Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 31st July 2008

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Jim's Essay
The advice of the ages and the sages. [more]

Best Song Ever Written
For Duncan McMillan of Akaroa it is"Nobody Knows You When You Are Down And Out"performed by the Chad Mitchell Trio. [more]

Your Place - Warkworth
Today we visit Warkworth, centre of the fast growing Rodney district and just 60 kilometres north of our largest urban area. [more]

Hastings Mayor - Lawrence Yule
Lawrence Yule has just been named president of Local Government New Zealand. [more]

Stormy Weather - Environment Canterbury
Environment Canterbury civil defence team spokesman James Thompson. [more]

He Rourou for 31 July 2008
Ana Tapiata talks to Te Ripowai Higgins at the recent launch of the first Maori-to-Maori online dictionary. [more]

Feature Album - West Side Story
A West End revival began its season last week at Sadler's Wells Theatre in London. [more]

Arts Report
American film director Ira Sachs, and a new play 'Black Tuesday', currently at Wellington's Bats Theatre. [more]

Christchurch Story - National Doll and Bear Show
Katy Gosset finds herself surrounded by porcelain body parts and well dressed teddy bears. [more]

Environment story - Natural Hazards Management Conference
Amelia Nurse talks to two scientists about developments in forecasting severe weather and floods. [more]

The Panel ( Part1)
Gary McCormick and Bomber Bradbury join Jim on the panel today to discuss the pressing issues. [more]

The Panel ( Part2)
Gary McCormick and Bomber Bradbury join Jim on the panel today to dissect some of today's hot topics . [more]

Business News

Midday Business News for 31 July 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Amberley Beach Evacuated
The storm which caused havoc in the North Island yesterday has today caused flooding and evacuations in the South. [more]

Storm Hits South Island Hard
Monique Devereux gives an update on the situation at Amberley Beach and other parts of the storm hit South Island. [more]

Picton Cleans Up
A civil emergency declaration in Marlborough has been lifted as a major clean-up continues after last night's damaging storm. [more]

IHC Lodges Complaint
The IHC has lodged a complaint with the Human Rights Commission today against the government. [more]

Freight Backlog Causing Headache
The backlog in Picton is causing a headache for Mainfreight - the country's biggest transport company that sends goods by rail. [more]

Cruise Ship Hit by Seven Meter Swell
40 passengers on board a cruise ship north of Auckland are nursing cuts, bruises and sprains after the vessal suddenly rolled. [more]

Warehouse Takeover Blocked by Court
The Commerce Commission has won a Court of Appeal case preventing two supermarkets from takeover offers for the Warehouse. [more]

Wellington Train Fault
Few passenger trains are running into or out of Wellington and there are long queues for them due to a point's fault. [more]

Crown, Tuhoe Sign Negotiation Terms
Several hundred Tuhoe people traveled to Parliament to witness the process of settling the iwi's Treaty of Waitangi claims. [more]

Dixon Jury Retires to Consider Verdict
Antonie Dixon is on trial for the murder of James Te Aute, and for seriously injuring two women with a samurai sword in 2003. [more]

Peters Ducks and Dives Questions
Today Parliament descended into farce as Minister Winston Peters again ducked and dived questions about donations. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Immigration Service to Deport Illegal Immigrant
The immigration service says the man alleged to have reversed his car into a police officer is an illegal immigrant. [more]

Storm Setback in the South Island
There has been a setback to hopes of restoring traffic on State Highway One from kaikoura into Christchurch. [more]

Coroner - 'Driver Can Not Be Blamed'
A Coroner has heard evidence that the deaths of 3 teenage girls in a car crash cannot be blamed on the driver texting. [more]

Obama's Campaign Officials Have Condemned Lyrics of Song
Barak Obama's campaign officials have condemned the lyrics of a song by one of the Senator's favourite rap stars, Ludacris. [more]

Strom Closes SH1 Between Christchurch and Kaikoura
The road from Christchurch to Kaikoura will remain closed after another slip came down just as it was about to be re-opened. [more]

Torbay Slip Causes Evacuation of Families
Lingham Crescent in Torbay remains cordoned off after the slip twisted one house from its foundations. [more]

24 Hour Alcohol Ban For Inner City - Wellington
A 24-hour, seven-day a week ban on drinking alcohol in public places has just come into force in the inner city. [more]

Middle East Peace Process Thrown Into Disarray
Dogged by a series of corruption allegations, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said he'll resign. [more]

UN to Disband Peacekeeping Mission
The UN has voted unanimously to disband its peacekeeping mission on the disputed border between Ethiopia and Eritrea. [more]

Karadzic to Face War Crimes Court
Later tonight, the UN war crimes tribunal at The Hague will hear for the first time from Radovan Karadzic. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Thieves Target Scrap Metal
The rate of scrap metal thefts has escalated in recent months, and the police are warning the public to keep an eye. [more]

Helen Clark in Tonga For Coronation of King
After meeting with the Tongan Prime Minister Felete Sevele Ms Clark said the coronation is an important event for Tonga. [more]

Consumer Watchdog Recommends Changes
Australia's consumer watchdog is likely to recommend changes after hearing from business, supplier and consumers. [more]

Toilets For Transgender Boys - Thailand
A high school in Thailand has taken the unusual initiative of installing separate toilets for transgender boys. [more]

Iranian Government is Failing Kurds
A report by the human rights organisation, Amnesty International, says the Iranian government is failing to protect them. [more]

AIDS Related Deaths Fall Again - UN
A United Nations report says the number of people dying worldwide from AIDS related illnesses fell again last year. [more]

Russian Scientists Reach Lake Bottom
A team of Russian scientists has reached the bottom of Lake Baikal in southern Siberia - the world's deepest body of freshwater. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 31 July 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 31 July 2008
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 31 July 2008
Storm action from various regions, Radovin Karadzic to The Hague, SFO and NZ First, Police Officer Hit by Drink Driver. [more]

Piopio - The Thrush
Listen to today's birdcall. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Torbay Slip and Evacuation
Residents in the North Shore suburb of Torbay wait to see whether they'll be allowed to return to their properties. [more]

Radovan Karadzic Update
After 13 years on the run, Karadzic is to appear within the next few hours before the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague. [more]

Iraq's Olympic Team to Beijing
The International Olympic Committee has done a U-turn over its ban on Iraq's team, but too late for 5 of the 7 athletes. [more]

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Morning Rural News for 31 July 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Picton Flooding Emergency
The Picton area is still under a state of civil defence emergency this morning following severe flooding. [more]

Fraud Office Considers NZ First Donations
Serious Fraud Office considering whether an investigation is warranted into questions about donations to New Zealand First. [more]

Marlborough Emergency Live
Our reporter Geoff Moffett reports live from the floodlands. [more]

Picton Emergency - Red Cross
Picton Red Cross emergency response leader, Sam Morrison's organised overnight shelter for evacuees at Queen Charlotte College. [more]

Storm Update - Canterbury
Monique Devereux joins us from Christchurch with the storm approaching Canterbury. [more]

Storm Update - Marlborough
Malborough Civil Defence Controller, Mark Wheeler joins us from a flood drenched Picton. [more]

Torbay Slip and Evacuation (Part 2)
As daylight dawns on the North Shore's Torbay, residents can see the damage wreaked for the first time. [more]

Police Officer Struck by Drink Driver
An Auckland police constable is in hospital in a serious condition after she was backed into by a drunk driver. [more]

Storm Update - Horowhenua
The town of Levin and the Horowhenua region are reeling from what locals say was the worst storm for 50 years. [more]

SFO on NZ First Donations (Part 2)
The Serious Fraud Office says it will take the public interest into account when considering whether to investigate. [more]

Radovan Karadzic Update (Part 2)
The former Bosnian Serb leader will face charges of crimes against humanity and genocide before The Hague tribunal tonight. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Petrol Price Fall Expected
Further drops in the price of petrol are being predicted within the next few days, as international oil prices continue to fall. [more]

Queenstown Airport Resource Consent
The tourist town's in danger of losing its international status as new regulations force the owners to extend the runway. [more]

NZ Olympic Weightlifting Hopefuls
The image of burly Eastern Europeans with handlebar moustaches and loud grunts does not suit our weightlifting hopefuls. [more]

Storm Update - Nelson
For an update on repairs are proceeding we're joined by the Technical Services Manager for Nelson City Council, Alec Louverdis. [more]

Storm Update - Northland
With an update on storm damage, we're joined by Alison Lees from the Far North District Council. [more]

Storm Update - Hawkes Bay
Our reporter Heugh Chappell has been out and about assessing the cleanup this morning. [more]

New US Housing Legislation
US President George Bush has today signed into law the country's most significant housing legislation in decades. [more]

Storm Update - Sefton
Monique Devereux joins us from the small north Canterbury settlement of Sefton, where 12 households were evacuated. [more]

30-Year-Old Sydney Murder Investigation
Sydney police arrive in NZ today to looking for more information about the disappearance of then 18- year-old Trudie Adams. [more]

Storm Update - Nelson
Reporter Geoff Moffett has been out to look at damage to the city's water supply caused by fallen trees and joins us now. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

NPC Format Change
Two sides whose future's uncertain are Tasman and Northland, their spokesmen join us now. [more]

NZ in Good Shape - OECD Head
OECD Secretary-General, Angel Gurria says we're in a better place than many to weather the global economic downturn. [more]

WTO Talks Collapse - National Party View
National trade spokesman, Tim Groser says the World Trade Organisation will find a way through the current impasse. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Yorkshire's White Rose
Ever since the War of the Roses, the colour of a rose has mattered in north England. [more]


Nordic Walking
Scotland's latest outdoor exercise is Nordic Walking - walking with poles. [more]

Body Parts
Tonight's body parts are the kidneys. [more]

Conundrum Clue 7
Conundrum clue number 7. [more]

Conundrum Clue 8
Conundrum clue number 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Retail Woes
The Property Council and the Retailers Association join Kathryn to talk through the tough times. [more]

Trust Funds and Political Donations
John Shewan, a tax expert from Price Waterhouse Coopers gives his view on the Spencer Trust et al.. [more]

Kiwi International Essay Competition Winner
At just 12-years of age, Kerikeri school girl Samantha Scahill has won a prestigious international writing competition. [more]

UK Correspondent - Matthew Paris
Matthew gives us an update of news and the lowdown on current affairs in Old Blighty. [more]

Feature Guest - Camille Parmesan
Camille Parmesan, a biologist at the University of Texas, discusses the impact of climate change on animals and plants. She says almost 50 percent of species are affected by climate change and many may have to be moved to ensure their survival. [more]

Book Review - Voyage Long and Strange
Don Rood reviews Voyage Long and Strange by Tony Horwitz. Published by John Murray. [more]

New Dementia Research
Professor Mary Haan has found that taking commonly used cholesterol lowering statins may protect against dementia and memory loss. [more]

Freelance Photographer - Jane Ussher
Best known for her portraits of prominent Kiwis, Jane has left the Listener after 28 years to go freelance. [more]

New Technology with Colin Jackson
Today's topic: the World Internet Project, a recent survey about New Zealander's Internet use. [more]

Our Changing World

Stormy Weather
Two scientists talk about developments in forecasting severe weather and floods. From Our Changing World 31 Jul 2008. [more]

Cancer Research
Researchers target a new area of cancer research - cancer stem cells. [more]

Squid Gel
How waste material from squid can provide a substance to aid in sinus surgery. [more]

Isotope Signatures
Chemist Russel Frew explains how isotopes can prevent fraud. [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 31 July 2008
Thursday, 31 July 2008 Questions to Ministers 1. Hon BILL ENGLISH to the Prime Minister: Does she have confidence in the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister for Racing; if so, why? 2. PITA PARAONE to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: What was the purpose of his recent trip to Samoa with United States Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice? 3. Hon TONY RYALL to the Minister of Health: How does the number of resourced level-three neonatal intensive care unit cots in New Zealand compare with international benchmarks, and how many of those cots are available today? 4. DARIEN FENTON to the Minister of Labour: What reports has he received on the importance of transparency in employment relations? 5. Hon Dr NICK SMITH to the Minister for the Environment: Does he accept the conclusion of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment's report that the Ministry for the Environment breached its resource consent for the remediation work at Māpua? 6. RODNEY HIDE to the Minister of Foreign Affairs: What actions, if any, has he taken to promote honest, transparent and accountable Governments in the Pacific region? 7. Dr the Hon LOCKWOOD SMITH to the Minister of Immigration: Does he stand by his statement on 3 July 2008 that the circumstances in which family members of Mary Anne Thompson obtained residence appeared irregular; if so, what were those irregularities? 8. RUSSELL FAIRBROTHER to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What recent reports, if any, has she received on the Working for Families package? 9. Hon DAVID CARTER to the Minister of Agriculture: Is he satisfied with the level of his Ministry's animal welfare resources; if so, why? 10. Hon PAUL SWAIN to the Minister of Energy: What reports has he received on plans for construction of renewable energy projects? 11. PAULA BENNETT to the Minister of Health: How many times in 2008 has the Waitakere public hospital closed its emergency department to new patients during normal operating hours? 12. Hon MARIAN HOBBS to the Minister of Conservation: What recent progress has the Government made for marine protection around the New Zealand coastline? [more]


Phil Dadson
Composer and Sonic Artist talks about his contribution to Sonic Self exhibition currently on at New York's Chelsea Art Gallery. [more]

Gillian Jerome
Director of the Wellington Gilbert and Sullivan Society's upcoming production of 'Iolanthe'. [more]

Roy Tankersley
Music Director of St Mark's and St Andrew's in Palmerston North giving a lunchtime organ recital in Wellington today. [more]

News stories:

Gang patches ban needed to stop 'daily terrorism'
Wanganui Mayor Michael Laws says gang patches should be banned in Wanganui to stop what he describes as daily terrorism activity. [more]

Search for dead woman's partner halted for night
A search in the Bay of Islands for the partner of a woman whose body was discovered in a swollen stream on Wednesday has been called off for the night. [more]

Lower retail petrol prices predicted by AA
After three cuts in the past fortnight, the Automobile Association is predicting further drops in the domestic price of petrol within the next few days. [more]

Fewer phone calls please - Telecom
Telecom is asking people to make fewer phone calls because many of its network sites are now running on back-up power supplies. [more]

Murder trial close to jury stage
A jury in the High Court in Auckland is expected to retire to consider its verdict in the murder trial of a samurai swordsman on Thursday. [more]

Man arrested after Northland shooting
Police have arrested a man after a shooting in Maungaturoto in Northland. [more]

Price of oil rises to almost $US123/b
Oil has rebounded in price to $US123.02 a barrel after a drop in gasoline stocks last week in the United States. London Brent is $US123.27. [more]

Room for more rate cuts, says Reserve Bank
The Reserve Bank says there is plenty of room for further interest rate cuts as the New Zealand economy weakens and current inflation pressure ease. [more]

PGG increases stake in Uruguay
PGG Wrightson has taken a 51% stake in an animal health business in Uruguay - a move that it says will boost profit in its South American operations by 15%. [more]

Overnight watch by Civil Defence
Civil Defence kept a storm watch overnight. Severe gales are expected to continue in Northland, Auckland, the Coromandel Peninsula and the central North Island high country. [more]

IOC admits it agreed to blocked internet sites
The IOC has admitted journalists will not get unrestricted access to the internet at the Olympics. After stating for seven years that there would be free access the chairman of the ... [more]

Phoenix clear Lochhead to trial at Middlesbrough
The Wellington Phoenix have given left back Tony Lochhead 10 days leave of absence to try out for the British premier football club Middlesbrough Lochhead has been recommended to the Middlesbrough ... [more]

The International Olymnpic Committee has admitted journalists will not get unrestricted access to the internet at the Beijing Olympics. Sites that will be blocked by the Chinese will include the spiritual ... [more]

The International Olymnpic Committee has admitted journalists will not get unrestricted access to the internet ats the Beijing Olympics. Sites that will be blocked by the Chinese will include the ... [more]

China reneges on media promise
China has reneged on a promise to provide uncensored internet access for the Beijing Olympics, and the International Olympic Committee had prior knowledge that media covering the games would not ... [more]

... [more]

Flood search continues for missing man
A search will resume on Thursday morning for a man in the Bay of Islands, whose partner's body was found in swollen water during Thursday's storm. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Houses evacuated in Torbay; more questions raised about donations to NZ First; children said to be actively seeking sexual contact with adults on the internet. [more]

Police officer crushed by vehicle
A police constable is in Auckland Hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a vehicle that reversed into her, crushing her against a police car. She was the second police officer to be run down this month. [more]

European stocks higher
European shares ended sharply higher on Wednesday after upbeat results from Siemens and ArcelorMittal. Central banks in the United States, Europe and Swiss also extended liquidity offerings to stressed banks and securities firms. [more]

Profits fall at Tata Motors
Tata Motors, India's biggest vehicle maker, has seen net profits fall by 30% due to high material costs and losses from changes in foreign exchange rates. [more]

Steel prices boost Arcelor profit
Second-quarter profits at ArcelorMittal have doubled to $US5.8 billion after an increase in prices by the world's largest steelmaker. [more]

Storm: North Canterbury's turn
The storm has now hit North Canterbury: worst affected areas include Amberley, Leithfield and Rangiora. Meanwhile, a state of emergency remains in place in the Marlborough region. [more]

Slip test results awaited
Residents in Lingham Crescent, Torbay, on the North Shore in Auckland are waiting to see if their homes will be swallowed by a slip. Engineers will carry out stability tests on Thursday. [more]

Water main damaged
People in Nelson are being advised to conserve water supplies due to damage to the city's main water pipe. [more]

SFO to consider complaint about NZ First
The Serious Fraud Office says it will consider a complaint about New Zealand First's handling of donations promptly, because of the legitimate public interest. [more]

International status of tourist airport at risk
Queenstown airport is in danger of losing its international status, as new regulations force the owners to extend the runway by 90 metres. [more]

Wall St rises
Dow industrials and S&P 500 rose on Wednesday despite a rise in oil prices after moves by central bank efforts to boost liquidity in financial markets. [more]

More damage expected in Far North
More storm damage is expected to be revealed in inspections in the Far North after winds of up to 130km on Wednesday night. [more]

Rail closures
The Picton - Christchurch railway line is closed by slips, flooding and debris. So is the Palmerston North - Gisborne line. [more]

Prison escapers back in custody
Two dangerous prisoners who escaped from the Rangipo Prison on Wednesday are back in custody. [more]

Warehouse takeover bids blocked
The Court of Appeal has reversed an earlier High Court decision and blocked Foodstuffs and Woolworths from making takeover offers for The Warehouse. [more]

Road and rail links disrupted
The storm is causing disruption to road and rail links in the upper South Island. [more]

1080 drops to continue despite kea deaths
The Department of Conservation says it won't stop drops of 1080 poison in the Fox Glacier area, even though the poison killed several kea. it says there are still hundreds of kea in the area. [more]

Court of Appeal blocks Warehouse takeover bids
The Court of Appeal has blocked Foodstuffs and Woolworths from making takeover offers for The Warehouse. The two groups each currently own about 10% of the retailer. [more]

Charges laid against Wickliffe
Preliminary evidence is being heard at the Tauranga District Court against convicted killer Dean Wickliffe, who is facing fresh drugs and firearms charges. [more]

Escaped prisoners recaptured without incident
Police say two dangerous escaped prisoners were recaptured without difficulty. They were found asleep in a house in Turangi. [more]

Fiji escaped prisoner in critical condition
An escaped prisoner, who was injured while being re-captured, is still in a critical condition in Fiji's Colonial War Memorial Hospital in Suva. Jo Baleiloa underwent surgery last Thursday. The... [more]

American Samoa governor says festival spirit the highlight of his career
American Samoa's Governor Togiola Tulafono says the 10 Festival of Pacific Arts has raised the level of volunteerism in the territory to an unprecedented level. More than 2000 volunteers are... [more]

Samoa appoints first woman as VP of Land and Titles Court
Samoa has appointed its first ever woman Vice President of the Land and Titles Court Fa'amausili Tuilimu Solo Brown's appointment takes effect on Friday. She says she didn't believe it... [more]

Solomon Islands team departs festival early
The Solomon Islands delegation to the Festival of Pacific Arts in Pago Pago will depart three days earlier because of the death of a member of the team. Wood carver... [more]

Tonga government grateful for NZ attendance at coronation
Tonga's Prime Minister, Dr Feleti Sevele, says the Government is grateful for the attendance of New Zealand's Governor-General and Prime Minister at the King's Coronation. He says the presence of... [more]

Solomons magistrate charged with corruption
An Auki based Magistrate in Solomon Islands has been charged with corruption. A statement Chief Magistrate Leonard Maina confirmed that David Wale has been suspended from performing official duties as... [more]

Solomons Government asks for nearly US$30 million
In Solomon Islands, the government will be seeking almost $30 million US dollars from Parliament to cover its spending for the rest of this year. Finance Minister Snyder Rini says... [more]

Solomons government seeks to change corrections act
The Solomon Islands government has tabled a new bill in parliament to amend the 2007 Correctional Services Act. The amendment aims to correct issues that were challenged in the High... [more]

Placenta found in stolen car
Police in Waikato have located a stolen car containing a baby's placenta. The vehicle was taken from a marae near Morrinsville on Sunday morning. [more]

Papuan landowners want to protect forests
An Australian investment firm involved in a carbon finance project with Indonesia's Papua province says many local landowners would prefer to make money by protecting their forests rather than clearing... [more]

State of emergency still in force
Civil Defence says a state of emergency will remain in place for the Marlborough region until at least Thursday afternoon. [more]

Rivers running high
River levels in Waikato are being closely monitored. [more]

NZ economy in better shape than most - OECD
The OECD says New Zealand is in better shape than most to cope with the global credit squeeze and surging food and oil prices. [more]

Scrum change for domestic rugby competition
The national provincial rugby competition kicks off tonight when Northland host Waikato and Bay Of Plenty visit Tasman and there's been a late change to the scrum engagement rule. It's a ... [more]

Sonny Bill gets French visa
Sonny Bill Williams is a step closer to joining the French rugby club Toulon after collecting his travel visa in London. After walking out on his National Rugby League club, ... [more]

Chinese censor media internet access in Beijing
China has reneged on a promise to provide uncensored internet access for the Beijing Olympics, and the International Olympic Committee had prior knowledge that media covering the games would not ... [more]

Australians calling for IOC to challenge censorship
The Australian Olympic team chief John Coates wants the International Olympic Committee to settle the media censorship issue in Beijing. Twenty one thousand journalists will be descending on Beijing, and those ... [more]

Mark Brown chasing megabucks in Ohio
The Wellington golfer Mark Brown will be chasing a slice of the $11 million on offer at the Bridgestone Invitational over the next four days at the Firestone course in ... [more]

Phoenix player tries out for English Premier League
The Wellington Phoenix have given left back Tony Lochhead 10 days' leave of absence to try out for the British premier football club Middlesbrough. Lochhead has been recommended to Middlesbrough ... [more]

Italian rider admits taking EPO
The Italian cyclist who was thrown out of the Tour de France for taking the drug EPO says the tests to catch athletes using the blood booster are not good ... [more]

ABs halfback out to prove himself
A final decision on the fitness of the All Blacks halfbacks Jimmy Cowan and Andrew Ellis for Saturday's test against Australia in Auckland is due later today with Cowan the ... [more]

FIFA orders clubs to release Olympic players
World soccer's governing body FIFA has rejected protests from three European clubs and told all clubs they must release any players aged under-23 selected for the Olympic soccer tournament. The ... [more]

Former Wallaby forced to retire
The former Australian and Queensland number eight John Roe has announced his retirement from rugby due to a persistent shoulder injury. The 31-year-old Roe made his Wallabies debut at the ... [more]

Cyclist admits taking EPO
The Italian cyclist who was thrown out of the Tour de France for taking the drug EPO says the tests to catch athletes using the blood booster are not good enough. ... [more]

Kiwi international cleared to play Warriors
The Kiwi international backrower David Fa'alogo has been cleared to play for South Sydney against the Warriors in this weekend's round of the National Rugby League. Fa'alogo beat a two-game ... [more]

Muliaina says All Blacks need a smarter kicking game
The All Black Mils Muliaina says his return to fullback after being named on the right wing won't disrupt his preparation for Saturday's Test against the Wallabies in Auckland. The ... [more]

Fire brigade members save boats from rocks
Three yachties in Doubtless Bay have the Mangonui Fire Brigade to thank for saving their boats. However, the brigade was unable to save a fourth yacht. [more]

Jury briefed by judge in murder trial
A High Court judge in the trial of a samurai swordsman accused of murder, has told the jury they must put aside all emotions about the accused's behaviour the day a man was fatally shot and killed and two women were wounded with a sword. [more]

Storm not over just yet
The latest storm over New Zealand is not expected to ease until Friday. And a series of smaller fronts is predicted to follow in its wake. [more]

No early return of rural power supply expected
Many rural parts of Horowhenua are still without power after winds of up to 120km an hour on Wednesday. The Horowhenua District Council says some areas may not have power for another couple of days. [more]

IHC complains to Human Rights Commission
Government policies for educating disabled children are being challenged by the IHC, which has complained to the Human Rights Commission. [more]

Fewer turbines wanted on capital wind farm
Wellington City Council has recommended a reduction in the number of turbines for a proposed wind farm in Ohariu Valley. [more]

Tui oil boosts revenue for NZ Oil and Gas
New Zealand Oil & Gas says high prices for oil from its Tui field have boosted its full year revenue to $234.6 million. The field has produced over 15 million barrels since June last year. [more]

Shell cuts retail fuel prices
Shell has cut 4 cents a litre off the domestic retail price of all its fuels. It's the second price cut in a week. [more]

No pay rise for Sonny Bill, says Toulon boss
Sonny Bill Williams will only earn the same money he is paid in the National Rugby League by the Bulldogs if he signs to play rugby with Toulon, according to the ... [more]

Aussie rider out of Olympic time trial
Australian Olympic cycling hopes have been dealt a blow after Tour de France runner-up Cadel Evans pulled out of the time trial through injury. Evans is also in doubt for the ... [more]

Nasser avoids court official at Mundine fight
Police protection was required for a private investigator who tried to serve court papers to the controversial adviser of runaway rugby league star Sonny Bill Williams at an Anthony Mundine fight. ... [more]

Ryan Nelsen joins Olympic team mates
Blackburn Rovers captain Ryan Nelsen has linked up with his New Zealand football team mates at the Olympic Village in Beijing. Nelsen, who will play the first two matches of the ... [more]

Nike allows US swimmers to wear Speedo at Olympics
Nike will allow its swimmers to wear Speedo's LZR Racer instead of its own suit at the Beijing Olympics. A Nike spokesman says the company feels it's fair to extend the ... [more]

Sastre returns to hero's welcome in Spanish hometown
Spain's Carlos Sastre received a hero's welcome when he returned to his hometown of El Barraco after becoming the third Spaniard in a row to win the Tour de France. The ... [more]

Springboks lose Grant and Kankowski to injury
Injured first five eighth Peter Grant and number eight Ryan Kankowski have withdrawn from the Springbok squad for the Test against Argentina and the Tri-Nations series. Grant is to have surgery ... [more]

Avocado growers hit for second year
Avocado growers in Northland are counting their losses for a second year in a row, following this week's storm, which brought strong winds to the region. [more]

Flooding in Amberley
About a dozen houses have severe flood damage in the township of Amberley in north Canterbury. A heavy rainfall warning has now been issued for eastern Otago. [more]

Vehicle registry bill 'hinders' freedom of information
A Parliamentary select committee has been told that plans to restrict access to the motor vehicle register hinders the right to freedom of information. [more]

NZ market withstands Warehouse drop
A plunge in the share price of The Warehouse failed to dent the New Zealand market on Thursday morning. Australian markets are also up. [more]

PNG PM wants briefing on Bogenvil business deal
The Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, wants a full and frank briefing on the controversial Bogenvil Resource Development Corporation agreement completed by the autonomous Bougainville Government. The... [more]

National domestic rugby season begins in atrocious conditions
The provincial rugby championship starts tonight for what looks as if it'll be the final season in the current format, as the NZRU seeks to cut costs by reducing the number ... [more]

Kahui on wing as McCaw says not to over-state Deans case
The coaches of the injury-plagued All Blacks have moved the Waikato and Chiefs centre Richard Kahui moves to the right wing for Saturday night's Tri-Nations and Bledisloe Cup rugby Test against ... [more]

Rugby match to mark Tonga coronation
Rugby fever has hit Tonga with international players from the southern and northern hemisphere preparing to play an exhibition match against a Tongan 15 as part of the King's week-long... [more]

Fiji police to probe arrest of escaped prisoner
The Fiji police say they will soon start an inquiry into the arrest of an escaped prisoner, who suffered injuries while being re-captured. Jo Baleiloa underwent surgery for serious head... [more]

Number of Papua abuses and related deaths often exaggerated, says researcher
A researcher at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences says that the reported number of deaths and human rights violations in Papua has been overestimated for decades. Muridan Widjojo's comments follow... [more]

Three candidates for Forum secretary-general's post, but one unnamed
The chair of the Pacific Islands Forum, Dr Feleti Sevele of Tonga, has declined to say who the three candidates are for the Suva-based job of Forum secretary-general. Next month's... [more]

Solomons security official injured in stoning incident
An officer with the regional assistance mission to Solomon Islands and the participating police force has been injured while arresting a man in the Weather Coast of Guadalcanal. The man... [more]

French Polynesia's Flosse angered by Jego snub
French Polynesia's member of the French senate, Gaston Flosse, has formally sought a right of reply after a French junior minister, Yves Jego, insinuated that he no longer belonged to... [more]

Northland coach says veterans have helped
The provincial rugby championship starts tonight for what looks as if it'll be the final season in the current format, as the NZRU seeks to cut costs by reducing the ... [more]

South Africa dominate day one of third test
The South African cricketers have gone a long way toward securing their four-match Test series against England with a dominant performance on the opening day of the third Test in ... [more]

NZRU sanctions another player
The New Zealand Rugby Union has disciplined another professional player, instructing Lucky Mulipola from Otago and the Highlanders not to drink alcohol and to continue a counselling programme after finding him ... [more]

No women in Saudi Olympic team
The International Olympic Committee's strategy of creating opportunities for women in sport is having little effect in Saudi Arabia. When the Saudi Olympic team appears in Beijing next month there will ... [more]

No Liverpool move for Barry, Bentley off to Spurs
The England midfielder Gareth Barry will stay at the Premier League football club Aston Villa while the England midfielder David Bentley is leaving Blackburn Rovers for Tottenham Hotspur. Villa says the ... [more]

Guilty plea in court after police officer injured
A man has admitted drink-driving leading to an incident that put a woman police officer in Auckland Hospital with a broken pelvis and lower back injuries. [more]

Pacific Arts Festival in American Samoa holds closing ceremony
Fireworks, a final parade of nations and a performance by about 100 fire knife dancers will be part of this evening's activities at the official closing of the 10th Festival... [more]

Former Samoa customs auditor gets jail sentence for theft
The Supreme Court in Samoa has sentenced the former auditor of the Customs office in the Ministry of Revenue, Pepe Tevaga, to nine months in jail. The former auditor and... [more]

Fiji NGO calls for end to police brutality
Fiji's non-governmental organisation, the Coalition on Human Rights, is calling for a stop to police brutality against prisoners or criminal suspects. An escaped prisoner, who received serious head injuries while... [more]

Wallaby captain wary of All Black backlash
The Australian rugby team has arrived in Auckland to finish preparations for the second Bledisloe Cup test on Saturday. The Wallabies are both well aware of the stormy weather buffeting the ... [more]

Nadal fires another warning shot at Federer
Rafael Nadal has sent another message that he's got the world number one tennis ranking in his sights as he began his campaign to win his sixth successive title by equalling ... [more]

Bledisloe Cup match sold out
The All Blacks and Australia will play in front of a full house at Eden Park for Saturday night's second Bledisloe Cup rugby match. More than 46,500 spectators will be in ... [more]

Trade expert rejects claim Pacific negotiators lack expertise
A trade expert with the Pacific Islands Forum says claims Pacific countries are not ready to negotiate opening up their economies to trade in services are unfair. The Pacific NGO,... [more]

Korean TV Station Broadcasts Opening Ceremony Rehearsal
Relations between China and South Korea have been dealt a blow after a Korean television station secretly filmed the dress rehearsal for the Olympic opening ceremony in Beijing. The station says ... [more]

Smith says Kahui's no stranger to the wing
The All Black assistant coach Wayne Smith says Richard Kahui is no stranger to the wing, where he'll start against Australia in Auckland on Saturday night, Kahui moves to the right ... [more]

IOC Press Chief Says He Wasn't Told of Censorship
The International Olympic Committee press chief Kevin Gosper admits the IOC hasn't been completely honest with the world media over internet censorship regulations. Gosper says he's been taken by surprise that ... [more]

Australia and Nauru sign MOU worth US$27m
Nauru's foreign minister, Dr Kieren Keke, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with his Australian counterpart Stephen Smith which governs Australia's development assistance to Nauru. In the 2008-09 financial year,... [more]

PNG diplomat blames NZ officials for GG's Auckland transit woes
The Papua New Guinea High Commissioner to New Zealand, Bernard Narakobi, says New Zealand foreign affairs officials are to blame for the PNG Governor General not being welcomed at Auckland... [more]

Jury in Dixon murder trial retires
The jury in the Antonie Dixon trial has retired to consider its verdict. [more]

Lines fault halts trains in capital
No passenger trains are running into or out of Wellington on Thursday evening. [more]

Torbay slip seen as accident waiting to happen
Civil Defence says a slip on the North Shore was an accident waiting to happen. One house is almost destroyed, three are badly damaged and twelve others have been evacuated [more]

Search for missing man continues
A police team from Whangarei has joined a search for a man believed to have drowned in floodwaters, south of Russell. [more]

All Blacks call up Kahui as a winger
The injury-hit All Blacks will field a new-look back three for Saturday night's test against Australia in Auckland, with the Waikato and Chiefs midfielder Richard Kahui moving to the right wing. ... [more]

Five Iraqi athletes to go to Beijing Games
Iraqi officials say the International Olympic Committee will allow up to five Iraqi athletes to take the field in Beijing after a ban on the country was lifted at the eleventh ... [more]

Bulldogs sack young halfback
The Bulldogs have torn up the contract of young New Zealand-born halfback Arana Taumata after he admitted to breaking the club's code of conduct. Taumata joined the Bulldogs this year on ... [more]

All Blacks may lose MacDonald for South Africa trip
It looks as if the All Blacks may head for South Africa without fullback Leon MacDonald after the lingering effects of another head injury ruled him out of Saturday night's sold-out ... [more]

India win second Test toss against Sri Lanka
India has won the toss and will bat first against Sri Lanka's cricketers in the second Test in Galle. Both teams have named unchanged line-ups after Sri Lanka won the first ... [more]

Norman all but confirms he'll play at Augusta
Australian golfer Greg Norman has all but confirmed he'll resume his love-hate relationship with the US Masters in April. Norman qualified to return to Augusta, the scene of his greatest sporting ... [more]

SPC deputy director Aukuso dies
The deputy director-general of the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, Falani Aukuso, has died. Mr Aukuso, who earlier served as general manager of Tokelau's public service, died in Fiji. His... [more]

Ministry of Justice in Samoa under scrutiny for missing court case file
Samoa's Minister of Justice and Courts administration, Unasa Mesi Galo, has ordered the CEO of the Ministry to look for a court case file belonging to a former court employee. [more]

Pacific Arts Festival holds closing ceremony in American Samoa
The 10th Festival of Pacific Arts has seen its closing ceremony in American Samoa. The event showcased performers from around the region in what our correspondent, Monica Miller, says was... [more]

Mapua residents unhappy about botched clean-up
People in Mapua say they have been treated like guinea pigs in a mis-managed clean-up of a former chemical company site. The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has concluded the clean-up was a mistake. [more]

Wellington trains running again
Wellington's passenger rail service have now resumed, although some services are still experiencing short delays on Thursday. [more]

Berrick Barnes expecting a charge from Ma'a Nonu
The Wallabies centre Berrick Barnes is in no doubt he'll be targeted this weekend, when they meet the All Blacks at Eden Park for their Tri Nations Bledisloe Cup test. ... [more]

Leon MacDonald 's rugby future in doubt
The All Blacks' back coach Wayne Smith has defended the way team management dealt with the head injury that's ruled Leon MacDonald out of Saturday night's Test against Australia in Auckland. ... [more]

Further condemnation of Fiji police methods
The mother of a man who was killed by Fiji police last year has condemned the brutality used to capture an escaped prisoner last week. The inmate Jo Baleiloa is... [more]

Vanuatu officials checking election candidate applications
Vanuatu election officials are vetting potential candidates ahead of the general election due in September. 331 candidate applications have been received and the Principal Electoral Officer Martin Tete says they... [more]

Tonga gears up for Friday's coronation week highlight
Royalty from around the world and regional political leaders have been arriving in Tonga for tomorrow's coronation of King George Tupou V. About 1,400 dignitaries will be attending the event,... [more]

Solomons opposition clarifies motion to oust PM
The leader of the opposition in Solomon Islands says a motion of no confidence has been lodged against the Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua in part because of his alleged... [more]

Researcher questions capacity of Indonesian Human Rights body to probe Papua abuses
A researcher at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences has questioned whether the National Human Rights Commission is capable of properly investigating historical human rights violations in Papua. Muridan Widjojo says... [more]

Low-key start but much on line in domestic rugby competition
Rugby's provincial championship is underway, overshadowed by the All Blacks' campaign and with shocking weather probably guaranteeing low turnouts. However there's a lot to play for. It looks as if this ... [more]

Warehouse shares tumble after takeover blocked
Shares in The Warehouse have fallen by 17% after a ruling by the Court of Appeal blocking Foodstuffs and Woolworths from making takeover offers for the retailer. [more]

Crown and Tuhoe sign negotiation terms over claim
The Crown and Tuhoe have agreed on ground rules for negotiations to settle a Treaty of Waitangi claim. [more]

Slip forces Torbay residents out of homes
Families evacuated from their homes on Auckland's North Shore will have to wait until Friday before they find out when they will be allowed back. [more]

Niue's leader seeks New Zealand's help to build boutique tourist hotels
The Premier of Niue is looking for New Zealand assistance to boost the island's tourism industry with the construction of several boutique hotels. Toke Talagi is on his first visit... [more]

Maritime NZ monitoring battered cruise ship
Maritime authorities are keeping watch on a cruise ship caught up in the storm in waters off New Zealand. [more]

BNZ chief to head NAB
The head of the Bank of New Zealand, Cameron Clyne, is to become the next chief executive of its owner, National Australia Bank. [more]

Sexy lingerie company takes off
A small business that makes sexy lingerie for pregnant and breastfeeding women is exporting its bras to Australia, Europe and Asia. [more]

Inmate still in critical condition after attack
A Rimutaka Prison inmate attacked by another prisoner during a game of pool remains in a critical condition in Wellington Hospital. [more]

Inquest held into deaths of girls in car
A Coroner has heard evidence surrounding the deaths of three teenage girls in a car crash near Christchurch last September when a car crashed into a power pole. [more]

Driver who injured police officer to be deported
The Immigration Service intends to deport a man who police say reversed his car into a police officer in Auckland on Wednesday night. [more]

Dixon jury retires for night
The jury in the Antonie Dixon trial at the High Court in Auckland has retired for the night and will resume deliberations on Friday. [more]

Murder charge laid over drive-by shooting
Police in Waikato have charged a man with murder following a drive-by shooting in Waharoa on Sunday. [more]

More details wanted on windfarm
An appeal against the Mahinerangi windfarm has been rejected, but the project does not yet the all clear to proceed. The Environment Court wants more information on the site where 100 turbines are proposed. [more]

NZ market up despite Warehouse share plunge
A plunge in The Warehouse share price failed to dent the New Zealand sharemarket on Thursday, with the benchmark NZX 50 index up 49 points to close at 3336 on turnover of $126 million. [more]

Wellington south coast declared marine reserve
Wellington's south coast has been declared a marine reserve. [more]

Lower South Island braces for storm
The latest storm to hit New Zealand has left at least one person dead and more destruction in its wake. Civil Defence teams are on alert in Canterbury and eastern Otago as the storm moves through the lower half of the South Island. [more]