Radio New Zealand - Tuesday, 23rd December 2008

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Best song ever written - Don't Cry My lady Love
By Quick Silver Messenger Service and chosen by Chris Skellett from Dunedin [more]

TV Google
One outfit which seems to have gone from strength to strength in 2008 is Maori Television. [more]

Whale Shark
The BBC sent reporter Tim Healey to join a team of scientists in Madagascar a few days ago. [more]

He Rourou for 23 December 2008
In He Rourou today, Ana Tapiata talks to Christmas with Maori leaders, Sonny Tau, Selwyn Parata and Apirana Mahuika. [more]

Feature Album - Reach Out - Four Tops (1967)
Motown legends The Four Tops are to receive a Grammy Award for lifetime achievement. [more]

Tune your engine
Jodie Hedley-Ward argues in her new book,"You Sexy Mother", that motherhood should be reinvented in our post-modern society. [more]

Asian Report for 23 December 2008
With Christmas just around the corner it's a very holy time of the year for some. [more]

Enviroment Story
A behind the scenes look at Auckland Zoo's Centre for Conservation Medicine. [more]

The Panel
With Bomber Bradbury and Gordon McLachlan. [more]

Business News

Morning Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 23 December 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Top Stories for 23 December 2008
The best of Checkpoint. [more]

Global downturn's grip tightens on NZ
Exports were down 2.6 percent, manufacturing dropped by about the same. [more]

Mallory Manning was also strangled - Police
The 27-year-old's body was found on Friday morning. [more]

Victim of property scam - not happy with penalty
Little more than a slap on the wrist with a wet bus ticket - Victim. [more]

Longer school days on the cards
The School Trustees Association has called for a debate on more flexible hours. [more]

Evening Business for 23 December 2008
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Christmas Weather
Metservice forecaster Alister Gorman joins Mary Wilson. [more]

Bethlehem hopes for bumper Christmas
The ABC's Middle East correspondent Ben Knight reports. [more]

Sports News for 23 December 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

More on NZ economic status
Economists are not expecting a turnaround any time soon. [more]

South Auckland Police Launch Investigation
24-year-old Carlos Edwards hasn't been seen since December the 4th. [more]

250 Taranaki families receive letter
It's part of a nationwide attempt to curb holiday domestic violence before it begins. [more]

Waatea News for 23 December 2008
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Government staying silent over interim Fiji administration
Fiji has now dropped its threat to expel Caroline McDonald unless a travel ban on a student is lifted. [more]

Economic Problems, the world over
The deputy governor of the Bank of England admits the bank underestimated the severity of the economic problems. [more]

Still not finished your Christmas shopping?
Our reporter Teresa Cowie has been checking out some of this year's more unusual gift giving options. [more]

Economists say 'I told you so"
General household spending is down, businesses are investing less. [more]

Katy Gosset with an update on the Christchurch prostitute
The body of 27 year old Mellory Manning was found dead in the Avon River on Friday morning. [more]

Commerce commission wants to jail cartel ring leader
French company Schneider Electric has been fined more than a million dollars after admitting it was part of the cartel. [more]

3 Real Estate agents could face further charges
Philip Cavanah, Raghu Aryasomayahula and Philip Niall are in the dog house. [more]

Zimbabwe sinks deeper into political crisis
The United States is now pushing for tougher sanctions against the African country. [more]

Sports News for 23 December 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

An ACC law expert gives women more power
An ACC law expert says the way is now open for women to sue their doctor if they get pregnant after sterilisation surgery. [more]

Acting New Zealand Commissioner expelled from Fiji
New Zealand's foreign minister joins Mary Wilson to explain the Governments next move. [more]

Malayan Tigers
In Malaysia, the tiger is more than a forest predator - it's a traditional symbol of the nation itself. [more]

Jewish settlements in the West Bank officially sanctioned
By the Israeli government but other smaller ones are considered unauthorised outposts. [more]

You Tube Music
Money is again getting in the way of the net with Warner Music forcing Youtube to remove its music. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 23 December 2008
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 23 December 2008
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 23 December 2008
Fiji's interim Attorney General, possible lead in homicide, accidental pregnancy ruled not covered by ACC and more. [more]

The blackbird's call. [more]

City mission overwhelmed
The Auckland City Mission is seeing an unprecedented number of people queuing up for food parcels this Christmas. [more]

Pacific News for 23 December 2008
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Morning Rural News for 23 December 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Japan in trade deficit
Japan has recorded a trade deficit of more than four billion dollars reversing last year's surplus of nearly 100 billion. [more]

Auckland city council
The Auckland city council has been looking at the merit of having non-elected boards run some public facilities. [more]

GDP figures to be released
The official GDP figures for the three months to September are due out later this morning. [more]

Fiji interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum
Fiji has dropped its threat to expel New Zealand's acting high commissioner unless a travel ban on a student was lifted. [more]

Possible lead in homicide inquiry
Police have revealed that they have a possible sighting of the car at the centre of Mallory Manning's disappearance. [more]

Accidental pregnancy ruled not covered by ACC
The Court of Appeal has ruled that a woman who became pregnant after a failed sterilisation isn't entitled to compensation. [more]

Toyota at a loss
Japan's Toyota Motor group is forecasting its firstever operating loss. [more]

Who gets name suppression and how it is granted is up for debate, with the potential for widescale change. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Trustpower protested
Environmentalists say they will keep fighting a huge windfarm at Mahinerangi in Otago despite a court ruling in its favour. [more]

Spammer to pay large fine
The High Court has ordered Lance Atkinsonto pay a fine of $100,000 and court costs of $7666. [more]

Cricket writer Richard Boock
Victory is anyone's for the taking as New Zealand and the West Indies head into the final day of the second cricket test. [more]

Possible drought in Hawkes Bay
Farmers and Ministry of Agriculture officials will meet ahead of what would be one of the earliest droughts to hit the area. [more]

Holiday Weather
Peter Kreft of the Met Service with what's in store. [more]

ACC pregnancy case
The Supreme Court may be asked to consider whether pregnancy can be regarded as a physical injury. [more]

Sex worker safety
Attention is turning to how to make street prostitution safer following the killing of a Christchurch sex worker. [more]

Contaminated flour
Contaminated flour appears to be the most likely culprit after a nationwide outbreak of salmonella poisoning. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Music videos removed
Thousands of music videos are being removed from YouTube after a disagreement between the site and Warner Music. [more]

Holiday driving
Police around the country are cracking down on drunk drivers in the run-up to the holiday season. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Christmas good will
Social Issues Reporter Teresa Cowie put herself to the test to see how much goodwill she could spread in just one day. [more]

Medical myths
Too much sugar doesn't hype kids and there is absolutely no cure for a hangover except time. [more]


DVD Review - Miles Buckingham
Miles gives us the lowdown on the year's best and potentials for the Xmas stocking. [more]

Bangladesh correspondent - Mahtab Haider
Mahtab talks about democratic reform, the impact of the global economic crisis and more. [more]

Nine To Noon

School hours
School Trustees have called for a extention to the school day. [more]

Superintendant Paula Rose
The first female officer to become National Road Policing Manager speaks on the holiday season crackdown. [more]

Rachael Bermingham
Christmas dining 4 ingredients style. [more]

American Correspondent - Jack Hitt
The issues of the day in the states. [more]

Feature Guest - Tiki Taane
Musician Tiki Taane is the subject for the third in our Big Year interview series. [more]

Book Review - Reporting America
John King reviews 'Reporting America: The Life of the Nation 1946 - 2004' by Alistair Cooke. Published by Allen Lane. [more]

Bernard Hickey
The managing editor at discusses the newly released GDP figures. [more]

Valerie Vili
Olympic gold medal winning shotputter. [more]

Denis Welch
Denis Welch goes through what caught his eye in the media in 2008. [more]

Rural News

Midday Rural News for 23 December 2008
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Saturday Morning

Henry Rollins , hardcore provocateur
American spoken word artist,author,actor,publisher,and singer and songwriter with Black Flag and Rollins Band. [more]

JJ Joseph and Celia Lashlie: male violence
Author of a confessional book about violent offending, with the author of books about men and violence. [more]

Playing Favourites: Lenny Henry
British television, radio, film and standup comedy performer who is about to tour New Zealand. [more]

Sir Jackie Stewart
Scottish race car driver who won 27 Grand Prix races and was world champion three times on the Formula One circuit. [more]

Suzi Quattro, Rock Star
Bass player and singer who exploded onto the UK pop scene in the 1970s; she has just published her autobiography, Unzipped. [more]

Janice Marriott and Virginia Pawsey
Children's author and occupational therapist who rekindled their friendship after 40 years with a year-long correspondence. [more]

Ruth Reichl: Food writer
Editor-in-chief of Gourmet magazine and former chief restaurant critic for The New York Times and the Los Angeles Times. [more]

Playing Favourites with Green Fire Islands
Irish music mainstay Donal Lunny, taongo puoro master Richard Nunns, singer Iarla O'Lionaird and poet Glenn Colquhoun. [more]

Playing Favourites with 'Mad Mike' Banks
Detroit-based producer who formed militantly political electronic techno collective Underground Resistance in the late 1980s. [more]

Peter Cameron: Sudoku and Mathematics
Professor of Mathematics in London, and the 2008 Forder Lecturer touring New Zealand. [more]

Peter Temple: top Australian crime writer
Former journalist and lecturer who has won five Ned Kelly Awards for crime fiction, most recently for The Broken Shore. [more]

Stephen Parke: neutrinos
Theoretical physicist who is one of the world's leading experts on the smallest know particles, neutrinos. [more]

David Penny: biology and genetics
Evolutionary biologist and research director of the Allan Wilson Centre at Massey University. [more]

Jim Lindner : saving magnetic memories
Authority on the preservation and migration of magnetic media. [more]

Mani Bruce Mitchell, on being intersex
Counsel for the Intersex Trust of Aotearoa New Zealand, who is profiled in the exhibition Assume Nothing at The New Dowse. [more]

Christian Bok: Poet
Canadian poet, whose innovative and experimental work has reached best-selling status in his homeland. [more]

Chris Brickell : NZ's gay male history
Lecturer in gender studies,and author of Mates and Lovers,the first New Zealand gay male history. [more]

Helen Garner on Death and Friendship
Australian novelist, short story writer, screenwriter and journalist, talking about her first novel for 15 years. [more]

John Clarke: Fred Dagg at 60
Writer and performer whose early work has been collated on The Fred Dagg All-Purpose DVD and Music CD. [more]

Michael Braungart : design beyond sustainability
Professor of Process Engineering and co-principal at McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry. [more]

Max Gimblett: Painting in NYC
One of NZ's most internationally prominent and successful artists, living and working on the Bowery in New York. [more]

John Reynolds : Art and Text
One of New Zealand's foremost painters and printmakers. [more]

Playing Favourites with Graeme Downes
Senior lecturer in contemporary rock music at the University of Otago, and a founding member of The Verlaines. [more]

Alastair Thompson: Politics and Pilgrimage
Co-founder, co-editor and general manager of independent online media organisation, Scoop. [more]

Ron Hanson: Fungus, Dairy and Art
Co-publisher and co-editor of the experimental global arts magazine White Fungus. [more]

Murray Bail: Australian Pages
Australian writer of novels, short stories and non-fiction; his new book, The Pages, is his first novel in ten years. [more]

Gerald Melling: houses and homes
Winner, with Allan Morse of Wellington's Melling Morse Architecture, of the Home New Zealand Home of the Year 2008 award. [more]

Richard Stallman: Freedom
Software freedom activist visiting New Zealand to help promote the use, dissemination and ideals of free software. [more]

Lawrence Lessig: copyright and corruption
Advocate of free copyright laws, and co-founder of Creative Commons, who now works to reform Congress in the USA. [more]

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor: Stroke and recovery
Neuroanatomist who experienced a stroke in 1996, and has been successfully rebuilding her brain. [more]

John Gray: on the Death of Utopia
Political philosopher and author; his most recent book is Black Mass. [more]

Judge Jerry Paradis
Retired Canadian judge and member of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. [more]

James Flynn: IQ
Emeritus Professor of Political Studies at the University of Otago, who discovered the continued rise of IQ scores. [more]

James Flynn: Race and Class in the USA
Expert on IQ scores, and author of Where Have All the Liberals Gone? about race, class, and ideals in the USA. [more]

Nick Davies : media manipulation
Award-winning journalist,and author of Flat Earth News,a book about falsehood and distortion in the media. [more]

Alun and Helen Bollinger: love and film stories
Respected New Zealand cinematographer and his wife who feature in film festival documentary Barefoot Cinema. [more]


Guy Jansen
Founder and organiser of the International Summer School for Choral Leaders taking place in Hamilton next month. [more]

Wendy Harrex
Founder of New Women's Press talks about Otago University Press's 50 Year Anniversary. [more]

Mark Lockett
Melbourne based NZ jazz drummer talks about the release of his third album 'Now and then'. [more]

News stories:

Leeds part company with manager McAllister
Former English champions and European contenders Leeds Unitedhave parted company with manager Gary McAllister after the club lost its fifth successive match. Leed now play in League One and lost 3-1 ... [more]

Black Caps need quick break through
The New Zealand cricketers need three quick wickets and one more dry day in Napier if they're to have a chance of beating the West Indies, who'll start the final day ... [more]

India virtually secure series against England
The Indian cricketers look set for victory in their 2-test series against England going into the final day of the second test in Mohali. England made a bold attempt ... [more]

Aussies' loss brings smile to Pietersen's face
England's cricket captain Kevin Pietersen has fanned the flames ahead of next year's Ashes series by claiming Australia's first-Test loss to South Africa in Perth brought a smile to his face. ... [more]

OZ selectors faced with little choice
A lack of choice has prolonged the careers of two of Australia's ageing cricket warriors, going into the second test against South Africa in Melbourne, starting on Boxing Day. ... [more]

Jaques bats freely for first time in 18 months
For more than a year and half the Australian opening batsman Phil Jaques hadn't played a cover drive without feeling pain. That was until he picked up his bat for the ... [more]

More doubts over Chinese player's age
A media report carrying school photographs and an identification card has raised doubts about Chinese NBA player Yi Jianlian's age, less than two weeks after 26 local players were found to ... [more]

New Zealand To Host 2010 Women's World Team squash Championship
Squash New Zealand has secured the 2010 World Women's Team Squash Championship. The biennial World Squash Federation event will be hosted at SquashGym Palmerston New Zealand's largest club, in late November ... [more]

Retrospective winners named for OFC Footballer of the Year
New Zealanders Ryan Nelsen and Shane Smeltz and Tahitian Marama Vahirua are retrospective winners of the Oceania Football Confederation's Player of the Year Awards. There's been no award since since 2004 ... [more]

Surfing nationals back to Piha
The National Surfing Championships will be staged at Piha Beach near Auckland next month 35 years after it was first staged there. The current Open Men's Champion Jay Quinn of Gisborne ... [more]

Ford deal with NZRU extended for only a year
The economic downturn is continuing to take a toll on New Zealand Rugby as long-term sponsor Ford looks to downsize its commitment to the sport. New Zealand Rugby Union Paul Dalton ... [more]

Boy's head injuries were non-accidental - police
Police say head injuries inflicted on a 15-month-old Kerikeri boy were caused by another person. The boy is likely to be left blind and brain damaged. [more]

Police focus on prostitute's last client
Police investigating the death of a Christchurch prostitute say they are focusing on the person who picked her up about 10.35pm on Thursday. [more]

Transparency International in PNG condemns police moves to destroy squatter village
A Papua New Guinea NGO says the death of Sir George Constantinou is inexcusable and has left people shocked and bitter, but they should not respond with brutality and illegality. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Tuesday's papers: December spending by shoppers well down to date; NZ current account deficit grows; Queenstown aquatic centre faces $77,000 funding shortfall for power. [more]

Tamihere condemns NZRU over no games for Maori team
Former politician John Tamihere has condemned a decision by the New Zealand Rugby Union not to schedule any games for the New Zealand Maori team next year on economic grounds. [more]

European shares in red
European shares closed 1.7% lower on Monday as volumes dwindled at the start of Christmas week. [more]

Overnight watch on fire
Firefighters in Auckland remained overnight at the scene of a big blaze at the old Southdown freezing works in Penrose. The fire is still smouldering. [more]

Christchurch teenager missing
Police in Christchurch have concerns for the safety of a teenage girl who's been missing since early on Saturday. [more]

Threat to expel New Zealand's acting high commissioner has been dropped by Fiji
A threat to expel New Zealand's acting high commissioner has been dropped by Fiji. Fiji had said the acting high commissioner Caroline McDonald would be sent home unless the son... [more]

New Caledonia's anti-independence party launches its election campaign
New Caledonia's anti-independence UMP/Rassemblement Party has launched its election campaign ahead of next May's vote, with a call for a referendum on full self-determination to be held soon after 2014. [more]

Possible sighting of last car slain prostitute was in
Police investigating the killing of a prostitute in Christchurch say they have a possible sighting of the last vehicle she got into on Thursday night. [more]

Retrospective winners named for OFC Footballer of Year
New Zealanders' Ryan Nelsen and Shane Smeltz and Tahitian Marama Vahirua are retrospective winners of the Oceania Football Confederation's Player of the Year Awards. There's been no award since since... [more]

Confirmation expected of nine month recession
GDP figures to be issued on Tuesday are expected to show the New Zealand economy has shrunk for nine consecutive months. [more]

Swimming NZ faces loss of FINA event
An opportunity to host a round of the FINA marathon swimming World Cup in New Zealand next year may be another casualty of the recession. Swimming NZ needs to find about $80,000 by Wednesday night. [more]

League defector could line up against Wallabies
The former Canterbury Bulldogs league star Sonny Bill Williams is set for a dramatic return to Australia next year, playing for the Barbarians against the Wallabies in the same week as ... [more]

Swimming NZ faces loss of World Cup marathon round
It looks as if New Zealand's opportunity to host a round of the FINA Marathon Swimming World Cup next year may be another casualty of the recession. Swimming New Zealand's chief ... [more]

Superboat champ left high and dry at World event
The two-times world and five-time New Zealand superboat champion Peter Caughey may be left high and dry when the 2009 world championship starts at Meremere on January 3. Caughey has an ... [more]

Warriner and Lawn lineup for Port of Tauranga Half Ironman
The 20th Port of Tauranga Half Ironman is shaping up as a classic battle between New Zealand's two leading female triathletes. The ITU World Series champion Samantha Warriner steps up from ... [more]

Not all Provincial Unions have to cut jobs
Amid the economic crisis that's forcing many provincial rugby unions to shed staff, Hawkes Bay and Auckland remain optimistic they won't have to take such drastic action. Counties Manukau, Canterbury ... [more]

South African bad boy recalled for limited overs against Australia
The South African Herschelle Gibbs has been recalled to the side for their limited overs squad for next month's one dayers and a Twenty/twenty match against Australia. It's the first ... [more]

Weight of history now on Australia
The Australian cricketers are confronting the weight of history, which they must create if they are to beat South Africa. Australia's shock defeat in the first Test in Perth means Ricky ... [more]

Reasonably fine weather forecast for Christmas Day
MetService predicts that an interlude of unsettled weather will clear around Christmas Day to bring a patch of reasonably fine weather. [more]

Non-parole period reduced for rapist
A non-parole period has been reduced for a man jailed indefinitely for the prolonged rape of a woman in her home in Pukekohe in 2006. [more]

Price of oil falls nearly 6%
Oil has dropped in price to $US39.91 per barrel on signs a global economic malaise was slowing fuel demand further. [more]

Spain's Telefonica Blue wins 3rd stage of Volvo Race
There's been a dramatic finish to the third stage of the around the world Volvo Ocean Race with four boats finishing within 20 minutes in Singapore, the last three separated by ... [more]

Three Blondes in a boat to assess their future
Britain's "three blondes in a boat" have confirmed that they will no longer race together after the Yngling class in which they won gold at the Beijing Olympics was removed ... [more]

Christmas mail volumes down
NZ Post says Christmas mail volumes are down by about 4% - representing about 200,000 items per day. Christmas card numbers are down and so are parcels from overseas. [more]

Flour may be source of recent salmonella outbreak
The Food Safety Authority says a range of widely used brands of plain flour may be a possible source of a recent outbreak of salmonella. However, the evidence is not conclusive. [more]

Unwanted pregnancy no grounds for ACC compensation - Court of Appeal
The Court of Appeal has ruled a woman who became pregnant in 2004 after a failed sterilisation operation is not entitled to ACC compensation. [more]

Yazaki Samoa pays bonus to long serving employees despite financial woes
Samoa's biggest private employer, Yazaki Samoa, has paid its end of year bonuses to its long serving workers, despite its current financial crisis and 80 staff being laid off. The... [more]

Fiji's interim regime's accused of illegally appointing new Chief Justice
There's controversy in Fiji surrounding the appointment of the new chief justice, Anthony Gates. The former acting chief justice has replaced Daniel Fatiaki, who resigned at the beginning of this... [more]

Legal claim against Samoa government over switch of road side withdrawn
The Supreme Court in Samoa has withdrawn legal action by a lobby group against the government's controversial Road Transport Reform Act 2008. PASS or People Against Switching Sides' legal claim... [more]

Vanuatu's Civil Aviation Authority seeks more help from NZ and Australia
Vanuatu's Civil Aviation Authority says that a request will be made to New Zealand and Australia to assist with their inquiry into a plane crash. Authority Director Joseph Kasten says... [more]

Solomon Islands Western Provincial Premier raises concerns over Malaita
" In Solomon Islands, the Western Provincial Premier, Alex Lokopio, has raised concerns over Malaita Province's intention to boycott future inter-provincial peace and reconciliation talks. The Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation... [more]

Wall St slips
Stocks in the United States are down again on concerns over corporate earnings and falling retail sales. Trading was thin for most of the session. [more]

Samoa's Minister of Commerce, Industry and Labour invites CC to meeting
Samoa's Minister of Commerce, Industry and Labour Misa Telefoni is inviting the Chamber of Commerce to a meeting to discuss proposed new price orders with the Price Control Board. Misa... [more]

Three airlines serving inter Samoa route add several extra flights
The 3 airlines serving the inter Samoa route have added several extra flights since December 13 to accommodate the heavy Christmas traffic to Samoa, according to airline officials. Polynesian Airlines,... [more]

Call for debate on more flexible school hours
The School Trustees Association says it's time for a debate on school hours which could be more flexible to suit the needs of students. [more]

Services of PNG Air Niugini expect to get a boost with arrival of a new aircraft
The services of Papua New Guineas Air Niugini is expected to get a boost with the arrival of a new Boeing B757 aircraft this week. The Newspaper, the national, reports... [more]

Family members questioned over injuries to baby
Police in Kerikeri are continuing to interview the family members of a 15-month-old baby, who is in a critical condition in Starship Hospital in Auckland. [more]

CNMI's Visitors Authority says its feeling recession in Asia
The Marianas Visitors Authority says the CNMI is not the only tourist destination feeling the effects of the ongoing Japanese recession and the recent depreciation of the Korean won. The... [more]

Fiji Home Finance Company reviews its set personal loan product
The Fiji Home Finance Company has reviewed its set personal loan product allowing more flexibility for its customers. The Acting Chairman of the HFC Board of Directors, Rajeshwar Singh says... [more]

Balance of payments worsens
New Zealand's balance of payments deficit grew to $15.5 billion for the year to the end of September - equal to 8.6% of the economy. [more]

Low-carb beer warning
The Alcohol Liquor Advisory Council is warning that low carbohydrate beers should not be considered a healthy drinking option. [more]

Second knife found in case of slain prostitute
Police have found a second knife in their investigation into the killing of a prostitute in Christchurch. It was about 100 metres from where her body was found. [more]

53 nominations for 2008 Halberg Awards
The 2008 Halberg Sports Awards have attracted 53 nominations. The awards will be presented in Auckland on 3 February. [more]

Debt guarantee issued for BNZ
The Bank of New Zealand has received approval to issue wholesale debt guaranteed by the Crown. [more]

NZ recession deepens
The recession has deepened, with the New Zealand economy now confirmed as being in reverse for nine consecutive months. GDP contracted 0.4% in the three months to September. [more]

Research into persons with disabilities to be conducted in Fiji
The Fiji National Council for Disabled Persons is conducting nationwide statistical research on persons with disabilities. The aim is to identify what programmes are most appropriate. The Council's field research... [more]

Tonga's Constitutional Commission about to begin its work
Tonga's Information Minister, Afu'alo Matoto, says the Government will expect regular updates from the independent Constitutional and Electoral Commission, which begins its work next month. The five person Commission is... [more]

Cook Islands Government official says House of Ariki needs a revamp
The Cook Islands Solicitor General, Tingika Elikana, says that the House of Ariki Act passed in 1966 needs to be revamped. The House of Ariki which is made up of... [more]

Attempts to limit pokie machine access in Northern Marianas
A private sector proposal to ban all poker machines outside of licensed casinos in the Northern Marianas has been passed on to the Legislature. The Strategic Economic Development Council's resolution... [more]

New Zealand need 312 to win
New Zealand has to score 312 to beat the West Indies in the second cricket Test in Napier. [more]

Second knife found in river
A second knife has been found not far from where the body of Christchurch sex worker Mellory Manning was discovered. [more]

Court rules in squatters favour as police plan more destruction at Port Moresby settlement
Squatters at the Tete settlement in Port Moresby have obtained court orders from the National Court restraining police from causing further destruction to their properties. The National newspaper reports that... [more]

Opposition to release of files wanted by inquiry into French Polynesian journalist's alleged murder
The French commission dealing with secret information has spoken out against the release of 13 documents sought by a judge in a French Polynesian investigation into the alleged murder of... [more]

Cricket update
New Zealand have lost first innings century maker Tim McIntosh for three, to be eight for one as they chase 312 to win the second cricket test against the West ... [more]

Cricket Update for 3pm
New Zealand and the West Indies have just come back from lunch on the last day of the second cricket test with the Blackcaps chasing 312 for victory. New Zealand are ... [more]

Black Caps finally dismiss Gayle
The West Indies captain Chris Gayle has fallen three runs short of a double century, bizarely dismissed for 197 in the second cricket test against New Zealand in Napier. The ... [more]

Real estate agents barred
Three real estate agents behind a property scam will never be allowed to sell houses again. Their licences have been cancelled. [more]

Tamihere, Jackson talk to Key
The executive chairman of the National Urban Maori Authority believes he has a key ally - the Prime Minister. [more]

The second test between New Zealand and the West Indies in Napier has ended in a draw. Needing 312 to win after dismissing the West Indies for 375 in their ... [more]

Light trading on markets
Both the New Zealand and Australian markets saw light trading on Tuesday before the Christmas break. [more]

Opposition to release of files wanted by inquiry into French Polynesian journalist’s alleged murder
The French commission dealing with secret information has spoken out against the release of 13 documents sought by a judge in a French Polynesian investigation into the murder of a... [more]

Over 200 Hawaii state workers to forgo a pay hike under Bill
More than 200 state workers, including 90 judges and 42 administrators, will forgo a pay hike next year under a bill proposed by Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle. The Honolulu Star... [more]

NGO hopes Solomons Anti-Corruption Commission will be independent
Transparency International in Solomon Islands has welcomed government steps to set up a independent anti-corruption commission. Corruption is a big problem in the country and the government is trying to... [more]

NZ retaliates in kind to Fiji expelling its acting High Commissioner
New Zealand has retaliated to Fiji expelling its acting High Commissioner by moving to send the Fiji High Commissioner in Wellington home. Fiji's interim High Commissioner in Wellington, Cama Tuiloma,... [more]