Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 23rd October 2008

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Noelle's Essay - The Starbuck's Theory
Is there a link between the presence of the Seattle coffee house in various global cities and the town's financial ill health? [more]

The Best Song Ever Written
And for Fiona Lovett of Auckland, it's Willie de Ville's Angels Don't Lie. [more]

Your Place - Roxburgh
On the banks of the Clutha, Roxburgh is one of the main towns on the important route linking Central Otago with Dunedin. [more]

DoC Story - The Kokako
Noelle talks to DoC ranger, Megan Willans about catching Kokako in the King Country for resettlement in Fjordland. [more]

Stressed? Unhappy? Have a Drink.
The latest Australian Unity Wellbeing Index has found people who drink alcohol every day are happier than those who don't. [more]

He Rourou for 23 October 2008
Waitangi tribunal member Wharehuia Milroy says he's worried for the Tribunal and the Maori Land Court. [more]

Feature Album - 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life Of...
The debut album from Atlanta's Arrested Development. [more]

The Arts Report
A weekly roundup of the performing arts scene. [more]

Christchurch Story with Katy Gosset
Katy talks to a top roller skater who is preparing to glide her way to success at next month's World Champs in Taipei. [more]

Environment Story - Biomass
Amelia Nurse investigates potential applications for what is essentially a form of solar energy stored in green plants through photosynthesis. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
David Farrar and Irene Gardiner join Noelle for a look at current events and things of interest including interest rates. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
David and Irene get to Soap Box what's been getting on their respective goats and further opine on things news worthy. [more]

Business News

Midday Business News for 23 October 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Woman Shot By Police
A woman in her 30's was shot dead after she took a hostage in a Vodafone store and pointed a gun at officers in Whangarei. [more]

Interest Rates Cut
Smaller banks are first to cut interest rates after Reserve Bank slashes Official Cash Rate by full percentage point. Economist, Dr Ganesh Nana joins Mary with comment. [more]

National Would Fund 12-month Herceptin Course
But a leading cancer specialist says it would be a mistake for National to direct the drug-buying agency Pharmac to fund a 12-month course of the cancer treatment, reports Karen Brown. [more]

Nia Glassie Trial Update
A child witness has told of seeing Nia Glassie being kicked in the head three times as hard as a rock. [more]

Contact Energy AGM Protest
Irate Contact Energy shareholders say an attempt to raise director's fees is like pigs feeding at the trough. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Wholesale Bank Deposits Guarantees
Finance Minister Michael Cullen says he'll not be rushed to offer guarantees, but decision will be made before election. [more]

National on KiwiSaver
National Party leader, John Key rejects claims his plans for KiwiSaver will disadvantage low and middle income earners. [more]

US Election
Obama continues to lead polls in Presidential race and is edging ahead in a handful of battleground states. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Negative Equity in Housing
Property analysts say 130-thousand homeowners owe more on their house than it's worth or are on their way there. [more]

Farming and the Economic Downturn
Heugh Chappell talks to Hawkes Bay's farming community about their belt tightening and other measures. [more]

Auckland Feral Pig Cull
Professional hunting contractors have been hired to carry out a pre-Christmas cull in the Waitakere Ranges. [more]

Rare Recordings Released
Some of the 20th century's greatest writers have been given a voice again - Wolfe, Conan Doyle, Steinbeck are now on CD. [more]

Police Shooting
Police Association says shooting of woman by Armed Defenders Squad in Whangarei this morning appears fully justified. [more]

Latest Political Polls
How are the pollies polling? The election result no longer looks a foregone conclusion. [more]

Banks Cut Lending Rates
While good news for new borrowers and those on variable rates, people with fixed rates will have to wait to see benefits. [more]

Contact Defends Directors' Fees Increase
Chairman, Grant King says the increase gives the company the ability to provide for a range of possible future scenarios. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Zuma Corruption Charges
Jacob Zuma , the man tipped to be South Africa's next president, still might have to face a court on corruption charges. [more]

Sri Lankan Civil War
The Indian government has voiced concern over what it says is a deteriorating humanitarian situation in Sri Lanka. [more]

Rural Recovery Payments
Payments for drought stricken farmers will close at the end of the year with the government saying they're no longer necessary. [more]

Hunt for Financial Villains
As the finance markets continue to tumble around the world, the pursuit of the culprits is intensifying. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Electoral Commission Complaints Decision
About a range of complaints about NZ First failing to disclose donations it should have declared to the commission. [more]

Georgia Recovery
International donors have pledged a higher-than-expected US$4.5-billion to help Georgia rebuild after its conflict with Russia. [more]

Potential Israel-Iran Conflict
Observers say the likelihood of an Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear ambitions rises the closer we get to the US elections. [more]

Honour Killings in Britain
Calls for tougher measures to be introduced protecting potential victims of what's described as honour-based violence. [more]

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
Scientists say they've found a drug which may repair damage to the brain caused by MS. [more]

Election 2008 Audio

Helen Clark talks to Julian Robins about post-election prospects
Labour leader says she has seen polls which show support for a combined Labour-Green bloc ahead of that for a National and ACT combination. [more]

Michael Cullen presents KiwiSaver figures, says scheme working
Labour's finance minister introduces independent evaluation of KiwiSaver; criticises National's policies. [more]

National leader stands by party's KiwiSaver scheme
John Key says party's proposed changes to KiwiSaver will make it more attractive to New Zealanders. [more]

Michael Cullen rejects National's call over bank scheme
Finance Minister tells reporters he will not be stampeded into hasty decisions on extending deposit guarantee scheme. [more]

John Key speaks to reporters on bank deposit scheme
National leader says wholesale deposit guarantee is needed; brushes aside Dr Cullen's criticism. [more]

Winston Peters speaks to Kate Williamson on donation decision
New Zealand First leader responds to the Electoral Commission's ruling that the party secretary committed no offence over the 2007 annual return of donations. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 23 October 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 23 October 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stoires for 23 October 2008
The Headlines of the day. [more]

The Paradise Shellduck
Listen to this mornings bird. [more]

National Party Finds Loopholes in D.G.S
The government's deposit guarantee scheme meets more walls. [more]

Pacific News for 23 October 2008
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 23 October 2008
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Lockwood Smith Should Perhaps 'Lock' His Mouth Shut
Lockwood Smith has moved to control the damage surrounding comments he made about migrant workers. [more]

Maori Party Wants Compulsory History Classes For Migrants
The policy was among several unveiled yesterday by the potential king-maker party. [more]

Euro and US Markets Drop Sharply
As markets continue to be hammered President Bush has announced a world financial summit. [more]

Tariana Turia has 'moved on' from National MP's comments
Maori Party co-leader has accepted the apology by National's immigration spokesperson Lockwood Smith over comments she criticised as racist. [more]

Interest Rates Could Be Cut
Economic Correspondent Nigel Stirling and Treasury Secretary John Whitehead explain. [more]

Fiery Debate Expected within Contact Energy Today
They will want to know why Contact Energy wants to almost double the pool of money available for its directors. [more]

National promises crackdown on home detention
The Labour Party is dismissing the proposals as mere political rhetoric, reports Tim Graham. [more]

Sports News for 23 October 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Water Wars
Environment Canterbury is not happy with the plan to move water from farms. [more]

Helmets and Cycling Apparently Don't Mix
The Minister for Transport Safety says helmets may be turning people off cycling. [more]

Corrections Dept. Moving Prisoners
A part of Ngawha prison is sinking and unsafe for inmates. [more]

Tariana Turia Accepts Lockwood Smith's Apology
Catherine Hutton asked employers in Marlborough what they thought of Dr. Smith'sm comments yesterday. [more]

National Party Still Attacking Deposit Guarantee Scheme
The Reserve Bank and Treasury unveiled changes to the scheme, including capping deposit guarantees at one million dollars. [more]

2011 Rugby World Cup - NZ's Money Maker
That's according to an independent report by the international audit firm Deloitte. [more]

Federated Farmers Calling for Funding Overhaul
They say the current property based funding system is unfair. [more]

NZ's Screen Industry has Joined The YouTube Age
If you want to check out the site, go to [more]

Obama's Lead in The Polls Getting Bigger
Barack Obama is about to take a two-day break from his presidential campaign to be with the ailing grandmother who raised him. [more]

The Kiwis Name Squad For World Cup
Among the surprise selections is utility player Dene Halatau who gets a spot on the bench ahead of Isaac Luke. [more]

Waatea News for 23 October 2008
News from the Waatea team. [more]

'Look, It's a Flying Sofa!' - 'No It's Not..'
Wanganui is suddenly been plauged by a flying sofa - or so it seems. [more]

Wellington Nun Wins Gardner of the Year Award
Sister Loyola Galvin from the Home of Compassion won the award for her work setting up a four hectare vege garden. [more]


At Home With Snakes
Martin Smit is a snake and reptile curator who has recently set a world record for co-habitating with snakes. [more]

World Weather
Eric Brenstrem - Servere Weather Forecaster with Met Service. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Reserve Bank Announces Interest Rate Cut
Kathryn Ryan and a panel of experts talk about the effects of this significant cut. [more]

Contact Energy Buy New Pants With BIG Pockets
Brian Gaynor and Bruce Shepherd join Kathryn to discuss the developments. [more]

UK Correspondent
Matthew Parris. [more]

Feature Guest - Joe Pantoliano
American character actor, known for his role as Ralph Ciffaretto in the tv series the Sopranos. [more]

Book Review with Phil Smith
Long Live the Modern: New Zealand's New Architecture 1904 - 1984 Edited by Julia Gatley, published by Auckland University Press. [more]

New Technology with Colin Jackson
Today's topic: Books and the Internet. [more]

Maori Battalion
Monty Soutar tells the story of his people, through the Second World War heroics of Company C of the Maori Battalion. [more]

Television Review
TV reviewer Simon Wilson looks at Lipstick Jungle, the new season of House and the Doco: 'The Woman who thinks like a Cow'. [more]

Our Changing World

Marine Science
Budding marine biologists head out to sea on board the University of Otago's research vessel Polaris. [more]

Easter Island Collapse
Troy Baisden explains his hypothesis that Easter Islanders overshot the carrying capacity of their island's soil. [more]

Quantum Whirlpools
Spontaneous vortices observed in Bose Einstein Condensates help physicists understand the Universe's earliest moments. [more]

Fixing Carbon
Amelia Nurse finds out about a project that uses woody biomass and pyrolisys to sequester carbon. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 23 October 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 23 October 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Fabio Biondi Interview
Founder and director of Italian Baroque ensemble Europa Galante - in New Zealand for one show only. [more]

Marc Cassidy Interview
Ex-pat NZ dancer back in the country to play the role of Basilio in the RNZBC's production of Don Quixote. [more]

News stories:

Indian bowlers all over Australian counterparts
The former Australian fast bowler Bruce Reid believes India's reverse psychology and their superior use of home conditions gave them a major edge over their pace counterparts in Ricky Ponting's ... [more]

Drought recovery scheme to end
The Government will stop accepting requests from farmers for drought recovery help on 31 December. [more]

Surprise rate increase by Hungary
In a surprise move, Hungary's central bank has raised interest rates by three percentage points to counter a sharp fall in the value of its currency. The bank said on Monday that it was keeping interest rates steady. [more]

African free trade zone agreed
The leaders of three African trading blocs agreed on Wednesday to create a free trade zone of 26 countries with a GDP of an estimated $624 billion. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Thursday's papers: New Zealanders are leaving for Australia in record numbers; falling house prices plunge up to 130,000 homeowners into negative equity; funding cloud over Dunedin stadium. [more]

Drainage contractor fined for damage to wetland
A North Otago contractor and his company have been fined $15,000 in the Environment Court after damaging a wetland as a result of drainage work on a farm being converted to dairying. [more]

Supreme Court challenge to forestry settlement off
A Supreme Court challenge to a central North Island forestry settlement will now not go ahead. [more]

NZ amends guarantees on big bank deposits
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand and the Treasury have announced changes to the bank deposit guarantee scheme, including putting a cap of $1 million on guaranteed deposits. [more]

Referee in spotlight as Newcastle beat Manchester City
A referee's second controversial penalty decision has cost Newcastle a chance of a home win over Manchester City in English football's premier league, with the match ending 2-2. That leaves City ... [more]

Madrid sells itself as the safe option for 2016 Olympics
Madrid's marketing itself as the safe choice to host the 2016 Olympic Games in the midst of the current global financial crisis. The Madrid campaign says less than a year ... [more]

Filipo celebrates addition to the family
The Wellington lock Ross Filipo was somewhat jaded at training on Tuesday, not because the end of the Air New Zealand Cup is just a few days away, but because ... [more]

Shadow All Blacks have hit out against Barbarians
A shadow All Black team, minus its Canterbury and Wellington players has come through a trial match with a Barbarians side in Auckland relatively unscathed. They won 56-10 with Dan Carter ... [more]

Kearney to make Eels wait if they want him
New Zealand rugby league coach Stephen Kearney is in no hurry to talk to Parramatta National Rugby League officials about the vacant Eels coaching position. Kearney's refused to rule out ... [more]

Oram in doubt for second test
The Black Caps all rounder Jacob Oram is in doubt for the second cricket Test against Bangladesh starting in Dhaka on Saturday. Coach John Bracewell says Oram injured his back ... [more]

Taipans complete home and away double against Breakers
The Cairns Taipans are still the only team to have beaten the New Zealand Breakers in this season's Australian National Basketball league. The Taipans completed a home and away double ... [more]

Beckham and Milan take almighty risk
David Beckham is poised to join Brazilian stars Kaka and Ronaldinho in the Italian soccer club AC Milan, on a short-term loan from Los Angeles Galaxy. The 33-year-old England midfielder ... [more]

Wales coach Gatland joins Lions coaching staff
Wales' Six Nations Grand Slam-winning rugby coach, the New Zealander Warren Gatland, has been named along with his assistants as part of the British and Irish Lions coaching set-up for ... [more]

Silver Ferns struggled with criticism in wake of Test loss
The Silver Ferns netball captain Julie Seymour captain admits younger members of the side struggled to cope with the criticism levelled at them in the wake of their second Test ... [more]

Marshall ready to make up for lost time
The Kiwi league team's star back Benji Marshall has declared himself in the best shape of his career heading into Sunday's World Cup opener against Australia. The 23-year-old stand-off, whose ... [more]

Gatland considering future with Wales
The current Wales and former Ireland and Waikato rugby coach Warren Gatland is considering his future due to the row between the Welsh Rugby Union and the four Welsh regions ... [more]

NZ rugby and junior women's football coaches swap ideas
A cross-code chat with All Blacks coach Graham Henry has given the coach of New Zealand's under-17 football world cup team plenty of confidence, ahead of next Tuesday's opening world ... [more]

Replacement Aussie batsman called to India
The 25-year-old West Australian batsman Shaun Marsh is on his way to join the beleaguered Australian touring team in India. Marsh, the son of the former Australian test opener Geoff ... [more]

Tataurangi to play Shirley, Sir Bob a Hall of Famer
One of New Zealand's top golf players, Phil Tataurangi, has been lured back to Shirley in Christchurch for the first time in 15 years to contest the $40,000 Charles Tour Shirley ... [more]

Kangaroos name four uncapped players
Four uncapped players have been named in the Australian rugby league team to play the Kiwis in Sunday's World Cup opener in Sydney. Canberra's Joel Monaghan, Gold Coast's Anthony Laffranchi ... [more]

Moore Highlanders man again
Glenn Moore will continue to coach the Highlanders rugby team for at least another three years. Moore, who first coached the Otago-based Super 14 franchise this year, has been contracted through ... [more]

Revised bank deposit guarantee 'final version'
Treasury Secretary John Whitehead says the latest version of New Zealand's guarantee for retail bank deposits should be the final one. [more]

Price of oil drops 7%
Oil dropped in price by 7% on Wednesday after a big fall in demand in the United States over the past four weeks. [more]

Aggressive interest rate cut expected in NZ
An aggressive cut to the Official Cash Rate is expected by economists when the Reserve Bank reviews the benchmark rate on Thursday. [more]

Remedial work at sinking cell block
The Corrections Department has begun moving prisoners out of a sinking cell block at Ngawha prison in Northland. One end of the block has sunk by 13cm: remedial work will start before the end of the year. [more]

Somerville doubts reality will hit home until the final whistle
After 11 years in the red and black of Canterbury prop Greg Sommerville is set to finally bow out of domestic rugby. The most capped All Black prop will join ... [more]

Alinghi wants next America's Cup in 2010
The America's Cup champions Alinghi hope to organise the next edition of yachting's showpiece event in 2010, despite ongoing legal wrangles. The syndicate says the event will once again be ... [more]

Prop Afoa the All Blacks' latest injury worry
The All Blacks have another injury scare concerning the prop John Afoa following their match against a Blues Barbarian selection on a hard ground in West Auckland. Coach Graham Henry ... [more]

Asia-Pacific markets still volatile
Markets in the Asia-Pacific region were down on Wednesday following a weaker result on Wall Street as mixed corporate earnings in the US and gloomy outlooks reminded investors of economic troubles. [more]

National vows crackdown on crimes against children
The National Party has pledged to crack down on violence against children by introducing tougher penalties. [more]

Helmets may be putting people off cycling - Duynhoven
Transport Safety Minister Harry Duynhoven says people may be put off riding bicycles because they don't like wearing safety helmets, though he is not suggesting the use of helmets should be scrapped. [more]

Woman attacked in Hagley Park
A woman was attacked in Hagley Park on Wednesday night. Police in Christchurch are appealing for witnesses. [more]

Higher earnings expected due to NZ dollar
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare says earnings are likely to be higher than forecast due to the falling New Zealand dollar. [more]

Reserve Bank cuts interest rate to 6.5%
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has lowered the Official Cash Rate to 6.5%. It was previously 7.5%. [more]

Woman stabbed in Shannon robbery
Police in Levin are investigating a robbery in Shannon in which a woman received a stab wound to her thigh. Her dog then bit the offender. [more]

Bank guarantee policy a failure, says Turnbull
The Federal Opposition has declared the unlimited bank deposits guarantee in Australia is a failure. [more]

Support for Maori seat bill crucial, says Turia
The Maori Party has drafted a bill to protect the Maori seats, saying support for it would be a bottom line in any post-election coalition negotiations. [more]

Ethnic groups criticise history course proposal
Organisations representing ethnic groups in New Zealand have dismissed the the Maori Party's policy to introduce history courses as part of citizenship requirements, as failing to offer any real benefit. [more]

Person shot after police callout
Police in Whangarei have confirmed a person was shot following an Armed Offenders Squad call out in the city on Thursday morning. [more]

Tariana Turia accepts apology over National MP's comments
Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia has now accepted an apology by National MP Lockwood Smith over comments she earlier described as racist. [more]

PNG's education department needs right teachers to deliver HIV/AIDS message
The Papua New Guinea Education Department says the right teachers must be upskilled to teach students about the risks of contracting HIV/AIDS. The Department, in partnership with the United Nations... [more]

Vanuatu gets French language newspaper
Vanuatu's daily newspaper is launching a weekly French edition, which will also be on sale in New Caledonia. The paper is being launched with support from the European Union, and... [more]

Representatives of a global resort developer group are in American Samoa
Representatives of a global resort developer group are in American Samoa to see whether to develop a resort destination there. The group, BSB Design of El Dorado Hill, California, working... [more]

Minister of Forestry in Solomon Islands encourages downstream processing
The Minister of Forestry in Solomon Islands is encouraging resource owners to engage in downstream processing of marketable trees to add value to their natural resource. Job Duddley Tausinga also... [more]

Westpac Bank Fiji reassures customers their savings are secure
Westpac Bank's Fiji general manager, John Cashmore, has reassured its customers that their savings are secure with the Bank despite the financial crisis in the US. Fiji Live reports that... [more]

Fuel retailers in Solomon Islands complain over govt's retail price
The Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry says fuel retailers are complaining that the current government set retail price is forcing some retailers out of business. The SIBC reports... [more]

Samoan MP waives rights to speedy trial in US
Samoa's associate minister of Commerce, Labor and Industry, Hans Joachim Keil, has waived his rights to a speedy trial at the federal court in the U.S. He is facing one... [more]

Solomon Islands MP made interim spokesman for Pacific ACP group
The Solomon Islands Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, William Haomae, has been made the interim spokesman for the Pacific ACP group in negotiating the controversial Economic Partnership Agreements... [more]

Hidden costs to be removed from CNMI's power company says CEO
The Commonwealth Utilities Corporation in the Northern Marianas has lobbied a Senate committee to eliminate unfunded mandates and hidden costs imposed by the Legislature upon CUC. Its executive director, Antonio... [more]

Rise in number taking out health insurance
The Health Funds Association is surprised by more people taking out health insurance. The total number of New Zealanders with coverage is now almost 1.4 million. [more]

Pre-trial hearing in case of slain student
Pre-trial arguments have been heard at the High Court in Dunedin, in the case of a Otago University tutor charged with the murder of a former student. [more]

New 'bionic baby' simulator
The National Patient Simulation Training Centre has taken delivery of a $35,000 bionic baby - a high-tech medical simulator. [more]

All Blacks to meet England every year
The All Blacks and England will play an annual rugby match for the Hillary Shield, in memory of Sir Edmund Hillary. The shield's to be unveiled in England ahead of the ... [more]

Financial crisis stops Nigeria hosting junior World Cup
While the female version of the under-17 football World Cup is set to kick off on Tuesday in Auckland, Nigeria has pulled out of hosting the 2009 men's version due ... [more]

Liverpool level while Chelsea ahead
Atletico Madrid came back from a goal down to draw 1-1 with Liverpool in the latest round of European football's Champions League. Robbie Keane opened the scoring for the visitors ... [more]

Racist undertones in National Party, says Peters
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says the National Party's racist undertones are clear when it comes to immigration, following controversial comments by the party's immigration spokesperson. [more]

Reform of rates system urged
Federated Farmers has renewed a call for an urgent reform of the rates system used by local government. [more]

Poultry purchase not approved
The Commerce Commission has declined an application by the country's biggest poultry producer, Tegel Food Limited, to acquire Brinks Poultry Operations. [more]

Farming pair banned for five years
A Dannevirke father and son have been banned from farming sheep and cattle for five years. They were also sentenced to 550 hours community service and ordered to pay almost $8000 in costs. [more]

American Samoan government continues investigation of fisherman's disappearance
The FBI is investigating the disappearance of an Indonesian fisherman in American Samoa and allegations of mistreatment of his fellow crew. The missing man is one of 42 Indonesian fishermen... [more]

Solomons PM admits abusing policeman
The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua, has admitted in court he used abusive words against a police officer. The Solomon Star reports the Prime Minister claimed he did... [more]

Australia's High Commissioner in Samoa warns about seasonal workers scam
Australia's High Commissioner in Samoa, Matt Anderson, has pointed out that Samoa is not part of his country's Pacific seasonal workers pilot scheme. It came as thousands of young Samoans... [more]

French defence minister approves declassification of some documents
The French defence minister, Herve Morin, has approved a decision to declassify secret service documents that could be relevant in the probe into the disappearance of a French Polynesian journalist... [more]

Fiji authorities investigate fatal silo collapse
Fiji's occupational health and safety office is investigating what caused a grain silo to collapse, killing a 23-year old man. The silo collapsed at Flour Mills of Fiji Limited factory,... [more]

Hillary rugby shield to commemorate Sir Ed - PM
Sir Edmund Hillary is to be remembered with an annual rugby match between the All Blacks and England for the Hillary Shield, Prime Minister Helen Clark has announced. [more]

Official cash rate cut welcomed
Labour and National have welcomed the Official Cash Rate reduction to 6.5%, though National said more needs to be done to get the economy growing again. [more]

2011 Rugby World Cup boost forecast for NZ
The international audit firm Deloitte says the 2011 Rugby World Cup could give New Zealand a boost of nearly $6 billion. [more]

Customs seize 100kg of 'P' drug
The Customs Service in Auckland has seized 100kg of pseudoephedrine, the ingredient used to make the drug "P". [more]

NZ population rising
The population of New Zealand rose by about 40,300 in the year to June - mostly due to births outnumbering deaths. [more]

Supreme Court ruling sought on lab contract
The ousted operator of medical labs in Auckland is to ask the Supreme Court to rule on who should have the $560 million contract with three district health boards. [more]

NZ film and TV gems on new website
Some of the gems of New Zealand film and television are now available on a new website funded by New Zealand on Air. [more]

Petrol prices falling again
The price of petrol is falling again, with the four major retailers in New Zealand dropping their prices by 4 cents a litre on Thursday. [more]

Decision on extending bank scheme 'before election'
Finance Minister Michael Cullen says he will not be rushed to offer a guarantee to wholesale bank deposits, despite a call by National to move quickly, but says a decision will be made before the election. [more]

Indonesian police briefly detain Papua protestors against Act of Free Choice
Reports from Indonesia's Papua region say police arrested 18 people for protesting outside the local legislative council in Jayapura last Monday. The coordinator of the rally, Buchtar Tabuni, said he... [more]

PNG provincial headquarters in Mt Hagen burnt down
A Papua New Guinea provincial headquarters has burnt down, the second government office to be destroyed by fire in as many months. PNG's Post-Courier newspaper says the Mount Hagen administration... [more]

Samoan musician jailed in Hawaii for drugs offence
A well-known Samoan musician in Hawaii has been jailed for 15 years on drugs charges. Aziel Al Toeaina pleaded guilty in August to one count of conspiring to distribute methamphetamine. [more]

Benefit of CNMI marine monument highlighted
A marine monument around the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas' northern islands could help governments worldwide better manage coral reefs as well as yield major scientific discoveries. This has been... [more]

PITIC promotes Pacific cooking in Auckland
A series of cooking demonstrations are being run for Pacific Island people living in New Zealand to promote food safety and healthy eating. As part of the initiative by the... [more]

PNG coffee exporter welcomes pruning initiative
A coffee exporter in Papua New Guinea has praised a new initiative to prune coffee trees in the Highlands region free of charge. The Coffee Industry Corporation has received 1.5... [more]

French supreme court rejects Flosse bid in French Polynesia accounts probe
The French supreme court has thrown out a bid by French Polynesia's former president, Gaston Flosse, to annul a declaration that he was responsible for the territory's finances. The case... [more]

Kiwisaver working for 'regular New Zealanders' - Cullen
Labour finance spokesperson Michael Cullen says a newly released report into KiwiSaver shows it is working for what he calls regular New Zealanders. National stands by changes it is proposing to the scheme. [more]

Herceptin funded for 12-month course under National
The National Party has pledged to boost spending on medicines by $40 million in its first year in Government, including funding 12-month courses of the cancer treatment Herceptin. [more]

Warning over sewage spill in Whangarei Harbour
Northland Health is warning the public not to swim in Whangarei Harbour or collect shellfish until further notice due to a big sewage spill. [more]

Glassie case told child kicked hard in head
A child witness has told the Nia Glassie murder trial that she saw the girl being kicked in the head three times "as hard as a rock". [more]

Labour pledges continued increase in defence force staff
Labour has released its defence policy, which reiterates its intention to increase defence personnel by 12% and upgrade and replace some equipment. [more]

Helmets may be turning people off bikes - safety minister
A Cabinet Minister acknowledges some people may not be using bicycles because they don't like wearing safety helmets. Cycle helmets are compulsory in New Zealand. [more]

RMA too weak, say Greens
The Green Party says a decision by planning commissioners to approve 41 water consents against the advice of the Canterbury Regional Council, shows the Resource Management Act is weak. [more]

Some mortgages greater than value of homes
Property analysts say negative equity cases are on the rise, as homeowners find their mortgage is greater than the current value of their houses. [more]

Vanuatu court to hear election bribery allegations
Vanuatu's Foreign Minister Bakoa Kaltongga and other politicians have been accused of bribery and fraud during last month's general election. The Vanuatu Daily Post has reported that Mr Kaltongga, two... [more]

Trial of an assistant police commissioner in Samoa postponed by pregnancy of key witness
The trial of an assistant police commissioner in Samoa, Moto'otua Tiatia, has been postponed until March next year because one of the prosecution's key witnesses, a police woman, is expecting... [more]

Business leader says PNG's coffee industry needs much more help than the Government is offering
Papua New Guinea's Chamber of Commerce says Government money to prune old coffee trees won't go far. The Coffee Industry Corporation has received 1.5 million US dollars from the government... [more]

Council approves $3.8m upgrade for Trafalgar Park
Nelson City Council has approved a watered-down plan to upgrade the city's main sports venue Trafalgar Park. [more]

Blenheim residents face months of water restrictions
Blenheim residents face months of water restrictions from Saturday as the town's water treatment plant is upgraded. [more]

Major financing for New Caledonia's Koniambo nickel project pulled
The global banking crisis has hit New Caledonia's SMSP mining company, which is a majority stakeholder in the multi-billion dollar Koniambo project. The head of SMSP, Andre Dang, says new... [more]

Days numbered for Waitakere feral pigs
Professional hunters have been hired to carry out a pre-Christmas cull of feral pigs in Auckland's Waitakere Ranges. [more]

Murder-accused's lawyer questions DNA evidence
The lawyer for murder-accused Liam Reid has questioned the reliability of DNA evidence linking him to an alleged rape in Dunedin. [more]

Commission clears NZ First secretary over donations
The Electoral Commission has ruled that there was no offence committed by New Zealand First's secretary in relation to the party's 2007 annual return of donations. [more]

Reserve Bank warns no early end to recession
The Reserve Bank does not expect the New Zealand economy to come out of recession soon. The central bank cut the benchmark interest rate by one percentage point to 6.5% on Thursday. [more]

Waikato River searched for missing Saudi
Police divers have searched a stretch of the Waikato River near Hamilton for a man missing since being pursued by police on Saturday. [more]

Water leaks into mothballed Skyhawks
Rainwater has got into the cockpits of four of the 17 mothballed Air Force Skyhawks stored at Woodburn Air Base in Blenheim. [more]

Trio charged with murder of Wairarapa man
Three people have been jointly charged with the murder of a Wairarapa man. [more]