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This page lists items from RNZ that are identified as "Radio NZ National Music". RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access these items, plus the vast audio collecton from the mid-2000s onwards by using the day schedule pages. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

05/05/1998: Sir George Martin - In My Life
In 1998, Beatles aficionado Jeremy Ansell spoke to The Beatles' producer, Sir George Martin. In this feature, they talk about The Goons, Jeff Beck, flanging, Sir George's album In My Life, and what he saw in the young group he signed to EMI in 1962. Sir George Martin died on 8 March 2016. [more]

05/05/1998: Sir George Martin Interview 1998
Beatles aficionado Jeremy Ansell talks to "the fifth Beatle" in 1998. [more]

21/05/1999: Eldred Stebbing (Part 1)
Eldred Stebbing interviewed by Mike Chunn (ex-Split Enz, APRA) in May 1999, on the eve of the opening of the Stebbings CD manufacturing plant. Eldred Stebbing was a sound engineer, producer, studio and label owner, manufacturer, promoter, night club owner, manager and A&R guy to a who's who of New Zealand artists. Born in 1921, Eldred's career spanned the days of 78s, 45s, LPs, cassettes, VHS, CD and DVD. The Stebbing Recording Centre - still run by the family in Herne Bay, Auckland - was state of the art when commissioned in 1970; and was still in pristine condition when Stebbings opened New Zealand's only fully integrated CD manufacturing plant in 1999. His services to the NZ Music Industry saw Eldred inducted into the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2004. Part 1 of this interview covers the early days of sound reinforcement and live sound in New Zealand during the 1940s. Eldred Stebbing died in December 2009. [more]

21/05/1999: Eldred Stebbing (Part 3)
The late Eldred Stebbing interviewed by Mike Chunn (ex-Split Enz, APRA) in May 1999. Part 3 covers the transition from gramophones and 78s to record players, 45s and Long Players; the influence of the 'British Invasion', the 1960s. [more]

21/05/1999: Eldred Stebbing (Part 2)
The late Eldred Stebbing interviewed by Mike Chunn (ex. Split Enz, APRA) in May 1999. Part two covers the early days of music recording studios and the Stebbing record label, post-WWII - 1950s. [more]

21/05/1999: Eldred Stebbing (Part 4)
Eldred Stebbing interviewed by Mike Chunn (ex. Split Enz, APRA) and Kaye Glamuzina in May 1999. The Stebbing Recording Centre is opened in Jervois Road, Hearne Bay, Auckland in 1970; A&R with Benny Levin; working with The La De Das, High Revving Tongues, Patsy Rigor, Hello Sailor. Eldred describes his approach to producing and maintaining standards; and comments on the changes in the music and radio industries over time. [more]

03/06/2004: Amy Winehouse: Frank
Sam Wicks had the opportunity to speak to Amy Winehouse twice over the years. Here's the first interview, recorded in 2004, when Amy was in Dublin touring her debut album Frank. [more]

30/07/2004: Amy Winehouse
When Amy Winehouse passed away at her home in London on Saturday 23 July 2011, news stories were quick to connect her to what Kurt Cobain's mother Wendy once called the "stupid club" – musicians like Kurt, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin, gone before their time at the age of 27. What was too often missed in the flood of stories was Winehouse's towering talent and a timeless voice that will outlive the tabloid column inches that documented her struggles with addiction. Sam Wicks had the opportunity to speak to Amy twice over the years. Here's the first interview, recorded in June 2004, when she was in Dublin promoting her debut album Frank. [more]

25/03/2005: The Maori Show Bands Part 1: Music Was A Hunger
Piripi Walker finds out about the musical training which began at home and on the marae, and the early years performing in bands such as the Three Deuces, the Quin Tiki's and the Hi Fives. [more]

27/03/2005: The Maori Show Bands Part 2: Millions of Hours of Happiness
Piripi Walker follows the journeys of show bands like the Maori Volcanics, the Quin Tiki's, and the Hi Fives, in Australia, America and Asia. [more]

28/03/2005: The Maori Show Bands Part 3: I May Sail on Many a Sea
In the final of this series about the Maori showbands we hear highlights of the concert and panel discussion from the launch of the Maori Showbands online exhibition at Te Papa in Wellington in December 2004. The programme features those veterans of the Maori showbands who gathered for the event. [more]

17/07/2006: The Black Seeds - Into The Dojo
Wellington band 'The Black Seeds' are well known nationwide for their catchy reggae, funk and dub numbers. Forming in 1998, their first album "Keep On Pushing" was released in 2001 and has become a cornerstone of influence and inspiration for New Zealand bands producing contemporary reggae and dub albums.Rhys Morgan sought out several members of the band to discover more about their current release. [more]

11/09/2006: Jakob: Solace 2006
Hawkes bay-based soundscapers Jakob is made up of a trio who have been together since '98. On the release of their third album Kirsten Johnstone took Guitarist Jeff Boyle, and bass player Maurice Beckett to the top of Te Mata Peak in Havelock North to talk about finding Solace. [more]

26/11/2006: The untold story of Sweetwaters
Sweetwaters organizer Daniel Keighley says there was a gang contract out on his life after the music festival Sweetwaters collapsed in 1999, leaving creditors millions of dollars out of pocket and effectively destroying Keighly's career in concert management. Trevor Reekie talks to Daniel Keighley about his side of the saga, as covered in his book Sweetwaters, The Untold Story. [more]

09/12/2006: Pretty Things Down Under
Make sure you've got your seatbelt buckled because we're taking a wild ride back to 1965, when visiting British band The Pretty Things apparently threatened to tear apart the moral fabric of our sleepy, isolated nation. By the time they toured New Zealand in August 1965, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones had already attempted to lower the tone, but they couldn't prepare the land of the long white snore for the mayhem created by England's most unruly group yet. This tour has become international rock folklore and is now immortalised in a comprehensive book by local rock aficionado John Baker, ex-pat music journalist Andy Neill and American Pretty Things expert Mike Stax. Andrew Clifford tracks down witnesses and perpetrators, and talks to the authors about what got New Zealand so shook up. [more]

10/11/2007: The Electric Confectionnaires
The Electric Confectionaires are yet another talented band out of Takapuna Grammar in Auckland. They follow in the footsteps of The Veils and the Checks, and other schoolmates were White Birds and Lemons and the Coshercot Honeys. They must be doing something right in the music department there. Kirsten Johnstone caught up with two of the Electric Confectionaires, Jaisi Sheehan and Rob Fenton, for a yarn. [more]

29/12/2007: The Mixtape: Jon Toogood
Shihad's frontman Jon Toogood, with his mixtape of local songs that have impacted his life. [more]

08/03/2008: Nick Cave - The Bad Seeds
Nick Cave talks to Richard Wain about The Bad Seeds' album 'Dig, Lazarus Dig!!!' as well as numerous other diversions. [more]

04/09/2008: Supergroove Crosstown Revue 2008
Supergroove took to the stage at Auckland's Civic Theatre, this time with Scribe, Hollie Smith and newcomer Gin Wigmore in tow. Sam Wicks dropped in on rehearsals for their Crosstown Revue earlier in the week for a chat with Supergroovers Karl Steven, Nick Atkinson and Ian Jones… [more]

20/09/2008: Ladyhawke on the rise
We get to know Pip Brown, the woman behind Ladyhawke, who is about to release her debut solo album. [more]

22/11/2008: Bowie's Waiata
In 1983 David Bowie was enjoying the biggest success of his career… The album Let's Dance had gone to number one around the world and the subsequent 'Serious Moonlight' tour was playing to huge, record breaking audiences. The show finally reached New Zealand and on 23 November 1983, shortly before his first concert in Wellington, Bowie was invited to visit Takapūwāhia Marae in Porirua. He was the first bonafide rock star to be officially welcomed onto a Māori marae. [more]

14/02/2009: High Places
High Places talk with Emma Smith about their debut, High Places [more]

07/03/2009: Quintron
New Orleans swamp rock n rollers Quintron and Miss Pussycat deliver a dash of the Mardi Gras ahead of their NZ tour. Quintron talks with Emma Smith about the continuing cost of the hurrican Katrina, and his light-sensitive music-maker, the drum-buddy. [more]

14/03/2009: El Guincho
Spanish musician Pablo Díaz-Reixa, currently playing shows in New Zealand, shares stories from his album Alegranza! [more]

28/03/2009: Emmanuelle Gomez
Marking the start of the Mutton birding season, we talk to Dunedin songstress Emmanuelle Gomez, about 'Vegetarian Savage', the EP she wrote during last year's harvest on Poutama. [more]

13/06/2009: When Johnny Came to Town: NZ's First Rock Concert
In April 1959 a show headlined by Johnny Cash and Gene Vincent played at Auckland's Town Hall. Marty Duda looks back at New Zealand's first international rock 'n' roll show, including interviews with some of the people who where there. [more]

20/06/2009: Michachu- Jewellery
Mica Levi, aka Micachu talks with Emma Smith about her debut album, Jewellery, recorded with the assistance of Matthew Herbert. [more]

27/06/2009: The Renderers- Monsters and Miasmas
South Island gothic-country band The Renderers discuss their new album Monsters and Miasmas, and the joys and perils of living in China. [more]

08/07/2009: Major Lazer - Guns Don't Kill People Lazers Do
MIA producer Switch joins Emma Smith to talk about his Jamaican dancehall project, Major Lazer, a collaboration with Diplo. [more]

18/07/2009: Peter Bjorn and John
The Swedish trio talk about living in the shadow of their 2006 hit 'Young Folks', the benefits of a soft-hitting drummer, and the influence of post-punk on their new album, Gimme Some. [more]

25/07/2009: The Puddle
Dunedin originals The Puddle - led by George D. Henderson - perform in a session hosted by Kirsten Johnstone for Music 101. The songs are: Tender Validation, Hudibras, Seduced By Virgins, As It Was/ Friends (medley). 25 July 2009. [more]

10/10/2009: She's A Mod: Ray Columbus and The Mint Chicks
Great music is timeless and here is a song that remains the same, regardless of which generation of local musicians revisit it: 'She's A Mod'. Radio New Zealand music reporter Sam Wicks talks to Ray Columbus about the song's long-lasting local appeal and goes behind the scenes as The Mint Chicks work on their version ahead of the 2009 NZ Music Awards ceremony. [more]

10/10/2009: The band HEALTH
HEALTH from Los Angeles talk with Emma Smith about their first Australasian tour, and their new album Get Color. [more]

31/10/2009: Punkfest 2009
Jamie Morris heads to Punkfest one of the country's longest running DIY festivals, for a lesson on homemade hell raising. [more]

11/12/2009: Eldred Stebbing remembered by Dave Dobbyn
Dave Dobbyn shares a story from the early days of his music career which involves New Zealand recording pioneer Eldred Stebbing, who died in December 2009. [more]

15/12/2009: Eldred Stebbing as remembered by Ian Morris
Ian Morris remembers Eldred Stebbing [more]

02/01/2010: Kevin Blechdom
One woman whirlwind Kristen Erickson AKA Kevin Blechdom shares her troubled relationship with all things pop with Emma Smith. [more]

10/01/2010: The MixTape: Coco Solid
Celebrity musical guests are invited in to spin their choicest cuts - today sassy wordsmith Coco Solid, aka Jessica Hansell plays us some of her favourites. [more]

23/01/2010: Moron Says What?!?!
They've been around for half a decade but only just finished high school. Shaun D Wilson met with Alessandra and Nicole from Moron Says What to discuss their career as an underage band. [more]

23/01/2010: Batrider at CALH 2010
Sarah Mary Chadwick of Batrider talks Emma Smith through the secrets of her guitar tone at the first Campus A Low Hum. [more]

27/03/2010: So So Modern - Crude Futures
So So Modern talk about their album 'Crude Futures' and overseas exploits. [more]

24/04/2010: Psyrok and Lil' Sister Jen
Wellington trip-hop producer Psyrok has collaborated with Sneezing Habit vocalist Jenny Larsson to create an EP forged in cyberspace. Shaun D Wilson brought the pair together to talk about how their creative process functions across continents. [more]

10/07/2010: Under The Southern Cross film score
In 1928 Universal studios visited New Zealand to film what they pitched as a "Maori folk drama" Under the Southern Cross. In 2009 The New Zealand Film Archive commissioned Wellington musicians Warren Maxwell (Little Bushman), Maaka McGregor (Wai) and Himiona Grace to devise a brand new soundtrack for the film, to be performed live at screenings. [more]

11/09/2010: Zebedees
Zebedees is a not-for-profit all-ages venue situated on Blenheim Road in Christchurch. In its first incarnation it hosted dance parties but syncopated beats have given way to pulverising guitars. The current version of Zebedees was established in 2003 by a committee including venue manager Steve White. Shaun D Wilson joins Steve and an influx of teens ready for a hard night of head banging. [more]

22/10/2010: Grinderman 2 Warren Ellis
The unveiling of Grinderman (a subset of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds doing dirty rock with hints of the Birthday Party) filled the band members with a nervous excitement they'd not felt for some time. Three years on the project is still energizing. Emma Smith got Warren Ellis on the line from Paris to talk about the second album - Grinderman 2, but first asked for a progress report on Ellis' 'other' band - The Dirty Three. [more]

23/10/2010: The White Stripes in New Zealand
Nick Bollinger talks to Jack White, promoter/tour manager John Baker, Troy Ferguson, Amber Easby, and Dolf De Borst of The Datsuns about the influence of six small gigs held across New Zealand in October 2000. Radio New Zealand thanks Third Man Records, TV3 and Bfm for their help in the production of this feature. [more]

05/11/2010: Sage Francis
Wordsmiths Tourettes (NZ) and Sage Francis (USA) have a lot in common - they're both 33-year-old late life academics who blur the boundaries between spoken word poetry and hip hop, and they both keep meat off the menu. Tourettes and Sage met up at a vegetarian restaurant on K-Road in Auckland to talk about Sage Francis' latest album 'Li(f)e'; and their shared love of words. [more]

05/11/2010: Darkstar
English duo turned trio Darkstar are electronic innovators on the uber-hip Hyperdub label. They're influenced by Radiohead, infectious eighties synth-pop and obscure sci-fi film scores. The album they've released 'North' is a shift in musical direction from the singles that caught the ears of the music cognoscenti over the past couple of years - as Shaun D Wilson found out when he spoke to James Young. [more]

05/11/2010: Paul Weller
Paul Weller (ex-The Jam, Style Council) played three shows in Auckland in October 2010. It was the first time he's played here, but there was already a New Zealand connection. Ex-pat kiwi Chris Parry (ex drummer of The Fourmyula) was the man who signed The Jam to Polydor Records in 1977 - and produced some of their early singles. Sam Wicks had an audience with Weller, and discussed the local links. [more]

20/11/2010: Jean Grae
The distinctive New York rapper shares her love of words, imagination and following your bliss with Emma Smith [more]

18/12/2010: Andy Cirzan - DJ lo-fi
Shaun D Wilson spoke to Andy Cirzan aka DJ lo-fi who travels around the United States rooting through bargain bins searching for the weirdest, most obscure Christmas songs. At the end of the year he puts together a compilation for friends and acquaintances including the musicians he works with as a Vice-President of Chicago concert promoters JAM Productions. [more]

17/01/2011: The Mixtape Homebrew
For the Summer Mixtape series; guests are invited in to spin their choicest cuts. Rapper and philosopher Tom Scott from hip hop crew Homebrew chooses the cuts. [more]

21/01/2011: The Mixtape John Baker
Tour promoter, music history enthusiast, man in the midst presents a mixtape of rock 'n' roll obscurities. [more]

19/03/2011: Amadou and Mariam at WOMAD 2011
Emma Smith talks with Malian musicians Amadou & Mariam, whose infectious folk songs feed off modern rock and blues grooves. [more]

09/04/2011: Ikonika
Before she became Ikonika, Sara Abdel-Hamid started out drumming in dirty garage rock bands but her beats based interests have wormed through hip-hop into the darkness of dubstep and then further still. Now Ikonika is part of the post-dubstep movement. Shaun D Wilson spoke to Sara about video games and paranoia. [more]

14/05/2011: Holly Golightly
Songsmith Holly Golightly (yes, that is what her parents named her) talks about being born in the wrong decade, phobia-fuelled song writing, and the curious attention she garnered after appearing on The White Stripes' 'Elephant' [more]

25/06/2011: Martyn P. Casey of The Bad Seeds, Triffids, Grinderman
Bass player Martyn P. Casey joined Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds after his earlier band The Triffids had parted company. Mr Casey was keeping gentleman's hours at a London hotel when Richard Wain gave him a bell to chat about his career and the Bad Seeds. [more]

08/09/2011: Kimbra and Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know
Kimbra, Gotye and film maker Natasha Pincus describe with Nick Atkinson the making of hit song 'Somebody That I Used To Know'. [more]

17/12/2011: Guitar Wolf
Seiji from Japan's loudest rock band, Guitar Wolf, talks with Emma Smith about their rockabilly roots, and gruesome adventures in stage diving. [more]

31/12/2011: The Mixtape: Lawrence Arabia
James Milne, a.k.a. Lawrence Arabia, talks us through songs that influenced his album 'The Sparrow'. [more]

07/01/2012: Summer Camp
2011 saw the emergence of a fair few musical duos who doubled as romantic partners. English group, Summer Camp first started making waves among tastemakers the year before, and now with their debut album 'Welcome To Condale' have managed to stand out from the lovey-dovey pack. Shaun D Wilson spoke to Elizabeth Sankey and Jeremy Warmsley about youth, songwriting, and chill-wave catagorisation. [more]

12/01/2012: Taxi Driver Request - Andrew from England
Emma Smith speaks with taxi driver Andrew, on The Terrace in Wellington. [more]

31/01/2012: The Mixtape Bret McKenzie
Member of Flight Of The Concords and co-founder of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, Bret McKenzie talks Music 101 host Kirsten Johnstone through some of his favorite songs, and talks about his life. [more]

04/02/2012: The Clash in New Zealand: Revolution Rock
Revolution Rock: The Clash In New Zealand documents the iconic punk band's 1982 tour of Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Hear from the people who were there, including fans who would later become important artists, musicians and broadcasters in their own right. You'll hear recordings from the actual shows along with a few outrageous stories that cropped up along the way. Featuring interviews with Andrew Schmidt, Deejay Dubhead, Benny Staples, Jonathan King, Haunui Royal, Adam Holt, Stewart Macpherson, Paul Rose, Jonathan Ganley, John Campbell, Martin Devlin, Michael Higgins and Dave Yetton. [more]

21/03/2012: Brother Number One - The Score
Nick Atkinson speaks to music consultant Jack Body and film score composers Tom Fox and Marshall Smith about the music to acclaimed Annie Goldson documentary Brother Number One. [more]

07/04/2012: Orchestra of Spheres 2012
The sonic explorers tell tales of touring Europe and having fun fun fun on the autobahn. [more]

05/05/2012: Kirin J Callinan
Drawing on the spirit of Scott Walker, Australian soloist Kirin J Callinan was one of the most memorable acts from Camp a Low Hum 2012. Emma Smith talks with Kirin about his theatrical style and playing some of Sydney's more unusual venues. [more]

19/10/2012: Access All Areas: AudioCulture
Project initiator and producer Simon Grigg describes plans for a new online repository of NZ music and ephemera. AudioCulture is intended to collect the hits and myths of NZ music, connecting people, recordings, images, places, scenes and record labels from the early twentieth century to now... and into the future. [more]

27/10/2012: Marina and the Diamonds
As a teenager Marina Diamandis wanted to be a pop star... to a somewhat embarassing degree. By her early twenties she had come up with a name that symbolised her ambitions: Marina and The Diamonds. Shaun D Wilson speaks with Marina Diamandis about her second album Electra Heart. [more]

02/12/2012: MNDR - Feed Me Diamonds
Shaun D Wilson speaks with Amanda Warner, one half of duo MNDR, about turning down the opportunity to tour with her heroes, guesting on Mark Ronson's Big Bang, and calling out sexism in song writing. [more]

02/12/2012: Introducing: Sassy And The Pocketbook
Sassy and The Pocketbook with the song 'Sure Thang' ft Bella Shanti. 1 December 2012. [more]

02/12/2012: Introducing: Sassy And The Pocketbook
Sassy and The Pocketbook with the song 'Sure Thang' ft Bella Shanti. 1 December 2012. [more]

23/02/2013: Sable and Forest Spirits
Electronic producers Sable and Forest Spirits met and made music after a fateful drunk email. [more]

02/03/2013: Taite Music Prize Finalists 2013
We take a listen to the finalists for this year's Taite Music prize. [more]

09/03/2013: Gold Panda
Acclaimed UK electro act and remixer Gold Panda has been touring our shores, bringing shimmering shuffling samples. His debut LP 'Lucky Shiner' won The Guardian First Album award and he's now followed it up with the 'Trust EP'. [more]

06/04/2013: Mick Harvey
Mick Harvey (ex. Birthday Party, Bad Seeds) was in New Zealand recently playing shows in support of his latest work Sketches From The Book Of The Dead and dropped into Radio NZ to talk about things past and present with Trevor Reekie. [more]

13/04/2013: Access All Areas: Document Records
We talk with the guardian of the world's largest catalogue of vintage American blues, gospel, spirituals, jazz, boogie-woogie, and old-time country music, Gary Atkinson of Document Records. [more]

17/05/2013: AlunaGeorge
Runners-up in the BBC's Sound of 2013 poll, AlunaGeorge might have a better claim than most to being a modern group with a modern sound. The duo of Aluna Francis and George Reid - hence "AlunaGeorge" - would struggle to exist at any other time. George met Aluna through e-mailing her previous band and remixing a track for them. A few years later they're headlining tours and securing prime festival slots. Shaun D Wilson spoke to George Reid down a dodgy London phone line to ask about the duo's working relationship... [more]

08/06/2013: Access All Areas: Stand Up, People
Stand Up, People - Gypsy pop songs from Tito's Yugoslavia 1964-1980 is a new album that has been two years in the making. Brits Philip Knox and Nathaniel Morris travelled the length and breadth of Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Macedonia in search of old 7" singles. It was no joy-ride. Along the way they met Esma Redzepova, self-proclaimed 'Queen of the Gypsies', learned to speak bad Romani, crashed a gypsy wedding, and battled bureaucracy and blizzards to get to a stash of virgin vinyl in the basement of the National Library of Serbia. Trevor Reekie speaks with album curator Nathaniel Morris, about the story behind 'Stand Up People 'and his passion for this forgotten music. [more]

15/06/2013: Rick Bryant & The Jive Bombers
Rick Bryant has enjoyed a lifetime in music. He could have had a career in academia, but the blues, folks, rock and soul called him. Over the years Rick has contributed to a broad spectrum of local 'roots' music, including spells with Original Sin; Mammal; Blerta; The Jubilation Gospel Choir; the Windy City Strugglers; and of course Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers, who have just released a new album The Blacksoap from Monkeyburg. Trevor Reekie catches up with Rick Bryant, collaborator Gordon Spittle and producer Ed Cake. [more]

29/06/2013: So So Modern - Trans Pacific Express
Just back from a whirlwind tour, taking in China, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, So So Modern review their favourite sights and highlights. [more]

17/08/2013: Marc Bolan - Ride A White Swan
T Rex frontman Marc Bolan was the ultimate chameleon, who's hugely influential career was incredibly prolific considering his short life. Bolan arguably can claim to have introduced glam rock with a plethora of hit singles that still have currency today. Trevor Reekie talks to Lesley-Ann Jones, about her new book Ride A White Swan - The lives and death of Marc Bolan. [more]

24/08/2013: Gogol Bordello - Pura Vida Conspiracy
Over the course of six albums and constant touring, Gogol Bordello have established a global reputation for high octane performances and charismatic melodies. Trevor Reekie talks to Eugene Hutz, the group's vocalist and songwriter, about their new album Pura Vida Conspiracy, and what makes him tick, as a writer, man and musician. [more]

14/09/2013: The Naked And Famous - In Rolling Waves
Three Years after releasing their accolade-drenched debut Passive Me, Aggresive You, Auckland five-piece The Naked and Famous moved to Los Angeles to record the follow-up. Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers talk about the making of their "entirely performable new album In Rolling Waves. [more]

28/09/2013: Dave Dobbyn and Don Mc Glashan at the Holy Trinity Church
In September last year, beloved New Zealand singer-songwriters Dave Dobbyn and Don McGlashan set out on their nationwide Acoustic Church Tour. Radio New Zealand engineer Andre Upston captured their acoustic performance at Auckland's Holy Trinity Church. [more]

28/09/2013: Dave Dobbyn and Don Mc Glashan at the Holy Trinity Church
In September 2013, beloved New Zealand singer-songwriters Dave Dobbyn and Don McGlashan set out on their nationwide Acoustic Church Tour. Radio New Zealand engineer Andre Upston captured their acoustic performance at Auckland's Holy Trinity Church. [more]

28/09/2013: The National Wake
Forming a multi-cultural punk-reggae band in apartheid-era South Africa was a brave move. Based in Johannesburg, National Wake were accepted in the underground and the township nightclub circuit. It was getting there and home that could be the problem. Trevor Reekie talks with The National Wake's founding member Ivan Kadey. [more]

03/01/2014: Sheep, Dog and Wolf European Tour Diary
Recording under the name Sheep, Dog and Wolf, multi-instrumentalist Daniel McBride juggles a dizzying array of instruments, with guitar, saxophone, clarinet, cello, vocals and drums all finding their way on to his debut album, Egospect, released last August on Li' Chief Records. The album appeared on a number of critics' best-of-2013 lists - topping off a stellar year in which he also took out the Critics' Choice Prize, wowing the judges with a frenetic, seat-of-the-pants performance; and toured Europe, a trip that was a year in the making. Along with his array of instruments, Daniel took some recording equipment to Europe to capture a tour diary for Music 101. [more]

04/01/2014: Adrian Belew
Adrian Belew got his first break with Frank Zappa in 1977, playing rhythm guitar and doing a Bob Dylan impersonation on Zappa's Sheik Yerbouti album. He's since collaborated with David Bowie, Paul Simon, Talking Heads, Herbie Hancock, Laurie Anderson, and spent nearly 30 years with King Crimson. Adrian Belew talked with Trevor Reekie for Summer Music 101. [more]

11/01/2014: Longing For The Past
For the last two years David Murray, a North American musician, musical archivist graphic designer and record collector has been consumed by researching early recordings from Southeast Asia. The music, stories and ephemera he's collected in his research have just been released as box set called Longing for the Past: The 78 rpm Era in Southeast Asia. Trevor Reekie joins David Murray. [more]

25/01/2014: Matmos
Baltimore based electronic music duo Matmos make music with a sense of humour. They gained notoriety for their work with Björk, and later an album which utilised samples from medical procedures such as liposuction and eye laser surgery. Emma Smith spoke to them during their first New Zealand shows. [more]

19/03/2014: SxSW 2014
South by Southwest 2014 sees some 2,200 official performers and bands - plus a ton of unofficial ones - squeeze into the many venues that dot the Texan capital, from hungry young guns looking to get spotted, to big-name veterans hoping to make headlines. Mailee Matthews visits Austin's Brush Square Park to catch up with 2014's New Zealand contingent. [more]

22/03/2014: The Mixtape - Wallace Chapman
New Sunday Morning presenter Wallace Chapman selects some of his favourite songs with Music 101's Emma Smith. [more]

22/03/2014: Fredericks Brown : New York
Deva Mahal and Steph Brown open up to Gemma Gracewood about the trails and tribulations of life and embracing the opporunities and challenges facing them in the Big Apple. [more]

22/03/2014: Serj Tankian
System of the Down frontman Serj Tankian talks to Sam Wicks about performing his Elect the Dead and Orca symphonies with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. A night that sees System of the Down fans and classical afficionados sitting sid-by-side at the CFBS Canterbury Arena. [more]

22/03/2014: The Sampler- City Oh Sigh
Nick Bollinger takes a listen to the debut album from Wellington chamber pop group City Oh Sigh. [more]

29/03/2014: Liam Finn
If you've witnessed one of Liam Finn's seat-of-the-pants live performances, chances are you've also seen his long-time collaborator Eliza-Jane Barnes riding shotgun, providing backing vocals and wrangling an assortment of instruments. Liam returns this week with his new album, The Nihilist, and, once again, Eliza-Jane's voice is front and centre. Liam and EJ talked to Sam Wicks about their longstanding musical partnership. [more]

29/03/2014: The Sampler: Angel Olsen
Nick Bollinger reviews the bleakly poetic second album Burn Your Fire For No Witness from 26-year-old Missourian Angel Olsen. [more]

29/03/2014: Raga for Peter Walker
Still performing at 75, American guitarist Peter Walker gained attention as part of the Greenwich Village scene, and went on to study with Ravi Shankar and worked with LSD pioneer Timothy Leary. Trevor Reekie talks to Peter Walker. [more]

29/03/2014: I Am The Center: New Age Music In America 1950-1999
One of the last widely-agreed bastions of musical bad taste, new age music has been largely ignored outside of spiritualist bookstores and massage places until late last year, when Seattle-based reissue label Light In The Attic released I Am The Center, a compilation of American private press new age music from 1950 to 1990. Henry Oliver talked to album curator Douglas Mcgowan about the compilation and the wider new age music renaissance. [more]

29/03/2014: Rob Thorne
Rob Thorne's background includes making experimental and guitar music through the 90s in Palmerston North, but now the Ngati Tumutumu man is focused on playing Taonga Puoro, Maori Instruments. He's written academic papers on the instruments, with a focus on the tools that were traditionally used to make them. He speaks about the journey that led him to Taonga Puoro. [more]

29/03/2014: Stages: The Barrytown Hall
The Barrytown Hall on the South Island's West Coast has been hosting bands since the early '70s, fuelling demand from a migration of alternative lifestylers. Its allure among musicians has seen it visited by international legends like Fugazi and Townes Van Zandt, as well as providing an early touring stop for New Zealand bands from Blerta to Trinity Roots and The Mint Chicks. [more]

03/04/2014: Itran Flamenco Project
Dancers and musicians direct from Barcelona prepare for a series of live shows with an intimate studio session. [more]

05/04/2014: Under the Influence: Nirvana
We go behind the scenes of a history-making concert: Nirvana live in Auckland, 1992. Bandmates Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic played at the Logan Campbell Centre on Sunday 9 February, 1992, where they were supported by local noisemakers The 3Ds and Second Child. Music reporter Sam Wicks talks to some of the characters who witnessed Nirvana’s one and only New Zealand show, including Doug Hood, Mikey Havoc, Chris Van der Geer, and David Saunders. [more]

12/04/2014: Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull
Ian Anderson, flute player and creative musical director for more than 40 years with his band Jethro Tull, is equal parts musician, composer, producer - and a very astute business man. Since they formed in 1967, Jethro Tull has sold more than 60 million albums. This April Anderson releases a new solo studio album called Homo Erraticus on his own Calliandra Records label. Trevor Reekie talks to Ian Anderson. [more]

12/04/2014: Aldous Harding
Anika Moa could be credited with discovering Hannah Harding. She was busking on the streets of Geraldine, trying to raise the funds for a ticket to Anika's show that night, and ended up on stage supporting the headline act. It was a sweet story that gained her national attention and a new friend. Harding released her debut album under the moniker Aldous Harding this week. Ben Edwards of Lyttelton Records and Marlon Williams co-produced this first record. Nick Atkinson had never met Aldous Harding so he began by asking Marlon to point her out. [more]

12/04/2014: Suren Unka
22 Year old Suren Unka is an Auckland based electronic producer who became infatuated with the drums at his church when he was a young'un, eventually joining his big brother's metalcore band. Aged sixteen he began dabbling with electronic music, inspired by local acts Shapeshifter and State Of Mind. He's about to release his debut LP, El Chupacabra - Kirsten Johnstone speaks with self-described 'gear nerd' Suren Unka. [more]

12/04/2014: The Spies
Wellington in 1979: A fairly unlikely bunch of musicians, artists and vagabonds went almost unnoticed in the squats of Wellington's Bosworth Terrace, playing and recording together, loosely grouped under the banner of "The Spies". Matthew Crawley speaks with The Spies' George D Henderson about the rather unusual circumstances that led to the recording of The Spies album The Battle Of Bosworth Terrace, and why it's taken 35 years for it to surface. [more]

19/04/2014: Taite Music Prize 2014
Winners from the Taite Music Prize Awards 2014, featuring Lorde's acceptance speech, via pre-recorded video link, and Ripper Records' Bryan Staff, who compiled AK79 - the 2014 Independent Music New Zealand Classic Album. [more]

19/04/2014: ANZAC Day Maori TV Special
Nick Atkinson hung out at Maori Television as they filmed their ambitious ANZAC Concert featuring Hinewehi Mohi, The Four Sures and Will Crummer, who's joined on-stage by his daughter Annie. Tama Waipara produced the show this year. [more]

19/04/2014: The Sampler: Record Store Day 2014 Reissues
Nick Bollinger takes a listen to some of the special NZ reissues on offer for Record Store Day, which celebrates these shrines to physical product. Featuring: Spelling Mistakes, La De Da's and Scavengers. [more]

19/04/2014: Liars
L.A.-based trio Liars stood out in the electroclash scene of the early 2000s, with their evocatively titled debut They Threw Us All In A Trench and Stuck A Monument On Top. It was dark, propulsive, strangely funny, and captured the spirit of New York, just a few months before 9/11. Moving between the harsh and the meditative, Liars early albums were written around external themes including witch trials, isolation, and the spirit of L.A. For the 2012 album WIXIW, the first made entirely of electronic instruments, the band members turned the focus on themselves. Emma Smith spoke with Liars' guitarist Aaron Hemphill about their latest, decidedly more rawkus album, Mess. [more]

24/04/2014: Taite Music Prize 2014
We hear from Lorde via video link from Las Vegas and talk to her manager Scott Maclachlan as the 17 year-old from the North Shore takes out yet another prestigious gong. There's also a great speech from last year's winner SJD, who sums up the burden and exaltation musicians experience, while introducing the eight finalists for the 2014 Taite Music Prize. [more]

26/04/2014: Estère
Wellington producer/ vocalist Estère Dalton and her MPC Lola share insights into their debut album Estère with Emma Smith. [more]

26/04/2014: The Sampler - Damon Albarn
Nick Bollinger takes a listen to the debut solo album from Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn - Everyday Robots. [more]

26/04/2014: The Sampler: Tiny Ruins
Nick Bollinger casts an ear over Brightly Painted One, the second set of slow, quiet songs from New Zealander Hollie Fullbrook, a.k.a. Tiny Ruins. [more]

26/04/2014: Ben and Ellen Harper
In 1958, musician Ben Harper's grandparents Charles and Dorothy Chase opened the Folk Music Center in Claremont, California, a musical instrument mecca that would become a drop-in spot for some of the greats of the West Coast's singer-songwriter community. Ben's mother Ellen Harper works at the Folk Music Center to this day, and she's just added another string to her bow by recording her studio debut, Childhood Home, an acoustic set she recorded with her son Ben Harper. Sam Wicks talked to the mother-son collaborators about keeping it in the family. [more]

01/05/2014: Tift Merritt
Travel to North Carolina with this stylish singer-songwriter, who also plays in Andrew Bird's band, The Hands Of Glory. [more]

01/05/2014: Songs From the Inside Vol.II
Songs From The Inside has finished a second season on Maori TV and now the companion album is out. The programme documents twelve inmates writing and recording songs with a handful of the country's finest musicians. Laughton Kora talks to Nick Atkinson about the process. [more]

02/05/2014: The Sampler: The Pixies - Indie Cindy
Indie Cindy is the first new album from The Pixies since 1991's Trompe Le Monde. Nick Bollinger assesses it against vintage Pixies. [more]

03/05/2014: Vulfpeck on Sleepify
Just over a month ago US funk group Vulfpeck released an unusual Spotify only album called Sleepify. 10 songs, around thirty seconds each, all completely silent. In an accompanying video, the group urged fans to play the album on repeat while they slept, earning the group roughly $4 US dollars per listener per night. Spotify removed the album this week. Perhaps they had underestimated just how popular Sleepify would be. Emma Smith talked with Jack Stratton, keyboardist from Vulfpeck, and started by asking why they put Sleepify up in the first place. [more]

03/05/2014: Resample South Auckland
Musician, producer and educator Anonymouz is known for his slick R&B production and piano skills, but he's ditched the instruments for a new series of recordings that he'll premier at the Mangere Arts Centre next Friday. Nick Atkinson grabbed coffee with the composer and engineer to find out more about his Resample South Auckland project. [more]

03/05/2014: The Sampler: Tune-yards
Nick Bollinger reviews the latest set of off-the-wall, sometimes slightly subversive, always bangin' songs from Merrill Garbus, a.k.a. tUnE-yArDs. [more]

03/05/2014: Ben Salter in session
An unlikely friendship between Australian musician Ben Salter and Grey Lynn punk-poet Tourettes was struck up when the likely lads crossed paths on their respective OE's in Iceland. They've reunited in New Zealand this week for a nationwide tour. Ahead of their run, Ben Salter joined Tourettes in the Music 101 studios to play some songs. [more]

03/05/2014: The Secret Life of Backing Vocalists
Anthonie Tonnon talks to some of New Zealand's most respected backing vocalists, and skilled up and comers, including Suzanne Lynch, Annie Crummer, Jordan Iusitini, Chelsea Prastiti and Siobhan Grace to find out what makes a great 'b.v.' [more]

10/05/2014: Pacific Music Awards 2014
Now in their 10th year, The Pacific Music Awards have gone from being a small ceremony as part of Pasifika Festival in Western Springs, to having their own big name sponsored glitzy event. Reverend Mua Strickson-Pua has been on the Pacific Music Awards trust from the beginning. He's a poet, youth worker, Presbyterian minister, radio presenter, and the father of a Nesian Mystic's MC Feleti. Radio NZ Concert's Eva Radich speaks to Mua Strickson-Pua about the awards. [more]

10/05/2014: Che Fu's lifetime achievement award
Che Fu is one of New Zealand's most successful hip hop vocalists. In 2009 the Samoan musician received the Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to music. On the 8th May 2014 he was given a lifetime achievement award at the tenth Pacific Music Awards. The father of four has more local top ten singles than any other performer in New Zealand music history, but it didn't come easy. In this revealing interview with fellow Supergroove band-mate Nick Atkinson we hear the surprising stories about how he met his wife on the school bus, his plans for the future, and the way he learnt to sing. [more]

10/05/2014: NZ Music Month 2014 selections: Julia Deans
Julia Deans chooses one of her favourite NZ songs to mark NZ Music Month 2014. [more]

10/05/2014: Vaitea
Vaitea is a NZ born Italian living in London - she talks to Emma Smith about being a trilingual rapper. [more]

10/05/2014: DJ Premier
Twenty years ago, Nasir Jones - the Queensbridge New York rapper known simply as Nas - released Illmatic, his debut album, produced by a who's-who of early 90s East Coast hip hop, including Q-Tip, Large Professor, Pete Rock and DJ Premier. Sam Wicks had a chance to see Nas perform Illmatic live a couple of years back. He talks with DJ Premier about that show, and Premier's hand in the construction of a hip hop classic. [more]

10/05/2014: The Sampler - D'Angelo
Revered, reclusive RnB artist D'Angelo has been working on a new album for over a decade, and has just re-released a 1995 live recording as a stop-gap measure. Nick Bollinger takes a listen. [more]

10/05/2014: Janelle Monae
NZ's Kimbra joins afro-futurist r&b star Janelle Monae for Janelle's first NZ show in Auckland later in the month. Emma Smith got Janelle Monae to talk about how she crossed paths with Kimbra in a Hotel Lobby, during the Montreux Jazz Festival. [more]

10/05/2014: Moisty Atsushi
"Moisty" Atsushi Ukito is a Japanese ex-pat living in Auckland. His reverence for original 1960s Jamaican ska music and in particular The Skatalites inspired him to compose and produce his own music which pays tribute to the authentic vintage Jamaican sound that he loves. His self-titled debut album has taken almost three years to complete and has involved much research, several collaborations, multiple analogue recording situations and three overseas trips. Atsushi talks to Dubhead about his singular, almost fanatical vision and the arduous process taken to reach the completion of this unique project. [more]

17/05/2014: The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop
As a musical genre built on wordplay, hip hop is home to some of the wordiest lyricists about. New York data scientist Matthew Daniels took it upon himself to work out just how wordy rappers are, analysing the catalogues of 85 rappers via the Rap Genius lyric website and plotting the results as an infographic. Daniels also tallied the word usage in Herman Melville's Moby Dick, and the work of William Shakespeare as a yardstick to measure rappers by. He found that artists like Outkast's Andre 3000, a handful of members of the Wu-Tang Clan plus the wordiest rapper of them all, Aesop Rock - all have more unique words in their arsenal than both Shakespeare and Melville. Sam Wicks talks with Matthew Daniels about mapping rap lexicons for The Largest Vocabulary in Hip Hop project. [more]

17/05/2014: The Sampler: Future - Honest and Schoolboy Q- Oxymoron
Nick Bollinger casts a critical ear over two new hip-hop releases, and wonders if the historically innovative genre has hit a plateau. [more]

22/05/2014: The Sampler: The Phoenix Foundation
Nick Bollinger takes a listen to the brisk, action-packed new EP from The Phoenix Foundation - Tom's Lunch. [more]

22/05/2014: Liam Gerner
In which a talented Australian singer-songwriter on tour with Ryan Bingham begins quoting local music-writer Garth Cartwright on stage. The pair meet and embark on a wonderfully tuneful road trip, destination: New Orleans. [more]

24/05/2014: Tune-Yards
Tune-yards, that's Merrill Garbus with help from her partner and bandmate Nate Brenner, spent time in Haiti learning dance and drumming in preparation for their third album, Nikki Nack. Kirsten Johnstone got Merrill on the phone to tell us more about the making of that album. [more]

24/05/2014: Arch Hill Recordings 15th Anniversary
For local record label Arch Hill's fifteenth birthday Nick Atkinson gets founder Ben Howe to pick a handful of his favourite releases. [more]

24/05/2014: Sherpa
During the past few years young bands from New Zealand and around the world have been rediscovering and reinterpreting the psychedelic music and culture of the late-60s. Among these is Auckland band Sherpa, whose second album is Blues and Oranges. Henry Oliver talked to Sherpa's vibrant front-man Earl Ho about the finer points of writing and recording the album, working with producer Kody Neilson, and why psychedelia is blooming once again. [more]

24/05/2014: The Sampler - Aldous Harding
A unique new voice has emerged from Lyttleton, which Nick Bollinger says 'shifts the air with rarefied grace'. Nick takes a listen to the self-titled debut from Aldous Harding. [more]

31/05/2014: The Sampler: Little Dragon
Nick Bollinger checks out the fourth album from Swedish synth-pop group Little Dragon. [more]

31/05/2014: The Sampler: Lykke Li
Nick Bollinger takes a listen to the latest work from Sweden's Lykke Li - I Never Learn. [more]

31/05/2014: Jungle- The Making of 'Platoon'
UK duo Jungle talk about the making of their viral video 'Platoon', starring B-Girl Terra. [more]

31/05/2014: The Corner
We say goodbye to NZ Music website The Corner and hear the highest and lowest ranking local songs from their controversial Great Sounds Great/ Bad Sounds Bad column. [more]

31/05/2014: The Jam Bus
The Jam Bus is a new 'Play It Strange' initiative that sends a mobile recording studio - complete with an engineer and producer - to schools, where budding young musicians have the opportunity to record their very own pop songs. Nick Atkinson went to meet the young talent at some Auckland schools - Remuera Intermediate and Red Hill Primary. [more]

31/05/2014: Iryoko
Thomas Lambert tells of the making of his debut I.ryoko album at the Audio Foundation HQ in Auckland. [more]

31/05/2014: Kraus Synth Workshop
Melody Thomas heads along to a synthesiser-building workshop with Auckland-based musician and electronic music device-maker Pat Kraus (aka Kraus). As well as learning fantastic new terms like 'electrolytic capacitor' and 'rampwave oscillator', Melody speaks with Pat about the Musical Electronics Library he's curating, for the Audio Foundation in Auckland. [more]

07/06/2014: Low Leaf
Low Leaf is the stage name of Angelica Lopez, a Fillipina Californian valley girl who grew up playing classical harp and piano. She eventually moved into hip-hop and beatmaking, and has collaborated with Flying Lotus, King Britt, and New Zealand's Mark De-Clive Lowe. On-stage she sings, plays harp and keys, triggers samples and throws in a little guided meditation - sometimes all at once. She tells Kirsten Johnstone about her Fillipino heritage and how she's come to know it. [more]

07/06/2014: Fatima
Swedish born, UK based vocalist Fatima has released her debut album, Yellow Memories on Eglo Records. Her ear for disarming vocal lines and honey sweet voice have seen her rise quickly through London's future funk and bass music scene- and she's surrounded herself with the creme of the scenes' producers on her debut album, including Floating Points and Flako, as well as US collaborators Computer Jay and Oh No, and Theo Parrish. Fatima joins Emma Smith for an insight into the making of Yellow Memories. [more]

07/06/2014: Dawn of Midi
New York based trio Dawn of Midi are a group who met at the Californian Institute of Arts, and play upright bass, drums and piano, to create a kind of dance music, or to be more specific- a kind of Trance music. They play their critically acclaimed 2013 album Dysnomia in full in Wellington this week - Emma Smith asked bass player Aakaash Israni whether they were taking their cues from the electronic dance music world. [more]

07/06/2014: Sorceress
Isaac Aesili is a career musician originally from Christchurch, who's deeply embedded in the local soul scene, playing percussion, trumpet and singing for a wide range acts including Eru Dangerspiel and the Circling Sun jazz ensemble. After releasing his debut solo album Eye See he formed a band named Funkommunity, who have just released their second album Dose, and changed their name to Sorceress. Nick Atkinson went to Isaac's Auckland home to get the latest news from this well-travelled muso. [more]

07/06/2014: York St Studios closure
In the 90s York Street was the premier recording studio in country, founded and built by Killing Joke's Jaz Coleman, and engineers Malcom Welsford and Martin Williams. York St was famed for an enormous main room, coupled to one of the finest Neve mixing consoles on the planet. Last weekend it shut for good- Adrien De Croy, who bought York St in 2000, and studio manager Jeremy McPike decided it was time to cash up the valuable asset that takes up a lot of space in an affluent central Auckland waterside suburb. In 2006 a young, wide-eyed engineer named Simon Gooding began an unpaid internship at York Street dropping a valuable German microphone on his first day. Nick Atkinson spoke with Simon Gooding in Auckland. [more]

07/06/2014: The Sampler: The Roots
Nick Bollinger reviews ...And Then You Shoot Your Cousin - the latest album from one of the most versatile house bands in late night television. [more]

07/06/2014: Doprah
If you've had the opportunity to see Christchurch's Doprah perform live, you'll be familiar with the woman-possessed stage presence and elasticated, cooing vocals of Indi Force, an Auckland native who made the move south at the invitation of Doprah's downbeat orchestrator, Stephen Marr. Together, Marr and Force form Doprah's creative nucleus - Marr talks to Sam Wicks about how their North-to-South Island collaboration came together. [more]

07/06/2014: South of Heaven - Interview with program producer Craig Hayes
Craig Hayes, producer of South of Heaven - A History of New Zealand Extreme Metal, talks with Emma Smith about making the program, and why metal music matters. [more]

14/06/2014: The Sampler: Neil Young
Nick Bollinger takes a listen to a new album made on very old technology, from Neil Young. [more]

14/06/2014: The Sampler: Jack White - Lazaretto
Multifaceted musician Jack White has released his second solo record, Lazaretto. Nick Bollinger shares his thoughts on the album. [more]

14/06/2014: Access All Areas - John Fahey
American guitarist and eccentric visionary John Fahey may have always been an outsider, but he went on to release an iconic catalogue of more than 40 albums and created the template for 'American Primitive' guitar music. Trevor Reekie talks to American author Steve Lowenthal, author of a new book Dance of Death: The Life of John Fahey, American Guitarist, about Fahey's legacy. [more]

14/06/2014: Herriot Row
The artist formerly known as Simon Comber - now performing under the alias Herriot Row - tells Emma Smith about the name change and plays a couple of tunes from his forthcoming Herriot Row release, which will see him work with The Mountain Goats' producer John Vanderslice in San Francisco. [more]

14/06/2014: Schoolboy Q
Los Angeles rapper Schoolboy Q has seen it all, done it all, putting in time as an athlete, a gang member and a drug dealer, before he emerged as a leading voice of Top Dawg Entertainment, the label that introduced the world to Kendrick Lamar.This backstory is laid out in Oxymoron, his major label debut released earlier this year. Oxymoron's detailed street tales teamed with Schoolboy Q's snarling delivery has won the newcomer a huge audience, including here in New Zealand where Schoolboy played a show last night. He talks to Sam Wicks about his hard-knock raps - and a close encounter with the prime minister. [more]

14/06/2014: Popstrangers
Moving to London is a rite of passage for New Zealand guitar bands. After some local attention, releasing an EP or two to local acclaim, and playing local support for international acts, many bands look towards the Northern Hemisphere for new audiences and new opportunities. Popstrangers are one such band. At the behest of their US label, Carpark Records, they moved from Auckland to London where they recently recorded and released their second album, Fortuna. Henry Oliver talked to Popstrangers' Joel Flyger over Skype from Flyger's street-side flat in siren filled East London. [more]

14/06/2014: Introducing: Space Bats Attack
Dunedin band Space Bats Attack, with their song DTY. [more]

14/06/2014: Patty Schemel
Live Through This, the breakthrough album for Courtney Love-Cobain's band Hole turned 20 earlier this year. Drummer Patty Schemel was in NZ this week with her new group Upset, and relived those crazy times with Emma Smith. [more]

14/06/2014: Earth
Seattle drone doom group Earth speak to Emma Smith about working with vocalists again on their new album Primative and Deadly, run-ins with fairies and surviving scary plane trips. [more]

18/06/2014: Glass Owls
With a knack for pop tune coupled to an arresting video Howick band Glass Owls caught the attention of Dave Dobbyn's manager Lorraine Barry. Thanks in part to Barry's eye for a plan Glass Owls have just released their debut album Out From The Darkness, which they hope to market internationally. We sent Nick Atkinson in search of Glass Owls, who are built around founding members and song-writers Tomas Nelson and Anthonty Metcalf, who come from the same eastern suburbs Auckland scene as Artisan Guns and Watercolours. We join Nick as he starts his search for the band in the car-park outside a rehearsal space heaving with musos… [more]

19/06/2014: Beatle John Lennon's kiwi connection
Radio New Zealand reporter Christopher Gilbert talks to John Lennon's second cousin Lynda Mathews of Upper Hutt, about the day she met her famous relation, fifty years ago. [more]

21/06/2014: Things We Said Today: The Beatles influence on New Zealand songwriters
In Things We Said Today, music journalist Nick Bollinger talks to New Zealand songwriters Tim Finn, Lawrence Arabia and Princess Chelsea about the influence of The Beatles on their work, and the reasons why they remain relevent 50 years on. [more]

21/06/2014: PNC
Rapper Sam Hansen, a.k.a. PNC, wears his hometown on his sleeve, having taken his acronymic alias from 'Palmerston North City'. It was from Palmy that a young Hansen attracted the attention of Breakin Wreckwordz, an independent hip hop collective he went on to join, before jumping ship to Dirty Records. After 10 years of label affiliations, PNC is going it alone on his latest album, The Codes - and drawing new EDM influences into the mix. Ahead of the release, Sam Wicks talks with PNC about the early days. [more]

21/06/2014: REMi
Remi Kolawole, better known as REMi, is a Melbourne based MC who won the Australian unsigned band competition Triple J Unearthed in 2013. REMi has just released Raw x Infinity, an album produced by his long-time collaborators, Sensible J and Dutch. He speaks with Emma Smith. [more]

21/06/2014: The Sampler: Renee-Louise Carafice
NZ singer-songwriter Renee-Louise Carafice chronicles another turbulent period in her life on Power Animals. Nick Bollinger takes a listen, and speaks to her about miniature bicycles, living in Nashville, and making people feel uncomfortable. [more]

21/06/2014: Beach Pigs
Young Northland/Auckland quartet Beach Pigs have emerged from months of enforced silence with their debut album, the enigmatically-titled Grom Warfare. The product of punishing live schedules, serious studio time, and underemployment, it's a rough gem. Joe Nunweek talks to them about uncool influences, surfer lingo, and their fantastic new video. [more]

21/06/2014: White Lung
Canadian group White Lung have a new album, Deep Fantasy. It's more melodic than their last album Sorry, and also much more metal. The group is fronted by Mish Way, a howling, take no prisoners front woman, who also writes for Vice,, Michael Azerrad's, and Canada's National Post. White Lung was in NZ last week - Emma Smith asked Mish Way how she figures out what form her ideas will take. [more]

21/06/2014: Beatles NZ 64 Audience Stories: Steve Bridges
Student journalist Steve Bridges talked his way into The Beatles press conference in Christchurch in June 1964. [more]

28/06/2014: Pulp: A Film About Life Death and Supermarkets
Pulp's Jarvis Cocker and Kiwi director Florian Habicht speak on the making of the new Pulp documentary, how they came to work together and what the home crowd of Sheffield thought about it all on opening night. [more]

28/06/2014: Bobby Womack Obituary
Legendary soul singer Bobby Womack died on June 27th, 2014 aged 70. [more]

28/06/2014: Louie Knuxx
When New Plymouth hip hop artist Louie Knuxx touched down at Wellington Airport in November last year, it'd been six years since he'd stepped foot on New Zealand soil - the result of various warrants out for his arrest. Now back on home turf with his first new album in the same timeframe under his belt, we check in to see if Knuxx is on the straight and narrow. [more]

28/06/2014: Misfit Mod's Electronic Music Workshop For Women
Christchurch musician Misfit Mod has been running a series of workshops designed to promote a supportive, fun and accessible environment for women wanting to learn more about starting their own electronic music practice. Gemma Syme went along to The Auricle in Christchurch to check them out. [more]

28/06/2014: Robert Christgau - An Appointment With The Dean
Nick Bollinger talks to the self-proclaimed 'Dean of American Rock Critics' about modern pop, good writing and the changing role of the rock critic in age of the internet. [more]

05/07/2014: Dudley Benson and Johnson Witehira in conversation
To celebrate Matariki we asked Otautahi-born composer and performer Dudley Benson and Taumarunui-born artist and designer Johnson Witehira., both of whom feature in City Gallery's festival calendar, to come together for a korero on the ways in which Te Ao Maori shapes their work and lives. [more]

05/07/2014: Morning Gloryville
The Morning Gloryville breakfast raves offer a drug and alcohol -free dance experience complete with organic smoothies, hula hooping and massage therapy, if you're up for it. Music 101's New York City correspondent Gemma Gracewood headed out at the crack of dawn to dance with the Morning Gloryville party people at the second-ever Williamsburg breakfast rave. [more]

05/07/2014: Crystal Magic
We talk soft synths, vaporwave and transitory technologies with Crystal Magic label head Fraser Austin and label mates Eyeliner, Lttle Phnx and Golden Axe. [more]

05/07/2014: Zara McFarlane
Emma Smith speaks to London jazz vocalist Zara McPharlane, about covering Junior Murvin's Police and Theives. [more]

05/07/2014: Luckless
In 2013, Luckless's Ivy Rossiter left her job and her home base of Auckland in exchange for a part time life on the road, touring the small towns of New Zealand and basing herself in Lyttelton in between. The change produced a new album's worth of material, which she recorded at Lyttelton recording studio The Sitting Room. Now based permanently in Canterbury, she chats about her new album, Vindication Blues. [more]

05/07/2014: The Sampler: Jolie Holland
Nick Bollinger reviews the latest from Texan singer-songwriter Jolie Holland - Wine Dark Sea [more]

05/07/2014: DZ Deathrays
Raucous Australian rock duo DZ Deathrays were in town last week to perform with local partners in crime Die! Die! Die! at Auckland's Kings Arms. Joe Nunweek chats to bandmembers Shane Parsons and Simon Ridley before their show about growing up on Triple J, the challenges of being a two-piece, and not-so memorable on-stage injuries. [more]

10/07/2014: Rufus
We sit down with the three members of this blossoming Australian dance act and hear the bitter-sweet story of their success that was never to be witnessed by their mentor and record label boss DJ Ajax, because of his untimely passing. [more]

12/07/2014: Kate Tempest
Straddling the worlds of music, theatre and literary, British performance poet and rapper Kate Tempest chronicles the gritty underworld of her stomping ground, South East London. She's just released her debut album Everybody Down, a densely packed story of a group of characters dealing with drugs, crime and love - and she's due to release her debut novel next year. Kirsten Johnstone speaks to Kate Tempest about her work. [more]

12/07/2014: Buckshot and P Money
P-Money's new album BackPack Travels sees him partner with Buckshot, a stalwart of NYC hip hop who co-founded Duck Down Music Inc., now home to P-Money and David Dallas. For Music 101, P-Money interviews his label boss and collaborator about their studio partnership. [more]

12/07/2014: Mr Scruff
Mancunian DJ and producer Andy Carthy aka Mr Scruff has just celebrated the 15th anniversary of his monthly residency 'Keep it Unreal' and the release of his 5th album, Friendly Bacteria, on celebrated British indie label Ninja Tune. Music 101 catches up with the whale-loving tea aficionado on the back of his appearance at this year's Glastonbury Festival. [more]

12/07/2014: Melody Pool in session
Australian singer-songwriter Melody Pool is in New Zealand touring with country singer Marlon Williams - the pair play a set of songs for Nick Atkinson in Radio NZ's Auckland studio. [more]

12/07/2014: Peter Jefferies
Peter Jefferies (This Kind of Punishment, Nocturnal Projections) joins us for a rare solo performance, ahead of his Kings Arms show this Saturday. [more]

12/07/2014: Wet Wings
After a hiatus that could easily have been permanent, Wellington-via Christchurch group Wet Wings have returned with a new mini album of experimental pop duets. We talk to core members Darian Woods and Lucy Botting about the advantages of making music for the internet, and what keeps a band going when relationships within it change. [more]

16/07/2014: Free West Papua Concert
SJD, Steve Abel and Mara TK join a legion of fine local performers supporting the West Papua Action Group. Nick Atkinson talks to Maire Leadbeater and Paul Bensemann about a forgotten nation ruled with an iron fist from Jakarta. [more]

19/07/2014: Jungle
With a series of beautifully choreographed music videos, disco falsettos to make the Bee Gees proud, and a tight live show to support their debut album, Jungle are a fast rising act on the UK music scene. We find out about why the duo's initial releases were shrouded in mystery. Kirsten Johnstone speaks with Tom McFarland about the groups beginnings. [more]

19/07/2014: Hilltop Hoods
Adelaidean rap trio Hilltop Hoods are one of Australia's biggest hip hop exports, but their meat and potatoes boom bap has yet to cut through in New Zealand. Hilltop Hoods' MC Suffa tell us why he thinks NZ hip hop acts are winning the Trans-Tasman battle. [more]

19/07/2014: Farewell Tommy Ramone
Tommy Ramone, drummer, producer and last surviving founding member of The Ramones died on 11 July 2014 aged 65. Trevor Reekie talks to Monte A. Melnic, friend, tour manager and author of the best selling book On the Road with the Ramones. Also joining the conversation is kiwi musician Jean McAllister from the NZ band the Drongos who recorded with Tommy Ramone in New York in the late 70s. [more]

19/07/2014: The Sampler - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
Nick Bollinger talks to Graham Nash about a new box set marking the 40th anniversary of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's historic 1974 stadium tour. [more]

26/07/2014: Te Awanui Reeder -Te Wiki o Te Reo Maori
In celebration of Te Wiki o te Reo Māori - Maori Language Week - Te Awanui 'Awa' Reeder joins Emma Smith in studio for a Kōrero  and presents some of his contemporary Māori music essentials. [more]

26/07/2014: The Sampler - Matthias Jordan, Sounds Of Asia
Nick Bollinger reviews a set of synth-pop from former Pluto keyboard player Matthias Jordan. [more]

26/07/2014: Anika Moa - Children's Music Awards
Earlier this week Anika Moa picked up the Apra Best Children's song of the year for 'Colours are Beautiful', and the Tui for best Children's album, for her album Songs for Bubbas, inspired by her young twins Barry and Taane. She speaks to Emma Smith about her win. [more]

26/07/2014: Jeremy Redmore - Clouds Are Alive
Jeremy Redmore, former lead singer of Midnight Youth dropped his debut solo album Clouds Are Alive this week - Nick Atkinson found out more. [more]

26/07/2014: Seth Africa
Joe Sampson is usually seen weilding a guitar in Christchurch bands T54, Salad Boys and The Dance Asthmatics. After accidentally finding a way to turn an 80s 4-track recorder into a makeshift synth, he's made an EP under the name Seth Africa - Gemma Syme paid a visit to his bedroom studio. [more]

26/07/2014: The Sampler - Luluc, Passerby
Nick Bollinger reviews the new album from Australian duo Luluc, Passerby. [more]

02/08/2014: The Sampler: Old Crow Medicine Show, Remedy
Nick Bollinger talks with Old Crow Medicine Show's Ketch Secor about writing songs with Bob Dylan and how it feels to see your name on a bomb. [more]

02/08/2014: Pales in session
Wellington folk trio Pales join us for some songs and a lesson in three part harmony. [more]

02/08/2014: Drax Project
We speak to fresh Wellington beat/soul/jazz band Drax Project about honing their craft busking, and selling out their EP release gigs. [more]

02/08/2014: Drax Project
We speak to fresh Wellington beat/soul/jazz band Drax Project about honing their craft busking, and selling out their EP release gigs. [more]

02/08/2014: Jonny Be Good- An album for Jono Wilson
A serious car accident took Auckland session drummer Jono Wilson out of action late last year. In response his friends and collaborators have pitched in songs to help fund his recovery. We talk with singer-songwriter Lydia Cole and Avalance City's Dave Baxter about the resulting album- Jonny Be Good. [more]

02/08/2014: The Sampler - Jenny Lewis, The Voyager
Jenny Lewis' first album in six years finds the indie-pop songwriter contemplating marriage, childlessness, and mortality - Nick Bollinger takes a listen to The Voyager. [more]

02/08/2014: Borderline
Nelson based drum n bass producer Rich Gibbins tells how he's making the fairly strict rhythms and sound palettes of drum n bass his own on his debut album Flashes of the Future. [more]

07/08/2014: Jordan Léser in session
With a voice drenched in reverb supported by tiny fingers pumping an antique electric piano, Jordan Léser  is a Sydney-based singer songwriter who draws on her enthusiasm for Massive Attack and Emmylou Harris. Nick Atkinson hosts a live session with her. [more]

08/08/2014: Kamandi on the 'Distortion Wolf' Video
Kamandi on the making of the Tony Douglas directed 'Distortion Wolf' video. [more]

09/08/2014: Die! Die! Die!
After their most difficult album, local trio Die! Die! Die! are back this month with their fifth album, Swim. Joe Nunweek speaks with Andrew Wilson, Michael Prain and Michael Logie about feeling like a band again, a decade of long tours and fast recording, and how their haphazard international distribution has made them into a different band. Joe Nunweek talks it over with Die! Die! Die! [more]

09/08/2014: Kamandi
We speak to rising beat-maker Kamandi about collaborating with Brainfeeder's Azizi Gibson in Los Angeles, from his icy cold Christchurch garage. [more]

09/08/2014: The Sampler: Common, Nobodys Smiling
On his new album Nobody's Smiling, rapper Common presents a grim picture of his hometown Chicago, backed by the dark and ominous beats of longtime collaborator No I.D. Nick Bollinger takes a listen. [more]

09/08/2014: The Auricle - Oenosthesia
The Auricle Sonic Arts Gallery in Christchurch has opened what it claims is the world's first "oenosthetic" wine and sound bar, combining imbibing and listening. Jo Burzynska, a leading wine writer and sound artist, curates a monthly wine list to match the exhibitions, aiming to heighten the experience of both the wine and the music. Gemma Syme pops in for a tasting with Bruce Russell's new exhibition No Mean City as a backdrop. [more]

09/08/2014: Slugs Saloon
Jerry Schultz and Robert Schoenholt opened Slug's Saloon in New York's Lower East Side in 1964, providing a raw alternative to Manhattan's glitzy jazz clubs and attracting a who's who of 60s jazz. Jerry Schultz ran Slug's for eight years before heading to India, then to Golden Bay, where he's been living a quieter life as Gopal Krishna. Daniel Beban talks with Gopal about his memories of the seminal jazz club. [more]

14/08/2014: Shihad FVEY Extended Interview
Shihad's Jon Toogood and Karl Kippenberger talk with Sam Wicks about breaking up and making up with Jaz Coleman and the making of their new album FVEY [more]

16/08/2014: Kimbra live in session
Hamilton born singer-songwriter Kimbra releases her long-awaited second album around the world this Friday. Kimbra is joined in studio by two of her band mates to perform unique versions of songs from The Golden Echo. [more]

16/08/2014: CEO - Wonderland
Plenty of musicians have run record labels but few have integrated that job into their music making persona as clearly as Eric Berglund. Eric spoke to Shaun D. Wilson about the label, covering Kanye West, and the album Wonderland. [more]

16/08/2014: INXS - Never Tear Us Apart
When the stadium-filling Australian pub rockers INXS lost their charismatic frontman Michael Hutchence in 1997, the band played on, taking on a handful of fill-ins before launching the search for a new singer through a reality television show. Now defunct as an outfit, INXS's Tim Farriss and Kirk Pengilly tell Sam Wicks why they initially chose to soldier on. [more]

16/08/2014: The Sampler - Beach Pigs, Grom Warfare
Nick Bollinger reviews a summer-themed set from Auckland indie-rock quartet Beach Pigs. [more]

16/08/2014: Into the Void
Bruce Russell calls them the "Christchurch artists drinking club", but they prefer art metal. We talk with Into The Void guitarist Jason Grieg and director Margaret Gordon about the Into The Void documentary, which premiers at the NZ Film Festival in Christchurch this week. [more]

16/08/2014: The Sampler - Benjamin Booker
23 year old New Orleans-based Benjamin Booker has just released his debut album, which fuses blues, punk, and garage rock - Nick Bollinger finds out more. [more]

23/08/2014: Trinity Roots - Haiku
Much loved Wellington band Trinity Roots are back with their first new recording in a decade. We speak to songwriter Warren Maxwell about Haiku. [more]

23/08/2014: Broods - Evergreen
We cross-examine the Nelson-born brother and sister of Georgia and Caleb Nott amidst a busy release schedule that sees them drop their Joel Little-produced debut album Evergreen one continent at a time. [more]

23/08/2014: Yumi Zouma
With members spread across three continents, Yumi Zouma have to try harder than most to find time to rehearse. We check in with Yumi Zouma, at home for rare New Zealand shows. [more]

23/08/2014: Hanson
We talk with Isaac Hanson about keeping his band of brothers together for twenty years and turning their love of craft beer into a brew of their own- Mmmhops. [more]

23/08/2014: Little Bark
By day Sophie Burbery is a mild mannered synthesiser enthusiast; by night she is Little Bark, otherworldly purveyor of electronic pop. Matthew Crawley speaks with Burbery about the forthcoming Little Bark album USB, her synth collection, and her love of all things Phil Collins. [more]

23/08/2014: The Sampler: Mirel Wagner
Born in Ethiopia, and raised in Finland, Miril Wagner's lyrics and cadence are chilling, with bare bones accompaniment. Nick Bollinger takes a listen to Wagner's first album for Sub Pop, When the Cellar Children See the Light of Day. [more]

30/08/2014: Bunnies On Ponies - Samuel Flynn Scott
Samuel Flynn Scott joins us with a new song from his revived Phoenix Foundation side project Bunnies on Ponies. [more]

30/08/2014: Ron Gallipoli
After a hiatus from fronting abrasive post-punk band Sharpie Crows, Sam Bradford has taken up electronic music and returned as Ron Gallipoli, with a new album titled Ron Gallipoli Loves You All. We catch up with Gallipoli to talk about misanthropy, sarcasm, and the art of solo performance. [more]

30/08/2014: The Sampler - Lewis, L'Amour
Joe Nunweek explores the strange story and eventual rediscovery of long-lost North American crooner Lewis. [more]

30/08/2014: Dave Graney session
Surreal Australian songwriter Dave Graney and longtime collaborator Clare Moore join us in session. [more]

03/09/2014: Murray McNabb - Every Day is a Beautiful Day
"I met him at school. I was walking round the quadrangle one day and saw the word "Monk" chalked on the wall and I thought, man someone else knows about Thelonious in this school!" That's local drumming legend Frank Gibson Jr. talking about his old friend and longest musical collaborator Murray McNabb, whose last album has been posthumously released on Sarang bang Records. [more]

06/09/2014: Our final conversation with Sharon Jones
When it comes to the modern-day soul and funk revivalist movement Sharon Jones was First Lady. Local soul sister Tyra Hammond spoke to her in 2014.  [more]

06/09/2014: The Sampler - The Bug, Angels And Devils
Reviewer Scott Kara takes a listen to the menacing, apocalyptic sounds on Angels And Devils, the latest album from London electronic producer The Bug. [more]

06/09/2014: Johnny Cooper - The Māori Cowboy
Johnny Cooper, who recorded New Zealand's first rock 'n' roll record, died this week. Chris Bourke, author of Blue Smoke, pays tribute to 'The Māori Cowboy'. [more]

06/09/2014: Mulholland - Stop and Start Again
Jol Mulholland, the eldest of the Mulholland brothers, is following up his solo debut, Eugene Told Me You Were Dead, with a new album, Stop and Start Again. The record finds the prolific producer and session man at home in his favourite recording environment, The Lab in Mount Eden, Auckland. Nick Atkinson investigates. [more]

06/09/2014: The Sampler - Robert Plant, Lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar
Former Led Zeppelin singer Robert Plant pushes the boundaries of bluegrass, as well as dabbling in desert blues, on his latest album Lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar - Scott Kara takes a listen. [more]

06/09/2014: Kerretta, Pirohia
Local band Kerretta talk about avoiding post-rock cliches, and the handclaps, Māori chant and marimba on their new album Pirohia. [more]

18/10/2014: Jakob - Sines
Hawkes Bay's Jakob have a lot of peaks and troughs - both in their sound, and their career as a band. Their first new album in eight years, Sines, arrives this week, and it's been a journey fraught with setbacks, but also dotted with high points - Jakob join Kirsten Johnstone to talk it over. [more]

25/10/2014: Philip Norman: Three Stages of Douglas Lilburn
Phillip Norman, author of Douglas Lilburn's biography, talks with Emma Smith about the life and work of this pioneering NZ orchestral and electroacoustic composer who will be honoured at the 2014 APRA Silver Scrolls. [more]

01/11/2014: Silver Scroll 2014 winner
Emma Smith and Kirsten Johnstone report back from the 2014 APRA Silver Scrolls. Lorde presents the Silver Scroll to Tami Neilson, for her song Walk (Into Your Arms). [more]

01/11/2014: Bill Morris on Davy Lowston
Writer, filmmaker, and historian Bill Morris discusses New Zealand's oldest Pakeha folk song 'Davy Lowston' at the Wellington Folk Festival 2014. [more]

04/11/2014: Randa - Critics Choice Winner 2014
Randa - this year's Critics' Choice Winner - talks with Henry Oliver after the show at the King's Arms in Auckland. [more]

08/11/2014: Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra Album Diary
In two sessions recorded in Wellington this year, the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra produced their first full-length album. Titled Be Mine Tonight after the classic song by Th' Dudes, the album covers great Kiwi hits. Band member Gemma Gracewood documented the recording process. [more]

15/11/2014: Greg Churchill on Soane
We pay tribute to the much loved DJ and producer Soane who passed away this week. [more]

15/11/2014: Bunnies on Ponies
When The Phoenix Foundation's Sam Scott was laid out with a back injury, he became re-inspired by the albums of his teen years - The Breeders, Weezer, and Dinosaur Jr amongst them. He and his band talk about stripping back the sound and recalling youthful exploits. [more]

15/11/2014: Fazerdaze
Fazerdaze's Amelia Murray finds elegance in simplicity with a foundation of bass, drums, and layered guitars both clean and distorted. Anthonie Tonnon talks with Fazerdaze about her debut EP, and her instinctive approach to finding a sound. [more]

15/11/2014: The Eastern - Postcards From The Road, Stewart Island
Big hearted road warriors The Eastern send us an audio postcard from their 'Territory' tour - this week from Stewart Island, where they meet the locals and find out what it means to be an Islander. [more]

21/11/2014: Optimo
JD Twitch and JG Wilkes of long running Glasgow DJ duo Optimo talk with Simon Wallace ahead of their debut New Zealand performance. [more]

22/11/2014: NZ Music Awards Ceremony 2014
The New Zealand Music Awards at Auckland's Vector Arena hosted a field of contenders led by Lorde, Sol3 Mio, Ladi6 and David Dallas. Henry Oliver braves the schmoozing and boozing to report back on New Zealand music's annual night on the red carpet. [more]

22/11/2014: The Sampler: Sly Stone
Nick Bollinger reviews a compilation of Sly Stone's minimal electro-funk experimentations entitled I'm Just Like You: Sly's Stone Flower 1969-1970. [more]

22/11/2014: The Rolling Stones - Behind The Scenes
The Rolling Stones rock and roll circus is back in town tonight, as Mick, Keef, Charlie and Ron roll out 52 years of hits at Auckland's Mt Smart Stadium. Ahead of the concert, we head backstage for a production walk-through hosted by Dale Sjersseth, the Stones' production manager. [more]

22/11/2014: Delaney Davidson in Session - Swing Down Low
Returning home after a long stint overseas, Lyttelton troubadour Delaney Davidson drops into the Music 101 studio, with bandmates Ben Wooley and Joe McCallum to play songs from his latest album Swing Down Low. [more]

22/11/2014: Trust Punks - Discipline
Alexander Coker Grant and Lliam Powell of Auckland's Trust Punks on their debut album Discipline, and the intense imagery that accompanies it. [more]

22/11/2014: Nowhere Festival 2014
Over a head-spinning five days, over 50 acts performed at the Audio Foundation's Nowhere Festival - a celebration of sonic adventurers - in Auckland. Kiran Dass was there. [more]

29/11/2014: Temuera Morrison - 'Tem'
Dr Hone Ropata, Jake Heke, Jango Fett… Temuera Morrison is best known for his film and television work, but he's now turned his attention to a set of sing-along classics from musicians like Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley and The Beatles, plus his take on classic Maori love song 'E Ipo'. Morrison tells us about how being a member of the Morrison entertainment dynasty steered his selections. [more]

29/11/2014: A Day in My Mind's Mind - The Sampler
A Day In My Mind's Mind began last decade as a series of compilation albums focused on the local psychedelic pop of the late 60s and early 70s. Now the pick of those tracks have been released on a two-disc vinyl set. Nick Bollinger went to the launch at Auckland's Real Groovy Records, on their 33 and a 1/3 birthday, and caught up with the album's curator, Grant Gillanders, and a few veterans of New Zealand's psych-pop past. [more]

29/11/2014: Optimo
Glaswegian DJ duo Optimo tell Simon Wallace how they've kept the dancefloor democratic over a decade of Sunday club nights. [more]

29/11/2014: 1080p Collection
1080p Collection is a prolific record label run by Vancouver-based New Zealander Richard MacFarlane. Henry Oliver talks with MacFarlane about experimental dance music, the joys of cassettes and the challenges of releasing new music in the digital age. [more]

29/11/2014: Tyson Smith in Session
Well travelled guitarist Tyson Smith and Moog aficionado Ed Zuccollo join us with songs from Tyson's new album, The Hollow Tree. [more]

06/12/2014: Ice Cube
Ice Cube was a member of seminal 80s gangster rap group NWA, and has gone on to a successful solo music career alongside producing, writing and starring in many hit movies. He's also one of the featured acts at Ragamuffin 2014. Ice Cube talks with Saturday Morning producer and long-time hip hop fan Mark Cubey about his intertwined careers and love of sport. [more]

06/12/2014: The Sampler: TV On The Radio, Seeds
Nick Bollinger listens to the sonic daring and pop ambitions of TV On The Radio's latest record, Seeds. [more]

06/12/2014: Tesla Coil Music
Melody Thomas reports on the strange sights and sounds coming from Victoria University of Wellington, where she finds three musical Tesla Coils, a robotic backing band, and some very clever people making magic happen behind the scenes. [more]

06/12/2014: Dictaphone Blues - Mufti Day
Dictaphone Blues' Edward Castelow wrote, recorded and mixed almost every instrument on his new album, Mufti Day. He also developed a sound which blended vintage analog gear with modern mixing equipment. Castelow chats with Anthonie Tonnon. [more]

06/12/2014: Natural NZ Festival
The Natural Music Festival is the largest 100% New Zealand music affair outside of New Zealand. This year saw a reunited Scribe and P-Money, Dave Dobbyn, Shapeshifter and Anika Moa play to ex-pat music lovers in Perth and Brisbane. Nights producer Robyn Rockgirl Walker checked out the Brisbane edition, on a mission to unearth even one Australian among the Brisbane-based Kiwi crowd. [more]

13/12/2014: RZA - Wu Tang Clan
More than 20 years have passed since Wu-Tang Clan released Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), but their grimy, game-changing debut still resonates today. Wu-Tang's de-facto leader RZA talks to Emma Smith about the ups and downs of pulling the clan back together, and why their latest album A Better Tomorrow may be their last. [more]

13/12/2014: Red Bull Music Academy: Tokyo 2014
For the last 16 years, the world-travelling Red Bull Music Academy has served as a wellspring of inspiration and rite of passage for countless emerging musicians from across the globe. Late last month Martyn Pepperell attended the academy, held this year in Tokyo's storied Shibuya district. He walks us through a day in the life of the academy, speaking with participants and staff along the way. [more]

13/12/2014: Nadia Reid - Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs
We speak to Port Chalmers born singer-songwriter Nadia Reid, who has just released her debut album Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs. [more]

13/12/2014: Julian Temple Band
After touring his fourth album, Upsidedownbackwards, through his native California in 2013, Julian Temple and his family left their beachside home in Dunedin to try living in the USA.Now based in Dunedin again, Anthonie Tonnon asks Julian Temple what brought him back. [more]

20/12/2014: D'Angelo - Black Messiah
After a 14-year absence, D'Angelo - the great soul vocalist and multi-instrumentalist music critic Robert Christgau dubbed "R&B Jesus" - is finally back on the scene with Black Messiah, an album that dropped with little warning this week. With only a handful of days to digest its soul, funk and R&B contents, drummer, beatmaker and D'Angelo-phile Riki Gooch talks to Emma Smith about the significance of this Second Coming. [more]

20/12/2014: Mongo Skato
From hardcore to experimental house, Mongo Skato talks us through his musical progression. [more]

26/12/2014: Summer Music Venues in NZ
Every summer, go-to live music destinations shift from the main centres to the provinces, as music fans empty out of the cities and into venues like Coroglen Tavern, Mussel Inn, Mangawhai Tavern and Riwaka Tavern. Melody Thomas talks to the owner-operators behind these high season hotspots about how their venues come into their own over the summer months. [more]

26/12/2014: The Datsuns Summer Tour 2014
Cambridge sons The Datsuns are back in town for the summer, kicking out the jams across a series of headlining shows before they ally with Shihad, I Am Giant and Cairo Knife Fight for their rock-fueled summer run. Street Chant singer/guitarist turned Music 101 correspondent Emily Littler checks in with The Datsuns' Dolf de Borst before the band put rubber to the road. [more]

26/12/2014: Far-Fetch with Sam Scott - Miami Bass
A game of fetch where Sam Scott (The Phoenix Foundation, Bunnies on Ponies) is given an obscure musical genre and a week to return with relevant examples and entertaining anecdotes. This week, he gets his booty grinding to some Miami Bass. [more]

27/12/2014: Best Live Music 2014
Music 101 contributors Marty Duda, Martyn Pepperell and Elle Hunt join Melody Thomas to discuss some of the most memorable moments in live music this year. [more]

27/12/2014: Latinaotearoa In Session
Brazlian/Venuzuelan/Kiwi collaborative project Latinaotearoa aims to bring Latin American dance music to NZ dance floors - band members Bobby Brazuka, Jennifer Zea, and Isaac Aesili bring those beats to the Music 101 studio for some festive fiesta. [more]

02/01/2015: Cairo Knife Fight, Summer Tour 2014/15
Cairo Knife Fight have been supporting Shihad on their FVEY tour, a seven-date summer run through the North Island alongside The Datsuns and I Am Giant. Cairo Knife Fight's Nick Gaffaney checks in with a progress report, and reflection of the year just been. [more]

02/01/2015: Great Barrier Island New Years Eve Party
New Year's Eve was celebrated throughout the country this week with pub gigs, beachfront shows and large-scale music festivals. Music 101 embedded The Wireless' editor Marcus Stickley at one of these New Year's knees-ups - the Great Barrier Island NYE Party - for a snapshot of the biggest night of the year. [more]

02/01/2015: Far-Fetch with Sam Scott: Bhangra
A game of fetch where Sam Scott (The Phoenix Foundation, Bunnies on Ponies) is given an obscure genre and a week to return with relevant musical examples and stirring stories. This week, he tackles the Punjabi genre of Bhangra. [more]

03/01/2015: The Shazam Effect - Derek Thompson
Senior editor at The Atlantic Derek Thompson on how the increasing availability of listener behaviour data drives the actions of scouts and label heads. [more]

03/01/2015: Estère and Her Music Machines
Musician Estère invites us into her bedroom studio to break down her writing process, which includes sampling sounds from her home and beyond, then layering them up with her MPC Lola. [more]

03/01/2015: Russell Brown - Music and Technology
Blogger, media commentator and early adopter Russell Brown on navigating the sea of music streaming, downloading and purchasing platforms. [more]

09/01/2015: Aaradhna preparing to play The Apollo
New Zealand music history will be made in New York City this week when Porirua born, Los Angeles based soul singer Aaradhna steps on stage at a sold-out Apollo Music Café at the Apollo Theatre, the first time a Polynesian performer has headlined a venue that has witnessed performances from soul greats like Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald and Gladys Knight. Melody Thomas checks in with our own Soul Sister before she treads the Apollo boards. [more]

09/01/2015: Carl Wilson - 'Let's Talk About Love'
Freelance writer and Slate music critic Carl Wilson's 'Let's Talk About Love' is an exploration into the phenomenon of Celine Dion and wider discussion around the nature of taste, good and bad. He speaks to Melody Thomas. [more]

09/01/2015: Far-Fetch with Sam Scott - PC Music
A game of fetch where Sam Scott (The Phoenix Foundation, Bunnies on Ponies) is given an obscure genre and a week to return with relevant musical examples and stirring stories. This week, he makes sense of the future-shocked genre of PC Music. [more]

10/01/2015: Frànçois And The Atlas Mountains
Franco-British indie pop outfit François & the Atlas Mountains, led by Brussels-based François Marry, are currently in the country to play a handful of shows and squeeze in as many swims and walks in the woods as they can. Ahead of their set at the Chronophonium festival in Coromandel this weekend, Kirsten Johnstone talks to the Atlas Mountains' frontman about his bilingual approach to song craft. [more]

10/01/2015: Jack Ladder And Kirin J Callinan session
Australian indie troubadours Jack Ladder and Kirin J. Callinan cross the ditch this week for co-headlining shows in Auckland and Wellington. We corner the duo for a session at the Radio New Zealand studios. [more]

10/01/2015: Doprah live at Galatos
Before Christchurch's odd pop outfit Doprah travelled to New York to play the CMJ Music Marathon in October, the band played a send-off show at Auckland venue Galatos. Radio New Zealand engineer Andre Upston was behind the boards to capture their beguiling set. [more]

16/01/2015: Chronophonium
Last weekend festival goers converged on a small valley in Tapu, Coromandel to attend the fourth annual Chronophonium. Boasting an eclectic line up of alternative art and music brought together by a "do it together" ethos, the festival hit a bump in the road, clashing heads with the Thames Coromandel District Council. Zac Arnold traversed to Tapu to meet with musicians, punters and the organisers with the hopes of experiencing everything Chony had to offer. [more]

16/01/2015: Run the Jewels: rewind the jewels
Run the Jewels - the critically lauded rap duo of Atlanta, Georgia consisting of native Killer Mike and Brooklyn-born and bred MC/producer El-P - is a project only two years deep, but their respective back-stories cover 20 years of East Coast and Southern US hip hop history. Music 101's Sam Wicks invited Killer Mike and El-P into Radio New Zealand to "rewind the jewels", trawling through their solo back catalogues and offering up commentary on the selections. [more]

17/01/2015: Jessica Pratt in Session
Californian Jessica Pratt plays some of her off-kilter folk songs live in the Radio New Zealand studio. [more]

17/01/2015: Little Dragon
Swedish synthpop band Little Dragon have toured with the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, collaborating with the likes of Gorillaz, Outkast's Big Boi, SBTRKT and Dave from De La Soul, and this year Little Dragon received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic album for their fourth studio release Nabuma Rubberband. We meet effervescent lead singer Yukimi Nagano. [more]

17/01/2015: Far Fetch - Country Dance Music
A game of fetch where Sam Scott (The Phoenix Foundation, Bunnies on Ponies) is given an obscure genre and a week to return with relevant musical examples and stirring stories. This week, he delves into America's new rave heartland with Country Dance Music. [more]

17/01/2015: Cosmic Compositions
Since 2012, Auckland's Addison Chase has been releasing free-jazz informed beat music through his C O S M I C C O M P O S I T I O N S Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages. Mid-2014, his music caught the attention of German record distributors HHV.DE. Since then, they've been helping him release music internationally in deluxe vinyl editions. Martyn Pepperell talks to Chase about the story behind C O S M I C C O M P O S I T I O N S and where he intends to take things next. [more]

24/01/2015: Dudley Benson reviews Bjork's new album "Vulnicura"
Bjork enthusiast and chamber pop musician Dudley Benson joins Melody to review Bjork's ninth album "Vulnicura". [more]

24/01/2015: How To Dress Well
How To Dress Well is Tom Krell, the Chicago, Illinois singer-producer and philosophy PhD candidate who has taken an R&B deconstructionist approach to song writing across his three-album catalogue. In the country this week to play Auckland's Kings Arms, he talks to Sam Wicks about the heady issues which lace his latest release What Is This Heart? [more]

24/01/2015: Royal Blood
Over the course of just two years, bass-and-drums British rock duo Royal Blood have gone from performing their very first gig in a small local pub to being hailed as rock's new saviours. Their debut album Royal Blood entered the UK charts at number one, was named the fastest-selling rock debut in the UK in three years, and went on to be nominated for the Mercury Prize. Melody Thomas speaks with bassist and singer Mike Kerr ahead of the duo's performance at St Jeromes Laneway Festival in Auckland on Monday. [more]

24/01/2015: A Centenary of Sun Ra
A look at the career of one the 20th century's great composers, band leaders and eccentrics, Sun Ra. A mysterious and elusive figure, for most of his life Sun Ra constructed a web of myths and legends that stretch from ancient Egypt to outer space. An early pioneer of electronic keyboards and a musician driven by the search for new sounds and ways of constructing music, Sun Ra formed a big band, the Arkestra in the 50s. The band has survived for over six decades, even outliving its founding father, and has been responsible for some of the most out-there music ever heard on planet earth. Orchestra of Spheres' Daniel Beban takes us for a ride through the music of Sun Ra. [more]

24/01/2015: The Birth of Mirth
Whangarei-based songwriter Katherine McDermid-Smith on writing, recording and releasing 100 songs in 100 days for her project [more]

31/01/2015: FKA Twigs
Taking her alias from the way her joints crack, experimental electronic artist Tahliah Barnett got her start as a loose limbed dancer in music videos from the likes of Kylie, Jessie J and Ed Sheeran. Now, as FKA twigs, she's in total control of the presentation of her own music, self-directing her videos and choreography. In the country earlier this week to play St Jerome's Laneway festival, FKA twigs talked to Sam Wicks about maintaining total control of her music. First up, twigs relayed the events of her morning ahead of her headlining set. [more]

31/01/2015: Shonen Knife
Over the past 30 years, Osaka's Shonen Knife have penned a mountain of cute songs centered on food, domestic animals and the cosmos. Harnessing the spirit of early New York punk and new wave, their sound captured the imaginations of K Record's Calvin Johnson, Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore, and saw them tour with Nirvana. Playing shows in New Zealand for the first time in nearly two decades, original member Naoko Yamano talks with Emma Smith about the journey so far and the power of happy songs. Kawaii! [more]

31/01/2015: Connan Mockasin at home in Te Awanga
The adage "there's no place like home" certainly rings true for Connan Mockasin. Having toured the furthermost reaches of the globe, showcasing his sophomore album Caramel, Mockasin took to his family home in the small coastal village of Te Awanga for some much needed R'n'R. On hearing that there was a chance of a shindig, Zac Arnold travelled to see Mockasin on his home turf and hear stories from friends and family. [more]

31/01/2015: Sharon van Etten
Sharon Van Etten joins Emma Smith from a New York laundromat to introduce a song from her 2014 album Are We There. [more]

31/01/2015: Little Dragon at Laneway 2015
Zac Arnold caught up with Yukimi Nagano and Erik Bodin of the Swedish quartet to talk about creating their latest album, Nabuma Rubberband. [more]

31/01/2015: Courtney Barnett at Laneway 2015
Melbourne based songsmith Courtney Barnett talks with Zac Arnold at St Jerome's Laneway Festival 2015. [more]

31/01/2015: Belle and Sebastian
Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch on chasing the illusive muse from song to screen, and their 2015 album Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance. [more]

31/01/2015: Iceage at Laneway 2015
Danish four piece Iceage talk with Zac Arnold at St Jerome's Laneway Festival, Auckland 2015. [more]

31/01/2015: St Vincent at Laneway 2015
Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent talks about process and performance ahead of her 2015 Laneway performance with Emma Smith. [more]

31/01/2015: Jungle
Modern soul boys Jungle, led by childhood mates Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson, took to Laneway's Mysterex mainstage in the late afternoon, attracting one of the festival's biggest crowds with their disco-infused take on soul music. Before their set, the West Londoners talked to Sam Wicks about expanding their ranks on stage. [more]

02/02/2015: Belle and Sebastian
Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch on chasing the illusive muse from song to screen, and their 2015 album Girls in Peacetime Want To Dance. [more]

07/02/2015: Proton Beast
Heavy and futuristic, with guitars crunchier than a fresh bowl of cornflakes, Auckland's Proton Beast release their anticipated debut album Digitizer on Muzai this week. Emma Smith talks with guitarist Westley Holdsworth and drummer Stu Harwood about geeking out on tone, 7/8 time signatures and how they pulled ex D4 bassist Vaughn Williams into the fold. [more]

07/02/2015: Spook The Horses
Wellington post-hardcore band Spook the Horses released their new album, Rainmaker, this week. The band's last release, Brighter, was a dense album filled with wall of guitars, but Rainmaker sees a distinct change in sound and aesthetic for the band. Craig Hayes catches up with Spook the Horses' guitarist Donnie Cuzens and band frontman Callum Gay to discuss the evolution in the band's sound. [more]

07/02/2015: Bespin
Cut Off Your Hands guitarist Jonathan Lee introduces his new band Bespin, and plays us their debut song. [more]

07/02/2015: P.H.F.
Described as the "complete soundtrack to your infinitely-recurring post-teen nostalgia", P.H.F.'s (formerly Perfect Hair Forever) Grind State is an album full of lush synth soundscapes, guitar solos and his signature disguised vocals. P.H.F. walks Zac Arnold through the makings and meanings of his latest effort. [more]

07/02/2015: Wanderlust
Pitched as a 'transformational festival' Wanderlust brings together yoga and music to open hearts, minds, and hip flexors. Started in the United States in 2009, the Wanderlust experience has reached New Zealand, with the first four-day event being held in Taupo last weekend. With a music line-up that included Nightmares on Wax, Xavier Rudd, Nahko and The Medicine For The People, and a mix of traditional chant and dance DJs during the yoga classes, keen yogini Kirsten Johnstone went to check out the vibe. [more]

07/02/2015: Nightmares On Wax
One of the DJs brought over especially for Wanderlust Lake Taupo was Nightmares On Wax - a.k.a. DJ Ease, a.k.a. George Evelyn. He talks about 'Feelin' Good' and life on Ibiza. [more]

13/02/2015: DJ LeFtO
Belgian tastemaker DJ Lefto has often been described as the DJ's DJ. Yadana Saw sits down with fresh-of-the-plane Lefto to talk about the art and the ears of DJing. [more]

14/02/2015: The Sampler - Ibeyi
Nick Bollinger checks out a debut album from French/Cuban twin sisters Ibeyi, which infuses modern production with the spiritual traditions of the Caribbean. [more]

14/02/2015: Tlaotlon - Natural Devices
Melbourne based expat producer Jeremy Coubrough on the orbiting rhythms and internet soundscapes that fed into his new Tlaotlon album Natural Devices. [more]

14/02/2015: Ruth Moody in session
Canadian folk/roots singer and songwriter is best known for her work with all-female trio The Wailin' Jennys. She's also a solo artist, and in New Zealand to play one show. We persuaded her and her band to play a couple of songs for us live in the studio. [more]

14/02/2015: Mesa Cosa
Young, loud and screaming a bloody mess, this week sees Melbourne's Mesa Cosa tour the North Island of New Zealand. Famed for their debauched live sets at Camp A Low Hum, the six-strong band will be performing tracks from their latest full length, YaYaBrouhaha. Zac Arnold strips back the distortion to discuss Australian identity, singing in both Spanish and English, and why guitar-based music is still vital. [more]

14/02/2015: King Missile in Session
Led by poet, songwriter, author and intellectual property analyst John S. Hall, King Missile blazed a trail in the early 90s and then again in the early 00s, gaining a reputation with their smart, snappy alt-rock. Ten years later, the fourth incarnation of the band have made their way to New Zealand - they join Zac Arnold in the studio to play new tracks and discuss their legacy of oddities. [more]

17/02/2015: Music 101 Pocket Edition 27
Mesa Cosa "kiss the fish", orbiting beats and internet soundscapes with Tlaotlon and King Missile IV live in session. [more]

21/02/2015: Perfume Genius in New Zealand
Seattle's Mike Hadreas, a.k.a. Perfume Genius is in the country for shows this weekend - Emma Smith catches up with him. [more]

21/02/2015: Weird Together
Globetrotting producers and DJs Nick D and Dick 'Magik' Johnson are Weird Together, a worlds-colliding collaboration that sees the production duo and their international band of players rework their favourite strains of global dance music, riffing on the sounds of Africa, South America and the Caribbean. Ahead of their World Together festival at Auckland's Silo Park on Saturday 28 February, Weird Together talk to Sam Wicks about their United Nations approach to the dance floor. [more]

21/02/2015: Splore 2015 live cross
Music 101 reporter Mani Dunlop is live from Splore 2015. [more]

21/02/2015: A Place To Bury Strangers
After The D4 disbanded in 2006, guitarist Dion Lunadon (Palmer) hightailed it to the US, finding his flow in the downtown New York rock scene. His new band, A Place To Bury Strangers have just released their fourth album, Transfixiation. Dion tells Emma Smith about pushing through thresholds of noise and chaos on this latest album. [more]

21/02/2015: Woodcock Festival
Founded by Austin Cunningham and his promotion company, Tauranga Music Sux, the Woodcock Festival is an annual celebration of the local D.I.Y. scene. Frank Eggleton, on the bill with his band, Kittentank, took a microphone along to record the day's festivities. [more]

24/02/2015: Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance by Belle and Sebastian
Nick Bollinger reviews a disco-tinged set from Glaswegian popsters Belle and Sebastian. [more]

24/02/2015: I Love You, Honeybear by Father John Misty
Nick Bollinger reviews the Laurel Canyon redux of Father John Misty. [more]

24/02/2015: Mount The Air by The Unthanks
Nick Bollinger reviews a symphonic folk opus from The Unthanks. [more]

28/02/2015: Slash - the man behind the tophat
Synonymous with a Les Paul guitar, stacks of Marshall amps and that leather top hat, guitar god Slash is one of the last of a dying breed of rock star archetypes. Zac Arnold puts his own questions and those from a series of famous New Zealand guitarists to the man behind the myth. [more]

28/02/2015: Soundgarden Drummer Matt Cameron
Drummer Matt Cameron is a quintessential part of the Seattle rock fraternity that blossomed in the early 90s, having held down the beat for alt-rock behemoths Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, which he splits his time between. Cameron talks to Sam Wicks about pulling double duties. [more]

28/02/2015: Splore 2015
It's been hailed by many artists as the most beautiful setting they have ever played at, and after years of being a biennial affair the environmentally conscious music and arts festival Splore is now an annual event. Situated on the shores of Tapapakanga Regional Park near Auckland, Splore hosts a plethora of local and international artists who bring their sounds to a crowd of more than 6000. Among them for Splore 2015 was Music 101 correspondent, Mani Dunlop. [more]

03/03/2015: What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World by The Decemberists
Nick Bollinger reviews an unusually concept-free set from The Decemberists. [more]

03/03/2015: Don't Lose This by Pops Staples
Nick Bollinger reviews the last recordings of the late Pops Staples. [more]

03/03/2015: Electric by Richard Thompson
Nick Bollinger talks to guitar hero and WOMAD 2015 headliner Richard Thompson. [more]

05/03/2015: MarineVille
Wellington's MarineVille have just released their fourth album Penguin Ate My Chips. Yadana Saw catches up with guitarist/vocalist Mark Williams to talk about the band's 16 year career. [more]

07/03/2015: Mogwai - 20 years of glorious noise
For two decades Glaswegian band Mogwai has consistently redefined the loud-quiet-loud conventions of post-rock. Known for their fearsome - and at times uncomfortably loud - shows, they're in New Zealand this weekend. [more]

07/03/2015: Future Islands
The Wireless' Marcus Stickley meets Future Islands, the Baltimore trio first introduced to mainstream audiences with their electrifying performance on the Late Show with David Letterman. [more]

07/03/2015: Neil Feather
Baltimore-based instrument maker Neil Feather talks to Emma Smith about the games of improvisation he plays and introduced us to the nondo, an instrument made of sheet metal. [more]

07/03/2015: Elvis in the Gardens
Zac Arnold heads to the annual Elvis In the Gardens festival to find out how six different tribute artists got all shook up. [more]

07/03/2015: Ata Kak
In 1994, Ghanaian artist Ata Kak released his cassette Obaa Sima in Ghana and Canada. He sold three copies, and disappeared. Years later, Awesome Tapes From Africa's Brian Shimkovitz found one, and started a decade-long search for its creator. [more]

07/03/2015: Music 101 Pocket Edition 30
The evolution of Mogwai, Six60's stadium sized ambition and Elvis tribute artists, in the gardens. [more]

14/03/2015: Che Sudaka
Argentinean/ Colombian punk rock dudes Che Sudaka perform live. [more]

14/03/2015: Flavia Coelho
Rio-born, Paris-based Flavia Coelho brought a high energy fusion of Reggae, bossa nova, cumbia and big beats to the Brooklands stage. Kirsten Johnstone reviews her show, and we hear a Radio New Zealand recording, fresh from the main stage. [more]

14/03/2015: Youssou N’Dour
Senegal's Youssou N'Dour live from the main stage performing "Nelson Mandela". [more]

14/03/2015: Nick Bollinger at WOMAD 2015
Nick Bollinger talks to Emma Smith about the highlights of WOMAD so far. [more]

14/03/2015: Bombino
Tuareg desert blues guitarist Bombino live. [more]

17/03/2015: Modern Blues by The Waterboys
Nick Bollinger reviews an American-tinged set from Celtic rock veterans The Waterboys. [more]

17/03/2015: Something in the Water - Pokey La Farge
Nick Bollinger talks to visiting vaudevillian - and old-time music aficionado - Pokey LaFarge. [more]

17/03/2015: The Hollow Tree by Tyson Smith
Nick Bollinger reviews the exploratory sounds of Wellington-based guitarist and singer Tyson Smith. [more]

21/03/2015: Sam Scott vs Stephen Malkmus
We sent Samuel Scott to meet up with Stephen Malkmus when he was in Aotearoa for shows recently. Sam describes their conversation as "the most lucid chat between stalker and 90s indie rock hero you will ever hear". [more]

21/03/2015: YoungLife Band
Having been touring New Zealand for the past two weeks Vanuatu reggae outfit YoungLife have collaborated with the Red Cross to fundraise for the Cyclone Pam relief effort. [more]

21/03/2015: Jordan McLean on Fela Kuti
Jordan McLean of Antibalas talks with Emma Smith about Fela! The Musical, and the lasting influence of Fela Kuti.  [more]

21/03/2015: Blink’s Camp A Movement
Best known for his Camp A Low Hum music festivals, Ian 'Blink' Jorgensen declared the 2014 to be the last. This year he is back at the same location under a slightly different name to celebrate A Movement, an impressive 10-volume photo archive. Yadana Saw finds out when Camp is not really camp. [more]

21/03/2015: Fall Out Boy
Fall Out Boy's principle songwriter and band mouthpiece, Pete Wentz, talks to Sam Wicks about straddling the pop/punk divide. [more]

21/03/2015: Introducing: The Admiral
Garage rock outfit The Admiral introduce their song, 'Hangin' Around'. [more]

21/03/2015: The Secret Life of Music Teachers 2
Melody Thomas – herself a one-time ukulele teacher – speaks to music teachers, students and musicians about what it takes to be a good music teacher, and a good student. [more]

21/03/2015: The Lonesome Pine Specials in Session
Named after a Carter Family song, The Lonesome Pine Specials dust off some old-timey US folk songs with authentic nasal three-part harmonies, courtesy of Ben Wooley (Unfaithful Ways), fiddler Flora Knight (The Eastern) and Hannah 'Aldous' Harding. [more]

24/03/2015: Tomorrow is my Turn by Rhiannon Giddens
Nick Bollinger checks out the solo debut from Carolina Chocolate Drops singer Rhiannon Giddens. [more]

24/03/2015: Citizen by Trinity Roots
Nick Bollinger immerses himself in the genre-mixing new album from TrinityRoots. [more]

24/03/2015: Common Ground -The Songs of Bill Broonzy by Dave and Phil Alvin
Nick Bollinger talks to Americana veteran Dave Alvin about his brother, the blues, and the songs of Big Bill Broonzy. [more]

28/03/2015: Graves
Music 101 metal correspondent Craig Hayes caught up with Graves' guitarist Josh Hughes to discuss the band's brain-battering sound, Graves' lyrical vitriol, and where they see themselves sitting on the punk/metal spectrum. [more]

28/03/2015: SXSW 2015
A music industry conference and festival which sees around 2000 acts and tens of thousands of people descend on Austin, Texas, SXSW 2015 is wrapped up last weekend. Music 101's Shaun D Wilson and Yumi Zouma's Josh Burgess report live from deep in the heart of Texas. [more]

28/03/2015: Death and the Maiden
Dunedin trio Death and the Maiden join us to talk about their dark synth debut, Death and the Maiden. [more]

28/03/2015: Pokey LaFarge In Session
Ahead of a near sold-out NZ tour, North American roots musician Pokey LaFarge heads into the Radio NZ Studios to play pared back versions of a couple of his new songs. [more]

28/03/2015: SJD - Saint John Divine
SJD released his new album Saint John Divine this week, he chats with Emma Smith about one of the songs from it - 'Invisible Man'. [more]

31/03/2015: Goon by Tobias Jesso Jr.
Nick Bollinger peers under the lid of the first solo album from Vancouver soft-rock piano man Tobias Jesso Jr. [more]

31/03/2015: Toumani and Sidiki by Toumni and Sidiki Diabate
Nick Bollinger catches up with Malian kora master Toumani Diabate at WOMAD Taranaki 2015. [more]

31/03/2015: Sometimes I Sit and Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit by Courtney Barnett
Melody Thomas discusses the downbeat debut of Melbourne singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett. [more]

04/04/2015: Surf City - Jekyll Island
Celebrating ten years as a band, Surf City release their third album, Jekyll Island. They talk with Emma Smith about the fans, practice spaces and internal logic that keeps them together. [more]

04/04/2015: Seth Frightening in Session
Following the release of his third album, But We Love Our Brothers and Sisters, Seth Frightening brings his take on New Zealand gothic to the Radio New Zealand studios, performing three songs and talking to Zac Arnold about death, the void, and the music of Neil Young. [more]

04/04/2015: Bombino In Session
We sit in on a master class with Tuareg blues guitarist, Bombino. [more]

04/04/2015: Greil Marcus
Greil Marcus is an American cultural commentator best known for his writing about rock'n'roll. In his most recent book, though, The History of Rock'n'Roll in 10 Songs, he uses 10 tunes as a set-list to reconsider rock history - Elvis, Bob Dylan and the Beatles go almost unmentioned. [more]

04/04/2015: Dawn of Azazel
Craig Hayes talks to Dawn of Azazel frontman Rigel Walsh his path back to extreme metal. [more]

04/04/2015: Matt Joe Gow in session 2015
Dunedin born, Melbourne based songwriter Matt Joe Gow plans to release two albums this year - he previews a few new songs live in session. [more]

07/04/2015: To Pimp A Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar
Nick Bollinger examines a confrontational and complex new album from rapper Kendrick Lamar. [more]

07/04/2015: Jake Xerxes Fussell by Jake Xerxes Fussell
Nick Bollinger reviews a refreshed set of folk songs from youthful traditionalist Jake Xerxes Fussell. [more]

11/04/2015: Paolo Nutini in Session
Paolo Nutini was in New Zealand for the first time this week, playing two sold-out shows at Auckland's Powerstation. Music 101 secured a session with the Paisley, Scotland born soul man - Emma Smith joins him in the Music 101 studio. [more]

11/04/2015: Paolo Nutini in Session
Paolo Nutini was in New Zealand for the first time this week, playing two sold-out shows at Auckland's Powerstation. Music 101 secured a session with the Paisley, Scotland born soul man - Emma Smith joins him in the Music 101 studio. [more]

11/04/2015: Modest Mouse - Strangers To Ourselves
Isaac Brock, frontman for jaunty, literary indie-rock outfit Modest Mouse says he just "didn't really notice eight years go by." We speak to him about mushroom hunting, beekeeping, and the obsessive mixing that fed into their new album Strangers To Ourselves. [more]

11/04/2015: Tora! Tora! Tora! 2015
Deep in the Wairarapa, through the middle of nowhere, you'll find Tora. On the right weekend you'll find hundreds of Wellington families covered in dust dancing away at the Tora! Tora! Tora! music festival. [more]

11/04/2015: The Mint Chicks - F--k The Golden Youth
On 13 August 2004, The Mint Chicks' Kody and Ruban Nielson, Michael Logie and Paul Roper retreated to a secluded bach at Oakura Bay, Northland to begin a two-week recording session for what would be their debut album, F--k the Golden Youth. Away from outside influences, the band knocked out 13 cuts that would distil the spit and bile of their first two EPs, confounding record company expectations and intriguing their fan base. To mark the 10th anniversary of the release, The Mint Chicks and the cast and crew that played a role in ushering F--k the Golden Youth into the world recount its strange and difficult passage. [more]

14/04/2015: Drylands by Mel Parsons
Melody Thomas enjoys the latest offering from singer/songwriter Mel Parsons. [more]

14/04/2015: Queen At The Table by Anika Moa
Melody Thomas checks out the electronic evolution of Anika Moa. [more]

14/04/2015: No Pier Pressure by Brian Wilson
Nick Bollinger discusses the long twilight of Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson. [more]

18/04/2015: Taite Music Prize 2015
With past winners that include Lawrence Arabia, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Lorde and SJD, the Taite Music Prize - named in honour of music journalist, the late Dylan Taite - has an impressive pedigree. Emma Smith and Zac Arnold headed along to this year's ceremony to talk to the nominees - and the winners. [more]

18/04/2015: Stan Walker in session
Much-loved New Zealand R&B and soul voice, Stan Walker, is a triple-threat, starring in the 2013 film Mt Zion, judging The X-Factor NZ, and most recently knocking out Truth & Soul, an album that sees him reinterpret 13 of his favourite soul cuts. Walker joins Emma Smith in studio for a session and a korero. [more]

18/04/2015: Don McGlashan - Lucky Stars
Don McGlashan's long awaited new album Lucky Stars is out this week. We investigate the album's emotional and physical landscape, way out West. [more]

18/04/2015: Hannah In The Wars
Luggate born, London based Hannah Curwood tries an alter ego on for size on her new album Hannah In The Wars, with the help of Cure keys man, Roger O'Donnell. [more]

21/04/2015: Short Movie by Laura Marling
Nick Bollinger reviews a new album from the prolific Laura Marling. [more]

21/04/2015: Kiasmos by Kiasmos
Nick Bollinger reviews an electronic suite from Icelandic electronicists Kiasmos. [more]

21/04/2015: Carrie And Lowell by Sufjan Stevens
Kirsten Johnstone discusses a stripped-back and deeply personal set from Sufjan Stevens for The Sampler. [more]

23/04/2015: Music 101 Pocket Edition 36
Don McGlashan, Stan Walker, Herbs and Jakob, winners of the 2015 Taite Music Prize. [more]

28/04/2015: Live At The Music Hall by Phosphorescent
Nick Bollinger reviews an epic live set from indie roots rockers Phosphorescent [more]

28/04/2015: Rose Windows by Rose Windows
Melody Thomas says hello - and goodbye - to Seattle seven-piece Rose Windows. [more]

28/04/2015: Makes A King (Mumachokela Mafumu) by The Very Best
Nick Bollinger checks out the dance-pop of Swedish Malawian duo The Very Best. [more]

02/05/2015: Kimbra at Coachella
Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is one of North America's most popular and fashionable music festivals. Held in the Californian desert over two long weekends, this year's line-up included New Zealand's own pop-funk princess, Kimbra. Ahead of her second Coachella set, Shaun D Wilson tours the backstage artists' area and talks to her about the festival, California, odd herbal tea, and playing on the same bill as Flying Lotus and Steely Dan. [more]

02/05/2015: Inside the St James Theatre, Auckland, 2015
We take a tour inside the newly re-opened St James Theatre, Auckland. [more]

02/05/2015: Blur
Blur's eighth studio LP, The Magic Whip, is the Britpop quartet's first since 2003 Think Tank, their first with guitarist Graham Coxon since he was booted in 1999, and the first with producer Stephen Street since 1997's Blur. It is also a record that very nearly didn't happen, the result of some downtime in Hong Kong that saw the band bang out 15 skeleton tracks in quick succession. [more]

02/05/2015: D Burmester and The Blind
Samuel Scott catches up with Daniel, the 'D' of D Burmester and The Blind, to discuss their new album, Alright, Goodnight, how bands are supposed to release music these days, singing American music in a New Zealand accent, and how a band can destroy two cars on one road trip to Auckland. [more]

02/05/2015: Hugh Sundae bFM
In February, Auckland student radio station 95bFM announced the appointment of music and digital entertainment producer, and bFM alumnus Hugh Sundae, as their new General Manager. Emma Smith talks to him about his new gig. [more]

02/05/2015: Kane Strang
After discarding two albums, Dunedin's Kane Strang presents his 'official' debut Blue Cheese, a collection of heavy hearted psychedelic pop songs. Kane takes us through his song writing process, and explains why dark pop matters. [more]

02/05/2015: Andrew Keoghan Live in Session
When New Zealand-born, New York-based troubadour Andrew Keoghan gave a first look on his forthcoming sophomore set at Auckland's Kings Arms, Radio New Zealand engineer Andre Upston was on hand to capture the show. Listen back to Keoghan's performance, where he was backed by the impressive pick-up line-up of Chris O'Connor (Phoenix Foundation) and instrumentalists Jol Mulholland and Matthias Jordan (Dictaphone Blues, Pluto). [more]

05/05/2015: The Count Basie Orchestra: Scotty Barnhart
Nick Bollinger talks to Scotty Barnhart, musical director of the Count Basie Orchestra ahead of their New Zealand tour. [more]

05/05/2015: Sound & Color by Alabama Shakes
Nick Bollinger reviews a highly anticipated sophomore set from Alabama Shakes. [more]

09/05/2015: Mary Ocher
The Moscow born musician and performance artist on standing out and staying fresh. [more]

09/05/2015: Charli XCX
Schooled in the anarchic spirit of the East London rave scene, Charli XCX went on to trouble the UK and US pop charts with her heady mix of sugar-coated pop and Ramones-referencing rock'n'roll. In town this week for a one-off show at Auckland's Powerstation, she talks to Emma Smith about her rave beginnings, succinct lyric writing and synaesthesia. [more]

09/05/2015: A$AP Ferg
Marcus Garvey, Louis Armstrong, Puffy Daddy… The New York neighbourhood of Harlem has long been home to seminal African-American leaders and trendsetters. Most recently A$AP Mob, the collective that includes A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg - in its ranks has been setting a style and sound agenda in hip hop. Sam Wicks talks to Ferg about his hometown's cultural impact. [more]

09/05/2015: Strange Harvest
Skye and Justin Strange of Dunedin duo Strange Harvest on creativity, the Dunedin gothic and the evolution of their sound. [more]

09/05/2015: Terror Of The Deep - Space Epic
Often praised for their 1980s indie/Flying Nun sound, Terror of the Deep's latest full-length release Space Epic is a time-travelling 1970s prog-rock concept album to end such comparisons. The band's line up now features Tom Watson, formerly of Cassette and HLAH fame, on keyboards and production duties. Yadana Saw and drummer William Daymond discuss the "Watsonification" of the latest album and how to say Uranus without laughing. [more]

09/05/2015: Princess Chelsea and YouTube
Chelsea Nikkel cut her teeth in circus punk trio Teenwolf in the mid 2000s and toured internationally with label mates The Brunettes. Tony Stamp caught up with Princess Chelsea upon the release of her second album fresh off the vinyl press. [more]

16/05/2015: The Labcoats
The Labcoats are a six-piece superstar Wellington band who have finally released their second album, O'Potassium. Samuel Scott went along to the sound check of their album release to find out how a band of six acclaimed musicians remains so stubbornly obscure. [more]

16/05/2015: Paul Weller
From his time fronting UK punk pioneers, The Jam, to delving into new wave soul with Style Council, to being hailed as the elder statesman of British guitar rock, Paul Weller's 40-year-plus career is one that has been stoked by his creative restlessness. [more]

16/05/2015: Wywy Brix
Formerly known as Cartoon, Ryan Bennett discusses pushing his body to its limits, the joys of repetition and his debut album as Wywy Brix. [more]

16/05/2015: She's So Rad -Tango
After a brief sojourn into disco, the Auckland duo of Anji Sami (Sami Sisters) and Jeremy Toy (Opensouls) return to their shoegaze roots on their new album Tango, keeping things interesting with a few searing lead breaks and guest rap vocals along the way. [more]

16/05/2015: So Laid Back Country China
Glacially paced Wellington alt-country foursome So Laid Back Country China have just released their debut album, With Knees of Honey in Goodbye Canyon. Emma Smith talks to co-vocalists Harriet Ferry and Michael Keane on how they came to work together. [more]

16/05/2015: Jack Body
Friend and former student Daniel Beban recalls his first encounter with Jack Body and talks through some of his compositions. [more]

16/05/2015: Darren Watson on BB King
Local bluesman Darren Watson recalls the time he met B.B. King, and talks about his lasting legacy. [more]

16/05/2015: Big Daddy
Phil O'Brien talks with long running southern California band Big Daddy, the original mash-up band that perform contemporary hits arranged and performed in the classic styles of 1950s rock & roll. Hear him get to the truth of why they do what they do. [more]

23/05/2015: Heavy
Auckland two-piece Heavy, have had a busy 12 months. From bedroom demos and D.I.Y. festivals to releasing their debut album Lock In and performing at St. Jerome's Laneway Festival. Zac Arnold picks the brains of Heavy's Reem Nabhani and Liam Dargaville to find out about their steady rise. [more]

23/05/2015: Faith No More - Sol Invictus
Faith No More last released a record together in 1997 before splitting the following year, and have just returned with Sol Invictus. Album producer - and founding Faith No More member - Billy Gould talks to Sam Wicks about the band's unlikely return. [more]

23/05/2015: Remastering with Angus McNaughton
Emma Smith talk remastering, shaping sound to formats and more issues in contemporary sound finessing with mastering engineer Angus McNaughton. [more]

23/05/2015: Carb on Carb
Fresh from touring Singapore, Malaysia and Australia, Auckland punk pop duo Carb on Carb, have just released their debut self-titled long player. Emma Smith learns about their mutual love of nineties emo and faking it till you make it. [more]

30/05/2015: Cairo Knife Fight
Multitasking vocalist and drummer Nick Gaffaney has been the only constant in hard rock outfit Cairo Knife Fight, with a revolving cast of guitarists including Aaron Tokona and Joel Haines completing an evolving lineup. Sam Wicks talks to the band's mainstay about the changes. [more]

30/05/2015: Soak
Emma Smith talks with Northern Irish musician Bridie Monds-Watson - aka Soak about her debut album, Before We Forgot How to Dream. [more]

30/05/2015: Deva Mahal
Ex-pat NYC-based soul, blues and jazz artist Deva Mahal is back in New Zealand. On this visitis returning to the stage with her siblings, Ahmen (aka Imon Starr) and Zoe - and she's also making time to hit her old haunts with Electric Wire Hustle. Yadana Saw talks family dynamics with Mahal and fellow spawn of a musical legend, Mara TK. [more]

30/05/2015: Ross McHenry
Adelaidean bass player, composer and producer Ross McHenry is on the bill of this year's Wellington Jazz festival, playing with his Future Ensemble, a band that includes New Zealand's own Myele Manzanza on drum duties. Zac Arnold learns about Ross McHenry's future-shocked take on jazz music. [more]

30/05/2015: Princess Chelsea live at The Kings Arms
On the back of the release of her second LP, The Great Cybernetic Depression, Princess Chelsea embarked on a tour that began at Dunedin's Chick's Hotel and finished up at Auckland's Kings Arms. Radio New Zealand's Andre Upston was there to record the final show of Chelsea's five-show run. [more]

30/05/2015: Antagonist AD
Over the last 10 years Antagonist A.D. have grown a loyal and dedicated following through relentless touring on home turf and abroad. Zac Arnold joins frontman Sam Crocker to discuss their fourth album Haunt Me As I Roam and how New Zealand's hardcore scene has evolved over the last decade. [more]

06/06/2015: Shamir
20-year old Las Vegas native Shamir Bailey is gaining attention for his debut LP, 'Ratchet'. Emma Smith talks to Shamir about growing up in a city that is only known as a place to visit. [more]

06/06/2015: Hollywoodfun Downstairs
Music 101 contributor Craig Hayes caught up with Hollywoodfun Downstairs guitarist and vocalist Kurt Williams and new drummer Joe Wright to talk about the band's chaotic music, and the far-flung origins of Hollywoodfun Downstairs. [more]

06/06/2015: Oscar Key Sung
Zac Arnold catches up with Oscar Key Sung for a lesson in being authentic and laying it bare upon the release of his new EP, Altruism. [more]

06/06/2015: Racing
Three years after their split, former Checks Ed Knowles and Sven Pettersen have regrouped as Racing. They talk to Sam Wicks about the new set of influences this time around. [more]

06/06/2015: Pikachunes - Allely
Samuel Scott talks to Miles G. Loveless AKA Pikachunes about his new release 'Allely, which isn't for sale. They also discuss how much real life should be revealed in lyrics. [more]

06/06/2015: Bill Morris
Dunedin's Bill Morris was nominated for the APRA Best Country Music Song at this year's Country Music Awards for 'Hinterland'. He checks in from the Chatham Islands to talk to Emma Smith about the characters and daydreams that make up his modern folk songs. [more]

13/06/2015: Jeff Henderson on Ornette Coleman
Fellow Saxophonist Jeff Henderson remembers the late Ornette Coleman's style and influence on jazz. [more]

13/06/2015: Reinier Baas and The More Socially Relevant Jazz Music Ensemble
Reinier Baas, Dutch jazz guitarist wunderkind, and his More Socially Relevant Jazz Ensemble were in town for the Wellington Jazz Festival. Yadana Saw meets the quintet during soundcheck where they were grappling with the acoustics of an opera hall. [more]

13/06/2015: Headquarters: Kraus
For Headquarters, Emma Smith heads to the home studio of the future-primitive, guitar/recorder/DIY synth/tape loop supreme commander for a session. [more]

13/06/2015: Cydel in the Groovehouse
Groovehouse Records is a South Auckland music institution, with a growing roster of soul, R&B and Pacific reggae artists. Included in the label's ranks is Southside soul duo Cydel, who are nominated for five Tuis at Saturday's Pacific Music Awards. Ahead of the ceremony, Cydel's Saipele 'Pele' Nili and David 'Dee' Letoa talk to Sam Wicks about 18 years of Groovehouse. [more]

13/06/2015: Tokimonsta
Los Angeles based producer Jennifer Lee, better known as Tokimonsta was in Aotearoa this week for shows in Wellington and Auckland. Emma Smith catches up with from her Melbourne tour stop. [more]

13/06/2015: HDSPNS Endgame
HDSPNS are an Auckland four piece have just released of their debut "/'en(d) gam/" (end game). Zac Arnold caught up with Richard, Ben and Liam to delve into the eccentricities of this new album. [more]

13/06/2015: RA The Rugged Man
Long Island New York MC R.A. the Rugged Man is by no means a household name, but with two decades of hip hop history and a slew of high profile collaborations under his belt, he has more than a little skin in the game. Sam Wicks sat down with him for a listening session of old school classic cuts. [more]

20/06/2015: Pacific Music Awards 2015
Radio New Zealand International's Indira Moala was at the 2015 Pacific Music Awards. She talks to the night's big winners Cydel's Saipele Nili and David Letoa, plus Herbs stalwarts Phil Toms and Toni Fonoti. [more]

20/06/2015: Daughn Gibson
Daughn Gibson's debut album All Hell was met with critical success, and saw him signed to Sub Pop, where he'd just released his third work Carnation. Emma Smith asks him what his intention was from the outset. [more]

20/06/2015: Dave Dobbyn and The Phoenix Foundation
After nearly 10 years since his last album, Dave Dobbyn is back in the recording studio. This time with Sam Scott and Luke Buda. Yadana Saw heads into The Phoenix Foundation HQ to learn the finer points of the tambourine. [more]

20/06/2015: Daniel Johns
Best known as the frontman for Aussie rock trio Silverchair, Daniel Johns has put down his guitar for his solo debut, instead taking inspiration from a new school of R&B artists. The sessions for his new album Talk included a couple of New Zealand musicians. Johns talks to Sam Wicks about how he made these Trans-Tasman connections. [more]

20/06/2015: Boycrush
Boycrush cracked the art of a pop song with tracks like Secrets on his 2012 debut. Zac Arnold reckons Alistair Deverick has done it again with the five tracks on the new Girls On Top EP. [more]

20/06/2015: Hiatus Kaiyote
Melbourne neo soul-jazz outfit Hiatus Kaiyote are finally making their first visit later this year. Emma Smith asks frontwoman Nai Palm why it's taken so long. [more]

20/06/2015: 1-12 Records
For the past three years 1 to 12 Records have been pressing and releasing vinyl by the pillars of Auckland's garage rock underground. Here's Zac Arnold with the label founders profiling the characters responsible for the ruckus. [more]

27/06/2015: IMNZ: Renee Jones
Departing IMNZ staffer Renee Jones has been with the company for over a decade, defending the rights of independent musicians. She reflects on her tenure. [more]

27/06/2015: IMNZ: Dylan Pellett
Zac Arnold talks to IMNZ Business Development Manager Dylan Pellett about the changes happening at Independent Music NZ. [more]

27/06/2015: Daedelus
LA electronic pioneer Daedelus - otherwise known as Alfred Darlington - is famed for his inventive approach to beat building and the eclectic sonic source material he draws into his sample-based productions. He dropped by the Music 101 studio to talk through a handpicked selection of tracks. [more]

27/06/2015: Matariki Place Stories
Emma Smith takes a walk around Papakura with Maggie Buxton, curator of Place Stories (Matariki), an app that triggers site specific soundworks from local artists. [more]

27/06/2015: Introducing Ashes Holland
Ashes Holland introduces his song 'Existential Crises'. [more]

27/06/2015: Sonorous Circle
Record labels are machines of hype, or at least they used to be. Some labels seem to exist for more esoteric reasons. Bring the right music together under the same label and strange alchemy can happen. Samuel Scott certainly found that to be the case at Sonorous Circle. [more]

04/07/2015: Land of the Long White Stain
Land of the Long White Stain is a short film documenting the travels and performances of an Aotearoa tour by Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing, Seth Frightening, I.E. Crazy and Shab Orkestra. Zac Arnold is with director Claire Duncan to discuss the difficulties of capturing the essence of live performance and what it means to be a musician on the margins. [more]

04/07/2015: Apple Music Roundtable
The M101 team and guests take Apple Music for a test drive to let you know whether it lives up to the hype. [more]

04/07/2015: Eyeliner - Buy Now
After an unfortunate knee injury during a Disasteradio set led Luke Rowell to create Eyeliner, a project in rooted vapourwave - a fledgling genre obsessed with nostalgia for 80s/90s capitalism and smooth electronic sounds. Zac Arnold talks to Eyeliner upon the release of his fourth album entitled Buy Now. [more]

04/07/2015: End of the Alphabet
End of the Alphabet Records has existed for less than a year, but the Auckland experimental music label already has a very high profile around the globe. Craig Hayes meets the crew at the label and the theory behind all their noise. [more]

04/07/2015: Rob Ruha live at Te Mahurehure Marae
To mark Matariki, singer-songwriter and APRA Maioha award-winner Rob Ruha embarked on Matariki on the Move, a traveling concert series that has been visiting marae and community halls. His first stop was Te Mahurehure Marae in Auckland and captured by Radio New Zealand's Andre Upston. [more]

04/07/2015: Christoph El' Truento 2015
Beat-maker turned experimental sound artist Christoph El Truento talks Emma Smith through his chaos-embracing creative process, which includes homemade shakers, ping pong on kick drums and fist fulls of white sage. [more]

06/07/2015: Tutu Ka'ika - Puanga Hokinga Mahara
Selected by Te Korimako o Taranaki - Tutu Ka'ika perform their waiata 'Puanga Hokinga Mahara', by Clive Tongāwhikau Snr. Lead vocals by Wharekuka Tongāwhikau, with backing vocals from Clive Tongāwhikau Snr. [more]

06/07/2015: Charlie Kahaki - Matariki
Radio Ngāti Porou CEO Erana Keelan-Reedy on Charlie Kahaki's Matariki, written by Tumanako Kurur [more]

11/07/2015: Amy - The Amy Winehouse documentary
Asif Kapadia, director of Amy, a film that chronicles the life of Amy Winehouse, talks to Sam Wicks ahead of its New Zealand premiere. [more]

11/07/2015: Savage
The latest guise of South Auckland rap stalwart Savage sees him fronting on the EDM dancefloor. Recently signing to music colossus Ministry of Sound, he talks to Sam Wicks about his brand new bag. [more]

11/07/2015: Monopoly Child Star Searcher
Spencer Clark aka Monopoly Child Star Searchers is in town and chats to Zac Arnold over dinner [more]

11/07/2015: Musical Forest
Yadana Saw heads to the Musical Forest during peak school holiday hours to meet the artists, organisers and pint-sized punters checking out this acoustic wonderland, which is proving a hit with the under-age crowd. [more]

18/07/2015: Ratatat
Brooklyn-based electronic instrumentalists Ratatat have channelled the guitar histrionics of Queen's resident astrophysicist, Dr Brian May, on their fifth studio LP, Magnifique. Ratatat multi-instrumentalist Mike Stroud talks to Emma Smith [more]

18/07/2015: Ladi6 - The Alpha Sessions
Ladi6 has embarked on a residency at Auckland and Wellington institution, Matterhorn, crewing with special guests for The Alpha Sessions. Ladi talks with Sam Wicks about the month-long stint. [more]

18/07/2015: MUM Club
Cassette Nine's MUM is club night that has been a staple of Auckland's Friday nightlife for the past seven years. Having frequented the night a fair bit himself, Zac Arnold tracked down the people who curated countless evenings of music and excess. [more]

18/07/2015: Ant Healy on the Missing 1981 Silver Scroll
APRA Head of Operations Anthony Healy talks us through the Top 20 songs put forward for this year's APRA Silver Scroll Award, plus the nominees for the 'Lost Scroll' of 1981. [more]

18/07/2015: Phil Dadson: Sonics from Scratch
The sonic explorations of From Scratch founder and intermedia artist Phil Dadson are explored in Simon Ogston and Orlando Stewart's documentary, Phil Dadson: Sonics From Scratch. Emma Smith talks to the subject of the film ahead its New Zealand International Film Festival screening. [more]

18/07/2015: Deathgasm
Deathgasm, a homegrown heavy metal horror comedy premieres at this year's New Zealand International Film Festival. Featuring an ear-splitting collection of local and international bands on it's soundtrack, Music 101's resident bogan, Craig Hayes, caught up with Deathgasm director Jason Lei Howden. [more]

18/07/2015: Introverted Dancefloor
Yadana Saw catches up with Bevan Smith in his latest incarnation, Introverted Dancefloor, upon the release of new single "Happiness is Such a Mess" [more]

25/07/2015: Harts
Prince protégé Harts talking to Sam Wicks about the connection he made with His Royal Badness ahead of his Auckland and Wellington shows. [more]

25/07/2015: Shlohmo
Ahead of his NZ tour, Henry Laufer AKA Shlohmo talks to Tony Stamp about his new sound and his new band. [more]

25/07/2015: Toni Huata - Matariki - Te Wiki o te Reo
2015 marks 40 years since Te Wiki O Te Reo Maori began. Melody Thomas speaks with Toni Huata about maori language week and the video she'll release this week to mark the occasion. [more]

25/07/2015: Lawrence Arabia - Lonesome
The 2015 New Zealand International Film Festival pairs Lawrence Arabia and his drummer's side band, the Carnivorous Plant Society, with the 1928 silent romance film, Lonesome. Sophie Wilson catches up with them during rehearsal. [more]

25/07/2015: Albert Hammond Jr
Zac Arnold speaks to former Strokes guitartist Albert Hammond Jr about his third solo album Momentary Masters [more]

25/07/2015: Alien Weaponry
Alien Weaponry are a three-piece heavy rock outfit hailing from rural Northland/ Te Tai Tokerau, and have been the opening act for the likes of Shihad and Devilskin. With an average age of 14, Craig Hayes catches up with band while on tour in the school holidays. [more]

25/07/2015: APRA Live Performance Return
Not just a content producer for M101, Zac Arnold also performs in Sere. Here he is about to lodge his APRA Live Performance Return and find out whether or not he and his bandmates will be laughing all the way to the bank. [region] Auckland region [more]

25/07/2015: Troy Kingi - This is Home
DJ Amber Smith from Tai Tokerau's Radio Ngāti Hine talks about Troy Kingi's This is Home [more]

25/07/2015: Dylan goes Electric
Nick Bollinger talks to author and musician Elijah Wald about the 50th anniversary of Bob Dylan's electrified appearance at the Newport Folk Festival, an event that shook up the worlds of folk and rock music. [more]

01/08/2015: Kitty, Daisy and Lewis
Melody Thomas catches up with the analogue-infatuated musical siblings, Kitty, Daisy and Lewis, in New Zealand to tour their aptly named third studio release, The Third. [more]

01/08/2015: Average Rap Band
Ditching the lyrics about string theory and Stephen Hawking that marked their former project, @Peace, Tom Scott and Lui Tuiasau have delivered a palette cleanser in the form of the Stream of Nonsenseness EP, the fruits of their new partnership, Average Rap Band. The newly-formed rap duo talk to Sam Wicks about getting their bars up. [more]

01/08/2015: Rob Ruha and Maisey Rika
Melody Thomas talks to recording artists Rob Ruha and Maisey Rika on the place of waiata Māori in today's musical landscape, and their Te Wiki O Te Reo Māori video release for the song 'Waiaroha'. [more]

01/08/2015: Earl Sweatshirt
Thebe Neruda Kgositsile, better known as Earl Sweatshirt, has one of the sharpest tongues of a new school of West Coast hip hop artists, and he's directed it towards a psychiatry checklist of neuroses on his latest release, I Don't Like Shit, I Don't Go Outside. Sweatshirt talks to Sam Wicks about the album's unflinching introspection. [more]

01/08/2015: K-Pop World Festival 2015
The annual K-POP World festival gives amateur, non-Korean K-pop performers, a chance to compete on a world stage in Changwon. Mava Moayyed meets the 2015 Kiwi K-popper finalists ahead of their onstage showdown. [more]

01/08/2015: Bespin live at The Kings Arms
When Auckland shoegaze-ists Bespin supported Princess Chelsea at Auckland live music institution, The Kings Arms, they used their opening slot as an opportunity to road-test material from their forthcoming EP. Ahead of its release, Music 101 brings you a recording of that show. [more]

01/08/2015: Te Aumihi Hapeta & Reiwhati Heremia - 'Tirama'
Jarrod Dodd, station manager of Whakatane's Tumeke FM introduces 'Tirama' by Te Aumihi Hapeta & Reiwhati Heremia [more]

01/08/2015: Redaction - Mark Lockett
Drummer Mark Lockett tells us about being thrown in the deep end for an improvisation session with taonga puoro master, Richard Nunns, and turning the resulting soundscape into an album alongside free improvisation exponent and saxophone player, Jeff Henderson. [more]

08/08/2015: Levity Beet
Nelson-based songwriter Levity Beet pulled off a hatrick of sorts, when he won his third Best Song Award at the 2015 APRA Children's Music Awards. He talks to Emma Smith about winning tune "There's One in the Bush". [more]

08/08/2015: Levity Beet
Nelson-based songwriter Levity Beet pulled off a hatrick of sorts, when he won his third Best Song Award at the 2015 APRA Children's Music Awards. He talks to Emma Smith about winning tune "There's One in the Bush". [more]

08/08/2015: Lydia Lunch
No wave icon Lydia Lunch of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks is bringing her back catalogue to life with Retrovirus, who are on tour in Aotearoa this week. She revisits the no wave days in NYC with Emma Smith. [more]

08/08/2015: Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Jon Spencer has been twisting blues, rock and hip hop into new shapes for three decades. He sits down with Sam Wicks to trawl through a selection of deep cuts from some of his biggest influences. [more]

08/08/2015: Deadboy Records
Former Bleeders frontman Angelo Munro is the founder and one half of Deadboy Records, a local label championing New Zealand metalcore, punk and everything in between for the last 10 years. Zac Arnold him and Vasely Sapunov on the eve of the 10-year anniversary. [more]

08/08/2015: Kirsten Te Rito - Aiotanga
Kirsten Te Rito on the making of her second exclusively te reo album Āiotanga. [more]

08/08/2015: Bill Sevesi - A Lifetime In Music
Ahead of his induction into the NZ Music Hall of Fame, Bill Sevesi talks to Trevor Reekie about his lifelong love of music. [more]

15/08/2015: A Hori Buzz - Nation of The State
On the back of the release of AHoriBuzz's Into the Sunshine EP, Tokona is taking to the road on an epic 53-date calendar of shows. He talks to Sam Wicks about the motivation behind this grueling run. [more]

15/08/2015: Radio Punks: The Student Radio Story
Ahead of its television premiere, director Paul Casserly and Yadana Saw talk about cramming nearly 50 years of broadcasting history into an hour-long documentary. [more]

15/08/2015: Tron Music Trust
The Tron Music Trust aims to assist musicians from Hamilton and the Waikato, while reinvigorating the live music scene. Zac Arnold and Tron trustee Trevor Faville discuss the sizeable task ahead. [more]

15/08/2015: Tubertechno
Tubertecho is a new Auckland-based label that is uniting some of the city's otherwise autonomous bedroom producers. Emma Smith talks to Liam Pram who is coralling the current generation of dance music makers. [more]

15/08/2015: Rackets live at The Kings Arms
Auckland rock'n'roll trio Rackets perform at The Kings Arms. Radio New Zealand's Andre Upston caught their raucous set for Music 101. [region] Auckland region [more]

22/08/2015: Silicon
Kody Nielson talks to Sam Wicks about Personal Computer, his new album on Weird World. [more]

22/08/2015: Masterclass: Jonny Marks
Jonny Marks takes Sophie Yana-Wilson and Emma Smith through a master class in throat singing. [more]

22/08/2015: Opposite Sex- Hamlet
Dunedin's Opposite Sex on Hamlet, the follow up to their enthusiastically received self titled debut. Emma Smith talks with bassist and vocalist Lucy Hunter and guitarist Reg Norris. [more]

22/08/2015: Alessia Cara
Having spent her early teens uploading covers to YouTube, 19-year old Alessia Cara now finds herself signed to Def Jam. She talks to Zac Arnold about her debut EP Four Pink Walls. [more]

22/08/2015: Munki Studio
Before the demolition crew arrives, Mike Gibson takes Yadana Saw on a tour of Munki Studios and the many stories of this rather infamous building. [more]

29/08/2015: Yo La Tengo - Stuff Like That There
Twenty-five years ago Yo La Tengo released a stripped back covers album Fakebook, a record that has become one of their most loved albums. Now they've made a follow up; Stuff Like That There. Samuel Scott talks to Yo La Tengo frontman Ira Kaplan to find out why. [more]

29/08/2015: Fur Patrol
It's been six years since Fur Patrol last took to the stage, but last weekend saw the trio reunite for The Munki Mash, a knees-up that marked the end of Wellington's Munki/Inca/Trident Studios building. [more]

29/08/2015: Orchestra of Spheres in session
Orchestra of Spheres join Emma Smith in the Music 101 studio to perform live. [more]

29/08/2015: MAALA Unmasked
If you recognise the music, it’s because electro-pop newbie MAALA is currently one of New Zealand’s most hyped up-and-comers. The artist’s single ‘Touch’ has been all over commercial radio for months and the second single ‘In The Air’ recently premiered as Zane Lowe’s World’s First for Beats 1 on Apple Music. But digging for information about the person behind the moniker has been a rather unsatisfying exercise. In what looks like an effort to take hype to its peak, MAALA’s label Sony Music has kept the musician’s identity entirely secret, until now. [more]

05/09/2015: Murray Cammick remembers Graham Brazier
Former Rip it Up magazine editor and Wildside Records head honcho Murray Cammick remembers Hello Sailor's Graham Brazier, who died this week, aged 63. [more]

05/09/2015: Father John Misty
Ahead of his Auckland show, former Fleet Foxes drummer Joshua Tillman, aka Father John Misty, speaks with Music 101 about moving from behind a kit to the front of the stage. [more]

05/09/2015: Garageland
Indie rock quartet Garageland reform for a one-off performance at The Others Way festival, readying a set list that leaned on their 1996 debut, Last Exit to Garageland. Emma Smith drops in at their Auckland rehearsal space to talk about the band's early days - and find out why they split. [more]

05/09/2015: Lips and Anna Coddington in session
Anna Coddington and Lips join us ahead of their nation wide tour to add a little something special to each others songs. [more]

05/09/2015: Eden Mulholland in Session
Eden Mulholland performs three tracks from his freshly-minted record Hunted Haunted in the Music 101 studio. [more]

05/09/2015: Chapter Music
Zac Arnold speaks with independent label Chapter Music's Guy Blackman, who's in New Zealand for the annual IMNZ Going Global music summit. [more]

05/09/2015: Super Mario Musical Robots
Victoria University PhD student Jason Long has built a robotic orchestra that plays the Super Mario theme and sound effects to accompany the live game-play. Yadana Saw juggles the mic and controller to test out these gaming robots. [more]

12/09/2015: Hiatus Kaiyote in Session
Aussie neo soul stars Hiatus Kaiyote join Emma Smith in the Music 101 studio to perform some of their polyrhythmic tracks live. [more]

12/09/2015: Electric Wire Hustle in Session
Wellington electronic soul duo Electric Wire Hustle dropped a new EP late last month. Mara TK and Taay Ninh visit Music 101 to perform two cuts from Aeons. [more]

12/09/2015: Baio
Chris Baio is the New York-born, London-based bass player for indie pop four-piece Vampire Weekend. Utilising some downtime from his full time gig, Chris has released a dancefloor-focused solo album under his DJ name, Baio. [more]

12/09/2015: 1981: The Lost Scroll
For reasons now forgotten, no APRA Silver Scroll was handed out in 1981. Nick Bollinger has a listen to the contenders and takes a look at their history. [more]

12/09/2015: Phil Waldorf
Phil Waldorf was involved in Sub Pop subsidiary Misra, before co-founding Dead Oceans in 2007. Dirty Projectors, A Place To Bury Strangers, Phosphorescent and Akron/Family have all released material through the label. [more]

12/09/2015: Phil Waldorf
Co-founder of Dead Oceans, and label family Secretly Group, Phil Wardorf talks majors and indies, Apple Music, and what it's like to be a 21st century A&R guy. [more]

12/09/2015: Madeleine Sami's Guide to Hollywood
LA-based Madeleine Sami takes Melody Thomas on a journey of her new surrounds - from a boarded-up recording studio to the infamous Hollywood sign - for a proper introduction to the place where dreams come to live or die. [more]

12/09/2015: Seth Sentry
Aussie freestyle MC, Seth Sentry is in town with his latest release, Strange New Past, Yadana Saw challenges the Aussie battler to test his freestyling mettle. [more]

19/09/2015: 2015 APRA Silver Scroll Awards
The Music 101 and The Wireless teams were amongst it at the 2015 APRA Silver Scrolls Awards. Here are all the best bits from the stage, behind-the-scenes and of course the fantastic music from the night for your ears. [more]

19/09/2015: Tami Neilson, Don't Be Afraid
Last year's APRA Silver Scroll awardee, Tami Neilson, is about to deliver her new album, Don't Be Afraid, written after the death of her father and fellow musician, Ron Neilson. In this listening session, Tami explains the songs' journey along with other tunes from the album. [more]

19/09/2015: Jon Toogood live in session
Jon Toogood, is set to take 25 years of back catalogue on the road for his first solo tour, Planet of Sound. Before the acoustic run, he joins us in session for a pocket-sized version of his show. [more]

19/09/2015: Tahuna Breaks Tour Diary
Behind-the-scenes with Tahuna Breaks on their whirlwind European tour; a two-week run that included a slot at England's Glastonbury festival and the Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland. [more]

19/09/2015: Remembering Daniel Keighley
Upon the death of Daniel Keighley, the director of the 1980s New Zealand music festival Sweetwaters and founder of the Parihaka International Peace festival,long-time friend, Trevor Reekie shares his memories of the man. [more]

26/09/2015: Chvrches
Ahead of their appearance at St Jerome's Laneway Festival 2016, Chvrches' Martin Doherty explains how he's weighed in behind his bandmate, Lauren Mayberry, who has been the target of social media trolls. [more]

26/09/2015: Kurt Vile - b'lieve i'm going down
With the release of his critically acclaimed new LP, b'lieve i'm goin down..., Kurt Vile is now six albums deep into his solo career. Zac Arnold talks to the Pennsylvanian singer, songwriter and producer about his approach to his latest set. [more]

26/09/2015: Luna
Dream-pop group Luna survived a seven-album run before splitting 10 years ago. Kiran Dass speaks to bassist Britta Phillips about the band reforming a decade later. [more]

26/09/2015: Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing
Casey Latimer recently released a third album with his new band, GPOGP (Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing) through the now UK based label Muzai. He talks to Emma Smith about the occult and tapping into human connectedness [more]

26/09/2015: 50 years of Stinky Jim and Dubhead
DJs Stinky Jim and Dubhead talk to Tony Stamp about the painstaking process of curating their radio shows, which have been the mainstay of 95bFM's specialist content for 25 years. [more]

03/10/2015: Lontalius live in session
Ahead of his overseas dates, Lontalius AKA Eddie Johnston pops by the Music 101 Studio to play us some of his tracks. [more]

03/10/2015: Pyro
Serato co-founder AJ Bertenshaw talks to Emma Smith about the Auckland-based company's big plans with their new app, Pyro. [more]

03/10/2015: Pyro Test drive
Emma Smith, Zac Arnold and The Wireless' Hussein Moses test drive new Serato iOS app Pyro. [more]

03/10/2015: SmokeyGotBeatz
Onehunga-based producer SmokeyGotBeatz has been spending more time in LA than NZ, making beats for some of West Coast rap's most influential names. In this, Smokey's very first interview, he and Andy talk to Sam Wicks about their beat-exporting enterprise. [more]

03/10/2015: Groeni
Melody Thomas talks to Groeni about their creative process, group dynamics and the ways that mental health struggles informed their latest EP, Hinde. [more]

03/10/2015: Transistors - Cuppa Jarra Brossa
Rock trio Transistors talk to Zac Arnold about their return to the recording studio with their new EP Cuppa Jarra Brossa [more]

03/10/2015: Anatomy of a Song - Trinity Roots' Little Things
RDU's Spanky Moore gets to the bottom of what makes Trinity Roots' 'Little Things'so special. [more]

10/10/2015: Flaming Lips
The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne talks to Emma Smith about songwriting, dressing up, and being BFFs with Miley Cyrus. [more]

10/10/2015: Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Original member of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Albert Mazibuko joins Emma Smith on the phone on the announcement to headline WOMAD 2016. [more]

10/10/2015: Richard Dawson live in session
Quasi-folk balladeer Richard Dawson joins Emma Smith for a chat and a song or two with only his voice. [more]

10/10/2015: Anatomy of a Song - Tiny Ruins' Reasonable Man
RDU's Spanky Moore gets dissects Reasonable Man with its creator, Tiny Ruins. [more]

10/10/2015: David Bowie Is
Yadana Saw takes a walk-through the V&A-curated David Bowie Is exhibition during its season at Melbourne's ACMI [more]

17/10/2015: The Exponents - 2015 Legacy Award winners
The Exponents have been announced as the 2015 New Zealand Music Awards' Legacy Award winners. Before they are inducted into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame, founding Exponents Jordan Luck and Brian Jones visit the Music 101 studios. [more]

17/10/2015: 2015 NZ Music Award Technical Winners
Zac Arnold catches up with the technical award winners from the 2015 New Zealand Music Awards ceremony. [more]

17/10/2015: EL VY
The National's Matt Berninger talks to Yadana Saw about his new band EL VY and the musical merits of Grease. [more]

17/10/2015: Glass Vaults
For the last five years Wellingtons' Glass Vaults have been creating lush, immersive soundscapes. Zac Arnold finds out what went into making their latest sonic Sojourn. [more]

17/10/2015: Brooke Fraser - Live at the Holy Trinity Cathedral
At the end of 2014, Brooke Fraser undertook a series of intimate concerts around New Zealand. Radio New Zealand's Andre Upston was there at Brooke's performance at Auckland's Holy Trinity Cathedral. [more]

24/10/2015: Fat Freddy's Drop - 'Bays'
For their fourth studio album, Bays, Fat Freddy's Drop have ditched their usual live and improvised songwriting process in favour of an exclusively studio-created affair. Ahead of the live debut of Bays, Yadana Saw pays a visit to the seven-piece band at their eponymous headquarters. [more]

24/10/2015: Majical Cloudz
Majical Cloudz have just release their second album 'Are You Alone?', Zac Arnold talks to Devon Welsh about the inspiration for the album. [more]

24/10/2015: Audacious Festival of Sonic Arts 2015
Gemma Syme takes a tour of the Christchuch's Audacious Festival of Sonic Arts with the festival's director, Malcolm Riddoch [more]

24/10/2015: Julia Deans and Anika Moa with the Auckland Philharmonia
Recorded at their 'Divas' show in June this year, singer-songwriters Anika Moa and Julia Deans perform classics from their back catalogues with the the Auckland Philharmonia. [more]

31/10/2015: Arli - Fata Morgana
Arli Liberman, once known as the "Israeli Shredder" has released his second album Fata Morgana, a collection of songs to accompany yoga and meditation practice. Yadana Saw asks him about playing his music live in yoga classes. [more]

31/10/2015: Sunken Seas
Sunken Seas vocalist speaks to Emma Smith about the bands self-imposed exile in order to make their new album, Glass. [more]

31/10/2015: Oliver Ackermann of APTBS
Oliver Ackermann, guitarist and vocalist of A Place To Bury Strangers shares his thoughts with Zac Arnold on their full-power rock night at The Kings Arms. [more]

31/10/2015: A Place To Bury Strangers live at The Kings Arms
Crowned as the noisiest band in Brooklyn, NY., A Place To Bury Strangers tear up Auckland's Kings Arms with a blisteringly raucous set. RNZ's Andre Upston was there to capture the fun. [more]

07/11/2015: Phoenix Foundation Live at The Powerstation
Last month, The Phoenix Foundation finished off their Give Up Your Dreams tour with a show at Auckland venue, The Powerstation. RNZ's Andre Upston was there. [more]

07/11/2015: 2015 VNZMA Critics Choice Prize
The M101 team was in amongst the 2015 Vodafone NZ Music Awards Critics' Choice Prize, which was taken out by Auckland shoegaze-ists Bespin. We bring you highlights from the performances. [more]

07/11/2015: 2015 VNZMA Critics Choice Prize
The M101 team was in amongst the 2015 Vodafone NZ Music Awards Critics' Choice Prize, which was taken out by Auckland shoegaze-ists Bespin. We bring you highlights from the performances. [more]

07/11/2015: Brian Jonestown Massacre
Brian Jonestown Massacre's infamous frontman Anton Newcombe gives us a lesson in psychedlia. He speaks to Zac Arnold while the band are in town. [more]

07/11/2015: Space Monster
Upon the annoucement that Whanganui arts and music hub Space Monster had closed its doors, Yadana Saw asks venue operator Jack Mitchell-Anyon and Mayor of Whanganui Annette Main what prompted to the closure and what does the future hold. [more]

07/11/2015: Hermitude
Sydney electronic multi-instrumentalists Hermitude will take the stage of St Jerome's Laneway Festival in the New Year. Ahead of the duo's latest visit, Angus Stuart aka El Gusto talks with Emma Smith. [more]

07/11/2015: They're in rude Health
Zac Arnold talks with HEALTH about recalibrating their sound on the new album, Death Magic. [more]

14/11/2015: Allen Toussaint
The Sampler's Nick Bollinger gives his tribute to New Orleans legend, producer and artist in his own right, Allen Toussaint. [more]

14/11/2015: Susan Alcorn
Emma Smith learns about the finer arts of pedal steel guitar with Susan Alcorn, an experimental, free jazz player of this unique instrument. [more]

14/11/2015: i.e. Crazy
Claire Duncan formerly of Dear Time's Waste has just released a new track under the name i.e.Crazy. Emma Smith talks to her about the new alter ego. [more]

14/11/2015: Tomorrow People
Upon the release of their new album Bass and Bassinets, Tomorrow People speak to Emma Smith about their "Sunshine Reggae" sound. [more]

14/11/2015: Shigeto
Zach Saginaw began his career as a jazz drummer, before starting to release electronic music under the name Shigeto in 2009. While in town Tony Stamp caught up with Shigeto over a flat white on Auckland's K Rd. [more]

21/11/2015: Chicks Hotel Closure
Port Chalmer's iconic music venue has just announced that it will close its doors in March 2016. Zac Arnold gets Mike Mcleod on the line to talk about the final summer fling. [more]

21/11/2015: New Zealand Music Awards 2015
Affectionately known as the Tuis, the New Zealand Music Awards took over Auckland's Vector Arena on Thursday, with performances from Broods, Gin Wigmore, Janine & The Mixtape, Marlon Williams and Savage, and the induction of The Exponents into the New Zealand Music Hall of Fame. Zac Arnold was in amongst it to bring you a courtside report on the music industry's red carpet event. [more]

21/11/2015: The Conjurors - Hint
Auckland's heartiest party band The Conjurors have made a name for themselves by throwing caution, and themselves to the wind. Zac Arnold talks to Matthew Crawley and Gareth Shute about the new EP Hints. [more]

25/11/2015: A Short History of Jazz - The 1960s
Recorded live at the Museum of Wellington City and Sea in August last year, these four sessions trace the evolution of jazz from its early beginnings in the 1900s through the 1930s and 1940s to the 1950s. In each programme, New Zealand School of Music lecturers and music specialists perform the music from and discuss an era of their expertise. The 1960s - From bossa nova, through modal and jazz rock fusion and free jazz and soul jazz - with session host and band leader Norman Meehan. [more]

28/11/2015: Tame Impala
On the recent tour to New Zealand, Tame Impala's Kevin Parker speaks to Emma Smith about the process of translating the music in your mind into music for your ears. [more]

28/11/2015: Moon Duo the trio
A lot has happened since 2013 when Music 101 last spoke to Moon Duo. Zac Arnold catches up on all the developments with singer/guitarist Ripley Johnson. [more]

28/11/2015: DJ Yella
DJ Yella was Dr Dre's production partner in N.W.A. En route to his Auckland show, Yella talks to Sam Wicks about his memories of the "World's Most Dangerous Group". [more]

28/11/2015: Cheap Thrills Magazine
Cheap Thrills is a new, Christchurch-based music publication filled with essays and interviews by musicians and fans, with a strong focus on South Island-content tying it all together. Zac Arnold speaks to the team behind the mag. [more]

02/12/2015: A Short History of Jazz - The 1970s
In this programme of the Short History of Jazz series we look at the 1970s - the quest for social and musical identity and freedom, the influence of Latin jazz, space and improvisation - with session host Lex French. Radio New Zealand music's John Pilley introduces the session. The Session was produced for Wellington Museum Public Programming by Andrew Laking of Pirate and Queen Productions. Recorded live by Radio New Zealand at Wellington Museum before a public audience in September 2015. [more]

05/12/2015: Steve Albini
In New Zealand for shows with Shellac, Emma Smith speaks with Steve Albini, the opinionated, guitar-holstered frontman and recording engineer about the group's longevity, suspending taste in the studio, and how the internet has addressed many of this issues raised in his 1993 essay, The Problem With Music. [more]

05/12/2015: Die! Die! Die! - What Did You Expect?
The last we heard of Die! Die! Die! was that the band was on an indefinite hiatus. This year they've finished a European tour, and released a new EP, entitled What Did You Expect. Emma Smith finds out about their return. [more]

05/12/2015: Totems
Totems is but one of the many musical projects that have been helmed by Reuben Winter. With his new album Elixir, Reuben has leant his ear to Jungle and Footwork. Zac Arnold finds out why. [region] Auckland region [more]

05/12/2015: Ron Gallipoli
Sam Bradford, the acerbic frontman of post-punk outfit Sharpie Crows, talks to Sam Wicks about his solo guise, Ron Gallipoli. [more]

09/12/2015: A Short History of Jazz - The 1980s (Digital)
In this programme of the Short History of Jazz series we look at the 1980s - the development of digital technology and how this influenced composition, arrangements and the sound of jazz and jazz styles - from soul jazz to jazz rock and smooth jazz - with session host and drummer Reuben Bradley. Radio New Zealand music's Hannah Griffin introduces the session. The Session was produced for Wellington Museum Public Programming by Andrew Laking of Pirate and Queen Productions. Recorded live by Radio New Zealand at Wellington Museum before a public audience in September 2015. [more]

12/12/2015: Sleater-Kinney
Washington rock outfit Sleater-Kinney plays an Auckland show on 29 February 2016, performing their first show here in 10 years. Ahead of the visit, Emma Smith talks with singer and guitarist Corin Tucker about their break-up, make-up, and the band's riot grrrl beginnings. [more]

12/12/2015: Yelawolf
Gadsen, Alabama native Yelawolf talks with Sam Wicks about reclaiming his redneck roots. [more]

12/12/2015: Introducing: The Naenae Express
The Naenae Express introduce their track 'Sea Anemone'. [more]

12/12/2015: Aotearoa Futurism Part One
If Afrofuturism is where science fiction and technology meets popular culture of the African diaspora, could it be happening in Aotearoa too? In part one of Aotearoa Futurism, Sophie Wilson and Dan Taipua put this question to hip hop artist Che Fu, psychedelic rock guitarist and peace ambassador, Billy TK Sr, and his son, vocalist and guitarist Mara TK of Electric Wire Hustle, to find out whether they identify as Space Māori. [more]

12/12/2015: Amiria Grenell
Amiria Grenell is a Christchurch-based folk singer songwriter with a strong musical pedigree. Yadana Saw sits down for a stripped back version of Amiria's latest work, Autumn, and finds that the musical talent runs strong in the younger generation of her family. [more]

16/12/2015: A Short History of Jazz - The 1990s and Beyond
In this final programme of the Short History of Jazz series we look at the 1990s and Beyond, with session host Mark Donlon. Mark is Jazz Programme Leader at the NZ School of Music. He describes the jazz of the 90's as a period of fusion and hybrids and cultural collaborations as musical styles blended with each other. Jazz in Europe began to create a specific identity through labels such as ECM while in America jazz looked to the past through the likes of Winton Marsalis. [more]

18/12/2015: Womad Taranaki 2016 Preview
Enjoy a preview of some of the fascinating and eclectic array International and local performers heading our way for the Womad Taranaki Festival in New Plymouth in March 2016 - hosted by Trevor Reekie, who also has a chat with artistic director Emere Wano. [more]

19/12/2015: A$AP Rocky
Named for the great Rakim Allah of Eric. B & Rakim fame, Rakim Mayers aka A$AP Rocky sets the tone sonically and visually for his style-conscious Harlem collective, A$AP Mob. Sam Wicks talks to him ahead of his 2016 NZ show. [more]

19/12/2015: Aotearoa Futurism Part Two
In part two of Aotearoa Futurism, Sophie Wilson and Dan Taipua survey space Maori, Astronesians and South Pacific Futurists who achieve self-determination through music, technology and the farthest reach of imagination. [more]

19/12/2015: METZ - Eraser
METZ vocalist and guitarist Alex Edkins introduces their new song, inspired by the David Lynch classic,Eraserhead. [more]

19/12/2015: Coxsone's Music
Emma Smith talks with Soul Jazz Records founder Stuart Baker about Jamaican music pioneer, Sir Clement 'Coxsone' Dodd's formative recordings, collected for the first time in the new Soul Jazz compilation, Coxsone's Music. [more]

26/12/2015: Pop of the Shops
Yadana Saw looks into the science behind in store music and the people who are responsible for what we hear in shops, cafes and gyms around the country. [more]

26/12/2015: Russell Brown - Media and Technology
Media commentator, music lover and enthusiastic early adopter Russell Brown talks to Melody Thomas about developments in the landscape of music consumption [more]

26/12/2015: The Pips 2015
For the last M101 show for 2015 we thought it fitting to hand out some awards to some very deserving musicians. Anika Moa presents the inaugural RNZ Pips Awards. [more]

26/12/2015: Stomping Grounds: Mel Parsons
In the first of a new series, Stomping Grounds, West Coaster Mel Parsons offers us a guided tour of her hometown of Westport. [more]

26/12/2015: The Mixtape: Sol3Mio
In the first of Summer Music 101's Mixtape season, SOL3 MIO's Pene and Amitai Pati and Moses Mackay introduce a playlist that runs the gamut from Luciano Pavarotti to Boyz II Men. [more]

29/12/2015: Remembering Motorhead's Lemmy Kilmister
Ian "Lemmy" Kilmister, frontman of British hard rock trio Motörhead, has died of cancer at the age of 70. A favourite with generations of hard rock and heavy metal musicians and fans for both his music and his hard-living persona, Lemmy talked to RNZ Music's Sam Wicks in 2004 and regaled him with Motörhead folklore. [more]

01/01/2016: Noel Gallagher
Noel Gallagher talks with Sam Wicks about Oasis' infamous tour downunder. [more]

02/01/2016: Mariachi Arcoiris
Carlos Samaniego - director of Mariachi Arcoiris de Los Angeles, the world's first openly LGBT - that's Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Trans and Queer - Mariachi group. He speaks to M101's Melody Thomas. [more]

02/01/2016: The 'F' word, sexism and music
Lizzie Marvelly, Evelyn Morris and Karyn Hay share their experiences in the music industry with Yadana Saw. [more]

02/01/2016: Sexy songs with Sam and Jeremy
For this week's Pod Save The Theme topic, Sam Scott speaks with Jeremy Taylor about the hidden (and not so hidden) meanings of popular songs from past decades. [more]

02/01/2016: Leon Bridges
Before he makes his way to New Zealand next Saturday to play Auckland's St James Theatre, Melody Thomas talked to Leon Bridges about the foundations of his throwback sound. [more]

02/01/2016: Jim Pinckney remembers The Specials' John Bradbury
Jim Pinckney speaks to Yadana Saw on the passing of The Specials' drummer John "Brad" Bradbury. [more]

02/01/2016: The Mixtape: Eddie Johnston AKA Lontalius/Race Banyon
Eddie Johnston makes us a mixtape of tracks that inspires his dual musical personalities: Lontalius and Race Banyon. [more]

06/01/2016: Metz
Canadian power trio Metz unpack their approach to their pummelling live show. [more]

08/01/2016: Leftfield
It's been 20 years since Leftfield's groundbreaking electronic album Leftism brought British rave and house music culture to a whole new audience. Last year saw the release of Alternative Light Source. Ahead of his appearance at Splore Festival in February, Neil Barnes talks to Yadana Saw. [more]

09/01/2016: Birth, death and music
In our exploration of music, life and death, Yadana Saw looks at the music that accompanies our exits from and introductions to life by speaking to a new mother, a midwife and a New Orleans trumpet player. [more]

09/01/2016: Near-Death Experiences and vapourwave
Sam Scott takes a psychedelic look at our theme this week with Luke Rowell AKA Disasteradio; they discuss the "abandonded shopping mall" aesthetic of vapour wave, and explore actual near death experiences and the music people hear when they enter the proverbial tunnel of light. [more]

09/01/2016: Dianna Kenny on Mortality in Musicians
Australian professor of psychology and music, Dianna Kenny talks to Melody Thomas about her research into rates of mortality among pop musicians. [more]

09/01/2016: Stomping Grounds: Ladi6
Samoan New Zealand musician Ladi6 has lived all around the world, but there's just one place she refers to as her home town. Join Melody Thomas and Ladi6, aka Karoline Tamati, for an enlightening and personal tour of 'her' Christchurch. [more]

09/01/2016: Thundercat
Thundercat - human name Steve Bruner - answers questions from New Zealand musicians and M101's Melody Thomas. [more]

09/01/2016: The Mixtape: Barry Saunders
Solo artist and frontman for The Warratahs Barry Saunders chooses a C60 of songs from the artists and bands he's toured with in years both recent and past. [more]

10/01/2016: Devin Abrams - Pacific Heights
Devin Abrams, now formerly of Shapeshifter is now focusing on solo project Pacific Heights. Melody Thomas visits him at home to see how he's adjusting to life after Shapeshifter. [more]

15/01/2016: Gillian Welch
Gillian Welch is returning to New Zealand for the first time in 11 years. Nick Bollinger was lucky enough to catch up with her on the phone ahead of her upcoming show. [more]

15/01/2016: Viet Cong
Calgary, Canada art-rock quartet Viet Cong, might not be making music under their chosen name for much longer because of accusations of cultural appropriation. Still named 'Viet Cong' - for now, at least - Sam Wicks catches up with them in studio before they raise a ruckus in Auckland. [more]

16/01/2016: Dave Dobbyn on Bowie
Mutual Bowie fans Sam Scott and Dave Dobbyn discuss the influence of the ever-evolving creativity of the late artist. [more]

16/01/2016: All the Madmen - Alastair Riddell
For our M101 David Bowie tribute, Alastair Riddell of Space Waltz performed an acoustic version of All The Madmen. [more]

16/01/2016: Stomping Grounds: New Gum Sarn
Stomping Grounds is a new series, which sees the Summer Music 101 team visiting the home towns of some of our favourite musicians. For the last in this series, Zac Arnold heads to Puhoi and Orewa with New Gum Sarn. [more]

16/01/2016: Young Fathers
Young Fathers are a Scottish trio who entered the public eye after their surprise Mercury Prize win in 2014. Graham Hastings, one third of the band's vocal onslaught,caught up with Tony Stamp at their Auckland show. [more]

16/01/2016: The Mixtape - Anna Coddington
Anna Coddington makes us a perfect summer Mixtape - bursting full of yacht-rock faves. [more]

23/01/2016: Masta Killa – Wu-Tang Clan
Wu-Tang Clan's Masta Killa talks to Sam Wicks about the workings of his unpredictable rap collective. [more]

23/01/2016: Fire! Festival
Tony Stamp heads to the Audio Foundation's Fire! Festival to talk to the headliners about the allure of experimental music. [more]

23/01/2016: Le1f
Le1f has become on the strongest most striking voices to come from New York's underground in recent memory. One a whistlestop visit to New Zealand, he checks in with Zac Arnold [more]

23/01/2016: Phil Collins Reassessed
Phil Collins reassesses the face value of his career with the Take A Look At Me Now reissue series. [more]

30/01/2016: Guilty Simpson
Guilty Simpson on J Dilla's lasting influence. [more]

30/01/2016: Jeremy Toy - Fonky Donuts
Performing as his boogie funk alias, Leonard Charles, Jeremy Toy is in the midst of an ambitious project to cover J Dilla's Donuts in its entirety. He shares his 'fonky donut' version of 'Waves' with Emma Smith for Music 101. [more]

30/01/2016: Paquin
Guitarist and recording engineer, Tom Healy, tells Emma Smith about III, the final EP in the triology of bedroom project turned four piece band, Paquin. [more]

30/01/2016: Astro Children
Mille Lovelock of Dunedin duo, Astro Children talks literature, feminism and One Direction, and shares insights into the band's new EP, Plain and Fancy Killings. [more]

30/01/2016: Low - No Comprende
Alan Sparhawk introduces 'No Comprende' from their 2015 album, Ones and Sixes, ahead of Low's 2016 shows in Wellington and Auckland. [more]

30/01/2016: Tickled
David Farrier and Rodi Kick on composing the score for feature film Tickled. [more]

30/01/2016: Purity Ring
Half of Canadian duo, Purity Ring, Megan James shares their latest stage set-up with Emma Smith, ahead of their 2016 Laneway appearance. [more]

06/02/2016: Vince Staples
Northside Long Beach native Vince Staples talks race and rap. [more]

06/02/2016: Oscar Key Sung
Zac Arnold catches up with Melburnian Oscar Key Sun at Laneway 2016. [more]

06/02/2016: DIIV
DIIV's Zachary Cole Smith speaks to Emma Smith about the slippery poetry that shaped their new album, Is This Is Are, and the influence of krautrock.  [more]

06/02/2016: Kate Tempest Live at Kings Arms
South East London poet, spoken word and hip hop artist Kate Tempest performs at Auckland's Kings Arms. [more]

13/02/2016: Kamasi Washington
Los Angelean saxophonist, composer and bandleader Kamasi Washington talks to Sam Wicks. [more]

13/02/2016: Chronophonium 2016
We head to the fifth incarnation of the DIT (Do It Together) music festival, held this year on Lake Ngatu, 15 mins north of Kaitaia. Emma Smith joins the dozens of volunteers, music makers and festival-goers in the Winter-less north. [more]

13/02/2016: Poor You Poor Me
Auckland's Poor You Poor Me thought they'd lost their debut album in a fire, but incredibly, it rose from the ashes, as they explain to Zac Arnold. [more]

20/02/2016: Doprah
Christchurch's Doprah release their debut LP, Wasting, this week. Indi Force joins Emma Smith to talk layering, gibberish and the emotional potential of melody.  [more]

20/02/2016: Twerps
Twerps give an honest opinion on their sophomore effort 'Range Anxiety'. [more]

20/02/2016: Wellington Musical Electronics Library
Sam Scott discovers the different sounds and machines and the Wellington Musical Electronics Library. [more]

20/02/2016: Lady Flic
DJ Lady Flic talks of her expat adventures with Yadana Saw which has taken her from Wellinton to London and Bali.  [more]

20/02/2016: Fis
Wellington born FIS breaks down the production techniques that went into making 'The Blue Quicksand Is Going Now'. [more]

25/02/2016: Danny Boyle on the tracks of T2 Trainspotting
Director Danny Boyle on the art of soundtrack selection. [more]

27/02/2016: Santigold- 99 Cents
Santigold talks hyper-consumption on her new album, and describes being shrink-wrapped by Japanese photographer Haruhiko Kawaguchi for the album's cover art.  [more]

27/02/2016: Prince Review - Auckland 2016
Emma Smith talks to Sam Wicks about Prince's first ever NZ shows, performed as part of his Piano and a Microphone solo tour. [more]

27/02/2016: Inner Space
For two shows only the Space Place at Carter Observatory will host an immersive, audiovisual exploration of the cosmos with The Tuataras. Yadana Saw heads to the opening-night set up and takes a space walk. [more]

27/02/2016: Roy Irwin
Roy Irwin on obsession, boredom and disassociation on his new album S.O.D.A. [more]

27/02/2016: Parents
Parents detail the DIY ethic that went into making Great Reward. [more]

27/02/2016: Splore 2016
Melody Thomas and her daughter Sadie report from Splore 2016 held at Tapapakanga Regional Park. [more]

27/02/2016: Horomona Horo x Alpha Steppa
Mani Dunlop follows the collaboration between Horomona Horo and Alpha Steppa. [more]

05/03/2016: Tweedy
Nick Bollinger talks family business with Spencer Tweedy. [more]

05/03/2016: Headquarters: Purple Pilgrims
Video/Audio: Emma Smith heads to the Tapu headquarters of Sisters Clementine and Valentine Adams, a.k.a. Purple Pilgrims. [more]

05/03/2016: The Renderers - In The Sodium Light
Emma Smith talks to The Renderers' Maryrose Crook about deserts and darkness in their new album 'In The Sodium Light'. [more]

05/03/2016: Tweedy
Nick Bollinger talks family business with Spencer Tweedy. [more]

05/03/2016: RP Boo
RP Boo explains the symbiotic relationship between dance and music in Chicago footwork. [more]

05/03/2016: The 1975
The 1975's outspoken frontman Matty Healy talks with Sam Wicks about his pop life. [more]

05/03/2016: HDU Live at Kings Arms
In January 2016, Dunedin noisemakers HDU regrouped to play Auckland's Kings Arms, a set captured by RNZ Music's Andre Upston. [more]

12/03/2016: John Metcalfe - The Appearance of Colour
Trevor Reekie in conversation with John Metcalfe about his new album The Appearance of Colour. [more]

12/03/2016: Jeff Buckley: You And I
Nick Bollinger with Jeff Buckley producer Steve Berkowitz, relfecting on the recording that made the posthumous album 'You and I'. [more]

12/03/2016: Jerron ‘Blind Boy’ Paxton in Session
Twenty-seven-year-old LA bluesman Jerron 'Blind Boy' Paxton plays live in the Music 101 studio. [more]

12/03/2016: U.S. Girls
"It's bleak", Meg Remy talks feminism and introduces some of the characters that make up her 2015 album Half Free. [more]

14/03/2016: Coastella Festival preview
Gerry Paul, on the nail-biting job of putting on a music festival. [more]

19/03/2016: Pasifika 2016
Mani Dunlop captures the sounds and characters of Pasifika. [more]

19/03/2016: Soundway Records' Miles Cleret
Miles Cleret, founder of the Soundway label, which has introduced new audiences to rare gems from around the globe, joins Emma Smith for a dig through his record bag. [more]

19/03/2016: John Campbell’s Primal Scream
Long-time Primal Scream fan John Campbell speaks with the mouthpiece of the psychedelic Scotsmen, Bobby Gillespie. [more]

19/03/2016: Mermaidens
Gussie and Lily of Wellington trio Mermaidens join Emma Smith to get under the hood of their moody debut, Undergrowth. [more]

19/03/2016: Haere Rā Emma Smith
In the final moments of her last show as Music 101 host, Emma Smith gives thanks to the hundreds of people who have been part of Music 101 over the past seven years, and is treated to some special tributes from her colleagues. [more]

26/03/2016: Mick Fleetwood
Fleetwood Mac's Mick Fleetwood on why he still has the blues after all these years. [more]

26/03/2016: Lontalius
Lontalius breaks down his debut album 'I'll Forget 17' with Sam Scott. [more]

26/03/2016: The Naked and Famous
global chart-toppers Alisa Xayalith and Thom Powers talk to Sam Wicks about settling in L.A., and readying album number three. [more]

26/03/2016: Average Rap Band
Average Rap Band's Tom Scott talks with Sam Wicks about the group's synth-y, sunshine-drenched album debut, El Sol. [more]

26/03/2016: Girl Talk
Mash-up specialist Girl Talk talks with Sam Wicks about the bank of samples he's assembled for his latest NZ show at Auckland City Limits. [more]

02/04/2016: Low: Family And Faith
Low, have been making slow, beautifully harmonised indie rock for 23 years, while members Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker have been married for even longer. In New Zealand for shows, Kirsten Johnstone cheekily asked them for an impromptu a capella. [more]

02/04/2016: Will Wood
Auckland based americana artist, Will Wood, has followed up his 2014 debut with a beautiful collection of songs he wrote of the last couple of years while touring the world. Back home for a stint, he joins Zac Arnold to talk about Magpie Brain and Other Stories. [more]

02/04/2016: We Are Temporary
Previously based in Christchurch where he performed with The Enright House, Mark Roberts is a Brooklyn-based German-American who makes electronic music as We Are Temporary; he also runs Stars & Letters Records, which has released music from Black City Lights and The Shocking Pinks. Mark speaks with Shaun D Wilson about his focus-grouped We Are Temporary album, Crossing Over. [more]

02/04/2016: The Proclaimers
Scottish twins The Proclaimers have had a couple of global hits since their beginnings in 1986, but it's their motivated commitment to playing live and placing music into film and TV that has seen their career endure. Charlie Reid talks about how The Proclaimers have achieved success on their own terms. [more]

06/04/2016: Play On: Behind the Scenes
Tony Stamp stops by rehearsals for Play On, a performance at Auckland's Pop-up Globe that saw a selection of Shakespeare's soliloquies set to music. [more]

09/04/2016: Parquet Courts
Zac Arnold takes it to the court with guitarist and singer Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts upon the release of their new album, Human Performance. [more]

09/04/2016: Angel Deradoorian on the bystander effect
Former Dirty Projectors' bassist Angel Deradoorian speaks to Shaun D Wilson about her solo incarnation, Deradoorian.  [more]

09/04/2016: Miloux Live in Session
Auckland beat-maker and singer Miloux shows off her mellifluous jazz-trained voice in a live session hosted by Melody Thomas.  [more]

09/04/2016: Deftones
Sergio Vega, the sole East Coast representative in Californian alt-metal outfit Deftones, talks about the band's bicoastal work flow. [more]

12/04/2016: Kano
Grime stalwart and proud Eastender Kano takes Sam Wicks back to the East Ham streets of his youth. [more]

15/04/2016: The Saints' Ed Kuepper
Ed Kuepper, from Australian punk and post-punk bands The Saints and Laughing Clown, speaks to Kiran Dass ahead of his shows in NZ this weekend. [more]

16/04/2016: Slow Boat founder Dennis O'Brien
Melody talks to Slow Boat Records founder and "coach" Dennis O'Brien about how his iconic store came to be. [more]

16/04/2016: Record Store Day in Wellington
M101 producer Yadana Saw goes for a wander down Cuba Street to see what other stores are up to on RSD. [more]

16/04/2016: Vinyl Countdown on Record Store Day
New Plymouth's Vinyl Countdown celebrated Record Store Day a little early this year, with Dave Dobbyn performing in-store on Thursday. The store was born out of the ashes of Wellington's Real Groovy and has been in operation for just under 5 years. Zac Arnold caught up with it's owner. [more]

16/04/2016: Dave Dobbyn live on Record Store Day 2016
A live performance in the Slow Boat Records shop by Dave Dobbyn and his band. Then Dave and Melody talk about the state of music and the value of vinyl and record stores. [more]

16/04/2016: Galaxy Records, Christchurch on Record Store Day
Christchurch's Galaxy Records prides itself in being "a good old-fashioned, real independent music store with the best sounds around". The shop started in 1987 and changed hands a few times before Dave Imlay took over in 1993. [more]

16/04/2016: Relics Music, Dunedin on Record Store Day
When one door closes, another opens; and when Markbecks Dunedin bowed out Relics Music was born. Opening in 2013, their aim is to make people happy by supplying the music that they love. [more]

16/04/2016: Anika Moa - live at Slowboat Records
Anika Moa - and sidekicks - perform live for the crowd at Slow Boat Records, Wellington for RNZ Music 101's Record Store Day broadcast. [more]

23/04/2016: Beastwars
Over the course of two albums and and a lot of blood, sweat and touring, Wellington's Beastwars are one of the most loved bands in the country. They released their third record The Death Of All Things with this comment, "It was a tough one to make but we couldn't be more proud of the way it turned out. A break-up album that in some ways brought us together again as a band." Zac Arnold speaks with Nathan 'Nato' Hickey and Matthew Hyde, to find out how much truth is in a name. [more]

23/04/2016: Behind the scenes at Play On rehearsals
The brainchild of Paul McLaney; 'Play On' at Auckland's Pop Up Globe saw a selection of Shakespeare's soliloquies set to music performed by musicians including Julia Deans, Laughton Kora, Esther Stephens, Maisey Rika and Mara TK. The evening before their one-off performance Tony Stamp attended dress-rehearsal. [more]

23/04/2016: Steven Thrasher on Prince
Guardian US' Writer-at-Large, Steven Thrasher speaks to Melody Thomas and Nick Bollinger about Prince's influence and legacy growing up as a gay, African-American youth. [more]

23/04/2016: Shayne Carter remembers Prince
Shayne Carter gives a persuasive explanation on Prince's guitar virtuosity and shares his favourite Prince track with Music 101 [more]

23/04/2016: Murray Cammick on the legacy of Prince
Murray Cammick, founder of local music mag Rip It Up, reflects on the career and musical output of Prince with M101's Melody Thomas and Nick Bollinger. [more]

23/04/2016: Trip Pony - When Doves Cry
When Doves Cry - Trip Pony's tribute to the late Prince Rogers Nelson [more]

23/04/2016: Drax Project live in session at Blue Barn Studios
Upon the release of their second EP T/W/OO Wellington's Drax Project perform a live acoustic session at Blue Barn Studios. [more]

23/04/2016: Bill Sevesi Remembered
Upon the death of ukelele master Bill Sevesi, M101's Melody Thomas speaks to Petrina Togi-Sa'ena about her recollections of the musician, teacher and band leader. [more]

23/04/2016: Bill Sevesi Remembered
Upon the death of ukulele master Bill Sevesi, M101's Melody Thomas speaks to Petrina Togi-Sa'ena about her recollections of the musician, teacher and band leader. [more]

23/04/2016: Jesse Sheehan - Nothing Compares 2 U
Jesse Sheehan pays tribute to the music of Prince with a cover of Nothing Compares 2 U [more]

29/04/2016: avoid! avoid
avoid! avoid on their European influence and their debut 'Particles and Waves'. [more]

30/04/2016: NZ Music Commission's Simon Wood on Music Month 2016
NZ Music Month is back for its sixteenth year - Simon Wood from the NZ Music Commission talks about what it means, and why it's still needed. [more]

30/04/2016: Bailey Wiley
Auckland-based neo-soul artist Bailey Wiley on her new EP, S.O.M.M. (Still On My Mind), written and recorded over two years between Auckland and Berlin.  [more]

06/05/2016: Emily Edrosa in Session
Emily Edrosa performs in Session in front of Auckland's Harbour Bridge. [more]

07/05/2016: Yumi Zouma - Yoncalla
Globally-itinerant indie band Yumi Zouma talk about their foray into the long player format. NYC-based Josh Burgess speaks with Yadana Saw about Yoncalla the album and Oregon town. [more]

07/05/2016: Leila Adu - Scary Love Monster
Princeton-based NZ composer and songwriter Leila Adu about sexism in the industry, ghanaian hip-hop, and her newfound love of the mbira. [more]

07/05/2016: The Mixtape: David Ridler
For NZ Music Month, we invite musical guests compile a C60 of local sounds, and talk us through their selections. This week David Ridler, NZ on Air's new head of music sits down with Kirsten Johnstone. [more]

13/05/2016: Louie Knuxx transformed
Louie Knuxx, rapper, podcaster and youth worker, talks with Sam Wicks about his new album Tiny Warm Hearts. [more]

14/05/2016: Blink talks about the DIY Touring the World web series
Blink AKA Ian Jorgenson is tireless promoter, manager and local music champion. On the release of his web series D.I.Y. Touring the World, Blink talks to Zac Arnold about the project. [more]

16/05/2016: Cleve Cameron's Primal Digital
Cleve Cameron introduces us to his new solo album, Welcome to the Primal Digital. [more]

19/05/2016: Bizzy Bone's Survivor's Story
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony's Bizzy Bone speaks with Sam Wicks about overcoming his troubled past. [more]

20/05/2016: Weezer's Scott Shriner on 'The White Album'
Weezer's Scott Shriner talks to Yadana Saw about his band's new self-titled set, also known as 'The White Album'. [more]

20/05/2016: The Runaways’ Cherie Currie
Cherie Currie of all-female 70s rock group 'The Runaways' talks to Kiran Dass about drugs, rock 'n' roll and sexual abuse allegations.  [more]

21/05/2016: The Mixtape: David Benge
For New Zealand Music Month we've invited our guests to make us a mixtape of their fave local release. This week David Benge of VICE New Zealand sits down with Zac Arnold. [more]

27/05/2016: Rüfüs' Spotify Spins and EDM Wins
Sydneyside electronic dance trio Rüfüs tell Sam Wicks about their EDM wins in Australia and beyond. [more]

28/05/2016: Lordes in Waiting
Asti-Loren, Maya Payne and Nakita. These three young women are changing the way New Zealand makes pop music, and they’re doing it one carefully crafted post and polished pop song at a time. [more]

02/06/2016: Opiuo: Born on the Dance Floor
New Zealand-born, Melbourne-based DJ/producer Opiuo is taking his celebratory sound – and energetic live show – to the world. [more]

02/06/2016: The Veils: first look at Total Depravity
The Veils' 'Axolotl' – a menacing sign of things to come. [more]

03/06/2016: Ladyhawke Sees The Light
Pip Brown is in a good place right now. Sober, married, and living at the base of the Hollywood Hills, 'Wild Things' is her third album as Ladyhawke, and it reflects her positive frame of mind. She talks to Kirsten Johnstone about what got her there. [more]

03/06/2016: Pikelet
Pikelet rekindles their musical practise with their latest album 'Tronc'. [more]

04/06/2016: Shayne P Carter - We Will Rise Again
Shayne P Carter introduces the first offering from his forthcoming piano driven album 'We Will Rise Again'. [more]

04/06/2016: Eastern Bloc
Seasoned resident club DJ and one half of bass outfit Eastern Bloc, Marek Peszynski speaks to Yadana Saw about juggling beats, babies and bands. [more]

04/06/2016: Barry Saunders
Yadana Saw talks to Barry Saunders about his award winning album. [more]

10/06/2016: Air: 20 years of atmospheric pop production
Jean-Benoit Dunkel of French electronic duo Air talks to Trevor Reekie about the group's two-decade-strong career. [more]

10/06/2016: Swervedriver
Adam Franklin, frontman and founder of shoegaze stalwarts Swervedriver, on life as an indie rock veteran. [more]

11/06/2016: Snarky Puppy
Sprawling New York jazz collective Snarky Puppy are playing a sold-out Wellington Jazz Festival show. A sliver of the band catch up with Nick Bollinger ahead of their gig. [more]

11/06/2016: Zombies on the Horizon
Douglas Lilburn and The Dead C have more in common than you think. Yadana Saw takes a walkthrough Zombies on the Horizon, an exhibition about Aotearoa's experimental music adventurers. [more]

12/06/2016: Pacific Underground
Pos Mavaega, core member of the Christchurch-formed Pacific Underground, talks about the performing arts organisation's 23 years of history. [more]

17/06/2016: Recloose: Honey Rocks
Following a 13-year stint in New Zealand, Motor City house and techno producer Recloose is Stateside once again – he talks to Sam Wicks about his new home in New York City. [more]

17/06/2016: Headquarters: Yoko-Zuna
For the latest edition of Headquarters, Auckland prog-hip hop instrumentalists Yoko-Zuna take Sam Wicks through their Karangahape Rd rehearsal room. [more]

18/06/2016: NZ On Air’s New Music funding scheme
David Ridler, NZ On Air's Head of Music and Radio, speaks with Zac Arnold about NZ On Air's recent changes to new music funding. [more]

18/06/2016: Best music so far in 2016 Part 2
Team RNZ Music convenes to present some of our favourite sounds of the year so far. Part Two of Three. [more]

18/06/2016: Best music so far in 2016 Part 1
Team RNZ Music convenes to present some of our favourite sounds of the year so far. Part One of Three [more]

18/06/2016: Best music so far in 2016 Part 3
Team RNZ Music convenes to present some of our favourite sounds of the year so far. Part Three of Three. [more]

21/06/2016: Music 101 Pocket Edition 91: Recloose/Yoko Zuna HQ/Close To The Noise Floor
In this week's Pocket Edition: Techno producer Recloose on his Honey Rocks EP. Prog Hip Hop outfit Yoko Zuna show us their HQ; and Cherry Red Records profile the early sounds from Britian's electronic underground. [more]

23/06/2016: Willie Watson - picking out the gems
Ex- Old Crow Medicine Show banjo player Willie Watson talks to Nick Bollinger about his retreat to old-timey original folk songs, ahead of his solo NZ show in early July. [more]

23/06/2016: Butch Vig: Production Mastermind
Garbage's Butch Vig talks to Sam Wicks about pulling double duties as the band's drummer and in-house producer. [more]

25/06/2016: Marlon Williams - in Session
Lyttelton darling Marlon Williams is back at home, fresh from playing on Conan O'Brien's late night show in the US. Williams premieres a new song and pays tribute to Ralph Stanley.  [more]

25/06/2016: Alternative Radio: RDU's 40th anniversary exhibition at Canterbury Museum
Yadana Saw takes a walkthrough Alternative Radio, a Canterbury Museum exhibition on the 40 years of student station RDU98.5FM [more]

25/06/2016: Beats n Pieces
We witness Christchurch hip hop collective Beats n Pieces, together behind the decks for the first time in 15 years.  [more]

25/06/2016: Troy Kingi and Mara TK: Cold Steel
Troy Kingi and Mara TK introduce their new collaboration, Cold Steel [more]

25/06/2016: Roger Shepherd Book Club
A flock of Flying Nun fans dissect Roger Shepherd's autobiography In Love With These Times: My Life With Flying Nun Records. [more]

01/07/2016: Lawrence Arabia Lakeside Session
Lawrence Arabia perfoms tracks from his latest album Absolute Truth, lakeside. [more]

02/07/2016: Nick D’s Indian and Pakistani Electronic Music Primer
Weird Together's Nick D presents a primer on Pakistani and Indian electronic music. [more]

02/07/2016: Sonny Southon - singer with the stars
The daughter of a Samoan musician and a woman from the Shetland Isles, Upper Hutt's Sonny - or Sonja - Southon is virtually unknown here in New Zealand. But through the 80s and 90s she was in demand as a backing vocalist in the UK and US, working with acts such as Bob Geldof, Matt Bianco and Duran Duran, and she released two solo albums. [more]

02/07/2016: Purapurawhetu
To celebrate Matariki, Wellington City Council staged Purapurawhetu, a showcase of emerging and established Maori and pacific performers including Ariana Tikao, Sharn Te Pou, Sonny Southon, Troy Kingi, Mara TK, Iva Lamkum, and Brannigan Kaa. [more]

06/07/2016: Willie Watson In Session
Willie Watson performs In Session. [more]

06/07/2016: DJ Shadow: "Album titles should steer a project"
Self-described perfectionist DJ Shadow talks to Sam Wicks about his latest album, The Mountain Will Fall. [more]

09/07/2016: The Chills Tour Diary
Despite a 20 year break from touring overseas, The Chills still maintain a loyal fan base in the UK, US and Europe. Keyboardist for the band, and keen anthropologist, Oli Wilson, talks to the fans there to figure out what makes this love of The Chills so enduring and strong. [more]

15/07/2016: The Black Seeds Canadian Tour Diary
Wellington band The Black Seeds have had a turn over in their line-up in the last couple of years - and what better way to test out the new players than by taking them on tour. Invited by the Victoria Ska Fest to play four shows in British Columbia, Canada in June, we join Barnaby Weir and the rest of the Black Seeds as they follow the food-trail from show to show. [more]

16/07/2016: Aaradhna: Not Just a Brown Girl
Aaradhna sits down with Sam Wicks to talk through the experiences that shaped Brown Girl, her soul-searching new set. [more]

16/07/2016: Parson James In Session
Growing up in conservative, God-fearing South Carolina wasn't easy for Parson James. Gay and bi-racial, he tells Zac Arnold his story and sings stripped back versions of a couple of songs. [more]

16/07/2016: Australian troubadours Dan Kelly and Ben Salter in session
Australian troubadours' Ben Salter and Dan Kelly have crossed the ditch to tour our fair country. 2015 saw both of them release new records, Ben with The Stars My Destination and Dan with Leisure Panic! Zac Arnold nabs them for a session. [more]

20/07/2016: Tegan and Sara's Pop Manoeuvre
Sara Quin of Tegan and Sara fame talks to long-time fan and fellow Canadian Sarin Moddle about the group's recent pop turn. [more]

21/07/2016: Music 101 Pocket Edition 95: Suicide/Aaradhna
In this week's Pocket Edition Suicide's Martin Rev on the bands singular career and Aaradhna gives an exclusive insight to her latest album 'Brown Girl'. [more]

22/07/2016: Introducing: Les Baxters
Les Baxsters introduce their song 'Call Centre'. [more]

23/07/2016: MAALA: Creating Composure
Auckland-based electro-pop artist MAALA tells Sam Wicks how he's building his brand on his poised album debut, Composure. [more]

23/07/2016: Andrew Keoghan - New Zealand to New York
Every Orchid Offering, the new album by Andrew Keoghan is rich and detailed, blending electronica with live instruments, and with a much stronger rhythmic component than its prececessor. Nick Bollinger finds out more. [more]

23/07/2016: Sarang Bang Records
New Zealand label Sarang Bang Records has been unearthing some historic jazz recordings and receiving international acclaim. [more]

28/07/2016: Tom Odell in Session
Tom Odell performs 'Magnetised' and 'Concrete' live in session. [more]

30/07/2016: PNC: Still Jonah 95
PNC talks to Sam Wicks about taking inspiration from NZ sporting legends on The Luke Vailima EP. [more]

30/07/2016: The Kills: Ash & Ice
Indie rock duo The Kills talk to Sam Wicks about their rock'n'roll lineage. [more]

30/07/2016: The Mixtape: John Campbell
The host of Checkpoint, John Campbell, talks Sam Wicks through a C60's worth of handpicked tunes for The Mixtape. [more]

30/07/2016: Tigertown
Sydney dance synth pop sibling, spouse and in-law band Tigertown talk with Yadana Saw about their missing backcatalogue which led to the evolution of their sound. [more]

06/08/2016: So Laid Back Country China: Sin Cristales
So Laid Back Country China hone their brand of 'Canyon Rock' with their second release Sin Cristales. [more]

06/08/2016: Lisa Suckdog - Weirdos, 'Gore Opera' and cathartic performance art
American writer and performer Lisa Carver is known for her unflinching writing in the cult zine Rollerderby, and for her revealing memoir Drugs Are Nice: A Post-Punk Memoir. Her wild 'gore operas' in the group Suckdog have featured nudity, urination, and audience agitation. She speaks to Kiran Dass about her work. [more]

06/08/2016: Christchurch - Building a city on rock and roll
Five years on, Christchurch is in the slow and uncharted path of rebuilding itself. Yadana Saw takes a tour of the recovering southern city and meets with local venue owners, artists and musicians who are forging ahead. [more]

09/08/2016: Music 101 Pocket Edition 98: So Laid Back Country China/Third3ye
In this weeks Music 101 Pocket Edition So Laid Back Country China hone their brand of 'Canyon Rock' on their second LP and West Auckland Hip Hop outfit Third3ye perform live in session. [more]

10/08/2016: Trust Punks - Double Bind
Trust Punks double down on their second album 'Double Bind'. [more]

12/08/2016: Fly My Pretties: String Theory
Sam Wicks goes behind the scenes of String Theory, the latest show from Fly My Pretties. [more]

13/08/2016: The Reduction Agents Redux
The Reduction Agents released only one album: 2006's The Dance Reduction Agents. Ten years on the album has had a remaster and vinyl run. Yadana Saw tracks down some of the people responsible [more]

13/08/2016: The Mixtape: Alex Behan
Alex Behan is about to start at RNZ as the host of Music 101 – ahead of that debut, he joins Kirsten Johnstone to present a mixtape to his life in radio and music so far, with some tales along the way. [more]

18/08/2016: Dave Weir - Food For Thought
Dave Weir, former bassist for New Gum Sarn gives us food for throught with his debut EP. [more]

20/08/2016: Shayne P Carter live at the James Cook
Shayne P. Carter plays two of his new songs live on the baby grand piano at the James Cook Hotel restaurant in Wellington. [more]

20/08/2016: Steve Abel in session
Songwriter and Greenpeace activist Steve Abel joins Nick Bollinger in the studio with his band to play a couple of songs from his new album Luck/Hope. [more]

20/08/2016: The Mixtape: Ebony Lamb
Ebony Lamb of folk-country band Eb and Sparrow shares her C60 faves for The Mixtape. [more]

23/08/2016: Music 101 Pocket Edition 100: Shayne P Carter/Unsanitary Napkin/Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds
In this weeks Music 101 Pocket Edition Shayne P Carter preforms tracks from The Offsider on a baby grand, Wellington punks Unsanitary Napkin introduce themselves and Kid Congo Powers (formerly of The Cramps, The Gun Club and The Bad Seeds) on the transition from band member to 'frontman'. [more]

25/08/2016: Eva Prowse - Humid Nights
Wellington songwriter Eva Prowse has made a move from violin infused country folk to midi driven synth pop with her latest album Humid Nights. Kirsten Johnstone gets the stories behind the songs. [more]

25/08/2016: Louis Baker Rainbow
Louis Baker Rainbow [more]

26/08/2016: Introducing: girlboss
girlboss introduces her song 'Mrs. Doubtfire'. [more]

27/08/2016: Eastern Bloc - Double A
Wellington electro-bass duo Eastern Bloc perform a forensic analysis of their new track Astro Boy. Yadana Saw visits the scene of the beats. [more]

30/08/2016: Music 101 Pocket Edition 101: Louis Baker/The Calais Sessions/Eva Prowse
In this week's Pocket Edition, we speak with Louis Baker, go behind the scenes of The Calais Sessions, and talk to Eva Prowse about her pop evolution. [more]

01/09/2016: Pitch Black: Remote dub
Pitch Black's Mike Hodgson and Paddy Free explain how they made their first new album in nine years by remote. [more]

03/09/2016: UMO Manager Tom Wironen
Unknown Mortal Orchestra's manager Tom Wironen speaks with Sam Wicks about his history with Ruban Nielson's psych-funk outfit. [more]

03/09/2016: Cut Off Your Hands - Happy As Can Be
It's been awhile since Cut Off Your Hands were onstage. Yadana Saw catches up with lead singer and chief songwriter Nick Johnston about their Others Way Festival appearance. [more]

03/09/2016: Audio Engineer - Anna Laverty
Anna Laverty has produced and engineered records for Nick Cave, Courtney Barnett, Bloc Party and many other artists throughout her career. Yadana Saw catches up with Anna who is a visiting panellist for the annual Going Global summit [more]

08/09/2016: Theia
Theia has a major record label behind her and some serious management swagger but she hasn't even released an EP yet. Alex Behan met the woman behind the goddess. [more]

08/09/2016: Jet Jaguar - studio scientist 20 years in
For the last two decades, Wellington-based information management consultant and musician Michael Upton has spent his free time recording and performing experimental electronica as Jet Jaguar. [more]

08/09/2016: Tongan MC keeps the language alive
Celebrating Tongan Language Week, Kiwi-Tongan MC Rizván Tu’itahi introduces his track 'Phoenix'. [more]

10/09/2016: Morning Report theme remixed on a DJ-808
Leonard Charles aka Jeremy Toy remixes the theme tune to Morning Report on the DJ-808, a new collaboration between Serato and Roland. [more]

10/09/2016: Review: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds new album and film
Matthew Crawley joins Alex Behan to review Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' Skeleton Tree and the accompanying film 'One More Time With Feeling.' [more]

10/09/2016: James and the giant social revolution
Lead singer of James, Tim Booth, joins Alex Behan to discuss music,sex, lyrical prescience, social revolution, near-death experiences and life in Topanga Canyon. [more]

13/09/2016: Music 101 Pocket Edition 103: Roland DJ808/Rizvan/Queen Neptune/Jet Jaguar
In this week's Music 101 Pocket Edition; Leonard Charles remixes Morning Report's theme tune on a Roland DJ808, Queen Neptune introduce themselves and Jet Jaguar reflects of 20 years of beatmaking. [more]

13/09/2016: Laneway 2017 line-up announced
Laneway Festival have announced the line-up for next year’s event, which is going down at Albert Park on Auckland Anniversary Day. [more]

17/09/2016: Under the Influence: The Cramps
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Cramps' first-ever New Zealand dates, John Baker talks to some of the characters who were there to bear witness. [more]

17/09/2016: What is all the fuss about wireless headphones?
Apple has audiophiles all tied up in knots over the removal of the headphone jack. Media commentator Russell Brown breaks it down for the consumer and dissects the acronyms DRM, DAC and above all PR.       [more]

17/09/2016: What is all the fuss about Wireless Headphones?
To be announced. [more]

22/09/2016: Thomston In Session
Thomston's debut album Topograph has just been released and he joins Alex Behan in studio to perform a few songs and share a little bit about his musical journey. [more]

23/09/2016: Under the Influence: Run-D.M.C.
On Tuesday 15 November 1988, Run-D.M.C. played The Powerstation in Auckland. This is the story of how that show altered the course of Aotearoa hip hop. [more]

24/09/2016: The Veils x El-P
The Veils' Finn Andrews and Run the Jewels' El-P talk to Sam Wicks about their unlikely collaboration. [more]

24/09/2016: Rockquest/Pacifica Beats 2016
The national finals for the Smokefree Rockquest and Pacifica Beats are this weekend in Auckland and RNZ celebrate 28 years of music by bringing together students from this years final with Te Awanui Reeder from Nesian Mystic. [more]

24/09/2016: Passenger
Passenger has a billion YouTube clicks for the song 'Let it Go' and his latest album Young as the Morning, Old as the Sea was recorded at Roundhead Studios in Auckland. [more]

24/09/2016: Electric Wire Hustle - Last Man Standing
Mara TK talks about re-configuring Electric Wire Hustle's line up and his new EP 'The 11th Sky'. [more]

24/09/2016: The Mixtape: Tourettes
Poet, rapper, writer and youth mentor Dominic Hoey picks some verbose and subversive music for the RNZ Music Mixtape. [more]

26/09/2016: Music 101 Pocket Edition 105: Electric Wire Hustle/Affsid Kidjhagiff/El P and The Veils
Electric Wire Hustle's Mara TK on being the last man standing, Affsid Kidjhagiffy introduces himself and El-P and Finn Andrews discuss their collaboration on The Veils 5th record. [more]

27/09/2016: Staying creative, Lamb of God.
Guitarist for Lamb of God Mark Morton speaks to Alex Behan about creative satisfaction, young metal bands and swinging towards Hillary Clinton in his home town of Richmond, Virginia.   [more]

01/10/2016: Graham Candy In Session
Following the release his debut album 'Plan A' Graham Candy joins Alex Behan in session to play a few songs and tell a few stories. [more]

01/10/2016: Renters unite for tenants' rights
Renters United is a Wellington collective seeking change in the local rental property sector. Yadana Saw heads along to their fundraiser gig. [more]

01/10/2016: The Mixtape: Sam Wicks
RNZ Music producer Sam Wicks walks us through a C60's worth of musical selections. [more]

01/10/2016: Copy of The Mixtape: Sam Wicks
RNZ Music producer Sam Wicks walks us through a C60's worth of musical selections. [more]

07/10/2016: Mental health of local musicians targeted
A new service targeting the mental health problems of local musicians is being launched to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week. [more]

07/10/2016: Ravens in The Wood Shed
The Ravens are a trio of women who say they want to bring a spirit of punk to acoustic folk music. Jess Shanks, Alice Ryan Williams and Reb Fountain are all members of Lyttelton collective 'The Eastern'. [more]

07/10/2016: Anna Coddington - Luck/Time
Auckland singer, songwriter and producer Anna Coddington has released a new album Luck/Time - a feat, considering she's also produced two children in the past four years. [more]

08/10/2016: Tall tales with a twang - Skyscraper Stan in session
NZ born, Australia based Americana songwriter Skyscraper Stan stops by the RNZ studios to flourish a few tall tales with Alex Behan. [more]

08/10/2016: Tycho complete trilogy in time for Laneway
Tycho complete their album trilogy with Epoch just in time for their Laneway 2017 appearance. [more]

08/10/2016: A place for Base
Base FM have an art exhibition in Auckland called Cover Story, which takes their 80+ DJ's favourite piece of vinyl and tells the story of what it means to them. [more]

11/10/2016: Music 101 Pocket Edition 107: Ryley Walker/ French_concession 法國租界/ Base FM/
On this week's Music 101, American troubadour Ryley Walker relays the realities of life on the road, French Concession introduces themselves and independent radio station Base FM look for a new home. [more]

15/10/2016: Anwton - D.I.Y. rapper with attitude
North-American Rapper Antwon stops by RNZ to drop a tune while he's in New Zealand. [more]

15/10/2016: Mike Noga - drummer to frontman
Mike Noga, formerly of Australian rock band The Drones performs a song from his new album King in studio. [more]

18/10/2016: Jayson Norris: Puha and Crays in the U.K.
Jayson Norris talks about his new EP 'Eroded' and almost fifteen years of living in the U.K. as a working musician. [more]

18/10/2016: Julianna Barwick - The spaces in-between
Julianna Barwick creates one-woman choral soundscapes that sit somewhere in-between ambient Eno and Enya. The Brooklyn NY resident is heading to NZ with her looper and moog synthesisers next week. [more]

18/10/2016: The Mixtape: DJ Mu
DJ Mu of Fat Freddys Drop digs into his vinyl bag of party faves and lifelong loves for his C60 selections for the M101 Mixtape [more]

20/10/2016: WCB - EP1
Sparse electronic beats and heavy synth lines dominate WCB's debut EP [more]

21/10/2016: Manos del Chango In Session
Manos Del Chango, the duo of gravelly voiced Lyttelton troubador Delaney Davidson and Californian/Mexican singer and casiotone warrior Nicole Izobel Garcia play songs live in the studio. [more]

21/10/2016: Trevor Reekie previews the WOMAD 2017 Line Up
Trevor Reekie takes us through the 2017 line up for WOMAD and shares some of his picks for the festival. [more]

22/10/2016: Producing the goods – Joel Little
Best Engineer and Producer for the 2016 Artisan Awards, Joel Little talks Broods, Los Angeles and addresses the next Lorde project. [more]

25/10/2016: Music 101 Pocket Edition 109: Manos Del Chango/ Hugo Jay/ Leisure
On this week's Music 101 Pocket Edition; Manos Del Chango In Session, Introducing: Hugo Jay and Leisure release their debut LP... or is it a greatest hits? [more]

29/10/2016: Mark Roach - NZ Music Hall of Fame
Mark Roach of the NZ Music Hall of Fame. Key partner and catalyst for Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa. [more]

29/10/2016: Esther Tobin shows Yadana Saw around Volume
Yadana Saw at Auckland Museum's Volume exhibition with content and interpretation developer Esther Tobin. [more]

29/10/2016: Topp Twins
At the opening night of Volume: Making Music in Aotearoa Alex Behan was excited to bump into Jools and Lynda Topp. [more]

29/10/2016: Mike Chunn at Volume
Split Enz founding bassist Mike Chunn left in '77, and went on to play in Citizen Band, author a few books, have a long career looking after songwriters at APRA and then started the Play It Strange Trust, an organisation that encourages songwriting and performing at school level. Given this distinguished career in music, Yadana Saw caught up with Mike Chunn just before the powhiri for the launch of Volume at the Auckland Museum. [more]

29/10/2016: Sir-Vere at Volume
There are many interactive elements to the Volume exhibition at Auckland museum, including playlists you can keep when you leave. DJ Sirvere was in charge of compiling the 90s playlist, he also features in the exhibition in the Che Fu recording studio. Also, the first mixer that DJ Sir-Vere ever owned is on display in all it's raggedy glory. Alex Behan asks if he ever thought his first mixer would end up on the wall of a museum? [more]

29/10/2016: Victoria Travers
Victoria Travers, senior exhibition developer at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. [more]

29/10/2016: The Māori Volcanics
Since their inception in 1964, The Māori Volcanics have been the most successful, and enduring of the Māori showbands. Prince Tui Teka, Dalvanius Prime and Billy T James all started their careers with the Volcanics. The current line up were all present on opening night at Volume, and Yadana Saw caught up with them for a korero and a waiata. [more]

29/10/2016: Rodney Fisher Live at Volume
Rodney Fisher plays and chats to Alex Behan Live from the Volume Exhibition at the Auckland War Memorial Museum. [more]

29/10/2016: The Mixtape: Martin Phillipps
The Chills frontman Martin Phillipps delves deep into his back pockets to present an eclectic and personal selection of music inspired by the joy of discovery. [more]

01/11/2016: Your New Zealand music memories
During Music 101's live broadcast from Auckland Museum's VOLUME exhibition, host Alex Behan asked for your best NZ Music moments - here's a selection of your answers. [more]

04/11/2016: Critics Choice 2016
Alex Behan at the 2016 Critics Choice Prize ceremony. [more]

05/11/2016: Play It Strange - Top Songs Of 2016
Play it Strange is the foundation encouraging school aged kids to write songs and develop as musicians and is still going strong in its thirteenth year.  Founder Mike Chunn talks Alex Behan through some of the latest crop of songs. [more]

05/11/2016: Cardboard and Computers - Otis Frizzell
It's been a long time since there was a musical release from Otis Frizzell, but the multi-talented artist and Taco Truck owner has joined forces with Mike Weston and Tom Ludvigson to bring us Cardboard and Computers.  [more]

05/11/2016: Tali “Nah, Yeah.”
Tali's new EP celebrates her influences and inspirations from nineties Christchurch rave culture to Olympic gymnasts and swimmers. [more]

05/11/2016: Shapeshifter Shooting Stars
One gets the feeling that Drum n Bass band Shapeshifter are either going through a fundamental crisis of confidence or, at the very least, some very confusing growing pains. Their lastest release 'Stars' is full of club bangers, but do they still have the passion? [more]

05/11/2016: Dunedin songwriter Bill Direen's Beatin' Heart
With their 1983 album Beatin Hearts, Bill Direen's 'The Builders' were the first group to release a long playing studio album on Flying Nun Records. Beatin Hearts has just been re-issued by Brooklyn's Grapefruit Record Club. [more]

05/11/2016: The Mixtape: Mark Cubey
This week's RNZ Music mixtape selector is the outgoing Saturday Mornings producer Mark Cubey. He speaks with Yadana Saw about his decade in the job and many other things he's turned his hand to. [more]

11/11/2016: Devilskin: goats, growls, and growing a great fanbase
Hamilton rock band Devilskin have just released their second album Destined For Whatever. [more]

12/11/2016: Leonard Cohen Tribute on Music 101
Music 101 pays tribute to the life and career of Leonard Cohen. Poet Sam Hunt, Cohen's biographer Sylvie Simmons, and Professor of Religious Studies Paul Morris join Alex Behan to reflect on Cohen's craft. [more]

12/11/2016: Myele Manzanza - On point
Wellington jazz drummer and percussionist Myele Manzanza has just released his second long player, One Point One, recorded live at Los Angeles' Blue Whale. He speaks to Yadana Saw about why One Point One was not a studio album. [more]

12/11/2016: The Mixtape: Bic Runga 2016
Much loved singer songwriter Bic Runga is about to be inducted to the NZ Music Hall Of Fame, and has a new album out on Friday. Close Your Eyes includes ten cover versions of songs close to Runga's heart - she presents the originals of some of those for The Mixtape. [more]

14/11/2016: The Last Waltz Down Under
It is 40 years since The Last Waltz – the famous farewell concert of The Band.  The anniversary is getting its biggest celebration in New Zealand. [more]

18/11/2016: Pacific band Te Vaka on their soundtrack to Disney film Moana
Opoteia Foa'i, frontman of long-running, pan-Pacific band Te Vaka has worked with Hollywood film composers to create music for the latest Disney animated feature - Moana. [more]

19/11/2016: Behind the scenes of the New Zealand Music Awards
Behind the scenes with the winners at the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards.   [more]

19/11/2016: Refused: older, wiser, but still angry as hell
Refused are in New Zealand for the first time ever at Laneway 2017 and are as political and powerful as ever. [more]

19/11/2016: How to listen to all the music on the Internet
Bandcamp's Chief Curator, Andrew Jervis gives us a user's guide in navigating the almost fathomless world of digital music through the online direct-to-fan music portal. [more]

19/11/2016: Kaikōura allstars shine through the rubble
Andrew Penman from Salmonella Dub speaks about the artistic community in Kaikōura, the amazing legacy of music that's been created there, and the current challenges for the town. [more]

19/11/2016: Salmonella Dub
Andrew Penman from Salmonella Dub speaks about the artistic community in Kaikoura, the amazing legacy of music that's been created there, and the current challenges for the town. [more]

23/11/2016: Lianne La Havas: Soul Journey
South London singer-guitarist Lianne La Havas will be supporting Coldplay and playing her own solo show in Auckland in early December. Nick Bollinger speaks to her about her music and roots. [more]

24/11/2016: Nadia Reid - Live at The Others Way Festival
Nadia Reid, an accomplished songwriter of sad songs performs a set at The Others Way Festival in Auckland. [more]

25/11/2016: "I Don't Stand For The Queen" - The story of Social End Product
The story of a 1966 New Zealand garage rock song by The Bluestars that went on to influence bands around the world. [more]

26/11/2016: The man who would be Kings
Named as 2016 'Breakthrough artist of the year' at the NZ Music Awards, Auckland rapper Kings talks about his self-produced debut EP, making tunes on the marae, and raising a daughter while trying to break into the music game. [more]

26/11/2016: The meticulous, slinky pop of Glass Animals
In New Zealand for the first time for Laneway 2017, Glass Animals talk secret recordings, production wizardry and growing up with two radio stations. [more]

26/11/2016: Clinton Smiley: dancefloor pioneer
Pioneering Wellington DJ Clinton Smiley was struck down with a brain aneurysm 10 years ago, but his influence lives on. [more]

01/12/2016: Live: Cut Off Your Hands
Cut Off Your Hands - Live @ The Others Way Festival 2016 [more]

01/12/2016: Music 101 Pocket Edition 113
Off kilter pop savants Glass Animals, Kings writes a kiwi classic, Nikolai introduces themselves and D. D. Dumbo calls in from Castle Maine, Victoria. [more]

03/12/2016: Uke can do it too!
Mary Cornish discusses the tenth anniversary of the Ukelele Festival being held today at Vector Arena and why ukelele's have become so important for primary shcool kids. [more]

03/12/2016: Alae - Cruising to the top
Nelson duo 'Alae', who have been performing together since high school, with a live performance of two songs from their debut self-titled EP. [more]

03/12/2016: Sacha Vee returns from musical OE
Sacha Vee returns home to Christchurch with a new album Luminous after extensive musical exploration in Holland. [more]

03/12/2016: Baroness
John Baizley of Baroness gives a history of the band ahead of their one off New Zealand performance. [more]

03/12/2016: Ben Campbell, The modfather, my godfather
Ben Campbell formerly of pop band Zed pays tribute to 'The Modfather' Ray Columbus, who was the band's manager and also Ben's godfather. [more]

06/12/2016: Headquarters: The All Seeing Hand
Lurking in a lock-up in deepest Upper Hutt is The All Seeing Hand, a turntable/throat-singing/double-kick-drumming trio whose sound reflects the industrial wasteland around them. [more]

08/12/2016: I am a satellite: the orbit of Keith Urban
In New Zealand for his first ever show in his country of birth, Keith Urban speaks with Yadana Saw about his eclectic music collection and the conundrum of his famous Hollywood marriage. [more]

10/12/2016: Going South - Dead Moon in NZ 1992
Influential Portland trio Dead Moon turned down shows with Nirvana in favour of a twenty-date tour of New Zealand in 1992. They made lifelong fans but also cleared out pubs along the way - John Baker tells the story. [more]

10/12/2016: The Kings Arms Tavern, favourite memories.
The legendary Kings Arms Tavern in Auckland has been sold and it spells the end for an iconic music venue. We collected a few favourite memories. [more]

10/12/2016: Vince Staples: 'I care about schools, people going hungry, mental health'
Vince Staples talks with Leilani Momoisea about those annoying requests to do 'funny' videos, writing the perfect clickbait headline, and wanting everyone to just say his name. [more]

10/12/2016: Live: Albi & the Wolves - 'One Eye Open'
The warm folk sounds of Albi and the Wolves performing, live in the studio, songs from their debut record One Eye Open. [more]

10/12/2016: Basement Donuts on Vinyl
Jeremy Toy AKA Leonard Charles celebrates the vinyl release of Basement Donuts with a few live tracks. [more]

13/12/2016: Music 101 Pocket Edition 114
On this week's Music 101 Pocket Edition; The All Seeing Hand show us around their industrial headquarters, a live performance from Angel Olsen, Te Huhu introduce themselves and Leonard Charles remakes Dilla's Donuts. [more]

14/12/2016: Under the Influence: Little Feat
In 1976, American band Little Feat made a memorable tour of New Zealand. Nick Bollinger talks to people who were there and examines the reasons behind the group's cult appeal. [more]

16/12/2016: Radiooooooooooooooo
Music 101 chats to Anne-Claire and Benjamin from, a jukebox through space and time. [more]

17/12/2016: Julia Jacklin live in session
Blue Mountains born Julia Jacklin stops in the M101 studios for a live session with Yadana Saw. [more]

17/12/2016: Worlds Of Music's Trevor Reekie on his favourite releases of 2016
Trevor Reekie chats to Alex Behan about his favourites of 2016. [more]

17/12/2016: RNZ Music's Favourites from 2016
Team RNZ Music (plus a representative of The Wireless) convene to showcase some of their favourite songs of the year. [more]

20/12/2016: Music 101 Pocket Edition: 115
On this week's Music 101 Pocket Edition; We korero with Katchafire, Introduce Onono, and Julia Jacklin performs live in session. [more]

22/12/2016: Car Seat Headrest - A coming of age classic
Will Toledo of Car Seat Headrest tells us what lead to his huge success in 2016. [more]

23/12/2016: Bye Bye Bar Bodega
A Wellington institution closes its doors for the last time tonight. Kirsten Johnstone looks back at the history of well-loved music venue Bodega. [more]

23/12/2016: Connan Mockasin and Liam Finn back home for Christmas
Auckland's new New Year's Eve festival Wondergarden will see NZ musicians Connan Mockasin, Liam Finn, and Lawrence Arabia headlining, playing a mix of each others songs, and some specially selected requests from the audience. [more]

23/12/2016: On her way up, So Below
Madeline North aka So Below is debuting her live show in New Zealand with some help from The Naked and Famous. [more]

24/12/2016: Moana Ete
Moana Ete from A Girl Named Mo speaks about the genesis of her debut album recorded live at BATS theatre. [more]

28/12/2016: RNZ 'Friends of Music 101' Mixtape
An hour of the best music of 2016, as voted for by listeners and friends of Music 101. [more]

31/12/2016: The Hipstamatics Super Soul Review
The Hipstamatics Super Soul Review, live at Auckland's Powerstation. [more]

31/12/2016: The Mixtape: Auld Lang Syne 2016
RNZ Music's Nick Bollinger and Yadana Saw remember our musical friends who have died in 2016. [more]

03/01/2017: Music 101 Festival Roundup
Alex crosses live to the building excitement at New Year festivals Rhythm & Vines, Rhythm & Alps, and A Low Hum, chats to Soundsplash organiser Brian Ruawai, and catches up with regular festival performers Pacific Heights and the Hipstamatics. [more]

04/01/2017: Music 101 Pocket Edition 117
We listen to the aural manifestation of a dying Kauri, with help from Tom Cosm and the Auckland Philharmonia, chat to Weird Together about their new single, and Brian Ruawai tells us about the return of Soundsplash to the New Zealand festival landscape. Plus new music from The XX, Yotaro, and Mac MacCaughan. [more]

06/01/2017: Murph from Dinosaur Jr on 30 Years as Alt Rock Royalty
Prominent alternative act for over 30 years, Dinosaur Jr was plagued by inner-band conflict. We catch up with foundation drummer Murph ahead of the band's show in Auckland in January '17. [more]

06/01/2017: CC Disco, Australia's First Lady of Disco
Music 101 talks to Courtney Clarke, AKA CC Disco, ahead of her show Sunday 8th at Anno Domini, on the Auckland Art Gallery rooftop. [more]

07/01/2017: 2016 - music by the numbers
We're listening to more music than ever, vinyl sales are up, and streaming numbers are at a record high, but is anyone making any money? [more]

07/01/2017: The artist formerly known as Chet Faker
Nick Murphy, formerly know as Chet Faker, chats to Alex Behan about the name change, new songs, and bringing the full band to Laneway 2017. [more]

10/01/2017: Music 101 Pocket Edition 118
We talk to Dinosaur Jr's long-suffering drummer Murph, catch up with Nick Murphy (formerly known as Chet Faker), Polyester Introduce themselves, plus new music from the Avalanches, Dirty Projectors, and Weezer. [more]

11/01/2017: The benefits of breaking up in public
Thom and Alisa from The Naked and Famous talk world tours, surviving in LA, and keeping the band together post-relationship breakup. [more]

14/01/2017: Sohn chills out on sophomore album
Sohn shares his second album and stories about being (Lorde collaborator) Joel Little's best friend, and why he won't think tank a song for Rihanna. [more]

16/01/2017: Aporia: making dreamy ex-pat pop in Berlin
Aporia AKA Mitchell James O'Sullivan and his new band-mates discuss making a living from music in Berlin. [more]

17/01/2017: Music 101 Pocket Edition 119
This week, a candid chat with The Naked And Famous, British producer Sohn, and Wellington band Draghound introduce themselves, plus new tunes from The Shins, Sampha, and David Bowie. [more]

17/01/2017: The XX - back together and closer than ever
Introverted English minimalists, The XX, have expanded their sound palette on their third album I See You. Jamie XX talks about creating joyful songs, and the strong bonds within the band. [more]

18/01/2017: Japandroids on getting Near To The Wild Heart Of Life
Canadian duo Japandroids have spent the last decade belting out heartfelt garage rock anthems that cast an eye back to the freedoms of youth. [more]

19/01/2017: The Ruby Suns: California to Norway (by way of NZ)
The Ruby Suns' Ryan McPhun tells us about his life in Oslo, and what to expect from his upcoming fifth album. [more]

20/01/2017: Live in session: The Veils' Finn Andrews
Finn Andrews from The Veils reflects on his music career thus far, growing up English in New Zealand, being in Twin Peaks and touring 'Total Depravity'. [more]

20/01/2017: Mu makes beats in Naenae
RNZ Music heads to Naenae Clubhouse in Wellington's Hutt Valley where the next generation of beat makers learn from DJ Mu of Fat Freddys Drop. [more]

21/01/2017: The Mockers thirty years on
It's thirty years since The Mockers last toured New Zealand, but Andrew Fagan and most of the members from the last line up have re-united to play a series of shows through Aotearoa. [more]

21/01/2017: The Mixtape: Luke Rowell
As Distasteradio, Luke Rowell makes synth-pop to make even the most staunch shoegazer dance, and as vapourwave act Eyeliner harks back to the heyday of shoulder-pads and capitalism. Listen to Luke Rowell discuss the songs and scenes that inspire his sound, in The Mixtape [more]

27/01/2017: Looking forward to Laneway 2017
Alex Behan shares some of the bands he's excited about seeing at the 2017 Laneway Festival in Auckland. [more]

27/01/2017: Live in session: Weyes Blood
Californian singer-songwriter Weyes Blood joins us in studio for an interview and a live performance. [more]

28/01/2017: Triple J Hottest 100
Veronica Milsom brings us the highlights from the 2016 Triple J Hottest 100 [more]

28/01/2017: Purple Pilgrims - Drink the juice
Purple Pilgrims drop their new song 'Drink the juice' and discuss their obsession with cults just before their Laneway 2017 performance. [more]

28/01/2017: The Bizarre Beardyman
Beardyman explains his next level commitment to his craft leading up to his Splore performance. [more]

01/02/2017: King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard at Laneway 2017
Prolific Australian psychedelic rock septet King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard talk to Alex Behan at Laneway 2017. [more]

01/02/2017: Fortunes found at Laneway 2017
Conor McCabe and Barnaby Matthews were only separated by a few years at Hamilton Boys High and both spent a lot of time in the music department but didn't connect until many years later in Australia.   [more]

01/02/2017: Aurora's lust for life
We talked to 20-year old Norwegian pop musician Aurora, backstage at Laneway 2017. [more]

01/02/2017: Fat Freddy's whanau at Te Rā o te Raukura 2017
Yadana Saw heads out the 23rd annual Te Rā o te Raukura festival at Waiwhetū Marae. [more]

02/02/2017: Whitney: Sir Elton John's favourite new band
Meet Whitney, the band behind the falsetto and glistening chords of one of Sir Elton John's favourite albums of 2016. [more]

03/02/2017: Backstage with Guns N' Roses
Kirsten Johnstone heads backstage at Guns N' Roses' Not In This Lifetime show with Production Manager Dale Skjerseth. [more]

04/02/2017: What So Not's last minute Laneway
What So Not talks about making music at Piha, agression in EDM, and stepping in late to fill Young Thug's slot at Laneway 2017 [more]

04/02/2017: Jordan Reyne: Game On
Jordan Reyne talks about how she ended up singing the theme song to Resident Evil 7, set to be one of the biggest video games of the year. [more]

04/02/2017: Bob Moses, Laneway 2017
Canadian Duo Bob Moses speak to us backstage at Laneway 2017 about bridging the gap between pop songs and electronic music. [more]

07/02/2017: Circuit Des Yeux live in session
Circuit des Yeux performs live in the RNZ studio. [more]

09/02/2017: Mermaidens - Live At The Others Way Festival
Wellington rock trio Mermaidens perform live at The Others Way Festival 2016. [more]

09/02/2017: Nickodemus
Brooklyn DJ Nickodemus has been drawing inspiration from the different ethnicities in New York City since his first recordings in 1996. With a new album on the way as well as an upcoming appearance at Splore, we talked to him about holding on to cultural diversity in a changing America. [more]

10/02/2017: The Grow Room finds strength in numbers
The Grow Room is a creative space in Auckland that's home to a increasing collective of music producers, who've received a great deal of acclaim in just a few years. [more]

11/02/2017: Fanboys - Randa meets Parson James
New York pop/soul singer Parson James meets New Zealand rapper Randa - and they play for each other material they've never performed before. [more]

11/02/2017: Jens Lekman - a phoenix rising from the ashes
Swedish songwriter Jens Lekman reflects on the journey of self-doubt and creative discipline that has led to his glorious new album. [more]

11/02/2017: The Nudge
Yadana Saw takes a stroll to visit Wellington jam-band The Nudge and find out whats behind their 'Dark Arts'. [more]

11/02/2017: The Dark Arts of The Nudge
Yadana Saw crashes The Nudge's band meeting the night before the release of their new album, Dark Arts. [more]

12/02/2017: The Mixtape: Mark de Clive-Lowe
Mark de Clive-Lowe - jazz pianist and purveyor of future beats - shares his back story and the songs that have shaped his style. [more]

14/02/2017: In All That Drifts From Summit Down
Jana Whitta talks to Adam Sherry from A Dead Forest Index prior to their Auckland show at Whammy Bar. [more]

15/02/2017: Music 101 Pocket Edition 123
In the Music 101 Pocket Edition this week, a chat with Swedish pop guru Jens Lekman, NYC beat-maker Nickodemus talks cultural diversity, GROMz introduce themselves, plus new music from Kane Strang, Jorja Smith, and Red Baraat. [more]

16/02/2017: Music in Parks celebrates Auckland summer
Lucky old Auckland is halfway through this year's Music in Parks Series and the crowds keep growing. [more]

18/02/2017: The Mixtape: RNZ Music's Summer Selections
It's only seven weeks into 2017, but already we've heard a glut of great music. The RNZ Music team convenes to talk about their favourites, and the zeitgeist of 2017 - protest songs. [more]

18/02/2017: Birdstriking swoop into New Zealand
Beijing band Birdstriking drop by the RNZ studios while touring the Southern Hemisphere for the first time. [more]

18/02/2017: Introducing Abigail Knudson
Abigail Knudson introduces her song Missy. [more]

18/02/2017: What's going on Christchurch?
RDU's Gemma Syme updates Music 101 on musical happenings in the Garden city. [more]

23/02/2017: Hikashu: Experimental sounds from Japan
Since 1978, Koichi Makigami has been making music with Hikashu, a collective who have taken in post-punk, new wave, krautrock and free jazz. With techniques and sounds borrowed from various indigenous cultures, from nature, and his own imagination, Makigami is a master of his instrument - the voice. In New Zealand for shows, he and bandmate Kazuto Shimizu join Kirsten Johnstone to talk about their art. [more]

27/02/2017: Myele Manzanza live at San Fran
Wellington drummer Myele Manzanza leads his band from the back, and here presents a selection of his songs live at San Fran. [more]

01/03/2017: Music 101 Pocket Edition 125
In the Music 101 Pocket Edition, Director Danny Boyle talks about the musical heartbeat of his Trainspotting films, Japanese experimental post-rockers Hi-ka-shu on their nearly 40 years of making music on the fringe, Eyes No Eyes introduce themselves, plus music from Amber Coffman, Thundercat, Oslow and more. [more]

04/03/2017: Late To The Green Light
Yes, it's been about 30 hours since the new single from Lorde came out, but we have more to say! [more]

04/03/2017: Genre and Gender busting acts on the bill at Newtown Festival 2017
Wellington's Newtown Street Festival brings over 100 bands to stages for one day, and there's a conscious effort to represent a range of genres and genders. [more]

04/03/2017: Are the kids down with the tunes?
The APRA Children's Music Award winners have just been announced, but ahead of the ceremony, RNZ Music's Yadana Saw headed to her local childcare centre to get expert opinions on what songs should win. [more]

04/03/2017: International hit-makers teach Kiwi musos the art of collaboration
SongHubs is a weeklong series of workshops that took place in Auckland this week, teaming international hitmakers with a handpicked selection of talent from Aotearoa. [more]

04/03/2017: SAFIA are an EDM success story from Canberra
Following the release of their debut album Internal, Australian electronic band SAFIA have played some of the world's biggest festivals, amassed millions of streams online, and rounded off 2016 landing three songs in the Triple J Hottest 100. [more]