Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 21st February 2008

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Jim's Essay
Wisdom from military manuals [more]

Best Song Ever Written
Justy Scott from The Marlborough Sounds has chosen 'A Tribute to the Best Song in the World"by Tenacious D. [more]

Your Place - Winton
Today Your Place is a town in the southern Wairarapa, just north of the Rimutaka Tunnel. [more]

Student Culture
Otago University's orientation week is notorious for bringing out the sort of 'revelry' southern students are known for. [more]

Feature Album - I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You
I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You by Aretha Franklin was a top seller from it's first release. [more]

The Arts Report
The story of Scotland's National Theatre Company and the recreation of Helen Hitching's art gallery in Wellington. [more]

Christchurch Story
Katy Gosset views her city from a different perspective. [more]

Environment Story
Exploring the balance between conservation and development in the biodiversity hotspots of the Philippines. [more]

The Panel (Part One)
With Lynley Boniface and Tony Doe [more]

The Panel (Part Two)
With Lynley Boniface and Tony Doe. [more]


Serious Failures at Auckland Mental Health Unit Revealed.
An independent review has found a string of serious failures at the Auckland District Health Board's acute mental health unit. [more]

Split Widens Between Hawke's Bay DHB and Minister.
Hawke's Bay's most senior hospital doctor says that the region's district health board is in crisis and must be sacked. [more]

Leaky Homes Settlement
The lawyer for a group of Auckland homeowners says their settlement is proof leaky home woes can be put right. [more]

Labour Party President Appologises
Labour claims handling of loan was above board. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Hawkes Bay DHB - Part Two
More on the tense battle between the embattled DHB and the Health Minister. [more]

Hard-core Group of Young Likely to Remain Out of Work - OECD
This statement comes from an OECD education report. [more]

Michelle Obama
The wife of US presidential hopeful Barack Obama has managed to overshadow her husband, with a comment slated as non-patriotic. [more]

Teens Become Addicted After One Cigarette, Survey Shows
New research shows just one cigarette is enough to hook teenagers. [more]

Minister of Health Intervenes In Threatened Doctors Strike
Senior doctors have put off their threatened strike action for a month. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

NSW Property Developers Corruption and Sex Scandal
A corruption and sex scandal involving property developers and the Woollongong City Council is threatening to engulf the Govt. [more]

Threatened Doctors Strike - Part 2
The Executive Director of the Association of Salaried Medical Specialists is Ian Powell comments. [more]

Bunnings Warehouse Wage Disparity
Workers from the Australian-owned Bunnings Warehouse came to Parliament today to draw attention to the NZ wage gap. [more]

Accused Teacher Awaits Verdict
A jury is considering its verdicts on an Auckland teacher accused of indecently assaulting seven schoolgirls. [more]

USMissile Hits Spy Satellite, Says Pentagon
A missile fired from a US Navy warship hit a defunct spy satellite in space. [more]

Government Security to Increase
Government departments have been told to beef up security when transferring data, following a review by the Privacy Commission. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Agreement Between Central North Is. Iwi and Government
The agreement will develop proposals for the allocation of Crown-owned forest lands between iwi with unsettled historic claims. [more]

Leaky Home Settlement - Part 2
Wayne Evans, who's the head of Sacramento development's body corporate comments. [more]

Jayant Patel
Australia delays return of the notorious Indian trained surgeon Jayant Patel. [more]

Waatea News Update
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Kenya Refugees
Kenya's opposition warns of more street protests if talks are unsuccessful. [more]

Scientists say a painless treatment of type one diabetes may only be a few years away. [more]

Palestinian Independence
Official says Palestinians could follow the example set by Kosovo, by unilaterally declaring an independent state. [more]

China and Liquor Companies
Liquor companies are fighting against a ban on drinking at lunchtime. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 21 February 2008
Medals Bail Controversy, Hawkes Bay DHB Board sacking, 20/20 League Auction, Sentinel Events. [more]

Takapu - Gannet
Listen to today's birdcall. [more]

Body Snatch
Justice Minister is considering referring the case involving Christchurch man James Takamore to the Law Commission. [more]

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Hawkes Bay DHB Board Sacking
The chairman of the Hawkes Bay DHB is disappointed the Minister of Health is threatening to sack the board. [more]

Medals Bail Controversy
Inmate freed on bail to act as go-between in stolen medals case. [more]

Hawkes Bay DHB Board Sacking (Part 2)
Hawkes Bay's medical fraternity is standing by its embattled District Health Board. [more]

Twenty Twenty League Auction
Some of New Zealand's best cricketers services were sold to the highest bidders in the Indian Premier League. [more]

Sentinal Events Reaction
Medical staff say the reporting of mistakes won't increase patient safety on its own. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Confusion Over Labour Donor
Labour Party's General Secretary, Mike Smith is defending the party's actions. [more]

Hawkes Bay DHB Board Sacking (Part 3)
Further discussion around the controversy surrounding the DHB's performance. [more]

Ministry of Environment Official Apologises
Green Party says Ministry official should be hauled before a select committee. [more]

Satellite Shootdown
The United States Navy is poised to undertake its trickiest ever piece of target shooting. [more]

Daytime Headlights Research
Research suggests driving with your headlights on during the day won't reduce the chance of crashing your car. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Meat Exporter Under Scrutiny
Agriculture Minister accuses Alliance Group of risking New Zealand trade. [more]

Palmerston North Jockey Charged
Charged in relation to a $100,000 bonus payment. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Queen Street Upgrade Party
Merits of the $150K party are debated. [more]

Black Caps Draw
New Zealand almost chased down England's mammoth total of 340. [more]


NZFIA: Lifeboat
Gill Robertson is the director of a play based on a World War 2 survival story. [more]

Nine To Noon

DHB's Sentinel Events
Medical professionals discuss the 182 serious mistakes in the 06-07 year. [more]

Hawkes Bay DHB Crisis
Clinical Director of Surgery at Hawkes Bay regional Hospital's perspective. [more]

Judge Jockeys Conflict Of Interest
Chief Justice Sian Elias won't preside over Lisa Cropp hearing as the jockey rides for the Dame. [more]

Elderly Sex Offender Detained
A Hawkes Bay retirement home has a sex offender resident confined to home detention. [more]

UK Correspondent - John Dennis
Talking about UK issues this week. [more]

Feature Guest - Dr John Szetu
Renowned ophthalmologist talks about his work in and around the Pacific and the Fred Hollows Foundation. [more]

Book Review - The Fall of the House of Bush
By Craig Unger. Published by Scribner (Simon and Schuster). Reviewed by John King. [more]

Maori Issues
Writer and commentator, Paul Diamond talks about the life and works of Barry Barclay. [more]

New Zealand At The Olympics
Joseph Romanos talks about 100 years of New Zealand at the Olympics. [more]

New Technology Commentator - Colin Jackson
Colin talks about quantum theory and physics. [more]

Our Changing World

Semiconductors, solar power and the future of the world's energy supply. [more]

Balancing Nature
Lynne Malcom visits scientists in the Philippines to see how they are hoping to accelerate the process of natural reef recovery. [more]

Richard Williams talks about Potatopak, and making containers from starch extracted from waste water from potato processing. [more]


Michael Dauth
German violinist performing Tchaikovsky's 'Violin Concerto in D' with Christchurch Symphony and conductor Sir William Southgate. [more]

Roger Stevenson
Director of Wellington Youth Choir previews upcoming season. [more]

Wendy Doyle
NZ Opera resident emerging artist performing as part of company's fundraising concert at Ayrlies Gardens in Whitford. [more]

News stories:

Australia considers Pacific labour
Australia is considering allowing people from Pacific nations into the country to perform seasonal work. However the country's Parliamentary Secretary for Pacific Island Affairs, Duncan Kerr, says complex issues need... [more]

Member of House of Representatives in American Samoa wants workers views on wage law
A member of the House of Representatives in American Samoa, Mase Akapo, says the voice of the working people has been absent from the debate on the minimum wage law. [more]

Samoan mother escapes jail sentence after death of new born baby
A young Samoan mother charged with infanticide has been placed under probation for two years and to serve 150 hours of community service by the chief justice Patu Tiava'asu'e Falefatu... [more]

Tonga's Government hopes its planned Tongan Origin shop will this year
The Tonga Government hopes that its planned Tongan Origin shop will open by the middle of this year. The shop was one of series of ideas unveiled last year as... [more]

Tonga power company increases electricity charges by 21 percent
The Tonga power company, Shoreline, has increased its electricity charges by 21 percent to offset an increase in the price of fuel this week. The King is a major shareholder... [more]

US military delays shooting down of spy satellite
The United States military says it may have to delay shooting down an out of control spy satellite because of bad weather. Military officials say waves in the Pacific are... [more]

Indian state LNG company looks at PNG
India's Petronet LNG is looking at buying liquefied natural gas or LNG from a proposed 6.3 million tonnes a year project in Papua New Guinea. The Reuters News Agency reports... [more]

Australia's Foreign Minister welcomes support of new Solomon Islands Government
Australia's Foreign Minister says his government appreciates the strong support of the new Solomon Islands Government on RAMSI. Stephen Smith is travelling to Honiara today for the inaugural meeting of... [more]

Fiji's acting interim Prime Minister says Cabinet made decision to appoint Bainimarama
Fiji's acting interim Prime Minister, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, says Cabinet deviated from the recommendation of the Great Council of Chiefs Task Force. Ratu Epeli told Fiji Times Cabinet made the... [more]

Police in Samoa present traditional Ifoga after death
A police officer in Samoa has been charged with careless driving causing death following an accident at Salelologa market in Savaii Island. A 69 year old man was killed in... [more]

Four companies vying for mobile phone licenses hand in bids this week
Four companies vying for the mobile phone licenses handed in their bids to the Communications Ministry this week. Fiji Village website reports the Ministry is now assessing bids from Digicel,... [more]

No majority yet as French Polynesian assembly to elect speaker
Uncertainty continues in French Polynesia over whether a majority can be formed ahead of tomorrow's planned election of an assembly president. None of the three lists in last week's early... [more]

Vanuatu sets April dates for MSG summit
Vanuatu's government has confirmed new dates for the Melanesian Spearhead Group leaders summit in Port Vila. The summit, which will be the first key meeting at the newly opened MSG... [more]

Activists seek injunction to stop New Caledonian nickel mine project
New Caledonian activists say they have this week applied for a court injunction to stop the Goro Nickel mining company from building a waste disposal pipe. Goro is building a... [more]

Unclaimed South Korean body still in American Samoan hospital morgue
The body of a South Korean man remains in an American Samoan hospital morgue nearly a year after he died. The man had been a patient at the LBJ hospital... [more]

PNG hospital plans burial for five unclaimed bodies
Media reports in Papua New Guinea say five unclaimed bodies have been held at the general hospital in Mt Hagen in the Western Highlands for more than a year. The... [more]

Pacific urged to back cluster bomb ban
Pacific nations are being called on to back other countries who have made strong statements for a ban on cluster munitions. The Pacific countries are being represented at an international... [more]

NZ considers training community police in Indonesia's Papua region
New Zealand police are considering the possibility of cooperating with the Indonesian police in Papua in carrying out a programme to train community police. The Papua Police's Senior Commander Agus... [more]

PNG deports Australian man on bail
Papua New Guinea authorities have deported an Australian man who was facing charges of firing a gun in a public place. Philip Tan was flown to Brisbane after illegally entering... [more]

Forum/Fiji meetings to include Forum foreign ministers in March
Officials from six Pacific countries have again met to discuss a way out of the Fiji political crisis. The Pacific Islands Forum-Fiji Joint Working Group on the Situation in Fiji... [more]

Paris sets up group to help Noumea Accord implementation
France says it has set up a task force that will help pass on power from Paris to New Caledonia. The announcement was made by the overseas territories minister, Christian... [more]

CNMI clarifies job funding issue in 2008 budget
The Northern Marinanas government has denied that close to 1,000 government employees will be fired under the governor's budget proposal. The acting Governor Timothy Villagomez says it's disappointing that certain... [more]

US says toxic satellite intercepted
The US military is reported to have successfully fired a missile at a defunct spy satellite in space to prevent its toxic fuel tank from crashing to Earth. A Pentagon... [more]