Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 24th July 2008

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Jim's Essay
It has become fashionable to mock Chinese engagement with English. [more]

The Best Song Ever Written
For Tom Greaves the best song ever written is Soldier Blue by Buffy Sainte Marie. [more]

Your Place
Today we head down to a vibrant town that captivates all who enter its portals, Clyde in Central Otago. [more]

Cricket Animation
One of the biggest changes in cricket could be coming thanks to technology devised by a Dunedin animation company. [more]

Ma Tatou
We continue our 'Maori Language Week' celebrations 'Ma Tatou' and welcome back Maori broadcaster Matai Smith. [more]

He Rourou for Thu 24 Jul
In He Rourou today, Ana Tapiata talks to Ruia Aperehama about deserting his staunch Christian upbringing. [more]

Feature Album
A Northern Soul was the second album by English rock band, The Verve. [more]

Arts Report
When is art pornography? In this week's arts segment with Lynn Freeman - she sets out to answer that question. [more]

Christchurch Story
Katy Gosset finds out that the sight of SUVs and station wagons may be giving way to transport of the two-wheeled type. [more]

Environment Report
Amelia Nurse talks to Gemma McGratha about Music for Mauis, it's a CD aimed at raising awareness about Mauis dolphins. [more]

The Panel (Part1)
Kevin Milne and Jon Bridges join Jim to discuss the hot topics of the day. [more]

The Panel (Part2)
Kevin Milne and Jon Bridges join Jim to get their teeth into some current issues. [more]

Business News

Midday Business News for 24 July 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Further Price Increases For Householders
There are predictions of further price increases and a gloomy Christmas for householders. [more]

Interest Rates Cut
Patrick O'meara joins Mary Wilson to talk about that effect the interest rate cut means to householders. [more]

Commerce Commission Investigates Hanover Finance
The company has frozen more than half a billion dollars of investor funds while it works out a restructuring proposal. [more]

Obama Receives Subdued Welcome in Jerusalem
After an enthusiastic welcome in the West Bank, Mr Obama, received a more subdued welcome in Jerusalem. [more]

No Record of Donation to NZ First
Millionaire businessman Sir Robert Jones is asking New Zealand First to explain why there is no record of his donation. [more]

Wild Weather Causes Travel Disruption
All Air New Zealand domestic flights have been cancelled at Wellington Airport, and ferry sailings have also been stopped. [more]

Court Orders Name Change For Taranaki Girl
The judge says he and his colleagues are frequently dismayed by names given to children such as Passionate Love, and Violence. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Investor Wants Hanover Owners to do The Right Thing
The company has frozen more than half a billion dollars of investor funds while it works out a restructuring proposal. [more]

Claims of Neglect in Five More Rest Homes
Aged care insiders say the cases made public are symptoms of systemic problems in the sector. [more]

National Issues Industrial Relations Policy
Labour has seized on National's new industrial relations policy, calling it a fresh attack on workers and their families. [more]

Accused Killer Described as Paranoid
The High Court in Auckland has heard graphic details from the former girlfriend of Antonie Dixon. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Auckland and Wellington Expensive Cities
An international survey says Auckland and Wellington have become more expensive cities to live in. [more]

Tennis Player Kicked Out of Tournament
A young tennis player has been kicked out of an under-10 girls grade tennis tournament for using a secret earpiece. [more]

What Does Interest Rate Cut Mean to Importers?
The Reserve Bank cut the cost of borrowing and lowered the official cash rate to 8 percent - the first drop in five years. [more]

Irrigation Hearing Moves to Darfield
The company behind it wants resource consent to build a multi-million dollar irrigation project. [more]

Health Funding For 75 Secondary Schools
The Government today launched the four year initiative, which will see nurses based in schools. [more]

Three Gorges Dam - China
For the latest news from China we are joined now by our correspondent in Beijing, Quentin Somerville. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Survey - Women Outnumber Men Graduating From University
The annual survey by the Vice Chancellors Committee shows in 2006 women made up 60 percent of all graduates. [more]

13 Million Risk Starvation and Destitution - Oxfam
The charity says people are caught up in a toxic combination of drought, poverty, conflict and rising food prices. [more]

Australian Government Launches Scheme
It offers incentives for developers to build dwellings that will be rented out at below market rates. [more]

Rescued Australian Miner Disappointed
Beaconsfield mine owners are not taking part in the inquest into the death of his workmate, Larry Knight. [more]

Canoeist and Wife Jailed For Six Years
Back-from-the-dead canoeist, John Darwin, and his wife Anne have each been jailed for more than six years. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 24 July 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 24 July 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 24 July 2008
Hanover Finance, Reserve Bank, Rest Home Care, RNZ Sport and the Weather. [more]

Piwakawaka - Fantail
Listen to this mornings bird call. [more]

State Housing Tenants - Illegally Subletting
The Government says the illegal practice only accounts for point 0-6 percent of all state housing tenants. [more]

Pacific News 24 July 2008
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News 24 July 2008
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Political Parties Facing Fresh Donation Allegations
Winston Peters has dismissed as unsubstantiated allegations claims that his party received as much as 150-thousand dollars. [more]

Hanover Finance Freezing Investors Money
Hanover is blaming a combination of factors for the move, including the softening of the property market. [more]

Reserve Banks Cash Rate Change - Cut or No Cut
Charlotte Graham spoke to three Wellington families about how they're coping with the cost of living. [more]

Ambulance Officers Shocked at Rest Home Care
Age Concern says the fresh allegations add to the growing picture of the current poor state of the residential care industry. [more]

Weather Outlook - Not Good
Nick Butcher brings you more on the bad weather heading our way and the latest on conditions around the country. [more]

Further Details on Political Donations
Sir Robert Jones gave 25 thousand dollars to the party, and questions where the money went. [more]

Sports News 24 July 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Sports News 24 July 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Bosnian Genoside Suspect Says he will Defend Himself
Radovan Karadzic had lived in Belgrade for over a decade disguising himself with a long beard and a pony-tail. [more]

High School Students Leaving with Minimal Grades
more than a third of students left school last year without completing a sixth form qualification. [more]

Robbie Deans' Australian Radio Debut
Robbie Deans had an embarrassing memory lapse on the words to Waltzing Matilda. [more]

Investors and Finance Companies Wait
Hanover Finance has suspended new investments and repayment of existing deposits. [more]

Reserve Bank Announcment on Interest Rate
Economists say it's a bob each way whether the OCR will be cut from its current high level of eight and a quarter percent. [more]

Donations to Political Parties Hot Topic This Week
Mr Peters has insisted his party has complied with the law. [more]

Whangarei District Council and Their 2 Minute Meetings
A blessing to some but critics say it means key decisions are being made behind closed doors without public discussion. [more]

Simonne Butler Testifing Against Antonie Dixon
The alleged Antonie Dixon on trial for murdering James Te Aute with a sword in 2003. [more]

Dannevirke Locals Mixed About New Brothel
The Tararua District Council approved the brothel dispite a petition against it with 500 signatures. [more]

Waatea News 24 July 2008
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Governement Wants 'Swimable' Waterways Nationwide
They're being criticised for not going far enough. [more]

Sticky Situation
Gordon Brown became the victim of a super-glue attack by an environmentalist at a Downing Street reception. [more]

T-Rex in New Plymouth
A replica of the world's largest, most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton is visiting New Plymouth's museum. [more]


NZFF: Clash of the Titans
Will Moore is director of the documentary 'Clash of the Titans' playing in the NZ Film Festival. [more]

Geology Rocks
Geologist Hamish Campbell discusses basalt and earthquakes. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Reserve Bank Review of Interest Rates
Radio New Zealand Business reporter crosses live from the Reserve Bank, where governor Alan Bollard has reviewed interest rates. [more]

Maori Lullaby PhD Research
Amster Reedy is the Maori advisor charged with priming our Olympic athletes for Herculean feats. [more]

UK Correspondent - Kate Adie
The amazing 'Darwin Couple' face the music. [more]

Feature Guest - Francis Pryor
British archaeologist and author. He's at the cutting edge of a radical new re-writing of the pre-history of Britain. [more]

Book Review - Moonlight: Poems About Death and Dying
By by Andrew Johnston, published by Random House NZ Godwit and reviewed by Harry Ricketts [more]

Maori Issues
With Haami Piripi. [more]

Myanmar Aid
Joseph Rood, Myanmar aid worker. [more]

New Technology with Colin Jackson
Today's topic: keeping your email safe. [more]

Our Changing World

Sugars And Allergies
Two young medical researchers are investigating links between sugars and the body's allergic reactions. [more]

Hector's Dolphins
Zoologist Liz Slooten discusses the latest measures put in place to protect New Zealand's endemic dolphins. [more]

Music 4 Mauis
A group of musicians add their voices to the campaign to safe the northern Hector's Dolphin, or Maui. [more]

Campbell Island
Natural history writer Alison Ballance re-visits the subantarctic Campbell Island two decades after her first trip. [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 24 July 2008
QUESTIONS FOR ORAL ANSWER Thursday, 24 July 2008 Questions to Ministers 1. LESLEY SOPER to the Minister of Health: Has he received any reports from medical professionals on possible changes to funding mechanisms for accidents and injury? 2. GERRY BROWNLEE to the Minister of Justice: Does she stand by her statement that, "greater transparency about the sources of political funding will lead to increasing public confidence in our democracy."? 3. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Minister for Environment: Does the Government still promise New Zealanders it will clean up the nation's rivers to a level where they are safe to swim in within a generation; if so, can he say which objectives, if any, in the Proposed National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management, released yesterday, give a deadline by which our rivers and streams will be safe for New Zealanders to swim in? 4. SIMON POWER to the Minister of Police: Does she agree with the former Director of the Serious Fraud Office's statement yesterday that the powers of the new Organised and Financial Crime Agency were not the same as those of the SFO and that court proceedings would delay cases by years, or lead to cases being dropped; if not, why not? 5. RUSSELL FAIRBROTHER to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What progress has been made towards the full funding of community organisations delivering essential services to children, young people and families? 6. JUDITH COLLINS to the Minister of Revenue: What is the total current child support debt broken down by assessment and penalties? 7. BARBARA STEWART to the Associate Minister of Health: Will his Ministry be taking any action to address the concerns outlined in the discussion document recently released by the New Zealand Institute of Rural Health; if not, why not? 8. Hon Dr NICK SMITH to the Minister of Energy: Is the Government reconsidering its mandatory requirement for biofuels from 1 October 2008, given the widespread international concern about sustainability and impacts on food prices and the sustainability standard not coming into effect at the earliest until July 2009? 9. TE URUROA FLAVELL to the Associate Minister of Education: Ka pēhea te whakatika a te Minita i nga hapa o te pūnaha kāwanatanga e pā ana ki te haurua, neke atu o ngā ākonga Māori i mutu te kura i tērā tau me te kore oti i a rātou tētahi tohu mātauranga o te rēanga tuaono? o Translation: What will he do to address the systemic failure which has resulted in more than a half of Māori students leaving school last year without completing a sixth form qualification? 10. Hon TAU HENARE to the Minister of Māori Affairs: Does the Māori Trustee support the expropriation of $35 million out of the Māori Trustee's General Purposes Fund? 11. JILL PETTIS to the Associate Minister of Health: How is the Government improving young people's access to health services? 12. JO GOODHEW to the Minister of Health: What are the names of the five rest homes that he believes are potentially in the same league as Belhaven Rest Home in Auckland? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 24 July 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Alban Gerhardt
German cellist currently touring as a soliost with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. [more]

Darlene Johnson
Australian film maker and director of documentary 'River of No Return', screening at NZ Film Festival. [more]

Takacs Quartet Review
James Gardner reviews last night's performance by touring US-based Hungarian string quartet. [more]

News stories:

Official Cash Rate review
Results of the Reserve Bank's latest review of the Official Cash Rate will be announced at 9am on Thursday. The rate is currently 8.25%. It was set in July 2007. [more]

Spaniard takes Tour lead, but Evans lurks
There's a new leader on the Tour de France but the Australian Cadel Evans is still the popular choice to win this years race. The Spaniard Carlos Sastre won the ... [more]

Slater gets charge downgraded
The Melbourne Storm's fullback Billy Slater will miss only one match after successfully having his contrary conduct charge downgraded at the National Rugby League Judiciary. Slater sensationally claimed he was ... [more]

George will have to commit to Commonwealth Games if she wants back in Ferns
Temepara George will have to commit to the Commonwealth Games in India in two years time if she wants to return to the New Zealand netball team says coach Ruth ... [more]

Deans plays down absence of skippers
Wallabies coach Robbie Deans is playing down the absence of the respective Australian and New Zealand captains from Saturday night's Bledisloe Cup clash in Sydney. Perhaps because the Wallabies suspect ... [more]

Aussies unconvinced about security in Pakistan
With the International Cricket Council due to decide the Champions Trophy hosting issue later today, the Australian Cricket Players Association remain unconvinced about Pakistan's ability to stage a safe tournament. ... [more]

Rain affects opening day in Colombo
The Sri lankan cricketers reached 85 for 2 on a rain-interupted opening day of the first test against India in Colombo. Opener Malinda Warnapura scored an unbeaten 50, while India's ... [more]

Chinese will be allowed to protest during Games
China says it will allow demonstrations in three designated city parks during the Olympic Games in Beijing. But anyone wanting to protest will have to apply for permission from the city's ... [more]

Norman gets invite to US PGA
The Australian golfer Greg Norman will decide whether he will take part in the USPGA Championship in the next 24 hours. The 53-year-old received an invitation to play at Oakland Hills ... [more]

NZ womens football team hit out against Singapore
The New Zealand womens football team struck goal scoring form in their penultimate pre-Olympic hit-out, beating Singapore 14-nil in the city-state. Strikers Amber Hearn, Emma Kete and Renee Leota all scored ... [more]

Fien allowed to look elsewhere
Experienced utility Nathan Fien has been granted permission by the New Zealand Vodafone Warriors to approach other clubs before coming off contract at the end of the 2009 National Rugby League ... [more]

Call for Bush not to pardon Jones over drug use
The new chief of U.S. Track & Field has asked U.S. President George W. Bush not to pardon or commute disgraced sprinter Marion Jones's conviction for making false statements to ... [more]

Dead Lower Hutt woman named
Homicide detectives have named a woman whose body was found wrapped in blankets inside a wardrobe in a Lower Hutt house. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Finance company meltdown claims its 25th scalp after months of rumours about Hanover Finance - investors are owed more than $½ billion; Dunedin animation company develops $1m display system being trialled by cricket authorities in India. [more]

No blanket bans urged under new water policy
Federated Farmers has urged the Government to avoid blanket bans on land use activities such as dairying that might be imposed in some areas as a result of a new national water policy. [more]

Freeze announced by Hanover Finance
Another finance company is in financial strife. Hanover Finance Ltd and two associated companies have frozen over $½ billion of funds. More than 16,500 investors are affected. [more]

Europe stocks rise 2.1%
European shares have ended more than 2% higher ahead of a vote on a rescue bill for the housing market in the United States. The White House said President George Bush will sign it into law. [more]

Commuter train line in capital closed after slip
The Wellington - Johnsonville train line is closed after a slip caused a minor derailment amid heavy rain on Wednesday evening. [more]

NZ First donation confirmed by Jones
Businessman Sir Robert Jones has confirmed he gave $25,000 to the New Zealand First Party. He also gave the party $50,000 when it was founded. [more]

Road conditions
State Highway One between Pukerua Bay and Paekakariki north of Wellington is now clear. [more]

Price of oil slips
Oil prices have fallen slightly to $US128.12 a barrel, extending a two-week decline. Prices have fallen by almost $US20 since 11 July. [more]

Even money on interest rate review
It's even money on whether the Reserve Bank of New Zealand will cut the Official Cash Rate at 9am on Thursday. The rate is currently 8.25%. It was set in July 2007. [more]

Dog owner charged after boy attacked
Police have charged the owner of four hunting dogs that mauled a Waikato boy. He had more than 100 wounds. [more]

US market rises
Stocks in the United States rose on Wednesday on hopes lawmakers will approve a rescue plan for mortgage finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. European shares have also ended higher. [more]

Solomons opposition no confidence motion withdrawn
"A motion of no confidence in the Solomon Islands Government due to be held tomorrow (Friday) has been withdrawn." It comes after Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua claimed to have... [more]

RAMSI marks five years of service to Solomon Islands
The Regional Assistance Mission in Solomon Islands will today mark its fifth anniversary with sports and community activities in all provinces. The mission arrived in July 2003 to restore law... [more]

Food prices reach new highs in American Samoa
Increases in food prices in American Samoa have reached new highs rising twelve point six per cent in the last year. Driving up the cost of living were increases in... [more]

Samoa issues new banknotes
Samoa has issued a new set of banknotes. The 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 tala notes began circulating this week and will gradually replace the current currency notes. Launching... [more]

90 Million dollar programme to reform Somons public service begins
A 90-million dollar programme to improve the Public Service in Solomon Islands is being rolled out this month. The Minister for Public Service, Milner Tozaka says the programme is being... [more]

US Air Force continues body recovery after B-52 crashes near Guam
Officials at the US Air Force base in Guam say none of the six crew members survived Monday's crash of a B-52 bomber off the islands northwest coast. Search and... [more]

Cook Islands canoe heads for Festival of Pacific Arts
The Cook Islands' voyaging canoe, Vaka Te Au O Tonga, is expected to arrive in American Samoa later tonight or early tomorrow morning to join the 10th Festival of Pacific... [more]

Fiji water bottlers resume production after talks with administration
Fiji's interim government and a group of water bottlers have reached a compromise and the administration has agreed to repeal the 20 per cent excise and 20 cents a litre... [more]

Samoa's newly privatised TV station to double local output
The first priority of the private company that bought Samoa's government television station for 800-thousand US dollars is to double the number of local programmes. Samoa Quality Broadcasting's managing director... [more]

Firefighters strike gold at Mt Eden blaze
Firefighters struck gold at a blaze at a commercial metal casting premises in Mt Eden on Thursday. Steel security doors had to be cut through to get at the blaze. [more]

Illegal letting of state houses listed
The National Party has listed 44 cases of state housing premises being illegally sub-let by their tenants. In one case, it was for eight years. [more]

Porn movie charges follow DVD raid
A man facing charges relating to a movie pirating operation is to appear in the Hamilton District Court on 27 additional charges relating to pornographic movies. [more]

National issues industrial relations policy
The National Party has issued its industrial relations policy. [more]

Hanover TV ads should have ended sooner - specalist
An insolvency specialist says Hanover Finance should have withdrawn its television advertising when problems first became apparent. The campaign promised to protect deposits 'whatever the economic weather'. [more]

Winter weather keeps coming
More bad weather is rolling over New Zealand. MetService warns that wind, rain and snow will bring unsettled conditions to many areas. [more]

Sword victim says accused had mood swings
A woman whose hand was severed in an attack with a samurai sword has described the accused as a hyperactive man who could swing from being witty and charming to paranoid and obsessive. [more]

RBA tipped to raise interest rate
There is renewed speculation that the Australian Reserve Bank will raise interest rates before Christmas. Inflation for the year to June is now 4.5%. Rates are currently 7.25%. [more]

Temporary manager appointed at rest home
Another rest home has been assigned a temporary manager due to safety problems. [more]

Two deaths in fire ruled as suicide
A Coroner has ruled that the deaths of two people in a Christchurch house fire in April last year, were the result of suicide. The deaths of two other people are described as an unlawful killing. [more]

Irrigation hearing moves to Darfield
A hearing into the $400 million Central Plains Irrigation Scheme has moved out of Christchurch for two days, to Darfield. [more]

Power restored in Solomons Islands after Government clears portion of power utility's debt
The Solomon Islands Government this week stepped in to rescue the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority after its fuel supplier, Markwarth Oil, refused to provide diesel because of outstanding debts. Markwarth... [more]

Council to decide hosts for 2016 Pacific Arts Festival
The Council of Pacific Arts, which oversees the promotion of culture in the Pacific including preparations for the Festival of Pacific Arts, is meeting today to select the the host... [more]

Samoa's new bank notes to help stop counterfeiting
The Governor of the Central Bank in Samoa is confident the brightly coloured new bank notes now circulating in Samoa will help the authorities in cracking down on counterfeiting operations. [more]

SOPAC to launch new resource for disaster management
The Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission, or SOPAC, will launch the Pacific Disaster Net, which will provide answers to natural disaster questions and issues, in Nadi this evening. SOPAC's risk... [more]

Cooks holds workshops over birdflu threat
The Cook Islands is holding a series of workshops to prepare the country for avian or pandemic influenza. The workshops have been organised by the Pacific Regional Influenza Pandemic Preparedness... [more]

Fiji volleyball player fails to get Australia visa
A Fiji women's volleyball player, Ana Vuniwaqa, has lost her opportunity to play in Australia because she has been denied a visa. The Australian immigration authorities based their decision on... [more]

Fiji water dispute settled with compromise
Fiji's interim regime has reached a compromise with the country's water bottlers and dropped a 20 cent tax on every litre of water sold. The interim government had imposed the... [more]

Speculation in Fiji over Chaudhry's continued role as interim finance minister
The Fiji military council is reported to be again pushing for the ousting of the interim finance minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, from the interim government. Fijilive quotes sources as saying the... [more]

Companies shortlisted to build Whangarei stadium
Five companies have been short-listed to develop plans for a $16 million rugby stadium in Whangarei. [more]

War medals stolen from Huntly house
Seven war medals from World War I have been stolen amongst other goods, from a house in Huntly over the weekend. [more]

Vanuatu elections could be delayed by constitutional challenge
An outgoing Vanuatu MP and the Chairman of the Melanesian Progressive Party, Barak Sope, is launching a challenge to an electoral law that may delay elections. Mr Sope has stated... [more]

Fiji speculation over Chaudhry's future
The Fiji military council is reported to be again pushing for the ousting of the interim finance minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, from the interim government. Fijilive quotes sources as saying the... [more]

French minister blames Tahiti politics for instability
The junior French overseas territories minister, Yves Jego, has blamed the political instability in French Polynesia on the quarrels and personal ambitions among local leaders. In an interview with the... [more]

Fiji water bottling resumes after regime rescinds tax
Fiji's water bottling industry says it has re-started production and called back all staff after the interim regime decided to drop a new tax. The interim government introduced a tax... [more]

NZ market likes OCR cut
The NZX 50 index rose 1.8% on Thursday after a cut in the Official Cash Rate by the Reserve Bank. However, the Australian stock market opened lower. [more]

NZ dollar falls after cut in interest rate
The New Zealand dollar has fallen in response to a cut in the Official Cash Rate by the Reserve Bank. [more]

V8 race gets tick by independent review
An independent review of the Hamilton V8 supercar race in April shows that 172,522 people attended the three-day event and that all resource consent conditions were met. [more]

PM grilled again in House over Peters
Prime Minister Helen Clark on Wednesday faced a second day of questioning in Parliament over donations received by Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters. [more]

Power savings campaign to end
The last television advert in a $2 million power savings campaign is due to screen on Sunday, although the hydro lakes are still only a third full. Critics say its success was due to luck, not judgement. [more]

Proposed fertility regulations may allow frozen eggs
Women made infertile by cancer may be able to use eggs they have frozen before receiving treatment under proposed fertility regulations. [more]

Thousands of students leaving with no qualifications
Thousands of high school students are still leaving school with minimal qualfications. [more]

Anonymous claims made about rest home neglect
Some ambulance staff have aired anonymous allegations on a website about cases of neglect they say they have observed in rest homes. The Ministry of Health says it has not received any formal complaints. [more]

Two deaths in fire ruled as suicide
A Coroner has ruled that the deaths of two people in a Christchurch house fire in April 2007 were the result of suicide. The deaths of two other people are described as an unlawful killing. [more]

Man committed to trial for murder of toddler
A Tokoroa man charged with murdering a toddler who died from severe burns has been sent for trial. [more]

Coolstore blaze ruled accidental by Fire Service
The Fire Service in Hastings has concluded a huge fire which destroyed a coolstore on the northern outskirts of the city was not started deliberately. [more]

Guam to host 2016 Pacific Arts Festival
Guam will host the 2016 Pacific Arts Festival. This was decided by the Council of Pacific Arts which oversees the festival. The Melanesian, Polynesian and Micronesian countries take turns hosting... [more]

American Samoa governor lifts hiring freeze
The American Samoan Governor, Togiola Tulafono, has lifted the freeze on hiring and promotions as well as a pay freeze which he imposed two months ago. The freeze was ordered... [more]

New data shows Pasifika students in NZ leave school with higher qualifications
New school leaver data from the New Zealand Education minister shows more Pasifika students are leaving high school with higher qualifications. The figures released by the Minister Chris Carter shows... [more]

Tonga's parliament approves power company buy-back
The Tongan Parliament has voted in support of Government plans to buy back the Shoreline electricity company. Shoreline is a private company in which King George Tupou V has a... [more]

Pacific ministers agree to broaden work on PACER
Pacific Islands Forum Trade Ministers have agreed that the Pacific Agreement on Closer Economic Relations, PACER, must be about more than trade. The New Zealand Associate Trade Minister, Luamanuvao Winnie... [more]

Thorn can't wait to play in Sydney
The All Black lock Brad Thorn admits his forced week off wasn't a pleasant experience and he can't wait to get back into action this weekend against Australia in Sydney. ... [more]

US names Guam air force crash victims
The United States Air Force has named the six crew of a B-52 bomber which crashed off Guam this week. They were the aircraft commander, Major Christopher Cooper, the co-pilot... [more]

Eales says pressure on Henry more than Deans ahead of Bledisloe Cup test
The Wallabies great John Eales believes last year's Rugby World Cup flop will still be playing on the minds of the All Blacks, and putting immense pressure on coach Graham ... [more]

Temepara George considers playing for Samoa
Temepara George is contemplating a return to international netball next year but it may not be with the Silver Ferns. Yesterday George announced she would be back for the Mystics ... [more]

World record crowd for netball final on the cards
The inaugural trans Tasman netball grand final is set to be a world record record crowd with ticket sales breaking the 10,000 barrier. Monday's clash between Waikato Bay of Plenty ... [more]

Wallaby captain says All Blacks won't be weakened with the loss of Richie McCaw
The Wallabies stand in captain George Smith says New Zealand won't be weakened by losing openside flanker and All Black captain Richie McCaw. McCaw has been ruled out of the Tri ... [more]

Federer dumped in first round of Toronto Masters
The world tennis number one Roger Federer was upset 2-6 7-5 6-4 by the in-form Frenchman Gilles Simon in his opening match of the Toronto Masters. Back on court for ... [more]

Bulldogs duo stood down
The Bulldogs pair Ben Roberts and Lee Te Maari have been fined and stood down from Monday night's NRL match against St George Illawarra over their involvement in an altercation ... [more]

Canberra league officials deny claim that former player was asked to lie to police
Canberra Raiders rugby league officials are denying a claim that former player Steve Irwin was asked to lie to police to protect the NRL club's star playmaker Todd Carney. Police ... [more]

Elliott and Killen could see playing time in second to last Olympic warm up match
Over-age players Simon Elliott and Chris Killen could both see some playing time when the New Zealand Olympic football team play the Indonesian national team in Jakarta tonight. New Zealand ... [more]

NZ to meet Australia in Emerging Players cricket final
New Zealand will play the Australian Institute of Sport in the final of the Emerging Players cricket tournament in Brisbane. New Zealand topped the league phase after beating India by 4 ... [more]

Thanou intent on competing in Beijing
The Greek sprinter Katerina Thanou, who was at the heart of a doping scandal at the Athens Olympics four years ago, says she intends competing at next month's Beijing Games. ... [more]

Ousted Fiji opposition welcomes regime's tax climb-down
The ousted Fiji opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, welcomes the interim government's decision to drop a tax for water bottling companies. The interim government imposed a tax requiring the bottlers to... [more]

Fiji interim regime secretary Chand to return a week after resigning
Reports from Fiji say the interim prime minister, Commodore Bainimarama, has succeeded in persuading the former permanent secretary in the prime minister's office to return to the job. Parmesh Chand... [more]

Fiji interim PM says Chaudhry stays despite differences over tax issues
Fiji's interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, says he hasn't asked the interim finance minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, to resign. This comes after Fijilive quoted sources as saying that military council... [more]

Auckland, Wellington getting more expensive - survey
It is becoming increasingly expensive to live in Auckland and Wellington compared with other cities overseas, an international survey shows. [more]

Pacific Oysters thought to be contaminated
The Public Health Service in Auckland is investigating a Norovirus contamination of Pacific Oysters. [more]

NZ market higher as central bank cuts interest rate
The New Zealand sharemarket rose 2.7% on Thursday as it reacted to the Reserve Bank cutting the benchmark interest rate. [more]

Govt to look at reopening railway engine plant
An old locomotive plant in Lower Hutt may be taken out of mothballs and used to assemble new engines under a Government plan to invest $80 million in upgrading commuter services. The plant was built in 1929. [more]

Government sets freshwater goal
Making New Zealand's freshwater of a swimmable standard within a generation is the goal the Government's proposed national policy statement on freshwater management, released this week. [more]

ARU seeks explanation for poor Bledisloe sales
As many as 4000 tickets remain unsold for Saturday's long-awaited Bledisloe Cup Test at ANZ Stadium in Sydney, and the Australian Rugby Union is seeking answers. [more]