Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 8th May 2008

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Jim's Essay
How do you see yourself? How do you tell your story? [more]

Best Song Ever Written
For Danielle Gemmel it is Chris Knox's "Not given lightly". [more]

Your Place - Oxford
That's Oxford Canterbury, 50km northwest of Christchurch. With Gavin Inch, Jo Seagar and John Manuel. [more]

When can you get your hands on one? Jan Birkeland from PC World. [more]

Hair Colour
New research shows a cocktail of chemicals in some popular hair dye products. With Belinda Allan, Consumer NZ Research manager. [more]

He Rourou for 8 May 2008
Ana Tapiata talks to Debra Jensen about the two million dollar community language fund known as Ma Te Reo. [more]

Feature Album - Running Free
Released in 1977 by kiwi rock legends Dragon. [more]

The Arts Report
Percussion ensemble Strike are about to premiere a new work at the Lake Taupo Arts Festival. [more]

Christchurch Story with Katy Gosset
The city's cathedral is in need of fresh blood in its Bell-Ringing Society. [more]

Environment Story
Amelia Nurse talks to engineer Andrew Campbell about the future of the car. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
With Michelle A'Court and Richard Griffin. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
With Michelle A'Court and Richard Griffin. [more]

Business News

Morning Business for 8 May 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Morning Market Update for 8 May 2008
A quick market update. [more]

Midday Business News for 8 May 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Employment Numbers Drop
29 thousand people have left the workforce in the first three months of this year. [more]

Employment Numbers Drop (Part 2)
With Dominick Stephens, research economist for Westpac. [more]

Doctors Settle
Senior doctors have finally settled their 2-year pay dispute with the district health boards. [more]

UN Relief Flights to Myanmar
United Nations relief flights have begun to arrive in Myanmar. [more]

UN Relief Flights to Myanmar (Part 2)
Our correspondent in Bangkok, Karen Percy, joins us live. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Tongan King's Coronation
Between 3 and 4 million dollars is expected to be spent on the Tongan King's coronation in early August this year. [more]

Employment Numbers Drop (Part 3)
John Albertson is the Chief Executive of the Retailers Association. [more]

Alcohol As A Cause Of Cancer
The report 'Alcohol as a Cause of Cancer' published today reviewed 600 pieces of international research. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Kahui Murder Trial
The crown case against the double murder accused Chris Kahui has all but finished. [more]

Lab Tests Appeal
The Auckland firm Lab Tests is appealing its loss of a 560 million dollar contract to provide community diagnostic testing. [more]

Olympic Torch Reaches Everest
The Olympic torch has just reached the top of the world, transported there by a team of Chinese climbers. [more]

Employment Numbers Drop (Part 4)
The Chief Executive of Business New Zealand, Phil O'Reilly joins us. [more]

The UN reports the tidal surge that accompanied the cyclone put more than 5000 square km of the delta region under water. [more]

Oil Prices Super Spike
Goldman Sachs is predicting the price of oil will double within two years. [more]

US Presidency
The ABC's Michael Rowland has been following the never ending campaign. [more]

Emissions Trading Scheme
Parliament's Finance and Expenditure committee has continued its hearings on the controversial scheme today. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Hair Dyes
Consumer New Zealand says plans to ban harmful ingredients in hair dyes are not moving fast enough. [more]

New Airport For Paraparumu
The 450 million dollar development has been approved by the Kapiti Coast District Council at a heated council meeting today. [more]

Not Enough Vets
The Veterinary Association says that the shortage of rural vets will become a crisis if nothing is done to halt the decline. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Telecommunications Advice
An expert says the economic benefits from putting an ultra-fast fibre network into every home and business would be enormous. [more]

China and Japan
There's been a positive development with a summit of leaders from the two countries ending with a pledge to focus on the future. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 8 May 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 8 May 2008
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 8 May 2008
Myanmar Cyclone, Reserve bank tells banks to keep lending, Day 2 of the junior doctor strike, US elections, and sport [more]

Listen to todays bird call. [more]

Kiwi Scientists Object US Think Tank
A US based think tank says their work supports the position of climate change sceptics. [more]

Pacific News for 8 May 2008
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 8 May 2008
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Cholera Outbreak in Myanmar
Aid is slowly being distributed to the thousands of people made homeless after Cyclone Nargis carved a path through Myanmar. [more]

Reserve Bank to Keep Retail Banks Lending
Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard says NZ's economic slow may quicken if banks keep curtail lending to households and business. [more]

Day Two - Junior Doctor Strike
Some hospitals are finding themselves stretched by the influx of winter patients. [more]

Clinton Being Told to Bail Out
She recorded a narrow win in Indiana, but was convincingly beaten in North Carolina by Barack Obama. [more]

Call for Mt. Eden Prison to be Flattened Altogether
The government says the multi-million dollar renovation will bring the 19th century facility up to modern day standards. [more]

Morning Sports News for 8 May 2008
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Finance Minister Scrapped Tax Free Threshold
In a speech yesterday Dr Cullen said he'd considered making the first nine-and-a-half thousand dollars of income tax free. [more]

Freedom of Speech Challenged in Fiji Court
The Australian publisher of the Fiji Times newspaper has gone to the courts to fight his deportation late last week. [more]

Dmitry Medvedev - New Russian President
Mr Putin will take over as prime minister, a position of lesser importance and power. [more]

Cyclone Nargis - Beyond Imagination
Media coverage of Cyclone Nargis has been hampered by strong winds and flooding cutting off roads and telecommunications - it's worse than reported says UNICEF. [more]

A Landmark Ruling
A man has won an eight-year legal battle over the death of his wife less than a fortnight after she gave birth. [more]

MPs Get Back to Basics
For the leaders of the two main political parties, a chance for some early campaigning. [more]

Eden Park Residents Frustrated
Resource Consent for a new south stand was granted yesterday and demolition of the old south stand will get underway in August. [more]

Sealord Criticized by European Human Rights Group
NZ's biggest fishing company is being criticized by a European human rights group for operating in disputed waters off Africa. [more]

Northland Rugby Union
The Northland Rugby Union has declared a financial loss of nearly half a million dollars, the biggest in its 87 year history. [more]

Waatea News Update for 8 May 2008
An Update from the Waatea team [more]

The Future of Paraparaumu Airport
The airport north of Wellington may get a 450 million dollar redevelopment. [more]

Two Year Reprieve for Road Users
There's a possibility they might one day have to pay extra if they want to drive their car during rush hour. [more]

Global Study of the Platypus Shows Disease Prevention
Scientists surveyed the genome of Glennie, an Australian female platypus and found new health benefits for humans. [more]

Bear Names for Louisiana Prison Guards Bear
Names Incude: Rokohanga, Citizen, Trouser and Essential. [more]


Local Currencies
Miguel Hirota is an enthusiast of local currencies. [more]

Body Parts
Tonight we are talking about the heart. [more]

Conundrum Clue 7
Listen to clue number 7. [more]

Conundrum Clue 8
Listen to conundrum clue number 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Myanmar Aid Situation
Spokesperson for UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. [more]

Christchurch Police's New Strategy
Christchurch Police want to impose a zero tolerance strategy on minor offences in a bid to stop major ones. [more]

Climate Change And You
Kathryn Ryan discusses several geo-engineering proposals aimed at reducing global warming, including a deliberate emission of particles into the atmosphere to trigger cooling. [more]

UK Correspondent - Jon Dennis
Londons new mayor and England's lengths to protect their tea. [more]

Feature Guest - Ghaith Abdul Ahad
Iraqi journalist talks of life in iraq under a Saddam rule. [more]

Book Review - Faberge's Eggs
By Tony Faber, published by Macmillan and reviewed by Rae McGregor. [more]

Maori Issues Commentator - Malcolm Mulholland
Looking at the Ross Kemp on Gangs episode about the Mongrel Mob. [more]

Christine Vachon - Independent Film Producer
Author of the 2006 book A Killer Life: How an Independent Film Producer Survives. Deals and Disasters in Hollywood. [more]

New Technology
Colin Jackson looks at phone security as well as other techy tid bits. [more]

Our Changing World

Youth Environment Forum 2008
Amelia Nurse visits the forum's Household Sustainability group as they embark on a waste audit. [more]

Electric Trout Fishing
Fisheries scientist John Hayes talks about electric fishing and creating computer models of trout behaviour. [more]

The Future of Energy and the Car
Engineer Andrew Campbell talks about energy trends and what cars might be like in the future. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 8 May 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 8 May 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Gao Ping
Chinese born Christchurch based pianist and composer performing his Piano Concerto with NZSO as part of Made in NZ concert. [more]

Martin Roscoe
British concert pianist and chamber musician currently touring the country. [more]

Richard Philips
Bach Musica conductor and music director previews this Sunday's concert at Auckland's Holy Trinity Cathederal, Parnell. [more]

News stories:

Digicel Pacific launches network in Tonga
Digicel Pacific has launched its services in Tonga, further strengthening its regional footprint in this market. The Matangi Tonga online reports that Digicel now operates across Samoa, Papua New Guinea... [more]

Chinese mine entering PNG is drawing criticism
A controversial new mine to feed China's insatiable appetite for minerals is dividing Papua New Guinea's Morobe province, which is famous for its sea life and coral reefs. The mining... [more]

Floating hotel idea in American Samoa for festival scrapped
The idea of using a cruise ship as a floating hotel during the two-week 10th Pacific Arts festival, has been scrapped due to the high cost that visitors will have... [more]

Chairman of RIPEL in Solomon Islands avoids deportation
The Chairman of the Russell Islands Plantations Limited, RIPEL, Patrick Wong, won his high court challenge yesterday against a deportation order on him. In his ruling, High Court Judge, Justice... [more]

Tonga signs MOU with Fiji's interim Government to improve air services
Tonga has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Fiji's interim Government to improve air services between the two countries. Fiji and Tonga have updated an MOU that was first signed... [more]

Fiji interim Government cuts taxes and duty on basic food items
The Fiji interim Government has cut taxes and duty on basic food items to assist low income earners. It comes as the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority, or FIRCA,... [more]

New legislation in Samoa could see govt own all rivers and streams
In Samoa, villages which own the rivers and streams in their village boundary could be stripped of their authorities on such natural resources if a government bill is passed. The... [more]

Fiji Interim PM talks to Korean corporates
Fiji's interim Prime Minister has met visiting officials from the Sydney-based corporation Daewoo International of Korea. Commodore Frank Bainimarama was very honoured to have met Daewoo, which is one of... [more]

Freeport to discuss community miners, following Papua landslide tragedy
Mining giant Freeport McMoran in Indonesia says it will work with the local government of Papua province to discuss community miners working in the area of it's huge Grasburg mine. [more]

Pacific NGO saddened by Urwin resignation
A regional non-governmental organisation says it's saddened about the resignation of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat secretary general. Greg Urwin, a former Australian diplomat, was appointed as secretary general to... [more]

Guam streetlights could be turned off
Guam streetlights could be turned off because the territorial government owes the island's utility $12 million. The Pacific Daily News reports that the Consolidated Commission on Utilities has approved a... [more]

French Polynesia's assembly president justifies why he refused to open assembly
The party of French Polynesia's assembly president, Oscar Temaru, has justified his refusal to open yesterday's assembly sitting. The Union For Democracy says the government called the sitting last month... [more]

Tuvalu secures IAAF membership
The International Amateur Athletics Federation IAAF welcomed Tuvalu as a member bringing the numbers to 213. The IAAF Council has provisionally granted membership to Tuvalu Athletics Association with full rights... [more]

The New Zealand centenary lineup now complete
The New Zealand rugby league side is now a complete unit after halfback Thomas Leuluai declared himself fit and ready to go following his 24-hour trip to Sydney for tomorrow... [more]

All Black flanker Jerry Collins hasn't asked for early release
The All Black flanker Jerry Collins hasn't asked for an early release from his contract to move overseas. A report in Britain says the 27-year-old flanker has asked to go... [more]

All Blacks first five Dan Carter to start from bench for Crusaders
The All Blacks first five Dan Carter will return to action for the Crusaders this weekend after being named on the bench for Saturday night's super 14 match against the... [more]

Papua landslide death toll rises
The death toll from a landslide in Indonesia's province of Papua rose to 19 as bad weather forced a halt to the search for survivors. A spokesman for Freeport Indonesia,... [more]

Fiji solicitor general asks court to throw out Hannah case
Fiji's Solicitor General has applied for the court action involving Evan Hannah to be thrown out, on the basis that the court order to stop the expulsion has lapsed. Lawyers... [more]

Row over assembly opening deepens in French Polynesia
French Polynesia's government assembly members have opened their own sitting of the legislature in a building separate from the assembly. This comes after the assembly president, Oscar Temaru, refused a... [more]

PNG PM seeks to stop ombudsman probe of his affairs
Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister is reportedly seeking to halt an investigation into allegations of misconduct in office against him by the Ombudsman Commission. The investigations relate to Sir Michael... [more]

Marshalls planner calls for school fee cuts
The Marshall Islands national planner is urging the government to look at ways to help put money back into people's pockets as the price of fuel, electricity and rice has... [more]

Protestors raise alarm over alleged abuse at PNG Porgera mine
A group of protesters has been raising concerns over the way the Porgera gold mine is being run in Papua New Guinea. The protesters, who are from a variety of... [more]

Alert in Fiji over death threat against top Australian diplomat
Australia's diplomatic mission in Fiji is on alert after a death threat against High Commissioner James Batley, which it says appears to be politically motivated. The high commission in Suva... [more]

Fiji/Forum group seeks details of Hannah threat
The Pacific Islands Forum's Joint Working Group which is trying to assist Fiji towards elections in March next year, says the interim Government has to explain why the Fiji Times... [more]

PNG audit says Bougainville government money gone missing
An auditor general's report shows that millions of dollars in public money has gone missing from Papua New Guinea's Autonomous Bougainville Government since it was set up in 2005. Illegal... [more]

French Polynesian opposition likens government moves to putsch
French Polynesia's government assembly members say they want to elect a new assembly president later this week in what the opposition likens to a putsch. Today, they opened a meeting... [more]

New CNMI utlities boss set to improve service
The Saipan Chamber of Commerce has been promised by the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation that load shedding will no longer occur from next month. The new CEO of the utility, Antonio... [more]

RIPEL chair at loss over Solomons deportation attempt
The chairman of the Russell Islands Plantation Estates Limited says he still doesn't know why the Solomon Islands government tried to deport him. Patrick Wong made the comments after the... [more]

France asks Temaru to convene French Polynesian assembly without delay
The French high commissioner in Tahiti, Anne Boquet, has written to Oscar Temaru asking him to open the French Polynesian assembly without delay. This comes amid a controversy between Mr... [more]

Cook Islands stadium funding from China in doubt
China's government owned Import Export Bank is threatening to withdraw a huge soft loan which was to fund the construction of sport facilities for next year's South Pacific mini Games... [more]