Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 17th November 2005

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Our Changing World

Icebergs (Science)
A team of Massey University scientists reports that giant icebergs have promoted micro-evolution in Adelie penguins. [more]

Eocene Fossils (Environment)
Manfred Hockstein, at the University of Auckland, talks about some of the best preserved Middle Eocene (50ma) flora and fauna. [more]

Project Heidi (Health)
Project Heidi is an initiative to introduce a hearing screening programme for newborns. [more]

Rutherford Medal (Science)
2005 Rutherford Medal winner, Paul Callaghan, director of the MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology. [more]

News stories:

Fiji urged to ratify treaty on mercenaries
Fiji has been urged to ratify the International Convention against the Recruitment, Use, Training and Financing of Mercenaries. The call has come from the United Nations Special Rapporteur on Mercenaries... [more]

American Samoa police commander faces jail for reckless driving
The American Samoa police commander, Lanu Mapu, faces up to a year in jail for reckless driving in connection with the death of an elderly man in March. The Samoa... [more]

Paris court cuts sentence for French Polynesian child killer
An appeal court in Paris has sentenced a French Polynesian woman to 20 years in prison for killing her three-year-old son by submitting him to torture. Angelina Aka, who's 41,... [more]

Fiji NGOs accused of aggression in promoting women
Non-governmental organisations in Fiji have been accused of being too aggresive in the way they promote the interests of women. This comes from the news director for Communication Fiji Vijay... [more]

Fiji asks former soldiers to get out of PNG's Bougainville
Fiji has asked a group of its former soldiers to leave the rebel-held area in the Papua New Guinea island of Bougainville, where they've been accused of training young people... [more]

Fiji methodists warn government of backlash over gays
Fiji's powerful Methodist Church has warned the Qarase government of a political backlash if it does not address the church's concern about the constitutional protection given to gays. Fiji TV... [more]

Samoa PM sticks to position after strike doctors quit
Samoa's Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele, is sticking to his position on the pay and conditions of medical staff, after striking doctors resigned from their jobs in public hospitals. All 25... [more]

Papua New Guinea finalising policies for electrification
The Energy Division of Papua New Guinea's Petroleum Department is finalising new policies for energy and rural electrification. The National newspaper reports the policy centres on affordable electrification using renewable... [more]

IMF calls for fiscal reform in the Marshall Islands
An International Monetary Fund team reviewing economic development and policies in the Marshall Islands says the government must halt deficit budgeting and initiate reforms to boost the business sector while... [more]

Jamaican firm seeks to challenge Vodafone Fiji monopoly
A Jamaican mobile telephone company, Digicel, has applied to set up operations in Fiji in competition with the monopoly company, Vodafone Fiji. Fiji TV reports that Digicel, which already sponsors... [more]

Fiji foresees losses when trade deal comes into force
The Fiji government expects to lose significant amounts of revenue when the Pacific Islands Countries Trade Agreement (PICTA) comes into force next year. The Fiji Times says this has been... [more]

Solomon Islands ban on dolphin exports to be gazetted tomorrow
A ban on the export of live dolphins from Solomon Islands is expected to be formalised tomorrow. The Solomon Star newspaper reports that the Permanent Secretary of Fisheries, Tione Bugotu,... [more]

Tonga's only woman MP to push for ratification of CEDAW
Tonga's only woman MP says she has made it her personal mission to ensure that the kingdom ratifies the Convention for the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women or CEDAW. Lepolo... [more]

Fiji's commissioner central says he won't flip flop over gay marches
Fiji's commissioner central who ruled against granting a permit for the Methodist church to stage a march against gay sex, says that he will not change his mind on the... [more]

Plea deal in road death case stuns people in American Samoa
There is disbelief in American Samoa over a plea deal reached in a case involving a veteran police officer who'd been charged with vehicular homicide. Lieutenant Lanu Mapu killed a... [more]

Dumping of PNG university management team is overturned by the National Court
Papua New Guinea's Higher Education Minister has been legally restrained from sacking the University of PNG's Australian Vice-Chancellor and the entire University Council. The Minister, Don Polye, announced the sackings... [more]

Striking social workers in French Polynesia agree to go back to work
Social workers in French Polynesia have ended their strike after fresh talks with the solidarity minister, Patricia Jennings. The workers had taken to the streets to demand that an extra... [more]

Fiji's tax office say there's no cover up following its refusal to hand over tax records
The Chief Executive of the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority says there is nothing suspicious about his refusal to hand over tax records to the Auditor General. Tevita Banuve says... [more]

PNG woman charged after allegations she tried to sell her baby
A Papua New Guinea woman has been arrested after allegedly trying to sell her six-month-old baby for 165 US dollars. The mother reportedly told police she had left her three... [more]

PNG Government says Fijians on Bougainville recruited as security by money scheme mastermind
Papua New Guinea's Inter-Government Relations Minister Sir Peter Barter says the Fiji men wanted for questioning in Bougainville appear to have been recruited by a fugitive, Noah Musingku. Sir Peter... [more]

Seven Solomon Islanders taken a four day canoe trip to find food
Seven people in Solomon Islands are reported to have travelled four days in a small canoe in a desperate attempt to find food for the people remaining on their remote... [more]

Hawaii Senator backs plan to review American Samoa's status
The US Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii says he wholeheartedly supports the plans to establish a Political Status Study Commission and the proposed call for a Constitution Convention for American... [more]

Pro-coup MP confirmed as deputy speaker in Fiji
An MP of the pro-coup Conservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua party in Fiji's coalition government, Manasa Tugia, has been confirmed as the new Deputy Speaker of parliament. Mr Tugia succeeds Ratu... [more]

Fiji watchdog says tax officials raising suspicions by not turning over records
Fiji's Deputy Auditor General, Kavemi Takalebu, says his office has called on parliament and the Finance Minister to help them gain access to certain tax records which have been denied... [more]

Samoa expecting to send in excess of 500 medical cases to New Zealand following doctors' resignation
The Prime Minister of Samoa says he expects more than 500 people to be sent to New Zealand for hospital treatment, after a mass resignation of its public hospital doctors. [more]

New Caledonia nickel operator refuses to talk with strikers
The management of New Caledonia's SLN nickel company has ruled out talks with striking workers, amid threats of violence. This comes after an SLN manager was hit by a rock... [more]

American Samoa Government decides against charging New Zealand businessman for drug possession
The government in American Samoa says it won't file charges against a New Zealand businessman who brought marijuana into the territory. The Assistant Attorney General, Frederick O'Brien, says the amount... [more]

US Secretary of State to report to House of Representatives on conditions in Indonesia's Papua
Legislation now being considered by the United States Government calls for the Secretary of State to investigate the plight of the people in Indonesia's Papua province. Condelezza Rice is to... [more]

Fijians on Bougainville training private militia got there on misionary visas
It's been confirmed in Fiji that at least two of the nine Fijians who travelled to the Papua New Guinea island of Bougainville to train a private militia entered the... [more]

Marshall Islands USP campus nearer to reality
The University of the South Pacific has unveiled plans to establish its first north Pacific campus in the Marshall Islands. The new campus, estimated to cost about six million US... [more]

Solomon Islands disaster unit head stunned by long sail in search of food
The Head of the National Disaster Unit in Solomon Islands is at loss to explain why seven people reportedly travelled four days by small canoe in a desperate call for... [more]