Radio New Zealand - Monday, 13th October 2008

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Eight Months to Mars - Carolyn McLaughlin
Who possesses an unusual skill in that she is our preeminent foley artist. [more]

Need a Budget?
If you don't have a budget, now more than ever is probably a good time to start thinking about one. [more]

When home is the old Napier Prison, you can expect to hear a few things going bump in the night. [more]

Author Slot - Bryan Gould
The book title is"Rescuing The New Zealand Economy - what went wrong and how we can fix it". [more]

This Way Up Feature - Pesto
The manfacture of Pesto sauce. [more]

Science Report
Unravelling the climate history stored in the world's glaciers. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
With today's guests Mary McCallum and Amanda Millar. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
With today's guests Mary McCallum and Amanda Millar. [more]

Business News

Midday Business News for 13 October 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 13 October 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business News for 13 October 2008
News from the business sector. [more]


Election Promises
Labour has once again courted the student vote - announcing plans to abolish income testing on student loans by 2012. [more]

Bank Deposit Guarantee
The Government has been criticised for unnecessarily politicising the financial crisis. [more]

Waiuku Death
A man is dead, after an armed domestic dispute south of Auckland this morning. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Nicholas Case Costs
About $4,500,000 was spent on investigations into sexual violation complaints by Louise Nicholas. [more]

Election Promises (Part 2)
The National Party says it would launch what it's calling a crusade on literacy and numeracy if it becomes the government. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Greymouth Hearing
The Crown says a Korean backpacker was strangled after hitching a ride with his killers near Westport. [more]

JetStar Expanding
The Australian-owned budget airline JetStar is expanding its New Zealand operation, with trans-Tasman flights from Auckland. [more]

Moroccan Politics
There are very few women in Moroccan politics despite the presence of a quota system for the national parliament. [more]

European Finance Crisis
European leaders meeting in Paris have agreed on a plan to jointly confront the international financial crisis. [more]

Historic Financial Crisis
Historian Scott Reynolds from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg Virginia has been researching the panic of 1873. [more]

Media Plea
The family of the missing Christchurch woman, Tisha Lowry, have today made a heartfelt plea for information. [more]

Custody Battle
The father of a missing seven year old girl says the police aren't doing enough to trace his daughter. [more]

Design Institute
Dunedin will be home to the country's first design institute, now that the government has offered a suspensory loan. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Latin American News
Where McDonalds restaurants have been shut down due to"tax irregularities"in Venezuela. [more]

Zimbabwe Politics
Since the agreement was signed between the President Robert Mugabe and Mr Tsvangarai there's been no progress. [more]

US Political Race
Barack Obama may be closing the gap with John McCain in Ohio - one of the key battleground states in the US Presidential race. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Australian Immigration Policy
A paper by a Swinburn University professor reveals a shift in voter sentiment. [more]

Girls in Science
Christchurch researchers are investigating what prevents girls who are good at science at school from becoming scientists. [more]

Baldness Findings
Balding men used to be able to blame their mothers for the genes that led to their hair loss. [more]

Long Life
Australia's oldest person is celebrating her 112th birthday at her Melbourne nursing home today. [more]

Election 2008 Audio

John Key tells reporters National not consulted on bank plan
National Party leader accuses Labour of petty politics, supports bank deposit guarantee, questions scope of scheme. [more]

Helen Clark media conference on student allowance plan
Labour leader on pledge to end parental income testing of student allowances by 2012, and on bank deposit guarantee scheme. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 13 October 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 13 October 2008
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 13 October 2008
NZ Govt. guarantees bank deposits, Euro in Crisis, Election Campaign launches. [more]

North Island Kiwi
Listen to today's birdcall. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Banking Guarantees
New Zealand and Australia have worked in tandem to assure people in the two countries that their bank deposits are safe. [more]

Burns Fellowship 50
Dozens of literary luminaries gathered in Dunedin over the weekend to celebrate the Robert Burns Fellowship's 50th birthday. [more]

Pacific News for 13 October 2008
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Tangata Whenua presented by the Waatea team. [more]

Economic Election Promises
Labour and National are making the economy major planks of their election campaigns, but what they promising? [more]

Euro Crisis Meeting in Paris
Leaders from the 15 countries that use the Euro are currently discussing a joint approach to the global financial crisis. [more]

Newspaper Headlines
A look at what they're saying in the main metropolitan papers around the country today. [more]

Banking Guarantees (Part 2)
NZ and Australia make world headlines guaranteeing all bank deposits. The Reserve Bank Governor talks about this strategy. [more]

Banking Guarantees (Part 3)
Justin Kerr, Chief Exec. of the Financial Services Federation, representing finance co.'s and building societies, gives his view. [more]

Euro Crisis Meeting in Paris (Part 2)
Justin Urquhart-Stewart is the Director of Seven Investment Management, and joins us with comment. [more]

Election Campaigns, Polls and Comment
The latest polls give widely contrasting results. [more]

Banks Demand Valuations
David Tripe from Massey University's Banking Mgmnt. Centre talks about this mortgage prerequisite and deposit guarantees. [more]

Emissions Targets
Pressure's mounting from NZ business organisations for greenhouse gas emission targets to be relaxed. [more]

Newspaper Headlines (Part 2)
A look at what they're saying in the main metropolitan papers around the country today. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Minor parties' election campaign launches
National and Labour weren't the only shows in town over the weekend. as the minor parties also kicked into campaign mode. [more]

US Presidential Race
While languishing in the polls, Senator McCain also faces allegations of sowing the seeds of hate and racial disharmony. [more]

Black Caps Salvage
The Black Caps have avoided a humiliating series loss to Bangladesh after winning the second one-day match by 75 runs. [more]

Cullen on Banks Guarantees
The Finance Minister talks about the strategy and its implications. [more]

English on Banks Guarantees
The National Party's finance spokesperson, Bill English gives his opinion on the strategy and poses some questions. [more]

Boobs on Bikes in the Capital
It doesn't look like the Capital particularly wants it, but it looks like they'll get it anyway - and just before Election Day. [more]

DHB Futures Uncertain
The fates of various DHB's is uncertain and is set to become a pre-election issue. [more]

Anaesthetists Warned
Expensive dentistry can be damaged by medical equipment when patients are under anaesthetic and ACC claims reflect this. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Maori Party MPs campaign in smaller communities
Political reporter Chris Bramwell visits Murupara, where Maori Party MPs have been campaigning, as they try to win all seven Maori seats. [more]

Electronic Stock Tracking
Debate is raging over the introduction of a planned system for cattle and deer that critics say will add cost while providing no benefit. [more]

Waatea News (Part 2)
Eru Rerekura presents news from the Tangata Whenua compiled by the Waatea Team. [more]

Election Campaign Launch Analysis
Claire Robinson, head of Massey's Institute of Communication looked at the party launches. [more]

Australian Correspondent - Phil Kafcaloudes
Phil looks at the goings on in the big red island to the left of New Zealand. [more]


Ripper Re-Investigated
Ex-Police Detective and Author. 'Jack the Ripper: The 21st Century Investigation'. [more]

Ann Kerwin, AUT Philosopher in Residence. [more]

Clue number 1. [more]

With Joseph Romanos. [more]

Clue number 2. [more]

Nine To Noon

Review of Campaign Launches
Our political commentators from the left and right give an account of their teams' performances over the weekend. [more]

Pharmaceuticals and Prescriptions
British healthcare marketing consultant, Nicholas Hall is in New Zealand to speak to a conference about cheaper pharmaceuticals. So, what's in store and what's at stake? Dr Peter Moodie, Pharmac's Medical Advisor and Maureen Horan, Vice President of the Pharmacy Guild give their perspectives as well. [more]

Middle East Correspondent - Irris Makler
Israel's first female political head since Golda Meir, Palestine's Sharia Court appoints female judge and other news from this global hot spot. [more]

Election Economics Debate
Finance spokesmen for Labour and National debate their respective party's prescription for the economy. [more]

Book Review - The 10pm Question
By Kate De Goldi. Published by Longacre Press. Reviewed by Harry Ricketts. [more]

Food and Wine
Guest chef Judith Cullen indulges her passion for the gastronomic Italian traditions and tempts us with results redolent in olfactory joy. John Hawkesby's back from communing with dolphins in French Polynesia and romances Judith's food, offering matrimony with the perfect wine partners. [more]

A Modest Proposal or Two
Ideas on how to solve the economic situation. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 13 October 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 13 October 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Deirdre Irons
Top pianist presenting a programme of works for wind quintet at 'Expressions' in Uppber Hutt tonight. [more]

Paul Russell
Garden City Symphony Orchestra Manager talks about the groups history and upcoming performances. [more]

Linda Kitchen
Director of Auckland University School of Music's upcoming production of Britten's 'Albert Herring'. [more]

News stories:

Hide says ACT's economic plan only one that would work
ACT has launched its election campaign with leader Rodney Hide saying that his party's economic policies are the only way to help the country grow out of the current global turmoil. [more]

United Future launches campaign with plan to abolish tertiary fees
The United Future Party has launched its election campaign with a policy to abolish all tertiary education fees. [more]

Key guarantees National would deliver on 11 policies
The National Party has opened its election campaign in Auckland with its leader giving a personal guarantee to deliver on 11 key policies. [more]

National plans $47 a week tax cut, KiwiSaver changes
The National Party has outlined its much-anticipated tax policy, which includes a $47 a week tax cut for those on the average wage of about $45,000 a year. [more]

Alonso wins again, F1 title still up for grabs
Renault's Fernando Alonso won the Japanese Formula One Grand Prix as title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa collided in a dramatic race. Alonso, who was a suprise winner in ... [more]

Loeb wins Rally of Corsica
The French Citroen driver Sebastien Loeb continues to close in on a fifth consecutive WRC world rally crown after winning the Rally of Corsica in France. Finland's Mikko Hirvonen and ... [more]

Lowndes and Whincup win Bathurst
The Ford pair Craig Lowndes and Jamie Whincup claimed an historic Bathurst 1000 hat-trick but second-placed New Zealander Greg Murphy was annoyed that Lowndes got away with bumping him on ... [more]

Latest from three golf tours
The New Zealand golfer Tim Wilkinson is in contention for his first title on the PGA tour going into the final round of the 7.5 million dollars Texas Open. Wilkinson's ... [more]

Australia recover on day four in Bangalore
There were some anxious moments for the Australian cricketers before they recovered from a second innings batting collapse on day four of the first test against India in Bangalore. ... [more]

Safin upset in Moscow
Unheralded Igor Kunitsyn upset former world number one Marat Safin in 3 sets in an all-Russian Kremlin Cup tennis final in Moscow to clinch his maiden ATP title. Kunitsyn is ... [more]

Klitschko's want all 4 belts
With three of the four heavyweight boxing belts now held by the Klitschko brothers, newly recrowned WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko admits Nikolai Valuev's WBA belt is a tempting target. ... [more]

Wiki farewells with a win
Rugby League legend Ruben Wiki had a final New Zealand send-off to savour as the All Golds beat the New Zealand Maori 44-10 in New Plymouth last night. Wiki's last ... [more]

Age group bronze medals for NZ Ironmen
New Zealand triathletes scored two medals in age group competition at the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii. In the elite open classes Cameron Brown finished 5th in the men's race ... [more]

Woman killed in Auckland car crash
A woman was killed when a car hit a tree in Blockhouse Bay in Auckland early on Saturday morning. [more]

Hunt continues for killer of elderly woman
The detective heading an investigation into the killing of an elderly woman in Auckland says he is still confident of a breakthrough in the hunt for her killer. [more]

Praise Be's Graeme Thomson dies
Veteran broadcaster Graeme Thomson has died. The former Praise Be presenter was 70. [more]

Luggage arrives for Solomon's Pacific Arts delegation 2 months late
More than two months after the 10th Festival of Pacific Arts the Solomon island delegation has finally received luggage that was off-loaded when it departed American Samoa at the end... [more]

New varieties of Taro named in Samoa
One of three new taro varieties developed by the Crops Division of the Nu'u Research Centre of Samoa's Ministry of Agriculture, has been named after Samoa's Minister of Agriculture, Taua... [more]

Health Department in American Samoa to launch dengue awareness programme
The Health Department in American Samoa plans to launch a new dengue fever awareness programme in the territory's schools. The campaign comes as 22 new confirmed cases of dengue have... [more]

French government to stick to plans to reform pensions for overseas territories
The French government says it will adhere to its pension reform plans for its overseas territories despite strong opposition in both French Polynesia and New Caledonia. This was reaffirmed in... [more]

New Forum Secretariat head takes up position today
The newly appointed Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat Tuiloma Neroni Slade officially begins his job today. Tuiloma, who is from Samoa, was appointed during the Leaders' Forum... [more]

Samoa's PM rejects call to scrap charges against NZ lawyer
The request from a New Zealand based Samoan lawyer, Leulua'ialii Olinda Woodroffe, to withdraw any criminal charges laid against her by the police in Samoa has been rejected by the... [more]

Police in Samoa withdraw assault charge against NZ man after psychiatric report
The police in Samoa have withdrawn a common assault charge against a New Zealand man after a psychiatric report indicated he was unwell. The charge was laid against the man... [more]

Samoa will be hosting series of meetings to build businesses in the Pacific Region
Samoa will this week host a series of regional private sector meetings with countries from across the Pacific in a bid to achieve growing and sustainable businesses. Two back to... [more]

Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce pushes for export drive
Vanuatu's chamber of commerce wants the government to be more proactive in promoting local manufacturers. Since the 1980's, the gap between Vanuatu's imports and exports has increased, and it is... [more]

Recession forces workers to strike - union
The National Distribution Union claims its members are being forced to take industrial action because of the recession. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
The announcement of a Government guarantee for all bank deposits in response to the international financial crisis, leads all the morning papers on Monday. [more]

New cross-bred cow tipped to dominate herds
A new type of cow, the Kiwi Cross, is tipped by LIC to become the dominant breed in the New Zealand dairy industry in three - four years. [more]

Auckland veg supply threatened - union
The union representing about 70 striking workers from Turners & Growers says fruit and vegetable supplies in Auckland could suffer because of the action. [more]

New TV channels aimed at Pacific viewers
Television New Zealand and TV3 are to launch channels aimed at Pacific viewers within a year. [more]

National still leads Labour in polls
The National Party still leads Labour by 18 points in the latest One News Colmar Brunton opinion poll. But two other polls issued on Friday suggest the gap between them is narrowing substantially. [more]

More liquidity offered to banks in Norway
Norway's government and central bank introduced new measures on Sunday to boost the liquidity of banks and their ability to fund themselves. [more]

Think tank says global credit crisis will hit NZ hard
The New Zealand Institute says the global financial crisis could be the biggest economic shock to hit this country in decades. [more]

No sign of any risk to NZ banks - Cullen
Finance Minister Michael Cullen says there is no evidence of any risk to New Zealand's banking institutions - nor is any anticipated. [more]

NZ surfer a step closer to world tour
The Taranaki surfer Paige Hareb is another step closer to becoming the first New Zealand female to qualify for the ASP World Tour after finishing second at the Oakley International ... [more]

Last 2 teams found for next round of Africa Nations Cup
Guinea and Mozambique have taken the last remaining places in the last round of 2010 World Cup and Africa Cup of Nations football qualifying. Cameroon, Kenya, Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, Gabon, Algeria, ... [more]

Hartley finsishes third in F3 championship
The New Zealand motor racing driver Brendon Hartley has finished third in the International Formula 3 Championship in Britain. The Palmerston North 18-year-old finished second in the first race of ... [more]

SA Rugby to discuss alleged Luke watson comments
The South African Rugby Union will meet tonight to discuss statements attributed to Springbok flanker Luke Watson regarding South African rugby, his team mates and the national jersey. Watson was ... [more]

Spanish golf great has brain tumour
The Spanish golf legend Seve Ballesteros has been diagnosed with a brain tumour after collapsing a week ago in Madrid. Doctors confirmed on Friday that the 51 year old winner ... [more]

DHB numbers under debate
Most political parties agree that 21 district health boards are too many for a country the size of New Zealand. [more]

Worse economic conditions expected - poll
More people think the economy is going to get worse according to a One News Colmar Brunton poll. [more]

National down one point, Labour static in poll
The latest One News Colmar Brunton poll has seen National's popularity drop by one point, but Labour has not moved in the past week. [more]

More pessimism over economy, says poll
A One News Colmar Brunton poll shows an increase in the number of people who think the economy is going to get worse, compared to a survey three months ago. [more]

Bargains tipped on Australian stockmarket
Bargain hunters are expected at the start of trade on the Australian stockmarket on Monday. Some $A106 billion was wiped from the value of stocks on Friday. [more]

Coastal survey due to begin
A coastal area survey is due to begin this week in the Bay of Islands, covering 300 square km. The first phase is expected to be completed by late November. [more]

Fiji's interim government says it has always been willing to hold discussions
Fiji's interim Attorney-General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, says the interim Prime Minister and his government have always been willing to engage in dialogue. He said they had tried to build discussions through... [more]

Samoa and American Samoa celebrate White Sunday
Children in Samoa and American Samoa will today be celebrating their special church day, White Sunday. The day was was started by London Missionary Society pastors about 120 years ago. [more]

Religious instruction to be compulsory in PNG schools
Papua New Guinea's Education Department has agreed that religious instructions should be taught as a compulsory subject in all schools. The Education Secretary, Dr Joseph Pagelio, said following a State-Church... [more]

Farmers not keen on compulsory stock id scheme
Farmers are not keen on a compulsory electronic identification scheme for all cattle and deer which is to take effect from 2011. [more]

Top olive oils announced
An oil from Waiheke Island has won best in show at the national olive oil awards. A record 126 oils were entered. However, quality was down because of heavy rain at harvest time. [more]

High Country lease hearing begins
South Island High Country farmers are challenging proposed rental increases for pastoral leases at a hearing which started in Dunedin on Monday. [more]

PNG and Norway leaders see eye-to-eyen on climate change
Papua New Guinea's Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare says his country and Norway see eye to eye in the fight against global warming. Sir Michael has had talks with his... [more]

Cook Islands lawyer seeks judgement over Aitutaki Sunday flights
A Cook Islands MP and lawyer is taking a case to court over Sunday flights to Aitutaki The government adopted a trial plan allowing Sunday flights from Rarotonga to the... [more]

Call for clean-up at American Samoa's landmark hotel
An official with the Public Health department in American Samoa has recommended an immediate clean up of the old Rainmaker Hotel's grounds and dilapidated buildings. Environmental Health Officer Sigafili Leiato... [more]

Markets must remain open, says federation
The board of directors of the World Federation of Exchanges said on Sunday that market trading must not be suspended as a way to cope with global financial turmoil. [more]

Missing Christchurch woman may have left area - police
Police looking for a Christchurch woman now say it is too soon to say whether something sinister has happened to her. [more]

Fiji's SDL to meet lawyer over last week's coup approval verdict
The SDL party of Fiji's ousted Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase, will meet its lawyer this week to discuss options on appealing last week's court decision. The controversial ruling dismissed Mr... [more]

Residential property values continue to fall
The latest residential property values show an overall decline throughout New Zealand. Quotable Value says there is no sign of an upturn. [more]

SFO to investigate collapsed finance company
The Serious Fraud Office is investigating the finance company Clegg and Co, which went into receivership in October last year owing $15 million. [more]

Samoa churches mark White Sunday
Churches in Samoa are marking White Sunday today. It is a day when services are held especially for children, but usually women as well dress mostly in white. The practice... [more]

CNMI visitor arrival numbers plateau
Tourism in the Northern Marianas appears to have hit a plateau since last year, with the region seeing statistically insignificant gains in visitor arrivals. The Marianas Visitors Authority says efforts... [more]

Commerce Commission rethink on Warehouse bids
It now appears that two supermarket groups can relaunch their takeover bids for The Warehouse. The Commerce Commission says Woolworths should re-apply for takeover clearance. [more]

More retail job cuts expected
The retail industry expects more job cuts as lagging consumer spending crimps sales in the sector. Economists expect unemployment to reach 5% next year. [more]

Forestry guidelines issued for emission trading
Forest owners have at last been told how carbon credits will be given to the sector under the emissions trading scheme. Owners with pre-1990 forests have until mid-2009 to apply. [more]

Too late to stop Sunday flights to Aitutaki says the island's mayor
The mayor of Aitutaki, in the Southern Cook Islands, says it is too late to stop Sunday flights to the island. A Cook Islands MP and lawyer, Norman George, is... [more]

Delegates start arriving for climate change talks in Samoa
Regional talks on how small island states could better adapt to climate change are being held in Samoa this week. Pacific leaders appealed to the United Nations General Assembly last... [more]

Minister says Australian economic stability will save Pacific from full impact of credit crunch
The Australian Secretary of Pacific Islands Affairs, Duncan Kerr, says the strength of the Australian economy bodes well for the economic security of the Pacific. He says recent IMF reports... [more]

Renewed calls for elections in French Polynesia as political instability threatens economy
There are renewed calls in French Polynesia for fresh elections under a new electoral system as political instability is seen as threatening the economy. The call has come from the... [more]

PNG health official castigates Rabaul businesses for not protecting workers from volcanic ash
A Papua New Guinea government official says workers in Rabaul have been paid to die instead of being supplied with protective gear against volcanic ash fallout. The secretary of PNG's... [more]

Limbs found at Christchurch house
Police say there is nothing sinister regarding the discovery of limbs at a Christchurch house. [more]

Nine injured after van strikes herd of cattle
Nine people were injured on State Highway 1 north of Dunedin after a van struck a herd of cattle. [more]

Invercargill police hunt two men following stabbing
Police say alcohol may have been a factor in a stabbing that's left a man in a serious condition in Invercargill Hospital. [more]

Wellington council 'powerless' to stop topless parade
Wellington City Council says it is powerless to stop a topless motorcycle parade, which is scheduled to be held on 7 November. [more]

Call to relax emissions deadlines
Business New Zealand says the global financial crisis means greenhouse gas emission targets should be relaxed. [more]

Wilkinson enjoys $500,000 payday on U.S. PGA tour
The Palmerston North golf Tim Wilkinson has finished in a three way tie for runner up at the Texas Open in San Antonio, his best finish on the U.S. PGA ... [more]

Former All Blacks number eight in neck brace but still heading to Japan
The former All Blacks number eight Mose Tuiali'i will have to wear a neck brace for six weeks and won't be able to train fully for three months. Tuiali'i suffered ... [more]

Massa denies hitting Hamilton intentional
Brazilian Felipe Massa has declared himself innocent of deliberately ramming into Lewis Hamilton during a heated aftermath to Sunday's Japanese Grand Prix. There have been suggestions the Ferrari driver turned ... [more]

Australian cricketers set India challenging target on final day of first test
Australia have set India a challenging target of 299 in 83 overs to win on the final day of the first cricket in Bangalore. The touring side declared their second ... [more]

Vettori wants a better wicket in Chittagong
The New Zealand cricket captain Daniel Vettori will be hoping for an improved wicket and batting effort when they take on Bangladesh in the third and deciding one day international in ... [more]

Hamilton annoyed with his Japan F1 Grand Prix
The McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton has left Japan not particulary happy after having his Formula One Championship lead cut to 5 points. The 23-year-old Briton was slapped with a drive-through ... [more]

English claims big tax cut injection into economy
National Party finance spokesperson Bill English has claimed the party's tax cuts would put between $7 billion and $8 billion into the economy from next April. [more]

$4.5m to investigate police sex allegations
Investigations into sex allegations made by Rotorua woman Louise Nicholas and other allegations involving officers cost police more than $4.5 million, it has been revealed. [more]

Key briefed at Reserve Bank on deposit guarantee plan
National Party leader John Key met Reserve Bank governor Alan Bollard on Monday afternoon, and afterwards said he was generally reassured about the bank deposit guarantee scheme. [more]

Diplomatic links between Tonga and Australia enter a new phase
Australia's Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says relations with Tonga have entered a new phase with a flag raising ceremony at Commonwealth Park in Canberra marking the establishment of a High... [more]

Northern Marianas still waiting for DEA to explain searches of Chinese tourists
The Governor of the Northern Marianas has sought to calm local companies that bring Chinese tourists into the territory after passengers coming into the country were subjected to body searches... [more]

Fiji based NGO calls for international fact finding mission after controversial court ruling
The Pacific Centre for Public Integrity is calling for an international fact finding mission to Fiji to investigate the judiciary there. The PCPI is strongly critical of the decision last... [more]

Opposition parties in Fiji willing to join Commodore's new call for a political forum
Fiji's former opposition leader, Mick Beddoes, says there're still options for those parties opposed to the interim regime, following last week's court ruling. The controversial ruling dismissed the deposed prime... [more]

Dog seized after man loses part of lip
Dog control officers in Northland have seized a dog who bit off a chunk of a man's lip. [more]

Global economic crisis demands new approaches towards Pacific nations - Oxfam
The executive director of Oxfam New Zealand, Barry Coates, says developing countries in the Pacific are vulnerable to the international tightening of credit. He says the current crisis has the... [more]

Benson-Pope confirms he won't seek re-election
Dunedin South MP David Benson-Pope has confirmed he will not be standing for re-election in November. [more]

Markets mixed after emergency plans unveiled
The battered Australian share market rallied on Monday, rising more than 5% as investors gained confidence from the government's emergency plan to protect the nation's banking system. The New Zealand index fell almost 1%. [more]

Benson-Pope confirms he won't seek re-election
Dunedin South MP David Benson-Pope has confirmed he will not be standing for re-election in November. [more]

Inquiry into undercover officer's claim he lied under oath
The timeframe is unclear for an independent inquiry into the confessions of a former undercover policeman who says he lied under oath. [more]

Ministry criticised over key health programme
The Ministry of Health has been told to improve oversight of one of its key health programmes. [more]

Silver Ferns crush England
The New Zealand netballers have crushed England 65-26 in Auckland in the first of three tests. the Silver Ferns were primed for a close contest after England's strong performance in Australia, ... [more]