Radio New Zealand - Saturday, 22nd March 2008

This page lists items from RNZ that are available online. RNZ didn't start regularly putting both its audio and news content online until 2008. From 2002-2007 written news items (particularly from RNZ International) were placed online. You can access items prior to 2002 on the historic page.

This page features: Saturday Morning, This Way Up

Saturday Morning

Foreign Correspondent: Pauline Horrill
Wellington GP who has worked with Medecins Sans Frontieres in countries such as Afghanistan, Iran, Sierra Leone and Sudan. [more]

Oliver Driver: actor, director, TV presenter
Creative director of the Alt TV station and director of Rabbit, the first play at the Silo's new Auckland location. [more]

Lisa Harrow and Roger Payne
American scientist and New Zealand actress in New Zealand for one performance of their new show, SeaChange: Reversing the Tide. [more]

Rex Munday, on beneficial brassicas
Toxicologist at AgResearch. [more]

Playing Favourites with Norman Jay MBE
British DJ whose Good Times Sound System is a major attraction at the Notting Hill Carnival. [more]

Food with Frederick Kaufman: The American Stomach
American food writer whose new book, A Short History of the American Stomach, explores the extremes of American eating. [more]

Anna Broinowski, on the lies of Norma Khouri
Director of the documentary Forbidden Lies, about the author of Forbidden Love. [more]

Sally Rippin, on censorship of young adult literature
Australian writer and illustrator whose debut novel Chenxi and the Foreigner, has just been republished. [more]

This Way Up

Boots 'n' All
Buying new boots for the football season. [more]

Bits and Bytes
The latest tech news with Bill Thompson. How private are your web-surfing habits? [more]

The apple's one of the world's favourite fruits. [more]

Lebanon Skiing
We hit the piste in the Middle East. [more]

Tipping Point
The bugs you find at the local rubbish dump. [more]

London's Calling
Major changes to the British shopping basket. And the mobile phone that gives you a kiss. [more]

Siamese Dream?
A users' guide to the different breeds of cat- from Persians to moggies. [more]