Radio New Zealand: Election 2008 Audio

This page lists items from RNZ that are identified as "Election 2008 Audio". RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access these items, plus the vast audio collecton from the mid-2000s onwards by using the day schedule pages. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

26/09/2008: Parekura Horomia on allegations of pressuring Maori Party
Maori Affairs Minister responds to claims he tried to persuade the Maori Party to vote against censuring Winston Peters. [more]

05/10/2008: Maori Party seeks influence after election
Co-leaders Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples speaking to reporters at the campaign launch on the party's election aims. [more]

05/10/2008: Jeanette Fitzsimons on post-election choices
Greens co-leader says the party will let voters know in the coming weeks which parties it will be willing to work with. [more]

06/10/2008: Winston Peters at New Zealand First campaign launch
Party leader says NZ First pledges to protect and save New Zealand; criticises National leader John Key (speech excerpt). [more]

06/10/2008: National leader John Key on Maori seats
John Key tells Danya Levy he will not pre-judge negotiations on Maori seats. [more]

06/10/2008: Helen Clark on future of Maori seats
Labour leader says Maori seats should remain as long as Maori want them. [more]

06/10/2008: John Key on 'no parole' policy for some violent offenders
National Party leader speaks to reporters in Tauranga on the party's law and order policy. [more]

06/10/2008: Phil Goff criticises National's law and order policy
Labour's Corrections spokeperson tells media conference the 'no parole' policy would be ineffective and expensive. [more]

06/10/2008: National leader says NZ needs tax cuts
John Key says tax cuts are needed to take the financial pressure off New Zealanders and New Zealand businesses. [more]

07/10/2008: John Key announces National's tax plans scaled back
National leader tells reporters scaled-back tax plan in response to worsening Government accounts and further economic slowdown. [more]

08/10/2008: Helen Clark says National over-promised on tax
Labour leader tells Julian Robins that National's tax cuts would come at the expense of KiwiSaver. [more]

08/10/2008: John Key media conference on tax cut programme
National leader says tax cut policy less generous than the party had wanted; defends Kiwisaver changes. [more]

08/10/2008: National's tax policy announcement in full
Party leader John Key's speech at North Harbour Stadium in Auckland announcing his party's tax cut programme. [more]

08/10/2008: Helen Clark responds to National's tax package
Labour Party leader tells Julian Robins that National's tax package rests on wrecking KiwiSaver. [more]

09/10/2008: Russel Norman on Greens' post-election support criteria
Russel Norman tells Chris Bramwell the Greens' criteria for which party to support. [more]

09/10/2008: John Key on interest rate cuts
National's leader urges Reserve Bank on interest rate cuts [more]

09/10/2008: Winston Peters on National's tax policy, John Key
New Zealand First's leader talking to reporters while on the campaign trail. [more]

09/10/2008: Trevor Mallard on Labour's redundancy compensation policy
Labour's spokesperson on labour issues talks to the Council of Trade Unions. [more]

09/10/2008: John Key on reaction to economic policies, interest rate cuts
National's leader speaks to media about reaction to his party's economic plan at Independent Fisheries in Christchurch. [more]

10/10/2008: Helen Clark on latest poll, global financial crisis
Labour's leader says she expected gap with National to narrow, also comments on markets meltdown [more]

10/10/2008: NZ First leader answers questions on the SFO findings
Winston Peters speaking to reporters after the release of the Serious Fraud Office findings [more]

11/10/2008: John Key still rules out Winston Peters despite SFO decision
National's leader John Key tells Jane Patterson he won't change his mind [more]

12/10/2008: Rodney Hide launches ACT's election campaign
ACT leader warns global crunch means major adjustment for NZers [more]

12/10/2008: Michael Cullen on the bank deposit guarantee scheme
The Finance Minister talks to reporters after the scheme was announced at Labour's campaign launch [more]

12/10/2008: Helen Clark launches Labour's election campaign
Labour's leader focuses on the economy in her campaign speech in Auckland [more]

12/10/2008: John Key launches National's election campaign
National's leader guarantees 11 key policies in his campaign speech in Auckland [more]

13/10/2008: John Key tells reporters National not consulted on bank plan
National Party leader accuses Labour of petty politics, supports bank deposit guarantee, questions scope of scheme. [more]

13/10/2008: Helen Clark media conference on student allowance plan
Labour leader on pledge to end parental income testing of student allowances by 2012, and on bank deposit guarantee scheme. [more]

14/10/2008: John Key announces National's maternity policy
National leader says hospitals will be funded to allow new mothers to stay longer in hospital. He announced the policy to a group of mothers at a Henderson cafe. [more]

14/10/2008: Michael Cullen speaks to reporters on economic stimulus plan
Labour finance spokesperson gives details of 20-year plan to keep economy moving during slowdown. [more]

15/10/2008: John Key on plan for Super Fund to invest 40% in NZ
National Party leader speaks to reporters about the party's plan to boost the Superannuation Fund's investment in New Zealand. [more]

15/10/2008: Helen Clark on Labour's starter housing policy
Labour leader announces policy of freeing up Crown land for housing for modest-income families. [more]

15/10/2008: John Key questioned on Checkpoint about Super Fund plan
National Party leader tells Mary Wilson his party's plan to have the NZ Superannuation Fund invest 40% in New Zealand is sound. [more]

16/10/2008: Peter Dunne cautiously supportive of National on Super Fund
United Future leader tells Nadine Chalmers-Ross he would not want any Government able to dictate investments by the fund [more]

16/10/2008: John Key rejects suggestions he's meddling with Super Fund
National's leader says the fund's guardians would not be told what investments they should make [more]

16/10/2008: Michael Cullen says Super Fund must be free of interference
Labour's finance spokesperson talks to Sean Plunket on National's proposal [more]

16/10/2008: Labour would let beneficiaries keep more from part-time work
Labour Party leader Helen Clark answers questions about new benefit abatement policy [more]

16/10/2008: Winston Peters says NZ First would cut number of immigrants
NZ First leader delivers his party's policy on immigration, to Grey Power in Nelson [more]

16/10/2008: John Key outlines National's plans to cap the core bureaucracy
National's leader speaks to media at Cafe Rue in Dunedin. [more]

16/10/2008: John Key says National has no agreement on Maori Party seats
National's leader says its plan to abolish Maori seats would not be a bottom-line policy in post-election negotiations. [more]

17/10/2008: Helen Clark on campaign, National and Maori seats, and Greens
Labour's leader speaks to reporters while campaigning in Christchurch. [more]

17/10/2008: John Key on campaign, interest rate cut call, and petrol prices
National's leader speaks to reporters while campaigning in Auckland. [more]

17/10/2008: Helen Clark addresses a community meeting in Christchurch
A typical taste of Labour leader's stump speech, at a Labour-organised meeting at a Samoan church. [more]

18/10/2008: John Key on immigration investigation
National Party leader says he has met the man at the centre of an immigration investigation, but residency was not discussed. [more]

18/10/2008: Helen Clark wants immigration case pursued vigorously
Prime Minister tells reporters the fraud investigation over granting citizenship to Yang Liu should be pursued with vigour. [more]

19/10/2008: John Key supports extension of bank guarantee scheme
National leader says Government's bank guarantee scheme should cover wholesale funds as well as retail deposits. [more]

19/10/2008: Helen Clark on financial crisis, spending
Labour leader says the focus is on the party's economic stimulus package, not big spending initiatives. [more]

19/10/2008: Michael Cullen, Bill English on bank guarantee scheme
Finance Minister and National's finance spokeperson on possibility of guaranteeing wholesale bank funds (excerpt from Radio New Zealand economy debate). [more]

20/10/2008: New Zealand First leader on Reserve Bank Act
Winston Peters says changing legislation to help businesses and homeowners would be a bottom line in post-election negotiations. [more]

20/10/2008: Reporters question Helen Clark on bank deposit scheme
Prime Minister responds to National's call for the Government scheme to be extended, to cover wholesale bank funds. [more]

20/10/2008: Winston Peters on National's wish to speed up deposit scheme
NZ First leader says National's call to fast track plan is alarmist. [more]

20/10/2008: John Key announces National's plan for 200 extra police
National's leader says most of the extra, frontline, officers would go to South Auckland [more]

20/10/2008: Green Party rules out forming a coalition with National
Greens co-leaders Jeanette Fitzsimons and Russel Norman announce who they are willing to work with after the election. [more]

20/10/2008: National's leader says Labour and Greens a bloc
John Key responds to the Greens' announcement they prefer Labour. [more]

20/10/2008: Jeanette Fitzsimons explains Greens' decision to go with Labour
Green Party co-leader is interviewed on Checkpoint. [more]

20/10/2008: Police Association on National's plan to boost numbers
President Greg O'Connor tells Checkpoint increasing frontline police in South Auckland could be at expense of other areas. [more]

21/10/2008: John Key on Maurice Williamson's comments on road tolls
National's leader answers questions about tolling floated by his transport spokesperson. [more]

21/10/2008: Winston Peters believes KiwiBank should be floated, to NZers
New Zealand First leader speaks to political reporter Kate Williamson. [more]

22/10/2008: John Key speaks to reporters about MP's migrant worker comments
National Party leader will not be drawn on immigration spokesperson Lockwood Smith's future as a possible minister, following remarks criticised as racist. [more]

22/10/2008: Tariana Turia calls Lockwood Smith's comments "racist"
Maori Party co-leader tells Chris Bramwell that National's immigration spokesperson Lockwood Smith overstepped the mark in his comments on migrant workers. [more]

22/10/2008: Winston Peters describes Lockwood Smith's comments as naive
New Zealand First leader tells Kate Williamson that National MP Lockwood Smith's comments are not fitting for someone who wants to be a minister. [more]

22/10/2008: Helen Clark speaks to reporters on Lockwood Smith's comments
Labour leader says remarks by National's immigration spokesperson on migrant workers were "daft". [more]

23/10/2008: Helen Clark talks to Julian Robins about post-election prospects
Labour leader says she has seen polls which show support for a combined Labour-Green bloc ahead of that for a National and ACT combination. [more]

23/10/2008: Michael Cullen presents KiwiSaver figures, says scheme working
Labour's finance minister introduces independent evaluation of KiwiSaver; criticises National's policies. [more]

23/10/2008: National leader stands by party's KiwiSaver scheme
John Key says party's proposed changes to KiwiSaver will make it more attractive to New Zealanders. [more]

23/10/2008: Michael Cullen rejects National's call over bank scheme
Finance Minister tells reporters he will not be stampeded into hasty decisions on extending deposit guarantee scheme. [more]

23/10/2008: John Key speaks to reporters on bank deposit scheme
National leader says wholesale deposit guarantee is needed; brushes aside Dr Cullen's criticism. [more]

23/10/2008: Winston Peters speaks to Kate Williamson on donation decision
New Zealand First leader responds to the Electoral Commission's ruling that the party secretary committed no offence over the 2007 annual return of donations. [more]

24/10/2008: Helen Clark responds to John Key's 'five-headed monster' claim
Labour leader questioned by reporters on National's warning against electing a Labour-led coalition potentially made up of five parties. [more]

26/10/2008: Peter Dunne rules out supporting Labour-led government
United Future's leader, and National leader John Key, announce parties would work together in a National-led government. [more]

27/10/2008: Helen Clark and David Cunliffe announce Labour's health policy
Labour's leader and health spokesperson speak mostly about policy to media, at a Tongan event in East Auckland. [more]

27/10/2008: John Key on his promise to help recession jobless
National's leader answers questions about his plan for short term assistance to help victims of credit crisis. [more]

27/10/2008: Pacific tv station is part of Labour's Pacific Islands policy
Political reporter Danya Levy reports on the launch. [more]

28/10/2008: Maori Party welcomes Labour support for entrenching Maori seats
Co-leader Tariana Turiana talks to Kate Williamson about Labour leader Helen's Clark's comments. [more]

28/10/2008: Helen Clark talks about entrenching Maori seats
Labour leader speaks to the media in Motueka about the seven Maori seats. [more]

29/10/2008: Helen Clark on Peters' role in Glenn seeking Monaco job
Prime Minister tells reporters that when she was told Mr Glenn may have made a donation the honorary consul position could not go ahead. [more]

29/10/2008: Winston Peters speaks to campaign meeting on Glenn affair
New Zealand First leader's speech to Invercargill Grey Power meeting, in which he puts his side of the story on Owen Glenn's push to be made honorary consul to Monaco. [more]

29/10/2008: John Key speaks to reporters on Peters claims
National leader says Helen Clark has questions to answer over latest claims on businessman Owen Glenn's push to be made honorary consul to Monaco. [more]

29/10/2008: Inquiry into gangs promised by Labour
The Labour Party has pledged to launch a commission of inquiry into criminal gangs to determine the extent of their involvement in organised crime, reports Naomi Mitchell. [more]

29/10/2008: John Key says no knowledge of sham foreign exchange deals
National Party leader tells reporters Labour is attempting a smear campaign and questions raised about a foreign exchange scam involving Equiticorp 20 years ago are without foundation. [more]

30/10/2008: Helen Clark on 13-week job search allowance policy
Labour leader speaks to reporters on party's plan for allowance for people made redundant during recession. [more]

30/10/2008: Helen Clark on allegations against John Key
Labour leader questioned on role of party president in finding information on John Key scam allegations. [more]

31/10/2008: Winston Peters says vote crucial on Auckland council merger
New Zealand First leader tells a public meeting his party would not go along with any plan to merge Auckland councils unless local people approve (speech excerpt). [more]

31/10/2008: John Key speaks to reporters on National's jobless relief scheme
National leader says the package of transitional help for people who lose their job in the recession targets the most needy. [more]

31/10/2008: John Key announcing transitional relief policy
National Party leader's speech to Waikato Chamber of Commerce in which he details 16-week targetted help for those who lose their job during the recession (excerpt). [more]

31/10/2008: Helen Clark says benefits of National's jobless scheme overstated
Labour leader tells reporters National has miscalculated the benefits of its package to help those who lose their job in the recession. [more]

01/11/2008: Michael Cullen on wholesale bank deposit guarantee
Finance Minister tells political editor Brent Edwards about the Government's decision to offer a guarantee to overseas institutions which lend money to banks in New Zealand. [more]

01/11/2008: Brent Edwards on the major parties' recession rescue plans
Radio New Zealand's political editor discusses on Checkpoint the main events of the campaign week. [more]

01/11/2008: National Party leader on recession scheme
John Key tells Checkpoint National's scheme to help recession jobless has identified where the need will be. [more]

01/11/2008: Helen Clark on banks' assurances over people in financial difficulty
Prime Minister says Government expects banks to try to help people in temporary mortgage payment difficulty to stay in their homes. [more]

01/11/2008: John Key and Rodney Hide after meeting in Auckland
National leader rules out cabinet post for ACT candidate Roger Douglas; ACT leader responds. [more]

03/11/2008: Helen Clark takes final step towards entrenching Maori seats
Labour leader says party would support Maori Party bill to secure the seats' future. [more]

03/11/2008: Peter Dunne says he didn't take money for favours from Vela's
United Future leader tells Morning Report allegations a 'beat up'. [more]

03/11/2008: Parody or theft - ACT and Greens at odds over ad image
Green Party accuses ACT of stealing image of a child the Greens use in their advertising. [more]

03/11/2008: Major parties desperately try to shore up support
Political editor Brent Edwards on the last days of the campaign. [more]

03/11/2008: Summary of last RNZ debate, on the State of the Environment
Chris Bramwell looks at what all parties except Maori Party had to say. [more]

03/11/2008: Political commentators on the remaining days of the campaign
Colin James and Chris Trotter on Morning Report. [more]

03/11/2008: Maori Party - king makers?
Party leader Tariana Turia on Nine to Noon. [more]

03/11/2008: Helen Clark on entrenching the Maori seats
Labour leader talks to reporters on this and other issues. [more]

03/11/2008: Former All Blacks endorse National
Inga Tuigamala and Michael Jones put their weight behind National. [more]

03/11/2008: Maori Party makes spending condition of support
Party wants influence over government spending on Maori. [more]

03/11/2008: National calls in rugby star power
Former All Blacks turn out for National in Auckland. [more]

04/11/2008: Helen Clark says Labour in huge generational change
Labour leader tells Kathryn Ryan of new blood. [more]

04/11/2008: Latest leaders' debate
Nadine Chalmers-Ross watched John Key and Helen Clark on TV3 [more]

04/11/2008: Analysis of the TV3 leaders' debate
Chief political reporter Jane Patterson looks at John Key and Helen Clark's performance. [more]

04/11/2008: NZ First running out of lifelines
Greens reluctant to work with leader Winston Peters, Labour admits he has tough fight. [more]

04/11/2008: Major parties looking for a strong Pacific following
Pacific issues correspondent Richard Pamatatau on the courting of Pacific votes. [more]

04/11/2008: Green Party wants transparency in Cabinet decisions
Greens want top level political discussions opened to scrutiny. [more]

04/11/2008: Federated Farmers launches policy manifesto
Rural Report's Carla Gray reports on the launch. [more]

04/11/2008: National promises big education spend
Education correspondent Gael Woods says National has moved away from past controversies. [more]

04/11/2008: Helen Clark on Crown accounts and Maori seats
Labour leader also gives her Melbourne Cup pick, on the campaign trail. [more]

04/11/2008: John Key promises to legislate for tax cuts before Christmas
National's leader on the party's anticipated first 100 days in office. [more]

04/11/2008: Rodney Hide on police clearing NZ First over donations
ACT leader tells reporters he's not surprised. [more]

04/11/2008: Maori Party wants Christmas cash for needy
Co-leader Pita Sharples says money would go to poor children, pensioners. [more]

04/11/2008: More on Federated Farmers' policy manifesto
Farmers launch policy manifesto at Wellington Railway Station. [more]

04/11/2008: John Key dismisses secret tape as another Labour 'dirty trick'
National's leader on tape in which Bill English expresses concerns about Barack Obama. [more]

04/11/2008: John Key still ruling Winston Peters out of coalition
National leader's stance unchanged, despite police clearing NZ First. [more]

05/11/2008: National, Greens still won't work with Peters
Leaders' stance unchanged despite police clearing NZ First. [more]

05/11/2008: Police won't take NZ First complaint any further
Political editor Brent Edwards explains decision over donations to the party. [more]

05/11/2008: Mixed reaction to Maori Party's plan for bumper Christmas
Party suggests $500 payment to children in poor families, pensioners. [more]

05/11/2008: Pressure likely for Maori Party post-election
Political editor Brent Edwards looks ahead to deals. [more]

05/11/2008: Michael Cullen confident despite accounts in red
Labour's finance spokesperson details party's mini-budget. [more]

05/11/2008: Are phone demographics distorting opinion polls?
Pollsters may be missing young people who only have cellphones, not landlines. [more]

05/11/2008: Helen Clark campaigning on Wednesday, 5 November
Labour leader talks to reporters on National's 'razor gang' and 'war' tape, and Winston Peters. [more]

05/11/2008: Winston Peters leaves Tauranga electorate unexpectedly
NZ First leader suddenly flies to Wellington to join Ron Mark in Rimutaka. [more]

05/11/2008: Winston Peters goes head to head with cardboard John Key
NZ First leader holds debate with cutout after National leader spurns him. [more]

06/11/2008: John Key on Maori Party, secret tapes, unemployment figures
National Party leader questioned by reporters on the possible role of the Maori Party, the identity of the person who secretly taped National MPs and unemployment figures. [more]

06/11/2008: Helen Clark on jobless figures, Winston Peters, Stacey Jones
Labour leader speaks to reports on campaign trail following a walkabout in Manukau shopping mall in South Auckland. [more]

07/11/2008: Winston Peters says New Zealand First will defy the polls
New Zealand First leader talks about the last day of the campaign, after speaking to the Maori Wardens conference in Rotorua. [more]

07/11/2008: John Key at rowdy meeting in Palmerston North
National leader shouts to make himself heard at meeting disrupted by Labour supporters [more]

07/11/2008: Helen Clark campaigning on 7 November
Labour leader speaks to reporters in Auckland on last day of election campaign [more]

07/11/2008: John Key at New Plymouth campaign meeting
National Party leader speaking to supporters on last day of campaign. [more]

08/11/2008: Rodney Hide looks forward to change of government
ACT Party leader talks to the Result 08 panel after retaining his seat. [more]

08/11/2008: Winston Peters says this is not the end for New Zealand First
Party leader on Result 08 after failing to win any seats. [more]

08/11/2008: Peter Dunne says National has gained emphatic victory
United Future leader speaks to Sean Plunket on Result 08. [more]

08/11/2008: Jeanette Fitzsimons addresses party supporters
Green Party leader says the new Government faces huge challenges [more]

08/11/2008: Helen Clark announces she is standing down
The former Prime Minister tells supporters she is standing down as Labour leader after losing the 2008 general election. [more]

09/11/2008: John Key's acceptance speech as Prime Minister-elect
Jubilant National leader speaks to supporters. [more]

09/11/2008: Rodney Hide says National has good mandate
ACT leader tells Result 08 programme the country has voted for a clear change. [more]

09/11/2008: John Key says National Government will face challenges
Prime Minister-elect tells Result 08 programme the international financial crisis will have an impact and his Government must protect as many jobs as possible. [more]

09/11/2008: Peter Brown comments on plans for NZ First
Deputy leader talks to Election Special after party ousted from Parliament. [more]

09/11/2008: Green Party now third largest party
Green Party co-leader Russel Norman discusses results on Election Special. [more]

09/11/2008: Peter Dunne back, but as a party of one
United Future leader talks about the outcome to Election Special. [more]

09/11/2008: Jim Anderton is the other party of one in Parliament
Progressives leader talks to Election Special. [more]

10/11/2008: Bill English and Sir Roger Douglas on Nine to Noon
Incoming Finance Minister Bill English and ACT's Sir Roger Douglas discuss National-led Government's priorities. [more]

10/11/2008: John Key media conference - Monday morning
Incoming Prime Minister talks to reporters as he arrives at Wellington airport on Monday, heading to meetings with ACT and United Future leaders on forming a new Government. [more]

10/11/2008: John Key and Rodney Hide speak to reporters - Monday afternoon
Incoming Prime Minister and ACT leader held first meeting at Parliament on Monday. [more]

10/11/2008: Rodney Hide speaks to Checkpoint about Government talks
ACT leader tells Mary Wilson about talks with incoming Prime Minister; Radio New Zealand's political editor Brent Edwards looks at post-election negotiations. [more]

11/11/2008: John Key, Tariana Turia, Pita Sharples after talks on Tuesday
Incoming Prime Minister and Maori Party co-leaders discussed options including the possibility of a ministerial role role for the Maori Party. [more]

11/11/2008: Phil Goff on his new role as Labour Party leader
Mr Goff tells Checkpoint's Mary Wilson the Labour opposition will be strong and determined. [more]