Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 30th July 2008

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Jims Essay
How advertising can change even the biggest habits. [more]

The Best Song Ever Written
Peter Bersani has choosen"Ripple"from"American Beauty by The Grateful Dead. [more]

Link 3 for 30 July 2008
Did you guess the link? [more]

Alzheimer's Sufferers Given Hope
By the age of 85, one in four people will have a form of dementia. [more]

Smashing Weather
Households on the East Cape and in northern Hawke's Bay have lost power as a result of the storm which is battering the region. [more]

He Rourou 30 July 2008
In He Rourou today, Ana Tapiata talks to Erima Henare at the recent launch of the first Maori-to-Maori Dictionary. [more]

Feature Album - Play by Moby (1999)
Richard Melville Hall, also known as Moby is an American DJ , singer-songwriter and musician. [more]

Virtual World - Debbie Mayo-Smith
New Zealand's email and Internet marketing queen. Can the iphone really help you? [more]

David Steemson Story
Auckland's National Maritime Museum, is polishing up its profile. [more]

Health - Dacia Herbulock
In our Health Story today - why is cancer so difficult to cure? [more]

The Panel - Part 1
With Chris Trotter and Joanne Black. [more]

The Panel - Part 2
With Chris Trotter and Joanne Black. [more]

Business News

Midday Business News for 30 July 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Stormy Weather Rocks the Country
Floods, slips, damaged buildings, civil defence emergency annouced in Marlborough. [more]

Winston Peters Attacks White Collar Crime
Winston Peters refused to answer questions about a possible Serious Fraud Office investigation. [more]

Two Dangerous Prisoners On the Run
The police say both men are dangerous and should not be approached. [more]

Sports News 30 July 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Homes Under Threat in Torbay and Bay of Plenty
Flooding is to blame for two evacuations at Pio Shores in Waihi Beach. [more]

Telecom to Hire More Overseas Workers
One hundred new people will join 450 already staffing a call centre in Manila for customers of Telecom. [more]

War Crimes Suspect in UN Custody
Radovan Karadzic faces two charges of genocide for the siege of Sarajevo and for the massacre of 8 thousand Muslim boys and men. [more]

Waatea News 30 July 2008
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Trade Ministers Look to Salvage Failed Talks
Some countries are blaming others for the collapse of the ministerial meeting which had been called a last ditch effort. [more]

An Inmate Fights for his Life
The Department of Corrections say the man was attacked by another prisoner in its Faith Based Unit on Sunday afternoon. [more]

Pressure on Govt. and Pharmac to Fund Herceptin
The National Party's pledging to boost DHB coffers so they can fund a full course of the drug for women. [more]

Horowhenua - 'Wind Swept'
30,000 homes in the Horowhenua are without power after 100 kilometre winds smashed through the region. [more]

Defence Team for Antony Dixon Turns the Tables
The defence summed up its case today. [more]

Wanganui District Council Wants to Ban 'Gang Colours'
They have described the gang members as terrorists, saying they need to be shut down. [more]

China Rejects Amnesty Report on Human Rights
For the latest news from China we are joined now by our correspondent in Beijing, Quentin Somerville. [more]

The New Tongan King Installed this Morning
King George Tupou the fifth was officially recognised today after Kava Cermony. [more]

WTO Talks Trying to be Salvaged
India and the United States could not agree on safeguard measures to protect farmers in developing countries. [more]

DOC's Found 1080 Drops in Kea Population
The study looked at three groups of Kea in different parts of the West Coast. [more]

Massive Slip in Aucklands North Shore
Evacuations are underway in the West Coast town of Greymouth because of severe winds. [more]

US House of Representatives Will Vote to say Sorry
A resolution to apologise to African Americans who are descended from slaves has been met with optimism. [more]

Eight Rebals in Darfur Have Been Sentenced to Death
They were found guilty of organising a surprise attack on the outskirts of Khartoum in May. [more]

'Prepare to Pay More' - Fruit and Vege Famers
The President of Horticulture New Zealand says growers are struggling with the impact of higher costs such as petrol. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 30 July 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 30 July 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 30 July 2008
Stormy weather, Mapua pollution, NZ First donations and World Trade Organisation talks. [more]

Hoiho - The Yellow Eyed Penguin
Listen to today's birdcall. [more]

Stormy Weather
Problems in Northland, Coromandel, and Waikato this morning, and some areas are also affected by power outages. [more]

New Zealand's Kyoto Bill
Victoria University has hosted a symposium on what happens once the current Kyoto Protocol runs out in 2012. [more]

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Stormy Weather (Part 2)
Civil defence teams have been on full alert overnight, with many areas still soaked from the weekend's deluge. [more]

New Zealand First Donations
The Act Party leader Rodney Hide is considering laying a complaint with the Serious Fraud Office against Winston Peters. [more]

Stormy Weather (Part 3)
Reports from the Far North Civil Defence co-ordinator Bill Hutchinson, Lois Williams in Northland, and Andrew McRae in Hamilton. [more]

Mapua Pollution
The Mapua community is demanding answers following a report criticising the clean up of the village's polluted chemical site. [more]

New Zealand First Donations (Part 2)
The issue of donations to New Zealand First is again likely to dominate question time at Parliament today. [more]

World Trade Organisation Talks
The talks called to try to save the Doha world trade round have ended overnight, amidst acrimony and without any deal. [more]

Stormy Weather - Traffic Update
Updated roading information on weather affected areas. [more]

Oil Prices Drop
The price of oil has fallen to its lowest level since mid May amid signs of weakening demand. [more]

EPMU to Campaign
The country's largest union will be campaigning in this year's general elections. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Democracy for Tonga
Tonga's new king has surpised his subjects with an unexpected announcement he will relinquish many of his powers in favour of democracy. [more]

Putting Rugby First
Are rugby's chances of becoming a globally popular sport being hamstrung by an undemocratic International Rugby Board? [more]

Rugby Referee Resigns
A West Coast rugby referee has resigned from the sport after receiving what he called serious verbal abuse from players. [more]

Stormy Weather - Northland
Northland finds itself cut off from the rest of the country this morning due to widespread slips and flooding. [more]

Northland - Kaeo Rugby Club
Nobody is more relieved last night's storm wasn't as bad as was first feared than the Kaeo Rugby Club. [more]

Metservice Forecaster
We're joined in the studio by Metservice forecaster Peter Kreft. [more]

Mapua Pollution (Part 2)
Ian Telfer reports on the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment's report on the Mapua decontamination project. [more]

America's Cup Wrangling Continues
A New York judge has re-instated the Swiss and their original Spanish ally as the rightful organisers of the next regatta. [more]

Olympics Security
Around 100 thousand security officials have been drafted in to protect the games, as well as setting up surveillance systems. [more]

Barack Obama Returns from Tour
With Brent Budowsky, columnist for The Hill political newspaper in Washington. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

All Blacks Team Selection
Joining us are former All Blacks coach John Hart, and former All Black captain Stu Wilson. [more]

Building New Houses
Some builders and subcontractors are beginning to suffer as the building of new houses slumps to a 22 year low. [more]

Waatea News
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Report on Climate Change
Risk of storm surges, extreme waves and coastal flooding are being highlighted in a report on the impact of climate change in NZ. [more]

Coronation of King George Tupou
As part of the festivities Tonga's sports stadium was filled with over 10 thousand school children yesterday. [more]

12th Annual Pie Awards
It was a provincial bakery not a big city one that took out top honours. [more]


International Dateline
Astronomical historian Robert Van Gent explains the history of what time is,where,and why. [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 5 [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 6 [more]

Nine To Noon

Losses in Super Funds
With Ralph Stewart, AXA, Diana Crosson, Retirement Commissioner; and Ben Jacobsen, Professor of Finance at Massey University. [more]

Wireless Implantable Medical Devices
Dr David Budgett from Auckland University Bioengineering Institute. [more]

Australia Correspondent
Paul Barclay with the latest on Qantas, Starbucks and asylum seekers. [more]

Feature Guest - Nigel Rees
Nigel Rees is author of"A Man about a Dog - Euphemisms and other examples of Verbal Squeamishness". [more]

Book Review - A Case of Exploding Mangoes
Written by Mohammed Hanif. Reviewed by Phil Vine. Published by Jonathan Cape. [more]

Music Review with Marty Duda
Today's artist John Mellencamp, formerly Johnny Cougar, John Cougar, or John Cougar Mellencamp. [more]

Stormy Weather - Update
With John Hamilton, Director of Civil Defence. [more]

Robert Lithgow discusses the recent Ian Crutchley case. [more]

Film Review
Graeme Tuckett has seen The Dark Knight, Young at Heart, Hunger, Be Kind Rewind, and A Song of Good. [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Questions for Oral Answer 30 July 2008
Questions to Ministers 1. SUE KEDGLEY to the Minister for the Environment: Will he act to ban the toxic insecticide, endosulfan, which has been prohibited in the European Union, but which is still sprayed on tomatoes and other food crops, as well as parks and playing fields in New Zealand; if not, why not? 2. JOHN KEY to the Prime Minister: Does she have confidence in the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister for Racing; if so, why? 3. GORDON COPELAND to the Minister of Conservation: Will she undertake a comprehensive review of her department's use of aerial 1080 drops, following the news that seven kea have died after eating that deadly poison? 4. Hon BILL ENGLISH to the Minister of Justice: Does she stand by her statement "Government departments are there to inform the public legitimately about what programmes are available for them. They are not there to electioneer on behalf of any political party."; if not, why not? 5. LESLEY SOPER to the Minister of Health: What recent reports has he received on investment in health infrastructure? 6. SIMON POWER to the Minister of Justice: Does she stand by the statements of the Prime Minister when launching the Effective Interventions package in 2006 that it was designed to "address the fast growing rate of imprisonment New Zealand has been experiencing" and to "make our communities safer"? 7. Dr PITA SHARPLES to the Minister of Education: Is he aware that the IHC has taken a complaint to the Human Rights Commission, claiming that Government action creates barriers to disabled students learning on the same basis as other students, and how can such action occur when the Education Act 1989 requires that people who have special educational needs have the same rights to enrol and receive education in state schools as people who do not? 8. ANNE TOLLEY to the Minister of Education: Can he confirm that the truancy rate increased from 2.9 percent in 2002 to 4.1 percent in 2006 according to the Ministry of Education's Attendance, Absence and Truancy reports; if so, what are the reasons for this 41% increase in the truancy rate? 9. DARIEN FENTON to the Minister of Labour: What reports has he received on employment relations? 10. Hon Dr NICK SMITH to the Minister for the Environment: Is he satisfied with the Government's management of the chemically contaminated site at Mapua, noting yesterday's critical report by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment? 11. DAVE HEREORA to the Minister of Energy: What reports has he received on investment in electricity transmission? 12. Hon TONY RYALL to the Minister of Health: Can he confirm that elective surgical discharges since district health boards began have been 108,541 in 2001, 105,721 in 2002, 102,942 in 2003, 106,575 in 2004, 106,583 in 2005, 107,923 in 2006 and 114,098 in 2007? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 30 July 2008
The latest from the farming and rural communities. [more]


Dianne Abraham
Opera Hawke's Bay chairperson discusses decision to cancel upcoming season of Donizetti's 'The Elixir of Love'. [more]

Otago University Feature
Prof Henry Johnson, Dr Graeme Downes, and Grant Robertson discuss the role of music in shaping NZ's national identity. [more]

Haihong Liu
1st violinist from Aroha String Quartet speaks about the group's history and previews upcoming events. [more]

News stories:

Approaching storm promises more heavy rain
A big storm approaching theupper North Island is expected to bring up to 100 millimetres of rain on the region by 9am on Wednesday. [more]

EPMU listed under Electoral Finance Act
The Electoral Commission has listed the Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union as a third party under the Electoral Finance Act - giving it the right to spend up to $120,000 on campaigning for Labour. [more]

Construction industry nervous
The Master Builders Federation says it will start to get very nervous if a downturn in the industry continues. The number of applications for building consents in June was the lowest in seven years. [more]

Hospital testing backup power
Dunedin Hospital is urging people not to phone or visit from 7am-10am on Wednesday unless it's an emergency while its backup power supply is tested. [more]

Rugby ref resigns
A West Coast rugby referee has resigned from the sport because of verbal abuse by players at a senior match on Saturday. He's complained before, but says, this time, the abuse was serious. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
More than 1500 jobs in doubt as Telecom considers moving more call centre functions offshore; two Bridgecorp officials on criminal charges; keas die at Fox Glacier after eating 1080 poison. [more]

Highway conditions
Several highways are affected by a storm crossing the upper North Island. [more]

Less rain than expected overnight in Northland
Civil Defence says Northland has had a lucky escape from the storm. Less rain fell overnight than feared. However, the power is off in several places. [more]

Oil falls in price again
Oil has fallen in price to its lowest level in nearly three months on mounting evidence that high prices and a souring economy are cutting into world energy demand. [more]

Lift for European shares
European shares ended higher on Tuesday after a three-day losing streak - despite a $US5.7 billion writedown by Merrill Lynch. [more]

Complaint mooted to police over Peters
ACT Party leader Rodney Hide says he is considering complaining to the Serious Fraud Office about New Zealand First leader Winston Peters. [more]

Larger deficits tipped by Government
Finance Minister Michael Cullen says the Government's deficits are expected to rise. Cash deficits of around $3.5 billion a year over the next four years were forecast in the Budget. [more]

Watch on rivers
The Waikato Regional Council is monitoring the Ohinemuri and Kauaeranga Rivers on the Coromandel after about 250mm of rain in the catchment in the last 24 hours. [more]

Search for missing man with epilepsy
A search is underway in Whangarei, for a man who has been missing since Tuesday evening. He has severe epilepsy. [more]

Missing hunter found
A pig hunter missing in the Haruru Falls area in Northland overnight has been found safe and well. [more]

Storm moving south-east
MetService says the storm is now hitting the Coromandel and moving south-east. It is also starting to affect the area north of Gisborne. [more]

Wall St rises on oil slide
Stocks in the United States rebounded on Tuesday, rising more than 2% on another sharp slide in oil prices and the latest write-down by Merrill Lynch. [more]

Trade talks fail
A final attempt to break a deadlock in world trade talks in Geneva has failed because of differences over food tariffs. [more]

Watch being kept on Ohinemuri River
Waikato Regional Council says more rain than expected has fallen on the Coromandel peninsula, causing concern over the level of the Ohinemuri River. [more]

TV advertising revenue up
Television advertising revenue was $164.4 million for the June quarter - an increase of 4% on the same period last year. [more]

Sharp fall in profits at Sony
Quarterly profits at Japanese electronics giant Sony have almost halved, due to a loss at its mobile phone venture with Sweden's Ericsson. [more]

Killer escapes from Tongariro Prison
A convicted killer escaped from Tongariro Prison in the central North Island on Wednesday morning. [more]

Giteau expecting to be targeted
The Wallabies five-eighth Matt Giteau is anticipating a busy night of defending in Auckland on Saturday as he expects the All Blacks to direct more of their attacking traffic at him ... [more]

Jerry Collins welcomes runaway league star
The former All Blacks flanker Jerry Collins is rolling out the welcome mat at the Toulon rugby club in France for runaway league star Sonny Bill Williams. Collins, who has just ... [more]

IOC investigates claims of media censorship in Beijing
The International Olympic Committee is investigating complaints that some internet services at the main media centre in Beijing have been censored. Some visiting journalists have complained they've been unable to ... [more]

Runaway league star still holed up in London
The runaway Kiwi league star Sonny Bill Williams is due to meet up with officials from the French rugby club Toulon this week according to the French newspaper L'Equipe. Williams, ... [more]

Former All Black throws support behind Sonny Bill Williams
The former All Blacks and Hurricanes flanker Jerry Collins has come out in support of the Canterbury Bulldogs league star Sonny Bill Williams, who's turned his back on the National ... [more]

Wallabies set to confront Eden Park hoodoo
Wallaby flanker Phil Waugh says his team has to confront their Eden Park voodoo rather than ignore it heading in to Saturday's Tri-Nations rugby test against the All Blacks. The Wallabies ... [more]

Two Iraqi athletes to compete in Beijing
Two Iraqi athletes will compete at the Beijing Olympics after a delegation met with International Olympic Committee officials in Switzerland. The delegation was seeking to reverse the IOC's decision to ... [more]

Skies clear over Beijing
The skies have become clearer over Beijing with visibility across the Chinese capital dramatically improving yesterday thanks to strong winds, allowing the Olympic host city to claim success in its anti-pollution ... [more]

Collingwood back in England test lineup
The all rounder Paul Collingwood has been recalled to the England cricket team, aliong with a fit-again pace bowler Ryan Sidebottom for the third test against South Africa starting tonight ... [more]

Erakovic first round loser in Stockholm
The New Zealand tennis number one Marina Erakovic has been on the receiving end of an upset at the Stockholm Open. The world number 50 and the 8th seed in Stockholm, ... [more]

King of Tonga installed in sacred kava ceremony
The King of Tonga will attend a unique kava ceremony in the capital Nuku'alofa this morning. The week long coronation of King George Tupou the Fifth is due to end... [more]

FBI investigates CNMI Utilities Corp
The Federal Bureau of Investigations is investigating the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation of the Northern Marianas. The utility company has turned over financial records and other documents regarding federally funded projects... [more]

Niue leader to share his new govt's vision with NZ counterparts
Niue's Premier Toke Talagi has arrived in New Zealand to talk about his new government's vision for the island nation. Mr Talagi is having talks with his New Zealand counterpart,... [more]

Papuans to enjoy spoils of Indonesia's oil palm boom, says govt
Indonesia's Department of Agriculture says its serious about ensuring Papuans have a fair share of the prosperity from oil palm development in the region. Indonesia, which is the world's largest... [more]

Another new political party established in Samoa
A new political party has been established in Samoa by several members of the NGO opposing switching the controversial road switch law PASS. The People's party or TPP says that... [more]

Solomon Islander caught illness before heading to festival
The American Samoan Department of Health says the member of the Solomon Islands delegation at the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts who died yesterday caught his fatal illness before travelling... [more]

Locals in Mt Tavurvur area suffering athsma from ash fall
The National Disaster Centre in Papua New Guinea says more and more people are suffering from asthma due to continued ash fall from an active volcano in Rabaul. The Justice... [more]

Fiji's National Olympic Committee says athletes will go Beijing
The President of Fiji's National Olympic Committee has dispelled reports that they will pull their athletes out of the Beijing Olympics if the pollution is too bad. Concerns have been... [more]

Flooding, slips close schools near Gisborne
Flooding and slips on the east coast have closed several schools north of Gisborne. [more]

Nelson man missing
A search for a Nelson man who was last seen on Monday morning, is continuing. [more]

Bottle maker to increase production
Increasing demand from the wine industry has prompted a glass manufacturer to relocate its production to New Zealand. [more]

Starbucks to close 61 stores in Australia
Starbucks is to shut 61 of its 85 shops in Australia and focus its remaining operations on Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The coffee chain first opened in Australia in 2000 [more]

Suspicious package found
Police in Christchurch have cordoned off parts of the central city due to a suspicious package found in a carpark. All nearby buildings have been evacuated. [more]

Prisoner attacked
Police and the Department of Corrections are investigating an attack on a prisoner at Rimutaka Prison by another inmate on Sunday. [more]

Hospital back-up power tested
A two and a half hour test of Dunedin Hospital's emergency power system has been completed successfully. [more]

Prisoner in critical condition
A prisoner attacked at Rimutaka Prison by another inmate on Sunday is in a critical condition in the intensive care unit at Wellington Hospital. [more]

Mini-tornado in Mount Maunganui
There has been a mini-tornado in Mount Maunganui, damaging walls and roofs. [more]

SH1 in Dome Valley about to reopen
State Highway One near Warkworth should be open to traffic again early on Wednesday afternoon. [more]

One up for America's cup champions Alinghi
A New York appeals court has ruled that a Spanish yacht club will be an official challenger in the next America's Cup yacht race, handing a significant victory to the defending ... [more]

Govt urged to shelve new Maori agency
The Federation of Maori Authorities has urged the Government to shelve plans to create a separate Maori economic development agency. [more]

Rice withdrawn from sale
An imported rice product, known as Bt63, has been withdrawn from sale because it contains GM rice which is not approved for sale in New Zealand. [more]

Fisheries assets allocated in Taranaki
Four Taranaki iwi have received another $2.2 million of Treaty of Waitangi fisheries assets after agreeing on their coastal boundaries. [more]

Hearing on bill to ban gang patches
Wanganui Mayor Michael Laws, says gang patches need to be banned in the city to stop what he describes as daily terrorism activity. [more]

Repayment plan mooted by mid-August
Dorchester Pacific says investors should see a proposed new repayment plan by the middle of next month. The company owes them $176 million. [more]

No closures of Starbucks in NZ
Restaurant Brands says its 45 Starbucks cafes will remain open in New Zealand, as the American chain closes most of its stores in Australia. [more]

Extra funding urged for breast cancer drug
The National Party says the Government should give district health boards the extra money they need to fund 12 months of the breast cancer drug, Herceptin. [more]

Fresh fruit and veges prices upheld
Horticulture New Zealand says customers are going to have to get used to paying more if they want to buy fresh fruit and vegetables grown in New Zealand. [more]

Australian stocks rise 2%
The Australian share market opened 2% stronger on Wednesday after a bounce on Wall St. [more]

Silver Ferns squad named with four newcomers
The New Zealand netball selectors have named 16 players for the Silver Ferns 2008 season which includes four newcomers. They are current NZ A squad members, the shooter Anna Thompson ... [more]

Power cuts
Dozens of household on the East Coast and in northern Hawke's Bay have lost power as a result of the storm on Wednesday. [more]

Telecom to boost offshore call centre personnel
Telecom is boosting its workforce overseas by adding 100 personnel to the 450 positions already at a call centre in Manila on a four month trial basis. [more]

Guam says visa restrictions eased for foreign workers to build new US bases
Guam's Governor Felix Camacho says Pacific Islands workers will not face difficulties getting into the territory which is about to begin preparing for an influx of US troops in 2010. [more]

Church minister in Samoa charged with attempted rape and indecent assault
Police in Samoa have laid attempted rape and indecent assault charges against a 61 year old church minister. The man is being held in police custody while investigations continue. Police... [more]

Storm moves onto lower North Island
MetService says the storm is being felt in the central and lower North Island, as the bad weather moves south. [more]

Vanuatu celebrates 28 years of independence
Schools and businesses across Vanuatu are closed today as the country celebrates its 28th National Day. It marks the day in 1980 when Vanuatu gained its independence from Britain and... [more]

Escaped Fiji prisoner still on life support after controversial recapture
Fiji's Colonial War Memorial Hospital says an escaped prisoner, who was injured while being re-captured, is still in a critical condition. The hospital's general manager, Dr Eloni Tora, says Jo... [more]

Ousted Fiji PM disputes claim that coup saved economy from collapse
Fiji's ousted prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, has disputed a claim by the interim finance minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, that the 2006 coup saved the Fiji economy from collapse. Mr Chaudhry convened... [more]

Royalty bill 'a new tax on art'
Parliament has been told that a proposed art resale royalty is a new tax on art that will result in important works being sold in Australia rather than New Zealand. [more]

Wind warning in Levin - stay inside
People living in Levin are being told to stay indoors as winds of up to 120 kilometres an hour hit the town. [more]

Samoa Party hires overseas lawyer to fight electoral act clause
A New Zealand barrister, Peter Andrew, is representing the Samoa Party in its claim that section 105 of the Electoral Act is unconstitutional. The section says only candidates who polled... [more]

Ousted Fiji minister on assault charge in US
An ousted Fiji government minister, Adi Asenaca Caucau, is reported to have been charged with assault in the US. Fijilive says she is due in court tomorrow. The former minister... [more]

Worst of Coromandel flooding over
The worst of the storm on the Coromandel appears to be over, though many roads remain closed from flooding and slips. [more]

Tonga's new king offically annointed as coronation festivies continue
The traditional kava ceremony to install the King Tonga is complete. King George Tupou V was officially anointed in a two and a half hour ceremony in Nuku'alofa. Richard Pamatatau... [more]

New party in Samoa aims wider than road switch repeal
A new political party in Samoa formed by members of the non-government organisation PASS is reassuring the public that The People's Party or TPP is a separate entity with a... [more]

IOC lifts Iraq Olympic ban
Two Iraqi athletes will compete at the Beijing Olympics after a delegation met with International Olympic Committee officials in Switzerland. The delegation was seeking to reverse the IOC's decision to ... [more]

NBA ref sentenced to 15 months in gambling scandal
A top basketball referee in the United States has been jailed for 15 months for being at the centre of a betting scam involving matches in which he officiated. Former National ... [more]

Messi belongs in Beijing, says Argentina coach
Argentina's Olympic football coach Sergio Batista has pleaded for Barcelona forward Lionel Messi to be released for next month's Beijing Games. A decision from football's world governing body FIFA is expected ... [more]

NZ youth side crushed on last day in England
The New Zealand under-19 cricket side have lost the first youth Test against England in Taunton by an innings and 130 runs. Despite putting up a fight yesterday after being ... [more]

Cooks Cabinet Minister seen by some as the man to revitalise Pacific Forum
The Cook Islands Foreign Minister, Wilkie Rasmussen, says some countries have urged him to become Secretary General at the Pacific Islands Forum in the hope he will bring a fresh... [more]

Missing Whangarei man turns up
A man who was the focus of a search in Whangarei has turned up safely at North Shore Hospital in Auckland. [more]

ACT goes to Serious Fraud Office over donations
ACT Party leader Rodney Hide has laid a complaint with the Serious Fraud Office about the actions of New Zealand First and its leader Winston Peters over party donations. [more]

Call to delay Maori agency
The Federation of Maori Authorities has urged the Government to shelve and review its plans to create a separate Maori economic development agency. [more]

Cook Islands foreign minister seen by some as man to revitalise Pacific Forum
The Cook Islands Foreign Minister, Wilkie Rasmussen, says some countries have urged him to become Secretary General at the Pacific Islands Forum in the hope he will bring a fresh... [more]

French Polynesia tourism in crisis after further drop in numbers
Tourist numbers in French Polynesia dropped by a further 12 percent in June over the same time last year in what is now being described as the industry's worst crisis. [more]

Woman arrested over Flaxmere death
Police in Hastings have arrested a woman over the death of a man in the suburb of Flaxmere. [more]

National fails in bid to stop union electioneering
The National Party has failed in a bid to stop the Labour Party-affiliated Engineering, Printing and Manufacturing Union from campaigning in this year's election. [more]

Real estate bill moves a step nearer to law
The Government says it has the numbers in Parliament to pass legislation to reform the real estate sector. [more]

F1 bosses to set up new team body
A major shake-up in Formula One racing is underway after the bosses of the 10 teams met in Italy to discuss a plan from motorsport's world governing body to reform the ... [more]

America's Cup court ruling hailed, Dalton hopes for 2009 race
Team New Zealand managing director Grant Dalton says the New York Supreme Court decision reinstating a Spanish syndicate as the challenger of record is another step in getting the America's Cup ... [more]

MacDonald not going to be risked, says ABs doctor
The All Blacks backline is in for another reshuffle with Leon MacDonald ruled out of Saturday night's Tri-Nations test in Auckland after taking longer than expected to fully recover from ... [more]

Reds' John Roe retires from rugby
Queensland's most-capped No 8, John Roe, has announced his retirement from all rugby because of a career-ending shoulder injury. The 31-year-old Roe has decided to retire now rather than risk ... [more]

Federer makes great escape
World tennis number one Roger Federer came from a set down to beat the American Robby Ginepri in the second round of the Cincinnati Masters. The Swiss, whose four-year reign as ... [more]

Havelock North cafe cleans up at pie awards
New Zealand's top pie is made at Jackson's Bakery & Cafe in Havelock North. [more]

Warriors name unchanged line-up again
The New Zealand Warriors have named an unchanged line-up for this weekend's National Rugby League encounter with South Sydney in Sydney. It's the fourth week running that the Warriors have announced ... [more]

Spanish official fears Beijing humidity more than pollution
A Spanish Olympic official believes Beijing's heat and humidty will be a greater problem than pollution during the Olympic Games. Spain's athletics chief Jose Maria Odriozola says when he was in ... [more]

NRL boss says the NRL salary cap will stand up to legal challenge
The National Rugby League boss David Gallop says he's confident the league's salary cap policy will stand up to a legal challenge. It's believed that Sonny Bill Williams will counter ... [more]

Grand old lady of NZ sport dies aged 101
One of New Zealand's greatest sportswomen, Bessie Fullerton-Smith, has died in Marton aged 101. Born in Manawatu in 1907, Bessie Gaisford was a true all-rounder, becoming a champion golfer in the ... [more]

All Black coach says he's nervous
The All Black coach Graham Henry says lack of time and the prospect of yet another wet weekend aren't helping preparations for Saturday's night's second Bledisloe Cup test in Auckland. ... [more]

Nick Willis third in Monaco
New Zealand's Commonwealth Games 1500 metres champion Nick Willis has completed his preparations for the Olympics, finishing third at a Grand Prix meeting in Monaco in three minutes 33.51 seconds. It's ... [more]

Kicking game still a puzzle under ELVs
The damage control from New Zealand's top rugby coaches continues following the back-to-back Test losses to the Springboks and the Wallabies. All Blacks head coach Graham Henry says while he, Wayne ... [more]

Beijing Olympic officials deny net censorship
Beijing Olympic organisers insist they are providing full internet access to the media during the Games. BOCOG spokesman Sun Weide says he's sure media did not have problems accessing the internet ... [more]

Silver Ferns coach confident newcomers will strengthen midcourt
The New Zealand netball coach Ruth Aitken says there's a good mix of experience and new blood in the 16 players named for the Tests against Australia and England in September ... [more]

Two dangerous prisoners on the run
Two dangerous prisoners escaped from Tongariro Prison in the central North Island on Wednesday morning. [more]

Local market up 52 points
The NZX 50 index rose 52 points on Wednesday to close at 3288 on turnover of $84 million. [more]

Taranaki Base Hospital to get $80m upgrade
Taranaki Base Hospital is to have an $80 million upgrade, including two new surgical theatres and more hospital beds. [more]

Pharmac to review Herceptin decision
Government drug-buying agency Pharmac will reconsider on Wednesday how it funds the breast cancer drug Herceptin after being ordered earlier in the year by the High Court to review the matter. [more]

Collapse of talks will hurt agricultural exporters most - envoy
New Zealand's agricultural exporters will be hurt most by the latest breakdown in the Doha round of world trade talks in Geneva, says the country's agricultural trade envoy, Alistair Polson. [more]

Storm's wrath felt from Northland to Nelson
The storm moving down the country is making itself felt from Northland to Nelson as high winds and heavy rain cause slips, flooding, power outages and road closures and force people to evacuate their homes. [more]

Fiji interim Finance Minister rounds on USP assessments of economy
Fiji's interim Finance Minister, Mahendra Chaudhry, has rounded on assessments of the economy made at a University of the South Pacific Seminar. Mr Chaudhry told a news conference on Tuesday... [more]

Solomons opposition lodges no confidence motion in government
The Parliamentary Opposition in Solomon Islands has lodged a Motion of No Confidence against the Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua. The opposition said earlier it's tabling the motion at the... [more]

New Samoa political party urges people to join
A new politcal party that's just been formed in Samoa is calling on interested people to register as founding members. The People's Party hopes to launch their party at a... [more]