Radio New Zealand - Saturday, 12th January 2008

This page lists items from RNZ that are available online. RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

This page features: News Stories, Saturday Morning, Sunday Morning

Saturday Morning

Jackie Collins, best selling novelist
Best selling novelist whose 25th book is titled Drop Dead Beautiful. From 12 May. [more]

Harry Ricketts, Chris Price and Andrew McCallum, on Bob Dylan
Three Dylan fans - a professor, a poet and a policy analyst–talk about the man and his concert. From 11 August. [more]

John Cale, music legend
Former member of the Velvet Underground, solo artist and producer. From 10 November. [more]

Sunday Morning

Insight Sunday 13 January 2008: Bricks and Mortar (Repeat)
Insight looks at New Zealander's love affair with property [more]

News stories:

American Samoa prison running low on food
An increase in the prison population over the festive holiday season is presenting a problem for American Samoa's Tafuna correctional facility. Prison Warden Fuega Saite says they are running low... [more]

Fiji appoints Chair of Constituency Boundaries Commission
Fiji's interim Attorney General has announced that a lawyer Suresh Chandra has been appointed the chairman of the Fiji Constituency Boundaries Commission. The other members are Father Kevin Barr and... [more]