Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 26th April 2007

This page lists items from RNZ that are available online. RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

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Our Changing World

Australian Synchrotron
Veronika Meduna catches up with New Zealand and Australian scientists at the new synchrotron near Melbourne. [more]

OECD environmental report
Dean Williams discusses the latest OECD Environmental Performance Review. [more]

Physiome Project
Louise Wallace finds out about the University of Auckland's Physiome Project. [more]

News stories:

Corporate crime in Fiji on the rise
Commercial banks in Fiji are reporting an increase in fraudulent activities by senior employees using sophisticated technology. The Fiji Times reports that the WESTPAC and ANZ banks have found incidents... [more]

Senior Fiji military officer to head review of Great Council of Chiefs
A senior Fiji military officer has been appointed to lead a team which will review the membership of the country's Great Council of Chiefs. Fiji TV reports that the interim... [more]

American Samoan public servant admits computer theft
A former clerk with American Samoa's Department of Education has pleaded guilty to charges of attempted embezzlement and acceding to corruption in connection with computers stolen from the department's warehouse... [more]

Fiji's deposed Prime Minister accepts limits on political activities
Fiji's deposed prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, has promised not to organize, incite people or be involved in any assembly for political purposes if the military allows him back into Suva. [more]

Inquiry into last years Honiara riots to start next month
The Solomon Islands Prime Minister says the official inquiry into the 2006 China Town riots in Honiara will start work next month. Following earlier challenges to its validity, Manasseh Sogavare... [more]

Finalists for IRB Pacific Cup to be decided this weekend
It could turn out to be an all Fijian affair in the final of the International Rugby Board Pacific Cup if the two local teams secure victories in the final... [more]

Fiji national soccer team invited to inaugural Commonwealth National Challenge Cup tournament
The Fiji soccer side has been invited to participate in the inaugural Commonwealth Nations Challenge Cup or CNCC which will kick off in Tanzania, Eastern Africa, in late June. The... [more]

Marshall Islands to get 6 million dollars in education funding
After more than six months of uncertainty about promised multi-million dollar United States funding for education programmes in the Marshall Islands, the Department of Interior has confirmed that nearly $6... [more]

Samoa government bans import of U.S turkey tail meat
The Samoa government has banned the import of turkey tail meat from the United States in support of health preventive measures to stop people from getting life style diseases such... [more]

Marshalls power utility hopes bank loan will stave takeover bid
Officials of the Marshalls Energy Company say a twelve million dollar loan from Bank of Guam will resolve a cash crisis that has plagued it for nearly two years and... [more]

New Caledonia health officials hopeful latest dengue threat is now past
Health authorities in New Caledonia are continuing to monitor an increase in dengue fever cases in the territory, but believe the situation is under control. Earlier this month, five cases... [more]

Education teams to assess damage to schools in tsunami disaster zone Solomon Islands
The Solomon Islands Ministry of Education is sending 35 experts to the tsunami affected areas of Western Province and Choiseul. The seven teams of five officers have gathered in Gizo... [more]

Fiji's deposed prime minister files court motion as backup
Fiji's deposed prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, says he has filed a court motion to get his travel ban lifted in case the interim regime does not end the emergency regulations... [more]

West Irian Jaya officially renamed West Papua angering independence movement
The Indonesia government has officially renamed West Irian Jaya province, West Papua province. This has angered self-determination groups who were using the name West Papua to describe the whole of... [more]

Study shows Solomon Islands women often shut out of decision making
The Solomon Islands National Council of Women says research being conducted by the University of the South Pacific into matrilineal aspects of society shows women need to be more involved... [more]

Fiji public sector unions concerned at minister's conflict of interest in proposed mediation talks
The Confederation of Public Service Unions in Fiji says it has relayed its concerns to the minister of labour, Bernadette Rounds Ganilau, over her intention to mediate in the proposed... [more]

Nepalese man about to be deported from Northern Marianas sets himself alight
A Nepalese man who was to be deported from the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas, set himself on fire in a hallway of the labour department yesterday morning. Police told the... [more]

Fiji women's NGO asks UN to pressure interim government to hold elections as soon as possible
The Fiji Women's Rights Movement is asking the United Nations to put pressure on the interim administration to adhere to its commitments and hold elections as soon as possible. The... [more]

International flights could be disrupted if strike goes ahead
The President of Fiji's Air Traffic Management Association is hoping they can avoide strike action and that the door is still open for talks with their employers the Airport Fiji... [more]

Fiji blog calls for passive resistance in defence of democracy
A Fiji weblog says the coup culture thrives in the country because people do not do anything about it. In the blog Good Men (and Women) Doing Something, a writer... [more]

Solomons minister angry at damage to government cars
The Solomon islands minister of finance, Gordon Darcy Lilo, says the number of public vehicles involved in road accidents has reached a worrying rate and will no longer be tolerated. [more]

Jakarta's use of West Papua to name just part of the Papua region is considered theft
An academic says the move by the Indonesian government to renamed West Irian Jaya province as West Papua amounts to theft. Jakarta announced earlier this week that they name change... [more]

Air traffic union says it hopes it will not have to take strike action
The president of Fiji's air traffic management association, Ben Cush, is hoping they can avoid strike action and that the door is still open for talks with their employers, Airport... [more]

NGOs say Europe has options for maintaining preferential trade access for poor nations
The NGO Oxfam says the European Commission could still provide preferential access for poor countries after the end of this year, despite requirements of the World Trade Organisation that such... [more]

More typhoid and dengue cases confirmed in Fiji
The number of confirmed typhoid cases in Fiji has now reached 100 and thousands more are at risk. The outbreak, which is blamed on contaminated water caused by heavy rains... [more]

EU assesses Fiji's military coup as product of conflict among indigenous Fijians
A European Union internal assessment of the December military takeover in Fiji describes it as mainly a conflict among indigenous Fijians. It also states that democratic institutions and democratic culture... [more]

Need for schools to re-open quickly in disaster zone in Solomon Islands
Some children in Solomon Islands, who remain traumatised after the 2 April tsunami, would benefit from quickly returning to school according to World Vision. All schools in both Western and... [more]

PNG MP says government has failed the country's vast rural population
An outspoken Papua New Guinea MP says the government has become irrelevant to the rural majority which sees it as a social welfare system for politicians and bureaucrats. Jamie Maxtone-Graham,... [more]