Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 11th September 2008

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Thought For The Day
Should mis-spellings be tolerated for simplicity's sake? [more]

Your Place for 11 September 2008
Doubtless Bay, Far North. We talk to locals Judith Garrett, Jenny Tombelson, and Kaye Dragicevich. [more]

Has The Milk Bubble Burst?
An update on the state of the dairy industry with North Canterbury Federated Farmers President, Robert Borst. [more]

Mystery Bodies Discovered In Hawkes Bay
Maori Seers (or Matakite) in Hawkes Bay sensed the presence of a number of buried bodies in the path of a proposed expressway. [more]

He Rourou for 11 September 2008
Ana Tapiata talks with Kaaterina Daniels, an elder from Rotorua who received the Kingi Ihaka award. [more]

Arts Report for 11 September 2008
This week Lynn Freeman is in Christchurch for that city's writers festival. [more]

Auckland's Classic Theatre
Noelle McCarthy visited The Classic recently to experience New Zealand comedy first hand. [more]

Science Report for 11 September 2008
Veronika Meduna takes us on a guided tour of NIWA's taxonomic collection with researcher Shane Ahyong. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
With guests Deborah Hill Cone and Tony Doe. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
With guests Deborah Hill Cone and Tony Doe. [more]

Business News

Midday Business News for 11 September 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Business Update
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Officers Gunned Down
Two men have appeared before the courts, after two officers were gunned down during a covert drug operation. [more]

Police Shooting Focus
Interview with Auckland Superintendent Ted Cox on the police shooting. [more]

Official Cash Rate Cut
In a move that suprised most Dr Alan Bollard cut the official cash rate by 50 points - double what was expected. [more]

Official Cash Rate Cut (Part 2)
Economics correspondent Nigel Stirling on the reaction to today's surprise cut. [more]

Peters Retains Ministerial Position
The Prime Minister has come under fire from the opposition today, for giving Winston Peters a stay of execution. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

National Unveils Health Policy
The Government has accused National of copying its ideas following today's health policy announcement. [more]

Trainer Stands By Statement
Paul Moroney is sticking to his sworn evidence that he heard Winston Peters thank Owen Glenn for giving him money. [more]

Obama Rejects Accusations of Sexism
A comparison he made has forced US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama to angrily rejected accusations of sexism. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Australia Earns Disproportionatly More - Report
Despite this country out performing Australia economically, it would take 140-years to bridge the trans-Tasman income gap. [more]

Dolphin Death"End of Era"
The death of the last dolphin at Marineland in Napier has been described as the end of an era for Hawkes Bay. [more]

OJ Simpson Back In Court
O.J. Simpson is on trial for his alleged role in an armed robbery. [more]

Police Death Shocks Community
The death of a police officer in Mangare East has been a shock for many in the community. [more]

Finance Minister Optimistic
Finance Minister Michael Cullen is confident economic activity will pick up in the last three months of this year. [more]

Shoppers Hit Hard at Checkout
Shoppers paid nearly 3% more for their food last month - the largest monthly price hike in almost 20 years. [more]

Greenpeace Activists Cleared
Six Greenpeace activists who sabotaged a UK power station have been cleared of criminal damage by a UK crown court. [more]

Medsafe To Fast-track Drug
The medicines safety regulator says it will fast-track applications being made to supply alternative brands of Thyroxine. [more]

Playcentre Says No to Cell Tower
A Nelson playcentre has asked the City Council to intervene to stop a 22m high cellphone tower being erected next door. [more]

Fire Up the Large Hadron Collider!
Last night, after three decades the LHC was powered up to allow scientists to understand what the cosmos is really made of. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Prison Mums To Stay With Babies
Mothers in prison will be able to keep their babies in jail with them until the child is two following a law change. [more]

Speculation Rife Over Health of Leader
Talk of succession in North Korea is gaining momentum, as speculation continues about the health of leader Kim Jong-il. [more]

Possible Eczema Breakthrough
Auckland and Otago University researchers say they may have found a way to halve the incidence of eczema in children. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Lehman Brothers Bank in Trouble
One of the United States' biggest banks has delivered its worst financial news in 158 years. [more]

Australian Tourism Shows Decline
Tourism figures point to a steady drop in visitor numbers, and tourist operators say the industry needs urgent resuscitation. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 11 September 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 11 September 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 11 September 2008
Peters gives evidence, Police officer killed, Cash rate review. [more]

Listen to today's birdcall. [more]

Another Finace Company Collapse
There are predictions the troubled finance company sector faces at least another year of turmoil before it sees any recovery. [more]

Police Checks on Early Childhood Centres
Education groups fear a Government plan to widen the net on police vetting will drive well-meaning school volunteers away. [more]

Pacific News for 11 September 2008
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Police Officer Killed
A police officer is dead and another is in hospital after a shooting early this morning in South Auckland. [more]

Peters Gives Evidence
Winston Peters fronted up to Parliament's Privileges Committee, fighting to keep his job as Foreign Minister. [more]

Police Officer Killed (part 2)
A police officer is dead and another is seriously injured after a shooting overnight in South Auckland. [more]

Peters Gives Evidence (part 2)
The future of Winston Peters as a minister is now in the hands of the Prime Minister, as she weighs up who to believe. [more]

Peters Gives Evidence (part 3)
Winston Peters made accusations at the privileges committee last night was that were directed at Owen Glenn's lawyer. [more]

Nats Health Policies Leaked
The Government has released a draft of National's health policy, the fourth to have been released by Labour in a week. [more]

Cash Rate Review
The Reserve Bank governor will announce the outcome of the Bank's Official Cash Rate Review at 9 this morning. [more]

Labour Party President Refutes Claims
Try as it might, Labour has failed to prevent itself from being drawn into the allegations surrounding Winston Peters. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Emissions Trading Scheme
After months of submissions and debate the Government's Emissions Trading Scheme is now a reality. [more]

Hadron Collider Started
Operation of the Large Hadron Collider began last night beneath the Switzerland, France border. [more]

Silver Scroll Awards
Hit band Opshop has swept the board at the country's most prestigious music awards. [more]

Police Officer Killed (part 3)
Community reaction to the killing of a police officer in South Auckland this morning. [more]

Peters Gives Evidence (part 4)
Winston Peters future depends not on the privileges committee but on the Prime Minister, Helen Clark. [more]

Nats Health Policies Leaked (part 2)
This is the fourth National policy to be leaked in the space of a week and by far the most significant. [more]

Emissions Trading Scheme Bill Passed
The legislation is said to herald the most significant change to the economy since Rogernomics. [more]

Trans Tasman Defence
Kevin Rudd told Australia's Returned Services League that an arms race is emerging in the Asia-Pacific region. [more]

Prime Minister Wont Sack Peters
The Prime Minister has just released a statement about the future of Winston Peters. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Wigram Aerodrome To Close
Eighty years ago today Charles Kingsford Smith completed the first ever flight across the Tasman, landing at Wigram. [more]

Waikato Health Initiatives
The Waikato Primary Health Organisation has launched two programmes, Get Cooking and Community Health Coaches. [more]


Famine Survivors
Cheryl Mongan is organising"Far from Famine"for descendents of survivors of the Irish Potato Famine [more]

Spuds-Giant Spud
Lou Christian is the Mayor of Briggs City-home of the Big Spud [more]

Local Grower
Wiremu Tawhai is a traditional Kumara farmer from Omaio in the Eastern Bay of Plenty [more]

Clue 7 [more]

Clue 8 [more]

Nine To Noon

Peters Privileges Committee
National's Deputy Leader Bill English on the Winston Peter's saga and what damage it is doing to the Labour led government. [more]

Official Cash Rate Cut
The Reserve Bank announces official cash rate cut of half a percent. [more]

Prisoners Making Furniture
Auckland Homeshow has furniture made by prisoners as part of the Department of Corrections' Inmate Employment initiative. [more]

UK Correspondent - Matthew Parris
News from the UK including The Large Hadron Collider and Gordon Brown. [more]

Feature Guest - Joe Greco
Joe Greco's Film "Canvas" is a fictionalised version of his own childhood, as the son of a paranoid schizophrenic mother. [more]

Book Review - The Balloon Factory
Reviewed by Don Rood. Written by"Alexander Frater. Published by Picador. [more]

New Technology With Colin Jackson
The Hadron Collider. [more]

Mahvish Rukhsana Khan
A translator who worked closely with Afghan terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay. [more]

TV Review
With Simon Wilson. [more]

Our Changing World

New Marine Reserve
Amelia Nurse attends the opening of the Taputeranga Marine Reserve on Wellington's south coast. [more]

Native Birds' Comeback
Wellington residents find that native bird numbers are on the rise in the capital. [more]

Landcare Research scientist Dianne Gleeson describes one of New Zealand's less well-known creatures. [more]

Marine Invertebrates
Veronika Meduna visits NIWA's collection of marine invertebrates. [more]

Parliament - Question Time

Question Time for 11 September 2008
Questions to Ministers 1. Hon BILL ENGLISH to the Prime Minister: Does she stand by her statement today that she has "no basis" to remove Rt Hon Winston Peters' ministerial warrant; if so, why? 2. MOANA MACKEY to the Minister responsible for Climate Change Issues: What landmark environmental legislation has passed recently? 3. Hon BILL ENGLISH to the Prime Minister: Has she been advised of the statement made by Mr Owen Glenn to the Privileges Committee, in regard to a meeting between her and Mr Glenn in February 2008, "I also told her of my conversation with the Labour Party's President, Mr Williams, before I agreed to make that donation back in 2005."; and does she agree that Mr Glenn told her that? 4. Dr RUSSEL NORMAN to the Minister for the Environment: Is he concerned that dirty dairying in New Zealand is now "gaining international notoriety", as stated in Rural News on 29 August; and, if so, does he agree with comments in on 2 September that "the recently outlined National Policy Statement for freshwater management demonstrates an abject failure in leadership"? 5. GERRY BROWNLEE to the Minister of State Services: What qualities does he think are desirable in appointees to the boards of Crown-connected organisations? 6. RON MARK to the Minister of Police: Does she agree with the reported comments of former police officer Cam Stokes that gangs are here to stay; if so, what is being done by her Government to combat gangs? 7. Hon TONY RYALL to the Minister of Health: Has he seen today's media reports of further serious failures in the health system including Auckland cancer patients waiting 12 weeks for radiation therapy, rising deficits at another district health board, and a man's tragic death after being left alone by staff at Christchurch Hospital's emergency department; and what action has he taken to deal with the crisis in the country's hospitals? 8. RUSSELL FAIRBROTHER to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: What reports has she received regarding policy priorities for children? 9. JUDITH COLLINS to the Minister for Social Development and Employment: Is she satisfied with Work and Income's approach to individual case management; if so, why? 10. ANNE TOLLEY to the Minister of Education: When does he expect that the Education Amendment Bill (No 3) will be passed? 11. MARTIN GALLAGHER to the Minister of Immigration: Has he received any reports proposing new immigration categories? 12. Hon TAU HENARE to the Minister of Māori Affairs: Can he confirm that the "breakfast bash" where he launched the new Māori dictionary cost taxpayers up to $75,000? [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 11 September 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 11 September 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


John Banks
Mayor of Auckland explains why the council has contibuted extra finance to keep the Auckland Philharmonia and Opera NZ solvent. [more]

Stephen Wainwright
The CEO of Creative New Zealand justfies the handouts to the APO and Opera New Zealand. [more]

Michael Williams
The Hamilton composer talks about the world premiere of his Triple Concerto this week. [more]

Ross Edwards
Australian composer whose piano trio is being performed by the New Zealand Trio on their current tour of the country. [more]

Chris Gendall
Winner of the 2008 APRA SOUNZ Contemporary award. [more]

News stories:

American Samoa vendors for Arts Festival still waiting to be paid
The slow payment of vendors for the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts has again attracted criticism from American Samoa's Fono. Ituau Representative, Archie Taotasi Soliai, yesterday expressed disappointment with the... [more]

Solomons Police Commissioner defends arrest of elderly couple
Solomon Islands Acting Police Commissioner Peter Marshall has rejected claims that the arrest of people who hinder police investigations are unnecessary or culturally inappropriate. Mr Marshall made the statement following... [more]

Niue Parliament considering record budget
The Niue Parliament will meet today to consider a record budget of 16 point seven million US dollars. While Niue regularly fails to balance its budget, the Government says it... [more]

Opshop wins top music award
Opshop has won top honours at the music industry's annual awards ceremony, clinching the APRA Silver Scroll title. [more]

Education groups criticise police vetting scheme
Education groups are warning the Government's plan to widen the net on police vetting of school volunteers will be expensive, and say it has no proven value. [more]

Beaten US Open finalist Murray gets down to work to make step up
The beaten US Open tennis finalist Andy Murray says his achievement in New York will be the start of better things but he'll have to work harder to succeed at ... [more]

Henry says Tri-Nations timing couldn't be worse
The All Blacks coach Graham Henry says he couldn't have picked a worse time to be playing the Tri-Nations decider. Henry says the Wallabies record loss to South Africa just ... [more]

All Whites complete series sweep
The All Whites have beaten New Caledonia 3-0 at Albany to complete an Oceania World Cup qualifying sweep after their win in Noumea in the first leg. Striker Shane Smeltz scored ... [more]

Malik fears Pakistan isolation
Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik fears the country will slip into cricket isolation if security concerns continue to prevent other teams from touring. Pakistan cricket suffered two big setbacks this year with ... [more]

Storm breathe easy as superstar stays put
The Melbourne Storm superstar Greg Inglis has turned his back on million dollar a year offers to remain loyal tohis code. his club and his family. Rugby league's hottest property has ... [more]

Athlete kicked out for doping blames hair loss treatment
There's been a second doping scandal in as many days at the Paralympics in Beijing with a German wheelchair basketballer kicked out of the event for taking a banned drug contained ... [more]

Storm lock not looking good for Sunday
The Melbourne Storm lock Dallas Johnson is looking more unlikely to be involved in Sunday's NRL playoff match against the Warriors. Johnson's been battling a knee injury, and he ... [more]

Hopoate the new Australian heavyweight boxing champion
The former rugby league bad boy John Hopoate is the new Australian heavyweight boxing champion. The Sydney fighter finished defending champion Bob Mirovic deep into the ninth round of an epic ... [more]

Connor calls for shock tactics
Forty years after Des Connor introduced short lineouts to Test rugby, the former Wallabies and All Blacks halfback has called for more "shock tactics" . Connor -- who was been inducted ... [more]

Crazy times for Thorn
The former league star Brad Thorn is a big man with even bigger dreams but even he admits his All Black renaissance defies belief. Thorn is shaking his head and pinching ... [more]

Massa can take title lead from Hamilton at Ferra
After being stripped of a stirring victory in Belgium, McLaren's Lewis Hamilton must fight to keep his Formula One lead in Ferrari's home race this weekend. Italian fans will be hoping ... [more]

Riders welcome news of Armstrong's return
European road cycling stars are welcoming news of Lance Armstrong's plan to return ro professional cycling. The 37 year old American has confirmed he's making a comeback, and will ... [more]

Two Koreas draw politically-charged World Cup qualifier
North and South Korea, states technically still at war, have drawn 1-1 in a football World Cup qualifying match moved to Shanghai for political reasons. The match was originally scheduled to ... [more]

Vanuatu beat Fiji
A defiant ten-man Vanuatu football side wrapped up its World Cup qualifying campaign by defeating Fiji 2-1 in Port Vila. Though the result does not change their bottom place standing in ... [more]

Celtics reward Rivers with contract extension
The Boston Celtics have extended the contract of coach Doc Rivers as a reward for leading the club to its National basketball Association championship in 22 years. Boston had an NBA-best ... [more]

Federer already looking to London Olympics
A reinvigorated Roger Federer is already setting his goals for the next four years and beyond in the wake of his fifth successive U.S. Tennis Open win. His ... [more]

Injury blow for Auckland ahead of Bay of Plenty clash
There's been an injury blow for Auckland ahead of Friday night's provincial rugby championship match against Bay of Plenty in Rotorua with a cut arm ruling out the experienced forward ... [more]

Bowls CEO says bowlers must accept social change
Bowls New Zealand's chief executive is calling on bowlers to accept that change if clubs are stop a decline in traditional full memberships . Kerry Clark says casual pay for ... [more]

CNMI legislators vote against planned marine sanctuary
The CNMI House of Representatives has overwhelmingly passed a resolution opposing a plan that would designate a vast area of nearby ocean water as a national marine monument. The resolution,... [more]

Video conferencing wanted for rural councils
McKenzie District Council wants local government legislation to be changed to allow councillors living in remote areas to take part in council meetings via telephone or video conference. [more]

Wind farm plan for Northland
Power company Meridian Energy wants to build a wind farm on conservation land near Kaitaia. [more]

Tornado causes minor damage in New Plymouth
A small tornado in New Plymouth overnight damaged roofs and power lines, but there were no reports of injuries. [more]

Slips keep residents in limbo
Two communities affected by slips in Manukau City say they are in limbo until the land gives way or the council takes action. [more]

Winston Peters' evidence at committee leads papers
Winston Peters' appearance at Parliament's privileges committee leads all four metropolitan papers on Thursday. [more]

Vanua'aku Party leads winners in Vanuatu election
In Vanuatu, official election results show the former government's junior coalition party, the Vanua'aku Party led by Edward Natapei, is the largest single party in the new parliament followed by... [more]

Rain slows generator installation in CNMI
In the Northern Marianas, recent heavy rain has affected progress in installing the emergency Aggreko generators on Saipan. The generators were scheduled to be turned on tomorrow, and provide 15... [more]

Pacific Islanders Rugby Union side named for end of year tour
The Pacific Islanders rugby union head coach Ilivasi Tabua has named a 28 strong squad to contest the upcoming tour of Europe. The team made up of players from Fiji,... [more]

Five medals for NZ paralympains
New Zealand's Paralympic team has taken its medal tally at the Beijing games to five with Christchurch swimmer Sophie Pascoe winning the breast-stroke 100 metres final last night after . Cyclist ... [more]

England 4 Croatia 1
A Theo Walcott hat-trick has helped England to a 4-1 win over Croatia in a football World Cup group six qualifying match in Zagreb. The 19-year-old- picked at the expense of ... [more]

Cursed Orford strikes back
The Dally M winner Matt Orford is hoping he can crack the curse which has kept an NRL player of the year without a premiership for 22 years, but he's given ... [more]

Socceroos start well in World Cup qualifying
The Socceroos grabbed a priceless advantage in the race to the 2010 World Cup finals with a 1-nil win over fancied Uzbekistan in Tashkent to open their final stage of ... [more]

Chanderpaul bags ICC Player of the Year award
New Zealand cricketers have failed to make much of an impression at the ICC world cricket awards dinner in Dubai. The White Ferns Nicola Brown was up for the womens ... [more]

Plenty of support for Armstrong
The president of USA cycling has thrown his support behind Lance Armstrong's decision to have a tilt at an eighth Tour de France title. Armstrong has confirmed he'll get back in ... [more]

Olympian Aouita hired to revive Moroccan performance
Morocco's former Olympic track champion Said Aouita has taken over as the country's athletics technical director, promising to restore national pride after a lacklustre performance at the Beijing Olympics. Aouita remains ... [more]

Armstrong's former manager upbeat about comeback
Lance Armstrong's former team manager, Johan Bruyneel says physically there is no reason why the American cyclist cannot stage a successful comeback next year at the age of 37. The seven ... [more]

Search for missing woman in South Otago
Searchers have scoured dense scrub and steep gullies in South Otago looking for a 45-year-old woman who has not been seen since her car was found down a bank. [more]

Dairy prices set to fall on world market, says Fonterra
Fonterra is predicting world dairy prices are likely to fall further, before lifting again in the middle of next year. [more]

Emissions trading scheme bill passes
The Government's bill to establish an emissions trading scheme has passed its final hurdle in Parliament. [more]

Jailed mothers to keep children with them longer
Parliament has passed legislation to increase the length of time jailed mothers can keep their babies with them. [more]

Evidence of bigger than expected economic contraction
Evidence appears to be mounting that the economy may have contracted even further in the June quarter than it did in the first three months of the year. [more]

Research begins on reducing 1080 use
Scientists from Landcare Research are embarking on three projects looking at more effective pest and tuberculosis control, one of which aims to reduce the use of 1080 poison. [more]

Solomons' rice farming project frustrated by land disputes
A government official says Solomon Islands' efforts to improve crop production are being frustrated by land disputes in some areas. The government has approved just over three million US dollars... [more]

Fiji union leader critical of call for tourism industry to be listed as essential service
A proposal for Fiji's tourism and aviation sectors to be classed as essential services is facing trade union opposition. The proposal came from the President of the Fiji Islands Hotel... [more]

Rival blocs of MPs claims majority following release of Vanuatu election results
Official results from last week's Vanuatu general elections have been released as lobbying over the formation of the new government intensifies. Two rival blocs of MPs in Vanuatu are claiming... [more]

New Zealand outlines ten year aid strategy for Tonga
New Zealand will give Tonga nearly 80 million US dollars in aid over the next ten years. The NZAID/Tonga country strategy is being launched in Nuku'alofa today. New Zealand's Prime... [more]

Tonga MP says Government misleading people over establishment of Constitution Commission
A Tonga pro-democracy MP Clive Edwards is accusing the government of misleading the people over the setting up of a Constitution and Electoral Commission. Parliament passed legislation approving the Commission... [more]

Samoa educators grateful for New Zealand help in translating and producing books
Samoa's Education Ministry says it's hoping that New Zealand will continue to assist it in translating and producing books in the Samoan language. The Ministry spokesperson, Fa'amatuainu Sa Vasa, says... [more]

World Bank official says PNG needs to undertake business friendly reforms now
The World Bank says Papua New Guinea will remain one of the hardest countries in which to do business in unless immediate reforms are made. In a report it says... [more]

Five die in tribal fighting in PNG Highlands
Five Papua New Guinea villagers are dead and several others have been injured in a tribal fight in the Lumusa area of Western Highlands Province. The men died after they... [more]

Vanua'aku Pati bloc confident of claiming majority in Vanuatu power struggle
Two rival blocs of MPs are claiming a majority of seats in Vanuatu's 52-seat parliament following the release of official results from last week's general election. The two parties with... [more]

National pledges to continue increasing health funding
National has released the first part of its health policy, saying it would continue to increase health funding. A day earlier, the Government released National's draft policy. [more]

High level meeting to resolve UN housing allowance issue
The chief of the Defence Force will meet United Nations representatives in New York next week in to try to resolve the housing allowance issue, that has forced the suspension of secondments. [more]

Council overrruled on name change for nurses
The Minister of Health has overruled nursing's regulatory body and re-titled more than 130 nurses. [more]

Wall St gains on energy, technology stocks
US stocks rose on Wednesday as OPEC's move to shore up oil prices boosted energy shares and Texas Instruments' outlook soothed fear about technology spending. [more]

New Zealander cleared of protest charges in Britain
Six Greenpeace activists, including a New Zealander, have been cleared of criminal damage charges laid following a power station protest in the United Kingdom. [more]

Big task to close trans-Tasman wage gap - NZIER
The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research says it would take 140 years to close the trans-Tasman income gap at current growth rates. [more]

Bill allows jailed mums more time with babies
Parliament has passed legislation to increase the length of time imprisoned mothers can keep their babies with them. [more]

Council seeks legal advice over cellphone tower
Nelson City Council is seeking legal advice on Telecom's plan to build a 22-metre-high cellphone tower beside a playcentre. [more]

Exercise linked to brain cell repair in children
New research suggests exercise could help in the repair of brain cells in children who have undergone treatment for brain tumours. [more]

South Otago woman found alive and well
A South Otago woman who disappeared earlier in the week has been found alive and well. [more]

Todd set to compete at London Olympics
The double Olympic equestrian gold medallist Mark Todd has confirmed he's considering competing at the 2012 London Olympics after making a comeback at this year's Games. Todd, who's ... [more]

Prendergast misses out on medal collapsing in home straight
The New Zealand runner and team captain, Tim Prendergast has missed out on a medal, finishing fourth in the 5000m at the Beijing Paralympics. Prendergast, a gold medalist in the ... [more]

Beckham's advice may have ensured he doesn't make starting lineup again
Theo Walcott's hat-trick against Croatia may have ensured that David Beckham will never make another start for the England football side. The Arsenal teenager was handed his place ... [more]

Faumuina in trouble again
Disappointed North Queensland officials say they'd have torn up the contract of former Kiwis forward Sione Faumuina had he still be on the club's National Rugby League roster. ... [more]

Hopoate wins Australian heavyweight boxing title
The former rugby league international bad boy John Hopoate has won the Australian heavyweight boxing title to add a new chapter to a professional sporting career that seemed to ... [more]

Sione Faumuina in strife again
The former Warriors rugby league player Sione Faumuina is in trouble again. He's been filmed leaving a Brisbane police station, with police saying a Queensland rugby league player had been ... [more]

Doug Walters baggy green to under the hammer
Cricket tragics, get your credit cards ready. Three baggy green caps owned by batting wizard Doug Walters are set to go under the hammer in Melbourne later this ... [more]

Black Caps and White Ferns to play double header at MCG
New Zealand and Australia will play in a Twenty20 double-header in February featuring men's and women's matches at Sydney Cricket Ground. The match follows a ground breaking double header in ... [more]

Bruton coming to grips with Breakers set up
The coach of the New Zealand Breakers, Andrej Lemanis, says star off-season signing CJ Bruton is slowly coming to grips with the team set up. The point gaurd has joined the ... [more]

Niue Premier lashes out at New Zealand aid officials
The Premier of Niue, Toke Talagi, has made a stinging attack on NZ Foreign Affairs officials claiming they dictate to Niue how aid money should be spent and how the... [more]

National focuses on productivity in health system
Gaining greater productivity from rising health spending is a major priority, National Party leader John Key says. [more]

No immediate decision on Peters' future, says PM
Prime Minister Helen Clark is facing heavy criticism over her decision not to sack Winston Peters as Foreign Affairs Minister, but says there is no immediate basis to do so, following his appearance before Parliament's privileges committee. [more]

Funding, jobs safe at troubled Northland school
The Ministry of Education has agreed to keep funding and jobs intact at a troubled Northland school which has seen its roll drop by nearly a third in the past year. [more]

Tongasat pays outstanding debts to Tonga Government
The Tonga Prime Minister Dr Feleti Sevele has told Parliament that the country's satellite communication provider Tongasat, which is part owned by the King's sister, Princess Pilolevu Tuita, has cleared... [more]

American Samoa politicians plan crack down on civil servants using drugs
The House of Representatives in American Samoa has approved legislation requiring elected officials, independent contractors to the government and government employees to submit to drug tests. It says the purpose... [more]

Hopes more governments will join Norway in pulling out of mining giant over pollution worries
The Australian NGO, the Mineral Policy Institute, has welcomed the Norwegian Government's decision to cut its links with the multi national mining company, Rio Tinto, over concerns about the Grasberg... [more]

Fiji interim Government says strike by USP academics is illegal
The Fiji interim Minister of Education, Filipe Bole, has declared a strike by nearly 400 staff of the University of the South pacific illegal. Most of the Students Academic Services... [more]

Solomons politician critical of arrest of murder suspect's parents
The Premier of Guadalcanal province in Solomon Islands, Stephen Panga, says the arrest of an elderly Weathercoast couple on Sunday was uncalled for. The couple are the parents of a... [more]

Regenvanu to support Korman camp trying to form Vanuatu government
Independent Vanuatu MP Ralph Regenvanu says he and three other MPs who have signed a solidarity pact will support Maxime Carlot Korman's bid to be Prime Minister. Following the release... [more]

Govt denies breakfast launch cost $75,000
The Government is defending its breakfast launch of the Maori Dictionary, saying it did not cost $75,000 as the National Party claims. [more]

Food price rise largest monthly increase in 19 years
Food prices rose 2.7% in August compared to July - the largest largest monthly increase since 1989. [more]

Marineland's future in doubt after last dolphin dies
The death of the last dolphin at Marineland in Napier has been described as the end of an era for Hawke's Bay, and could spell the end for one of the region's major tourist attractions. [more]

Medsafe to fast-track alternative thyroid drug
Medicines safety regulator Medsafe says it will fast-track applications which have been made to supply alternative brands of the drug Thyroxine. [more]

NZ market down at close
The New Zealand sharemarket closed down 10 points to 3333 on turnover of $95 million on Thursday. [more]