Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 16th February 2006

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Our Changing World

Ocean Carbon Cycle (Science)
The world's oceans are an important sink for carbon. Cliff Law, at NIWA, explains the carbon cycle. [more]

Canterbury Cancer Network (Health)
The chair of the cancer group, Bridget Robinson, discusses the project with Louise Wallace. [more]

News stories:

Polynesian Airlines has a new CEO
Polynesian Airlines has a new CEO. Former Controller of the airline Taua Fata Tielu has been appointed to replace John Fitzgerald who resigned soon after the merger between Polynesian and... [more]

Fiji Supreme Court upholds ruling on coup damage to shop
The Fiji Supreme Court has upheld a Court of Appeal decision in favour of insurers Lloyds of London not to pay a local retail giant millions of dollars in damages... [more]

Telephone call centre industry set to come to American Samoa
A company called Information Technology American Samoa, or ITAS, looks set to introduce the call service industry to the territory. The company's CEO says it's been two and a half... [more]

Hawaii Airlines seeks to impede competitor
Hawaiian Airlines is seeking a court order to block Mesa Air Group's entry into the island market for two years, alleging that the new airline illegally used confidential business data... [more]

Samoa Supreme Court begins hearing cases of drug ring accused
Only six of eight people arrested by police in simultaneous drug raids earlier this month have appeared in the Samoa Supreme Court. Those charged are Semisi Lafi, Joseph Faurknar also... [more]

Fiji flood damage reckoned at US$4.7m
Estimates of damage caused by flash floods in Fiji over a two-week period at the end of January and early February has been put at US$4.7 million. The official figure... [more]

French Polynesia coalition to review US$1.3bn budget
The ruling coalition in French Polynesia is set to review its US$1.3 billion after local auditors rejected it as unbalanced. The French High Commissioner in Tahiti, Anne Boquet, referred the... [more]

Extreme cold in Indonesia's Papua kills 95 - report
Extreme cold in the highest inhabited regions of the Indonesian province of Papua is said to have triggered the deaths of at least 95 people in the last two months. [more]

South Africa to set up high commission in Fiji
South Africa is to set up a high commission in Fiji soon, becoming the first country from the African continent to establish a diplomatic mission in the South Pacific. Fiji... [more]

Australia's domestic security fears force police meeting switch from Fiji
A regional police chiefs' conference planned for Nadi has been shifted to Melbourne because of domestic security concerns within Australia. The Fiji Times reports that the conference of 15 commissioners... [more]

Fiji National Federation Party focussing on increased indigenous Fijian support
Fiji's National Federation Party is focussing on increasing its indigenous Fijian support ahead of this year's general election. Radio Legend reports the move has come after official confirmation that the... [more]

Final round of voting in Tokelau referendum on nationhood
The last round of voting is under way in the referendum which is asking the people of Tokelau whether they want to become an independent state. Counting of the votes... [more]

Solomon Islands economy continues to bounce back
The Solomon Islands Ministry of Finance's budget results for the past year show the economy is recovering strongly. It collected 12 percent more revenue than it had budgetted for. The... [more]

Prison warden from American Samoa given bail ahead of trial on assault
The U.S. District Court in Honolulu yesterday granted a bail request for Mika Kelemete Jr., a former warden at the American Samoan Territorial Correctional Facility, who is accused of beating... [more]

US territories to get a hearing from the Senate on Capitol Hill
The US Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources has accepted a request from the delegates of the US territories for an oversight hearing. The committee is scheduled to meet... [more]

Volcano victims returning home in Ambae
The five thousand people forced from their homes in Vanuatu when Mt Manaro on Ambae Island erupted are now returning after Department of Geology and Mines officials reduced the threat. [more]

Four die in worst mass killing in Saipan's history
Three people were stabbed to death in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas yesterday, while the suspected killer was shot dead by a police officer. The murders happened in San... [more]

ADB says Kiribati's Christmas Island has huge tourism potential
A remote Kiribati atoll could become a significant tourist centre if a plan backed by the Asian Development bank succeeds. Christmas, or Kiritimati, Atoll is earmarked as a Growth Centre... [more]

Fiji Immigration Department orders Fiji Rugby to advertise locally for an Operations Manager
Fiji's Immigration Department has ordered the Fiji Rugby Union to advertise the Operations Manager's post locally. Former North Harbour rugby manager, Simon Poll currently holds the post. The Fiji Rugby... [more]

Cook Islands Government promises immediate action over delayed rebuilding on Pukapuka
The Cook Islands government says building work on the island of Pukapuka has taken too long and building materials will be on the next boat available. Five new houses and... [more]

Samoa police call for public's help after apparent infanticide case
Police in Samoa say infanticide is rare in their culture and the discovery of a baby's body in Apia Harbour has shocked the community. The police commmisioner, Papali'itele Loronese Neru,... [more]

Indonesian Human Rights Group criticises government line on restricted access to Papua
The Indonesian Human Rights group, TAPOL, has voiced concern about statements by Indonesia's defence minister defending the current restrictions on access to Papua province for foreign journalists. The restrictions appear... [more]

Papuan's involvment in local Vanuatu politics is legal, says lawyer
The lawyer for a Papuan independence activist fighting deportation from Vanuatu says his client is within his rights to be involved in local politics. Andy Ayamiseba says he was given... [more]

Jurors in American Samoa murder trial start deliberating
Jurors in the American Samoa murder trial of Richard Mahjor, accused of murdering a young man in 2003, have started deliberating, after a four day trial conducted under tight police... [more]

Police yet to establish what led to mass killing in Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas
The police in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas say they have no indication what sparked the territory's worse mass killing yesterday. Three people were stabbed to death in the... [more]

Former Tonga Speaker avoids a jail term for bribery convictions
Tonga's Chief Justice Robin Webster has fined the former speaker of the Legislative Assembly, more than 9,700 US dollars for bribery and evasion of customs laws. The fine has to... [more]

Fiji's CAMV party to dissolve
The junior partner in Fiji's coalition government, the pro-coup Conservative Alliance Matanitu Vanua party, is to be dissolved on Friday. Radio Fiji reports that this has been confirmed by senior... [more]

Tokelau votes to remain NZ colony
Tokelau has voted to remain a colony of New Zealand during a referendum on its political future, The referendum on whether to go ahead with Self-Determination in Association with New... [more]