Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 6th July 2006

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Our Changing World

Royal Society's Big Science Adventures Part 2 (Science)
Dean Williams talks to geologist Hamish Campbell, who took a team from Timaru Boys High School to the Chatham Islands. [more]

European Union Priorities in Funding Science (Science)
Dean Williams talks to Christian Patermann at the Research Directorate-General of the EU, about priorities in funding science. [more]

Marine Reserves (Environment)
Dean Williams visits Auckland University's Leigh Marine Laboratory, to discuss marine reserves with Mark Costello. [more]

Settlement of Young Refugees and Migrants (Health)
Louise Wallace talks to Love Chile at AUT department of Public Policy. [more]

News stories:

Fiji Party of National Unity ends coalition with Labour
The pre-election coalition between the Fiji Labour Party and the western division-based Party of National Unity, or PANU, has collapsed. The PANU spokesman, Ponipate Lesavua, has told Fiji TV that... [more]

Four Fiji Labour MPs face dismissal from the party
At least four Fiji Labour Party members of parliament are reported to be facing dismissal from the party and loss of their parliamentary seats for disputing their leader's senate nominees. [more]

Samoan high chief says sexual allegations against him are an act of revenge
A Samoan high chief says allegations of sexual misbehaviour against him made by his own people were a response to his decision to banish several matais and their families. The... [more]

Former Labour MP wants party leader disciplined
There's been a call in Fiji for disciplinary action against the Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry. The Fiji Times reports that the call has come from the former Labour MP... [more]

Tonga planning the sale of key state assets
Tonga is considering the sale of its phone company and post office, along with its share in the Westpac Bank as it struggles to find the money to meet redundancy... [more]

Samoa police commissioner shocked by house arrest of officer serving with RAMSI
Samoa's Police Commissioner says he was shocked to learn that a Samoan police officer had been placed under house arrest in Solomon Islands. The arrested officer is the Commander of... [more]

Solomon Islands SICA says church leaders should visit Weathercoast region
There is a push for church leaders to travel to the Weathercoast on Guadalcanal in Solomon Islands to improve the reconciliation of communities. The general-secretary of the Solomon Islands Christian... [more]

Tonga PSA says public service redundancy programme will affect service delivery
The Tonga union that spearheaded a campaign for huge wage increases for public servants, says they fear the delivery of services will be undermined by the government's huge redundancy programme. [more]

PNG government having second thoughts about state asset sell-off
The sale of state-owned corporate organisations initially earmarked for privatisation in Papua New Guinea could be delayed or abandoned. That's the indication from Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare after Port... [more]

Fijians invited to make submissions on Employment Relations Billl
The public in Fiji has been invited to make submission on the proposed Employment Relations Bill. The Fiji Times reports that efforts to improve, relationships between workers and their employees... [more]

PNG woos European investors
Papua New Guinea's Governor-General has invited and encouraged investors from developed European countries, such as Belgium, to invest in key economic sectors in PNG. Sir Paulias Matane says the key... [more]

American Samoa's Governor upset by treatment by Hawaiian Airlines staff
American Samoa's Governor Togiola Tulafono says having to stand in line to check in at Hawaiian Airlines is a small price to pay for exposing, what he says were "abusive... [more]

American Samoa Fono invites Governor to address new session
American Samoa's Legislature has invited Governor Togiola Tulafono to address lawmakers when the 4th regular session of the 29th legislature convenes next week. Although not required by law, it is... [more]

Fiji Labour Party Nasinu branch suspends party vice president
The Nasinu Branch of the Fiji Labour Party has suspended their MP, party vice president and cabinet minister, Krishna Datt. Fiji TV reports the branch has also demanded that Mr... [more]

PNG cabinet reshuffle sees Treasurer dumped and DPM demoted
Papua New Guinea's Treasurer, Bart Philomen, has been dumped and the deputy prime minister, Sir Moi Avei, has been demoted in a cabinet reshuffle. The prime minister, Sir Michael Somare,... [more]

Labour party lawyer claims leader not behind moves to expel rebel MPs
There are claims in Fiji that the Labour leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, is not behind moves to expel four rebel MPs from the party. The statement comes from the party's lawyer,... [more]

Samoan Associate Minister denies bribery allegations
Samoa's Associate Minister of Education and first respondent in an election petition case has denied allegations that he bribed voters with money and food before the election. Witnesses supporting the... [more]

Samoan MP admits previous criminal conviction
A Samoan Member of Parliament for the ruling Human Rights Protection Party has made public a previous criminal conviction. The Associate Minister for the Ministry of revenue, Lafaitele Patrick, has... [more]

Papuan separatist leader calls for international help
A Papuan separatist leader has called for international help in the face of what he calls genocide in the Indonesian province. The Kotega Tribal Chairman, Benny Wenda, also claims that... [more]

Bougainville police ready to escort former Fiji soldiers out of the province
The police in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville say they are ready to escort five former Fijian soldiers from the province, should they be asked. The Fiji... [more]

Rubbish accumulates after Tonga's garbage workers take redundancy
The Tonga Government urgently needs new workers to replace its rubbish collectors who have taken their redundancy package and gone home. Matangi Tonga reports that rubbish has been piling up... [more]

Fiji Labour MP says there are no grounds for him to be expelled from party
A rebel Labour Party MP in Fiji says the party's got no grounds to expel him and he could retaliate with court action. Krishna Datt, the Vice President of the... [more]

Concern within Fiji Labour Party at actions of Mahendra Chaudhry's son
Senior members of the Fiji Labour Party are reported to have expressed concern that Mahendra Chaudhry's son, Rajendra, has been trying to act as the party leader in his father's... [more]

Paying compensation hurts traditional PNG societies and should be abolished - leader
A leader in Papua New Guinea's Western Highlands is calling for a law change to make paying compensation illegal. The Post Courier newspaper reports Mt Hagen businessman, David Raim, made... [more]

PNG police think more bodies may be found on Fly River coast
Villagers on a remote Papua New Guinea coastline are looking for more bodies after finding eight badly decomposed corpses last week on beaches just north of Australia's border in the... [more]

Leading Fiji Labour Party rebel says without change party will die like dinosaurs
The Fiji Labour Party vice president and cabinet minister, Krishna Datt, says the party has to adapt to change or risk becoming extinct like the dinosaurs. Radio Legend quotes Mr... [more]

Solomons PM says China's human rights record is a major factor in commitment to Taiwan
The prime minister of Solomon Islands says China's human rights record is a major factor in his country's continued commitment to Taiwan. Manasseh Sogavare's comments come amid rumours of a... [more]

Most Tuvaluans and I-Kiribati on Nauru should be repatriated by end of July
Several hundred I-Kiribati and Tuvaluans and their families should be repatriated from Nauru by the end of this month. The former Nauru phosphate company workers and their families had been... [more]

Talks planned today on claimed Bougainville assassination plot delayed till tomorrow
A meeting scheduled for today between the president of the autonomous Papua New Guinea province of Bougainville and PNG's mining minister over an alleged plot to assassinate the president, has... [more]

PNG cabinet reshuffle sees Treasurer dumped and Deputy PM demoted
Papua New Guinea's Treasurer, Bart Philomen, has been dumped and the deputy prime minister, Sir Moi Avei, has been demoted in a cabinet reshuffle. The prime minister, Sir Michael Somare,... [more]

Former Solomon Islands MP backs switching allegiance from Taiwan to China
A former Cabinet Minister in Solomon Islands, Alfred Sasako, says the country should take up diplomatic ties with China. His comments come amid rumours that two partners in the coalition... [more]

New Zealand says UN resolution shows it took right approach to Tokelauan vote
The New Zealand Foreign Minister Winston Peters has welcomed a United Nations resolution commending the transparent and professional way in which New Zealand handled Tokelau's referendum on self-government. The resolution... [more]