Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 6th November 2008

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Jim's Essay
The Times of London has been investigating productivity surveys, which claim to show how and why workers waste time. [more]

The Best Song Ever Written - Julia
For Stephanie McKenzie the best song ever written is Julia by The Beatles, off the White Album. [more]

Your Place - Otaki
Today we take state highway one north from Wellington, to a point midway between the Capital and Palmerston North. [more]

No Television
A childhood expert says the more time a baby spends in front of the TV, the less chance it has to develop social skills. [more]

Manaw Gorge
The Tararua District Council has been frustrated in its attempts to have the Pahiatua Track rated as a main thoroughfare. [more]

He Rourou for 6 November 2008
Sir Graham Latimer may be recognised as one of the most significant figures of Maoridom in the last forty years. [more]

Feature Album -"Against The Grain" Phoebe Snow
Phoebe Snow sings jazz, pop, rock, soul, gospel and her album 'Against The Grain' is today's feature. [more]

Arts Report - Lynn Freeman
Today we hear about a new book aimed at getting Kiwi kids interested in art. [more]

Christchurch Story - Katy Gosset
Last weekend, as part of a fundraising campaign, the Christchurch Arts Centre took a step back in time. [more]

Science Story - Auckland Volcanoes
Within a radius of about twenty kilometres of the city centre, there are almost 50 discrete volcanoes. [more]

The Panel ( Part 1)
Today's panel guests are Lisa Glass and Jeremy Wells. [more]

The Panel ( Part 2)
Today's panel guests are Lisa Glass and Jeremy Wells. [more]

Business News

Midday Business News for 6 November 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Police Continue Search for Fugitive
Matthew Kidman has been on the run since Tuesday, when police issued a description of him in connection with firearms offences. [more]

New Zealand Jobless Rate Rises
Unemployment has hit a five-year high as the recession bites and the outlook is for even more job losses. [more]

Calls for Obama to Act Urgently Over Financial Crisis
It's 24 hours since Obama was elected, but already there are calls for him to act urgently to curb the financial crisis. [more]

John Key Takes to the Sky
National leader John Key took to the skies today, chartering his own plane for a whistle-stop two-day tour over the country. [more]

Winston Peters denies he has given up on Tauranga
The sudden decision by the New Zealand First leader to spend the day campaigning in Rimutaka instead of Tauranga had raised questions, reports Cherie McQuilkin. [more]

Bank scheme money would go to Super Fund, says Michael Cullen
Labour's finance spokesperson says a Labour-led Government would put revenue from fees paid by banks to be part of the deposit guarantee scheme in the Superannuation Fund. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Unemployment Hits Five Year High
Unemployment has hit a five year high of 4.2 percent as the recession starts to hit jobs, and it's expected to get a lot worse. [more]

Afghan President Hopes Obama Will Bring Peace
Hamid Karzai also urged the president elect to do more to prevent civilian casualties in Afghanistan. [more]

GE Money is Being Accused of Using Bullying Tactics
GE Money is being accused of using bullying tactics by threatening investors in the failed Blue Chip company with foreclosure. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Health and Social Problems Will Balloon Says Report
The National Committee for Addiction Treatment says treating addiction is cheaper than leaving it to take its toll on society. [more]

Greens Close Campaign on Rod Donald's Anniversary
It was three years ago today that the Green Party co-leader, Rod Donald, died suddenly at his Christchurch home. [more]

Foreign Ministries Try to Work Out Obama's Priorities
The election of Barack Obama as the President of the US has begun a process of re-calibration in many capitals around the world. [more]

Brent Edwards analyses opinion polls released on Thursday
Radio New Zealand's political editor discusses the polls, which continue to put National in the lead. [more]

New Era for America
The election of Barack Obama as the next President of the US has been heralded as ushering in a new era for America. [more]

International Expert Says Having 21 DHBs Unsustainable
A visiting expert on quality in health systems says having 21 district health boards will eventually prove unsustainable. [more]

Fears Mine Could Effect Environment
There are fears any attempt to mine oil shale behind Queenstown's Remarkables could have an effect on the environment. [more]

Anti-Whaling Group has Lambasted Greenpeace
The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society says Greenpeace is misleading the public. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Minor Parties Line Up for Last Public Debate
And while Winston Peters declined to take part, he was still a hot topic of discussion during the Radio New Zealand debate. [more]

Europe Had Long Favoured Barack Obama
During the US election campaign, opinion polls throughout Europe had long favoured Barack Obama. [more]

Teenager Talks of Brighter Future
A teenager has told young people in foster care how he overcame his abusive and neglected childhood. [more]

Australia's Finance Minister Thinks They Can Avoid Recession
Figures released by the Federal government today show unemployment remains steady at 4-point-3 percent for October. [more]

Tamil Tigers to be Integrated Into Security Forces
A breakaway group of Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers is to be disarmed and integrated into the security forces within months. [more]

Australian Health Experts Call for Uniform Sexual Education
The study of a thousand teenagers found that more than a third of them are sexually active. [more]

Obama Won Without Race Being a Central Issue
That wasn't the case the last time an African American stood. [more]

World's Youngest Monarch Crowned
Today sees the coronation of the world's youngest monarch in the last remaining monarchy of the Indian sub-continent. [more]

Election 2008 Audio

John Key on Maori Party, secret tapes, unemployment figures
National Party leader questioned by reporters on the possible role of the Maori Party, the identity of the person who secretly taped National MPs and unemployment figures. [more]

Helen Clark on jobless figures, Winston Peters, Stacey Jones
Labour leader speaks to reports on campaign trail following a walkabout in Manukau shopping mall in South Auckland. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 6 November 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 6 November 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Pipiwharauroa - Shining Cuckoo
Listen to this mornings bird. [more]

Pacific News for 6 November 2008
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News for 6 November 2008
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Final TV debate between Clark and Key - report
It was almost all sweetness and light as Helen Clark and John Key squared off for the final TV debate of the election campaign, reports Julian Robins. [more]

Change Comes to America
Around the nation, and around the world, the announcement was met with joy. [more]

Brent Edwards On The Final TV Election Debate
We learned John Key has never smoked a cigarette, not one puff, but Helen Clark has. [more]

Has Winston Peters Given Up On Tauranga?
The New Zealand First leader needs to win the seat which he lost in 2005. [more]

Woman Confirms Brad Shipton Raped Her
The Parole Board has decided to release the former police officer and Tauranga city councillor from prison. [more]

Sports News for 6 November 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Obama Never Campaigned On His Race
But, it's become one of the defining points in his election as president. [more]

A Look Back At Geoff's Time in Washington
Geoff Robinson has been covering the US election in Washington. [more]

Election Debate - Part 1
In two days time New Zealanders will go to the polls to vote. [more]

Election Debate - Part 2
In two days time New Zealanders will go to the polls to vote. [more]


Jacob Vinter
Jakob Vinter explains how he worked out the colours of fossil feathers [more]

Hamish Campbell
Hamish Campbell from GNS science talks rocks, especially the ones we share with Australia [more]

Conundrum clue 7
Conundrum clue 7 [more]

Conundrum clue 8
Conundrum clue 8 [more]

Nine To Noon

Senator George McGovern
Long-time Democratic Party stalwart who lost the 1972 presidential election to Richard Nixon. [more]

Kevin Alexander Gray
Barack Obama is the president elect - the first black man to be elected president. [more]

Dr Joe Z. Tsien
Erasing scary memories in mice. [more]

Kate Adie
UK Correspondent. [more]

Feature Guest - Mick Hopkinson
Mick Hopkinson has kayaked the most dangerous rivers in the world, from the Blue Nile to Dudh Khosi river in the Himalayas. [more]

Book Review - The Private Patient
By P D James, published by Faber and Faber and reviewed by Ralph McAllister. [more]

New Technology
With Nathan Torkington. [more]

Barbara and Wendy Kendall
The two sisters of the talented Kendall family. [more]

Simon Wilson
TV reviewer Simon Wilson looks at a week of TV. [more]

Our Changing World

Weddell Seal Songs
Behavioural ecologist Joe Waas explains why Weddell seals produce such other-worldly songs. [more]

Studying Starlings
John Flux's 39-year study of breeding habits of starlings is one of the longest ecological studies in the world. [more]

Auckland's Volcanoes
Volcanologists Jan Lindsay and Graham Leonard explain a research project that aims to determine volcanic risk in Auckland. [more]

Geological Mapping
Geologists Julie Lee and Mark Rattenbury talk about a series of maps that show rock types and faults across New Zealand. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 6 November 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 6 November 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Storytime Treasure Chest

Haircuts by Jane Buxton
Read by Stephen Butterworth. Ashley is given a terrible haircut when kids' haircuts were on special and his Mum makes him have one. For ages 4-10 years.   [more]


Marc Taddei and Donald Maurice
Conductor and viola soloist for Wellington Orchestra's performance of Israeli Composer Boris Pigovat's 'The Holocaust Requiem'. [more]

Anne Rodda
'NZ Sculpture On Shore' General manager talks about this year's event being held at Fort Takapuna Historic Reserve. [more]

Judith Tizard
Labour Party Associate Minister of Arts, Culture and Heritage talks about her party's arts policy, which was released today. [more]

Writers and Readers Festivals

Pavlova with Everything
Is there a New Zealand cuisine or have we been swept away into a miasma of 'Asian-Pacific fusion'? Food writers Helen Leach, Alexa Johnston and Ray McVinnie discuss with Lauraine Jacobs the state of New Zealand cuisine past and present. Helen Leach's The Pavlova Story looks at the development of this national dish in New Zealand kitchens. Chef and food writer Ray McVinnie joins Helen and Alexa Johnston (Ladies, A Plate) to take an affectionate look at favourite dishes which have graced our tables past and present. Lauraine Jacobs is in the chair. [more]

Travel Writing
Travel was once seen as a rite of passage for New Zealanders, but today's decision to get on an aeroplane is not so simple. Graeme Lay, Lloyd Spencer Davis and Thomas Kohnstamm explore areas in common to their very different approaches towards travel writing. Kapka Kassabova is in the chair. Graeme Lay's Inside the Cannibal Pot is a new kind of travel book which explores how and why we travel. Lloyd Spencer Davis's Looking for Darwin describes a journey both 'through the heart and mind' and some of the most beautiful and isolated places in the world. After four years in perpetual motion, American travel writer Thomas Kohnstamm published Do Travel Writers Go To Hell? A Swashbuckling Tale of High Adventures, Questionable Ethics and Professional Hedonism. The panel discussion is chaired by Kapka Kassabova. [more]

News stories:

Pumpkin Patch bears itself for continuing tough times
Pumpkin Patch says the tough trading conditions it's facing are not expected to ease until 2010. [more]

Teen recovering in hospital after vicious attack
A Korean student is recovering in Christchurch Hospital after being beaten by two men outside his homestay address late on Tuesday night. [more]

Richards inspires Irish World Cup boilover
Ireland has upset Samoa 34-16 to advance to a semi-final qualifier at the rugby league World Cup. The underdogs Ireland needed to win by five points to finish top of the ... [more]

Scotland secure miracle win over Fiji
Scotland pulled off an 18-16 late winover highly-fancied Fiji at Gosford to claim their country's first e rugby league World Cup win in five attempts. The Wakefield prop Oliver Wilkes barged ... [more]

Confused and entertaining start for Maradona the coach
Diego Maradona's reign as coach of Argentina is got off to a confused but entertaining start. Maradona, who makes his debut against Scotland in a friendly on November 19, ran into ... [more]

Tears and cheers accompany Hamilton's homecoming
The newly-crowned Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has made an emotional return to the McLaren headquarters, promising the adoring workforce he will stay with the team. The factory, 32 kilometres ... [more]

Alonso and Piquet to stay with Renault
Fernando Alonso and the Brazilian Nelson Piquet will be still be Renault's drivers in Formula IOne next season with the Spaniard extending his contract for another two years, Double world champion ... [more]

Tour riders looking for better weather
Tour of Southland cyclists will be hoping for better weather for today's 133 kilometre sixth stage from Lumsden to the Crown Range. Organisers had to shorten the Invercargill to Tuatapere stage ... [more]

Upset win for Blaze
The bottom-placed Gold Coast Blaze have scored their first win of the Australian National Basketball league season. After 11 straight losses, Gold Coast upset the Townsville Crocs last night 115-106, ... [more]

Japan concerned about Obama influence on Olympic bid
While Barack Obama's victory in the US presidential election has been well received in most parts of the world, Japanese Olympic officials fear the "Obama factor" could hurt Tokyo's ... [more]

Magic scoop Silver Fern talent
The Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic has confirmed their signing of the Northern Mystics defender Leanne de Bruin, bringing the number of Silver Ferns in their trans Tasman netall championship squad ... [more]

Australian cricketers braced for Indian revolt
The Australian cricketers are half expecting India to name their banned opening batsman Gautam Gambhir in the team for the fourth and final test in Nagpur starting this afternoon. Australia ... [more]

Last eight completed at Under 17 women's World Cup
England, the USA and South Korea have completed the quarter-final line-up at the FIFA Under-17 women's World Cup while Nigeria, Brazil and France were eliminated. So Denmark will play North Korea ... [more]

European stocks close lower
European stock markets closed lower on Wednesday as the focus shifted back to global economic growth after the election in the United States. [more]

Man wanted by police considered to be dangerous
Police in Lower Hutt are searching for a man wanted on firearm offences, and are warning he is considered dangerous. [more]

Pacific Islands name a powerful side to meet England at Twickenham
Many of the Pacific Island players who lit up last year's rugby World Cup will be on show at Twickenham this weekend to face England. The combined team will offer... [more]

Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin re-elected in American Samoa
Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin has been re-elected to an 11th term as American Samoa's delegate to Congress winning over 7 thousand ballots. Aumua Amata received 4,349 and Rosie Tago Lancaster... [more]

Presidential contenders in Palau holds a slim lead
In Palau, presidential contender Johnson Toribiong and running mate Kerai Mariur hold a slim lead with only non-resident ballots left to be counted. The Pacific Magazine says the Toribiong-Mariur team... [more]

Australian trade surplus jumps to almost $A1.5b
Australia has posted a trade surplus of almost $A1.5 billion - its biggest since June 1997. [more]

Venus a great chance to qualify in Doha
Venus Williams has continued her recent revival with another high quality win in the WTA year-end tennis championships in Doha, giving her an excellent chance of qualifying for the semi-finals. The ... [more]

China GP moved to April
The China Grand Prix will be staged in next April after being held in October this year The FIA's revised Formula One program has Shanghai as the third leg of the ... [more]

Scots captain wary of All Black back three
Scotland's captain Mike Blair says expects the new -look All Blacks his side will face in Edinburgh on Sunday morning will be just as formidable as the more experienced team which ... [more]

Islanders pick cream of World Cup crop to face England
Many of the Pacific Island players who lit up last year's rugby World Cup will be on show at Twickenham on Subnday morning after their coaches named a powerful-looking team to ... [more]

7am sports heads
Ireland and Scotland have qualified for semi-final playoffs at the Rugby League World Cup after upset wins over Pacific nations. Ireland beat Samoa 34-16 while Scotland pipped Fiji 18-16. Fiji ... [more]

Absentee votes not likely to upset win in CNMI
The outcome of absentee voting for the Northern Marianas' first-ever congressional delegate is expected to uphold the victory of independent candidate Gregorio Sablan in the election precincts. Election results will... [more]

Guardian Trust seeks coverage under Govt guarantee
The Guardian Trust is moving to restructure one of its funds to qualify for the Government's deposit guarantee scheme and offer added protection to investors. [more]

Results in from four Pacific countries that held elections this week
The results are now in from the four Pacific countries that have held elections this week. Megan Whelan reports. "In American Samoa, Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin has been re-elected to... [more]

Fiji's confederation of public sector unions angry at interim govt's move
Fiji's confederation of public sector unions says it's considering taking action after the interim government scrapped about 800 public sector jobs with more to come. The interim government is planning... [more]

Vote of no confidence plans in Samoa
A senior opposition MP in Samoa has revealed a planned vote of no confidence against the ruling party before it tables its third financial year budget for the current five... [more]

Majority of voters on Hawaii's Oahu island said yes to rail transit
A majority of voters on Hawaii's Oahu island said yes to rail transit during Tuesday's election. According to the Office of Elections, 155,880, or 50-point-6 percent of voters said they... [more]

Brendon McCullum Cricketer of the Year
Wicketkeeper-batsman Brendon McCullum is New Zealand crricket's Bank Player of the Year as well as winner of the Walter Hadlee Trophy for one-day batting. The new J R Reid Best Allrounder ... [more]

Man U and Arsenal draw
Manchester United and Arsenal both drew their latest group matches in European Champions League football. United scored a late goal to draw 1-all at Celtic.... they remain top of group ... [more]

Black Caps squad named for first test against Australia
A Black Caps squad of 15 has been named for this month's first cricket test against Australia in Brisbane with the side including all the players from the second test ... [more]

Details announed for 2009 Junior Rugby World Championship
The International Rugby Board has announced the pools, dates and venues for the IRB Junior World Championship 2009 in Japan. The tournament, which brings together the finest international players at ... [more]

Guam says local government is going to have to borrow millions of dollars
The Governor of Guam said the local government is going to have to borrow at least 20 million US dollars on the bond market by year's end to make a... [more]

Solomon Islands govt will not take an aggressive stand on Solomon Telekom
The Solomon Islands government has now decided to not take a aggressive stand on the telecommunication monopoly held by Solomon Telekom but to negotiate it out. The Special Secretary to... [more]

Fiji's National Farmers Union calls on Sugar Corporation to suspend operations
Fiji's National Farmers Union has called on the Fiji Sugar Corporation to suspend operations at the Labasa sugar mill and compensate farmers for losses. The Fiji Times reports the call... [more]

Hotels in Hawaii are struggling with huge financial losses
Hotels in Hawaii are struggling with huge financial losses, with more than 37 million US dollars in lost room revenue for the month of September. A new report by Hospitality... [more]

Consumers in Fiji to face higher costs over power
Many businesses in Fiji say they will pass the additional cost of generating own power on to consumers. The Fiji Times Online reports many are saying it would be difficult... [more]

PNG's prime minister to meet with his Australian counterpart
The Papua New Guinea Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare, will brief his Australian counterpart Kevin Rudd on Fiji when the pair meet in Sydney on Thursday. The Sydney Morning Herald... [more]

Key gives more ground to Maori Party in TV debate
In the final televised debate between the leaders of the two major parties, National Party leader John Key has given more ground to the Maori Party as he seeks to build a post-election coalition. [more]

NZ Greens get support from Australian counterpart
Australian Green Party leader Bob Brown has travelled to New Zealand to support the Green Party here. [more]

Wall St ends down 5%
Stocks in the United States have plummeted the day after an historic victory by Barack Obama in the US presidential election. [more]

Peters breaks Tauranga campaign to head to Rimutaka
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has changed plans and joined MP Ron Mark who is campaigning in the Rimutaka seat. New Zealand First leader Winston Peters has changed plans and has joined MP Ron Mark who is campaigning in the Rimu [more]

USTKE strike in New Caledonia has little impact
New Caledonia's mainly Kanak USTKE union has held a one-day general strike over a number of grievances, including a long-running dispute at the Carsud company in Noumea. The action has... [more]

Australia to help train PNG work force for LNG plant
Australia has committed to training Papua New Guineans workers for the massive Exxon Mobil-led Liquefied Natural Gas project. An estimated 10,000 jobs will be created by the 10-billion US dollar... [more]

NGO calls on EU to honour pledge over EPAs
The Pacific Network on Globalisation, or PANG, has called on the European Union to honour its pledge to forge Economic Partnership Agreements, EPAs, which serve the interests of Pacific countries... [more]

Samoa endorses Fiji dialogue
Samoa's Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, says the political dialogue process is the way forward for Fiji. The Pacnews agency reports he has also committed Samoa's assistance and support to... [more]

Fiji/Forum group resumes meetings after six-month suspension
The Pacific Islands Forum - Fiji Joint Working Group has agreed to Fiji's request for a review of its terms of reference as the group is trying to assist Fiji... [more]

Results from Pacific elections firm up
The results are now in from the four US-affliliated Pacific countries and territories that have held elections this week. Megan Whelan has the details. "In American Samoa, Congressman Faleomavaega Eni... [more]

Syndicate looking to challenge to keep grazing rights
A syndicate of High Country farmers in Otago will decide after the election what action to take to retain its summer grazing land. The Mt Ida Syndicate has been told it will lose its grazing rights in five years' time. [more]

$220m meat merger deal called off
A $220 million deal that was supposed to help revitalise New Zealand's struggling meat industry has been called off. [more]

Contract milk volume to be reduced by Fonterra
Fonterra will put curbs on the supply of contract milk next season to protect its balance sheet, due to instability in financial markets. [more]

Fall in wool exports offset by prices
Exports of wool are down by 11% for the first three months of the season, due to a slump in demand. However, average prices were up. [more]

Dairy sector industrial action tipped in pay dispute
Members of the Dairy Workers Union are planning industrial action against Fonterra, saying farmers have had 77% higher returns and they want a share in the sector's success. [more]

Changes to water management in Waikato
Some of the largest farms in Waikato may be affected by changes to the way water is managed. Municipal users are to be given priority at times when there is low water flow. [more]

Arcelor plans 30% cut in output
The world's largest steelmaker, Arcelor Mittal, is to cut steel production by 30% in the fourth quarter - twice the volume previously planned. [more]

Vector signs 10 year LPG contract
Vector has signed a 10-year contract with New Zealand Oil & Gas to secure supplies of Liquid Petroleum Gas from the Kupe field. [more]

Oil falls 7% as demand continues to fall
Oil has dropped in price by 7% to $US65.30 per barrel as fuel stockpiles grow in the United States amid slowing demand. [more]

Forecast cut by Time Warner
Time Warner has cut its full-year profit forecast, despite posting higher-than-expected earnings of almost $US1.1 billion in the third quarter. [more]

More regulation tipped for telcos
The telecommunications industry is facing more regulation as the Commerce Commission seeks to improve access to the mobile market for new entrants. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
There are no prizes for guessing the lead story in New Zealand papers: the election of Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States and the nation's first African American leader. [more]

Oil search near Queenstown
An international energy company is to begin drilling for oil behind the Remarkables mountain range. [more]

No surgery delays yet
Taranaki Base Hospital in New Plymouth has so far avoided delays to surgery due to an outbreak of gastroenteritis. [more]

West Coast hydro project reportedly approved
Commissioners who considered the first large-scale power project for the West Coast of the South Island have reportedly decided in favour of the $185 million scheme. [more]

Environmental awards announced
An asphalt company is among the recipients of environmental awards from Wellington Regional Council. [more]

Application for costs dismissed by Supreme Court
The Supreme Court has dismissed an application for costs from one of the people who abducted a boy in Hamilton in August 2006. [more]

Record number of cases at Middlemore Hospital
The emergency department at Middlemore Hospital saw a record 281 patients on Monday. [more]

Buffalo hunter remains in critical condition
A man who was shot in the head while trying to round up escaped water buffalo near Pukekohe remains in a critical condition in Auckland Hospital. [more]

Earthquake rocks Pahiatua
An earthquake measuring 3.9 been recorded 10 kilometres south of Pahiatua. [more]

Voting information in the post
Some 2.9 million information packs for registered voters are in the post. The 2008 general election is on 8 November. [more]

NZ banks to pay more for Govt guarantee
The Government has announced it will guarantee wholesale bank deposits, following its decision last month to guarantee retail bank deposits amid global financial turmoil. [more]

Government accounts $757m in the red
The Government's coffers are in the red by $757 million for the first three months of the financial year to 30 September. [more]

Value of KiwiRail has plummeted - Treasury
Figures issued by the Treasury show the value of KiwiRail has dropped by more than $200 million in four months. [more]

Quiet Guy Fawkes
The Fire Service says only a small number of incidents were reported during Guy Fawkes celebrations on Wednesday night. [more]

Wrecked fishing boat to be removed
Plans are being finalised to remove the wreck of a fishing boat off the eastern Bay of Plenty coast. Two crewmen died when it ran aground in July. [more]

Volcano risk studied in Auckland
GNS Science and the University of Auckland are studying the risk of Auckland being devastated by one of its 50 volcanoes. The last eruption was about 600 years ago. [more]

French Polynesia's Flosse gets extension in latest finance case
The French Polynesian judiciary has given the veteran politician, Gaston Flosse, another three months to appear in court over the alleged misuse of public funds following the 2004 general election... [more]

Toribiong leads count in Palau presidential race
Palau presidential contender Johnson Toribiong and running mate Kerai Mariur are holding a slim lead, with about 1,000 non-resident ballots to be counted. Palau voted this week, for a president,... [more]

Chinese company groans over PNG permit delays
The Chinese Government company building the Ramu nickel plant in Papua New Guinea's Madang Province says it had been waiting, in some cases for more than a year, for more... [more]

Pacific countries to look to extend EPA negotiations into 2009
The Pacific Network on Globalisation, or PANG, says it expects trade deal negotiations between Pacific trade ministers and the European Commission to be extended into next year. Negotiations over Economic... [more]

Rehousing 100,000 Fiji squatters achievable in five years, according to local government
The Fiji Local Government Association says it's aiming to rehouse the country's one hundred thousand squatters within five years. The comment precedes a meeting between the association, Fiji's 12 municipal... [more]

SFO charges former Green Acres employee
Three fraud charges have been laid against a former employee of the Green Acres franchise company. [more]

Deans could be both New Zealand and Australia's top coach
He's now Australia's top coach but Robbie Deans could still be New Zealand's coach of year. The former Crusaders coach, who's now in charge of the Wallabies, is one of ... [more]

Netball NZ bails out Central Pulse
The troubled Wellington based netball franchise the Central Pulse has called in Netball New Zealand to bail it out financially to the tune of around $150,000, so it can compete ... [more]

NZ Cricket introduces Most Valuable Player measure
New Zealand cricket is introducing a new way of measuring players' performances in domestic competitions. They've adopted the Most Valuable Player benchmark developed by the Professional Cricketers' Association in England. It ... [more]

Search continues for Hutt Valley fugitive
Police have spent the day scouring parts of the Hutt Valley, north of Wellington, looking for a man wanted in connection to firearms offences. [more]

58 jobs lost in Christchurch factory closure
The garment and textile manufacturer Lane Walker Rudkin says it has to close its Christchurch textiles division to stay competitive. [more]

No interest in coalition, says Maori Party co-leader
The Maori Party does not want to be part of a coalition Government, and would instead seek a role outside Cabinet if it was in a position to do so after the election, co-leader Pita Sharples says. [more]

Maori Party post-election hui still being finalised
The Maori Party has admitted there is still work to be done within its ranks to organise its post-election hui, if it ends up holding the balance of power. [more]

Still campaigning in Tauranga, says Peters
New Zealand First leader Winston Peters denies he is abandoning his Tauranga electorate in favour of campaigning in the Rimutaka seat where the party's list MP Ron Mark is standing. [more]

Bank scheme money would go to Super Fund - Cullen
Labour's finance spokesperson Michael Cullen says a Labour-led Government would invest any revenue generated from the premiums of the bank deposit guarantee schemes in the Superannuation Fund. [more]

Historic coral church in French Polynesia to be renovated
The oldest cathedral in French Polynesia, which was built out of coral, is to be renovated over two years at a cost of seven million US dollars. The cathedral of... [more]

French Polynesia's tourism sectors continues to slump
The number of tourists visiting French Polyensia has continued to drop. Figures just released for September show another 4.3 percent decline over the same month last year. The drop in... [more]

Solomons Government to negotiate with phone company over ending monopoly
The Solomon Islands Government has decided not to take an aggressive stand to end the telecommunication monopoly held by Solomon Telekom. The Special Secretary to the Prime Minister, John Keniapisia,... [more]

Vocal protest by Labour supporters during Key's speech
National Party leader John Key has faced a noisy clash between Labour and National Party supporters in Cathedral Square in Christchurch. [more]

PNG to deport Ramu workers from China found without permits
Papua New Guinea's deputy Prime Minister Dr Puka Temu says Chinese workers at the Ramu nickel mine project found to be without proper work permits will be deported. This comes... [more]

Fiji Joint Working Group reconvenes after five month hiatus
The chairperson of the Pacific Islands Forum/Fiji Joint Working Group, says they are continuing to work towards Fiji holding elections by next March. The Joint Working Group met for the... [more]

Bully tactics claimed
A lobby group claims GE Money is using bullying tactics by threatening investors in the failed Blue Chip company with foreclosure. GE Money denies this. [more]

Pilot's body found in Lake Wanaka
Divers have recovered the body of a missing helicopter pilot in Lake Wanaka. [more]

Resources to treat addiction half what's needed - report
A new report says resources to deal with addiction will need to be doubled within the next three years to avert huge health and social costs. [more]

Injured woman rescued from cave
A rescue team worked into the night to evacuate a seriously injured tramper, trapped in an underground cave west of Waitomo. [more]