Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 14th August 2008

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Jim's Essay
Should we just give up on the most common spelling eras? [more]

Best Song Ever Written
Wendy Hawkey nominates 'Beds are Burning' by Midnight Oil. [more]

Your Place - Frasertown
Our hosts today are Paul Wells, from the Frasertown Tavern, Lasina Bestford and Chrissy Hollanby. [more]

Burglaries on the Rise
Christchurch's Inspector Gary Knowles says daylight robberies make up the majority of break-ins. [more]

He Rourou for 14 August 2008
In He Rourou today Ana Tapiata talks to Tame Iti about the fighting staff that he gave to Michael Cullen. [more]

The Arts Report
Simon Morris talks to TV and film producer Rachel Gardner, and Lynn Freeman talks with composer Ross Harris. [more]

Katy Gosset Story 14 August 2008
Christchurch inventor Graeme Boddy created a new vessel to improve the old river tubing concept. [more]

Science Story
Dacia Herbulock talks to one of the finalists for the MacDiarmid Young Scientist of the Year Award, Rebecca McLeod. [more]

The Panel (part 1)
Today's panel guests are Chris Trotter and Sue Wells. [more]

The Panel (part 2)
The second part of today's panel show with Chris Trotter and Sue Wells. [more]

Business News

Morning Business News for 14 August 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update
A quick market update. [more]

Midday Business News for 14 August 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 14 August 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Whitebait Research
Dr Mike Hickford from the University of Canterbury has been studying whitebait habitats for the last two years. [more]

Afghanistan Troops Depend on Locals
The Defence Force has revealed local villagers are standing between New Zealand troops and insurgents who want to attack. [more]

Georgian Violence
The BBC's correspondent Gavin Hewitt has spent the day in Gori where Russian troops remain. [more]

Olympics Update
For more on what's happening with the New Zealand team in Beijing our reporter Stephen Hewson joins us now. [more]

National Announces Energy Policy
National says it would overturn a Government ban on some thermal power stations to ensure New Zealand has a secure power supply. [more]

Police Profile Dead Teenager
The police say the men who killed a 14-year-old boy outside his south Auckland home came armed with weapons and a motive. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

US Planes begin Aid Mission in Georgia
US military planes have begun delivering aid to Georgia as Washington steps up its support for a shaky ceasefire with Russia. [more]

Sealord Fined for Work Accident
The fishing company Sealord is to pay 63 thousand dollars in fines and reparation after a crew member lost four fingers. [more]

Australian Govt Fined
The Australian government has agreed to pay 55 million dollars to the founder of a drugs company. [more]

Waatea News
eru Rerekura has the latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Journalists Harassed in Bejing
John Ray, who has been in China for two years, found himself on the receiving end the law while covering a protest. [more]

Auckland Council Debates Topless Parade
Gross pornographic exploitation or a bit of harmless titillation? [more]

National's Energy Policy
National doesn't believe the country can rely soley on renewable energy. John Key speaks to Mary Wilson. [more]

Petrol Prices Fall Again
Shell and BP have dropped the price of petrol to under two dollars a litre. The AA's Mike Noon joins us. [more]

Olympic Tummy Bug Woes
Ien Hellemans is a dietian who works with New Zealand's Olympic triathlon team. [more]

Killer Road in Canterbury
Police are tackling a stretch of road which accounts for ten percent of deaths on the region's highways. [more]

Olympic Controversy
For the latest news from the Olympics, we're joined by our correspondent Quentin Sommerville [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Taranaki Maori Grow Share of Wealth
The Maori share of the Taranaki economy is significant and growing. [more]

Afghanistan Aid Workers Targetted
An aid organisation is suspending its operations in Afghanistan, after four of its workers were shot dead. [more]

Sri Lanka Targets Tamil Tigers
Government forces have been advancing into Tamil Tiger territory in Sri Lanka. [more]

Waatea News
The latest from the Waatea News team with Eru Rerekura [more]

Vietnam Vets Recognised
Vietnam Vets are welcoming the recognition of the bravery displayed by Australians and New Zealanders in the battle of Long Tan. [more]

Nigeria Hands Over Territory
Nigeria is due to complete the handover of the oil-rich Bakassi peninsula to Cameroon. [more]

Pregnancy Smoking
There is disturbing evidence that the damage from smoking may last longer than previously feared [more]

GE Crops Row
A row in Britain over the genetically modified crops industry is pitching royalty against big industry. [more]

Jesse Mulligan, 1–4pm

Whitebait Science
Scientists at the University of Canterbury are engaged in research they believe will lead to better stocks of whitebait. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 14 August 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 14 August 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 14 August 2008
Weymouth homicide, NZ rowing, report from Beijing, DoC rebranding, Alfredo Reinado, Skyhawk sale and war in Georgia. [more]

Birdcall - The North Island Kiwi
Listen to today's birdcall. [more]

Department of Conservation Rebranding
DOC is to carry out what it calls a "brand refreshment project" at a cost of more than 2 million dollars. [more]

New Zealand Rowing
New Zealand rowing's big day in Beijing almost turned to custard last night as all five crews struggled in their semi-finals. [more]

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Weymouth Homicide
Descriptions of two men police believe were involved in the bashing to death of a 14 year old boy have been released. [more]

New Zealand Rowing (Part 2)
Rowing New Zealand is warning the public's expectations of teams competing at the Olympics may be too high. [more]

Weymouth Homicide (Part 2)
Joining us now is the head of the investigation, Detective Inspector John Timms. [more]

New Zealand Rowing (Part 3)
Mahe Drysdale spoke to Barry Guy after his race and revealed he's been battling illness. [more]

Report from Beijing
Our reporter Monique Devereaux is in Beijing watching events. [more]

Department of Conservation Rebranding (Part 2)
With the Director-General of the Department of Conservation, Al Morrison. [more]

Alfredo Reinado
New evidence suggests East Timor's rebel leader, Alfredo Reinado was executed rather than being shot. [more]

Skyhawk Sale
The Act Party is pouring cold water on government claims they are close to selling the country's mothballed Skyhawk jet planes. [more]

The ceasefire reached between Georgia and Russia appears to have lasted less than a day. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

International Rescue Committee
An aid agency in Afghanistan is suspending its work there after four of its staff were shot dead near Kabul. [more]

Iranian Overstayer
The Court of Appeal has ruled it would be unlawful to further detain an Iranian overstayer without charging him. [more]

Pressure on Mayor of Christchurch
Christchurch City Councillor Chrissy Williams, is calling on Mr Parker to reveal the names of all of those who gave him money. [more]

Moss Burmester Butterfly Final
A "switching error" disrupted TVNZ's coverage meaning thousands missed out seeing what was a thrilling performance. [more]

Georgia (Part 2)
Georgians have rallied in protest in central Auckland, and a NZer living in Georgia has decided to stay in his adopted country. [more]

National Party Announce Energy Policy
The National Party is expected to support new coal and gas power generation when it announces its energy policy today. [more]

Lois Dear
It's just over two years since a Tokoroa School lost a much loved and respected teacher. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Rogue Dairy Farmers
Fonterra says it will stop taking milk from rogue dairy farmers who refuse to clean up their farms. [more]

Zimbabwean MP Eddie Cross on the power sharing deals being set up by Robert Mugabe. [more]

Waatea News
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Far North Flood Victims
Far North flood victims have been waiting more than a year to hear if they'll get government help to raise their houses. [more]

The eBlacks
New Zealand has won gold and silver medals at this year's World Cyber Games Asian Championship in Singapore. [more]

Wellington Library
Wellington library is challenging those of us with a thirst for knowledge to obtain their stories by an unusual means. [more]

A spell of bad weather moving across the country looks set to wash out the first day of the whitebait season. [more]


Peak Oil Yet?
phil hart talks about the issues regarding the consumption of oil and when we might run out [more]

China's Consumption
jian Yang discusses the impact of china's growing economic might [more]

clue 7 [more]

Clue 8 [more]

Nine To Noon

Gifted Children
An ERO report shows gifted pupils at most NZ schools are missing out on the support they need to nurture their special talents. [more]

Kathy Capp - Aunt of Moss Burmester
Kathy Capp missed her nephew Moss Burmester's Olympic race after the TVNZ feed failed. [more]

Elizabeth Goodyear
101 year old New Yorker finds a literary lifeline. [more]

UK Correspondent
Jon Dennis on Gordon Brown's lack of popularity. [more]

Feature Guest - Ricky Megee
Ricky Megee was traveling in the Outback when a hitchhiker drugged him, stole his car and dumped him in a hole. [more]

Book Review - 'The Behaviour of Moths'
Emma Hart reviews 'The Behaviour of Moths' by Poppy Adams. Published by Virago. [more]

Denis Welch on the etiquette of interviewing and olympic media coverage. [more]

Lucy Howard-Taylor, 19 year old recovering anorexic and author of 'Biting Anorexia'. [more]

New Technology
Colin talks about recording someone in secret. [more]

Our Changing World

Best Young Scientist
Marine ecologist Rebecca McLeod, the 2008 MacDiarmid Young Scientist of the Year, talks about her research in Fiordland. [more]

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease
University of Otago researchers discuss their work on a protein that has neuro-protective effects. [more]

Molecular Self-assembly
Chemist Kate McGrath explains how molecules in naturally occurring emulsions organise themselves. [more]

Strategies for coping with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, which affects about five percent of children. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 14 August 2008
The latest from the farming and rural communities. [more]

Midday Rural News for 14 August 2008
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Mark Knoops
London based pianist appearing with 175 East this weekend talks about his relationship with contemporary music. [more]

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera being staged in Dunedin from next weekend. Director Hilary Norris and tenor Justin Freind. [more]

Frank Andersen
Artistic Director of the Royal Danish Ballet is guest teacher at the NZ School of Dance this week. [more]

News stories:

Alert as Waikato River rises
Some Hamilton residents were on alert on Wednesday night as Waikato River levels rise. [more]

$2.3m image spend ahead for DoC
The Department of Conservation is tipped to spend $2.3 million to improve its image, just months after axing 60 jobs to save money. [more]

Approval for hydro-electric dams to get harder
The Government is proposing to make it harder for hydro-electric dams to be built. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Rowers no longer dominate; TVNZ glitch during 200m butterfly final; but "don't fret yet" over New Zealand's medal chances.Rowers no longer dominate; TVNZ glitch during 200m butterfly final; but "don't fret yet" over New Zealand's medal chances. [more]

$15,000 fine for animal neglect
An Otago sheep farmer has been fined $15,000 for animal neglect and banned from owning or farming sheep for at least 10 years. He was also ordered to pay more than $15,000 in court costs. [more]

Rowing crews have mixed fortunes in semis
Three of the five New Zealand rowing crews in semi final action at the Olympic Games in Beijing have qualified for Saturday's finals. The two casualties were women's single sculler Emma ... [more]

Tall Ferns struggling in Beijing
China's women's basketballers have beaten New Zealand 80-63, putting the Tall Ferns' hopes of qualifying for the quarter-finals in Beijing in jeopardy. The Olympic hosts took control early after a bizarre ... [more]

Manawatu player banned for one week
Manawatu's Frankie Bryant has been suspended for one week for a dangerous tackle in the provincial champiopnship rugby match against Southland last Friday. Bryant appeared before the Rugby Union Judiciary on ... [more]

Lampard signs new five-year contract with Chelsea
Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has ended speculation about his future by signing a new five-year contract with the English Premier League football club. Lampard had been repeatedly linked with a move ... [more]

Barton admits violent conduct
The English Football Association says the Newcastle United midfielder Joey Barton has admitted a charge of violent conduct against former Manchester City team-mate Ousmane Dabo. Barton was given a four-month prison ... [more]

Shane Cameron's next opponent named
The New Zealand boxer Shane Cameron will fight African American fighter Terry Smith in Christchurch in September. Smith has a professional record of 36 fights for 30 wins, five losses and ... [more]

Kent fails to qualify for IM semi finals
The veteran New Zealand Swimmer Dean Kent has failed to qualify for the semi finals of the 200 metres individual medley at the Beijing Olympics. Kent finished seventh in his heat, ... [more]

Writedown at Goodman Fielder division
Goodman Fielder will take a one-off writedown of $A170 million dollars on its Fresh Dairy division in New Zealand. [more]

Small profit reported by TelstraClear
TelstraClear has seen a turnaround, making a small profit on the back of an increase in broadband sales and lower costs. [more]

Regional council chair urges Fonterra to boycott operators
The head of the Wellington Regional Council is urging Fonterra to boycott "dirty dairy" operators. [more]

DoC tipped to spend $2.3m on rebranding
The National Party says the Department of Conservation could be about to spend $2.3 million on improving its image, just months after axing 60 jobs to save money. [more]

Skyhawk sale process fast-tracked
The Government says the drawn out process to sell 17 mothballed Skyhawk combat jets has moved up a gear. The planes were decommissioned in 2001. [more]

More police wanted by Mayor
The acting Mayor of Manukau City is appealing for more police resources, as officers hunt for the killers of a South Auckland teenager. [more]

Fletcher Building battens down
Fletcher Building is battening down to prepare for an ever deepening recession. The company has reported its first fall in profits in seven years. [more]

Europe shares fall
European shares dropped on Wednesday on fresh concern about the impact of the credit crunch on the banking sector. [more]

Two companies keen on Skyhawks - Goff
Defence Minister Phil Goff says two US companies have agreed in principle to buy 17 mothballed Skyhawk jet planes from New Zealand. [more]

Waikato River levels
Civil Defence is continuing to monitor the Waikato River after it reached the critical 15 metre level overnight. [more]

Oil jumps nearly $US4/b
Oil has risen in price by nearly $US4 a barrel after a decline in fuel and crude inventories in the United States. [more]

Old grave markers to be restored
Wooden grave markers from an urupa in south Hokianga have been removed for restoration. Some are a century-old. [more]

Tribute to be paid to Latimer
A tribute is to be held to the long-serving chair of the New Zealand Maori Council, Sir Graham Latimer in October. Former prime ministers, judges and iwi leaders will attend. [more]

Japanese economy contracts
The Japanese economy contracted by 0.6% between April and June, prompting fears that it is sliding towards recession. [more]

Coxless four miss finals berth
The New Zealand men's coxless four has missed a place in the final of the rowing event at the Olympic Games in Beijing. New Zealand came with a strong finish but ... [more]

Drysdale says he had a fridge in his boat
The world champion single sculler Mahe Drysdale only just managed to hold on for third to sneak into Saturday's medal race as the effects of a stomach bug hit. While he ... [more]

Bob Carter to coach Canterbury's cricketers
The Black Caps assistant coach Bob Carter has been appointed head coach of Canterbury, replacing Dave Nosworthy who is leaving to coach in South Africa. Carter has had four seasons as ... [more]

NZ whitewater kayaker agonisingly close to semi finals
New Zealand's first-ever whitewater kayaker at the Olympics came close to a place in the semi finals. Nineteen-year-old Lukka Jones was eliminated after missing one clean gate at the Shunyi ... [more]

Arsenal win Champions League qualifier
Arsenal are through to the second leg of the Champions League football qualifiers with a two-nil win over the Steve McLaren-coached FC Twente. A scrappy goal from William Gallas and a ... [more]

Howarth to take over at Auckland til end of 2008 season
Shane Howarth been appointed head coach of the Auckland rugby team through to the end of the current national provincial rugby competition. Howarth is currently assistant coach with Auckland and was ... [more]

Solomon Islands seeks funding for youth programme
A grassroots project addressing the needs of youth and their communities in North Malaita in Solomon Islands wants donor funding to bring in educators from New Zealand to train youth... [more]

FSM receives Compact-funded grants for July
The Federated States of Micronesia has received Compact-funded grants from the United States government totaling more than $ 3,365,000 in July. These payments were for Compact sector grants for education,... [more]

American Samoa reservists training for deployment to Iraq
More than 100 Army reservists from American Samoa are currently training in California for deployment to the Middle East. The local reservists, who are part of the 100th Battalion, 442nd... [more]

American Samoa elections candidates invited to address Chamber of Commerce
The American Samoa Chamber of Commerce has invited candidates in the gubernatorial and congressional races to address both members and non-members regarding each candidate's platforms for improving the territory's economic... [more]

Binladin looks at investment in Papua
The Saudi Arabia-based investment firm Binladin Group is considering investing in agriculture projects in Indonesia's Papua province worth an estimated US$4.3 billion. Indonesia's special envoy for the Middle East Alwi... [more]

Air Niugini slated by President of Chamber of Commerce
Port Moresby's Chamber of Commerce says Papua New Guinea should allow open air travel because the national airline, Air Niugini, is inefficient. It is backing criticism by the tourism minister... [more]

Merger mooted
Two Crown Research Institutes, HortResearch and Crop & Food, have started merger discussions. They have combined revenues of more than $120 million. [more]

Credit jitters hurt Wall Street
Stocks in the United States fell on Wednesday, as persistent concerns about the credit crisis hurt bank shares and oil prices rebounded. [more]

Speedy work promised on Kaeo funding
Building and Construction Minister Shane Jones says he will take the case for funding for flood victims at Kaeo to the Cabinet as soon as possible. [more]

Court of Appeal upholds ruling on overstayer
The Court of Appeal has ruled it would be unlawful to further detain an Iranian overstayer without charge. [more]

Treaty negotiation terms signed
Two central North Island iwi have begun the process to settle their Treaty of Waitangi claim with the Crown. [more]

Swimmer's family miss race on TV
The extended family of New Zealand Olympic swimmer Moss Burmester missed seeing his race against American Michael Phelps on Thursday, despite their preparations to watch it on TVNZ. [more]

8th floor of Beehive back at work
Personnel in the Prime Minister's Office on the eighth floor of the Beehive are back at work following a white powder scare. [more]

Salvage team to assess grounded vessel
A salvage team may be able to assess a fishing boat grounded on a rocky stretch of coastline near Opotiki on Thursday. [more]

Judicial review delayed until late November
A judicial review of a decision by the Minister of Health to dismiss the Hawke's Bay District Health Board has been delayed for three months. [more]

Killing of boy not a random attack - police
Police say a fatal attack on a teenage boy outside his home in the South Auckland suburb of Weymouth was not random. One of his attackers had a handgun. [more]

Body found beside Waikato River
Police in Waikato have begun a homicide inquiry following the discovery of a body on the banks of the Waikato River. [more]

SH35 repairs
The Transport Agency has completed recovery work on State Highway 35 near Ruatoria on the East Coast. [more]

Two duty free retailers retained at airport
Auckland International Airport Ltd has shelved plans to move to a single duty free retailer, following an investigation by the Commerce Commission. [more]

Buyout terms renegotiated
Strategic Finance says it has renegotiated the terms for a buyout to make sure the sale goes ahead. [more]

5% inflation forecast for UK
There's been a gloomy assessment about the British economy from the Bank of England - inflation is forecast to hit 5% before the end of the year. [more]

Clearer picture sought of slain boy
Police investigating the killing of a south Auckland boy are talking to the Weymouth community to build a clearer picture of him. [more]

Manufacturing activity continues to contract
The latest survey indicates manufacturing activity continued to contract in July, though it's picked up from a two-and-a-half year low recorded the previous month. [more]

Opus profit up
Opus International has seen a 38% increase in half year earnings, helped by offshore acquisitions. [more]

Black Sticks lose in last seconds
The New Zealand men's hockey team had a heart-breaking 1-0 loss to Spain in their second match at the Beijing Olympics. In an even encounter the Black Sticks were just five ... [more]

Police investigate death of new-born girl
Police in Auckland are investigating the unexplained death of a new-born girl. [more]

New quality deadline for lambs set by meat company
Silver Fern Farms says it will no longer accept spring-born ram lambs after 31 March, because the meat they produce does not match its new standards. [more]

Sirens cut as they sounded out new home
The Sirens have been cut from the the Australian WNBL league. The New Zealand women's basketball franchise competed in their debut season out of Christchurch, but faced the prospect of ... [more]

Pakistan drop idea of hosting New Zealand for ODI series
A planned one-day cricket series by New Zealand in Pakistan has been scrapped. The Pakistan Cricket Board says New Zealand Cricket hasn't confirmed or even replied to them about the tour ... [more]

Oly-Whites rue another tough call in Shanghai
The New Zealand men's under-23 Olympic footballers are lamenting what they say was another harsh refereeing decision in their 1-0 loss to Belgium in Shanghai. The Oly-Whites had to win to ... [more]

New Zealand's High Commissioner in Cook Islands steps down due to ill health
The New Zealand High Commissioner to the Cook Islands has resigned due to ill health. This was confirmed by the Foreign Minister, Winston Peters, who says it was with regret... [more]

Unarmed US ballistic missiles successfully reach targets in Marshall Islands
Three unarmed ballistic missiles launched by the United States Air Force have reached their targets near Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The Canadian Press reports that the successful test... [more]

Save the Children in Fiji alarmed about children begging
Save the Children in Fiji says it's concerned about parents sending their children to beg on the streets. This comes as the interim Social Welfare ministry is planning to criminalise... [more]

Fiji water export levy talks due next week
Fiji-based water bottling companies will meet the Fiji Islands Revenue and Customs Authority next week to discuss a levy for the extraction of water. About three weeks ago, the interim... [more]

TI Solomons says loggers mislead landowners
Transparency Solomon Islands is accusing logging companies of misleading landowners over the value of trees they are cutting down on their land. It comes as the Solomon Islands Forestry Minister... [more]

Spanish inflation at 15-year high
Prices in Spain rose at their fastest annual rate for 15 years in July, driven by rising food and fuel costs. Inflation is now 5.3%. [more]

Strike affects services in Moorea in French Polynesia
A strike on French Polynesia's island of Moorea continues to affect the public administration and the fire service. The stoppage was launched yesterday to press for the payment of overtime. [more]

Pacific civil society groups revisit approach to Forum
Pacific regional civil society organisations have drafted a series of priorities to achieve next year, including a different way of engaging with Forum leaders. Civil society plays a key role... [more]

American Samoa suggestion to use its land in Tonga
The American Samoan Senate President Lolo Letalu Moliga is recommending that the territorial government make use of the property in Tonga which was exchanged with land in American Samoa more... [more]

Conditions are not improving, say Papuan activists
The West Papua National Coalition for Liberation has dismissed claims by Indonesia that the living standard of Papuans is improving due to development in their region. The claims surfaced this... [more]

Fiji lowers some fuel prices
Fiji's Prices and Incomes Board has confirmed the price reduction in the wholesale and retail price of fuel, effective from tomorrow. This followed a Cabinet announcement of its endorsement of... [more]

Questions over property deal
The Auditor-General may investigate a property deal made between the Christchurch City Council and a property developer. [more]

Spilling of water from dam a precautionary measure says council
Waikato Regional Council says the spilling of water from the Karapiro Dam is a precautionary measure to allow for more rain. [more]

Cost of image project will be modest - DoC
The Department of Conservation says no decisions have been finalised on the cost of a project aimed at improving its image, but the costs will be "extremely modest". [more]

Sailing unlikely off Qingdao today
The Olympic sailing course off Qingdao is becalmed with the prospect of any racing today unlikely. New Zealand has competitors scheduled to compete in the Laser, Laser Radial, Finn and Boards ... [more]

Burmester quiet ahead of 100 butterfly
Swimmer Moss Burmester is taking a low key approach into his heats of the 100 butterfly tonight following his 4th placed finish in the 200 yesterday. After that race Burmester spent ... [more]

Most schools don't cater for gifted students - ERO
A report by the Education Review Office has found gifted students at most schools in New Zealand are missing out on the support they need to nurture their talents. [more]

National to make it easier for large power stations to be built
The National Party has issued its energy policy and says it would reform the Resource Management Act to make it easier for large power stations to be built.The National Party has issued its energy policy and says it would reform the Resource Management Ac [more]

Judicial review being held next week into transmission line
A judicial review into a planned high-voltage transmission line from south Waikato to Auckland will be heard by the High Court next week. [more]

Teen admits to driving into and killing woman
A Christchurch teenager has admitted driving into and killing a woman outside a 21st birthday party. [more]

Council tells employees to got on their bike
Hastings District Council has added a bicycle to its fleet of vehicles, in an effort to save fuel and reduce its carbon footprint. [more]

Fiji Women Crisis Centre says begging for many only option as poverty worsens
Fiji's Women Crisis Centre says begging is the only option to survive for many families as poverty and unemployment in Fiji are on the rise. This comes amid a plan... [more]

Afghan villagers preventing attacks on NZ troops
The Defence Force has revealed villagers in Afghanistan are standing between New Zealand troops and insurgents who want to attack them. [more]

Matais in Samoa accused of burning judge's home
Five high ranking matais of Falelatai village in Samoa are standing trial in the Supreme Court in relation to the burning down of a family home in 2005. The matais,... [more]

Marshall Islanders in pursuit of more US compensation for Bikini tests
Bikini Islanders in the Marshall Islands say they have no option but to pursue the US government in court to get additional compensation for the US nuclear weapons tests of... [more]

Vanuatu minister Korman cleared of bribery charges
Vanuatu's Minister for Lands has been cleared of bribery charges related to a land lease. The Daily Post newspaper reports that Maxime Carlot Korman was accused of bribery in relation... [more]

Solomons plans new logging scheme to benefit landowners
The Solomon Islands government is proposing a radical new scheme to ensure that landowners get a fair price for trees logged on their properties. The government will be providing landowners... [more]

Tefaarere launches new party in French Polynesia
An assembly member of French Polynesia's To Tatou Aia coalition, Hiro Tefaarere, has formed his own political party while for the time being remaining part of the ruling coalition. Mr... [more]

Petrol drops to under $2 at Shell
Shell has dropped the price of its petrol to just under $2 a litre. [more]

Business chief says there's signs of recovery for manufacturing
The head of Business New Zealand says the manufacturing sector may have turned a corner last month. [more]

White powder sent to Beehive is safe say police
The police in Wellington say initial tests indicate that powder mailed to Parliament Buildings on Wednesday is safe. [more]

Rise in oil price pushes up commodity prices
Oil rose above $116 a barrel on Thursday, pushing up commodity prices broadly and stoking inflation fears as investors bailed out of shares in the financial sector and bought back resource-related stocks. [more]

Fishing company fined over finger-loss accident
Sealord has been ordered to pay $63,000 in fines and reparations after a crew member on a fishing boat lost four fingers in an accident at sea last year. [more]

Strategic's new sale deal
The troubled finance firm Strategic Finance says it has cut a new deal to sell the company, which it hopes will happen within weeks. [more]

Maori wealth increasing in Taranaki
A new report has found that while Maori have less than their share of Taranaki's wealth, that share is increasing. [more]

NZ market down
The New Zealand stock market is down. However, the Australian share market is marginally stronger.The New Zealand stock market is down. However, the Australian share market is marginally stronger. [more]

Hail storm causes car crashes
A hail storm has hit the Kapiti Coast, causing several car crashes. [more]

Mountain guide dies while on holiday with PM
Police have named the mountain guide and friend of Prime Minister Helen Clark who died on Thursday from a suspected heart attack. [more]