Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 30th January 2008

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Jim's Essay
What is the oldest book you own? [more]

The Best Song Ever Written
Nigel Cairns from the Kapiti Coast chooses 'Tutti Fruity' by Little Richard. [more]

Link 3
The music quiz with an interesting link. Very good guess work might help put together a tale of 'tangled Love'. [more]

Prostate Cancer
The news the Govt's expected to fund a vaccine against cervical cancer has prompted an email from listener Graham Peat... [more]

Cheating Partners
Private investigators say the lead-up to Valentine's Day is the ideal time to catch out cheating partners! [more]

Feature Album
'Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake' was an early, ambitious and successful concept album by the English rock band 'Small Faces'. [more]

Virtual World
With Helen and Chelfyn Baxter from Mohawk Media. [more]

Opening of the Helensville Railway Link
Helensville commuter-residents out west of Ak are to be reconnected to rail passenger services from the middle of this year. [more]

DNA Files
Part two of "Beyond Human". Introduced by John Hockenberry. [more]

The Panel
With Emily Perkins and Kevin Milne. [more]

The Panel Continues...
With Kevin Milne and Emily Perkins.\ [more]


School Leavers Age Raised
Helen Clark talks about the new plan announced that will see teenagers stay at school till 18. [more]

Violence in South Auckland
There are fears of retaliation after the latest spate of violence in south Auckland. [more]

Climber Looses Hand
An Italian climber has lost part of his hand in a climbing accident on Mt Cook. [more]

U.S. Elections
John McCain has scored a hard-fought win in Floridas presidential primary seizing the lead in the heated Republican race. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Helen Clarks First Speech of Election Year
Political Reporter Julian Robins talks about both John Key and Helen Clarks speeches. [more]

Compulsory Education
Educationalists and business groups are cautiously welcoming the leading political parties plans for young people. [more]

Tea Ropati Awaiting Verdict
The former NZ rugby league star Tea Ropati is awaiting his fate as a jury decides if he is guilty of sexual violation. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Theft of Power Lines
Thieves are risking their lives cutting down live copper power lines to sell them for scrap metal. [more]

Cannabis and Lung Cancer
Scientists are warning of an"epidemic"of lung cancers linked to cannabis. [more]

Compulsory Education Stance Welcomed in Pacific
The educational initiatives of both National and Labour have been welcomed by some Pacific leaders. [more]

Violence in Otara
The drug related gang shooting in the south Auckland suburb of Otara has left some residents shaken, and fearing more violence. [more]

Internet Banking
New research suggests that the more checks that are put in place in online banking, the less safe customers feel. [more]

The two sides in Kenya's political crisis have begun talking in earnest following December's disputed presidential election. [more]

In Peru, the trial of the former President, Alberto Fujimori, has heard stunning revelations from a death squad gunman. [more]

Postie Plus
Forty West Coast workers will lose their jobs following confirmation today that retailer Postie Plus is pulling out of Westport. [more]

Russian Elections
In Russia the race for the Presidency is underway in ernest, yet it's a race with only a handful of candidates. [more]

A Crime Against Archeology
The burglary of an historic site in central Auckland has been called a crime against archaeology. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

United Nations and the Gaza Strip
The U.N's Security Council has abandoned attempts to agree on a statement on the situation in the Gaza Strip. [more]

World Economy
The leaders of Britain, France, Germany and Italy have been meeting in London ahead of next week's G8 meeting. [more]

A twenty-four hour kidnap ordeal has ended for around thirty hostages held by armed gunmen in a bank in Venezuela. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Australia's Federal Election
More than 200 unionists and officials will be discussing the best way to rid the country of the Workchoices initiative. [more]

Trade of Body Parts in India
The illegal trade in body parts is big business in India. [more]

From salamanders that can live without food for ten years to frogs that protect their young in their mouths... [more]

Mahatma Gandhi
Today marks the 60th anniversary of the assassination of India's independence leader Mahatma Gandhi. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 30 january 2008
Violence in South Auckland, John Key Speech, Vaccine funding. [more]

NZ Dawn Chorus In Wattle Grove
Listen to today's birdcall. [more]

Figures released by the Gambling Helpline show the number of people using its services is again on the rise. [more]

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Morning Rural News for 30 January 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

John Key's Speech
MPs across the political spectrum say John Key's plan to get tough on youth crime offers nothing new. [more]

Memorial For Murdered Backpacker
The clergyman who led a memorial service for murdered backpacker Karen Aim has pleaded with her killer to come forward. [more]

Violence In South Auckland
There's been fresh violence in south Auckland overnight with a shootout in Otara which is believed to involve rival gangs. [more]

John Key On Youth Speech
National leader John Key is being accused of using youth as a political football in the lead up to this year's general election. [more]

John key's Speech (part 2)
The National Party leader, John Key, is being accused of using youth as a political football in his state of the nation speech. [more]

Burnham Military Camp
A programme praised by Mr Key yesterday was the Limited Service Volunteer scheme run out of the Burnham Military camp. [more]

Minister Responds To Key Speech
Minister of Defence and Corrections, Phil Goff speaks on youth offending. [more]

Memorial For Backpacker (part 2)
The young Orkney Islander who was bashed in a Taupo street and left to die has been buried in her home village of St Mary's. [more]

Violence In South Auckland (part 2)
Two men in hospital after rival gangs staged a shootout and later fled through nearby streets. [more]

Cervical Cancer Vaccine
The Government's expected to fund a vaccine against cervical cancer for girls, and it's likely to be introduced this year. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Youth Offending
The Principal Youth Court Judge is calling for more policies to improve the lot of children up to the age of seven. [more]

Coastal Development
Growing concern among coastal property owners in Hawke's Bay as the council moves on its proposed coastal plan. [more]

Plot To Kill Soldier
A man has pleaded guilty to a plot to kidnap and kill a Muslim soldier in the British army by cutting off his head"like a pig". [more]

Prime Minister's Speech
The Prime Minister, Helen Clark has just started delivering a keynote speech in Auckland this morning. [more]

Drought In NZ
Sweltering temperatures and a lack of rain means water restrictions are being imposed on areas not typically affected. [more]

Island Opened To The Public
A previously off limits island in The Hauraki Gulf is to be opened to the public for the first time in more than a century. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Fiji Cyclone
At least six people have died in Fiji as a result of tropical cyclone Gene. [more]

Harbhajan Singh has been cleared of racial abuse after initially being handed out a three match suspension. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Violence In Kenya
Talks have begun in Kenya between political rivals aimed at ending the tribal violence which has claimed more than 800 lives. [more]

Anti Terrorism Laws
Civil liberty campaigners are concerned a review of anti-terrorism laws may lead to the extension of police powers. [more]

Greymouth's War Memorial
Greymouth's controversial war memorial pillars have found a new home. [more]

Nine To Noon

Vitamin D
Professor Hector DeLuca and Dr Chris Atkinson talk about vitamin D deficiency. [more]

State Of The Nation Speech
analysis of Prime Minister's state of the nation speech and how it compares with John Key's speech from day before. [more]

Career Change
Lindsay Helson was a funeral director and is now a prison officer. [more]

With correspondent Paul Barclay. [more]

Feature Guest - Lisa Chappell
Left Sydney to return to NZ, starred in McLeod's Daughters, catapulting her to fame on both sides of the tasman. [more]

Book Review - Floodtide
Written by Judy Nunn. Published by Random House Australia and reviewed by Gail Pittaway. [more]

Music with Marty Duda
The artist of the week is Damien Rice. [more]

With legal commentator Robert Lithgow QC. [more]

Film review
Dan Slevrn reviews new Tim Burton film, 'Sweeny Todd' and 'Charlie Wilson's War'. [more]

Rural News

Midday Rural News for 30 January 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


David Hamilton
Auckland based NZ choral composer doing very well in competitions overseas. [more]

Anna Pierard and Jose Aparicio
NZ mezzo soprano and Spanish tenor performing Zarzuela! 7:30pm; Thurs 31 Jan; Ilott Theatre, Wgtn. [more]

News stories:

Unexpected hospital treatment for American Samoa Governor
It has been revealed that American Samoa Governor , Togiola Tulafono, was admitted to Straub Hospital last Thursday, a day after he was discharged from Tripler Army Medical Center. Senator... [more]

Marshalls President signals support for Taiwan
The new Marshall Islands President Litokwa Tomeing has delivered a speech strongly supporting ties with Taiwan at his first meeting with Taiwan Vice President Annette Lu Vice President Lu arrived... [more]

Fiji still cleaning up after Cyclone Gene
Power and water outages have been experienced widely in Fiji where the death toll from Tropical Cyclone Gene's path is reported to be as high as six. Fiji's Disaster Management... [more]

CNMI faces more economic pain with next stage of minimum wage
A report by the US Department of Labour has warned that scheduled increases in the minimum wage in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands will further weaken the economy... [more]

American Samoa businessmen oppose next round of minimum wage hikes
The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce says the territory must act to stop the next round of wage hikes under the federal minimum wage law due to go into effect... [more]

PNG landowners protest at Chinese-run Ramu nickel site
Papua New Guinea landowners have staged a protest at the headquarters of a nickel mine project being developed by a Chinese-led venture in Madang province. Managers from China Metallurgical Construction... [more]

Samoa opts for fuel from coconuts
The Samoa government has approved a proposal by the Pacific Oil Company to produce coconut oil fuel as a substitute for diesel in the country. The Pacific Oil company is... [more]

Greenpeace hails Kiribati move to protect Phoenix Islands waters
Greenpeace has welcomed Kiribati's decision to declare the Phoenix Islands as the world's largest protected area. Kribiati made the announcement yesterday. The Phoenix Islands are located about halfway between Fiji... [more]

Reporters Without Borders condemns Fiji police action against TV team
The journalists' organisation, Reporters Without Borders, has condemned last week's arrest of Fiji TV reporter Emily Moil and cameraman Shalendra Datt for disobeying a police order when they went to... [more]

US agents in CNMI arrested two Chinese over military gear export
U.S. federal agents in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas have arrested two Chinese nationals accused of exporting military materials without a permit to China. The Saipan Tribune reports that... [more]

NZ group welcomes Kiribati move to set up protected area
The group, Friends of the Earth, in New Zealand supports Kiribati's decision to declare the Phoenix Islands as the world's largest protected area. The Phoenix Islands are located about halfway... [more]

Samoa demand for coconuts expected to soar
The General Manager of Samoa's newly formed Pacific Oil company, Samau Etuale Sefo, says the new coconut oil plant to produce fuel needs more dried copra from local coconut farmers... [more]

NZ helps mark Bougainville police project
50 regular police and 50 community constables trained by New Zealand police took part in a march-past in Buka, in Papua New Guinea's Bougainville province, this morning. The New Zealand... [more]

Fiji clean-up continues after Cyclone Gene
Power is slowly being returned in Fiji, with the death toll from tropical cyclone Gene now at seven. Fiji's Disaster Management Office is yet to assess the total damage but... [more]

Marquesas renews push to split from French Polynesia
There has been a renewed call for French Polyensia's Marquesas islands to become a separate colonial entity linked to France. This comes after the first round of the territory's early... [more]

Madang Governor in PNG confirms Ramu MOA to be reviewed
The Governor of Papua New Guinea's Madang province says Ramu nickel project's Memorandum of Agreement is scheduled to be reviewed in March. Sir Arnold Amet says the review should cover... [more]

Flosse rules out alliance with any pro-independence party in French Polynesia
The leader of French Polynesia's opposition Tahoeraa Huiraatira says his party won't enter into any alliance that would see the election of a pro-independence politician as the next president. Gaston... [more]