Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 13th March 2008

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Jim Essay
Men are from Mars and women are from Venus. [more]

Best Song Ever Written
"Disney Girls sung by Malcolm McNeill. [more]

Your Place - Duntroon
In the Waitaki Valley, the physical borderland of South Canterbury and North Otago. [more]

Mobile Phones
The debate over the use of cellphones in cars. [more]

Arts Report
Now Lynn Freeman joins us for our weekly look at the arts. [more]

Mountain Buggy World Championships
Christchurch reporter, Katy Gosset is back with another adventure. [more]

Environment Report
Amelia Nurse and Chris Todd go to the Hurunui river. [more]

The Panel (Part1)
The Panel with Bomber B and John Bishop. [more]

The Panel (Part2)
The Panel with Bomber B and John Bishop. [more]


Helicopter Engineers Convicted of Manslaughter
Family of pilot killed in a crash 3 years ago cried with relief in court today as 2 engineers were found guilty of manslaughter. [more]

No Plans to Toughen up on Maintenance Engineers
The Civil Aviation Authority says it has no plans to toughen up on maintenance engineers working on helicopters and planes. [more]

Complaint after Death at Brothel
The Prostitutes Collective is calling for an end to what it calls an unacceptable form of entertainment. [more]

Mayor Refusing to Swear in Board Member
The Waitakere city mayor is refusing to swear in a recently elected New Lynn Community board member. [more]

Spectacular Downfall for New York Governor
The resignation of NY governor, Eliot Spitzer, has completed a fast and spectacular downfall. [more]

Winston Peters Accused of Being a Puppet
The Foreign Minister Winston Peters was today accused of being a Government puppet. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Legal Scrutiny over Jockey's Urine Test
A jockey's urine test has been under legal scrutiny in the Supreme Court. [more]

Is it a boat? and if it is - did Noah build it?
A NZ company which specialises in analysing photos is helping an US team decide if a smooth un-natural looking ridge line. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Hgh Profile Advisor to Hillary Clinton Quits
Geraldine Ferraro, a former Democratic nominee for vice-president, is rejecting accusations of racism by the Obama campaign. [more]

Downside to Testing Primary School Children
Teachers at a research conference today have been warned of the downsides of testing primary school children. [more]

Huge Weight Lost for Man
A man who's lost the equivalent weight of two people has been lauded as an example other Maori and Pacific men. [more]

Half a Million Children in Hong Kong are Staying Home
Experts are probing the deaths of three children, aged 2, 3 and 7, from flu-like illnesses in recent weeks. [more]

New Zealand Winter Could Bring Flu
A leading virologist says the NZ winter could bring flu strains similar to those currently afflicting children in Hong Kong. [more]

Crude Oil Price Soaring
The price of crude oil has been soaring to ever new record highs over the past few weeks. [more]

Group Oppose the Redevelopment of Airport
A group opposing the redevelopment of Paraparaumu Airport says it's determined to stop the plans going ahead. [more]

Fiji Human Rights Campaigner Receives Award
A Fiji human rights campaigner has received an award for courage from the US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. [more]

Australians Spending more on Cosmetic Procedures
Cosmetic physicians say that Australians are now spending more per capital on cosmetic procedures than Americans. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Protein that Causes Breast Cancer can Spread
Researchers in the US say they have identified for the first time a protein that causes breast cancer to spread. [more]

Clinton Adviser Resigns
A Hillary Clinton adviser has resigned over her comment that Barack Obama would not be ahead if he were not black. [more]

Eliot Spitzer Resigns
The New York governor, Eliot Spitzer, has to resigned today, but he's not the only American politician to fall from grace. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Judicial Inquiry into the Bungled Terrorism case
Australia's government ordered a judicial inquiry into the bungled terrorism case involving the Indian doctor Mohammed Haneef. [more]

Technology Changing Battlefield
Governments around the world are spending billions on supplying their armies with the latest science and engineering can offer. [more]

Beslan Lives Under Shadow
The Russian town of Beslan still lives under the shadow of the school seige in 2004. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 13 March 2008
Auckland Airport bid, National says it will scrap research fund, NY Govenor resigns, Liver transplant OK'd by Ministry. [more]

Birds Moonlit Waters - The NZ morepork on Kawau Island
Listen to today's birdcall. [more]

Real Estate Institute New Figures
Housing inflation has almost stalled according to the latest Real Estate Institute figures. [more]

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Airport Bidder Confident Despite Council Vote
Auckland Mayor John Banks says the council believes the offer would devalue the council's stake in the airport. [more]

Scrap Research Fund and Cut Public Servants Says National
John Key says National will scrap the new 700 million dollar research fund. [more]

Auckland International Airport Bid
The Canadian Pension Fund bid to own 40 percent of Auckland International Airport is down to the wire. [more]

National Vows to Scrap Ag Research Fund
National leader John Key has dismissed it as a gimmick and has vowed to scrap it if his party wins the next election. [more]

New York Governor Resigns
Eliot Spitzer has resigned over allegations he paid for sex from a high-end prostitute agency. [more]

Suspected Murderer Stephen Royds New Port Beach Hotel
Michelle Heston is the spokesperson for the Fairmont hotel chain in Southern California. [more]

Online Report - Your Digital Shadow
A new study has highlighted just how much data is being held electronically. [more]

Mt Albert's State House Troublesome Family
A family accused of intimidating neighbours is still in its Mt Albert state house. [more]

Ministry Allows Teen Mum to Donate Liver to Baby
The Ministry of Health's principal medical adviser David Galler comments. [more]

Sports News
The latest from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Cook Strait Power Link Restored for Emergency Use
Fears remain of winter power shortages despite Transpower to restore a part of the Cook Strait power link. [more]

Rotorua Bath House
A hundred years after its opening, work is underway to develop the Bath House to its original proposed design. [more]

Canadian Bid for Auckland International Airport
The Canadian Pension Plan's head of infrastructure Graeme Bevans comments on the issue. [more]

Real Estate Institute Criticised for Talking Up Market
The Institue described the housing market as being at 'a tipping point'. [more]

Balmoral Homes Facing Liquidation
The slowdown in the housing market has claimed the scalp of a high profile house building company. [more]

Tukituki River
The Hawke's Bay Regional Council is under fire for its management of the Tukituki River. [more]

Concorde Crash Inquiry Raises Charges
A French prosecutor is demanding charges be laid against Continental airlines. [more]

Sports News
Sports update from the RNZ team. [more]

Hydrates As An Energy Resource
The technology to extract methane for industry from gigantic bubbles deep under the ocean is just a few years away. [more]

Kayakers Sydney Weed Complaint
The NZ kayaking team is considering taking legal action over the water weed in the Sydney Regatta course. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Beijing Olympics Gets More Political
Foreign minister Yang Jiechi has strongly criticised what he calls anti Beijing foreign forces out to politicise the Games. [more]

China Restricting Expeditions on Tibetan Everest
In order to prevent protests during its Olympic Torch Relay. [more]


Dr Sketchy's Anti-Art School
Molly Crabapple is an artist who's turned life drawing into a sort of burlesque show. [more]

Body Parts
Prof. Jean Fleming, reproductive biologist and Professor of science communication, discusses the art of breathing. [more]

Conundrum Clue 4
Tonight's clue is....... [more]

Nine To Noon

Christchurch Supermarket Seeking Full Liquor License
Gerard Vaughan of Alcohol Advisory Council and Supt Dave Cliff Canterbury Regional Police Commander comment. [more]

Natural Burials at Makara Cemetary, Wellington
With Paul Andrews of WCC and Mark Blackham of Natural Burials. [more]

Eliot Spitzer Sex Scandal
Author Paul Apostolidis reports on the latest US political scandal. [more]

UK Correspondent
Kate Adie comments on News from the UK including the British love of Dog Shows. [more]

Feature Guest - David Klatell
US journalist professor, currently based at Canterbury Journalism School. [more]

Book Review - Death at Intervals
Phil Smith reviews 'Death at Intervals' by Jose Saramago. Published by Harvill Secker. [more]

Maori Issues
Malcolm Mulholland talks Maori issues today. [more]

Health - David Galler
Principal medical adviser to the Ministry of Health and intensive care specialist talks about the kidney. [more]

New Technology
Colin Jackson with more technology information. [more]

Our Changing World

The Hurunui River: Part 1 - the South Branch, black fronted terns and river ecology
Chris Todd from Forest and Bird talks to Amelia about the geological history of the Hurunui and what its various flows and tributaries mean for the ecology in the area. On the south branch of the river they meet some feisty local fauna and try to spot some of the river's famous brown trout. [more]

The Hurunui River: Part 2 - the kayakers, the cataraft and didymo
Amelia meets members of the NZ Recreational Canoeing Association. She takes a ride with Chris in Hugh Canard's cataraft and finds out first-hand what Ian Gill-Fox tells her appeals to kayakers about riding the river. [more]

The Hurinui River: Part 3 - the farmer, the viticulturist and the artist
Chris and Amelia visit some of the locals. At Lake Taylor Station they meet Rosemary Gunn, whose family have farmed in the area since the 1950s. Then they meet Claudia Weersing at Pyramid Valley Vineyards for a wander up to the vines - which haven't been irrigated for four years. And finally they visit artists Sam Mahon and Alison Erickson who live in a converted mill and are devoted campaigners for river conservation. [more]


Hamish McKeich
Conductor of contemporary music group Stroma - performing 'Chaplinoperas' as part of the NZ International Arts Festival. [more]

Clube do Balanco Review
Norman Meehan reviews Brazillian samba rock group's NZ International Arts Festival performance. [more]

Hans-George Wimmer
German Baritone in NZ for Bach Musica's production of Bach's St Matthew's Passion in Auckland this weekend. [more]

News stories:

Two New Zealand teams make changes for their Friday night Super 14 matches
The Hurricanes coach, Colin Cooper has made four changes to the starting 15 for their match against the Brumbies in Canberra tomorrow night. Neemia Tialata re-joins the side for Tim... [more]

Five New Zealand Fiji rugby union player to trial for under 20 side
Nine overseas players will contest today's final trials for the Fiji Under-20 rugby team for the Junior World Cup in Wales in June. Five are from New Zealand, Penijamini Makutu,... [more]

Fiji Human Rights Commission will not bother replying to recent US report
The Fiji Human Rights Commission says it will not bother replying to a recent US report on human rights on Fiji because it was not consulted before the report was... [more]

Fiji interim govt lawyers claim Qarase insisted on military intervention
Fiji's Deposed Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase says he had inquired with Australia and New Zealand on possible military assistance and not military intervention. The Defence in the Fiji High Court... [more]

Two former Fiji diplomats appointed for diplomatic postings
Two former Fiji diplomats - Berenado Vunibobo and Ratu Finau Mara - have been appointed for diplomatic postings by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Fiji Live online says Mr Vunibobo... [more]

New elections for Fiji Netball Association
Former Fiji Netball president Milika Munivai is tipped to be voted in for the top job at the Annual General Meeting in Lautoka on Saturday. Munivai will clash with former... [more]

New South Wales Waratahs lends Fiji rugby union a helping hand
The Fiji under-20 rugby squad has had some top class coaching from two New South Wales Waratahs coaches. Waratahs Academy defense and scrum coach Joe Barakat and strength and conditioning... [more]

An American Samoa Senator says local power authority should be returned to government
An American Samoa Senator says the only way that residents can get a satisfactory answer to their complaints about high electricity rates is to return the electric utility to government. [more]

Solomon Islands government Minister says conference in US was helpful
Solomon Islands' Minister of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification, Edward Huni'ehu, says a conference last week in Washington was helpful as the country pushes ahead with its plans for rural... [more]

Report launched in Solomon Islands looks at youth and mental health issues
A report has been launched in Solomon Islands looking at youth and mental health issues in the country. The report reveals stark findings, including of substance abuse, inadequate education, lack... [more]

Japanese government to help fund new two projects in Solomon islands
The Japanese government is to help fund new two projects in Solomon islands worth over 300 thousand US dollars. These are the construction of a new Market center and a... [more]

American Samoa House budget committee holds meeting on fiber optic cable
The American Samoa territorial House Budget and Appropriations Committee will hold a third hearing today about the government's initiative to connect the territory to fiber optic cable. Tasi Tuiteleleapaga the... [more]

One and two cent coins to be phased out in Fiji
The price of goods in Fiji will soon change to accommodate the phasing out of one and two cents coins. The Fiji Times reports Fiji Employers Federation says the removal... [more]

Former Solomon Airlines Financial controller warns local Airlines is flying into new crisis
A former Solomon Airlines Financial controller is warning that Solomon Airlines is flying into a new crisis. The Solomon Star reports that Koraua Baoro says if the management of the... [more]

Record visitor arrivals to CNMI
Record visitor arrivals to the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas last month totalled more than 40-thousand. It is the first time in 18 months that tourist numbers for Saipan, Tinian,... [more]

American Samoa's Senate President wants to set up economic development fund
American Samoa's Senate President Lolo Moliga, wants to establish an Economic Development Fund for the territory. The move, with a 1 million US dollar annual allocation, could assist the Development... [more]

Controversial road traffic bill in Samoa finally tabled in Parliament
The Samoa government proposed road traffic bill has finally been tabled in Parliament by the Minister of Works, Transport, and Infrastructure, Tuisugaletaua Sofara Aveau. The legislation is seeking approval by... [more]

French Polynesian president upset over media reports
The French Polynesian president, Gaston Flosse, has expressed surprise at media reports over his involvement in a variety of judicial probes that suggest he may be disqualified from office. His... [more]

48 illegal workers ordered to leave Solomons
48 Asians illegally working in the logging industry in Solomon Islands have been ordered to leave the country by early next week. The Solomon Star newspaper reports the men arrived... [more]

Qantas eyes Pago Pago airport for emergencies
The Australian carrier, Qantas Airline, is interested in using Pago Pago International Airport in American Samoa as an alternate airport for emergencies for its Sydney to Los Angeles flights. Airline... [more]

Sarkozy visit to French Polynesia in doubt
Press reports in French Polynesia say there is doubt that next month's planned official visit by President Nicolas Sarkozy to Tahiti will take place. The visit was repeatedly announced by... [more]

PNG PM Somare says he is ready to quit
On the eve of celebrating 40 years in politics, Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, has announced he is ready to quit. Sir Michael, who celebrates the milestone... [more]

Call for Fiji human rights boss to go
The former Fiji opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, has called for the removal of the Fiji Human Rights Commission chairperson, Shaista Shameem. Mr Beddoes has told the Fiji Times that she... [more]

Samoa accountant suspended as ministry probe continues
Reports from Samoa say the principal accountant in the Ministry of Police and Prisons has been suspended as police investigations continue into the alleged misuse of 150,000 US dollars in... [more]

Tonga to launch support group for child cancer sufferers
Tongans say the launch of the first Pacific Islands parent support group for children with cancer will make a big difference to the whole community. The kingdom will launch the... [more]

UN to open offices in northern Pacific
The United Nations says it will establish its first offices in the North Pacific to improve services in three former United States territories. The United Nations Population Fund or UNFPA... [more]

Reef Group looks to NZ for help Niue projects
The New Zealand-based company that has made major investments in Niue says it is looking to the New Zealand Government for millions of dollars to help offset the establishment costs. [more]

Jailed French Polynesian politician in run for mayoralty
Campaigning for the second round of the municipal elections in French Polynesia has focussed on the Mahina commune whose mayor is seeking re-election from jail. Emile Vernaudon has been in... [more]

Qarase tells court Fiji interim regime is illegal
Suva's High Court has heard that Fiji's interim government is unlawful and non-existent. The ousted prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, has detailed reasons under the constitution why the interim administration is... [more]

CNMI to extradite Japanese man to US
The Northern Mariana islands governor has signed an extradition order to send a Japanese businessman Kazuyoshi Miura to Los Angeles for trial in the death of his wife 24 years... [more]

American Samoa quick in approving two bills
Without calling any public hearings, American Samoa's Senate has voted to approve two bills, which were only introduced on Wednesday. One abolishes the American Samoa Power Authority replacing it with... [more]

Tonga launches support group for child cancer sufferers
Tonga will launch the Pacific Islands' first parent support group for children with cancer, the Child Cancer Foundation, on Friday. The kingdom is working with the New Zealand Paediatric Oncology... [more]

New Zealand to do away with transit visas for Pacific travellers
The New Zealand Government is to scrap a transit visas which have long been regarded by Pacific people as onerous and unfair. Auckland airport is a key access point to... [more]