Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 22nd November 2007

This page lists items from RNZ that are available online. RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

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Our Changing World

Genetic Ancestry Testing
What your DNA can tell you about your family history. [more]

Best Fish Guide
We go to the launch of Forest and Bird's guide to sustainable seafood. [more]

Moving People
Reducing workplace injuries for nurses handling patients. [more]

News stories:

Samoa's first female MP has died
Samoa's first female MP La'ulu Fetauimalemau Mata'afa has died in Apia. She was 79. La'ulu was the wife of the first Prime Minister of Samoa after independence, the late Mataafa... [more]

Time running out for Fiji Sugar
A leading Fiji economist says the time has already run out for reforming the country's sugar industry and the government should not consider expanding it. The associate professor of economics... [more]

Fiji's suspended Chief Justice to challenge tribunal set up to probe him
Fiji's suspended chief justice, Daniel Fatiaki, will challenge the appointment of the three-member tribunal set up to investigate him. The make-up-of the high powered tribunal and the charges against him... [more]

EU concerned over reports of human rights abuses in Fiji
The European Union has expressed concern about the alleged human rights abuses of suspects detained connection with the recent assassination conspiracy in Fiji. A statement from the EU's presidency has... [more]

Fiji's interim PM says Ballu Khan is pretending to be seriously injured
Fiji's interim prime minister says the New Zealand suspect in the alleged assassination plot, Ballu Khan, is pretending to be seriously sick and injured because he does not want to... [more]

NZ provides emergency funds after PNG floods
New Zealand is providing emergency funding to help people affected by severe flooding in Oro province in eastern Papua New Guinea. New Zealand's Foreign Minister Winston Peters announced an initial... [more]

SDL party in Fiji proposes its legitimate path to elections
Fiji's SDL party has proposed what it says is a legitimate way to return the country to democratic rule. In return, it says it is prepared to accept its removal... [more]

PNG Government plans to cut income taxes
The Papua New Guinea Government is planning to cut income taxes by up to 400 kina, or 146 US dollars, a month. It also intends giving public servants a cash... [more]

Business people from Samoa arrive for Joint Samoa Trade Exhibition in American Samoa
Business people from Samoa have began arriving for the Joint Samoa Trade Exhibition, which opens tomorrow at the Tradewinds Hotel in Pago Pago. Close to 50 companies will be exhibiting... [more]

Samoa's power company receives financing for power expansion project
The Asian Development Bank and the governments of Japan and Australia are providing $US88 million financing for Samoa's Power Sector Expansion Project. The ADB is extending a US$26-point-61 million grant... [more]

PNG committs to develop its vast gas reserves
Papua New Guinea's National Government has committed itself to develop the vast gas reserves in the country with an allocation of K100 million or almost 40 million US dollars, in... [more]

French Polynesian telecommunication technicians switch on Al-Jazeera television
French Polynesian telecommunication technicians have switched on Al-Jazeera television in the territory at the behest of the visiting emir of Qatar. The Tahitipresse news agency says the emir is on... [more]

PNG's only female MP sees changes in attitudes towards violence against women
Papua New Guinea's only female MP says a campaign and petition to end violence against women in the country has brought it into the public arena, and that's seen victims... [more]

Taskforce says impact on American Samoa of wage hike potentially devastating
A taskforce in American Samoa believes the territory's economy will be devastated if the annual 50 cent wage hikes are not dropped. The US Government in May approved a bill... [more]

American Samoa hosting trade show to build links with Samoa
American Samoa is hosting around 50 companies from the territory and Samoa in a business trade show this weekend. Some businesses will showcase traditional textiles and goods, while others will... [more]

Cook Islands Government says lack of labour will hinder any manganese exploitation
A decision on whether the Cook Islands' multi-billion dollar manganese resource could be mined is some time away. The committee set up by Cabinet to review expressions of interest in... [more]

Vanuatu shipowners threaten strike action if VMA Act repealed
The Vanuatu Shipowners Association has warned it could take strike action at the end of the month if the government pushes ahead with plans to repeal the Vanuatu Maritime Authority,... [more]

Fiji's deposed leader wants parliament recalled so his government can legally resign
Fiji's ousted prime minister says he hopes the interim administration will agree to his offer to legally return the country to democracy. The interim prime minister has committed to holding... [more]

New Zealand businessman injured by Fiji police, seeks millions for maltreatment
Lawyers for the injured New Zealand businessman, Ballu Khan, say they are suing the interim Government for just over 26 million US dollars, for his treatment by Fiji authorities. The... [more]

Rebel MPs in Nauru claim to be building support for no confidence vote
The break away group of Nauru MPs say it is pressuring the Nauru president, Ludwig Scotty, to recall parliament to deal with a raft of serious misconduct allegations against Finance... [more]

Historical law documents on line in Solomon Islands
The Solomon Islands has become the first pacific nation to make historical legal documents dated prior to 1990 available on line. Judges, magistrates, students and the general public can now... [more]

Backing for Fiji Parliament to be briefly recalled to legally return the country to democracy
The Fiji Citizens Constitutional Forum, or CCF, welcomes the ousted prime minister's proposal to legally return the country to democracy. Laisenia Qarase is suggesting that the last parliament be recalled... [more]

Fiji's suspended chief justice makes first moves to stop tribunal from investigating him
Fiji's suspended chief justice, Daniel Fatiaki, has taken the preliminary step to stop the work of the international tribunal which will hear charges against him. His lawyer, Jon Apted, has... [more]

Lawyers for Ballu Khan suing Fiji interim government alleging assault and battery, and wrongful impr
Lawyers for New Zealand businessman Ballu Khan are suing the interim Government for around 26 million US dollars, for his treatment by Fiji authorities. Ballu Khan was arrested in relation... [more]

Governor in PNG's Oro Province visits graves of flood victims who he says died of starvation
The governor of Oro Province in Papua New Guinea, Suckling Tamanabae, has again called for immediate aid to be sent to the flood hit region. The death toll from the... [more]

Week long doctors strike continues in French Polynesia
A doctor' strike in French Polynesia is continuing and public hospitals are still offering emergency services only. The doctors went on strike a week ago to demand a higher budget... [more]

Solomons Governor General says Government should urgently set date to convene Parliament
The Solomon Islands Governor General, Sir Nathaniel Waena, is to request the Prime Minister to urgently advise him on a new date and time for the National Parliament to meet. [more]

Ballu Khan suing Fiji interim government alleging assault and battery, and wrongful imprisonment.
Lawyers for New Zealand businessman Ballu Khan are suing the interim Government for around 26 million US dollars, for his treatment by Fiji authorities. Ballu Khan was arrested in relation... [more]

Early results show opposition may win power in Marshalls
Early results from Monday's national election in the Marshall Islands show the opposition party is on target to win a parliamentary majority after eight years out of power. Five ruling... [more]

Governor in flood hit PNG province says aid is too slow arriving
The governor of Papua New Guinea's Oro Province, says promised assistance is taking too long to reach the flood hit region. The death toll from the floods is now put... [more]

Nauru's Adeang dismisses claims that Asian colleagues involved in passport sales
Nauru's Foreign and Finance Minister, David Adeang, has dismissed claims that a group of Asian businessmen he has links with have been selling Nauru passports. The allegation is one of... [more]