Radio New Zealand - Friday, 4th July 2008

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Oyster Recovery
Stocks of Bluff oysters have bounced back to give the industry a bumper season. [more]

The Best Song Ever Written
Praying For Time- George Micheal [more]

New Zealand Live
Paul Ubana-Jones. [more]

Ricky the Monkey
Ricky suffered brain damage after being attacked by his brother, when he was a baby. [more]

He Rourou for Fri 4 July
For the Maori language to thrive, there needs a teacher training programme set up. [more]

Weekend Weather
Weekend weather. [more]

Fresh Fast Food
Black Pudding, Pear and Fennel Tart and Rack of Pork in Hay. [more]

Sports Story
Sport news and current affairs. [more]

The Vault - a musical weather report and early radio listening
Deb Nation gets biblical about the weather, and recalls early radio listening with journalist Amanda Cropp. [more]

The Panel ( Part 1)
The Panel ( Part 1) [more]

The Panel ( Part 2)
The Panel ( Part 2) [more]

Business News

Morning Business News for 4 July 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Market Update
A quick market update. [more]

Midday Business News for 4 July 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


More Than 4,000 Trucks in Road Protest
About four and a half thousand truck drivers reduced traffic to a snail's pace in cities around the country. [more]

Truckies Dispute
As part of the working party's brief the Transport Minister says it will look at the way road user chargers are set. [more]

Allegations 'Shabby Whitewash'
The accusation comes from Journalist, Ian Wishart who took the allegations to the Independent Police Conduct Authority. [more]

Government Wont Ban Insecticide
Preliminary tests show a carton of beef contained four times the level of endosulfan that is considered safe. [more]

Government to Pay 1 Million Towards Patea's Clean Up
A fire destroyed most of the derelict works on Waitangi Day leaving a pile of asbestos-laden ash. [more]

Cold Blast on The Way
The Metservice is warning of treacherous conditions, and advising motorists they should consider postponing travel. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Shopping Numbers Down Due to Truckies
And one group is disgruntled the police advised commuters to take the day off work to help avoid traffic congestion. [more]

Freed Hostage Wants to Help Captives
Ingrid Betancourt was one of 15 hostages rescued by Colombian troops yesterday. [more]

Judge Hands Out Indefinite Jail Term
Brett Wellm has been sentenced to preventive detention with minimum non-parole of 17 years. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Hastings to Get Regional Sports Park
Hastings District Councillors have voted for a controversial regional sports park costing over 56 million dollars. [more]

US Close to Recession
There has been confirmation emerging from the US economy is close to falling into an official recession. [more]

Japanese Behaviour No Big Deal
For residents of the Italian city of Florence the antics of some Japanese visitors were no big deal. [more]

Bluff Paua House Opens
A re-creation of Fred and Myrtle Flutey's famous Bluff Paua House opened at the Canterbury Museum today. [more]

Thousands of Truck Drivers Descend on Cities
More than four thousand truck drivers descended on cities around the country today to protest. [more]

Bush to Attend Opening of Olympics
President Bush has confirmed he will attend the opening of the Beijing Olympic Games. [more]

More People Fleeing Somalia
Many risk a dangerous boat journey to cross the Gulf of Aden and seek safety in Yemen. [more]

Hula Hooping
This Sunday Cantabrians will try to beat the Guinness World Record for the most people Hula Hooping in one place. [more]

Dinosaur Bone Returned
Several tonnes of stolen bones and fossils were discovered for sale on the black market in the United States in 2006. [more]

Science Festival in Dunedin This Weekend
The sixth New Zealand International Science Festival takes place in Dunedin this weekend. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Court Rules Google to Hand Over User Details
A court ruling in the US has ordered Google to handover the details of every user who has ever watched a video on Utube. [more]

Country Life

Intro and Guest
John Gould of the Arundel Lumber Company in Canterbury [more]

Primary Focus
Irish dairy farmer and dairy commentator Mike Murphy believes dairy farming in New Zealand has a bright future [more]

East Meats West
Egyptian-born butcher Saad Nassar of Halal New Zealand meat talks about the Halal process and why it is so important to Muslims. [more]

Gallagher Turns
The Waikato based firm Gallagher, revolutionize the grassland-farming world wide with the development of the electric fence. [more]

Focus on Politics

Focus On Politics for 4 July 2008
Focus On Politics for 4 July 2008. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 4 July 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 4 July 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Morning Rural News for 4 July 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Truck Protest
Traffic in all the main centres will be at a standstill this morning as truck drivers protest a rise in road user charges. [more]

Truck Protest (part 2)
Today's strike has been labeled a cheap stunt by the group representing businesses in Auckland's CBD. [more]

Truck Protest (part 3)
The Auckland Regional Transport Authority is ordering buses to drop passengers on the outskirts of the city centre. [more]

Auckland Tornado
Some East Auckland residents had a shock interruption to their dinner last night when their homes were hit by a tornado [more]

Market Report
It's all eyes on the stock markets this morning with fears soaring oil prices could prolong the economic slowdown. [more]

Sports News
The latest sports news. [more]

Truck Protest (part 4)
The truckies protest is now under way, with thousands of trucks gathering around the country in the centre of the major cities. [more]

Northland community workers say they're seeing signs of serious distress in low income families. [more]

South Africa has named its squad for Saturday's Tri-Nations series opener against the All Blacks. [more]

Truck Protest (part 5)
Reports of the truck protest from all the main centres. [more]

Truck Protest (part 6)
We're joined by trucker Nigel Boyd. [more]

Truck Protest (part 7)
Radio New Zealand's head of news, Don Rood, is stuck in traffic. [more]

The Government's doubling of food entitlement money for low income earners has been met with both scepticism and relief. [more]

The latest sports news. [more]

Truck Protest (part 8)
We talk with the chief executive of the Road Transport Forum who has been organising the protest. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Experts believe Colombia's rebel FARC movement has taken a massive hit with the rescue of hostages they had held for six years. [more]

We cross the Tasman to join our correspondent, Kerry Anne Walsh. [more]

Truck Protest (part 9)
A final check of the situation around the country with our reporters out and about in the main centres. [more]


Bronze The Fonz
Dave Fantle talks to us about the unveiling in Milwaukee, USA, of a statue dedicated to one of America's favourite TV characters. [more]

Conundrum Answer
The answer to this weeks conundrum. [more]

Nine To Noon

Bullying in Schools
David Rutherford is a spokesman for the parent's group concerned with bullying at Hutt Valley High School. [more]

Truck Protest
A protest by truck drivers has caused traffic problems in the main centres. [more]

Dressing Women in Politics
Dr Jennifer Craik speaks about how what women politicians wear attracts more media attention than whay they say or do. [more]

Patrick de Cloitre is our Pacific Correspondent. [more]

Feature Guest - Anna Leese
Anna Leese is a former Mobil Song Quest winner who establishing an international career in opera. [more]

Richard Becht is our sports commentator. [more]

Book Review
John McIntyre reviews a selection of childrens books. [more]

The Week That Was
With Radar and Elisabeth Easther. [more]

Rural News

Midday Rural News for 4 July 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Saturday Morning

Kate's Klassic: Dracula
Kate Camp discusses the 1897 vampire novel by Irish author Bram Stoker. [more]


Clay Jenkins
Legendary American jazz trumpeter touring New Zealand later this month. [more]

Simon Vincent and Jude Gibson
Lead actor and director of Ensemble Impact's production of 'Metamorphosis' Bats Theatre Wgtn 9-19 July. [more]

Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra Review
Review of last night's 'Splendour of Beethoven' concert featuring conductor Baldur Bronnimann and pianist Bernd Glemser. [more]

Denny Liu
2006 National Piano Competition winner speaks about playing live at AK Airport for the arrival of adjudicator Ian Munro. [more]

News stories:

Samoa police deport Vanuatu con man
The police in Samoa have recently deported a Vanuatu man after an unsuccessful move to con the country's Central Bank and the Prime Minister, Tuila'epa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi. The Governor of... [more]

Samoa PM meets Australian counterpart on way to Honiara
Samoa's Prime Minister, Tuila'epa Sa'ilele Malielegaoi, is expected to meet with Australia's Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, today before he flies to attend the Solomon Islands 30th anniversary celebration of independence. [more]

Relationships the key to success
The new Blues rugby coach Pat Lam believes his relationship with his players perhaps helped him get the job. The 39-year-old former Auckland, All Blacks and Manu Samoa loose forward... [more]

Fiji rugby union coach names four debutantes in their final Pacific Nations Cup
The Flying Fijians rugby team coach - Ilivasi Tabua has named four new caps for their final International Rugby Board Pacific Nations Cup match against Tonga in Nukualofa. Josefa Domolailai... [more]

Marshall Islands declares economic emergency
The Marshall Islands has declared a state of economic emergency to fast-track domestic energy reduction and cost cutting measures, while lending weight to appeals to donor countries for help. Despite... [more]

American fibre optic cable project delayed
There's been a delay in redeploying an undersea fiber optic cable that will connect American Samoa to Hawaii. The cable laying ship which was scheduled to transport the New Zealand... [more]

43 US soldiers from Pacific among 5-year Iraq War casualties
A US report says 43 US soldiers of Native Hawaiian or Pacific Island origin have been killed in the Iraq war. The report, compiled by the U.S. state department, does... [more]

Opposition says Somare leads PNG Zimbabwe's way
The Papua New Guinea opposition leader, Sir Mekere Morauta, says the country will become like strife-torn Zimbabwe if the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, continues to intimidate and threaten the... [more]

Opposition says Somare leads PNG Zimbabwe's way
The Papua New Guinea opposition leader, Sir Mekere Morauta, says the country will become like strife-torn Zimbabwe if the Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare, continues to intimidate and threaten the... [more]

Fiji parties positive about interim regime's proposed forum
The Commonwealth's special envoy to Fiji says the country's political leaders have agreed to participate in a proposed Presidential Forum looking at electoral reform. Sir Paul Reeves is in Fiji... [more]

Festival donations in American Samoa larger than expected
The American Samoa Arts Festival Committee has raised 380,000 US dollars in donations from businesses, churches, villages, schools and individuals. The co-chair of the committee Fagafaga Daniel Langkilde says the... [more]

Tonga says foreign police boss best to initiate change
The Minister of Police in Tonga, Siaosi Taimani 'Aho, says a foreigner has been sought to head the police force because it's the best way to initiate change. The New... [more]

CUC's used oil tank in CNMI on brink of failure
An oil storage tank at the CNMI's Commonwealth Utility Corporation's power plant in Puerto Rico is on the brink of a major spill that could pollute Saipan's lagoon. The community... [more]

Concern voiced for welfare of Papuan refugees in Port Moresby
Concern has been raised about the poor living conditions among a group of Papuan refugees squatting in a public park in Papua New Guinea's capital. The group of about 100... [more]

Phil du Toit quits as Goro Nickel boss in New Caledonia
New Caledonia's Goro Nickel company has seen the departure of its general manager, Phil du Toit, a year after he replaced Ron Renton. Noumea's daily newspaper says the change at... [more]

Fiji Water complains over increases in excise duties
The makers of Fiji Waters have complained about what they say are onerous increases in excise and export duties on bottled water from Fiji. The company says the interim government... [more]

Commonwealth and EU envoys stress independence in Fiji talks
The two representatives who have been meeting Fijian political leaders and officially inviting them to a political forum, now scheduled for the end of August, to discuss electoral reforms, have... [more]