Radio New Zealand - Friday, 2nd May 2008

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The Best Song Ever Written
And for Palmy PhD student Jackson Green, it's Rolph Harris singing 'Two Little Boys'. [more]

New Zealand Live
From Auckland's west coast - Jimmy, Robby and Jeff - The Calico Brothers play new music including their single, God Left Town. In celebration of New Zealand Music and New Zealand Music Month. [more]

Prospective Queenstown Crooks Beware
Queenstown policeman, Constable Sean Drader calls for mandatory criminal record checks for all new residents. [more]

Pokie Gambling Down
The Problem Gambling Foundation says there's been an 11% reduction in the use of Pokie machines. [more]

He Rourou for 02 May 2008
Ana Tapiata talks to Debra Jensen from the Maori Language Commission about funding Maori language development in the community. [more]

Fresh Fast Food
Lois Daish talks persimmons, nashi, feeding houseguests and ... pavlova. Details on our Recipes page. [more]

Sports Story
Stephen Hewson and Jim discuss the week and sport and the upcoming events for the weekend. [more]

New Zealand Society
Meet Jason and Karmyn Wynyard, the world's fastest on the crosscut saw. And Jason's also a world champion ax man. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
Richard Langston and Nicky Pelligrino join Jim to discuss that week that was and what's coming up. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
'Sweetened Fat of Snow Toad with Dates and Lotus Seed' and other lyric waxings mooted. [more]

Business News

Morning Business News for 2 May 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update
The latest from the financial markets. [more]

Midday Business News for 2 May 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Auckland Transport Infrastructure
Auckland is reviewing potential solutions to its appalling lack of public transport and roading infrastructure. [more]

Waihopai Update
Mary speaks with both the Police and the Anzac Ploughshares group about the 'Spy Valley' attack. [more]

Immunisation Programme
Funding has been confirmed to help prevent the dozens of deaths each year from cervical cancer. [more]

Ruapehu Eruption Warning
Visitors to the summit of Maunga Ruapehu are being warned of an increased risk of eruptions from Crater Lake. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Murchison Helicopter Crash Hearing
The wife of a pilot who died in a helicopter crash wanted prison sentences for two men found guilty of his manslaughter. [more]

Interest Rate Rises
Interest rates on home mortgages are climbing again. [more]

Computer Viruses
Research suggests computer keyboards may be playing host to more germs and bacteria than a toilet seat. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Christchurch Council Rent Increase
The council plans top increase low-income tenant rents by 24% unless Govt funds 30 million dollars. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Rotorua Apartheid
Critics say a bill to restrict the movement of petty criminals in Rotorua will introduce a form of 'apartheid' in this country. [more]

Australian Drought
Australia's in the grip of the worst drought in a century and there's more evidence of the toll The Big Dry is taking. [more]

Immunisation Programme (Part 2)
From September, 300 thousand young women will have the chance to be immunised against a virus which can cause cervical cancer. [more]

Telecom Slump
Telecom's quarterly profit has slumped by nearly a third as increased regulation and competition erode its market dominance. [more]

Aged Sex Offender
An 84 year-old-man sent to prison for historic sex offences against three young girls, urges others to give themselves up. [more]

Fiji Times Publisher Deported
Deportation despite a High Court order to keep him in the country. [more]

Nicholas Murder Trial Update
A High Court jury has heard evidence today of a history of bad blood between an elderly farmer Jack Nicholas and the accused. [more]

Holocaust Memorial Day
Ceremonies have been held across Israel to mark Holocaust Memorial Day. [more]

Russian May Day Demonstrations
Russians used the traditional celebration of the worker to protest serious price hikes on basic food items. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Life on the Gaza Strip
The Palestinian PM is in London for talks with his British counterpart and the Middle East envoy. [more]

Country Life

Intro and Guest
Jeroen Douwes is doing health research with farming families. To be part of the study should call 0800 000 544. [more]

Regional Conditions
Mushrooms by the bucket full, rain damages infrastructure in Taranaki and snow arrives in the South Island. [more]

For the Love of Old Tractors
David Bolton loves working on old tractors. The oldest he's repaired in recent years is a 1942 Fordson. [more]

Mathamatics and Farming
Mathematics divided by farming equals the sum of happiness for Lorne Kuehn, formerly from Ottawa, Canada. [more]

Focus on Politics

Focus on Politics for 2 May 2008
The Electoral Finance Act has been in force for nearly 5 months now - Chris Bramwell takes a look at how it's working. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 2 May 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 2 May 2008
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Farmers Cleared Over Bridge Accident
Keith and Margaret Berryman have been cleared of wrongdoing over a fatal bridge collapse on their farm. [more]

Supervision For Child Sex Offenders
A suggestion that first time child sex offenders be given supervision has gained support from advocate groups. [more]

Health Laws Receive Mixed Review
Public health officials say a major rewrite of the government health laws is good, but doesn't go far enough. [more]

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Winter Power Shortages
Concern is growing that electricity supplies could be disrupted this winter if significant rain doesn't reach hydro lakes soon. [more]

Farmers Cleared Over Bridge Accident (Part 2)
Inerview with Keith Berryman, cleared of wrongdoing over a fatal bridge collapse on his farm. [more]

Electricity Shortages
The electricity industry says it remains concerned about winter power supplies, as hydro lake levels reach a significant low. [more]

Electricity Shortages Interview
The Electricity Commission chairman David Caygill discusses possible winter shortages. [more]

Government Report On Illegal Drugs
New figures on the social cost of illegal drugs suggest the problem is getting out of control. [more]

Somali Commander Killed In Air Strike
The top commander of a Somali group the United States says is linked to Al Qaida, has been killed in a US air strike. [more]

Zimbabwe Elections Go To Second Round
A second round of elections are expected for Zimbabwe after reports the opposition candidate has failed to win a clear majority. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Parking Rage
We've all heard of 'road rage' but for Aucklanders it's more likely to be finding somewhere to park that causes the rage. [more]

MP Labels Maori Party Moves Desperate
The Labour MP, Shane Jones, is scathing of the Act Party's decision to stand in the Maori seats, labelling it a desperate move. [more]

Overhaul Of Tonga's Electoral Rolls
The prime minister of Tonga is calling for a major overhaul of the country's electoral rolls which include names of dead people. [more]

Illicit Drugs Cost Country Dearly
New government figures estimate the social cost of illicit drug use in 2006 was more than 1.3 billion dollars. [more]

Jim Anderton On Drug Policy
Police Minister Annette King has conceded current efforts to reduce P availability aren't having an impact. [more]

Conchords Reach Sky High
The Flight of the Conchords' self-titled album has rocketed into the American charts. [more]

Publisher Of Fiji Times Detained
The publisher of the Fiji Times, Evan Hannah, has been detained by police, amid reports he is to be deported. [more]

US Reports Increase In Terrorist Attacks
The US State Department has reported an increase in global terrorist attacks, partly due to Al Qaeda reconstituting itself. [more]

Kahui Trial Update
The latest from the trial of murder-accused Chris Kahui, now in its third week. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

150th Anniversary Of The Kingitanga
Hundreds of paddlers will be out on the Waikato River today, described as the greatest show of waka in modern times. [more]

Kiwi To Investigate Kenya Violence
Former assistant police commisisoner Gavin McFadyen has been chosen to investigate post-election violence in Kenya. [more]

Waatea News
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Attempts To Save Railway Station
A group of Ashburton residents are banding together to try and save part of the town's architectural, and sentimental, history. [more]

The latest from accross The Ditch with correspondent Kerry-Anne Walsh. [more]


Puzzle Master
Chris Maslanka is the Guardian's puzzle maker. [more]

Nights Conundrum
This weeks answer. [more]

Nine To Noon

14 Year Fight For Vindication
Rob Moodie, lawyer for the Berryman family in their bridge collapse litigation [more]

Compassion In World Farming
Interview with Phil Lymbery, UK expert on animal cruelty in farming practices. [more]

Film Your Issue
Heathcliff Rothman, organiser of the Film Your Issue short film competition run via MySpace. [more]

Asia Correspondent - Phil O'Sullivan
The Philippines has been shocked by a scandal involving the sale of human kidneys to foreign bidders. [more]

Feature Guest - Leonard Sax
Educator, psychologist and family doctor Leonard Sax believes boys are being shortchanged in today's school system. [more]

Book Review - Breath
Ralph McAllister reviews Breath by Tim Winton, published by Hamish Hamilton. [more]

Manu's Music
This week Manu reviews: Waldeck - Ballroom Stories; Malcolm Middleton - Sleight of Heart; REM - Accelerate. [more]

Sport with Richard Becht
This week Richard explains and dissects the 'experimental law variations' currently taking place in rugby union. [more]

The Week That Was
Resident wits Radar and Irene Pink discuss the week of news and the week that was. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 2 May 2008
The latest from the farming and rural communities. [more]

Midday Rural News for 2 May 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Richard Taylor
Director of Wellington-based vocal 'Number 9' giving a concert called 'Best of British' tomorrow night. [more]

Martin Staub
Swiss Piano Trio pianist touring NZ as guests of the Swiss Embassy. [more]

News stories:

Fiji newspaper chief in police custody
The publisher of the Fiji Times newspaper, Evan Hannah, has been taken to Nadi airport apparently to be deported from the country. Our correspondent in Suva, Matelita Ragogo quotes the... [more]

Fiji court orders police to produce detained Fiji Times publisher
Fiji police and immigration officials have been issued a High Court order to produce the publisher of the Fiji Times, Evan Hannah, in court this afternoon at 3 o'clock. He... [more]

Fiji airline refuses to fly out detained newspaper publisher
Fiji officials have failed to persuade airport officals at Nadi international airport to fly out the publisher of the Fiji Times, Evan Hannah. He was removed from his home last... [more]

Lawyers for detained newspaper publisher secure court order for his appearance
"Lawyers for the Fiji Times have secured a High Court order that police and immigration officials who removed its publisher Evan Hannah from his home Thursday night produce him in... [more]

Fiji Media Council to discuss Evan Hannah detention
The Fiji Media Council will hold an emergency meeting this morning to establish the reasons behind the actions against Mr Hannah. The Council's chair, Darryl Tarte, says the Council hopes... [more]

Fiji court orders detained publisher to appear before it this afternoon
The Fiji High Court issued an order late last night prohibiting the deportation of Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah. The Fijilive website reports that Mr Hannah, who was escorted from... [more]

Solomon Islands Central Bank calling for people to cash in their coins
The Solomon Islands Central Bank is calling on people to cash in their coins, because shops and businesses are starting to run out of money. The low value of coins... [more]

Fiji Times publisher has been put on a plane to Korea
The Fiji Times publisher Evan Hannah has been put on board the Korean Airlines that left for Seoul this morning. The Fiji Times says this is after Air Pacific did... [more]

Fiji to get South Korean car assembly plant
Fiji's interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, says a South Korean company plans to set up a car assembly plant and a resort in Fiji. Commodore Bainimarama has told Fijlive... [more]

Two Samoas hold environment summit
Protection of marine and land resources has been the focus of an environment summit between the two Samoas. A six member delegation from the South Pacific Environment Program, Samoa's Ministry... [more]

Nauru gets US support in fighting finance crimes
The Nauru Government says it has received the backing of the United States Treasury's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, or FinCEN, for reforms put in place to prevent money laundering. This... [more]

American Samoa fono could close tomorrow
Fono leaders in American Samoa plan to end the current session tomorrow if the Togiola Administration does not submit the rest of the measures on the agenda for the special... [more]

Deported Fiji Times publisher to be flown to Australia via Seoul
The editor of the Fiji Times says the publisher of the paper, Evan Hannah, is on a flight to South Korea from where he will be flown to Australia. Mr... [more]

Vanuatu police raid finance centre offices
The Vanuatu Police Force has raided the offices of a number of prominent members of the Finance Centre Association and locked them down. The Vanuatu Daily Post says there have... [more]

Tonga election recount of Vava'u resiult next week
One of the 71 candidates in last week's election in Tonga has asked for a recount. The call was made by Viliami Uasike Latu, who missed out by 51 votes... [more]

Cooks hopes for low EIB loan rates
The Cook Islands Government says it is confident it will get funding at concessional rates from the European Investment Bank for wide ranging infrastructure projects. A Cook Islands delegation led... [more]

Tonga election recount of Vava'u result next week
One of the 71 candidates in last week's election in Tonga has asked for a recount. The call was made by Viliami Uasike Latu, who missed out by 51 votes... [more]