Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 1st December 2005

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Our Changing World

Southern Traverse - Athletes and Adventure Races (Science)
How athletes cope during adventure races such as the Southern Traverse. [more]

Concussion (Health)
The world's first computerised assessment programme to measure the effect of concussion on the brain. [more]

Greening the Screen (Environment)
Dean Williams explores a new initative to make the screen industry more environmentally responsible. [more]

News stories:

Thousands march in Papeete as French Polynesia strike starts
Thousands of people have marched through the French Polynesian territorial capital, Papeete, on the first morning of an indefinite general strike. The news agency Tahitipresse reports officials as saying 3,000... [more]

Canadian nickel firm withdraws support for New Caledonia project
The Canadian nickel company Falconbridge says it can't go ahead with a processing plant in northern New Caledonia under conditions set by France. The French ministers of finance and overseas... [more]

HIV/Aids in PNG could rival worst cases in Africa, Red Cross warns
The Australian Red Cross says Papua New Guinea's HIV/AIDS epidemic could rival the AIDS catastrophes in Africa's worst-affected nations unless immediate, large-scale action is taken by the international community. The... [more]

Nauru president welcomes donors' response to reform plan
The President of Nauru, Ludwig Scotty, has welcomed the reception aid donors have given his country's reform programme. At a donor roundtable meeting yesterday in Nauru, the country's National Sustainable... [more]

Fiji puts hold on introduction of new bed tax
The Fiji government has bowed to pressure from the tourism industry and delayed the introduction of a new five per cent bed tax. In his budget address last month, the... [more]

Aid donors praise Nauru approach to seek assistance
Aid donors say Nauru's thorough approach to seeking aid should become the blueprint for the region. Donor countries and agencies were yesterday presented with Nauru's programme for remedying its financial... [more]

PNG issues birth certificates to Papuan refugee children
The UNHCR says the rights of more than 1,700 refugee children from Indonesia's Papua Province are now better protected thanks to the issue of PNG birth certificates to them. The... [more]

Vanuatu government urged to act to resolve industrial disputes
The leader of Vanuatu's Greens Confederation says the government must act to resolve lingering industrial disputes with the National Workers Union to avert a general strike. A motion tabled in... [more]

New Caledonian union support for action against SLN grows
The New Caledonian trade union representing Polynesians, or STOP, has expressed its support for the strike actions by CSTNC against the SLN nickel company. The CSTNC union has been on... [more]

Australia gives PNG military uniforms
The Australian government officially presents field uniforms, boots, hats and socks to the Papua New Guinea Defence Force. The garments are worth 800,000 US dollars and are being given as... [more]

Canada's Falconbridge to deal with New Caledonia's SMSP only
The Canadian company Falconbridge says it is now negotiating solely with the firm SMSP after turning down a French funding plan for the construction of a nickel plant in New... [more]

Probe into India dollars for Fiji's Chaudhry
It's been reported that an investigation has been ordered into funds amounting to 23,000 US dollars collected for the Fiji opposition leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, in the Indian state of Haryana... [more]

Indefinite strike in French Polynesia fails to get expected support
An indefinite general strike is under way in French Polynesia in a move against the government's fiscal reforms. The so-called Solidarity project provides for changes to the social security system... [more]

Fiji commission deplores continued justification of family violence
The Fiji Law Reform Commission says attitudes that seek to justify violence in family relationships are still prevalent in the country. The Fiji Sun says this is contained in the... [more]

Vanuatu government stronger as opposition motion withdrawn
The Vanuatu Government has been strengthened its position in parliament after the opposition withdrew a motion of no-confidence at the last minute. Last week the opposition grouping of the UMP... [more]

New Caledonian employers wants government action over strike
The New Caledonian employers' federation wants the government to step in and impose its authority in the face of the strike at the SLN nickel company. The CSTNC union has... [more]

Nauru believes its optimistic strategy will work
The Nauru Government has agreed with suggestions at a donor round table meeting that its National Sustainable Development Strategy is ambitious, but it believes it can work. Donors met in... [more]

Fiji parliamentary committee recommends major changes to bill
The Fiji parliament's justice, law and order committee has recommended significant changes to the government's Reconciliation and Unity Bill. Radio Legend says the committee chairman, Manasa Tugia, tabled its report... [more]