Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 6th March 2008

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Jim's Essay
What do you want to be when you grow up? [more]

Best Song Ever Written
Mike Shennan, principal at Mt Maunganui Primary School, nominates 'Another Great Divide' by Split Enz (1977). [more]

Your Place - Bunnythorpe
Between Feilding and Palmerston Nth, this small town is the birthplace of Glaxo and the Saker racecar. [more]

Martinborough Vintage 2008
Palliser Estate wine-maker, viticulturalist and oneologist Alan Johnson talks about the prospects of the coming harvest. [more]

Endless Summer
Patrick Curtis has avoided winter for the past 10 years and at 81 journeys between his home in Woodage, England and Rotorua. [more]

The Arts Report
Film schools at Canterbury and Victoria Universities face big changes if proposals are implemented. [more]

King Cycle and Model Supplies
Katy talks to Barry King, the owner of a Christchurch institution that is closing its doors after 60 years. [more]

Environment Report
A perspective on the debate around amending NZ's laws on industrial hemp production. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
Jim, Michael Hurst and Rosemary McLeod talk politics and the school yard. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
The Panel discusses the recent 'body snatcher' incident. [more]

The Panel (Part 3)
The Panel wraps up with issues close to their respective hearts. [more]


Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Cullen and Tax Cuts
The Finance Minister promises tax cuts despite a lack of budget surplus. [more]

Government Frustrated at Rail Buyback
The government is increasingly frustrateed with a lack of progress with Toll Holdings. [more]

Maori Party and National
National's policy to abolish the Maori seats without Maori consent would preclude any post-election deal. [more]

International Paedophile Ring Uncovered
NZ authorities explain how they sparked child porn sting resulting in arrests worldwide. [more]

Airshow Organiser Gone to Ground
Today the Commerce Commission has frozen the assets of the promoter of a failed Hamilton air show. [more]

Interest Rates to Remain High
The Reserve Bank today left the Official Cash Rate on hold at 8.25 percent - even though the economy is slowing. [more]

Bush Endorses McCain
A day after his former rival secured the Republican Party's nomination for the presidency, President Bush adds his support. [more]

Nelson Zoo Closure
Around 100 protestors marched through central Nelson today, demanding the city council abandon plans to close the local zoo. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Surge in Auckland Patient Numbers
Auckland hospital staff are warning of serious problems when winter ailments kick in. [more]

Real Estate Agents Bill
Real estate agents turned up en mass to parliament today to tell MP's new laws to regulate their industry are an over reaction. [more]

Ab King Pro Usurper
Hundreds of counterfeit Ab King Pro machines have been destroyed in South Auckland this afternoon. [more]

Tax Cuts and Budget Blowout
The Finance Minister promises tax cuts despite a small budget surplus. [more]

Electoral Finance Act Abuse Accusation
National accuses Labour of distributing promotional material without proper authorisation statements. [more]

Fishing Industry Lobby on Seabird Rules
Regulations introduced last month to protect seabirds may be amended. [more]

Former Australian PM Hits Out
John Howard has hit out at the new Rudd government for the first time; during a major speech in the US. [more]

Biofuels Introduction
MP's have heard the introduction of a mandatory percentage of biofuels will push up prices at the pump. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Democratic Nomination Update
ABC's John Shovellin updates us from Washington. [more]

Bali Nine Update
Three young Australian men on death row in Indonesia have had their sentences reduced to life imprisonment. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Monitoring Our Youngest Killer
A lobby group has spoken out against a call to have Bailey Junior Kurariki electronically monitored once he's released. [more]

UN Tough on Celebrity Drug Users
The UN wants greater action taken against celebrities caught taking illegal substances. [more]

Colombia Crisis
Venezuela has moved ten army battalions to the border with Colombia as diplomats strive to defuse a regional crisis. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories For 06 March 2008
Legal Aid, National Contradictions, US Primaries, Kenyan Violence, Ambulance Attack, Rowing, Boy Racer Crackdown. [more]

Korora - Northern Blue Penguin
Listen to today's birdcall. [more]

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Legal Aid Delay in Tama Iti Case
Lawyer for Maori activist Tame Iti claims slow legal aid will affect right to fair trial in firearms charges case. [more]

Road Closures and Car Bans to Foil Boy Racers
Christchurch Council invoke rarely used rules to safeguard city streets during Car Convention this weekend. [more]

Legal Aid Delay In Firearms Charges Case
Lawyers for defendants in the October police raids say lack of legal aid is prejudicing rights to a fair trial. [more]

John Key Policy U-Turn Brings Criticism
John Key has come under pressure this week after a series of apparent contradictions over policy. [more]

US Presidential Primaries Race
Hillary Clinton has won crucial presidential primaries in Ohio and Texas, whilst John McCain confirmed as Republican candidate. [more]

State-Sanctioned Violence Claims in Kenya
As Kenya tries to rebuild itself after post-election clashes, there've been serious allegations of state-sanctioned violence. [more]

Rock Thrown at Ambulance on Emergency Call
Police are investigating an incident in which a rock was hurled through an ambulance window while on an emergency call. [more]

Waddell-Drysdale Olympic Sculling Trial
Rob Waddell described his loss to Mahe Drysdale in the Olympic sculling selection battle, as like rowing through mud [more]

Road Closures and Car Bans to Foil Boy Racers (Part Two)
Christchurch Council invoke rarely used rules to safeguard city streets during Car Convention this weekend. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Auckland Council Spending Review
Debate ends today on Auckland City Council spending review and proposed cuts from mayor John Banks. [more]

Southland Enters Space Age
Southland opens a new satellite tracking station to keep tabs on a mission to the International Space Station. [more]

Reserve Bank Interest Rate Decision Awaited
Reserve Bank soon to announce what change if any there will be to the official cash rate. [more]

US Presidential Primaries Race (Part Two)
Hillary Clinton is back in the race to win the democratic nomination to run for the US presidency. [more]

New Government Bill Hits Hurdle
A government bill to keep 17 year olds out of adult courts came close to failing at its first hurdle in Parliament last night. [more]

Hostage Drama in Chinese Tourist Spot
A dramatic hostage incident occurred involving a group of Australians in the popular tourist spot of Xian in China. [more]

Rebel Soldiers in East Timor Surrender
The rebel soldier most wanted for the attempted assassinations in East Timor is in talks to surrender, say authorities there. [more]

Trans-Tasman Trades People Drift
New Australian housing affordability scheme will 'poach' New Zealand trades people across the Tasman. [more]

Party Pills Closer to Ban
Legislation to outlaw the active ingredient in party pills passed its second reading in Parliament last night. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Leaded Petrol Study
Otago Uni study has charged government confusion and procrastination with a 20-year delay in banning leaded petrol. [more]

Hawkes Bay Horse Show
More than 18 hundred riders and two and a half thousand horses from all over New Zealand have descended on Hastings. [more]


Chameleon Colour Coordination
Dr Devi Stuart-Fox, animal behaviour scientist of the University of Melbourne. [more]

Geology Rocks!
GNS Geologist Hamish Campbell is on a field trip at Mt Somers in Mid-Canterbury. [more]

Nights Conundrum
Thursday's clues are...... [more]

Nine To Noon

Sex Offender Treatment In Demand for Kids
A Christchurch agency that treats sexual offenders is now dealing with children as young as five. [more]

Youth Court Remand and Bail Provisions
Principal Youth Court Judge raises issues relating to remand and bail provisions for youth offenders. [more]

Colorectal Cancer Screening
Jim Cassidy, UK oncologist and expert on colorectal cancer talks about one of NZ's biggest killers. [more]

UK Correspondent - Jon Dennis
Jon discusses recent UK news on Drinking law, Plastic Bag Bans and Prince Harry's"front line"scandal. [more]

Feature Guest - Roberto Perez
Cuban biologist and environmental educator in Permaculture - the design of sustainable human habitats. [more]

Book Review - A Partisan's Daughter
By Louis De Bernieres. Published by Harvill Secker. Reviewd by John King. [more]

Maori Issues
Paul Diamond discusses a recent report on the growing Maori population living in Australia. [more]

Theologian Larry Rasmussen wants to challenge global consumerism, in favour of voluntary simple living. [more]

New Technology Commentator - Colin Jackson
Colin Jackson answers the question"Can computers remember things?"by discussing hard drives, RAM and back-ups. [more]

Feature Guest - CK Stead
NZ writer and critic talks about his new book when not interrupted by a fire alarm. [more]

Our Changing World

The Hihi at Pukaha Mount Bruce Wildlife Centre
The Hihi - or Stitchbird - is a small nectar-drinking native with some unusual characteristics. [more]

A Methane-eating Bacterium Discovered at Hell's Gate
GNS Scientist Matthew Scott talks about the discovery of a methane-eating bacterium at Hell's Gate in Rotorua. [more]

Industrial Production of Hemp
The potential of hemp as a commercial crop and the regulations around its industrial production. [more]

Neuroscientist Geoffrey Burnstock and his Discoveries
One of the most cited scientists in recent years, Professor Geoffrey Burnstock talks about his discoveries. [more]


Akram Khan
British-Bangladeshi dancer performing‘Sacred Monsters’with Sylvie Guillem at the NZ International Arts Festival. [more]

Philip Glass
American minimalist pioneer Philip Glass is in the country for NZ International Arts Festival performance of 'Book of Longing'. [more]

Absolute Mahler
Peter Menchen reviews NZ International Arts Festival performance by the 'Absolute Ensemble'. [more]

Donald Nicholson
Baroque keyboard specialist performing works by Francois Couperin and others at Wellington's NZ Portrait Gallery this weekend. [more]

News stories:

New Zealand and Australia reported to be considering Fiji sport boycott
New Zealand and Australia are reported to be considering a sports boycott of Fiji An Australian newspaper says New Zealand's Foreign Minister, Winston Peters, will discuss further sanctions against Fiji... [more]

Fiji's Military Council advises interim PM to ask interim Finance Minister to step aside
Fiji's Military Council has advised the interim Prime Minister to ask his interim Finance Minister to step aside while a full scale independent inquiry into his personal tax affairs gets... [more]

Solomons New Zealand and Fiji win third round of Olympic soccer qualifier
Solomon Islands are still top of the table after the third round of the Olympic soccer qualifying tournament in Fiji. They have maximum points from three matches and a goal... [more]

Two candidates running in Tonga's election in April appear in court
Two candidates running for Tonga's election in April have appeared in court this week facing charges relating to the November riot in 2006. 'Ofa Simiki, one of two female candidates... [more]

Solomon Islands delivers hard hitting statement at United Nations
Solomon Islands has delivered a hard hitting statement at the 52nd session on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. The Solomon Islands Broadcasting corporation says Helen Beck... [more]

Speaker of Parliament in Solomon Islands says fighting corruption must be a priority
The Speaker of Parliament in Solomon Islands says it is important that political leaders and civil servants in the country publicly place the fight against corruption, at the top of... [more]

Papua New Guinea indicates it would welcome Australian police on its streets
Papua New Guinea has indicated it would welcome Australian police back on its streets to help tackle law and order issues. The issue is set to be revived during a... [more]

Second Pacific Trade Expo underway in New Zealand
The second Pacific Trade Expo is underway in New Zealand to promote two way trade in the region. Fourteen Pacific countries are represented at the expo in West Auckland, to... [more]

Price of powdered milk in Fiji increases
The Fiji Prices and Income Board increased the price of powdered milk on January. The board told the Fiji Times the powdered milk price had only gone up in supermarkets... [more]

SkyAirWorld launches its Australia to Solomon Islands service
The airline, SkyAirWorld, has launched its services between Brisbane and Honiara this week. The Solomon Star reports that less than 20 passengers arrived on the inaugural flight and about 25... [more]

Concerns over proposal to boost fishing industry in Fiji will be looked at in a meeting
The Permanent Secretary to Fiji's interim Prime Minister says a meeting will be held later this week with the ministry concerned regarding a proposal to boost the fishing industry. Parmesh... [more]

Business tycoons in Philippines are eyeing up investments in Papua New Guinea
Business tycoons in Philippines are eyeing up investments in Papua New Guinea's lagging agriculture and untouched pharmaceutical industries. PNG's Commerce and Industry Minister Gabriel Kapris told the Post Courier he... [more]

Fishermen in Solomon Islands, Malaita, will no longer have to travel far to catch fish
Fishermen in Solomon Islands West Baelelea Constituency in Malaita will no longer have to travel long distances to catch fish. The Solomon Islands Broadcasting corporation reports that "Fishing Rafts" can... [more]

Five staff of Fiji Broadcasting Cooperation Limited appear before senior military officers
Five staff of the Fiji Broadcasting Cooperation Limited appeared before senior military officers in Suva following a story that was aired by the station. Fiji Live online says the story... [more]

US military looking at using Northern Marianas for training
The United States Department of Defence says it is considering using Tinian and other islands in the Northern Marianas for training purposes. Captain Bob Lee, the acting director of the... [more]

Tongan candidates eligible for election despite facing charges
Tonga's supervisor of elections says candidates can stand in next month's election despite facing charges of sedition relating to the 2006 November riot. Eight out of 71 candidates have been... [more]

More sex offenders in Fiji are young
There seems to be an increase in young sex offenders in Fiji. Overall there appears to be a surge in the number of sex crimes in recent months, with the... [more]

Fiji military mistakenly summon reporter
Senior members of the Fiji military have mistakenly summoned a journalist to explain his actions after mishearing a radio story that he had written. Four senior journalists from the Fiji... [more]

Top Samoa weightlifter banned for using steroids
One of Samoa's top weightlifters, Niusila Opeloge, has been banned for two years for using steroids. The decision has been made by the International Weightlifting Federation and follows a positive... [more]

Australian PM arrives in PNG for three-day visit
Kevin Rudd has touched down in Port Moresby for his first visit to Papua New Guinea as Australia's prime minister. Mr Rudd flew in this morning to be greeted by... [more]

Australia seeks further Fiji explanation of Hunter deportation
The Australian High Commissioner to Fiji, James Batley, has sought an audience with the interim foreign minister, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, on the reasons surrounding the deportation of Australian expatriate and... [more]

Solomons calls for more focussed UN approach on women's issues
Solomon Islands has told a United Nations Commission on the Status of Women conference in New York that it must be more efficient in its support of women. The UN... [more]

American Samoa wants data to clarify wage policies
The American Samoa member of the US Congress, Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin, wants the federal government to collect data on key economic indices in the territory. He has included this in... [more]

Solomons' Government to unveil new sustainable forestry plan
The Solomon Islands Government is to make public tomorrow its plans for the forestry sector. Last year the former Governnment was warned by their own officials that the country's current... [more]

Homeland Security to investigate death of American Samoa baby detained at Honolulu Airport
The American Samoa congressman, Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin, says the Department of Homeland Security in the US is investigating the death of baby, Michael Futi. Michael Futi, who travelled with his... [more]

Bill introduced to ban smoking in public in Northern Marianas
A bill seeking to ban smoking in public places in the Northern Marianas islands will probably face opposition from the tourism industry. The bill, sponsored by Representative Justo S. Quitugua,... [more]

Fiji Media Council chair resigns from key agency in protest at treatment of media
The Chairman of the Fiji Media Council has withrawn from the Council for Building a Better Fiji in protest at the interim government's treatment of the media. Daryl Tarte says... [more]

Fiji interim government lawyer says High Court has no authority to review President's actions
The lawyer for the Fiji interim government has argued in court that there is no case to answer in the challenge to the legality of the toppling of the Laisenia... [more]