Radio New Zealand - Tuesday, 3rd February 2009

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Best Song Ever Written
For Chris Angus-McKay of Auckland it is Let it Grow by Eric Clapton. [more]

Reeling In The Years - 1971
Dave Luther, from Hogsnort Rupert, joins us to remember the music and events of 1971. [more]

Busking Bagpiper
A busking bagpiper has been told to pack up his pipes after being served an infringement notice by noise control in Dunedin. [more]

Ocean in Google Earth
Google is now offering internet users a fish eye look at the ocean. [more]

He Rourou for 3 February 2009
Ana Tapiata talks to Te Ripowai Higgins about the new president of the United States. [more]

Feature Album - Ritchie Valens
Ritchie Valens was the only studio album released by Ritchie Valens. It was released on Del-Fi Records in 1959. [more]

Tune Your Engine
UK journalist John Naish has authored a book called 'Enough' - about how most of us have enough but still want more. [more]

Asian Report for 3 February 2009
Self-confessed 'Banana', Wellingtonian, Mayme Chanwai is a 69-year-old artist and musician. [more]

Environment Story
Alison Ballance heads to Mana Island with Colin Miskelly from the Department of Conservation. [more]

The Panel (Part 1)
With Peter Elliot and Kevin Milne. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
With Peter Elliot and Kevin Milne. [more]

Business News

Morning Business News for 3 February 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 3 February 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening Business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Changes to Resource Management Act
The government is proposing sweeping changes to the Resource Management Act. [more]

Changes to Resource Management Act (Part 2)
Andrew McRae has been speaking with sector groups affected by the RMA. [more]

Gardasil vaccine roll-out
The roll-out of the Ministry of Health's anti-cervical cancer vaccination programme has begun this week for girls aged 12 to 18. [more]

Power cut in Auckland
At least 74-thousand homes and business lost electricity just after one o'clock today. [more]

Power cut in Auckland (Part 2)
The CEO of Transpower, Patrick Strange. [more]

Australia's 'Nation Building' programme
The Australian government has announced a 42 billion dollar programme to keep the economy afloat and create thousands of jobs. [more]

New Zealand dollar falls
The Kiwi has rallied since its overnight fall, and, a short time ago was hovering at about 50 point 9 US cents. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Arrested couple in court
The two people arrested after an armed offenders' squad callout in Palmerston yesterday are facing eight joint charges. [more]

Tony Bierre
A former Auckland District Health Board member who was villified during debate about hospital contracts says he has been vindicated by a letter, received from the former Prime Minister Helen Clark. [more]

Escaped pregnant teenager
Police in Whangarei are appealing for sightings of a pregnant teenager who escaped from the custody of Child Youth and Family. [more]

April 1 tax relief
John Key is promising small and medium sized businesses hundreds of millions of dollars of tax relief from April the 1st. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Mahia fire
Kaiwaitau Road homeowner Dora Kamau says locals are counting themselves lucky the damage wasn't worse. [more]

Halberg Awards
New Zealand's sporting glitterati are gathering for tonight's Halberg Awards in Auckland. [more]

Power cut in Auckland (Part 3)
Cameron Brewer, the head of the Newmarket Business Association, says the power cut could not have come at a worse time. [more]

Convicted terrorist leader jailed
Australia's first convicted terrorist leader has been jailed for 15 years. [more]

Tony Bierre (Part 2)
Dr Tony Bierre had been pursuing a defamation action against Helen Clark over a radio interview two years ago. [more]

Toxic fumigant
The Port of Marlborough is deciding whether a local log exporter can resume using the toxic fumigant methyl bromide to fumigate logs at Shakespeare Bay. [more]

International Whaling Commission
The head of the International Whaling Commission wants to know by the middle of this year whether countries are prepared to do a deal with Japan. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Fire near Nelson
A scrub fire near Nelson has spread quickly, across 10 hectares of gorse and grass. [more]

US economic stimulus plan
In the United States, the Senate has begun to debate President Barack Obama's 900 billion dollar economic stimulus plan. [more]

Sir Edmund Hilary Collegiate School
The Commissioner appointed to replace the board of trustees at Sir Edmund Hilary Collegiate School has spent her first day at the troubled south Auckland school. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Waitangi celebrations
Record numbers are expected at Waitangi this year for the annual treaty celebrations. 50-thousand visitors are expected. [more]

Chinese Prime Minister
A protester has thrown a shoe at the Chinese Prime Minister as he was speaking at Britain's Cambridge University. [more]

Heavy snowfalls across United Kingdom
London has been hit particularly hard, recording its heaviest snowfalls in 18 years. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 3 February 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 3 February 2009
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Morning Report

Top stories for Tuesday 3 Feruary 2009
Kiwis returning from OZ, Otago shooting, Mahia fires, reform of RMA and more. [more]

Titi - Sooty Shearwater
Listen to todays bird. [more]

Pacific News for Tuesday 3 February 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Bill English to visit Australia to talk over economic crisis
The Finance Minister flies across the Tasman today to discuss the economic crisis with senior Australian ministers. [more]

Labour pledges co-operation over boy racer problem
Labour says it will co-operate with the government if it wants to toughen up the laws to try to combat boy racers. [more]

More Kiwis likely to return from Oz because of recession
Out-of-work NZers returning home from Australia as times get tougher there could help swell the ranks of the unemployed here. [more]

North Otago couple to appear in court after shooting
Two people will appear in court this morning, after police say they were shot at. [more]

Mahia fire forces residents from their homes
The blaze began on Sunday afternoon and ripped through 140 hectares of land, destroying four houses and several other buildings. [more]

British man suspected of second NZ wife murder
Malcolm Webster's first wife Claire was killed in a car crash in 1994. [more]

British study shows children at risk from their parents
A study of British children has concluded the biggest risk they face in the modern world is their parents. [more]

New Copyright Act effects on music downloaders
The NZ music organisation, APRA has dismissed claims that the new Copyright Act will unfairly force people off the internet. [more]

Snow closes many parts of London
Heavy snow has brought parts of Europe to a standstill. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Job losses in China
The economic downturn in China, the world's third biggest economy is accelerating with job losses now in their tens of millions. [more]

The dissolution of Fiji's elected local councils
Last year, the military-led administration announced its plan to dissolve all municipal councils in order to fight 'corruption'. [more]

The cost of dying on the increase in Queenstown
An increase in cemetery burial fees in the Queenstown Lakes area. [more]

Air NZ to suspend direct Dunedin to Sydney flights
The chief executive of Dunedin Airport has accused Air NZ of failing to properly market its flights from the city. [more]

Investigation into Mahia scrub fire
An investigation into the cause of a scrub fire that ripped through land near Mahia gets underway today. [more]

Unemployed Kiwis in Oz, will they move home?
Professor Graeme Hugo from the University of Adelaide has written extensively on labour migration in Australasia. [more]

Leak cover up at Essex nuclear plant
Anti-nuclear campaigners are incensed, especially after learning officials covered up news of the leak for years. [more]

Wanganui rate payers to vote on rate increases
In what's thought to be a first in NZ, ratepayers in Wanganui will be able to decide their own rates increase this year. [more]

Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank knocks 12 zeros off its currency
So .. if you had a trillion Zimbabwe dollars yesterday, they're worth just one dollar today. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

'Noise Off' Charitable Trust campaign to ban modified exhaust
The anti-noise pollution groups believes NZ is lagging behind Australia and Europe in its rules against noisy car exhausts. [more]

Plugs being pulled on school pools
When the plug is pulled on a school pool, it's not just the schoolchildren who lose out, but also the local community. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Ever since they were invented they've been causing trouble for learners of the language. [more]

Google launched 'ocean'
Only two hours ago, Google launched ocean - an addition to its global mapping tool, Google Earth. [more]

Wind farm opponent welcomes RMA changes
A group which opposes a major wind farm development has welcomed proposed changes to the Resource Management Act. [more]


China Report
China correspondent Emma Moore with news and cultural insights from the People's Republic Of China. [more]

The Administration,Political Systems
Political Historian Brian Roper explains how and why the world's diverse political institutions came to be. [more]

Nine To Noon

Japanese whalers accused of threatening noise warfare
Skipper of anti-whaling ship 'Steve Irwin', Paul Watson and Glenn Inwood, spokesperson for the Institute of Cetacean Research. [more]

Community law centres funding cuts
Community law centres fear they will have to cut services due to a funding cut of more than 40 percent. [more]

Annie Ackerman, executive director of the Melanoma Foundation, was herself diagnosed with the skin cancer in December. [more]

US Correspondent
Richard Adams is the Washington editor of The Guardian. [more]

Feature Guest - Frana Cardno
Southland District Mayor and NZ's longest serving mayor currently in office. [more]

Book Review - 'Audition'
Louise O'Brien reviews 'Audition' by Ryu Murakami. Published by Bloomsbury. [more]

Business and Economic commentator Rod Oram. [more]

Teenagers and drugs
Paul Dillon is a drug and alcohol educator, and the author of 'Teenagers, Drugs and Alcohol'. [more]

With commentator Denis Welch. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 3 February 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 3 February 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Barbara George
The new chief executive of Choirs Aotearoa New Zealand talks about NZ Youth Choir's 2009 season. [more]

Deirdre Tarrant
Artistic director of Wellington's Footnote Dance company. [more]

Adam Chamber Festival Review
Margot Hannigan talks about concerts from the Nelson Festival. [more]

News stories:

Tongan NFL blocker celebrates Super Bowl win
The Tongan-born blocker Chris Kemoeatu was celebrating a dream triumph last night after the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Arizona Cardinals 27-23 in Super Bowl 43 in Tampa Florida. Kemoeatu started... [more]

Romanians arrested over credit card skimming
Two Romanian men have been arrested in Auckland in relation to credit card "skimming". [more]

Ponting reluctantly taking a break
The Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting says he's taking a break from the Chappell-Hadlee series reluctantly, pointing out it was the selectors' decision. Ponting will be sitting out the next ... [more]

3 New Zealanders on latest IPL auction list
Three New Zealand cricketers, James Franklin, Jesse Ryder and Kyle Mills have made the list of 43 players for Thursday's Indian Premier League auction. The former England captain Kevin Petersen ... [more]

Smeltz scoops A-League awards
The Wellington Phoenix and All Whites striker Shane Smeltz has scooped the pool at the Australian A-League football awards, winning the highest individual honour, the Johnny Warren Medal for player ... [more]

Nadal calls for fewer hardcourt events
A day after his breakthrough victory at the Australian Tennis Open, Rafael Nadal has called for a reduction in the number of hardcourt events on the ATP calendar to save ... [more]

Keane heading back to White Hart Lane
Liverpool have agreed to sell striker Robbie Keane back to Tottenham Hotspur just months after bringing him to Anfield from their English Premier League football rivals. The news of Keane's ... [more]

Chelsea appeal Lampard red card
The English football club Chelsea have submitted a claim for wrongful dismissal regarding the sending-off of their midfielder Frank Lampard during yesterday's Premiership defeat away to Liverpool. Chelsea lost 2-nil ... [more]

Pakistani cricketers not allowed to go to IPL
Pakistan's leading cricketers will not be allowed to travel to play in the Indian Premier League because of the government's concerns over security. The Pakistan Cricket Board chief operating officer, ... [more]

IOC accepts Phelps apology
The International Olympic Committee says an apology from record-breaking Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps, who was photographed inhaling from a pipe used for smoking marijuana, was proof enough of his ... [more]

Air NZ marketing of Dunedin flights 'inadequate'
Air New Zealand has been accused of doing too little to market its flights from Dunedin to Australia. The airline has announced it will suspend its flights from the city to Sydney from April. [more]

Nuplex cuts earnings forecast
Volatile trading conditions and additional provisions for bad debt have led resins manufacturer Nuplex Industries to cut its earnings forecast. [more]

Extra $3m flood relief aid for Fiji
The New Zealand Government is giving an extra $3 million for flood relief efforts in Fiji but says the money will not go through the country's interim government. [more]

Southland herds finally free of TB
Bovine tuberculosis has been cleared from the last infected cattle herd in Southland, four years earlier than predicted. [more]

Backdown over UK organic certification threat
An organisation representing New Zealand organic growers is relieved at a decision by UK's largest certifying agency to back down over plans to withhold certification for air-freighted organic produce. [more]

Referendum to decide Wanganui rates
Wanganui ratepayers will be able to decide their own rates increase this year, though a zero rates increase will not be an option. [more]

Fonterra prepares new restructuring plan
Fonterra's board is preparing the ground for a second attempt to get its farmer shareholders on board for a capital restructuring programme. [more]

Tuesday's newspaper headlines
ACC faces $80 million bill for compensation to patients; armed offenders call-out in Otago; boy racers blame unrest on Christchurch mayor. [more]

Crushing boy racers' cars a last resort - PM
Prime Minister John Key says the Government is looking at introducing new laws aimed at boy racers, but crushing their cars would be a last resort. [more]

Taxi robbery in Hamilton
A Hamilton taxi was robbed at gunpoint early on Tuesday morning. [more]

Residents allowed home after Mahia fire
Dozens of residents forced out of their homes by a large fire near Mahia on the East Coast have been told it is safe to return home. [more]

Dominion Finance put into liquidation
Dominion Finance Holdings' creditors have forced the troubled company into liquidation. It owes some 6,000 investors about $224 million. [more]

Head of Pacific Documentary Film Festival says films on offer were impressive
The head of the jury for this year's Pacific Documentary Film Festival in French Polynesia says the films on offer were impressive. Sixteen movies from the Pacific region had been... [more]

Fiji's Law Society criticises interim led authorities handling of floods
The president of Fiji's Law Society has criticized the interim led authorities' handling of the floods, saying it has been a disaster in itself. Dorsami Naidu says most of the... [more]

Solomon Islands Football says it will be competitive for Beach Football qualifiers
The Solomon Island Football Association says its beach Football team will be tough competition at the Oceania FIFA Beach Football qualifiers to be held in Tahiti in July. Its general... [more]

Some PNG workers will nearly triple their weekly take-home pay
Some Papua New Guinea workers will nearly triple their weekly take-home pay with a new minimum wage announced, and likely to take effect within a month, The country's Minimum Wage... [more]

Red Cross in Fiji says aid from New Zealand will be crucial in helping recovery efforts
The Red Cross in Fiji says aid from New Zealand will be crucial in helping the country recover from massive flooding. The Government is to give an extra 1.5 million... [more]

More heavy rain expected in Fiji's Viti Levu
There is little relief in sight for Fiji as heavy rain continues to lash parts of the country. While authorities tackle last month's flood damage in the Western Division of... [more]

Commonwealth group says Fiji's interim govt's move won't achieve what it wants
The Commonwealth Local Government Forum says that abolishing locally elected government won't achieve the intended clean up reform campaign the interim military let government is hoping for. Twelve mayors and... [more]

PNG gold company closes mine
While gold prices continue to outshine other commodities, two lucrative gold mines at the opposite ends of Papua New Guinea have stopped their production. Barrick Gold's Kainantu mine in PNG's... [more]

Manihiki looks to boost tourism
The mayor of Manihiki Kora Kora says he's confident they can convince tourists to choose Manihiki as a holiday destination but it won't be easy. The population on Manihiki is... [more]

Can manufacturing company in American Samoa has concerns over wage hike
A can manufacturing company for the canneries in American Samoa says if the minimum wage increases goes into effect in May, the company's higher pay scale personnel will also get... [more]

PNG Chamber of Commerce says businesses should be able to absorb wage hike
The Papua New Guinea Chamber of Commerce says most businesses have been paying above the minimum wage for some time, so should be able to absorb a wage increase. The... [more]

Seventy people evacuated from a local college in Solomon Islands because of flooding
More than 70 people have been evacuated by boat from one of Solomon Island's main colleges because of flooding northwest of Guadalcanal and Savo Island. The Solomon Island Disaster management... [more]

Tokula only debutant named in NZ sevens squad
The New Zealand Sevens squad to defend their Wellington title was announced on Monday, with Waikato's Save Tokula the only debutant name in the 12 man side. The Wellington tournament ... [more]

Olympic medalists head Halbergs Awards contenders
An impressive list of sporting performances from last year will be recognised at the Halberg Awards dinner in Auckland tonight. Olympic performances dominate the finalists with gold medalists Tom Ashley, ... [more]

Will the Haddin story come to an end
The New Zealand cricket coach Andy Moles would like to end the ongoing debate about Brad Haddins dismissal of Neil Broom in the opening match of the Chappell-Hadlee series in Perth ... [more]

Ponting's enforced rest good news for Black Caps
The Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting says he's taking a break from the Chappell-Hadlee one day series reluctantly, as the decision was made by the selectors. Ponting will be sitting ... [more]

No rush to decide Carter's treatment
Any decisions on Dan Carter's immediate future are unlikely to be made for a while. Carter could be out of action for six months and is likely to miss the Tri-Nations ... [more]

Lakers lose Bynum fo a couple of months
In NBA basketball, the Los Angeles Lakers starting center Andrew Bynum will be sidelined for between eight and 12 weeks because of a right knee injury. Bynum, a pivotal player ... [more]

Australian boxer looking to put paid to Anthony Mundine
The Australian boxer Shannon Taylor believes the locals will back him to beat Anthony Mundine in next weeks WBA Middleweight World title eliminator at Woolongong. Taylor and Mundine almost came ... [more]

12 interested in future Fifa World Cup finals
The number of candidates bidding to stage the 2018 or 2022 Fifa World Cup has risen to 12 with Egypt and South Korea making late entries. World soccer's governing body ... [more]

Third Matilda's player signs for inaugural
The Australian midfielder Heather Garriock has completed a deal to play for the Chicago Red Stars in the inaugural American Women's Professional Soccer league season starting in April. Garriock becomes the ... [more]

Greek athlete to be punished for positive drug test
The Greek athletics federation SEGAS says the second urine sample for former Olympic champion Athanasia Tsoumeleka was positive for bloodbooster EPO and the athlete will be punished. The 27-year-old Tsoumeleka won ... [more]

US to bid for 2018, 2022 football World Cup
The United States has formally placed its bid to host the World Cup in 2018 or 2022. The U.S hosted the World Cup finals in 1994 and US soccer president ... [more]

Teenager McIlroy breaks into world's top 20
Northern Ireland's rising golf star Rory McIlroy has broken into the world's top 20 at number 16 after becoming only the sixth teenager to win on the European Tour. The ... [more]

Samoa PM says no peace in Fiji unless military goes
The Samoan Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malilelegaoi, says Fiji must get rid of its armed military forces for there to be peace in the country. Tuilaepa told the Samoa Observer... [more]

Tahitian land activist claims France disregards 19th century treaties
There has been a strong reaction to a French Polynesian investigation into a land deal, with a spokesman for descendants of the Tahitian royal family claiming that if there has... [more]

Fiji interim government reviews local council pays as part of reform
Fiji's interim government says a review of salaries is part of its reform of municipal councils. Last year, Fiji's cabinet moved to shorten mayor and councillor terms of office, and... [more]

Taiwanese vessel fishing illegally eludes Marshalls patrol
A Taiwanese longline fishing vessel caught illegally fishing has fled Marshall Islands waters following a high-speed chase by a government patrol vessel. Despite the Taiwan vessel evading capture, the Marshall... [more]

Fiji military eyes more equipment in bid to get international peacekeeping work
Fiji's interim prime minister, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, has told Radio Fiji that the country's political situation won't affect its engagement in international peacekeeping duties. Commodore Bainimarama, who is also the... [more]

Air Tahiti Nui drops routes to consolidate operation
French Polynesia's international carrier has decided to drop some destinations in the face of the global economic problems. Air Tahiti Nui will stop flying to New York and Osaka, after... [more]

Fonterra offers retail bonds
Fonterra has revealed details of its plan to offer senior retail or long-term bonds, as part of a bid to raise funds it needs for working capital and other business purposes. [more]

Dairy farmers urged to seek advice on planting pasture
Dairy NZ says widespread damage to grass from last year's drought is being seen around the country, and is urging farmers to seek advice before re-grassing their properties. [more]

Trans-Tasman talks on economic crisis
Finance Minister Bill English on Tuesday travelled to Australia to discuss the economic crisis with senior ministers there including Treasurer Wayne Swan. [more]

Limit on car exhaust noise proposed
An anti-noise pollution group wants New Zealand to bring laws against noisy car exhausts in line with tighter rules in Australia. [more]

Man charged in NZ appears in Scottish court
A British man charged in New Zealand over his second wife's car crash 10 years ago has appeared in a Scottish court charged in relation to his first wife's death. [more]

Survey suggests economy most important issue
The state of the economy is the biggest problem facing the country, according to a new public opinion poll. An increasing number expected economic problems to last beyond this year. [more]

More than 400 couples entered civil union in 2008
Newly released figures show the number of civil unions last year totalled 405. [more]

DNA sample may be taken from murder-accused Xue
A court order has been obtained to take a DNA sample from Nai Yin Xue who will stand trial later this year accused of murder. [more]

Time needed to solve college problems - commissioner
The commissioner replacing the board of trustees at a troubled South Auckland school believes it will take at least a year to work through concerns about student safety and school management. [more]

Shosholoza cause huge upset at LVPS regatta
South Africa's Shosholoza has staged the upset of the Louis Vuitton Pacific Series sailing regatta in Auckland, beating the America's Cup holder Alinghi on the final day of the first round ... [more]

Smeltz reportedly Turkey bound
It appears the New Zealand footballer Shane Smeltz will now ply his trade in Turkey and not the Gold Coast. The Melbourne Age reports on its website that Smeltz, who was ... [more]

Lam worried about injuries
The Blues rugby coach Pat Lam has admitted he has some worrying injury concerns after naming his side to tackle the Highlanders in their final preseason Super 14 hit-out at North ... [more]

Erakovic climbs 11 places in tennis world rankings
The New Zealand tennis player Marina Erakovic is in sight of breaking back into the world's top 50. Erakovic has jumped 11 places to 57th in the lastest WTA rankings on ... [more]

Flintoff positive about his fitness
The England cricket all-rounder Andrew Flintoff remains hopeful of being fit for the first test against the West Indies starting at Sabina Park in Kingston on Wednesday. The 31-year-old Lancashire player, ... [more]

More than 450 people receiving sport scholarships
The Government has announced more than 450 people will receive Prime Minister's Sport Scholarships this year. The Sport and Recreation Minister Murray McCully says scholarships help ease the financial pressures faced ... [more]

Waugh back for Waratahs
The New South Wales rugby Captain Phil Waugh returns from injury to bolster the Waratahs pack for their final pre-season Super 14 trial match against the Brumbies on Thursday night. Waugh ... [more]

Call for Samoa parole programme to be kept
The Samoa Victim Support Group says scrapping the weekend parole of prisoners due to the bad behaviour of a minority seems unfair. The acting Police Commissioner, Papalii Li'o, says a... [more]

Cooks forced to delay information act application
A lack of resources has forced the Cook Islands to implement Freedom of Information legislation in only a handful of ministries. The Cook Islands was the first Pacific Island country... [more]

No plans for Gardasil vaccine for boys - ministry
The Ministry of Health says it has no immediate plans to roll out a programme of the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil to boys. [more]

Fiji's permanent secretary to local government says council reform legal
Fiji's permanent secretary to Local Government, Ram Chandra, says moves to reform municipal councils are legal, and councils haven't been scrapped altogether. Last year, cabinet decided to shorten the mayoral... [more]

Samoa claims political interference in illegal gun import case
A senior opposition politician in Samoa says a decision to censure the Police Commissioner over the illegal importing of guns is a sign of political interference. The leader of the... [more]

NZ ministry donates computers to Cooks administration
Children and older people in the Cook Islands are set to benefit from more than 40 computers donated by the New Zealand government. The Ministry of Social Development has donated... [more]

McCullum declared fit for second ODI
The New Zealand wicketkeeper Brendon McCullum has been declared fit to play in Friday's second Chappell-Hadlle cricket one-dayer against Australia in Melbourne. Team manager Lindsay Crocker says McCullum's hip flexor had ... [more]

Christchurch graves tampered with
Brass plaques have been damaged or prised off at a cemetery in Christchurch. [more]

Oil prices rise again
A weaker New Zealand dollar and increases in the international cost of refined petrol has been blamed for the latest price rises. [more]

Koror speaker in Palau found guilty of perjury and misconduct in office
The Speaker of the Koror State government in Palau has been found guilty of three counts of perjury and two counts of misconduct in public office. Timothy Uehara, also known... [more]

New copyright rules fair, says APRA
The Australasian Performing Rights Assocation has dismissed claims that the new Copyright Act will force people off the internet unfairly. [more]

Anderton cleared of breaching Electoral Finance Act
Progessives Party leader Jim Anderton has been cleared by police of breaching the Electoral Finance Act. [more]

Big names set to advance in Am Cup racing
The big names have risen to the top as the Louis Vuitton sailing regatta ends its first round in Auckland today, after which the fleet splits into a top and bottom-ranked ... [more]

Bracken and Australia not hitting the panic button yet
The cricketer Nathan Bracken insists Australia's four-match losing streak can be attributed to the little things going wrong rather than any larger issue. After dropping the last three games of their ... [more]

Porn interrupts Super Bowl
A cable television provider has apologised to customers in Arizona after airing a 30-second porn clip during the Super Bowl. Philadelphia-based Comcast issued a brief statement saying the company was mortified ... [more]

Kobe sets Madison Square Garden record
The LA Lakers basketball star Kobe Bryant has broken the Madison Square Garden points scoring record with his 61 point performance in the Lakers 126-117 win over the New York Knicks. ... [more]

Pair in custody after armed callout in North Otago
Two people charged over an armed offenders squad callout at Palmerston in North Otago on Monday have been remanded in custody. [more]

Goff seeks assurance banks will be flexible
Labour Party leader Phil Goff has been meeting with New Zealand's major banks, seeking assurances they will be flexible when dealing with cases of hardship. [more]

Emirates superjumbo begins trans-Tasman flights
The Dubai airline Emirates plans to aggressively compete to ensure it gets enough passengers on its new double decker Airbus A380 trans-Tasman flights. The superjumbo made its first stopover in Auckland on Monday. [more]

Former DHB member to drop action against Clark
Former Auckland District Health Board member Tony Bierre says he has been vindicated in his defamation battle with former Prime Minister Helen Clark. [more]

NZ dollar falls below 50 US cents
The New Zealand dollar dropped to below 50 US cents on Monday night for the first time in six years on negative news from the European banking sector. [more]

RBA slashes key rate by another 1%
The Reserve Bank of Australia slashed its Official Cash Rate by a further 100 basis points on Tuesday to 3.25% - its lowest level in 45 years. [more]

Wall Street ends mixed
The Dow Jones industrials and S&P 500 fell on Monday on fears of a worsening recession and uncertainty about the Obama administration's plan to stem bank losses. [more]

Markets little changed despite efforts to bolster economies
Australia slashed rates and unveiled a $A42.billion stimulus and the Bank of Japan said it would buy up to $US11 billion of shares held by banks, as authorities stepped up efforts to revive foundering economies. [more]

Samoa Police chief should've been sacked over illegal guns, says SDUP leader
A senior opposition politician in Samoa believes the Police Commissioner should have been sacked not censured over the illegal importing of guns. Samoa's cabinet decided late last week to ignore... [more]

Unity for provincial elections the challenge for New Caledonia's FLNKS
New Caledonia's alliance of pro-independence political parties has held a major congress in preparation for the provincial elections in May. The mainly indigenous FLNKS consists of two main parties and... [more]

Pacific Island nations called on to develop involvement in fishery
The Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority Director, Glen Joseph, says Pacific Island nations need to develop their involvement in the tuna industry to get greater returns on the region's resource. [more]

Solomons flooding death toll reaches nine
The Solomon Islands Disaster Management Office says the death toll from the recent floods has risen to nine. 12 people, including three children, are reported missing after the northwest of... [more]

Challenge to Ngai Tahu mutton birding rights
Up to 100 Ngai Tahu families could be stripped of their mutton birding rights as descendants of a small group of rangatira use the courts to bar access to a group of southern islands in Foveaux Strait. [more]