Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 13th November 2008

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Headless Chickens: "We were being described as two-chord punks who strangled kittens."
Chris Matthews and Fiona McDonald of Headless Chickens talk to Trevor Reekie about the life and times of one of Flying Nun's most successful bands. [more]


White tailed spider
The spider is waking from its winter sleep and making its presence felt in households up and down the country. [more]

Jim's essay - alt news
Not the usual broadcast media news fodder and some may call it trivia, but what would Ammon Shea term it? [more]

Best song ever written
And for Ben Sinnock of Birkenhead, it's Split Enz's Message to my Girl. [more]

Your place - Blackball
Blackball has a significant place in our political history, it's considered a cradle of the Trade Union movement. [more]

Takitimu festival
The Festival's brought together thousands of descendants from the Takitimu Canoe. [more]

He Rourou for 13 November 2008
Mata Tiore talks about her role as a tutor on Maori Counselling programme at Waikato University. [more]

Feature album - Smiley Smile
The cult Beach Boys' classic from 1967. [more]

The Arts Report
Our weekly arts report with Lynn Freeman. [more]

Christchurch story with Katy Gosset
This week, Katy investigates new student newspaper Veritas for it must surely speak the truth. [more]

Environment story - the Rig shark
You may not have heard of it, but you've probably eaten it which may seem like poetic justice to some. [more]

The Panel (part 1)
The Panel lets loose on anything that's fair game and in the media or public eye. [more]

The Panel (part 2)
The Panel gets to talk about modern day phallus worship as well as doctors and nurses. [more]

Business News

Morning Business News for 13 November 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update
A quick market update. [more]

Midday Business News for 13 November 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Treasury pessimistic
Treasury warns unemployment could rise as high as nearly 6 percent and of further economic gloom. [more]

Labour Party warns Maori Party
Warning against entering into an agreement with the National without knowing of its policies for Maori. [more]

Rickards allowed to practise law
The New Zealand Law Society has given former Auckland police commander Clint Rickards the go ahead to practise law. [more]

Nia Glassie trial
The two accused brothers' lawyers are trying to shift the blame on to one another's clients. [more]

British recession bites
The Governor of the Bank of England is warning the recession in Britain will be deeper and longer than expected. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Bad economic news continues
A survey shows manufacturing activity at its lowest since at least 2002. [more]

Automobile insurance
The AA's insurance arm is warning motorists not to try save money by cancelling their car insurance. [more]

Petrol prices
Petrol prices have fallen again today, but exactly how low can they go? [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Hawke's Bay house fire
A woman was killed in a house fire in Hawke's Bay today, despite attempts by neighbours to rescue her. [more]

US financial bailout package
The Treasury Secretary has announced a major shift in the focus of his US$700-billion financial bailout package. [more]

FIFA under-17's Women's World Cup
After two weeks of play, the first ever tournament has reached semi-final play. [more]

Rickards cleared for The Law
The final hurdle has been cleared by former Auckland police commander Clint Rickards in his bid to become a practising lawyer. [more]

West Auckland school girl attacked
Police have been carrying out traffic stops in the area seeking information about the attacker's identity. [more]

Prison van escape
A design fault led to the escape of two dangerous criminals from the back of a moving prison van a fortnight ago. [more]

Whangarei saves on roading costs
Whangarei District Council has saved nearly half-a-million dollars on a single roading contract by changing its tender system. [more]

Council walking and cycling strategies
A new report suggests councils could lengthen their stride when it comes to their walking and cycling strategies. [more]

Real estate market defies trend
New figures out show the residential property market appears to be defying predictions of doom and gloom. [more]

Congo update
UN peacekeepers and aid agencies are struggling to help 1/4 of a million people displaced by fighting in the Congo. [more]

Sports news
update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Obama's foreign policy
As the President-elect prepares to take office, hopes are high he'll be able to improve America's tarnished reputation abroad. [more]

Guantanamo's future
How the new US President will resolve the future of Guantanamo Bay and the terror suspects held there is still uncertain. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Another Haitian school collapses
Just days after almost a hundred people, most of them children were killed in a similar accident. [more]

British authorities review child protection
In the wake of an avoidable and gruesome death caused by care-givers. [more]

South African attacks
Xenophobia erupting into violence is rising with attacks on foreigners continuing and reports of deaths across the country. [more]

Afghan acid attack
Two men on a motorbike have sprayed acid on a group of schoolgirls in the former Taleban stronghold of Kandahar. [more]

US sonar use okay
The navy will use it in exercises despite it possibly disorienting and even killing some marine mammals. [more]

Tequila, a gem of a spirit
Gone are the days of silver and gold tequila, Mexican scientists have discovered the national tipple can produce diamonds. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 13 November 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 13 November 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 13 November 2008
Maori Party hui, John Key on deals with the Maori Party and United Future, US Treasury and ACC slash spending. [more]

Hihi - The Stitchbird
Listen to today's birdcall. [more]

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

National's support parties almost signed and sealed
The Maori Party has embarked on a series of hui and ACT and United Future are set to confirm their respective deals. [more]

Interest rates on credit cards
The banking union, Finsec, is calling on banks to justify why they aren't dropping interest rates on credit cards. [more]

Maori Party hui on National Party deal
The first hui voted overwhelmingly to support participation in the new government. [more]

John Key on deals with Maori Party and United Future
John Key says the deal with the Maori Party benefits both sides. Peter Dunne says his deal with National should be finalised by the end of today. [more]

US Treasury scraps bad mortgages
The US Treasury says the rescue plan will refocus on injecting capital into floundering financial institutions. [more]

Auckland City Council slash spending
Auckland Mayor John Banks discusses the council's just released proposal for budget cuts that could save millions of dollars. [more]

Police warn West Auckland high school students
Police in West Auckland are warning high school students to be on the look out for a man posing as a truancy officer who sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl. [more]

Crude oil at two year low
Crude oil is now trading at just below 58 dollars US a barrel, from a high of close to 147 dollars a barrel. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Search resumed for missing swimmer
A 16 year old was swimming with a friend below the Roxburgh Dam on Tuesday when he disappeared in swift currents. [more]

Interest rates on credit cards (Part 2)
Although the official cash rate has dropped and mortgage rates have also fallen, credit card rates have not. [more]

Electoral Finance Act revisited
Hayden Wilson, who specialises in electoral law at Kensington Swan discusses what changes are likely. [more]

Christchurch's Cup and Show Week
The country's largest A and P show - around 115 thousand people are expected to be in town for the event. [more]

Maori party hui on National Party deal (Part 2)
The National Party's senior Maori MP Georgina Te Heuheu says the news is encouraging for all concerned. [more]

Maori party hui on National Party deal (Part 3)
With political editor Brent Edwards. [more]

National Party leaders briefed by treasury
Mr Key says the situation is not so bad he'll have to abandon his promised tax cuts. [more]

Economists discuss options for new government
Peter Conway from the Council of Trade Unions, and Tony Alexander from the BNZ. [more]

Fletcher Building AGM
With Fletcher Building chief executive, Jonathan Ling. [more]

Taupo farmers
An environment court ruling backs tighter controls on agricultural activities around New Zealand's biggest lake. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

UN accuses Congolese government troops
The UN is accusing Congolese government troops of raping and killing thousands of refugees in the Democratic Republic of Congo. [more]

Ballu Khan acquitted
New Zealand businessman Ballu Khan says an acquittal by the High Court in Suva is a bittersweet victory. [more]

Waatea News
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

World gender gap survey
New Zealand is the fifth best country in the world for gender equality, behind Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland. [more]

Word of the Year
"Hyper-miler"- that's the Oxford University Press Word of the Year. [more]


Damaging Depression
Irish based professor Dr Thomas Frodl has found that people who suffer from prolonged depression suffer brain shrinkage. [more]

Body Parts
Professor Jean Fleming from Otago Medical School joins Bryan to talk about hormones. [more]

Clue number 7. [more]

clue number 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Ballu Khan
New Zealand businessman who was arrested and beaten by the Fiji military a year ago, has been freed by the Fiji High Court. [more]

Professor John Thompson is a leading international Melanoma expert. [more]

Martyn Key
Martyn Key is the long-lost half brother of incoming NZ Prime Minister, John Key. [more]

UK Correspondent
Michael White talks about current events in the UK. [more]

Feature Guest - Seth Glickenhaus
Seth Glickenhaus is a 94 year old stock broker with Glickenhaus and Co on Fifth Avenue, New York. [more]

Book Review - Goldengrove
Jane Westaway reviews 'Goldengrove' by Francine Prose. Published by HarperCollins. [more]

New Technology
Colin Jackson on domain names and messy bloggers. [more]

Teens and safety
Michael Ungar is a Canadian author and researcher who argues that teenagers thrive on a recipe of risk and responsibility. [more]

TV Review
Simon Wilson looks at the new series of Heroes, and has been tracking the political aspirations of Pulp Sport comics Bill and Ben. [more]

Our Changing World

Shark Genetics
Alison Ballance joins biologists as they take genetic samples from the rig, one of New Zealand's smallest shark. [more]

Rutherford Medal
Massey University biophysicist David Parry was awarded the 2008 Rutherford Medal, the country's highest science honour . [more]

Bees And Anaesthesia
Scientists use honey bees to study whether anaesthesia affects our biological clock. [more]

Ocean Acidification
University of Otago marine scientist Abby Smith explains the impact of acidification of the ocean on shell-building creatures. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 13 November 2008
The latest from the farming and rural communities. [more]

Midday Rural News for 13 November 2008
Agrarian news from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Storytime Treasure Chest

Heather the Weather Girl by Robin Nathan
Heather gets struck by lightening and though at first she seems the same, one night she amazes her family by reciting the weather forecast just before Penelope reads it on TV. [more]

Make-Over by Norman Bilbrough
Stephen and Matt's sister has left home. Matt scores her room and decides to give it a make-over. Matt's got the cleanliness virus - Stephen is determined to turn his room into a tip. [more]


Indra Hughes
Founder and Musical Director of Auckland's 'Musica Sacra' choir talks about their 10th Anniversary performance this weekend. [more]

David Malacari
Auckland Arts Festival Director talks about the 2009 programme that was released this week. [more]

Vyvyan Yendoll
Long-serving NZSO principal violist talks about his 46 years with the orchestra. [more]

News stories:

Djokovic into semi-finals in Shanghai
Australian Open champion Novak Djokovic survived a second-set implosion to beat Russian Nikolay Davydenko 7-6, 0-6, 7-5 and become the first player into the semi-finals of the Masters Cup tennis ... [more]

Arsenal teenagers too good for Wigan
Arsenal's remarkable band of youngsters have delivered another breathtaking performance, crushing Wigan 3-0 in the Carling League Cup fourth round. Jay Simpson's first two goals for the north Londoners and ... [more]

Further details for next America's Cup agreed
A meeting between the America's Cup defender Alinghi and 10 challengers has agreed new rules for the next event, but Russell Coutts and the BMW Oracle syndicate remain on the ... [more]

Wallabies recall big names for England Test
Australia have recalled their big names to face England in the first match against their arch-rivals since their scrum was destroyed by them in last year's World Cup quarter-final. Coach Robbie ... [more]

Mott 50-50 over whether he will take up Black Caps job
New Zealand cricket's coach-in-waiting Matthew Mott is keeping the sport on tenterhooks as he agonises over an offer to remain with New South Wales. Mott admits he's yet to decide ... [more]

NZRU want cap on overseas players in new England comp
Fears over a second tier professional competition in England have been raised by the New Zealand rugby union. The plan would see England's 12-team National League Division One become the ... [more]

Howlett says Ireland can test All Blacks
The Munster star and former All Blacks winger Doug Howlett believes New Zealand could be in for a tough Test when his countrymen come up against Ireland at Croke Park ... [more]

Green threat to 2010 Commonwealth games in India
The organisers of the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi are now discussing their options after facing an ultimatum to resolve a dispute over the athlete's village. Work on the complex, which ... [more]

Spain stay on top of world rankings
European champions Spain remain on top of the world football rankings for a fifth successive month. Spain celebrated back-to-back World Cup qualifying victories over Belgium and Estonia last month to ... [more]

Carter may miss out on Heineken Cup tilt
All Black first five eighth Dan Carter says he wouldn't be too impressed if his new club Perpignan pulled out of the Heineken Cup. Carter is due to join up with ... [more]

Trans Tasman netball format unchanged despite criticism
The much-criticised format of netball's Trans-Tasman competition will remain next year. The ANZ Championship draw was announced yesterday and the 10-team competition will again see the five New Zealand sides ... [more]

Breakers come from behind to beat Taipans
The New Zealand Breakers came from behind to beat the Cairns Taipans 93-81 and consolidate second spot on the Australian National Basketball League ladder. The Breakers turned around a seven-point ... [more]

Murray seals semi-final spot in Shanghai
Britain's Andy Murray has booked his place in the semi-finals of the Masters Cup tennis tournament in Shanghai. The 21-year-old Scot won his second group match 6-4 6-2 against the ... [more]

New Zealand Rugby Union threatens to go it alone
The New Zealand Rugby Union is threatening to abandon the International Rugby Board's tour programme and simply arrange tours against top revenue-generating nations. At an IRB meeting in London the ... [more]

Dunedin heritage buildings threatened with demolition
The Historic Places Trust is speaking out against the demolition of historic buildings, as Dunedin City Council considers the fate of three. [more]

Second opinion sought on Matai's shoulder injury
The Kiwi rugby league centre Steve Matai has flown to Sydney for a second opinion on his injured shoulder, suffered in last weekend's World Cup game against England. While the ... [more]

Traditional tours and Argentina in Tri Nations discussed
Traditional rugby tours should be investigated as a potential way forward for the June Test match window. That's the conclusion from a meeting of the 10 'Tier One' unions - Argentina, ... [more]

Mind games follow England team announcement
Mystery surrounds the make-up of the England league team for Saturday night's World Cup semi-final against the Kiwis in Brisbane. England's coach Tony Smith on Wednesday announced a squad of ... [more]

Pakistan beat West Indies by four wickets in first ODI
Pakistan has beaten West Indies by four wickets in the first one-day cricket international in Abu Dhabi. West Indies made 294 for 9 in their 50 overs with Chris Gayle ... [more]

Swiss ace relaxed despite must-win game against Murray
Roger Federer believes he can repeat last year's performance and win the Masters Cup again, despite needing to beat the in-form Scot Andy Murray to reach the semi-finals in Shanghai. Federer ... [more]

Henson to miss rest of Wales' internationals
The Wales rugby coach Warren Gatland says that centre Gavin Henson will miss the remainder of their November international series with an Achilles injury. Henson was forced to withdraw from ... [more]

Ballu Khan's lawyer says compensation will be sought
Ballu Khan is planning to ask the interim government for compensation, after Fiji's high court struck out all charges against the businessman Mr Khan and ten others were charged with... [more]

Strikers prevent French high commissioner from leaving French Polynesia
About 300 striking public service employees at Tahiti's international airport have prevented the French high commissioner, Adolphe Colrat, from leaving French Polynesia. The action was taken at the start of... [more]

PNG Opposition Leader calls govt to delay signing deal with Abu Dhabi company
The Papua New Guinea Opposition Leader, Sir Mekere Morauta, has called on the Government to delay signing a deal with an Abu Dhabi company to secure finance for its share... [more]

Public sector unions in French Polynesia begin an open-ended strike
Public sector unions in French Polynesia are to begin an open-ended strike today in protest at a planned French pension reform. The strike is expected to cripple services and is... [more]

NZ banking system 'bearing up well'
The Reserve Bank says New Zealand's banking system is bearing up well amid the global credit crisis and growing risk of a prolonged global economic downturn. [more]

99-year-old woman attacked in home
A Palmerston North man has been arrested over an attack on a 99-year-old woman in her home. [more]

PNG researcher says it's difficult to reach millennium goal
A Papua New Guinea researcher says it's difficult to reach the millennium goal of free basic education for all by 2015 because the country is so diverse. Many children can't... [more]

Greenpeace says financial problems hampering Japan's whaling industry
Greenpeace says financial problems hampering Japan's whaling industry show it's not viable for Japanese people. Commentators say recent whale meat embezzlement scandals and regulatory breaches within Japan's whaling fleet badly... [more]

Educators in PNG call on community to help all children attend school
Educators in Papua New Guinea are calling on the community to help all children attend school. Basic education for all by 2015 is one of the Millennium Development goals for... [more]

Greenpeace welcomes Japan's whaling industry crisis
Greenpeace says signs that Japan's whaling industry is in crisis are good news for the Pacific region's efforts to protect its whale stocks. Commentators say recent whale meat embezzlement scandals... [more]

Sir Salamo Injia named PNG's new Chief Justice
Papua New Guinea's National Executive Council has appointed Sir Salamo Injia as the country's new Chief Justice. Justice Sir Salamo, from Enga Province, has been the deputy chief justice since... [more]

Solomon Islands is losing out on cheap telecommunications says deputy PM
The Solomon Islands deputy prime minister says the country is losing out on the benefits of cheap telecommunications. Fred Fono made the remarks after his recent visit to Fiji, where... [more]

One million fake cigarettes destoryed in Solomon Islands
Police, Customs and Excise and representatives of Solomon Tobacco have destroyed over one million fake cigarettes. This followed an extensive joint investigation which led to the Honiara Magistrates Court issuing... [more]

Gamba too good, admits United skipper
The Australian A-League football side Adelaide United have been comprehensively beaten by Japan's Gamba Osaka in the final of the Asian Champions League. After losing the opening match in Osaka ... [more]

Another good result for Ingram
The New Zealand swimmer Melissa Ingram has picked up another podium placing, finishing second in the 400m freestyle on the second day of the FINA short course World Cup in ... [more]

American Samoa hospital dismisses claim by Department of Health
LBJ hospital in American Samoa has dismissed a claim by the department of health which says it's trying to force local doctors from its practice. This comes as doctors working... [more]

Mayor won't apologise over remark
North Shore City's mayor says he will not apologise for calling a councillor a "smart-arse" during a meeting. [more]

Air New Zealand changes Niue schedule
Air New Zealand is replacing its weekly night service to Niue with a daylight flight starting on December 20th. It's hoped the new schedule will attract more tourists. Several additional... [more]

Tonga to provide 800 workers to Australian workers' scheme
Tonga is to provide one third of the workers in the initial stages of Australia's labour mobility scheme trial. The Australian scheme, to provide labour for horticulture from early next... [more]

France professes neutrality in Wallis chiefly rivalry
France says it is neutral in the rivalry between the clans in Wallis where moves are still afoot by some clans to enthrone another king. The French junior minister in... [more]

No explanation for end to logging on Solomons Vanikoro island
A logging firm that closed its operations on Vanikoro island in Solomon Islands' Temotu Province last month is tightlipped about its reasons for pulling out. Earthmovers Solomons Islands Ltd, which... [more]

Compensation sought over Ballu Khan's Fiji detention
The lawyer for Ballu Khan, who had been charged with conspiracy to kill Fiji's interim Prime Minister, expects compensation proceedings to go ahead next year. Mr Khan was hospitalised after... [more]

Pay dispute grounds PNG flights
Flights in Papua New Guinea have been grounded due to an on-going air traffic control pay dispute. The Air Traffic Control Association is meeting today to decide whether to return... [more]

Speed limit reduced on Northland beaches
Whangarei District Council has voted to cut the speed limit on three popular beaches from 100 km/h to 30 km/h. [more]

'Beast of Blenheim' appeals against Parole Board move
A legal battle has begun over whether a man dubbed the "Beast of Blenheim" should stay in prison for a further four years. [more]

Police divers join search for teenager
A police dive squad has been brought in to help search for a teenager who went missing while swimming in the Clutha River in Central Otago. [more]

Parole hearings for mass murderer to be postponed
The Parole Board has decided to postpone further parole hearings for a convicted mass murderer for up to three years. [more]

Nightclub woman names bouncers
A woman who was in a Christchurch nightclub on the night a patron died has named two people she saw fighting with the man before his death. [more]

Affidavit potentially misleading - CYF social worker
A Child, Youth and Family social worker has conceded that an affidavit used to take a boy from his home could be interpreted as misleading - but if so, it was not deliberate. [more]

Man sought over two abduction attempts
Police in Auckland are hunting for a man who is believed to have tried to abduct two girls. [more]

Ban likely on drivers using hand-held mobiles
Proposed changes to the land transport rules look set to ban motorists from using hand-held cellphones. [more]

Court supports controls on farms near Lake Taupo
The Environment Court is supporting Waikato Regional Council's plan to tighten controls on farms surrounding Lake Taupo, in a bid to clean up the lake. [more]

Banks asked to justify credit card rates
The banking union Finsec is calling on banks to justify why they are not dropping interest rates on credit cards. [more]

Man arrested for Whangarei robbery, bomb hoax
The police have made an arrest in the case of a Whangarei bank robbery and bomb scare. [more]

Trustpower gets consent for West Coast hydro
The electricity company Trustpower has been given resource consent to build a hydro-electric power scheme on the Arnold River on the West Coast. [more]

Fitial justifies disaster declarations in CNMI power crisis
The Governor of the Northern Marianas, Benigno Fitial, has justified his continued use of disaster declarations to address the Commonwealth's power problems, saying the territory is still in crisis. Mr... [more]

Legal battle in Samoa over water bottlers' name
A three-month-old bottled water business in Samoa, the South Pacific Water Company, is facing a legal action to stop it using a name that's almost identical to that of a... [more]

Senator unhappy with American Samoan language veto
A senator in American Samoa says he is disappointed that the Governor Togiola Tulafono has vetoed the bill which would have made both Samoan and English the languages of instruction... [more]

Niue Assembly member warns new tax could backfire on government revenue
A member of the Niue Assembly is warning that a new tax aimed at increasing government revenue could backfire. A tax package that includes a 12.5 percent goods and services... [more]

Tonga worried about outer island shipping service
The Tongan Government says it is very concerned about shipping services for the outer islands and has called for an update from the government agency which operates the service after... [more]

Northland expects political rewards, says mayor
Far North Mayor Wayne Brown says Northland is looking forward to tangible rewards for a long period of supporting the National Party. [more]

Goff supports review of Electoral Finance Act
Labour Party leader Phil Goff has admitted the detail of the Electoral Finance Act, and the way it was passed, could have been better. [more]

Tokoroa death no longer thought suspicious
Tokoroa police say the death of a man in the town on Wednesday morning is now not being treated as suspicious. [more]

Dangerous prisoner remains at large
Police are still searching for a dangerous prisoner who escaped in the Horowhenua town of Shannon a fortnight ago. [more]

One dead, three in hospital after fires
One person is dead and three are in hospital following house fires. [more]

AgResearch to shed 25 staff
The largest Crown research institute, AgResearch, will lose the equivalent of 18 full-time scientific staff members, in efforts to make up a $5 million shortfall. [more]

HIV/AIDS infections rising rapidly in Papua
The number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Papua is increasing every year with 319 new cases reported as of October, taking the total to 4,114 reported cases. The Jakarta... [more]

Thousands protest in Tahiti against pension cuts
Thousands of public sector employees in French Polynesia have taken to the streets of Papeete at the start of an unlimited strike in protest at French plans to cut pensions. [more]

Samoan MP Keil asks US federal court to modify bail conditions
Samoa MP, Hans Joachim Keil, has asked a federal court in the US state of Missouri to modify his bond conditions to allow him to return to Samoa while his... [more]

American Samoa student wins science symposium with mosquito project
A senior student at American Samoa's Tafuna High School, Samuel Meleisea, has won a science symposium with a project aiming to help reduce mosquito numbers. He was inspired by American... [more]

Niue premier hopes people will embrace tax changes
The premier of Niue says a tax package that includes a goods and services charge will go before parliament again in early December. The passage of the Niue Consumption Tax... [more]

No parole but Privy Council appeal for Barlow
An application for parole by the convicted double murderer John Barlow has been adjourned until March. [more]

Petrol down, but other costs likely to rise
Consumers are being warned the international economic downturn means they are unlikely to see flow-on benefits from lower fuel prices. Shell and BP lowered their petrol prices again on Thursday. [more]

Leader says Labour will develop new policies
The Labour Party's new leader, Phil Goff, says the party is entering into a time of reflection which it will use to develop new policies. [more]