Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 22nd December 2005

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Our Changing World

Scientist and Author Tim Flannery (Science)
Veronika Meduna talks to the Australian scientist and author about his latest book, The Weather Makers. [more]

World Ocean Observatory (Environment)
Dean Williams talks to Peter Neill, the Director of the World Ocean Observatory in New York. [more]

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (Health)
Neil Johnson explains a trial which aims to test a drug that could improve fertility for women with PCOS. [more]

Realise the Dream Science Competition (Science)
Some of the best young scientists at the 2005 Genesis Energy Realise the Dream science competition. [more]

News stories:

PNG officials set to quiz three former Fiji soldiers over Bougainville work
Three former Fijian soldiers are set to be questioned by police in Papua New Guinea after giving military training to rebels on Bougainville. The three were hired by the self-proclaimed... [more]

Millions in cost-of-living payouts for Fiji's civil servants
The Fiji government will pay out millions of dollars in Cost of Living Adjustments to 24,000 public servants today. The payments will be backdated to January 1st 2004 and total... [more]

Two senior Fiji ministers named as bombing conspirators
Two senior cabinet ministers in Fiji's government have been named as plotters of the planned bombing of Nadi International Airport and several strategic areas in Suva in 1999. The former... [more]

Fiji ex-soldiers in Papua New Guinea's Bougainville want to be home for Christmas - report
The five former Fiji soldiers said to be employed as hired guns on Bougainville Island in Papua New Guinea are reported to want to return home to spend Christmas with... [more]

Papua New Guinean butterfly farmers training in business
Papua New Guinean butterfly farmers are being given training for better business negotiations through a British-funded project under way until 2008. PNG is home to the colourful Queen Alexandra Birdwing,... [more]

Stop meddling, Fiji military tells senior bureaucrats
Fiji's military commander has called on senior public servants to stop meddling in the affairs of the military. Commodore Bainimarama says the chief executives of home affairs and the Public... [more]

Australian lawyers seek compensation for family of Tongan detainee
The lawyer representing the family of a Tongan man who fell to his death at a Melbourne dentention centre says he'd been a resident in Australia for over 17 years. [more]

Fiji official says drinking kava at work impacts on work levels
The Chief Executive of Fiji's Public Service Commission says they had no choice but to warn civil servants that drinking kava during working hours wouldn't be tolerated. Anare Jale says... [more]

Solomons' Women's Council decries two years' jail for rape convict
The Solomon Islands National Council of Women says the lenient sentence handed down to a convicted rapist sends out the wrong signal to men. Twenty six year old Stephen Ramone,... [more]

Samoa to budget nearly US$5m extra for health sector
It's emerged that Samoa's Minister of Finance, Misa Telefoni, has presented a supplementary budget of nearly US$9 million for the current financial year. The budget was presented on Tuesday during... [more]

Samoa to budget nearly US$5m extra for health sector
It's emerged that Samoa's Minister of Finance, Misa Telefoni, has presented a supplementary budget of nearly US$9 million for the current financial year. The budget was presented on Tuesday during... [more]

Parcels spew out of freight jet in Marshall Islands
Hundreds of pounds of US mail spewed out of a Boeing-727 as it was taking off from Majuro international airport in the Marshall Islands earlier today. A cargo door on... [more]

Pilots for French Polynesia domestic airline threaten indefinite strike
Pilots for Air Moorea in French Polynesia are set to launch an indefinite strike tomorrow if their pay demands aren't met. The news agency Tahitipresse reports the pilots want a... [more]

Funding boost for medical care payments in US Pacific territories
American Samoa's Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin says new legislation will significantly increase Medicaid payments for the US territories. The Congressman says American Samoa will receive an increase of two million... [more]

New five star resort in Fiji should boost tourist numbers by thousands
Fiji's newest five star resort opens its doors this weekend and is expected to boost Fiji's tourist numbers by 40,000 a year. The 45-million US dollar Sofitel Resort and Spa... [more]

Cook Islands public accounts committee workshop involves full and frank dialogue
A two-day workshop in the Cook Islands to familiarise government ministries and members of parliament with the objectives of a new public accounts committee has concluded. Les Donye, one of... [more]

Calls for Vanuatu politicians to attain at least secondary education
There's been support for a call for possible amendments to Vanuatu's Electoral Act to ensure all political candidates have a certain level of academic qualification. The leader of the Peoples... [more]

PNG judges talk of resigning en masse over lack of leadership in judiciary
Six judges in Papua New Guinea are tipped to resign en masse early next year in protest at the running of the nation's judiciary. The possible resignations would have an... [more]

Papua New Guinea nurses ready to return to work after four days of strike action
The four thousand nurses in Papua New Guinea who walked off the job on Monday, will go back to work today. The nurses went on strike in protest at among... [more]

French Polynesia party leader jailed for scuffle in Bora Bora
The leader of a pro-independence party in French Polynesia, Charlie Ching, has been sent to jail for a month after scuffling with police in Bora Bora. The news agency Tahitipresse... [more]

Villagers in PNG confront an environment disaster as Ok Tedi tailings acidify
Sulphide-bearing tailings from the Ok Tedi mine in Papua New Guinea have begun to turn into acid on the banks of the Middle Fly River, confronting thousands of villagers with... [more]

PNG police issue warnings over threat to sabotage water and power sources
Police in Morobe have been instructed to keep an eye on the power and water sources for the Papua New Guinea city of Lae. The instructions come after the Ahi... [more]

Vanuatu electoral office head supports call for politicians to meet academic criteria
Vanuatu's Principal Electoral officer Martin Tete says he supports a call for the introduction of criteria for political candidates to have a certain level of academic qualification. Mr Tete's comments... [more]

Micronesian death toll in Iraq reaches 11 with latest killing
Richard Aguon Naputi Jr, of Guam has become the 11th Micronesian to die in the current conflict in Iraq. The Pacific Daily News reports that Mr Naputi was on active... [more]

PNG nurses who are about to return to work after striking will not have wages docked
The Port Moresby Hospital's chief executive, Dr Alphonse Tay, says the nurses who return to work today won't be docked for their three day strike action. Four thousand nurses nationwide... [more]

Fiji Human Rights Commission says delay in mutiny retrial breaches soldiers constitutional rights
The Fiji Human Rights Commission has stepped into the standoff between the military and the ministry of home affairs on the High Court ordered second court martial of 20 soldiers... [more]

PNG court rules that provincial governor convicted of rape retains his job until an appeal is heard
A Papua New Guinea court has ruled that Madang governor James Yali, convicted and in custody awaiting sentencing for raping and sexually assaulting his 17-year-old sister-in-law, is still the governor... [more]

PNG community says people frustrated by squatters at Lae and want them out
A community group from Lae have threatened to sabotage power and water to the Papua New Guinea city if authorities do not evict settlers on the outskirts. Ahi leader, Benson... [more]

Tuvaluans and I-Kiribati on Nauru who are about to be repatriated told they can stay if they want
Kiribati government officials are in consultation with the International Organisation for Migration, the IOM, and the Pacific Islands Forum on arrangements for the repatriation of over 200 families from Nauru. [more]

Papua New Guinea nurses start returning to work after four days of strike action
Nurses around Papua New Guinea who walked off the job on Monday, have started returning to work. The nurses went on strike principally in protest at the way the government... [more]