Radio New Zealand - Monday, 22nd September 2008

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Eight Months to Mars - Elizabeth Whiting
Elizabeth has been designing and making costumes for dance, theatre and opera in New Zealand for the last twenty years. [more]

Chocolate Secrets
The mysterious allure of choclolate is about to become less baffling. [more]

He Rourou for 22 September 2008
Ana Tapiata talks to Akuira Te Moana about a youth programme run in the heart of Tuhoe country. [more]

Author Feature - Alan Sefton
The Book title is"The Last Great Adventure of Sir Peter Blake". [more]

This Way Up Feature - Dolls
Dolls have been around for ages, they're one of our most popular and enduring kids toys. [more]

Science Report
Veronika Meduna speaks to Phil Butler, a physicist at the University of Canterbury. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
With today's guests John Bishop and Jeremy Elwood. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
With today's guests John Bishop and Jeremy Elwood. [more]

Business News

Midday Business News for 22 September 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 22 September 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 22 September 2008
News from the business sector. [more]


Peters Report
Parliament's Privileges Committee is poised to present its report into the $100,000 donation made by Owen Glenn. [more]

Failure of Orewa Development
There are calls for better protections for the little guy after the failure of a multi-million dollar property development. [more]

Market Reaction
The sharemarket was up 2.2% today and the Kiwi dollar held its ground near 69 US-cents. [more]

Pakistan's Bomb Aftermath
Pakistan's new President Asif Ali Zardari is on his way to the United States leaving behind a hellish scene. [more]

Formula Change
Heinz baby food company could, and should, have given parents a better warning that it was switching its supplier. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

US Trade
The United States has just announced it is to start free trade talks with New Zealand. [more]

Toxic House Case
A forensic scientist says a state house he inspected in Napier was the most contaminated methamphetamine site he'd ever seen. [more]

Melbourne Shooting Spree
A former Hells Angels bikie has been jailed for life for a Melbourne shooting spree. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Shooting Appeal Case
A fisherman who shot at a carload of fleeing burglars in a remote Wairarapa village has appealed his conviction. [more]

Operation Pirate Ox
The ambitious and somewhat controversial brainwave of Brazil's Prime Minister. [more]

Whale Vomit?
A great big greasy lump of lard washed up on a Wellington beach has all but disappeared. [more]

Failure of Orewa Development (Part 2)
Paul Evans is living in one of the houses while he waits for his house to be built. [more]

Global Financial Crisis
Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown is planning to put forward a radical proposal to deal with the crisis. [more]

China Baby Formula Crisis
In China the health ministry is now admitting that 53,000 children have been made ill. [more]

New Prime Minister for Japan
Japan has just elected Taro Aso to be its next Prime Minister. [more]

Lice Control
They are the bane of many parent's lives. [more]

UK News
Barney Burnham reports that a new poll is predicting a bloodbath for Labour at the next election. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

South African Politics
South Africa will appoint a caretaker leader later today, after President Thabo Mbeki resigned. [more]

Israeli Politics
The Israeli President Shimon Peres has held talks with parliamentary factions on the formation of a new coalition government. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Sri Lanka Registration
Sri Lanka's police have registered thousands of people, almost all Tamils. [more]

Indonesian Ramadan
In the Javanese town of Solo many Muslims are choosing to break their fast at a church. [more]

Emmy Awards
The big winners included the cable TV series, Mad Men which won best drama. [more]

Big Diamond
Miners in Lesotho have discovered a huge gem stone. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 22 September 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 22 September 2008
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 22 September 2008
Pakistan Bombing, South African Politics, NZ Politics, Police Investigations Questioned, Ranfurly Shield and China Milk Crisis. [more]

Piwakawaka - the Fantail
Listen to today's birdcall. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

China Milk Crisis (Part 1)
In Hong Kong a three-year-old girl has developed a kidney stone after drinking milk laced with the toxic chemical melamine. [more]

Green Party Transport Policy
The Greens launched their transport policy over the weekend with an incongruous display of private vehicle usage - 50 of them. [more]

Zimbabwe Cabinet Deadlock Continues
The ruling ZANU-PF and opposition MDC parties again fail to break the deadlock over forming a Cabinet after reaching a power sharing deal last week. The resignation of South Africa's president Thabo Mbeki, who brokered the initial deal, is likely to slow progress further. [more]

Pacific News for 22 September 2008
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Tangata Whenua presented by the Waatea team. [more]

Pakistan Suicide Bombing (Part 1)
The search for bodies and survivors continues at Islamabad's Marriot Hotel where 53 people are confirmed dead with reports suggesting this number may be optimistic. [more]

South Africa's President Resigns (Part 1)
Whether he jumped or was pushed is academic as Thabo Mbeki steps aside to make way for populist ANC leader, Jacob Zuma. [more]

Controversial ACC Fraud Investigation (Part 1)
The Independent Police Conduct Authority has criticised the investigation into Dunedin man Bruce Van Essen for ACC fraud. [more]

Newspaper Headlines
A look at what they're saying in the main metropolitan papers today. [more]

Pakistan Suicide Bombing (Part 2)
More than 200 were injured by the blast shortly after a truck pulled up at the front gate's security checkpoint. [more]

South Africa's President Resigns (Part 2)
Mr Mbeki was left with little option but to resign after a judge hinted at political interference. [more]

The Political Week Ahead
Our political editor, Brent Edwards, casts his seer's eye over the coming week's highlights. [more]

Internal Police Investigations Questioned
The way complaints made by members of the police against fellow officers are investigated is being questioned. [more]

Wellington - Ranfurly Shield Country
After a 27 year drought, Wellington again welcomes the Log of Wood to its home in the Capital. [more]

China Milk Crisis (Part 2)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade defends the nearly 3 weeks it took to tell the NZ Government about the milk contamination. [more]

China Milk Crisis (Part 3)
The contamination effects have spread to Hong Kong where we have the latest. [more]

Newspaper Headlines (Part 2)
A look at what they're saying in the main metropolitan papers around the country this morning. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Controversial ACC Fraud Investigation (Part 2)
Dunedin man, Bruce van Essen talks about his complaint against the Police investigation into him for ACC fraud. [more]

Controversial ACC Faud Investigation (Part 3)
Acting commander of Southern District Police, Superintendent Malcolm Burgess is asked if the police will apologise. [more]

NZ Markets Expected to Ralley
Spurred by US Govt intervention in struggling financial sector and news that it will underwrite bad debt in the mortgage market. [more]

Pakistan Suicide Bombing (Part 3)
CCTV footage shows an explosives-laden lorry ramming the security gate of the hotel and then bursting into flames. [more]

Israeli Prime Minister to Resign
Ehud Olmert told government colleagues he's resigning but he may remain in office as caretaker Prime Minister for some time yet. [more]

Waiheke Ferry Fares Rise
And the price rises are forcing some residents to compromise on food and other essentials. [more]

Change in Heinz Nurture Brand Formula
Parents are demanding to know why they weren't told about a change in the formula that's led to unsettled babies. [more]

NZX and Short-Selling
The NZX is considering tightening trading rules to prevent one avenue of market volatility - Short-Selling. [more]

Teacher Moonlights as Prostitute
A primary school board must decide whether one of its teachers should be allowed to continue moonlighting as a prostitute. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Auckland Laboratory Services
Auckland DHB's today begin a new round of consultation on how the region's laboratory services should be delivered. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Tangata Whenua presented by the Waatea Team. [more]

Waitangi Sewage Solution
The Far North District Council defends its proposed multi-million dollar sewage scheme draining into the wetlands at Waitangi. [more]

Cloned Human Embryos
A Sydney fertility clinic has been granted Australia's first licence to produce cloned human embryos. [more]

Australian Correspondent - Phil Kafcaloudes
The latest news, views and insights from New Zealand's largest island. [more]


Doctor Edric Baker
Medical doctor and health centre founder. [more]

Professor Paul Morris, religious studies at Victoria University. [more]

Clue 1. [more]

Penny Miles, regional sports reporter. [more]

Clue 2. [more]

Nine To Noon

ACC Fraud Detection Tactics
ACC's fraud detection techniques under scrutiny following a Dunedin man's recent ordeal and the use of private investigators. [more]

Panel Discussion - Paedophiles
Offenders rights versus community and victims rights - from various perspectives. [more]

Europe Correspondent - Seamus Kearney
Old World news, views and current affairs. [more]

Feature Guest - Duncan Green
Oxfam's head of research and his new book From Poverty to Power about tackling global poverty, food crises and climate change. [more]

Book Review - Native Wit
Written by Hamish Keith. Published by Random House. Reviewed by Graham Beattie. [more]

NZ Politics
Commentary from people who know their left from their right and their right from their wrong. [more]

Food and Wine
Connie Clarkson springs some asparagus recipes on us while Stephen Morris matches the perfect wine accompaniment. [more]

Sophist and Provocateur - Tommy Honey
Tommy looks at prediction markets, particularly coming into a New Zealand general election. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 22 September 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 22 September 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Elric Hooper
Director of Southern Opera's production of Verdi's Il Trovatore which opens in Christchurch tomorrow evening. [more]

Sacha Copland
Founder and choreographer of Java Dance Company previews 'The Back of the Bus' which premieres tomorrow night in Wellington. [more]

Jenufa Review
Greg Neil and Raymond Hawthorne review last Saturday night's opening of NZ Opera's production of Janacek's 'Jenufa'. [more]

John Chen
NZ pianist being honoured tonight with Auckland University's 2008 Alumnus of the Year Award. [more]

News stories:

Northland upset North Harbour
The race for the last couple of spots is still alive with 2 rounds remaining in the provincial rugby championship. Facing relegation to the second division, Northland still have an ... [more]

Warriors fit for trip to Sydney
The Warriors are in good shape as they prepare for another trip across the Tasman in week three of the National Rugby League playoffs. Apart from no major injury ... [more]

Chelsea and United draw
A late goal by substitute Salomon Kalou earned Chelsea a 1-all draw with Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, as the English Premier League's big two cancelled each other out. Kalou, ... [more]

Spain thru to Davis Cup final
Rafael Nadal humbled Andy Roddick on Madrid's claycourts to knock out the U.S. Davis Cup holders and take Spain through to their sixth final. The world number one showed no ... [more]

Last match at Yankee Stadium today
One of the greatest sports stadiums in the world will host its last match today as Yankee Stadium in New York will be pulled down and replaced. The ground in ... [more]

Phoenix beaten by Glory
The Wellington Phoenix have slipped to bottom of the Australian A-League football standings, still winless after going down 1-nil at Perth Glory last night. In front of the Glory's lowest ... [more]

Zvonareva wins in China
World women's tennis number 9 Vera Zvonareva came from a set down to deny Peng Shuai her first WTA title, crushing the Chinese star 6-7, 6-love, 6-2 to claim the ... [more]

City take over completed
Manchester City's takeover by an Abu-Dhabi based company has moved closer to completion after the English Premier League club announced that the process of due diligence had been concluded. A ... [more]

ICO still deciding on games doping cases
The International Olympic Committee says it'll decide by mid-October on the doping cases of two Belarus hammer throw Olympic medallists who tested positive during the Beijing Games. The IOC also ... [more]

Contador wins Tour of Spain
The Spanish cyclist Alberto Contador has won the Tour of Spain. Levi Leipheimer of the United States was second with Carlos Sastre of Spain third. Contador, who won the Tour de ... [more]

Youth theatre in American Samoa recieves big funding boost
American Samoa-based, Intersections-Crossroad Theatre for Youth, is among seven native organizations in American Samoa, Hawaii and Guam to benefit from a US$5.3 million grant awarded recently by the U.S. Department... [more]

Dengue cases predicted to increase in Fiji
The Ministry of Health in Fiji is expecting the number of dengue cases to increase due to the wet weather experienced in the central division. The acting Permanent Secretary ,Dr... [more]

Post Mortem ordered after woman's death in Samoa
The police in Samoa have asked the coroner to order a post mortem to confirm the cause of death of a 38 year old woman after what they regarded as... [more]

Legislation called for in Solomons to prevent exploitation of girls
The Solomon Islands National Council of Women says there needs to be stronger legislation to prevent young girls being exploited by logging companies. The deputy secretary of Isabel Province says... [more]

Fiji's National Federation Party declares lack of support for Charter
Fiji's National Federation Party believes the consultations for the draft People's Charter process were extended because the document is not supported by a majority of Fiji's population. NFP president, Raman... [more]

Police in Solomon Islands confident wanted man will give himself up
The Police in Solomon Islands are confident their key suspect wanted for the attempted murder of a New Zealand Police officer will give himself up to authorities. The Police say... [more]

Views sought on future of Auckland lab services
Aucklanders are being asked to give their views on how community laboratory services should work. [more]

Limiting beach access may reduce crime, say farmers
Federated Farmers says it wants the Manawatu-Wanganui regional council, Horizons, to consider restricting vehicle access on some beaches, to prevent thefts and vandalism on nearby farms. [more]

ERMA seeks submissions on insecticide use
The Environmental Risk Management Authority is calling for public submissions on the use of the insecticide methyl parathion, as part of its review of hazardous substances that it's reassessing for continued use in this country. [more]

Three convictions for damage to Canterbury wetlands
Two farmers and an agricultural contractor have been convicted for damaging wetlands in the Canterbury region. [more]

Medal-winning Paralympians return home
Many of the New Zealand Paralympian squad, including three medallists, returned to the country from the Paralympic Games in Beijing on Sunday. [more]

Police watchdog confirms appointee was investigated
The Independent Police Conduct Authority has confirmed that one of its recent appointments has been the subject of a conduct inquiry. [more]

Ferry fare 'forcing' residents to go without food
Waiheke Island residents say they are having to sacrifice meals as they struggle to cope with the increased cost of commuting to Auckland. [more]

Manukau mayor back at work after heart attack
Manukau City mayor Len Brown is back at work on Monday after suffering a serious heart attack. [more]

USA wins back Ryder Cup
The United States have won back the Ryder Cup in team's golf beating holders Europe 16 and a half to 11 and a half in Kentucky. The United States lead ... [more]

Argentina to meet Spain in Davis Cup final
Spain will meet Argentina in the Davis Cup tennis final after the Spaniards beat defending champions the United Staes and Argentina beat Russia. In Madrid world number one Rafael Nadal ... [more]

Chadwick wins Mexican tour
The New Zealand cyclist Glen Chadwick has won a tour in mexico with his Type 1 team capturing the team classification, earning the first-year squad two its most impressive accomplishments ... [more]

Hamilton 400 gets change of format
The second Hamilton 400 motor race has received a major boost from V8 Supercars Australia with next year's race given significantly more status. The Hamilton 400, set for the 17th ... [more]

Willis wins New York mile
The New Zealand middle distance runner Nick Willis has capped off a very good season with victory in the famous 5th Avenue Mile in New York. Willis pipped American Bernard ... [more]

Rangers still tops in Scotland
Rangers beat Motherwell 2-1 thanks to second half goals from Steven Davis and Nacho Novo to stay three points clear of Celtic in the Scottish Premier Football League. Celtic won ... [more]

NZ A cricketers beaten
The New Zealand A cricketers have been beaten by India by 81 runs in their lastest tri-series match in Chennai. The locals scored 305 off their 50 overs with Mark ... [more]

Auckland and North Harbour leads NHL
The Auckland men and North Harbour women remain unbeaten after 3 days of the National Hockey League tournament in Auckland. In clashes of unbeaten teams the Auckland men beat Canterbury ... [more]

Two Fiji athletes to compete at New Caledonia meet next month
Two Fijian athletes - Leslie Copeland and Eugene Vollmer will take part at the New Caledonia International Track and Field Meet next month. Vollmer holds the Fiji triple jump record... [more]

Overspend approved for American Samoa's Fono and Governor's Office
The Senate in American Samoa has approved in second reading a supplemental bill that would appropriate nearly a million US dollars to cover overspending in the Fono and Governor's Office... [more]

Law suit filed by CNMI aimed at clarifying self governance
CNMI's commerce department is fully behind the Commonwealth's governor's move to file a legal suit against federal authorities. Governor Benigno Fitial is taking authorities to court over the pending takeover... [more]

Samoan MP released in US on bond
A high profile member of Samoa's Parliament, Hans Joachim Keil, has now been released from US custody. American Samoan defence attorney, John Kizer, says the MP was in custody for... [more]

Stop-work meeting disrupts Wellington bus service
Bus services in Wellington will be disrupted on Monday due a stop-work meeting for drivers to discuss a new pay offer. [more]

Third Kaitaia car crash victim dies
A third person has died as a result of a car crash in the Far North on Friday. [more]

STD on rise in Whangarei
A sharp rise in the number of gonorrhoea cases in Whangarei is worrying health officials. [more]

Authority urges police to improve search procedures
The Independent Police Conduct Authority is urging the police to improve their handling of conflicts of interest, privacy and conduct while carrying out searches. [more]

Parents urged to to panic over head lice
South Canterbury parents are being urged not to panic over an increase in head lice cases. [more]

Hearing on Cook Strait cable begins
The first of two major electricity hearings being held this week is now under way. [more]

Group set to defy council over food tax protest
A group campaigning for the removal of a tax on food says it plans to defy Whangarei District Council and use a city mall to display its petition. [more]

Wallis and Futuna's French Senate rep re-elected
Wallis and Futuna's sole representative in the French Senate, Robert Laufoaulu, has obtained a fresh six-year mandate in the French Senatorial elections. The vote involved 21 participants: the members of... [more]

Raising of Papuan flag not separatism, says Indonesian Defence Minister
Indonesia's Defence Minister, Juwono Sudarsono, says the raising of a Morning Star flag by Papuans should be considered an attempt to seek attention rather than an act of separatism. At... [more]

Orewa luxury housing development stalls
The future of a multi-million-dollar luxury housing development near Auckland is uncertain as the company is placed in receivership. [more]

Serious Fraud Office meets attorney-general
The head of the Serious Fraud Office has met Attorney-General Michael Cullen after accusations of political interference by New Zealand First. [more]

CNMI concerns are allayed over Chinese shrimp imports
Fears about the quality of imported frozen shrimp from China being exported to the CNMI have been put to rest. The US Food and Drug Administration has detained some products... [more]

Solomons police seek community co-operation in manhunt
The police in Solomon Islands are hoping cooperation with chiefs and the community will produce a man wanted for the attempted murder of a New Zealand police officer. The police... [more]

Indonesian Minister's dialogue comment treated with caution by Papuan Coalition
The West Papua National Coalition for Liberation says a signal from Indonesia's Defence Minister that Jakarta could enter dialogue with Papuans should be treated with caution. This follows comments from... [more]

Fiji-hosted climate change film festival to raise awareness of Pacific plight
Fiji is hosting the first climate change film festival, in an effort to raise more awareness about the devastating impact on low lying Pacific countries. A filmaking couple from Kiribati,... [more]

Dunedin police play down critical authority report
Police in Dunedin do not believe that a critical report by the Independent Police Conduct Authority reflects badly on their other investigations. [more]

Suspended prison manager back at work
A Rimutaka Prison unit manager who accompanied a government minister on an overseas rugby trip while suspended from his job has returned to work. [more]

Flosse retains French Polynesian seat in French senate despite UMP fallout
French Polynesia's former President, Gaston Flosse, has retained his seat as member of the French Senate. Official counts from the French senatorial elections show the 77-year-old veteran politician received 372... [more]

China milk scandal may change testing - farming leader
The tainted milk scandal in China is likely to change that country's milk testing standards, says Federated Farmers dairy section chairman Frank Brenmuhl. [more]

Current account deficit balloons
The current account deficit widened to $4.6 billion in the June quarter, taking economists by surprise. [more]

Cars seized in Christchurch boy racer crackdown
A police crackdown on boy racers in Christchurch over the weekend led to 39 cars being seized. [more]

Police to target Waikato back roads
Police in Waikato are to crack down on an increasing number of drivers using rural back roads in an attempt to avoid detection on a range of offences. [more]

NZ babies unwell after changes made to formula
A baby formula company says it will refund parents whose babies become unwell after drinking formula manufactured by a temporary supplier. [more]

Group plans to defy Whangarei council ban
A group campaigning for the removal of GST from food plans to defy Whangarei District Council and use a city mall to display its petition. [more]

Samoa opposition MP demands explanation over unexplained expenses
A Samoa opposition Member of Parliament, Levaopolo Talatonu, is outraged that the government has not explained what just over 943 million US dollars, which appears as an expense in the... [more]

Public transport key to Greens transport policy
The Green Party is proposing a "dollar-a-ride" policy to try to get more people using public transport, as part of its transport policy launched on Sunday. [more]

Damaging winds forecast
Damaging winds are expected to hit eastern areas of the country between Southland and Wairarapa. [more]

Police arrest man over schoolgirl attack
Police have arrested a man over an attack on a Christchurch schoolgirl at the beginning of the month. [more]

Bumper crop for olive oil producers
A 20% increase in olive oil production is likely to present a marketing challenge for the country's olive growers. [more]

European Ryder Cup players defend Faldo
European Ryder Cup players have rushed to captain Nick Faldo's defence attempting to defuse the barrage of criticism he is expected to face following defeat by the United States. Already ... [more]

U.S. team says fans paved the way to Ryder Cup success
The victorious United States captain Paul Azinger says the passionate support of the home fans had been the key factor in his team regaining golf's Ryder Cup at the Valhala ... [more]

Australia will be on best behaviour says Ponting
The Australia cricket captain Australia captain Ricky Ponting has vowed there'll be no repeat of the bitter feuding that marred his team's last series against India when the ... [more]

Melbourne skipper could miss chance to win back to back NRL titles
The Melbourne captain Cameron Smith will have to fight to save his National Rugby league judiciary after being charged with a grapple tackle by the match review committee. ... [more]

Greer wins Balkan Triathlon Champs
The relatively unknown Lee Greer of Dargaville has won the Balkan Triathlon Champs in Serbia. Greer won by 28 seconds from Adam Molhner of Hungary. ... [more]

Lewis Hamilton appeal to be heard tonight
Lewis Hamilton will appear before a Paris appeal court tonight as he looks to get his victory at the Belgian Grand Prix reinstated. Stewards handed Hamilton a 25-second penalty, demoting ... [more]

Patriots streak comes to an end
The Miami Dolphins have ended the New England Patriots's run of 21 successive regular season wins with a 38-13 rout in American Football's NFL. New England, playing for the second ... [more]

NZ market up, dollar steady on news of US bailout
The New Zealand sharemarket was up 2.2% by the end of trading on Monday as investors greeted moves by the United States government to fix the mortgage debt problem. [more]

US, NZ to start free-trade talks
The United States is to start free-trade talks with New Zealand and other members of what is known as the P4 trade agreement. [more]

Flight of the Conchords miss out at Emmy Awards
New Zealand's Flight of the Conchords duo did not win any awards in this year's television Emmy Awards in Los Angeles, despite being nominated in the directing, writing and music categories. [more]

Vanuatu elects Vanua'aku Pati's Edward Natapei new Prime Minister
The leader of Vanuatu's oldest political party, the Vanua'aku Pati, has been elected the country's new Prime Minister. Edward Natapei's election as Prime Minister for a second time ends weeks... [more]

Market finishes up 69 points
The United States government decision to fix the mortgage debt problem gave investors the courage to return to the sharemarket, with the NZX 50 index closing up 69 points to 3256 on Monday on turnover of $79 million. [more]

Privileges committee recommends censure for Peters
Parliament's privileges committee has recommended that Winston Peters be censured by Parliament for knowingly providing false or misleading information on a return of pecuniary interests. [more]

Veitch in court over assault charges
Former sports broadcaster Tony Veitch has made a brief appearance in Auckland District court. [more]