Radio New Zealand: Nine To Noon

This page lists items from RNZ that are identified as "Nine To Noon". RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access these items, plus the vast audio collecton from the mid-2000s onwards by using the day schedule pages. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

21/01/2008: Poverty Panel
Credit card debt is rising, espeacially just after Xmas, and so is the interest rates for credit cards. [more]

21/01/2008: Career Change
Stefan Lewis is a Police constable embarking on a filmmaking career. Last year he directed 'The Waimate Conspiracy'. [more]

21/01/2008: Sir Edmund Hillary
Kiri Ennis reports live from Auckland's Holy Trinity Cathedral. [more]

21/01/2008: Africa
Peter Greste from Cape Town on the violence in Kenya following last months election. [more]

21/01/2008: Feature Guest - Susan Bell
Author of 'A Touch of Sleeve - Hisashi's Story'. [more]

21/01/2008: Best Books of 2007
Laura Kroetsch with her take on the best books of 2007. [more]

21/01/2008: Politics
From the left - Laila Harre, and from the right - Matthew Hooton. [more]

21/01/2008: Sir Edmund Hillary - Part 2
Kiri Ennis reports on the welcoming ceremony for Sir Edmund Hillary's casket. Live from Auckland's Holy Trinity Cathedral. [more]

21/01/2008: Guest Chef - Peter Thornley
Picnic ideas for summer. [more]

21/01/2008: Wine
With John Hawkesby. [more]

21/01/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
David Slack on a suitable tribute for Sir Edmund Hillary. [more]

22/01/2008: George Band
A UK Climber was the youngest member of the 1953 expedition to conquer Everest talks about the attempt. [more]

22/01/2008: Mary Lowe
Honorary Secretary, The Himalayan Trust UK and the wife of George Lowe - the other NZ climber on the 1953 Expedition. [more]

22/01/2008: State Funeral Live Cross
Live cross to Auckland to get the atmosphere of the build up to Sir Edmund Hillary's funeral. [more]

22/01/2008: Ang Rita Sherpa
Chief Administrative Officer of the Himalayan Trust in Nepal talking about how Sir Ed has changed the lives of the locals. [more]

22/01/2008: John McKinnon
The Nelson doctor who helped open the first hospital in Nepal. [more]

22/01/2008: Sir Edmund Hillary's funeral
Live cross to RNZ reporter Kiri Innes at St Mary's. [more]

22/01/2008: Sir Edmund Hillary's funeral (part 2)
Live cross to RNZ reporter Rowan Quinn at the Auckland Domain. [more]

22/01/2008: Zeke O'Connor
Executive Director of Canada's Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation, which raises funds for schools and hospitals in Nepal. [more]

23/01/2008: Campylobacter
Health experts talk about this food-borne disease. [more]

23/01/2008: Hone Tuwhare Tribute
Cilla McQueen, Bluff poet and Jim Geddes, personal friend and curator at the Eastern Southland Art Gallery. [more]

23/01/2008: Australia
With correspondent Ray Moynihan. [more]

23/01/2008: Algae Bio fuels
Feature guest Vicki Buck, entrepreneur and former Mayor of Christchurch talks about bio fuels. [more]

23/01/2008: Book Review
Graham Beattie's favourite books from 2007. [more]

23/01/2008: Heath Ledger Found Dead
Actor Heath Ledger has been found dead in his New York apartment. [more]

23/01/2008: Music - The Police
Marty Duda with today's feature artist: The Police. [more]

23/01/2008: Legal Issues
With our legal editor Catriona MacLennan. [more]

23/01/2008: TV Review
Simon Wilson previews the new television season. [more]

24/01/2008: NZ Interest Rates
With Mark Weldon Managing Director NZ Stock Exchange and Brendan O'Donovan Westpac Chief Economist. [more]

24/01/2008: Career Change
Jim Kebbell a former priest now runs organic stores. [more]

24/01/2008: UK Correspondent
Politics in the UK with corresponent John Dennis. [more]

24/01/2008: Feature Guest - Tim Spite
Wellington actor, playwright and director, whose play on paua poaching has just opened at Downstage theatre. [more]

24/01/2008: Book Review
The best books of 2007 with reviewer Louise O'Brien. [more]

24/01/2008: Maori Issues
Maori affairs with Editor of Mana Magazine, Derek Fox. [more]

24/01/2008: Marty Van der Burg
Auckland builder and good Samaritan came back from Ethiopia in December after taking a team of Kiwis over to build houses. [more]

24/01/2008: Technology
New Technology with correspondent Colin Jackson. [more]

25/01/2008: Climate Change Security Challenges
A new report explains how the likely impacts of climate change will force dramatic changes to law enforcement. [more]

25/01/2008: Career Change
From merchant banking to blueberries, Robert Auton joins us from his blueberry patch in Matakana. [more]

25/01/2008: Pacific Update
Correspondent Mike Field speaks to us from Mumbai. [more]

25/01/2008: Feature Interview: Rex Gilroy
Self-taught naturalist seeking proof that extinct animals like the Moa and Tasmanian Tiger are still around. [more]

25/01/2008: Book Review Double Header
Quentin Johnson and Mary McCallum: The Best of Books 2007. [more]

25/01/2008: Manu's Music
Manu Taylor samples Cat Power, Bob Marley and The Wailers, The Jazz-Tempered Trio. [more]

25/01/2008: Sport
Richard Becht highlights the latest from the world of sport. [more]

25/01/2008: The Week That Was
With world renowned luminaries Radar and Gemma Gracewood. [more]

28/01/2008: Tax Cuts
Our financial experts speculate about tax cuts that both parties are offering in this election year. [more]

28/01/2008: Career Change
Peter Hudson used to be a TV cameraman and now runs a vineyard near Lake Ferry. [more]

28/01/2008: Looking For A Lookalike
Alison Jackson shot to fame with her lookalike photos of celebrities in compromising positions. [more]

28/01/2008: Europe Corresponent - Seamus Kearney
French rogue trader looses mind boggling sums of money and Italian government woes. [more]

28/01/2008: Feature Guest - Kate Dewes
A Peace campaigner recently appointed to a key UN committee on disarmament issues. [more]

28/01/2008: Book Review - Phone Home Berlin
Collected Non-Fiction by Nigel Cox. Reviewed by Penny Ashton. Published by Victoria University Press. [more]

28/01/2008: Politics
Politics issues of the day with our guests Laila Harre and Matthew Hooten. [more]

28/01/2008: Guest Chef - Jeremy Jones
Today Jeremy shares his take on Green Lipped Mussel soup and a Crayfish Salad. [more]

28/01/2008: Wine
Our wine expert Jeremy Jones matches soup with wine. [more]

28/01/2008: Tommy Honey
Tommy Honey talks about what do we change our minds about and why? [more]

29/01/2008: Appeal Against Release Of A Rapist
Peter McNamara has been released from prison after serving only a third of his sentence for his part in a gang rape. [more]

29/01/2008: Career Change
Dale McFarlane is leaving a position at RNZ as an HR manager to become a minister in The Salvation Army. [more]

29/01/2008: US Correspondent
Richard Adams talks about the US presidential primaries. [more]

29/01/2008: Feature Guest - Fred Goldman
The father of Ron Goldman who was murdered along with Nicole Simpson, has been awarded the rights to the book 'If I Did It'. [more]

29/01/2008: Book Review - The Silver Swan
Written by Benjamin Black (John Banville). Published by Picador, Reviewed by Mary Daysh. [more]

29/01/2008: Business Correspondent - Rod Oram
Our Business correspondent talks about US market troubles and Kiwisaver at home. [more]

29/01/2008: Reverend Howard Langmead
Interview with Rev Howard Langmead, Melbourne based Anglican priest who moonlights as a stand-up comedian. [more]

29/01/2008: Media
Phil Wallington talks about media issues over the last week. [more]

30/01/2008: Vitamin D
Professor Hector DeLuca and Dr Chris Atkinson talk about vitamin D deficiency. [more]

30/01/2008: State Of The Nation Speech
analysis of Prime Minister's state of the nation speech and how it compares with John Key's speech from day before. [more]

30/01/2008: Career Change
Lindsay Helson was a funeral director and is now a prison officer. [more]

30/01/2008: Australia
With correspondent Paul Barclay. [more]

30/01/2008: Feature Guest - Lisa Chappell
Left Sydney to return to NZ, starred in McLeod's Daughters, catapulting her to fame on both sides of the tasman. [more]

30/01/2008: Book Review - Floodtide
Written by Judy Nunn. Published by Random House Australia and reviewed by Gail Pittaway. [more]

30/01/2008: Music with Marty Duda
The artist of the week is Damien Rice. [more]

30/01/2008: Law
With legal commentator Robert Lithgow QC. [more]

30/01/2008: Film review
Dan Slevrn reviews new Tim Burton film, 'Sweeny Todd' and 'Charlie Wilson's War'. [more]

31/01/2008: Violence In Kenya
With Alastair Cook, an aid worker in Kenya and Peter Greste, our Africa correspondent. [more]

31/01/2008: Advertising Standards
The Advertising Standards Authority has banned a Charlie's soda ad. [more]

31/01/2008: Career Change
Ricky Heihei was a drainlayer and is now a qualified teacher. [more]

31/01/2008: UK Correspondent - Michael White
The world's largest robbery and a plot to kill English soldier. [more]

31/01/2008: Feature Guest - Dr Rosamunde Vallings
Howick GP and specialist in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome who received the NZ Order of Merit this Year. [more]

31/01/2008: Book Review - Sacred Causes
Written by Michael Burleigh. Published by 4th Estate, reviewed by Harry Broad. [more]

31/01/2008: Maori Issues
With our maori issues commentator, Derek Fox. [more]

31/01/2008: Health
With Ron Patterson, Health and Disability Commissioner. [more]

31/01/2008: Technology
New technology with our commentator Colin Jackson. [more]

01/02/2008: Environment Report - Soil and Water Quality
Sue Powell and Ken Taylor discuss the pressures on water quality and supply. [more]

01/02/2008: Career Change - Colin Smithies
Colin was a publican in Tapanui in Southland, and is now a lecturer in Economics at Otago University. [more]

01/02/2008: Asia Correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
China is in the grip of one of the worst winters in decades. [more]

01/02/2008: John Lowe
At the age of 79 John took up ballet. Now the 88 year old UK dancer has had his first onstage ballet performance. [more]

01/02/2008: Feature Guest - Pete Bethune
Pete discusses his goal for Earthrace was to promote renewal fuels in a positive fashion. [more]

01/02/2008: Childrens Book Review - John McIntyre
John McIntyre reviews three books for teenagers. See below for details. [more]

01/02/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
Manu reviews three CD's. See below for details. (music edited out) [more]

01/02/2008: Sports Commentator
Today our sports commentator Richard Becht talks cricket. [more]

01/02/2008: The Week That Was
A light hearted look back on the week with Radar and Michelle A'Court. [more]

04/02/2008: Euthanasia
A Wellington woman who committed suicide using advice of Philip Nitschke, was not terminally ill. [more]

04/02/2008: Grant Redvers
New Zealand environmental scientist who has spent the last two Christmases in isolation near the North Pole. [more]

04/02/2008: Middle East Correspondent - Irris Makler
Refugees are leaving Gaza into Egypt [more]

04/02/2008: Feature Guest - Ray Avery
Ray Avery is in the running for Saatchi and Saatchi Innovation Award for world changing ideas. [more]

04/02/2008: Book Review - 3 Para
Written by Patrick Bishop. Published by 4th Estate. Reviewed by Paul Diamond. [more]

04/02/2008: Politics
With Laila Harre and Matthew Hooten. [more]

04/02/2008: Guest Chef - Lauraine Jacobs
Lamb for the BBQ - Boned leg marinated with asian flavours and little lamb chops in mint. [more]

04/02/2008: Wine
With John Hawkesby. [more]

04/02/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
With David Slack. [more]

05/02/2008: HMNZS Canterbury
Serious concerns have been raised about the sea worthiness of the navy's new frigate. [more]

05/02/2008: Dr Scott Baker
In NZ for a meeting of scientists involved in whale research and monitoring of stocks. [more]

05/02/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
Jack talks about the run up to Super Tuesday. [more]

05/02/2008: Feature Guest - Stacey Gregg
A former fashion editor turned children's author. [more]

05/02/2008: Book Review - Christ Clone
Written by David McLeod. Published by Black Swan. Reviewed by Harry Broad. [more]

05/02/2008: Business Commentator - Rod Oram
Troubles in the finance world. [more]

05/02/2008: Early Childhood Intervention
A discussion with Iritana Tawhiwhirangi, Margaret Beasdale and John Tamihere. [more]

05/02/2008: Media
With media commentator Phil Wallington. [more]

06/02/2008: Drought Hits Farmers
North Canterbury sheep farmer, Waikato Federated Farmers president and Agriculture Minister comment on the drought. [more]

06/02/2008: US Correspondent
Richard Adams reports from Washington. [more]

06/02/2008: Australian Correspondent
Ray Moynihan reports from across the Tasman. [more]

06/02/2008: Feature Guest - Michael Ahie
CEO and a founding partner of Shirlaws New Zealand Ltd. [more]

06/02/2008: Book Review - 'Earth Race'
Don Rood reviews 'Earth Race' by Pete Bethune. Published by Hodder Moa. [more]

06/02/2008: Waitangi Update
Natalie Mankelow reports from the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. [more]

06/02/2008: Music With Marty Duda
Marty looks at Bob Marley, born on 6 February 1945. [more]

06/02/2008: Law
With Wellington employment lawyer Andrew Scott-Howman. [more]

06/02/2008: Television Review
With Simon Wilson. [more]

07/02/2008: Fumigation In NZ Ports
Discussion on Genera'a use of Methyl Bromide on Wellington wharves to treat timber. [more]

07/02/2008: Veronica McGregor
NASA has beamed the Beatles song 'across the universe' into deep space to mark 50th anniversary. [more]

07/02/2008: Feature Guest - Wayne Mills
Winner Margaret Mahy medal, and creator of KidsLit quiz which is throughout NZ and in three overseas countries. [more]

07/02/2008: Book Review - Diamonds, Gold and War
The Making of South Africa by Martin Meredith. Published by Simon and Schuster. Reviewed by Hamish Keith. [more]

07/02/2008: Maori Issues
With commentator Paul Diamond. [more]

07/02/2008: Warren Chin
Weta Researcher and invertebrate entomologist, Head of Department of Conservation's research team. [more]

07/02/2008: Technology
New technolgy with our commentator Colin Jackson. [more]

08/02/2008: Michael Cullen
The Minister of Finance talks about possible Tax cuts over the next three years. [more]

08/02/2008: Ted Ruffman - Emotion Breakdown
Research Head at Otago Uni Psychology Dept. The ability to recognise subtle face expressions deteriorates as we age. [more]

08/02/2008: Sandy McAlister
Head of SPCA in Hong Kong tells us of a serial dog killer at large for 20 years. [more]

08/02/2008: Pacific Correspondent - Sean Dorney
Asylum seekers processing centre in Naru is to close. [more]

08/02/2008: Feature Interview - Lee Thomas
Is a African American US TV reporter with Vitiligo, a disease which turns skin white. [more]

08/02/2008: Book Review - The White King
Written by Gyorgy Dragoman. Published by Doubleday. Reviewed by Louise O'Brien. [more]

08/02/2008: Music With Manu Taylor
Manu reviews three CDs. See Below for Details. (Music edited out). [more]

08/02/2008: Sports Commentator
Our sports commentator Richard Becht talks Cricket, Golf and Football. [more]

08/02/2008: The Week That Was
A light hearted look back on the week that was, with Radar and Pinky. [more]

11/02/2008: Tribute to Lisa Palmer
Nine to Noon Executive Producer Lisa Palmer collapsed and died suddenly at home on Friday afternoon. [more]

11/02/2008: Shane Jones And Kingi Taurua
Discuss claims that Gangs have used Waitangi Day festivities to recruit new members. [more]

11/02/2008: Elaine Reese
Associate Professor Elaine Reese from Otago University discusses an early memory advantage in Maori. [more]

11/02/2008: George Farrant
Auckland City Council's Chief Heritage Adviser deals with the problem of pigeon poo. [more]

11/02/2008: Europe Correspondent - Seamus Kearney
Kosovo's search for a political solution, French President Sarkozy deals with problems in Suburban Paris. [more]

11/02/2008: Feature Guest - Helen Smyth
Film maker and journalist will be taking her film La Verdad to Cuba in March. [more]

11/02/2008: Book Review - Selected Essays by Gore Vidal
Written by by Gore Vidal. Published by Abacus. Reviewed by by Gore Vidal. Published by Abacus. Reviewed by Mary Daysh. [more]

11/02/2008: Politics
With Laila Harre and Matthew Hooten. [more]

11/02/2008: Guest Chef - Domenica Houlihan
Shares her recipes for Chocolate Almond Hearts with berry cream and Chilled Borscht. [more]

11/02/2008: Wine
With John Hawkesby. [more]

11/02/2008: Tommy Honey
Sophist and Provocateur, talks about Eureka moments. [more]

11/02/2008: Feature Guest - Graeme Revell
New Zealand born and raised, Graeme Revell is a composer who has a strong career in the US composing soundtracks for films, television, and video games. [more]

12/02/2008: Timor
Defence Minister, Phil Goff, comments on the latest from East Timor. [more]

12/02/2008: Timor
Fran Mold comments on the situation in Timor. [more]

12/02/2008: 9-11 Charges
Barry Zelman and Father Stephen Petrovich comment on the possible death penalty for 9/11 suspects. [more]

12/02/2008: US Correspondent
Richard Adams reports from Washington. [more]

12/02/2008: Book Review - Memory: An Anthology
Mary McCallum reviews 'Memory: An Anthology, Edited by Harriet Harveywood and A.S. Byatt'. Published by Chatto and Windus. [more]

12/02/2008: Business
With commentator Rod Oram. [more]

12/02/2008: Frozen Funds Charitable Trust
Comments from Anne Helm and John Sutherland. [more]

12/02/2008: Media Commentator
Phil Wallington. [more]

13/02/2008: Australian Government Says Sorry
Mungo MacCallum and Brian Butler discuss what this will mean to Aboriginal Australians. [more]

13/02/2008: Te Papa Turns Ten
On it's 10th anniversary, 3 museum specialists discuss, Does our national Arts gallery fulfill it's role? [more]

13/02/2008: Australian Corresponent
Paul Barclay reports from across The Tasman. [more]

13/02/2008: Feature Guest - Aindrias de Staic
An Irish storyteller and Fiddler - His show Around the World on 80 Quid is part of the Wellington Fringe Festival. [more]

13/02/2008: Book Review - What Are You Optimistic About?
Edited by John Brockman. Published by Simon and Schuster. Reviewed by Emma Hart. [more]

13/02/2008: Music With Marty Duda
This weeks artist is P.J. Harvey. [more]

13/02/2008: National MP Resigns
An MP since 1999, Kathrine Rich will retire from politics for personal reasons. [more]

13/02/2008: Law
With Ursula Cheer. [more]

13/02/2008: Film Review
Dan reviews the Coen brothers film, 'No Country For Old Men'. [more]

14/02/2008: Katherine Rich Resigns From National Caucus
List MP and education spokeswoman talks about her decision to resign. [more]

14/02/2008: Beijing Olympics Gagging Contract
NZ Olympic Committee accused of breaching Bill of Human Rights by gagging athletes speaking about their experiences in China [more]

14/02/2008: Rights Of Americans To Hang Washing On The Line
Executive Director of Project Laundry List in the US talks about the issue. [more]

14/02/2008: UK Correspondent - Kate Adie
Talking about UK issues this week. [more]

14/02/2008: Feature Guest - Stephanie Alexander
Australian chef talks about the Kitchen Garden Foundation [more]

14/02/2008: Book Review - A Good Handful
Great NZ Poems About Sex, reviewed by Phil Smith, edited by Stu Bagby. Published by Auckland University Press. [more]

14/02/2008: Maori Issues
With Mana magazine editor Derek Fox [more]

14/02/2008: Health Correspondent
David Galler, principal medical adviser to the Ministry of Health comments on health issues. [more]

14/02/2008: New Technology Commentator - Colin Jackson
Tech commentator Colin Jackson talks the modern music phenomenon, the Mash Up. [more]

15/02/2008: Rimutaka Prison Report
Findings from a report which looked into coruption at Wellington's Rimutaka Prison. [more]

15/02/2008: NZ Property Prices
Commentators talk of predictions of a property slump. [more]

15/02/2008: Asian Correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
Reporting on Asian issues from Hong Kong. [more]

15/02/2008: Feature Guest - Albert Belz
Maori writer and playwright. [more]

15/02/2008: Children's Book Review
John McIntyre looks at 'Blood Red Snow White', 'Swallows and Amazons' and 'Anne Of Green Gables'. [more]

15/02/2008: Music - Manu Taylor
Manu Taylor selects the music of three artists. [more]

15/02/2008: Sport - Richard Becht
Sports commentator keeps us up to date with the latest sport happenings. [more]

15/02/2008: Week That Was
With Te Radar and Elizabeth Ester. [more]

18/02/2008: Kapiti Air Collision
Paul Harrison CEO of the Kapiti aero club and Principal of Kapiti College Tony Kane both comment. [more]

18/02/2008: Social Agency Funding
Govt cash injection for community based organisations. [more]

18/02/2008: African Correspondent - Peter Greste
The latest News from Africa including trouble in Kenya. [more]

18/02/2008: Feature Guest - Mike Carter
Observer journalist who traveled world on motorbike after a drunken vow. [more]

18/02/2008: Book Review - His Illegal Self by Peter Carey
Written by Peter Carey. Published by Random House Australia. Reviewed by Graham Beattie. [more]

18/02/2008: Kapiti Air Collision - Update
Update from the Police media conference. [more]

18/02/2008: Politics
With Laila Harre and Matthew Hooten. [more]

18/02/2008: Guest Chef - Ray McVinnie
Shares his recipies for Roasted Gurnard with Green Olives and Salsa Cruda and Dinner Rush Sausage and Peppers with Pasta. [more]

18/02/2008: Wine
With John Hawkesby [more]

18/02/2008: David Slack
Presents a modest proposal or two for innovative solutions to combat Global Warming. [more]

19/02/2008: Real Estate - The Joneses
Graeme Crews comments on the liquidation of The Joneses real estate agency. [more]

19/02/2008: Marjorie Cohn on 911 Suspects
US lawyer Marjorie Cohn comments on the 911 suspects held in Guantanamo Bay. [more]

19/02/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
Jack Hitt reports on the latest News from Washington. [more]

19/02/2008: NZ Research Vessel the Tangaroa
Science leader Stu Hanchett reports from the Ross Sea. [more]

19/02/2008: Feature Guest - David Knight
Auckland neo natal specialist, David Knight, heads to Brisbane. [more]

19/02/2008: Book Review - 'Burnt Out Town of Miracles'
Gail Pittaway reviews 'Burnt Out Town of Miracles' by Roy Jacobsen. Published by John Murray. [more]

19/02/2008: Business
With commentator Rod Oram. [more]

19/02/2008: Schizophrenia
Elyn Saks, Professor of Law and Psychiatry at the University of Southern California who has schizophrenia. [more]

19/02/2008: Media
Phil Wallington is our media commentator. [more]

20/02/2008: DHB's Sentenel Events
Quality Improvement Committee heads at Counties Manukau DHB talk about a report released today. [more]

20/02/2008: NZ Drug Policy Roundtable
Professor David Nutt and Ross Bell talk about the Parliamentary committee on review of Drug laws starting today. [more]

20/02/2008: Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Police commissioner asked to explain, Brian Burke still wields power, Kevin Rudd's honeymoon. [more]

20/02/2008: Feature Guest - Jacob Rajan
A Writer and performer, he Co-wrote Krishnan's Dairy, The Candlestickmaker, The Pickle King and The Dentist's Chair. [more]

20/02/2008: Book Review - Not Quite What I Was Planning
Written by Larry Smith. Published by Harper Collins. Reviewed by Laura Kroetsch. [more]

20/02/2008: Music With Marty Duda
This week's artist is Loudon Wainwright III. [more]

20/02/2008: Law
With Dean Knight. [more]

20/02/2008: Television Review
Metro magazine senior writer reviews Pushing Daisies. [more]

21/02/2008: DHB's Sentinel Events
Medical professionals discuss the 182 serious mistakes in the 06-07 year. [more]

21/02/2008: Hawkes Bay DHB Crisis
Clinical Director of Surgery at Hawkes Bay regional Hospital's perspective. [more]

21/02/2008: Judge Jockeys Conflict Of Interest
Chief Justice Sian Elias won't preside over Lisa Cropp hearing as the jockey rides for the Dame. [more]

21/02/2008: Elderly Sex Offender Detained
A Hawkes Bay retirement home has a sex offender resident confined to home detention. [more]

21/02/2008: UK Correspondent - John Dennis
Talking about UK issues this week. [more]

21/02/2008: Feature Guest - Dr John Szetu
Renowned ophthalmologist talks about his work in and around the Pacific and the Fred Hollows Foundation. [more]

21/02/2008: Book Review - The Fall of the House of Bush
By Craig Unger. Published by Scribner (Simon and Schuster). Reviewed by John King. [more]

21/02/2008: Maori Issues
Writer and commentator, Paul Diamond talks about the life and works of Barry Barclay. [more]

21/02/2008: New Zealand At The Olympics
Joseph Romanos talks about 100 years of New Zealand at the Olympics. [more]

21/02/2008: New Technology Commentator - Colin Jackson
Colin talks about quantum theory and physics. [more]

22/02/2008: Medals Burglary
Media commentator Jim Tully and Wellington defence lawyer Greg King comment on the issue. [more]

22/02/2008: Religious Leadership and World Youth Day
Cardinal George Pell, Archbishop of Sydney, and the highest ranking prelate in the Catholic Church in Australia. [more]

22/02/2008: McDonalds in Motueka
A debate has started over whether the fastfood giant will set up shop in Motueka. [more]

22/02/2008: Pacific - French Polynesia
Walter Zweifel from Radio NZ International up dates the events going on in this region. [more]

22/02/2008: Feature Guest - Bill Culbert
Bill Culbert, internationally reknowned New Zealand artist based in London and France. [more]

22/02/2008: Book Review - 'The Driver'
Don Rood reviews 'The Driver' by Alexander Ray. Published by Preface. [more]

22/02/2008: Music - Manu Taylor
Manu selects three new albums. [more]

22/02/2008: Sports Commentator
Richard Becht has a look at this week in sport. [more]

22/02/2008: The Week That Was
Te Radar and Irene Pink take a light hearted look at the events that shaped this week. [more]

25/02/2008: Leaky Homes
We speak with a lawyer representing owners of leaky homes and the president of the Homeowners and Buyers Association. [more]

25/02/2008: Europe Correspondent - Seamus Kearney
The impact of Kosovar independence and wider implications for secession. [more]

25/02/2008: Feature Guest - Alison Jackson
This UK film maker talks celebrity obsession and her use of look-alikes in film. [more]

25/02/2008: Book Review - The Carver and The Artist
The Carver and The Artist: Maori Art in the 20th Century. Published by Auckland University Press. Reviewed by Paul Diamond. [more]

25/02/2008: Politics
What can Labour do to gain traction in the polls. Opinions from Left and Right. [more]

25/02/2008: Guest Chef - Richard Till
This engaging, humorous and very real chef talks tomatoes. [more]

25/02/2008: Wine
With John Hawkesby. [more]

25/02/2008: Tommy Honey
Sophist and Provocateur, talks airport design. [more]

26/02/2008: Whanganui DHB Under Fire
The Health and Disability Commissioner talks about the failings of the DHB in the wake of Dr Roman Hasil. [more]

26/02/2008: Report Into Dr Roman Hasil
The chair of the Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Obsetrics and gynaecolgy talks about the report. [more]

26/02/2008: School Age Sports Poaching
Coverage of recent cases where children have been banned from playing sport for their new school when they've moved. [more]

26/02/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
Commentary on the latest from Washington DC including the no-holds-barred grapple for the Democratic nomination. [more]

26/02/2008: Feature Guest - Gregory Burke
Award winning playwright Gregory Burke talks about his work Black Watch which is part of the NZ Festival of the Arts programme. [more]

26/02/2008: Book Review - You Said What?
Written by Bill Fawcett. Published by Harper Collins. Reviewed by Anne Buchanan. [more]

26/02/2008: Business
The impact and wider implications of an electricity shortage is discussed with commentator Rod Oram. [more]

26/02/2008: Deliberate Self-Harm Among Adolescents
Professor Keith Hawton talks about deliberate self-harm in adolescence. [more]

26/02/2008: Media
Phil Wallington is our media commentator. [more]

27/02/2008: Anti-Depressant Study
Discussion on a study suggesting anti-depressants such as Prozac are largely ineffective. [more]

27/02/2008: Science Debate in US Presidential Race
Influential American voices push for Presidential contenders to debate science and technology. [more]

27/02/2008: Australia Correspondent - Paul Barclay
Trans-Tasman Leader talks, 20/20 Summit, Brisbane Security Checks, Family Studies research. [more]

27/02/2008: Feature Guest - Dr Habiba Sarabi
Afghanistan's Former Minister of Women's Affairs, who has a special interest in empowering women's economic situations. [more]

27/02/2008: Book Review - Flight
Written by Shaerman Alexie. Published by Harvill. Reviewed by Ralph McAllister. [more]

27/02/2008: Music with Marty Duda
This week's feature artist is Cat Power. [more]

27/02/2008: Law
With Catriona McLennan [more]

27/02/2008: Film Review
Post Academy Awards Review and discussion on the state of Hollywood with Dan Slevin. [more]

28/02/2008: Hawkes Bay DHB Sacking (Part One)
Health Minister David Cunliffe justifies the need for drastic change for the Hawkes Bay DHB. [more]

28/02/2008: Hawkes Bay DHB Sacking (Part Two)
Ex-board member David Davidson comments on the position of the outgoing Hawkes Bay DHB. [more]

28/02/2008: Hawkes Bay DHB Sacking (Part Three)
Clinical Director of surgery Dr David Grayson speaks out in favour of decision to sack HBDHB. [more]

28/02/2008: Queensland Medical Board Questioned
Chair of Medical Board of Queensland speaks on suspending a Doctor with malpractice history in NZ and Australia. [more]

28/02/2008: UK Correspondent - Michael White
Talking about UK issues this week. [more]

28/02/2008: Feature Guest - Dame Fiona Kidman
Renowned New Zealand author Dame Fiona Kidman speaks on life and her written memoirs 'At the end of Darwin Road'. [more]

28/02/2008: Book review - Hotel Juliet
By Belinda Seaward. Published by John Murray. Reviewed by Crystal Beavis. [more]

28/02/2008: Maori Issues
Writer and commentator Derek Fox talks on deals made regarding Foreshore and Seabed issues. [more]

28/02/2008: Trend Moving Away from Restaurant BYO
Discussion on the growing trend of restaurateurs moving from BYO to licensed alcohol consumption. [more]

28/02/2008: New Technology Commentator - Colin Jackson
Colin Jackson reports from the International Standards Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland. [more]

29/02/2008: ABC Learning Centres in Financial Trouble
ABC Learning Centres in financial trouble. [more]

29/02/2008: Captured - Hunt for Nai Yin Xue
The father of the abanded toddler and suspected murderer has been captured in the USA. [more]

29/02/2008: Glass Chomping Native Cockatoos
In Melbourne Cockatoos are taking bites of the Melbourne Arts Centre. [more]

29/02/2008: Asia Correspondent
Phil O'Sullivan reports from Hong Kong. [more]

29/02/2008: Fututive Nai Yin Xue Captured in Georgia US
Ed Miller from 'America's Most Wanted' comments on the capture. [more]

29/02/2008: Feature Guest - Sunny and Greg Thompson
Sunny and Greg Thompson bring the play 'Forever Blonde' to NZ. [more]

29/02/2008: Children's Book Review
John McIntyre reviews books for the young reader. [more]

29/02/2008: Music - Manu Taylor
Manu Taylor review a selection of new albums. [more]

29/02/2008: Sport
Sports talk. [more]

29/02/2008: Week That Was
Radar, Gemma Gracewood and Kathyn Ryan Discuss the week that was. [more]

03/03/2008: Mortgage Rates
We speak with Campaigns Manager for Finsec and Managing Editor of about likely trends and impacts. [more]

03/03/2008: Parent Force
Rangitahi College is trialling a form of parental intervention to combat drug, violence and abuse issues. [more]

03/03/2008: Celeb For A Day
You can now hire paparazzi to hound you and make you look and feel like a celebrity. [more]

03/03/2008: Middle East Correspondent - Iris Makler
Live from Jerusalem, we talk about the peace process and the impact of Israeli incursions into Gaza. [more]

03/03/2008: Feature Guest - Mary O'Hagan
The former mental health commisioner and now mental health consultant talks about the state of the nation's mental health. [more]

03/03/2008: Book Review - Jesus Out To Sea
Jesus Out To Sea by James Lee Burke. Published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson. Reviewed by Don Rood. [more]

03/03/2008: Wine
John Hawkesby matches wine with Alison Holst's recipes and more. [more]

03/03/2008: Politics
From left to right and right to wrong - polls and perspectives in the lead up to this year's general elections. [more]

03/03/2008: Guest Chef - Alison Holst
The Kiwi institution that is Alison Holst talks peppers, tomatoes and aubergine in a very Balkan way. [more]

03/03/2008: David Slack
A modest proposal or two. [more]

04/03/2008: Science Funding
460 scientists have written an open letter to the government decrying the current funding policy. [more]

04/03/2008: Fuel Saving Flight Trials
Airways NZ and airlines are working on ways to mitigate fuel consumption and CO2 emissions during descent into our airports. [more]

04/03/2008: Eligible Book Omitted from Awards
Knox's book Dreamquake was not submitted for premiere book awards after publisher accidentally left it out. [more]

04/03/2008: US Correspondent - Richard Adams
Washington editor of The Guardian talks about the apparent last legs of the Clinton campaign for presidential nomination. [more]

04/03/2008: Feature Guest - Dr Hugh Montgomery
UK intensive care specialist on why some people die and others don't. [more]

04/03/2008: Book Review - The Clothes On Their Backs
Written by Linda Grant. Published by Little, Brown Book Group. Reviewed by Laura Ferguson. [more]

04/03/2008: Business
A discussion of current climate change policy and a bill that would introduce New Zealand's emissions trading scheme. [more]

04/03/2008: Husband and Wife Live Liver Transplant
Kiwi husband receives part of his Scottish wife's liver in Scotland's first live liver donor transplant surgery. [more]

04/03/2008: Media
Phil Wallington is our media commentator. [more]

05/03/2008: Natural Health Practioners Under Fire from Medsafe
Medsafe crackdown on alternative practitioners for breaching medicines act. [more]

05/03/2008: Drysdale Wins Key Single Sculls Race
Mahe Drysdale has beaten Rob Waddell in the delayed third and final single skull Olympic trial race. [more]

05/03/2008: Cuts to University Arts Courses
Discussion on proposed cuts to Canterbury University arts courses facing its College of Arts. [more]

05/03/2008: Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Political Lunches, Wollongong Corruption, Labour Party Prospects, New Government Reforms [more]

05/03/2008: Feature Guest - Daniel Nettle
Personality Expert who teaches at Newcastle University. His new book is"Personality: What makes you the way you are". [more]

05/03/2008: Book Review - Boy in the World
Written by Niall Williams. Published by HarperCollins UK. Reviewd by Ralph McAllister. [more]

05/03/2008: Music with Marty Duda
This week's feature artist is Lizz Wright. [more]

05/03/2008: Law
With Robert Lithgow [more]

05/03/2008: Television Review
With Simon Wilson. [more]

06/03/2008: Sex Offender Treatment In Demand for Kids
A Christchurch agency that treats sexual offenders is now dealing with children as young as five. [more]

06/03/2008: Youth Court Remand and Bail Provisions
Principal Youth Court Judge raises issues relating to remand and bail provisions for youth offenders. [more]

06/03/2008: Colorectal Cancer Screening
Jim Cassidy, UK oncologist and expert on colorectal cancer talks about one of NZ's biggest killers. [more]

06/03/2008: UK Correspondent - Jon Dennis
Jon discusses recent UK news on Drinking law, Plastic Bag Bans and Prince Harry's"front line"scandal. [more]

06/03/2008: Feature Guest - Roberto Perez
Cuban biologist and environmental educator in Permaculture - the design of sustainable human habitats. [more]

06/03/2008: Book Review - A Partisan's Daughter
By Louis De Bernieres. Published by Harvill Secker. Reviewd by John King. [more]

06/03/2008: Maori Issues
Paul Diamond discusses a recent report on the growing Maori population living in Australia. [more]

06/03/2008: Affluenza
Theologian Larry Rasmussen wants to challenge global consumerism, in favour of voluntary simple living. [more]

06/03/2008: New Technology Commentator - Colin Jackson
Colin Jackson answers the question"Can computers remember things?"by discussing hard drives, RAM and back-ups. [more]

06/03/2008: Feature Guest - CK Stead
NZ writer and critic talks about his new book when not interrupted by a fire alarm. [more]

07/03/2008: Bailey Junior Kurariki
The Deptartment of Corrections' GM of rehabilitation and reintegration discusses the options. [more]

07/03/2008: Sale of Blue Chip Properties
The ill fated Blue Chip Investments [more]

07/03/2008: Melbourne Refugee Camp Simulation
Oxfam has created an experience to give people in the affluent West a taste of what the less fortunate experience every day. [more]

07/03/2008: Pacific Correspondent
Mike Field talks about the increasingly complex and volatile situation that is Fiji. [more]

07/03/2008: Book Review - Schulz and Peanuts
Written by David Michaelis. Published by HarperCollins. Reviewed by Quentin Johnson. [more]

07/03/2008: Music - Manu Taylor
Manu Taylor reviews a selection of new albums. [more]

07/03/2008: Sport
Sports talk. [more]

07/03/2008: Week That Was
Radar, Michelle A'Court and Kathryn Ryan Discuss the week that was. [more]

10/03/2008: Boy Racers in Christchurch
We talk to Canterbury District Police Commander and Mayor of Chch after a weekend of noise and lawlessness in the city. [more]

10/03/2008: Body Snatching
Cordelia Thomas has recenty completed a PHD on the collection, retention and use of human body parts. [more]

10/03/2008: Europe Correspondent - Seamus Kearney
Seamus yalks about the fall-out in Serbia and the Balkans from the secession of Kosovo. [more]

10/03/2008: Feature Guest - Linda Grant
Former journalist turned 'writer' talks fashion, cultural boycott and her new book ' The Clothes on Their Backs'. [more]

10/03/2008: Book Review - Dreamers of the Day
Dreamers of the Day by Mary Doria Russell. Published by Doubleday. Reviewed by Louise O'Brien. [more]

10/03/2008: Politics
Political perspectives from the right to the left with Laila Harre and Matthew Houten. [more]

10/03/2008: Guest Chef - Catherine Bell
Catherine Bell is Editorial Director of Dish Magazine and talks Portuguese food, specifically Cataplana of Mussels and Prawns. [more]

10/03/2008: Wine
John Hawkesby matches some delicious whites to our guest chef's Portuguese Cataplana recipe. [more]

10/03/2008: Tommy Honey
Sophist and Provocateur, talks the 'mancation' - the blokes' vacation. [more]

11/03/2008: Drug Companies Concealing Negative Data
Medical professionals from NZ and the UK discuss the possibility and ramifications. [more]

11/03/2008: Kath Nysson - Chef
A recent chef grad from North Tec, Kath talks about professional cooking at 59. [more]

11/03/2008: US Correspondent - Richard Adams
Washington editor of The Guardian talks NY state Governor's sex scandal and other political issues. [more]

11/03/2008: Feature Guest - Tony Bouchier
Former NZ Undercover agent now a successful lawyer. [more]

11/03/2008: Book Review - Poe: A Life Cut Short
Written by Peter Ackroyd. Published by Chatto and Windus. Reviewed by Graham Beattie. [more]

11/03/2008: Business
Business correspondent Rod Oram talks about Canada Pension Plan's Auckland Airport bid and Toll's NZ rail holdings. [more]

11/03/2008: The Potato in World History
2008, UN's year of the potato and John Reader, writer of 'Propitious Esculent: The Potato in World History' talks the humble spud. [more]

11/03/2008: Media
Phil Wallington is our media commentator and looks at new magazine Mind Food among other media. [more]

11/03/2008: CIA's Abu Ghraib Torture Tactics
Sam Provance, former army sergeant at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq speaks about torture and abuse endorsed from the top. [more]

12/03/2008: Kiwi Arrested in California Drugs Raid
Orange County Register reporter spoke to Kiwi David Royds, the man with woman's body on ice, while in jail for drugs charges. [more]

12/03/2008: Stewart Island Pre-School Teacher Wanted
Chris Griffiths, mother of pre-school 3-year-old, talks about the search for a teacher for Stewart Island. [more]

12/03/2008: Australia Correspondent - Paul Barclay
Racism in the Northern Territories, PM pressure from inflation, cricket team cancels Pakistan tour. [more]

12/03/2008: Feature Guest - Ian McEwan
Much lauded and multi-award-winning writer in Wellington for the International Arts Festival Writer's Week. [more]

12/03/2008: Book Review - The Mutiny
Written by Julian Rathbone. Published by Abacus . Reviewd by Harry Broad. [more]

12/03/2008: Music with Marty Duda
This week Marty profiles Mavis Staples who'll be performing at this year's WOMAD. [more]

12/03/2008: Law - Andrew Scott Howman
Weird stories from the employment courts from around the world. [more]

12/03/2008: Film Review - 10,000 BC
10,000 BC reviewed by Graeme Tuckett. [more]

13/03/2008: Christchurch Supermarket Seeking Full Liquor License
Gerard Vaughan of Alcohol Advisory Council and Supt Dave Cliff Canterbury Regional Police Commander comment. [more]

13/03/2008: Natural Burials at Makara Cemetary, Wellington
With Paul Andrews of WCC and Mark Blackham of Natural Burials. [more]

13/03/2008: Eliot Spitzer Sex Scandal
Author Paul Apostolidis reports on the latest US political scandal. [more]

13/03/2008: UK Correspondent
Kate Adie comments on News from the UK including the British love of Dog Shows. [more]

13/03/2008: Feature Guest - David Klatell
US journalist professor, currently based at Canterbury Journalism School. [more]

13/03/2008: Book Review - Death at Intervals
Phil Smith reviews 'Death at Intervals' by Jose Saramago. Published by Harvill Secker. [more]

13/03/2008: Maori Issues
Malcolm Mulholland talks Maori issues today. [more]

13/03/2008: Health - David Galler
Principal medical adviser to the Ministry of Health and intensive care specialist talks about the kidney. [more]

13/03/2008: New Technology
Colin Jackson with more technology information. [more]

14/03/2008: Infratil's Prestwick Airport Controversy
Amnesty International contends airport used for foreign military op's including prisoner and cluster bomb transits for US. [more]

14/03/2008: 'Bald Archy' Winner
James Brennan's portrait satire of the Danish Crown Prince and Princess (an Australian) won this year's esteemed Ocker prize. [more]

14/03/2008: Asia Correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
The latest concerns of the Orient including China's crackdown in Tibet and the latest flu outbreak in Hong Kong. [more]

14/03/2008: Feature Guest - Joseph E Stiglitz
Columbia Professor, Nobel Prize-winning economist, former World Bank Chief Economist and author of Three Trillion Dollar War. [more]

14/03/2008: Book Review - Various Children's
Elizabeth Knox's Dreamhunter and Dreamquake; from Fourth Estate. Stacy Gregg's Pony Club Secrets (series); from Harper Collins. [more]

14/03/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
Manu profiles new music from Goldfrapp, The Dynamics and Gary Louris. [more]

14/03/2008: Sport with Richard Becht
Richard gives a round-up of all things sport including test cricket and the road to Beijing. [more]

14/03/2008: The Week That Was
Pinky Agnew, Radar and Kathryn discuss and dissect the last week in our lives. [more]

17/03/2008: HBDHB Conflict of Interests
New complaints laid with regarding the significant conflicts of interest involving members of the former HBDHB. [more]

17/03/2008: Trans-Tasman Trades People Drift
Discussion on the growing trend of Kiwi builders being lured across the Tasman. [more]

17/03/2008: Middle East Correspondent - Irris Makler
Irris talks on the fallout from recent Palestinian Gunman killing spree, and an update on elections in Iran. [more]

17/03/2008: Feature Guest - Tama Waipara
Talented young musician who's returned to NZ after eight years studying and recording in New York, and in Germany. [more]

17/03/2008: Book Review - 'Wartime Notebooks'
'Wartime Notebooks' by Marguerite Duras. Published by Allen and Unwin. Reviewed by Hamish Keith. [more]

17/03/2008: David Slack
A Modest Proposal of Two from David Slack discussing raising money at charity events and 'Floating Houses'. [more]

17/03/2008: Politics
Political perspectives from the right to the left with Laila Harre and Matthew Hooten. [more]

17/03/2008: Guest Chef - Domenica Houlihan
Domenica Houlihan shares a St Patrick's day recipe for Beef and Guinness Stew, and a Kiwi-Irish Truffle. [more]

17/03/2008: Wine
Don Higgins suggests some delicious red wines to match our guest chef's Beef and Guinness Stew recipe. [more]

18/03/2008: Hawkes Bay DHB Conflicts of Interest (Part 1)
Former board member at centre of conflict of interest claims due to ownership of local pharmacies and share in Radius pharmacies. [more]

18/03/2008: Hawkes Bay DHB Conflicts of Interest (Part 2)
The Minister of Health talks about the ongoing revelations about the former board. [more]

18/03/2008: Hawkes Bay DHB Conflicts of Interest (Part 3)
Former elected board member, Helen Walker gives her perspective. [more]

18/03/2008: Leaky Schools
Mt Albert Grammar and Edendale Primary School principals talks about their respective schools' cases. [more]

18/03/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
US author and contributing editor to The New York Times Magazine, Harper's and This American Life on possible financial crisis. [more]

18/03/2008: Feature Guest - Philip Hill
Philip Hill, infectious disease researcher based at Otago University Centre for International Health. [more]

18/03/2008: Book Review - The Dressmaker's Daughter
Written by Kate Llewellyn. Published by HarperCollins. Reviewed by Jane Westaway. [more]

18/03/2008: Business
Recession storm clouds loom on global horizons as the world's credit system becomes more dysfunctional. [more]

18/03/2008: Media
Phil Wallington, our media commentator, talks about lazy journalism and the weakening US economy. [more]

18/03/2008: Jockeys, Diets and Human Evolution
Jockeys are staying the same weight when the rest of humanity is getting large - a lead researcher elucidates. [more]

19/03/2008: Cousin of CHch Man Arrested by The Chinese Forces
Christchurch man whose cousin is a Tibetan monk arrested by the chinese forces. [more]

19/03/2008: Leaky Schools
Leaky buildings in schools. [more]

19/03/2008: US Correspondent - Joseph E Stiglitz
The US economy, how much worse can it get? [more]

19/03/2008: Australia correspondent
Australia correspondent Paul Barclay. [more]

19/03/2008: Feature Guest - Mark Gosche
Mark Gosche, MP and former Cabinet minister considering his political future. [more]

19/03/2008: Book Review
The Bill From My Father by Bernard Cooper. Published by Picador. [more]

19/03/2008: Music - Marty Duda
Today Marty takes a look at the music of Daniel Lanois. [more]

19/03/2008: Law with Ursula Cheer
Difficulties the media face in accessing court files. [more]

19/03/2008: TV Review
With Simon Wilson. [more]

20/03/2008: Crisis Looming Over Care of Older People's Teeth
Dr Graham Ting and Professor Murray Thomson discuss the issues. [more]

20/03/2008: Detrimental Treatment - Josie Bullock
Ex Corrections Dept probation officer 'Human Rights decision vindicates position on sexist Maori protocol.' [more]

20/03/2008: Detrimental Treatment of Josie Bullock
Margaret Mutu, says Human rights decision on Bullock case is wrong, and Maori protocol is not sexist. [more]

20/03/2008: UK Correspondent
Matthew Parris reports from Britain. [more]

20/03/2008: Feature Guest - David Andelman
Author of 'A Shattered Peace' which talks of the impact the Treaty of Versailles is still having on world events. [more]

20/03/2008: Book Review - Beijing Confidential
Mary Daysh reviews 'Beijing Confidential' by Jan Wong. Published by HarperCollins Australia. [more]

20/03/2008: Maori Issues Commentator
Today with Malcolm Mulholland. [more]

20/03/2008: Auckland Museum's New Director
The new Director of Auckland War Memorial Museum, Dr Vanda Vitali. [more]

20/03/2008: Week That Was
With Te Radar and Elisabeth Easther. [more]

25/03/2008: Complaint Against Police Inspector Rob Pope
Scott Watson's father, Chris Watson speaks out. [more]

25/03/2008: Police Investigation into Rob Pope
Head of Law society Criminal Law Committee, Jonathan Krebs comments on the issue. [more]

25/03/2008: Hectors Dolphins - NZ ranking
Chief Executive of Care for the Wild, Dr Barbara Maas talks of NZ's endangered species. [more]

25/03/2008: Bees - Sniffing out good wine from bad
The Queensland Brain Institute are looking at bees sense of smell to create an electronic nose. [more]

25/03/2008: US Correspondent
Richard Adams reports from State side. [more]

25/03/2008: Feature Guest - Virisila Buadromo
Executive Director of the Fiji Womens Rights Movement. [more]

25/03/2008: Book Review - Small Wars Permitting
Anne Buchanan reviews 'Small Wars Permitting' by Christina Lamb. Published by 4th Estate. [more]

25/03/2008: Business
Weekly business update with Rod Oram. [more]

25/03/2008: NZ Rivers and Waterways Under Increasing Pressure
Dr Mike Joy, leading Environmental Scientist at Massey University, talks about rivers and waterways. [more]

25/03/2008: Media
With Media commentator Phil Wallington [more]

26/03/2008: Suicides of Iraq Veterans
Pia Malbran, TV producer, and Kevin and Joyce Lucey, whose son Jeffery, committed suicide after serving in Iraq. [more]

26/03/2008: Ongoing Drought
No sign of the ongoing drought easing, especially in Wairarapa. [more]

26/03/2008: Australia
With Australia correspondent, Ray Moynihan. [more]

26/03/2008: New Bishop of Christchurch
Canadian Victoria Matthews is appointed the new Bishop of Christchurch. [more]

26/03/2008: Book Review - The Heroines
Written by Eileen Favorite, Reviewed by Emma Hart, Published by Hutchinson. [more]

26/03/2008: Music - Marty Duda
Today Marty looks at Split Enz who are currently on tour in NZ. [more]

26/03/2008: Law
With legal commentator Dean knight. [more]

26/03/2008: Film Review
Graham Tuckett reveiws 3:10 To Yuma and World Cinema Showcase. [more]

27/03/2008: Bluechip
Only SFO and police have power to sort the mess. [more]

27/03/2008: Overcrowding in Auckland
Overcrowding in Auckland. [more]

27/03/2008: UK
News from the UK. [more]

27/03/2008: Savvy Seniors
Prove it's possible to live very comfortably off just their Superannuation, they also raise money for aid work in Bali. [more]

27/03/2008: Book Review
Song Yet Sung by James McBride. Published by Hachette Livre. [more]

27/03/2008: Maori Issues
Maori Issues [more]

27/03/2008: Health
Health [more]

27/03/2008: New Technology
New technology talk. [more]

28/03/2008: Government Biofuel Bill
The Government's Biofuel Bill hiccups as deadlines looms. Opposition claims a lack of Environmental Standards is an issue. [more]

28/03/2008: US Presidential Race and Election
Visiting expert on US politics discusses the ins and outs of the US Presidential Race and Election system. [more]

28/03/2008: Bad Baby Names
A new book in the US has exposed a whole raft of 'Bad Baby Names' after going through the US Census results from 1790-1930. [more]

28/03/2008: Asia Correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
Phil O'Sullivan speaks on the growing global concern for issues blowing up in Tibet and China's outlook. [more]

28/03/2008: Feature Guest - George Cunningham
Newly appointed Charge d'Affaires for the European Commission Delegation to NZ discusses his past adventures and present role. [more]

28/03/2008: Children's Books Review
John McIntyre reviews Childrens books written by Stacy Gregg, and Historic books by Lorraine Orman and Philippa Werry. [more]

28/03/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
Manu profiles new music from Nick Cave, Melody Gardot and , Richard Julian. [more]

28/03/2008: Sports Talk with Richard Becht
Richard gives a round-up of all things sport including NZ Olympic Trials, NZ Womens soccer, Test cricket and NZ Rugby outlook. [more]

28/03/2008: Week That Was
With Radar and Irene Pink. [more]

28/03/2008: Book Review - Childrens Books Review
John McIntyre reviews Childrens books written by Stacy Gregg, and Historic books by Lorraine Orman and Philippa Werry. [more]

31/03/2008: Zimbabwe Elections
Freelance journalist Frank Chicoworie reports from election HQ in Harare, as Zimbabwe await election results. [more]

31/03/2008: PR Manipulation of Media
Author Farhad Manjoo discusses the growing trend for manipulation of media by PR agencies. [more]

31/03/2008: PR Manipulation of Media (Part 2)
Journalism lecturer Jim Tucker discusses a NZ perspective regarding manipulation of media by PR agencies. [more]

31/03/2008: Africa Correspondent - Peter Greste
Correspondent Peter Greste discusses the wait for results in Zimbabwe's elections and the potential fallout. [more]

31/03/2008: Feature Guest - Rodney Russ
co-Tourism pioneer Rodney Russ discusses the impact and significance of Eco-Tourism. [more]

31/03/2008: Book Review - Remembering the Sixties
Remembering the Sixties by Robert Stone. Published by HarperCollins US. Reviewed by Paul Diamond. [more]

31/03/2008: Politics
Political perspectives from the right to the left with Laila Harre and Matthew Hooten. [more]

31/03/2008: Guest Chef - Scott Fraser
Executive chef Scott Fraser shares recipies from the Carrington Resort on the Karikari Penisula. [more]

31/03/2008: Wine
John Hawkesby unearths more quality wines for your drinking pleasure. [more]

31/03/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
David Slack on low energy lighting and 'stress rooms'. [more]

01/04/2008: Child Abuse in Court
Authored study on how child abuse victims are not treated well in court . [more]

01/04/2008: Controversial MAF Plane Fumigation
Wanganui woman who suffered severa asthma attack after MAF fumigated her plane. [more]

01/04/2008: US
News from the US. [more]

01/04/2008: Kiwi Comedy Success
Award winning Kiwi comedian, who's flourished on the demanding UK pro comedy circuit. [more]

01/04/2008: Book Review
Book Review. [more]

01/04/2008: Business
Business talk. [more]

01/04/2008: NZ Author - Jenny Pattrick
Best selling author of the Denniston Rose trilogy talks about her new novel. [more]

01/04/2008: Media
Media talk. [more]

02/04/2008: Zimbabwe elections
The latest in Zimbabwe [more]

02/04/2008: Petrol Discount Vouchers
Are Petrol Vouchers really worth it? [more]

02/04/2008: News from Australia
With Ray Moynihan [more]

02/04/2008: Feature Guest - Owen Scott
Brother and partner murdered in 2001 - Documentry about the murders and aftermath at the World Cinema Showcase. [more]

02/04/2008: Book Review - Ralph McAllister
Diablerie by Walter Mosley. Published by Bloomsbury. [more]

02/04/2008: Music Review
Marty Duda Reviews REM [more]

02/04/2008: Law
With Law Commentator Catriona McLennan [more]

02/04/2008: Television Review
Today Simon Reviews Under Belly. [more]

03/04/2008: Heat Pumps
New Zealands love affair with heap pumps is putting a strain on the national grid. [more]

03/04/2008: Homeless World Cup
A Recruitment drive has started to find team members for the Homeless World Cup. [more]

03/04/2008: Tourism and Crime in Thailand
Women travelers are being warned to be careful in the tourist meca. [more]

03/04/2008: UK Correspondent - Kate Adie
The latest from UK [more]

03/04/2008: Feature Guest - Fuchsia Dunlop
Chef and Author who set out to cook the"Chinese way"in China, learning how to eat anything and everything on the job. [more]

03/04/2008: Book Review - Abstinence Teacher
By Tom Perrotta. Published by 4th Estate. Reviewed by Laura Fergusson. [more]

03/04/2008: Maori Issues
With Commentor Malcolm Mulholland discussing the Auckland Billboard controversy. [more]

03/04/2008: Veteran Broadcaster Retires
Whai Ngata Talks about the future of Maori Broadcasting and his own career. [more]

03/04/2008: New Technology
Colin Jackson discusses legal terms and conditions on the internet and the change to Telecom's business structure. [more]

04/04/2008: Africa Correspondent - Peter Greste
The Latest on the Zimbabwe Elections, including breaking news on the Harare Hotel raids. [more]

04/04/2008: CSI Canine Style
Top US forensic vet Melinda Merck visiting NZ, Discusses CSI animal cruelty cases. [more]

04/04/2008: Birthday Cake Ban
Parents have been banned from sending their children to school with birthday cakes. [more]

04/04/2008: Pacific Correspondent Mike Field
Latest from the Pacfic region - NZ Foreign Minister threatens to move regional institutions out of Fiji. [more]

04/04/2008: Feature Guest - Keith Turner
Keith Turner recently stepped down as CEO of Merdian Energy. Kathryn discusses with him NZ energy issues. [more]

04/04/2008: Book Review - The Outcast
by Sadie Jones. Published by Chatto and Windus and reviewed by Louise O'Brien. [more]

04/04/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
Manu profiles new music from Sarah Brightman, Bon Iver and Matt Costa. [more]

04/04/2008: Sports Talk with Richard Becht
Richard gives a round-up of all things sport including trans tasman netball, NRL coaching and a Young up and coming NZ golfer. [more]

04/04/2008: The Week that Was
with Gemma Gracewood and Radar. [more]

07/04/2008: Tourism Safety
How safe is New Zealand for Tourists? [more]

07/04/2008: Back Country Huts
The Department of Conservation plans to close up to 80 back country huts. [more]

07/04/2008: Europe
News from Europe. [more]

07/04/2008: Feature
Pulitzer Prize winning kiwi photographer. [more]

07/04/2008: Book Review
God of Speed by Luke Davies. Published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

07/04/2008: Politics
Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre talk politics. [more]

07/04/2008: Guest Chef
Lauraine Jacobs Kathryn Ryan talk pork. [more]

07/04/2008: Wine
John Hawkesby and Kathryn Ryan talk wine. [more]

07/04/2008: Google Earth
Talk about internet happenings. [more]

08/04/2008: Hard Hitting ALAC Adverts
A series of explosive adverts by ALAC have created a bit of a stir. [more]

08/04/2008: Dodi and Di Weren't Murdered - Jury
Dodi's father still believes his son and princess diana were murdered. [more]

08/04/2008: Life After the Track
How to turn a racing champion into a loving pet. [more]

08/04/2008: US Correspondent - Richard Adams
Iraq, Presidental race and the US economy. [more]

08/04/2008: Feature Guest Professor Prakash Sethi
Is financial well being the only consideration for a potential investor, or should social responsibility also play a part? [more]

08/04/2008: Book Review - A life Saved Up
By Hermione Lee, published by Virago. [more]

08/04/2008: Business with Rod Oram
Biofuels. The government wants land transport to use Biofuels by July 2008. [more]

08/04/2008: World's Fastest Growing Crime
Human Trafficking is the fastest growing crime behind drug and arms trading, what can we do? [more]

08/04/2008: Media Issues
Media Commentator Phil Wallington gives his views on TVNZ 7's two new political programmes, media 7 and backbenchers. [more]

09/04/2008: Olympic Torch Relay Concerns
The Olympic relay has just reached the US under tight security. [more]

09/04/2008: Wind Farming - Friend or Foe?
NZ's answer for sustainable energy is blowing in the wind says Maria McCaffey, todays guest from Britian. [more]

09/04/2008: Learn to be Funny
Lynn talks to Logan Murray, a stand up comic from England who believes comedy can be taught. [more]

09/04/2008: Australian Correspondent - Paul Barclay
Issues from across the pond. - homeless issues, torch relay in the capital, father and daughter incest. [more]

09/04/2008: Feature Guest - Gertude Matshe
Zimbabwean woman living in Wellington. Her spiritual memoirs"Born on the Continent - Ubuntu". [more]

09/04/2008: Book Review - Northline
By Willy Vlautin, published by faber. Reviewed by Gina FaaFoi [more]

09/04/2008: Music Review - Ella Fitzgerald
Marty Duda Gives his views on Ella Fitzgerald, from humble beginnings to world stardome. [more]

09/04/2008: Legal Expert - Robert Lithgow
Robert Brings to the table lawers and child sex abuse victims and all the other elements involved. [more]

09/04/2008: Film Review - Lars and the Real Girl
Also, Graham discusses films"war on democracy"and the world cinema showcase. [more]

10/04/2008: China Free Trade Deal
Discussion about the free trade agreement with China. [more]

10/04/2008: Young Drunks
Young drunks presenting at hospital emergency depts. [more]

10/04/2008: Possible Repeal of the Act of Settlement 1701
Professor of early modern history from the University of Manchester. [more]

10/04/2008: UK
News from the UK with Matthew Parris. [more]

10/04/2008: Pseudocide - How to Fake Your Own Disappearance
Expert at helping people disappear. [more]

10/04/2008: Book Review
People of the book by Geraldine Brooks. Published by HarperCollins Australia. [more]

10/04/2008: Maori issues
Potaua Biasniny Tule is the managing Director of the Rotorua based Maori internet news service [more]

10/04/2008: Health
David Galler is the principal medical adviser to the Ministry of Health/intensive care specialist. [more]

10/04/2008: New Technology
New Technology. [more]

11/04/2008: NZ Children Going Hungry
Associate Education Minister Parekura Horomia is in trouble for saying that children aren't having breakfast to stay thin. [more]

11/04/2008: Govt Vetoed Stake in Auckland Airport
The latest from business reporter Nadine Chalmers Ross, Canada pension plan representative speaks about govt decision. [more]

11/04/2008: US Solders in Limbo
More than 197 thousand troops have been deployed to Iraq twice since the invasion. [more]

11/04/2008: NZ Children Going Hungry (part2)
Kathryn talks to Associate Education Minister Parekura Horomia about his comments in parliament. [more]

11/04/2008: NZ Freediver Breaks World Record
The already world holder has broken his own record. [more]

11/04/2008: The Impact of Climate Change
Peter Lamb grew up in Nelson, but now he finds himself researching weather patterns at the University of Oklahoma. He discusses the science of forecasting the future. [more]

11/04/2008: Children's Book Review
Piggity Wiggity Jiggity Jig by Diana Nield, illustrated by Philip Webb. The Reluctant Little Flower Girl by Melanie Koster. [more]

11/04/2008: Music Review with Manu Taylor
Today Manu looks at three artists including Duffy. [more]

11/04/2008: Sports Review
The US Masters, 1st round of the ANZ champs and the Black Caps. [more]

11/04/2008: The Week That Was
A light hearted look at the week just been and front of mind issues with Radar and Michelle A'Court. [more]

14/04/2008: Gardasil - Cervical Cancer Vaccine for 11yo Girls
Womens health action. [more]

14/04/2008: Child Poverty in NZ
Chief Executive Child Poverty Action Group UK Kate Green and Susan St John join Kathryn Ryan to talk child poverty in NZ. [more]

14/04/2008: Africa
News from Africa. [more]

14/04/2008: Domestic Goddess of the kitchen
New book is Nigella Express - how to produce good food, fast (Random House) [more]

14/04/2008: Book Review
The Girl Who Proposed by Elizabeth Smither. [more]

14/04/2008: Politics
Politics. [more]

14/04/2008: Guest Chef
Food talk. [more]

14/04/2008: Wine
John and Kathryn talk Wine. [more]

14/04/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
A Modest Proposal or Two. [more]

15/04/2008: Increased Customs Seizures of P Ingredients
Customs officials have reported a massive increase in the importation of key ingredients in the manufacturing of P. [more]

15/04/2008: Dyscalculia
Dr Anna Wilson discusses Dyscalculia: A learning disability making it hard to process and understand numbers and simple maths. [more]

15/04/2008: Controversy Over 101 Year Old Marathon Runner
Buster Martin, a 101 year old who has just completed the London marathon, is the toast of London. But just how old is he? [more]

15/04/2008: US correspondent - Jack Hitt
Obama vs Hillary, Small town American views, The Pope visits the USA. [more]

15/04/2008: Feature Guest - Geoff Sewell
Music impresario Geoff Sewell has in recent times had to cope with first hand experiences of autism and epilepsy. [more]

15/04/2008: Book Review - Landings
by Jenny Pattrick. Published by Random House NZ Black Swan, Reviewed by Graham Beattie. [more]

15/04/2008: Business with Rod Oram
Rod Oram discusses changes in the Telecom Business Structure and the launch of Freeview TV. [more]

15/04/2008: Kaz Cooke
Australian author Kaz Cooke discusses her book 'Girl Stuff' which deals with what teenage girls really want to know about. [more]

15/04/2008: Media Issues
Phil Wallington discusses Freeview TV, Newspaper media and where journalists get there stories from. [more]

16/04/2008: Canyoning Tragedy
Murray Burton, Principal of Elim Christian College, discusses the impact of the tragedy on the school. [more]

16/04/2008: Health Economics
Prof. Peter Gluckman and Alan Pullar discuss relationships between 'a poor start to life' and the long term economic effects. [more]

16/04/2008: Canyoning Tragedy (Part 2)
Grant Davidson, Chief executive of the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre discusses the impact of the tragedy. [more]

16/04/2008: Tetraplegic Air Travel
Tetraplegic Allan Pullar discusses Air New Zealand's reluctance to allow him to travel without a support person. [more]

16/04/2008: Australian Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
The Age newspapers changing editorial content. Email spy scandal. Opposition Leader on last legs. [more]

16/04/2008: Out-sourcing the Iraq War
Author Jeremy Scahill discusses Blackwater Security operations and the US Governments involvement in out-sourcing the Iraq war. [more]

16/04/2008: Book Review - Speaking for Themselves
by Jan Morgan. Published by Cape Catley Ltd. Reviewed by Crystal Beavis [more]

16/04/2008: TV Review - Simon Wilson
Simon discusses the popularity of TV crime shows, the 'Seven ages of rock' documentary and the 'Dancing with the Stars' final. [more]

16/04/2008: Music Review - Shelby Lynn
Marty Duda reviews new and old music by Shelby Lynn. [more]

16/04/2008: Law with Andrew Scott-Howman
Andrew discusses the legal and moral aspects of pornography in the workplace. [more]

17/04/2008: Canyoning Tragedy
Mother of Survivor, Vasanti Proctor talks to Kathryn about the events and Peter Kreft from the met service. [more]

17/04/2008: Buck Shelford on Prostate Cancer Screening
Former All Black who has battled lymphoma on his bid to get more men to get their prostates checked. [more]

17/04/2008: UK Correspondent Jon Dennis
Jon Dennis brings us the latest news from the UK. [more]

17/04/2008: Beautiful Boy
David Sheff is a US journalist and author of Beautiful Boy, a fathers journey through his sons methamphetamine addiction. [more]

17/04/2008: Book Review - Miracles of Life
Miracles of Life by J G Ballard. Published by 4th Estate. [more]

17/04/2008: Maori Issues
Malcolm Mulholland looks back at the career of Mahinarangi Tocker, who died this week following an asthma attack. [more]

17/04/2008: Rugby World Cup Report
Barry Guy takes us through the report that explains why the All Blacks didn't win the world cup. [more]

17/04/2008: Making a Living From Art
Sofia Minson is a young Auckland artist making a living from her art. [more]

17/04/2008: Fisher and Paykel Closure
Fisher and Pykel are moving production offshore, resulting in significant job losses in Dunedin. [more]

17/04/2008: New Technology
Colin Jackson talks computer monitors. [more]

18/04/2008: Maritime NZ Blamed
2 Children died in the Kotuku fishing boat tradedy 2 years ago. [more]

18/04/2008: Children of Tomorrow - The Mother Factor
US clinical psychologist and author of the book The Mother Factor: How Your Mother's Emotional Legacy Impacts Your Life. [more]

18/04/2008: Arrest of Zimbabwe Journalist
Nine to Noon's Zimbabwe correspondent Frank Chikowore is under arrest in Harare. [more]

18/04/2008: Pacific Correspondent - Mike Field
The Latest on the Pacific. [more]

18/04/2008: Feature Guest - Nic Frances
Social entrepreneur and founder of Cool Nrg. Nic Frances's book"The End of Charity"will be released in NZ on 24th April. [more]

18/04/2008: Book Review - Prisoners of the Japanese
By Gavan Daws. Published by Scribe, $34.99. [more]

18/04/2008: Music Review with Manu Taylor
Wayne Mason and the Fallen Angels, Gnarls Barkley, Charles Lloyd Quartet. [more]

18/04/2008: Sports Commentator Richard Becht
Rugby Review, US Masters, Hamilton 400, ANZ Champs. [more]

18/04/2008: The Week That Was
With Radar and Elizabeth Easter. Neanderthals may have had simular vowel sounds to NZ'ers says a study. [more]

21/04/2008: Elim Funerals
Three more of the young victims of the canyoning tragedy will be farewelled today. [more]

21/04/2008: Te Aute College Fighting to Survive
New Zealand's only Maori boys school is struggling to stay afloat while losing money and losing students. [more]

21/04/2008: Brain Science
Norman Doidge Author of 'The Brain that Changes Itself' explains how our brains can change. [more]

21/04/2008: Five Years of war in Darfur
Alun McDonald is Oxfam's press officer in Khartoum. The country continues to be ravaged by violence and war. [more]

21/04/2008: Living on the Street
Wally Kupenga has been living on the streets of Auckland for 5 years. He talks about his life from childhood to living on the street. [more]

21/04/2008: Book Review - The Enchantress of Florence
By Salman Rushdie. Reviewed by Phil Vine, published by Jonathan Cape. [more]

21/04/2008: The Latest in Politics for 21 April 2008
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre [more]

21/04/2008: Guest Chef Richard Till
Today Richard talks us through mussel fritters and Duck a la Orange. [more]

21/04/2008: Wine with John Hawkesby
Mussel fritters and Chardonnay and Duck ala orange with Riesling. [more]

21/04/2008: Sophist and Provocateur Tommy Honey
Discusses the future of our cities and what we can look forward to. [more]

22/04/2008: Junior Doctors Strike
Reaction to this mornings Junior Doctors Strike. [more]

22/04/2008: Love Through The Ages
Love through the ages - the experiences of love and romance among older people. [more]

22/04/2008: U.S. Correspondent - Richard Adams
The latest news and current affairs from America. [more]

22/04/2008: Looking Up - Tim Rushby Smith
Tims life changed forever when he became a paraplegic -- Tim describes an extraordinary struggle to live an ordinary life. [more]

22/04/2008: Book Review - Forgotten ANZAC's: The Campagin in Greece 1941.
Forgotten ANZAC's: The Campagin in Greece 1941.Reviewed by Don Rood [more]

22/04/2008: Business
The latest in business from our commentator Rod Oram. [more]

22/04/2008: Antarctic Wintering Over
Working on Antarctic Heritage Trust's project to restore Shakleton and Scott's huts. [more]

22/04/2008: Media
Keeping an eye on the media with Phil Wallington. [more]

23/04/2008: Credit Card Crunch Hits Spenders
Reserve Bank data shows dramatic slow down in new spending on credit cards, whilst at the same time debt is increasing. [more]

23/04/2008: Junior Doctors Strike - Day Two
As a second strike is threatened next month, the Health Minister says he will not bow to pressure from Junior Doctors. [more]

23/04/2008: How the Pentagon Grooms Military Analysts
Retired US Colonel and Military Analyst Kenneth Allard discusses his disillusionment with the Pentagon and the news networks. [more]

23/04/2008: Feature Guest - Cheryl Koenig
Author of Paper Cranes, tells of being a Mother refusing to believe her son wouldn't recover from severe brain injuries. [more]

23/04/2008: Book Review - Nothing to be Frightened Of
'Nothing to be Frightened Of' by Julian Barnes. Published by Jonathan Cape. Reviewed by Anne Buchanan. [more]

23/04/2008: Music with Marty Duda
Today Marty reviews music by James Taylor. [more]

23/04/2008: Law with Ursula Cheer
Ursula runs down the details on 'contempt of court' and legal issues which affect the media. [more]

23/04/2008: Film Review with Graeme Tuckett
Graeme reviews school holiday movies Nims Island, Horton Hears a Who and the documentary The Real Dirt on Farmer John. [more]

23/04/2008: Australia Correspondent - Paul Barclay
Paul discuses the Olympic Torch Relay and Anzac Day controversy. [more]

24/04/2008: Petrol Pricing Watchdogs
With increasing petrol prices globally, questions are raised as to whether NZ needs a Petrol Pricing Watchdog, as in Australia. [more]

24/04/2008: Zimbabwe Government Cracks Down on Journalists
Nine to Noon's Zimbabwe correspondent Frank Chikowore continues to languish in jail on a supposed arson charge. [more]

24/04/2008: Lorna Langford
Lorna Langford retires from her job running a grocery store and Post Office in Golden Bay after 61 years. [more]

24/04/2008: UK Correspondent - Michael White
Current affairs from the UK including the World Food Crisis, Tax Rate Changes and Rumblings in British Parliament. [more]

24/04/2008: Feature Guest - Wade Doak
Kathryn discovers New Zealand's oceans and forests through the eyes of this world famous marine biologist and photographer. [more]

24/04/2008: Children's Book Reviews by John McIntyre
'Revolution is Not a Dinner Party', 'China Land of Dragons and Emperors' and 'Modern China - Eye Witness Guide'. [more]

24/04/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
New releases from New Zealand comedy and music duo Flight Of The Conchords, as well as Calico Brothers and An Emerald City. [more]

24/04/2008: Sports with Richard Becht
The Rugby Union posts another big financial loss, as well as cricket news and the latest from the Trans Tasman netball league. [more]

24/04/2008: Week That Was
With Radar and Elisabeth Easther. [more]

28/04/2008: New Study into Anti Psychotic Drugs
Anti psychotic drugs given to elderly patients have long-term defects. [more]

28/04/2008: Global Impact of Biofuels
The debate on the impact of Bio Fuels is raging as the focus on world food prices intensifies. [more]

28/04/2008: Middle East Correspondent - Irris Makler
The latest from the Middle East for 28 April 2008. [more]

28/04/2008: Feature Guest - Mark Watson
British comedian and artist Mark Watson is on a crusade to save the planet on one year. [more]

28/04/2008: Book Review - Caging Skies
By Christine Leunens. Reviewed by David Hill and published by Random House NZ Vintage. [more]

28/04/2008: Politics
Political commentators Laila Harre from the left and Matthew Hooton from the right. [more]

28/04/2008: Guest Chef - Ray McVinnie
Winter seafood stew and lemon marmalade sponge. [more]

28/04/2008: Wine with John Hawkesby
John matches up guest chef Ray McVinnie's recipes with a range of wines from around the world. [more]

28/04/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
With David Slack [more]

28/04/2008: Torture at Guantanamo Bay
Author Philippe Sands discusses his book about the decisions behind Guantanamo Bay. [more]

29/04/2008: Insuring Unborn Children
Insurance company ING is aiming to give young parents more options. [more]

29/04/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
Jack brings us up to date with the US elections and American entertainments baby fever. [more]

29/04/2008: Feature Guest - Detective Inspector Steve Rutherford
Retiring after 36 years in the police, Steve Rutherford has been involved in some of Auckland's biggest cases. [more]

29/04/2008: Book Review - Something to Tell You
By Hanif Kureishi and published by Faber. [more]

29/04/2008: Business Commentator - Rod Oram
GST on food and fuel taxes, what can we expect? [more]

29/04/2008: Lisa Appignanesi - Author of Mad Bad Sad
Treatment of mentally ill women from 1800 - present. [more]

29/04/2008: Media Commentator - Phil Wallington
Media's doom and gloom fascination and 20/20 cricket "It's just not cricket." [more]

30/04/2008: Emissions Trading Scheme Report
Simon Terry and Peter Neilson share their thoughts on the issue. [more]

30/04/2008: Obama's Pastor Makes Another Controversial Speech
Rev Graylan Hagler of United Church of Christ pastor from Washington DC, he comments on Jeremiah Wright. [more]

30/04/2008: Old Bailey - Goes Online
Prof Tim Hitchcock is a social historian and co-director of the project that has put the worlds most famous court online. [more]

30/04/2008: Australian Correspondent
News from across the Tasman with Ray Moynihan. [more]

30/04/2008: Feature Guest - John Powell
John Powell is the deputy head of the UN's World Food Programme. [more]

30/04/2008: Book Review - Home: A Memoir of My Early Years
emma Hart reviews 'Home: A Memoir of My Early Years' by Julie Andrews, published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson. [more]

30/04/2008: Waihopai Spybase in Marlborough Attacked by Protestors
Air Marshall Bruce Fergusson comments from the base. [more]

30/04/2008: Music with Marty Duda
Today Marty looks at the music of English band Portishead. [more]

30/04/2008: Law Discussion
Today with Dean Knight of Victoria University's law faculty. [more]

30/04/2008: Television Review
With Metro writer Simon Wilson. [more]

01/05/2008: Te Papa vs Otago Museum
Te Papa owe Otago Museum around $4,000. Shimrath Paul, Chef Executive of Otago Museum says they haven't received anything. [more]

01/05/2008: Biofuel Debate Rages On
George Monbiot, best selling author, Guardian newspaper columnist and outspoken environmentalist. [more]

01/05/2008: Ritalin - Dangerous?
Dr John Skinner, pediatric cardiologist and children's heart rhythm expert and Dr Tony Hanne Auckland GP specializing in ADHD. [more]

01/05/2008: UK Correspondent - Matthew Parris
The heat is on in London as the race for mayor gets interesting. [more]

01/05/2008: Feature Guest - Stan Brock
Founder of Remote Area Medical and former costar of the 1960's TV show Wild Kingdom. [more]

01/05/2008: Book Review - The Crocus Hour
By Charlotte Randall. Reviewed by Laura Fergusson and published by Penguin Books. [more]

01/05/2008: Maori Issues
Maori educationalist Hana O'Regan discusses the Maori language in our community. [more]

01/05/2008: GP's
Health and Disability Commissioner Ron Patterson looks at quality of care. [more]

01/05/2008: New Technology
Colin Jackson looks at smart phones. Check out Colin's technology links. [more]

02/05/2008: 14 Year Fight For Vindication
Rob Moodie, lawyer for the Berryman family in their bridge collapse litigation [more]

02/05/2008: Compassion In World Farming
Interview with Phil Lymbery, UK expert on animal cruelty in farming practices. [more]

02/05/2008: Film Your Issue
Heathcliff Rothman, organiser of the Film Your Issue short film competition run via MySpace. [more]

02/05/2008: Asia Correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
The Philippines has been shocked by a scandal involving the sale of human kidneys to foreign bidders. [more]

02/05/2008: Feature Guest - Leonard Sax
Educator, psychologist and family doctor Leonard Sax believes boys are being shortchanged in today's school system. [more]

02/05/2008: Book Review - Breath
Ralph McAllister reviews Breath by Tim Winton, published by Hamish Hamilton. [more]

02/05/2008: Manu's Music
This week Manu reviews: Waldeck - Ballroom Stories; Malcolm Middleton - Sleight of Heart; REM - Accelerate. [more]

02/05/2008: Sport with Richard Becht
This week Richard explains and dissects the 'experimental law variations' currently taking place in rugby union. [more]

02/05/2008: The Week That Was
Resident wits Radar and Irene Pink discuss the week of news and the week that was. [more]

05/05/2008: Gambling Helpline closure
Pressured by govt to provide confidential info on callers and this is one of the factors in its closure. [more]

05/05/2008: Rabbits On The Come Back
Rabbits making comeback in Mackenzie country. [more]

05/05/2008: Brain Enhancement Via Medication (get the edge)
More and more healthy professionals are using prescription drugs to 'improve' their brains. [more]

05/05/2008: Europe
News from Europe. [more]

05/05/2008: NZ Government Buying Back Rail and Ferry
NZ Government buying back the rail and ferry business from Toll Corporation. [more]

05/05/2008: Unravelling The Msytery of The Giant Squid
NZ's world-renowned 'Squid Man'. [more]

05/05/2008: Book Review
The Welsh Girl by Peter Ho Davies. Published by Sceptre. [more]

05/05/2008: Politics
Political news. [more]

05/05/2008: Guest Chef
Kate Fraser food writer and editor of Zest, The Press. [more]

05/05/2008: Wine
John talks wine with Kathyrn. [more]

05/05/2008: Internet
Internet news. [more]

06/05/2008: Secondary School Funding
Kathryn speaks with the Minister of Education and two very different decile school principals about the issue. [more]

06/05/2008: Young Wildlife Filmmaker
Kathryn talks to Sebastian van der Zwan about his work that is being aired in NZ for the first time tonight. [more]

06/05/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
Jack updates us with the latest in the Democratic primaries and the emerging Republican strategy. [more]

06/05/2008: Feature Guest - Carl Honore
Carl talks with Kathryn about the pressures we put on children to perform and the ramifications of dealing with this onus. [more]

06/05/2008: Book Review - The Butt
By Will Self. Reviewed by Gail Pittaway. Published by Bloomsbury. [more]

06/05/2008: Business Commentator - Rod Oram
The Government's investment in buying back the rail and ferry services. [more]

06/05/2008: Tomoko Ishijima - Dairy Farming Star
From tiny Tokyo apartment dwelling complete with goldfish to spacious NZ farm management with 280 head of dairy cattle. [more]

06/05/2008: Media Commentator - Phil Wallington
Thought the media had finally put the Corbys to rest? Schappelle's shameless family are back with a defamation case. [more]

07/05/2008: Emissions Trading Scheme
The Government is delaying the introduction of petrol to emissions trading scheme. [more]

07/05/2008: Trouble in the Outback
A Report into sexual abuse in Australian tribal lands finds sexual abuse rife. [more]

07/05/2008: Australian Correspondent - Paul Barclay
Keeping you up to date with whats going on in Australia. [more]

07/05/2008: Feature Guest - Mike Wessels
Dr Mike Wessels is a consultant to a number of UN agencies on the most serious child protection issues of our time. [more]

07/05/2008: Book Review - Remember Me
By Melvin Braggs, published by Sceptre and reviewed by Laura Kroetsch. [more]

07/05/2008: Music Review with Marty Duda
The Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, Steve Winwood [more]

07/05/2008: Law Correspondent - Catriona McLennan
Looking at Homicide Rules. - The difference between murder and manslaughter. [more]

07/05/2008: Film Review
With Graham Tuckett [more]

08/05/2008: Myanmar Aid Situation
Spokesperson for UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. [more]

08/05/2008: Christchurch Police's New Strategy
Christchurch Police want to impose a zero tolerance strategy on minor offences in a bid to stop major ones. [more]

08/05/2008: Climate Change And You
Kathryn Ryan discusses several geo-engineering proposals aimed at reducing global warming, including a deliberate emission of particles into the atmosphere to trigger cooling. [more]

08/05/2008: UK Correspondent - Jon Dennis
Londons new mayor and England's lengths to protect their tea. [more]

08/05/2008: Feature Guest - Ghaith Abdul Ahad
Iraqi journalist talks of life in iraq under a Saddam rule. [more]

08/05/2008: Book Review - Faberge's Eggs
By Tony Faber, published by Macmillan and reviewed by Rae McGregor. [more]

08/05/2008: Maori Issues Commentator - Malcolm Mulholland
Looking at the Ross Kemp on Gangs episode about the Mongrel Mob. [more]

08/05/2008: Christine Vachon - Independent Film Producer
Author of the 2006 book A Killer Life: How an Independent Film Producer Survives. Deals and Disasters in Hollywood. [more]

08/05/2008: New Technology
Colin Jackson looks at phone security as well as other techy tid bits. [more]

09/05/2008: Red Cross Flight to Myanmar
Red Cross' s Jeremy Francis comments on the crisis and how aid is now finally trickling into Myanmar. [more]

09/05/2008: Employment Figures and Impact on Women
Carol Beaumont and Diane Forman discuss the issue of the sharp decrease in employment, especially for woman in the work force. [more]

09/05/2008: NZ Urban Architecture - are we getting it right?
Cathy Simon is a US Architect who specialises in urban public spaces - and reckons this country has a way to go. [more]

09/05/2008: Pacific Correspondent
Mike Field from Fairfax reports on the Pacific region. [more]

09/05/2008: Feature Guest - Anne Enright
Irish Booker prize winning author will be visiting NZ for the Auckland Readers and Writers Festival. [more]

09/05/2008: Childrens Book Review
John McIntyre reviews three classic kiwi childrens authors. [more]

09/05/2008: Manu's Music
Today Manu reviews music from Amy Macdonald, Sera Cahoone and Van Morrison. [more]

09/05/2008: Sports Talk
Richard Becht with the latest news in sport. [more]

09/05/2008: The Week That Was
Radar and Gemma Gracewood share their humourous look at this weeks current events. [more]

12/05/2008: Food Labelling
Food Safety Authority on research which shows that 58% of food doesn't match the claims on its labels. [more]

12/05/2008: Democratic Candidate
An election consultant to the Democratic Party talks about if or when Hillary Clinton will stand aside from the race. [more]

12/05/2008: Koala Sanctuary Cemetery
Australian local authority sets up cemetery in koala sanctuary so that Aussies can rest in peace the natural way. [more]

12/05/2008: African Correspondent - Peter Greste
Peter updates on the post election situation in Zimbabwe. [more]

12/05/2008: Feature Guest - Rich Raddon
Lynne speaks with Los Angeles Film Festival director, Rich Raddon. [more]

12/05/2008: Book Review - Twenty Chickens for a Saddle
Written by Robyn Scott. Published by Bloomsbury. Reviewed by David Hill. [more]

12/05/2008: Focus On Politics
Whether it's from the left or the right and whether it's right or wrong, Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre have an opinion. [more]

12/05/2008: Guest Chef - Catherine Bell
Co-publisher and editorial director of Dish Magazine. [more]

12/05/2008: Wine with John Hawkesby
John matches some lovely Pinot Noir with chef Catherine Bell's ham hock soup. [more]

12/05/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
David Slack on pupils addressing teachers by their first names. [more]

13/05/2008: Police Code of Conduct
The Police Commissioner is under fire for an updated code of conduct that still fails to mention sexual misconduct. [more]

13/05/2008: Breast Cancer Hair Test
Managing Director of Fermiscan is behind a new test for breast cancer where hair is x-rayed to detect molecular changes. [more]

13/05/2008: Doggy Hotel
Dogs are welcome at many of California's top hotels. [more]

13/05/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
FBI Raid, Bush's daughter gets married, US Election. [more]

13/05/2008: Feature Guest - Ryan Knighton
15 years after going blind as a teenager, Ryan Knighton travels the world using smells, sound and taste. [more]

13/05/2008: Book Review - The Age of the Warrior
By Robert Fisk, published by 4th Estate and reviewed by Harry Broad. [more]

13/05/2008: Business Commentator - Rod Oram
Food prices, NZ farming industry under strain, The Green Revolution. [more]

13/05/2008: Hairy Maclary Turns 25
Lynley Dodd talks about how the little shaggy dog we all know came to be. [more]

13/05/2008: Media Commentator - Paul Norris
Paul's Thoughts on Myanmar and Alt TV's New nude news. [more]

14/05/2008: What's Next For Kiwi Farming?
A dismal verdict for the sheep industry doesn't help. [more]

14/05/2008: George McGovern
US democrat primaries. [more]

14/05/2008: Baroness Vivien Stern
British campaigner for prison reform. [more]

14/05/2008: Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Australia's new budget [more]

14/05/2008: Feature Guest - John Pontin
Author of The Converging World. [more]

14/05/2008: Book Review - Rogue Economics
By Loretta Napoleoni, published by Allen and Unwin. Reviewed by Anne Buchanan. [more]

14/05/2008: Music Review - Elton John
With Marty Duda [more]

14/05/2008: Legal Commentator - Richard Raymond
The right to have access into criminal history of potential jurors and sharing it with defense and crown prosecutors. [more]

14/05/2008: TV Review with Simon Wilson
with Metro's senior writer gives reviews the new show 'Make your Child Brilliant' and other shows gracing your box. [more]

15/05/2008: Myanmar Crisis
Myanmar crisis continues with aid still struggling to get through. [more]

15/05/2008: Pesticide Endosulfan
Push to ban the pesticide endosulfan. [more]

15/05/2008: UK
News from the UK. [more]

15/05/2008: The Nuclear Jihadist
Authors of The Nuclear Jihadist: The true story of the man who sold the world's most dangerous . [more]

15/05/2008: Book Review
Raising the Dead: A True Story of Death and Survival by Phillip Finch. Published by HarperCollins UK. [more]

15/05/2008: Maori Affairs
Maori Issues. [more]

15/05/2008: Australian Novelist - Luke Davies
Australian novelist, poet and a former junkie, here for Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. [more]

15/05/2008: New Technology
New Technology [more]

16/05/2008: Troubles Within Pacific Division of Immigration Service
Tino Pereira from the Wellington Samoan Advisory Council and Auckland Immigration Lawyer Olinda Woodroffe comment. [more]

16/05/2008: Fair Trade Foundation's Harriet Lamb
Author of 'Fighting the Banana Wars and Other Fairtrade Battles'. [more]

16/05/2008: Teen Singer Gets Chance of a Lifetime
Jeremy Walden is a young Tauranga singer who has caught the eye of the music movers and shakers in the US. [more]

16/05/2008: Asian Correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
Phil O'Sullivan reports on Myanmar and the after effects plus the eathquake in China. [more]

16/05/2008: Feature Guest - Simon Singh
In conjunction with Edzard Ernst, Simon Singh has written 'Trick or Treatment' a scientific analysis of alternative medicine. [more]

16/05/2008: Book Review - 'A Dangerous Liaison'
Mary Daysh reviews 'A Dangerous Liaison' by Carole Seymour Jones. Published by Century. [more]

16/05/2008: Manu's Music
Manu Taylor reviews three very diverse albums from The Last Shadow Puppets, Katherine Jenkins and The New Zealand Trio. [more]

16/05/2008: Sports Commentator
Joseph Romanos gives his views on the latest in sports. [more]

16/05/2008: The Week That Was
Radar and Michelle A'Court share a humorous look at the week that was. [more]

19/05/2008: Funding Boost for Elective Surgery
Funding boost. [more]

19/05/2008: Cost of Iraq War
The House of Representatives considered the US $183.6 billion war supplemental bill on Thursday. [more]

19/05/2008: Long-Winded MP Sets 8 Hour Record
Greens MP Mark Parnell sets a record with a speech lasting eight hours. [more]

19/05/2008: Europe
News from Europe. [more]

19/05/2008: LIfe on the US 2008 Presidential Campaign Trail
Samantha Power advised Barack Obama until a controversial parting of the ways when she called Hillary Clinton a monster. [more]

19/05/2008: Book Review
A Golden Age by Tahmima Anam. Published by John Murray. [more]

19/05/2008: Politics
The world of Politics. [more]

19/05/2008: Guest Chef
World Food Summit, Singapore. [more]

19/05/2008: Wine
The World Of Wine. [more]

19/05/2008: Tommy Honey
Memory matters. [more]

20/05/2008: Minister of Immigration - Clayton Cosgrove
Auditor General inquiry into Immigration. [more]

20/05/2008: Jan Jordan - Senior Lecturer in Criminology
Author of "Serial Survivors: Womens' narratives of surviving rape". [more]

20/05/2008: US Correspondent - Richard Adams
US elections, same sex marriage, sheep farming. [more]

20/05/2008: Feature Guest - Bishop Gene Robinson
Five years ago, Gene Robinson became the first openly gay bishop inside the Anglican Church. Can the church reach a compromise over homosexuality? [more]

20/05/2008: Book Review - Bomber Boys
By Patrick Bishop, published by 4th Estate and reviewed by Don Rood. [more]

20/05/2008: Business with Rod Oram
Global competitiveness with a sluggish economy. [more]

20/05/2008: Health with Ron Patterson
Health and disability commissioner. [more]

20/05/2008: Media Commentator Wayne Hope
AUT lecturer in communications studies. [more]

20/05/2008: Feature Guest - Chris Reij
Greening the Sahara. [more]

21/05/2008: Rotorua Anti Violence Centre Forced to Close
No funding for people who voluntarily attend anti violence centre, despite high profile govt campaign that 'its not okay'. [more]

21/05/2008: Teacher Shortage
A recent survey has shown that full time teachers in NZ are dwindling. [more]

21/05/2008: Australia Correspondent - Paul Barclay
Myanmar Aid, Australia budget not well received, Alco Pop Tax, Tasmanian tiger, and Australian Underworld Figures. [more]

21/05/2008: Book Review - The White Tiger
By Aravind Adiga, published by Atlantic Books and reviewed by Paul Diamond. [more]

21/05/2008: Music Reviewer Marty Duda
Wayne Mason [more]

21/05/2008: Law Commentator Andrew Scott-Howman
The business of internal profiling. [more]

21/05/2008: Film Reviewer Dan Slevin
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, In the Shadow of the Moon and the 48-hour film festival. [more]

22/05/2008: High Prices for Dairy Foods
Chair of Kaimai Cheese Wyatt Creech and Federated Farmers Dairy Chairman Frank Brenmuhl discuss the issue. [more]

22/05/2008: Lack of Allergy Services in NZ
Mother of allergy sufferer, Debra Hunter and Penny Jorgensen, CEO of Allergy New Zealand comment on the lack of services. [more]

22/05/2008: UK Correspondent
Michael White reports on the latest news from the UK. [more]

22/05/2008: Feature Guest - Charles Robert Jenkins
Charles Robert Jenkins - the American soldier who defected to North Korea and lived as a captive there for 40 years. [more]

22/05/2008: Book Review - 'Girls Like Us'
Kirsten Johnstone reviews the music biography 'Girls Like Us' by Sheila Weller. Published by Ebury Press. [more]

22/05/2008: Maori Issues
With Maria Bargh, lecturer of both Maori Studies and Politics at Victoria University. [more]

22/05/2008: NZ Post Children's and Young Adults Book Awards
One of the winners was Melanie Drewery. [more]

22/05/2008: New Technology - Colin Jackson
Colin Jackson looks at big companies competing against free software. [more]

23/05/2008: Patient Safety in Private Hospitals
Danny Malone and Adrian Simcock, both lost their wives following operations at Wakefield private hospital in Wellington. [more]

23/05/2008: The Budget and Beyond
The National party are on the attack after budget day yesterday. [more]

23/05/2008: Pacific Correspondent - Mike Field
The Latest from the Pacific. [more]

23/05/2008: Feature Guest - Catherine Sandersen
The Paris based English secretary who poured out her life in a blog. She began in 2004. [more]

23/05/2008: Children's Book Review.
Snake and Lizard by Joy Cowley and Which New Zealand Spider by Andrew Crowe. [more]

23/05/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
Moana and The Tribe, Tami Neilson, Gabriella Cilmi. [more]

23/05/2008: Sport Commentator - Joseph Romanos
New Zealand Test Eries with England. [more]

23/05/2008: The Week That Was
With Radar and Pinky Agnew. [more]

25/05/2008: The Hobbit to be Filmed in NZ
The Hobbit to be filmed in NZ - spinoffs. [more]

26/05/2008: Cost Overruns for New Carisbrook
Cost overruns for new Carisbrook. [more]

26/05/2008: Savings Plan Squeeze
Retirement Commissioner Dianna Crosson talks about budget with Lynn Freeman. [more]

26/05/2008: Middle East
Middle East issues. [more]

26/05/2008: Life With a Hidden Illness - Hep C
Lead singer and founding member of The Chills, was accidentally infected with Hepatitis C ten years ago. [more]

26/05/2008: Book Review - The Voluptuous Delights of Peanut Butter and Jam
Laura Fergusson reviews 'The Voluptuous Delights of Peanut Butter and Jam' by Lauren Liebenberg Published by Virago. [more]

26/05/2008: Politics
Latest in Politics. [more]

26/05/2008: Guest Chef
Scott Fraser is the executive chef Carrington Resort and Karikari Estate Winery. [more]

26/05/2008: Wine
Wine with John Hawkesby. [more]

26/05/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
A Modest Proposal or Two with David Slack. [more]

27/05/2008: Emission Trading Scheme
The Greens deliver their bottom line on the government's cornerstone carbon trading emissions scheme. [more]

27/05/2008: Shortcomings in Palliative Care at Rest Homes
Ian Crutchley was last week convicted of the manslaugher of their mother by giving her an extra dose of morphine. [more]

27/05/2008: US
News and current affairs from the US. [more]

27/05/2008: The Story of Forgetting
Steffan Merril Block's novel The Story of Forgetting deals with the real life reality of living with alzheimers. [more]

27/05/2008: Book Review - Cold Steel: The Multi-Billion Dollar Battle for a Global Industry
The Multi-Billion Dollar Battle for a Global Industry by Tim Bouquet and Byron Ousey.Published by Little, Brown. [more]

27/05/2008: Business
News From The Business Sector. [more]

27/05/2008: The Holocaust - a Survivor's Story
Sabina Wolanski survived the Nazi invasion of Poland as a twelve-year old, while the rest of her family were murdered. [more]

27/05/2008: Media
News from the media. [more]

27/05/2008: Tribute 08 - Vietnam Vets Apology
Helen Clark's apology for the ill treatment Vietnam veterans received after the war. [more]

28/05/2008: Winter Homes
Researchers partly blame poorly maintained homes for more than 1600 deaths in New Zealand homes due to wet and damp conditions. [more]

28/05/2008: China Still Suffering After Deadly Earthquake
Two weeks on and still 25,000 people missing, 300,000 people injured and 5 Million buildings destroyed. [more]

28/05/2008: Australian Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Controversial Art, Fuel Watch Programme. [more]

28/05/2008: Feature Guest - Dr Megan Gunnar
Professor of child development at the University of Minnesota has conducted a study looking into the levels of stress hormones in children in day care. [more]

28/05/2008: Book Review - Blue Horse Dreaming
By Melanie Wallace, published by Harvill/Secker and reviewed by Mary McCallum. [more]

28/05/2008: Music with Marty Duda
Al Green through the years. [more]

28/05/2008: Law Commentator Ursula Cheer
The privacy issue in modern law. [more]

28/05/2008: TV Reviewer Simon Wilson
Excellent documentary making by Maori TV. [more]

28/05/2008: ANZAC's in an Unpopular War
Barry Heard's an Australian Vietnam vet and author whose released his second book, a memoir called The View from Connor's Hill. [more]

29/05/2008: Is Drug Policy Working?
Former detective now drug educator, Mike Sabin and NZ Drug Foundation Executive Director Ross Bell talk to Kathryn. [more]

29/05/2008: Downstage in Trouble?
Auckland Theatre (and former Downstage) Artistic Director Colin McColl and Wellington actor/director Miranda Harcourt join us. [more]

29/05/2008: UK Correspondent
Kate Adie reports on the latest news from the UK. [more]

29/05/2008: Feature Guest - Richard McCann
As son of the Yorkshire Ripper's first victim, how did Richard overcome his demons to become a successful motivational speaker? [more]

29/05/2008: Book Review - Is She Still Alive?
Written by Tessa Duder. Reviewed by Michele A'Court. Published by HarperCollins NZ. [more]

29/05/2008: Maori Issues
With Tahu Potiki, head of Ngai Tahu's Otago Runanga and Maori Television board member. [more]

29/05/2008: New Technology - Colin Jackson
How big is the Internet? Can we fill it up? Is it in danger of exploding? [more]

29/05/2008: Bowel Cancer Screening
Cancer expert Dr Peter Dady talks with Kathyrn Ryan about bowel cancer screening. [more]

30/05/2008: Zimbabwe - What next for a troubled country?
Frank Chicowore is a journalist working in one of the most politically charges countries in the world. [more]

30/05/2008: Wine as an Investment
Luke Batchelar is the director of Batchelar Fine and Rare Wine. [more]

30/05/2008: Asia
News and affairs from Asia. [more]

30/05/2008: The Need for Politically Incorrect Parenting
psychologist and author of several parenting books including his latest"Before Your Teenagers Drive You Crazy, Read This!" [more]

30/05/2008: Book Review
The Open Road by Pico Lyer. Published by Bloomsbury. [more]

30/05/2008: Music
James Taylor"One Man Band", Bannerman"EP" and Anna Coddington"The Lake". [more]

30/05/2008: Sport
Sports round up with Richard Becht. [more]

30/05/2008: The Week That Was
A round up of the weeks news and affairs. [more]

03/06/2008: Shipton Parole Hearing 'Confession'
Nine to Noon spoke to Brad Shipton's rape victim. [more]

03/06/2008: Politics From The Left and From The Right
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

03/06/2008: US Correspondent - Richard Adams
The Washington editor of The Guardian discusses issues from the US, included the Democratic primary's. [more]

03/06/2008: Feature Guest - Dan Gardner
The Author of Risk: The Science of Politics and Fear. [more]

03/06/2008: Book Review
A Well Written Body by Karlo Mila with paintings by Delicia Sampero. Published by Huia Publishers. [more]

03/06/2008: Business Commentator Rod Oram
Hot topics in business news and current affairs. [more]

03/06/2008: Guest Chef
Connie Clarkson. [more]

03/06/2008: Wine with Don Higgins
Don Higgins Complements Connie Clarkson's Recipes with the perfect tipple. [more]

03/06/2008: Media Commentator - Denis Welch
The latest Media news and current affairs. [more]

04/06/2008: NZ Children's Reading Ability
Professor Bill Tunmer and Mary Chamberlain from discuss our country's Reading Recovery Programme. [more]

04/06/2008: The Hobbit Trap
Professor Maciej Henneberg looks at the controversy surrounding 'Hobbit-like' human remains discovered in Indonesia. [more]

04/06/2008: Australian Correspondent - Paul Barclay
A top Australian police investigator has been arrested on drug conspiracy charges. [more]

04/06/2008: Feature Guest - John Horgan
Head of the International Centre for the Study of Terrorism at Penn State University in the United States.Author of Walking Away from Terrorism: Accounts of Disengagement from Radical and Extremist Movements Routledge (New York and London) 2008. [more]

04/06/2008: Book Review - Gool
Written by Maurice Gee. Published by Puffin. Reviewed by David Hill. [more]

04/06/2008: Law - Andrew Scott Howman
Our legal expert discusses the new concept of 'consumerisation'. [more]

04/06/2008: Music with Marty Duda
Marty has survived the fire alarm in Auckland and returns to the studio to bring us the music of Cassandra Wilson. [more]

04/06/2008: Film Review - Graeme Tuckett
Our movie buff reviews Happy Go Lucky; Brick Lane; and Adams Apples. [more]

05/06/2008: Obama Democratic Victory
Bob Weiner, National Democratic Strategist and former White House spokesman, on Senator Obama's presidential prospects and damage to the Democratic Party due to the cut-throat campaign for selection. [more]

05/06/2008: U.S. Election
Brian Walton, Republican strategist commenting on Obama v. McCain contest. [more]

05/06/2008: Global Green Motoring Campaign
The International Automobile Federation head is in NZ to launch environmental impact of driving campaign. [more]

05/06/2008: UK Correspondent
Matthew Parris gives us the low-down and the latest news from the UK. [more]

05/06/2008: To the Victor the Spoils
But will Barack Obama have spoilt his chances of a running mate with Hillary Clinton. A key Clinton supporter speaks. [more]

05/06/2008: Feature Guest - Fiona Watson
The campaign co-ordinator for Survival International talks about the plight of the aboriginals of Amazonia. [more]

05/06/2008: Book Review - The Face of War
Written by Sandy Callister. Published by Auckland University Press. Reviewed by Kate Blackhurst. [more]

05/06/2008: TZ1 - Carbon Trading
The NZX's off-shoot, TZ1's CEO Mark Franklin talks to Kathryn about the new market. [more]

05/06/2008: Oil Prices
Tyson Slocum, Director of Public Citizen's Energy Program, the largest consumer advocacy group in the U.S. [more]

05/06/2008: New Technology - Colin Jackson
Colin Jackson of gives us the low-down on the latest in the tech stakes. [more]

06/06/2008: Helen Sutch
Daughter of Bill Sutch, the former public servant who was tried and aquitted of spying for the Russians in the 1970's. [more]

06/06/2008: VortexDNA
The Christchurch based company has discovered it can accurately predict the way people think. [more]

06/06/2008: Pacific
With correspondent Mike Field. [more]

06/06/2008: Adventure With A Purpose
Richard Bangs has spent thirty years in adventure tourism and travel writing. He's in NZ for World Environment Day events. [more]

06/06/2008: Book Review - 'Dreamland'
Written by Tom Gilling. Published by Text Publishing. Reviewed by Laura Kroetsch. [more]

06/06/2008: Music
Manu Taylor reviews The Black Keys, Anna Rugis and Le Trio Joubran. [more]

06/06/2008: Sport
With sport commentator Richard Becht. [more]

06/06/2008: Week That Was
With Te Radar and Irene Pink. [more]

09/06/2008: Winter Power Crisis Predicted
Kathryn Ryan talks to David Caygill chair of the Electricity Commission. [more]

09/06/2008: Major Study on Nutrition and Impact on Children
Major study on Nutrition and Impact on Children. [more]

09/06/2008: Africa
News and current affairs from Africa. [more]

09/06/2008: Acclaimed Children's Writer and illustrator Judith Kerr
Acclaimed children's writer and illustrator who's Mog books have been best sellers for the past 30 years. [more]

09/06/2008: Book Review
That Summer in Sicily by Marlena de Blasi. Published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

09/06/2008: Politics
Political news and current events. [more]

09/06/2008: Guest Chef
Guest Chef Richard Till. [more]

09/06/2008: Wine
Wine. [more]

09/06/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
A Modest Proposal or Two. [more]

10/06/2008: Mercury Amalgam Fillings
The U.S. Federal Drug Administration has changed its advice on the safety of mercury fillings - they now warn of potential neuro-toxicity in children. [more]

10/06/2008: Marketing Greenwash
The Commerce Commission warns about the marketing hype from companies trying to sell you on their environmental benefits. [more]

10/06/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
Kathryn and Jack talk about the presidential race and the MIA John McCain. [more]

10/06/2008: Feature Guest - Maggie Fyffe
Maggie Fyffe, Secretary of the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust, who spearheaded the buyback of their island some 11 years ago. [more]

10/06/2008: Book Review - Trauma
Quentin Johnson reviews 'Trauma' by Patrick McGrath. Published by Bloomsbury. [more]

10/06/2008: Business Commentator - Rod Oram
Hot topics and current affairs from the business world. [more]

10/06/2008: Consumer Rights - Denise Brailey
Australian consumer rights advocate Denise Brailey is in NZ as a guest of victims of failed investment companies here. [more]

10/06/2008: Media Commentator - Denis Welch
Denis talks about the media - what's on the wire, the net etc. [more]

11/06/2008: Boosting of Police Domestic Violence Powers
Acting chief family court judge, Paul von Dadelszen and defence lawyer Noel Sainsbury discuss the new Police powers. [more]

11/06/2008: Amnesty Advice to Olympians
Margaret Taylor of Amnesty NZ and athletic communications advicer, Glenda Hughes discuss the politics of the China Olympics. [more]

11/06/2008: Australian Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Ray Moynihan relays the latest news from across the Tasman. [more]

11/06/2008: Feature Guest - Babette Cole
Children's book writer and illustrator of such books as 'Mummy Laid an Egg'. [more]

11/06/2008: Book Review - 'Nocturne'
Gina Faafoi reviews 'Nocturne' by Diane Armstrong. Published by Harper Collins Australia. [more]

11/06/2008: Music With Marty Duda - Weezer
Today Marty takes a look at American guitar indie/pop band Weezer. [more]

11/06/2008: Legal Commentator - Robert Lithgow
Wellington barrister Robert Lithgow discusses items in the Criminal Proceedors Bill. [more]

11/06/2008: TV Review
Simon Wilson gives us his views on whats on the box. [more]

11/06/2008: Feature Guest - Paul Offit
World renowned paediatrician and vaccination expert. [more]

12/06/2008: Police Access Womens Police Record 72 Times
Donna Johnson complained she was sexually violated by former policeman and convicted rapist Brad Shipton. [more]

12/06/2008: Kissing Cousins
Professor Alan Bittles has spent 30 years researching the effect of same blood marriages. [more]

12/06/2008: Montana Book Awards
Questions as to why only 4 fiction books are in the awards. [more]

12/06/2008: UK Correspondent
Jon Dennis gives you the latest from the UK. [more]

12/06/2008: Book Review- Justinian's Flea
By William Rosen, published by Pimlico and reviewed by Phil Offit. [more]

12/06/2008: Maori Issues
Haami Piripi, Chairperson of Te Runanga o te Rarawa. [more]

12/06/2008: Health Issues
David Galler, principal medical adviser to the Ministry of Health and intensive care specialist. [more]

12/06/2008: New Technology with Colin Jackson
Today: Computer Hacking, the good and the bad. Make sure you click on Colins technology links. [more]

12/06/2008: Robotic Pop - The Trons
Greg Locke, creater of The Trons - a robotic pop band. [more]

13/06/2008: Auckland City Mission
The mission is seeing its highest number of homeless in 10 years. [more]

13/06/2008: Rates of Campylobacter Are Falling
New figures show rates of campylobacter are falling - but concerns remain about the safety of eating fresh chicken. [more]

13/06/2008: Asian Correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
Phil O'Sullivan talks about events in Asia including problems over beef imports in Korea. [more]

13/06/2008: Feature Guest - Brooks Jackson
He makes his career checking the facts of what the US Presidential candidates say and whether voters can believe them. [more]

13/06/2008: Book Review - 'Beijing Coma'
Laura Kroetsch reviews 'Beijing Coma' by Ma Jian. Published by Chatto and Windus. [more]

13/06/2008: Manu's Music
Manu shares the music of MGMT, Billy T Junior and Son of Dave. [more]

13/06/2008: Sports - Richard Becht
Richard Becht talks US Open golf, All Blacks plus much more from the sports world. [more]

13/06/2008: Week That Was
With Radar and Gemma Gracewood. [more]

16/06/2008: Victim Rights
Supreme Court ruling on Susan Couch and the RSA killings, which says the sole survivor, is able to sue the Dept of Corrections. [more]

16/06/2008: Fuel Watch in Australia
With fuel prices soaring on both sides of the Tasman, The Fuel Watch scheme is being touted as a possibility to help consumers. [more]

16/06/2008: Synaesthesia - Why some people"see"music or"taste"words
It can take many forms; some people who have it see colours when listening to music, or associate tastes with words. [more]

16/06/2008: Europe
News and current affairs from Europe. [more]

16/06/2008: Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Jerry Moe directs Children's Programs at the Betty Ford Center in California, working with vulnerable youngsters from addicted families and helping them cope with a lost childhood. [more]

16/06/2008: Book Review
Working with David: Inside the Lange Cabinet"by Michael Bassett. Published by Hachette Livre NZ. [more]

16/06/2008: Politics
Politics [more]

16/06/2008: Food and Wine
Domenica Houlihan is the guest chef this week and is joined by wine expert Raymond Chan. [more]

16/06/2008: Design with Tommy Honey
Sophist and Provocateur. [more]

17/06/2008: Arming The Police and South Auckland Violence
Interviews with Prime Minister Helen Clark, Superintendant John Rivers, Acting Manukau Mayor, Gary Troup. [more]

17/06/2008: Pursuing An Age Old Debt
David Hallmark, the man who pursued Prince Charles to settle a 357 year old Royal debt. [more]

17/06/2008: US Correspondent - Richard Adams
Washington editor of The Guardian discusses the Iowa floods. [more]

17/06/2008: Feature Guest - Mick Moran
Irish police officer on secondment to Interpol as an liaison officer for the Virtual Global Taskforce on child abuse. [more]

17/06/2008: Book Review - Beneath the Bloodwood Tree
By Julienne Van Loon, published by Allen and Unwin and reviewed by Gail Pittaway. [more]

17/06/2008: Business with Rod Oram
The many and varied amendments of the Emmisions Trading Scheme. [more]

17/06/2008: Media with Denis Welch
Our commentator discusses the media's handling of the recent violent incidents that occured out of South Auckland. [more]

17/06/2008: Pam Corkery on Auckland's Gangs
The well known broadcaster has spent the last 18 months has been right in the heart of Auckland's gangs for a TVNZ documentary. [more]

18/06/2008: New Generation Medicines
Is health care being priced out of the market? Why NZ's fallen behind other countries in providing access to new medicine. [more]

18/06/2008: Paul Kuchenbecker
The coroner's report into the death of Karl Kuchenbecker is released. [more]

18/06/2008: Australian Correspondent
Paul Barclay reports from across the Tasman on child drug education and Olympians avoiding Beijing's smog. [more]

18/06/2008: Feature Guest - Paula Kamen
Chicago based author and writer who has suffered from a chronic headache for 17 years. [more]

18/06/2008: Book Review - 'The Lakes of Mars'
Anne Buchanan reviews 'The Lakes of Mars' by Chris Orsman. Published by Auckland University Press. [more]

18/06/2008: Music - Marty Duda
Marty takes a look at the music of British group Coldplay. [more]

18/06/2008: Law - Dean Knight
Today's topics include a discussion on the recent High Court hearing into the lawfulness of many abortions. [more]

18/06/2008: Film Review - Graeme Tuckett
Graeme Tuckett talks about Narnia: Prince Caspian, The Happening and Grow Your Own. [more]

18/06/2008: Government recognition and "gift" to Moriori
For, Maui Solomon, the recognition crowns a 25 year renaissance for his people. [more]

19/06/2008: Who Gets Born?
A long awaited report from the Bioethics Council recommends a more liberal regime for pre-birth testing which some fear will lead to the creation of designer babies. [more]

19/06/2008: Feature Guest - Maude Barlow
Water - the new oil. [more]

19/06/2008: Book Review - Novel About My Wife
By Emily Perkins, published by Bloomsbury and reviewed by Sonja de Freiz. [more]

19/06/2008: A Rising Trend in Anti-Americanism
'Made in America' backfireing on US advertisers. [more]

19/06/2008: New Technology with Colin Jackson
Catching criminals on the internet. Make sure you click on Colins technology links. [more]

20/06/2008: Bioethics Report Sparks Further Debate
Prof Donald Evans says allowing social grounds for the sex selection of embryos during fertility treatment would be "winding the social clock back in New Zealand by at least a generation and a half". [more]

20/06/2008: Anti Tagging
Hone Harawira was one of only 10 MPs to vote against the new bill. [more]

20/06/2008: Why We Should Not Wear Shoes
South African expert Berhnhard Zipfel says our ancestors were bare foot, and we're killing our feet by comparison. [more]

20/06/2008: Pacific Correspondent - Mike Field
The Latest talked about issues from across the Pacific. [more]

20/06/2008: Feature Guest - Roscoe Tait
Roscoe Tait has spent thousands of hours volunteering on New Zealand's toughest search and rescues. [more]

20/06/2008: Childrens Book Review
John McIntyre reviews three books that will surely keep the kids happy. [more]

20/06/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
Boa Fonte, Crooked Still and Scarlett Johansson. [more]

20/06/2008: Sport Commentator - Richard Becht
Tiger Woods Wins US Open with the use of only one leg! [more]

20/06/2008: The Week That Was
With Radar + Michele A'Court. [more]

23/06/2008: Zimbabwe Election
Political journalist in Harare, Frank Chicowore and Peter Greste correspondent in Africa. [more]

23/06/2008: Zimbabwe Election - NZ Foreign Minister
Winston Peters discusses what pressure this country might be able to bring to bear on Zimbabwe. [more]

23/06/2008: Medical Mistakes
Dr Jim Bajian is a US expert who speaks on how to achieve reporting without hiding mistakes. [more]

23/06/2008: Middle East
Professor Paul Rogers talks on the current climate in the Middle East, including the oil prices summit in Saudi Arabia. [more]

23/06/2008: Feature Guest - Chris Krishna Pillay
ESIRO educator Chris Krishna Pillay communicates scientific concepts to the layman with music theatre and comedy. [more]

23/06/2008: Book Review - 'Deaf Sentence'
Kate Blackhurst reviews 'Deaf Sentence' by David Lodge. Published by Harvill Secker. [more]

23/06/2008: Politics
political comments from both the left and right with Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

23/06/2008: Wine - John Hawkesby
John Hawkesby gives his selections to accompany soup. [more]

23/06/2008: Guest chef
Lauraine Jacobs dips into winter soups. [more]

23/06/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
David Slack chews the fat. [more]

24/06/2008: Women of Zimbabwe Arise
The thuggery continues in Zimbabwe, with violence directed at both the formal opposition and political innocents. [more]

24/06/2008: Biofuels
The Government is determined to press on with plans to force oil companies to sell biofuels in both petrol and diesel. [more]

24/06/2008: Waterless Washing Machine
Director of Xeros - a spin out company from the University of Leeds which produced the prototype. [more]

24/06/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
The latest from the US. [more]

24/06/2008: Feature Guest - Robert Winston
Ethics Surrounding Reproductive Technologies. [more]

24/06/2008: Book Review - Mutiny on the Bounty
A Novel by John Boyne, published by Doubleday UK and reviewed by Don Rood. [more]

24/06/2008: Business with Rod Oram
Discussion focused on the mood (and problems) of privately owned business. [more]

24/06/2008: Arctic Melt
New research from the US indicating that Arctic sea may be free of ice in summer within the next five years. [more]

24/06/2008: Media with Denis Welch
Today's topics: Spurious surveys and missing files, hotel hi-jinks and war in Invercargill. [more]

25/06/2008: Corruption in the Japanese Whaling Industry
Sara Holden, head of Greenpeace's international whales campaign comments from Tokyo. [more]

25/06/2008: International Whaling Commission
Conservation Minister who is attending the International Whaling Commission has been meeting in Santiago, Chile. [more]

25/06/2008: The Sistine Secrets - Rabbi Benjamin Blech and Roy Doliner
Co-authors of"The Sistine Secrets, Unlocking the Codes in Michelangelo's Defiant Masterpiece" [more]

25/06/2008: Australian Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Ray reports on current events from across the Tasman. [more]

25/06/2008: Feature Guest - Wing Commander Dave Green
Recently finished the role of New Zealand military liaison officer in Kosovo - the world's newest state. [more]

25/06/2008: Book Review - 'The Household Guide to Dying'
Paul Diamond reviews 'The Household Guide to Dying' by Debra Adelaide. Published by Picador. [more]

25/06/2008: Music - Marty Duda
Marty takes a look at the music of Carly Simon. [more]

25/06/2008: Law Commentator
Auckland lawyer Catriona MacLennan talks about Family Violence Courts. [more]

25/06/2008: Televison Review
With todays reviewer Simon Wilson. [more]

26/06/2008: Parole Board
The Parole Board is under constant scrutiny after a string of high profile cases involving parolees. [more]

26/06/2008: Policemen Not Guilty
A mother reacts to the not guilty verdicts against 4 Whakatane policemen accused of attacking her son. [more]

26/06/2008: UK
News from the UK. [more]

26/06/2008: Life Within a Sect
Ellissa Wall broke from Fundementalist Church of the Latter Day Saints. [more]

26/06/2008: Book Review
Flat Earth, The History of an Infamous Idea by Christine Garwood. Published by Pan. [more]

26/06/2008: Maori Issues
Tahu Potiki is the chairman of the Otakou runanga of Ngai Tahu. [more]

26/06/2008: Organics
A food chemist from the University of California. Dr Mitchell is an international expert in the field of organics. [more]

26/06/2008: New Technology
New Technology. [more]

27/06/2008: Mothers of Jane and Hannah, killed in Edgeware Road last year.
Their lives changed forever on the night of May the fifth 2007. [more]

27/06/2008: Defence Force financial Wastage
Is our Defence Force wasting hundreds of millions of dollars through cost overruns and delays. [more]

27/06/2008: 100 Thing Challenge
US blogger who devised the 100 Thing Challenge, how much stuff do we really need? [more]

27/06/2008: Asia
Latest developments from the wider Asia region. [more]

27/06/2008: Gang Member Turned Opera Singer
Geoff Knight tells us of his journey from crime and violence to the world of high culture. [more]

27/06/2008: Book Review
The Bitter Sea: Coming of Age in a China Before Mao by Charles N Li. Published by HarperCollins USA, $34.99. [more]

27/06/2008: Music
Manu's music reviews. [more]

27/06/2008: Sport
Sport news. [more]

27/06/2008: Week That Was
Week That Was. [more]

30/06/2008: Australian Backyard Astronomer
Former mine worker in Broken Hill, now watches the rings around Saturn and his images have been drawn to NASA's attention. [more]

30/06/2008: Europe Correspondent - Seamus Kearney
EU Summit in Russia. [more]

30/06/2008: Feature Guest - John Walker
New challenges for John Walker. [more]

30/06/2008: Book Review with John King
Reappraisals - Reflections on the Forgotten Twentieth Century by Tony Judt, published by Heinemann. [more]

30/06/2008: Guest Chef - Anne Thorpe and Wine with John Hawkesby
Whole baked snapper and potatoes. [more]

30/06/2008: Tommy Honey
Sophist and Provocateur. [more]

01/07/2008: Nationals Sports Policy
Nationals sports policy. [more]

01/07/2008: Adventurous Food
David George Gordon author of the Eat-a-Bug Cookbook. [more]

01/07/2008: USA
News and current affairs from the USA. [more]

01/07/2008: South Beach Heart Diet
Calls himself the accidental diet doctor. [more]

01/07/2008: Book Review
The Flower Hunter: The Remarkable Life of Ellis Rowan by Christine and Michael Morton-Evans. Published by Simon and Schuster. [more]

01/07/2008: Business
Business news and current affairs. [more]

01/07/2008: Creation vs Evolution in Schools
Creation vs Evolution in Schools . [more]

01/07/2008: Media
Media [more]

02/07/2008: Nutrition and Family Report
1 in every 5 adults and 1 in every 10 children are obese. [more]

02/07/2008: Atlas of Socio-Economic Deprivation
Peter Crampton, Dean Otago University Wellington campus. [more]

02/07/2008: Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
By election rocks Rudd Government. [more]

02/07/2008: Feature Guest - Rex Haig
He spent 11 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of murder. [more]

02/07/2008: Book Review - Bright Shiny Morning
By James Frey, published by John Murray and reviewed by Graham Beattie. [more]

02/07/2008: Artist of the Week with Marty Duda
This week: Blondie. [more]

02/07/2008: Law
With Ursula Cheer. [more]

02/07/2008: Film Review with Graeme Tuckett
School Holiday Movies. [more]

03/07/2008: Bullying in Schools
A new plan to tackle school bullying will include information cards for students and more advice for schools and parents. [more]

03/07/2008: Obama Campaign - Celebrity Endorsements
Mitchell Schwartz is Obama's California campaign manager and comments from the US. [more]

03/07/2008: UK Correspondent
Matthew Parris reports from London on current events. [more]

03/07/2008: Feature Guest - Tim Butcher
Tim Butcher is a UK journalist and the author of 'Blood River', a book telling the story of his journey on the Congo River. [more]

03/07/2008: Book Review - 'A Perfectly Good Family'
Louise O'Brien reviews 'A Perfectly Good Family' by Lionel Shriver. Published by Harper Collins Australia. [more]

03/07/2008: Maori Issues Commentator
Haami Piripi talks Maori issues. [more]

03/07/2008: Hollow Men
Alister Barry documentary film maker. [more]

03/07/2008: New Technology
With Colin Jackson. [more]

04/07/2008: Bullying in Schools
David Rutherford is a spokesman for the parent's group concerned with bullying at Hutt Valley High School. [more]

04/07/2008: Truck Protest
A protest by truck drivers has caused traffic problems in the main centres. [more]

04/07/2008: Dressing Women in Politics
Dr Jennifer Craik speaks about how what women politicians wear attracts more media attention than whay they say or do. [more]

04/07/2008: Pacific
Patrick de Cloitre is our Pacific Correspondent. [more]

04/07/2008: Feature Guest - Anna Leese
Anna Leese is a former Mobil Song Quest winner who establishing an international career in opera. [more]

04/07/2008: Sports
Richard Becht is our sports commentator. [more]

04/07/2008: Book Review
John McIntyre reviews a selection of childrens books. [more]

04/07/2008: The Week That Was
With Radar and Elisabeth Easther. [more]

07/07/2008: Asian Crime Fears
In the wake of several high profile crimes in which the victims have been Asian. [more]

07/07/2008: National Screening For Prostate Cancer
Prostate cancer kills 600 New Zealand men a year but we still have no national screening system. [more]

07/07/2008: Africa
News and current affairs from Africa. [more]

07/07/2008: Jessica Queller
Jessica Queller is a TV writer whose battle with her health and to have a child is more dramatic than her soap-opera scripts. [more]

07/07/2008: Book Review
Two Little Boys by Duncan Sarkies. Published by Penguin. [more]

07/07/2008: Politics
Politics. [more]

07/07/2008: Food and Wine
Beef stroganoff, red cabbage From Guest Chef Jeremy Jones and wine from John Hawkesby. [more]

07/07/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
A Modest Proposal or Two. [more]

08/07/2008: National's Broadcast Policy
National has released its broadcasting policy, with significant implications for TVNZ. [more]

08/07/2008: Turning Communities Around
Hamilton suburb of Enderley. [more]

08/07/2008: US
News and current affairs from the US. [more]

08/07/2008: The Simple Life
The Simple Life. [more]

08/07/2008: Book Review
Amis and Son: Two Literary Generations by Neil Powell [more]

08/07/2008: Business
Business. [more]

08/07/2008: Australian Paramedic and Film-maker
His film 'Son of a Lion' is the story of a Pakistani boy who wants to go to school rather than follow his fundamentalist father. [more]

08/07/2008: Media
Media. [more]

09/07/2008: Ambulance Services
A Parliamentary committee is recommending a shake - up for our ambulance services. [more]

09/07/2008: Gathering of The Clans
The call has gone out for the clans to gather. [more]

09/07/2008: Failures in Witness Protection Scheme
A Ministerial inquiry into the death of a Nelson woman - killed by a police informer out on parole. [more]

09/07/2008: NZ Photographer
Feature guest Laurence Aberhart is one of the country's pre-eminent photographers, a technician and an artist of the form. [more]

09/07/2008: Book Review
For You: a Libretto by Ian McEwan. Published by Vintage. [more]

09/07/2008: Music
"Artist Of The Week"is Willie Nelson. [more]

09/07/2008: Legal
Dean Knight is a senior lecturer in law at Victoria University in Wellington. [more]

09/07/2008: Television Review
Television critic Simon Wilson whose been watching two comedies - Burying Brian, and Outrageous Fortune. [more]

10/07/2008: Veitch Abuse
Questions remain about whether Tony Veitch will be able to return to the airwaves, on tv or radio. [more]

10/07/2008: Dereck Daschke: Religion and the Bush presidency
Dereck Daschke believes George Bush's 'war on terror' reveal his true self, modelled on lines of Old Testament prophets. [more]

10/07/2008: UK Correspondent
Our UK correspondent with a round up of news and background information. [more]

10/07/2008: Feature Interview: David Everett
A former Australian SAS soldier who ended up on a wide ranging crime spree, on the run from authorities. [more]

10/07/2008: Book Review - Rita Angus: Life and Vision
Rita Angus: Life and Vision by Jill Trevelyan and William McAloon. Published by Te Papa Press, $75.00. [more]

10/07/2008: Maori issues
Maori issues with Haami Piripi. [more]

10/07/2008: The Billionaires Vinegar
A 1787 Chateau Lafite Bordeaux sold at auction in 1985 for $156,000 US dollars. [more]

10/07/2008: New Technology
Colin talks about a 'secret treaty' on intellectual property rights. [more]

11/07/2008: Middle East Tensions
Dubai defence analyst, Dr Riad Khawaji, comments on the latest issues. [more]

11/07/2008: "Trouble is My Business"- Gary Peach
Gary Peach, former assistant principal at Aorere College, speaks about truancy and educational issues in a new documentary. [more]

11/07/2008: Hat Etiquette
Lindsay Kennett is an 80 year old milliner from Dunedin who is still creating fine hats. [more]

11/07/2008: Asian Correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
Phil reports on events in Mongolia and other asian areas. [more]

11/07/2008: Feature Guest - Elizabeth Pisani
A scientist specialising in HIV - her new book , 'The Wisdom of Whores' explores the global and business impact of Aids. [more]

11/07/2008: How Police Conduct High Speed Chases
Superintendant Paula Rose, the National Manager or Road Policing comments. [more]

11/07/2008: Book Review - 'From Poverty Bay to Broadway'
Quentin Johnson reviews 'From Poverty Bay to Broadway: The Story of Tom Heeney' by Lydia Monin. Published by Hodder Moa. [more]

11/07/2008: Music Review - Manu Taylor
Today the music of Fleet Foxes, Daniel Lanois and new Cyndi Lauper. [more]

11/07/2008: Sport - Richard Becht
Richard Becht gives us the low-down on this weeks sport. [more]

11/07/2008: Week That Was
Radar and Irene Pink take a look at the funnier side of the week that was. [more]

13/07/2008: Feature Guest - Gary Marcus
Leading psychologist Gary Marcus talks us through the un-holy trinity of office life: boredom, worry and procrastination. [more]

14/07/2008: Tony Veitch Saga
New Zealands Family Violence issues open up. [more]

14/07/2008: Adult and Community Education - Night School
What it means to go back and study later in life. [more]

14/07/2008: South America
With Daniel Schweimler. [more]

14/07/2008: Book Review The Plague of Doves
By Louise Erdrich, published by 4th Estate. Reviewed by Laura Kroetsch. [more]

14/07/2008: From the Left and From the Right
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

14/07/2008: Food and Wine
With guest chef Ray McVinnie and John hawkesby with the wine to match. [more]

14/07/2008: iPhone - The Next Best Thing?
Or a waste of money, up to 3,000 a year to run it. Tommy Honey reviews. [more]

15/07/2008: Pope Sorry
One of Liz's family member's was repeatedly sexually abused by a Catholic priest. [more]

15/07/2008: Strikes in Essential Health Services
Orthopedics Association president calls for Government to ban strikes in essential health services, to preserve patient safety. [more]

15/07/2008: US Correspondent Richard Adams
News and current affairs from the US. [more]

15/07/2008: Feature Guest - Christopher Bell
Filmmaker and weightlifter. the maker of the latest Super size me-type documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster. [more]

15/07/2008: Book Review- The Pessimist's Guide to History
The Pessimist's Guide to History by Dorix Flexner and Stuart Berg Flexner. Published by Harper Collins USA. [more]

15/07/2008: Business
Business news. [more]

15/07/2008: Luminous
Alice Tawhai's latest book of short stories 'Luminous' is a finalist in the Montana Book Awards in the Fiction category. [more]

15/07/2008: Media
Media news. [more]

16/07/2008: Cyber Crime
Worldwide investigation into Bot-net crime, in which criminals remotely control computers of individuals to commit cyber crime.. [more]

16/07/2008: Australia
Australia news and current affairs. [more]

16/07/2008: Indian Immigration Scams
Secretary of NZ Sikh Association - claims immigration scams are rife within small section of Indian community in NZ. [more]

16/07/2008: Large Hadron Collider - Atom smasher
European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva [more]

16/07/2008: Cina Ma
Family friend of kidnapped Cina Ma. [more]

16/07/2008: Political Marketing
Coined term"machiavellian marketing"to describe political lobbying by businesses. [more]

16/07/2008: Book Review
The Rehearsal by Eleanor Catton. Published by Victoria University Press. [more]

16/07/2008: Music
Music. [more]

16/07/2008: Law
Law. [more]

16/07/2008: Film Review
Film Review. [more]

17/07/2008: Abuse of Elderly Residents in Rest Homes
Is the Ministry of Health doing enough to ensure residents are not being abused? [more]

17/07/2008: World's Most Grueling Endurance Race
Lisa Tamati has just competedin the 31st Badwater Ultramarathon in Nevada, USA. [more]

17/07/2008: UK Correspondent
Michael White brings you up to date with the UK's headlines. [more]

17/07/2008: Feature Guest - Sandra Day O'Connor
Former US Supreme Court justice who in her 24 years on the bench sat on several landmark cases. [more]

17/07/2008: Book Review - Hellraisers
By Robert Sellers, published by Preface and reviewed by Michelle A'Court. [more]

17/07/2008: Maori Issues
With commentator Tahu Potiki. [more]

17/07/2008: Travelling off the Beaten Track in Muslim Countries
Jill Worrall: Travel writer, Author of "A blond in the Bazaar" about her trip to Pakistan. Jill has also written another book (yet to be published) about her trip to Iran called "Two Wings of a Nightingale". [more]

17/07/2008: New Technology
With Chris Keall from PC World. [more]

18/07/2008: Breast Self Examination
A new report suggests that breast self-examinations do not save lives and may cause unnecessary harm and anxiety to women. [more]

18/07/2008: Near Collapse of US Mortgage Agencies
Freddie Mac and Fannie May - what this means for the US economy and the ripple effects on the world economy. [more]

18/07/2008: Drink Drive Nip Tucks
Waikato Doctor is fed up with having to patch up drunks - and with binge drinking culture. [more]

18/07/2008: Pacific Correspondent - Mike Field
New update from the Pacific. [more]

18/07/2008: Feature Guest - Billy Bragg
Self-proclaimed 'progressive patriot' English guitarist-songwriter, Billy Bragg talks music and politics. [more]

18/07/2008: Children's Book Review
John McIntyre of the Childrens Book Shop reviews four books. [more]

18/07/2008: Music - Manu Taylor
Manu reviews new albums from KaseyChambers and Shane Nicholson, Jane Seine and Joan as Policewoman. [more]

18/07/2008: Sport - Richard Becht
Richard Becht takes a look at sport including the Olympics, netball, golf and the search for a NZ cricket coach. [more]

18/07/2008: Week That Was
Radar and Elisabeth Easter take a lighter look at this weeks news worthy events. [more]

21/07/2008: NZ First's Owen Glenn Donation
Can Winston Peters explain away the donation to his legal fighting fund, and what will other political parties make of it? [more]

21/07/2008: Transport Planning
Increasing petrol prices are reducing the number of cars on the road - should transport planners start taking this into account? [more]

21/07/2008: Implode-o-Meter
Aaron Krowne started the very popular website which tracks failing businesses' impending doom. [more]

21/07/2008: Middle East Correspondent - Irris Makler
The latest from the Middle East including the prisoner swap and return of the Israeli soldiers' bodies. [more]

21/07/2008: Feature Guest - Cornel de Ronde
GNS scientist and explorer conducting world-leading research into active volcanoes on the sea floor around New Zealand. [more]

21/07/2008: Book Review - Attachment
Jane Westaway reviews Isabel Fonseca's Attachment. Published by Chatto and Windus. [more]

21/07/2008: Politics - Jabs from the Left and the Right
Commentary on today's issues from Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre . [more]

21/07/2008: Food and Wine
With Dish Magazine editorial director and guest chef Catherine Bell with wine authority Steven Morris matching. [more]

21/07/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
Offerings from the virtual world for those of us that live in the real one. [more]

22/07/2008: Mengingoccal B Vaccine
Data from the Immunisation Advisory Centre shows the Menz B vaccine only has short-term effect. [more]

22/07/2008: US
News from the US. [more]

22/07/2008: Feature Guest - David Sedaris
American Humourist now living in London and Paris. His best-selling books of humorous essays tell true but exaggerated stories of his unusual family from North Carolina. [more]

22/07/2008: Book Review
Beautiful People by Simon Doonan. Published by HarperCollins UK. [more]

22/07/2008: Business
Business news. [more]

22/07/2008: Universal Student Allowance
Universal student allowance. [more]

22/07/2008: Media
Media news and current affairs. [more]

23/07/2008: New Report Findings On Dementia
New report shows rate of dementia in NZ will triple in next 40 years and rest homes may start turning alzheimers patients away. [more]

23/07/2008: Capture Of Radovan Karadzic
Tim McCormack is an advisor to the War Crimes Tribunal. [more]

23/07/2008: Photographer Overboard
Sarah Ivey was part of the unlucky crew who went overboard on Lake Karapiro during an Olympic rowing photo shoot. [more]

23/07/2008: Australia Correspondent
Ray Moynihan enlightens us with news from across the ditch. [more]

23/07/2008: Living With Alzheimers
Kate was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimers disease 5 years ago aged 52, her husband Al is the Director General of the DOC. [more]

23/07/2008: Book Review - Street Without a Name
By Kapka Kassabova. Published by Penguin NZ. Reviewed by Mary McCallum [more]

23/07/2008: Music Review with Marty Duda
This week's artist is Dr John, real name Mac Rebennack. Legendary pianist, guitarist and vocalist from New Orleans. [more]

23/07/2008: Law with Ursula Cheer
The law of blasphemy has just been voted out in the UK. [more]

23/07/2008: Television Review with Simon Wilson
The big wedding on Shortland Street, and Native Affairs on Maori TV. [more]

24/07/2008: Reserve Bank Review of Interest Rates
Radio New Zealand Business reporter crosses live from the Reserve Bank, where governor Alan Bollard has reviewed interest rates. [more]

24/07/2008: Maori Lullaby PhD Research
Amster Reedy is the Maori advisor charged with priming our Olympic athletes for Herculean feats. [more]

24/07/2008: UK Correspondent - Kate Adie
The amazing 'Darwin Couple' face the music. [more]

24/07/2008: Feature Guest - Francis Pryor
British archaeologist and author. He's at the cutting edge of a radical new re-writing of the pre-history of Britain. [more]

24/07/2008: Book Review - Moonlight: Poems About Death and Dying
By by Andrew Johnston, published by Random House NZ Godwit and reviewed by Harry Ricketts [more]

24/07/2008: Maori Issues
With Haami Piripi. [more]

24/07/2008: Myanmar Aid
Joseph Rood, Myanmar aid worker. [more]

24/07/2008: New Technology with Colin Jackson
Today's topic: keeping your email safe. [more]

25/07/2008: Hanover Failure
Investor in Hanover Finance, Graham Edwards, says the Govt is failing investors by not protecting them from failing companies. [more]

25/07/2008: Future of Air NZ - Cost of Aviation
Chief Executive of Air New Zealand, Rob Fyfe comments. [more]

25/07/2008: Asian Correspondent
Phil O'Sullivan reports on the latest in Asia. [more]

25/07/2008: Feature Guest - Alastair Nicholson
Former Chief Justice of Australian Family Court, Alastair Nicholson talks on Family court and Children's Rights. [more]

25/07/2008: Book Review - 'One Minute to Midnight'
Harry Broad reviews 'One Minute to Midnight' by Michael Dobbs. Published by Hutchinson. [more]

25/07/2008: Music - Manu Taylor
Manu reviews new albums from The De Sotos, James Hunter and Lisa Bassenge. [more]

25/07/2008: Sports Commentator
Richard Becht looks at the latest in Sport. [more]

25/07/2008: Week That Was
Radar and Gemma Gracewood take a comical look at the weeks happenings. [more]

28/07/2008: Winston Peters and the Spencer Trust
Former NZ First staffer Rex Widestrom who claims the Spencer Trust was set up around the time of the Winebox inquiry to funnel anonymous donations to fund legal battles. [more]

28/07/2008: Winston Peters and the Spencer Trust
Millionaire Bob Jones donated $25K to NZ First but it ended up with the Spencer Trust. Where did the money go and what was it used for? Wayne Peters attempts to shed no light upon it's whereabouts. [more]

28/07/2008: Housing Crash Prediction
Fred Harrison has formulated a theory of an eighteen-year boom-and-bust cycle, based on land value fluctuations. [more]

28/07/2008: Europe Correspondent - Seamus Kearney
The latest news, intrigue, gossip and current affairs from the old world. [more]

28/07/2008: Feature Guest - David Doubilet
David is a renowned and prolific undersea photographer documenting over 60 stories for National Geographic. [more]

28/07/2008: Book Review - Ngoingoi Pewhairangi: A Remarkable Life
Paul Diamond reviews Tania M Ka'ai's biography about Ngoingoi Pewhairangi. Published by Huia. [more]

28/07/2008: Politics
Whether it's from the left or right, right or wrong, Mathew and Laila will have an opinion. [more]

28/07/2008: Food and Wine
Bay of Islands' Carrington Resort's executive chef tempts us with some fare fit for John's wine match. [more]

28/07/2008: Tommy Honey
Our resident Sophist and Provocateur gives comment. [more]

29/07/2008: How Accurate is LTNZ and AA's Used Car Safety Guide?
The Used Car Safety Guide for 2008 has recently been released. [more]

29/07/2008: Operation of Political Trust Funds
Professor Geddes explains how donations to political parties could have been channelled through trusts and sub-trusts. [more]

29/07/2008: How to Talk to Kids About Their Internet Use
Marian Merrit is an US internet safety expert. [more]

29/07/2008: US Correspondent - Richard Adams
The latest News from State-side. [more]

29/07/2008: Feature Guest - Dr John Hood
The former VC Auckland University and now Vice Chancellor of Oxford University. [more]

29/07/2008: Book Review - 'The Secret Scripture'
Graham Beattie reviews 'The Secret Scripture' by Sebastian Barry. Published by Faber and Faber. [more]

29/07/2008: Business - Rod Oram
Business and Economic commentator. [more]

29/07/2008: Actor, Matthew Sunderland
The actor who played David Gray in film about Aramoana massacre is now appearing in a new play in Auckland. [more]

29/07/2008: Media - Denis Welch
Denis Welch media commentator. [more]

30/07/2008: Losses in Super Funds
With Ralph Stewart, AXA, Diana Crosson, Retirement Commissioner; and Ben Jacobsen, Professor of Finance at Massey University. [more]

30/07/2008: Wireless Implantable Medical Devices
Dr David Budgett from Auckland University Bioengineering Institute. [more]

30/07/2008: Australia Correspondent
Paul Barclay with the latest on Qantas, Starbucks and asylum seekers. [more]

30/07/2008: Feature Guest - Nigel Rees
Nigel Rees is author of"A Man about a Dog - Euphemisms and other examples of Verbal Squeamishness". [more]

30/07/2008: Book Review - A Case of Exploding Mangoes
Written by Mohammed Hanif. Reviewed by Phil Vine. Published by Jonathan Cape. [more]

30/07/2008: Music Review with Marty Duda
Today's artist John Mellencamp, formerly Johnny Cougar, John Cougar, or John Cougar Mellencamp. [more]

30/07/2008: Stormy Weather - Update
With John Hamilton, Director of Civil Defence. [more]

30/07/2008: Law
Robert Lithgow discusses the recent Ian Crutchley case. [more]

30/07/2008: Film Review
Graeme Tuckett has seen The Dark Knight, Young at Heart, Hunger, Be Kind Rewind, and A Song of Good. [more]

31/07/2008: Retail Woes
The Property Council and the Retailers Association join Kathryn to talk through the tough times. [more]

31/07/2008: Trust Funds and Political Donations
John Shewan, a tax expert from Price Waterhouse Coopers gives his view on the Spencer Trust et al.. [more]

31/07/2008: Kiwi International Essay Competition Winner
At just 12-years of age, Kerikeri school girl Samantha Scahill has won a prestigious international writing competition. [more]

31/07/2008: UK Correspondent - Matthew Paris
Matthew gives us an update of news and the lowdown on current affairs in Old Blighty. [more]

31/07/2008: Feature Guest - Camille Parmesan
Camille Parmesan, a biologist at the University of Texas, discusses the impact of climate change on animals and plants. She says almost 50 percent of species are affected by climate change and many may have to be moved to ensure their survival. [more]

31/07/2008: Book Review - Voyage Long and Strange
Don Rood reviews Voyage Long and Strange by Tony Horwitz. Published by John Murray. [more]

31/07/2008: New Dementia Research
Professor Mary Haan has found that taking commonly used cholesterol lowering statins may protect against dementia and memory loss. [more]

31/07/2008: Freelance Photographer - Jane Ussher
Best known for her portraits of prominent Kiwis, Jane has left the Listener after 28 years to go freelance. [more]

31/07/2008: New Technology with Colin Jackson
Today's topic: the World Internet Project, a recent survey about New Zealander's Internet use. [more]

01/08/2008: The Gardasil Debate
From next month Gardasil will be offered free to girls and women aged 12 - 26. [more]

01/08/2008: Retiring in the Pacific
The Chief Executive of the Pacific Cooperation Foundation is encourging NZ'ers to retire in the Islands. [more]

01/08/2008: The Jim Smith Society
Never heard of it? Now you have, it's real and you probably know one. [more]

01/08/2008: Pacific Commentator
Mike Field with the latest from the tropics. [more]

01/08/2008: Feature Guest - Keith Oatley
Reading fiction affects our psychology. [more]

01/08/2008: Children's Book Review
John McIntyre Reviews Shel Silverstein. [more]

01/08/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
Today Willie Nelson, Micah P. Hinson, Jamie Liddell. [more]

01/08/2008: Beijing Olympics
Countdown to the XXIX Olympiad with Joseph Romanos. [more]

01/08/2008: The Week That Was
With Radar and Michele A'Court. [more]

04/08/2008: John Key
Tax cuts and borrowing money to spend more on infrastructure. [more]

04/08/2008: South Auckland Judge Throws Out Case
Judge said"A grossly unsatisfactory delay in the court system and inadequate facilities at the Manuakau District Court." [more]

04/08/2008: Africa Correspondent
Peter Greste. [more]

04/08/2008: Feature Guest - Dr Jacques Diouf
World food crisis: A predictable catastrophe? [more]

04/08/2008: Book Review - Bone by Bone
By Tony Johnston, published by Text Publishing and reviewed by Phil Smith. [more]

04/08/2008: From the Left and from the Right
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

04/08/2008: Food and Wine
With guest chef Connie Clarkson. John Hawkesbuy chooses the wine. [more]

04/08/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
With David Slack. [more]

05/08/2008: Is Keeping Disruptive Students At High School Working?
Peggy Burrows is Principal of Rangiora High School and comments on the issue. [more]

05/08/2008: The New Zealand Economy
Reserve Bank Governor, Alan Bollard comments on the latest news that NZ is in a recession. [more]

05/08/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
The latest in News from Washington. [more]

05/08/2008: Feature Guest - Tig Hague
A young London broker to a guest of the Gulag: Tig Hague tells how he survived 20 months of misery in a Russian jail. [more]

05/08/2008: Book Review - 'Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox'
Gina Faafoi reviews 'Artemis Fowl and the Time Paradox' by Eoin Colfer. Published by Penguin NZ. [more]

05/08/2008: Business
With commentator Rod Oram. [more]

05/08/2008: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Glen Stenhouse is an author of parenting books, and psychologist specialising in children with ADHD. [more]

05/08/2008: Media Commentator
Today Denis Welch. [more]

06/08/2008: Auckland Fuel Tax
Plans for new fuel taxes to pay for public transport investments. [more]

06/08/2008: Drug Testing at Olympic Games
Professor Dave Gerrard, former Olympian now drug-tester. [more]

06/08/2008: Australian Correspondent
Ray Moynihan reports from across the Tasman. [more]

06/08/2008: Feature Guest - Victor Percival
Chinese trade pioneer since 1950s. Hailed as"the man who started it all"by Helen Clark. [more]

06/08/2008: Book Review - 'As If Running On Air'
Harry Broad reviews 'As If Running On Air: The Journals of Jack Lovelock' by David Colquhoun. [more]

06/08/2008: Music With Marty Duda
Marty features the music of blues guitarist Buddy Guy. [more]

06/08/2008: Law - Employment Law
With legal commentator Andrew Scott Howman. [more]

06/08/2008: Television Review
Television critic Simon Wilson. [more]

07/08/2008: Real Estate - The state of the Property market
Darryl Evans, Helen Hodgson and Martin Evans join Kathryn to discuss the state of the Property market and who is affected. [more]

07/08/2008: Pregorexia - Pregnant Dieting
Canterbury DHB Psychiatrist Sue Luty has expresses her concern over the growing number of pregnant women dieting. [more]

07/08/2008: Buying a Zoo - Benjamin Mee
Benjamin Mee has written a book about his experience called"We Bought a Zoo"published by Harper Collins. [more]

07/08/2008: UK Correspondent
Michael White gives us the latest news from the UK including Olympic expectations, families behaving badly and much more. [more]

07/08/2008: Peter Snell Olympic Champion
Peter Snell double gold medal Olympian at the Rome Olympics, and still one of this country's most famous athletes. [more]

07/08/2008: Book Review - 'A Guide to Birds of East Africa'
Graham Beattie reviews 'A Guide to Birds of East Africa' by Nicoholas Drayson, Published by Penguin NZ. [more]

07/08/2008: Maori Issues With Haami Piripi
Haami Piripi joins Kathryn to talk Moari issues including Child poverty, Tuho negotiations and the up coming election. [more]

07/08/2008: What's Happening to Girls? Maggie Hamilton Tells Us
Maggie Hamilton NSW writer and social trends researcher, author of What's Happening To Our Girls?, Subtitled Too Much Too Soon. [more]

07/08/2008: New Technology - Gadgets For Your Laptop
Technology expert Colin Jackson brings us the last gadgets plus news about Internet censorship at the Beijing Olympics. [more]

08/08/2008: Child Poverty Report
Children's Commissioner Cindy Kiro talks about over 200,000 at risk Kiwi kids and some ways of dealing with the challenge. [more]

08/08/2008: Blue Chip Investors Still at Risk
After the company's collapse, some investors have been left liable to debts they never received the goods for. [more]

08/08/2008: Sam Gosling - Revealing Our Personalities
Psychology professor talks about how our private spaces and the way arrange them reveals much about our inner selves. [more]

08/08/2008: Asia Correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
Phil's in Beijing, it's early and he's got an update for us on the opening day of the China Olympiad. [more]

08/08/2008: Young @ Heart Chorus
Hot on the heels of the fantastically popular Film Festival doco of the same name, some of the cast joins the show. [more]

08/08/2008: Book Review - Uncommon Arrangements
Uncommon Arrangements by Katie Roiphe. Published by Virago. Reviewed by Mary Daysh. [more]

08/08/2008: Music Review - Manu Taylor
Music from Neil Worboys and the Real Time Liners, Eli"Paperboy"Reed and The True Loves and Briar Ross. [more]

08/08/2008: The Olympics with Joseph Romanos
Joseph gives us an update from the Olympic Village on the day of the opening ceremony. [more]

08/08/2008: The Week That Was
Te Radar and Elizabeth Easther wrap up the week that was with Kathryn. [more]

11/08/2008: Michael Baker
New study shows spread of TB in New Zealand due to overcrowding. [more]

11/08/2008: Book Drive for School in Uganda
Kiwi couple Kate and Cam McLeay and their three children have made Uganda their home for the past 7 years. [more]

11/08/2008: Martin Plowman - PhD in UFO-ology
Dr Plowman has spent seven years researching a thesis on whether of not UFOs exist. [more]

11/08/2008: Europe Correspondent
Seamus Kearney. [more]

11/08/2008: Feature Guest - Aaron Gilmore
Childhood sexual abuse survivor. [more]

11/08/2008: Book Review - The Mitfords
Edited by Charlotte Mosley, published by 4th Estate and reviewed by Rae McGregor. [more]

11/08/2008: From the Left and From the Right
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

11/08/2008: Food and Wine
With Al Brown from Wellington restaurant Logan Brown. John Hawkesby provides the wine. [more]

11/08/2008: Sophist and Provocateur - Tommy Honey
Finding time to think. We usually forget that time out with reflection can make life a whole lot less stressful. [more]

12/08/2008: P Babies Starting School
Principals in the Waikato say a generation of P babies is now entering the primary school and causing huge problems. [more]

12/08/2008: Antikythera Mechanism
Dr Tony Freeth, a member of the Antikythera Mechanism Research Project, the super-computer of the ancient world. [more]

12/08/2008: US Correspondent
Richard Adams reports on the latest in the USA. [more]

12/08/2008: Feature Guest - Christina Thompson
Controversial American academic. Author of 'Come on Shore and We Will Kill and Eat You All' [more]

12/08/2008: Book Review - 'My Name is Will'
Kate Blackhurst reviews 'My Name is Will' by Jess Winfield. Published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

12/08/2008: Business Commentator
Business and Economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

12/08/2008: Starbucks Failure in Australia
Nick Wailes, Professor in Strategic Management, Faculty of Business and Economics at University of Sydney. [more]

12/08/2008: Beijing Olympics
Joseph Romanos reports from the Games. [more]

13/08/2008: Cancer Control Strategy
Christchurch oncologist, Dr Chris Wynne talks about his hard-hitting editorial in the latest Medical Journal. [more]

13/08/2008: The Real Cause of Georgian Conflict
According to Michael Klare, it's the flow of power and oild is power flowing through Georgia to the West. [more]

13/08/2008: Happy Mother, Healthy Children
The importance of early mother-child interactions in determining children's long-term mental and physical health. [more]

13/08/2008: Australian Correspondent - Paul Barclay
The latest from the lucky country. [more]

13/08/2008: Feature Guest - Ferdinand Mount
Novelist, journalist and former head of Margaret Thatcher's prime ministerial policy unit, he's released a memoir. [more]

13/08/2008: Book Review - Bandit Roads
Written by Richard Grant. Published by Little, Brown. Reviewed by Anne Buchanan. [more]

13/08/2008: Music with Marty Duda
This week, Marty celebrates the musical life of Isaac Hayes who's gone on to play the big venue in the sky. [more]

13/08/2008: Law - Constitutional Issues
Dean Knight talks about constitutional issues surrounding the Winston Peters NZ First political funding saga. [more]

13/08/2008: Film Reviewer - Dan Slevin
Reviews: Married Life, Prague and Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day. [more]

14/08/2008: Gifted Children
An ERO report shows gifted pupils at most NZ schools are missing out on the support they need to nurture their special talents. [more]

14/08/2008: Kathy Capp - Aunt of Moss Burmester
Kathy Capp missed her nephew Moss Burmester's Olympic race after the TVNZ feed failed. [more]

14/08/2008: Elizabeth Goodyear
101 year old New Yorker finds a literary lifeline. [more]

14/08/2008: UK Correspondent
Jon Dennis on Gordon Brown's lack of popularity. [more]

14/08/2008: Feature Guest - Ricky Megee
Ricky Megee was traveling in the Outback when a hitchhiker drugged him, stole his car and dumped him in a hole. [more]

14/08/2008: Book Review - 'The Behaviour of Moths'
Emma Hart reviews 'The Behaviour of Moths' by Poppy Adams. Published by Virago. [more]

14/08/2008: Media
Denis Welch on the etiquette of interviewing and olympic media coverage. [more]

14/08/2008: Anorexia
Lucy Howard-Taylor, 19 year old recovering anorexic and author of 'Biting Anorexia'. [more]

14/08/2008: New Technology
Colin talks about recording someone in secret. [more]

15/08/2008: Doctor?
Allowing non-doctors to advertise using the title 'Dr' . [more]

15/08/2008: Rebecca McLeod: Hagfish
2008 MacDiarmid Young Scientist of the Year Rebecca McLeod talks to Kathryn about her prize winning work. [more]

15/08/2008: Pacific Correspondent
Mike Field talks to Kathryn about whats happening in the Pacific. [more]

15/08/2008: Chris de Bazin
Former farm worker, turned undercover cop, turned television executive - and a furniture maker on the side. [more]

15/08/2008: John McIntyre
John McIntyre has this weeks Children's Book Review. [more]

15/08/2008: Mt Cook National Park Rescues
Kathryn talks to Keith Allan from the rescue co-ordination centre. [more]

15/08/2008: Music
Manu taylor joins Kathryn to review some new music. [more]

15/08/2008: Joseph Romanos: Olympics
Joseph Romanos fills us in on everything happening in Beijing. [more]

15/08/2008: The Week That Was
The week that was with Te Radar and Irene Pink. [more]

18/08/2008: Georgia Aid - Humanitarian Relief
Oxfam's Humanitarian Coordinator Simon Springett talks about the efforts being made in Georgia to get relief to those in need. [more]

18/08/2008: The Camera Nevers Lies ... Or Does It?
Computer doctoring of photos is becoming increasingly common, so how do you detect if a picture has been tampered with? [more]

18/08/2008: Wheelchair Karate - Fifth Dan Black Belt
To be awarded the karate award 52 year-old John Marrable had to fight against able-bodied fighters, from his wheelchair. [more]

18/08/2008: Middle East Correspondent
Middle east correspondent Irris Makler brings us the latest news from the Middle East including the Olympic medal race. [more]

18/08/2008: The Unashamed Australian - Rolf Harris
With a career spanning more than half a century of painting, spinning yarns and bringing Australian culture to the world. [more]

18/08/2008: Book Review - Last Stand in Singapore
Don Rood Reviews Last Stand in Singapore by Graham Clayton, Published by Random House. [more]

18/08/2008: Politics From The Left And The Right
Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre give their political views from the right and the left respectively. [more]

18/08/2008: Food And Wine - Guest Chef Kate Hill
Leek Gratin, Stuffed Veal Bundles and Pear and Chocolate Tart from guest chef Kate Hill with John Hawkesby providing the wine. [more]

18/08/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
David Slack joins Lynne Freeman for A Modest Proposal or Two including searching for work and Internet habits. [more]

19/08/2008: Housing Affordability
Analyst Bernard Hickey explains whether the latest statistics really mean that housing is becoming more affordable to buyers. [more]

19/08/2008: Lonely Planet New Zealand Warning
Respected guidebook, Lonely Planet publishes some warnings for travelers and NZ tourism industry alike in its latest edition. [more]

19/08/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
We got the latest lowdown from the land of the stars and stripes. [more]

19/08/2008: Feature Guest - Dr Halima Bashir
Dr Bashir has first hand accounts of the horrors of the ethnic based war in Sudan's Darfur province. [more]

19/08/2008: Book Review - The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
By Mary Ann Shaffer. Published by Allen and Unwin. Reviewed by Michele A'Court. [more]

19/08/2008: Business Commentator - Rod Oram
Our business and economic commentator on trans-Tasman dialogue between PM's and other commerce stories. [more]

19/08/2008: Children and Chocolate
And not the usual delicious combination; this is the story of child labour in the cocoa industry. [more]

19/08/2008: Olympics Correspondent - Joseph Romanos
We get the latest from our man on the ground in Beijing and look at NZ's chances for further medals. [more]

20/08/2008: Resignation of Pakistan's President Pervez Musharraf
Ali Ahsan is a US based lawyer, and the son of Aitzaz Ahsan, the president of the Supreme Court Bar Association in Pakistan. [more]

20/08/2008: Nick Willis Takes Bronze in 1500m
One of the all time great NZ Olympians Peter Snell is ecstatic at Nick Willis' performance in Beijing last night. [more]

20/08/2008: Numeracy of Indigenous Australian Children
Professor Bob Reeve is from the Dept of Psychology at the University of Melbourne . [more]

20/08/2008: Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Ray Moynihan brings us the latest from across the ditch including the Aussie's poor medal count at the Olympics. [more]

20/08/2008: Does a Hard-Line to Imprisonment Make For a Safer Community?
Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona Joe Arpaio is a law-and-order hardliner who nevertheless seems to get spectacular results. [more]

20/08/2008: Book Review - Tall Tales Some True
Rae McGregor reviews Tall Tales Some True by Greg McGee. Published by Penguin NZ. [more]

20/08/2008: Music with Marty Duda
Marty Duda's artist of the week is Randy Newman. [more]

20/08/2008: Legal - The Lawyers and Conveyancers Act
Todays subject ... the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act, containing new rules that should make it easier to complain about lawyers. [more]

20/08/2008: Television Review - Olympic Commentary
Television critic Simon Wilson has been analysing the best (and worst) of Olympic commentary from Beijing. [more]

21/08/2008: Norovirus Outbreak In Dunedin And Waikari Hopsitals
Glenda Alexander is the Nurses Organisation National Advisor for DHBs and Campbell Duignan is from the food and services union. [more]

21/08/2008: Domestic Help
Now more and more New Zealand families are paying other people to take care of domestic chores. [more]

21/08/2008: Teachers With Guns
Harrold Independent School District in the US has a new policy that allows staff to carry concealed weapons. [more]

21/08/2008: UK Correspondent
Kate Adie joins us to give an update of news from the United Kingdom. [more]

21/08/2008: Feature Guest - David Rakoff
The cult author, columnist and humorist has just had his latest book released: Don't Get Too Comfortable. [more]

21/08/2008: Book Review - Six Suspects
Louise O'Brien reviews Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup, published by DoubleDay UK. [more]

21/08/2008: Media
Denis Welch's take on boobs on bikes, and the blurred line between news reporting and blogging. [more]

21/08/2008: Civil Innovation and Walkable Communities
Dan Burden lobbies for cities to be more walking/cycle conscience and tried design their towns accordingly. [more]

21/08/2008: New Technology
Colin Jackson talks about new ways to play sound and video on computers. [more]

22/08/2008: Family Court Security
The head of the Family Courts network believes they need better security. [more]

22/08/2008: China's Public Face of Perfection During the Olympics
Professor Paul Clark is from the University of Auckland School of Asian Studies. [more]

22/08/2008: Meals on Wheels
Cyril Naylor is a 93 year old former police officer and President of the Police Association who delivers meals on wheels. [more]

22/08/2008: Asia
Asia correspondent Phil OSullivan with the latest from the region. [more]

22/08/2008: Feature Guest - Janine Benyus
What can we learn from nature? Janine Benyus talks about how the lessons that nature has learnt over 4 billion years can be applied to human activity. [more]

22/08/2008: Book Review - The Collector of Worlds
By Iliya Troyanov, published by Faber and reviewed by Quentin Johnson. [more]

22/08/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
Black Seeds, China Forbes and Anna Leese. [more]

22/08/2008: Beijing Olympics
The XXIV Olympiad is drawing to a close. We take a look back with sports correspondent Joseph Romanos. [more]

22/08/2008: The Week That Was
With Radar and Gemma Gracewood. [more]

25/08/2008: Barak Obama's Running Mate
Bob Weiner is a Democratic strategist who discusses the significance of Barak Obama choosing Joe Biden as his running mate. [more]

25/08/2008: Road Tolls
Bill English and Transport Minister Annette King discuss plans for tolls to pay for roading infrastructure. [more]

25/08/2008: Road Tolls
Bill English and Transport Minister Annette King discuss plans for tolls to pay for roading infrastructure. [more]

25/08/2008: Olympic Endurance
Harry Nelson is an 86 year old who has been to every Olympics since 1948. [more]

25/08/2008: Europe Correspondent
Seamus Kearney on last weeks horrific plane crash in Spain, also, Georgia and Russia. [more]

25/08/2008: Feature Guest - Kim Phuc
In 1972, 9 year old Kim Phuc ran with her family from a napalm attack on her South Vietnamese village. The moment was captured in one of the most enduring images of the Vietnam war. [more]

25/08/2008: Book Review - When Will There Be Good News?
Jane Westaway reviews 'When Will There Be Good News?' by Kate Atkinson. Published by DoubleDay UK. [more]

25/08/2008: Politics
Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre debate road tolls, ETS and the upcoming general election from the left and from the right. [more]

25/08/2008: Food and Wine
Ray McVinnie suggests some recipes for Scallops and John Hawkesby brings the wine. [more]

25/08/2008: Tommy Honey
Sophist and provocateur Tommy Honey asks do you have OOS? Olympics Overexposure Syndrome? [more]

26/08/2008: Green Party Support For Emissions Trading Scheme
The Green caucus is to make a decision today on support for the Emissions Trading Scheme, after asking the public for feedback. [more]

26/08/2008: Olympic Funding - SPARC Chief Peter Miskimmin
Beijing's being described as New Zealand's most successful Olympics in 20 years - but how golden is the future for our athletes? [more]

26/08/2008: Encouraging Kids to Sing
Nikki Berry is a CHCH community music facilitator who says kids are being told they are not good enough for the choir. [more]

26/08/2008: US Correspondent - Richard Adams
US Correspondent Richard Adams joins Kathryn From the Democratic Party convention in Denver. [more]

26/08/2008: My Father's Shadow - Sam Mahon
Son of Justice Peter Mahon. Sam's written his father's biography, a memoir,"My Father's Shadow: A Portrait of Peter Mahon". [more]

26/08/2008: Book Review -"Into the Wider World"
Harry Ricketts reviews"Into the Wider World"by Brian Turner. Published by Random House NZ Godwit. [more]

26/08/2008: Business Commentator - Rod Oram
Our business and economic commentator Rob Oram brings us the last Business news including Air New Zealand's struggles. [more]

26/08/2008: Medical Ethics - Professor Alastair Campbell
Professor Alistair Campbell is currently The Director of the Centre for Biomedical Ethics at Singapore's National University. [more]

26/08/2008: Media Commentator - Denis Welch
Denis looks at topical media coverage, including the way National's 'toll roads' story has developed over the past 24 hours. [more]

27/08/2008: Fairfax Job Cuts
Jim Tucker, Chris Warren and Jim Tucker join Kathryn to discuss the 160 job cuts at Fairfax Media. [more]

27/08/2008: Winston Peters - Owen Glenn saga
Our Political Editor Brent Edwards joins us from Parliament to discuss the latest. [more]

27/08/2008: Missing people in NZ
The officer in charge of the Missing Persons Unit, Detective Sergeant Liam Clinton tells us how a new alert system is working. [more]

27/08/2008: Australia
Paul Barclay brings us up to speed with the goings on across the ditch. [more]

27/08/2008: Elizabeth Quigley: Scottish M.S.
Elizabeth Quigley has investigated why those of Scottish heritage have such high rates of M.S. [more]

27/08/2008: Film
Graeme Tuckett is today's film reviewer. [more]

27/08/2008: Music with Marty Duda
Today's feature artisit is Glen Campbell. [more]

27/08/2008: Law
Legal commentary from Jonathan Krebs. [more]

28/08/2008: Winston Peters - Where To From Here?
From the left and from the right with Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

28/08/2008: UK Correspondent - Michael White
The latest on the UK and Europe. [more]

28/08/2008: Darwin Correspondence Project
The Darwin Correspondence Project was founded in 1974 by an American scholar, Frederick Burkhardt. [more]

28/08/2008: Tasers
The Police Commissioner has made a decision in principle to support the use of taser stun-guns. [more]

28/08/2008: Feature Guest - Robert Fisk
32 years reflection on Middle East. [more]

28/08/2008: Book Review - Fugitive Blue
By Claire Thomas, published by Allen and Unwin and reviewed by Mary McCallum. [more]

28/08/2008: New Technology with Colin Jackson (edited)
How would you like to be paid 10 Million Dollars to endorse Windows Vista? Also. do politians 'get' the internet? [more]

28/08/2008: Crack House
Kris Hollington, co-author of"Crack House". [more]

28/08/2008: TV Review with Simon Wilson
New Aussie cops show as well as other TV tid bits. [more]

29/08/2008: Winston Peters' Future
National Party leader, John Key, speaks to Kathryn about the latest on the Winston Peters' affair. [more]

29/08/2008: Tai Chi for Arthritics
Dr Paul Lam is the developer of a simplified form of tai chi adapted for arthritics and talks about its application in Aotearoa. [more]

29/08/2008: Variant Spelling
British criminology professor, Ken Smith thinks commonly misspelled words should be accepted with two different spellings. [more]

29/08/2008: Pacific Commentator - Mike Field
Mike gives us the lowdown and an insightful perspective into the complex machinations and motivations in the Pacific. [more]

29/08/2008: Feature Guest - Laurie Foon
Director and designer of NZ fashion label Starfish, Laurie talks about sustainability in NZ fashion industry. [more]

29/08/2008: Children's Book Review - John McIntyre
John McIntyre of the Children's Bookshop in Wellington reviews three new New Zealand books. [more]

29/08/2008: Listener Email and Texts
Your messages about the Winston Peters' affair, Tai Chi and more. [more]

29/08/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
Sonny Day's - The Collection, Side Kick Nick's - Miscellaneous Adventures and Delgirl's - Two, Maybe Three, Days Ride. [more]

29/08/2008: Sport with Richard Becht
Richard talks sport beyond The Olympics. [more]

29/08/2008: The Week That Was
A wrap-up of the week that was - with both a touch of mirth and more than a hint of mischievous glee. [more]

01/09/2008: New Orleans Evacuation - Hurricane Gustav
Evacuating New Orleans three years almost to the day after Hurricane Katrina and ahead of Hurricane Gustva. [more]

01/09/2008: Multiple Sclerosis Prevalence Study
Debbie Mason is a Christchurch neurologist and one of the investigators in new M.S prevalence study. [more]

01/09/2008: Africa Correspondent - Michael Hamlyn
The latest news from Africa Correspondent Michael Hamlyn, including South Africa's huge rugby win against Australia. [more]

01/09/2008: Against The Machine - Internet Bloggers
Lee Siegel Cultural critic, Internet critic and author of Against The Machine 'Being Human in The Age of The Electronic Mob'. [more]

01/09/2008: Book Review - All That Glitters
Sonja de Freiz reviews All That Glitters by Denise L'Estrange Corbet. Published by Random House NZ. [more]

01/09/2008: Child Labour in NZ
Paul Roth is a Law professor at Otago University, he has also worked at the International Labour Organisation in Geneva. [more]

01/09/2008: Politics From The Left And The Right
Laila Harre and Matthew Hooton join Kathryn to talk about all things political such as NZ first donations and party lists. [more]

01/09/2008: Guest Chef - Alain Devahive
Alain Devahive is from the World Restaurant of The Year, Spain's El Bulli. [more]

01/09/2008: Wine - Stephen Morris
Stephen Morris joins Kathryn to match the wine with the food. [more]

01/09/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
David Slack joins Kathryn for A Modest Proposal or Two. David's ideas for new technology. [more]

02/09/2008: Lack of Support for Gay Groups in Schools
Some schools are banning same-sex partners attending school balls together. [more]

02/09/2008: Clint Rickards' Application to Practise Law
The public could have a say in whether the former top Policeman should become a lawyer. [more]

02/09/2008: RepRap Prototyper
Connected to a computer, the RepRap will function like a 3D printer. Vik Oliver is the developer of the machine. [more]

02/09/2008: US Correspondent
Jack Hitt reports from the US on hurricanes and the Republican Party convention. [more]

02/09/2008: Feature Guest - Julie Coakley
Glass artist who went blind after being misdiagnosed with meningicoccal meningitis. [more]

02/09/2008: Book Review - Connie's Secret
Quentin Johnson reviews 'Connie's Secret' by Anne Lovell. Published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

02/09/2008: Business Commentator - Rod Oram
Business and Economic commentator. [more]

02/09/2008: Streetwise Parenting - Glenn Compain
Glenn Compain, Police officer and author of 'Streetwise Parenting'. [more]

02/09/2008: Media Commentator
Denis Welch gives us his take on this weeks offerings from the media. [more]

03/09/2008: NZ First Funding and SFO Investigation
Peter Williams, QC, is the lawyer acting for Winston Peters. He says his client is the subject of an hysterical witchhunt. [more]

03/09/2008: Jockey Awaiting Surgery
Paul Boylan is a jockey injured in a race fall, waiting to be admitted to Waikato hospital for surgery. [more]

03/09/2008: Wallace Art Award Winner
Richard Lewer is the winner of the Wallace Art Award - the artist gains inspiration from crime and sport. [more]

03/09/2008: Australia Correspondent
With Ray Moynihan on Qantas and PMDD or Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. [more]

03/09/2008: Feature Guest - Vanessa Collingridge
Vanessa Collingridge is a historian and respected biographer of Captain Cook. [more]

03/09/2008: Book Review - 'A Year in Tibet'
John King reviews 'A Year in Tibet' by Sun Shuyun. Published by HarperCollins UK. [more]

03/09/2008: Music with Marty Duda
This weeks artist is Joan Baez. [more]

03/09/2008: Law
With legal commentator Robert Lithgow, QC. [more]

03/09/2008: Film with Graeme Tuckett
REC, Hellboy 2, Mrs Ratcliffe's Revolution and The Third Richard. [more]

04/09/2008: Cholesterol-Lowering Drug Under Scrutiny
Drug trials into a cholesterol-lowering drug used by thousands of people in New Zealand link it with increased cancer rates. [more]

04/09/2008: Study Linking Absence of Fathers to Early Puberty in Girls
Jacqueline Tither is a Canterbury University Phd student who has studied the links of father absence to early puberty in girls. [more]

04/09/2008: Winston Peters at the Privileges Committee
The suspended Foreign Minister has been arguing his case before the committee this morning. [more]

04/09/2008: UK Correspondent - Jon Dennis
The latest news from the UK. [more]

04/09/2008: Feature Guest - Luciano Calestini
UNICEF's chief aid officer in Iraq was raised in New Zealand before embarking on a career with UNICEF. [more]

04/09/2008: Book Review - 'The Other Hand'
Jane Myhill reviews 'The Other Hand' by Chris Cleave. [more]

04/09/2008: New Technology With Colin Jackson
Today's topic: Science and Technology. [more]

04/09/2008: John Banas
Veteran theatre and TV writer and director. [more]

04/09/2008: TV Review With Simon Wilson
Simon looks at Jamie Oliver's new show along with our own Radar's 'Off the Radar'. [more]

05/09/2008: Psychics and Policing
Should psychics have a role to play in police investigations? We look at it from several points of view. [more]

05/09/2008: Snow Tyre Safety
Another death and another coroner warns against imported snow tyres - will the Government ban them? [more]

05/09/2008: Asia Correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
Phil looks at issues like the current Thai crisis, the revolving political door in Japan's Diet and the cost of burial plots in space poor Hong Kong. [more]

05/09/2008: Best Selling Author - Robert Muchamore
Robert writes for teenagers and has been particularly successful with that most hard to reach group - adolescent boys. [more]

05/09/2008: Book Review - Going Bush
Subtitled: New Zealanders and Nature in the Twentieth Century. Written by Kirstie Ross. Published by Auckland University Press. Reviewed by Harry Broad. [more]

05/09/2008: Emails and Texts
Some of what you've had to say in response to the programme this morning. [more]

05/09/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
Frank Gibson's Parallel 37, Amos Lee's Last Days At The Lodge and Death Vessel's Nothing Is Precious Enough For Us. [more]

05/09/2008: Sport with Richard Becht
2011 Rugby World Cup hosting rights, Manu Samoa vs. AB's, Dingo Deans loses his halo, US Open and more. [more]

05/09/2008: The Week That Was
An irreverent look at the week that was, telling it like it is. [more]

08/09/2008: A Growing Number of Children
Children under the age of four have been prescribed powerful anti-psychotic drugs. [more]

08/09/2008: Hurricane Ike
A string of hurricanes has hit the Caribbean region of late, the latest being Ike. [more]

08/09/2008: Perfect Apologies
Lauren Bloom, author of The Art of the Apology: How to Apologize Effectively to Practically Anyone. [more]

08/09/2008: US Election
The low down with David Mark. [more]

08/09/2008: Feature Guest - Mark Billingham
Stand up comedian, former actor and now best selling author of a crime series featuring a"kind of thick"hero. [more]

08/09/2008: Book Review - Peter Peryer
Photographer by Peter Simpson and Peter Peryer, published by Auckland University Press and reviewed by Mary Daysh. [more]

08/09/2008: From the Left and From the Right
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

08/09/2008: Food and Wine
With Chef Richard Till. John Hawkesby provides the appropriate wines. [more]

08/09/2008: Tommy Honey
Sophist and Provocateur. [more]

09/09/2008: Should Police Officers Be Banned From Serving on Councils?
Manukau City Councillor and long serving community constable in Counties Manukau Alf Filipaina and Ron Mark give their views. [more]

09/09/2008: Eyewitness Memory - How Accurate is it And What Can Effect it?
Lauren French is a Psychology PhD student at Victoria University studying eyewitness memory. [more]

09/09/2008: US Correspondent - Richard Adams
US Correspondent Richard Adams gives us the latest from the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac bailouts. [more]

09/09/2008: China Witness - Xinran
Chinese author, journalist and commentator who travelled the length and breadth of China for her new book, China Witness. [more]

09/09/2008: Book Review - Hamlet
Gail Pittaway reviews Hamlet - A Novel by John Marsden. Published by Text Publishing. [more]

09/09/2008: Business With Rod Oram
Business and Economic commentator Rod Oram brings us the latest from the business world including the Dairy-farming sector. [more]

09/09/2008: Story Behind The Songs - Max Cryer
Max Cryer author of Love Me Tender (release date 10 September) published by Exisle Publishing. [more]

09/09/2008: Media Commentator - Denis Welch
Media commentator Denis Welch joins Kathryn in the studio to talk about all things media related. [more]

10/09/2008: Owen Glenn
Tells us why he flew home to give sensational evidence to Parliament's privileges committee. [more]

10/09/2008: Winston Peters Donation Scandal
NZ First deputy Leader says the party still supports Mr Peters. [more]

10/09/2008: NZ Tourism
New Zealand's $50 million a day tourism industry is demanding to be taken more seriously by the government. [more]

10/09/2008: Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Climate change and the Rudd government. [more]

10/09/2008: Feature Guest - Kate Mosse
Best selling author and Founder of the Orange Prize for Fiction, a competition only open to women. [more]

10/09/2008: Owen Glenn Holds Press Conference
An update on the Winston Peters donations scandal. [more]

10/09/2008: Book Review - First Catch Your Weka
A Story of New Zealand Cooking by David Veart. Published by Auckland University. [more]

10/09/2008: Music with Marty Duda
Artist of the week is Calexico. [more]

10/09/2008: Law
Legal commentator Andrew Scott Howman discusses employment law and religion. [more]

10/09/2008: Film with Graeme Tuckett
The Counterfeiters, Mrs Radcliffs Revolution. [more]

11/09/2008: Peters Privileges Committee
National's Deputy Leader Bill English on the Winston Peter's saga and what damage it is doing to the Labour led government. [more]

11/09/2008: Official Cash Rate Cut
The Reserve Bank announces official cash rate cut of half a percent. [more]

11/09/2008: Prisoners Making Furniture
Auckland Homeshow has furniture made by prisoners as part of the Department of Corrections' Inmate Employment initiative. [more]

11/09/2008: UK Correspondent - Matthew Parris
News from the UK including The Large Hadron Collider and Gordon Brown. [more]

11/09/2008: Feature Guest - Joe Greco
Joe Greco's Film "Canvas" is a fictionalised version of his own childhood, as the son of a paranoid schizophrenic mother. [more]

11/09/2008: Book Review - The Balloon Factory
Reviewed by Don Rood. Written by"Alexander Frater. Published by Picador. [more]

11/09/2008: New Technology With Colin Jackson
The Hadron Collider. [more]

11/09/2008: Mahvish Rukhsana Khan
A translator who worked closely with Afghan terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay. [more]

11/09/2008: TV Review
With Simon Wilson. [more]

12/09/2008: Official Cash Rate Reduction
The Reserve Bank has reduced the OCR. What effect will this have on consumer confidence, inflation and the economy in general? [more]

12/09/2008: Policing in South Auckland
The Police Commissioner talks to Kathryn after the death of one of his officers in South Auckland. [more]

12/09/2008: Saving Species and Habitats - Dr Michael Tobias
Leading environmentalist, and environmental film maker, Michael Tobias has just completed a mammoth 20-year film project. [more]

12/09/2008: Feature Guest - Peter Shaw
This British businessman was kidnapped in war-torn Georgia and held for months in a frozen underground prison. [more]

12/09/2008: Book Review - Children's Books
John McIntyre from The Children's Bookshop reviews The Dudgeon, Superpotamus and Margaret Mahy's Bubble Trouble. [more]

12/09/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
Manu reviews Brian Wilson's That Lucky Old Sun, Glen Campbell's Meet Glen Campbell and Dave Dobbyn's Anotherland. [more]

12/09/2008: Sport with Richard Becht
A look at the week in sport and the weekend to come. [more]

12/09/2008: The Week That Was
An irreverent look at the week that was and bits of it that weren't, but possibly should have been. [more]

15/09/2008: National Party Campaign Strategy
With National Party Deputy Leader Bill English. [more]

15/09/2008: Auckland School Principals Against Bottlestores
'Keep liquor stores away from our schools' is the message from four Auckland school principles. [more]

15/09/2008: Labour Party Campaign Strategy
With Labour Party minister and strategist Pete Hodgson. [more]

15/09/2008: Middle East Correspondent
Irris Makler discusses Ramadan. [more]

15/09/2008: Feature Guest - Vincent Ward
Filmmaker behind Vigil, The Navigator, River Queen and Rain of the Children. [more]

15/09/2008: Book Review - Over the Wide and Trackless Sea
Kate Blackhurst reviews Over the Wide and Trackless Sea by Megan Hutching. Published by HarperCollins. [more]

15/09/2008: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

15/09/2008: Food and Wine
Lauraine Jacobs cooks Whitebait and Stephen Morris provides the wine. [more]

15/09/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
David Slack thinks that the language of politics is best when it's vivid. [more]

16/09/2008: Anti-Gang Legislation
New Zealand politicians have indicated interest in copying draconian anti-gang laws to be introduced in South Australia. [more]

16/09/2008: Palestinian-Israeli Racing Team
Aric is an Israeli racing driver, Rasheed is a Palestinian racing driver. [more]

16/09/2008: US Correspondent
Jack Hitt gives a lighter view on the dramatic stock market turn around in the US. [more]

16/09/2008: Feature Guest - William Shatner
The Near 80 year old talks with Kathryn Ryan about his extrodinary career. [more]

16/09/2008: Book Review - Endgame 1945
By David Stafford, published by Abacus and reviewed by Quentin Johnson. [more]

16/09/2008: Rod Oram
Business and Economic commentator. [more]

16/09/2008: Venerable Tenzin Chogkyi
Buddhist nun who didn't speak for six years. [more]

16/09/2008: Denis Welch
Media commentator. [more]

17/09/2008: World Financial Turmoil
Joseph Stiglitz is an eminent American economist and former Senior Vice President and Chief Economist of the World Bank. [more]

17/09/2008: World Financial Turmoil (Part 2)
With Don Brash, Former Reserve Bank Governor. [more]

17/09/2008: SPCA CSI
Steph Saunders is the SPCA senior inspector for Otago. She has been at a forensic veterinary conference in Florida. [more]

17/09/2008: Election Campaign
With Prime Minister Helen Clark. [more]

17/09/2008: Feature Guest - Murray Ball
Murray Ball, cartoonist and creater of Footrot Flats. [more]

17/09/2008: Book Review - The Good Plain Cook
Emma Hart reviews 'The Good Plain Cook' by Bethan Roberts. Published by Serpent's Tail. [more]

17/09/2008: Music
Marty Duda's artist of the week is Mick Hucknall and Simply Red. Mick has just released his first-ever solo album. [more]

17/09/2008: Law
Catriona MacLennan looks at women in law. [more]

17/09/2008: Film
Graeme Tuckett reviews Rain of the Children, Wall-E and The Forbiden Kingdom. [more]

18/09/2008: Fonterras Killer Milk Powder
What do we need to know? [more]

18/09/2008: New Zealand and Climate Change
Eric Dorfman: Author of Melting Point: NZ and the Climate Change Crisis. [more]

18/09/2008: Getting Youth Active
Jeanette Fich Jespersen: Danish researcher whose company has looked into what young people actually want. [more]

18/09/2008: UK Correspondent
Kate Adie. [more]

18/09/2008: Feature Guest - Margaret Wilcox
Margaret Wilcox spent 14 years searching for her kidnapped child. [more]

18/09/2008: Book Review - Game Control
By Lionel Shriver, published by HarperCollins and reviewed by Louise O'Brien. [more]

18/09/2008: New Technology
With Colin Jackson. Today: Technology Birthdays - Google, Gnu and the Silicon Chip. [more]

18/09/2008: Cheapskates
Cath Armstrong is the founder of, the website that makes you more money wise. [more]

18/09/2008: Television Review
With Simon Wilson in the Auckland studio [more]

19/09/2008: Markets Turmoil
Justin Urquhart Stewart and Gareth Morgan discuss the US Federal reserve banks injection of cash into an unstable stock market. [more]

19/09/2008: Pet Behavior
Ben and Lynette Hart are two Pet Behavior specialists visiting from The U.S. [more]

19/09/2008: Pacific Correspondent - Michael Field
Tonga Sat and mining in Papua New Guinea. [more]

19/09/2008: Feature Guest - Michael Parmenter
A New Zealand Choreographer who has 3 separate works performed in the Tempo dance festival in Auckland. [more]

19/09/2008: Book Review - Fine Just The Way It Is
Written by Annie Proulx. Reviewed by Catriona Ferguson. Published by 4th Estate. [more]

19/09/2008: Music With Manu Taylor
This week manu reviews the new album from The Verve. [more]

19/09/2008: Sport With Richard Becht
A look at the week in sport and the weekend to come. [more]

19/09/2008: The Week That Was
An irreverent look at the week that was and bits of it that weren't, but possibly should have been. [more]

22/09/2008: ACC Fraud Detection Tactics
ACC's fraud detection techniques under scrutiny following a Dunedin man's recent ordeal and the use of private investigators. [more]

22/09/2008: Panel Discussion - Paedophiles
Offenders rights versus community and victims rights - from various perspectives. [more]

22/09/2008: Europe Correspondent - Seamus Kearney
Old World news, views and current affairs. [more]

22/09/2008: Feature Guest - Duncan Green
Oxfam's head of research and his new book From Poverty to Power about tackling global poverty, food crises and climate change. [more]

22/09/2008: Book Review - Native Wit
Written by Hamish Keith. Published by Random House. Reviewed by Graham Beattie. [more]

22/09/2008: NZ Politics
Commentary from people who know their left from their right and their right from their wrong. [more]

22/09/2008: Food and Wine
Connie Clarkson springs some asparagus recipes on us while Stephen Morris matches the perfect wine accompaniment. [more]

22/09/2008: Sophist and Provocateur - Tommy Honey
Tommy looks at prediction markets, particularly coming into a New Zealand general election. [more]

23/09/2008: Coroners Report Into Death of Folole Muliaga Released
Mrs Muliaga died after power was cut to her home over an unpaid bill despite the fact she was dependent on an oxygen machine. [more]

23/09/2008: US Free Trade Deal
US officials have let slip that Washington has agreed to join the P4 group of Pacific Rim countries. [more]

23/09/2008: US Correspondent - Richard Adams
US Correspondent Richard Adams brings us the latest news from the US including bank bailouts and free trade deals. [more]

23/09/2008: Swedish Trombone Virtuoso - Christian Lindberg
Swedish trombone player acknowledged as one of the greatest brass musicians of all time. [more]

23/09/2008: Book Review - The 19th Wife
Gina Faafoi Reviews The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff. Published by DoubleDay UK. [more]

23/09/2008: Business and Economic Commentator Rod Oram
Business and Economic Commentator Rod Oram joins Kathryn to gives us the latest on the free trade deal and US bank bailouts. [more]

23/09/2008: Media Commentator - Denis Welch
Media Commentator - Denis Welch joins Kathryn to talk about Bloggers and all things media related. [more]

23/09/2008: What is America - a Short History of The New World Order
Ronald Wright Novelist, historian and travel writer - a look at the world's super power from colonial roots to present day. [more]

24/09/2008: Shooting Massacre In Finland
Tapio Varmola is the Principal of the University College in Kauhajoki where the shooting occurred [more]

24/09/2008: Report On Folole Muliaga Death
Brendan Sheehan a family spokesman and Judi Jones, Electricity Complaints Commissioner give reaction to the coroners report. [more]

24/09/2008: Clever Birds
Professor Russell Gray from Auckland University tells of research into New Caledonian Crows with advanced cognitive skills. [more]

24/09/2008: Australian Correspondant - Paul Barclay
Issues from the west island including a new opposition leader, abortion laws and the endangered Grey Nurse shark. [more]

24/09/2008: Feature Guest - Peter Bromhead
Muses on life, cartoons and a passion for quality furniture. [more]

24/09/2008: Book Review - Ngaio Marsh, Her Life in Crime
Written by Joanne Drayton. Reviewed by Harry Ricketts and Published by HarperCollins. [more]

24/09/2008: Music With Marty Duda
The artist of the week is Queen. [more]

24/09/2008: Law
Legal Commentator Dean Knight looks at the Winston peters and the Owen Glenn case. [more]

24/09/2008: Film - With Dan Slevin
Dan reviews 4 Months, Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging, Earth, Journey to the Centre of the Earth 3D. [more]

25/09/2008: TB Risk At Auckland Hospital
Fears a rare and deadly TB case undiagnosed for several weeks may have spread to other patients and staff. [more]

25/09/2008: Rough And Tumble In School
Bruce McIntyre is the chair of the Holistic Education Trust, which is establishing alternative school in Christchurch. [more]

25/09/2008: Virtual Submarines
Dr Paul Chapman is a Computer scientist at the University of Hull and participant in the Venus project. [more]

25/09/2008: UK Correspondent
Matthew Parris. [more]

25/09/2008: Feature Guest - Ted Middleton
A NZ short story writer has had a long and rich career despite being blind. Ted's new book"Beyond the Breakwater". [more]

25/09/2008: Book Review - Urban Village
Written by Jenny Carlyon and Dianna Morrow. Reviewed by Rae McGregor. Published by Random House NZ. [more]

25/09/2008: Technology - With Colin Jackson
Today, problems with the recent copyright act and snooping with cell phones. [more]

25/09/2008: Michael Bachelard -"Behind the Exclusive Brethren"
A behind the scenes investigation into the secretive cult that played a major role in last NZ and Australian elections. [more]

25/09/2008: Television Review
Simon Wilson reviews comedy programmes currently on the box. [more]

26/09/2008: Wall Street Bailout
Economist and banking expert Dr Bruce Greenwald explains the reasons behind the US banking bailout. [more]

26/09/2008: Fisheries
Are Auckland and Northland beaches being plundered? [more]

26/09/2008: Good Night Bush
Gan Golan and Erich Origen are authors of the parody book"Goodnight Bush"based on the popular childrens book"Goodnight Moon". [more]

26/09/2008: Pacific
With our Pacific correspondent Mike Field. [more]

26/09/2008: Feature Guest - Gordon McLaughlin
Gordon McLaughlin is a Dunedin-born writer, who is now proud to call Auckland home. [more]

26/09/2008: Book Review
John McIntyre reviews childrens books. [more]

26/09/2008: Sport
Sport with Richard Becht. [more]

26/09/2008: The Week That Was
An irreverent look at this week's news. [more]

29/09/2008: Federated Farmers T150 Campaign
The T150 campaign sets a goal of $150 a lamb for the sheep-meat and wool industries to work towards over the next five years. [more]

29/09/2008: 50 Marathons In 50 States In 50 Days
Dean Karnazes is an ultra marathon runner and best selling author. [more]

29/09/2008: Paul Newman's Legacy
Tom O'Neil is the author of a number of books about the Oscars and the Emmy Awards and runs the LA Times awards blog ''. [more]

29/09/2008: Feature Guest - James Orbinski
James Orbinski was a young Canadian doctor who visited Rwanda on a study trip in 1980's. Fuelled by the injustice he saw there, he joined Medicins Sans Frontieres and returned to Rwanda, only to be caught in the middle of the genocidal civil war. [more]

29/09/2008: Book Review - Dreams of Rivers and Seas
Laura Kroetsch reviews 'Dreams of Rivers and Seas', a novel by Tim Parks. Published by Harvill/Secker. [more]

29/09/2008: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

29/09/2008: Food and Wine
Anne Thorpe is the Guest Chef and John Hawkesby matches the wine. [more]

29/09/2008: A Modest Proposal Or Two
David Slack discusses some of Googles investment programmes. [more]

30/09/2008: Discussion on cancellation of TV3 Leaders Debate
The Greens and United Future are not happy about the leaders debate being cancelled by TV3. Head of TV3 News Mark Jennings responds. [more]

30/09/2008: Human Rights Watch Turns 30
Kenneth Roth is the Executive Director of Human Rights Watch - based in New York and they are celebrating 30 years of hard work. [more]

30/09/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
US correspondent Jack Hitt gives us news from the US Government rescue package and the latest from the presidential race. [more]

30/09/2008: Arms Wide Open - Judy Davidson
Her remarkable story of raising five children under five by herself: two were highly disabled and the others, triplets. [more]

30/09/2008: Book Review -"A Beautiful Place to Die"
Ralph McAllister reviews A Beautiful Place to Die by Malla Nunn. Published by Pan MacMillan Australia. [more]

30/09/2008: Business and Economic Commentator - Rod Oram
Business commentator Rod Oram discuss the latest from the US rescue package and what effect it will have on the NZ markets. [more]

30/09/2008: Literary Agent - Ray Richards
The 87 year old literary agent looks back at his 72 years in the business. [more]

30/09/2008: Media Commentator - Denis Welch
Media Commentator Denis Welch joins Lynn to discuss the canceled Leaders debate and other pressing topics. [more]

01/10/2008: Financial Markets
Robert Pollin says the only thing preventing financial markets from a 1929-style collapse was a government bailout. [more]

01/10/2008: Slang - John Ayto
John Ayto is the editor of the New Oxford Dictionary of Slang. [more]

01/10/2008: Australian Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Australia correspondent Ray Moynihan gives us the latest news on the financial turmoil from across the ditch. [more]

01/10/2008: Model Raising Her Younger Sister
Louise Tulloch is a 29-year-old model raising her 12-year-old sister after their mother died last year from cervical cancer. [more]

01/10/2008: Book Review -"My Little Armalite"
Catriona Ferguson reviews My Little Armalite by James Hawes. Published by Jonathan Cape. [more]

01/10/2008: Music -"Artist Of The Week"is Bette Midler
Music Guru Marty Duda Brings us the music of Bette Midler. [more]

01/10/2008: Law Commentator - Ursula Cheer
Law Commentator Ursula Cheer brings us the latest from the bar including media suppression laws. [more]

01/10/2008: Film Review - Graeme Tuckett
Film Reviewer Graeme Tuckett joins Kathryn and reviews a Spanish Horror, Paul Newman and 'Mongol' Genghis khan story. [more]

02/10/2008: Global Credit Crunch
CEO Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce talks to Kathryn about the US Financial Crisis. [more]

02/10/2008: Rob Guest Dies Overnight
Friends of Rob Guest join Kathryn, talking about his life and love of the arts. [more]

02/10/2008: Bladder Over-Activity
The urge to pee too frequently might literally mess with your mind. [more]

02/10/2008: UK Correspondent
Jon Dennis brings you the UK on a platter with cups of English Breakfast. [more]

02/10/2008: Feature Guest - The Nomad
Internationally-renown DJ / producer. [more]

02/10/2008: New Technology with Colin Jackson
Today's topic: Google's new mobile phone, the Android. [more]

02/10/2008: Ben Canaider - Faux Chef
Ben Canaider, author of a tongue-in-cheek guide to the life of the celebrity chef,"Cuisine du Moi". [more]

02/10/2008: Television Review
TV reviewer Simon Wilson looks at TV3's Wipeout, TV1's Hell's Kitchen (UK) and TV election coverage. [more]

03/10/2008: Polluted Waterways in NZ
A new report 'Dairying and Declining Water Quality' is discussed by Lachlan McKenzie and Neil Deans. [more]

03/10/2008: Early Childhood Sector - Sue Thorne
Sue Thorne is the out going CEO of Early Childhood Council. [more]

03/10/2008: Winner - Katherine Mansfield Short Fiction Award
The judges say the prize has confirmed the place of Julian Novitz as one of the nation's most talented emerging writers. [more]

03/10/2008: Asian Correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
With the latest news from Asia. [more]

03/10/2008: Feature Guest - The Boxer
Chris Kenny has been coaching young working class kids in boxing for the last 43 years in Titahi Bay north of Wellington. [more]

03/10/2008: Book Review - Second Violins
John King reviews 'Second Violins: New Stories Inspired by Katherine Mansfield, edited by Marco Sonzogni'. [more]

03/10/2008: Music With Manu Taylor
Manu reviews three new albums from Dan Tyminski, Sharleen Spiteri and Dusty Springfield. [more]

03/10/2008: Sport Commentator
Richard Becht comments on this weeks sporting news. [more]

03/10/2008: The Week That Was
Today Radar and Jacqui Brown cover the stories that matter. [more]

06/10/2008: United States Bail Out Signed And Sealed
Paul Krugman, a US financial commentator, discusses the deal. [more]

06/10/2008: Call For Bank Deposit Insurance Scheme
Bernard Hickey from believes there's a possibility of catastrophic collapse in the US. [more]

06/10/2008: Habitat for Humanity
Jonathan Reckman, Global CEO for Habitat for Humanity, is visiting NZ for UN World Habitat Day. [more]

06/10/2008: Europe Correspondent
Seamus Kearney joins the programme from Leon. [more]

06/10/2008: Feature Guest - Wangari Maathai
A Kenyan politician, environmentalist, human rights campaigner and Nobel Peace Prize winner who stood up to her own government. [more]

06/10/2008: Book Review - Indignation
By Philip Roth, published by Jonathan Cape reviewed by Louise O'Brien. [more]

06/10/2008: Update From Emma Agnew Trial
Monique Devereux reports on the latest from Christchurch. [more]

06/10/2008: Politics
With Laila Harre from the left and Matthew Hooton from the right. [more]

06/10/2008: Guest Chef - Rachel Bermingham
Co-author of the 4 ingredients cookbook. Stephen Morris matches the wine. [more]

06/10/2008: Tommy Honey - Sophist and Povocateur
Tommy Honey looks at student mindsets. [more]

07/10/2008: Labour Minister of Finance Michael Cullen
World Financial Markets plunge further, while New Zealand's books are much worse than expected. [more]

07/10/2008: The Red List of Endangered Animals
The Red List shows a quarter of the world's mammals are at risk of extinction, Sue Lieberman explains what needs to be done. [more]

07/10/2008: The Executive Director of WWF New Zealand
Chris Howe talks about New Zealand's marine mammals among those at risk according to the Red List. [more]

07/10/2008: US Correspondent
Richard Adams is the Washington editor of The Guardian. [more]

07/10/2008: Sevens Years in China
David Speary has just returned from seven years teaching at a provincial Chinese training college. [more]

07/10/2008: Book Review - Diggers, Hatters and Whores
By Stevan Eldred-Grigg, published by Random House, reviewed by Harry Broad. [more]

07/10/2008: Jerusalem Quartet
Kyril Zlotnikov the top cellist in the Jeruslam Quartet explains how he came to play Jacqueline du Pre's cello. [more]

07/10/2008: World Financial Markets
With business and economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

07/10/2008: Media Commentator
Denis Welch looks at TV election programmes, a survey of the weekend newspaper supplements, and Breakfast television. [more]

07/10/2008: Professor Stanton Glantz
Hollywood: Glamorizing cigarette smoking, big tobacco manipulation of media image is not a recent phenomenon. [more]

08/10/2008: Cameron Bagrie
Should New Zealand's Reserve Bank follow Australia's move to cut cash rate by 100 basis points? [more]

08/10/2008: Dr Lynda Exton
Christchurch GP Obstetrician and author. Mothers and babies are at more risk than at any time in past 3 decades. [more]

08/10/2008: Australia Correspondent
Paul Barclay talks about the interest rate drop. [more]

08/10/2008: Feature Guest - John Devane
Irish solicitor who overcame a nightmarish childhood of neglect and eventual prostitution to become a successful lawyer. [more]

08/10/2008: Book Review - Home
By Marilynne Robinson, published by Virago and reviewed by Laura Kroetsch. [more]

08/10/2008: Music with Marty Duda
"Artist Of The Week" is Sparks. [more]

08/10/2008: Law
With Catrionna MacLennan. [more]

08/10/2008: Film Review
With Graeme Tuckett. [more]

09/10/2008: National Tax Cuts
National's deputy leader Bill English comments on the issue. [more]

09/10/2008: National Tax Cuts - Impact on Kiwisaver
Financial journalist Mary Holm and National Secretary of EPMU Andrew Little discuss the policy. [more]

09/10/2008: Redbacks Find NZ to Their Liking
An invasion of poisonous redback spiders looms as climate change makes more NZ regions hotter and tempting to the Aussie spider. [more]

09/10/2008: UK Correspondent
Michael White reports on the latest from Britain, including the financial turmoil in the UK. [more]

09/10/2008: Feature Guest - Mark Richards
World reknowned cardiologist and heart researcher. [more]

09/10/2008: Book Review - 'Coming of Age: 30 Years of NZ Film'
Dan Slevin reviews 'Coming of Age: 30 Years of NZ Film' by Duncan Petrie and Duncan Stuart. Published by Random House NZ. [more]

09/10/2008: New Technology - Colin Jackson
Colin looks at the iPhone, recording industry plus other technological topics. [more]

09/10/2008: Literacy
Why are 20 percent of NZ kids getting to intermediate or high school with literacy problems? Panel discussion with Tom Nicholson, Pat Newman and Alison Halkyard, a teacher at Whangaparoa College, north of Auckland, a 30-year veteran currently completing a post-grad diploma in literacy full-time. [more]

09/10/2008: Television Review
Insights from Simon Wilson, including a look at the NZ Music Awards. [more]

10/10/2008: What Does NZ Need For Economic Recovery?
Kathryn speaks to Mark Weldon, the Chief Executive of the NZX. [more]

10/10/2008: Reserve Bank Decision Not To Cut
The former Reserve Bank Governor and National Party leader Don Brash. [more]

10/10/2008: Are Our Children Overscheduled And Stressed-out?
Professor Sandy Hofferth Director of the University of Maryland Population Research Centre answers this. [more]

10/10/2008: The Stress Of Winning Lottery
Mark Gardiner won 11 million pounds in the British lottery in 1995 and says it ruined his life. [more]

10/10/2008: Pacific Correspondent
Mike Field from Fairfax media. [more]

10/10/2008: Opera Singing Sister Sensations
Margaret and Helen Medlyn are having a short break after appearing together in the NBR NZ Opera season of Jenufa. [more]

10/10/2008: Childrens Book Review With John McIntyre
The Were-Nana by Melinda Szymanik, Herbert The Brave Sea Dog by Robyn Belton and My Favourite Places by Martin Bailey. [more]

10/10/2008: Music With Manu Taylor
Lila Downs, Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu and Dr Glam. Music has been edited due to copyright restrictions. [more]

10/10/2008: Sport Commentator
Richard Becht talks about the week of sport. [more]

10/10/2008: The Week That Was
With Te Radar and Pinky Agnew. [more]

13/10/2008: Review of Campaign Launches
Our political commentators from the left and right give an account of their teams' performances over the weekend. [more]

13/10/2008: Pharmaceuticals and Prescriptions
British healthcare marketing consultant, Nicholas Hall is in New Zealand to speak to a conference about cheaper pharmaceuticals. So, what's in store and what's at stake? Dr Peter Moodie, Pharmac's Medical Advisor and Maureen Horan, Vice President of the Pharmacy Guild give their perspectives as well. [more]

13/10/2008: Middle East Correspondent - Irris Makler
Israel's first female political head since Golda Meir, Palestine's Sharia Court appoints female judge and other news from this global hot spot. [more]

13/10/2008: Election Economics Debate
Finance spokesmen for Labour and National debate their respective party's prescription for the economy. [more]

13/10/2008: Book Review - The 10pm Question
By Kate De Goldi. Published by Longacre Press. Reviewed by Harry Ricketts. [more]

13/10/2008: Food and Wine
Guest chef Judith Cullen indulges her passion for the gastronomic Italian traditions and tempts us with results redolent in olfactory joy. John Hawkesby's back from communing with dolphins in French Polynesia and romances Judith's food, offering matrimony with the perfect wine partners. [more]

13/10/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
Ideas on how to solve the economic situation. [more]

14/10/2008: Labour's Universal Student Allowance Policy
Kathryn talks to the Vice chancellor of Victoria University and Auckland Universities Students Association president. [more]

14/10/2008: Corrections Department Psychologist Dr Nick Wilson
The Department recently finished a High Risk Personality program for people with levels of psychopathic personality disorder. [more]

14/10/2008: Redesigning Streets To Make Them 'Drunk Friendly'
Prof Simon Moore is trying to find ways to design streets to direct drunken revellers home more safely. [more]

14/10/2008: US Correspondent
Richard Adams is the Washington Editor of the Guardian. [more]

14/10/2008: Feature Guest - Kathy Lette
Social commentator and author of ten best selling novels, some credit her with the birth of"chicklit." [more]

14/10/2008: Book Review - Rudolf Nureyev: The Life
By Julie Kavanagh, published by Penguin reviewed by Ralph McAllister. [more]

14/10/2008: Business
Business and Economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

14/10/2008: Raising Boys
Psychologist Steve Biddulph is looking at why are boys different and how to help them become happy and well-balanced men. [more]

14/10/2008: Media
With media commentator Denis Welch. [more]

15/10/2008: Outdoor Pursuits Centre Canyoning Tragedy
Charges have been laid against the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre over the tragedy that killed seven people. [more]

15/10/2008: Human Evolution has Ground to a Halt
Genetics expert Steve Jones argues that at least in the developed world human evolution has virtually ground to a halt. [more]

15/10/2008: Ali Timms - Survivor Of Shipwreck
Invercargill women Ali Timms and two companions have just survivor a shipwreck in Fiji after their boat hit reef. [more]

15/10/2008: Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan gives us the latest on the ten billion dollar rescue package. [more]

15/10/2008: Children's Television Programme Maker - Luke Nola
Luke Nola turned his back on a career in the US making music videos and came home to start a revolution in kid's television. [more]

15/10/2008: Book Review - Live a Little
Gina Faafoi reviews Live a Little by Kim Green. Published by Grand Central Publishing. [more]

15/10/2008: Music - Marty Duda
Marty Duda brings us the artist of the week Donna Summer with her hits from 1977 to 2008. [more]

15/10/2008: Law Expert - Robert Lithgow
Wellington Barrister Robert Lithgow joins Kathryn to talk about Dominion post publishing information over the terror raids. [more]

15/10/2008: Film Reviewer - Graeme Tuckett
Graeme Tuckett Reviews"Body of Lies"and"Rise of the Footsoldier". [more]

16/10/2008: Are We Heading for a Housing Shortage?
Well? ...Are we? Three experts join Kathryn Ryan to discuss the in's and out's. [more]

16/10/2008: Save the Children
Outgoing Exective Director of Save The Children, John Bowis. [more]

16/10/2008: Negative Aging Stereotypes
Dr Levy has found through a series of experimental studies, that negative stereotypes of aging can have an impact. [more]

16/10/2008: UK Correspondent
Kate Adie with the UK at a glance. [more]

16/10/2008: Feature Guest - Chris O'Brien
Australian cancer specialist with aggressive cancer. [more]

16/10/2008: Book Review - The Seuffert Legacy
By Brian Peet, published by Icarus Publishing and reviewed by Rae McGregor. [more]

16/10/2008: New Technology
With the one and only Colin Jackson. [more]

16/10/2008: Genealogy
Something we should all look into perhaps. [more]

16/10/2008: Television Review
TV reviewer Simon Wilson looks at the You Tube Leaders Debate. [more]

17/10/2008: Panic on the Markets - Brett Arends
Wall St. Journal columnist argues that Wall Street is in the grip of panic and shares have fallen below their true worth. [more]

17/10/2008: Global Financial Crisis in Perspective
Pavan Sukhdev is a Deutsche Bank economist and head of EU-commissioned The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity review. [more]

17/10/2008: 100 Worst Songs Ever - Colin Bowles
I've been flushed from the bathroom of your heart. The 100 worst songs ever - published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

17/10/2008: Asia Correspondent
Asian Correspondent Phil O'Sullivan gives us the latest on how the world credit crisis is effecting the Asian markets. [more]

17/10/2008: Who Holds The Power? - Howard Zinn
Howard Zinn is an historian, activist and author of"A People's History of the United States". [more]

17/10/2008: Book Review -"Widows of Eastwick"
Phil Vine reviews"Widows of Eastwick"by John Updike. Published by Hamish Hamilton. [more]

17/10/2008: Music With Manu Taylor
Manu Taylor reviews Lizzy Parks, Chanelle Davis and Space Case. [more]

17/10/2008: Sports Rounded Up With Richard Becht
Richard Becht rounds up the weeks sport fixtures with NZ snuggling in both the Netball and Cricket. [more]

17/10/2008: The Week That Was - Te Radar and Elizabeth Easther
Te Radar and Elizabeth Easter wrap up the week that was including Bulgarian Idol: [more]

20/10/2008: Financial Crisis
There are predictions that the next government will be forced to raise GST to 15 percent. [more]

20/10/2008: Adult Children's Increasing Dependence on Parents
What is the situation in NZ and what does the current financial crisis mean for parents and their adult offspring? [more]

20/10/2008: Henry Worsley
Retracing Shackleton expedition. [more]

20/10/2008: European Correspondent
Seamus Kearney. [more]

20/10/2008: Election Debate: Environment, Energy and Climate Change
Labour, National, the Greens and Maori Party debate policies on the environment, energy and climate change. [more]

20/10/2008: Book Review - Fish of the Week: Selected Columns
By Steve Braunias, published by Awa Press and reviewed by Sonja de Freiz. [more]

20/10/2008: From The Left And From The Right
With Laila Harre and Matthew Hooten [more]

20/10/2008: Food and Wine
Jeremy Jones has the Food, John Hawkesby has the wine. [more]

20/10/2008: Tommy Honey
Sophist and provocateur. [more]

21/10/2008: World Economic Meltdown
Bob Litan: Economist from the Brookings Institution. [more]

21/10/2008: The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
Seth Shostak: Senior astronomer at the SETI Institute. [more]

21/10/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
US Elections not far away. [more]

21/10/2008: Feature Guest - Steve Gurney
19 time Speights Coast to Coast Champion. [more]

21/10/2008: Book Review - Kippenberger: The Gift of Leadership
By Denis McLean, published by Random House NZ and reviewed by Don Rood. [more]

21/10/2008: Business
With Business and Economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

21/10/2008: The Atlas of Health
Mapping the Challenges and Causes of Disease. [more]

21/10/2008: Media
With media commentator Denis Welch. [more]

22/10/2008: Pig Cell Diabetes Trial
Government has given conditional approval to clinical trial involving transfer of pig cells into type one diabetes sufferers. [more]

22/10/2008: US Elections
Latest polls indicate 11-point lead for Barack Obama over John McCain; things are looking grim for the Republican Party. [more]

22/10/2008: SUPERFLEX - Art With Social Conscience
Dane Bjornstjerne Christiansen is a third of Superflex and is in Auckland doing a residency at Elam school of fine arts. [more]

22/10/2008: Australian Correspondent - Paul Barclay
Paul talks with Kathryn about Australia's issues and affairs over the past week including the bank deposit guarantees. [more]

22/10/2008: Feature Guest - Aaron Cohen
A Jewish American who became a commando for an elite counter-terrorism unit in the Israeli army. [more]

22/10/2008: Book Review - The Wasted Vigil
Written by Nadeem Aslam. Published by Faber and Faber. Reviewed by Gail Pittaway. [more]

22/10/2008: Artist of the Week with Marty Duda
Marty gives us a David Bowie retrospective showcasing the Chameleon in his many guises. [more]

22/10/2008: Legal Affairs with Andrew Scott-Howman
Our employment law specialist talks about the legal pitfalls and some amatory ones in office romances. [more]

22/10/2008: Film Review with Graeme Tuckett
GT dissects Body of Lies and Rise of the Footsoldier. [more]

23/10/2008: Reserve Bank Announces Interest Rate Cut
Kathryn Ryan and a panel of experts talk about the effects of this significant cut. [more]

23/10/2008: Contact Energy Buy New Pants With BIG Pockets
Brian Gaynor and Bruce Shepherd join Kathryn to discuss the developments. [more]

23/10/2008: UK Correspondent
Matthew Parris. [more]

23/10/2008: Feature Guest - Joe Pantoliano
American character actor, known for his role as Ralph Ciffaretto in the tv series the Sopranos. [more]

23/10/2008: Book Review with Phil Smith
Long Live the Modern: New Zealand's New Architecture 1904 - 1984 Edited by Julia Gatley, published by Auckland University Press. [more]

23/10/2008: New Technology with Colin Jackson
Today's topic: Books and the Internet. [more]

23/10/2008: Maori Battalion
Monty Soutar tells the story of his people, through the Second World War heroics of Company C of the Maori Battalion. [more]

23/10/2008: Television Review
TV reviewer Simon Wilson looks at Lipstick Jungle, the new season of House and the Doco: 'The Woman who thinks like a Cow'. [more]

24/10/2008: NZ First Electoral Commission Findings
ACT leader Rodney Hide and NZ First leader Winston Peters discuss the latest Electoral Commission party donation findings. [more]

24/10/2008: Commemorative Rugby Match
Sir Edmund Hillary is to be honoured with an annual rugby match. Interview with Colin Meads and Ian Jones. [more]

24/10/2008: What colour are our dreams?
Eva Murzyn is researching how what we watch on TV or in films in our childhood impacts on what colour our dreams are. [more]

24/10/2008: Pacific Update
The very latest from the Pacific region with correspondent Mike Field. [more]

24/10/2008: Feature Guest - Dr Michael Tobias
Dr Michael Tobias is an ecologist, historian, filmmaker and author. He is also a leading light in the 'sanctuary' movement. [more]

24/10/2008: Book Review - Duck, Death and the Tulip
By Wolf Erlbruch. Published by Gecko Press. Reviewed by John McIntyre. [more]

24/10/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
The latest offerings from Amy Dickson, Oasis and My Morning Jacket. [more]

24/10/2008: Sport with Richard Becht
The Hillary Trophy, the Air NZ Cup final, the NZ rugby league team, and the Black Caps. [more]

24/10/2008: The Week That Was!
With insight from regulars Radar and Gemma Gracewood. [more]

28/10/2008: 11-Year-Old Gang Leader
Principal's frustration in lack of resourcing to help save an 11-year-old gang leader from slipping into a life of crime. [more]

28/10/2008: Sir Michael Parkinson
The life and times of Britain's most famous talk-show host. [more]

28/10/2008: Skipping the Auckland Marathon
Harry Escott plans to break the world record for skipping a marathon, with a skipping rope. [more]

28/10/2008: US Correspondent - Jack Hitt
With the latest from the US election campaign. [more]

28/10/2008: Election Debate on Law Order
Pita Sharples from the Maori Party, Simon Power from the National Party, Ron Mark of NZ First and Phil Goff from Labour. [more]

28/10/2008: Book Review - A Most Wanted Man
Graham Beattie reviews 'A Most Wanted Man' by John Le Carre. Published by Hodder and Stoughton. [more]

28/10/2008: Economics - Rod Oram
Business commentator Rod Oram takes a look at NZ agriculture and the currency. [more]

28/10/2008: Food and Wine - With Paul Jobin and John Hawkesby
Guest chef Paul Jobin recommends some Thai recipes and John Hawkesby provides the wines to match. [more]

28/10/2008: Media Commentator - Denis Welsh
Denis reviews the NZ election coverage and other media matters. [more]

29/10/2008: Mortgage Funds Industry
Mortgage funds industry claims the bank guarantee scheme will destroy them, and are urging govt to extend it to cover them. [more]

29/10/2008: Blogs Effect on the US Election
Trevor Butterworth, media commentator with the Centre for Media and Public Affairs, New York comments. [more]

29/10/2008: Kakapo Perfume
Helping the endangered male parrot by improving scent to attrack the females, Dianne Brunton explains. [more]

29/10/2008: Australian Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
With the latest news from across the Tasman. [more]

29/10/2008: Feature Guest - Teddy Tahu Rhodes
From shy accountant to pin up opera star. [more]

29/10/2008: Book Review - 'Wisdom'
Mary Daysh reviews 'Wisdom' by Andrew Zuckerman. Published by Hachette. [more]

29/10/2008: Music - With Marty Duda
Today Marty takes a look at the music of British band The Cure, including their new album '4:13 Dream'. [more]

29/10/2008: Legal Commentator Ursula Cheer
Ursula Cheer is associate professor of law at Canterbury University. [more]

29/10/2008: Film Review With Graeme Tuckett
Graeme reviews 'Jinx Sister', 'The Bands Visit', 'Choke' and more. [more]

30/10/2008: Election Campaign
National Party leader, John Key. [more]

30/10/2008: Vocational Vacation
Brian Kurth. Founder and president of Vocation Vacations, dreamjob vacations. [more]

30/10/2008: Book Review - Corvus
By Esther Woolfson, published by Granta and reviewed by Mary McCallum. [more]

30/10/2008: Jon Dennis
UK correspondent. [more]

30/10/2008: Feature Guest - Wendy Lawrence
Former NASA Astronaut in NZ as a guest of YWCA for their"future leaders"programme. [more]

30/10/2008: New Technology
With Nathan Torkington. [more]

30/10/2008: Alice King
Wine taster - writer journo, author of High Sobriety. [more]

30/10/2008: Simon Wilson
Television Reviewer. [more]

31/10/2008: Urewera Police Raids - New Charges
Fresh charges look set to be laid against some of those arrested in the Uruwera police raids more than a year ago. [more]

31/10/2008: Unemployment
The economic recession could result in job losses, we discuss which industries are most vulnerable. [more]

31/10/2008: Atheist Advertising
Ariane Sherine is a Guardian columnist and UK TV writer who started a campaign to counter religious advertising. [more]

31/10/2008: Asia Correspondent
Asian correspondent Phil O'Sullivan gives us the latest news developments from Asian region. [more]

31/10/2008: Retiring Northland GP - Dr Daphne Climie
A GP for thirty three years in Whangarei who is now moving south to the little West Otago town of Tapanui. [more]

31/10/2008: Book Review -"Memories, Dreams and Reflections"
Kirsten Johnstone reviews Memories, Dreams and Reflections by Marianne Faithful. Published by Fourth Estate. [more]

31/10/2008: Music With Manu Taylor
Manu Taylor reviews Ladi6 - 'Time Is Not Much', The Ponsonby DC's and White Swan Black Swan. [more]

31/10/2008: Sport With Richard Becht
Richard Becht talks sporting rivalries, plus the Bledisloe Cup clash in Hong Kong. [more]

31/10/2008: The Week That Was
Te Radar and Jaquie Brown join Kathryn to discuss the week that was. [more]

03/11/2008: Maori Party - King Makers?
The election is now just 5 days away and the Maori party could be vital to the forming of a new government. [more]

03/11/2008: US Voter Registration
A just-released report confirms a record number of US voters are registered to have their say in the race for the White House. [more]

03/11/2008: Cane Toad Muster
Determined groups of locals are getting together for 4 weeks to try and stop their march across the country. [more]

03/11/2008: Europe Correspondent - Seamus Kearney
We get an update from Seamus in Lyons of things dominating news and current affairs in the Old World. [more]

03/11/2008: Feature Guest - James Gustave Speth
Gus Speth, veteran of the American Environmental Movement, is credited with helping shape US environmental policy. [more]

03/11/2008: Book Review - Forbidden Cities
Written by Paula Morris. Published by Penguin. Reviewed by Carole Beu. [more]

03/11/2008: Political Commentary
In election week, Matthew Hooton gives us a few jabs from the right and Laila Harre returns with an upper-cut from the left. [more]

03/11/2008: Food and Wine
Meilleur Ouvrier awarded master chef, Mark Gregory provides the gastronomical fare while John Hawkesby matches the wine. [more]

03/11/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
David Slack waxes lyrical about the content of the week's politicking among a myriad of other things, well a modest two in fact. [more]

04/11/2008: Daniel Whiston
Daniel Whiston helped victims at the scene of the 2002 Bali Bombings. [more]

04/11/2008: Helen Clark - Labour Party Leader
Final week before election day. [more]

04/11/2008: USA - Presidential Race
With Commentator Richard Adams. [more]

04/11/2008: Feature Guest - Jill Price
Along with Dr James McGaugh. Instant memory recall. [more]

04/11/2008: Book Review - Art Icons of New Zealand
By Oliver Stead, published by David Bateman Ltd. Full Colour hardback. Reviewed by Josie McNaught. [more]

04/11/2008: Business
With business and economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

04/11/2008: Audio Soundscapes with Bernie Krause
Former musician who had a career in making music for film, now he records sounds of the natural world. [more]

04/11/2008: Denis Welch
Media commentator. [more]

05/11/2008: US Election Day
Republican strategist Brian Walton and Democrat strategist Bob Weiner supply views from opposing HQs. [more]

05/11/2008: Dixville, First US Town to Vote
Donna Kay Erwin is Supervisor of the voter checklist in Dixville. [more]

05/11/2008: The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Professor Semir Zeki has conducted a brain study showing the same part of the brain deals with both love and hate. [more]

05/11/2008: Australian Correspondent - Paul Barclay
Paul Barclay keeps us up to date with affairs across the Tasman. [more]

05/11/2008: Feature Guest - Elena Mitrano formerly Hilary Morgan
LA - based singer who, as a child was the centre of a high-profile custody battle that saw her brought to NZ. [more]

05/11/2008: Book Review - 'The Catastrophe Continues'
Harry Ricketts reviews 'The Catastrophe Continues: Selected Interviews' by John Clarke. Published by Text Publishing. [more]

05/11/2008: Music - Marty Duda
Marty Duda's 'Artist Of The Week' is Chris Isaak. [more]

05/11/2008: Legal Commentator - Dean Knight
Dean Knight discusses forming Governments. [more]

05/11/2008: Film Reviewer Graeme Tuckett
The latest in new movies, reviewed by Graeme. [more]

06/11/2008: Senator George McGovern
Long-time Democratic Party stalwart who lost the 1972 presidential election to Richard Nixon. [more]

06/11/2008: Kevin Alexander Gray
Barack Obama is the president elect - the first black man to be elected president. [more]

06/11/2008: Dr Joe Z. Tsien
Erasing scary memories in mice. [more]

06/11/2008: Kate Adie
UK Correspondent. [more]

06/11/2008: Feature Guest - Mick Hopkinson
Mick Hopkinson has kayaked the most dangerous rivers in the world, from the Blue Nile to Dudh Khosi river in the Himalayas. [more]

06/11/2008: Book Review - The Private Patient
By P D James, published by Faber and Faber and reviewed by Ralph McAllister. [more]

06/11/2008: New Technology
With Nathan Torkington. [more]

06/11/2008: Barbara and Wendy Kendall
The two sisters of the talented Kendall family. [more]

06/11/2008: Simon Wilson
TV reviewer Simon Wilson looks at a week of TV. [more]

07/11/2008: Polls - What do they tell us?
With one day to go until Election Day, Peter Aimer joins Kathryn to discuss what the latest polls mean for each party. [more]

07/11/2008: US Election - Stephen Hess
Stephen Hess is a veteran staffer of the Eisenhower and Nixon administrations, and was also an advisor to Ford and Carter. [more]

07/11/2008: Massey University Agriculture Students Advise Farmers
Farmer Keith Riley says with production ahead of budget and stock condition scores up, he rates the advice highly. [more]

07/11/2008: Pacific Correspondent
Pacific Correspondent Mike field bring us the latest from the pacific about how each party is shaping up before the election. [more]

07/11/2008: POM 354 - Pomegranate
James Brett is the founder of POM354 pomegranate drink in the UK. A charity helping Afghanistan opium farmers. [more]

07/11/2008: Children's Book Review with John McIntyre
John McIntyre Reviews"Piano Rock A 1950's Childhood","The River Runs"and"Kaimanawa Princess". [more]

07/11/2008: Music With Manu Taylor
Manu Taylor brings us music from Carla Bruni, Jolie Holland and The Mamaku Project. [more]

07/11/2008: Sport With Richard Becht
Richard Becht brings up the latest from the sporting world including the Warriors signing Stacey Jones for the 2009 season. [more]

07/11/2008: Week That Was
Radar and Michele A'Court join Kathryn to discuss the week that was. [more]

09/11/2008: Ceramic artist
Katherine Smyth is considered to be at the forefront of NZ domestic and high-art ceramics. [more]

10/11/2008: Election - Economy
Incoming Deputy and Finance Minister Bill English and Sir Roger Douglas join Kathryn to discuss the election result. [more]

10/11/2008: Election Panel
Election panel discussion with Richard Prebble, Mark Gosche and Angeline Greensill. [more]

10/11/2008: Middle East Correspondent - Iris Makler
Middle East Correspondent Iris Makler gives us the latest news for the middle east. [more]

10/11/2008: Book Review - The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas
Laura Kroetsch reviews"The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas"Published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

10/11/2008: Politics - Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre
Political views from the left Laila Harre and from the right Matthew Hooton. [more]

10/11/2008: Food and wine
Guest Chef Lauraine Jacobs gives us the recipes and John Hawkesby matches the wine with the food. [more]

10/11/2008: Sophist and Provocateur - Tommy Honey
Sophist and Provocateur Tommy Honey takes us through some of his least faviourte sayings. [more]

11/11/2008: New generation cancer drug funding
Chris Atkinson, Medical Director of the Cancer Society talks to Kathryn about the choices Pharmac's presented with. [more]

11/11/2008: Longitudinal studies
A new observational study is about to commence in NZ looking at child health and how we grow up. [more]

11/11/2008: Dictionary addict?
What do you call a man who's read the entire Oxford Complete? Well Ammon Shea actually. [more]

11/11/2008: US correspondent - Jack Hitt
The latest news, views and current affairs from the land of the free and the home of debt. [more]

11/11/2008: Feature guest - Jeffrey Sachs
Economist and director, The Earth Institute at Columbia University and author of Common Wealth - Economics for a Crowded Planet. [more]

11/11/2008: Book review - The Devil's Own War
Edited by John Crawford. Published by Exisle Publishing. Reviewed by Bruce Brown. [more]

11/11/2008: Business commentator - Rod Oram
Rod gazes into his economics and business crystal ball and sees the future options for PGG Wrightson. [more]

11/11/2008: Boys of Everest
A new book by Clint Willis looks at the lives of the new generation of mountaineers inspired by Ed Hillary and Tenzing Norgay. [more]

11/11/2008: Media commentator - Denis Welch
Denis and Kathryn talk about things media worthy and appraise the coverage. [more]

12/11/2008: School bullying inquiry
Human Rights Commissioner and David Rutherford spokesman for parents of bullying victims at Hutt Valley High School. [more]

12/11/2008: Cloning
Douglas Sipp, manager of scientific communications at the RIKEN Center, Japan discusses cloning mice. [more]

12/11/2008: Homeless soccer world cup
Norm Hewitt former All Black, and supporter and mentor to the homeless soccer team. [more]

12/11/2008: Australian correspondent - Ray Moynihan
The latest news from across the Tasman. [more]

12/11/2008: Feature Guest - Father Eugene O'Hagan
Father Eugene is part of a trio of singing priests which has just signed a huge recording deal with Sony. [more]

12/11/2008: Book Review - 'On Top of Everything'
Graham Beattie reviews 'On Top of Everything' by Sarah-Kate Lynch. Published by Black Swan. [more]

12/11/2008: Music - Marty Duda
Artist Of The Week is Grace Jones. [more]

12/11/2008: Legal Commentator
Lawyer Catriona McLennan is our commentator today. [more]

12/11/2008: Film reviewer - Dan Slevin
Dan Slevin takes a look at new films including Children of the Silk Road and Show of Hands. [more]

13/11/2008: Ballu Khan
New Zealand businessman who was arrested and beaten by the Fiji military a year ago, has been freed by the Fiji High Court. [more]

13/11/2008: Melanoma
Professor John Thompson is a leading international Melanoma expert. [more]

13/11/2008: Martyn Key
Martyn Key is the long-lost half brother of incoming NZ Prime Minister, John Key. [more]

13/11/2008: UK Correspondent
Michael White talks about current events in the UK. [more]

13/11/2008: Feature Guest - Seth Glickenhaus
Seth Glickenhaus is a 94 year old stock broker with Glickenhaus and Co on Fifth Avenue, New York. [more]

13/11/2008: Book Review - Goldengrove
Jane Westaway reviews 'Goldengrove' by Francine Prose. Published by HarperCollins. [more]

13/11/2008: New Technology
Colin Jackson on domain names and messy bloggers. [more]

13/11/2008: Teens and safety
Michael Ungar is a Canadian author and researcher who argues that teenagers thrive on a recipe of risk and responsibility. [more]

13/11/2008: TV Review
Simon Wilson looks at the new series of Heroes, and has been tracking the political aspirations of Pulp Sport comics Bill and Ben. [more]

14/11/2008: Proposed sheriff for Invercargill
Can police keep our streets safe? Invercargill suggests they can not and they need extra help. [more]

14/11/2008: Cryptozoologist - John Downes
He has devoted his life to searching for those mysterious creatures of folklore - beasts like Bigfoot and the Yeti. [more]

14/11/2008: Asian Correspondent
Phil O'Sullivan keeps us up to date with events in Asia. [more]

14/11/2008: Indian Women in NZ
Sukhi Turner, Dr Edwina Pio and Naema Chhima discuss Dr Pio's book 'Sari : Indian Woman at Work in New Zealand'. [more]

14/11/2008: Book Review - 'The Celluloid Circus'
Dan Slevin reviews 'The Celluloid Circus' by Wayne Brittenden. Published by Random House NZ Godwit. [more]

14/11/2008: Music - Manu Taylor
Three new NZ releases, Sheba, Luka Buda and Fiona Pears. [more]

14/11/2008: Sports Commentator
Joining us from Brisbane, Richard Becht talks sport. [more]

14/11/2008: Week That Was
Gemma Gracewood and Te Radar take a light hearted look the weeks events. [more]

17/11/2008: Pita Sharples and Rodney Hide
Maori party agrees to support National and ACT expected to get ministerial positions outside cabinet. [more]

17/11/2008: Robin Duff and Peter Gall
The PPTA has released a handbook laying out advice to teachers about taking breaks. [more]

17/11/2008: Seamus Kearney
Europe Correspondent. [more]

17/11/2008: Feature Guest - Suzanne Lynch
Singer, entertainer and vocal coach from the Chicks to the Ladykillers to NZ Idol and beyond. [more]

17/11/2008: Book Review - Monster: An Austrian Nightmare
By Allan Hill, published by Penguin and reviewed by Penny Ashton. [more]

17/11/2008: From the left and from the right
With Laila Harre and Matthew Hooton. [more]

17/11/2008: Scott Fraser and John Hawkesby
Guest chef takes you through recipes with wine to complement. [more]

17/11/2008: A Modest Proposal or Two
With David Slack. [more]

18/11/2008: John Key - new cabinet line-up
Ten days after the election John Key's new cabinet has been announced, with 14 new ministers out of a cabinet of 20. [more]

18/11/2008: Census of marine life
The Census of Marine Life is a global network of researchers in more than 80 nations engaged in a 10-year scientific initiative to assess and explain the diversity, distribution, and abundance of life in the oceans. [more]

18/11/2008: Tracking flu trends via Internet
Dr. Phil Polgreen is the director of the Infectious Disease Society of America's Emerging Infections Network. [more]

18/11/2008: USA correspondent
Richard Adams, Washington editor of The Guardian. [more]

18/11/2008: Feature Guest - Jane Hunter
Jane Hunter is owner, viticulturist and managing director of Marlborough's Hunter's Wines. [more]

18/11/2008: Book review - Swimmers' Rope
Carole Beu reviews Swimmers' Rope by Stephanie Johnson. Published by Vintage. [more]

18/11/2008: Business with Rod Oram
Rod Oram looks at the new government's ministerial line up and what it means for business and the economy. [more]

18/11/2008: Education
Professor Guy Claxten is Co-Director of the Centre for Real-World Learning. [more]

18/11/2008: Media commentator Denis Welch
Denis looks at whether the Electoral Finance Act affected the election campaign debate and advertising. [more]

19/11/2008: Child abuse
Has anything been learned from Nia Glassie's death? [more]

19/11/2008: World-leading vaccine researcher from Africa
Professor Richard Adegbola is to speak at the inaugural conference of the Otago International Health Research Network this week. [more]

19/11/2008: Australia correspondent
Paul Barclay reports from Melbourne. [more]

19/11/2008: Feature Guest - Jon Plowman
BBC Producer, he's best known as the producer of Absolutely Fabulous, French and Saunders and The Vicar Of Dibley. [more]

19/11/2008: Book Review - 'My Sister My Love'
Catriona Ferguson reviews 'My Sister My Love' by Joyce Carol Oates. Published by Fourth Estate. [more]

19/11/2008: Music - Marty Duda
Artist of the week is Todd Rundgren. [more]

19/11/2008: Law - Robert Lithgow QC
Wellington barrister Robert Lithgow is todays guest. [more]

19/11/2008: Film Review - Graeme Tuckett
Graeme reviews Ricky Gervais new film Ghost Town along with Irina Palm. [more]

20/11/2008: Exploitative wheel clampers
Paraplegics everywhere are struggling to find the perfect car park. [more]

20/11/2008: Vitamin B3 more effective than sunscreen?
Diona Damian, Associate Professor of Dermatology at University of Sydney. [more]

20/11/2008: Pubs with personality
With Peter Janssen. [more]

20/11/2008: Matthew Parris
UK correspondent. [more]

20/11/2008: Feature Guest - Elizabeth Knox
Best-selling, award winning writer. [more]

20/11/2008: Book Review
This Book Has Issues: Adventures in Popular Psychology by Christian Jarrett and Joannah Ginsberg. [more]

20/11/2008: New Technology
With Colin Jackson. [more]

20/11/2008: Korowai repatriation
Bethany Edmunds, a New Zealander who's an expert in the ancient craft of korowai weaving. [more]

20/11/2008: TV Review
With Simon Wilson. [more]

21/11/2008: The Incredible Years
It's a programme aimed at giving parents of violent or chronically disruptive children the skills to affect positive change. [more]

21/11/2008: Mortgage rates advice
The OCR is tipped to drop. Of course this will impact on mortgages and interest rates in general. So when to refinance? [more]

21/11/2008: Henry Hitchings interview
How to talk about books you haven't read, with authority. There's now a book you can read about it. [more]

21/11/2008: Pacific correspondent - Mike Field
Mike talks about the latest news, views, intrigue and otherwise from our Pacific neighbours. [more]

21/11/2008: Feature guest - Lawrence Hill
Winner of Commonwealth Writers' Prize for novel about one woman's journey from abduction in Africa to slavery in America. [more]

21/11/2008: Children's book review
Every Second Friday, The Stuck There Forever Boat and Te Rauparaha - Legend of Aotearoa are reviewed this week. [more]

21/11/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
This week Manu is chuffed to review albums by Omara Portuondo, Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra and Sia. [more]

21/11/2008: Sport with Richard Becht
Sports commentator Richard Becht joins us live from the cricket in Brisbane and the Black Caps' batting onslaught. [more]

21/11/2008: The week that was
Te Radar and Elisabeth Easter join in an irreverent post analysis of National's first week in power among other things. [more]

24/11/2008: Solo mothers' return to work dilemma
The new Social Development Minister is calling for a debate on solo mothers feeling pressured to return to work too early. [more]

24/11/2008: New CEO of Whanganui DHB
Former nurse now new chief exec., Julie Patterson plans to get Wanganui hospital back on its feet and restore faith of community it serves. [more]

24/11/2008: Sport with Richard Becht
And for Richard, there was only one game in town this weekend and that was the Rugby League World Cup. [more]

24/11/2008: Middle East correspondent - Irris Makler
Irris gives us a first hand update from the area with an emphasis this week on Israel and a divided Palestine. [more]

24/11/2008: Feature guest - Jorge Sandoval
Imprisoned and tortured in Pinochet's Chile, Jorge escaped to NZ and is now a leading cycling and sports promoter. [more]

24/11/2008: Book review - The Jack Irish Double
Written by Peter Temple. Published by Text Publishing. Reviewed by Paul Diamond. [more]

24/11/2008: Political commentary
Laila Harre and Matthew Hooton give it to us from the left and the right. [more]

24/11/2008: Food and wine
Yuletide festive ideas with Catherine Bell from Dish magazine and John Hawkesby our roving wine expert. [more]

24/11/2008: Sophist and provocateur
Television, does it make us happy and other epiphanal questions. [more]

25/11/2008: Lila Jones
Lila is the project manager for Hamilton Abuse Intervention Project and says relationship abuse is an issue for young girls. [more]

25/11/2008: Jeremy Douglas
New Zealand and the international drug trade. [more]

25/11/2008: Food CSI
Darren Saunders, ESR food scientist. [more]

25/11/2008: US correspondent Jack Hitt
Bush, bailouts, the Republican party and Obama's staff. [more]

25/11/2008: Photographer Edith Amituanai
Photographer of Samoan descent. Subjects are drawn from within her own community. Finalist for 2008 Walters Prize. [more]

25/11/2008: Book Review with Quentin Johnson
Charlotte Bronte by Lyndall Gordon. Published by Virago. [more]

25/11/2008: Business with Rod Oram, Business and Economic commentator
Discussion on the latest financial development. [more]

25/11/2008: Discussion on 'end of life' orders
With Dr Nigel Millar (Canterbury District Health Board), Dr Peter Skegg (medical law specialist) and Ann Martin (Age Concern). [more]

25/11/2008: Media with Denis Welch
Agenda is scraped, APN shares for sale, the Timaru Herald may now be subedited from Christchurch and even RNZ features. [more]

26/11/2008: Legal inquiry underway to review NZ alcohol laws
Govt has asked the Law Commission to review all laws surrounding alcohol, a mini Commission of Inquiry over the next 2 years. [more]

26/11/2008: Baby DNA - Privacy Commissioner
The Commissioner wants the DNA information of millions of NZers to either be destroyed after 16 years or put into safer hands. [more]

26/11/2008: Surfing for the disabled
Marty Clarke is an amputee-surfer and one of the organisers of a surfing for the disabled organisation in NZ [more]

26/11/2008: Australia Correspondent
Ray Moynihan reports from across the Tasman. [more]

26/11/2008: Feature Guest - Irene Spencer
Spent 28 years as one of 10 women married to a fundamentalist Mormon polygamist. [more]

26/11/2008: Book Review - The Stepmother's Diary
Rae McGregor reviews 'The Stepmother's Diary' by Fay Weldon. Published by Quercus. [more]

26/11/2008: Music with Marty Duda
Currently visiting NZ, Germany group Kraftwerk are Marty's artists of the week. [more]

26/11/2008: Legal commentator
Andrew Scott-Howman takes a legal look at the staff christmas party. [more]

26/11/2008: Film Review
Graeme Tuckett reviews The Savages, Caramel, and the new Bond film. [more]

27/11/2008: New bank lending criteria
Getting about on the property market is getting harder. [more]

27/11/2008: Pharmaceutical industry
Australia is calling for advertising by the pharmaceutical industry to doctors to be regulated. [more]

27/11/2008: UK correspondent
Jon Dennis. [more]

27/11/2008: Feature Guest - Igelese Ete
Samon composer and conductor. [more]

27/11/2008: Book Review - Ice
By Louis Nowra, published by Allen and Unwin and reviewed by Anne Buchanan. [more]

27/11/2008: New Technology
With Colin Jackson. [more]

27/11/2008: The Power of Portraiture
A discussion about the role of portraiture in society, does NZ go for it? [more]

27/11/2008: TV Review
With Simon Wilson. [more]

28/11/2008: Francois Barrere
Air New Zealand plane crashes off coast of Perpignan, France. [more]

28/11/2008: Phil O'Sullivan
Asia Corrspondent - caught up in the terror attacks in Mumbai. [more]

28/11/2008: Senator Bob Brown
Australian republican referendum. [more]

28/11/2008: Christopher Brosius
All about Perfume. [more]

28/11/2008: Feature Guest - Alex Monteith
Alex Monteith is a new media artist and academic. [more]

28/11/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
This week: Kayhan Kalhor and Brooklyn Rider, Tim Finn and Charmaine Ford. [more]

28/11/2008: Sport with Richard Becht
Today Richard talks about 'bad losers'. [more]

28/11/2008: Book Review - Dreamboat Dad
By Alan Duff, published by Vintage and reviewed by David Hill. [more]

28/11/2008: The week that was
With your hosts, Radar and Jaquie Brown. [more]

01/12/2008: Air NZ plane crash in Perpignon
Alain Sabatier,Television reporter based in Perpignon where the AIR NZ plane crashed and Europe correspondent, Seamus Kearney. [more]

01/12/2008: Sad Dads
Postnatal depression in men. [more]

01/12/2008: John Lennon art exhibition
An exhibition of John Lennon prints is due to open at Auckland's Ferner Galleries. [more]

01/12/2008: Bic Runga - Album released today
New Zealand's best selling female artist, whose three albums have all reached number one. [more]

01/12/2008: Book Review
A Mercy by Toni Morrison. Published by Chatto and Windus, $49.99. ISBN 978 070 1180 454 [more]

01/12/2008: Politics
Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre discuss the latest news in politics. [more]

01/12/2008: Guest Chef
Todays guest Chef is Richard Till. [more]

01/12/2008: Wine
Stephen Morris has the wine that will compliment the food. [more]

01/12/2008: David Slack
A Modest Proposal or Two. [more]

02/12/2008: AIDS Foundation campaign
Beverley Hobman whose remarkable story is at the forefront of this year's HIV-AIDS awareness campaign. [more]

02/12/2008: Latest on the Airbus crash
Update on the investigation into the Airbus crash off the coast of France. [more]

02/12/2008: Art of Conversation
Catherine Blyth laments the decline in face-to-face communication between people in the modern age. [more]

02/12/2008: US Correspondent
Richard Adams, Washington editor of The Guardian reports from Washington. [more]

02/12/2008: Feature Guest - Thomas L Friedman
World renowned author and journalist, three-time Pulitzer Prize winner, also a high profile NY Times correspondent. [more]

02/12/2008: Book Review - 'One Flew into the Cuckoo's Egg'
Quentin Johnson reviews 'One Flew into the Cuckoo's Egg' by Bill Oddie. Published by Hodder and Stoughton. [more]

02/12/2008: Business Commentator - Rod Oram
Rod Oram talks about the Reserve Banks forecasted Cash Rate Cut. [more]

02/12/2008: Maritime Piracy
Recent attacks on big ships by Somalia pirates has created huge interest, because of the ease with which they're operating. [more]

02/12/2008: Media - Denis Welch
Responsible media coverage. [more]

03/12/2008: Swimming in schools
Water Safety New Zealand is wanting more New Zealand children to learn to swim. [more]

03/12/2008: 'Outcomes-based' social services
Dr Barry Duncan has adopted an approach to delivering social services from the position of"What's right for you?" [more]

03/12/2008: Maori pouhaki (flagpole)
Cambridge University has become the latest resting place for a carved maori flagpole, first gifted to British royalty in 1920. [more]

03/12/2008: Australia Correspondent
Paul Barclay reports from across the Tasman. [more]

03/12/2008: Feature Guest - Michael Deeley
Academy Award winning cult film producer and author. [more]

03/12/2008: Book Review - 'The Amazing World of James Hector'
Harry Broad reviews 'The Amazing World of James Hector' edited by Simon Nathan and Mary Varnham. Published by Awa Press. [more]

03/12/2008: Music - Marty Duda
Artist of the week is Sheryl Crow. [more]

03/12/2008: Legal commentator
Ursula Cheer, Associate professor at Canterbury University and sometime poet. [more]

03/12/2008: Film review
Graeme Tuckett reviews 'The Visitor' and 'American Teen' along with other film gossip. [more]

04/12/2008: OCR announcement - record cut in interest rates
Reaction to the interest rates cut from a number of guests including Radio New Zealand Business Editor Patrick O'Meara. [more]

04/12/2008: Hollywood and science
Jennifer Ouellette is the first director of the US National Academy of Science's Science and Entertainment Exchange. [more]

04/12/2008: UK correspondent - Michael White
All the latest breaking news and events from the UK with correspondent Michael White. [more]

04/12/2008: Watercolour painter - Austen Deans
Considered the leading light of NZ watercolour painting, and one of NZ's war artists and at 92 years old is still painting. [more]

04/12/2008: Book review with Mary McCallum
Mary McCallum reviews an Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England by Brock Clarke. Published by Text Publishing. [more]

04/12/2008: New Technology with Colin Jackson
Today's topic"Co-working"and changing your Internet provider. [more]

04/12/2008: The funniest man in Britain - Karl Pilkington
Produced and co-presented The Ricky Gervais Show on London's Xfm, and later the record-breaking podcasts of the same name. [more]

04/12/2008: TV Review - Simon Wilson
Simon Wilson lets us know what's hot on the box and things to watch out for on TV in the next week. [more]

05/12/2008: Japanese climbers brought down from Mt. Cook
Richard McNamara, area manager Mt cook National Park, department of conservation. [more]

05/12/2008: Professor John Shepherd
Head of Royal Society inquiry into planet-wide geoengineering. [more]

05/12/2008: Mark Denny
How fast can humans run? ...Really. [more]

05/12/2008: Pacific report
A look at our pacific neighbours. [more]

05/12/2008: Feature guest - Elizabeth Jane Howard
Elizabeth Jane Howard is the author of twelve highly acclaimed novels including The Cazalet Chronicles. [more]

05/12/2008: John McIntyre
With the childrens book review. [more]

05/12/2008: Music with Manu Taylor
Barry Saunders, he Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra and Brett Dennan. [more]

05/12/2008: Richard Becht
Discussing sport. [more]

05/12/2008: The Week That Was
With Te Radar and Michele A'Court. [more]

08/12/2008: How filthy are our beaches
A new survey says that many of New Zealand rivers and beaches are unsafe. [more]

08/12/2008: Adoption policy changes
With many changes in society over the past decades prospective parents are finding less children are available for adoption. [more]

08/12/2008: Writers' voices
931 Sound archivist Richard Forman with rare sound recordings of famous writers from the 30s until the 50s. [more]

08/12/2008: Feature guest - Ronnie van Hout
A New Zealand artist with an exhibition currently being held at Te Papa museum. [more]

08/12/2008: Book review - Memoirs of a Master Forger
Written by William Heeney. Reviewed by Ralph McAllister. Published by Gollancz. [more]

08/12/2008: Politics
Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre discuss the latest from both sides of politics. [more]

08/12/2008: Food and wine
With guest chef Anne Thorpe and wine expert John Hawkesby. [more]

08/12/2008: Tommy Honey
Tommy Honey; sophist and provocateur [more]

09/12/2008: Mitre 10 fire in Onehunga
Larry Cocker is Chief Fire officer at the scene of yesterday's massive fire. [more]

09/12/2008: Cyberchondria
Eric Horvitz, Jim Vause and Professor Les Toop discuss cyberchondria. [more]

09/12/2008: Climate Change conference in Poland
Barry Coates, Oxfam NZ Director, is at the conference. [more]

09/12/2008: US Correspondent
With correspondent Jack Hitt. [more]

09/12/2008: Feature Guest - John Anthony Duignan
Former scientologist who has exposed the inner workings of the controversial religion that some call a cult. [more]

09/12/2008: Book Review - Getting There: An Autobiography
Gina Faafoi reviews 'Getting There: An Autobiography' by Barbara Anderson. Published by Victoria University Press. [more]

09/12/2008: Business
Rod Oram, Business and Economic commentator, looks back over 2008. [more]

09/12/2008: The Agent
Imogen Johnston is an agent for many local high profile actors. [more]

09/12/2008: Media
With commentator Denis Welch. [more]

10/12/2008: Sudden infant deaths
Vicki Cullings of Stillbirth and Newborn Death Support Group and Professor Ed Mitchell of Auckland University. [more]

10/12/2008: Cops in schools
A look at the South Auckland programme that has been running this year. [more]

10/12/2008: Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Why isn't Kevin Rudd's staff sticking around? [more]

10/12/2008: Feature Guest - Sir Miles Warren
One of the best known and widely noted architects of the past 50 years. [more]

10/12/2008: Hanover finance
Hanover investor Glen Stanton is not happy. [more]

10/12/2008: Book review - A Cup of Light
By Nicole Mones. Published by HarperCollins. Reviewed by Gail Pittaway. [more]

10/12/2008: Music - Marty Duda
Artist of the week is Billy Joel. [more]

10/12/2008: Legal commentator
Dean Knight discusses constitutional and local government law. [more]

10/12/2008: Film review
Graeme Tuckett reviews 'Quarantine'; the remake of 'Rec' and New Zealand film news. [more]

10/12/2008: Marti Friedlander on the history of the moko (2008)
New Zealand photographer Marti Friedlander talks about the history of the moko. [more]

11/12/2008: Sylvia Burbery and Keith Tempest
RBNZ Governor Alan Bollard calling for drop in prices, [more]

11/12/2008: Beverly Good
:US Department of Homeland Security ESTA spokeswoman. [more]

11/12/2008: Kate Adie
UK correspondent. [more]

11/12/2008: Feature Guest - Daniel Everett
Daniel Everett moved his family to the Brazillian jungle to live with a remote tribe, the Pirahas. [more]

11/12/2008: Book Review - Somebody:
The Reckless Life and Remarkable Career of Marlon Brando by Stefan Kanfer, published by Faber and Faber. [more]

11/12/2008: New Technology
With Colin Jackson. [more]

11/12/2008: TV Review
With Simon Wilson. [more]

12/12/2008: Organ donation
We speak to the parents of a 12 year old organ donor, along with the recipient of a lung transplant. [more]

12/12/2008: Carisbrook Stadium in trouble
Malcolm Farry, Chairman Carisbrook Staium Trust; and Jeff Dickie, property investor and outspoken critic of the stadium. [more]

12/12/2008: Asia with Phil O'Sullivan
Speaking from Hong Kong, correspondent Phil O'Sullivan looks at the Mumbai terror attacks, the Beijing Olympics. [more]

12/12/2008: Feature Guest - Glenn Martin
Three decades in the making, Christchurch inventor Glenn Martin has developed the Jetpack - a personal flying machine. [more]

12/12/2008: Book review - Dambusters: A landmark oral history
By Max Arthur, Published by Virgin. Reviewed by Don Rood. [more]

12/12/2008: Manu's Music
Music with maestro Manu Taylor. Eagles of Death Metal, Lou Reed, TV On The Radio. [more]

12/12/2008: Sport with Richard Becht
Controversial cricket technology and Formula 1 spending. [more]

12/12/2008: The week that was
Always ready with wit and comment Radar and Irene Pink. [more]

15/12/2008: Police spying
New allegations that police are actively spying on political activists such as Greenpeace and animal rights groups. [more]

15/12/2008: Drought for farmers
For farmers in Waikato, The Hawkes bay and Canterbury it is the third drought in as many years. [more]

15/12/2008: Africa correspondent - Peter Greste
The cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe and the collapse of the country. [more]

15/12/2008: Henry van der Heyden
As part of our Big Year interview series, The Chairman of Fonterra talking about running the country's largest company. [more]

15/12/2008: Police spying (part 2)
The police commissioner answering allegations about The Special Investigations Group spying on various protest groups. [more]

15/12/2008: Book Review - Kipling Sahib
Written by Charles Allen. Reviewed by Harry Ricketts. Published by Abacus, $32.99 [more]

15/12/2008: Politics
Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre discuss the latest from both sides of politics. [more]

15/12/2008: Food and wine
With our guest Chef Lauraine Jacobs and wine expert John Hawkesby. [more]

15/12/2008: David Slack
A Modest Proposal or Two [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - Richard McCann
As son of the Yorkshire Ripper's first victim, how did Richard overcome his demons to become a successful motivational speaker? [more]

15/12/2008: Peter Snell Olympic Champion
Peter Snell double gold medal Olympian at the Rome Olympics, and still one of this country's most famous athletes. [more]

15/12/2008: Young @ Heart Chorus
Hot on the heels of the fantastically popular Film Festival doco of the same name, some of the cast joins the show. [more]

15/12/2008: My Father's Shadow - Sam Mahon
Son of Justice Peter Mahon. Sam's written his father's biography, a memoir,"My Father's Shadow: A Portrait of Peter Mahon". [more]

15/12/2008: Living on the Street
Wally Kupenga has been living on the streets of Auckland for 5 years. He talks about his life from childhood to living on the street. [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - Jill Price
Along with Dr James McGaugh. Instant memory recall. [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - Mick Moran
Irish police officer on secondment to Interpol as an liaison officer for the Virtual Global Taskforce on child abuse. [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - Dr Hugh Montgomery
UK intensive care specialist on why some people die and others don't. [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - Sandra Day O'Connor
Former US Supreme Court justice who in her 24 years on the bench sat on several landmark cases. [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - Joe Pantoliano
American character actor, known for his role as Ralph Ciffaretto in the tv series the Sopranos. [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - William Shatner
The Near 80 year old talks with Kathryn Ryan about his extrodinary career. [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - Aindrias de Staic
An Irish storyteller and Fiddler - His show Around the World on 80 Quid is part of the Wellington Fringe Festival. [more]

15/12/2008: Does a Hard-Line to Imprisonment Make For a Safer Community?
Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona Joe Arpaio is a law-and-order hardliner who nevertheless seems to get spectacular results. [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - Jon Plowman
BBC Producer, he's best known as the producer of Absolutely Fabulous, French and Saunders and The Vicar Of Dibley. [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - Graeme Revell
NZ film score composer. [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - Robert Fisk
32 years reflection on Middle East. [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - Ian McEwan
Much lauded and multi-award-winning writer in Wellington for the International Arts Festival Writer's Week. [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - Billy Bragg
Self-proclaimed 'progressive patriot' English guitarist-songwriter, Billy Bragg talks music and politics. [more]

15/12/2008: Feature Guest - Dame Fiona Kidman
Renowned New Zealand author Dame Fiona Kidman speaks on life and her written memoirs 'At the end of Darwin Road'. [more]

16/12/2008: Fiji expulsions
Editor of the Fiji Times, Netani Rika comments on the Fiji and NZ tensions. [more]

16/12/2008: Bill Ayers - educationalist and former radical
Gained international attention after his connections with Barack Obama formed the main focus of attacks by Republicans. [more]

16/12/2008: Caterpillar Plague
Karon Carr set up the Itty Bitty Grub Committee - in response to an unknown breed of caterpillar invading her Queensland town. [more]

16/12/2008: US Correspondent
Washington editor of The Guardian, Richard Adams, brings us the latest news. [more]

16/12/2008: Feature Guest - Len Brown
The second in our Big Year interview series features Manukau City Major, Len Brown. [more]

16/12/2008: Book Review - 'The Gargoyles'
Sonja de Freiz reviews 'The Gargoyles' by Andrew Davidson. Published by Text publishing. [more]

16/12/2008: Business
Today with Bernard Hickey. [more]

16/12/2008: the Learning Revolution - Gordon Dryden
Co-writer of the Learning Revolution - how technology should be forcing a re-think of how we approach the entire school system. [more]

16/12/2008: Media commentator
Denis Welch joins Kathryn to discuss events in the media. [more]

17/12/2008: Competency of school boards
Phil Robinson, Chair of the Board of Trustees of Marlborough Boys College; David Kepes, Trustee; and Ray Newport, General Manager School Trustees Association. [more]

17/12/2008: Zimbabwe - Jenni Williams
Women of Zimbabwe Arise, or WOZA, is one of the few support organisations still operating effectively within Zimbabwe. [more]

17/12/2008: Ray Moynihan
In Australia. [more]

17/12/2008: Feature guest - Mahe Drysdale
World Champion and recent bronze medalist. [more]

17/12/2008: Book Review - The Lost Diaries of Adrian Mole
By Sue Townsend, published by Michael Joseph and reviewed by Catriona Ferguson. [more]

17/12/2008: Music with Marty Duda
Artist Of The Week is Harry Nilsson. [more]

17/12/2008: Andrew Scott-Howman
With the legal low-down. [more]

17/12/2008: Graeme Tuckett
Brings you the movies. [more]

17/12/2008: Scientology - former NZ scientologists speaks out
Lance Hoskins joined the church in the 1970s, and then worked for the Sea Org - the church's management body in the US. [more]

18/12/2008: UK correspondent - Matthew Parris
For the latest news and events from the UK, we are joined by our UK correspondent - Matthew Parris. [more]

18/12/2008: Big year interview series - Murray Burton
Principal of Elim Christian College who voiced a nation's grief when seven of his College community lost their lives. [more]

18/12/2008: Book Review - Holidays on Ice
Laura Kroetsch reviews Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris, published by Little Brown. [more]

18/12/2008: DEFU - state of the government's books
The latest Treasury figures have been unveiled showing a sharp deterioration in the government's books. [more]

18/12/2008: New Technology with Nathan Torkington
Twitter - Nathan Torkington calls it the on-line equivalent of the water cooler conversation. [more]

18/12/2008: Pre-Christmas chit-chat with Ed Byrne
Irish comedian Ed Byrne joins Kathryn for a pre-Christmas chitchat. [more]

18/12/2008: Television review - Simon Wilson
Simon takes a look back at the best and worst we've seen on the box this year. [more]

19/12/2008: Police spying on the country's major unions
Comments from Matt McCarten the General Secretary Unite Union and Michael Bott Wellington Human Rights lawyer. [more]

19/12/2008: Small scale green energy generation
Benjamin Sovacool is an International expert in the renewable energy movement. [more]

19/12/2008: Pacific News - Walter Zweifel
Radio NZ International's Walter Zweifel reports on current events in the pacific. [more]

19/12/2008: Feature Guest - Professor Regan Potangaroa
China quake worker, and a veteran member of Engineers for Disaster Relief, Regan Putangiroa. [more]

19/12/2008: Childrens book review
John McIntyre reviews three new childrens books. [more]

19/12/2008: Music Review
Manu Taylor reviews English soul singer Alice Russell, Devonport group Forbidden Joe and Leonard Cohen. [more]

19/12/2008: Sport
Richard Becht wraps up the highs and lows of NZ sport this year. [more]

19/12/2008: Week that was
With Radar and Pinky Agnew. [more]

22/12/2008: Schools getting tough on behaviour
Some schools are now holding back students who don't meet certain behaviour criteria, even if they're passing academically. [more]

22/12/2008: Tourism
Is the future looking bleak for Tourism in New Zealand? [more]

22/12/2008: Helen Brabazon
Helen Brabazon is a former Newstalk ZB host who now raises funds for Mercy Hospice in Auckland. [more]

22/12/2008: Middle East
With correspondent Irris Makler. [more]

22/12/2008: Feature Guest - Sir Jon Trimmer
Ballet Dancer, who has just finished a national tour as the lead in Don Quixote - at the tender age of 69. [more]

22/12/2008: Book Review - The Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite
Kate Blackhurst reviews 'The Luminous Life of Lilly Aphrodite' by Beatrice Colin, Published by John Murray. [more]

22/12/2008: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

22/12/2008: Guest Chef - Raymond Capaldi
Guest Chef Raymond Capaldi with matching wines from John Hawkesby. [more]

22/12/2008: Tommy Honey
Tommy Honey - sophist and provocateur. Today, Egg nog and the Oxford Junior Dictionary. [more]

23/12/2008: School hours
School Trustees have called for a extention to the school day. [more]

23/12/2008: Superintendant Paula Rose
The first female officer to become National Road Policing Manager speaks on the holiday season crackdown. [more]

23/12/2008: Rachael Bermingham
Christmas dining 4 ingredients style. [more]

23/12/2008: American Correspondent - Jack Hitt
The issues of the day in the states. [more]

23/12/2008: Feature Guest - Tiki Taane
Musician Tiki Taane is the subject for the third in our Big Year interview series. [more]

23/12/2008: Book Review - Reporting America
John King reviews 'Reporting America: The Life of the Nation 1946 - 2004' by Alistair Cooke. Published by Allen Lane. [more]

23/12/2008: Bernard Hickey
The managing editor at discusses the newly released GDP figures. [more]

23/12/2008: Valerie Vili
Olympic gold medal winning shotputter. [more]

23/12/2008: Denis Welch
Denis Welch goes through what caught his eye in the media in 2008. [more]

24/12/2008: The best of 2008 ( Part 1)
Kathryn is joined by Denis Welch, Richard Becht, Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre as they take a look back at the year that was. [more]

24/12/2008: Catch-up interview with Elizabeth Goodyear
Kathryn catches up with 101-year-old New Yorker Elizabeth Goodyear. [more]

24/12/2008: The best of 2008 ( Part 2 )
Kathryn is joined by Denis Welch, Richard Becht, Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre as they take a look back at the year that was. [more]

24/12/2008: Catch-up interview with John Lowe
John Lowe took up ballet at 79, he is now 89 and plans to dance at Ely Cathedral on his 90th birthday. [more]

24/12/2008: The best of 2008 ( Part 3 )
Kathryn is joined by Denis Welch, Richard Becht, Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre as they take a look back at the year that was. [more]

24/12/2008: Catch-up interview with Wally Kupenga
When we last spoke to Wally he was 37, and he had been homeless for five years. [more]

24/12/2008: The best of 2008 ( Part 4 )
Kathryn is joined by Denis Welch, Richard Becht, Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre as they take a look back at the year that was. [more]

24/12/2008: Feature guest - Mike Loder
Auckland based comedian Mike Loder joins Kathryn for a look back at 2008. [more]

24/12/2008: Best music of 2008 with Manu Taylor
Manu Taylor joins Kathryn and takes us through the best songs of 2008. [more]

24/12/2008: The best of 2008 ( Part 1)
Tommy Honey, David Slack, Radar and Pinky Agnew join Kathryn for a look back at 2008. [more]

24/12/2008: Catch-up interview with Trevor Barry
Backyard astronomer from Broken Hill who hit international headlines this year when he was first to observe storms on Saturn. [more]

24/12/2008: The best of 2008 ( Part 2 )
Tommy Honey, David Slack, Radar and Pinky Agnew join Kathryn for a look back at 2008. [more]

24/12/2008: Catch-up interview with Ian Bell
Ian Bell is the Defence Force medical officer in Afghanistan. [more]

24/12/2008: The best of 2008 ( Part 3 )
Tommy Honey, David Slack, Radar and Pinky Agnew join Kathryn for a look back at 2008. [more]

24/12/2008: Catch-up interview with Kate McLeay
In August we talked to Cam and Kate McCleay - the kiwi couple who with their three children have lived in Uganda for 7 years. [more]

24/12/2008: The best of 2008 ( Part 4 )
Tommy Honey, David Slack, Radar and Pinky Agnew join Kathryn for a look back at 2008. [more]

26/01/2009: Shamima Ali
Fiji faces suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum this week. Shamima Ali is the Fiji Human Rights Commissioner. [more]

26/01/2009: Jenny Curry
Jenny Curry is a problem gambling counsellor. She is on Nine to Noon as part of the Making a Difference series. [more]

26/01/2009: Allyson Gofton
Allyson Gofton has wrapped up her Food in a Minute televison series. [more]

26/01/2009: Europe Correspondent - Seamus Kearney
News from around Europe including the bankrupt Iceland. [more]

26/01/2009: Feature Guest - Adrian Flanagan
Adrian Flanagan is the first lone sailor to go around the world vertically. [more]

26/01/2009: Book Review - Louise O'Brien's picks from 2008
Best Books of 2008 as selected by Louise O'Brien. [more]

26/01/2009: Politics
Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre on politics. [more]

26/01/2009: Chef Paul Jobin and wine with Tyson Stelzer
Guest Chef Paul Jobin, Kerikeri based chef and author and Tyson Stelzer, wine author and publisher. [more]

26/01/2009: Sophist and provocateur Tommy Honey
Tommy Honey on shopping. [more]

27/01/2009: Whaling
The IWC has proposed a trade off to Japan's coastal whaling and scientific whaling in Antarctica. [more]

27/01/2009: Michael Brown
Shark numbers are increasing dramatically around Australian shores according to shark watch groups. [more]

27/01/2009: Catherine Bell
Part of the Making a Difference series. Catherine Bell is an Auckland based chef and food author [more]

27/01/2009: US Correspondent - Richard Adams
Richard Adams on Barack Obama's week in office. [more]

27/01/2009: Feature Interview - Alexei Sayle
Popular British comedian and now writer. [more]

27/01/2009: Book Review - Graham Beattie's picks from 2008
Best Books of 2008 as selected by Graham Beattie. [more]

27/01/2009: Business Commentator - Rod Oram
Rod Oram attempts to put the global economic crises in perspective from the other side of the globe. [more]

27/01/2009: Phil Nel and Marjolein Righarts
Two Otago University academics have found a correlation between natural disasters and severe political upheaval. [more]

27/01/2009: Media with Denis Welch
Should correspondents use their counterparts footage and a brave Sri Lankan journalist was murdered doing his job. [more]

28/01/2009: Truancy
The Education Ministry has no idea of the number of school truants. [more]

28/01/2009: Fear of cycling
'Fear' is keeping would-be cyclists off New Zealand roads. [more]

28/01/2009: Australian Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
The latest news of our Australian cousins. [more]

28/01/2009: Feature Guest - Shaun Tomson
Shaun Tomson is one of four Southern hemisphere surfers who helped change the face of surfing forever. [more]

28/01/2009: Book Review - Quentin Johnson's picks from 2008
Best Books of 2008 as selected by Quentin Johnson. [more]

28/01/2009: Film Review with Graeme Tuckett
New release OSCAR award nominees. Films discussed are 'Gran Torino' and 'Man on Wire'. [more]

28/01/2009: Music with Marty Duda
Artist of the Week is revered guitarist Jeff Beck. [more]

28/01/2009: Legal commentator Andrew Scott Howman
Andrew Scott Howman considers possible employment law issues in 2009. [more]

29/01/2009: Reserve Bank Governer makes significant interest rate cut
Chief Economist for ANZ National, Cameron Bagrie comments. [more]

29/01/2009: Dire warnings from the International Monetary Fund
Gareth Morgan, investment consultant and economist comments on the state of the world economy. [more]

29/01/2009: Making a Difference - Ann Graeme
Ann Graeme has been a conservation worker for several decades. [more]

29/01/2009: Reserve Bank interest rate cut (Part 2)
RNZ Business Editor Patrick O'Meara reports from the Reserve Bank. [more]

29/01/2009: UK Correspondent
Jon Dennis reports from London. [more]

29/01/2009: Feature Guest - Sara Maitland
Former vicar's wife and a writer who thrives on solitude, author of 'The Book of Silence' available in NZ this month. [more]

29/01/2009: Best books of 2008 selected by Carole Beu
Carole Beu gives us her top 5. [more]

29/01/2009: New Technology - Nathan Torkington
Nathan talks about Podcasts. [more]

29/01/2009: The Cuban Brothers
Mike Keat was born in Scotland and raised in New Zealand. He is the man behind the cult British entertainers The Cuban Brothers. [more]

29/01/2009: TV Review
Simon Wilson takes a look at whats happening on TV. [more]

30/01/2009: Economic outlook
Trade Minister, Tim Groser is at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland [more]

30/01/2009: Steve Clark
Ad man and Nepal Volunteer and his Making a Difference series. [more]

30/01/2009: Vaudine England
Asia correspondent in Beijing. [more]

30/01/2009: Feature guest - Johnny Lee Clary
Former Ku Klux Klan leader, imperial wizard, now a motivational speaker educating against them and racism. [more]

30/01/2009: Robert Pollin
Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts, on Obama's stimulus bill. [more]

30/01/2009: Children's book review
With John McIntyre. [more]

30/01/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
Today, Nick Granville Group, David Byrne and Brian Eno and Little Joy. [more]

30/01/2009: Richard Becht
Talks sport. [more]

30/01/2009: The week that was
With Radar and Gemma Gracewood. [more]

02/02/2009: Job Layoffs
A look at job losses and staff retention in today's economic climate. [more]

02/02/2009: Ambury Park Riding Centre
Horse riding is more than just fun. It can also be therapeutic. [more]

02/02/2009: Middle East Correspondent - Irris Makler
Irris Makler talks about the latest events in Gaza. [more]

02/02/2009: Feature Guest - Barbara Buchan
Barbara Buchan is a US paralympian gold medalist. [more]

02/02/2009: Book Review - The Piano Teacher
Rae McGregor reviews The Piano Teacher by Janice Y K Lee. Published by Fourth Estate. [more]

02/02/2009: Politics
Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre talk about politics. [more]

02/02/2009: Chef Scott Fraser and wine with Keith Stewart
Our chef today is Scott Fraser Executive Chef from Carrington Resort and Keith Stewart from True Wines. [more]

02/02/2009: David Slack
A modest proposal or two. Why not go back to sailiing ships? [more]

03/02/2009: Japanese whalers accused of threatening noise warfare
Skipper of anti-whaling ship 'Steve Irwin', Paul Watson and Glenn Inwood, spokesperson for the Institute of Cetacean Research. [more]

03/02/2009: Community law centres funding cuts
Community law centres fear they will have to cut services due to a funding cut of more than 40 percent. [more]

03/02/2009: Melanoma
Annie Ackerman, executive director of the Melanoma Foundation, was herself diagnosed with the skin cancer in December. [more]

03/02/2009: US Correspondent
Richard Adams is the Washington editor of The Guardian. [more]

03/02/2009: Feature Guest - Frana Cardno
Southland District Mayor and NZ's longest serving mayor currently in office. [more]

03/02/2009: Book Review - 'Audition'
Louise O'Brien reviews 'Audition' by Ryu Murakami. Published by Bloomsbury. [more]

03/02/2009: Business
Business and Economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

03/02/2009: Teenagers and drugs
Paul Dillon is a drug and alcohol educator, and the author of 'Teenagers, Drugs and Alcohol'. [more]

03/02/2009: Media
With commentator Denis Welch. [more]

04/02/2009: Proposed changes to the RMA
The Minister for the Environment Nick Smith has singled out Meridian Energy wind farms as a strong case for reforming the RMA. [more]

04/02/2009: US poised to send 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan
Ray McGovern, who was a CIA analyst for 27 years, under 7 presidents is warning against this, and says it is doomed to fail. [more]

04/02/2009: Making a Difference - Professor Tony Binns
Otago University geography professor who is researching the widespread use of"backyard"agriculture in Sierra Leone. [more]

04/02/2009: Australia correspondent Paul Barclay
Australia correspondent Paul Barclay joins us with the latest news on the Australia heat wave. [more]

04/02/2009: Renowned historian Professor Kerry Howe
Distinguished Professor Kerry Howe has just retired from Massey's School of Social and Cultural Studies at Albany. [more]

04/02/2009: Book review - On Cats New Edition
Michele A'Court reviews On Cats New Edition by Doris Lessing. Published by Fourth Estate. [more]

04/02/2009: Music review with Marty Duda
Marty Duda takes us through his musical picks including artist of the week Marianne Faithfull. [more]

04/02/2009: Law with Catriona Maclennan
Law expert Catriona Maclennan takes us through changes to the Domestic Violence Act. [more]

04/02/2009: Film review with Graham Tuckett
Film reviewer Graham Tuckett tells us his predictions for the Oscars. [more]

05/02/2009: DNA sampling
Inspector Pat Hancock and human rights lawyer Michael Bott talk about the benefits of DNA sampling in catching criminals. [more]

05/02/2009: Education Panel - John Hattie and Frances Nelson
Education professor John Hattie's research shows smaller class sizes and homework have little impact on student achievment. [more]

05/02/2009: Controversial environmental ideas
Professor Strand believes dumping agricultural waste in oceans will minimise CO2 emissions. [more]

05/02/2009: Europe Correspondent
Michael White updates us from the UK. [more]

05/02/2009: Feature Guest - Norah Vincent
Author of"Voluntary Madness"and"Self Made Man." [more]

05/02/2009: Book Review - Girl in a Blue Dress
Written by Gaynor Arnold, published by Allen and Unwin and reviewed by Sonja de Freiz. [more]

05/02/2009: New Technology
With Colin Jackson. [more]

05/02/2009: Feature guest - Professor Bob Hancox
Professor Bob Hancox is the Deputy Director of the Dunedin Longitudinal Study. [more]

05/02/2009: The week that was
With Te Radar and Elisabeth Easther [more]

09/02/2009: Victorian wild fires
Kathryn speaks to some very lucky Victorians who've escaped with their lives but have lost much as well. [more]

09/02/2009: Foster care
Kathryn speaks with two young adults, brought up by foster parents about their experiences growing up. [more]

09/02/2009: Europe correspondent - Seamus Kearney
Kathryn and Seamus talk about the latest goings on and intrigue gripping Europe. [more]

09/02/2009: Feature guest - Christian Schwartz
Kathryn talk to this leading New York based typographer about the many projects he's worked on and the changing face of type. [more]

09/02/2009: Victorian wild fires update
Kathryn speaks to Victorian Red Cross manager Adam Dent about aid efforts and recovery for the many displaced people. [more]

09/02/2009: Book review - Tea Time for the Traditionally Built
Written by Alexander McCall Smith. Published by Little, Brown. Reviewed by Catriona Ferguson. [more]

09/02/2009: Politics with Laila Harre and Matthew Hooton
We plot a chart across the current political landscape with turns to both the right and the left. [more]

09/02/2009: Food and wine
Kate Fraser provides epicurean inspiration and challenge for John Hawkesby's oenological expertise in a match of food to wine. [more]

09/02/2009: A modest proposal or two
David Slack ponders the best way to spend the $500-million awarded to infrastructure spending as economic stimulus. [more]

10/02/2009: Victoria's Fires
Peter Graham, The Mayor of the Indigo Shire says many of the towns in his area have been in the thick of the fire. [more]

10/02/2009: Heart disease
Professor Dan Levy, Framingham Heart Study, Boston. [more]

10/02/2009: Jenny Rose and Heather Tuhoro
Foster parents, their experience. [more]

10/02/2009: US correspondent Jack Hitt
Is welcomed back to Nine to Noon for another year. [more]

10/02/2009: Feature guest - Dalton Fury
Delta Force commander who led the battle of Tora Bora and the hunt for Osama Bin Laden. [more]

10/02/2009: Book Review - The Last Bachelor
By Jay McInerney, published by Bloomsbury and reviewed by John King. [more]

10/02/2009: Rod Oram
Business and economic commentator. [more]

10/02/2009: Ted Ciamillo
Plans to cross Atlantic in a wet submarine. [more]

10/02/2009: Denis Welch
With the media [more]

11/02/2009: Victoria fires
Jennifer Williams is the chief executive of the Royal Alfred Hospital and Phil Koperberg a former Fire Chief. [more]

11/02/2009: Government infrastructure package
Parliament chief reporter Jane Patterson joins us to provide details of the stimulus package. [more]

11/02/2009: Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
The terrible cost of the Victoria bushfires. [more]

11/02/2009: Feature guest - Daniel Tammet
Daniel is a high functioning austistic savant. His new book Embracing the Wide Sky - the enormous potential of your mind. [more]

11/02/2009: Book Review - Land of Marvels
Written by Barry Unsworth. Reviewed by Graham Beattie. Published by Hutchinson. [more]

11/02/2009: Music with Marty Duda
This week Marty looks at the solo work of David Byrne. [more]

11/02/2009: Law
With Wellington Barrister and legal commentator Robert Lithgow. [more]

11/02/2009: Film Review - Graeme Tuckett
Today Graeme reviews the new Tom Cruise film, The Map Reader and Milk. [more]

12/02/2009: Dr Najibullah Lafraie
Mark Taylor, a man holding a NZ passport has been detained trying to enter a remote militant stronghold in Pakistan. [more]

12/02/2009: Harlene Hayne - Brain Hayne
Otago University Professor of Developmental Psychology. [more]

12/02/2009: Clinton Duffy
Great White Sharks in New Zealand. [more]

12/02/2009: Kate Adie
UK correspondent. [more]

12/02/2009: Feature guest - Graeme Downes
Founder and frontman of NZ group, Verlaines. Now senior lecturer at Department of Music at University of Otago . [more]

12/02/2009: Book Review - Fidel and Che
By Simon Reid-Henry, published by Sceptre and reviewed by Penny Ashton. [more]

12/02/2009: New Technology
With Nate Torkington. [more]

12/02/2009: Dick Frizzel
Renowned artist who has made a name for himself with his distinct style influenced by his work in advertising. [more]

12/02/2009: Television Review
With Metro senior writer, Simon Wilson. [more]

12/02/2009: Couch Surfing
Couch Surfing - the new way to see the world on a budget. [more]

13/02/2009: Asthma Foundation - Jane Patterson
Jane Patterson comments on the impact of the low level of access to respiratory physicians. [more]

13/02/2009: Cheap Airfares
Airlines are removing fuel levies thus lowering air ticket prices, Sue Chetwin of Consumer New Zealand comments. [more]

13/02/2009: Pacific Correspondent
Mike Field of Fairfax reports. [more]

13/02/2009: Feature guest - James Boyle
James Boyle has been described as the Godfather of the Free Culture movement. [more]

13/02/2009: Children's Book Review
John McIntyre reviews the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer. [more]

13/02/2009: Music Review - Manu Taylor
Manu reviews Antony and the Johnsons, Loop Record's 'Surfaid' and The Darcy Perry Band. [more]

13/02/2009: Sports
Richard Becht reports on the latest in kiwi sports. [more]

13/02/2009: Week That Was
With Radar and Petra Bagust. [more]

16/02/2009: Project Hayes windfarm DOC backdown
Dave Witherow, Morgan Williams and Cath Wallace join Kathryn. [more]

16/02/2009: Dr Janis Birkeland
Professor Dr Birkeland says that retrofitting existing building is cheaper and more effective than 'carbon neutral' buildings. [more]

16/02/2009: Middle East Correspondent - Anita McNaught
Anita McNaught discusses the political situation in Afghanistan from her London base. [more]

16/02/2009: Feature Guest - President Jose Ramos Horta
President Jose Ramos Horta has spent most of his 59 years either campaigning for his country's freedom or running it. [more]

16/02/2009: Book Review - The Vagrants
Paul Diamond reviews 'The Vagrants' by Yiyun Li. Published by Fourth Estate. [more]

16/02/2009: Politics with Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre
Discussion of DoC and Meridian's deal and the possibility of a Mayor of Greater Auckland. [more]

16/02/2009: Food and wine
Ray McVinnie has the food, John Hawkesby the accompanying wine. [more]

16/02/2009: Tommy Honey - sophist and provocateur
A look at the proposed extensions to the National Library and whether we are embarking on the right infrastructure projects. [more]

17/02/2009: Potential Fisher and Paykel rescue
PM signals Govt. could step in to prevent Fisher and Paykel from collapsing. Kathryn speaks to F and P's MD, John Bonggard. [more]

17/02/2009: NZ Police help with Victoria fires
Kathryn speaks with Senior Sergeant Richard McPhail who's spent the past few days identify victims of the fires. [more]

17/02/2009: Prophylactics against ageing
Are there any? Kathryn talks to Dr Bahman Guyuron about the environmental factors that exacerbate the ravages of time. Dr Guyuron's just completed a study on identical twins to get a comparative on nurture over nature, how environment versus genetics affect one's physical well being and longevity. [more]

17/02/2009: US correspondent - Richard Adams
The Washington editor of The Guardian talks about the impact and effect of the Obama economic stimulus plan and more. [more]

17/02/2009: Feature guest - Peter Ackroyd
The acclaimed writer of books about Dickens, Chaucer and Shakespeare talks about his new one on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. [more]

17/02/2009: Book review - Journal for Jordan
Written by Dana Canedy. Published by Hachette. Reviewed by Harry Broad. [more]

17/02/2009: Business commentary with Rod Oram
Rod talks about a number of topics including the fortunes of Fisher and Paykel with the possibility of a Govt. helping hand. [more]

17/02/2009: Dr Nicholas Rowe
Professor of Dance Studies, Auckland University, dancer, writer, filmmaker and teacher who asks if dance is politically relevant. [more]

17/02/2009: New Media with Russell Brown
Russell talks about the online protest against changes to the NZ copyright act [more]

18/02/2009: The Health Commission Criticizes Head of Men's Clinics
Ron Paterson says a doctor at"The Men's Clinic"came close to exploiting his patients and should have his competency reviewed. [more]

18/02/2009: Australia Correspondent - Paul Barclay
With news from across the ditch. [more]

18/02/2009: Feature Guest - Jenny Morel
Jenny Morel is the Managing Partner and founder of No 8 Ventures, a project that in vests in under-funded technology companies. [more]

18/02/2009: Book Review - Death on the Ice
By Robert Ryan, reviewed by Kate Blackhurst and published by Headline. [more]

18/02/2009: Music with Marty Duda
Marty looks at the works of Roberta Flack. [more]

18/02/2009: Law
With legal commentator Ursula Cheer live from our Christchurch studio. [more]

18/02/2009: Film Review
Graeme Tuckett looks at the very popular film Hunger. [more]

19/02/2009: Helen Gatonyi and Andrew King
Government to shake up rental laws. [more]

19/02/2009: Douglas Higgins
Fate of the children in Gaza. [more]

19/02/2009: Book Review - The Beginner's Guide to Living
By Lia Hills, published by Text Publishing and reviewed by David Hill. [more]

19/02/2009: Matthew Parris
UK correspondent. [more]

19/02/2009: Feature guest - Tusiata Avia
Samoan New Zealand poet and actress, Tusiata Avia speaks to Kathryn about her new book, 'Bloodclot' among other things. [more]

19/02/2009: New Technology
With Colin Jackson, live from Webstock. [more]

19/02/2009: Clothes swaps
Inga Boyd and Emma Williams are the organizers of The Big Shwop in Wellington. [more]

19/02/2009: Simon Wilson
With your television review. [more]

20/02/2009: Rest Home Violence
Violence against caregivers in rest homes and dementia wards is increasing. [more]

20/02/2009: Rest Home Violence (Part 2)
The Nurses Organisation and the Ministry of Health respond to the reports of violence. [more]

20/02/2009: Asia
Asia correspondent Phil O'Sullivan. [more]

20/02/2009: Feature Guest - Wally Lamb
Wally Lamb, author of a fictional book based on the Colombine school shooting. [more]

20/02/2009: Sports
A wrap up of the week in sport with Richard Becht. [more]

20/02/2009: Week That Was
Radar and Pinky Agnew disect the week's news. [more]

23/02/2009: Bill English
The Finance Minister has delivered a warning to public sector heads as they put the finishing touches on their budget bids. [more]

23/02/2009: Greg Turner
Former NZ professional golfer Greg Turner on Danny Lee winning the Johnny Walker Classic in Perth. [more]

23/02/2009: Dr Kim Yates
Acupuncture is being trialled in Auckland hospitals for pain relief. [more]

23/02/2009: Europe Correspondent - Seamus Kearney
Yet more troubles in Ireland, this time economic and economic woes are evident throughout Europe. [more]

23/02/2009: Feature Guest - Richard Bentall
Richard Bentall is critical of simplistic biological theories about mental illness. [more]

23/02/2009: Book Review - A Secret Alchemy
Mary McCallum reviews 'A Secret Alchemy' by Emma Darwin. Published by Headline. [more]

23/02/2009: Politics with Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre
The standing of National and Labour in the public eye and Green Party leadership change. [more]

23/02/2009: Food and wine
Melbourne based French chef Philippe Mouchel has the food, John Hawkesby the supporting wine. [more]

23/02/2009: David Slack
A modest economic proposal or two. [more]

24/02/2009: Green Party Co-leadership
Interview with Jeanette Fitzsimons who is stepping down from her position as Green Party Co-leader. [more]

24/02/2009: Dr Diane Purkiss
Feminist historian on the dumbing down of women's roles in Hollywood films [more]

24/02/2009: Ahmed Ghappour - lawyer for Binyam Mohamed
Binyam Mohamed claims he was tortured into false confessions of terrorism while imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay. [more]

24/02/2009: Feature guest - Jackie Malton
Former British Detective Inspector - Prime Suspect character Jane Tennison is based on her life and work. [more]

24/02/2009: Book Review - The Hidden
Written by Tobias Hill, published by Faber and Faber, and reviewed by Laura Kroetsch. [more]

24/02/2009: Business
With business and economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

24/02/2009: Jazz musician Eric Bibb
Jazz artist Eric Bibb is in NZ for a national tour and the Wellington Jazz Festival. [more]

24/02/2009: Media
With commentator Denic Welch. [more]

25/02/2009: Expectation surrounds job summit
Tina Reid of NZ Voluntary Welfare, Porirua City Councillor Taima Fagaloa, Stephen Matthews of the Motor Trade Association. [more]

25/02/2009: Charitable lawyer Denise Arnold
Denise Arnold is Tauranga lawyer who set up the Cambodia Charitable Trust. [more]

25/02/2009: Australia
The latest from the across The Ditch with correspondent Ray Moynihan. [more]

25/02/2009: Feature guest - Professor Jagdish Bhagwati
Professor of economics at Columbia University, advisor to the UN, WTO, and Indian government. [more]

25/02/2009: Music review with Marty Duda
Patti LaBelle and The Bluebelles: Over The Rainbow, Pressure Cookin', Lady Marmalade, Candlelight. [more]

25/02/2009: Law
With legal commentator Dean Knight. [more]

25/02/2009: Book review - Soul of the Age
Written by Jonathan Bate, published by Viking and reviewed by Quentin Johnson. [more]

25/02/2009: Film review
With film buff and industry expert Graeme Tuckett. [more]

26/02/2009: Bootcamps - do they work?
Managing director and programme director of Youth at Risk Onwards programme Richard Cairns talks about his programme. [more]

26/02/2009: UK correspondent Jon Dennis
For the latest news from the Uk we are joined our correspondent Jon Dennis. [more]

26/02/2009: Book Review - 'Love Me'
Carole Beu reviews Love Me by Gemma Weekes, Published by Chatto and Windus. [more]

26/02/2009: Stolen War Medals - Lord Michael Ashcroft
Lord Michael Ashcroft is in NZ to meet with police over setting up a Crime stoppers tip off phone line here. [more]

26/02/2009: Australian actor and producer Bryan Brown
Bryan Brown is one of the co-stars of Toa Fraser's new movie Dean Spanley. [more]

26/02/2009: New Technology with Colin Jackson
Technology guru Colin Jackson takes us through the latest gadgets and developments in the Technology world. [more]

26/02/2009: Alcohol addiction
Liz Jamieson-Hastings battled alcoholism and is now a respected alcohol counsellor living and working in Auckland. [more]

26/02/2009: Televison Review with Simon Wilson
Metro writer Simon Wilson takes a look at new homegrown TV show Go Girls. [more]

27/02/2009: Job Summit
Laila Harre, Michael Barnett and Rod Carr are attending the Job Summit in Manukau. [more]

27/02/2009: Bootcamps
With Ewen Mackintosh, Peter Maich and Carol Ann Richards. [more]

27/02/2009: Book Review - John McIntyre
John McIntyre reviews 'The Art of Graeme Base' by Julie Watts. Published by Penguin. Graeme Base books are published by Penguin. [more]

27/02/2009: Pacific Correspondent - Mike Field
Mike Field, like much of the country's media, is at the Job Summit. He discusses how this relates to Pacific Islanders. [more]

27/02/2009: Feature Guest - Martin Clunes
British actor, star of Doc Martin, has written a book 'A Dogs Life' based on Mary, his cocker spaniel. [more]

27/02/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
Manu Taylor reviews Seasick Steve, Beirut and all of indiedom on 'Dark Was The Night - A Red Hot Compilation'. [more]

27/02/2009: Sport - Joseph Romanos
It's a busy weekend for sport. [more]

27/02/2009: The Week That Was
Te Radar and Pinky Agnew disect the week's news. [more]

02/03/2009: Concerns over children's cough and cold medicines
UK Medicines Authority warns that 69 cough and cold remedies for children can have serious side effects and may not even work. [more]

02/03/2009: The four day week
Many workers have already faced having to cut back to a four day week without any financial compensation. [more]

02/03/2009: Israel and the Middle East
With correspondent Irris Makler. [more]

02/03/2009: Feature Guest Gary Brain
Former NZSO percussionist turned renowned conducter in Europe. His life took a huge turn following an accident on an airplane. [more]

02/03/2009: Book review - Darwin's Island
Written by Steve Jones, published by Little, Brown and reviewed by Don Rood. [more]

02/03/2009: Politics - Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre
The latest from the political sphere with commentators Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

02/03/2009: Guest Chef - Neil Willman
Cuisine NZ Champions of Cheese master judge, CheeseFest '09. Neil Willman is Australasia's only full time cheese educator. [more]

02/03/2009: Wine with John Hawkesby
Wine commentator John Hawkesby joins us to talk Champagne. [more]

02/03/2009: Tommy Honey - sophist and provocateur
This week Tommy discusses and questions the ways in which we think about our national institutions. [more]

03/03/2009: Elisabeth Wells and Gerard Vaughan
A new Otago University study of 12 thousand young people shows NZ children as young as four are trying alcohol. [more]

03/03/2009: Tom Coppel, Tory Regan and Robin Duff
Bullying of gay students in schools. [more]

03/03/2009: Jack Hitt
Radio New Zealand's US Correspondent. [more]

03/03/2009: Feature guest - Parag Khanna
Parag Khanna featured in People magazine's 2008 Smart List and Esquire's 75 Most Influential People of the 21st Century. [more]

03/03/2009: Book Review - Bone by Bone
By Carol O'Connell, published by Headline and reviewed by Catriona Ferguson. [more]

03/03/2009: Business with Rod Oram
Rod analyzes the job summit held last week in Manukau City. [more]

03/03/2009: Susan Waugh - Seabird scientist
And her quest to save sea birds. [more]

03/03/2009: Media with Denis Welch
Media commentator Denis Welch looks at advertising disguised as news. [more]

04/03/2009: Liquor law review
Simon Power, Minister of Justice is in the studio. [more]

04/03/2009: Super Fund
Adrian Orr, chief executive of the NZ Superannuation Fund. [more]

04/03/2009: Australia Correspondent - Paul Barclay
Australia is beginning to feel the recession and Pauline Hanson is once again attempting a political comeback. [more]

04/03/2009: Feature Guest - Paul Bloom
Paul Bloom is a Professor of psychology at Yale University and has written a book discussing whether the human mind craves gods. [more]

04/03/2009: Book Review - The Missing
Emma Hart reviews 'The Missing' by Tim Gatreaux. Published by Hodder and Stoughton. [more]

04/03/2009: Music Review with Marty Duda
Marty Duda looks at Neko Case's career. Her latest album is called 'Middle Cyclone'. [more]

04/03/2009: Family law
Family law expert Catriona MacLennan discusses what happens with property when relationships end. [more]

04/03/2009: Film
Dan Slevin looks at the latest offerings at the box office - 'Dean Spanley', 'Big Stan' and 'Zack and Miri Make A Porno'. [more]

05/03/2009: Pakistan attacks
BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner gives us an update on the situation in Pakistan. [more]

05/03/2009: Economic and financial crisis - how long will it last?
Jerry L. Jordan was the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland from March 1992 to January 2003. [more]

05/03/2009: Fewer school students playing sport
Garry Carnachan is the executive director, NZ Secondary Schools Sports Council. [more]

05/03/2009: UK correspondent Michael White
Correspondent Michael White joins Nine to Noon to give the latest news update from the UK. [more]

05/03/2009: Blues legend - Otis Taylor
Performing at the Wellington Jazz Festival, Otis will be joined by daughter Cassie Taylor on bass and Jonn Richardson on guitar. [more]

05/03/2009: Book review - Fire and Sword
Crystal Beavis reviews Fire and Sword by Simon Scarrow, Published by Headline. [more]

05/03/2009: New Technology with Nat Torkington
Technology guru Nat Torkington talks us through the latest gadgets hitting the market. [more]

05/03/2009: Physics and the universe with Professor Lawrence Krauss
Professor at the School of Earth and Space Exploration at Arizona State University regarded as a 'rock star' of physics. [more]

05/03/2009: Televison Review with Simon Wilson
Simon Wilson reviews Dancing with the Stars and previews Underbelly. [more]

06/03/2009: The most stylish man in the world
Is Prince Charles, as voted by one of Britain's trendier mens magazines. [more]

06/03/2009: Aaron Amor
Was sacked from WINZ not revealing historic convictions. [more]

06/03/2009: John Reid
Sport in schools. [more]

06/03/2009: The Stand up who sits down
Rock 'n Roll nerd - Comedian attempting to make it as a rock star. [more]

06/03/2009: Phil O'Sullivan
Asia Correspndent. [more]

06/03/2009: Feature guest - Jack Lasenby
Finalist in NZ Post Book Awards in Junior Fiction category for"Old Drumble". [more]

06/03/2009: Trail of Crumbs: Hunger, Love and the Search for Home
By Kim Sunee, published by Grand Central Publishing and reviewed by Gail Pittaway. [more]

06/03/2009: Daivd Bain re-trail
Radio New Zealands Matthew Peddie with the latest from Chrischurch. [more]

06/03/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
Don McGlashan is todays feature artist. [more]

06/03/2009: Richard Becht
With the sport. [more]

06/03/2009: The week that was
With Te Radar and Gemma Gracewood [more]

09/03/2009: Judith Sleavin - Ten Degrees of Reckoning
Sleavin has established the Sleavin Family Foundation to promote maritime safety through educational programmes. [more]

09/03/2009: Cadbury is trying to make chocolate Greener
Cadbury is researching a change to dairy cows diet to reduce carbon emmissions via cows belching. [more]

09/03/2009: Europe Correspondent
Seamus Kearney reports from Lyon, France. [more]

09/03/2009: Feature Guest - Thomas Buergenthal
Auschwitz survivor and author of"A Lucky Child". [more]

09/03/2009: Book Review -"The Last Dickens"
Kate Blackhurst reviews"The Last Dickens"by Matthew Pearl. [more]

09/03/2009: Politics
Talking politics with Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

09/03/2009: Guest Chef and Wine
Recipes from Jeremy Jones and wine choices from Stephen Morris. [more]

09/03/2009: A Modest Proposal or Two
David Slack talks about a national bikeway. [more]

10/03/2009: Underbelly - The Mr Asia Story
Veteran investigative journalist Pat Booth has taken a strong stance on the Television dramatisation of the Mr Asia story. [more]

10/03/2009: Underbelly - The Mr Asia Story (Part 2)
Roger Beaumont Director of Marketing and Communications at TV3 responds to Pat Booth. [more]

10/03/2009: Death of Parents
Basia Bonkowski has just written a book about the last days of her mother's life. [more]

10/03/2009: Washington DC correspondent
Richard Adams from Washington DC. [more]

10/03/2009: Feature Guest - Najib Lafreie
Najib Lafreie lectures in political studies at Otago University. [more]

10/03/2009: Book Review - 'Valley of Grace'
Anne Buchanan reviews 'Valley of Grace' by Marion Halligan. Published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

10/03/2009: Business
Business and economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

10/03/2009: Green Economics
Brian Clegg, British science writer and author of 'Eco-Logic: The Truth and Lies of Green Economics'. [more]

10/03/2009: Media
Denis Welch discusses the changing climate for public broadcasting in New Zealand. [more]

11/03/2009: Mr Asia drug ring continued
Kathryn talks to a Mother who says her family was ripped apart by the Mr Asia drug ring. [more]

11/03/2009: ACC Restructuring
The government is preparing to make significant changes to the way ACC is run and funded. [more]

11/03/2009: Australia Correspondent
Ray Monihan with news form across the Tasman. [more]

11/03/2009: Feature Guest - Jordan Belfort
The author of 'Catching the Wolf of Wall Street' he also served 22 months prison for securities fraud and stock manipulation. [more]

11/03/2009: Book Review - 'Leaving the World'
By Douglas Kennedy, published by Hutchinson, reviewed by Rae McGregor. [more]

11/03/2009: Music Review with Marty Duda
The artist of the week is Nat King Cole. [more]

11/03/2009: Law Issues
With employment lawyer and crown solicitor, Andrew Scott-Howman. [more]

11/03/2009: Film Review
Graeme Tuckett looks at Watchmen and The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas. [more]

11/03/2009: Crash
Emergency services have described a crash that killed four people in Auckland as among the most horrific they've dealt with. [more]

12/03/2009: Banking loan break fees
As the official cash rate falls again this morning the banking ombudsman is flooded with complaints about banks loan fees. [more]

12/03/2009: Stem cell research
David M Scadden is the co-director of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute. [more]

12/03/2009: The Wiggles
Sam, the new Wiggle tells us about being a member of the most successful kids entertainers in the world. [more]

12/03/2009: UK Correspondent - Matthew Paris
Northern Ireland sees a renewal of violence. [more]

12/03/2009: Feature guest - Titewhai Harawira
The veteran Maori activist Titewhai Harawira, one of the country's true characters, reflects on her life. [more]

12/03/2009: Book review - The To Do List
Written by Mike Gayle, reviewed by Dan Slevin and published by Hodder and Stoughton. [more]

12/03/2009: New Technology
Nat Torkington talks about Ebooks. [more]

12/03/2009: Parenting
With parenting guru, author and clinical psychologist Nigel Latta. [more]

12/03/2009: Televison Review
With Simon Wilson. [more]

13/03/2009: RBNZ on Official cash reserve announcement
Governor of Reserve Bank of New Zealand Alan Bollard. [more]

13/03/2009: The property market
Mike Elford, President of Real Estate Institute of NZ, and Chief Executive, Harcourts NZ Brian Thompson. [more]

13/03/2009: One Tree Hill College art collection
Comments from Principal, Iva Ropati and former art teacher Wallace Crossman. [more]

13/03/2009: Pacific correspondent
Mike Field brings us News from the Pacific region. [more]

13/03/2009: Keeping kids in education
Feature guest today is Stuart Middleton from Manukau Institute of Technology. [more]

13/03/2009: Children's Book Review
John McIntyre reviews three new childrens books. [more]

13/03/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
Three new album releases reviewed by Manu. [more]

13/03/2009: Sport
Richard Becht with the low down on this weeks sport News. [more]

13/03/2009: Week That Was
With Radar and Michele A'Court. [more]

16/03/2009: Bullying in schools
David Rutherford a Lower Hutt lawyer and spokesperson for the parents of children bullied at Hutt Valley High School. [more]

16/03/2009: Sexual predators online
A new police unit is being formed to boost the fight against online sexual predators targeting New Zealand children. [more]

16/03/2009: Africa correspondent - Michael Hamlyn
A new leader for South Africa. [more]

16/03/2009: Feature guest - Professor Matthew During
New Zealand scientist at the absolute forefront of research into gene treatment for obesity. [more]

16/03/2009: Book Review - The Great Lover
Written by Jill Dawson, reviewed by Harry Ricketts and published by Sceptre. [more]

16/03/2009: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

16/03/2009: Tommy Honey
Sophist and provocateur asks Do we need a Government Architect and what would they do? [more]

16/03/2009: Food and wine
With guest chef Peter Thornley and wine expert John Hawkesby. [more]

16/03/2009: Private Prisons 2
The NZ government is considering bringing in private prison managers to run our maximum security prisons. [more]

16/03/2009: Private Prisons
A look at how private prisons are run in Australia, staff training and officer to prisoner ratios. [more]

17/03/2009: Govt to scrap regional petrol tax
Chairman of the Auckland Regional Council, Mike Lee, with his reaction on Govt's plan to scrap regional petrol tax. [more]

17/03/2009: Liver Cancer
The are growing rates of liver cancer and NZ's numbers are predicted to double in the next 20 years. [more]

17/03/2009: US issues
Kathryn talks to our U.S. correspondant Jack Hitt. [more]

17/03/2009: Feature Guest - Lewis Pugh
Pioneering long distance swimmer, who has swam the world's coldest stretches of water to raise awareness about the environment. [more]

17/03/2009: Book Review - The Girl on the Landing
By Paul Torday, Published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, $38.99 ISBN 9780297855330, reviewed bty Graham Beattie. [more]

17/03/2009: Business with Rod Oram
Kathryn talks to Business and Economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

17/03/2009: Cathy Kelly
Irish author of 11 novels, swapped journalism and then five years as an agony aunt for writing contemporary fiction. [more]

17/03/2009: Media with Dennis Welch
Kathryn talks with Dennis Welch about the media. [more]

18/03/2009: Housing NZ managers details revealed to the Mongrel Mob
Fats is from the Mongrel Mob, he thinks the story has been blown out of all proportion. [more]

18/03/2009: Report on Steven Wallace's shooting released
Assistant Police Commissioner Viv Rickard and Greg O'Connor of the Police Association comment. [more]

18/03/2009: Christine Richmond on how to teach difficult students
Christine Richmond is the keynote speaker at Ministry of Education Behaviour Summit. [more]

18/03/2009: Best scholarship exam student in the country - Emily Adlam
Emily Adlam shares her secret to success in learning. [more]

18/03/2009: Feature guest - Azar Nafisi
Iranian academic and writer, now residing in the United States. [more]

18/03/2009: Book Review - 'Drood'
Quentin Johnson reviews 'Drood' by Dan Simmons. Published by Quercus. [more]

18/03/2009: Music - Marty Duda
Artist Of The Week is The Supremes. [more]

18/03/2009: Legal commentator
Jonathon Krebs is a Napier based barrister. [more]

18/03/2009: Film review
Graeme Tuckett reviews new films. [more]

19/03/2009: Dr James Faed and Noela Vallis
Clinical trials into use of stem cells for treating spinal injuries. [more]

19/03/2009: Melissa Wardlaw on the three strikes law
Melissa Wardlaw is an Attorney in the Public Defenders office is Santa Clara County, California. California has a 3 strikes law. [more]

19/03/2009: UK correspondent Michael White
A man is freed after 27 years in jail; the state of UK banks; and the "hospital of death". [more]

19/03/2009: Feature guest - Anthony John
26 year old Anthony John has just come out of almost a year in rehab for his gambling addiction. [more]

19/03/2009: Book Review - First Touch of Light
By Ruth Pettis, published by Penguin NZ and reviewed by Mary McCallum. [more]

19/03/2009: New Technology
With Colin Jackson. [more]

19/03/2009: Gabriel Weston
Young British surgeon and author of Direct Red which is based on what it is like to be a surgeon in a city hospital. [more]

19/03/2009: Television Review
With Simon Wilson. [more]

20/03/2009: Police deal over missing camera
Joining Nine to Noon is Police Commissioner Howard Broad and Auckland criminal lawyer John Billington. [more]

20/03/2009: A Nelson primary school shows dramatic change
Mark Brown is the prinicipal of Victory Primary School, which recently moved from decile two to three. [more]

20/03/2009: Phil O'Sullivan
The Tibetan uprising was one year ago. [more]

20/03/2009: Feature guest - Sir Ken Robinson
Sir Ken Robinson is a British creativity expert who challenges the way we're educating our children. [more]

20/03/2009: Book Review - UFO in her Eyes
By Xiaolu Guo, published by Chatto and Windus and reviewed by John King. [more]

20/03/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
This week Manu brings you, Morrissey, Marianne Faithfull and Lily Frost. [more]

20/03/2009: Sport with Richard Becht
The Black Caps have another day in the field against India while the White Ferns book a place in World Cup final. [more]

20/03/2009: The week that was
Radar and Elisabeth Easther give you a light hearted look at the week. [more]

23/03/2009: 9 Day Fortnight
The National Govt scheme begins this Friday. [more]

23/03/2009: New York Free Store
An art exhibition with a difference. Everything in the shop was free. [more]

23/03/2009: European Correspondent
Has Austria done enough soul searching? Plus, one Italian city takes on the Mafia. [more]

23/03/2009: Feature Guest - Dr Eric Martinot
How much progress has been made on a shift to renewable resources especially in energy hungry countries? [more]

23/03/2009: Book Review - The Kindly Ones
Written by Jonathan Littell. Published by Chatto and Windus. Reviewed by David Hill. [more]

23/03/2009: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

23/03/2009: Food and wine
A versatile tart recipe with wine to match. [more]

23/03/2009: David Slack
A Modest Proposal or Two. [more]

24/03/2009: Banks put up long term fixed mortgages
Bernard Hickey is managing editor of interest rates monitoring website . [more]

24/03/2009: Addiction specialist - how the brains of addicts work
Dr Jeff Dalley is a lecturer and researcher at Cambridge University in the UK studying addiction. [more]

24/03/2009: US correspondent Kevin Baker
NY author and columnist Kevin Baker joins Kathryn to give an update on the latest news from the US. [more]

24/03/2009: Blind explorer - Mark Pollock
Mark Pollock lost his sight 11 years ago, he shares his story of being the first blind person to reach the South Pole. [more]

24/03/2009: Book Review - Dirty Money
Ralph McAllister reviews Dirty Money by Richard Stark. Published by Quercus. [more]

24/03/2009: Business with Rod Oram
Business and Economic commentator Rob Oram has the latest news from the business sector. [more]

24/03/2009: Media with Denis Welch
Media commentator Denis Welch reviews TV One's Sunday morning news show. [more]

24/03/2009: Wheelchair bound Wanaka pilot
Barry Cardno shares his story of how a wheelchair and endless amounts of red tape hasn't stopped him following his dream. [more]

25/03/2009: Cancer waiting times
Chris Atkinson A senior oncologist at Christchurch Hospital and Tony Ryall the health Minister. [more]

25/03/2009: Animal Rights in New Zealand
Peter Sankoff Senior lecturer at Faculty of Law, University of Auckland with special interest in animal law. [more]

25/03/2009: Australia correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Biker gang violence in Sydney and Canberra and Pauline Hanson naked. [more]

25/03/2009: Feature guest - George F Smoot
Nobel prize winning astrophysicist, active researcher in observational astrophysics and cosmology. [more]

25/03/2009: Book review - Wars Without End
Written by Danny Keenan, reviewed by Paul Diamond and Published by Penguin NZ. [more]

25/03/2009: Music - Marty Duda
Artist Of The Week is Buddy Holly. [more]

25/03/2009: Helen Clark announcement
Rumours of an announcement regarding the future of the ex-prime minister are rife around parliament today. [more]

25/03/2009: Law
Professor John Burrows QC looks at privacy legislation. [more]

25/03/2009: Film - Dan Slevin
Duplicity, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Notorious. [more]

25/03/2009: Auckland governance - supercity
Is becoming a supercity the best way forward for Ak? The Royal Commission report is with the govt and will soon be made public. [more]

26/03/2009: Marley and Me
Author John Grogan talks about his new book. [more]

26/03/2009: UK correspondent
Our correspondent Jon Dennis looks at whether the UK can trade its way out of the recession and the death of Jane Goody. [more]

26/03/2009: Aging disgracefully - Irma Kurtz
Irma Kurtz, Cosmo magazine agony aunt and author of a book on 'getting old'. [more]

26/03/2009: Book review - Sectioned
Sonja de Freiz reviews 'Sectioned' by John O'Donoghue. Published by John Murray. [more]

26/03/2009: New technology
The invention of the 'Difference Engine'. Was it the precursor to the computer? [more]

26/03/2009: Parenting
Gaining our children's respect. [more]

26/03/2009: Television review
Simon Wilson reviews True Blood. An American tv drama series created and produced by Alan Ball. [more]

27/03/2009: Helen Clark appointed to UNDP
Farhan Haq is a spokesperson for UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. [more]

27/03/2009: Colin Keating on Helen Clark's new appointment
Colin Keating is New Zealand's former ambassador to the UN. [more]

27/03/2009: More people are being diagnosed with HIV
Rachael Le Mesurier is the executive director of the NZ AIDS Foundation. [more]

27/03/2009: Jason White: Frugal Dad
Check out his website, [more]

27/03/2009: Pacific Correspondent
With Mike Field from Fairfax. [more]

27/03/2009: Feature guest - Robert Baer
Robert Baer is a former CIA operative, considered world expert on middle east Intelligence. [more]

27/03/2009: Children's Book Review with John McIntyre
Today's books: The Duck in the Gun, The Forgotten Taniwha and Piggity Wiggity Jiggity Jig Goes to Dad's Cafe. [more]

27/03/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
Manu's picks: Taylor Swift, Rosy Tin Teacaddy and Samsom Nacey Haines Trio. [more]

27/03/2009: Sport with Martin Devlin
This week Cricket, can Black Caps bat out till tea. [more]

27/03/2009: The Week That Was
With Radar and Pinky Agnew. [more]

29/03/2009: Auckland supercity
David Wilson peer reviewed the economic development section of the super city report. [more]

30/03/2009: Sentencing of child pornography offenders
There is a low rate of imprisonment for offenders. [more]

30/03/2009: ABC of Kiwi food
Jane Hingston delves into the history of Kiwiana food. [more]

30/03/2009: Middle East correspondent
Israel will form a government this week. [more]

30/03/2009: Feature guest - Dave Fane
Dave has acted in a number of kiwi tv series and movies. Currently in the new comedy Diplomatic Immunity. [more]

30/03/2009: Book review - Kill Khalid
Phil Vine reviews, 'Kill Khalid' by Paul McGeough. Published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

30/03/2009: Politics
Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre discuss the politics of the day. [more]

30/03/2009: Food and wine
Healthy salads and wine to match. [more]

30/03/2009: Sophist and provocateur
Tommy Honey talks about prefabs. [more]

30/03/2009: The Topp Twins
Jools and Lynda Topp have performed around the world as an original country-music comedy duo for more than 25 years. [more]

31/03/2009: Garth McVicar
Augustine Borrell's murderer was on bail. Garth McVicar is the head of the Sensible Sentencing Trust. [more]

31/03/2009: Dr Rod Carr - Vice Chancellor of the University of Canterbury
New Zealand graduates are the lowest paid in the developed world. [more]

31/03/2009: Fiona Samuel
Writer and director of 'Piece of My Heart' - a TV drama about what happened to unwed mothers in the 1960's in New Zealand. [more]

31/03/2009: US correspondent - Jack Hitt
US President Barrack Obama this morning promised he would not allow America's motor industry to vanish. [more]

31/03/2009: Feature guest - Irene Pepperberg
Alex and Me - The scientist and the bird that changed the way we think about animal intelligence. [more]

31/03/2009: Book Review - The Mao Case
By Qiu Xiaolong, published by Sceptre and reviewed by Jane Westaway. [more]

31/03/2009: Business
With business and economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

31/03/2009: Media
Denis Welch. [more]

01/04/2009: Helen Clark
Her appointment as head of the United Nations Development Programme has just been confirmed by the UN. [more]

01/04/2009: breakfast in schools
Sara Williams is Red Cross National Community Manager is in charge the breakfast in schools programme. [more]

01/04/2009: Australia correspndent - Ray Moynihan
Kevin Rudd, China and free trips for aussie MPs. [more]

01/04/2009: Feature guests - Neil and Liam Finn
Father and son at forefront of NZ music scene are now making music together. [more]

01/04/2009: Book Review - The Rest is Noise
Written by Alex Ross, reviewed by Phil Smith, Published by Fourth Estate. [more]

01/04/2009: Music with Marty Duda
Artist Of The Week is Hall and Oates [more]

01/04/2009: Law
Dean Knight talks about the legal issues surrounding the royal honours list. [more]

01/04/2009: Film - Dan Slevin
The comeback movie for Mickey Rourke and The world cinema showcase. [more]

02/04/2009: Bill English
The Finance Minister talks about the state of the economy as interest rates rising despite lower official cash rates. [more]

02/04/2009: Dr Andrew West and Frank Brenmuhl
Plans for a merger between the Crown Research Institute, Agresearch and Lincoln University. [more]

02/04/2009: UK correspondent - Michael White
Violence in London as the G20 summit is due to begin tomorrow. [more]

02/04/2009: Feature guest - Rupert Isaacson
Author of new book, The Horse Boy - about his journeys to Mongolia and experiences with his autistic son. [more]

02/04/2009: Book Review - Dead People's Music
Written by Sarah Laing, reviewed by Carole Beu and published by Vintage. [more]

02/04/2009: New Technology - Colin Jackson
The governments new ultra broadband scheme for New Zealand may eliminate data caps for many users. [more]

02/04/2009: Wayne Brady
US comedian, best known here as a star of American TV improv show, Whose Line Is It Anyway? [more]

02/04/2009: Television - Simon Wilson
The weeks best and worst on the small screen this week. House and Mad Men. [more]

02/04/2009: Dame Margaret Bazley
Will a new Auckland supercity model cure the regions social problems? [more]

03/04/2009: Rob Hamill
Rowing great Rob Hamill's brother was captured and killed by The Khmer Rouge in 1978. [more]

03/04/2009: Asia correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
Khmer Rouge trials begin in Cambodia 30 years after the horrors of year zero. [more]

03/04/2009: Feature guest - Steve Coogan
British comedian has built an acting career playing losers and misfits he's also taking the film industry by storm. [more]

03/04/2009: Book Review - The Winter Vault
Written by Anne Michaels, reviewed by Louise O'Brien and published by Bloomsbury. [more]

03/04/2009: Music - Manu Taylor
Madeleine Peyroux, Tama Waipara, Sacred Shakers [more]

03/04/2009: Sport
With Joseph Romanos. [more]

03/04/2009: Week That Was
With Radar and Irene Pink. [more]

06/04/2009: Paul Rogers
Security expert Paul Rogers joins us with his analysis of the state of North Korea's weapons programme. [more]

06/04/2009: Downturn in the global recycling market
Warren Snow-Sustainability and waste consultant, Mike Mendonca- Wellington City Council and Bruce Gledhill. [more]

06/04/2009: Europe Correspondent - Seamus Kearney
Barack Obama makes his first speech on the world stage. [more]

06/04/2009: Feature guest - Sam Mendes
Acclaimed British theatre who successfully made the transition to film, with American Beauty winning 5 Oscars. [more]

06/04/2009: Book review - The Flying Troutmans
Written by Miriam Toews, reviewed by Laura Kroetsch and Published by Faber and Faber. [more]

06/04/2009: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre [more]

06/04/2009: Food and wine
With guest chef Paul Jobin and wine commentator John Hawkesby. [more]

06/04/2009: David Slack
A Modest Proposal or Two. [more]

06/04/2009: Business - Rod Oram
The economic and business implications of the Auckland supercity model. [more]

07/04/2009: National education standards
Education Minister Anne Tolley and President of the Primary Teachers Union Frances Nelson. [more]

07/04/2009: Geoff Mulgan - Social Innovation
Director of Policy at 10 Downing Street for Tony Blair. He's also one of Gordon Brown's former advisors. [more]

07/04/2009: US correspondent - Richard Adams
President Obama aims to reform climate change policy and draft a nuclear weapons treaty. [more]

07/04/2009: Feature guest - Stephen Jennings
A kiwi / Russian billionaire. In NZ to deliver the Sir Ronald Trotter lecture at Te Papa. [more]

07/04/2009: Book Review - Women's Murder Club
Written by James Patterson, reviewed by Crystal Beavis and Published by Century. [more]

07/04/2009: Meg Daley Olmert
The biology of the human animal bond. [more]

07/04/2009: Media - Denis Welch
TVNZ's purchase of the rights to TiVo. [more]

07/04/2009: John Banks, Tony Mayow and Arthur Anae
Auckland City mayor, a Manukau City councilor and Chairman of the Waitakere Trust discuss super city plans. [more]

08/04/2009: Lou Ureneck
The US newspaper industry is in crisis with many high quality publications going bankrupt. [more]

08/04/2009: Professor Ian McLennan
Differences between men and women may come down to a single hormone. [more]

08/04/2009: Australia correspondent - Paul Barclay
Broadband infrastructure is news in Australia as in New Zealand. [more]

08/04/2009: Feature guest - Gavin Bishop
Childrens author and illustrator, his latest book is a finalist in the NZ Post Book Awards in the non fiction category. [more]

08/04/2009: Book Review - Gone Tomorrow
Written by Lee Child, reviewed by Gail Pittaway and Published by Bantam Press. [more]

08/04/2009: Music - Marty Duda
The artist of theweek is The Killers. [more]

08/04/2009: Law
Andrew Scott-Howman talks about the legal implications of Twitter in the workplace. [more]

08/04/2009: Film - Linda Burgess
Chick flicks. [more]

09/04/2009: The price tag caused by abuse of alcohol and drugs
With Ganesh Nana, Katie Sadlier, Gerard Vaughan and Barbara Phillips. [more]

09/04/2009: Judge Carolyn Henwood
Chairs a Confidential Listening and Assistance Service looking into possible abuse in state care institutions. [more]

09/04/2009: UK correspondent - Kate Adie
The metropolitan police are in trouble over a security breach. [more]

09/04/2009: Feature guest - Lord Jeffrey Archer
Lord Archer has penned a fictional account of Mallory and Irvine's fatal Everest expedition on 1924. [more]

09/04/2009: Childrens Book Review
John McIntyre gives a tribute to Douglas Keen, editorial director of Ladybird Books. [more]

09/04/2009: New technology - Nat Torkington
Nat talks to Kathryn about the Internet meshing with the real world mapping, location based services, and more. [more]

09/04/2009: Parenting - Diane Levy
Family Therapist, Parenting Coach and author on how and when to let your children take risks and do new things. [more]

09/04/2009: Week That Was
With Radar and Gemma Gracewood. [more]

14/04/2009: Violence in New Zealand
A new international human rights report is highly critical of New Zealand's attempts to eliminate domestic violence. [more]

14/04/2009: US Correspondent
News from the USA with our correspondent Jack Hitt. [more]

14/04/2009: Feature guest - Paul Potts
Paul Potts is a British tenor who shot to international stardom in 2007 after winning UK television show, Britian's Got Talent. [more]

14/04/2009: Book review - 'An Illustrated History of Maori Rugby'
'Beneath the Maori Moon: Maori Rugby an Illustrated History' by Malcolm Mulholland. Published by Huia. [more]

14/04/2009: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

14/04/2009: Guest chef
Lauraine Jacobs talks about seasonal produce with recipes for Figs. John Hawkesby discusses wines to suit. [more]

14/04/2009: Media
With media commentator Denis Welch. [more]

15/04/2009: Comment on Fiji situation
Former Fijian Land Forces Commander Jone Baledrokadroka and Pacific Studies expert Jon Fraenkel from Australian National Uni. [more]

15/04/2009: Shortage of Pathologists in the NZ
The effect that could have on patient care. Comments from Dr Debra Graves and Dr Paul Okleford. [more]

15/04/2009: Australian correspondent
Paul Barclay reports on news across the Tasman. [more]

15/04/2009: Feature Guest - Robert Costanza
Costanza shot to prominence in 1997 when he estimated the annual net worth of the biosphere - 33 trillion US dollars. [more]

15/04/2009: Music review
Marty Duda's artist of the week is Depeche Mode. [more]

15/04/2009: Book review - 'The Lost Life'
Anne Buchanan reviews 'The Lost Life' by Steven Carroll. Published by HarperCollins. [more]

15/04/2009: Legal commentator
Family Law expert Catriona MacLennan discusses ongoing efforts to solve custody battles. [more]

15/04/2009: Film review
Graeme Tuckett discusses the latest cinema offerings - Tony Manero, Trouble the Water and The Boat that Rocked. [more]

16/04/2009: Fiji
The tourism industry in Fiji is under threat as the assault on the freedom of the press continues. [more]

16/04/2009: David Strahan
Our reliance on oil and the beginning of a global response to replacing our addiction to fossil fuels with green energy. [more]

16/04/2009: Dickson Despommier talks vertical farming
Dickson Despommier is an environmental health professor at Columbia University. [more]

16/04/2009: Matthew Parris - UK correspondent
Matthew Parris - UK correspondent. [more]

16/04/2009: Feature guests - Phil and Israel Cooper
Father and son who escaped from the Cooperites sect. [more]

16/04/2009: Book Review - The Italian Wedding
By Nicky Pellegrino, published by Orion and reviewed by Graham Beattie. [more]

16/04/2009: Tony Veitch trial
Reporter Laura Davis on the sentencing of Tony Veitch. [more]

16/04/2009: New technology with Colin Jackson
Does technology change language? [more]

16/04/2009: Script and Scribble
Kitty Burns Florey, author who laments the loss of handwriting skills. [more]

16/04/2009: Television with Simon Wilson
TV art and books shows. [more]

17/04/2009: Tony Veitch case
The former TVNZ broadcaster yesterday pleaded guilty to one charge, of injuring with reckless disregard. [more]

17/04/2009: Clutha dam project
Contact Energy has announced it will proceed with discussions for another hydro electric dam on the Clutha River in Otago. [more]

17/04/2009: Pacific correspondent Mike Field
Mike Field discusses the latest from Fiji. [more]

17/04/2009: Response to Pacific correspondent Mike Field's comments
RNZ International response to Pacific correspondent Mike Field's comments on media permits in Fiji. [more]

17/04/2009: Feature Guest - Rob Moodie
Global health expert warns that the economic crisis will have a devestating effect on people's health in developing countries. [more]

17/04/2009: Book Review
Rae McGregor reviews Ransom by David Malouf. [more]

17/04/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
Jacqui Fitzgerald, The Eastern and Bruce Springsteen. [more]

17/04/2009: Sports
Sports commentator Martin Devlin wraps up the week in sport. [more]

17/04/2009: Week that Was
Radar and Elisabeth Easther look at the light side of the news. [more]

20/04/2009: Fertility treatment price plans
Fertility associates offers new flat fee scheme pay for 3 cycles up front, and get 70% of your money back if there is no baby. [more]

20/04/2009: Gluten intolerance
Jessica Maxwell suffered from migraines and poor health for years before adopting a gluten free diet and a return to top health. [more]

20/04/2009: Talking to plants
James Rudoni of the Royal Horticultural Society on why it's investigating whether speaking to plants works. [more]

20/04/2009: Europe correspondent - Seamus Kearney
Russia and Czech Republic news. [more]

20/04/2009: Feature guest - Jon Tanner
Head of Organics New Zealand, discusses what has gone wrong with the world's food supply. [more]

20/04/2009: Book review - Grey Ghosts
'Grey Ghosts' by Deborah Challinor. Published by HarperCollins. Reviewed by Don Rood. [more]

20/04/2009: Politics
With commentators Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

20/04/2009: Food and wine
Food: Quintin Quider (Owner/winemaker of Wild Earth Wines in Central Otago). Wine: John Hawesby. [more]

20/04/2009: Tommy Honey
The Sophist and provocateur discusses unusual prefabs. [more]

21/04/2009: Fiji - the legal system
Sir Thomas Eichelbaum, former Fiji Court of Appeal judge and former Chief Justice of Aotearoa gives his perspective. [more]

21/04/2009: Lexus Song Quest
Siegfried Jerusalem, German tenor and judge of this year's competition talks about the contenders, Wagner and judgement. [more]

21/04/2009: US correspondent - Richard Adams
Washington DC editor of The Guardian, joins us for an update on the Summit of the Americas and US relations with its neighbours. [more]

21/04/2009: Feature interview - Alain de Botton
A philosopher of everyday life, Alain ponders our work lives versus our work beings. [more]

21/04/2009: Book review - The Last American Man
Written by Elizabeth Gilbert. Published by Bloomsbury. Reviewed by Quentin Johnson. [more]

21/04/2009: Business with Rod Oram
An insight into business and economics, supply and demand, good times and bad in Aotearoa. [more]

21/04/2009: A Lion Called Christian
John Rendall and Anthony 'Ace' Bourke brought up a lion cub named Christian in their London flat in the 60's. [more]

21/04/2009: Media commentator - Denis Welch
A weekly look at stories and issues in the media including the Tony Veitch case. [more]

21/04/2009: Fiji - UN condemnation
UN Security Council president and Mexico's UN ambassador, Claude Heller condemns the regime's disdain for legal democratic rule. [more]

22/04/2009: NZ defence review
Dr Lance Beath is Senior lecturer at Military Studies Institute and Senior Lecturer at Victoria Uni School of Government. [more]

22/04/2009: Ernie Buutveld
The NZ defence review includes a proposal for a military gap year for young people. [more]

22/04/2009: Steve Sawyer
The head of the global wind energy council on what the prospect is of this energy source has of becoming mainstream. [more]

22/04/2009: Australia Correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Refugee immigration issues are debated as asylum seekers boat explodes. [more]

22/04/2009: Feature guest - Maggie Kemp
South Auckland great-grandmother on dialysis 10 hours a day, who's working full time as a community health worker. [more]

22/04/2009: Music - with Marty Duda
The artist of the week is Tony Joe White [more]

22/04/2009: Book Review - A Reliable Wife
Written by Robert Goolrick, reviewed by Emma Hart and Published by Hachette. [more]

22/04/2009: Law
Robert Lithgow, Wellington barrister talks about the legalities of state violence against citizens after the G20. [more]

22/04/2009: Film - Graeme Tuckett
Reviews of The Grocer's Son and The Men's Group. [more]

23/04/2009: Economic deterioration
Economist Brian Easton and Business New Zealand economist John Pask. [more]

23/04/2009: Volunteering
Tim Burns -Executive Director of Volunteering NZ, Maureen Pitman and Te Arikirangi Mamaku. [more]

23/04/2009: Professor Dianne Brunton
Bellbird song - new research has discovered how the females are very aggressive to neighboring females. [more]

23/04/2009: UK correspondent - Jon Dennis
The delivery of United Kingdom's budget with Economic woes and rising unemployment. [more]

23/04/2009: Feature guest - Billy Apple
Kiwi artist talks about his life since returning home. [more]

23/04/2009: Book Review - 100 New Zealand Poems About Animals
Edited by Siobhan Harvey, reviewed by David Hill and Published by Godwit. [more]

23/04/2009: New Technology - Colin Jackson
The energy costs of computers and the Internet. [more]

23/04/2009: Parenting - Nigel Latta
Avoiding the spoiling of children. [more]

23/04/2009: Television - Linda Burgess
Reviews Dancing With the Stars and Skins. [more]

24/04/2009: Allan Hampton and Duncan Powell
Coroner's report into death of teenager Geoffrey Hampton has been released. [more]

24/04/2009: Brendan O'Carroll
Lost in Libya - Documentary on kiwi soldiers who were part of covert missions in the Libyan desert. [more]

24/04/2009: Phil O'Sullivan
Asia correspondent. [more]

24/04/2009: Feature guest - Stephen Greenspan
Psychologist who was about to publish a book on human gullibility. [more]

24/04/2009: Book Review - Walking in Light
By Kelvin Cruickshank, published by Penguin and reviewed by Sonja de Freiz. [more]

24/04/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
This week Manu brings you music from Diana Krall, Alan Broadbent, Frank Gibson, Putter Smith and Lawrence Arabia. [more]

24/04/2009: Joseph Romanos
Sports correspondent. [more]

24/04/2009: Week that was
With Te Radar and Michele A'Court [more]

26/04/2009: Off The Beaten Track with Kennedy Warne
The outdoorsman, adventurer, travel journalist and photographer introduces his new fortnightly feature. [more]

27/04/2009: Swine flu and fears of a pandemic
Professor John Oxford, Professor of Virology at Barts and The London, Queen Mary's School of Medicine. [more]

27/04/2009: Wellington Town Belt - creche stoush
There is controversy on the possibility of a creche relocating to Wellington's Green Belt. [more]

27/04/2009: Middle East correspondent - Irris Mackler
News of Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and imprisoned journalist, Roxana Saberi as well as the Israeli-Palestinian divide. [more]

27/04/2009: Feature guest - Lorraine Smith
Lorraine Smith tells us why she came to law so late in the game, and why she doesn't shy away from the tough cases. [more]

27/04/2009: Book review - The Truth About Melody Brown
Catriona Ferguson reviews The Truth About Melody Brown by Lisa Jewell. Published by Century. [more]

27/04/2009: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

27/04/2009: Guest Chef Kate Fraser
The editor of 'Zest' in the Christchurch Press on Wild Duck and roast vegatable salad; with wine commentator John Hawkesby. [more]

27/04/2009: Dr David Katz
On the link between sleep and colds, getting good sleep should count among the priorities of health-conscious people. [more]

28/04/2009: Julia Peters
The Clinical Director for Auckland Regional Public Health on swine flu and fears of a pandemic. [more]

28/04/2009: Hilda Garcia
Mexico swine flu epidemic, Hilda is based in Mexico City. [more]

28/04/2009: US correspondent - Jack Hitt
The U.S. government deals with the treatment of prisoners over the last 7 years and swine flu. [more]

28/04/2009: Feature guest - Margaret Foster
Netball coach and cancer survivor. [more]

28/04/2009: Book Review - The Kit-Kat Club
Friends Who Imagined a Nation by Ophelia Field. reviewed by Jane Westaway, published by Fourth Estate. [more]

28/04/2009: Business - Rod Oram
Business and Economic commentator looks at the life cycles of companies. [more]

28/04/2009: Professor James Flynn
The Flynn Effect, how a persons IQ increases over time. [more]

28/04/2009: Media - Denis Welch
A weekly look at media issues. [more]

29/04/2009: Swine flu - Mike Davis
Mike Davis believes the continuing spread of swine flu is evidence of the World Health Organisations failed pandemic strategy. [more]

29/04/2009: Swine flu - Madeline Stevens
Madeline Stevens is a New Zealander living in Mexico. [more]

29/04/2009: Gill Holcombe - How to Feed Your Whole Family
Gill Holcombe is the author of a book of basic, good home cooking that has become a UK publishing phenomenon. [more]

29/04/2009: Australia
With Australian correspondent Paul Barclay. [more]

29/04/2009: Feature guest - PJ O'Rourke
America's foremost political satirist, right-wing ratbag and author of more than a dozen best-sellers. [more]

29/04/2009: Book review - 'Sea of Poppies'
Kate Blackhurst reviews 'Sea of Poppies' by Amitav Ghosh, published by John Murray. [more]

29/04/2009: Music review with Marty Duda
The artist of the week is Pet Shop Boys. [more]

29/04/2009: Law
With legal commentator Ursula Cheer. [more]

29/04/2009: Film Review
Graeme Tuckett reviews 'Defiance' and 'Wolverine'. [more]

30/04/2009: World Health Organisation raises Swine Flu alert level to 5
Vivienne Allan, communications officer for the World Health Organisation. [more]

30/04/2009: Rod Ellis-Pegler
Dr Rod Ellis-Pegler was Auckland Hospital's infectious disease specialist until he semi-retired two years ago. [more]

30/04/2009: Official Cash Rate review lowered
With Radio New Zealand's Business editor Patrick O'Meara . [more]

30/04/2009: The curious economics of contemporary art and auction houses
Don Thompson is a Harvard economist who's an expert on the international contemporary art market. [more]

30/04/2009: UK correspondent - Matthew Parris
The coming election is on the mind of many Britons. [more]

30/04/2009: Feature guest - Louise Bagshawe
Best-selling chick lit author and now a parliamentary candidate for the British Conservative party. [more]

30/04/2009: Book review - The Brief History of the Future
The Brief History of the Future' by Jacques Attali. Published by Allen and Unwin. Reviewed by Dan Slevin. [more]

30/04/2009: New Technology with Nat Torkington
Nat Torkington talks about Twitter and Swine Flu, Internet history and printing with ceramics. [more]

30/04/2009: Educating Boys - Helping Kiwi boys to succeed at school
Massey University senior education lecturer Michael Irwin and author of Educating Boys - Helping Kiwi boys to succeed at school. [more]

30/04/2009: Television review with Simon Wilson
Simon has been watching BroTown, the final of Boston Legal... and he asks if Marc Ellis really is as mainstream as he claims. [more]

01/05/2009: Arie Grootegoed and Geoff Annals
North Shore Hospital - Critical report released by Health and Disability Commissioner [more]

01/05/2009: Pacific report - Fiji
Radio New Zealand journalist, Phillipa Tolley, has just returned from Fiji. [more]

01/05/2009: Feature guest - Peter Canellos
Editor of Last Lion - The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy. [more]

01/05/2009: The great New Zealand songbook
Music Entrepreneur, Murray Thom, has produced The Great New Zealand Song Book a 100-page hardback journal in a red box. [more]

01/05/2009: Book Review - Always Looking Up
By Michael J Fox, published by Ebury Press and revewied by Penny Ashton. [more]

01/05/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
New Zealand music month gets underway with Manu Taylor. [more]

01/05/2009: Joseph Romanos
With his finger on the pulse. Sport that is. [more]

01/05/2009: The week that was
Te Radar and Irene Pink with their take on the week that was. [more]

03/05/2009: Off the Beaten Track with Kennedy Warne
Kennedy Warne takes us off the track to Puysegur Point. [more]

04/05/2009: Annabel Young and Chris Budgen
Pharmacists may get a greater role in working with patients with serious conditions. [more]

04/05/2009: NZ Aid
New Zealand's aid programme is in for another major shakeup. [more]

04/05/2009: Europe correspondent - Seamus Kearney
Seamus Kearney with news of an attempted attack on the Dutch Royal family and the Italian Prime Minister's divorce. [more]

04/05/2009: Feature guest - Rex Turnbull
Rex has recently returned to his passion for painting after 6 years in publishing Trans Tasman magazine LINO. [more]

04/05/2009: Book review - The Thing Around Your Neck
The Thing Around Your Neck' by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. Published by Fourth Estate. Reviewed by Paul Diamond. [more]

04/05/2009: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

04/05/2009: Guest Chef Donna Hay
We're joined by Australia's best known food writer and stylist, Donna Hay and wine commentator John Hawkesby. [more]

05/05/2009: Shortage of treatment services for those battling addictions
Cate Kearney, Professor Doug Sellman and Michael Bird [more]

05/05/2009: A new handbook to help police to deal with diversity
Kefeng Chu [more]

05/05/2009: US correspondent - Richard Adams
The ailing car industry. [more]

05/05/2009: Feature guest - Philip Escoffey
A sceptic mind reader, Philip Escoffey uses his show to expose tricks that psychics use to fool a willing audience. [more]

05/05/2009: Book Review - Mr Ambassador
Edited by Hugh Templeton, reviewed by Bruce Brown and published by Victoria University. [more]

05/05/2009: Business - Rod Oram
Business and Economic commentator talks about the war between the telecommunications suppliers. [more]

05/05/2009: Irfan Yusuf
His new book, Once Were Radicals, tells his story of his youthful engagement with political Islam. [more]

05/05/2009: Media - Denis Welch
A weekly look at media issues - Today, swine flu and supermarkets. [more]

06/05/2009: Uncovered liquor industry documents
Mike Daube, professor of health policy at Curtin University of Technology, and Liz Read, corporate affairs manager Lion Nathan. [more]

06/05/2009: Protests against ANZ Bank
Protests against ANZ by groups of small investors who've lost millions are springing up around the country. [more]

06/05/2009: Australia correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Kevin Rudd has broken an election promise on Australia's emission trading scheme. [more]

06/05/2009: Feature guest - Rob Fenwick
From composting to protecting Antarctica, Rob Fenwick has devoted his career to sustainability. [more]

06/05/2009: Book review - 'Yesterday's Weather'
'Yesterday's Weather' by Anne Enright. Published by Vintage. Reviewed by Graham Beattie. [more]

06/05/2009: Music with Marty Duda
The Grateful Dead is the Artist of the Week but not a favourite of Marty. [more]

06/05/2009: Law
Dean Knight with the legal ramifications of the coming change to local government in Auckland. [more]

06/05/2009: Film Review with Graeme Tuckett
Graeme discusses French film offerings: Roman De Gare and I've Loved You So Long. [more]

07/05/2009: Wanganui gang patch law
The bill that will outlaw the wearing of gang patches in public in Wanganui was passed by Parliament last night. [more]

07/05/2009: Critical head injuries in schoolboy rugby
Mike Sabin was so scared his son would get critically injured playing rugby, he wanted the courts to legally stop him. [more]

07/05/2009: UK correspondent
For the latest news and current affairs from the UK we are joined by Radio New Zealand's UK correspondent Kate Adie. [more]

07/05/2009: Barney Hoskyns has written a biography of Tom Waits
Barney founded, which describes itself as the ultimate library of rock music writing and journalism. [more]

07/05/2009: Book review - Nocturnes
Ralph McAllister reviews Nocturnes by Kazuo Ishiguro, published by Faber and Faber. [more]

07/05/2009: New Technology with Nat Torkington
For the latest in new technology we are joined by technology guru Nat Torkington. [more]

07/05/2009: Parenting with Nigel Latta
Angry children - is anger normal? How much is too much? What should parents do about it? [more]

07/05/2009: Television with Simon Wilson
Simon Wilson reviews the latest television shows. [more]

08/05/2009: Chris Helm - 24 hours in lockdown
Chris Helm and three others have been huddled in one room of their Napier flat for nearly 24 hours. [more]

08/05/2009: Dr Steve Targett - NZRU Medical Director
How much responsibility does the NZRU have in preventing vulnerable players from suffering permanent, or fatal head injuries? [more]

08/05/2009: Mieke Spiers - Rugby brain injuries
Mieke Spiers' son suffered a brain injury after multiple concussions from rugby. [more]

08/05/2009: Benedikte Jensen and Phil O'Reilly - Youth unemployment
More and more young adults are out of work. [more]

08/05/2009: Asia
With Asia Correspondent, Phil O'Sullivan [more]

08/05/2009: Feature guest - Sir Chris Bonington
Mountaineering great, Sir Chris Bonington si the leader of a generation of British climbers. [more]

08/05/2009: Napier shooting update
Latest from the scene. [more]

08/05/2009: Children's Book Review with John McIntyre
This week's authors include Anna Perera, Mariatu Kamra with Susan McLelland and Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. [more]

08/05/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
This week: Eddi Reader, Elien Jewell and Leonard Cohen. [more]

08/05/2009: Sport
With Joseph Romanos. [more]

08/05/2009: The week that was
With Jon Bridges and Pinky Agnew. [more]

11/05/2009: Peter Molenaar
Peter Molenaar is the brother of Jan Molenaar. [more]

11/05/2009: Greg O'Connor
President of the New Zealand Police Association on the Napier shooting and the latest statistics on frontline policing. [more]

11/05/2009: Gabrielle Maxwell and Paula Bennett
Amendments to lower the age of criminal responsibility to twelve for serious crimes are at the select committee phase. [more]

11/05/2009: Napier shooting police conference
Eric Frykberg calling from a Police media conference in Napier. [more]

11/05/2009: Professor Andy Philpott
Andy Philpott co-developed a mathematical model to help eliminate inefficiencies in manufacturing. [more]

11/05/2009: Feature guest - Vivian Lynn
Artist Vivian Lynn who has battled serious illness and helped establish the Women's Art Archive. [more]

11/05/2009: Book review - Not Becoming My Mother
Sonja de Freiz reviews 'Not Becoming My Mother' by Ruth Reichl. Published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

11/05/2009: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

11/05/2009: Guest Chef Peter Thornley
Long keeper onion and olive tart with goats cheese, and Roasted Sea Bass with moscovado liqourice olive crumble. [more]

11/05/2009: Tommy Honey
Tommy Honey in defence of plastic bags. [more]

12/05/2009: How easy is it to buy and keep guns in NZ?
The Police admit they have no idea how many guns are out there in the hands of unlicensed owners. [more]

12/05/2009: International Justice and Terrorist Crimes
Detlev Mehlis is currently the Senior Public Prosecutor in the Office of the Attorney General in Berlin. [more]

12/05/2009: Archives
The association representing archivists is urging people to think about keeping hard copies of relevant personal emails. [more]

12/05/2009: US correspondent
US correspondent Jack Hitt joins us with the latest news and current affairs from the US. [more]

12/05/2009: Saving the world's endangered species
How best to allocate scare financial resources to carry out this conservation work. [more]

12/05/2009: Book Review - In The Kitchen
Louise O'Brien reviews In The Kitchen by Monica Ali. Published by DoubleDay. [more]

12/05/2009: Business with Rod Oram
For the latest from the business sector we are joined by business and economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

12/05/2009: Causes of our Everyday Behaviours and how we make decisions
Dan Ariely is a behavioural economist and social scientist who has studied the causes of our everyday behaviours. [more]

12/05/2009: Media with Denis Welch
A weekly look at media issues with Denis Welch including the Napier siege. [more]

13/05/2009: Scottish model on alcohol services and policy
The Scottish parliament is currently considering a range of recommendations made by Dr Peter Rice on the issue of alcohol. [more]

13/05/2009: Dean of the Napier Cathedral - Helen Jacobi
Helen Jacobi is Dean of the Napier Cathedral, where police officer Len Snee's funeral will be held this afternoon. [more]

13/05/2009: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Author Seth Grahame-Smith has combined Jane Austen's original novel with new scenes of zombie action. [more]

13/05/2009: Australian Correspondent
News from Australia with our correspondent Paul Barclay. [more]

13/05/2009: Police briefing - Napier
Andrew McRae reports from a police briefing in Napier on how gunman Jan Molenaar died. [more]

13/05/2009: Feature Guest - Christos Tsiolkas
Christos Tsiolkas is author of 'The Slap'. He's visiting New Zealand for the Auckland Writers and Readers Festival. [more]

13/05/2009: Book Review - 'Limestone'
Rae McGregor reviews 'Limestone: A Novel' by Fiona Farrell. Published by Vintage. [more]

13/05/2009: Music
Marty Duda's artist of the week is The Jayhawks. [more]

13/05/2009: Law
With legal commentator Andrew Scott-Howman. [more]

13/05/2009: Film
Graeme Tuckett discusses the latest cinema offerings: Star Trek, Religulous and Trouble is My Business. [more]

14/05/2009: Nigerian author Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie
Nigerian author Chimimanda Ngozi Adichie joins Lynn Freeman to talk about her visit to New Zealand. [more]

14/05/2009: Families Commission
Druis Barrett has resigned from Families Commission over Christine Rankin's appointment. [more]

14/05/2009: Company fraud on rise due to recession
KPMG's Forensic partner, Mark Leishman talks about how the incidence of fraud is on the rise due to the recession. [more]

14/05/2009: Homeless world cup
Everitt Johnson says the Homeless world cup turned his life around. [more]

14/05/2009: UK correspondent
Correspondent Michael White joins us with the latest news and current affairs from the Uk. [more]

14/05/2009: Book review - The Lost Mona Lisa
Quentin Johnson reviews The Last Mona Lisa by R A Scotti. Published by Bantam Press. [more]

14/05/2009: New Technology with Colin Jackson
Technology guru Colin Jackson gives us his guide on the mobile phone wars. [more]

14/05/2009: Author Gill South
Author of"Because we're worth it"A 'where to from here' for today's working mother. [more]

14/05/2009: Television with Simon Wilson
TV commentator Simon Wilson reviews Q and A and The Back Bench. [more]

15/05/2009: Sir Ed Hillary's papers
The Director of Auckland's War Memorial Museum responds to claims by Sir Edmund Hillary's son. [more]

15/05/2009: Professor Mark Hanson
On how the nutritional environment children grow up in affects their future health and susceptibility to disease. [more]

15/05/2009: Geocaching
Kevin Carroll talks about the phenomenon of geocaching which combines GPS with orienteering and treasure hunting. [more]

15/05/2009: Pacific update
With Mike Field from Fairfax. [more]

15/05/2009: Feature guest - Richard Holloway
Richard Holloway, Former Bishop of Edinburgh. [more]

15/05/2009: Book Review - Dead Men's Dust
By Matt Hilton, published by John Murray and reviewed by John King. [more]

15/05/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
This week new music from Wild Bill Ricketts, Richard Adams/Nigel Gavin and David Kilgour/Sam Hunt. [more]

15/05/2009: Sport update
with commentator Richard Boock. [more]

15/05/2009: The week that was
With Te Radar and Elisabeth Easther. [more]

17/05/2009: Off the beaten track - Hokianga
Outdoorsman and adventurer Kennedy Warne - today he talks about the Hokianga. [more]

18/05/2009: Can Christine Rankin hold on to her appointment?
United Future Leader Peter Dunne who has vocally opposed Ms Rankins appointment to the Families Commission. [more]

18/05/2009: Youth sex offenders
16-year-old boy sexually abused his foster sister cannot get into a sex offenders treatment programme. [more]

18/05/2009: Europe correspondent
Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney has the latest news from Europe. [more]

18/05/2009: Eyewitness testimony
Jennifer Thompson Canino and Ronald Cotton on their remarkable story and his false imprisonment. [more]

18/05/2009: Rebecca Priestley
Rebecca Priestley is the inaugural winner of the NZ Science Book Prize. [more]

18/05/2009: Book review - Tales of Freedom
Phil Vine reviews Tales of Freedom by Ben Okri. Published by Rider. [more]

18/05/2009: Politics from the right and the left
Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre discuss the latest political happenings. [more]

18/05/2009: Food and wine
Todays guest chef is DineAID charity organiser Mark Gregory and wine commentator John Hawkesby matches the food with the wine. [more]

19/05/2009: Pig farming controversy
SAFE has just named the pig farm they exposed for jamming pigs into small crates and will invite the Agriculture Minister to visit other intensive pig farms. [more]

19/05/2009: Early childhood education
Why is New Zealand failing in many crucial areas in Early childhood education? [more]

19/05/2009: Feature guest - Max Gimblett
New York based artist who's been at the forefront of New Zealand painting for over two decades. [more]

19/05/2009: Book review - The Fraud
'The Fraud' by Barbara Ewing. Published by Little, Brown. Reviewed by Michele A'Court. [more]

19/05/2009: Business with Rod Oram
For the latest from the business sector we are joined by business and economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

19/05/2009: Professor Brian Boyd
The author of a new book on Dr Suess and Homer's Odyssey and the evolutionary connection between them. [more]

19/05/2009: Media with Denis Welch
Weekly look at media issues including pigs, Christine Rankin, Melissa Lee and some of the recent media awards. [more]

20/05/2009: Roger Brooking and Chris Reid
Police under fire for their handling of a top officer who refused a breath test, is there a double standard? [more]

20/05/2009: Entrepreneurs conference
Tenby Powell and Sharon Hunter; The power couple who are gathering 100 entrepreneurs to come up with 100 bright ideas. [more]

20/05/2009: Death of teenager worker at jeans sweatshop in Bangladesh
Charles Kernaghan has been investigating cases of slave labour conditions in garment trade. [more]

20/05/2009: Australia
With correspondent Paul Barclay. [more]

20/05/2009: Feature guest - Mohammed Hanif
Mohammed Hanif; Commonwealth prize winning journalist and author. His latest book is"A Case Of Exploding Mangoes". [more]

20/05/2009: Book Review - Spycraft
By Robert Wallace and H Keith Melton with Henry Robert Schlesinger, published by Bantam Press and reviewed by Harry Broad. [more]

20/05/2009: Marty Duda's Music Review
This week; Retro rocker Lenny Kravitz . [more]

20/05/2009: Legal discussion
With Ursula Cheer. [more]

20/05/2009: Film review with Graeme Tuckett
Today's films are A Film With Me In It, Angels and Demons, and The Escapist. [more]

21/05/2009: Child support payments
Can the system managing child support payments be made fairer? [more]

21/05/2009: Sri Lanka
Peter Cozens, expert on Sri Lanka and director of Victoria University's Centre for Strategic Studies. [more]

21/05/2009: Bill Day - marine entrepreneur
Bill Day is a marine entrepreneur who's just been named one of Victoria University's distinguished alumni. [more]

21/05/2009: UK Correspondent
News from the UK with our correspondent Jon Dennis. [more]

21/05/2009: Conflicts surrounding water
Dr Peter Gleick discusses the conflicts around access to water, and the impact of climate change. [more]

21/05/2009: Book Review - 'Singularity'
Mary McCallum reviews 'Singularity' by Charlotte Grimshaw. Published by Vintage. [more]

21/05/2009: New Technology
Nat Torkington discusses artificial intelligence. [more]

21/05/2009: Parenting
Parenting guru and psychologist Nigel Latta on how to develop a good working relationship with your child's school or kindy. [more]

21/05/2009: Television
Simon Wilson confesses he has been watching breakfast television. [more]

22/05/2009: Drug Education school programmes
Getting your children prepared for the real world. [more]

22/05/2009: Is your home really your castle?
Residents are angry at a Wellington City Council proposal to turn suburb Thorndon into a Heritage area. [more]

22/05/2009: Asia
With correspondent Phil O'Sullivan. [more]

22/05/2009: Feature guest - Emmanual Jal
Emmanual Jal was a child soldier and is now a successful hip hop artist. [more]

22/05/2009: John McIntyre
With the Children's Book Review. [more]

22/05/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
This week; The Benka Boradovsky Bordello Band, Bob Dylan and Room Service Deluxe. [more]

22/05/2009: Sport
With Joseph Romanos. [more]

22/05/2009: The week that was
With Te Radar and Gemma Gracewood [more]

24/05/2009: Supercity Hikoi
Hikoi against super city's lack of Maori representation in Auckland. [more]

25/05/2009: Tomorrow's Schools
20 years on what has worked and what hasn't worked in the Tomorrow's Schools model. [more]

25/05/2009: US dairy exporter subsidies
The minister of trade, Tim Groser and chairman of Fonterra Shareholders' Council, Blue Read. [more]

25/05/2009: Middle East correspondent - Irris Makler
Barack Obama and Ireal peace negotiations. [more]

25/05/2009: Feature guests - David and James Livingston
'Blood Over Water' is a book written by these competing rowing brothers. [more]

25/05/2009: Book Review - The Thoughtful Dresser
Written by Linda Grant, reviewed by Jane Westaway and published by Virago. [more]

25/05/2009: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

25/05/2009: Food and wine
With guest chef Jeremy Jones and wine expert John Hawkesby. [more]

25/05/2009: Tommy Honey
Sophist and provocateur, talks about garbage landfills. [more]

25/05/2009: Social justice concerns after closer look at Supercity model
Reverend Peter Sykes from St Elizabeth's Anglican Church and Reverend Mark Beale director of Mangere East Family Service Centre. [more]

25/05/2009: Feature guest - Guillermo del Toro
Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro is in Wellington to direct"The Hobbit". He joined us to talk about his life and career. [more]

26/05/2009: Professor Paul Rogers
North Korea has conducted a second nuclear test. [more]

26/05/2009: Jessica and Roger Watson with Mike Perham
Jessica Watson is about to attempt to be the youngest person to circumnavigate the world, non-stop, solo and unassisted. [more]

26/05/2009: US Update
With correspondent Jack Hitt. [more]

26/05/2009: Book review - The Children's Book
By A S Byatt, published by Chatto and Wind and reviewed by Gail Pittaway. [more]

26/05/2009: Business
With business and economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

26/05/2009: Tween fiction
Cathy Cassidy is successful British childrens author and Tween fiction writer. Her latest book is Angel Cakes. [more]

26/05/2009: Media
Media commentator Denis Welch takes at what the media has been up to over the past week. [more]

27/05/2009: Government reliance on Microsoft
The NZ government software licence negotiations with Microsoft have broken down. [more]

27/05/2009: Heather Brooke
The journalist who first started digging around 5 years ago to get details of MPs' expenses in the UK. [more]

27/05/2009: Australia correspondent - Ray Moynihan
There are over 50 new cases of swine flu in Australia. [more]

27/05/2009: Feature guest - Richard Taylor
The Oscar-winning special effects wizard who co-founded special effects company Weta Workshop. [more]

27/05/2009: Book Review - The Little Stranger
Written by Sarah Waters, reviewed by Catriona Ferguson and published by Virago. [more]

27/05/2009: Music - Marty Duda
Marty's Artist Of The Week is Ramblin' Jack Elliot. [more]

27/05/2009: Law - Robert Lithgow
Wellington Barrister discusses changes to the criminal justice system. [more]

27/05/2009: Film - Graeme Tuckett
Bottle Shock, Trouble Is My Business and The Hokianga Film Festival. [more]

28/05/2009: Zoo keeper killed
A Zoo keeper was killed in tiger attack at Zion Wildlife Gardens in Northland yesterday morning. [more]

28/05/2009: Maternity services
There government plans to encourage GPs to return to obstetrics and Paediatric care. [more]

28/05/2009: UK correspondent - Michael White
The MPs expenses scandal and the queen is snubbed at French D-Day ceremonies. [more]

28/05/2009: Feature guests - Taber MacCallum and Jane Poynter
Growing Vegetables on The Moon. [more]

28/05/2009: Book Review - American Rust
Written by Philipp Meyer, reviewed by Laura Kroetsch and published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

28/05/2009: New Technology - Colin Jackson
The telecom network launch of GSM and the technological singularity. [more]

28/05/2009: Farida Sultana
Dowry abuse is on the rise in NZ, leaving women emotionally abused wrecks with no place to turn - so what's being done to help them? [more]

28/05/2009: Television - Simon Wilson
Seven worlds collide and the end of House and Hells Kitchen. [more]

29/05/2009: Post budget analysis
Shamubeel Eaqub, Peter Conway and Diana Crosson joined Kathryn Ryan. [more]

29/05/2009: Private schools funding
Kate Gainsford and Dr Grant Gillon joined Kathryn Ryan. [more]

29/05/2009: Pamper Days for preschoolers
Proprietor of Sally's Place, likes to think of her service as resort-style and she certainly follows that through by holding what she calls"Pamper Days"for her preschoolers. [more]

29/05/2009: The Pacific
With correspondent Mike Field. [more]

29/05/2009: Feature guest - Bill Hohepa
Bill Hohepa has been writing a weekly fishing column in the Truth newspaper for 40 years, written four books, made 37 fishing videos, given hundreds of seminars and made countless TV shows. [more]

29/05/2009: Book Review - Pynter Bender
By Jacob Ross, published by Fourth Estate and reviewed by Kate Blackhurst. [more]

29/05/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
Artists featured today are: Fat Freddys Drop with their new track from their new album"Dr Boondigga and the Big BW", Boh Runga with"Right Here"and Steve Earle with"Townes". [more]

29/05/2009: Sport with Richard Boock
The big Super 14 rugby final this weekend, but is the Lion's tour of South Africa going to overshadow it? [more]

29/05/2009: The week that was
With Jon Bridges and Michele A'Court. [more]

02/06/2009: Judi Jones, Electricity and Gas Complaints commissioner
Hundreds of Genesis pre-pay customers were without power over the weekend. [more]

02/06/2009: Research into NCEA
Dr Liz McKinley has been researching NCEA and how Maori, Pacific Island and students from low decile schools are navigating their way through it. [more]

02/06/2009: Insulation retro fitting
The Government's home insulation grants of $1300 are available to any household but will rushed, shoddy retrofitting jobs make it all a pointless exercise? [more]

02/06/2009: US correspondent Richard Adams
A Supreme Court Judge is being chosen and a doctor practising abortion has been murdered while in church. [more]

02/06/2009: Feature Guest - Ruth Jones
81-year-old Auckland writer Ruth Jones shares her amazing story of searching for her birth mother. [more]

02/06/2009: Book review - Kiwi Companeros
by Mark Derby (editor). Published by Canterbury University Press. Reviewed by Don Rood. [more]

02/06/2009: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

02/06/2009: Food and wine
Cullen skink or smoked fish and potato soup with chives and Risotto of beetroot, fresh goats cheese and curly kale. [more]

02/06/2009: Media
Denis Welch looks at TV3's trip to Zimbabwe and the media's obsession with the road toll. [more]

02/06/2009: IHC mainstreaming
A new report argues that disabled children do better in classrooms in regular schools, rather than being in special schools. [more]

03/06/2009: The recession and its effect on retailing
Stores are closing down and retailers are struggling and having to take extra measures to survive. [more]

03/06/2009: Australia correspondent
Ray Moynihan reports from across the Tasman. [more]

03/06/2009: Feature guest - Colm O'Gorman
Colm O'Gorman took the Catholic Church to court over the abuse he suffered at the hands of his priest. [more]

03/06/2009: Book Review - 'An Elegy for Easterly'
Phil Smith reviews 'An Elegy for Easterly' by Petina Gappah. Published by Faber and Faber. [more]

03/06/2009: MP Richard Worth resigns
Breaking news from Parliament, National MP Richard Worth has resigned. [more]

03/06/2009: Music with Marty Duda
Today Marty takes a look at music from Jeff Buckley. [more]

03/06/2009: Legal commentator
Catriona MacLennan discuss what initiatives can be taken to deal with loan sharks who prey on the poor. [more]

03/06/2009: Film reviews
Graeme Tuckett looks at 'State of Play' and 'River of No Return'. [more]

04/06/2009: Matthew Hooton - Nine to Noon political correspondent
List MP Richard Worth being investigated by police over"inappropriate and sexual behavior"towards a woman. [more]

04/06/2009: Cathy Wylie
Adolescent learners report. [more]

04/06/2009: Xiong Yan
It's been 20 years since the Tiananmen Square massacre. Xiong Yan was one of the leaders of the Tiananmen Square protests, now living in the US, still on the Chinese Government's most-wanted list. [more]

04/06/2009: Kate Adie
UK coresspondent. [more]

04/06/2009: Feature guest - Judy Blume
Judy Blume is a hugely popular author for pre-teens and teens whose books deal openly with issues affecting teens. Her books have sold millions of copies and she has received tens of thousands of heartfelt letters from young people disclosing their own troubled lives and fears. [more]

04/06/2009: Book Review - All This and a Bookshop Too
By Dorothy Butler, published by Penguin NZ, and reviewed by David Hill. [more]

04/06/2009: New Technology
With Nat Torkington. [more]

04/06/2009: Parenting
With Nigel Latta. [more]

04/06/2009: Simon Wilson
On everything Television. [more]

05/06/2009: Website records racial abuse
Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres, and Director of the Office of Ethnic Affairs, Mervin Singham, comment on a new web site set up to record instances of racial abuse. [more]

05/06/2009: Investment in conservation
Julia Marton-Lefevre is the Director General of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. She says that despite the recession, richer countries such as NZ must not focus only on economic hardship - at the expense of the environment. [more]

05/06/2009: Relationship between media and politics
Terry Michael is head of the Washington Centre for Politics and Journalism, currently visiting NZ. [more]

05/06/2009: Asia correspondent
Phil O'Sullivan talks about current events in Asia. [more]

05/06/2009: Feature guest - Conal Coad
Conal Coad is New Zealand's eminent bass, in constant demand on the world stage with singing engagements. Currently performing in The Italian Girl in Algiers in Auckland. [more]

05/06/2009: Children's Book Review
John McIntyre reviews 'Salt River' by Elizabeth Hegarty and 'Return For The Gold' by Margaret Hall. Note: Also reviewed is 'The Mine's Afire!: The Journal of Tommy Carter' by Susan Battye and Thelma Eakin, however the title is misquoted. [more]

05/06/2009: Music
Manu Taylor reviews albums by Iron and Wine, Calico Brothers and Yusef (the artist formerly known as Cat Stevens). [more]

05/06/2009: Sport
Sports commentator Joseph Romanos discusses the Queen's Birthday Honours awarded to sports people. [more]

05/06/2009: Week That Was
Jon Bridges and Pinky Agnew offer some advice. [more]

07/06/2009: Off the Beaten Track with Kennedy Warne
Outdoorsman, adventurer, travel journalist and photographer Kennedy Warne guides us through the Maniototo. [more]

08/06/2009: Deborah Read
Friend and supporter of David Bain. [more]

08/06/2009: John Billington
John Billington QC represented Wellington man John Barlow in three trials two of them re-trials. He gives his thoughts on the Bain case. [more]

08/06/2009: Sex offending study
A new study to look into alternatives to pre-trial and trial processes for sexual offences. [more]

08/06/2009: Europe correspondent - Seamus Kearney
British politics is still turbulent thanks in part to European Parliament elections. [more]

08/06/2009: Feature guest - Kari Kriikku
World renowned clarinettist currently touring New Zealand with the NZSO. [more]

08/06/2009: Book review - Beside the Dark Pool
Harry Ricketts reviews 'Beside the Dark Pool' by Fiona Kidman. Published by Random House NZ Vintage. [more]

08/06/2009: Politics
Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre on National's bad week. [more]

08/06/2009: Food and wine
Leek and Goats Cheese Tart and Italian White Bean Soup with Sausage. [more]

09/06/2009: New mouth swab gene test for lung cancer
Robert Young's research has developed a gene-based test to identify smokers and ex-smokers who are at greatest risk of getting lung cancer. [more]

09/06/2009: Immunisation errors
Some babies may have been given double dose of immunisation component. [more]

09/06/2009: A new erotic magazine for intelligent women
Suraya Singh has created a new erotic magazine for intelligent women called Filament Magazine. [more]

09/06/2009: US Correspondent
Fallout from Obama's recent speech. [more]

09/06/2009: Feature Guest - Professor Margaret Boden
Founding Dean of the University of Sussex School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences (COGS); A pioneering centre for intelligence and the mechanisms underlying it in humans, animals and machines. [more]

09/06/2009: Book Review - The Scarecrow
John King reviews 'The Scarecrow' by Michael Connelly. Published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

09/06/2009: Business
Rod Oram discusses environmental legislation. [more]

09/06/2009: First catch your Weka
David Veart's book 'First catch your Weka' is a finalist in the history section of the Montana Books Awards. [more]

09/06/2009: Media with Denis Welch
The worthless pursuit of Richard Worth and things to do in the belt-way when you're bored. [more]

10/06/2009: Dick Thompson - WHO
The World Health Organisation is preparing to raise the alert level for Swine Flu to Pandemic status. [more]

10/06/2009: John Whitehead - Treasury Secretary
There are calls for the introduction of a capital gains tax amid increasing pressures on government tax revenue. [more]

10/06/2009: Andrew Carle - shoes with GPS
Andrew Carle is Director of Assisted Living/Senior Housing Administration at George Mason University. They've been developing shoes with GPS for people with Alzheimers. [more]

10/06/2009: Australia correspondent
Paul Barclay reports from across the Tasman. [more]

10/06/2009: Feature guest - Catherine Freeman
Catherine Freeman, formerly known as Cathy Freeman, has since retired from sport and set up a Foundation dedicated to boosting the achievements of aboriginal girls, she's also recently got married. [more]

10/06/2009: Book Review - The Hungry Ghosts
Emma Hart reviews 'The Hungry Ghosts' by Anne Berry. Published by Blue Door. [more]

10/06/2009: Music
Marty Duda's artist of the week is Simon and Garfunkel. [more]

10/06/2009: Law
Dean Knight looks at the constitutional side of ministerial responsibility. [more]

10/06/2009: Film
Graeme Tuckett reviews Terminator: Salvation, Fugitive Pieces and JCVD. [more]

11/06/2009: OCR announcement
Radio New Zealand's Patrick O'Meara was there. [more]

11/06/2009: Gray Eatwell on the OCR announcement
Gray Eatwell is the founder of the Bank Customers Action Collective [more]

11/06/2009: Calls for revamp of the immigration service
Richard Small and Colin Amery joined Nine to Noon. [more]

11/06/2009: Christian Lander
Stuff White People Like - Why Blog? Reason No. 92: Book Deal. [more]

11/06/2009: Matthew Parris
UK correspondent. [more]

11/06/2009: Feature guest - Robert Meeropol
His parents were executed in the US for being Soviet spies (selling the secrets of the atom bomb) when Robert was aged 6. He now is a children's rights activist - the executive director of the Rosenberg Fund for Children, for children of activists. [more]

11/06/2009: Book Review - I Love You, Miss Huddleston
By Philip Gulley, published by HarperCollins and reviewed by Graham Beattie. [more]

11/06/2009: New Technology
With Colin Jackson. [more]

11/06/2009: Silent Treatment
Anne LeClaire refrains from talking for two days a month, is silence golden? [more]

11/06/2009: Television with Simon Wilson
Citizen television, with C4 screening the best films from the 48 hour film competition. [more]

12/06/2009: David Bain suppressed evidence
Steven Price is a Wellington Barrister specialising in media law. [more]

12/06/2009: Professor Jennifer Walsh
Professor Jennifer Walsh of political science at Azusa Pacific University in Los Angeles County, who has studied the three strikes law for the past 15 years, and who has been brought here by the Sensible Sentencing Trust and Families First, to tell a Parliamentary committee why the law does work. [more]

12/06/2009: Curtis Melvin
North Korea exposed in online map. [more]

12/06/2009: Pacific correspondent - Mike Field
New Zealand is providing aid from a new warship in the pacific. [more]

12/06/2009: Feature guest - Edward de Bono
The father of Lateral Thinking. [more]

12/06/2009: Book Review - The Angel's Cut
Written by Elizabeth Knox, reviewed by Louise O'Brien and published by Victoria University Press. [more]

12/06/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
This week, Elvis Costello, Simone Kermes, Eminem. [more]

12/06/2009: Sport - Richard Boock
Looks at whether the All Blacks will suffer from First TEST'ITIS in Dunedin tomorrow. [more]

12/06/2009: The Week That Was
With Dai Henwood and Irene Pink. [more]

15/06/2009: Swine flu pandemic
Cases double over weekend in NZ as focus remains on containment which authorities admit will only work for so long. [more]

15/06/2009: Intelligence in modern warfare and policing
Mark Lowenthal is the head of US Intelligence and Security Academy and is in NZ to speak at the NZ Police conference. [more]

15/06/2009: Match making Whangaparaoa grandmother
Whangaparaoa grandmother bringing British men to meet divorced and widowed Kiwi women for companionship. [more]

15/06/2009: Middle East Correspondent Professor Paul Rogers
Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University Paul Rogers gives us the latest news from the Middle East. [more]

15/06/2009: Vegans - Jeffrey Masson
American author, animal lover and psychoanalyst discusses why we all must become vegans. [more]

15/06/2009: Book Review - Relief
Carole Beu reviews Relief by Anna Taylor. Published by Victoria University Press. [more]

15/06/2009: Politics
Matthew Hooton from the right and Laila Harre from the left break down the last week in Politics. [more]

15/06/2009: Wine and food
Lauraine Jacobs is cooking Bouef Bourguignon and John Hawkesby is matching the food with wine. [more]

15/06/2009: Urbanist - Tommy Honey
Social Innovation camp brings together public and community partners to create new solutions to NZ's most pressing social needs. [more]

16/06/2009: Smacking referendum
New research shows smacking is on the wane and most parents who do smack their children believe it is ineffective. [more]

16/06/2009: Sex education for pre-teens
Sex education is now being offered to schools for children as young as nine. [more]

16/06/2009: US correspondent
Richard Adams reports from Washington. [more]

16/06/2009: Feature guest - Dr David Gallo
Oceanographer, Dr David G Gallo is director of special projects at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution - Massuchusetts. [more]

16/06/2009: Book Review - 'The White Woman on the Green Bicycle'
Rae McGregor reviews The 'White Woman on the Green Bicycle' by Monique Roffey. Published by Viking TPB. [more]

16/06/2009: Business and Economics
With Rod Oram. [more]

16/06/2009: Kate de Goldi
Award winning New Zealand writer talks about where she is heading in her work. [more]

16/06/2009: Media commentator
Denis Welch discusses the media's handling of the Bain trial. [more]

16/06/2009: Neil Mackay
With the link between dyslexia and youth offending. [more]

17/06/2009: Swine flu
Swine flu - at what point will health authorities abandon attempts to contain the outbreak? [more]

17/06/2009: Ray Moynihan
Australia Correspondent. [more]

17/06/2009: Feature guest - Mhairi Collins
Mhairi Collins recovered from serious brain injury sustained in a car crash in which resulted in the death of her husband and oldest son. She and her younger son survived. [more]

17/06/2009: Book Review - The Spy Game
By Georgina Harding, published by Bloomsbury and reviewed by Harry Broad. [more]

17/06/2009: Music with Marty Duda - Ray Charles
I Got A Woman (2:50) - Ray Charles taken from 1954 single (Atlantic) You Don't Know Me (3:14) - Ray Charles taken from 1962 album "Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music (ABC-Paramount) You Are My Sunshine (2:58) - Ray Charles taken from 1962 album "Modern Sounds In Country And Western Music , Vol. 2" (ABC-Paramount) Angelina (5:20) - Ray Charles taken from 2009 DVD"Live At Montreux 1997" (Eagle Rock) [more]

17/06/2009: Law
With employment lawyer Maria Berryman. [more]

17/06/2009: Film
With Graeme Tuckett. [more]

18/06/2009: Open access for Maori to university
Maori Affairs and Associate Education Minister Dr Pita Sharples is calling for open university entry for Maori students. [more]

18/06/2009: Sex abuse education in schools
Superintendent Bill Harrison, Police National Manager Youth Services. [more]

18/06/2009: Solar powered cap
Simon Dyer, is the owner of 2CLight and inventor of the solar powered cap. [more]

18/06/2009: UK correspondent - Jon Dennis
Gordon Brown has announced a privately held inquiry into the Iraq war. [more]

18/06/2009: Feature guest - Michael Schaffer
Michael Schaffer is a writer and journalist who has delved into the growing pet industry to try and understand why Americans treat their pets like children. [more]

18/06/2009: Book review - Essential New Zealand Short Stories
Crystal Beavis reviews 'Essential New Zealand Short Stories' edited by Owen Marshall. Published by Vintage. [more]

18/06/2009: Technology with Nat Torkington
Technology expert Nat Torkington discusses online dating scams as well as Twitter's role in the Iranian election protests. [more]

18/06/2009: Nigel Latta
Parenting guru Nigel Latta asks what's going on inside the minds of teenagers. [more]

19/06/2009: Visa scams
Su'a William SIO, Labour MP for Mangere and Head of Immigration New Zealand, Andrew Annakin. [more]

19/06/2009: Peter Garrett
Former Midnight Oil frontman and Australian environment minister Peter Garrett who's spearheading moves to block Japan's scientific whaling programme. [more]

19/06/2009: Eric Larsen
An explorer who's embarking on a mission to climb Mt Everest, and reach the North and South Poles within a 365 day period. [more]

19/06/2009: Asia correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
The latest on North Korea, Myanmar and corruption in China. [more]

19/06/2009: Feature guest - Piers Bizony
Author of"One Giant Leap - Apollo 11 Forty Years On"- a book celebrating the 40th anniversary of the moon landings. [more]

19/06/2009: Children's Book Review - John McIntyre
Saffron by Victoria Azaro, Lucy Willow by Sally Gardner, Judy Moody Goes To College by Megan MacDonald. [more]

19/06/2009: Music - Manu Taylor
Iggy Pop - Preliminaires, David Bremner - Gung Ho, The Checks - Alice By The Moon. [more]

19/06/2009: Sport correspondent - Joseph Romanos
It's been a mixed week for New Zealand sport. [more]

19/06/2009: Week that was
With Jon Bridges and Gemma Gracewood. [more]

21/06/2009: Kennedy Warne
An outdoorsman, adventurer, travel journalist and photographer is off the beaten track in Panama. [more]

22/06/2009: Refuges seeing surge in numbers of women seeking help
With Heather Henare, Annette Gillespie and Lois Herbert. [more]

22/06/2009: How businesses can survive the recession
Lance Wiggs is a management consultant and is a Trademe sales advisor. [more]

22/06/2009: Middle East correspondent - Irris Makler
Ongoing protests in Iran. [more]

22/06/2009: Feature guest - Lester Waugh
An award winning aeronautical engineer working for NASA, originally from Gisbourne. [more]

22/06/2009: Book Review - Further Convictions Pending: Poems
Written by Vincent O'Sullivan, reviewed by Harry Ricketts and published by Victoria University Press. [more]

22/06/2009: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

22/06/2009: Food and wine
Guest chef Kate Fraser cooks a tagine of spicy root vegetables and Pear and almond pudding. John Hawkesby chooses wines to suit. [more]

23/06/2009: Unemployment
More than a thousand people a week a queing up for the dole. [more]

23/06/2009: Ethnic disparities in public healthcare
A new study on ethnic disparities in public healthcare shows disparity between Maori and non-Maori health. [more]

23/06/2009: Professor Joan Freeman
A child psychologist who tests IQ of gifted children, including some of the youngest members of MENSA. [more]

23/06/2009: US Correspondent
Jack Hitt reports from Washington. [more]

23/06/2009: Feature Guest - Lori Schneider
Lori Schneider conqueered the Seven Summits with MS. [more]

23/06/2009: Book Review
Dan Slevin reviews Sag Harbour by Colson Whitehead. [more]

23/06/2009: Business
Rod Oram is our business and economic commentator. [more]

23/06/2009: Food allergies
Kate Marsh is a Nutritionist with type one diabetes and is vegan. [more]

23/06/2009: Media
Denis Welch looks at the coverage of the attack on the French rugby player, plus the debate over the smacking referendum. [more]

24/06/2009: State housing - selling some off
Charles Waldegrave, Social Policy Researcher; David Zussman, Monte Cecilia Housing Trust trust executive (Monte Cecelia in Auckland is an emergency housing group) who is opposed to sell off and Phil Heatley, Minister of Housing. [more]

24/06/2009: Budget airlines
As Air New Zealand cashes in on one new budget airline's teething problems, we ask how long can we expect two low cost airlines - Jetstar and Pacific Blue - to continue working in New Zealand, and whether we'll see ticket prices drop. [more]

24/06/2009: Free range kids
Lenore Skenazy's decision to allow her 9-year-old son to take the subway on his own caused an uproar in the United States. [more]

24/06/2009: Australia correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Australian politics is in turmoil. [more]

24/06/2009: Feature guest - John Walsh
Successful New Zealand artist. An exhibition of many of his works is currently on at the Dowse in Lower Hutt. Part Maori, Part Irish, he grew up in Tologa Bay and many of his works reflect his upbringing on the East Coast and the history of the area. [more]

24/06/2009: Book review - In Hovering Flight
Catriona Ferguson reviews 'In Hovering Flight' by Joyce Hinnefeld. Published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

24/06/2009: Music with Marty Duda - Big Star
Marty reviews the influential 70s band Big Star. [more]

24/06/2009: Law
Catriona MacLennan discusses why courts are still lenient in animal cruelty cases. [more]

24/06/2009: Film review with Graeme Tuckett
Graeme Tuckett reviews Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, as well as the new Ben Kingsley film, Elegy. [more]

25/06/2009: Polytechnic student numbers
Thousands of would be polytechnic students are set to be turned away during the recession, because the government won't lift the cap on enrollments. [more]

25/06/2009: Big win in Masterton
Big wednesday changed the life of at least one person in Masterton. [more]

25/06/2009: Mongolian horse rally
Ask Dave Murray, he knows a thing or two about it. [more]

25/06/2009: Michael White
UK correspondent. [more]

25/06/2009: Feature guest - Louise Rennison
Louise Rennison is the author of a series of fictional diaries described as Bridget Jones for teens. [more]

25/06/2009: Book Review - The Music Room
By William Fiennes, published by Picador and reviewed by Paul Diamond. [more]

25/06/2009: New Technology
With Colin Jackson. [more]

25/06/2009: Mark Eden - animal activist
What keeps Mark Edan motivated? And why is he so committed to animal rights. [more]

25/06/2009: Simon Wilson
Speaks about everything TV [more]

26/06/2009: Smart electricity meters
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright and CEO of Arc Innovations, Simon Clarke joined Kathryn Ryan. [more]

26/06/2009: Shaken baby syndrome discussion
Children's Commissioner, John Angus and Auckland DHB community pediatrician, Alison Leversha joined Kathryn Ryan. [more]

26/06/2009: Chocolate lovers NOT happy
Ashley Tomlinson is disgruntled about Cadbury adding palm oil to its chocolate. He isn't alone. [more]

26/06/2009: Mike Field
Pacific Correspondent. [more]

26/06/2009: Feature Guest - Leroy Hood
Dr Leroy Hood is one of the world's leading scientists in genomics, who led the team that invented the DNA sequencer, the equipment that made possible the mapping of the human genome. Dr Leroy Hood, is also a pioneer in molecular biotechnology. Dr Hood and his team created the equipment that would read, and begin to unravel the mysteries, of the 25-thousand genes of human DNA, in the Human Genome Project. Dr Leroy Hood pioneering inventions were made at the California Institute of Technology, or Caltec. [more]

26/06/2009: Micheal Jackson dies
Singer Michael Jackson has died after being taken to hospital in a coma, the Los Angeles Times reports. The TMZ entertainment website also reports the singer has died, having a suffered cardiac arrest. [more]

26/06/2009: Book Review - The Northern Clemency
By Philip Hensher, published Published by Fourth Estate and reviewed by Jane Westaway. [more]

26/06/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
Manu Taylor takes a look back at the life and career of the child star who was in the music industry for 45 years. [more]

26/06/2009: Sport
With Richard Boock. [more]

26/06/2009: The week that was - and what a week!
With Te Radar and Elisabeth Easther. [more]

29/06/2009: Problems with NCEA internal assessment results
Critics say a whole generation of children has been dealt questionable results. [more]

29/06/2009: Earthrace to the Southern Ocean this summer
The bio-diesel powered Earthrace and skipper Pete Bethune will join the Sea Shepherd in the hunt for the Japanese whaling fleet. [more]

29/06/2009: The End of the Line
This new book from campaigning environmentalist Charles Clover is the basis for a new documentary about collapsing fish stocks. [more]

29/06/2009: Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney
Romany tinkers attacked in Belfast; artworks of Nazi plunder re-homed; and Italy says Basta! to playboy PM. [more]

29/06/2009: Feature interview - Brian Mason
Pre-eminent 92-years young Kiwi geologist and geochemist, Brian Mason specialises in rock forms from the cosmos. [more]

29/06/2009: Book review - The Strategy of Antelopes
Written by Jean Hatzfield. Published by Serpent's Tail. Reviewed by Laura Kroetsch. [more]

29/06/2009: Listener emails
Kathryn reads some of the feedback from this morning's show. Thank you for your contribution. [more]

29/06/2009: Political commentary
A look from the left to the right including the right to the wrong. [more]

29/06/2009: Food and wine
Ray McVinnie teases and tempts our olfactories with food and John Hawkesby matches the perfect wine. [more]

29/06/2009: Urban design with Tommy Honey
The humble shipping container becomes prison condo, but to make it punishment, there's the rub. [more]

30/06/2009: Efforts to clear elective surgery waiting lists
Health professionals discuss public patients going through private sector to help clear elective surgery waiting lists. [more]

30/06/2009: New York Times reporter taliban kidnap kept quiet
Martin Kaiser is President of the American Society of News Editors and the editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. [more]

30/06/2009: Fertility
Around 15-20 per cent of couples battle with infertility - but now Otago University Researchers hope that new brain research will help develop new treatments. [more]

30/06/2009: US correspondent - Richard Adams
The missing govenor, Bernie Madoff and the death of Michael Jackson. [more]

30/06/2009: Feature guest - Max Clifford
UK Public Relations supremo and tabloid king. [more]

30/06/2009: Book Review - Glover's Mistake
Written by Nick Laird, reviewed by Quentin Johnson and published by Fourth Estate. [more]

30/06/2009: Business Commentator - Rod Oram
The Zespri kiwifruit brand. [more]

30/06/2009: Sir Ken Robinson
Creativity in business. [more]

30/06/2009: Media Commentator - Denis Welch
Today Denis looks at the coverage of the Iran protests. [more]

01/07/2009: Confluent spraygel - 'C'
'C' was one of a number of people who went to ACC seeking compensation after her gynaecological surgery, which included use of the old anti-scarring gel Confluent Spraygel. [more]

01/07/2009: Confluent spraygel - Hanifa Koya
Hanifa Koya is a Wellington based gynaecologist. [more]

01/07/2009: Confluent spraygel - Diana Sousa
Diana Sousa is spokesperson for Covidien, the US company that bought out the former manufacturer of the product confluent spraygel. [more]

01/07/2009: Are fillings in baby teeth necessary?
Dr Nicola Innes is a clinical lecturer in paediatric dentistry at Dundee Dental School, Dundee University, and Robin Whyman is the Ministry of Health's chief advisor for Oral Health. [more]

01/07/2009: Clothing sizes
If you have no idea of your clothing size you may not be alone, as a size 10 in one store could be a size 14 in another. Elise Davidson is spokesperson for"Choice"and Trish Marks is the merchandise director for Ezibuy. [more]

01/07/2009: Australian Correspondent
With our Australia correspondent Paul Barclay. [more]

01/07/2009: Feature Guest - Lucy Blunt
Sydney psychologist diagnosed with breast cancer when she had two pre-schoolers, who wrote a book for kids My Mum's Got Cancer. Lucy Blunt is also a psychologist for reality TV shows in Australia. [more]

01/07/2009: Book review - 'Wolf Hall'
Phil Smith reviews 'Wolf Hall' by Hilary Mantel. Published by Fourth Estate. [more]

01/07/2009: Music with Marty Duda
Marty Duda's artist of the week is Michael Jackson. [more]

01/07/2009: Law
With Law commentator Robert Lithgow. [more]

01/07/2009: Film
Graeme Tuckett slams The Proposal and Ice Age 3. [more]

02/07/2009: Foreshore and Seabed review
Dr Ranginui Walker is the former Professor and Head of Maori Studies at the University of Auckland and member of the Waitani Tribunal. [more]

02/07/2009: New Zealand Global Women
Jenny Shipley and Mai Chen talk about why more than seventy of New Zealand's top women business leaders are joining forces to create a new organisation that will connect them across businesses, sectors and international borders. [more]

02/07/2009: UK correspondent - Kate Adie
British politics is still in upheaval and Michael Jackson is still on the front pages. [more]

02/07/2009: Feature guests - Sara Ziff and Ole Schell
Model Sara Ziff and Ole Schell her film-maker ex-boyfriend have made a documentary set behind the scenes of the fashion industry that exposes some of the darker sides of the industry. [more]

02/07/2009: Dr Stewart Jessamine
Confluent Spraygel is used by surgeons to prevent scarring but is being blamed by a Wellington gynecologist for causing pain and sometimes serious complications in many of her patients. [more]

02/07/2009: Book review - Valeria's Last Stand
Kate Blackhurst reviews 'Valeria's Last Stand' by Marc Fitten. Published by Virago. [more]

02/07/2009: Technology with Nat Torkington
Technology expert Nat Torkington discusses emotional robots, Kiwi web awards and a new US government transparency website. [more]

02/07/2009: Parenting commentator Nigel Latta
Today Nigel looks at tips for raising teens. [more]

02/07/2009: Television with Simon Wilson
Simon discusses whats been on television including the tennis, 'Fringe', 'How the Other Half Lives', and the 'Stars in their Eyes' grand finale. [more]

03/07/2009: Tobacco price cuts
ASH Director, Ben Youdan. [more]

03/07/2009: Drug wastage and environmental impact
Pharmaceutical researcher and lecturer at Otago University, Dr Rhiannon Braund. [more]

03/07/2009: Honey's healing qualities
Associate professor from University of Sydney's Molecular and Microbial Biosciences, Dee Carter. [more]

03/07/2009: Asia
With correspondent Phil O'Sullivan. [more]

03/07/2009: Feature guest - Major Phil Packer
Major Phil Packer was paralyzed in rocket attack in Iraq and has since raised one million pounds for wounded veterans. [more]

03/07/2009: Children's Book Review
With John McIntyre. [more]

03/07/2009: Music review
With Manu Taylor's picks. [more]

03/07/2009: Sport
With commentator Joseph Romanos. [more]

03/07/2009: The Week That Was
With Te Radar and Michele A'Court. [more]

05/07/2009: Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne
The outdoorsman, travel journalist and photographer goes wren wrangling. [more]

06/07/2009: Resilience of children
Gordon Harold is the Alexander McMillan Chair in Childhood Studies and Professor of Psychology Centre for Research on Children and Families - Otago University. [more]

06/07/2009: Future of the book
Ursula MacKenzie has overseen the publication of some of the juiciest memoirs in the UK in recent history as well as the Twilight series. [more]

06/07/2009: Farideh Farhi
Iranian scholar from the University of Hawaii's department of political science. [more]

06/07/2009: Feature guest - David Herkt
Poet and journalist who was struck by a debilitating stroke in November last year. [more]

06/07/2009: Book review - As the Earth Turns Silver
Carole Beu reviews 'As the Earth Turns Silver' by Alison Wong. Published by Penguin NZ. [more]

06/07/2009: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

06/07/2009: Food and Wine
Neil Brazier suggests Red Thai Fish Curry and Sweet Coconut Rice Pudding. [more]

07/07/2009: Floating interest rates - Why aren't they coming down?
Managing editor of, Bernard Hickey. [more]

07/07/2009: Swine Flu
Michael Baker, a doctor involved in a review of data into how severe swine flu actually is. [more]

07/07/2009: Generation Y - pros and cons
Krisy Thurston, 34 year-old psychology student Waikato University and Rachel Jens, 21 year-old management studies student at Waikato University joined Kathryn Ryan. [more]

07/07/2009: USA
With correspondent Jack Hitt. [more]

07/07/2009: Feature guest - Niko von Glasow
German Film maker Niko von Glasow was disabled by the drug thalidomide but has always avoided the label. He faced his fears by making a documentary that sees him and 11 other Thalidomiders bare all. [more]

07/07/2009: Book Review - Think!
By Edward de Bono, published by Vermillion and reviewed by Sonja de Freiz. [more]

07/07/2009: Business
With business and economic commentator Rod Oram [more]

07/07/2009: River quality
The Canterbury water wars, as more farms convert to dairy the water shortage worsens, pitting farmers against conservationists. [more]

08/07/2009: Michael Jackson memorial
Why do we grieve for someone we have never met? [more]

08/07/2009: Labour productivity
What opportunities does the economic downturn present for productivity. [more]

08/07/2009: Buying Twitter followers
How much would you pay to have followers on Twitter? [more]

08/07/2009: Australian Correspondent
With our Australian correspondent Paul Barclay. [more]

08/07/2009: Candidate for NASA astronaut training programme
Karen talks about her career and being shortlisted by NASA. [more]

08/07/2009: Book review - Comrade Jim
Harry Broad reviews 'Comrade Jim' by Jim Riordan. Published by Fourth Estate. [more]

08/07/2009: Music
Today we listen to The Pretenders. [more]

08/07/2009: Law
Legal cases involving bloggers. [more]

08/07/2009: Film
Graeme takes a look at the lineup for the film festival. [more]

09/07/2009: Treatment of skilled immigrants
Immigrants from the UK, Europe and South Africa who've been living and working in New Zealand say they are being booted out of the country because of the recession and changes to skill shortages. [more]

09/07/2009: Bruce Buchanan
Bruce Buchanan is the Chief Executive of Jetstar. He speaks on its troubled recent history. [more]

09/07/2009: Boy racer deaths
Inspector Andrew Burns, Southern District Road Policing Manager. [more]

09/07/2009: UK correspondent - Jon Dennis
The Conservative party vows to reverse Labour reforms should they gain power. [more]

09/07/2009: Feature guest - Tricia Irving-Hendry
Tricia Irving-Hendry's husband committed suicide, leaving her with three young children. She now works with Skylight Trust helping others who've suffered similar losses. [more]

09/07/2009: Book review - My Little Red Book
Jane Westaway reviews 'My Little Red Book' by Rachel Kauder Nalebuff. Published by Grand Central Publishing. [more]

09/07/2009: New Technology with Lance Wiggs
Worried you are in a meeting and wasting time? Now you can calculate how much money you are wasting. [more]

09/07/2009: Special education
A discussion with Kevin Jephson, principal of Dalefield School in Carterton; Heather Roy, Associate Education Minister; and Trish Grant, IHC spokesperson for the Inclusive Education Action Group. [more]

09/07/2009: Television with Simon Wilson
Rocked the Nation 2 and a 60 Minutes piece on food additives. [more]

09/07/2009: Guerilla knitting and yarn bombing
Magda Sayeg, of Texas, is the founder of Knitta Please, a group which has been tagging buildings and monuments with knitting, in a bid to humanize public spaces. [more]

10/07/2009: The psychology of boy racers
Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Auckland University, Dr Nikki Harre, the Mayor of Ipswich, Queensland, Paul Pisasale and the Acting National Manager of SADD, Julie Elliotte. [more]

10/07/2009: Mental illness - should GPs be looking at family history?
Barry Milne and Peter Foley joined Kathryn Ryan. [more]

10/07/2009: Pacific issues
With commentator Mike Field. [more]

10/07/2009: Feature guest - Maaka Pepene
Maaka Pepene has created a show called Memoirs of Active Service, based around a diary his Grandfather wrote to his grandmother in WWII. [more]

10/07/2009: Book Review - The Lost Book of Salem
By Katherine Howe, published by Michael Joseph and reviewed by Gail Pittaway. [more]

10/07/2009: Music with Manu Taylor
Manu sure can pink em'. Listen and see what he chose today. [more]

10/07/2009: Sport
With commentator Richard Boock. [more]

10/07/2009: The Week That Was
With Radar and Elisabeth Easther. [more]

13/07/2009: Therapeutic courts
Judge John Walker, helped set up first therapeutic court in Christchurch; Dr Michael King, a former magistrate in Western Australia, and now with a senior law lecturer at Monash University - Dr King is an expert on therapeutic courts and has just published a book Non Adverserial Justice. [more]

13/07/2009: Otago University student conduct
Professor David Skegg, Vice Chancellor of Otago University; and Edwin Darlow, President of Otago University Students Association (represents roughly 20 thousand students). [more]

13/07/2009: Wartime slogan proving a hit in the current recession
Mark Coop is selling posters, tshirts, bags etc with an image from a WW2 poster, which says Keep Calm and Carry On. [more]

13/07/2009: Europe correspondent - Seamus Kearney
News from Europe including Bosnian war memorials. [more]

13/07/2009: Feature guest - Russ Garcia
He's worked with some of the biggest names in the music business from Ella Fitzgerald to Louis Armstrong. Jazz composer and arranger Russ Garcia is still in high demand at the age of 93. [more]

13/07/2009: Book review - The Book of Rapture
'The Book of Rapture' by Nikki Gemmell. Published by HarperCollins. Reviewed by David Hill. [more]

13/07/2009: Politics
With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

13/07/2009: Food and wine
Guest chef John Cornish, internationally renowned chef and butcher and guest wine commentator Jo Burzynska, NZ Herald Viva section wine editor and author. [more]

13/07/2009: Tommy Honey
Honey on cars. [more]

14/07/2009: Virtual worlds for children and advertising
With millions of children hooked into virtual worlds on the Internet, how do you keep track of what your child is being exposed to? [more]

14/07/2009: Radio carbon dating aussie skull
The skills of NZ carbon dating scientists are in demand around world. The discovery of a skull on one of Sydney's northern beaches had posed a real mystery for Australian detectives prompting them to seek help from Waikato University. [more]

14/07/2009: US correspondent - Richard Adams
The CIA and past administration back in the news. [more]

14/07/2009: The changing personality of God over the centuries
Robert Wrights new book tracks the changing personality attributed to God over the centuries and through different religious traditions. [more]

14/07/2009: Book Review - Sacred Hearts
Don Rood reviews 'Sacred Hearts' by Sarah Dunant. Published by Virago. [more]

14/07/2009: Business
Rod Oram talks to us today from America, about their economy and NZ's. [more]

14/07/2009: Mad Pride discussion - Icarus Project
Is mental health a disease to be treated with medication or a dangerous gift to be nurtured and cultivated? [more]

14/07/2009: Media
Denis Welch looks at women's magazines. [more]

15/07/2009: The new poor
A discussion on the New Poor - professionals and middle income earners who have been hit by the recession, and the job losses that accompany it. How do they deal with being unemployed? [more]

15/07/2009: Folic acid in bread
Lyall Thurston, long-time folate campaigner and parent of son with spina bifida; and Katherine Rich, CEO of the NZ Food and amp; Grocery Council and former National MP - says if any government decides to mass-medicate every bread-buying New Zealander with a certain additive, it has to be very sure that the costs to the community don't outweigh any health benefits, and that there are no long-term ill-effects on the population. [more]

15/07/2009: Castaway
Xavier Rosset, former professional snowboarder who spent 10 months alone on an uninhabited island in the Pacific with only a knife and machete, to challenge our modern way of life. [more]

15/07/2009: Feature guest - Dr Kerry Spackman
NZ neuroscientist who works with athletes and celebrities and is author of The Winner's Bible. [more]

15/07/2009: Book review - The Devil's Paintbrush
The Devil's Paintbrush by Jake Arnott. Published by Sceptre. Reviewed by Emma Hart. [more]

15/07/2009: Music with Marty Duda
The featured artist is Linda Ronstadt. [more]

15/07/2009: Law
Dean Knight discussed judges' conflicts of interest. [more]

15/07/2009: Film
Graeme Tuckett with reviews from the New Zealand Film Festival, including Jane Campion's Bright Star. [more]

16/07/2009: Deaths in the Tararuas
Rod Feasey, Levin Land Search and Rescue search co-ordinator. [more]

16/07/2009: Venture Capital and Its development in New Zealand
Josh Lerner, Professor of Investment Banking at Harvard Business School. [more]

16/07/2009: Paul Brown
New Hampshire man on a worldwide search for a suitable slogan for his town - Raymond. [more]

16/07/2009: UK correspondent - Matthew Parris
Phone bugging, Afghanistan, Unemployment and the economic situation. [more]

16/07/2009: Feature guest - Kiran Bedi
Indian social activist who became the first woman to join the Indian Police Service - also subject of award winning documentary"Yes Madam, Sir"screening at the NZ Film Festival. [more]

16/07/2009: Book Review - Mirabile Dictu
Written by Michele Leggott, reviewed by Mary McCallum and published by Auckland University Press/Macmillan. [more]

16/07/2009: Technology - Nat Torkington
Talks to us from the Google campus in the U.S. [more]

16/07/2009: Parenting - Nigel Latta
Dealing with teenagers. [more]

16/07/2009: Television - Simon Wilson
The politically incorrect parenting show and Skins. [more]

17/07/2009: Chief Justice Dame Sian Elias suggests early release amnesty
Former ACT MP and lawyer Stephen Franks and Human Rights lawyer and spokesperson for the Council of Civil Liberties Michael Bott join Kathryn to discuss the matter. [more]

17/07/2009: Obesity
What is being done to deal with our growing obesity problem. NZ now the third fattest nation in the OECD, behind US and Mexico - how has it become this bad? [more]

17/07/2009: Spelling - created spelling check software
Kevin Garber, General Manager of Melon Media in Sydney and founder of the spelling check software, This has been applied to the websites of 20 world class universities and found errors. [more]

17/07/2009: Feature guest - Ric O'Barry
Former trainer of the famous television dolphin Flipper. In the 1960's Ric O'Barry worked for the Miami Seaquarium, where he captured and trained dolphins, including the five dolphins who played the role of Flipper. [mor