Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 20th December 2007

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Wayne's Essay
A new elf academy opens in Finland. [more]

The Best Song Ever Written
Justin Ferguson of Island Bay chooses Auto Pilot by The Queens of the Stone Age. [more]

Your Place - Kaiteriteri
Today Kaiteriteri - a dream destination for many holiday makers, who make it there home away from home for 2 or 3 weeks year. [more]

Children Leaving Primary School
Connor Walsh went to meet some of those year 8s, in Wellington's Te Aro School, on the day of their prize-giving. [more]

The Problem With Sunscreens
Sunscreens advertised as offering all day protection have been exposed as frauds following an investigation. [more]

Feature Album - 'Here's Little Richard'
Richard Wayne Penniman, 'The originator, the innovator, the emancipator, the architect of rock and roll'. [more]

Arts Report - With Lynn Freeman
Documentary maker Leanne Pooley talks about her latest work and the late Len Lye is stirring up some local emotions. [more]

Christchurch Story with Katy Gosset
Here's a glimpse into the Society for Creative Anachronism. [more]

Environment with Amelia Nurse
Charissa Snijders is an Auckland architect who's taking sustainability to new levels. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
With Nicky Pellegrino and Michael Moynahan. [more]

The panel (Part 2)
With Michael Moynihan and Nicky Pelligrino. [more]


Report Clears Minister
A report has cleared Cabinet Minister David Parker over the hiring a Labour Party activist. [more]

MP Calls for Body Snatching Law To Be Enforced
The MP Jim Anderton is calling for the police to end their hands-off approach to body snatching. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Japanese Whaling
Japan could be on the verge of abandoning plans to kill up to 50 humpback whales in the Southern Ocean this summer. [more]

Whangarei Woman Jailed
A Whangarei drug addict, whose baby drowned after she left it in the bush overnight, has been jail for two and a half years. [more]

Much Needed Rain
Much to the delight of farmers, there have been steady down-pours in most of the driest places, from Otago to Hawkes Bay. [more]

Christchurch Man Pleades Guilty To Fraud
A Christchurch man has pleaded guilty to using the identities of 10 dead infants to commit more than 60 acts of fraud. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

GM Corn Feed
There are claims the approval of a genetically modified corn for animal feed is putting human health at risk. [more]

Renewable Eenergy Projects
The Government has decided to cut through red tape in getting approval for the construction of 2 new renewable energy projects. [more]

Bail For Fiji Murder Accused
The men accused of plotting to kill Fiji's interim prime minister and key cabinet ministers have been released on bail. [more]

Protests Over Muslim School In Sydney
There's trouble brewing in the Sydney suburb of Camden over plans to build an Islamic school for 12 hundred students. [more]

Review Of Anti Smacking Bill
A review of the bill has found no change in the number of callouts for police in the months following the law change. [more]

Problems With Sunscreen Products
The government is being called on to regulate sunscreen products following a report that found that some made misleading claims. [more]

William Bell Attacker In Court
The man accused of attacking triple RSA murderer William Bell has appeared in court today. [more]

South Korea Presidential Election
Thousands of supporters of Lee Myung-bak have been celebrating his victory in South Korea's presidential election. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

British Detainees Return Home
3 British residents who were prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have been flown to Britain, where they were taken into custody. [more]

European Car Emission Limits
Europe's car makers have been told to produce more environmentally friendly cars or risk paying hefty fines. [more]

Putin Is Time Magazine's Person Of The Year
Time says Mr Putin has given Russia stability and has shown Russia is still a leading world power. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Utube Nazis
In Germany holocaust denial is a serious crime but that's not stopping some groups from posting hateful content on the net. [more]

BBC Turns 75
The BBC'S world service is celebrating it's 75th anniversary and it's more popular today than ever reaching 183 million people. [more]

Canadian Lottery fraud
The authorities in Canada have laid theft and fraud charges against a former lottery ticket seller in Toronto. [more]

Calls To Ban 'The Grunt'
There's been a call for the so-called 'ladies of tennis' to put an end to what some of them are calling...The Grunt. [more]

Jobs At Christmas
Research by an recruitment company has found more people leave their jobs in December than in any other month. [more]

Our Changing World

Report from Bali
Veronika Meduna surveys environmental initiatives in Bali. [more]

Polaris II
The University of Otago's research vessel is just back from its first expedition south. [more]

Sustainable Architecture
An Auckland architect is taking sustainability to new levels. [more]


Roger Woodward
Performing with Wilma Smith and the Felix Quartet in the Wellington Spring occasional series on Saturday. [more]

Biographer Robin Maconie talks to Eva about his music, life and legacy. [more]

News stories:

Petition against right hand drive switch in Samoa referred to parliamentary committee
Samoa's Parliament has decided to refers a petition from organisers of a march against changing the side of the road motorists drive to a special parliamentary committee. The move came... [more]

Tongan athlete throws winning discus
The World shot put champion Valerie Vili says her winning throw of 19.24 metres in Auckland last night is her best ever after coming back from a long break. The... [more]

PNG rugby union sevens coach looks forward to IRB in Wellington
The Papua New Guinea rugby union sevens coach, says they're looking foward to the Wellington leg of the IRB world series in February despite a tough pool draw. PNG has... [more]

Ten men accused of murder plot in Fiji released on bail
The 10 men accused of plotting to kill Fiji's interim Prime Minister Commodore Frank Bainimarama and key members of his Cabinet have been released on bail. Fiji live reports the... [more]

New Zealand born Tongan athlete wins prestigous award
World shot put champion Valerie Vili has been awarded the Lonsdale Cup for the second consecutive year. The Cup is the New Zealand Olympic Committee's most prestigious award and goes... [more]

Fiji retailers association says Christmas will be bleak for some businesses
The Fiji Retailers Association president, Himmat Lodhia, says the absence of Christmas bonus payments for workers this year has seen a bleak business trend for most retailers. He told the... [more]

PNG's major oil palm producer's shares snapped up at London Stock Exchange
The shares for Papua New Guinea's major oil palm producer New Britain Palm Oil Limited traded like "hot cakes" as the company debuted on the London Stock Exchange yesterday. The... [more]

American Samoa's Star Kist Samoa and Samoa Packing to close down for holidays
The two largest private sector employers in the Territory, tuna packers Star Kist Samoa and Samoa Packing will shut down for the holidays on Friday. Samoa Packing will close for... [more]

Papua New Guinea plans to set up a marine research institute
Papua New Guinea plans to set up a marine research institute. The National newspaper reports a deal has just been signed between the National Fisheries Authority and contractor Yatala Ltd. [more]

Businesses in American Samoa are to get 2007 economic census forms
Businesses in American Samoa are getting the 2007 economic census forms from the U.S. Census bureau this month. This is American Samoa's most comprehensive measure of business and industry taken... [more]

US deputy assistance secretary leaving
The United States Deputy Assistant Secretary, David Cohen is leaving after a five and a half year term at the helm of the Office of Insular Affairs. His resignation was... [more]

Concerns over Samoa citizens using different names on travel documents
There is concern over the number of Samoan citizens using a variety of names on their travel documents to enter American Samoa after earlier being deported. Both countries are trying... [more]

American Samoa's Congressman raises concerns over military in Papua
American Samoa's Congressman says a lack of co-ordination between Indonesia's government and military hampered his brief and disappointing trip to Papua. Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin has written to the Indonesian President... [more]

High fuel prices hit Tonga
Higher fuel costs and rocketing food prices have contributed to stagnant retail sales in some parts of the Pacific in the lead up to Christmas. In Tonga next to soaring... [more]

Head of Meridian Services in Fiji held in custody in Kuwait
The head of Meridian Services in Fiji, Timoci Lolohea, is being held in custody in Kuwait. Mr Lolohea, who was instrumental in recruiting about 20-thousand Fijians for work in Kuwait... [more]

New Nauru president Stephen names cabinet
Nauru's new president, Marcus Stephen, has announced his new cabinet line up after Ludwig Scotty was ousted in yesterday's vote of no confidence. The news agency Pacnews says apart from... [more]

World Bank arm to study possibility of selling Vanuatu airline shares
Vanuatu's parliament has given approval for the International Finance Corporation, or IFC, to carry out a study on the possibility of selling shares of the national carrier. The Daily Post... [more]

New road opens Palau up to economic opportunities
An 85-kilometre road has just been completed on Palau's largest island, Babeldaob. For years, visitors travelled by boat but will now be able to travel between Palau's International Airport, the... [more]

Fiji bail for alleged assassination plotters welcomed
A lawyer representing some of the men accused of plotting to kill Fiji's interim Prime Minister has welcomed the court's decision to grant them bail. The 10 men are accused... [more]

Solomons parliament elects Sikua as new PM
The Solomons Islands parliament has elected the North East Guadalcanal MP Derek Sikua as the new Prime Minister. He beat the caretaker government's candidate and deputy prime minister Patteson Oti... [more]

New Zealand's Green Party is surprised by ban on ten boys from Fiji
New Zealand's Green Party says it's surprised by reports that the New Zealand High Commission in Fiji has tried to stop ten Fijian boy scouts from entering the country to... [more]

One bidder remains for Samoan public broadcaster to be privatised
Reports from Samoa say only one bidder remains to take over the Samoa Broadcasting Corporation, which is the public broadcaster about to be privatised. A source in the Ministry of... [more]

Temaru alarmed at proposal of Marquesas splitting from French Polynesia
The French Polynesian president, Oscar Temaru, has called for a march in Papeete in protest at reported plans for the Marquesas islands to break away from French Polynesia to become... [more]

New Solomons leader spells out support for RAMSI
The new Solomon Islands Government is promising a markedly different approach to the abrasive style of the administration of Manasseh Sogavare. Dr Derek Sikua, who only became an MP last... [more]

Fiji human rights commissioner hails bail decision for assassination accused
A Fiji human rights commissioner says a court decision to grant bail to the men accused of planning to assassinate the interim prime minister is a milestone. The ten men... [more]

Lawyer's office searched in case of missing French Polynesian journalist
Reports from French Polynesia say investigators have searched the offices of a lawyer, Jean-Dominique des Arcis, and seized documents as part of an inquiry into the disappearance of a Tahitian... [more]