neale's Fosterling, published by Vintage, introduces NZ to a young man with a dense hairy pelt, who arouses the interests of journalists, the public and medical profession. [more]

27/03/2011: Lost Relatives - Siobhan Harvey
Siobhan Harvey's poetry collection Lost Relatives is published by Steele Roberts. [more]

27/03/2011: Hoang Pham - Concert pianist
Hoang Pham is in concert on Tuesday at the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber as part of the New Zealand International Piano Festival. [more]

03/04/2011: The Spy Who Wouldn't Die Again - Review
Uther Dean reviews the latest play from the stable of Wellington Theatre Company, The Spy Who Wouldn't Die Again. [more]

03/04/2011: Auckland's Q Theatre
Fifteen years and $21 Million later the Q Theatre has opened for public tours of it's nearly completed auditorium. [more]

03/04/2011: Lenny Feinberg
Lenny Feinberg, the producer of Docomentary The Art Of The Steal. Showing as part of the World Cinema Showcase, playing in Auckland, Wellington and Dunedin this month. [more]

03/04/2011: Octavia Cook
Auckland Jeweller Octavia Cook's show Shangri-la is on at the Anna Miles Gallery in Auckland. [more]

03/04/2011: Charles Browne
Charles Browne, patron and best friend of the romantic poet John Keats is buried in Taranaki and that friendship is being marked this weekend in New Plymouth. [more]

10/04/2011: The Winner of the Adam New Zealand Play Award
Malaysian born Hamiltonian Arun Subra-ma-iam won the award for his play, Hero. [more]

10/04/2011: Graeme Tetley's Riverside Drive
Riverside Drive premieres on Tuesday at the Hawea Flat Hall as part of the Festival of Colour in Wanaka. [more]

10/04/2011: Lewis Holden
At the helm of one of teh Ministries that may find itself squeezed is Lewis Holden, CEO of the Ministry for Culture and Heritage. [more]

10/04/2011: War Brides of WWII
Georgina White, who's been working on the exhibition Mr Jones' Wives, War Brides of New Zealand Serviceman. It opens on Friday at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. [more]

10/04/2011: Damien Woolnough
Damien Woolnough and three other judges were at the iD International Emerging Designer Awards in Dunedin. [more]

10/04/2011: Julie Helean
Julie Helean's novelJulie Helean's novel The Open Accounts of an Honesty Box is published by the Ear of Seacliff Art Workshop. [more]

10/04/2011: Poet Alistair Te Ariki Campbell
The Pukerua Bay writer is being remembered at an exhibition of his work at Pataka in Porirua. [more]

10/04/2011: Metropolis Dreaming
Living Room 2011 - Metropolis Dreaming is now throughout Auckland's CBD. [more]

17/04/2011: Hard To Find
Vampires, secrets, and hidden treasures.... Warwick Jordan, owner of the iconic Auckland store Hard to Find, reveals the unusual and unexpected world of dealing in second-hand books. [more]

17/04/2011: Sistema Aotearoa
Otara has been selected as the place to trial a children's orchestra in New Zealand. It's a two-year joint pilot project by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and the Ministry for Culture, and is based on an overseas programme called El Sistema where professional musicians work in, and with, communities. [more]

17/04/2011: Endangered Species - Artisans of Florence
The city of Florence was made by its artisans. Their work adorns almost every corner, and their enterprise made it famous throughout the world. But this rich heritage, dating back to the Middle Ages and earlier, is under threat. The artisans are disappearing and with them trades and skills that have existed for hundreds of years. Jean Di Marino tells the story. [more]

17/04/2011: Chapter and Verse
Novelist Tanya Moir talks about her new book La Rochelle's Road, an account of the early settlers of Banks Peninsula. [more]

17/04/2011: Christian Penny
The new head of the New Zealand Drama School, Toi Whakaari, Christian Penny talks about his plans. [more]

24/04/2011: Mesh Sculpture Hamilton
A new public sculpture is announced for the city of Hamilton, made possible by the city's businesses - with no ratepayer funding. [more]

24/04/2011: Tauranga Jazz Festival
To say the annual Tauranga Jazz Festival has been around for a while is putting it mildly. The 49-year-old musical fixture is the third oldest jazz event in the world. We speak to artistic director Liam Ryan, and winner of the New Zealand Music Award Tui in Jazz: Rueben Bradley. [more]

24/04/2011: Scriptwriter Kathryn Burnett
Kathryn Burnett has written for past TV series Street Legal, The Strip and The Cult, and now she's co-written the first play to be directed by Te Radar - 'Mike and Virginia'. [more]

24/04/2011: Arts on Sunday special: New Zealand's clean green image
Highlights from the debate on New Zealand's clean green image held at the Festival of Colour in Wanaka. Rod Oram versus Joe Bennett, chaired by Lynn Freeman [more]

01/05/2011: Choreographer Russell Kerr and set designer Raymond Boyce
Choreographer Russell Kerr and set designer Raymond Boyce, together again five decades after their first ballet collaboration, and their fourth version of Petrouchka. [more]

01/05/2011: Martin Shaw
A treat for all those Martin Shaw fans out there - whether you remember him as Doyle in The Professionals, or more recently the suave Judge John Deed or detective George Gently. He talks about his long and diverse career, highlights and lowlights, and being treated like a rock star. [more]

01/05/2011: NZ jazz musician and photojournalist Maggie Gould
Maggie Gould gathers together 20 years of award winning portraits of the famous and talented - many of them musicians snapped in concerts around the world. [more]

01/05/2011: Da Shi Jie
Found window frames, an Electric Warrior and deconstructed pavilions come together in the building of 'a Great World' when mixed media artist Kerry Ann Lee returns from a residency in Shanghai. Sonia Sly found out about Kerry Ann's journey to discover her Chinese roots and her exibition at Wellington's Toi Poneke Gallery. [more]

01/05/2011: The New Zealand String Quartet reviewed
The New Zealand String Quartet is back on the road - with, unusually, a guest vocalist. Margot Hannigan reviews their latest offering. [more]

01/05/2011: Alice Hooten
Alice Hooten invented a word to title her first poetry collection - 'Shamfeign'. [more]

01/05/2011: Faculty of Wonder - Lost and Found
Another story of resilience and determination from Christchurch - Dr Victoria Edwards and Ina Johann lost their studio, their homes were destroyed, but they've found a way to make sure their exhibition 'Faculty of Wonder - Lost and Found' at the Auckland Festival of Photography will go on. [more]

01/05/2011: Dirty Dusting
Mark Houlahan reviews 'Dirty Dusting'. There's three female leads and it'll soon be at a packed venue near you. [more]

08/05/2011: Actor John Rhys Davies
John Rhys Davies on how the Lord of the Rings, in which he played the dwarf Gimli, has changed the industry and why he wants to make a film about his good mate Precious McKenzie. [more]

08/05/2011: Four New Zealand composers
Lyell Cresswell, Ross Harris, Anthony Ritchie and Chris Gendall are about to premiere new works with the NZSO in a showcase called Enchanted Islands. [more]

08/05/2011: The Dowse Celebrates 40 years
In its history The Dowse Art Museum has seen periods of change and experienced its fair share of controversy, all of which has helped to shape the state of contemporary art in New Zealand as we now know it. Sonia Sly spoke to those running the gallery today. [more]

08/05/2011: Pacific Sisters
Pacific Sisters was an art collective that played a big part in the Pacific renaissance of the 1990s, we reunite three of the original members - Feeona Wall, Rosanna Raymond and Ani O'Neill. [more]

08/05/2011: An artist visits the White House
Expat architectural artist Peter Waddell is exhibiting years worth of work imagining how the rooms were decorated over the building's first 100 years. [more]

08/05/2011: Dinah Hawken
Wellington poet Dinah Hawken's new collection is called 'The Leaf Ride'. It's published by Victoria University Press. [more]

08/05/2011: Looking for Lowry
It's almost a cliche - the genius painter who was unrecognised during his lifetime and is now worth millions. But a new television documentary casts a light on English painter L.S. Lowry, who had rather a different problem. [more]

15/05/2011: Auckland Unleashed
We find out what kind of response the Auckland City Council is getting to its 'Auckland Unleashed' document, which has huge implications for the city's arts and cultural sector. [more]

15/05/2011: Rawiri Paratene
How actor and director Rawiri Paratene won the prime slot at London's cultural Olympiad Shakespeare festival, with his Te Reo rendition of Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida. [more]

15/05/2011: Auckland Art Gallery's redevelopment
Chris Saines, the director of The Auckland Art Gallery talks about the gallery coming to the end of its extensive and expensive redevelopment project. [more]

15/05/2011: Arts Voice Christchurch
James Caygil and Steph Walker are leaders of a new arts lobby group that's determined to secure the future of the arts in the new Christchurch as it emerges from the rubble. [more]

15/05/2011: Cowboys in India
Documentary-maker Simon Chambers rode into town expecting to solve a village's problems - but 'Cowboys in India' proved it wasn't quite that easy. [more]

15/05/2011: Finishing the book
We find out from two successful writers how they know when the book they're working on, is finished - it's a bigger question than you might think. Tea Obreht and Aminatta Forna are in the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival Grand Finale and are looking at the issue of knowing when to send their work to their publishers. [more]

15/05/2011: The virtual future for art galleries - well maybe
Simon Fisher is one of the founders of an art online portal - Orcus - that is designed to open New Zealand gallery doors to a much bigger international market. We also hear from a manager of Starkwhite, one of the galleries that's signed up to the service. [more]

15/05/2011: The Purple Balloon and other stories
Poet Sam Hunt talks about a new documentary which looks at his life's work in words. [more]

22/05/2011: Temporary Court Theatre in Addington
Christchurch's Court Theatre finally finds a new home, at least temporarily, in a shed in Addington. [more]

22/05/2011: New Zealanders at Cannes
New Zealand as ever had a strong contingent at the Cannes Film Festival. Particularly in the Short Film catagory. [more]

22/05/2011: Country Lads
The first short film made by the New Zealand government has been dusted off. The title 'Country Lads' might evoke sheep-shearing and rural dances, but in fact, it's documenting a significant piece of our precious past. Sonia Sly spoke to Greg Goulding and David Smith from Archives New Zealand. [more]

22/05/2011: The Venice Biennale
We find out what it takes to be an attendant at the New Zealand venue at the world's biggest visual arts event, the Venice Biennale, and why invited pianists can't wait to play artist Michael Parakowhai's carved Steinway. [more]

22/05/2011: 2011 Music Managers Award winner Ben Howe
The winner of the recent Music Managers Awards for Industry Champion was the lobby group Independent Music New Zealand - accepting the award was founding member Ben Howe from Arch Hill Recordings. He discusses the big issues facing the music industry and the rise of the indie labels. [more]

22/05/2011: Stravinsky Selection review
Ann Hunt gives us her thoughts on the Royal New Zealand Ballet's Stravinsky season. [more]

22/05/2011: Baa Baa Smart Sheep
The winners of the children's choice prize at the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards, Rowan and Mark Sommerset, with their illustrated story about a very smart sheep. [more]

22/05/2011: Contemporary bone jeweller Sam Kelly
Sam Kelly's new spin on an old craft is getting attention in Europe. [more]

29/05/2011: John Logan
Lynn Freeman talks to playwright and screenwriter John Logan of Gladiator and The Last Samurai fame. His play about American artist Mark Rothko is about to be seen over here. [more]

29/05/2011: First-year Graduates
A new option for the country's acting hopefuls - a year-long Auckland based course set up by industry professionals called The Actors Programme. [more]

29/05/2011: Graduates
Arts on Sunday catches up with the progress of five graduates during their first year out of their respective institutions. [more]

29/05/2011: Antiques
Trawling around op shops looking for that rare and perfect treasure is all about developing an 'eye'. [more]

29/05/2011: Sarah Quigley
Today's featured writer is Sarah Quigley, whose novel The Conductor is set in Leningrad during the German siege of June 1941. [more]

29/05/2011: Grayson Masefield
Accordion champion Grayson Masefield is currently touring the country, and is also here for the New Zealand Accordion Association's 40th anniversary. [more]

29/05/2011: Theatre Review - The Brothers Size
Kate Ward-Smythe went to the opening night of the Silo Theatre's new production 'The Brothers Size'. [more]

05/06/2011: 2001: Restoration of the Embassy Theatre
Camilla Maling went to see the restoration of Wellington's Embassy Theatre in time for the premiere of Peter Jackson's 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. [more]

05/06/2011: 10 Years of Arts On Sunday and What's Going On (Part 1)
Lynn Freeman and Simon Morris discuss What's Going On; the precursor to The Arts On Sunday. [more]

05/06/2011: 2004: The Nairobi Trio
Natasha Utting goes on the road with the Nairobi Trio. [more]

05/06/2011: 2005: Dr John Money and Gore Art Gallery
Tarek Basley visited one of New Zealand's most prestigious art collections - in Gore, Southland. [more]

05/06/2011: 10 Years of Arts On Sunday and What's Going On (Part 2)
Simon Morris and Lynn Freeman talk about memorable interviews with Derek Jacobi, Brian Wilson, Terry Pratchett, Maurice Gee, and Anthony Hopkins. [more]

05/06/2011: 2005: Yo-yoing
Emily Johansson did the seemingly impossible - an item about a yo-yo king on the radio! [more]

05/06/2011: 10 Years of Arts On Sunday and What's Going On (Part 3)
Simon Morris was responsible for the What's Going On music stabs. [more]

05/06/2011: 2005: Opera Wigs and Radio Raps
Sam Wicks, who definitely didn't need one, visited an opera wig-maker. He also encouraged a top Kiwi rapper to give What's Going On some serious rhymes. [more]

05/06/2011: 10 Years of Arts On Sunday and What's Going On (Part 4)
Lynn Freeman and Simon Morris discuss What's Going On's transition in 2006 to The Art On Sunday. [more]

05/06/2011: 2006: Singalong to the Sound of Music
Chris Cessford dresses up in the full nun-gear to go to a Sound Of Music singalong screening. [more]

05/06/2011: 2007: Opera School
Justin Gregory searched for his hidden inner tenor by joining Opera School. [more]

05/06/2011: 2009: Ballet Auction
Lucy Orbell goes to the Royal New Zealand Ballet, to pick up some nice frocks. [more]

05/06/2011: 10 Years of Arts On Sunday and What's Going On (Part 6)
Lynn and Simon discuss what's gone wrong... and right in the ten years they've been working together. [more]

05/06/2011: 2010: Full Swing
Vintage Swing dancing is experiencing a steady growth in New Zealand, according to dance instructor Peter Shackleton. Sonia Sly hit the dance floor to find out what it's all about. [more]

12/06/2011: New Zealand at the Venice Biennale
We assess New Zealand's contribution to the Venice Biennale, now the dust has settled and critics are starting to write up their impressions. Jenny Gibbs explains why more patrons than ever lent their support to this year's New Zealand contribution by Michael Parakowhai, and reviewer Josie McNaught tries to start a debate on New Zealand's future involvement in the world's biggest visuals arts event. [more]

12/06/2011: The Michael Hill International Violin Competition
The competition had its glittering finale this weekend, we find out who won it and why. [more]

12/06/2011: Vaeggen - The Wall
How New Zealand company The Gibson Group scooped an international award for a wall of giant interactive screens they created to help the Copenhagen museum take its collection to the people. [more]

12/06/2011: The Arts and e-Learning
Improvisation, vocal warm-ups, reading and writing scripts - just some of the skills one would expect to learn in a drama class. But developing a video game? This is part of a concept which teaches drama and voice by using e-Learning. Drama specialist Delia Baskerville and dance teacher Jan Bolwell chat to Sonia Sly about the value of exposing students to the arts and an alternative approach to bringing specialist knowledge into the classroom. [more]

12/06/2011: Pioneer City
An art project that will offer people the chance to buy property on Mars and be part of a human colony there - creator Bronwyn Holloway-Smith explains. [more]

12/06/2011: An all-Christchurch Chapter & Verse (pt 2)
Canterbury novelist Joanna Orwin has a new, futurist story of a New Zealand changed by cataclysmic volcanoes and tsunami, Sacrifice. [more]

12/06/2011: Meet the Churchills
Winston Churchill is one of the most written-about historical figures, so what new will we learn in a new play penned by the principal of Waitaki Boys High, Paul Baker? [more]

12/06/2011: Remembering Jim Viveaere
Artist Michael Tuffery remembers the late artist, curator and mentor Jim Viveaere. [more]

19/06/2011: World of Wearable Art Awards
Stories of ingenuity and endurance from Christchurch competitors in this year's World of Wearable Art Awards. [more]

19/06/2011: Christchurch Art Gallery
We find out how the Christchurch Art Gallery plans to take art to the people whilst its intact building is used for civil defence and CERA operations. [more]

19/06/2011: Pacific Mona Lisa
Sonia Sly comes face to face with a two hundred year old Pacific Princess undergoing a full-body examination. [more]

19/06/2011: Kermadec Artists
A group of hardy artists voyage to the remote Kermadec Islands. [more]

19/06/2011: Leigh Marsden
A book being promoted as the raunchiest book ever to come out of the Penguin New Zealand stable, is a debut novel from a Geraldine writer. [more]

19/06/2011: Jenny Bornholdt
"The Hill of Wool" is Jenny Bornholdt's tenth book of poems. The former New Zealand Poet Laureate wrote this collection while on a residency. [more]

19/06/2011: Luke Jacomb
Luke Jacomb talks about what it takes to create technically challenging glass artworks, such as the feature piece of his latest exhibition, a three metre long glass canoe. [more]

19/06/2011: Wayne Youle
Artist Wayne Youle blends traditional Maori works with the latest high technology. [more]

26/06/2011: The New Zealand Film Commission’s Statement of Intent
The last couple of years have seen a wide range of New Zealand films, with a wide range of success at the box office. Boy, The Topp Twins and Home by Christmas did well - others, rather less well. The New Zealand Film Commission has issued a new Statement of Intent <>, and Simon Morris looks into what that intent is. [more]

26/06/2011: The arts in Lyttelton
Lyttelton artists and musicians band together to push for a new arts centre to be part of the rebuild plans for the quake-hit township [more]

26/06/2011: Auckland sculptor Greer Twiss , Living Arts Icon
The Icon Awards are limited to a living circle of 20 stellar New Zealand artists and are the highest honour. [more]

26/06/2011: Mark Lampe/Tesla Studio Photographic Negative Collection
Whanganui celebrates the return of a big part of its cultural history - tens of thousands of negatives by local photographer Mark Lampe. [more]

26/06/2011: Hamlet Dies at the End
A librarian, a bus driver and a man who fought Nazis are just some of the characters who feature in Hamlet Dies at the End, Gavin McGibbon's new play which explores the heart and humour within the unexpected realm of community theatre. Sonia Sly heads in to meet the professional cast to get the dirt on some real-life horror stories from their pasts. [more]

26/06/2011: Chapter & Verse
Vincent O'Sullivan is our featured writer. His latest collection of poetry is called The Movie May be Slightly Different. [more]

26/06/2011: Schola Cantorum
Christ's College Choir prepares to leave Christchurch to take on Europe and to leave the events of the past 10 months behind for a short while. [more]

26/06/2011: What Lies Beneath
Wellington artist Gabby O'Connor and her obsession with what's below the tip of the iceberg. [more]

26/06/2011: One Day Moko
Actor and playwright, Tim Carlson, whose debut solo show considers the lives of the urban homeless in New Zealand. [more]

03/07/2011: Arts in Whangarei
Whangarei's art museum packs up and leaves the rose garden for a bigger central city site. We hear from director Scott Pothan. [more]

03/07/2011: New arts venue for Whangarei
Whangarei's art community is thrilled at the prospect of a new arts auditorium, but divided over whether it should be a concert hall, a theatre or a venue large enough to stage spectaculars. We talk to one of the interested parties, Nigel Harrison from the Northland Sinfonia. [more]

03/07/2011: Survive and Thrive
Lynn chats to Nick Gerritsen of Crispstart, and Vicki Allpress Hill of The Audience Connection at an upcoming forum aimed at helping New Zealand artists to not only survive these straitened times, but to collectively boost the country's economy. [more]

03/07/2011: L'arte
Feilding-born Judi Brennan dreamt of becoming a fashion designer. It may not have happened, but she hasn't left her love of clothes or shoes behind. Sonia Sly heads out to meet Judi for a guided tour. [more]

03/07/2011: Theatre review : On the Upside Down of the World
Kate Ward-Smythe reviews the Auckland Theatre Company's premiere of On the Upside of the World. It's based on the memoirs of a colonial woman who embraced her new home. [more]

03/07/2011: Featured book : Yvonne Rust, Maverick Spirit
Our featured book today is the biography of one of the far north's best loved and hard working artists, the late Yvonne Rust. Theresa Sjoquist talks about Yvonne's life and work in "Yvonne Rust Maverick Spirit" [more]

03/07/2011: Short and Sweet festival
Theatre's answer to cricket's 20-20. The Short and Sweet festival of 10 minute plays. We ask contributor Thomas Sainsbury if this is a sign of things to come on stage. [more]

03/07/2011: Play it Strange : Matariki
Mike Chunn, champion of New Zealand songwriting, about the Matariki Play It Strange CD we were featuring all afternoon. [more]

03/07/2011: Nga Nau E Wha
Ann Hunt shares her impressions of the latest production by dancers Taane Mete and Taiaroa Royal. [more]

10/07/2011: The Christchurch Arts Festival
The show must, and will, go on - the Christchurch Arts Festival reveals what it has in store from August to October. Lynn spoke to director Phillip Tremewan. [more]

10/07/2011: Downside Story
The two-billion-strong Chinese audience is the Holy Grail for western filmmakers, but China is equally keen to reach outside her borders to the wider world, and an upcoming New Zealand film may be a key figure in that process. Simon Morris spoke to Michael Bennett and Maile Dougherty about their film Downside Story, which will be co-produced with a Chinese animation company. [more]

10/07/2011: Zero To Infinity
Dunedin celebrates the 80th birthday of one of the country's genuine greats in the visual arts, the always ingenious Ralph Hotere. Lynn talked to curator of the exhibition, Natalie Roland. [more]

10/07/2011: Why Milan? New Zealand designers reflect
New Zealand furniture designers face an uphill battle if they are serious about breaking into international markets. Lynn spoke to Nicole Stock, editor of Urbis magazine, and to David Trubridge, Simon James, and Emma Fox Derwin, who've all displayed work at Milan. [more]

10/07/2011: Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow
Director Sophie Fiennes of the Fiennes film dynasty, on paying homage to German artist Anselm Kiefer. He has created a city in the future where people have no place, and Sophie's called her movie documenting this on-going project Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow. [more]

10/07/2011: Ice House Detroit
Visiting US artist and architect Matthew Radune, who created an icehouse in Detroit by freezing an entire derelict house in the name of art and politics. The photographs are in the latest exhibition Rapid Change at Te Tuhi Centre for the Arts in Pakuranga. [more]

10/07/2011: Lava Glass
Sonia Sly heads down the Geothermal Highway to Lava Glass Gallery to chat to artist Lynden Over about the challenges of working with glass and his attraction to fire. [more]

17/07/2011: Becky Anderson: US Independent Bookseller
An insight into the American book industry with one of the international guest speakers at this weekend's Booksellers New Zealand conference. Becky Anderson is the fifth generation of an Illinois family which runs a drug store and bookstore combined. [more]

17/07/2011: Entrance fees for the AFTA Film & Television Awards
Mike Riddell's story was turned into the popular independent film 'Insatiable Moon' and says the new look film awards are discriminating against films like his made without Film Commission funding. We also hear from Anna Cahill of the Screen Directors Guild. [more]

17/07/2011: Ho-hepa: a new opera by Jenny McLeod
Sarah Brodie is the director of Ho-hepa, the first of the homegrown shows to be commissioned for this year's New Zealand International Arts Festival in Wellington. It's an opera based on the life of Ma-ori chief Ho-hepa Te Umuroa who was transported to Tasmania. [more]

17/07/2011: Mrs Carey's Concert
A fly-on-the-wall documentary about an Australian music teacher's determination and the transforming power of music. [more]

17/07/2011: Gennie de Lange
Canterbury-based artist Gennie de Lange shares the intricacies of glazing with us. [more]

17/07/2011: Shelly Bay Artists
An old, run-down navy base has become the perfect setting for a community of artists on Wellington's coastline. Sonia Sly went to meet some of them. [more]

17/07/2011: Poet Lesley Wheeler
American poet, Lesley Wheeler, with her impressions of the New Zealand poetry scene. [more]

24/07/2011: Is NZ TV drama a monolopy?
Why one company has pretty much sewn up the available funding, what that means for other writers with good ideas, and for viewers who don't like that style of drama. Simon Morris talks to with NZ on AIR CEO Jane Wrightson, Rachel Gean from TV3 and Kathleen Anderson from TVNZ. [more]

24/07/2011: American documentary photographer Catherine Opie
Catherine Opie specialises in immortalising communities which come together for brief moments in time, from sports teams to festivals to surfers. [more]

24/07/2011: Beyond the Dark Journey
Makuei Aken is a young refugee from Southern Sudan who's won an award for his poetry and music written about his experiences. [more]

24/07/2011: Textiles Expert Annabel Westman
Sonia Sly goes searching for clues amongst historic textiles at Te Papa and speaks to British textiles expert Annabel Westman. [more]

24/07/2011: Poet and traveller Jennifer Compton
2010 Kathlyn Gratton Poetry Award winner Jennifer Compton has focused on disparate urban centres like Palmerston North and Florence in her collection 'This City?. [more]

24/07/2011: Poet Anna Jackson looks through the 'Thicket'
Anna Jackson lectures in Children's Literature, Contemporary Fiction, and Poetry and Poetics at Victoria University. Her fifth poetry collection is called 'Thicket'. [more]

24/07/2011: NZSO Associate Principal Trumpet Cheryl Hollinger
Cheryl Hollinger wants to get more girls playing brass. She's one of only two women in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra's brass section. [more]

31/07/2011: Photographer Fiona Pardington
Fiona Pardington on the book of images from her touring show of life casts made from the heads of Maori, Pacific and Europeans during the 1830s. [more]

31/07/2011: Dame Fiona Kidman on The Trouble With Fire
Dame Fiona Kidman explores our deepest emotions in her latest short story collection, The Trouble with Fire. [more]

31/07/2011: Tips for independent film makers
The big movie news is a documentary feature about our most famous standup comedian, Billy T James. But how do you generate interest in a less high-profile movie? [more]

31/07/2011: Private Collectors: Part One - Behind Closed Doors
Sonia Sly meets curator Christina Barton of the Adam Art Gallery to discuss the themes and unexpected artworks found in the homes of private collectors. [more]

31/07/2011: Script and screenwriter Stephen Sinclair
Two new plays exploring the dark side to our increasingly virtual lives. [more]

31/07/2011: Theatre Review
Ann Hunt reviews a new watery and sudsy spin on the old circus routines - Soap. [more]

31/07/2011: Andy McKim
We find out how artistic director Andy McKim saved one of Canada's oldest theatres from bankruptcy and closure. [more]

31/07/2011: Knight Landesman
A chat to one of the art world's publishing heroes, Knight Landesman, who's behind the magazine Art Forum. He's heading to New Zealand to speak at the Auckland Art Fair. [more]

31/07/2011: I Love You Bro
Elisabeth Easther reviews I Love You Bro, the latest production from Auckland's Silo theatre. [more]

07/08/2011: National dance company initiative
A discussion with Shona McCullagh and Tanya Kopytko around moves to set up a national dance company in New Zealand. [more]

07/08/2011: Leon Narby's Illustrious Energy
Twenty-four years ago Leon Narby shot the landmark film Illustrious Energy in Central Otago, the story of Chinese goldminers who encountered prejudice and violence at the hands of other miners during the gold rush. The movie has been remastered and we speak to Leon and co-writer, Martin Edmond. Martin also discusses his new book about Colin McCahon whom he first met working on Illustrious Energy with Leon. [more]

07/08/2011: Oceania: Early Encounters
Dr Anne Phillips reviews the Oceania exhibition on at Te Papa and Wellington City Gallery, one of the 'big four' arts events picked to showcase our culture during the Rugby World Cup. [more]

07/08/2011: Discovery of very early Hitchcock film
How many more rare films might be lurking in the vaults after this week's discovery a very early Hitchcock film? Simon Morris talks with Frank Stark from the NZ Film Archives. [more]

07/08/2011: Auckland Art Fair
Mark Amery gives us his assessment of Auckland's Art Fair. He looks at both sides to this huge event - the art and the sales. [more]

07/08/2011: Photographer Jodi Bieber
Jodi Bieber snapped the best press photo in the world last year - a portrait of a mutilated young Afghani woman whose nose was cut off to punish her for running away from her husband. [more]

07/08/2011: Chapter & Verse - Neil Colqohoun
Our featured book is an updated version of an anthology of New Zealand folk songs, gathered together by folk aficionado, Neil Colqohoun in 'Song of a Young Country'. [more]

14/08/2011: Tilt
A Christchurch dance company creates a work revolving around the feeling of having the earth constantly moving under your feet. [more]

14/08/2011: From Here to There
We assess the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company's big overseas tour, asking one of Britain's legendarily tough dance critics what he thought as well as the Company's General Manager. [more]

14/08/2011: The Match: Portraits of NZ Rugby Players
Rugby photographer David Marches who has spent six seasons photographing players just as they come off the field, victorious or defeated. [more]

14/08/2011: SCAPE
After two thwarted attempts, it's third time lucky for the Scape outdoor art project in Christchurch. We speak to participating artists Ash Keating and Darryn George. [more]

14/08/2011: The Constructed Moment
New York-based artist Mary Mattingly who's heading to New Zealand as a guest speaker at Hamilton's SPARK Festival. Mary is preoccupied with water and her art revolves around ways humans could survive when it is in very short supply. [more]

14/08/2011: Katherine Mansfield Short Story Competition Winner
Gemma Bowker-Wright is the winner of the always hotly contested Katherine Mansfield Short Story competition. [more]

14/08/2011: Private Collectors: Part Two - Grassroots Collectors
There's a level of pretention and stuffiness that tends to surround the art world. But for those who collect art there's nothing stuffy about it and reasons to collect often come from a grassroots level. Sonia Sly went to meet some serious collectors and hear their stories. [more]

14/08/2011: Danny Kaye
Visiting Australian actor and improviser Russell Fletcher pays tribute to the comedy genius Danny Kaye. [more]

21/08/2011: The New Zealand Jewellery Design Awards
The annual New Zealand Jewellery Design Awards can really put jewellers on the map. Sonia Sly met three of the four finalist in the 'Fine Jewellery' category. [more]

21/08/2011: Black as Fashion
Clean green, land of the long white cloud, or all black. Which colour do you most identify with as a New Zealander? [more]

21/08/2011: Angela Tiatia
Auckland based TV presenter and artist Angela Tiatia uses her video camera to explore a failed multi million dollar resort development in Raratonga. [more]

21/08/2011: Greg McGee
Writing under an assumed name has been popular with authors over the years who, for whatever reason, haven't wanted to be identified. [more]

21/08/2011: Mike Ashman
They are Opera's best loved double bill, the one act operas Cavalleria Rusticana and Leoncavallo's Pagliacci, "Cav and Pig" for short. The NBR New Zealand Opera is stamping its mark on the duo under the direction of Mike Ashman. [more]

21/08/2011: Word Up 2011
Auckland Hip Hop Artist King Kapisi is a man of many words, and he's shouting out to the next generation of young MC's, songwriters, stand up comedians and hip hop artists. [more]

21/08/2011: Brian Turner
A new collection of poems from Central Otago stalwart Brian Turner, is filled with reflections on aging, isolation and being Brian. [more]

21/08/2011: Font Design
Kris Sowersby is one of New Zealand's highest profile young designers, giving words a whole new look. [more]

21/08/2011: Dame Christine Cole Catley
Hugely respected journalist, publisher and author dame Christie Cole Catley, who's died today at the age of 88 after a brief battle with cancer, notched up many firsts over her lifetime. [more]

28/08/2011: WOW Review
Dawn Tratt went to last night's performance of the World of Wearable Arts and gives us her impressions. [more]

28/08/2011: Arohanui - The Greatest Love
Arohanui - The Greatest Love, an event combining a multitude of Maori cultural elements into a tour de force performance to showcase during the Rugby World Cup. Co-directors Tanemahuta Gray and Jim Moriarty joing the programme. [more]

28/08/2011: Pip Cheshire - Q Theatre
Architect of Auckland's new mid-sized flexi-form Q Theatre. [more]

28/08/2011: Fiona Samuel - Bliss
Fiona's the writer of a new TV series, Bliss, which looks at the life of short story writer Katherine Mansfield from her latter teenage years, it premiers tonight. [more]

28/08/2011: Frank Kozik - vinyl artist
Orinally coming to prominence through his poster design for bands including the Butthole Surder and Pearl Jam, Frank is now better know for collectable creations crafter in vinyl. [more]

28/08/2011: Art Restoration - Poedua: The Pacific Island Mona Lisa
Whilst the painting's conservators take a break, Sonia Sly catches up with framing conservator Matthew O’ Reilly to discuss the function of a frame fit for a Princess.  [more]

28/08/2011: Alex Calder - The Settler's Plot
Dr Alex Calder has taken his fascination with early New Zealand storytelling and compiled it into an historic of pioneer tales. [more]

28/08/2011: Xuefei Yang - guitar virtuoso
Extraordinary Chinese classical guitarist touring parts of New Zealand with the NZSO. [more]

28/08/2011: Opera Review - Cav & Pag
Cavalleria Rusticana and Pagliacci are being performed together back to back by the New Zealand Opera. Dave Armstrong tells us what he thought of these two diminutive operas as a single performance. [more]

04/09/2011: Christchurch Symphony Orchestra
The C.S.O. has a lot to celebrate after a tough year. It's had its Creative New Zealand funding confirmed at its current level for the next three years and it's preparing for its first international tour. [more]

04/09/2011: Auckland Art Gallery
The new-look 121-million-dollar Auckland Art Gallery redevelopment is finally revealed. [more]

04/09/2011: World of Wearable Arts
Today the World of Wearable Art is announcing its first significant foray into the Hong Kong Arts Festival. [more]

04/09/2011: The Bath House
It's taken more than 100 years to complete Rotorua's iconic Bath House building. [more]

04/09/2011: Putting Words to the Feelings
Christchurch will have to wait until next year for its next full-sized Writers and Readers Festival, after the 2010 event was called off days after the September quake. [more]

04/09/2011: Utopia Limited
After one of the best openings of their career, Gilbert and Sullivan's 12th opera sank, seemingly without a trace. [more]

04/09/2011: Don McGlashan
Don McGlashan, who's playing in Christchurch at the Songs to Leave Behind concerts, and as part of the Bellbirds in early October. [more]

11/09/2011: Roadside Stories
We take you on an aural road trip from one end of New Zealand to the other. It's courtesy of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage which has created 100 downloadable stories about people and places, written and dramatised by Dave Armstrong. [more]

11/09/2011: Oi You! Urban Art
Nelsonian George Shaw prepares to share with New Zealand his collection of world street art, including 20 works by art legend, the mysterious Banksy. [more]

11/09/2011: Even Time Quartet
It's glitz, glamour, spray on tans and plenty of bling… Sonia Sly finds out more about the competitive nature of the international female barbershop scene with four girls who have plenty of personality and voices to boot. [more]

11/09/2011: Venus Is...
Elisabeth Easther reviews the first show to be performed at the new Q Theatre loft space in Auckland. It's been a long time coming, has it been worth the wait? [more]

11/09/2011: Kapiti's Mahara Gallery
Kapiti's Mahara Gallery is stepping up its redevelopment plans. [more]

11/09/2011: New Writer's Residency
The country's newest writers residence-in-waiting, the Titirangi home of the late Maurice Shadbolt who wrote there for more than 40 years. [more]

11/09/2011: Kimble Bent Malcontent
Chris Grosz has worked in many fields and now has made his first graphic novel 'Kimble Bent Malcontent'. [more]

11/09/2011: Damn the Sky
Lynn Freeman speaks to the winner of 2011's Album Cover Art of the Year, Nick Keller, whose day job is working with hobbits. [more]

18/09/2011: Book Track
Book Track have created software to enable soundtracks to be synchronised with your favourite books. But does it detract from the joy of reading and using your own imagination? Sonia Sly met with Stephen Gallagher and John Neill to discuss the process of creating a sound design and music composition for 'The Power of Six'. [more]

18/09/2011: Downstage
Is this the beginning of the end for the country's first professional theatre, and one which has had its share of hard times over the past couple of decades? [more]

18/09/2011: Park Road Post
Vicki Jackways is about to set up Park Road Post's offices in Los Angeles, in association with Film New Zealand. [more]

18/09/2011: Actors Action
A new temp agency has been set up to help actors find work in between jobs, to help them achieve some financial security in a notoriously fickle industry. [more]

18/09/2011: Whanganui Glass
Whanganui could well claim to be the heart of glass, given it's the home of one of the main glass art institutions and many glass artists choose to live there. [more]

18/09/2011: Patrick Gillies
The Holy Roller, a NZ fim that's gained quite a bit of publicity - not so much for its subject matter, TV evangelists, as for where and when it was shot. [more]

18/09/2011: Peter Black
Photographer Peter Black has been out and about on the not so mean streets of Wellington with his camera collecting images for his new book, I Loved You The Moment I Saw You. [more]

18/09/2011: Penelope Todd
Love them or hate them, e-books are a growth industry, and Dunedin writer, now e-book publisher, Penelope Todd hopes to catch the wave. [more]

18/09/2011: Malia Johnstone
Malia Johnstone, whose work Body/Fight/Time is part of Footnote dance company's touring Made in New Zealand 2011 Season. [more]

18/09/2011: Black Grace - review
Ann Hunt, reviewing Verse 2 by Black Grace, which head to Auckland from the 5th of October at the Maidment Theatre. [more]

25/09/2011: The Truth Game
Deputy Editor (News) of the Otago Daily Times, Simon Cunliffe is also a playwright. He writes about what he knows in his new work set in the newsroom of a daily paper. [more]

25/09/2011: The future of Wellington arts: a discussion
How can the capital reinvigorate its arts scene? The Wellington City Council is seeking submissions on its draft Arts and Culture strategy. Martin Rodgers from the City Council and Erica Duthie, one of the artists who has taken the time to have her say, discuss the issue with Lynn Freeman. [more]

25/09/2011: Ka Mate: The Haka, The legend
A new documentary on Maori Television tells the story of Ngati Toa chief Te Rauparaha, and the rise of the haka he created. [more]

25/09/2011: Wellington Joystick Orchestra
Sonia Sly asks Nolwenn Hugain how video game joysticks can allow you to play music at the touch of a button. [more]

25/09/2011: Atamira -Te Houhi Review
Raewyn Whyte reviews the latest work from Auckland dance company Atamira; Te Houhi. [more]

25/09/2011: Atimara -Te Houhi Review
Raewyn Whyte reviews the latest work from Auckland dance company Atamira; Te Houhi. [more]

25/09/2011: DJ Connell
Expatriate Hamiltonian D J Connell is riding the kind of wave few New Zealand writers get to experience. With a film adaptation of her first novel in the works, her second book Sherry Cracker Gets Normal is now getting international publishing deals. [more]

25/09/2011: National Youth Orchestra
Joy Tonks has written a comprehensive history of the National Youth Orchestra, which draws on the memories of hundreds of musicians who have played in it. Jane Freed also recounts her experiences as a wide-eyed young violinist. [more]

25/09/2011: Old School-New School
Dish drawers, pop-up toasters and some of the latest high tech offerings from Weta Workshop feature in an exhibition marking the 125th anniversary of New Zealand's oldest design school - the Wellington School of Design - now part of Massey's College of Creative Arts. [more]

02/10/2011: The future of the NZSO
The new CEO of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Christopher Blake on his big vision for the NZSO, here and overseas, when he takes over from Peter Walls in the New Year. [more]

02/10/2011: Orchestral sector under review
A review is underway by the Ministry for Culture and Heritage into whether this country's orchestras are giving us value for money. CEO Lewis Holden explains why it's being done and what it's looking into. [more]

02/10/2011: Kiwi installation artist Kate Newby
Kate Newby has hardly been home over the last couple of years after being awarded residencies around the world, from Mexico to Germany, and she's just won another one - three months in the Big Apple. [more]

02/10/2011: Is truth more entertaining than fiction?
True Stories Out Loud is a show that sees people describe real events in ten minutes. [more]

02/10/2011: Filmmaker Michelle Savill
Michelle Savill discovered some unexpected difficulties when she interned for New York's famous Killer Films. [more]

02/10/2011: Bottled Art
What is the connection between wine and art, and how do wine makers reflect their artform on their labels? Sonia Sly speaks to Geordie Witters of TW Wines, James Milton of Milton Vineyard, and Hayley McCairns from Yealands Estate. [more]

02/10/2011: Lalique glass
Art writer Damian Skinner has documented an extensive collection of René Lalique glass vases in Gisborne and looked into why it too took so long to catch on here in New Zealand. [more]

02/10/2011: Chapter & Verse
Dunedin-based poet Rhian Gallagher's second poetry collection is called Shift and follows her life from growing up on a South Canterbury Farm to living on a London estate to returning home after a long time away. [more]

02/10/2011: Crisis & Isolation
Palmerston North artist Kelcy Taratoa, whose interest in sci-fi, dating back to the original Battlestar Galactica TV series, has resulted in work which is in demand here and overseas, including at a global exhibition in Tel Aviv in Israel. [more]

02/10/2011: The Engine Room - Helen vs John!
Wellington playright Ralph McCubbin-Howell compares the strategising that goes into an election campaign to the strategising that goes into an All Black test match. More than that, it takes us, and former and current Prime Minister Helen Clark and John Key, back to the 1981 Springbok Tour and to the 2009 election campaign. Elspeth Sandys reviews the premiere at Bats Theatre. [more]

09/10/2011: The Master of Light
Bill Culbert talks about being selected to represent New Zealand at the 2013 Venice Biennale. [more]

09/10/2011: A reprieve, of sorts, for Waikato Museum
Hamilton City Councillors shy away from a half million dollar budget cut. [more]

09/10/2011: Art and music collide
The band Fly My Pretties collaborates with a street artist called Flox for their national tour. [more]

09/10/2011: On Your Bike
Dunedin artist Scott Eady reveals 50 bikes, trikes and scooters reclaimed from recyling depots and turned into mini art works for kids to ride around an art gallery. [more]

09/10/2011: Seed of Bird of Soul of Man
Bird poo looks strikingly beautiful under the microscopic lens of Shane Hammond. [more]

09/10/2011: The Art of Cake Decorating
Sonia Sly investigates the art of cake decorating and just like the movies, it's going 3D. [more]

09/10/2011: Chapter & Verse
Our featured writers are two historical fiction novelists. David Young, who's turned from non fiction to fiction but all with an environmental theme, and Witi Ihimaera whose 12th novel is set during and just after the Parihaka invasion. [more]

09/10/2011: Arohanui spectacular
David Armstrong reviews one of the big non-rugby Real New Zealand Festival events. [more]

09/10/2011: Potter Len Castle
A tribute to the hugely respected potter who died recently after six decades creating captivating ceramics. [more]

16/10/2011: Love Christchurch
Christchurch based musician Hera is one of the local acts who have chipped in to a fundraising venture to help set up get a desperately-needed and centrally-located rehearsal space. [more]

16/10/2011: Frankfurt Book Fair
New Zealand has launched it's year-long arts and culture charm offensive on Germany. [more]

16/10/2011: Bridie Henderson
The winner of this year's supreme Portage Ceramics Award. [more]

16/10/2011: Francois Byamana
Francois Byamana and writer Mike Hudson have put together A Thousand Hills - An African Story from New Zealand. It premieres this Thursday at the Hearld Theatre in Auckland. [more]

16/10/2011: The Southside Arts Festival
Daispoadic 679, a visual arts event involving 7 Fijian artists across 6 venues. Sangeeta Singh writer, Luisa Tora, painter. [more]

16/10/2011: Home based printing workshop
John and Alison Brebner run Homeprint. A multi-faceted company which offers workshops aned courses in letterpress printing, binding, papermaking and framing. [more]

16/10/2011: Nicola Easthope
Leaving my arms free to fly around you.The new title of Nicola Easthope's first collection of poetry. [more]

16/10/2011: Linda Olsson
In her new book 'The Kindness of Your Nature', novelist Linda Olsson introduces us to a lonely woman weighed down by her memories, and an unloved child, who meet on a beach on the North Island West coast [more]

16/10/2011: Christopher Doig
The proud Cantabrian was a professional singer for more than 25 years with a particular love of the Wagner Opera. [more]

23/10/2011: New Zealand Post Book Awards
A new governance group has been set up to look at how to improve the country's main book award. We talk to its chair, publisher Sam Elworthy. [more]

23/10/2011: In Frame - Allan Baldwin
Allan Baldwin travelled the country in his caravan collecting photographs of moko back in the 1960s and '70s, but his treasure trove of images have remained largely unseen - until now. [more]

23/10/2011: The Depot
How a community arts space in Devonport has survived for 15 years - not only survived but expanded to help local artists and musicians like Gin Wigmore get started on their careers. Creative coordinator Linda Blincko, Auckland City Councillor Mike Cohen and recording engineer Rikki Morris discuss. [more]

23/10/2011: RE:FRACTION Outdoor Glass Sculpture Exhibition
Twenty-one glass artists from around the country display works at Waitakaruru Sculpture Garden. [more]

23/10/2011: Chapter & Verse - Mark Stephenson
Novelist Mark Stephenson brings a holocaust survivor to New Zealand in 'No Second Chance'. [more]

23/10/2011: Chapter & Verse - Alice Tawhai
Alice Tawhai's new collection 'Dark Jelly' is about people living on the fringe of society. [more]

23/10/2011: Graffiato
Ross Liew explains how retail shops and public spaces in Taupo are being targeted by youths aimed with spray cans. But, it's done with the blessing of the shop owners and council as part of 'Erupt' festival. [more]

23/10/2011: Austen Deans
Jenny Haworth, author of 'The Art of War', explains the artistic legacy left by Canterbury and war artist, Austen Deans, who died during the week. [more]

30/10/2011: REAL New Zealand Festival - Briony Ellis
The director of the REAL New Zealand Festival - the Arts partner to the Rugby World Cup - is Briony Ellis and she joins the programme to give a little post-analysis to the event. [more]

30/10/2011: Breath - the fleeting intensity of life - Vincent Ward
Renowned movie director Vincent Ward takes his visual artistry in a new direction with an upcoming exhibition at New Plymouth's Govett Brewster Gallery. [more]

30/10/2011: Arts Circus - Dr George Parker
Arts Voice Christchurch's Dr George Parker speaks to Arts on Sunday about a new direction for the city's arts scene with a venue inspired by the circus. [more]

30/10/2011: Marble detritus - Martin Selman
Sculptor Martin Selman joins the programme to talk about his works, inspired by every day cast offs from the mundanity of modern life. These objects are reimaged in the medium of Carrara marble. [more]

30/10/2011: Antique Furniture Restoration
Sonia Sly goes into the field and speaks with G&L Antiques' Grant Smith and restorer William Cottrell about the craft and artistry involved in successfully putting life back into antique furniture. [more]

30/10/2011: Chapter & Verse - Breton Dukes
Northland house husband, ocean swimmer and bird watcher, Breton Heath, talks about his other pastime, short story writing. [more]

30/10/2011: Chapter & Verse - Caroline Lark
Dunedin based artist and playwrite, Caroline Lark, speaks about her new poetry collection A Messy Affair. [more]

30/10/2011: Antiquaria - Anah Dunsheath
A leading antiquarian bookseller, Anah Dunsheath talks about her three decades of dealing with specialty rare books with her focus on New Zealand and the Pacific. [more]

30/10/2011: Ballet review - Sleeping Beauty
Ann Hunt has been to see both versions of the Royal New Zealand Ballet's new production of Sleeping Beauty so as to view both sets of lead dancers. [more]

06/11/2011: Actors and Branding
Why is it that some actors appear on our TV screens over and over again? Perhaps it's because those actors are more aware of their 'brand'. Peter Feeney and Miranda Harcourt share their experience in the industry and provide a few tips along the way. [more]

06/11/2011: Karl Fritsch
Based in a studio in Island Bay Wellington, this German-born jeweller works at great pace to create his unmistakeable designs. His work is held in private and public collections in national galleries and museums throughout the world; including MOMA in New York. But for Karl Fritsch the circle is complete when his art comes to life on your fingers. He showcases a selection of works in Rings Without End at Object Space in Auckland. [more]

06/11/2011: Panel discussion - Asian Arts
The Chinese have been an established community in New Zealand for more than a century, but it's only now that we're beginning to see more Asian faces within mainstream media and within the arts. Sisters in the film and theatre industries, Roseanne and Renee Liang, share their perspectives on change, moving beyond sterotypes and the challenges for Asian arts practitioners, along with Malayasian-born visual artist Liyen Chong, whose work with embroidered hair helped to put her on the map. [more]

06/11/2011: Masi
Getting ready to debut her new work at the New Zealand International Arts Festival 2012, director/actor Nina Nawalowalo talks about getting back on stage, magic, and the secret to taking the world by storm with her unique brand of visual theatre. Her new show Masi is an evocative story of love, loss and memory, which sees a collaboration between The Conch and master illusionist Paul Kieve. [more]

06/11/2011: Chapter and Verse
Grahame Sydney's Central Otago: Moving beyond cliches, this publication is a document of Grahame's love of Central Otago which is beautifully illustrated in this pictorial masterpiece. And a bad girl returns to her small home town of Pisa in Michelle Holman's new book Hand Me Down. [more]

06/11/2011: Rising Voices Poetry Slam
Poetry and performance combine in a competition for young people. [more]

13/11/2011: Self-Publishing
There are a number of avenues available for those with a book in mind whether publishing in hard-copy or going digital. Maggie Tarver from The New Zealand Society of Authors shares her insights; and photographer Gareth Watkins and Lucy Orbell chat about why they wanted to get creative. [more]

13/11/2011: Working with an established publisher
Nicola Legat, publishing director at Random House discusses the advantages of working with an established publisher. [more]

13/11/2011: The New Zealand School of Dance Graduation Season
Some of the final year students of the New Zealand School of Dance have the opportunity to perform the work 'Company B' by acclaimed US choreographer Paul Taylor. Richard Chen See - one of the New York Company alumni - is in New Zealand to teach the work, and we talk to two of the school's rising stars - Dane Holland and Daniel McCarroll. [more]

13/11/2011: Neil Peplow
The SPADA conference is a highly anticipated event for those involved in the film industry, and this year producer English filmmaker Neil Peplow (Shooting Fish, Waking Ned and Bright Young Things) is in New Zealand to discuss the ins and outs of future proofing the film industry. [more]

13/11/2011: AFTA Film & Television Awards
Florian Habicht's film Love Story was voted Best Film at last night's Aotearoa Film and Television Awards. The film also won awards for Best Editor and Best Director. [more]

13/11/2011: Chapter and Verse - Tim Jones
Tim Jones reveals how women may learn a thing or two in his book of poetry 'Men Briefly Explained'. [more]

13/11/2011: Chapter and Verse - Mark Sweet
Mark Sweet draws on his experience of travelling through China for his sensual debut novel 'Zhu Mao'. [more]

13/11/2011: Brown Ink
Justin Gregory visits Playmarket's Brown Ink sessions where playright Maureen Fepulea'i has had a staged reading of her as yet unproduced play. [more]

20/11/2011: Kiwa Discussion
The working party proposing a dedicated centre for Maori and Pasifika arts, centre and scientific research, is about to start trying to sell the idea to Auckland authorties. [more]

20/11/2011: New Zealand Arts Fundraising
Guy Mallabone is a Canadian specialist in arts philanthropy and frundraising and he's just been in the country giving tips to New Zealand arts leaders. [more]

20/11/2011: Interior Design
Sonia Sly investigates interior design trends, and also looks at the opportunities that exist here and abroad. [more]

20/11/2011: A Short Cut to Happiness
Reviewed by Terry MacTavish. [more]

20/11/2011: Philip Armstrong
Philip Armstrong, the winner of the 2011 Landfall Essay competition. [more]

20/11/2011: Tim Curnow
This edition of Landfall also marks the centenary of writer Allen Curnow's birth. His son Tim has been his Literary Agent fo the past 40 years. [more]

20/11/2011: Paula Morris
Novelist Paula Morris has spent years researching on of her Maori forebears who fought with Hongi Heka. [more]

20/11/2011: Mary Cornish
Hundreds of avid Ukulele players are practising hard for the 2011 NZ Ukuele Festival. [more]

26/11/2011: Bats Theatre
Wellington's Bats Theatre's knight in shining armour turns out to be Sir Peter Jackson. He and Lady Fran have pitched in to buy the theatre which was up for sale and out of reach of the Bats Trust Board. Arts On Sunday spoke to Victoria Spackman, chair of the board of Bats Theatre. [more]

27/11/2011: Christchurch businesses investing in new art studios
We talk to Grant Close and Simon Edwards, two of those involved in a business/arts collaboration which has resulted in new studios opening in Christchurch's Moorehouse Avenue in just a few days. [more]

27/11/2011: Brian Easton, economist and... art curator?
Brian Easton has picked portraits for the National Portrait Gallery's latest exhibition, The Makers of Modern New Zealand 1930-1960. How did he narrow it down to just 60? [more]

27/11/2011: Museum Hotel Scholarship
Dan Musgrove (Underbelly) and Brooke Williams (Shortland Street) are two young TV stars who have been previous recipients of the Museum Hotel Scholarship, which is awarded annually to one student training as an actor at Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School. The 2012 recipient, Alex Tarrant, is a rising star who has also been offered a major role in a NZ theatre work premiering at the 2012 International Arts Festival. Sonia Sly finds out more about the scholarship when she meets recipient Alex Tarrant, Chris Parkin, owner of the Museum Hotel, and Dawn Sanders from the Shakespeare Globe Centre NZ who was involved in the selection. [more]

27/11/2011: Prospects
Mark Amery joins us with his impressions of the Prospect art exhibition in City Gallery Wellington. Will it be as contentious as the earlier Prospects? [more]

27/11/2011: Chapter and Verse
A new poetry collection from Sue Wootton, By Birdlight; and in her memoir Twelve Minutes of Love, Kapka Kassabova explores the two sides of tango obsession, the light and the dark. [more]

27/11/2011: Canterbury Society of the Arts
Warren Feeney talks about the often turbulent history of the Canterbury Society of the Arts, which still has its fair share of critics who believe it was too conservative and favoured British work to New Zealand art. He's written a complete history of what he was the most influential of the country's art societies, despite its critics. [more]

04/12/2011: Arts Foundation laureates and award winners
We hear from most of the 10 Arts Foundation laureates and award winners honoured this year. Between them they have received $360,000 as an acknowledgement of their excellent, creativity and potential. [more]

04/12/2011: Pixar's Enrico Casarosa
Simon Morris talks to one of Pixar's crack storyboard artists and directors, Enrico Casarosa. [more]

04/12/2011: Make My Movie
Ant Timpson talks about his Make My Movie project which is entering its final stages. At stake, $100,000 to help the winner make a feature film. [more]

04/12/2011: The Questions in the Middle of the Night
An hour-long discussion between writers Kate de Goldi and Glenn Colquohoun, recorded at the 2011 Festival of Colour in Wanaka. [more]

11/12/2011: Unveiled
The new exhibition at Te Papa Tongarewa spans 200 years of wedding dresses from the age of Emily Dickenson through to Lacroix and Vivienne Westwood. Sonia Sly talks to Senior Curator for History, Claire Regnault. [more]

11/12/2011: Behind the Scenes at Weta Digital
Comprising of a team of around 800 staff the effects house is broken into specialist areas; Models, Creatures, Textures, Motion Capture, Animation, Lighting and more. The good folk at Weta Digital unlock the doors to this mysterious world. [more]

11/12/2011: Chapter and Verse - Paddy Richardson
Traces of Red: Television ratings have dropped and glamorous television journalist Rebecca Thorne has lost her edge. In a bid to save her flailing career she begins to dig into the case of a convicted murderer.  Author Paddy Richardson reveals more. [more]

11/12/2011: The Court
Fiona Farrell attended the opening night of the venue's first show, Short Cut to Happiness, and provides us with an insight into the edgy new space. [more]

11/12/2011: Chapter and Verse - Rachel Bush
Rachel Bush's book of poetry is filled with more than just nice pretty things. She explores themes of birth, aging, flora and fauna, alongside the unexpected. [more]

11/12/2011: White Fungus
Sonia Sly meets up with Ron Hanson to find out what it takes to get noticed on the international arts scene, and why they're so intent on taking New Zealand artists overseas. [more]

18/12/2011: New artistic director of the NZ International Arts Festival
Introducing the new artistic director of the 2013 festival - it's a homecoming for Shelagh Margadza. [more]

18/12/2011: Founding artistic director of the New Zealand Dance Company
Choreographer Shona McCullagh brings us up to date with her plans for a national Contemporary Dance School. [more]

18/12/2011: Shot in the arm for the book industry
New Zealand's publishing industry has got a $1 million Christmas present as it prepares to make the most of its year as the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair Guest of Honour nation. The money comes from the Ministry for Culture and Hertiage, as well as the Publishing Association. [more]

18/12/2011: Final arts graduates catchup
We catch up with the first year graduates whose progress we've been following with interest - and admiration - throughout 2011. One of them is now living and dancing in Amsterdam. [more]

18/12/2011: Tim Wilson's The Desolation Angel
'The Desolation Angel' is a collection of short stories by TV journalist and New Zealand Post Book Award nominee Tim Wilson. [more]

18/12/2011: Ewan McDougall
Painter Ewan McDougall has been painting on and off for almost half a century. Now in the book 'Ewan McDougall Paintings' much of his work has resurfaced. [more]

18/12/2011: Graft
A whole new suburb is being built in Auckland. Kind of... artist John Radford has unveiled his newest artwork, an entire inner-city suburb, at a temporary gallery on K Road. Justin Gregory caught up with him while he was installing the work. [more]

18/12/2011: Harbour Arts Collective
We cross to Lyttleton to get an update on the hard working arts community, with the indomitable Harbour Arts Collective battling to keep the quake damaged township humming and to secure it an arts precinct. [more]

29/01/2012: Sergeant Gallery - Whanganui
The project was shelved during the time of the former mayor Michael Laws and his council. But it's back and fundraising for the $20 million project is underway with the full support of current mayor, Annette Main. [more]

29/01/2012: Seek
A new project is encouraging people to donate pre-loved children's winter clothing and shoes in exchange for an original artwork. Helping Mangere children get through winter are artists Dion Hitchens, James Ormsby and Bill Riley. We talk to Dion and Bill about the idea behind their collaboration. [more]

29/01/2012: Film Roundup
Dan Slevin reviews OSCAR contenders including The Descendents; Hugo; The Artist; Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; The Girl with Dragon Tattoo; and Sionne's 2. [more]

29/01/2012: Make My Movie winners
Filmmakers Dean Hewison and Richard Falkner beat out 700 other entries to win the inaugural $100,000 prize to make their feature film - How To Watch Girls from a Distance - about a stalker in search of love. [more]

29/01/2012: Competition
A radio variation of a literary parlour game. [more]

29/01/2012: Auckland's 12th annual International Buskers Festival
We talk to one of a band of international buskers who have taken over Auckland's busy streets this weekend. First they have to round up an audience - that's what our guest hula hoop artist Lisa Lottie from the Netherlands will be about to do as we call her on Auckland's Vulcan Lane. [more]

29/01/2012: Tu
Playwright and director Hone Kouka drops in to talk about his wildly amibitous theatre project - taking Patricia Grace's epic novel and turning it into a stage production. [more]

29/01/2012: Competition Blurb
A radio variation of a literary parlour game. [more]

29/01/2012: Wellington's Writers and Readers Festival
We're in conversation with Anne Chamberlain, the woman charged with organising Wellington's Writers and Readers Festival, to find out what she has lined up, what readers really expect from these kinds of events, and her intriguing CV which includes acting, performing with her sisters in a successful cabaret group and writing responses to Michael Palin's fan mail. [more]

31/01/2012: Designer Hamish Monk
Hamish Monk is the first New Zealander to win a World Architecture News Award in the commercial category. Not only that, he's a one man band who was up against international firms with hundreds of employees. He's designed a series of buildings for Waitako Tainui. [more]

05/02/2012: Opera star and mentor, Dame Malvina Major
She talks about leaving Christchurch to return to her home town of Hamilton, taking on a new job at 68, and how it's getting harder to find sponsors for her foundation for young singers. [more]

05/02/2012: Listener's choice
The 1964 New Zealand film The Runaway is Dr John Reynolds favourite movie - find out why, and how you can share your most loved film, book, opera, TV series, art work or dance production with the nation. [more]

05/02/2012: Dark Stars
The new play Dark Stars is the story of a former Black and White minstrel who went on to become a huge star in Australasia, with audiences loving his racist routines. Writer/director Arthur Meek and actor Jonathon Council look at the fame Irving Sayles achieved… but at what cost? [more]

05/02/2012: Event organiser Amanda Wright
Amanda Wright on her intriguing career which started went from DJing in India and across Europe to starting up the Splore music and art festival in the Hauraki Gulf. Her finely honed organisational skills have seen her work on most of the main arts festivals and events in the country, and her commitment to sustainability is encouraging audiences to precycle as well as recycle. [more]

05/02/2012: Michael James Manaia
Nathaniel Lees and young actor Te Kohe Tuhaka are in rehearsals for a new production of one of New Zealand theatre's genuine classics, Michael James Manaia. Jim Moriarty made the story of the emotionally tortured Vietnam Vet his own back in the 1990s, so what will this new team bring to the work? [more]

05/02/2012: First line of a novel
We announce the winners of our 'first line of a novel' competition. [more]

05/02/2012: Chapter & Verse
Madeleine Tobert a Scot now living in New Zealand who's created a remote Pacific Island on which to set her debut novel, The Sea on Our Skin, published by Hodder and Stoughton. [more]

05/02/2012: The winner of the Tui award for Folk Music, Amiria Grenell
Amelia talks about the two years that went into making Three Feathers, life on the road with a small child and being part of the remarkable Grenell music dynasty. [more]

12/02/2012: Murray Lynch - Playmarket
Murray Lynch from Playmarket examines the reasons for a record year on the New Zealand stage. [more]

12/02/2012: Otago Museum
Council reporter at the ODT, David Loughrey talks about the controversy around funding for the Otago Museum. [more]

12/02/2012: Listener's Pick - Theresa Wyndham-Smith
Theresa talks about her favourite book An Evil Cradling by Brian Keenan. [more]

12/02/2012: Danielle Cormack
Danielle Cormack has been seen recently on our screens as a murderous madam on the TV series Underbelly: Razor and is about to return to the stage in Carol Churchill's 30-year-old play Top Girls. [more]

12/02/2012: The Last of the Summer Wine
A trio of retired gents, fondly called The Last of the Summer Wine, have spent a decade fundraising for an outdoor sculpture exhibition…so why, and how, do they do it? [more]

12/02/2012: Tony Bishop
Sonia Sly visits quirky Invercargill landscape painter Tony Bishop. [more]

12/02/2012: Michael Jackson - An Anthropologist in the Antipodes
Road Markings, an eBook written by expatriate anthropologist Michael Jackson. [more]

12/02/2012: Emma Underhill
Emma is the curator of the Portapavillion Project - part of the Splore Festival near Auckland. [more]

19/02/2012: Wallace Art Exhibition - 20 Paramount Award Winner Exhibition
Dr Peter Shand assesses the exhibition that brings together for the first time the first 20 winners of the country's longest running art award. [more]

19/02/2012: New Zealand on Screen
As the debate over the future and quality of free-to-air TV, and the demise of TVNZ7 continues, Trisha Dunleavy assesses the New Zealand film and television industries, in terms of their creative and cultural impact. [more]

19/02/2012: Listener's pick
A 1940s movie which Reg Turner describes as a love story that remains unequalled… see if you agree. [more]

19/02/2012: Providence
Writer, director and curator Louise Tu'u about creating community-based work and bringing back her play about those who live on the streets. [more]

19/02/2012: Musician Johnny Clegg
The "white Zulu" describes life for a mixed-race band in 1982 South Africa. [more]

19/02/2012: Lima Dance
Contemporary dance is fairly foreign territory for those from the Pacific Island community, and remains largely outside of the vocabulary of PI youth. But with the help of Lima Dance in Auckland, and its founder Olivia Taouma, that's all starting to change. Sonia Sly was recently in Auckland and gets a lesson in Krump 101, and discovers there's a whole lot of talent about to be unleashed in Lima Dance's new production - Mixed Nuts 2: Underworld. [more]

19/02/2012: Ice Blink
Anne Noble has just released a book of photographs taken during three trips to Antarctica. She's also about to open an exhibition, Bitch in Slippers, with fellow Antarctica visitor, author Lloyd Jones. [more]

19/02/2012: Wild Bride
Audrey Brisson travelled the world as a child with Cirque Du Soleil, was directed by Clint Eastwood in the movie Hereafter, and is now heading to New Zealand to appear in a show based on a Grimms Fairy story about a child sold to the devil by her father. [more]

26/02/2012: Dunedin makes a push to rebrand itself as an 'arts city'
Bridie Lonie and Allan Baddock talk about plans for a creative hub and New Zealand's answer to creative cities like Barcelona, Glasgow and Newcastle. [more]

26/02/2012: The Australian Performing Arts Market showcase
Several New Zealand arts companies are preparing to sell themselves to visiting International Arts Festival directors at the APAM showcase. [more]

26/02/2012: Listener's Pick - our first poem
Teoti Jardine explains why he's so keen on a particular Cilla McQueen poem. [more]

26/02/2012: Seeing The Motor Camp at The Fortune Theatre
Anna Henare explains how she's opening up the world of the theatre for people with sight difficulties. [more]

26/02/2012: Stephen Martyn Welch
The winner of the 2012 Adam Portraiture Award explains his initial love hate relationship with his self portrait and his work on a series of portraits for The Sitting, a series that will see TVNZ7 sign off with style. [more]

26/02/2012: Bass baritone Jonathan Lemalu
Jonathan Lemalu is about to return to New Zealand to perform in Chinese and te reo Maori. He talks about life on the road, how his voice just keeps getting deeper, and his first role playing a Samoan character; in an American opera about Moby Dick. [more]

26/02/2012: Actress and administrator Tanea Heke
Tanea Heke is charged with making sure New Zealand writers and publishers get the very most out of its year long invitation to share its literature with Germany. [more]

26/02/2012: Jeweller Warwick Freeman
A conversation with one of New Zealand's highest profile jewellers, Warwick Freeman. He reflects on the early years when he and his colleagues had a lot less competition because of this country's protected market, and describes a new work that uses the once discarded multi coloured dust from the many metals, gemstones and other materials he uses in his work. [more]

04/03/2012: Crowd Funding
The biggest challenge facing an independent film is raising the finance, but a new funding model relies on the trendy new expression "the wisdom of crowds". Simon Morris talks to film producers Lizzie Gillett and Sumner Burstyn about crowd funding. [more]

04/03/2012: Auckland Theatre Company
A campaign's been launched in the Auckland Theatre Company's last ditch effort to secure the money it for its own home on the waterfront, but time may be running out for the project with Council support apparantly waning. We hear from Chief Executive of the ATC, Lestor McGrath. [more]

04/03/2012: Listener's Pick
John Harrison choosese a classic sci-fi movie from the 1950s - The Forbidden Planet. [more]

04/03/2012: The thorny issue of copyright
Will tightening the infringement laws ultimately help or hinder artists? Artist Bronwyn Holloway-Smith is in no doubt it will be a hinderance. To get people thinking, she's producing and selling 3D miniature copies of other artists sculptures. [more]

04/03/2012: From Degas to Dali
We meet Dr Simon Groom, who's accompanied priceless artworks on loan to New Zealand from Scotland's galleries. [more]

04/03/2012: Productive Bodies
Productive Bodies is the name of a new performance art work by director Mark Harvey who's exploring the notion that unemployed bodies are just as productive as employed ones. [more]

04/03/2012: Chapter and Verse
Aleksandra Lane moved to New Zealand from war-torn Serbia as a teenager in the mid 1990s. Her poetry talks about her life there, the realities of war on communities, and adjusting to life in a new and very different country. [more]

04/03/2012: NYC Review
Raewyn White's along to review the first ballet chosen for the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company by its new high profile artistic director, Ethan Steifel. [more]

04/03/2012: Summer Shakespeare
Playwright Dr Angie Farrow whose theatre and radio plays have been a hit here and overseas, on the 10th anniversary of Palmerston North's Summer Shakespeare, which she set up and has continued to champion. [more]

06/03/2012: Hundertwasser project in Whangarei
This multimillion dollar project has got the green light from the council despite the concerns of many ratepayers. We ask one of the councillors who've backed it and a former companion of the reclusive artist why it will be worth such a vast investment in these tight economic times. [more]

11/03/2012: Paul Maunder - Goodnight Irene
A West Coast theatre company is performing a play about a fictional family who loses someone in the Pike River Mine disaster. Goodnight Irene opens at Dunedin's globe theatre this Thursday as part of the Dunedin Fringe Festival. [more]

11/03/2012: Taika Waititi - Boy
The film Boy broke all box office records when it was released in NZ two years ago. It was funny, it was serious at times - but above all, it was completely and utterly us. So how do you sell such a specifically NZ film overseas? [more]

11/03/2012: Listener's pick - LP Siddell
Sarah Gill from Hamilton explains what draws her to the work of painter, Peter Siddell. [more]

11/03/2012: Alex Taylor
One of the future stars of New Zealand composition, Alex Taylor is the 2012 composer in residence with the National Youth Orchestra.   [more]

11/03/2012: Anna Claire Thompson - Jeweller
Sticks and stones may break your bones, but its spiky brass creatures that are likely to hurt you. Sonia Sly meets with Invercargill-based artist Anna Claire to talk about her jewellery. [more]

11/03/2012: Fergus Barrowman - SPORT 40
Victoria University Press publisher and the editor of the literary anthology SPORT, Fergus Barrowman looks back on almost a quarter of a century championing new New Zealand writing. The latest edition also profiles new German writing, with New Zealand being the Frankfurt Book Fair's Country of Honour in 2012. [more]

11/03/2012: Askew One
Askew One's exhibition, Smoke Signals, opens on Friday at Australis House in Auckland's Britomart. [more]

11/03/2012: Rona Cooper - Earthquake to Exquisite
Rona Cooper's exhibition Earthquake to Exquisite opens on Thursday at The Colombo in Sydenham. [more]

18/03/2012: The Maori Troilus and Cressida
The honour of being invited to open London's season of staging international productions of every play by Shakespeare for the city's Cultural Olympiad doesn't come with enough money to get the New Zealand company over there. The Maori Troilus and Cressida battles to raise enough money to get to the big event in just a few weeks time. Lynn talked to star and prime mover, Rawiri Paratene. [more]

18/03/2012: Listener's Pick
Our first play - one that's been in the news with its revival after no one dared take it on for 20 years. Neil Wilson talks about the production that touched his life, Michael James Manaia. [more]

18/03/2012: NZ Pops
We find out why New Zealand's waited until now to set up its own Pops Orchestra, from one of the instigators, Will Martin, one of this country's big successes in the UK. [more]

18/03/2012: The New Zealand Music Foundation
A new emergency fund has been launched for musicians - why is it needed and what constitutes an emergency? The fund will also help organisations using music in health and learning projects. Campbell Smith and Don McGlashan explain why they're right behind the New Zealand Music Foundation. [more]

18/03/2012: Wild Iron
Italian-American musician, Lorenzo Buhne settled in New Zealand with his wife Kedron Parker after a crazy life on the road with US punk band The Dickies. In a desire to discover more about his new home he came across the works of New Zealand poets who he brings to life in musical form with Wild Iron. He talked to Sonia Sly. [more]

18/03/2012: Chapter and Verse
Our featured writer is debut novelist Sacha de Bazin, who's tried to set the record straight about Minnie Dean, remembered in the history books as a baby killer and the only woman to be executed in New Zealand. [more]

18/03/2012: Workroom
Father and daughter designers Douglas and Rebecca Snelling are two of more than fifty designers who are taking over Auckland retail outlets so they can show what they're made of as part of Urbis Design Day. [more]

25/03/2012: Dawn Cheong
We meet the winner of the 2012 Adam New Zealand Play Award. [more]

25/03/2012: Suzanne Porter
We try to establish how the new look local councils will deal with the arts communities under the government's plan to scale back their 'cultural' responsibilities. We hear from a concerned festival organiser and the head of Local Government New Zealand. [more]

25/03/2012: Listener's Pick
Jo Murphy's best loved poem, 'As I Walked Out One Evening', by W H Auden. [more]

25/03/2012: Port Workers
Artist Fiona Jack gets political and public with her new work, a large series of photographic portraits of Auckland port workers involved in the current industrial dispute. [more]

25/03/2012: Te Hono ki Aotearoa
Jan Beiringer talks about her documentary Te Hono ki Aotearoa, which follows a Dutch museum's commissioning of a genuine Maori war canoe. It's a journey from Old Zealand to New Zealand and back again. [more]

25/03/2012: Artspace 25th Anniversary
It's happy 25th Anniversary to Artspace in Auckland, we talk to two of its founders, Wystan Curnow and Mary-Louise Brown about why it broke new ground when it was opened and how it's moved with the times. [more]

25/03/2012: The history of the book
Professor Leslie Howsham is an authority on the history of the book, which goes back much further than you might think. [more]

25/03/2012: Printmaker Katy Buess on volunteering in Vanuatu
Invercargill-based print maker Katy Buess had always dreamt of volunteering abroad but felt she didn't have any practical skills to offer. But an opportunity eventually came her way. She chats with Sonia Sly about how an experience as part of a VSA programme in Vanuatu has informed her work, along with the rewards and challenges of conducting an art-based rehabilitation programme in a local men's prison. [more]

01/04/2012: Curator and artist Susan Wilson
Susan Wilson, who's become an authority on the works of British painter Lucian Freud. [more]

01/04/2012: Auckland visual arts critic, T J McNamara
The life and times of the arts critic who's been reviewing for The Herald for 46 years. [more]

01/04/2012: Devised theatre
Sonia Sly meets with Christian Penny, director of Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School; Tom McCrory, senior movement tutor (Toi Whakaari)and cofounder of Pacific Island theatre Company The Conch; and Bert Van Dijk, author of Devised Theatre: a practical guide to the devising process, to discuss the importance of devising, the problems of creation, and the need for surprise and accessibility within the theatre. [more]

01/04/2012: Operatunity
The country's busiest touring company has helped many aspiring young singers to find an audience and a singing career and it's celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. [more]

01/04/2012: Penguin Book Reviewer's Club
We find out about a pilot programme a publisher is trialling in Auckland, trying to encourage young people to review the books they read. [more]

01/04/2012: Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Drafts
Visiting North American poet Rachel Blau DuPlessis who's on the verge of completing an epic poem she's been writing since 1986. [more]

01/04/2012: Listener's Pick
A movie adapted for the big screen by a playwright who adapted it from an LP Hartley novel - The Go-Between. [more]

08/04/2012: Society Slump Superstars
What if life was a musical and it could help to relieve society from the doom and gloom of the global economic crisis? That's the question posed in a tongue-in-cheek musical created by Nelson-born Josh Stewart. He's created a world where the Prime Minister has his own backing singers, and if you want to live you have to sing for your life. Sonia Sly finds out about the power of musicals and why the TV series Glee has a lot to answer for. [more]

08/04/2012: The National Jazz Festival turns 50
70's band Earth Wind & Fire are in Tauranga to help with the birthday celebrations. [more]

08/04/2012: Listener's Pick
Lawrence McIsaac talks about the 1969 musical, "Oh what a Lovely War" [more]

08/04/2012: Why Isn't Theatre Dead Yet?
A panel recorded at the recent New Zealand International Arts Festival Writers and Readers Week in Wellington, debating the premise that theatre is dead. Ken Duncum, teacher of Victoria University’s scriptwriting course, led a discussion with playwrights and screenwriters Dave Armstrong and Robert Shearman. [more]

15/04/2012: Clown Doctors
Trained actor and doctor Thomas Petschner combined his skills to form Clown Doctors. It's a programme providing comic relief to patients in hospital. The programme has been running in Auckland and Christchurch, and now with the help of The Museum Hotel, it's been made possible in Wellington. Sonia Sly heads along to the audition. [more]

15/04/2012: Grant Tilly in Film
John Reid talks about Grant Tilly, who made an impact not only in theatre, but also in NZ film and television. [more]

15/04/2012: Listener Pick: Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard may well be one of the greatest films of all time. Mark Knowles offers his two cents. [more]

15/04/2012: A Second Life: developing NZ theatre
Discussing the issues of touring, infrastructure, audience and offshore markets are Cath Cardiff from Creative New Zealand; Hilary Beaton, CEO and Director of Downstage Theatre; and Mark Westerby, Coordinator for the Performing Arts Market. [more]

15/04/2012: Book Feature - Ann Packer
Author and freelance journalist Ann Packer discusses her crafting memories and shares some top tips from her travels across the country on the release of her book: Crafty Girls Road Trip. [more]

15/04/2012: Mapgie Press
Justin Gregory went along to Auckland's Magpie Press to meet printer Shona Gow and her Heidelberg Windmill Letterpress, called Hildegard. [more]

15/04/2012: Visual Artist John Coley
John Coley emerged from a stimulating bohemian era, recalling 22 Armagh Street in the 1950s as a place where he and his young creative cohorts gathered together to write manifestos and challenge the boundaries of what lay before them. He discusses the significance of this period on his work, his experience with visual impairment, and why it's important to connect with an audience, ahead of his exhibition 'Nightlights'. [more]

22/04/2012: Palmerston North's cultural precinct
Palmerston North is one of the latest regions wanting to boost its image as a creative hub. [more]

22/04/2012: The Juniper Passion
This ANZAC Day, a New Zealand classical CD inspired by the World War Two Battle of Monte Cassino, will make history of its own. [more]

22/04/2012: Listener Pick - Gordon Walters
Today's Listener's Pick is a New Zealand painting which changed things for designer and writer Michael Smythe of Auckland. [more]

22/04/2012: Peter Hayden
Peter Hayden is an actor, writer, producer and the voice of many natural history documentaries. [more]

22/04/2012: Angels and Aristocrats
Five New Zealand galleries have joined forces to tour an exhibition of Early European Art which have made their way into our public collections. [more]

22/04/2012: Political Theatre
John Smythe reviews Other Peoples' Wars which is on at Bats Theatre in Wellington. [more]

22/04/2012: Writers: Paula Green
Poet and editor Paula Green immersed herself in the language of love to bring together an anthology of 150 New Zealand love poems. [more]

22/04/2012: Writers: Gigi Fenster
Gigi Fenster was a construction lawyer in South Africa before migrating to New Zealand and starting a new Life. [more]

22/04/2012: Deadly Ponies
Twenty Seven Names, Stolen Girlfriends Club, and Salasai New Zealand fashion labels are starting to catch the eye of international buyers and fashion editors. [more]

29/04/2012: SCAPE Public Art Development Workshop
Christchurch artists are being primed to contribute to the new city as it takes shape, in a move that it's hoped will also prevent an exodus of young creatives. [more]

29/04/2012: Super City
Madeline Sami's show Super City has caught the attention of ABC bosses in America, so she gets some tips on how to write for that market from US TV producer Greg Berendt. [more]

29/04/2012: Listener's Pick - Underland
Julia Hathaway chooses Sydney Dance Company performing to the music of Nick Cave. [more]

29/04/2012: Disappear in Light
Documentary maker Leonie Reynolds and her subject, writer and performer Jo Randerson reveal the determination, anguish and joy that goes into getting a new play up on stage. [more]

29/04/2012: Atamira
Maori TV revisits and films six Maori plays and gives them a prime time slot. The producer of Atamira is Bailey Mackey, and we also talk to one of the playwrights, Briar Grace Smith, about what this opportunity to extend the audience for her plays means to her. [more]

29/04/2012: Gisborne Concert Bands
Whilst guitars and rock n' roll threaten the culture of the concert band, in Gisborne they're intent on keeping them alive. The region has three bands and a long standing history as Sonia Sly finds out. [more]

29/04/2012: Stephanie Johnson - The Open World
In 'The Open World', novelist Stephanie Johnson tells a story of secrets and half truths based on the life of one of her ancestors. [more]

29/04/2012: Goldsmith Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler
One of the growing number of Waiheke Island artists whose work is in demand here and overseas. Christine Hafermalz-Wheeler celebrates her 40 years as a goldsmith with exhibitions in Wellington, Stuttgart and Hong Kong. [more]

06/05/2012: National Flash Fiction Day
A national writing competition for the very, very succinct. It's exclusively for those who write short short stories. [more]

06/05/2012: Canterbury University arts cuts
Four years after it was apparently saved, the Film and Theatre Studies course at Canterbury University is under serious attack. [more]

06/05/2012: Listener's Pick
Naomi Middleton from Wellington selects 'Old as the Hills' by New Zealand singer-songwriter Tiny Ruins. [more]

06/05/2012: Cat Auburn
The artist - and Weta Workshop artisan, explains her fascination with deer and horses. [more]

06/05/2012: Baritone Warwick Fyfe
The Australian baritone girds his loins for what he calls the zenith of the Verdi baritone repertoire - the title role of the opera 'Rigoletto'. [more]

06/05/2012: Jo Tito and Todd Sheridan
Gisborne-based couple Jo Tito and her partner Todd Sheridan are both full time practicing artists but each have very different visions about their art and where it sits in the context of Maori Art. [more]

06/05/2012: Chapter and Verse - Geoff Dyer
Versatile British writer Geoff Dyer talks about yoga, not writing a book on D H Lawrence, and why he's inspired by the cult Russian film 'Stalker'. [more]

06/05/2012: Chapter and Verse - Witi Ihimaera
Novelist and short story writer Witi Ihimaera celebrates his debut, 40 years ago, the short story collection 'Pounamu Pounamu'. [more]

06/05/2012: Tuhituhi: William Hodges, Cook's Painter in the South Pacific
Auckland University's Laurence Simmons explores the work of the 18th century painter, William Hodges, who introduced the beauty of the South Pacific to a fascinated world after travelling with Captain James Cook. [more]

13/05/2012: Cultural Currency
What does contemporary New Zealand look like when it's placed on the global arts stage and what is it worth? According to arts journalist Peter Brunt, it's the multicultural voice of Aotearoa that's reaching international waters. Sonia Sly speaks to actor and writer Jacob Rajan, musician Bella Kololo and visual artist Kerry Ann Lee, to find out how they view their ethnicity in the context of their art practice, and whether they use it as a form of currency to further their work here and abroad. [more]

13/05/2012: Listener's Pick
Ex-pat Brit and now Christchurch resident, Ian Hankin, Wellington selects Woody Allen's 1979 movie Manhattan. [more]

13/05/2012: Arts funding
Sporting stars have the high profile Halberg Awards; now the Arts Foundation is planning an equivalent event for artists. It's also funding a crowd-funding website - - to tap into more donors. We hear more from the Arts Foundation's executive director, Simon Bowden. [more]

13/05/2012: Taupo's temporary fountain
Public art tends to generate conversation along the lines of those who love the work and those who can't stand it. But in Taupo an artwork by Tim Barlow is getting people talking openly about a big issue for the area - geothermal power. [more]

13/05/2012: Ian McKellen's New Show
A review of Sir Ian McKellen's show currently touring New Zealand. It's called Ian McKellen On Stage, and Gail Pittaway was at the performance in Hamilton. [more]

13/05/2012: Conductor David Zinman
Richard Strauss's colossal Alpine Symphony is seldom tackled, given that it demands around 100 musicians. Five-times Grammy Award winner David Zinman is conducting the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra as it takes on one of its biggest challenges. [more]

13/05/2012: Chapter and Verse
Melbourne-based New Zealand writer Julian Novitz takes us into the minds of three teenage misfits in his dark new novel, Little Sister. [more]

13/05/2012: The Enchanted Flute
Editor, poet, teacher and fantasy writer James Norcliffe has just published a new fantasy book about two Kiwi kids trapped in another world with mythological figures, The Enchanted Flute. [more]

13/05/2012: Barbershop fever
The world of barbershop quartets with John Denton from the City of Sails Chorus. And no, it's not all about boaters, blazers, and big moustaches. [more]

20/05/2012: Leonie Agnew
Leonie Agnew was a double winner at the New Zealand Post Book Awards for her novel 'Super Finn'. [more]

20/05/2012: Listener's Pick - Rigoletto
Verdi's tragedy Rigoletto is our listener's pick today, reviewed by Dave Armstrong. [more]

20/05/2012: 48 Hour film maker - Lisa Fothergill
Lisa Fothergill is producer, production manager and assisstant editor for Mo Appreciation Collective. [more]

20/05/2012: Listener's Pick - Cindy Muggeridge
This week's Listener's Pick comes from Cindy Muggeridge of Wellington, who's talking about her favourite opera Rigoletto. [more]

20/05/2012: Moss Patterson
Atamira Dance Company's new show Kaha features the full "Poi E Thriller" that formed the finale to Taika Waititi's film "Boy". [more]

20/05/2012: Sarah Larnach
Kiwi painter Sarah Larnach has designed the cover of Ladyhawke's new album. [more]

20/05/2012: Ariana Tikao
Ariana Tikao is performing at Te Papa in the upcoming Matariki celebrations, and Pao Pao Pao next month. [more]

20/05/2012: 48 Hour Film Festival - Luke Wheeler
Luke Wheeler from the Auckland team Sinistral, talks about the 48 Hour Film Festival. [more]

20/05/2012: Lawrence Patchett
Raumati writer Lawrence Patchett won The Long and the Short of it short story competition last year, and his debut collection is called I Got His Blood On Me. [more]

20/05/2012: Anne Kennedy
Fiction and screenwriter and poet Anne Kennedy and her poet husband Robert Sullivan have called Hawai'i home for about a decade, but her latest poetry collection encompasses New Zealand as well as the wider Pacific. [more]

20/05/2012: Kelli Anderson
New York artist Kelli Anderson has a way with paper, from creating a working paper record player, to catching out commuters with a perfectly counterfeited NY Times. [more]

27/05/2012: Lisa Chandler
A fascination with airports and train stations earned Nelson artist Lisa Chandler an invitation to the conference Affected Landscapes in the UK. [more]

27/05/2012: Theatre Criticism
A panel chaired by Lynn Freeman and comprising Colin McColl, John Smythe, and Arthur Meek discuss the state of theatre criticism in the wake of the recent decision by The Listener to "dial back" its theatre reviews. [more]

27/05/2012: Matthew Salapu - Remix the Orchestra
The Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra's upcoming "Remix The Orchestra" fuses classical music with urban beats. [more]

27/05/2012: Art Activism
Sonia Sly meets Concerned Citizens -an arts collective of socially and politically-conscious young people who have started a volunteer-run, community gallery. [more]

27/05/2012: Solomon Mortimer
How does this Auckland street photographer get people to pose for him? [more]

27/05/2012: Sharolyn Kimmorley - singing judge
Australian vocal coach Sharolyn Kimmorley has been in the country as part of the judging panel for the Lexus Song Quest. How does she rate these young Kiwi singers? [more]

27/05/2012: Michael Moynahan
Michael Moynahan has had a publishing career which has spanned more than 25 years and culminated in a spell as CEO of Australia and New Zealand for HarperCollins. [more]

27/05/2012: Lynn Davidson
Common Land is the title of Lynn Davidsons revealling new poetry collection. [more]

27/05/2012: Olivier Latry - Organist
French virtuoso organist who is about to perform with the NZSO in June. [more]

31/05/2012: The Arts Report - Art Activism
Sonia Sly meets Concerned Citizens - an arts collective of socially and politically-conscious young people who have started a volunteer-run, community gallery. [more]

01/06/2012: International ballet star Darcey Bussell
Darcey Bussell is in New Zealand for a dream-come-true event for the country's young ballet dancers. [more]

03/06/2012: Photographing the London Olympics
Meet two New Zealand photographers who'll be in the thick of the action at the London Olympics…Getty Images' Hannah Johnston and Phil Walter will be looking for that perfect shot. [more]

03/06/2012: Actor Dean O'Gorman
Dean O'Gorman takes time out from his role as Fili the dwarf in The Hobbit to share some of his other passions: photography and his recreation of scenes from the Vietnam War. [more]

03/06/2012: Aspiring Kiwi opera singers
For aspiring Kiwi opera singers, there's a well-trodden path to high-level training in the UK. But some choose to go in another direction. Justin Gregory met up with Amelia Berry and Rachelle Pike at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City. [more]

03/06/2012: Listener's Pick
Erin Daldry's pick coincides with a movie that became a cult favourite, The Princess Bride. [more]

03/06/2012: Tribes
A play about a deaf youth who is ignored and misunderstood by his family gets theatre goers talking in England and America. Nina Raine's play is coming to New Zealand. [more]

03/06/2012: Chapter and Verse
Children's illustrator and writer, David Elliot, in conversation with John McIntyre from The Children's Bookshop. [more]

03/06/2012: International ballet star Darcey Bussell
The acclaimed prima is in New Zealand for a dream-come-true event for the country's young and aspiring ballet dancers. [more]

10/06/2012: Film archivist Cameron Curd
A New Zealand film archivist has made history of his own, by scoring one of a handful of places at America's Selznick School of Film Preservation in New York State. Cameron Curd is currently a curator and archivist at the Aotea Utanganui Museum of South Taranaki. [more]

10/06/2012: New Zealand Book Awards
This year's New Zealand Book Awards judges make a plea for more fiction award finalists just a few years after the number was reduced. Why, and what are their chances of being heard by the organisers? [more]

10/06/2012: Deirdre Tarrant
We salute Deirdre Tarrant, who's leaving the Footnote Dance Company she founded 26 years ago… though she's not leaving her famous dance studios on Wellington's Cuba Street. [more]

10/06/2012: Rip It Up
Thirty years of our premier rock magazine - founding editors Murray Cammick and Alastair Dougal remember the start of Rip It Up. [more]

10/06/2012: Enlightenment
Richard Mays reviews Enlightenment, which has just had its New Zealand premiere in Palmerston North's Centrepoint Theatre. [more]

10/06/2012: The Laugh Track
Actor and poet Peter Bland remembers working with some of the comedy greats, from Dave Allen to Bob Hope. [more]

10/06/2012: Samoa-New Zealand artistic exchange
Visiting Samoan video maker Galumalemana Steven Percival heads a cultural exchange from Samoa. We compare and contrast the Samoan and New Zealand art and craft scenes. [more]

10/06/2012: Chapter and Verse
Our featured writers are visiting haiku authority, American Jim Kacian, and Mary Edmond-Paul, who talks about her latest book about writer and journalist Robyn Hyde. [more]

10/06/2012: Haiku Aotearoa Festival 2012
This weekend, Haiku lovers from around the country will be in Tauranga for a festival celebrating this ultra-precies literary form. One of the international guest speakers is Jim Kacian who founded the Haiku Foundation and has 14 collections of poetry to his name. [more]

10/06/2012: Looking Outside In
Established in 1993 Pablos Art Studio accommodates more than 100 artists a year and was set up as a community art space primarily for those who have experience with mental illness. The workspace and materials are provided free of charge and the artists themselves have varying skill levels, some with formal art school backgrounds. Sonia Sly went along for a tour with art tutor Menno Huibers, and had the pleasure of a portrait sitting with artist Charles Cunningham. [more]

17/06/2012: The New Zealand Doctor's Orchestra
An ensemble entirely made up of doctors and other health professionals, prepares for its inaugural concert in Nelson. We talk to one of the busy doctors who've made it happen, Tom Wilkinson. [more]

17/06/2012: The digital revolution in film
Should it even be called film anymore, and is the death of 35-mill celluloid something to fear or applaud? [more]

17/06/2012: Dunedin sound artist Sally McIntyre
Sally McIntyre gives us access to her extensive recordings made during her recent CNZ Wild Places residency on Kapiti Island. Over six weeks she recorded everything from bird calls to hail, deserted historic sites to buoys. [more]

17/06/2012: Fan Art Swap
If you've ever liked the idea of having your portrait done and you have a whacky sense of humour then getting involved in a fan art swap could be just for you. But in order to get some love you have to give some love. You don't have to be a celebrity (be it that that's one of the origins of fan art - see Justin Bieber fan art) and it doesn't require any level of artistic skill, just a bit of imagination, a touch of madness and some postage stamps to send it off on its way. Sonia Sly finds out more when she speaks to graphic designer/ fan art swapper and lover Kalee Jackson whose blog came out of her desire to connect with others. [more]

17/06/2012: Jonathan Alver - freelance director of stage and screen
From London's West End to opera with all the bells and whistles, to Shortland Street. Jonathan Alver's now working with the National Youth Theatre on Joseph's Technicolour Dreamcoat and writing a film script. [more]

17/06/2012: Poet Brigette Oleschinski
Brigette Oleschinski is one of three German poets who are working with three New Zealand poets to write about the recent Transit of Venus, which they watched together in Tolaga Bay. In October they will present their poems at the Frankfurt Book Fair, where New Zealand is the country of honour. Brigette talks about her observations along with one of the Kiwi Transit of Venus poets, Chris Price. [more]

17/06/2012: Glacial
Experimental musician David Watson sees possibilities in the Great Highland Bagpipes that others might have missed. His band, Glacial, with jazz drummer Tony Buck and Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo, have a new LP out and David's amplified and improvised pipe playing is very much to the fore. At his home in Brooklyn, New York, David talks to Justin Gregory about blowing the bag and how the band got their name. [more]

17/06/2012: Auckland Festival of Photography
Photographer Murray Cammick reviews some of his personal highlights of the current Auckland Festival of Photography. [more]

24/06/2012: The 11th Festival of Pacific Arts
Dianna Fuemana and Damen Kamali are two of the 120-strong delegation of artists who are heading to Soloman Islands on Monday, to represent New Zealand at the 11th Festival of Pacific Arts. Creative NZ is spending half a million dollars on the trip, so what's in it for our artists, for this country and for the host nation? [more]

24/06/2012: 7UP Talkfest
We find out if a craft sector talk fest over the past few days at Auckland's Objectspace has come up with concrete ideas to improve the lot of our designers and makers. Glass artist Elizabeth McClure and art researcher Linda Tyler tell us if 7UP will make a difference. [more]

24/06/2012: Apocalyptic Intuition
Rohan Wealleans made a name for himself in the art scene here by layering paint and carving things out of the big cake-like wedges he created. Now he's restored a giant polystyrene head from an old TV show and turned it into a man cave, complete with white shag pile carpet and cushions, a jewelled ceiling and an oracle. [more]

24/06/2012: The Dame Malvina Major Foundation
Two internationally successful young New Zealand opera singers sing the praises of the Dame Malvina Major Foundation which helped them and many others make it big. Hear the full story from Kristen Darragh and Phillip Rhodes, who are both taking part in the Foundation's upcoming 25th anniversary concert. [more]

24/06/2012: Sunset Road
Miria George's latest play is called Sunset Road, it's premiered in Wellington and our reviewer Uther Dean was in the opening night audience. [more]

24/06/2012: Oliver!
Hamilton reviewer Gail Pittaway shares with us her impressions of Oliver! the musical, starring Rocky Horror's Richard O'Brien as - who else? - Fagin. [more]

24/06/2012: Swedish movie producer Jenny Gilbertsson
Simon Morris talks to Jenny Gilbertsson, who is still pinching herself over the extraordinary world-wide success of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Her new film is called Last Will. [more]

24/06/2012: Illustrator and author - Ben Galbraith
Gisborne-based Ben Galbraith doesn't quite paint by numbers but by what he reads on the tube. That's because he's colour blind. Not that this ever stopped him from picking up the colours that he can't even see. He's the author and illustrator of award-winning children's book The Three Fishing Brothers Gruff, a project that launched his career almost six years ago, catching the eye of UK publishers. He talked to Sonia Sly. [more]

24/06/2012: The Kerikeri International Piano Competition
We head to Kerikeri to find out how, every two years, this small community manages to host an international competition for aspiring young pianists. The competition not only gives New Zealand pianists an invaluable opportunity against top class competition, it's also a financial windfall for the township. We talk to two of the hard working trustees, Jill Cottle and Tony Norman, about how the festival started, and where it's heading. [more]

24/06/2012: I Sing The Body Electric
Elizabeth O'Connor reviews a new show from the country's longest running experimental theatre company, Christchurch's Free Theatre. Its latest boundary-pushing play is called I Sing The Body Electric. [more]

01/07/2012: Fiona Farrell : The Quake Year
Christchurch writer Fiona Farrell offers revealing stories in her book of interviews called The Quake Year. [more]

01/07/2012: Philly De Lacey : Seige
Siege was a brilliant drama covering the notorious Jan Molenaar stand-off with the Napier police. Simon Morris spoke to Siege producer Philly De Lacey. [more]

01/07/2012: Kyle Mewburn : Frankfurt book fair
After months of gushing talk about New Zealand being the Frankfurt Book Fair's country of honour, there are questions being raised over how we're representing ourselves. [more]

01/07/2012: Brinkley Warren : vulnerable art
American Fullbright Fellow Brinkley Warren has started an art project working with Wellington's homeless community. [more]

01/07/2012: Kate Ward Smythe : Black Confetti
Kate Ward Smythe reviews the Auckland Theatre Company's new production, Black Confetti, by award winning playwright Eli Kent. [more]

01/07/2012: Catherine Bisley : Killer Films
An internship with an American film company helps local director and Wellington film maker Catherine Bisley know what she doesn't want to do. [more]

01/07/2012: Mike Nicolaidi : books
Today's featured writer is Mike Nicolaidi, journalist, arts administrator and now novelist. [more]

01/07/2012: Joey Vaessen, art
Joey Vaessen - the young contemporary New Zealand art lover who's behind a pop-up art gallery idea to make the most of Auckland's empty spaces. [more]

08/07/2012: Fallen Robot
Artist Ronnie van Hout returns from Melbourne to install Fallen Robot, a massive one-and-a-half ton public art work for the Dowse Art Museum. He's also presenting an exhibition based on his memories of The God Squad, formally known as Canterbury's Full Gospel Mission. [more]

08/07/2012: The Creative Giving pilot programme
Creative New Zealand whistles up taxpayers' money into helping arts organisations find private funding, investing just over a million dollars in the Creative Giving pilot programme over three years. The scheme started with workshops taken by Guy Mallabone (right) who specialises in this kind of fundraising internationally. He has some tips for New Zealand art organisations wanting to get involved. [more]

08/07/2012: Who gets to go to the Frankfurt Book Fair?
We follow up on last week's criticism of New Zealand's approach to being the Frankfurt Book Fair country of honour. Kevin Chapman (left) from the NZ Publishers' Association responds to Kyle Mewburn's concerns over the lack of children's and YA writers at Frankfurt. [more]

08/07/2012: Storyboarder and director John Stevenson
John Stevenson started out working on the Muppet Show, now he has made a name for himself as a storyboarder, director and consultant on some of the biggest animated feature films including Shrek, Toy Story, Madigascar to Kung Fu Panda. [more]

08/07/2012: Home AKL
Peter Shand casts his critical eye over the latest exhibition at Auckland Art Gallery. Home AKL features the work of three generations of Pacific artists and is the gallery's first group exhibition of Pacifica contemporary artists. [more]

08/07/2012: Inspiring Stories
What does it take to tell inspiring stories that have the potential to shape attitudes and transform the future? Guy Ryan, CEO for Inspiring Stories Charitable Trust, believes that film making is the key. He set up the trust to provide a platform for young people around the country to learn about the importance of storytelling, so that they can tackle 21st Century issues head-on, using the lens of the camera as a vehicle for positive action and social change. Sonia Sly attends a workshop in Wellington to find out more. [more]

08/07/2012: Syria & Lebanon
Photographer Paul Grimwood can finally reveal shots he took in the Middle East, and he reflects on how things have changed there in the six years since he took them. [more]

08/07/2012: Sound Full exhibition
Two sound artists - an Australian and a New Zealand - who're involved in a very noisy trans-Tasman exhibition in Dunedin. Michael Graeve and Phil Dadson talk about the link between art and sound and explain what they've created for. [more]

15/07/2012: Lawn Art
German artist Ralf Witthaus, whose canvas of choice is lawns, is planning to create a vast lawn installation for Auckland later in the year - The Borehole to New Zealand - as part of his first International Lawn Art project. [more]

15/07/2012: Green Fire Islands
Maori musician Horomono Horo and Irish fiddler Steve Cooney are two of 17 performers taking part in Green Fire Islands, a combined concert of both cultures which will be performed in front of thousands of people at the London Olympic Games cultural curtain raiser on the banks on the Thames. [more]

15/07/2012: Fix TV
We look at the launch of a arts/magazine show performed in front of a live audience then edited for an even larger web audience - Fix TV. Host Adam Page and producer Mark Westerby tell us the lessons learnt from their first episode. [more]

15/07/2012: Lexus Song Quest
Amitai Pati and Stephen Diaz are two of the six finalists in the 2012 Lexus Song Quest. They describe how they cope with the expectations and pressure involved with competing at this level, in a competition which has launched so many international operatic careers. [more]

15/07/2012: George Henare
George Henare is revisiting a Bruce Mason play he acted in when it premiered in 1968, Awatea. Then he was the prodigal son, now he plays the blind father. [more]

15/07/2012: Colleen Trenwith
Colleen Trenwith bluegrass fiddle virtuoso from the Hamilton County Bluegrass Band. [more]

15/07/2012: James Brown - Warm Auditorium.
Wellington poet James Brown, who's just released his fifth collection, 'Warm Auditorium'. [more]

15/07/2012: Circuit - Artist Film and Video Aotearoa
Curator Mark William's had a problem: how to sustain the longevity of artist film and video projects after exhibition. So over the past year and a half he's been working on a solution -a virtual store house called Circuit which is now home to 300 New Zealand artist videos, and the focus is on developing national and international audiences for the work. [more]

15/07/2012: The Free House
The Free House in Nelson is unusual in that it's untied to any brewery - hence the "Free" bit - and it's housed in an old church. As further evidence of their interest in unusual venues, they've now added a Mongolian ger as a gig venue on the property. Amelia Nurse meets owners Eelco Boswijk and Mic Dover to discuss their novel business model - over a beer in the ger. [more]

22/07/2012: Sarah Houboult
Sarah Houboult, winner of the inaugural Big A Artistic Achievement Award. [more]

22/07/2012: Collen Plank and Graham Bennett
Artist and tutor Collen Plank is behind a community exihition in Nelson called Slick, where atists and school children are looking at our dependence on petroleum-based products. In Picton, scluptor Graham Bennett is working on an exhibition of miniture wall sculptures based on Japanese whale meat tins. [more]

22/07/2012: Simon O'Neill
Tenor and Wagnarian specialist Simon O'Neill is kicking off more than a year of wall to wall Wagnerian operas concerts around the world. [more]

22/07/2012: Art Fido
Melbourne Based Juan Garcia has established an online site called Art Fido. The site has more than 50 New Zealand artists to date. Sonia Sly talked to Gary Langsford of Gow Langsford Gallery in Auckland, Artist Bee Dougherty Pratt and Art Fido's Juan Garcia. [more]

22/07/2012: Mark Dorrell
Mark Dorrell. Music Director, musician and vocal coach. Mark can name drop performers such as Dame Judi Dench, Hugh Jackman and Sir Ian McKellen, having working on West End productions with them. [more]

22/07/2012: Stag Spooner
Stag Spooner. A self taught artist who's left a remarkable record of his life in the bush and during the war. Neville (Stag) Spooner grew up in Carterton during the Great Depression. Wellington based author Chris Maclean came across Stag's illustrated diary and realised it's place in social history. [more]

22/07/2012: Janet Charman
Auckland Poet Janet Charman won the Book Award for Poetry for Cold Snack four years ago. Her latest collection At The White Coast goes back to her years spent living in Thatcher's England. [more]

22/07/2012: Nuclear Family
Desiree Gezentsvey and daughter Yael have brought their play Nuclear Family to New Zealand for it's first perforamce here. It's recieved five star reviews and making the top 100 list of must see shows at the Edinburgh Festival. [more]

29/07/2012: Orchestra funding review
There's a shake up coming for the country's orchestras. Tight funding and falling audiences has led the Ministry for Culture and Heritage to put out a discussion document with four options for change for orchestral music. We focus on two of the five orchestras included in the review, Dunedin's Southern Sinfonia and the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. [more]

29/07/2012: Tatarakihi the Children of Parihaka
Paora Joseph, the director of a documentary about Parihaka… this time a group of children discover what happened to Maori captured and moved around the country by British soldiers. Tatarakihi: the Children of Parihaka is screening as part of the Film Festival. [more]

29/07/2012: Dance Lucy Green
Star of stage and, thanks to The Secret Lives of Dancers, screen too… dancer Lucy Green takes on her first lead role as Cinderella. The reality for her now is a punishing rehearsal schedule and practicing to wear a tutu studded with 90,000 crystals. [more]

29/07/2012: Peripheril Relations
An exhibition here in New Zealand of rarely seen work and ephemera of the influential 20th century artist Marcel Duchamp, most famous perhaps for his inverted urinal called The Fountain. The Adam Art Gallery show also features work by New Zealand artists influenced by Duchamp's 'ready made' approach to art. [more]

29/07/2012: Dunedin's Really Authentic Gilbert and Sullivan
After 11 years and 14 operas, Dunedin's Really Authentic Gilbert and Sullivan season comes to an end. [more]

29/07/2012: Waka
Ann Hunt reviews Waka, a work dance company Black Grace is performing for the first time in New Zealand after taking it overseas. [more]

29/07/2012: The Road That Wasn't There
This week some of our local Kiwi talent will be making it onto the international stage as part of The Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Writer and actor Ralph McCubbin Howell has written a twisted children's fairy tale set in a Central Otago Gold mining town. The Road That Wasn't There brings to life 53 characters, a paper town and one of Wellington's iconic figures Ben Hana, otherwise known as Blanket Man, a member of Wellington's homeless community who passed away last year. Sonia Sly speaks to Ralph and Director Hannah Smith to find out more. [more]

29/07/2012: A tribute to author Margaret Mahy, in her own words
We play an extract from an interview Margaret Mahy gave us in 2005 about writing New Zealand stories for Kiwi kids. [more]

29/07/2012: Chapter & Verse
The recipient of this year's Kathleen Grattan Poetry Award, Emma Neale, on her winning collection, The Truth Garden. [more]

29/07/2012: Floor Resistance
Walters Art Prize nominee Alicia Frankovich who blends visual arts and live performance in her show Floor Resistance. [more]

05/08/2012: Now! Here! festival
NZ's sound art community has plenty to make noise about right now, with the publication of Erewhon Calling, a history of local experimental music. To celebrate, publishers and sound art advocates Audio Foundation have launched Now! Here!, an Auckland festival of all things audible and interesting, which will also host free workshops for the public. Artist John Radford will lead Aucklanders on sound tours around the inner city, revealing its hidden soundtrack. Justin Gregory joins him at a local landmark for a sneak preview. [more]

05/08/2012: Berlin-based expat artist Simon Denny
Simon Denny recently took out an international award at the Basel Art Fair for his work looking at the demise of TVNZ7 - now he's in the running for the Walters Art Prize. [more]

05/08/2012: The new arts precinct proposed for Christchurch's central city
Lynn speaks to three people whose organisations lobbied for a strong arts profile in the new city: Adam Hayward from the Body Festival, Phillip Aldridge from the Court Theatre, and Luke di Somma from Arts Voice. [more]

05/08/2012: Make-up artist Peter King
Peter King is the man behind the make up design for the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. He's won an Oscar and a Bafta for his work on The Lord of the Rings, while other film credits include Nine, the Nanny McPhee movies, King Kong, Thunderbirds and An Ideal Husband. [more]

05/08/2012: Crossroads Art Gallery
We help North Canterbury's Crossroads Art Gallery in Cheviot celebrate its 10th birthday. Bernadette Ware talks about what visitors to the area are looking for in terms of art these days, and how the gallery's survived so long. We also hear from one of her feature artists, Keith Reed. [more]

05/08/2012: Scordatura
Cellist Robert Ibell explains scordatura, which involves going to the trouble of re-tuning stringed instruments, and opens up a whole new world for musicians. He brings his cello into the studio for a demonstration. [more]

05/08/2012: Madeleine Pierard's New Zealand tour
Peter Williams reviews the start of a nationwide concert tour by one of New Zealand's most successful young sopranos, Madeleine Pierard. It's organised by Chamber Music New Zealand, and several of the concerts will also star Madeleine's sister Anna. [more]

05/08/2012: Chapter and Verse
Journalist Bianca Zander, who can now add novelist to her CV with the publication by Penguin of The Girl Below. [more]

05/08/2012: The Sum of the Parts
An ambitious long term plan to map New Zealand's cultural identity is highlighted in a new Auckland exhibition, The Sum of the Parts. It's so big it takes up three gallery spaces. Lynn talks to curator Erin Forsyth and musician Alex Taylor. [more]

12/08/2012: Anthony Goicolea
New York fine arts photographer Anthony Goicolea (right) is known internationally for his powerful and sinister staged photographic self-portraiture works which explores the realm of coming of age, masculinity, and alienation in which he appears as multiple characters in a single image. He'll be giving workshops as part of Spark - the International Festival of Media, Arts and Design held in Hamilton this week. Image courtesy of Spark. [more]

12/08/2012: Return to Haiwaiiki - Samoa Friendship Week
This year 2012, marks the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Friendship between New Zealand and Samoa which was signed shortly after Samoa gained independence from New Zealand in 1962. A range of events occurred over the week and participating were a team of New Zealand's creative talents. Matthew Faiumu Salapu aka Anonymouz and mixed media visual artist Leanne Clayton join us to share their experience of the week long festivities. [more]

12/08/2012: National Country Music Awards 2012
What does it take to become a leading light in the country music scene in New Zealand and what kinds of opportunities could be up for grabs for the winner of the National Country Music Awards? We find out more when we chat to some of last night's winners. [more]

12/08/2012: Dance review
Raewyn White reviews Shonagh McCullagh's debut work with The New Zealand Dance Company - The Language of Living. [more]

12/08/2012: The Snake Pit
Auckland's Snake Pit is an art space with an uncertain future. And that's just how they like it. Housed in an empty clothing store in the very centre of the city, this three-level hub is home to galleries, studio spaces, clothing designers and an all-ages underground music venue. They've been in operation since the building's owner took a shine to them a year ago and offered them a tenancy on very friendly terms. But at some point this highly commercial space will be re-let and so the end for Snake Pit could come at any moment. But as artist Sam Thomas and designer sister Rosie tell Justin Gregory, uncertainty is all part of the fun. [more]

12/08/2012: Theatre Director Geoffrey Hyland
Geoffrey Hyland is a busy man. This year already he's directed All's Well that Ends Well for the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, a Spanish dance version of The House of Bernada Alba for the second largest English arts festival on the world, and Between for The International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival… and now this award-winning South African theatre director is in New Zealand to direct an Australian play at Toi Whakaari: New Zealand Drama School. We find out where he sees parallels between continents, and ask what it is that he's searching for. [more]

12/08/2012: Chapter and Verse
Wellington-based author Catherine Robertson has been writing at breakneck speed. She's just released her second book The Not So Perfect Life of Mo Lawrence only a year after her debut novel, The Sweet Second Life of Darrell Kincaid hit the New Zealand best seller list last year. It's been a busy two years for this local writer who also heads to The Frankfurt Book Fair in October. [more]

12/08/2012: Michael Hofmann
Michael Hofmann (left) is one of the leading translators and cultural mediators enabling readers all over the English language world to discover German literature in translation. He's won every possible award for literary translation, most recently, the Thornton Wilder Prize worth $20,000 (US), but also the IMPAC award for his translation of Herta Mueller's Land of Green Plums. He plays a unique role in the translation world, with an equal reputation as a poet and a translator, and he is also known as a leading literary critic. He's in new Zealand on invitation from the New Zealand Centre for Literary Translation and Victoria University International institute of Modern letters. [more]

12/08/2012: Theatre review - The Pride at The Silo
Starring Kip Chapman , Simon London, Dena Kennedy Oliver, and directed by Sophie Roberts. Philip and Sylvia are caught in a kind of erotic time warp. Their complex love triangle, replete with conflicting loyalties and passions, shifts from 1958 to the present and back again in a maelstrom of fantasy, repression and rebellion. [more]

19/08/2012: Art writing criticism
What is the state of art writing and criticism in New Zealand, what qualifications do visual art reviewers need, and who do art critics write for? Sonia Sly speaks to art critics Mark Amery, Megan Dunne and Jon Bywater, who divulge on matters of personal opinion versus objectivity, changes that need to take place, and how art writing works in a commercialised sphere. [more]

19/08/2012: Gow Langsford Gallery
We help John Gow and Gary Langsford celebrate the 25th anniversary of their Auckland art gallery. They opened their first gallery together in a converted gas station in Grey Lynn in 1987. Now you find the Gow Langsford Gallery right next to Auckland Art Gallery. Twenty-five years on they are still very much in the business and marking their anniversary with a special exhibition. [more]

19/08/2012: Man in a Suitcase
Erin Harrington reviews the premiere of Lynda Chanwai Earle's latest play, 'Man in a Suitcase', at Christchurch's Court Theatre. It's starting point was true story of a kidnapped Chinese student whose remains were found in a floating suitcase in Auckland. [more]

19/08/2012: Opera boss Sarah Billinghurst
Sarah Billinghurst is probably the most powerful New Zealander involved in opera. She's in charge of artistic matters at New York's Metropolitan Opera, and she makes time in her busy day to chat to Justin Gregory. [more]

19/08/2012: Script workshops
While most writers' work is vetted by many pairs of eyes before it's unleashed on the world, plays sometimes fall straight from the brain to the stage. Julie Hill explores how script workshops can benefit playwrights, and how they work. [more]

19/08/2012: Janet Frame - Gorse is Not People
Janet Frame, with the publication of new and previously uncollected stories in 'Gorse is Not People'. Her niece and co-executor Pamela Gordon has overseen the publication. [more]

19/08/2012: Forte Series
Ann Hunt reviews Footnote Dance Company's 'Forte Series'. [more]

19/08/2012: Walters Arts Prize nominee Sriwhana Spong
Sriwhana Spong's remounted show 'Fanta Silver and Song' is part of the Walters Art Prize exhibition at Auckland Art Gallery. [more]

26/08/2012: Len Lye - The Opera
After ten years hard work, composer Eve de Castro Robinson gets to fulfill her dream. We hear from her and the opera's artistic director, Uwe Grodd. [more]

26/08/2012: Early New Zealand fashion
An upcoming exhibition by the Fashion Museum has delved into the wardrobes and bottom drawers of some of those early home sewers. Lynn Freeman speaks to one of the organisers Doris de Pont, and to one of the contributors, Rosey Thomas. [more]

26/08/2012: Immunity from Seizure for Cultural Objects on Loan
Does New Zealand need a law to protect objects borrowed from overseas institutions from being seized by others with an interest in them? The Ministry for Culture and Heritage has put out a discussion document looking at the pros and cons of immunity from seizure legislation. Dr Claudia Orange from Te Papa shares her views. [more]

26/08/2012: TV scriptwriter and short film maker Kate McDermott
Kate McDermott has worked on successful series like Go Girls and is the head writer for the second series of Nothing Trivial. Plus she has a new TV series, The Blue Rose, on the go. [more]

26/08/2012: Kate Newby
Kate Newby concludes our series of interviews with the four 2012 Walters Art Prize Nominees. [more]

26/08/2012: Paul Nache Gallery
Four years ago Matt Nache and a friend set up a contemporary art gallery in a warehouse space that overlooks the clock tower in Gisbourne. Sonia Sly finds out about the gallery and speaks to one of its rising young stars, Matt Arbuckle. [more]

26/08/2012: Speed of Life
The story of how Masterton independent bookseller, Hedleys, scored a David Bowie coup. They have a few precious copies of a limited edition book 'Speed of Life', in which Bowie collaborated on with his favourite photographer, Sukita. Lynn Freeman spoke with David Hedley and Nick Rylance from the publishers, Genesis. [more]

02/09/2012: The winner of the career-making Lexus Song Quest Amitai Pati
The contest has had name changes ove rthe many years it's been going. But winning the title is still important to yesterdays and todays top singers. [more]

02/09/2012: The Evolution of Samoan Tattoo
For two weeks the art of Samoan traditional and contemporary tattoo is being performed live at the Wellington City Gallery for all to see as part of an exhibition 'Sui faiga ae tumau fa'avae'. [more]

02/09/2012: Expat Kiwi ballet star Kase Craig
Kase Craig talks about dancing with a Bordeaux-based professional French company. He now dances in many of the most gorgeous performance venues in Europe. [more]

02/09/2012: Dog Park
Another post-quake Christchurch art initiative, Dog Park. It's a new Waltham-based gallery presenting challenging works by both local and international artists. [more]

02/09/2012: Virtuosi
Filmmaker Sue Healey has interviewed a selection of top New Zealand dancers who're now based overseas, for her documentary Virtuosi. It will premier at the upcoming Christchurch Body Festival. [more]

02/09/2012: Chapter and Verse
Riemke Ensing, who's one of the contenders for the Lauris Edmond poetry prize being announced on Sunday at the Christchurch Writers Festival. [more]

02/09/2012: Chapter and Verse
Christchurch poet Karen Zelas, whose first collection, Night's Glass Table, won an Australian Publishing Prize. [more]

02/09/2012: Oliver Sewell
The Godley Scholar in ChristChurch Cathedral Choir talks about life for the choir without their much loved Cathedral and their preparations for the upcoming festival of cathedral choirs. [more]

09/09/2012: Watermarking : Melanie Oliver
A miniature version of Wellington Harbour is being built in Liverpool, complete with mud from the Hutt River. Watermarking is New Zealand's contribution to the Liverpool Bi-ennial, the UK's largest international contemorary art festival. [more]

09/09/2012: Kete Symposium
The Kete craft and design fair and symposium wraps up this afternoon at The Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington. How have traditional crafts been transformed into craft art. [more]

09/09/2012: White Cloud : Stories and Songs
Singer/songwriter Tim Finn and playwright Ken Duncum gather their family histories to create a show about what it means to be a kiwi. [more]

09/09/2012: The Bartered Bride : Daniel Slater
Opera director Daniel Slater updates The Bartered Bride for Opera New Zealand. He says reworking the classics is something singers love. [more]

09/09/2012: The Air Force Proms : Owen Clarke
Flight Squadron leader Owen Clarke prepares to conduct the Royal New Zealand Air Force Band one last time when he conducts The Air Force Proms Concert at the Michael Fowler Centre in Wellington next Sunday. [more]

09/09/2012: Kobi Bosshard : Goldsmith
Damian Skinner details the life and work of influential Swiss-New Zealand jeweller Kobi Bosshard. [more]

09/09/2012: When in Rome : Nicky Pellegrino
Nicky Pellegrino imagines working for the late singing sensation Mario Lanza in her latest novel "When in Rome" [more]

09/09/2012: Original Voices : exhibition
Outsider Art has been big overseas for over 20 years. Curator Stuart Shepherd thinks we need to catch up with the rest of the world. [more]

09/09/2012: Review : Clybourne Park
David O'Donnell reviews the New Zealand premiere of Clybourne Park - a play that's won a Tony, an Olivier and the Pulitzer Prize. [more]

16/09/2012: Remembering Don Binney
Painter, birdwatcher and conservationist Don Binney died on Friday. For over five decades he was hugely respected for his depictions of landscapes and particularly of native birds. He worked in oil, acrylic, charcoal, ink and carbon pencil. [more]

16/09/2012: The Toronto Film Festival
New Zealand Film Festival director Bill Gosden reports in from the Toronto Film Festival where several New Zealand movies have earned standing ovations. [more]

16/09/2012: The Les and Milly Paris Art Collection
Ahead of one of the art auctions of the year, we remember the Les and Milly Paris Art Collection, gathered over decades of the Wellington couple falling in love with works of art. [more]

16/09/2012: Celebrating Women in Construction
Anything a man can do a woman might do differently and that's positive as far as the women who work in the construction industry are concerned. [more]

16/09/2012: Body Art
Lynn went to find out about the pitfalls and possibilities of using the human body as a canvas. [more]

16/09/2012: Pat Hanly
Gregory O'Brien, talking about his book on a painter with one of the brightest palettes in New Zealand art history, Pat Hanly. [more]

16/09/2012: Kirsten McDougall
First time novelist Kirsten McDougall lands her protagonist, Phillip Fetch, with the ghost of his mother in her book, The Invisible Rider. [more]

23/09/2012: Opera on New Zealand
Christchurch loses its own opera company but New Zealand gains a truly national opera institution. Aidan Lang (right) from NBR New Zealand Opera explains. [more]

23/09/2012: Bret McKenzie
Bret McKenzie talks about his time with movie-making team Rob and Duncan Sarkies, ballet-dancing and cricket. [more]

23/09/2012: Lynn Shelton
Lynn Shelton director of Your Sisters sister talks about the film and its stars. [more]

23/09/2012: Matiu Somes - The Next Chapter
An exhibition showcasing the works of artists from around New Zealand who took part in a weekend residency on Matiu/Somes Scientific and Historic Reserve earlier this year. Sonia Sly speaks to Christchurch artist Ben Reid, Auckland artist Stanley Palmer and Dunedin-based German artist- Inge Doesburg about aliens, predators and hidden messages. Matiu Somes: The Next Chapter is on at Wellington Solander Gallery and runs from 26 September to 27 October 2012. [more]

23/09/2012: Alex Monteith - Rena
Multi-media artist Alex Monteith on her exhibition marking the first anniversary of the Rena grounding disaster, and on making history with an exhibition in Frankfurt. [more]

23/09/2012: Houses of Stone
Janet Bateman, the widow of long time publisher David Bateman speaks about the fulfilment of his life long dream, to publish his own novel….but sadly, he left it just too late to see Houses of Stone printed. [more]

23/09/2012: Going Solo
Sophie Roberts, a young actor and director who's already won awards for both skills, and has been nominated for a playwriting award as well - and she only left Toi Whakaari five years ago. Now she's helping this year's Toi graduates with their crucial Go Solo performances. [more]

23/09/2012: Flashback Tales and Treasures of Taranaki
Curator and author Andrew Moffat reveals some of the hidden treasures from New Plymouth's Puke Ariki museum in his book 'Flashback Tales and Treasures of Taranaki'. [more]

23/09/2012: One of the lead dancers at WOW, Alex Leonhartsberger
Alex Leonhartsberger talks about just how tough it is wearing some WOW costumes that can be heavy, awkward and hot! [more]

23/09/2012: One of the lead dancers at WOW, Alex Leonhartsberger
Alex Leonhartsberger talks about just how tough it is wearing some WOW costumes that can be heavy, awkward and hot! [more]

23/09/2012: One of the lead dancers at WOW, Alex Leonhartsberger
Alex Leonhartsberger talks about just how tough it is wearing some WOW costumes that can be heavy, awkward and hot! [more]

29/09/2012: Novelist and TV writer extraordinaire Neil Cross
Neil Cross talks about his Emmy-nominated series Luther, his episodes of Doctor Who, winning the country's big crime writing award this year, and why he calls New Zealand home. [more]

29/09/2012: New Plymouth's Len Lye Centre
It's taken eight years of intensive fund raising but New Plymouth's Len Lye Centre has got the green light. The $10 million dollar plus project still has its critics, but its supporters say it'll be a bonus for the city culturally and financially. [more]

30/09/2012: The Space Between Words
Christchurch photographer Guy Frederick, who's worked with locals on an exhibition looking at the long term psychological effects of the quake. The Space Between Words is on at Christchurch's Central Library Tuam from 8-23 October. [more]

30/09/2012: Zine Culture
What's the difference between a zine and a magazine? In the case of artist Kerry Ann Lee's Permanent Vacation it's hard to tell because its professionally printed, and looks more like an art publication. Sonia Sly finds out about what makes a good zine, how the formats are endless and how obsessions and questions can lead down a zine-making path. Wellington zine creator Hannah Salmon talks interchangeable demonic faces and creative activism with her award-winning zine Daily Secretions, and Auckland based Sam Orchard shares his transgender 101 experience with Boy in a Big City. [more]

30/09/2012: The Sapphires
Australian director Wayne Blair makes a flying visit after seeing The Sapphires make its debut at the Cannes Film Festival. [more]

30/09/2012: John Keats
You'd think his story had been told a million times over, but Nicholas Roe offers some fresh insights into John Keats in a new biography, published by Yale University Press. Nicholas' Keats is more robust and earthy than the pale fragile young man the Victorian's portrayed. [more]

30/09/2012: A Man Runs Into A Woman
Kiwi writer Sarah Jane Barnett, whose poems include the last words of executed murders in her debut collection, A Man Runs Into A Woman. It's also the debut book by Hue & Cry publishers. [more]

30/09/2012: Choreographer Lyne Pringle
One of our early contemporary dancers, now also an in demand choreographer, Lyne Pringle, who talks about her current environmental trilogy and why she's hanging out with trees in Auckland for the next few months. [more]

07/10/2012: Otago University Sextet
The 100th anniversary celebrations of the Otago University Sextet with all six members of this year's iteration of this illustrious Capping tradition. [more]

07/10/2012: Otago University Sextet
The 100th anniversary celebrations of the Otago University Sextet with all six members of this year's iteration of this illustrious Capping tradition. [more]

07/10/2012: The Otago Festival of the Arts
Director of the Otago Festival of the Arts Alec Wheeler drops by on the event's opening weekend. [more]

07/10/2012: Play
Climbing out of an urn where he's been stuck rehearsing Samuel Beckett's play Play, is one of Dunedin's best known and loved actors, Simon O'Connor. [more]

07/10/2012: Dance company Okareka
Tairoa Royal and Taane Mete's Maori dance company Okareka is about to tour their current show, Nga Hau E Wha. When that's over they're straight into workshopping two new productions, one of which has already caught the eye of the Edinburgh Festival. [more]

07/10/2012: The Middlemarch Singles Ball
Ella West drops by to talk about her contribution to the Otago Festival of the Arts, The Middlemarch Singles Ball. It was a big hit in the Otago township where it's set. [more]

07/10/2012: Spooky Men's Chorale
Spooky Men's Chorale are starting a nationwide tour at the Otago Festival of the Arts. They're serious singers who parody singing styles and what it means to be a bloke. [more]

07/10/2012: Ermehn - Trained to Kill
Former member of Otara Millionaires Club and Radio Backstab, Herman Loto Sakaria, aka Ermehn, is often referred to as the Godfather of South Auckland hip hop. During his solo career he could be seen on stage wielding a machete and wearing a lava lava, and he sourced inspiration in his second album 'The Path of Blood' through first-hand experience with gang-life. Seven years on he's gone clean and living a different kind of life. Sonia Sly talks to him about the old days, nerves and heading into the launch of his third album 'Trained to Kill', produced by Anonymouz. [more]

07/10/2012: Kai Hau Kai
Dunedin artists Simon Kaan and Ron Bull are just back from New Mexico where they've been working on a project blending food and art, Kai Hau Kai. [more]

14/10/2012: Allen Adair
A theatrical world premiere in Paparoa for its 150th celebrations, with an adaptation of Jane Mander's novel Allen Adair. We talk to the playwright, George Skelton (right) and to the director, Peter Flower (far right) about this landmark production for the Otamatea Repertory Theatre, and for the region. [more]

14/10/2012: An insight into what it takes to programme an arts festival
Weeks on the road in foreign countries, out seeing shows every night including the Edinburgh Fringe... But it's pleasure and business for New Zealand International Art Festival director, Shelagh Magadza who's just back from two months touring looking for shows for the next festival. [more]

14/10/2012: Expat Kiwi dancer and choreographer Cameron McMillan
Cameron McMillan had a blistering start to his career dancing for the New Zealand and English Ballet companies, and legendary contemporary dance company Rambert. These days as a freelancer, he's not only in demand by contemporary dance companies, but also works in film and fashion. The Arts Foundation has picked Cameron as a 2012 New Generation Award winner. [more]

14/10/2012: Electric Wire Hustle
Band members of Electric Wire Hustle talk about making music with their biggest fans - their parents. We're joined by Mara TK who's the son of Billy TK, and father and son percussionists Myele and Sam Manzanza, who talk about their family concert that will premiere at the Nelson Arts Festival. [more]

14/10/2012: Kitchen at the End of the World
Award-winning German stop motion animator and puppeteer has brought together the Greytown Arts Festival programme and chipped in a production of his own. Steffen Kreft's play the Kitchen at the End of the World is described as a work of avante-garde puppetry. [more]

14/10/2012: The opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair
Amelia Nurse checks out how Wellington writers, poets and translators celebrated the opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair. [more]

14/10/2012: Selling the Dream
The art of early tourism and its place in this country's art history with art historian Warren Feeney and editor Peter Alsop. Selling the Dream is a Craig Potton publication. [more]

14/10/2012: Piera McArthur
Octogenarian artist Piera McArthur imagines the trials and tribulations facing Bishop Pompallier, the flamboyant founder of the Catholic church in New Zealand. [more]

14/10/2012: Third Person - Tense!
Actor Stephen Papps on creating a two person solo show. He and Lizzie Tollmache talk about the existentialist black comedy Third Person - Tense! which is about to premiere at Auckland's Basement Studio. [more]

21/10/2012: Homegrown TV
Homegrown TV drama is expensive - and every hit show means three or four programmes that can't get made. And what happens to TV drama when an ambitious new series like TV3's Hope and Wire takes $5 million out of the kitty? These are decisions to be made by the funding body NZ On Air. Lynn talked to NZ On Air chief executive, Jane Wrightson. [more]

21/10/2012: Fresh Meat
We ask Maori screenwriter and novelist Briar Grace Smith, what is a nice playwright doing writing a splatter-movie like Fresh Meat? [more]

21/10/2012: Creative Giants
In what it describes as a New Zealand first, Palmerston North's city council have developed a website, Creative Giants, which details 50 creative souls born in the region, from musician Billy TK, to artist Shane Cotton to opera sensation Anna Leese to comedian John Clarke. Axel De Maupeou d'Ableiges is the council's cultural coordinator and actor and artistic director of Palmerston North's Centrepoint Theatre, Jeff Kingsford-Brown, is one of the featured creatives. [more]

21/10/2012: Rachel House
Star of stage and screen and recently honoured as a 2012 New Zealand Arts Laureate. [more]

21/10/2012: Artweek
Tony Tia and Scott Gardiner are two artists who will be participating in Auckland's Artweek from this Friday. [more]

21/10/2012: 100 Years of New Zealand Painting
Gil Docking wrote the first edition of '100 Years of New Zealand Painting', now art historian and critic Ed Hanfling has covered the following 20 years. [more]

21/10/2012: InterAct 2012
Hank Snell is a NZ-based Canadian filmmaker who works with disadvantaged youth with disabilities to give them a voice and creative outlet. He'll be running filmmaking courses at the upcoming InterAct Disability festival in Auckland. [more]

21/10/2012: Pacific Post
Erin Harrington reviews Pacific Post, which has just premiered at the Court Theatre in Christchurch. [more]

28/10/2012: Tandi Wright
One of our busiest actresses, talks about why so many of her peers have to go offshore to find work, and why Actors Equity is fighting for actors to receive residuals like their peers overseas. [more]

28/10/2012: Tandi Wright
One of our busiest actresses, talks about why so many of her peers have to go offshore to find work, and why Actors Equity is fighting for actors to receive residuals like their peers overseas. [more]

28/10/2012: Spartacus shoot ends
After four intense years, what has Spartacus contributed to Auckland's television industry? Chloe Smith is the producer of Spartacus, Gary Little is a post production specialist. [more]

28/10/2012: At the Movies
Simon Morris interviews Ben Lewin, director of The Sessions. [more]

28/10/2012: Behind the Canvas
Warwick Henderson offers invaluable advice for people thinking about investing in art. Despite the tough economic conditions, art remains a popular investment. Warwick's book, an insider's guide to the New Zealand art market, is called Behind the Canvas and is published by New Holland. [more]

28/10/2012: The future of temporary public art in New Zealand
Organisers of three of the most creative art events in the country join together to discuss the future of temporary public art in New Zealand. Sophie Jerram is from Letting Space, Sam Trubridge created the Performance Arcade where art takes place inside containers, and Ryan Reynolds co-founded Christchurch's GapFiller project. [more]

28/10/2012: Jacques Brel tribute
Director Michael Hurst and singer/songwriter Tama Waipara, who're involved in a tribute to Jacques Brel explain why the highly theatrical and tortured soul that was is one of the most covered songwriters in history. [more]

28/10/2012: Campbell Kneale
Whether it's his music or visual art, Campbell Kneale views his creative process as a means to document moments in time. He's combining two practices in an exhibition entitled 201012 at City Gallery in Wellington. [more]

28/10/2012: Three Days in a Wishing Well
It's taken almost 40 years but Christchurch poet Kerrin Sharpe has realised her dream and published her debut poetry collection, Three Days in a Wishing Well. [more]

28/10/2012: Into The Uncanny Valley (Part 1) Sound Design
BATS Theatre’s STAB season is a chance to mess around with what creative performance arts can be. Shows selected have to be aiming to do things that haven’t been done before. Shaun D Wilson has been following the creation of Into The Uncanny Valley; a metaphorical take on the story of physics, which includes live music and movement from composer Adam Page. [more]

28/10/2012: Potted Potter
A conversation with two actors who're putting the Harry Potter epic on stage, in just one hour. It's called Potted Potter. [more]

04/11/2012: Urbanlife
A new exhibition at Auckland Museum which matches young people with artistic mentors to explore issues that are important to them. [more]

04/11/2012: Video game art
Sonia Sly visits an exhibition at the Dowse Art Museum which poses the question as to whether video games are in fact art. [more]

04/11/2012: Publishing Merger
Lynn finds out what the merger of Penguin Books and Random House could mean for staff, authors and other New Zealand publishers. [more]

04/11/2012: The Actors Program
The actors behind the country's newest drama school, Auckland based The Actors Program, say they know what the industry needs and they can prove it. [more]

04/11/2012: Prima Ballerina : Gillian Murphy
American prima ballerina Gillian Murphy returns to the Royal New Zealand Ballet to dance her first time as Giselle, she chats to Lynn about, among other things, how demands on ballet dancers are changing. [more]

04/11/2012: Review : Tigers of Wrath
Uther Dean reviews Dean Parker's latest play, Tigers of Wrath. [more]

04/11/2012: Fran Maguire : potter and sculptor
Blenheim based potter and sculptor Fran Maguire has just won a merit award in the country's top ceramics competition. [more]

04/11/2012: Into The Uncanny Valley (Part 2) Piecing the Universe Together
Shaun D Wilson continues his quest to find out what it takes to get Into The Uncanny Valley onto the stage, as the new high-tech play tries to communicate the story of physics to the theatre-going public. [more]

09/11/2012: The renovated National Library
A behind the scenes tour of the renovated National Library - a previously leaky home to New Zealand's precious documents. Taxpayers have put in around 65-million dollars for the refit… what do we get for our investment. Lynn gets a guided tour of the refurbished 1980s building ahead of its grand reopening, with National Librarian Bill McNaught. [more]

11/11/2012: The renovated National Library
A behind the scenes tour of the renovated National Library - a previously leaky home to New Zealand's precious documents. Taxpayers have put in around 65-million dollars for the refit… what do we get for our investment. Lynn gets a guided tour of the refurbished 1980s building ahead of its grand reopening, with National Librarian Bill McNaught. [more]

11/11/2012: More public art in Christchurch
It's a monumental weekend in Christchurch with the unveiling of Joanna Langford's giant airborne city sculpture and the start of the Art Beat Initiative of live performances at the popular Restart Mall in the CBD. We hear all about it from Deborah McCormick and Lucy Matthews. [more]

11/11/2012: Artist Fatu Feu'u
A conversation with one of this country's most influential early Pacific Island Painters, Fatu Feu'u, who came to New Zealand from Samoa in the 1960s. He was taken under the wing of artists like Tony Fomison who helped him forge his career as a paint, sculptor and medallion maker. Fatu has told his life story to his friend Shona Jennings for a new book published by Little Island. [more]

11/11/2012: Giselle review
Ann Hunt reviews the Royal New Zealand Ballet's new-look Giselle, which is touring the country. [more]

11/11/2012: The Laugh Track - Barnaby Weir
The very busy Barnaby Weir of The Black Seeds and Fly My Pretties fame, with the former band just picking up a gong at the New Zealand Music Awards. [more]

11/11/2012: South African theatre company Isango
The Isango Ensemble has captured world attention for giving western theatre classics an African twist. But while they are in demand at festivals and concert halls around the world, they're struggling to get an audience at home or any government funding. Frank Kronenberg explains why they'd love to come to New Zealand. [more]

11/11/2012: Chapter & Verse
Poet Ashleigh Young whose collection is called Magnificent Moon... and novelist John Sinclair who sets his story about a violin prodigy in 20th century China in The Phoenix Song. Both are Victoria University Press publications. [more]

18/11/2012: Fantasy doll maker Tanya Marriott
Doll makers are trying to find a new word to describe what they do which can be a million miles away from miniature perfect people. We find out more with fantasy doll maker - or should that be figurative artist? - Tanya Marriott. [more]

18/11/2012: The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
Why are so many Kiwi artists, like singer songwriter Don McGlashan and Maori performer Mika, so hot under the collar about the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement? [more]

18/11/2012: Craig Parker
Lord of the Rings and Spartacus star Craig Parker talks about fantasy, nudity and fox-fur. [more]

18/11/2012: The New Zealand Fashion industry
Paul Blomfield from Fashion Industry New Zealand (FINZ) offers an overview of the industry, as another established label bites the dust. [more]

18/11/2012: Zeal
Peter Allely, the young man entrusted with setting up a new youth arts and gig centre in Hamilton for the Zeal project. [more]

18/11/2012: The Waihi gold strike of 1912
Historian Mark Derby and documentary painter Bob Kerr collaborate to remember the 1912 Waihi miners' strike in words and images in a book called Waiheathens. [more]

18/11/2012: Dried Figs
Octogenarian poet Helen Jacobs whose sixth collection, Dried Figs, reflects on the frustrations and plusses of aging. [more]

18/11/2012: Creative Media Collective
Creative Media Collective is the brain child of Auckland film maker Karl Sheridan, who wanted a way to collaborate with artists from different mediums. The collective thus far hosts about 30 artists from New Zealand to Russia and even Norway, and not only does it run its own online radio station but it also has a physical, self-funded space - Monster Valley Studio on Auckland's Dominion Road, which is open to the public as an art gallery. Sonia Sly talks to Karl and collaborator Robin Gee. [more]

25/11/2012: The 100th issue of New Zealand Books
Why its editors, Harry Ricketts and Jane Westaway, believe it's still important even with all the on line reviews being written these days. New Zealand Books [more]

25/11/2012: The Basement theatre
Ambitious profit-share and renovation plans for one of Auckland's smaller theatres, The Basement, are explained by General Manager Charlie McDermott and Venue Manager Sam Snedden. [more]

25/11/2012: Los Angeles lawyer Mark Litwak
What movie studios are in the market for these days and how the movie making scene has changed, from the move away from film to illegal downloading. [more]

25/11/2012: Why Are You Still Here?
Two young movers and shakers in the arts scene, songwriter Anthonie Tonnon who's with Tono and the Finance company and clothing designer Emily Miller-Sharma, explain what keeps them in New Zealand, for now at least, when so many other creatives are seeking fame and fortune overseas. This is ahead of a public forum they're involved in called Why Are You Still Here? [more]

25/11/2012: Big band leader and trombone player Rodger Fox
Rodger Fox puts his case for government money to set up a national big band, along the lines of a tried and tested model. [more]

25/11/2012: Sculptor Terry Stringer
David Steemson joins sculptor Terry Stringer as he works on one of his most ambitious projects yet. [more]

25/11/2012: Novelist David McGill
Novelist David McGill (below) joins us live from the launch of his latest work, The Promised Land. [more]

25/11/2012: Creative Mornings
Held in Auckland once a month, Creative Mornings provide the opportunity for an audience to watch presentations given by those involved in the Creative Industries; from street art to film, digital fx to web development. Sonia Sly speaks to Co-ordinator Jade Tang about the origins of Creative Mornings in the States and the benefit for New Zealand talent to be placed in a context alongside innovative and creative international talent. [more]

02/12/2012: Toitu Otago Settlers Museum
On the eve of the reopening of the transformed Toitu Otago Settlers Museum, we talk to the director Linda Wigley about the $37 million price tag, what it's bought, and the public's expectations. [more]

02/12/2012: Toa Fraser
Toa Fraser talks about his documentary on the Royal New Zealand Ballet production of Giselle, and about his hopes for making another feature film before too long. [more]

02/12/2012: Street theatre
Street theatre advocate Sally Barnett on her efforts to get bigger audiences by encouraging performers out of venues and onto the streets. It's accessible and free but who picks up the tab? [more]

02/12/2012: British pianist Freddy Kempf
Freddy Kempf joins the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra to take on Gershwin, a notoriously tricky composer. [more]

02/12/2012: Blue Oyster Gallery
A tour of Dunedin's experimental subterranean Blue Oyster Gallery which is searching for new digs. Director Jamie Hanton is our tour guide. [more]

02/12/2012: UpStage Festival
This week UpStage launches a festival of online live performances which can be viewed in real time by anyone around the world. This style of performance known as 'cyberformance' is a medium with endless creative possibilities for performers who come from a range of artistic practices. Sonia Sly talked to festival curator Vicki Smith. [more]

02/12/2012: 200 years of New Zealand Literature
Jane Stafford and Mark Williams have produced an anthology covering more than 200 years of New Zealand Literature. We look at who's in and who's out and the response so far to the publication which has taken three years to edit. [more]

02/12/2012: Poet Reihana Robinson
Reihana Robinson and her poetic love affair with Rona, the woman banished to the moon in Maori mythology. [more]

02/12/2012: Merry Isaac
Bay of Islands figurative painter and pioneering animation filmmaker, Merry Isaac, talks about her 50 years of artmaking. [more]

09/12/2012: Whanganui's historic art gallery the Sarjeant
A fundraising appeal's been launched targeting people who love the gallery. Mayor Annette Main talks about what work needs to be done on the hundred year old gallery. [more]

09/12/2012: The Moas
Ant Timpson was one of the organisers of the Sorta Unofficial New Zealand Film Awards. [more]

09/12/2012: The rise of the comic book
The graphic novel is one of the phenomena of modern publishing. In America the field is dominated by superheroes and pulp fiction. In Europe is rather different. So where does New Zealand fit into the mix? Veteran comic-book writer and illustrator Dylan Horrocks has just returned from Europe where he attended the Frankfurt Book Fair and a comics convention in Italy. He says we're going through a Golden Age of New Zealand comics... [more]

09/12/2012: Award-winning designer, Peter Haythorn-Thwaite
In a career spanning four decades, Peter Haythorn-Thwaite has produced successful and award winning designs and taught new generations of Kiwi designers. His design for a light operated mouse and keyboard to help people with disabilities to use computers using light sensor technology, won an international award. [more]

09/12/2012: Boheme Gallery
Bronze sculptor Megan Ransom considers herself an outsider and insists on doing things her own way, so she's set up an art gallery in the seaside suburb of Island Bay. She aims to promote New Zealand fine artists, make art accessible and affordable, and nurture up and coming talent in an environment which is fast being over-run with mass produced art from the overseas market. [more]

09/12/2012: Otago University's Hocken Library
Otago University's Hocken Library is starting to outgrow the new site it moved to over a decade ago. It's home to many thousands of historic, literary and artistic treasures, and the collection continues to grow through gifted items and auction purchases. Natalie Poland is the the Curator of Pictorial Collections. [more]

09/12/2012: Chapter & Verse
Rosemary Wildblood's novel Joybird [more]

09/12/2012: Chapter & Verse
Rosemary Wildblood's novel Pentimento. [more]

09/12/2012: Chapter & Verse
this hill, all it's about is lifting it to a higher level by Vaughan Gunson. [more]

09/12/2012: Photographer Greg Semu
The Asia Pacific Triennial in Queensland is one of the largest visual arts events in the region. It opened yesterday, and among the New Zealanders whose work can be seen there is photographer Greg Semu. His large-scale images often reimagine famous artworks, like Leonardo's Last Supper. Greg set his version in Polynesia, called it Last Cannibal Supper, and took it to the Triennial. [more]

16/12/2012: Genée Ballet Competition
David McAllistair is the head judge of the Genée Ballet Competition which has been held for the first time in New Zealand. [more]

16/12/2012: Online sites devoted to critiquing the arts lose their funding
Creative New Zealand explains why two well respected online sites devoted to critiquing the arts - theatreview and EyeContact have both lost their funding, while theatreview's founder John Smythe explains what's at stake. [more]

16/12/2012: Dawn Sanders dedication to Shakespeare
One of Shakespeare's greatest champions here in New Zealand, Dawn Sanders, is honoured for her dedication to the Bard and his plays. [more]

16/12/2012: 2013 Auckland Triennial
Hou Hanru, the San Francisco-based curator of the 2013 Auckland Triennial is so impressed with some of our artists that he's going to share them with the world. [more]

16/12/2012: Street photographer Gabrielle McKone
Gabrielle McKone has recorded what she's seen on her wanderings every day since August 2007 and put some of her favourites into a book she's called 'Catch My Eye'. [more]

16/12/2012: The Harmonica Guy
Christchurch-based musician David Thorpe often tours as a multi-instrumentalist and one man band, but his greatest love affair has been with the humble harmonica. [more]

16/12/2012: Chapter & Verse
Jo Randerson brings us 'Tales from the Netherworld' and a name to remember, Kerry Donovan-Brown, who's won the 2012 Adam foundation Prize for Creative Writing. [more]

16/12/2012: Chapter & Verse
Jo Randerson brings us Tales from the Netherworld… and a name to remember, Kerry Donovan-Brown, who's won the 2012 Adam foundation Prize for Creative Writing. [more]

16/12/2012: Cardboard artist Richard Maloy
Australia is hosting Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art region right now. New Zealand cardboard artist Richard Maloy is just back from the opening where he is one of the four main stars of the show. [more]

23/12/2012: BATS Theatre
Join us on a walk and talk through Wellington's historic and much loved BATS theatre, which is about to undergo a lengthy multi-million dollar facelift. [more]

23/12/2012: Quake City
An exhibition of damaged Christchurch icons is expected to draw in some 70,000 people a year when it opens in February at the Restart Mall on Cashel Street. Lynn talked to director Antony Wright. [more]

23/12/2012: A proposed new TV mini series about Joan of Arc
A proposed new TV mini series about Joan of Arc from Richard Taylor's and Martin Baynton's company Pukeko Pictures. [more]

23/12/2012: National Flash Fiction Day
Hear the three top entries from the inaugural National Flash Fiction Day - stories told in just 300 words. [more]

23/12/2012: Knock Out Studio
In an inner city Wellington studio a young woman brings her memories of childhood to life through anime art. Her work is definitively Manga - elfish female warrior characters with huge eyes, athletic limbs and tiny waists. Graphic artist Nani Mahal isn't Japanese, but her work looks as authentic as anything one would pick up at a Japanese Train station. Sonia Sly meets Nani and her team at Knock Out Studios in Wellington. [more]

23/12/2012: Writer Jack Perkins
When he's not producing Spectrum documentaries for Radio New Zealand, Jack Perkins is writing poetry. Contact Jack via email on for copies of his book, Out of Time. [more]

23/12/2012: In Isolation
Furniture designer Katy Wallace and her partner, visual artist Paulus McKinnon, moved from the hectic commercial art scene in Auckland to settle in Gisborne. Sonia Sly finds out if they're living the artist's dream. [more]

27/01/2013: Plans for a temporary Lyttelton public square
Christchurch City Council is putting up $70,000 for artists and others with big ideas for the heritage site. Trent Hiles from the Harbour Arts Collective explains why that money wouldn't be better spent on repairing houses and other infrastructure. [more]

27/01/2013: Headland - Sculpture on the Gulf
Waiheke Island's headland Sculpture on the Gulf outdoor exhibition is now ten years old. And they're celebrating by turning the whole thing upside down and putting the beginning where the end used to be. Justin Gregory talks reversal and reinvention with artistic director Nansi Thompson. [more]

27/01/2013: Nigel Gaynor - the new musical director for the Royal New Zealand Ballet
A master multi-tasker, Nigel Gaynor has to keep one eye on the dancers and the other on his musicians. [more]

27/01/2013: Youth Theatre
Aaron Cortesi heads one of the country's main youth theatre companies, Long White Cloud, which is part of Whitirea New Zealand. But what are the prospects for these keen young things in a small and competitive market? [more]

27/01/2013: Slow motion art film specialist Steve Carr
Ten years ago Steve Carr was the first artist invited to exhibit at the then brand new Michael Lett gallery in Auckland. [more]

27/01/2013: Susy Pointon
Susy talks about her collection of stories based in the Hokianga, why she loves the area, and about how locals keep dropping by with ideas for her. [more]

27/01/2013: What does the handwriting on old manuscripts tell us
A visiting expert in palaeography, Heather Wolfe, reveals all. She's here for the Rare Book Summer School at Otago University. [more]

27/01/2013: Award-winning young composer Sarah Ballard
The world premiere of her work which offers the timpani player a rare starring role. [more]

03/02/2013: Christchurch-based photographer and music teacher David Sutton
David Sutton talks about testing and comparing film and digital cameras in the harsh climate of the Antarctic, and about the history of photography. [more]

03/02/2013: Performance artist Dr Mark Harvey
Dr Mark Harvey is heading to the 55th Biennale in Venice later this year where he's been invited to perform in the first Maldives pavilion at the arts extravaganza. Mark's a senior lecturer in Dance at the University of Auckland and explains how he came to be invited by the Maldives. [more]

03/02/2013: Film Reviews with Dan Slevin
Once again Dan Slevin takes centre-screen while Simon Morris enjoys the golden summer, Dan looks at new releases including Silver Linings Playbook, Zero Dark Thirty and The Impossible. [more]

03/02/2013: Actress Antonia Prebble
Antonia was just 12 when she started her professional acting career in 1997. She managed both study and filming while still at school and has been in demand on stage and screen ever since. Best-known for her portrayal of Loretta West in the long running TV series 'Outrageous Fortune', she's now back in a very different role in a murder-mystery-comedy called 'The Blue Rose'. [more]

03/02/2013: Amanimal - choreographer Malia Johnston
Lateral-thinking artists like choreographer Malia Johnston and theatre director Emma Willis are at the forefront of dismantling the old 'dyed in the wool' definitions of dance and drama. They're about to stage their third collaborative work, Amanimal, and Malia joins Lynn to talk about that show and how she fits everything into an incredibly busy schedule. [more]

03/02/2013: Auckland arts advocates The Creative Coalition
Good arts policy should come out of accurate information and strong data. Who better to provide that than the sector itself? Auckland arts advocates the Creative Coalition have mapped what they call the creative ecology of our biggest city so as to inform central and local government's arts and culture planning. Elise Sterback led the project and tells Justin Gregory just what a "creative ecology" is. [more]

03/02/2013: Actor, Presenter and writer Robert Llewellyn
He's the fastidious mechanoid Kryten to his fans, but there's much more to him than a chisled rubber face with a predilection for housework. Robert Llewellyn is coming to New Zealand for a Red Dwarf Convention in Auckland. [more]

03/02/2013: Actor, Presenter and writer Robert Llewellyn
He's the fastidious mechanoid Kryten to his fans, but there's much more to him than a chisled rubber face with a predilection for housework. Robert Llewellyn is coming to New Zealand for a Red Dwarf Convention in Auckland. [more]

03/02/2013: The music of the Cook Islands
Amelia Nurse discovers that Cook Islands music is alive and well in New Zealand. Fairoa Aporo offers 'The beginners guide to strumming' and plays some tunes on his eight stringed ukulele. [more]

03/02/2013: The New Zealand Guitar Quartet
We bring together three members of the New Zealand Guitar Quartet, which is among the homegrown acts performing at the Nelson Chamber Music Festival, to talk about chemistry, repertoire and why sometimes one guitar just isn't enough. [more]

10/02/2013: The Physics Room reopens
A welcome return to Christchurchs CBD - the contemporary art space The Physics Room reopens two years after the big shake. Director Melanie Oliver describes what's changed and what's stayed the same. The Physics Room reopens this Wednesday with Louise Menzies' exhibition 'World, Business, Lifestyle, Sport'. [more]

10/02/2013: Hamilton's council-owned theatre spaces
Hamiltonians are being asked if they want to keep subsidising three council owned theatre spaces. Hamilton Mayor Julie Hardaker explains the reasons behind the move and the implications for local theatre companies if any of the venues are closed down. [more]

10/02/2013: Writer Donna Malane
Writer for screen and page Donna Malane on writing crime fiction, tackling the troublesome second novel, and her latest on-screen project, a drama about conscientious objector Archibald Baxter. [more]

10/02/2013: Tearepa Kahi
Simon Morris drops by for a catch up of the latest batch of movies and to chat to the director of the Kiwi film Mt Zion. [more]

10/02/2013: The Cuba Street Project
Fiona Gunter-Firth escorts us around Wellington's creative hub, Cuba Street, as part of a multi media art installation she's created about its past, present and future. The Cuba Street Project opens on Friday February 15 on the street itself and online as part of the Wellington Fringe Festival. [more]

10/02/2013: Judy Darragh
Judy Darragh's art is sought after by many collectors - at the same time she's an avid collector herself. She talks about how she got started, what kind of art objects catch her eye and what makes a sound investment. [more]

10/02/2013: Silo Park Summer of Sculpture
Auckland's Summer of Sculpture exhibition at Silo Park in the Wynyard Quarter is designed as a celebration of the best work of the city's best sculptors, the show gives old favourites a new home on the waterfront. Justin Gregory got in the way last week as the artists installed their works. [more]

10/02/2013: Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Visiting Professor John Batchelor presents poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson in a new light - as a shrewd businessman and ingenious self-brander in his biography called Tennyson: To strive, to seek, to find which is published by Random House. John Batchelor is giving a talk about Tennyson at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery this Tuesday. [more]

10/02/2013: African art in Whanganui
Desmond Bovey takes Paul Diamond on a tour of his extensive collection of African art, which is on show at Whanganui's Regional Museum. [more]

17/02/2013: Demise of the NZ TV Awards
We analyse what the demise of the NZ TV Awards will mean for the industry, especially with so many new homegrown shows on our screens at the moment and more to come. Jeff Latch from TVNZ explains why its pulled out and why it hopes the awards can be resurrected, while award winning writer James Griffin and producer Philly de Lacey, discuss the significance of getting a nod from their peers. [more]

17/02/2013: New Katherine Mansfield discovery
The revelation in 2013 that a new piece of writing by Katherine Mansfield had been unearthed in New Zealand got scholars in a spin – we talk to the woman who found the invaluable document at the National Library, Dr Gerri Kimber. [more]

17/02/2013: 125th anniversary of Auckland Art Gallery
Curator and provocateur Ron Brownson muses on the Auckland Art Gallery's history and contribution to the nation as it marks its 125th anniversary. [more]

17/02/2013: Pascal Ackerman
Swiss-Kiwi performance artist Pascal Ackerman, whose skills include playing saws, clowning, aerial work and violin making, explains what it's like to eat and breathe fire, ahead of his touring solo show 'The Lepidopterist'. [more]

17/02/2013: Life Models
Justin Gregory talks to male life models about anonymity, holding a pose, getting their gear off and the perils of sleeping on the job. [more]

17/02/2013: The Chain
James Robb's first novel 'The Chain' is about life in the meat works in Hawkes Bay back in the 1980s. [more]

17/02/2013: How has the worldwide recession affected public art?
A conversation about the impact of the worldwide recession on public art - there's less money to invest in it, but is the slowdown giving artists something to comment on? We hear from Jack Becker, an American champion of public art, and from Martin Basher who's a kiwi artist now based in New York. [more]

24/02/2013: Made to Move
The link between the late Radio New Zealand film critic Jonathon Denis, and a brand new work created for the Royal New Zealand Ballet Company by choreographer Javier de Frutos. It's part of the Made to Move Season that's about to premiere. [more]

24/02/2013: How to survive losing a major sponsor
The New Zealand Film Festival Trust has managed to survive for five years, Bill Gosden explains how they've managed to keep going, and gives tips to others who find themselves in the same situation. [more]

24/02/2013: Asian video art
While forging closer economic ties with Asia, we know precious little about the art scene in this wildly diverse region. Curators Mark Williams and Aaron Lister have created an exhibition of Asian videos. They talk about some of the more outlandish artists and the ideas behind their pranks. [more]

24/02/2013: Photography conservation
One of the world's top photography conservationists, Debra Norris, on the fishhooks in digital photography, and working with disaster victims trying to save their damaged photos. [more]

24/02/2013: Community involvement in performances
Getting communities involved in helping to create performances they will actually want to see, be it sharing their stories or crowdfunding. This is just one of the issues discussed among artists and with the public at a performance art forum in Wellington. We hear from the two facilitators, expat Ryan Hartigan, and US theatre practitioner Christopher McElroen. [more]

24/02/2013: King Lear
For the 50 anniversary Auckland Outdoor Summer Shakespeare production of King Lear we bring together the star, Professor Michael Neill, and director, Lisa Harrow. They both have strong opinions which aren' always aligned. [more]

24/02/2013: Otago University's 2013 Burns Fellow
Poet David Howard looks ahead to his year of uninterrupted writing. [more]

24/02/2013: Basement Theatre renovation
Justin Gregory reports on the high hopes for the Basement Theatre's renovation plans. [more]

03/03/2013: Touring Australia
Australia is about to be invaded by touring New Zealand shows, handpicked by an Australian, Ian Scobie. It's a pilot programme that's got our artists hopes up, though there are no guarantees they'll find a producer willing to take them on. What did it take to make Ian's shortlist for the Touring Australia initiative? Taki Rua knows - the Maori theatre company won two of the eight slots. [more]

03/03/2013: New Zealand Orchestral Sector Review
After months of speculation, the results of the much anticipated New Zealand Orchestral Sector Review is now out... there were some 1800 submissions, so what's changing? Many say, not nearly enough, and that includes funding for them. The Minister for Arts, Culture and Heritage Chris Finlayson and Dame Roseanne Meo from the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, the first in the country to be given the title of Metropolitan Orchestra. [more]

03/03/2013: Actor Jed Brophy at the Armageddon Expo
More than 10 years on the pulp culture festival circuit with long time Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit actor, Jed Brophy. How does he deal with fervent fans - that's if they recognise him from The Hobbit where he's in heavy prosthetics as Nori the dwarf! Get an insight into how conventions work and how Kiwis make them a lot more interesting than just signing autographs. [more]

03/03/2013: World Art Games
Meet two members of the New Zealand team who're in intense preparation for the first World Art Games where artists from more than 50 countries are competing for attention rather than medals. Two members of the New Zealand team, Carrie Burke and Jules Hunt, explain how it's going to work at this inaugural event in Croatia in June. [more]

03/03/2013: CEO of UK publishing house Little, Brown Ursula Mackenzie
Writers with the international pulling power of JK Rowling are few and far between, so UK publishing house Little, Brown had a lot to celebrate last year when it took over her contract. Helming the firm and the UK Publishing Association is Ursula Mackenzie, who's been named as one of the Top 100 Women in Britain. BBC's Woman's Hour have just compiled a list of the Top 100 Women in Britain which she features on. [more]

03/03/2013: German-based New Zealand choreographer Lisa Densen
Lisa Densem, who is home at the moment creating a new work for the Footnote Dance Company. We find out what she's exploring in this new dance and get an update on the Berlin art scene, it's now home to many Kiwi artists. [more]

03/03/2013: Poet John Newton
John Newton's latest collection is called 'Family Songbook', published by VUP. [more]

03/03/2013: Tongan Morris Men
A new play by Auckland theatre group the Tongan Creatives Collective is causing a stir - before it has even opened. Justin Gregory reports on the wonderfully unlikely idea of Tongan Morris Men. [more]

09/03/2013: Steven O'Meagher
Producer Steven O'Meagher talks about what a star like Sam Neill brings to a TV cop show. [more]

10/03/2013: Remembering Ralph Hotere
We remember artist Ralph Hotere who now rests in his home marae in Northland, through the memories of one of his long time friends and artists Chris Booth. [more]

10/03/2013: Scott Eady
Dunedin sculptor and lecturer Scott Eady is cutting it fine to make a series of sculptures for the Venice Biennale - he's only just got the news and it starts in June! [more]

10/03/2013: The Yellow Buoy
C K Stead has published his 15th poetry collection, and the first in five years. [more]

10/03/2013: Behind the Brush
After a lot of detective work, Maori TV tracked down the descendants of some of the many Maori who were painted in great detail but with some artistic license, by artist Gottfried Lindauer who started painting portraits of Maori in the 1870's. [more]

10/03/2013: Dominion Road
It's been called the street of a thousand stories, and next weekend Auckland's Dominion Road gets to tell some. [more]

10/03/2013: The Man Who Planted Trees
Richard Medrington's show 'The Man Who Planted Trees' will be performed in Wellington as part of the Capital E National Arts Festival for Children. [more]

10/03/2013: Coffee with Mr Bach
James Tibbles' 'Coffee with Mr Bach' is on next Sunday at Auckland Town Hall's Concert Chamber as part of the Auckland Arts Festival. [more]

10/03/2013: Gary Schofield
Gary Schofield has been painting for the US military for the past 20 years. [more]

16/03/2013: A study of audience responses to The Hobbit
Waikato University is a stone's throw from Hobbiton, making it the natural home of an international online research project into what people really think about the first of Sir Peter Jackson's Hobbit movies. Dr Carolyn Michelle explains the three phase project and what it's uncovered so far. [more]

17/03/2013: Whales Tohora
Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are expected to visit a touring exhibition about whales from Te Papa. The exhibition tour was only supposed to last for five years but is proving so popular in North America that the collection of whale skeletons, skulls and other artefacts might not make it back home until 2016 at the earliest. The latest stop is the American Museum of Natural History in New York. [more]

17/03/2013: Whales Tohora
Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers are expected to visit a touring exhibition about whales from Te Papa. The exhibition tour was only supposed to last for five years but is proving so popular in North America that the collection of whale skeletons, skulls and other artefacts might not make it back home until 2016 at the earliest. The latest stop is the American Museum of Natural History in New York. [more]

17/03/2013: Polynesian Laboratory
We meet the creatives behind a new hothouse for Pacifica theatre - Polynesian Laboratory or P Lab - just what are founders Shadon Meredith and Fasitua Amosa cooking up? [more]

17/03/2013: Mannequins
A story that will get you looking at mannequins in a whole new light. One of the main producers of high-end mannequins for the past 75 years, Purfex, has closed down its Avondale factory and moving to new digs. It's as good a reason as any to mark mannequins' contribution to fashion and art - and in Auckland over the next few weeks there will be, fittingly, window displays as well as a photographic exhibition at Lopdell Gallery. We chat to mannequin maker Glen Wilkin Holland and Doris de Pont from the New Zealand Fashion Museum. [more]

17/03/2013: Writer Margie Thomson
Journalist, book reviewer and ghostwriter Margie Thomson has now put her hand to writing novels - and won a new literary prize for her first manuscript. The Masters of Creative Writing graduate produced a sizable manuscript for a novel called The Rough Wind. While the $5,000 dollar Sir James Wallace Masters in Creative Writing Award doesn't guarantee publication, it will mean she can work on refining the novel. [more]

17/03/2013: The Rosebank Project
Justin Gregory checks out The Rosebank Project, a site specific work created for the Auckland Arts Festival. [more]

17/03/2013: Performance poet Ali Jacs
New Zealand's representative at the recent Women of the World Poetry Slam in the United States... in fact Ali Jacs was the only 'foreigner' taking part in this performance poetry event. She shares her impression of the Poetry Slam scene in North America and compares it to the much younger scene here in New Zealand. [more]

17/03/2013: Mannequins
A story that will get you looking at mannequins in a whole new light. One of the main producers of high-end mannequins for the past 75 years, Purfex, has closed down its Avondale factory and moving to new digs. It's as good a reason as any to mark mannequins' contribution to fashion and art â€" and in Auckland over the next few weeks there will be, fittingly, window displays as well as a photographic exhibition at Lopdell Gallery. We chat to mannequin maker Glen Wilkin Holland and Doris de Pont from the New Zealand Fashion Museum. [more]

17/03/2013: Author Tanya Moir
In her new novel 'Anticipation' Tanya Moir asks why so many of us are obsessed with genealogy. Published by Vintage. [more]

24/03/2013: Boosted
Arts projects from an ANZAC opera to a contemporary Maori Quartet to a video game to a documentary about grass roots rugby are among the first to be picked for a new fundraising site. Boosted is the brainchild of the Arts Foundation which prides itself on picking winners. We'll hear the pitches of some of the selected few invited to launch the site during the week. [more]

24/03/2013: Boosted
Arts projects from an ANZAC opera to a contemporary Maori Quartet to a video game to a documentary about grass roots rugby are among the first to be picked for a new fundraising site. Boosted is the brainchild of the Arts Foundation which prides itself on picking winners. We'll hear the pitches of some of the selected few invited to launch the site during the week. [more]

24/03/2013: Taranaki's Photographic Memory
New Plymouth's Puke Ariki staff are six years into a decade long project to clean, catalogue and digitise more than 100,000 historical negatives from two substantial photographic studios. Some of the images are about to go on display in an exhibition that's bound to stir emotions. Ruth Harvey, the co-curator, talks about this all-consuming project. [more]

24/03/2013: Te Whai Ao
New Zealand On Air and the New Zealand Film Commission are offering documentary makers a slice of a new pie of funding, but will the criteria be too much for some? Bryan Bruce, documentary maker, and Dan Shanan from The Documentary New Zealand Trust share their opinions. [more]

24/03/2013: Art Lift
Temporary art installations are fun to explore when they're on site, but the really hard work is getting the works in... and out. Justin Gregory meets Terry Haines, otherwise known as Art Lift. [more]

24/03/2013: A Mann for all seasons
Lynn Freeman talks to director, actor, playwright and novelist Phillip Mann about his long held love of reading and writing science fiction, with the publication of his latest novel, 'The Disestablishment of Paradise'. [more]

24/03/2013: Therese Lloyd - Other Animals
First time published poet Therese Lloyd talks about her collection, Other Animals, which is published by VUP. [more]

31/03/2013: Dr Richard Grant
We introduce you to the new head of Creative New Zealand - former diplomat Dr Richard Grant. He's only been on the board since last year, so what are his plans for the funding body as its Chair? [more]

31/03/2013: Te Papa's art collection
We find out how Te Papa plans to deliver on its commitment to show off more of the nation's extensive art collection. CEO Mike Houlihan is leading the charge. [more]

31/03/2013: Bill Gosden extended interview
An extended interview with International Film Festival Director Bill Gosden, in which he previews some of the highlights of this year's Autumn Events. [more]

31/03/2013: The voice of the Daleks
We discover what it takes to be the voice of the Daleks and Cybermen with Nicholas Briggs. He's heading to New Zealand in the Tardis with several previous Dr Who's to make the series' 50th anniversary. [more]

31/03/2013: Photographer : Fraser Munro
Fraser Munro had just released a new book of photographs called graf/AK, dedicated to the graffiti artists of Auckland. For three years Fraser trekked across the city by day and by night to capture the illegal and temporary works of these underground artists. [more]

31/03/2013: Monet's gardens
Curator Sophie Matthiesson from the National Gallery of Victoria discusses an exhibition of Monet's garden paintings, coming to Australasia for the first time. [more]

31/03/2013: Writer : Carl Shuker
Our featured writer is recently returned expat Carl Shuker, whose latest novel is set in the Middle East during the Arab Spring. As part of his research he spent time there. [more]

31/03/2013: Writer and researcher : Sydney Kaplan
Sydney Kaplan has a lot more sympathy than most for Katherine Mansfield's husband John Middleton Murray. [more]

07/04/2013: Fire at Maidment Theatre
The fire at the Maidment Theatre in Auckland saw a number of theatre companies plans go up in smoke. Two shows due to open that week had to be cancelled and a third, Midnight in Moscow by the Auckland Theatre Company, has been forced to look for another venue. With the theatre out of action for now, other shows including more Auckland Theatre Company productions, may be affected. But ATC's Artistic Director Colin McColl told arts reporter Justin Gregory that they have a plan. [more]

07/04/2013: Performance's director Yaron Zilberman
Performance's director Yaron Zilberman talks to Simon Morris. [more]

07/04/2013: Yaron Zilberman - extended interview
An extended interview with director Yaron Zilberman, in which he talks about the film 'Performance', his stars Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener and Christopher Walken, and Beethoven's late works for string quartets. [more]

07/04/2013: An update on the Christchurch Art Gallery
It's two years since the quake and the reopening of the Christchurch Art Gallery has been pushed back to another two years as the list of repairs keeps growing. Even without the gallery, there will be a 10th birthday party next month, as Jenny Harper explains. [more]

07/04/2013: Adam NZ Play Award winner Philip Braithwaite
Meet the winner of this year's Adam NZ Play Award Philip Braithwaite and find out about the chances of his script making it onto the stage. [more]

07/04/2013: Golden Carnie Circus Awards
New Zealand's circus performers are looking forward to their first awards ceremony. Clown, founder of Wellington's Fuse Circus and awards organiser Tom Beauchamp talks about the local circus scene and how people on the fringes of society are still drawn to the circus life. [more]

07/04/2013: Actor and PR specialist Brianne Kerr
Actor and theatrical PR specialist Brianne Kerr talks about helping companies attract attention and dealing with media who demand special treatment. [more]

07/04/2013: British writer Kate Atkinson
Kate Atkinson talks about her new novel, 'Life After Life', about the TV series based on her detective Jackson Brodie, and how she manages to knit together such complicated multiple plots. [more]

07/04/2013: Canadian poet Karen Solie
Karen Solie writes a lot about the land, about her connection to it and the threats to rural landscapes from developers and mining industries. Since publishing her first collection 'Short Haul Engine' in 2001, Karen's won a stack of awards and represented Canada at the 'poetry Olympics' in London last year. [more]

14/04/2013: David Mamea : Samoan/Kiwi playwright
David Mamea has just won an Adam New Zealand Playwriting Award for Goodbye My Feleni, imagining what life might have been like for Pasifika soldiers sent to serve with the Maori Batallion. [more]

14/04/2013: Alison Maclean : director for the big and small screen
We follow Alison Maclean's career path from the landmark short film Kitchen Sink to directing episodes of Sex in the City and The Tudors. [more]

14/04/2013: Samin Son : artist
Samin Son bases his art on his experiences in the South Korean army. [more]

14/04/2013: Antoinette Halloran : soprano
Antoinette Halloran on helping to create a new interpretation of Madame Butterfly for New Zealand Opera, and on being just as happy singing cabaret and musical theatre. [more]

14/04/2013: Ty King-Wall : ballet dancer
Ty King-Wall becomes the Australian Ballet Company's youngest principal artist at 26. He explains why he moved to Australia to train and why he'd like to play the bad guy in some of the classic ballets. [more]

14/04/2013: Apocalypse Z
If zombies attacked your town, what would you do? That's the question behind Apocalypse Z, a new immersive, interactive theatre experience in Auckland's Aotea Square. [more]

14/04/2013: Elizabeth Nannestad: poet
She's kept us waiting at least a decade between poetry collections, so what can we expect from her third one, Wild Like Me? [more]

14/04/2013: David McLeod : jeweller
David McLeod started out in sculpture then started working on pieces that were much smaller and more intricate. [more]

21/04/2013: Land Girls
Dunedin artist Jai Hall's new work commemorates the women who worked as Land Girls during World War Two. [more]

21/04/2013: Music Manager - Scott Maclachlan
Scott is one of the finalists in the Music Managers Forum NZ Music Manager of the Year, for his work with artists like Mt Eden, Chaos in the CBD and Lorde. [more]

21/04/2013: Return To Sender
Postcards of beautiful dusky maidens helped fuel the tourist trades for the Pacific Islands, but they also cemented these kinds of colonial perspectives in the public imagination for a very long time. Curator Cora Allen-Wickliffe used a collection of these postcards to provoke a response from 9 Auckland-based Pacific artists. [more]

21/04/2013: Frost/Nixon
New Zealand premiere of the original play re-enacting one of the great moments in journalism: the David Frost interview of former US president Richard Nixon. Meet the actors from a new Auckland Theatre company taking on these titanic roles in Frost/Nixon. Karl Buckley plays Frost and Stephen Lunt takes on Nixon. [more]

21/04/2013: Temporary outdoor library
Think of Auckland's Waterfront and books aren't the first things that spring to mind. But a little shipping container on Te Wero Island has been turned into a temporary outdoor library, and passersby are pouring in and then poring over the tomes. Books still seem like an odd fit, though, in an area more associated with bars, restaurants and rugby world cup launches. Justin Gregory talks to project manager Marieke Numan and asks her why books, why here? [more]

21/04/2013: Walking with a Fragile Heart
Two young refugees Noella Ishimwe Niyonzima and Giselle Promise Iradukunda whose stories are included in a new book of fiction written from the perspective of recent migrants. It's called Walking with a Fragile Heart. [more]

21/04/2013: The Paradise Project
Whanganui artist Sue Cooke is going to great lengths to recreate the experience of being in an Antarctic hut. She's installed a replica hut with wrap around visuals at Whanganui's Sarjeant Gallery, trying to replicate what she experienced in Antarctica. [more]

28/04/2013: Dick Frizzell's Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke
Dick Frizzell's landmark Mickey to Tiki Tu Meke painting comes up for sale - why is it still seen as one of this country's most significant images? [more]

28/04/2013: Art policy in Tauranga
Tauranga is now the only main centre that doesn't have a formal art policy. But isn't less bureaucracy and paperwork a good thing for artists? We hear the arguments for the local council to bring in an art policy, and sooner rather than later. Sonya Korohina is an arts manager and Penelope Jackson heads Tauranga's Public Art Gallery. [more]

28/04/2013: Satire in New Zealand
New Zealand has a proud tradition of satire and parody, and people in power have always been popular targets. We all remember fondly the Golden Years of McPhail and Gadsby, Fred Dagg and the many Country Calendar spoofs. On Radio New Zealand National, Down The List, has proven to be very popular. But the law that allows satire and parody to do their work is a little fuzzy, if not nonexistent. [more]

28/04/2013: Music Manager of the Year nominee Teresa Patterson
Teresa Patterson is nominated for Music Manager of the Year. Her stable of acts includes Six60, I Am Giant and Iva Lamkum. She talks about the need for a strong online presence for bands and how CDs are still crucial. [more]

28/04/2013: NZ Barok
What's behind the rebranding of an Auckland based baroque group as NZ Barok, the country's first and only national Baroque Orchestra? [more]

28/04/2013: Author Stevan Eldred-Grigg
Stevan Eldred-Grigg wrote one of New Zealand's most successful novels, 'Oracles and Miracles', drawing on his interest in social and family history. He's just released the fourth book in the series, Bangs, set in suburban Christchurch in the 1960s and '70s. [more]

28/04/2013: Artist Tanya Lock
Expat Kiwi artist Tanya Lock who's dominating the BBC Wildlife Artists Award nominations this year with 7 of her paintings of common and endangered species being selected by judges. [more]

05/05/2013: Object / Anti-Object
Artist Paul Cullen is hosting visitors to two meteoric art installations inspired by his time in Alabama. Object / Anti-Object is based on scientific speculation about a meteor crater in the USA. [more]

05/05/2013: Costume designer Michele Clapton
Michele Clapton, one time fashion designer and musician stylist, has gone on to win Baftas and Emmy nominations for her costumes designs for the TV series Game of Thrones. She's currently in New Zealand so we take the chance to find out more about her creative designs for these and other top TV series. [more]

05/05/2013: Smokefree Rock Quest turns 25
We mark the 25th anniversary of the Smokefree Rock Quest. The roll call of student musicians who've gone on to truly great things includes Kimbra, King Kapisi, Bic Runga and, one of our guests today, Bobby Kennedy from Opshop. We also chat to one of the event's founders Pete Rainey and Stephanie Lees from the New Zealand Music Commission. [more]

05/05/2013: The Auckland Triennial
With more than thirty artists and art collectives, across nine different galleries spanning the length and breadth of Auckland, led by superstar curator Hou Hanru and lasting for three months, the Fifth Auckland Triennial is nothing if not expansive and ambitious. Linda Tyler from the Gus Fisher Gallery at Auckland University has seen all the previous Triennials come and go. Arts on Sunday reporter Justin Gregory asks her how this one stacks up. [more]

05/05/2013: Rainer Hersch - Victor Borge
One for Victor Borge fans - we talk to Rainer Hersch who's created a show around the great Dane's comedy, life and times, which saw him become the most highly paid entertainer in his day. [more]

05/05/2013: Lorna Stavely Anker
Bernadette Hall reminds us of the work of New Zealand's first female war poet, Lorna Stavely Anker, by bringing together published and previously unseen works in The Judas Tree. It's published by Canterbury University Press. [more]

05/05/2013: Poet Fleur Adcock - Glass Wings
Expat poet Fleur Adcock on her new collection Glass Wings, published by Victoria University Press. [more]

05/05/2013: Lorna Stavley Anker
Bernadette Hall reminds us of the work of New Zealand's first female war poet, Lorna Stavely Anker, by bringing together published and previously unseen works in The Judas Tree. It's published by Canterbury University Press. [more]

05/05/2013: Academic, writer and arts patron Dr Kay Flavell
Dr Kay Flavell set up an artists' residency in the Wairarapa more than 10 years ago, and she hopes Kiwis will keep the New Pacific Studio going now she's returning to America. [more]

12/05/2013: Filmmakers Alyx Duncan and Annie Goldsen
In an era of dramatised documentaries and "based on real life" dramas, filmmakers Alyx Duncan and Annie Goldson discuss the pressures of getting it right. The Red House features Alyx Duncan's non-acting parents playing themselves in a drama presented as a documentary. [more]

12/05/2013: Venice Biennale
It costs around a million dollars for New Zealand to take part in the Venice Biennale, and while it can open up opportunities for the selected artists, we ask Deputy Commissioner Heather Galbraith - what's in it for us? [more]

12/05/2013: Novelist Sarah Dunant
In her new novel Blood and Beauty, British novelist Sarah Dunant takes on one of the most powerful families in history, Italy's Borgias. How can she make us care about the most famous and ruthless of them all, Pope Alexander the 6th? And is her novel more accurate than the TV series about the Borgias? [more]

12/05/2013: Dance in Schools
Barbara Snook shares the results of her research into the way dance is taught in schools, what's working well and how it could be improved. [more]

12/05/2013: Music Managers - Andy Murnane
Andy Murnane started out in the music industry working with the chart topping OMC of 'How Bizarre' fame. The Frequency Media Group now manage a successful record label and acts including Aaradhna and Home Brew. [more]

12/05/2013: Two Girls in a Boat
'Two Girls in a Boat' is the first collection of stories by Commonwealth Short Story Award winner Emma Martin. [more]

12/05/2013: Former Chef Tza Drake
Tza Drake channels his 15 years spent in restaurant kitchens into a murder mystery called My Kitchen Kills. [more]

19/05/2013: Revolting! The Sound of protest in Aotearoa
A new exhibition at National Library is looking at New Zealand protest music, posters and album covers over the years. Punk aficionado Kerry Ann Lee and singer/songwriter and unionist Don Franks talk about the exhibition opening at National Library. [more]

19/05/2013: Arts News
Curent trends in the arts world. [more]

19/05/2013: Actor and playwright Kirk Torrance
Star of Outrageous Fortune and Sione's 2 fame talks about his other career as a playwright, working on his new play GrandFatherSon and about the parallels between sport and art. [more]

19/05/2013: Auckland Festival of Photography
Justin Gregory wonders if photography is currently the most important art form of them all, as he looks ahead to the Auckland Festival of Photography. [more]

19/05/2013: Some Time
The Corban Estate Arts Centre in Henderson is home to a new work by artist Gabby O'Connor that re-creates the Ross Ice Shelf. Called Some Time, this large-scale sculpture depicts the ice shelf at the point of collapse and is made from tissue paper and staples. Justin Gregory dropped in for a look-see. [more]

19/05/2013: Kate Camp - Poet
Kate discusses her collection "Snow White's Coffin" written during a year long CNZ residency in Berlin. [more]

19/05/2013: The Parkin Drawing Prize
Dr Warren Feeney from the Academy of Fine Arts and artist Kristen Hollis discuss the significance of The Prize. [more]

26/05/2013: Composer Ewan Clark
Ewan Clark returns home from the Royal College of Music with big plans, including a composition inspired by the conquest of Everest. [more]

26/05/2013: Christchurch's Isaac Theatre Royal
Chief executive Neil Cox explains how if $200,000 can be raised the historic Isaac Theatre Royal can host big movie events like the Film Festival when it reopens next year. [more]

26/05/2013: Textiles expert Dr Fenella France
Dr Fenella France has helped preserve the Star Spangled Banner, made an important discovery in the draft American Declaration of Independence, and used her skills to help identify 9/11 artefacts. [more]

26/05/2013: Sound artist Rachel Shearer
Sound artist and soundtrack composer Rachel Shearer's work can be heard in Auckland's Wynyard Quarter and Albert Park. [more]

26/05/2013: Queen of burlesque Eve Gordon
Auckland queen of burlesque, aerial performer and one of the stars of the TV series The Almighty Johnsons, Eve Gordon. Her company The Dust Palace produces a devised style of work she calls 'art circus' and their new show is called … with a stranger. [more]

26/05/2013: Organ Spectacular
Pipe organs. You've gotta love them. The Auckland Philharmonia certainly does. This week they programmed six new works by local composers for the refurbished Auckland Town Hall pipe organ and performed them to a rapt audience. [more]

26/05/2013: Writer Rae McGregor
Novelist and non-fiction writer Rae McGregor, who imagines life in the New Zealand Navy during World War II in Radar Man. [more]

26/05/2013: Educationalist and writer Maris O'Rourke
Educationalist and writer whose first poetry collection is called Singing with Two Throats. [more]

02/06/2013: The Michael Hill International Violin Competition
One of the judges of the Michael Hill International Violin Competition, Ida Kavafian, talks about what it will take to get her vote, and how important competitions are for aspiring young musicians. [more]

02/06/2013: Warhol: Immortal
Pop artist Andy Warhol's work comes to New Zealand in the form of a comprehensive exhibition at Te Papa - but does it tell us anything new about the high profile artist and filmmaker? We ask Joshua Jeffery, manager of Digital Engagement at Pittsburgh's Andy Warhol Museum. [more]

02/06/2013: Words Of War
Peter Arnett is New Zealand's most famous war reporter. The former Southland boy has covered some of the most dangerous conflicts of the last fifty years, and has gotten right up the nose of many a government while relentlessly pursuing what he sees as the truth behind the propaganda. Now a documentary team in Auckland wants to tell the truth about him, but they don't yet have the money to do it. Justin Gregory sat down with them to talk bombs, bullets - and big bucks. [more]

02/06/2013: Writer Carl Nixon
Christchurch writer Carl Nixon on writing a play starring New Zealand's first official army war artist, Gerald Butler, and based on one of his drawings from the First World War. The Court Theatre's Mid-winter reading of Carl's play The War Artist is on 9 June. [more]

02/06/2013: Poet Paula Green
Paula Green has just released her sixth poetry collection for adults, The Baker's Thumbprint, published by Seraph Press. [more]

02/06/2013: Poet Courtney Sina Meredith
Courtney Sina Meredith has quickly made her mark on the New Zealand poetry scene - look out for her first collection, Brown Girls in Bright Red Lipstick. [more]

09/06/2013: Crime novelist Ben Sanders
Ben Sanders is young writer in a hurry. At the tender age of 22 he's already published two best-selling crime novels and his third was released just this week. Called 'Only the Dead', it continues the story begun in earlier novels of Detective Sergeant Sean Deveraux and his lonely fight against corruption and violence in the city of Auckland - and also his own colleagues. [more]

09/06/2013: Violin prodigy Ben Baker
Wellington-born, UK-based violin prodigy Ben Baker talks about his life and career since being talent-spotted at the age of seven by Nigel Kennedy. [more]

09/06/2013: Short and Sweet Theatre Festival
Auckland's Short and Sweet Theatre Festival is back, but with a twist. This season of ten minute plays and dances now has a new category; song. And not before time according to composer Robbie Ellis, who has written the musical Annie and Joshua for the festival. Robbie says the musical's time has come. [more]

09/06/2013: The 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare's birth
London's Globe Theatre will host the 450th anniversary of William Shakespeare's birth. Patrick Spottiswoode, director of the Globe's Education programme, talks about what's been planned. [more]

09/06/2013: The Handshake Project
Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time. And the Handshake Project, a three-year scheme matching-up emerging jewellers with the superstar mentor of their choice, does just that. [more]

09/06/2013: Slam Poetry
Poetry as competitive sport has taken off in this country and its due in no small way to two US imports. Award-winning slam poets Carrie Rudzinski and Ken Arkind kick-started the Wellington spoken word scene back on their last visit here in 2011 and now they've returned for a series of shows and workshops across the country. [more]

09/06/2013: Portrait painter Michael Fullerton
Scottish painter Michael Fullerton creates portraits of politicians, political prisoners and people he considers to be unjustly accused. He's been at Auckland University as the Elam International Artist in Residence, gathering material for a series he wants to do on Kim Dotcom. Rather than paint from life, Michael photographed the internet giant and is now turning those photos into paintings. He has a pragmatic reason for working this way. [more]

09/06/2013: Hip-Operation Crew
Waiheke Island's Hip-Operation Crew is possibly the world's oldest Hip Hop dance group. And while age may weary them, they're aiming for the World Champs in Vegas later this year. But they don't yet have the money to get there. [more]

09/06/2013: Susperia
The International Film Festival launches film by cult suspense director Dario Argento, with a live performance by his musical collaborators, Italian prog rock band Goblin. Ant Timpson tries to keep his enthusiasm in check. [more]

16/06/2013: Aviation - Percy Fisher
On the 21st of June this year, it will be 100-years since Percy Fisher flew his monoplane in the Wairarapa. His flight was captured on film and Lyn speaks with both Percy's great-grandson Paul Maxim and NZFA Film Conservator Reiner Schoenbrunn about the historic footage. [more]

16/06/2013: PEN - Kyle Mewburn
The New Zealand Society of Authors, PEN, is about to be shaken-up with a new President. Kyle Mewburn speaks about his new role. [more]

16/06/2013: Shane Cotton - The Hanging Sky
A survey of Shane Cotton's work has just opened at Wellington's City Gallery, having arrived from Australia where it's been showing. The exhibition was to have opened in Christchurch two years ago but nature intervened and the work crossed the Tasman. Curator Justin Paton and artist Shane Cotton discuss the body of work. [more]

16/06/2013: The Pitchfork Disney
Justin Gregory's been visting with the cast and crew of a new blood-thirsty production at Auckland's Q Theatre. [more]

16/06/2013: Sydney Bridge Upside Down
David Ballantyne's late 1960's play, a darkly comic look at life in a tiny New Zealand town, gets a new theatrical lease of life through Taki Rua. Director James Ashcroft and cast member Holly Shanahan talk about the play, about to open at Wellington's Downstage. [more]

16/06/2013: Outgoing Poet Laureate - Ian Wedde
Outgoing Poet Laureate and soon to be Creative New Zealand's Writer's Resident in Berlin, Ian Wedde, talks about life and The Lifeguard, his new collection of poetry. [more]

16/06/2013: Outgoing Poet Laureate - Ian Wedde
Outgoing Poet Laureate and soon to be Creative New Zealand's Writer's Resident in Berlin, Ian Wedde, talks about about life and The Lifeguard, his new collection of poetry. [more]

16/06/2013: Writer - Stephanie Johnson
The Writing Class is Stephanie Johnson's latest work and perhaps draws from her own experiences as a teacher of Creative Writing classes. [more]

23/06/2013: The Park Road Post Film Laboratory
We mark the decommissioning of the Park Road Post Film Laboratory in Wellington after some 70 years in several different guises. But long time employee and now Head of Picture at Park Road Post, Brain Scadden, says film still has an important role to play. [more]

23/06/2013: Kilbirnie School Art Festival
Some of the children of Kilbirnie Primary School discuss how they now see art after an intensive few weeks considering the question "What is Art?". It's part of a school wide art initiative, Art Te Aroha - Kilbirnie School Art Festival. Their perspectives may surprise and will enchant you. [more]

23/06/2013: Christchurch based composer Luke di Somma
Luke di Somma drops by to talk about the many musical projects he's juggling, from choirs to symphony orchestras to operas. [more]

23/06/2013: The Odyssey
Northland Youth Theatre's acclaimed production of Homer's epic poem 'The Odyssey' opens this week in Auckland. Originally performed outside in Whangarei using local performers, it's now inside and boasts a half-Northland, half Auckland cast. Justin Gregory catches up with co-director Laurel Devenie to chat about connecting young folk with old stories and asks her whether she sometimes feels like a school teacher. [more]

23/06/2013: CEO of the American Booksellers Association, Oren Teiche
Oren Teiche brings news of encouraging trends for booksellers over there in the midst of shop closures and publisher mergers. [more]

23/06/2013: Illustrator/writer Gavin Bishop
Gavin Bishop is a regular on the New Zealand Post Children's Book Awards list of nominees and winners. He's nominated again this year, for Mr Whistler, his last collaboration with Margaret Mahy. We hear from Gavin on the eve of the awards, which are being held in Christchurch on Monday. [more]

23/06/2013: Vincent O'Sullivan
Vincent O'Sullivan discusses his latest collection of poems, Us, then, published by VUP, and how his move to Dunedin has found its way into his writing. [more]

30/06/2013: Theatre director John McGrath
John McGrath who's the artistic director of the highly regarded and innovative National Theatre of Wales, on the benefits to a country of having a national theatre company. [more]

30/06/2013: The Wallace National Piano Competition
We hear from one of the finalists in the country's newest elite piano event for young Kiwi players; the Wallace National Piano Competition. Somi Kim explains what this opportunity means for her. We also hear from John Eady, on of principal sponsors of the inaugural event. [more]

30/06/2013: Comedy writer Jonathan Lynn
We're in conversation with one of Britain's great comedy writers, Jonathan Lynn (below), who with writing partner Antony Jay, has brought back Prime Minister Jim Hacker and his puppet master, Sir Humphrey in an updated stage version of Yes Prime Minister. [more]

30/06/2013: Corrugations: the art of Jeff Thomson
Over a thirty year career there's not much that sculptor Jeff Thomson hasn't done with corrugated iron. He's bent it, braided it, cut it, curled it, woven it, welded it, painted it, printed on it, twisted it, built animals and abstract objects and covered entire cars in the stuff. Justin Gregory catches up with him at the Tauranga Art Gallery ahead of a major retrospective of his work, and finds him musing on the possibilities of other materials. [more]

30/06/2013: Paolo Bertolin
Paolo Bertolin selects movies for the oldest film festival in the world – not Cannes, but Venice. We talk to him about what he's looking for when choosing films from this part of the world, and the role of film festivals. [more]

30/06/2013: Early New Zealand portrait artist William Beetham
Before Goldie, before Lindauer, William Beetham was being commissioned to paint the portraits of Maori, as well as Pakeha settlers. So why have most of us have never heard of him? The curator of an exhibition of his works, Jane Vial, champions his place in our art history. [more]

30/06/2013: Writer Judith White
Judith White is an award-winning short story writer who's published her first novel about a woman and the duck who helped her through tough times. [more]

30/06/2013: Puppets in Prague
Leigh Anderton-Hall talks about the magic and mystery of puppets. [more]

07/07/2013: Apparatus : Nadine Smith
Nadine Smith is a nurse and an artist, who uses discarded medical equipment to create artworks that are beautiful and meaningful. Her exhibition at Quoil Gallery in Wellington is called Apparatus. [more]

07/07/2013: Scape : Blair French
Blair French is the curator behind an ambitious line up at this year's SCAPE outdoor art exhibition in Christchurch. We discuss among other things the delicacy of putting up art works on spaces once occupied by buildings which have special meaning to the city's people. [more]

07/07/2013: Richard Campion (1924-2013)
Pioneer is one of those overused words, but its true of theatre director Richard Campion who died on Tuesday. Ten years ago Lynn interviewed Richard about his time heading the New Zealand Players, working with Bruce Mason, and his views on contemporary theatre. We play excerpts from that interview in his memory. [more]

07/07/2013: Q Theatre
With new theatres being built in Auckland, classical musicians have started asking where their special performance space is. The surprising answer seems to be Q Theatre. Built as a live theatre venue, its upstairs loft space has nevertheless become home to classical and contemporary art musicians. So why do they want to leave behind the concert chambers, churches and lecture halls they played in before? The answer is easy. [more]

07/07/2013: Karl Chitham on James Turkington
A conversation with curator Karl Chitham about James Turkington, one of New Zealand's top and most prolific muralists who died in 1979. He's being remembered in a retrospective of his life and work hosted by Rotorua Museum. [more]

07/07/2013: Writers Amy Head and Paddy Richardson
Short story writer Amy Head, who's set her historic and contemporary tales on the South Island's rugged West Coast. She's called the collection Tough (VUP). Meanwhile crime writer Paddy Richardson puts her journalist-heroine Rebecca Thorne in several thorny situations in Cross Fingers (Hachette NZ). [more]

07/07/2013: Expat cartoonist Brent Harpur
Brent Harpur is hoping to 'up' the profile of New Zealand artists taking part in a show he's curating in the heart of Melbourne. [more]

14/07/2013: Ross Hemera Massey University
Ross Hemera (left) talks about how while Maori imagery is incredibly fashionable in art and tattoos these days, most don't know what that imagery means. [more]

14/07/2013: Professor of Maori Art and Design Ross Hemera
Ross Hemera talks about how while Maori imagery is incredibly fashionable in art and tattoos these days, most don't know what that imagery means. [more]

14/07/2013: The thorny issue of copyright
How our cultural institutions are trying to make their collections more accessible for people, and many people are a;sp keen to be able to download material, but the thorny issue of copyright is holding things up. You'll hear from the organiser of a recent public meeting on the topic, Matt McGregor from Creative Commons, and from one of the panellists, Courtney Johnston who's the director of Hutt City Museums. [more]

14/07/2013: The thorny issue of copyright
How our cultural institutions are trying to make their collections more accessible for people, and many people are a;sp keen to be able to download material, but the thorny issue of copyright is holding things up. You'll hear from the organiser of a recent public meeting on the topic, Matt McGregor from Creative Commons, and from one of the panellists, Courtney Johnston who's the director of Hutt City Museums. [more]

14/07/2013: The truly remarkable art of the late Don Driver
Don Driver is remembered in a new documentary by Paul Judge. Don Driver - Magician is screening at the NZ International Film Festival. It's been some 15 years in the making. Then again, Don's career spanned some six decades. He crafted objects of great beauty and meaning from unwanted everyday objects. [more]

14/07/2013: The truly remarkable art of the late Don Driver
Don Driver is remembered in a new documentary by Paul Judge. 'Don Driver - Magician' is screening at the NZ International Film Festival. It's been some 15 years in the making. Then again, Don's career spanned some six decades. He crafted objects of great beauty and meaning from unwanted everyday objects. [more]

14/07/2013: Photographer Jo Elliott
Hardy and determined photographer Jo Elliot (left) talks about trekking in Mongolia to photograph a Reindeer Herders Camp, and through snow to film the Callanish Stones, one of the world's first Neolithic observatories. [more]

14/07/2013: Among The Machines
We take you Among The Machines at Dunedin Public Art Gallery, with co-curator Su Ballard and one of the 13 invited artists, Bronwyn Holloway-Smith. [more]

14/07/2013: Artist Jo Burzynska
Jo Burzynska wants you to taste and hear wine in a new way. Her New Zealand presentation of Oenosthesia is on at the Audio Foundation in Auckland on Friday. [more]

14/07/2013: Novelist Anne Kennedy and Poet Amy Brown
Anne Kennedy introduces us to Go Go Sligo, a seamstress who reveals the often scandalous stories behind the holes in the clothing brought in for repairs. The novel is called The Last Days of the National Costume. and Amy Brown considers six real and imagined candidates for sainthood in her new collection The Odour of Sanctity. [more]

14/07/2013: Novelist Anne Kennedy and Poet Amy Brown
Anne Kennedy introduces us to Go Go Sligo, a seamstress who reveals the often scandalous stories behind the holes in the clothing brought in for repairs. The novel is called 'The Last Days of the National Costume'. and Amy Brown considers six real and imagined candidates for sainthood in her new collection 'The Odour of Sanctity'. [more]

21/07/2013: The Royal New Zealand Ballet's 60th birthday
We celebrate by chatting to three past prima ballerinas who've danced for the company over three different decades: Yvonne Parnell from the 1970s, Kerry-Ann Gilbert from the 80s and Diana Shand from the 90s. [more]

21/07/2013: Playground Collective Theatre director Eleanor Bishop
Eleanor Bishop is working with young people to find out what they really think about alcohol, for a devised production called Like There's No Tomorrow. [more]

21/07/2013: The Art and Neuroscience Project
Otago University's Brain Health Research Centre and the Dunedin School of Art at the Otago Polytechnic came up with the idea of The Art and Neuroscience Project, which brings together neuroscientists and artists. [more]

21/07/2013: Il Corsaro
The New Zealand School of Music provides a rare opportunity for Kiwis to see Verdi's opera Il Corsaro in a full-scale production. We talk to two of the young singers, the director and conductor about taking on this new challenge. [more]

21/07/2013: Writer Latika Vasil
Latika Vasil's short story collection is called Rising to the Surface, published by Steele Roberts. [more]

21/07/2013: Californian art and design
Auckland Art Gallery's new exhibition examines the impact of modern West Coast American design on how we all live now. California Design: living in a modern way traces the development of this influential movement from 1930-1965. Curator Staci Steinberger, who helped develop the exhibition at its home at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, took Justin Gregory on a tour. [more]

28/07/2013: Public Loos
We do public toilets well in this country - think Hundertwasser in Kawakawa or the surreal, sculptural ones in Matakana. And soon, we could be adding Piha to the list. A new toilet is due to be built in Piha's Domain and the local board's first priority was to find an artist to enhance it. They might just have the right woman for the job with Ruby Oakley. [more]

28/07/2013: Photographer Ann Shelton
An exhibition at the Sarjeant Gallery called City of Gold and Lead by photographer Ann Shelton includes photos of leftover bits from the old Whanganui Computer centre. Ann has also restored the name of a former disgraced Whanganui Mayor engraved on the Gallery's foundation stone. [more]

28/07/2013: Preserving New Zealand Music History
Flying Nun Records founder Roger Shepherd is working with Film Archives to try to preserve New Zealand's music history. Many master tapes have already been lost but it's not too late to save what remains. [more]

28/07/2013: Giselle - The Movie
Filmmaker Toa Fraser and his producer Matthew Metcalfe describes how a film like the upcoming Giselle is achieved. It's screening at the New Zealand International Film Festival. [more]

28/07/2013: The Royal New Zealand Ballet at 60
Ballet has played a pivotal role in Ann Rowse's life, first as a dancer, then managing the New Zealand School of Ballet. Now she's co-edited a book about the Royal New Zealand Ballet company's 60 year history. [more]

28/07/2013: Author Sandi Hall
Paekakariki and some of its real life residents have starring roles in Sandi Hall's latest novel, Paekakariki Mischief, published by Alwyn Books. [more]

28/07/2013: Writer and Artist Elizabeth Cunnane
Hamilton glass artist and writer Elizabeth Cunnane discusses her short story collection, After, which is a Steele Roberts publication. [more]

04/08/2013: Professional photography in New Zealand
Concerns that the standard of professional photography in New Zealand. Mike Langford, president of the Institute of Professional Photographers, explains why and what the Institute is doing about it. [more]

04/08/2013: Arts icon Dr Cliff Whiting
Newly announced New Zealand arts icon, Dr Cliff Whiting on his more than 50 years working with Maori communities on their marae, on his career in Maori arts and crafts education, and on the controversy over his pastel painted MDF Te Marae in Te Papa when it was first unveiled. [more]

04/08/2013: Art buying collectives
How art buying collectives work where artistic taste blends and occasionally clashes with the desire to make a profit. We hear from members of two Auckland collectives, one which sold up last year and another which is about to auction 10 years worth of art. Ben Plumbly from Art+Object explains why auction houses love art collectives. [more]

04/08/2013: The Brave
They say a physically fit actor is a better actor, and Auckland's Massive Theatre Company are taking that theory to the extreme. In preparation for touring their show The Brave around the country, their actors endure intense, gut-busting physical workouts for up to 90 minutes before each rehearsal. Cast member Beulah Koale leads these workouts and he tells Justin Gregory he knows exactly what he's aiming for. [more]

04/08/2013: William Pope L
Visiting American performance artist William Pope.L - Pope.L to his mates, on tackling huge issues from racism and homelessness, to incest and greedy banks. [more]

04/08/2013: Novelist : Craig Cliff
Craig Cliff imagines what life would be like for twins trained to become shop mannequins in early 20th century New Zealand. [more]

04/08/2013: Sarah Broom : Gleam
Sarah's husband Michael Gleissner discusses Sarah Broom's posthumous collection Gleam, which has been launched along with news of a new Poetry Prize in her honour. [more]

04/08/2013: The history of cameras and surveillance
Surveillance has been in the spotlight itself recently, especially surveillance of journalists. An overseas guest at the upcoming Auckland Art Fair created a whole exhibition around surveillance for the Tate Modern in London, calling it Exposed: Voyeurism, Surveillance, and the Camera Since 1870. Sandra Phillips is the curator of photography at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Lynn Freeman talks to her about the history of cameras and surveillance. [more]

11/08/2013: Casting director Tina Cleary
Casting is crucial and we talk to one of the best Kiwis in the business, Tina Cleary from The Casting Company. Tina's up for an Emmy for her work on Jane Campion's TV series, Top of the Lake. She and business partner Miranda Rivers have worked on many of this country's best movies and TV shows. [more]

11/08/2013: New Zealand composer Chris Gendall
Chris Gendall gets the biggest commission of his life - creating an opera for the London-based company, Size Zero Opera. It's based on the shooting of Japanese POWs at Feilding during WWII. [more]

11/08/2013: New Arts Icon Ian Athfield
Ian Athfield on his new honour and he talks about this weekend's forum on how architects and designers can help out following natural disasters. [more]

11/08/2013: Are our schools failing our creative kids?
Merryn Dunmill is heavily involved in on line education and she's seeing some schools doing amazing things, while others are struggling because their teachers don't feel confident teaching arts related subjects. [more]

11/08/2013: Motel
Playwrights and filmmakers love seedy motel settings and a new play by April Phillips is no exception. Called simply Motel, it tells four stories set in the same motel room and opens at Auckland's Basement Theatre this week. Justin Gregory caught up with April to ask her about the ambivalence we all towards motels. [more]

11/08/2013: Writer : Mee-mee Phipps
Mee-mee Phipps has released the first of a planned trilogy following the fortunes of a Chinese-Maori family, with Memories in the Bone. Some hard copies are available as Seriously Red Books in New Zealand libraries. The book is available on all e-sites and is being distributed by Baker&Taylor and Ingrams Book Distributors. [more]

11/08/2013: In Her Hand
Otago University English honours students remind us of the brilliance of some women writers from a century ago whose fame turned into obscurity. The students have ferretted out previously unknown letters and essays by not forgotten writers and put them into a book called In Her Hand. [more]

11/08/2013: In Her Hand
Otago University English honours students remind us of the brilliance of some women writers from a century ago whose fame turned into obscurity. The students have ferretted out previously unknown letters and essays by not forgotten writers and put them into a book called In Her Hand. [more]

11/08/2013: In Her Hand
Otago University English honours students remind us of the brilliance of some women writers from a century ago whose fame turned into obscurity. The students have ferretted out previously unknown letters and essays by not forgotten writers and put them into a book called In Her Hand. [more]

18/08/2013: Libertine Pictures
Master film and TV scriptwriter Neil Cross and his business partner Richard Fletcher set up a very businesslike production house, Libertine Pictures, here in New Zealand. [more]

18/08/2013: Artists address pornography
An exhibition that's looking at pornography from the perspective of a group of artists who want to get people thinking - and talking. Artists Judy Darragh and Lauren Lysaght describe their takes on centrefolds and Adults Only Movies created for A Different view: artists address pornography, which opens on Friday at the Gus Fisher Gallery in Auckland. [more]

18/08/2013: The end of one dance era and the start of another...
Footnote's Made In New Zealand series ends after seven glorious years. Deirdre Tarrant started Footnote and the hugely popular series, and Sarah Foster has been involved in six of the seven Made in New Zealand shows. [more]

18/08/2013: Gifted
Gifted, Patrick Evan's novel that imagined the writing relationship between literary legends Janet Frame and Frank Sargeson, is turned into a stage play. He talks about adapting the novel and why people need to remember its fiction not fact. [more]

18/08/2013: Composer and brass band fan Don McGlashan
Don McGlashan talks about mucking around with the classics for the upcoming New Zealand Dance Company production of Rotunda. [more]

18/08/2013: Theatre of the Gods
Expat writer Matt Shirley on his epic and satirical sci-fi novel Theatre of the Gods (written under the alias of Matt Suddain) and published by Random House. [more]

18/08/2013: Us and the Game Industry
A New Zealand made documentary looks into the artistic side to games and the gaming industry. Stephanie Beth's doco Us and the Game Industry has attracted overseas interest and is currently in the New Zealand International Film Festival. [more]

25/08/2013: Raewyn Hill
Raewyn Hill is based in Townsville in Northern Australia with the DanceNorth company. [more]

25/08/2013: Gallery
Christchurch Art Gallery director Jenny Harper discusses plans for repairs to the gallery and plans for purchases, with Justin Gregory. [more]

25/08/2013: Joe Bleakley
Joe Bleakley's current assignment is creating a set for the dancers and brass band who star in the New Zealand Dance Company's spectacular new show 'Rotunda'. [more]

25/08/2013: Erroll Shand
Erroll Shand stars in 'After Miss Julie' at Auckland's Basement Theatre, starting this Tuesday. [more]

25/08/2013: Philip Norman
Composer and biographer Philip Norman is part way through a Writer's Fellowship, and finalising preparations for the premiere of a musical he's co-created with Stuart Hoar. [more]

25/08/2013: Daniel Borgman
A new NZ film 'The Weight of Elephants' is the first co-production to tap into the very successful Danish film industry. [more]

01/09/2013: Web TV
Most people under 30 hardly watch TV at all, they're simply going on-line - and so are many smart production companies. We are talking about shows like Woodville - snappy 5-minute "webisodes" of a mockumentary that you can only find online. Other web only series include High road, Roseanne Liang's Flat 3 and the Kila Kokonut Krew's The Factory. We chat to Brenda Leeuwenberg, the digital strategist for New Zealand on Air, to Kerry Warkia who's the Production Manager on The Factory and producer of Flat 3, and to Georgiana Taylor, the producer and director of Woodville. [more]

01/09/2013: Marking the centenary of the First World War
The details are revealed of two big projects to mark New Zealand's commemoration the centenary of the First World War. We talk to two people closely involved in making WWI documents available on line - David Knight from Archives New Zealand and Sean McMahon from the National Library of New Zealand. [more]

01/09/2013: Composer : John Psathas
John Psathas has composed music for the Olympic Games ceremonies but even that doesn't compare to what he's created for the six person percussion ensemble Strike. He describes Between Zero and One, epic in scale and theme. It will premiere at the Christchurch Arts Festival before, they hope, taking on the world. [more]

01/09/2013: Dunedin's Blue Oyster Art Gallery
Blue Oyster Art Gallery re-opens in its new digs on Dowling Street - its fourth shift in 14 years. The contemporary gallery's new patch is in the heart of what's become an artist's precinct. [more]

01/09/2013: Writer : Kirsty Gunn
We speak to the big winner at the New Zealand Post Book Awards, Kirsty Gunn, Best Fiction and Book of the Year award winner. Her novel The Big Music references classical highland bagpipe compositions. [more]

01/09/2013: Edward Eyre and the marriage of the year, 1850
Professor Charlotte Macdonald is researching a remarkable double wedding ceremony in Auckland in 1850. Bishop Selwyn married a Maori couple and a Pakeha couple. It was supposed to be a symbol of faith and a united country. Professor Macdonald is one of the Humanities staff who'll be taking part in Victoria University's Big Day In on Saturday 7 September. [more]

01/09/2013: Gods of the Forest
East meets Westie in a new exhibition of paintings in Auckland by Chinese New Zealand artist Weilun Ha. Traditional Chinese ink landscape techniques capture the flora and fauna of the western Waitakere Ranges in what the artist calls a 'bushwalk' experience. Justin Gregory got his tramping boots on to go visit the Gods of the Forest. [more]

08/09/2013: Meteor Theatre
The fight to save the council-owned Meteor Theatre in Hamilton intensifies with the City Council elections looming. Lynn talks to Alec Forbes from The One Victoria Street Trust, and Creative Waikato's Sarah Nathan. [more]

08/09/2013: Te Papa in Auckland
Manukau has been chosen to host a proposed new $40 million museum, exhibition space and education centre that would host collections from Te Papa, the Auckland War Memorial Museum, and the Auckland Art Gallery. We hear from Auckland mayor Len Brown, and Te Papa CEO Mike Houlihan. [more]

08/09/2013: The past and future of the School Journal
With the closure of its publisher, the state owned enterprise Learning Media, we discuss how the School Journal started, its importance to writers, how it's changed and what this means for present day School Journal contributors. Former editor Jack Lasenby says he fears for the editorial independence the journal has enjoyed for so long. [more]

08/09/2013: Survive and Thrive
The future is here already, according to Survive & Thrive, Auckland's annual arts forum and expo, and artists, innovators and entrepreneurs need to be ready for what it offers. Interactive digital artists Harry Silver and Kim Newall are determined not to miss out and they want to help others to benefit too, through a workshop they're presenting at the forum. Justin Gregory meets up with the pair at an example of interactive digital art at its most fun. [more]

08/09/2013: Last Night of the Proms Conductor
Kiwi Holly Matthieson has been shoulder-tapped by England's most famous woman conductor to help out with the BBC's Last Night of the Proms. [more]

08/09/2013: Hue and Cry
Chloe Lane talks about what persuaded her to set up her own publishing house to produce the art and literary journal Hue and Cry and why she's now moved into also publishing books. [more]

08/09/2013: The Pallet Pavilion
After a busy summer, Christchurch's Pallet Pavilion has gone into winter hibernation. Being made entirely from wooden pallets, this outdoor performance venue needs watching over to deter vandals and arsonists. So Gap Filler project coordinator Richard Sewell is recruiting volunteers to keep an eye on the place each evening. He tells Justin Gregory it's actually a nice problem to have. [more]

08/09/2013: Whiti Hereaka
A chat to award-winning playwright and novelist Whiti Hereaka about her new play Rewena, her new novel Bugs, and hanging out with a pack of international writers in Iowa. [more]

15/09/2013: Film New Zealand
Film New Zealand Chief executive Gisella Carr talks about coming up with new ways of attracting more filmmakers to Aotearoa. [more]

15/09/2013: MTG Hawkes Bay Museum director Douglas Lloyd Jenkins
What a three year, $18 million makeover has achieved for the MTG Hawkes Bay - that's museum theatre gallery in Napier. [more]

15/09/2013: Architecture + Women
Architect Lynda Refiti-Simmons from the group Architecture + Women on why we need to get more women to pursue careers in architecture. [more]

15/09/2013: Close to Home
A new exhibition in Auckland is asking young student artists of Pacific Island heritage to discuss identity, environment and the city they live in. It's called Close to Home and Justin Gregory took a peek. [more]

15/09/2013: Damien Wilkins - Max Gate
The author of a novel about some lesser known aspects to the life and death of novelist Thomas Hardy. The novel's called Max Gate and it's published by VUP. [more]

15/09/2013: Scotty Cotter
Scotty Cotter has been acting professionally since he was 16, and after years of being assistant director, he's stepped up to direct a play that tells a Niuean story. It's called Birds, by Diana Fuemanna. [more]

15/09/2013: Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular
Find out about the Daleks, cybermen and weeping angels that are going to be invading Wellington for the Dr Who Symphonic Spectacular at the New Zealand International Arts Festival. [more]

22/09/2013: Neang Neak's Legacy
It's been a long time coming but we're about to see this country's first New Zealand-Cambodian play. Why have we waited so long for one? After a rush of Asian theatre in recent years, we're about to see the first professional New Zealand-Cambodian play to create Neang Neak's Legacy. You'll hear from the Director Jarod Rawiri and one of stars, Nancy Brunning, from Tawata Productions. [more]

22/09/2013: Dan Slevin reviews new movies
Dan Slevin sits in for Simon Morris, this week he's reviewing 'Rush', set in the golden age of Formula 1 racing in the 1970s; 'The Best Offer'; and 'One Direction: This is Us'. [more]

22/09/2013: The future of Wellington theatre, post Downstage
We consider the future for Wellington theatre with Downstage closing its doors for the final time last night. You'll hear from Peter Bland, one of the founders of Downstage nearly fifty years ago as well as theatre critic John Smythe author of a book on the first forty years of Downstage. Plus Stephen Wainwright CEO of Creative NZ, Jane Waddell who has been closely involved with Downstage over the years and is on the board of rival Circa Theatre, and Tim Spite, one of the new generation theatre practitioners who are potentially the biggest losers. [more]

22/09/2013: Writer Fleur Beale on Speed Freak
Fleur Beale on 'Speed Freak', her latest novel for teen readers. [more]

22/09/2013: Jade Valor on her re-imagining of Salome
Salome is commonly thought of as a femme fatale, but writers Jade Valor and Sharlie Pryce have given her a whole new image as the heroine of a fantasy novel that transports her into the future. [more]

22/09/2013: Actor, director and writer Ahi Karunarahan
The pool of actors in New Zealand is broad but possibly a little bit shallow. And when it comes to casting, especially for roles that require actors from minority communities, sometimes we just have to make do with what we've got. Justin Gregory asks whether what we see on stage, watch on TV - and even what we hear on the radio - always has to be completely authentic. He talks to Sri Lankan-New Zealand actor Ahi Karunarahan. [more]

29/09/2013: Amy Stewart of ArtWeek
Amy is in charge of the writing programme for ArtWeek in Auckland. She writes about art and works with artists to help them find the words to describe what they've created. Her brief for ArtWeek includes encouraging people to share their opinions on the art they see with the rest of the country via ArtWeek ARTzine. [more]

29/09/2013: The Globe Theatre, Dunedin
Dunedin's historic Globe Theatre is in desperate need of repair. Chair of the Friends of the Globe Trust Rosemary Beresford explains what needs to be done and how they plan to raise the money to renovate the Category 1 historic building. [more]

29/09/2013: Aztecs: Conquest and glory
Some treasures of the Aztecs have arrived in New Zealand, offering an insight into the lives of these remarkable people. Some have been found in excavations so recently they've not yet been displayed in Mexico. Te Papa hosts the Aztec works of art in an exhibition called Aztecs, Conquest and glory. [more]

29/09/2013: Director and playwright Paul Maunder
Paul has been involved in numerous forms of community theatre for more than 50 years, making him the perfect person to write about its history here in New Zealand. He's called his book Rebellious Mirrors. [more]

29/09/2013: Demigod/Half Human
Christchurch's annual Body Festival of dance and physical theatre has played host to some challenging performances in the past. But are they ready for the dark art that is Auckland show Demigod/Half Human? Justin Gregory steps into the shadows to meet choreographer Shani Dickins. [more]

29/09/2013: Chapter & Verse
Christchurch writer Carl Nixon doesn't give much away about what's fact and what's fiction in his latest novel, The Virgin and the Whale; and Adrienne Jansen talks about the 20th anniversary of the Whitireia Creative Writing Programme this weekend and the publication of her novel, The Score. [more]

29/09/2013: Whitireia creative writing programme
The Whitireia creative writing programme is celebrating 20 years of giving a wide range of people the skills and encouragement they need to write. [more]

29/09/2013: Country singer Corb Lund
Corb Lund is an ambassador for his home state of Alberta and the traditional cowboy lifestyle. He's performing at the Vector Arena in Auckland on Monday 30 September. [more]

06/10/2013: Bill Culbert and Ralph Hotere
Bill Culbert and the late Ralph Hotere enjoyed an artistic partnership that lasted more than two decades and a friendship that lasted even longer. The fruits of both will go on display at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery from next Saturday in the first ever major retrospective of their joint work, Hotere Culbert. Bill has come home to Dunedin for the exhibition and when Justin Gregory caught up with him he asked him how he and Ralph managed to sustain such a long collaboration. [more]

06/10/2013: Unlocked Collections
Hidden treasures in Auckland's art collection are about to go on show. During Art Week Auckland, the Unlocked Collections exhibition allows the public to peek at the private art collections of some of our biggest businesses. Justin meets guide David Hill to take in the impressive display owned by the BNZ on Queen Street. [more]

06/10/2013: The Corelli School
The staff of the Corelli International Academic School of the Arts believe art is at the heart of learning. Operating out of the old Shortland Street clinic in Auckland's Brown's Bay, they dedicate more than 30% of their curriculum to art - and yet frequently top Cambridge International Exam results. Justin Gregory joined them one Friday for their regular lunchtime concert to find out how they do it. [more]

06/10/2013: Why be cool when you can be awesome?
The cast of Dragonlore, one of two Young and Hungry plays on now at the Basement Theatre in Auckland, use LARPing, or live action role playing, to tell the story. But as Justin Gregory finds out when he catches up with them in rehearsal, the line gets rather blurred between live action role playing and live theatre. [more]

06/10/2013: Sam Prebble - Water Sky
Sam Prebble - Water Sky. [more]

06/10/2013: Dance artist Charles Koroneho
He's been a long time away but Charles Koroneho has returned to New Zealand for a performance of his new work, Pure. In the '80's Charles was one of the founders of Te Kanikani o te Rangatahi, this country's first contemporary Maori Dance Company and has worked extensively with first nations artists across Canada, and lectured and danced around the world. Pure came out of a long residency in Ontario, and earlier this week he sat down with Justin Gregory to tell him all about it. [more]

06/10/2013: Learning to Cry
The InterACT Disability Arts Festival is looking for a town crier. They opened auditions a few weeks back and got no takers. Arts on Sunday presenter Justin Gregory decided to have a go. Now, he's a pretty quietly spoken fella at the best of times, and town criers… are not. So first of all he went to get some help from actor and expert voice teacher Sylvia Rands. [more]

06/10/2013: Life, love and the theremin
Today's featured writer is Aussie-based Kiwi novelist Tracy Farr. Tracy has imagined the life and loves of a pioneering virtuoso of an early electronic instrument, the Theremin, in The Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt. Dame Lena Gaunt is an octogenarian musician. She was feted in her hey-day, but has long been forgotten, until coming out of retirement to appear at a music festival. Lynn Freeman talks to Tracy about the book and her own love affair with the theremin. [more]

06/10/2013: Justin Gregory's lesson with vocal coach Kirstie O'Sullivan
When Arts on Sunday reporter Justin Gregory decided to audition for the job of Town Cryer at the InterACT Disability Arts Festival, he needed some help being heard. So he went for a couple of lessons in voice projection with vocal coaches Sylvia Rand and Kirstie O'Sullivan. Here's a recording of his lesson with Kirstie. [more]

06/10/2013: Learning to Cry
The InterACT Disability Arts Festival is looking for a Town Crier. They opened auditions a few weeks back and got no takers. Arts on Sunday presenter Justin Gregory decided to have a go. Now, he's a pretty quietly spoken fella at the best of times, and town criers… are not. So first of all he went to get some help from actor and expert voice teacher Sylvia Rands. [more]

06/10/2013: Live Live Cinema
Gareth van Niekerk is a busy man. He's the sound designer and foley artist for the new Live Live Cinema show, Dementia 13. Live Live Cinema is just what it sounds like - a presentation of a classic film with all the audio, all the dialogue and all the music performed live and of course, all the foley work. They made a big splash with their previous show, Carnival of Souls, and this new show will soon tour to the Barbican Theatre in London. The press release says Gareth has 1,000 cues to perform. Justin Gregory asked him if that could possibly be true. [more]