Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 1st March 2007

This page lists items from RNZ that are available online. RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

This page features: News Stories, Our Changing World, The Treaty Debates

Our Changing World

Dean Williams discusses definitions of sustainability. [more]

Silent Earthquakes
New technology allows scientists to listen to slow, silent land deformations. [more]

Harry Kroto
Veronika Meduna meets Nobel laureate Harry Kroto who discovered a new form of carbon. [more]

The Treaty Debates

Treaty Debate 1 (2007)
Maori and the fisheries The Hon. Doug Kidd explores the political and negotiating background to the development of the Sealord Fisheries deal, and Peter Douglas, the head of Te Ohu Kaimoana (The Maori Fisheries Trust), takes the story through to the present day. The Hon. Doug Kidd explores the background to the development of the Sealord Fisheries deal, and Peter Douglas, the head of Te Ohu KaimoanA, takes the story through to the present day. [more]

News stories:

New five star hotel to be built in Tonga
In what has been described as the biggest investment by a global hotel operator in Tonga, a five star hotel is to be built on Taunga island in Vava'u by... [more]

Fiji interim administration interviews potential goldmine operators
Fiji's interim government says it wants to give the Vatukoula mine a chance of being operational in the future, because it's important to many Fijians' livelihood. The advisor to the... [more]

Suspended Samoan tourism executive considering legal action over Ombudsman report
The suspended chief executive officer of the Samoa tourism authority, Matafeo Reupena Matafeo, is considering legal action against the findings of the government Ombudsman over a sexual harassment complaint against... [more]

Vice Chancellor of USP resigns
The Vice Chancellor of the University of the South Pacific, Professor Anthony Tarr, has resigned. The website has received confirmation that Professor Tarr tendered his resignation effective 30th April... [more]

28 Fiji Elections Office staff laid off
The contracts of 28 project staff of the Fiji Elections Office have been terminated because of financial constraints. The Fiji Times says this affects workers in regional offices, including Labasa,... [more]

American Samoa's LBJ Medical Centre buys badly needed new equipment
The Chair of the board of American Samoa's LBJ Medical Centre says the hospial is to spend more than $2 million on new equipment. The announcement by board chairman,Charles Warren... [more]

Fiji to be discussed in NZ PM's White House meeting this month
New Zealand's Prime Minister says Fiji will be on the agenda for discussion when she meets United States George Bush later this month in Washington. Helen Clark admits that the... [more]

Commonwealth Secretary-General urges early election in Fiji
The Commonwealth Secretary-General, Don McKinnon, says Fiji's military ruler should return the country to democracy earlier than he plans. Mr McKinnon says the interim Fiji prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama,... [more]

Commonwealth Secretary-General distressed by claims Fiji military beat up detainees
The Commonwealth Secretary-General, Don McKinnon, says he's very distressed by allegations the Fiji military has beaten people in custody. He says the reports cast doubt on the military's motive for... [more]

French Polynesian authorities stop performances by Samoan circus troupe
The authorities in French Polyensia have stopped the planned performances of the Magic Circus of Samoa. The troupe was told that the circus failed to comply with European safety regulations. [more]

Challenge to Samoan matai title dropped
The high ranking chief of Lalomanu village in Samoa, Fuataga Kasimani Lautusi, has withdrawn his petition to strip a matai title of his village from the Minister of Agriculture, Taua... [more]

Vanuatu plans law to ensure fair distribution of wealth
Vanuatu's Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources says the government is developing legislation that will allow fair distribution of wealth from mining resources. Maxime Carlot Korman says Vanuatu is looking... [more]

PCRC reminds region of Bikini nuclear weapons test
The Fiji-based Pacific Concerns Resource Centre says Bikini Day is a reminder not be passive in the face of nuclear tests. Today marks the 53rd anniversary day of the detonation... [more]

France cancels laws in French Polynesia because of Tahitian language debate
The French supreme court has cancelled two French Polynesian laws because the Tahitian language was used when they were debated in the assembly in Papeete last year. The local laws... [more]

PNG strike call over Somare role in Moti affair
Trade unions in Papua New Guinea are threatening to go on a nationwide strike if the prime minister, Sir Michael Somare, does not resign over his handling of the Julian... [more]

Trial dates set for most Solomon Islands cases where prisoners protesting
Trial dates have been set in Solomon Islands for all but one case involving prisoners who had protested about court delays. The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation reports that this follows... [more]

Study reveals genetic diversity of Melanesians
A new scientific study into mitochondrial DNA has revealed that Melanesians are among the most genetically diverse people on the planet. The study, "Melanesian mtDNA complexity," was led by Jonathan... [more]

Vanuatu drafts mining legislation that will proect environment first
Vanuatu's Minister for Lands and Mineral Resources says the government will prioritise environmental protection as it looks to develop the country's mining potential. Maxime Carlot Korman says the government is... [more]

PNG court ruling on Highlands emergency imminent
The Papua New Guinea supreme court will rule this afternoon on whether a state of emergency remains in place in Southern Highlands province. The state of emergency was first instituted... [more]

PNG unions threaten strike to get PM Somare's resignation
Trade unions in Papua New Guinea are threatening nationwide strike action which could bring the country to a standstill if the Prime Minister doesn't resign over his handling of the... [more]

French Polynesian land claims to be raised at meeting
The French Polynesian lands minister, Luc Tefaatau, has called a public meeting in Tahiti tonight to discuss an apparent land dispute in Punaauia. The man claiming to be the heir... [more]

Fijian Teachers Association says morale low as public servants face pay cuts
The president of the Fijian Teachers Association, Tevita Koroi, says morale among public servants is very low as they face pay cuts and a lowering of the retirement age. The... [more]

Niue government to face no confidence vote next week
The Niue government is to face a vote of no confidence next week amid claims it is to blame for the country's dire financial state. The island has been trying... [more]

PNG court rules in favour of ousted governor
The Papua New Guinea supreme court has ruled that the cabinet was out of order in re-instituting a state of emergency in the troubled Southern Highlands province. The national government... [more]

Pay cut confirmed for Fiji's public servants
Fiji's Public Service Commission has confirmed that public servants will have their pay cut by five per cent from next week. This follows the interim Public Service Reform Minister Poseci... [more]

PNG's trade unions demand new inquiry into Moti affair
Trade unions in Papua New Guinea want a fresh commission of inquiry set up into the Moti saga to reveal the truth. They are threatening nationwide strike action which could... [more]

Niue MP says workers' pay cut unprecedented
A member of the Niue assembly says it was very sad day for the country when MPs voted to cut workers' wages by ten percent. The government has been battling... [more]

PNG's police head warns landowners over threats
The head of the Papua New Guinea police is warning landowners that the force will not take their threats lightly. Police commissioner Gari Baki is urging aggrieved landowners to seek... [more]

American Samoa's Swains Island seeks trade deal with Tokelau
The representative of Swains Island in the American Samoan legislature says he wants to boost trade links with Tokelau. Alexander Jennings has just returned from the New Zealand-administered territory which... [more]

Missing Australian submarine could be in PNG waters
Australia's first submarine, missing with all hands since the start of World War I, may have been found in Papua New Guinea waters. The Australian veterans affairs minister, Bruce Billson,... [more]