Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 16th March 2006

This page lists items from RNZ that are available online. RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

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Our Changing World

Beneficial Microbes (Science)
Microbiologist Susan Turner talks to Dean Williams about industrial fermentation, antibiotic production and waste treatment. [more]

Thermophile Research and DNA Testing (Science)
A discovery that has made it into a commercial product, could make inroads into the billion-dollar market of DNA testing. [more]

Roger Payne - Whale Researcher (Environment)
Dean Williams meets Roger Payne, a whale researcher, who uses drama productions to get his environmental message across. [more]

Canterbury Suicide Project (Health)
Annette Beautrais talks about some of the factors her research has identified that could help avoid suicide attempts. [more]

News stories:

PNG opposition chides government over health policy
Papua New Guinea's opposition leader Peter O'Neill says the government is continuing to drag its heels over health issues. Mr O'Neill called on the government last week to overhaul its... [more]

Fiji police warning about OITC bank
Fiji's police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, is sounding a warning of caution to locals involved in a proposal for a bank for indigenous Fijians following an Interpol report. An Australian, Keith... [more]

French Polynesian president rejects French rebuke
The French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, has claimed his right to freedom of expression following last Sunday's rebuke by the French high commissioner in Papeete, Anne Boquet. She said it... [more]

Top MSG meeting in Vanuatu begins a day late
A top level meeting in Vanuatu to discuss the presence of former Fiji soldiers in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville did not go ahead as planned last night... [more]

Airline may raise airfares in Marshalls due to cell phone tower
The airline, Continental Micronesia says it may raise its airfares for Majuro in the Marshall Islands if the height of a cell phone tower near the airport is not lowered... [more]

America Samoa government highlights shortfall in revenue
America Samoa's Treasury says the actual revenues collected by the government have fallen far short of projections in the fiscal year 2006 budget. Treasurer Velega Savali told a hearing of... [more]

Honolulu based council wants million dollar fish business to close
The Honolulu-based Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council voted yesterday to ask the U.S. Department of Commerce to immediately close the multimillion-dollar Hawaii longline swordfish fishery. Under new rules, if... [more]

Call for regional action over private security companies
There is a call for regional action over the proliferation of private security companies. The Asia-Pacific representative for the U.N. working group on the use of mercenaries, Dr Shaista Shameem,... [more]

American Samoan Senate president urges land study
American Samoa's Senate President Lolo Letalu Moliga has asked his staff to look into the issue of returning communal lands to the original family owners. There have been calls for... [more]

Fiji ambassador faces salary cut for overstaying leave
The salary of Fiji's Ambassador to Japan, Ratu Tevita Momoedonu, will be cut for the 11 days that he overstayed his approved leave in Fiji. The Fiji Times reports that... [more]

Solomons police arrest stabbing supects
Solomon Islands police say they have arrested five men over the past two weeks in relation to a stabbing of two men in Honiara's Ranadi area in February. In a... [more]

Kiribati journalist loses appeal against sacking
A former state radio journalist in Kiribati has lost his appeal against the government for wrongful dismissal. Taberannang Korauaba was appealing against the decision of the Board of Directors of... [more]

MSG foreign ministers meet in Vanuatu
A top level meeting in Vanuatu to discuss the presence of former Fiji soldiers in the Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville is under way after a day's delay. The... [more]

New Zealand foreign minister visits Niue
The New Zealand Foreign Minister has visited a number of businesses in Niue which it is hoped will bring a much needed boost to the local economy in the future. [more]

Futuna's kings visit Paris - seek end to isolation
The two kings from the French Pacific island of Futuna have called for the island's opening up from its isolation during their meeting with the French overseas territories minister in... [more]

Stand-off between Fiji military and police resolved
Fiji's military claims this week's stand-off between the army and the police over firearms, has now blown over. The police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, held talks with the head of the... [more]

Fiji SDL party wants military boss to apologise to Fijians
The campaign director of Fiji's ruling SDL Party, Jale Baba, has called on the military commander to apologise to the Fijian people for his remarks. Mr Baba told the Fiji... [more]

Tongan noble in court on rape charge
A Tongan noble appeared in court yesterday in a preliminary inquiry into allegations that he raped an employee at a motel he partly owns. Noble Lasike is charged with the... [more]

Solomons MP Sasako fined for extramarital affair
The Leadership Code Commission in Solomon Islands has fined MP Alfred Sasako 270 US dollars for breaching the leadership code. The Chairman of the Leadership Code Commission, Emanuel Kouhata, has... [more]

Palau pushes conservation initiative ahead of Brazil conference
Palau is tabling a challenge to other countries in a bid to encourage sustainable conservation across the globe. The Micronesia challenge was first issued by Palau's president to other regional... [more]

American Samoa police find guns, drugs and cash in raid
In American Samoa a police raid of a home in the Fagatogo/Malaloa area has netted methamphetamine, guns - including several rifles, ammunition and cash. The Commander of the Criminal Investigations... [more]

Sir Michael Somare the later Papua New Guinea leader under scrutiny
The Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, is under investigation for attempting to fast-track a controversial logging project. The Australian newspaper reports Sir Michael wrote to the Forest... [more]

French Polynesia plans regional youth festival for July
French Polynesia is planning a huge festival where young people can meet to discuss issues affecting youths in the Pacific. It's being organised by the French Polynesian government, along with... [more]

Air Nauru says its new plane will fit needs well
Air Nauru says it expects to take delivery of its replacement 737 by the end of the month when it is due in Australia from the United States. The plane... [more]

Fiji National Trust wants stronger protections for national park land after sand dune battle
The National Trust of Fiji says it wants a buffer zone around archeologically significant sand dunes at Sigatoka. Much of the dunes are within a national park, but excavation of... [more]

Fiji military and police mend relationship after spat
Fiji's military claims this week's stand-off between the army and the police over firearms has now blown over. The police commissioner, Andrew Hughes, held talks with the head of the... [more]

Kiribati government rejects claims of restricting media freedom
The Minister for Communications in Kiribati says media freedom is excellent despite the dismissal of a state radio journalist for not revealing his sources. Taberannang Korauaba lost his appeal against... [more]