Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 5th November 2008

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Year of the Potato
Alyson Gofton has a book called Potato Favourites. David went out to dig up some potatoes with her and to talk spuds. [more]

Jims Essay
When will my husband become a romantic? Answer, age 53. [more]

The Best Song Ever Written
Dougal Sutherland has chosen today's song, which is Billy Bragg's Greetings to the New Brunette. [more]

Link 3
Link 3, the music game where we ask you to identify the link between the songs. [more]

US Voter
Stuart Vidanage from Silicon Valley, California, has cast his vote. [more]

Tunneling Technology
A $10 million dollar boring machine is about to be lowered underground at Mairangi Bay, on Ak's Nth Shore. [more]

He Rourou for 5 November 2008
The time of the pan-tribal organization, the NZ Maori Council, is over according to Ngati Porou elder Apirana Mahuika. [more]

Virtual World
Mr IT, is back in the chair with all the latest IT goss. [more]

Environment Story with Alison Ballance
With a notebook and ladder, John Flux has been running one of the longest running ecological studies in the world. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
With Michele A'Court and Barry Corbett. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
With Michele A'Court and Barry Corbett. [more]

Business News

Midday Business News for 5 November 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


America Elects Obama
American TV channels are calling it an Obama win. [more]

US Olly Barratt
Our US correspondent Olly Barratt talks about the historic event. [more]

US Nathan King
Correspondent Nathan King is at Obama's headquarters in Chicago. [more]

US Geoff Robinson
Geoff Robinson is at the Democratic Party's election night party at the Mayflower Hotel in downtown Washington DC. [more]

US Hilary Shelton NAACP
The NAACP has been fighting for the civil rights of African Americans for almost a century. [more]

US Maryeva Candon
Democratic Party Convention delegate, Maryeva Candon speaks from the Democrat's election night party in Washington. [more]

US McCain Concession Speech
Correspondent Malcolm Brown and McCain's concession speech. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

US Phil Pennington
RNZ producer Phil Pennington is at the Republican's election night party in Washington. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

US Fair Elections
Voting monitors have been keeping a close eye on polling stations across the US. [more]

US John Key
John Key is encouraged by strong US voter turnout. [more]

US Obama Acceptance Speech
Obama addresses an adoring victorious crowd at campaign headquarters. [more]

US McCain
Obama is US President Elect. McCain accepts defeat. [more]

US Steve Mort in Orlando
Florida swings Democrats way. [more]

US Embassy Wellington
The mood at the US Embassy in Wellington is a mix of jubilation and disappointment. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

US Celebrations Outside the Whitehouse
Hundreds are gathered outside the Whitehouse to celebrate. [more]

Winston Flys to Wellington
Winston has suddenly flown to Wellington to join his New Zealand First MP, Ron Mark, in Rimutaka. [more]

Far North Flood Victims Finally Smiling
The government has today approved a half million dollar relief fund. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Hilterman Wants Review of Treatment
Estranged husband Adrian Hilterman was convicted on 2 charges of assault and sentenced to community service. [more]

Winston Debate
Winston debates issues with a cardboard cut-out of Mr Key. [more]

South Island Cold Snap
Snow has fallen across much of Southland, Central and coastal Otago, but the Metservice says the cold blast will be short-lived. [more]

US Elect Barack Obama
Short excerpt from Obama's acceptance speech. [more]

Election 2008 Audio

National, Greens still won't work with Peters
Leaders' stance unchanged despite police clearing NZ First. [more]

Police won't take NZ First complaint any further
Political editor Brent Edwards explains decision over donations to the party. [more]

Mixed reaction to Maori Party's plan for bumper Christmas
Party suggests $500 payment to children in poor families, pensioners. [more]

Pressure likely for Maori Party post-election
Political editor Brent Edwards looks ahead to deals. [more]

Michael Cullen confident despite accounts in red
Labour's finance spokesperson details party's mini-budget. [more]

Are phone demographics distorting opinion polls?
Pollsters may be missing young people who only have cellphones, not landlines. [more]

Helen Clark campaigning on Wednesday, 5 November
Labour leader talks to reporters on National's 'razor gang' and 'war' tape, and Winston Peters. [more]

Winston Peters leaves Tauranga electorate unexpectedly
NZ First leader suddenly flies to Wellington to join Ron Mark in Rimutaka. [more]

Winston Peters goes head to head with cardboard John Key
NZ First leader holds debate with cutout after National leader spurns him. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 5 November 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 5 November 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 5 November 2008
US voting underway, US polls, NZ First cleared, Keri Keri murderer hunt. [more]

Korora - The Northern Blue Penguin
Listen to todays birdcall. [more]

Pacific News for 5 November 2008
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Neither National or Greens Will Work With Peters
Both National and the Greens say they still won't work with Winston Peters, despite yesterday's police decision. [more]

Voting is Underway in US Presidential Election
America prepares to elect its 44th president in the longest and most expensive presidential race in history. [more]

US Election Polls
Fritz Wenzel from the pollsters Zogby International gives details of the polling figures. [more]

Police Clear Peters NZ First Over Donations
The Police will not be taking the allegations of failure to declare donations any further. Brent Edwards comments. [more]

Mixed Reaction to Maori Party's Idea of Bumper Xmas
The Maori Party wants to spend more than 136-million dollars giving one-off payments to poverty-stricken families. [more]

Hunt for the Keri Keri Murderer
The hunt for the killer of a teenage girl in Kerikeri moves into its third day this morning. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Labour Confident in Maori Seats
The Maori Party could come under pressure over post election deals if Labour does well in the Maori seats. [more]

Health Innovation Awards - Reducing Salt
A project that's seen a massive amount of salt removed from bread has scooped this year's Health Innovation Awards. [more]

Guy Fawkes - Fireworks Night
It's Guy Fawkes, and tonight thousands of people will celebrate with fireworks in their backyards. [more]

Spacemen Vote in US Election
Two American astronauts have voted from space. [more]

Polling Stations Packed Across the US
Undecided voters could swing this election and they seem to be moving away from his Republican Party opponent John McCain. [more]

Barack Obama's Final Rally
Barack Obama held his final rally in front of eighty thousand Democratic supporters just fifty kilometres from Washington DC. [more]

Labour Party Confident About Govts Financial Statements
The Labour Party says its economic policy is sound, despite the government books plunging further into the red. [more]

Rank Outsider Wins Yesterdays Melbourne Cup
Viewed is the 12th Cup winner to be trained by 80 year old veteran Bart Cummings. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Cell Phones and the NZ Election Opinion Polls
How much faith should be placed in polls, with less landlines and more mobile phones. [more]

Lyttelton to Become NZ's First Recognised Historic Area
A town committee applied to the NZ Historic Places Trust for recognition and the process of approving it is now underway. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Naked Cowboys? -The Lighter Side of the US Election
Todd Zwillich of Capitol News Connection looks at the colourful events of the Presidential race. [more]

US Election Round-Up
Looking back at the highlights of the presidential campaign. [more]


USA Election 2008 Poll-Day Panel
US election panel with three American guests, two democatic and a conservative. [more]

Conundrum Clue
Conundrum Clue. [more]

Nine To Noon

US Election Day
Republican strategist Brian Walton and Democrat strategist Bob Weiner supply views from opposing HQs. [more]

Dixville, First US Town to Vote
Donna Kay Erwin is Supervisor of the voter checklist in Dixville. [more]

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate
Professor Semir Zeki has conducted a brain study showing the same part of the brain deals with both love and hate. [more]

Australian Correspondent - Paul Barclay
Paul Barclay keeps us up to date with affairs across the Tasman. [more]

Feature Guest - Elena Mitrano formerly Hilary Morgan
LA - based singer who, as a child was the centre of a high-profile custody battle that saw her brought to NZ. [more]

Book Review - 'The Catastrophe Continues'
Harry Ricketts reviews 'The Catastrophe Continues: Selected Interviews' by John Clarke. Published by Text Publishing. [more]

Music - Marty Duda
Marty Duda's 'Artist Of The Week' is Chris Isaak. [more]

Legal Commentator - Dean Knight
Dean Knight discusses forming Governments. [more]

Film Reviewer Graeme Tuckett
The latest in new movies, reviewed by Graeme. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 5 November 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 5 November 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Storytime Treasure Chest

The Shining Song by Robin Nathan
A brother and sister live on a deserted rock of an island in the Marlborough Sounds. [more]

Knockout by Robin Nathan
Part monster, part soccer mum, Mrs Carter makes her daughter's life a misery. [more]

Not For Sale by Robin Nathan
Mr Twinkles has more in common with the items in his antique shop, than with his customers. [more]

A Good Fishing Spot by Robin Nathan
Casey and his Uncle go fishing for stories. [more]

Cocky by Robin Nathan
Cockroach and human - who is the real pest? [more]

Playing it Cool by David Hill
It's Nadia's violin concert. Nat isn't helping very much. Neither is her teacher's pet cat. But the violin saves the day - and the cat. [more]

Hats Off by David Hill
At the school gala day, Nadia and Nat are running the cap stall. A small, smart customer causes them all sorts of problems. [more]

Fair Shares by David Hill
Nat and Nadia aren't keen on sharing - till something fat, furry and four-legged shows them how sharing can be cool. [more]

On the Right Path by David Hill
Is Nadia the better artist of the twins? Is Nat? Why won't they leave each other's art alone? Who is the stranger who keeps passing? [more]

Letter by Letter by David Hill
Nat and Nadia sometimes think life would be easier if there were only one of them. So they decide to sell the other to a suitable firm. [more]


Flora Edwards
Top NZ singing teacher talks about research she has been doing on preserving the voices of ageing opera singers. [more]

John Ritchie
Contemporary of recently deceased concert violinist Ruth Pearl, talks about her life and work. [more]

Owen Moriarty and Christopher Hill
The 'Wellington Guitar Duo' talk about recent trips overseas and upcoming concerts - and play live in the studio. [more]

News stories:

Mealaumu to lead new look ABs against Scotland
The hooker Kevin Mealaumu will captain the All Blacks for the first time on Saturday night in the opening game of their 5-match tour of the UK. Mealaumu will ... [more]

White returns to Scotland rugby team
The Scotland rugby coach Frank Hadden has recalled the experienced Jason White to his side for this weekend's test match against New Zealand at Murrayfield. The 30-year-old White, a former ... [more]

Henson back for Wales
Centre Gavin Henson has been fast-tracked into the Wales rugby team to face South Africa in Cardiff this weekend after completing his return from an ankle operation. Henson started only ... [more]

Rosie White stars as Young Ferns beat Colombia
The Auckland 15-year-old Rosie White scored New Zealand's first World Cup hat-trick as the Young Football Ferns ended their FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup campaign with a 3-1 win over ... [more]

Smeltz heading to Gold Coast
The Wellington Phoenix striker Shane Smeltz is headed for the Gold Coast, after signing a three-year deal with the burgeoning A-League football team. The club ended months of speculation about ... [more]

Gambir to miss final test after losing appeal
The in-form Indian opening batsman Gautam Gambhir will have to sit out the final cricket test against Australia starting tomorrow in Nagpur after losing his appeal against a one-match ban. ... [more]

McCauley leads cycle tour of Southland
The Auckland cyclist Gordon McCauley will take a 13 second lead into today's 4th stage of the Cycle Tour of Southland. McCauley picked up the yellow jersey after winning yesterday's ... [more]

Hamilton's father decries racist abuse
Lewis Hamilton's father has revealed he had considered withdrawing his son from motor racing because of racial abuse. Speaking from Sao Paulo where his 23 year old son last ... [more]

Four new caps in England rugby side
The former Junior All Black Ricky Flutey has been named in the England rugby team to play the Pacific Islands at Twickenham this weekend. Newly-qualified under the residency rule, Flutey's ... [more]

Two out of England league squad
Maurie Fa'asavalu and Jon Wilkin have both been ruled out of England's final Rugby League World Cup group match against New Zealand in Newcastle on Saturday because of injury. St ... [more]

Wenger says players out to hurt his team
Manager Arsene Wenger has accused some opposing players of being cowards and deliberately injuring his Arsenal side as he prepares his battered and bruised team for tomorrow's Champions League clash ... [more]

Redskins beaten in Presidential election decider
Pittsburgh beat Washington in the NFL for a dominant victory that US presidential candidate Barack Obama will see as a good omen. For all but one of the last 17 presidential ... [more]

New Zealand to send three hockey teams to Fiji
New Zealand will be represented by three teams, two men's and a women's side at the inaugural Pacific Cup Hockey tournament to be played in Suva, Fiji from November the ... [more]

Australia lowers rates to 5.25%
The Reserve Bank of Australia has cut its key interest rate from 6% to 5.25% in an attempt to boost the economy and avert a recession. [more]

Nelson girl dies after climbing power pylon
A teenager has died in hospital after suffering an electric shock on a power substation in Nelson two weeks ago. [more]

Appeal withdrawn over Crown forest deal
The New Zealand Maori Council has withdrawn an appeal to the Supreme Court over the use of rental proceeds from the Crown Forestry Rental Trust. [more]

Commodity prices slump
A slump in beef prices has helped drag commodity prices down. The ANZ Bank Commodity Price Index is now at an 18 month low. [more]

SH1 closure between Warkworth and Hatfields Beach
A stretch of State Highway 1, north of Auckland, will be closed on Tuesday night to allow the retrieval of a transporter truck that slid down a bank. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
US election campaign reaches its climax; National expects more "dirty tricks" from Labour in the last days of the election campaign; tougher sentences for killers wanted by marchers in Christchurch. [more]

Asia-Pacific markets fall
Fears about the shrivelling US economy knocked share markets on Tuesday, with stocks in the Asia-Pacific region falling. [more]

UBS back in profit
After four quarterly losses in a row, Switzerland's largest bank UBS has reported a profit for the third quarter. [more]

European shares end higher
European shares closed sharply higher on Tuesday, registering gains for a sixth consecutive day. Wall Street rallied in early trading as US voters went to the polls. [more]

Keven Mealamu to captain All Blacks
The hooker Keven Mealaumu will captain the All Blacks for the first time on Saturday night in the opening game of their 5-match tour of the UK. Mealaumu will lead... [more]

SH8 closed by chemical spill
State Highway Eight is closed by a chemical spill from a crashed truck, 10km south of the Lindis Pass Summit. [more]

Oil prices up nearly 11%
Oil prices rose by nearly 11% on Tuesday on signs that Saudi Arabia has made substantial cuts in its crude exports. OPEC members decided last month to reduce their output by by 1.5 million bpd. [more]

EU, Switzerland in talks to open agri-trade
The European Union and Switzerland are in negotiations aimed at full liberalisation of trade in agricuture and food products between them. [more]

BMW quarterly result down
Quarterly profits at BMW are down by 60%. The company is to cut production by at least 40,000 cars. [more]

Lyttelton area to be recognised as historic
Lyttelton is to become the first town in New Zealand to be officially recognised as an historic area. [more]

5 changes to Kiwis lineup
The Kiwi rugby league coach Stephen Kearney has made five changes from the side that beat Papua New Guinea for Saturday night's World Cup match against England in Newcastle. Prop Evarn ... [more]

Jankovic, Zvonareva and Venus win first up at WTA Championship
There have been wins for world number one Jelena Jankovic, Vera Zvonareva and Venus Williams on the opening day of the season-ending WTA women's Tennis Championship in Doha. Jankovic beat ... [more]

World number one has tendinitis
The world number one Rafael Nadal has been told he has tendinitis in his right knee, the day after the Spaniard announced he'd miss the season-ending Shanghai Masters Cup. Medical tests ... [more]

Keane charged for confronting referee
Sunderland's manager Roy Keane has been charged with improper conduct by the Football Association over his behaviour towards a referee. Keane confronted referee Martin Atkinson in the tunnel at halftime of ... [more]

Culpepper coming out of retirement
Three-times American Football Pro Bowl quarterback Daunte Culpepper is coming out of retirement to play for the winless Detroit Lions. 31-year-old Culpepper announced his retirement from the NFL in September ... [more]

Fleming to coach Chennai Super Kings
The former New Zealand cricket captain, Stephen Fleming, is likely to take over as the coach of Chennai Super Kings from Kepler Wessels for the Champions Twenty20 League. However Fleming won't ... [more]

National says it would introduce tax cut bill before Christmas
The National Party says it would introduce legislation to implement its tax cut programme before Christmas if it becomes the government after this week's election. [more]

Wall Street rallies as America votes
Wall Street staged a powerful rally as Americans voted on Tuesday for a new president. European shares also closed up. [more]

Business and investors in South Korea interested in Papua New Guinea
Business and investors in South Korea have shown interest in enhancing trade and investment relations with Papua New Guinea. The National newspaper says there's been a successful showcasing of what... [more]

Sheraton Fiji Resort has reopened its doors
Sheraton Fiji Resort has reopened its doors following the completion of a six-month 22 million US dollar renovation. In a statement, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide said the re-opening of... [more]

Vanuatu Quarterly Consumer Price Index says cost of living in town has increased
The Vanuatu Quarterly Consumer Price Index report for the third quarter of 2008 has revealed the cost of living in town has increased with the country's increasing dependency on imported... [more]

Five changes to kiwi lineup match against Papua New Guinea
The Kiwi rugby league coach Stephen Kearney has made five changes from the side that beat Papua New Guinea for Saturday night's World Cup match against England in Newcastle. Prop... [more]

Electric Power Corporation in Samoa begins rationing power supply
Samoa's Electric Power Corporation has started to ration power supply to most parts of Upolu island. Power was switched off from 10 o'clock yesterday morning until 6 in the evening,... [more]

Samoan man convicted of indecnt assault overturns deportation order
A Samoan man convicted of three indecent assaults on a 12 year old girl has been allowed to stay in New Zealand because a deportation order has been overturned. The... [more]

Samoa's deputy prime minister says dropping air route would raise costs
A decision by the Cook Islands to stop subsidising a direct flight to Los Angeles may be behind Air New Zealand's demand for a subsidy from Samoa and Tonga to... [more]

Fiji's Chamber of Commerce supports permit for dumping industrial waste
Fiji's Chamber of Commerce says it fully supports the introduction of a permit for dumping industrial waste. According to the 2005 environment act, Fiji businesses will need a permit from... [more]

WWF's Living Planet Report says world is heading for ecological credit crunch
The world is heading for an ecological credit crunch as human demands on the world's natural capital reach nearly a third more than earth can sustain, says a new report. [more]

Fiji's Consumer Council says electricity authority needs to be regulated
Fiji's Consumer Council says that the state needs to regulate Fiji's Electricity Authority and introduce competition in the sector. The Council's CEO, Premila Kumar, says Fiji has no national energy... [more]

Pacific Islands rugby manager, Sitiveni Rabuka, says team is bonding well
The manager of the Pacific islands rugby union team, Sitiveni Rabuka, says it's been easy for the team to come together. The Pacific islands team made up of players from... [more]

Low turnout plagues delegate polls in CNMI
Reports from the Northern Marianas say voter turnout at over polling stations throughout Saipan yesterday was extremely low. Local voters for the first time got the opportunity to elect a... [more]

Turnout has been low this morning in American Samoa for general election
Turnout has been low this morning in American Samoa, where voters have been going to the polls in a general election. As our correspondent, Monica Miller, reports turn out is... [more]

Liverpool lucky to escape with draw
A controversial penalty deep into injury time has seen Liverpool snatch a 1-1 home draw with Atletico Madrid in European football's Champions League while Chelsea lost in Rome. Liverpool's captain Steven ... [more]

Clark says finances still solid, despite deficit
Labour leader and Prime Minister Helen Clark says the Crown is still in a solid financial position, despite its accounts slipping into the red. [more]

Electoral Commission explains decision on NZ First donations
New Zealand First Party officials believed the secretive Spencer Trust was the same as the party, and that is why investigations have found no wrongdoing over party donations. [more]

Mini budget wouldn't be slash and burn - Cullen
Labour says a post-election mini budget would not be a "slash and burn exercise", despite Government financial statements showing a bigger than expected operating deficit. [more]

Man in intensive care after escape of buffalo
Police say a farmer was accidentally shot in the head when four men were hunting two escaped water buffalo, at Pukekohe, south of Auckland. [more]

Lower salt in bread recognised as top health project
Top honours in this year's Health Innovation Awards went to a project designed to cut the amount of salt in bread. [more]

Helicopter engine found in Lake Wanaka
Divers have located the engine of a helicopter in Lake Wanaka at a depth of 74 metres. The pilot is believed dead after crashing into the lake on Saturday. [more]

Fatal house fire
A person is dead after a house fire in Cannon's Creek, Porirua. Another four people are in hospital. [more]

Snow in lower South Island
Much of Southland, central and southern Otago are under snow. Schools are closed and farmers have been forced to move stock. [more]

Strike delays Boeing 787 launch
Boeing has delayed the first flight of its 787 Dreamliner aircraft until 2009. Boeing blames the delay on a strike by machinists, which lasted 58 days. [more]

Man sent for trial after death of sister
A man charged with murdering his older sister in Christchurch seven years ago, has been committed to stand trial. [more]

Wind-up of loan book being considered
The trustee for Strategic Finance is considering a proposal to wind up the company's loan book. Repayments to 15,000 investors, who are owed $325 million, are frozen. [more]

$130m airport company bond fully subscribed
Auckland International Airport Ltd is extremely popular with investors, with the full amount of a $130 million retail bond issue being taken up. [more]

Tough times ahead - Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Patch says trading conditions look set to remain tough until 2010. Shares in the company are down 80% from their high point in January 2007. [more]

SH8 still closed
State Highway Eight remains closed 10km south of the Lindis Pass Summit, because of a chemical spill. The type of chemical is not yet identified. [more]

Gastro outbreak closes hospital ward
The orthopaedic ward at Taranaki Base Hospital in New Plymouth is in lock-down following an outbreak of gastroenteritis and will remain so for at least three days. [more]

Alleged child rape case in Samoa dismissed
Charges of rape against a 14-year-old boy accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl has been dismissed by panel of assessors in the Samoa Supreme Court. The court heard of... [more]

Secret tape has English 'worried' about Obama
Another secretly-taped conversation with National's deputy leader has emerged in which Bill English expresses concerns about US presidential candidate Barack Obama's approach to international relations. [more]

CNMI's Fitial extends CUC emergency for 3rd time
The CNMI's Governor, Benigno Fitial, has extended the state of disaster emergency for the Commonwealth Utilities Corporation for 30 more days, despite objections from lawmakers. The Governor first declared the... [more]

Argentinian star and ex-champ to play in Auckland
Rising star Juan Martin del Potro and former champion David Ferrer are confirmed starters for January's Heineken Tennis Open in Auckland. [more]

Fiji Times apologises over contempt
The Fiji Times has apologised for publishing a letter to the editor criticising the ruling in court case brought by the ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase against the Interim Government. [more]

Australian man gets life sentence in Fiji for murder
An Australian man has been sentenced to life for murdering his wife in Fiji. In Fiji's capital Suva this morning, Justice Daniel Goundar sentenced Simon Macartney to serve the rest... [more]

French Polynesia's Flosse fails to get assembly backing in expenses case
The French Polynesian assembly has voted against the veteran leader Gaston Flosse's bid to have questionable expenditure declared to have been in the public good. Mr Flosse and some of... [more]

Sablan takes lead in CNMI election for US seat
Unofficial results from Northern Marianas' election suggest Gregorio Sablan may become its first non-voting delegate to the US Congress. Mr Sablan is a former staffer at the U.S. Senate, belonged... [more]

Hide says he'll keep wearing yellow jacket despite complaint
ACT Party leader Rodney Hide says he is continuing to campaign wearing his trademark yellow jacket, despite a complaint that a label sewn onto it may breach election advertising rules. [more]

Attorney General in Samoa succeeds in having land claim struck out
The Supreme Court in Samoa has upheld a strike out motion by the Attorney General, Aumua Ming Leung Wai, over a land claim by the village council of Satapuala. The... [more]

Govt approves $500,000 flood fund for Kaeo
The Government has approved a $500,000 relief fund for Far North flood victims. More than 20 houses in and around Kaeo need relocating or lifting. [more]

Woman admits killing baby
A woman has admitted to murdering a 10-month old girl. [more]

Toddler dies in house fire
A girl, aged two, is dead after a house fire in Porirua on Wednesday morning. Two adults and three other children were taken to hospital with smoke inhalation. [more]

Petrol prices drop at the pump
The retail price of petrol dropped on Wednesday by four cents per litre for 91 octane at all major fuel stations. The price of diesel is unchanged. [more]

People without voter IDs in American Samoa allowed to use passports
The Election Office in American Samoa is allowing voters who have been turned away at the polling booths because they do not have voter ID cards on them, to cast... [more]

University of South Pacific to slash courses as it tries to cut costs
The University of the South Pacific, the USP, is planning to drop 98 unpopular courses. The Fiji Times quotes the USP Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rajesh Chandra, saying the university had been... [more]

Irishman arrested on porn charges in Fiji
Fiji police have arrested an Irish national who was allegedly found in possession of pornographic materials depicting local teenagers. Police spokesman Atunaisa Sokomuri said the 45-year-old had been under surveillance... [more]

Vanuatu sees labour mobility becoming increasingly important to its economy
Vanuatu's Government expects labour mobility schemes to become an increasingly important part of its economy. Vanuatue provided the most workers in the first year of New Zealand's Recognised Seasonal Employer... [more]

PNG academic says women learning to use culture for political advancement
A researcher from Papua New Guinea says women are learning to use culture to their advantage as a way of gaining political leadership. Orovu Sepoe, a senior lecturer in political... [more]

Tokelau's Trust Fund gets a substantial top up from New Zealand
Tokelau's trust fund is set to reach more than 31 million US dollars after New Zealand gave its last colony a further nine million US dollars. The trust is now... [more]

National, Greens still adamant they wouldn't work with Peters
Both National and the Greens say they still would not work with Winston Peters, despite the police decision clearing New Zealand First of any wrongdoing over the party's donations returns. [more]

Clark pleased for Peters after police clear NZ First
Labour leader Helen Clark says she is pleased for Winston Peters that his party has been cleared by the police over its 2007 return of donations. [more]

Clark says National 'razor gang' would hit cheaper GP, childcare fees
Labour leader Helen Clark says National's planned "razor-gang" on Government spending would target things such as cheaper doctors' fees. [more]

Labour says secret tape shows National militaristic
Labour leader Helen Clark says a secret recording of Bill English shows that if there is a war going, National wants to be a part of it. [more]

National promises schools $150m for high-speed broadband
The National Party says it would invest $150 million over three years on high-speed broadband to schools. [more]

Key says he won't roll in mud with a 'pig', over secret tape
The National Party says it believes Labour leader Helen Clark is being briefed before the release of secret recordings of its MPs. [more]

Australia to complain about Bledisloe Cup referee
The Australian Rugby Union is set to lodge a complaint with the International Rugby Board about the performance of referee Alan Lewis during the Wallabies' Bledisloe Cup clash with New ... [more]

Del Potro heads list for Heineken Tennis Open
Top fifteen players Juan Martin Del Potro and David Ferrer are confirmed starters for January's Heineken Tennis Open in Auckland. Twenty year old del Potro is current ranked ... [more]

Kearney names side for final pool match at rugby league world cup
Prop Evarn Tuimavave will follow in the steps of two of his uncles when the Kiwis play England in their final pool game at the Rugby League world cup in ... [more]

Roulston wins stage four of Tour of Southland
The Olympic silver medallist Hayden Roulston has won the fourth stage of the Cycle Tour of Southland. Roulston won the 88km ride from Invercargill to Tuatapere, and is now fourth ... [more]

Most Blacks Sticks back for trials
Thirteen of the 16 Beijing Black Sticks Women's hockey team have been named in the 47-strong squad to trial in Auckland in late January but Lizzy Igasan, Jaimee Provan and ... [more]

Deportation order on child molester overturned
A Samoan man convicted of three indecent assaults on a child is being allowed to stay in New Zealand because his victim could be stigmatised. [more]

More than 127,000 people cast early votes
Tens of thousands of people have already cast their votes ahead of election day, on Saturday 8 November. [more]

Mother calls for review of mental health services
A mother whose son died while being treated for schizophrenia is petitioning Parliament for a review of mental health services. [more]

Maori Party wants $500 present for poor children, elderly
The Maori Party is looking to spread some Christmas cheer, suggesting a $500 tax free payment for each child in poverty-stricken families and the same for superannuitants. [more]

Peters say NZ First has gained tangible achievements for Maori
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters says he wants Maori to remember his party's contributions to their welfare when they cast their party vote. [more]

National asked to spell out tertiary education policy
The Auckland University Students' Association is calling on the National Party to release its Tertiary Education policy before the election. [more]

Researcher says Maori overseas hugely disenfranchised
A Victoria University researcher says Maori voters living overseas are massively disenfranchised. [more]

Peters goes head to head with a cardboard Key
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters tried to debate election issues with National leader John Key in Tauranga, even though Mr Key was not there. [more]

Groovy news for music fans as Christchurch store saved
There was good news for music fans in the South Island after the Real Groovy music store in Christchurch was saved. [more]

Labour focuses on country schools, medical services
The Labour Party would try to ensure small rural schools had a minimum of two teachers, and establish one-stop primary health care centres in country communities. [more]

Greens say bush to dairy conversion shows RMA too weak
The Green Party says the approval of an application to clear native bush in South Taranaki proves the Resource Management Act is too weak, not too overbearing as its critics claim. [more]

NZ and Australian markets up
Both the New Zealand and Australian share markets are up following election-day gains on Wall Street. [more]

Convicted rapist Brad Shipton released from prison
The Parole Board has decided to release the convicted rapist Brad Shipton. [more]

American Samoa congressman hails Obama victory
American Samoa 's Democratic Congressman has hailed the victory of Barrack Obama in the United States presidential election as the most significant US election result in the past century. Faleomavaega... [more]

Vanuatu re-ignites WTO accession process
Thirteen years after Vanuatu applied to join the World Trade Organisation, or WTO, it has now decided to resume discussions to accede to the world multilateral trading body. The PAC... [more]

Fiji Public Service makes headway on plans to shrink public sector
Fiji's Public Service Commission says it has managed to scrap 800 public service jobs this year as part of the interim government's plan to reduce the sector's size. The interim... [more]

Solomon Islands women remain opposed to police re-armament
A women's information and media organization in Solomon Islands says females across the country are voicing their continued opposition to police ever rearming themselves. Police were disarmed soon after the... [more]

Government approves $500,000 flood fund for Kaeo
The Government has approved a $500,000 relief fund for Far North flood victims. More than 20 houses in and around Kaeo need relocating or lifting. [more]

Search continues for killer of teen in Kerikeri
Police went door-to-door in Kerikeri on Wednesday looking for information that could help them find the killer of a teenager. [more]