Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 3rd May 2007

This page lists items from RNZ that are available online. RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

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Our Changing World

Ocean Twilight Zone
Researchers explore the marine carbon cycle in this murky region of the ocean [more]

GM Trial
We talk to the scientist leading an application to field test genetically modified broccoli, cabbage, kale and cauliflower [more]

Alcoholic Rats
How alcohol-addicted rats are helping develop therapies for human alcoholics [more]

Otara Health
The wider relevance of a ten year-old community health promotion effort in south Auckland [more]

News stories:

Minister for Fijian Affairs taken to court over GCC
The suspended chairman of Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs and his deputy have filed legal action against the interim minister of Fijian affairs to challenge their suspension. Fiji TV reports... [more]

Fiji's attorney general dismisses reports of human rights abuses
Fiji's interim attorney general is dismissing reports by activists who say human rights are still being abused in the country. Activists in Fiji say people are fearful that in speaking... [more]

Response to agriculture rural development strategy in Solomon Islands overwhelming
The Premier of Temotu Province in Solomon Islands says the public response to a new strategy for development of the country's rural areas has been overwhelming. The Agriculture Rural Development... [more]

Sols National Council of women disappointed few women shortlisted
The National Council of Women in Solomon Islands says it is disappointed that very few women have been shortlisted as candidates for the positions of constituency development officers. The Council's... [more]

London firm granted permit to explore Yap
A London-based firm has been granted a four-year permit to explore the marine exclusive economic zone of Yap for polymetalic sulphide deposits. The Palau Horizon reports that the company Neptune... [more]

Premier for Sols province says success of rural strategy rests on consultation
The Premier for the Guadalcanal province in Solomon Islands says the success of a new rural development strategy partly rests on greater consultation with those involved. The government launched its... [more]

American Samoa's chief immigration officer says overstayer problem due to sponsors
American Samoa's Chief Immigration officer says that sponsors are partly responsible for the large number of overstayers currently in the territory. Ufuti Faafetai Ieremia told a House hearing that in... [more]

Fiji's interim attorney general says its within its rights to extend emergency regulations
Fiji's interim attorney general says the interim administration is within its rights to extend the emergency regulations until the end of the month. It announced an extension on Tuesday -... [more]

PNG's Porgera mine reopens
The giant Porgera gold mine in Papua New Guinea's Highlands has reopened following successful negotiations with local landowners who closed the mine for a week after blockading the mine gates. [more]

American Samoa Senate requests review of decision to refund fine to Samoa
The American Samoa Senate has requested the Attorney General review whether the territorial government made the right decision to refund a $20,000 US dollar fine levied on the Samoa government. [more]

Fiji's interim attorney general outlines reasons for extending emergency regulations
Fiji's interim attorney general says missing weapons and anti-interim-government sentiments are behind the move to extend the emergency regulations until the end of this month. The interim government declared an... [more]

Indonesian human rights group says special autonomy in Papua not working
A series of demonstrations in Indonesia's Papua province in the past week have called for an end to Special Autonomy, saying it hasn't worked. Thousands of Papuan students attended two... [more]

NZ urged to look at Pacific regions closely tied to US for business
New Zealand exporters are being told they're overlooking millions of dollars worth of potential business in regions of the Pacific closely tied to the United States. The US deputy Secretary... [more]

Tonga's Youth Congress says strides being made towards ending discrimination
The director of Tonga's Youth Congress says strides are being made towards ending discrimination against young people. Elaine Sihoatani Howard -- whose the Pacific representative on the Commonwealth Respect and... [more]

Solomons chiefs seek end to Guiadalcanal hostility
Seventeen chiefs from East and South Guadalcanal in Solomon Islands have held preliminary talks to find a way to reconcile people who have become hostile after the ethnic tension era. [more]

Solomons provincial premier says agriculture crucial for development
The Premier of the Western Province in Solomon Islands says agricultural development is crucial for the area because most of its coastal communities have moved inland after last month's tsunami. [more]

Fake bank notes found in Fiji
More fake notes have surfaced in Fiji. The Fiji Times says this week two 50 dollar bills, believed to be fake, were discovered in two different incidents. In the first... [more]

Donors to Pacific Islands region meet in Washington next week
A meeting of donors to the Pacific Islands region will be held in Washington next week. Several countries in the region have benefited from millions of dollars of aid pouring... [more]

Niue government departments face massive cuts
The chief executives of government departments on Niue have been told to cut spending by 18 per cent in the next financial year in order for the island to produce... [more]

TI labels PNG pay rises ludicrous and unnecessary
The anti corruption group, Transparency International, has called the Papua New Guinea government's recent decision to increase retirement payouts to senior government officials ludicrous and unnecessary. The organisation says it... [more]

Malaita premier calls for Solomons unity
The premier of Malaita Province in Solomon Islands, Richard Na'amo Irosaea, says his province will continue to promote and embrace a united Solomon Islands. Speaking at the opening of this... [more]

Donors to Pacific Islands region to discuss greater co-ordination in Washington
The most prominent donors to the Pacific Islands region are to discuss greater co-ordination of their efforts at a meeting in the United States next week. Representatives from The EU,... [more]

PCRC says Fiji media freedom lost
The Pacific Resource Concerns Centre, or PCRC, in Fiji says there is no free press in the country although its citizens are celebrating Media Freedom Day today. The freedom of... [more]

Fiji interim PM says GCC suspension was his choice
Fiji's interim prime minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama says he made the decision to suspend members of the Great Council of Chiefs. Commodore Bainimarama told that it is unfair for... [more]

New Caledionia's Leroux joins list of French assembly candidates
New Caledonia's economics and mining minister, Didier Leroux, has confirmed that he will stand as a candidate in June election of a new French assembly. Mr Leroux made the announcement... [more]

Taiwan gives funds to eight Pacific organisations
Taiwan has provided funding of just over a million US dollars for eight Pacific regional organisations. The beneficiary organisations are the Forum Fisheries Agency, the Fiji School of Medicine, the... [more]

Feleti Te'o of Tuvalu appointed Forum deputy secretary
The Pacific Islands Forum has appointed the head of the Forum Fisheries Agency as one of its two deputy secretaries. Feleti Te'o is from Tuvalu where he had held the... [more]

Cooks reviews public works provision
The Public Service Commissioner in the Cook Islands says he hopes a review of the Ministry of Works can ascertain what core functions of the ministry should be maintained by... [more]

PNG National Council of Women opposes newly passed gaming law
Papua New Guinea's National Council of Women says people should show opposition to the new gaming law in the way they'll cast their vote in the next election. This comes... [more]

Former PNG PM Morauta hits out at government for alleged corruption
A former prime minister of Papua New Guinea, Sir Mekere Morauta, says the government lacks direction, breaks laws, wastes public resources and is controlled by a power and wealth-seeking clique. [more]

New Fiji anti-corruption agency to start work
The newly established Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption is about to begin prosecuting some government statutory authorities and companies and their senior officials for corruption offences. The commission's deputy commissioner,... [more]

American Samoa Senate votes to restrict guest worker access
The American Samoan Senate has amended guest worker permit legislation, restricting their access to the territory. It says special entry permits should only go to citizens of Samoa of Samoan... [more]