Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 2nd October 2008

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Jim's Essay
"Disorder In The American Courts" [more]

The Best Song Ever Written - Good Vibrations
For David Reid the best song ever written is Good Vibrations by The Beach Boys. [more]

Your Place - Hawea
Today we visit Hawea,15 kilometers east of Wanaka and still a largely undiscovered, untouched piece of NZ. [more]

Asian Health
Eating disorders, sexual health and addiction have been highlighted as major problems affecting Christchurch's Asian population. [more]

Lotto - What's it like to win?
In 2006, Geoff and Helen Henderson won $18 million with a ticket purchased in Kaeo, and their world was turned upside down. [more]

He Rourou for Thursday 2 October
Ana Tapiata talks with Kapareira, about working for a social service agency that supports tangata whaiora to find housing. [more]

Feature Album - Welcome Interstate Managers
Fountains of Wayne formed in 1996 and are best known for tracks like "Radiation Vibe" and "Stacy's Mom". [more]

Arts Report - Lynn Freeman
We meet designer Barbara Drake and find the connection between an online jumble sale and contemporary New Zealand art. [more]

Christchurch Story - Katy Gosset
It is the city's 20th Anniversary Model Train Show and some ten thousand hobbyists are expected. [more]

Environment Story - E Day
"E-Day"is a nation-wide initiative to caution people about the dangers of e-waste and recycle old computers. [more]

The Panel ( Part 1 )
Tony Doe and David Farrar join Jim on the panel today. [more]

The Panel ( Part 2)
David Farrar and Tony Doe are the guest on the panel today. [more]

Business News

Midday Business News for 2 October 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


US Senate Backs Revised Bailout Bill
The United States Senate approved a revised $US700 billion bailout bill on Wednesday. [more]

Local Market Reaction to US Bailout
Radio New Zealand's economics correspondent Nigel Stirling explains what it means for the New Zealand market. [more]

Councils Using Toxic Spay on Playing Fields Say Greens
The Green Party says 18 councils are spraying a highly toxic insecticide on sports fields throughout the country. [more]

Twine Prank Could Have Led to Death Say Police
The police in Christchurch say somebody could have been killed by a prank which left a teenager with a cut throat. [more]

Coffee Prices Rise
In the last six to eight months, many cafes have put their prices up by around thirty to fifty cents. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

WINZ Apology After Freezer Searched For Baby
Work and Income has apologised for a mix-up, which caused police to search a woman's home for the body of her dead baby. [more]

New Zealand Becoming More Reliant on Overseas Doctors
The Medical Council has released the latest findings from its annual survey saying we're becoming reliant on overseas doctors. [more]

Coalminer Taking Urgent Action to Improve Mine Safety
Solid Energy is taking urgent action to deal with an unacceptable level of accidents at its Stockton open cast coal mine. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Vice Presidential Nominee Sarah Palin Fends Off Criticism
Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin is trying to fend off criticism that she hasn't performed well in recent interviews. [more]

Serious Concerns Held for Missing Woman
The 28 year old was last seen last Thursday afternoon in the area of Hampshire Street, where she lived with her grandfather. [more]

Police May Have Found Items Belonging to Steve Fossett
His plane disappeared more than a year ago after taking off from the state of Nevada. [more]

United States Nuclear Envoy Christopher Hill Heads to Korea
North Korea said recently that it plans to restart its Yongbyon nuclear reprocessing plant. [more]

Lolly Lovers Picket Outside Cadbury Factory
The Sugar Liberation Army is protesting at the company's decision to stop producing Snifters, Sparkles and Tangy Fruits. [more]

US Senate Has Overwhelmingly Approved Bailout Package
Senators voted 74 to 25 in favour of the legislation after it was sweetened with a 150-billion dollar tax break package. [more]

New Doctors Should Be Given Grants -The Medical Council
The Medical Council is suggesting that doctors out of medical school should be given a grant to keep them in New Zealand. [more]

Practical Joke Could Have Killed Teenager - Police
A 14-year-old boy was injured when he rode his bike into string that had been deliberately tied across a track. [more]

NZ Commodity Exports Post Biggest Monthly Fall in 21 Years
The ANZ commodity price index was dragged down by a 7.9 per cent slump in dairy commodities. [more]

Evening Market Update for 2 October 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Public Smoking Ban Takes Effect in India
Implementation won't be easy, the Indian health ministry says there are an estimated 150 million smokers. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Country's Waterways More Polluted Than Ever
A report by Forest and Bird and Fish and Game New Zealand says an accord signed in 2003 hasn't helped to improve water quality. [more]

HIV May Have Jumped Species Barrier Earlier
For some years scientists thought HIV first jumped the species barrier from apes into humans in the 1930's. [more]

Russian Troops Remain Deep in Georgia
As part of a peace plan orchestrated by the French about 200 European Union monitors have arrived in Georgia. [more]

National Party Will Increase Funding to Hospices
The party's leader, John Key, says demand for hospice care will increase as the population ages. [more]

Australian Leaders in Perth For COAG Meeting
Kevin Rudd has put the leaders on notice that the tough financial climate will have a significant impact on budget revenue. [more]

Bollywood Movie Releases May be Delayed
New Bollywood movie releases risk being delayed because workers in India's film and television industries have gone on strike [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 2 October 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 2 October 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 2 October 2008
The Headlines on Morning Report. [more]

Mohua - Yellowhead
Listen to this mornings bird. [more]

Pacific News for 2 October 2008
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 2 October 2008
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Rob Guest Has Died At The Age Of 57
The world's longest serving Phantom of the Opera had a massive stroke on Tuesday and died in a Melbourne hospital overnight. [more]

National Promises To Tackle Violent Crime Figures
New figures showed an 11 percent jump in violent crime in the year to June. [more]

American Senate to Vote on a 'Revamped Bailout Bill'
Overnight, the Dow Jones and Nasdaq plunged again, despite yesterday's rally here and in Asia. [more]

Still No Sign of Christchurch Woman Tisha Lowry
The 28 year old woman has now missing for a week. [more]

Global Credit Crunch Delays Another Big Investment
Mataura Valley Milk blames funding delays for postponing commercial production at its planned new plant in Gore. [more]

PGG Wrightson to Purchase Half of Silver Fern Farms
PGG Wrightson's chairman Craig Norgate says only one aspect of the deal was causing problems. [more]

Sports News for 2 October 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Scepticism About Electricity Industry Inquiry
It's in response to double digit price rises for electricity in some areas. [more]

Auckland District Health Board Investgates Baby's Burial
Four day old Lazariah Mar died earlier this year after two heart operations, and his body was returned to his family for burial. [more]

Canadian PM Accused of Plagiarising a John Howard Speech
A speech writer has resigned and it is causing intense embarrassment for the sitting Conservative Party. [more]

'Violent Crime is Worsening' - National
National's leader John Key says people are well aware they feel less safe in their communities. [more]

Minimum Standards in Schools - Teaching Profession Cautious
The issue is set to be a hot education topic in the lead-up to the election. [more]

Does Your Retirement Fund Depend On The Market?
What should you do with your money as the market faces tough times? Investment consultant Gareth Morgan explains. [more]

Party Leaders Take to the Streets
With five weeks to go, Labour leader Helen Clark spent yesterday in Wairarapa. [more]

Russia Could Launch Military Attack On Hijacked Ship
Russia has sent a frigate to the scene, adding to the already tense stand off existing between the pirates and the US warship. [more]

Rob Guest - A Theatre Great
Radio presenter Phil O'Brien was friends with Rob Guest. [more]

Tourism Officials Are Worried
The global financial downturn could be bad news for the New Zealand industry. [more]

Waatea News for 2 October 2008
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Female Artist Exhibition Opens in Gisborne
The National Women's Art exhibition which is in its sixth year, attracted more than 260 works from 160 artists. [more]

'Save the Sniffter!' - Leigh Paterson
The self proclaimed Sugar Liberation Army plans to save kiwi lolly favourites. [more]


Map Reading Boys
Tom Lowrie from The Research Institute for Professional Practice, Learning and Education at Charles Sturt University. [more]

Alan Gilmore is the Superintendent at Mt John Observatory, Lake Tekapo. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Global Credit Crunch
CEO Canterbury Employers' Chamber of Commerce talks to Kathryn about the US Financial Crisis. [more]

Rob Guest Dies Overnight
Friends of Rob Guest join Kathryn, talking about his life and love of the arts. [more]

Bladder Over-Activity
The urge to pee too frequently might literally mess with your mind. [more]

UK Correspondent
Jon Dennis brings you the UK on a platter with cups of English Breakfast. [more]

Feature Guest - The Nomad
Internationally-renown DJ / producer. [more]

New Technology with Colin Jackson
Today's topic: Google's new mobile phone, the Android. [more]

Ben Canaider - Faux Chef
Ben Canaider, author of a tongue-in-cheek guide to the life of the celebrity chef,"Cuisine du Moi". [more]

Television Review
TV reviewer Simon Wilson looks at TV3's Wipeout, TV1's Hell's Kitchen (UK) and TV election coverage. [more]

Our Changing World

Eday, a nation-wide initiative to recycle electronic waste safely, is on this weekend. [more]

Flightless Birds
Entomologist George Gibbs explains new research about how certain lineages of big birds lost their power of flight. [more]

Particle Physics
Oxford University physicist Phil Burrows explains what anti-matter is and why the Higgs Boson is such a wanted particle. [more]

Punting The Cam
Chris Smith talks to Astronomer Royal Sir Martin Rees and psychiatry professor Paul Fletcher. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 2 October 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 2 October 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Euan Murdoch
Chamber Music NZ Chief Executive gives us a rundown of the 2009 Season which was launched today. [more]

TENT Review
Jennifer Shennan reviews NZ choreographer Michael Parmenter's new work that premiered last night. [more]

Kyril Zlotnikov
Cellist from the Jerusalem String Quartet who are touring the country on behalf of Chamber Music NZ. [more]

News stories:

Baby's heart tissue returned to family after burial
A family says it is devastated by the Auckland District Health Board's failure to return all of their baby's body before he was buried. [more]

Value of another electricity inquiry queried
Some lobby groups are expressing scepticism over the prospect of another inquiry into the electricity industry. [more]

ECB offers more short-term funds to banks
The European Central Bank has offered another $US50 billion in one-day funds to commercial banks as it tries to keep cash flowing in the money markets. [more]

Oil falls below $US96/b
Oil has fallen below $US96 a barrel after a larger than expected increase in crude inventories in the United States. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Government agencies apologise for a blunder that led to police searching a woman's house for her dead baby's body; one person killed every 10 days on Otago and Southland roads; Otago festival of the arts to begin on Friday. [more]

Global turmoil puts PGG Wrightson deal in limbo
A major deal between PGG Wrightson and Silver Fern Farms has been thwarted due to the global turmoil in financial markets. [more]

Police investigate suspicious boarding house fire
Police are treating a fire at a boarding house in Auckland on Wednesday night as suspicious. [more]

Confidence index up
There's been a slight improvement in confidence - but the survey by Westpac McDermott Miller was taken before the latest financial turbulence. [more]

Arrests likely following South Auckland brawl
Police say they expect to make arrests on Wednesday following a brawl outside a South Auckland liquor store that put four people in hospital. [more]

Bowden unperturbed by cauldron of Indian-Australian cricket
The New Zealand umpire Billy Bowden is backing himself to handle any situation when the Australian and Iindian cricket sides continue their intense rivalry this month. Bowden's been appointed to ... [more]

New Zealand A lose to India A
The New Zealand A cricketers have lost to India A by 129 runs in Chennai. The tourists started the final day of the four day match needing 314 runs with nine ... [more]

League legends named in All Golds
New Zealand rugby league legends Ruben Wiki, Stacey Jones and Logan Swann will be joined by many of the Kiwis' frontline World Cup contenders in the All Golds side to meet ... [more]

Bellamy unrepentant over lambasting judiciary
The scathing attack on the NRL judiciary by the Melbourne rugby league coach Craig Bellamy looks headed for the courts after he refused to back down on his arrival in Sydney ... [more]

Campbell paired with Samuel L Jackson for Alfred Dunill
The New Zealand golfer Michael Campbell has been paired with Hollywood actor Samuel L Jackson for this week's Alfred Dunhill Links Championship on Scotland's East Coast. Jackson and other film stars,sporting ... [more]

Eight countries bid to host Rugby World Cups
A record number of eight countries are bidding to host the 2015 Rugby World Cup with Australia, South Africa and Japan amongst those keen to stage the event after New Zealand. ... [more]

Chinese gymnastics cleared of being underage
The International Gymnastics Federation says Chinese female gymnasts who competed at this year's Beijing Olympics were not underage after investigating claims the Games hosts fielded ineligible athletes. The Federation had asked ... [more]

Consortium wants clarity over Newcastle management
A group of Nigerian tycoons hoping to buy the English Premier league football club Newcastle United want to be sure they can put in place the management they want before they ... [more]

Cats down Hawks in grand style
Perth has beaten the Wollongong Hawks 105-92 in the Australian National Basketball League. The Wildcats started the season with two losses but they've now had two good wins. Meanwhile the Breakers ... [more]

Ireland flanker banned for 18-weeks
The Northampton and Ireland flanker Neil Best has been banned for 18-weeks after pleading guilty to a charge of eye-gouging. Best was cited for making contact with the eye of Wasps ... [more]

Former Kiwis player unlikely to get apology from Storm coach
The former Kiwis test player and current national rugby league judiciary member Darrell Williams demand for a apology from Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy has been far from ... [more]

European shares up ahead of US bailout vote
European shares ended higher on Wednesday ahead of a vote by the US Senate on a revised $US700 billion financial sector bailout plan. [more]

Labour downplaying increase in violent crime - National
National is accusing Labour of downplaying an increase in violent crime. [more]

US auto sales plunge as credit crunch hits
Auto sales plunged in the United States in September as credit dried up and gasoline prices rose. [more]

Teachers strongly against minimum standards
New research shows few teachers support having minimum standards of achievement for primary school children. [more]

Milk plant project postponed due to funding delays
Another rural-based company is feeling the global credit crunch with Mataura Valley Milk postponing construction of a $90 million dairy processing plant near Gore. [more]

Auckland lawyer in Samoa pleads not guilty to obstruction and using insulting words
A Samoan lawyer based in New Zealand, Iuni Sapolu, has entered not guilty pleas to five charges resulting from a police raid on her family's property in Samoa last week. [more]

FAO considering ways to purchase cheaper seedlings
The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations says it's considering changing the way it purchases seedlings for food production, given its rising cost. FAO's Policy officer, Daneshwar Poonyth,... [more]

Gopperth signs on for North Harbour
Former Hurricanes and Wellington rugby first five, Jimmy Gopperth, has extended his time with North Harbour. His loan move to North Harbour has become permanent with him signing a one year ... [more]

CNMI budget introduced
In the Northern Mariana Islands, the House Committee on Ways and Means has introduced a budget that appropriates 165-point- 37 million US dollars in resources for fiscal year 2009. The... [more]

Breakers coach wary of 36ers
The New Zealand Breakers basketball coach is concerned about Adelaide's scoring power ahead of tonight's Australian NBL game in Auckland. Andre Lemanis has guided the Breakers to two encourgaing home wins ... [more]

Team NZ could evolve to a permanent team
The America's Cup challenger Team New Zealand could be evolving into a permanent international racing team following the decision to build a 52-foot boat to contest to MedCup Grand Prix series ... [more]

Intriguing quarter-final race ahead
An intriguing race for the remaining quarter-final places in rugby's provincial championship starts tonight in Hamilton where Waikato and Taranaki each have a foot in the door. And with only four ... [more]

Intriguing race for rugby playoffs
An intriguing race for the remaining quarter-final places in rugby's provincial championship starts tonight in Hamilton where Waikato and Taranaki each have a foot in the door. And with only four ... [more]

Liverpool win but Chelsea draw
Liverpool remain joint leaders in Group D of European football's champions' league after a 3-1 home win over PSV Eindhoven. The 2006 winners Barcelona needed two late goals, one in stoppage ... [more]

Scholes out for 10 weeks with ligament injury
Manchester United's veteran midfielder Paul Scholes will be out for up to 10 weeks after suffering medial ligament damage in the team's Champions League victory at Aalborg. The 33-year-old missed three ... [more]

Compromise American Samoa budget presented to Fono
The American Samoa House and Senate have approved a fiscal year 2009 budget bill which includes some changes made by the House but not all. The compromise was reached after... [more]

Womens world number one set to lose ranking
The American tennis player Serena Williams is set to lose her world number one ranking to the women she beat in the US Open just three weeks ago Serbia's Jelena ... [more]

Radcillife back to defend her title in New York
World record holder Paula Radcliffe will attempt for a second time to atone for an Olympic disappointment by winning next month's New York marathon. The 34-year-old Briton says she'll defend her ... [more]

India's veteran cricketers warned the end is nigh
Five veteran Indian cricketers have been told to plan their retirements by December to avoid unceremonious exits from the national team. Indian cricket board officials have given the players an exit ... [more]

American Samoa supports protection of Rose Atoll as national monument
The United States government has organized a series of open houses to discuss the advisability of providing additional recognition or protection to the historic and scientific qualities of three specific... [more]

Fiji sawmillers say new royalty rates will cost jobs
The Fiji Sawmillers Association, has warned that as many as 3000 jobs in the country's timber and sawmilling industry may be lost if the department of Forests does not review... [more]

Electoral Commission criticises 'obscure' parts of act
The Electoral Commission has repeated its criticisms of the Electoral Finance Act, saying parts of it are obscure. [more]

Guam Governor wants lobbyist and office in Washington
The Governor's office in Guam has been successful in repealing a prohibition on the use of public money to hire lobbyists, paving the way for its preparations for the arrival... [more]

American Samoa acting Governor cuts back Budget
American Samoa's acting Governor, Faoa Ipulasi Sunia, has used his veto power to cut back on the Budget which became law late last night. Faoa had slashed from the budget... [more]

Driver training for Samoa's switch to the other side of the road put off
Plans this week for drivers in Samoa to improve their skills in preparation for major changes to road rules have been stalled. Training was supposed to have started this week... [more]

Mick Beddoes ready to enter dialogue to try and end Fiji impasse
One of the Fiji interim government's most vocal critics, the ousted opposition leader Mick Beddoes, says he's willing to engage in dialogue, with no strings attached. Mick Beddoes, like deposed... [more]

Vanuatu government attempts a tightrope act over looming motion
Vanuatu's government is hoping its cabinet reshuffle will ensure it has the numbers to defeat the motion of no-confidence it will face in parliament tomorrow. Less than two weeks old,... [more]

Road deaths linked to more drugs and drinking
There was a significant increase in fatal road crashes caused by alcohol or drugs in 2007. [more]

Baby's heart case exceptional, says Chief Coroner
The Chief Coroner believes the Auckland District Health Board's failure to return all of a baby's heart to his grieving family is an exceptional case. [more]

Coalminer to spend $50m to improve mine safety
Solid Energy is taking urgent action to deal with what it calls an unacceptable level of accidents at its Stockton open cast coal mine in Buller. [more]

Maori fisheries leader plans an Hawaiki brand for the Pacific
The deputy chair of New Zealand's Maori fisheries agency, Te Ohu Kaimoana, says Maori and Pacific Island fishing operations could benefit from the creation of a regional Hawaiki brand. Ngahiwi... [more]

Fiji's timber industry to meet Government over huge hike in royalties
Fiji's sawmillers' association will meet with the interim government tomorrow to try to avoid action which could threaten 3000 jobs. The Department of Forests has decided to raise timber royalties... [more]

US sets up agency to assess health care in its territories
A new federal agency has been formed to assess the health care needs of the United States insular areas, including the Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, Guam and the Marshall... [more]

Police in Samoa drop legal action against Digicel
The Samoa Attorney General, Aumua Ming Leung Wai, has withdrawn two criminal charges against the mobile phone company Digicel. The company had been charged after police investigated complaints from members... [more]

Noumea's alcohol ban is to apply again this weekend
The French High Commission in New Caledonia has announced that an experimental ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol will be imposed again this weekend. The measure was brought... [more]

Solomons' Central Bank assures people that the country's banks are safe and solid
The Central Bank of Solomon Islands says people's money in the country's three main banks is safe. It was responding to public's concern over the current financial crisis hitting major... [more]

Vanuatu government tries to balance portfolio allocations to provinces
Vanuatu's government says a cabinet reshuffle gives more balance to the allocation of portfolios along provincial lines. The new government of Edward Natapei is tomorrow due to face a parliamentary... [more]

Ousted Fiji Opposition Leader hopes to initiate immediate political dialogue
Fiji's ousted opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, is calling for a political dialogue to start now. Mr Beddoes is one of the interim regime's fiercest critics, who pulled out of the... [more]

New recruits bolster Sth Auckland Maori wardens
Revitalised Maori wardens are attracting new recruits. A drive last weekend brought in Mangere brought in 15 new people. [more]

Don't take law into your own hands, police warn
Police are discouraging people from taking the law into their own hands following a brawl outside a liquor store in Otara. [more]

Worst month for NZ commodity exports in 21 years
The price on world markets for New Zealand's commodity exports posted its biggest monthly fall in 21 years in September. [more]

Power troubles drain Meridian profit
Profits have shrunk dramatically at New Zealand's largest electricity company. [more]

Breakers coach demands feet on the ground
The New Zealand Breakers basketball coach is demanding the Australian NBL side keep its feet on the ground ahead of this evening's home game against the Adelaide 36ers in Auckland. The ... [more]

Dalton sees an end to boom bust sailing cyle
The head of Team New Zealand says the decision to build a new boat to contest a European Grand Prix series, will help create a more permanent future for the ... [more]

Legal action set to begin against Storm coach and CEO
Melbourne's off-field dramas ahead of Sunday's national rugby league grand final have continued with members of the league's judiciary panel deciding to begin legal action against Storm coach ... [more]

Wellington rest key players in final pool match
Competition leaders Wellington have rested several key players for the final pool match of the Air New Zealand cup against Otago at Carrisbrook on Saturday. All Blacks halfback Piri Weepu ... [more]

Armstrong rejects re-testing of urine samples from Tour de France
The Seven-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has dismissed as irrelevant an offer by an anti-doping authority to test his urine samples from the 1999 cycle race. ... [more]

Federer pulls out of Stockholm
The world number two tennis player, Roger Federer says he's pulled out of next week's Stockholm Open because he needs a break from competition after a tough year. Federer says he ... [more]

Slater closing in on ninth world surfing title
Kelly Slater is just one heat win away from claiming his ninth world surfing title after making a successful start to the Billabong Pro Mundaka in Spain. Slater has progressed straight ... [more]

Williams stick with Rosberg and Nakajima
The Williams motor racing team will keep an unchanged lineup of Germany's Nico Rosberg and Japan's Kazuki Nakajima for next season's Formula One championship. Williams say Formula One's technical regulations changing ... [more]

Buffett buys into GE amid 'economic Pearl Harbor'
Billionaire Warren Buffett is investing $US3 billion in General Electric Co - despite a global credit crisis he calls an "economic Pearl Harbor." [more]

Twine prank could have led to death, say police
Police in Christchurch say someone could have been killed by a prank which left a teenager with a cut throat. [more]

Council advocates grant to keep doctors in NZ
The head of the Medical Council says a grant for doctors who work in New Zealand for several years after graduating may help to keep them here. [more]

Fears held for missing Christchurch woman
Police in Christchurch have serious concerns for the safety of a woman who has not been seen or heard from in a week. [more]

Toxic chemical used on sports fields, say Greens
The Green Party says 18 councils are spraying a highly toxic insecticide on sports fields throughout New Zealand. The chemical is banned in 50 countries. [more]

Former TV boss in Samoa faces sixty eight charges of theft
A former chief executive of Samoa's state owned television company, Tuiasau Leota Uelese Petaia, is facing 68 theft charges. The offences occurred while Tuiasau was running his privately owned LAU... [more]

Wellington bus drivers reach deal over pay
Unions representing Wellington bus drivers and bus operator GO Wellington have reached an agreement in a long-running and bitter pay row. [more]

Papua cholera outbreak just the tip of the iceberg, says health NGO
An international health NGO says the death toll from a cholera epidemic in Indonesia's Papua has reached an estimated 200. Medecins du Monde says it has recorded 150 deaths from... [more]

Coffee lovers forced to pay more for daily fix
Coffee drinkers are having to dig a little deeper for their daily caffeine fix. [more]

WINZ apology after freezer searched for baby
Work and Income has apologised to a grieving mother after police searched her freezer for a dead baby. [more]

Soil tests begin for proposed Tauranga motorway
Engineers have begun preliminary soil testing for the proposed eastern motorway in Tauranga. [more]

Taiwan fishing vessel facing heavy fine for not meeting licence requirements in Kiribati waters
A Taiwanese fishing boat has been fined 100-thousand US dollars for failure to comply with conditions for licensed foreign fishing vessels operating inside Kiribati's 200 mile exclusive economic zone or... [more]

Guam Speaker says publicly funded lobbyists will face restrictions
The legislature in Guam, which has amended the prohibition on the banning of lobbyists, is imposing strict conditions on any lobbyist hired. The Governor's office has successfully repealed the ban,... [more]

ADB advises the Pacific to tightens it belt
The Asian Development Bank says governments and people in the region should tighten their belts in the wake of the global financial crisis. The world's financial markets are in trouble,... [more]

Markets mixed despite US bailout deal
Markets in the Asia-Pacific region were mixed on news American lawmakers have approved an amended $US700 billion bailout for the the country's troubled financial sector. [more]

Iwi set to make resource consent decisions
A North Island iwi looks set to make resource consent rulings alongside elected district councillors, in what is being heralded as a first for New Zealand. [more]

Beacon pinpoints injured man in Te Urewera park
A man has been rescued from Te Urewera National Park after setting off an emergency locator beacon on Thursday afternoon. [more]