Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 14th February 2008

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Jim's Essay
Valentine's Day. [more]

Best Song Ever Written
Danny Allen from Eastbourne chose My Girl by The Temptations. [more]

Your Place - Winton
This week we head off to a town with a diverse economic base, great community spirit and new developing local industries. [more]

Mavis Staples
In a career spanning more than 50 years, Mavis Staples is recognized as a soul and gospel legend. [more]

The Arts Report
Lucy Orbell looks back on 10 years of Te Papa Tongarewa - Our Place. [more]

Christchurch Story
In Valentine's spirit, our Chch correspondent meets some of the city's older residents and learns about their lives and loves. [more]

Environment Story
Exploring the balance between conservation and development in the biodiversity hotspots of Vietnam. [more]

The Panel - (part one)
With Mike Ponder and Rosemary McLeod. [more]

The Panel - (part two)
With Mike Ponder and Rosemary McLeod. [more]


Report Finds A Culture At Rimutaka That Allows Corruption
An independent report has found there's no evidence of systemic corruption at Rimutaka Prison in Wellington. [more]

Teenage Body Found In CHCH Park Named
16-year-old Shaun Martin Finnerty was found dead in Auburn Reserve with facial injuries yesterday morning. [more]

Three Die In Blenheim House Fire
It's still not known if those who died were residents at the address or visitors there for a late night party. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Troubles With NZ Property Investment Firm Blue Chip
Nineteen companies associated with Blue Chip NZ have gone into liquidation, leaving thousands worried. [more]

Herceptin Court Case
The drug agency Pharmac says it did everything right in deciding on a contentious funding plan for the breast cancer drug. [more]

Hawkes Bay DHB
Anger is growing over the government's refusal to confirm its appointments to the District Health Board. [more]

East Timor Correspondent Anne Barker
There have been emotional scenes in East Timor at the funeral of the slain rebel leader Alfredo Reinado. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

DOC To Make Cost Saving Moves
Job cuts and other measures are being considered by the Department of Conservation after forecasting a budget deficit. [more]

Food Prices On The Rise Again
Statistics shows figures rose by 0.4 percent in January, with higher grocery prices the main cause. [more]

Rimutaka Prison Report
Opposition MPs claim the state of Rimutaka prison is far from healthy. [more]

Aboriginal Elder Dies In State Custody
The Australian govt had been warned that its transport vans were below standard before the death in a prisoner transport van. [more]

Just Enough Power For Winter
Meridian Energy told MP's this morning the country's supply of electricity is as finely balanced as it has been for decades. [more]

DOC Job Cuts Continued
DOC's chief executive Al Morrison. [more]

Bush Signs Bill To Help Victims Of Housing Recession
The message to millions of Americans was that help was on the way for those who've been hit the hardest. [more]

Steven Spielberg Pulls Out Of Beijing Olympics Role
The appointed artistic adviser has pulled out saying that China hasn't used it's influence to end the crisis in Darfur. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

NZ's Newest Marine Farm
The farm opened today in the Marlborough Sounds, but its owner says further expansion is being held back by aquaculture reform. [more]

Moves To Improve Drowning Statistics Of Pacific Islanders
Water Safety New Zealand met with community members to see how to help improve Pacific Islanders' safety around water. [more]

US Welcomes News Of Moughniyahs Death
Imad Moughniyah was one of Hezbollah's most senior commanders and Iran has accused Israel of assassinating him. [more]

Poll Not Far Off For Malaysia
Malaysia's Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is planning to use an early election to his advantage. [more]

Islamist Violence In Pakistan May Effect Vote
Around 80 million people are eligible to vote in Paksitan's national and provincial elections on Monday. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Afghan Sees Deaths Of Hundreds Of School Teachers And Students
The Afghan education minister, Mohammad Hanif Atmar, has told the BBC that insurgents have killed 447 over the last 11 months. [more]

Death of Controversial Multi-millionaire Businessman
The tycoon died of a suspected heart attack yesterday in Britain, where he was living in self-imposed exile to avoid arrest. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 14 February 2008
Unsafe Hospitals, Hizbollah Commander Killed, Dead Boy in Christchurch Park, Te Papa Turns 10. [more]

Tara Punga - The Red Billed Gull
Listen to today's birdcall. [more]

Blue Chip Investors Suffer Losses
Investors in residential property specialists Blue Chip are waiting to see what losses they may have suffered. [more]

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Auckland DHB Head Says Health System Unsafe
Ron Paterson told a Parliamentary Committee that the health system is unacceptably unsafe and lacks national leadership. [more]

Urgent Action Wanted to Deal With Unsafe Hospitals
Medical professionals want urgent changes made after hospitals are called unsafe. [more]

Health Minister David Cunliffe
The Health Minister David Cunliffe comments on the report. [more]

Hizbollah Commander Killed in Syria Bomb
Israel has denied claims it played any role in the killing of a top Hizbollah commander in Syria's capital, Damascus. [more]

Post Mortem to be Held on Boy Found in Park
A post mortem will be carried out on Thursday on a teenager found in a Christchurch park after an anonymous phone call. [more]

Te Papa is Now 10
Te Papa Tongarewa, the Museum of New Zealand, our place, turns ten years old today. [more]

Transpower Considers Reopening Power Cable
Transpower is considering reopening a major Cook Strait power cable to avert a potential power crisis. [more]

Sports News
The latest from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Fraud Seen as Problem in Public Service
The Auditor-General warns that fraud is a problem the public service needs to address. [more]

Blue Chip Investors - Part 2
An Auckland lawyer acting for a number of angry investors who are demanding their money back, says the news is looking grim. [more]

ShippingEmissions Under Estimated
A UN report has been leaked showing shipping's contribution to harmful greenhouse gases is more than double previous estimates. [more]

Geocaching Sparks Bomb Scare
Players of a high-tech game of hide and seek have been left red faced after their activities sparked a full-scale bomb scare. [more]

Fatal Blenheim House Fire
Three bodies have been found in the remains of a house fire in Blenheim this morning. [more]

Hone Harawira on Australian Govt 'Sorry'
Hone Harawira comments on the Australian Govts apology to the Aboriginal 'Stolen Generation'. [more]

Should Britain Also Apologise to Stolen Generations
A prominent human rights lawyer says Britain also be saying sorry to Australia's Stolen Generations. [more]

Alliance Meat Co-op's Plan to Rescue Industry
The Alliance meat co-operative is proposing a new mega-company that would handle 80 percent of NZ's red meat processing. [more]

Te Papa is Now 10 - Part 2
Some decried it as a low-brow, theme park that lacked the gravitas expected of a national museum. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Wellington Transport Proposal Opposed
Efforts are underway to thwart the plan by Transit NZ for tunnels and a flyover to help cope with traffic in the capital. [more]

NZ War Memorial in London Criticised
Some high profile art commentators are calling for an end to what they call the infestation of their city. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

A bid's been launched to move the town north from England into Scotland. [more]

Gossip Website Self-Censors Paparazzi Pictures
Owen Gibson of The Guardian comments. [more]


Web Accessibility
The Web Accessibility Initiative aims to improve web access for the disabled. [more]

Nine To Noon

Katherine Rich Resigns From National Caucus
List MP and education spokeswoman talks about her decision to resign. [more]

Beijing Olympics Gagging Contract
NZ Olympic Committee accused of breaching Bill of Human Rights by gagging athletes speaking about their experiences in China [more]

Rights Of Americans To Hang Washing On The Line
Executive Director of Project Laundry List in the US talks about the issue. [more]

UK Correspondent - Kate Adie
Talking about UK issues this week. [more]

Feature Guest - Stephanie Alexander
Australian chef talks about the Kitchen Garden Foundation [more]

Book Review - A Good Handful
Great NZ Poems About Sex, reviewed by Phil Smith, edited by Stu Bagby. Published by Auckland University Press. [more]

Maori Issues
With Mana magazine editor Derek Fox [more]

Health Correspondent
David Galler, principal medical adviser to the Ministry of Health comments on health issues. [more]

New Technology Commentator - Colin Jackson
Tech commentator Colin Jackson talks the modern music phenomenon, the Mash Up. [more]

Our Changing World

DOC Ranger Joe Potangaroa lets Amelia"help"him feed the eels. [more]

Balancing Nature
The ABC's Lynne Malcolm explores biodiverity hotspots in Vietnam. [more]

The voyage leader of NIWA's research vessel shows Amelia around before heading to the Ross Sea. [more]


Jonathan Stockhammer
Berlin based US conductor in the country NZ for multiple appearances at International Festival of the Arts. [more]

Classical guitarist Mike Hogan, and Taonga Puoro players and instrument builders Henare Walmsley and Alistair Fraser. [more]

News stories:

Leaders of French Polynesia's two pro-autonomy parties due to meet this morning
The leaders of French Polynesia's two pro-autonomy parties are due to meet this morning for their first encounter since the inconclusive weekend general election. This comes after Gaston Flosse issued... [more]

Talks are underway between French Polynesia's pro-autonomy parties
Talks are underway between French Polynesia's pro-autonomy parties in a bid to form a majority for the next five years. The weekend election left To Tatoa Aia coalition two seats... [more]

LBJ hospital in American Samoa says travel papers for baby was all in order
The LBJ hospital in American Samoa says all the travel papers for baby Michael Futi, his mother and a nurse were in order and it can see no reason why... [more]

United States urges FIRCA an early resolution with Fiji Water
The United States is urging the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority to come to an early resolution with Fiji Water. Natural Waters of Viti, which makes Fiji Water, has... [more]

Court in Samoa raises concern over increasing drug cases
Samoa's chief justice has raised concerns over the increasing number of drug cases in the country involving young people. Tiava'asu'e Falefatu Sapolu's comment follows seven drug cases before the court... [more]

New Caledonian IRD research institute says it didn't hide information
The New Caledonian IRD research institute says it didn't hide information about underwater dripstones as claimed by some activists. Activists are against a Goro Nickel mining company plan to build... [more]

Papua New Guinea faces huge hurdles in Kuala Lumpur
The Papua New Guinea cricketers not only have a tough draw but they need to adapt quickly to the cricket surface at the Under 19 World Cup tournament in Malaysia... [more]

Fiji ropes in the big guns from overseas
Fiji's women's basketball coach Michael Whippy has roped in six overseas-based players for the Olympic qualifying tournament in Spain in June. New York-based players Mikaelar Whippy and Valerie Nainima, Helen... [more]

Papua New Guinea confident of doing well in Malaysia
The Papua New Guinea cricket side have been drawn in a tough pool as they prepare for the ICC under 19 Cricket World Cup starting in Malaysia at the weekend. [more]

Village of Lano on Samoa's Savaii island bans sale of sand from their beaches
The village of Lano on Samoa's Savaii island has banned the sale of sand from their beaches. Anyone caught removing sand and selling it will be punished. Lano MP, Vui... [more]

French Polynesia's To Tatou Aia coalition says there are plans to legalise gambling
A senior member of French Polynesia's To Tatou Aia coalition, Jean-Christophe Bouissou, says there are plans to legalise gambling in new resort to be built in the Tuamotu and Marquesas... [more]

Palau's President to sign in new banking bill
Palau's President Tommy Remengesau is expected to sign the new bill to introduce changes to the Financial Institution Act into law this week. The new bill is now with President... [more]

Solomon Islands Tourism industry is expecting a boost
Solomon Islands Tourism industry is expecting a boost over the next two years. General Manager of the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau Michael Tokuru says there is support for various development... [more]

Low remittances due to factory shutdowns in CNMI
Low remittance figures in the Marianas Islands last year were partly a result of the continued exodus of the islands' garment industry. The Department of Commerce acting secretary Michael Ada... [more]

American Samoa hospital calls for end of life health care legislation to be passed
Officials at the LBJ Medical Centre in American Samoa have called for the Fono's approval of a bill that would provide end-of-life health care guidance. The bill provides guideline such... [more]

Volcanic haze from Anatahan sparks alert in Northern Marianas
The Northern Marianas Department of Public Health is urging people with respiratory problems to remain indoors after volcanic haze from Anatahan island. The government issued an alert against the sulfur... [more]

Former Solomons Cabinet Ministers told they can hold on to their government cars
A Solomon Islands High Court judge has ruled five former ministers can hold on to their government vehicles. They are Francis Zama, Mark Kemakeza, Siriako Usa, Augustine Taneko and Peter... [more]

International press freedom group critical of interim Fiji Government
The international press freedom group, Reporters Sans Frontieres, has criticised the interim government of Fiji, saying it has continued to harass its critics, particularly those on the internet. RSF, which... [more]

Pro-autonomy parties in French Polynesia to meet in two days to try and form governing majority
French Polynesia's two pro-autonomy parties have agreed to meet again the day after tomorrow to discuss a plan aimed at forming a majority for the next five years. This follows... [more]

Plans for a highly visible safe sex campaign during this year's Pacific Arts Festival
Exchanging cultures not diseases is one of the slogans put forward for a new HIV aids plan." It's being developed by a specialist from the South Pacific Commission and the... [more]

Forum welcomes inquiry into the Marshall Islands election fiasco
The Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat is welcoming the Commission of Inquiry into the Marshall Islands' national election. The Forum sent a team of six to observe the November election and... [more]

No environmental threat from pipeline - New Caledonia's Southern Province Government
The Southern Province Government in New Caledonia says a mining waste disposal pipe poses no threat to the environment. Activists are protesting about the Goro Nickel mining company who is... [more]

Locals feeling the pinch over stalled mining project near PNG's Kokoda Track, says company
The Australian company pushing to establish a mine near Papua new Guinea's Kokoda Track says it's been waiting since mid-last year for a renewal of its exploration licence. However Frontier... [more]

PNG police chief sets up new unit to investigate alleged crimes committed by police
The Papua New Guinea police commissioner, Gari Baki, intends to set up a special police unit dedicated to investigating and prosecuting officers committing crime. Commissioner Baki says it is vital... [more]

Fiji water exporter remains optimistic for business despite fight with customs authorities
The company exporting Fiji Water remains optimistic about its export operations despite being embroiled in court action with authorities. Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority claims the country is missing... [more]

US says no environmental threat from bombs used in practice over Kwajalein this weekend
U.S. Air Force bombers will conduct their second target practice in as many months at a missile testing range in the western Pacific this week. Aircrews flying planes from Anderson... [more]

MP arrested over assault in Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea police have charged an MP over a violent assault. The MP for Kagua/Erave, James Laga, is alleged to have started a fight in which the victim suffered... [more]

Freedom of Information laws in the Cooks could be passed this week
The Cook Islands Government hopes to have its new Freedom of Information legislation passed this week. The Official Information Bill is designed to give the public greater access to government... [more]

Calls for official American Samoa investigation into death of two week old baby at Honolulu airport
An American Samoa politician, Representative Taotasi Archie Soliai, is calling for answers as to why a 14 day old boy died while locked up in a room at Honolulu Airport... [more]

Mining company says Australia is ignoring locals' concerns in spat over Kokoda Track
The Australian company pushing to establish a mine near Papua new Guinea's Kokoda Track says local landowner needs may have been overlooked by those opposed to the project. Frontier Resources... [more]

New Caledonia faces rising incidence of dengue
The number of people infected with dengue fever has doubled in the past two weeks in New Caledonia. Officials have confirmed seventeen new cases in January this year, but our... [more]

Solomon Islands Government lifts ban on former police chief
The Solomon Islands Government has lifted the travel ban against the former police chief Shane Castles according to the Solomon Star newspaper. Mr Castles is wanted in Solomon Islands to... [more]