Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 14th February 2007

This page lists items from RNZ that are available online. RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

News stories:

First meeting for Regional Institutional Framework
The Regional Institutional Framework (RIF) Taskforce will convene for the first time tomorrow in Suva, Fiji. The Framework meeting will be held held back-to-back with a Pacific Plan Action Committee... [more]

Tonga Defence Services warn lethal force will be used if necessary to apprehend armed criminals
The Tonga Defence Services, the TDS, is issuing a warning that it will use lethal force to apprehend anyone who is using weapons such as axes, knives and firearms to... [more]

More criticism of American Samoan plan to raise funds for arts festival
American Samoa's main supplier of bottled water, GHC Reid Inc., says it opposes a bill to impose a ten cent tax on imported bottled water. The tax is to raise... [more]

Fiji interim cabinet to provide assistance to disadvantaged schools
Fiji's interim cabinet has approved the extension of affirmative action for all underperforming schools and the removal of racially discriminatory provisions. A government statement says the Social Justice Act will... [more]

Solomons parliament told to expect new moves to topple government
Solomons Finance Minister, Gordon Darcy Lilo has told parliament he is aware of plans to topple the Coalition for Change Government led by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare. He said this... [more]

Fiji villages cut off after heavy rain causes landslide
A landslide caused by this week's heavy rain and flooding in Fiji has cut off seven villages and a settlement with about 1,000 people in the interior of Sigatoka. The... [more]

Australian man injured while held in Honiara police cells
An Australian man is receiving medical treatment for physical injuries following his arrest in Solomon Islands, where he's been charged with six counts of illegally buying gold. 37 year old... [more]

Fiji health authorities move to counter disease after widespread floods
Health authorities in Fiji are taking action to prevent outbreaks of disease in the wake of widespread floods on the two main islands. The general manager of community health services... [more]

The Fiji Rugby Union gives up on hopes of Isa Nacewa playing for them for World Cup
The Fiji Rugby Union says it won't be pursuing the services of the Blues first-five Isa Nacewa for this year's World Cup in France. Nacewa played for Fiji just for... [more]

Samoan appointed to UNESCO office in Bangladesh
A Samoan has been appointed as new director and country representative for the UNESCO office in Bangladesh. Malama Meleisea has replaced Wolfgang Volkmann. Before taking up his new appointment in... [more]

PNG foreign minister says ambassador should stop passing the buck over visas
Papua New Guinea's ambassador to China, Max Rai, is continuing to refuse to return home immediately despite being recalled and charged with offences over visas. PNG's Foreign Minister, Paul Tiensten,... [more]

Solomons seek prime ministerial meeting with Australia
The Solomon Islands government wants a one-on-one meeting between prime minister, Manasseh Sogavare, and his Australian counterpart, John Howard, to try to restore damaged relations following months of bitter diplomatic... [more]

Fiji Methodists again call on President Iloilo to resign
Fiji's Methodist Church has again revised its view of the military overthrow of the government and the role of President Ratu Josefa Iloilo. Accoring to the website, the assistant... [more]

Tongan military re-states that emergency powers still in force
Tonga's Defence Services says its warning that it is able to use lethal force to maintain law and order is simply a reminder to people that a state of emergency... [more]

Fresh flooding in Fiji's Sigatoka area
The mayor of Sigatoka in Fiji says there has been new flooding overnight. Heavy rain and flooding have affected most of the western division in the last few days. The... [more]

PNG's Foreign Minister says ambassador should stop passing the buck over visas
Papua New Guinea's Foreign Minister, Paul Tiensten, says PNG's Ambassador to China, Max Rai, should stop trying to pass the buck on the influx of illegal Chinese into the country. [more]

Solomons welcomes Forum role in RAMSI review
The Solomon Islands government has welcomed the stronger role being taken by the Pacific Islands Forum in overseeing the Regional Assistance Mission. An advisor to prime minister Manasseh Sogavare, Dr... [more]

Fiji constitution obstacle to cutting top pays
Fiji's 1997 Constitution is likely to prevent the interim administration from reducing the salaries of judges and other high office holders in line with the 5 percent pay cut proposed... [more]

Fiji interim rulers to ease travel bans on dissidents
Fiji's interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has announced that the travel bans against some critics of the military-led administration will be lifted next week. Travel bans had been placed on... [more]

Fiji campaign to prevent disease after flooding
Health authorities in Fiji are working overtime to try and prevent or contain outbreaks of disease after recent floods on the two main islands. People in the west of Viti... [more]

Ten reported dead from landslides, storms and flooding in PNG's Madang
Heavy rain and storm force winds over recent weeks have reportedly caused at least ten deaths in Papua New Guinea's Madang province. This week has seen some respite from the... [more]

Tonga's Privy Council yet to say if state of emergency continues
Tonga's Privy Council is yet to make public a decision on whether it is lifting the country's state of emergency. The state of emergency has been extended twice since being... [more]

Fiji regime to lift some travel bans imposed after December coup
Fiji's interim administration will lift the travel bans on most people which were imposed after the military takeover in December. This has been confirmed by the interim attorney general, Aiyaz... [more]

Composer unhappy over Indonesian interference in Wellington concert
An Australian composer says the rights of New Zealanders have been infringed by the Indonesian embassy forcing him to withdraw a piece of music from Wellington's Asia Pacific festival. At... [more]

Chinese woman sues American Samoan immigration sponsors
A Chinese woman who has sued her immigration sponsors in American Samoa over unpaid wages was released from custody. The court in Pago Pago has ordered that she cannot be... [more]

Secession threat in Solomons over police rearming bid
Western Province in Solomon Islands has threatened to secede if the national government goes ahead with its plan to re-arm the police. The provincial premier, Alex Lokopio, has told the... [more]

Tonga government says Kele'a founder admits Sunday ban breach
Tonga's government says the pro-democracy leader Akilisi Pohiva has admitted that staff at the Kele'a newspaper were violating Sunday law when their office was closed down. The Tonga Defence Services... [more]

Fiji Human Rights Commission says people have no fear to report alleged abuses
The Fiji Human Rights Commission says it doesn't believe that aggrieved individuals hesitate to lodge complaints about alleged abuses because of last December's military coup. The Commission says it has... [more]

Bad weather hampers rescue efforts in PNG's Madang province
Disaster officials in Papua New Guinea's Madang province say continued bad weather is preventing them reaching people in remote areas hit by flooding and landslides. Heavy rain and storm force... [more]

Tonga's Privy Council yet to say whether it's lifting state of emergency
Tonga's Privy Council is yet to make public a decision on whether it is lifting the country's state of emergency. The state of emergency has been extended twice since being... [more]

Vanuatu re-arranges electorates on Efate
Vanuatu's electoral office has decided to change the allocation of parliamentary seats on the island of Efate. The Coordinator of Registration and Principal Electoral Officer, Tom Alick Kalo, says the... [more]