Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 10th November 2005

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Our Changing World

Stroke - a virtual map of blood flow through the brain (Science)
Veronika Meduna talks to Tim David, who's developing a virtual map of blood flow through the brain. [more]

Nutrigenomics (Health)
Nutritionist Lynn Ferguson explains nutrigenomics and the idea of matching foods to individual genotypes. [more]

Auckland Museum Herbarium (Environment)
Dean Williams returns to the Auckland Museum to visit the herbarium with botany curator Ewen Cameron. [more]

Are Angels Ok (Science)
This project brings together some of NZ's best physicists and top creative writers, who explore their ideas about physics. [more]

News stories:

US accused of failing to protect endangered Samoa dove
A coalition of environmental groups has filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Interior saying that the agency has allowed 283 species, identified as possibly facing extinction, to languish... [more]

Come back to work, Samoan doctor urges striking colleagues
A senior government doctor in Samoa has appealed for his striking colleagues to return to work. The Samoa Observer newspaper reports the call comes from one of the few government... [more]

Industrial action threatened against Fiji government
The Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions is threatening strike action against the government. Fiji TV reports that the industrial action would follow unless the government agrees to pay both... [more]

Thousands of Fiji public servants reported to have diabetes and hypertension
More than half of Fiji's public servants are reported to have diabetes and hypertension, raising serious concerns about the future of the service. The Fiji Times quotes the deputy secretary... [more]

Fiji methodists banned from marching against homosexuality
Authorities in Fiji have refused an application by the Methodist Church for a permit to stage a protest march against homosexuality. The Fiji Times reports that the commissioner central, Inoke... [more]

Fiji passengers rescued after ship takes in water
20 passengers travelling on an inter-island vessel in Fiji yesterday were forced to jump ship in open seas when their vessel began taking in water. The Fiji Sun reports that... [more]

New report into disappearance of French Polynesian plane
A new report about the disappearance of a plane in French Polynesia three years ago suggests that it may have crashed because of a fuel supply problem. The twin-engine plane... [more]

Four Fiji Indians arrested in Vanuatu over forged banknotes
Vanuatu police have arrested four Fiji Indians in connection to the discovery of forged 5,000 vatu notes in shops and restaurants. Two men who are in police custody were arrested... [more]

Vanuatu capital to get UMP mayor, sources say
In Vanuatu, a three-party coalition made up of the Vanuaaku Pati, Union of Moderate Parties and the Green Confederation will elect Port Vila's new mayor tomorrow following the municipal elections... [more]

Federated States of Micronesia bans import of poultry products to stave off bird flu threat
The Federated States of Micronesia says it has banned the import of live birds and poultry products from Asian countries hit by bird flu. Health officials are encouraging the public... [more]

American Samoa senate president supports voters' choice of constitution
American Samoa's Senate President says there's a consensus among the territory's people that they should be the ones to decide any changes to the constitution. Lolo Letalu Moliga says Congressman... [more]

Striking doctors in Samoa to reply to government
Doctors in Samoa were scheduled to meet the Prime Minister today to give their response to the Commission of Inquiry report into the strike. Government doctors have been on strike... [more]

Solomons PM urges public officers to attend meetings
The Solomon Islands prime minister, Sir Allan Kemakeza, has told parliament's public officers that they will be disciplined if they fail to attend relevant meetings. Sir Allan made the comment... [more]

Papua's removal from U.S. bill welcome, says Indonesia
Indonesia has welcomed a decision by the United States Congress to omit references to Papua from the State Department Authorisation Bill. The Jakarta Post reports that Indonesia says the omission... [more]

Three police station commanders suspended in PNG capital
It has emerged in Papua New Guinea that three police station commanders in the capital Port Moresby have recently been served with three-week suspensions. The National newspaper reports the commander... [more]

Australian businessman killed in PNG city of Lae
Police in Papua New Guinea's second city of Lae are investigating the murder of the Australian general manager of the country's largest poultry supplier, Zenag Chicken. The body of Russell... [more]

Fiji labour minister asks workers to be patient over pay claims
Fiji's Minister of Labour is urging the country's public servants to be patient over their pay claims. The Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions says their 13,000 members will take... [more]

President Bush declares disaster in CNMI two months after cyclone
The US President George W Bush has declared a major disaster for the Northern Marianas Islands due to damage from Typhoon Nabi two months ago. The Saipan Tribune reports the... [more]

Fiji public servants to get COLA payment
The Fiji government has given an assurance that it will definitely pay the Cost of Living Adjustment awarded to all public servants by the permanent arbitrator last month. The chairman... [more]

Fiji Methodist Church says its rights have been superceded by gays
The assistant General-Secretary of the Fiji Methodist Church says his members rights have not been recognised by a decision to refuse an application to stage a protest march. Members of... [more]