Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 27th October 2005

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Our Changing World

ARGO - the Ocean's Role in Global Climate (Science)
NIWA's research vessel Kaharoa takes part in world-wide ARGO programme to study the ocean's role in global climate. [more]

Lymphoma Research (Health)
Louise Wallace with the latest research about lymphoma, New Zealand’'s sixth most common cancer. [more]

Stomach Cancer Genetics (Health)
Parry Guilford, a cancer geneticist, talks about his long search for the genetic mutation that causes inherited stomach cancer. [more]

Responsible Investment (Health)
Dean Williams talks to economist Tessa Tennant, co-founder of Britain'’s first equity investment fund. [more]

News stories:

Search for helicopter in Indonesian province of Papua called off
The search for an air force helicopter that went missing in the Indonesian province of Papua with five people on board has been called off. The Twin Pack helicopter from... [more]

FBI reported to be probing possible inter-Samoa human trafficking
The United States Federal Bureau of Investigation is reported to be investigating a possible human trafficking scheme between Samoa and American Samoa. Some of the FBI agents who arrived in... [more]

No compromise on Reconciliation and Unity Bill proposals, says Fiji Labour leader
The Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, says there will be no compromise with the government on its Reconciliation and Unity Bill. Mr Chaudhry has told Radio Legend they will... [more]

American Samoa family gets payout after hospital neglect claim
The High Court in American Samoa has approved an out-of-court settlement totalling US$140,000 for the death of a three-year-old girl at the LBJ Hospital in 2002. The family of Keolani... [more]

Samoa recommending payrise for striking doctors- report
Sources who have seen the Samoa Commission of Inquiry's report into the country's doctors' strike have told the Samoa Observer that the report supports claims by the doctors that they... [more]

Extent of HIV/Aids in Papua New Guinea not clear, warns charity
The chief executive of the New Zealand branch of a non-governmental organisation says there's still not enough understanding of extent of the HIV/AIDs epidemic in Papua New Guinea. John Bowis... [more]

Plot to kidnap Fiji president revealed
It's now been revealed that the Fiji coup front man, George Speight, had ordered the kidnap of the then president, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara, before seizing parliament on May 19th,... [more]

Fiji accuses Australia and New Zealand of double standards over labour access
Fiji's labour minister has accused Australia and New Zealand of double standards, for allowing the employment of unskilled labour from European countries, whilst banning those from the Pacific islands. The... [more]

Pacific states vote to endorse greater regional co-operation
The 16 leaders of the Pacific Islands Forum have voted to adopt a regional cooperation plan to boost economic growth, security and good governance. Late last night the Papua New... [more]

French Polynesia considers buying Auckland hostel
The French Polynesian government is considering buying a large hostel in Auckland to house students and family of patients sent for treatment to New Zealand. The housing minister, Gilles Tefaatau,... [more]

Police-backed raid in Papua New Guinea left man dead, MP claims
An MP in Papua New Guinea says a police-backed raid on a settlement in Oro province has left one man dead, several others wounded, and 10 houses burnt down. The... [more]

Former PNG military commander completes gun survey
Papua New Guinea's former army commander, Major General Jerry Singirok, says research into the prevalence of guns in the community contains 240 recommendations for government action. The PNG Cabinet is... [more]

Vanuatu minister calls for sweeping changes at VMA
Vanuatu's Lands minister Willie Jimmy has called for sweeping changes at the Vanuatu Maritime Authority. Mr Jimmy says the VMA, which is currently embroiled in dozens of legal cases, is... [more]

American Samoa yet to formally approve compensation payment for child death
The Assistant Attorney General in American Samoa says the appropriation bill is still to be voted on by the legislature in the case of a young girl whose family sued... [more]

Fiji senator queries wage clause in income tax amendment
Fiji Senator Atu Emberson-Bain says she is concerned about the new income tax amendment bill because it does not adjust a minimum wage limit to increased living costs. The bill... [more]

Fears grow that northern nickel mining project in New Caledonia will not go ahead
Fears are growing that the nickel mining project in the north of New Caledonia will not go ahead following the merger of the two key players in the territory's nickel... [more]

Vanuatu land minister criticised in VMA dispute
The commissioner of the Vanuatu Maritime Authority, John Les Napuati, has rejected criticism over his role at the VMA from the Minister of Lands. Willy Jimmy has described Mr Napuati... [more]

Fiji church seen as main source of anti-gay rhetoric
An HIV/AIDS conference has been told that the abuse and discrimination homosexuals suffer in Fiji is reaching horrifying proportions. A member of the Fiji's sexual minority community, Carlos Perera, told... [more]

Forum concludes, accepts Pacific Plan and admits Tokelau as observer
The Pacific Islands Forum has issued a communique at the last day of its summit in Papua New Guinea. The leaders have adopted the Pacific Plan on regional cooperation but... [more]

Fiji's PM disappointed at labour mobility rejection
Fiji's prime minister has expressed extreme disappointment with Australia and New Zealand for rejecting the employment of unskilled labour from Fiji on short term work schemes. Laisenia Qarase was speaking... [more]

CID of NZ disappointed in Forum communique
Meanwhile the Council of International Development in New Zealand says it is disappointed that the voices of the people seem to have been ignored by the Pacific Islands Forum. The... [more]

New Marshall Island nuclear claim reportedly challenged by US
The Marshall Islands nuclear tribunal says the United States may challenge the legality of the Marshall Islands bid for more US compensation. The US carried out for 67 nuclear tests... [more]