Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 21st August 2008

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Jims Essay
Are you short of time? [more]

The Best Song Ever Written
Shaun Fleet has chosen - I'm Leaving Now by Johnny Cash and Mearle Haggard. [more]

Your Place - Darfield
Your weekly look into small town New Zealand. [more]

How Much Do You Earn?
That pereniallly fascinating question is at the heart of a new website that's turning around the traditional taboo over salary. [more]

Kiwis Ride For Gold At the Games
NZ BMX riders Sarah Walker and Marc Willers progressed comfortably through the opening stages of their competitions today. [more]

He Rourou 21 August 2008
Te Oraiti Calcott, one of the women who helped start the kohanga reo early childhood education initiative. [more]

Feature Album - Beatles White Album
One of the biggest albums of all time. [more]

The Arts Report 21 August 2008
Lynn Freeman presents the story of a woman who faked her own death to join the man she loved in New Zealand. [more]

Katy Gosset Story
We head to Christchurch to meet one of the world's top hotel receptionists. [more]

Environment Story - Dacia Herblock
We meet a pair of tireless native plant enthusiasts who've spent almost a decade restoring a small patch of coast. [more]

The Panel - Part 1
With Brian Edwards and David Slack. [more]

The Panel - Part 2
With Brian Edwards and David Slack. [more]

Business News

Morning Business News for 21 August 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 21 August 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business 21 August 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Cadbury Axing 145 Jobs in Dunedin
The Southern Regional Secretary of the Service and Food Worker's Union joins Mary Wilson. [more]

Fiji Given Last Chance to Hold Elections
By March next year it must hold elections otherwise they maybe suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum. [more]

Engineering Fault - Jet Took Off Anyway
A Spanish jet that crashed on take-off at Madrid airport killing 153 people is reported to have been cleared for take-off. [more]

Careless Welder Starts Blaze
Fire service operations manager Roger Callister was at the scene this morning and speaks to Mary Wilson. [more]

Dedicated Cat Lover up in Arms
Wendy Sisson of the pet-protection body Cats Unloved is angry at Housing New Zealand and the SPCA. [more]

Sports News 21 August 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Greens Call for Public Feedback on ETS
Trevor Mallard says many MPs are still getting public feedback which is being incorporated into discussions. [more]

US Presidential Race Hotting Up
Barack Obama could announce his vice presidential running mate as early as tonight. [more]

Todays BMX Final Has Been Rained Off
Monique Devereux has been following the rest of the action from Beijing. [more]

Waatea News 21 August 2008
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Auckland Ratepayers Unhappy with Council
The Auckland City Council wants to spend almost 52 million dollars on an elaborate 40 metre bridge. [more]

Te Papa's Giant Squid Could Just be a Big Pansy
Squid expert Steve O'Shea says it could be the case the bigger the colossal squid the more docile it is. [more]

Police Investigate Homeless Mans Death
52-year-old John Wallace was found floating in the viaduct area on Sunday. [more]

Flaxmere Residents Fight Back Against Gangs
Four unprovoked attacks in June more than 2000 people took part in a eight kilometre long hikoi. [more]

Russia - US Relations Worsening
The Bush administration has signed a deal to deploy an American missile shield in Poland. [more]

Taranaki surfers Could Lose Their Surf Breaks
The latest concern comes as fences go up on a Maori coastal site, whose owners say burial grounds aren't being respected. [more]

Olympic Update - Quentin Somerville
China's Huge Gold Medal Haul, something to be proud of. [more]

Sports News 21 August 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Sending Money to the Pacific will become Easier
New Zealand-based Pacific Islanders currently pay up to 25 percent of the sums they are remitting. [more]

Fears That Toxic Chinese Medicines are on the Market
The Auckland Regional Public Health service says a man was taken to Middlemore hospital. [more]

Chiropractic Board warns Public about Dodgy Docs
A Motueka man is currently practising under the name Michael Dawson. [more]

Nicolas Sarkozy Visits French Troops outside Afgan Capital
10 soldiers killed in fighting with Islamic militants. [more]

Two Elderly Chinese Women Causing Trouble
They've embarrassed the Beijing authorities and so earned themselves a one year sentence of"re-education through labour". [more]

Baby Humpback Stuck in Sydney Waterway
The two week old whale that rescuers have named Colin hasn't fed for days and has been seen nuzzling boats instead. [more]

Country Life

Intro and Guest
Stuart King dairy farms in North Eastern Waikato. He coped with a drought in summer, and now there's been rain for six weeks. [more]

Intro and Guest
Stuart King dairy farms in North Eastern Waikato. He coped with a drought in summer, and now there's been rain for six weeks. [more]

Regional Conditions
Cold and wet conditions hound farmers in the North Island. The South Island is also wet underfoot but that suits some. [more]

Icelandic Horses
German couple Richard and Christel Vinbrux have settled in North Otago where they're breeding Icelandic horses. [more]

Mussel Farming
Marlborough Sounds is famous for its deep, clear water that produces top quality mussels. Anna Tait-Jamieson checks the crop. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 21 August 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 21 August 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories For 21 August 2008
Top stories for 21 August 2008. [more]

Body Found But Not Officially Identified
A body was discovered in the Port Hills yesterday, and it's believed to be that of 52 year old Kerry Leigh Downey. [more]

AA Says Oil Price Drop Should Have Happened 3 Weeks Ago
Mark Stockdale from the AA explains his organisation's concerns. [more]

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Tom Ashley Wins Gold At The Boardsailing In Beijing
It's the first gold in sailing since Barbara Kendall's win in Barcelona in 1992. [more]

Peters Unhappy Over Privileges Committee Proceedings
Winston Peters has likened his treatment at a Parliamentary hearing to the Salem Witch trials. [more]

Another Outbreak of Norovirus
Health officials are urging people with vomiting and diarrohoea to stay away from Grey Base Hospital on the West Coast. [more]

150 Believed Dead In Aeroplane Crash In Spain
The Spanair flight which was carrying holidaymakers to the Canary Islands crashed on takeoff at Madrid airport. [more]

Board Sailor Tom Ashley Wins Gold
He spoke to Sean Plunket just after the medal ceremony in Qingdao and said it had been a long and difficult week. [more]

John Dauth Apologises To Helen Clark
For describing her as having"left wing beliefs"in a briefing paper accidentally released to the media. [more]

Investigation Launched After Chch City Council Decision
The deal with a local property developer has come under fire from councillors who say it was pushed through council. [more]

Hide Urges Privileges Committee To Take Action Against Peters
Mr Peters yesterday accused the committee of bias and incompetence at its hearing into the NZ First donations issue this week. [more]

US and NZ Joint Army Training Planned
Relations between the US and NZ may be warming further with a joint army training exercise planned for next month. [more]

The 4th Climate Change and Business Conference
The National Party is sticking by its call to delay NZ's Emissions Trading Scheme and wait for Australia. [more]

Political Reporter Julian Robins
Has been keeping tabs on the progress at the climate change talks in Auckland. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

An Update From The Pacific Islands Forum
It's crunch time for Pacific Islands leaders who will today decide how best to proceed with the issue of elections in Fiji. [more]

Aucklanders Using Public Transport More Often
However funding restrictions and uncertainty about the bus network could see growth next year slow significantly. [more]

Spanair Crash In Madrid
151 people are now reported to have died in the passenger jet crash at Madrid's Barajas international airport. [more]

More On Tom Ashley's Gold Medal
We talk to his coach, Dave Richardson and one of his training partners, Dr Matt Brick. [more]

National's Spokesperson On Climate Change Dr Nick Smith
National says the emissions trading scheme should be delayed despite Australia saying its scheme is compatible with NZ's. [more]

Condoleezza Rice In Warsaw
Poland and the US have signed a deal to deploy a US missile shield in Poland despite threats of retaliation from Moscow. [more]

The Defence Minister Phil Goff
Talks about the situation in Afghanistan. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Lobby Group Started For Penniless Investors Of Blue Chip
EUFA, or Exposing Unacceptable Financial Activities, is appealing for interested parties to meet in Tauranga this morning. [more]

Court of Appeal Orders Man To Be Resentenced
The court said the Rotorua mans role as a police informant was not taken into account. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Consumers Stock Piling Conventional Light Bulbs
Out of fears of government plans to phase out inefficient light-bulbs next year, in favour of those which use less power. [more]

Bigfoot A Big Bogus
The men claiming they had a Bigfoot in their freezer have taken off with 50,000 dollars given to them by a Bigfoot hunter. [more]


Competitive Eaters
Dr David Metz is a gastroenterologist who studies competitive eaters in the United States. [more]

Beijing Smog
Continuing the examination of China beyond the Olympics. [more]

Conundrum Clue 7
Conundrum clue number 7. [more]

Conundrum Clue 8
Conundrum clue number 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Norovirus Outbreak In Dunedin And Waikari Hopsitals
Glenda Alexander is the Nurses Organisation National Advisor for DHBs and Campbell Duignan is from the food and services union. [more]

Domestic Help
Now more and more New Zealand families are paying other people to take care of domestic chores. [more]

Teachers With Guns
Harrold Independent School District in the US has a new policy that allows staff to carry concealed weapons. [more]

UK Correspondent
Kate Adie joins us to give an update of news from the United Kingdom. [more]

Feature Guest - David Rakoff
The cult author, columnist and humorist has just had his latest book released: Don't Get Too Comfortable. [more]

Book Review - Six Suspects
Louise O'Brien reviews Six Suspects by Vikas Swarup, published by DoubleDay UK. [more]

Denis Welch's take on boobs on bikes, and the blurred line between news reporting and blogging. [more]

Civil Innovation and Walkable Communities
Dan Burden lobbies for cities to be more walking/cycle conscience and tried design their towns accordingly. [more]

New Technology
Colin Jackson talks about new ways to play sound and video on computers. [more]

Our Changing World

Robotic Fruit Picker
Amelia Nurse meets a robot that can not only talk but also pollinate and harvest kiwifruit. [more]

Painting Geology
An exhibition of paintings by Wellington artist Bob Kerr, inspired by the life of geologist Harold Wellman. [more]

Makara Foreshore Reserve
Two plant lovers receive a lifetime award for restoring the coastal environment on Wellington's west coast. [more]

Wildlife photographer Tui de Roy talks about her passion for the majestic birds. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 21 August 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 21 August 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Robert Oliver
The director of Wellington's Musica Sacra series discusses Sunday's concert at the Church of St Mary of the Angels. [more]

Debbie Carter
A founding member of the world music choir, Global Voices, previews a cabaret-style event in Christchurch on Saturday. [more]

News stories:

Informer-burglar may get two-thirds cut in sentence
A burglar with an axe and a long criminal record may be entitled to a discount of up to 60% in his prison sentence because he is a police informer, the Court of Appeal has ruled. [more]

Bronze for Nick Willis in the 1500
Nick Willis has finished third in the Olympic 1500 metres final to claim New Zealand's first medal in the event since John Walker won gold at Montreal in 1976. Willis ... [more]

China, Netherlands in women's hockey final
China has beaten the Olympic champions Germany 3-2 to advance to the final of the women's hockey tournament where they will meet the Netherlands, who demolished Argentina 5-2 in the ... [more]

Weepu extends NZRU contract
All Black halfback Piri Weepu says money isn't the motivating factor as to where he plays his rugby. Weepu has signed an extension to his Rugby Union contract that will ... [more]

Roulston looking at returning to pro circuit
The New Zealand silver and bronze medal cyclist Hayden Roulston says the wheels are already turning on him returning to professional cycling In Europe. Following his success at the Beijing Olympics ... [more]

Lleyton Hewitt pulls out of US Open
Former US Open tennis champion Lleyton Hewitt has withdrawn from next week's tournament in New York after having surgery to his hip. The former world No.1 says he had exhausted every ... [more]

Hockey boss disappointed at team's efforts
New Zealand Hockey's chief executive, Ramesh Patel says there will be a full review of their Olympic campaign after the women's team in particular failed to reach their expectations. Patel ... [more]

Valerie Vili to compete for a while yet
New Zealand's Olympic discus champion Valerie Vili received her gold medal in Beijing on Sunday, 24 hours after winning her title. The ceremony was held over because of Saturday night's late ... [more]

New Zealand triathletes finish out of the medals
Andrea Hewitt finished fastest of the three New Zealand women competiting in the triathlon in Beijing, but needed medical help after crossing the line. The 26-year-old Christchurch woman was dehydrated after ... [more]

Argentina to face Nigeria in final
Argentina have crushed Brazil 3-0 to reach Saturday's Olympic football final where they'll play the African giants Nigeria, who sauntered past minnows Belgium. The defending champion Argentina were inspired by ... [more]

Dhoni leads India to three-wicket win
India has levelled the five-match one-day cricket series with Sri Lanka in a tense three-wicket victory at Dambulla. The second one-day international was a low-scoring affair and at one stage, ... [more]

Cuba, Korea, Japan and US in baseball semis
Cuba signalled they are not about to surrender their Olympic crown without a fight after pulverising China 17-1 in seven innings to complete baseball preliminary round play on Wednesday. South ... [more]

Awesome Bolt thunders to double
Jamaica's Usain Bolt has become the first man to win the Olympic sprint double with two world records when he blazed to 200 metres gold in 19.30 seconds in Beijing. ... [more]

Walker says Willis used unorthodox approach
The 1976 Olympic 1500 metres champion John Walker says Nick Willis's achievement in winning the bronze medal in the event in Beijing has been done in an unorthodox way. Willis ... [more]

Sione Faumuina to leave Cowboys for Castleford
The North Queensland backrower and former Kiwi Sione Faumuina has agreed to join UK Super League side Castleford for the 2009 season. The New Zealand forward, who walked out on ... [more]

Ports of Auckland wants Tauranga's container business
In a surprise move, Ports of Auckland has revealed it wants to buy the container business of its rival Port of Tauranga. Previous merger talks were called off last year. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Australia apologises to Helen Clark over circulation of a briefing note that says her foreign policy outlook was shaped by her anti-Vietnam war views; number of people infected by norovirus in Dunedin hospital continues to climb; NZ Olympic medal tally gr [more]

Commodity gains lift European stocks
European shares were lifted a little by commodity stocks on Wednesday. Stocks there are down some 22% to date this year. [more]

All Golds' once-in-a-century fixture
The All Golds, New Zealand's first representative rugby league side, are set to play in New Zealand for the first time since 1908. The modern-day All Golds will play New ... [more]

Willis set to make some money
It was a rather tired and sore Nick Willis who fronted the media following his historic bronze medal run in the 1500 metres at the main Olympic Stadium early Tuesday morning. ... [more]

ICC stalls over Champions Trophy
The International Cricket Council has delayed its decision on whether to hold the ill-fated Champions Trophy in Pakistan and will make a final decision on Sunday. The eight-nation tournament next ... [more]

Weepu at 10, Tialata rides the pine
The Wellington rugby coach Jamie Joseph has named Piri Weepu at first five eighth for Friday night's away game in Invercargill and dropped another All Black, the prop Neemia Tialata, to ... [more]

Peters' hearing compared to Salem Witch trials
Winston Peters has likened his treatment at a hearing of Parliament's Privileges Committee night to the Salem Witch trials. He says he would not have been surprised to see a stake with dry wood stacked around it. [more]

NZ troops to train with US
New Zealand troops are to train with US forces in Germany next month. Australia, Britain and Canada are also involved. [more]

Late Treaty claim filed over Waikato River
On the eve of Waikato-Tainui signing a Treaty of Waitangi settlement with the Crown over the Waikato River, a hapuu further up the river has filed a last minute claim with the Waitangi Tribunal to protect its interest. [more]

Silver medallist tossed out of Games for drugs
In the first high profile case of doping in Beijing, the Ukrainian heptathlete Lyudmila Blonska has been thrown out of the Games after testing positive for steroids. She was the ... [more]

Desperation the key to Fouhy's semi-final success
The New Zealand kayaker Ben Fouhy was so despondent about his performance in the K1 1000 heats that he rated his chances of winning a medal at about 60-1. But ... [more]

Americans looking hard to beat in basketball
The unbeaten United States basketball team continued their relentless quest for gold in the men's Olympic tournament, crushing Australia 116-85 in the quarter-finals in Beijing. After the American Kobe Bryant's game-high ... [more]

Olympic thirst boosts China beer
Half-year profits at China's second-largest brewer Tsingtao jumped 42% helped by publicity due to its 2008 Beijing Olympics sponsorship. Tsingtao spent 1.6 billion yuan on its Olympic campaign to date. [more]

Wall St rises
Stocks in the United States rose in light trade on Wednesday even as investors dumped Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on fears of an imminent government bailout of the housing finance companies. [more]

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac slump
Shares in US mortgage finance agencies Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are at their lowest levels in nearly two decades. A federal bailout is feared. [more]

All Blacks keep South Africa scoreless
For the first time the Springboks have been kept scoreless on home soil against the All Blacks. New Zealand's 19-0 victory in Sunday morning's Tri-Nations rugby game in Cape Town was ... [more]

Ashley was confident of gold in Beijing
The New Zealand boardsailor Tom Ashley says he was confident of winning gold in Beijing but kept his thoughts to himself. Ashley finished third in the RSX medal race but ... [more]

Pacific leaders retreat begins in Niue
Pacific leaders at the regional summit in Niue go into retreat today in the one hotel on the island. The Pacific Islands Forum summit has been dominated by the rift... [more]

Pacific Leadership Foundation has new patron
Samoa's Head of State, Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, is the first Pacific Islander to become patron of the newly formed Pacific Leadership Foundation. The foundation was established after the... [more]

Grounded fishing boat righted in surf
A large amount of diesel from a fishing boat has been recovered from aground off 90 Mile Beach. The wooden vessell is now upright in the surf. [more]

Forum leaders consider issue of Fiji
Pacific Island leaders will today agree on a response to a report by forum foreign ministers about the best way to move Fiji towards free and fair elections. They're meeting... [more]

Pacific Islanders being ripped off, says NZ Ministry
The New Zealand Government is to make it easier for Pacific people in New Zealand to send money home. At the moment charges to send money to the region can... [more]

Visiting expert finds alarming use of antibiotics in Solomons
A visiting World Health Organisation consultant, has found an alarming trend of very high antibiotic usage in Solomon Islands, which is leading towards dangerous levels of resistance. Dr Anuj Sharma,... [more]

American Samoan court to undergo changes
The American Samoa District Court will have some new powers under a bill being proposed by the Togiola administration. The District Court will be able to hear small claims cases... [more]

Hospital CEO defends patient trips
The CEO of LBJ hospital in American Samoa says sending patients to a hospital in the Philippines is cost effective and was made after proper review. Last week Senate President... [more]

Runner who was banned wins gold for Britain
A runner the British Olympic Association tried to ban from competing in Beijing has won Britain their first track gold medal. Christine Ohuruogu powered home over the last 50 metres ... [more]

Barwick apparently on way out of English FA
English Football Association chief executive Brian Barwick has confirmed that he'll step down from his post at the end of the year. News of Barwick's departure leaked out just as ... [more]

Steamers look to roll on against Taniwha
Bay of Plenty take on Northland in Whangarei on Friday night in the national provincial rugby championship, with the Steamers still pinching themselves over their near-perfect start. After three rounds they're ... [more]

NZ moves up to 17th on medal table
New Zealand's Olympic medal tally now stands at nine following board sailor Tom Ashley's gold on Wednesday night and Nick Willis's bronze in the 1500 metres. The day before, Bevan Docherty ... [more]

Woman stabbed at Rawene
A woman is in a serious condition in Whangarei Hospital with multiple stab wounds after an attack in Rawene late on Wednesday night. [more]

Union critical of cleaning at hospitals
The Service & Food Workers Union believes Dunedin and Wakari Hospitals have had systemic cleaning issues for many years. Both hospitals are dealing with an outbreak of norovirus. [more]

Financial system stable - RBNZ
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand says the financial system is in sound shape despite recent headlines. [more]

Tax cuts and changes to RMA wanted
The New Zealand Chambers of Commerce is urging whichever parties form the next Government to cut the top personal tax rate and review the Resource Management Act. [more]

Mainfreight grows sales
Mainfreight says strong sales growth in the domestic and US markets are behind a 40% increase in profit for the three months to June. Revenue increased by 17.9%. [more]

Fire at industrial site
About 60 people have been evacuated from an industrial site in Onehunga because of a fire. [more]

Waterfront bridge price now $50m
Auckland City Council is to spend more than $50 million on a 40 metre bridge as part of a plan to revitalise the waterfront area. [more]

Bank strike expected
Up to 2500 union members at ANZ and the National Bank are to strike on Friday from 8.30am until 10.30am. [more]

Woman still missing
A search is continuing for a Christchurch woman who disappeared from her home early on Tuesday morning, barefoot and wearing only night attire. [more]

Waste water treatment complaints dismissed
Complaints by the Green Party aimed at the Horowhenua District Council over its management of a waste water treatment plant have been dismissed as political point scoring. [more]

More domestic passengers lift airport result
Auckland International Airport Ltd has reported a 3% increase in profit due to more domestic travellers. Revenue rose 9% to $351 million. [more]

Toxic medicine puts patient in hospital
There are fears that Chinese medicines containing potentially fatal amounts of lead are being sold in New Zealand. [more]

BMX delays after rain wets Beijing's clay track
The New Zealand Olympic team's next chance of adding to their medal haul of nine is on hold in Beijing. Overnight rain has meant the BMX is delayed due to a ... [more]

Fonterra looking to triple daily milk volume
Fonterra expects to more than triple the volume of milk it processes to more than 80 million litres a day by late October. Currently volumes are about 25 million litres a day. [more]

More charges against man who drove into police officer
A man accused of driving into a police officer who tried to pull him over in West Auckland, faces two more charges. [more]

Electronic card transactions up
The number of electronic card transactions rose by 0.4% in July to 84 million. Their value was $4.6 billion. [more]

Australia's PM defends Pacific labour mobility pilot scheme
The Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, has defended his government's Pacific guest worker scheme after the opposition leader Brendan Nelson questioned why foreign workers were needed while Australia had... [more]

Financial woes at Radio Kiribati lead to staff cuts
The national broadcaster in Kiribati has cut staff because of a shortfall in earnings. Pacific Magazine reports that Radio Kiribati took the measure following a breakdown of the AM transmission... [more]

Cook Islands Health Minister says isolating people with HIV/AIDs won't work
The Cook Islands Deputy Prime Minster and Health Minister, Sir Terepai Maoate, says the idea of isolating people infected with HIV/AIDS will not work. The creation of colonies for people... [more]

Diesel price cut matched by other companies
All major fuel companies have now dropped the retail price of diesel by by six cents to $1.59.9 per litre. [more]

Crash on southern motorway
A truck has jack-knifed on the southern motorway in Auckland, causing delays for commuters. [more]

Exhibition opens in Wellington of work of Samoan-born designer Churchward
An exhibition about the work of a Samoan-born graphic designer, Joseph Churchward, has been launched at the Te Papa Museum in Wellington. Mr Churchward's almost 600 hand-made fonts are used... [more]

American Samoan medical referrals to Philippines questioned
American Samoa's Senate President has expressed concern over the practise of sending patients to the Philippines and New Zealand for hospital treatment. Some patients suffering from heart conditions, cancers and... [more]

James Cook's boomerang at London auction
A boomerang collected by Captain James Cook on his first voyage to Australia could fetch more than 100,000 US dollars at auction next month. The hand-carved boomerang is being put... [more]

Subivisions block surfers
Surfers in Taranaki are worried that coastal subdivisions are blocking access to surf beaches. [more]

Fairfax result up in tough year
Fairfax Media says cost reductions helped boost earnings in New Zealand by 3% to $191.6 million in the year to June, amid tough conditions. [more]

NGO welcomes Indonesian military commander's removal from Papua
The East Timor and Indonesia Action Network, or ETAN, has welcomed the removal of Colonel Burhanuddin Siagian from his command in Papua. A leading Indonesian military officer, Siagian faces two... [more]

Staff 'at risk' when rescuing stray cats
Colleagues of a missing Christchurch woman who devoted her time to rescuing stray cats say their line of work constantly places them in danger. [more]

Owen Glenn makes statements on Peters donations
Monaco-based businessman, Owen Glenn, has made written statements to the Serious Fraud Office and Parliament's Privileges Committee about donations to NZ First leader, Winston Peters. [more]

Forum considers suspending Fiji if it reneges on election commitments
The Pacific Islands Forum leaders say they will consider the unprecedented step of suspending Fiji from the body unless the interim government recommits to holding elections under the current constitution... [more]

Cook Islands seabed legislation labelled a priority
The Cook Islands Deputy Prime Minister says legislation being developed to manage and protect seabed minerals is a priority. A convicted fraudster has been lobbying ministers to agree to a... [more]

Niue health director says isolation only option to contain HIV
The Health Director of Niue, Dr Sitaleki Finau says isolating people infected with HIV/AIDS is the only way left for the Pacific to deal with the spread of the disease. [more]

Samoan-born designer Churchward in Wellington exhibition
The Te Papa Museum in Wellington says a new exhibition gives a unique insight in the life and work of the Samoan-born graphic artist, Joseph Churchward. Mr Churchward has hand... [more]

Green light for Hastings' $56m sports park
Two independent commissioners have given Hastings District Council the go-ahead to change its district plan and develop a $56 million regional sports park west of the city. [more]

Negotiations on Emissions Trading Bill in final stages
Negotiations between the Government and its support parties over the Emissions Trading legislation are progressing. [more]

Investigation fails to find evidence of corruption in prison
An investigation into allegations of corruption by staff at Christchurch men's prison has found no evidence of such behaviour. [more]

Woman missing for three days found alive
A Christchurch woman who disappeared on Monday night has been found alive. [more]

Budget rises by $15 million for Auckland drawbridge
Auckland City Council's budget for a 40 metre drawbridge in the Viaduct area has ballooned by almost $15 million. [more]

More people visiting New Zealand
Visitor arrivals are up despite tough economic times around the world. [more]

Cheong wins first Taekwondo bout
Robin Cheong has become the first New Zealander to win a Taekwondo bout at an Olympics. Cheong beat an Ivory Coast opponent in her opening 57kg class event in Beijing. Cheong, ... [more]

Farquhar out of Olympic javelin
The New Zealand javelin thrower Stuart Farquhar has failed to qualify for the final of his event at the Beijing Olympics. In wet conditions that hampered the performances, Farquhar could manage ... [more]

Toeava named at 10 for Auckland in Shield match
Recalled All Black Isaia Toeava has been named at first five for Auckland's Ranfurly Shield defence against Manawatu at Eden Park on Saturday. Toeava made his long-awaited return to the All ... [more]

Cause of fire not yet known
The fire service says an explosion that destroyed the main warehouse at a car yard in Onehunga was caused by a welder working above surface oil and fuel. [more]

Man admitted to hospital after taking toxic Chinese medicine
There are fears Chinese medicines with toxic and potentially fatal amounts of lead are being brought into and sold in New Zealand. [more]

Man brandishes weapon in city centre shop
The police cordoned off a section of central Wellington after a man brandished a weapon in a clothing store in Manners Mall. [more]

America's Cup raked in money
An independent report has found the economy was boosted by around $2 for every dollar of public funding of Emirates Team New Zealand in the America's Cup. [more]

Fiji won't lose much if suspended from Forum, says Chaudhry
The leader of Fiji's Labour Party Mahendra Chaudhry says Fiji wouldn't stand to lose much if it was suspended from the Forum. Mr Chaudhry, who last week resigned as the... [more]

Profits up at Auckland International Airport
Auckland International Airport made a full year underlying profit of $113 million in the year to June, an increase of 3% on the previous year. [more]

Big decline in petrol stocks pushes oil prices up
Oil prices rose on Thursday after a larger-than-expected decline in US petrol stocks but gains were likely to be limited, analysts say. [more]

Intensive process undertaken say Electricity Commission lawyers
Lawyers for the Electricity Commission say it undertook an intensive process, including consultation, before approving a planned high-voltage transmission line from south Waikato to Auckland. [more]

Cadbury to axe 145 jobs at South Island plant
Cadbury says it's cutting 145 jobs in Dunedin, as the plant focuses on the production of chocolate crumb, a base ingredient for chocolate, and boxed chocolates. [more]

Defence Force personnel cleared of double-dipping
A Court of Inquiry has cleared four Defence Force personnel of allegations of double-dipping on their United Nations housing allowances. [more]

Pacific Islands Forum chooses new Secretary General
Pacific Islands Forum leaders have chosen Tuiloma Neroni Slade of Samoa as the Secretary General for a three-year term. Tuiloma, who has been a judge at the International Criminal Court... [more]

Forum stance on Fiji not reflected by members' individual views, says interim AG
There's been a mixed reaction in Fiji to an indication by Pacific islands Forum leaders that they could consider suspending Fiji from the Forum. Fiji's interim attorney-general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, says... [more]

Sharemarket flat
The New Zealand sharemarket was flat on Thursday. The Australian stock market closed lower. [more]

Homeless man found in water had wrists and ankles bound
Police investigating the death of a homeless man found floating in Auckland's Viaduct harbour, have revealed his ankles and wrists were bound. [more]

More norovirus cases at Dunedin Hospital
More patients and staff are ill with norovirus at Dunedin Hospital, but visiting restrictions have been lifted at Wakari Hospital. [more]