Radio New Zealand - Wednesday, 25th March 2009

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World watch
Global news and current affairs. [more]

Auckland story with David Steemson
What Aucklanders think of the 'Super City' idea. [more]

Jim's essay
The most ridiculous complaints made by holidaymakers to their travel agent. [more]

The best song ever written
Terry McDonald joins us from just out of Christchurch with today's choice"need your love so bad"by the original FleetwoodMac. [more]

Link 3
Try and guess the link between these three songs. [more]

Sir Ed footage discovered in a loft
A chance find in a loft in Palmerston North has unearthed a historical treasure beyond compare. [more]

Gold claim
The countrys largest mineral explorer is cutting the little guys out of the gold rush. [more]

He rourou for 25 March 2009
Learning water literacy will help reduce drowning rates according to Mark Waihape Haimona of NZ Water Safety. [more]

Virtual World
Commentator and thinker on information access and technological change in New Zealand, Paul Reynolds is today's guest. [more]

Science story with Elizabeth Connor
And now, in our science story - Elizabeth Connor is on her way to watch a fight - A Physics Fight! [more]

The Panel (part 1)
Today's guests are Sapna Samant and Gordon Campbell. [more]

The Panel (Part 2)
Today's guests are Sapna Samant and Gordon Campbell. [more]

Business News

Morning Business News for 25 March 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 25 March 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Fisher Paykel take up 9 day fortnight offer
Fisher & Paykel Appliances has become the first company to take up the Government's nine day fortnight offer to save jobs. [more]

Assault case against Auckland liquor store owner thrown out
A liquor store owner charged with attacking a group of youths who came to rob his store will not have to stand trial. [more]

Announcement on appointment of Clark to UN post imminent
It's now widely expected that the former Prime Minister Helen Clark will be confirmed in a top ranking position with the UN. [more]

Report in police shooting finds officer acted in self defence
A report into a police shooting in Christchurch in which a man was killed has found the officer responsible was acting in self defence. [more]

Abandoned baby's Mother charged
A Samoan woman has appeared in court charged with abandoning and assaulting a newborn. [more]

David Bain retrial
David Bain's defence team spent much of the day in court pointing out discrepancies in the initial police investigation. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Whiteware giant accepts nine day fortnight offer
Fisher and Paykel Appliances has become the first company to take up the offer of government subsidies to save jobs. [more]

Rare footage of Sir Ed found in Palmerston North
The 16 millimeter black and white film was found in a clean-out at the Palmerston North company, CB Norwood. [more]

Road user charges
The AA and trucking industry want road user charges scrapped and instead put into pump prices. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Mururoa veterans welcome French announcement on compensation
Paris has earmarked about 24 million dollars for military and civilian staff who witnessed the tests. [more]

Farmers flock to South Island Field Days
The global economic crisis doesn't seem to have dampened the enthusiasm of the crowds. [more]

Labour reacts to F P's 35-hour working week plans
Fisher & Paykel Appliances has become the first company to take up the offer of government subsidies to save jobs. [more]

JPs toss out charges against liquor store owner
Charges against a liquor store owner who used a hockey stick in what he claimed was self defence, have been thrown out of court. [more]

Rudd and Obama meet in Washington
The global economic crisis and the situation in Afghanistan dominated talks in Washington between the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and US President Barack Obama. [more]

Court action over open air cremations in Britain
London's High Court is considering an application by an elderly Hindu man to overturn a ban on open air cremations in Britain. [more]

The latest news from China
We're joined now by our China correspondent, Quentin Sommerville. [more]

Chairman of the US Federal Reserve defends AIG bailout
The United States Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has defended the 180 billion US dollar bailout of AIG. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ sport. [more]

Israeli government coalition
After weeks of negotiations following a close general election, the main political parties in Israel have agreed on a coalition. [more]

US plans crackdown on Mexican drug cartels
In the United States, Mexican drug cartels are posing an increasing risk to national security. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Serbia NATO 10 year anniversary
Air raid sirens sounded across Serbia today, marking the moment ten years ago when NATO began a bombing campaign. [more]

North Korea plans rocket launch
The Japanese government is struggling to co-ordinate its response to North Korea's announcement that it will launch a rocket. [more]

Recession hits aviation industry
The global economic downturn is hitting the international airline industry far harder than even key aviation players expected. [more]

Warfare gadgets to be used by police
The high-tech gadgets developed for warfare are now being used for police work in the United States and other countries. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 25 March 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 25 March 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top stories for 25 march 2009
Air NZ strike, US finance, cricket tournament moved, nuclear test compensation, ANZ workers sacked, man charged over car chase. [more]

The North Island Kiwi
Listen to today's birdcall. [more]

Pacific News for 25 March 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Air NZ pay rates
Air New Zealand is being accused of using cabin crew employed by one of its subsidiaries as cheap labour. [more]

Air NZ strike plans
Easter travel plans could be thrown into disarray by four days of strike action by 250 Air New Zealand cabin crew. [more]

US finance regulation
United States' finance watchdogs have asked Congress for unprecedented powers to seize financial companies. [more]

Cricket tournament moved
It's been announced overnight The 2009 Indian Premier League cricket tournament will now be played in South Africa. [more]

French nuclear compensation
Victims of French nuclear tests could finally be compensated for health problems caused by pacific tests. [more]

ANZ fails to protect workers
The ANZ National bank is being accused of failing to honour its promise to find new jobs for redundant workers. [more]

Man charged over car chase
A man will appear in court this morning, charged in relation to a police pursuit in Auckland yesterday. [more]

Sports News
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

David Bain retrial
The jury is hearing the details of how evidence was collected from the house where five members of his family were killed. [more]

Auckland super city
Leaders in rural Auckland are worried it'll lose its identity if a decision's made to create a super city. [more]

Hacker lands job
It's not often breaking the law leads to landing a job. [more]

Air NZ pay rates (part 2)
Looming strike action by Air New Zealand flight attendants could ruin the flight plans of thousands of Easter holiday makers. [more]

Tax on Marlborough boats
A bylaw which would tax operators and require them to fit a locator device so their boats can be tracked. [more]

Fonterra payout wont change
Dairy farmers are breathing a sigh of relief their Fonterra payout forecast is being maintained at five dollars ten. [more]

Don Brash and The Hollow Men
Former National Party leader, is angry at police for failing to release the file on the leaking of his personal emails. [more]

Police pursuits review
Family members of two people who've died after police pursuits say not enough has changed to make chases safer. [more]

Auckland Super city (part 2)
Auckland is administered by eight councils which can, critics argue, needlessly wrap the city in red tape. [more]

Aussie bike gangs
Speaking from Washington, the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has weighed into the gang debate. [more]

Waatea News
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Dental health in northland
It's claimed Northland health providers are failing children and teenagers with rotting teeth in the Far North. [more]

UN demands release of Burmese dissidents
Aung San Suu Kyi has spent 13 of the last 19 years under house arrest, and many of her democratic allies have been jailed. [more]

Rare Hillary footage saved
Rare film footage of Sir Edmund Hillary preparing for his Antarctic expedition has been saved from being thrown in the rubbish. [more]

Listen to the fluttering shearwater. [more]


Rowing For Prostate
Rowing across the Indian Ocean to raise awareness for the number one killer of NZ men, prostate cancer. [more]

Gallery Art
Art Curator Emma Bugden on tagging,graffiti,and street art featuring British artist Banksy. [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 5 [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 6 [more]

Nine To Noon

Cancer waiting times
Chris Atkinson A senior oncologist at Christchurch Hospital and Tony Ryall the health Minister. [more]

Animal Rights in New Zealand
Peter Sankoff Senior lecturer at Faculty of Law, University of Auckland with special interest in animal law. [more]

Australia correspondent - Ray Moynihan
Biker gang violence in Sydney and Canberra and Pauline Hanson naked. [more]

Feature guest - George F Smoot
Nobel prize winning astrophysicist, active researcher in observational astrophysics and cosmology. [more]

Book review - Wars Without End
Written by Danny Keenan, reviewed by Paul Diamond and Published by Penguin NZ. [more]

Music - Marty Duda
Artist Of The Week is Buddy Holly. [more]

Helen Clark announcement
Rumours of an announcement regarding the future of the ex-prime minister are rife around parliament today. [more]

Professor John Burrows QC looks at privacy legislation. [more]

Film - Dan Slevin
Duplicity, Confessions of a Shopaholic, and Notorious. [more]

Auckland governance - supercity
Is becoming a supercity the best way forward for Ak? The Royal Commission report is with the govt and will soon be made public. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 25 March 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 25 March 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]


Pepe Becker
Soprano Pepe Becker sings Haydn's 'The Creation' with the Auckland Chorale this Sunday, under conductor Uwe Grodd. [more]

Helmet Lachenmann
Contributor Samuel Holloway presents the work of German Composer Helmet Lachenmann. [more]

Stefan Lano
American Conductor who'll appear with the Auckland Philharmonia tomorrow night with pianist Diedre Irons. [more]

News stories:

South AfricaI chosen to host IPL
South Africa has been chosen to host the second edition of cricket's Indian Premier League, the Twenty20 competition which will be played abroad this year because of a clash with ... [more]

How joins NZ cricket team
The Central Districts batsman Jamie How has joined the New Zealand cricket team in Napier as cover for Daniel Flynn. Flynn sustained an injury to his left hand while batting ... [more]

Central make first class cricket final
Central Districts have batted their way into the State Championship cricket final after chasing down a big target on the last day of their match against Canterbury in New Plymouth. Central ... [more]

Kirk comes into Warriors lineup
Utility back Aidan Kirk has been called in to replace Manu Vatuvei and loose forward Micheal Luck returns from a week off for the New Zealand Warriors' third-round NRL clash ... [more]

Football bodies reject WADA code
Fifa and Uefa have formally rejected the World Anti-Doping Agency's "whereabouts" code. Wada wanted football to join other sports such as athletics in providing players' location for one hour each day ... [more]

Clijsters expected to announce return to tennis
The former world women's tennis number one Kim Clijsters is expected to announce this week her plans for the 2009 WTA season amidst rumours the 25-year-old Belgian is set to ... [more]

King out of England football squad
Ledley King has withdrawn from England's football squad for this weekend's friendly international against Slovakia and next week's World Cup qualifier with Ukraine. The 28-year-old centre-back does not train with ... [more]

Bulldogs plan to appeal 14th man penalty
The Canterbury Bulldogs are going ahead with an appeal after being docked two premiership points for briefly having a 14th player on the field during their 26-24 win last weekend ... [more]

European Handball clamps down on match fixing
In a move to stamp out attempted match-fixing and bribery the European Handball Federation says referee names will be kept under wraps until hours before European matches. Teams, referees and ... [more]

Western Force declares profit
The spectacular collapse of Western Force sponsor Firepower has failed to halt RugbyWA's run in the black, with the parent body of the Force declaring a million dollar profit for ... [more]

Henjak takes Hodge's ban on the chin
The Brisbane rugby league coach Ivan Henjak says the club will cop Justin Hodge's one-match grapple tackle ban "on the chin" because officials need to eradicate the dangerous tactic from ... [more]

Ryan Fox beaten in Australia semi-final thriller
The Auckland golfer Ryan Fox went agonisingly close to a place in the final at the Australian Amateur championship in Brisbane yesterday, losing to the Victorian Daniel Beckman on the ... [more]

Japan retain world baseball title
Japan have retained the World Baseball Classic title by beating their Asian rivals South Korea 5-3 in a pulsating 10-innings final at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. The Seattle ... [more]

Schumacher to help Ferrari in Australia
Seven-times world champion Michael Schumacher is expected to be back in a Formula One pit on race day for the first time since he retired in 2006 when the season ... [more]

Astana manager says Armstrong can still race Italy and France
The Astana team manager Johan Bruyneel believes cycling legend Lance Armstrong will be fit in time to race in both the Tour De France and the Giro D'Italia. The 37-year-old American ... [more]

Privately managed prisons to have monitors - Collins
Corrections Minister Judith Collins says privately managed prisons will have on-site monitors. [more]

ANZ not redeploying workers as promised - union
ANZ National bank has been criticised for sacking workers it had promised to redeploy. [more]

Migrant job claim may raise valid point - minister
Immigration Minister Jonathan Coleman says a welder who objected to his former employer firing New Zealand workers while retaining migrant staff may have raised a valid point. [more]

Three rescued after plane crash on Lake Rotorua
Three people on a float plane have been rescued after the aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing on Lake Rotorua. [more]

Australians trapped in Papua there for a while
Five Australians trapped in Papua for more than half a year due to court charges of illegal entry to Indonesia will now be there for several more months. This comes... [more]

New Caledonia affected by tropical cylone Jasper winds
The French authorities in New Caledonia has posted an "orange" alert in response to a tropical cyclone, which formed in the Coral Sea yesterday. The alert has been placed on... [more]

Fiji's interim Defence Minister says attacks could be to discredit interim govt
Fiji's interim Defence Minister, Ratu Epeli Ganilau, says the molotov bomb attacks over the weekend could be a move to discredit the interim Government. Ratu Epeli made the comments after... [more]

American Samoa hosts WPRFMC gathering
American Samoa will host this week the 144th meeting of the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council and issues dealing with American Samoa are on the agenda. The meeting opens... [more]

Greenpeace says French compensation too late
Greenpeace says a French compensation deal for people who suffered health problems from nuclear testing in the Pacific has come too late. The environmental group says many of the military... [more]

Smaller Auckland fear loss of identity in super-city idea
Auckland's rural councils say their districts could lose their individual identities if a super-city is recommended for the region. [more]

Internet poacher turns gamekeeper for TelstraClear
Telecommunications company TelstraClear has hired a teenaged former hacker to give advice to its corporate customers. [more]

Police 'still putting pursuits ahead of safety'
The father of a young woman who died after a police pursuit six years ago says police are still not dealing with the real causes of death and injury in such cases. [more]

Campbell hopeful of return to tournament golf this week
Michael Campbell is quietly confident of making his long-awaited return to tournament golf in this week's Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hill in Florida. The 40 year old 2005 US ... [more]

Villa goalie's red card overturned
Aston Villa's goalkeeper Brad Friedel has had the red card he received during Monday's s 5-0 thrashing by Liverpool overturned by the Football Association. Friedel was sent-off in the ... [more]

Willis confident he'll be on the starting blocks in Berlin
The Olympic 1500 metre bronze medallist, Nick Willis, expects to be back to full fitness within a couple of months, as he targets a return to competitive racing at the World ... [more]

Goddard gets a week off
The Australian rugby referee Matt Goddard won't be officiating in the Super 14 rugby competition this week. Goddard made all the headlines last Friday night when he handed out five ... [more]

ING offers more options for repayment from frozen funds
ING is offering investors more options on how they are repaid, after freezing two of its investment funds last year. [more]

Police watchdog looks into breath test case
The Independent Police Conduct Authority is investigating the case of a high-ranking police officer who refused to give a breath test. [more]

American Samoan soldiers death rate in Iraqi war the highest
American Samoa's Congressman says a recently published report on the death rates for each state since the start of the Iraqi war, shows the Territory has the highest. The report... [more]

Dollar's rise may prompt more interest rate cuts
A surge in the New Zealand dollar to a 10-week high is likely to force the Reserve Bank to make deeper interest rate cuts if it remains in such positive territory. [more]

American Samoa's quarter scheduled for release in July
American Samoa's 25 cent quarter coin is scheduled for release in July. The coin's release is based on federal law enacted in December 2007, that creates the District of Columbia... [more]

American Samoa's ASPA rents generators from NZ
The American Samoan Power Authority says renting four small generators from New Zealand means it now has enough reserve capacity in the event of one of its six working generators... [more]

Tourism Fiji notices a decline in arrival numbers
Tourism Fiji chairman, Patrick Wong, says there has been a decline in arrival numbers and room occupancy levels. He told the Fiji Times that January 2009 statistics show nearly 33... [more]

CNMI optimistic over Asiana Airlines
The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands Senate President says he is reasonably optimistic Asiana Airlines will not pull out of the nation despite the company losing millions of dollars... [more]

Airlines PNG Limited's operating revenue up from last year
Airlines PNG Limited, in Papua New Guinea has posted 50 million US dollars in operating revenue, up 13 percent from the previous year. The 50 million US dollars operating revenue,... [more]

Trial for Fiji soldier charged with murder begins
The trial for the murder of 41 year-old Tailevu man, Nimilote Verebasaga, has started. The paper, the Fiji Times, says Presiding judge Justice Daniel Goundar swore in the five assessors... [more]

French government nuclear compensation welcomed
Some New Zealand veterans say they are surprised and pleased the French government will compensate victims of nuclear tests in the South Pacific. Between 1960 and 1996, France carried out... [more]

Concerns in Fiji over selection process for President's Dialogue Forum
A number of NGO's in Fiji are worried that their political neutrality might be affected by the selection process for the proposed President's Dialogue Forum. Political leaders agreed that 15... [more]

PNG's Morobe Province quiet after weekend of violence
Papua New Guinea's Morobe Provincial Commander Superintendent, Peter Guinness, says the situation in Morobe province still remains tense. Fighting over the weekend left three people dead. The violence erupted when... [more]

More suppression orders over nationwide raids
More extensive suppression orders have been laid over the nationwide police raids in 2007 as the case takes its next step through the legal process. [more]

Nuplex share rebound on rights issue
Shares in debt-laden resins maker Nuplex are continuing to reclaim lost ground after the company confirmed that it expects operating earnings of $43 million in the second half of the financial year. [more]

Corrections needs more money, says Rennie
State Services Commissioner Iain Rennie has told MPs that more funding for the Corrections Department is needed if its performance is to improve. [more]

French government still faces court action over nuclear testing
French Polynesia's nuclear test veterans' group, Mururoa o Tatou is calling on people to attend an April court date with the French Government. The French government will answer charges it... [more]

Trade Union Congress in PNG says rise in allowances is irresponsible
The Trade Union Congress in Papua New Guinea says a sharp rise in accommodation and vehicle allowances granted to Members of Parliament is totally irresponsible. A motion was passed in... [more]

Fiji's Teachers Association prepares for Supreme Court case over retirement at 55
Fiji's Teachers Association is now preparing for a supreme court hearing over the new retirement age. Tevita Koroi says a temporary stay order was granted yesterday in response to the... [more]

Baby born on flight from Apia put into custody of NZ's Child, Youth and Family
A baby born on a flight from Apia in Samoa to Auckland and left in the aircraft toilet cubicle will be placed in the temporary custody of Child Youth and... [more]

Payment of water bills allows reopening of clinics in Solomon's capital
The Honiara City Council in Solomon Islands had the Ministry of Home Affairs pay thousands of dollars for its outstanding water bills, which resulted in the closure of the majority... [more]

McCully trip to include meeting with Clinton
Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully is to meet with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during a visit to the United States in April. [more]

WADA slams football authorities over rule rejection
The World Anti-Doping Agency has warned football officials their sport risks being dropped from the Olympics if its authorities fail to recognise the reality of drugs cheats. European football's governing ... [more]

Tony Woodcock still battlijng ear infection
The All Black prop Tony Woodcock is still battlng an ear infection and isn't available for the Blues' Super 14 rugby match with the New South Wales Waratahs in Auckland ... [more]

England cricket officials agree South Africa more practical for IPL
English cricket chiefs hace conceded South Africa's a "more practical" choice to host the Indian Premier League after losing out in the race to stage the lucrative Twenty20 ... [more]

Massa says sticking with current drivers title formula the right move
Ferrari's Felipe Massa is pleased this season's Formula One title will be decided by points not wins, even though he'dhave been champion last year under the 'winner takes ... [more]

Flynn to undergo fitness test tomorrow to decide if he plays in second cricket test
Daniel Flynn was one of the few New Zealand cricketers to show any grit and determination at the batting crease in the first test loss India, but he'll have to pass ... [more]

Fiji police mount foot patrols in areas under attack from politically motivated vandalism
The police in Fiji says constant foot patrols by police officers will be conducted in residential areas where civilians who have been the target of politically motivated vandalism live. A... [more]

Mother who gave birth on flight from Samoa to face charges in NZ
A woman who secretly gave birth during a flight from Samoa to Auckland, leaving her baby in the plane's toilet cubicle, is due to face two charges in the Manukau... [more]

Change in withdrawal policies for Fiji's National Provident fund cause concern
Fiji Islands Congress of Trade Unions has criticised radical changes to withdrawal policies of the Fiji National Provident Fund without consulting the members fully and without sufficient notice. Since the... [more]

Deputy Prime Minister in Cook Islands slams Chamber of Commerce
The Cook Islands deputy Prime Minister, Sir Terepai Maoate, says he's disappointed that the Chamber of Commerce didn't meet with government first to work out a united position to present... [more]

Territory wide alert system called for in American Samoa
A lawmaker in American Samoa, Maugaoalii Anoai, is recommending a Territory-wide alert warning system be installed to better inform the public in the event of disaster. A tsunami warning last... [more]

Earthquake rocks Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea's island province of East New Britain has been rocked by a 6.0 magnitude earthquake. The quake struck this morning at a reported depth of 47 kilometres in... [more]

Cyclone Jasper downgraded
Cyclone Jasper, which has been sitting nearly 400 kilometres west of Noumea in New Caledonia has now been downgraded to a Category One Gale. The weather system is expected to... [more]

New Deputy Special Coordinator for RAMSI in Solomon Islands
The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands has welcomed a new Deputy Special Coordinator, Justin Fepulea'i, a Samoan-New Zealander with significant experience in the Pacific. RAMSI Special Coordinator, Graeme Wilson,... [more]

Plane birth mum accused of abandoning baby
A woman has appeared in court on charges of assault and abandoning a baby after she secretly gave birth on a flight from Samoa to New Zealand. [more]

Police seeking pair after stolen car plunges into harbour
Police on Auckland's North Shore are looking for two people over a police pursuit of a stolen car. [more]

Australian national investigated by Solomon Islands police and immigration
Police and immigration authorities in Solomon Islands are investigating an Australian national who has become embroiled in the media allegations against the Gold Ridge Mining Limited. Julian Buxton King who... [more]

Witt confirms switch from league to union and signs with Otago
The Warriors standoff Michael Witt has confirmed he's switching codes and signed to play rugby for Otago. The 25-year-old, joined the Auckland club in 2007 will move to Dunedin in ... [more]

Armstrong confident for Giro as he heads for surgery
Lance Armstrong is planning to ride in the Tour of Italy in May even though his broken collarbone is more serious than first thought. The seven-time Tour of France champion ... [more]

New Zealand looking to learn at Track Cycling World Champs
The Track Cycling World Championships begin in Poland on Thursday and the New Zealand contingent says they're viewing it as a stepping stone towards next years Commonwealth Games and the 2012 ... [more]

Brawn beefs up its challenge
The new Brawn Formula One team has attracted yet another disciple with rival team boss Sir Frank Williams suggesting the Mercedes powered cars have the potential to dominate Sunday's F1 ... [more]

Vettori frank but fair in assessment that New Zealand needs to improve everywhere
It's a frank but fair assessment of the New Zealand cricket team's performance but skipper Dan Vettori says they've simply got to improve in all facets of their play if ... [more]

Woodcock still battling ear infection
The Blues All Black prop Tony Woodcock is still battlng an ear infection and will miss Friday night's Super 14 clash with the New South Wales Waratahs in Auckland. It'll ... [more]

Statham and King-Turner into second round in Wellington
New Zealand's top two men's players have had straight set wins into the second round of the Futures tennis tournament in Wellington but several other New Zealanders struggled to finish ... [more]

FIA confirms F1 points system remains unchanged
Formula One's governing body has confirmed that the 2009 drivers' championship will be decided by the same points system as last year rather than awarding it to the winner of ... [more]

Taulapapa to front judiciary
The Cronulla winger Misi Taulapapa will front the NRL judiciary tonight after pleading not guilty to head slamming Newcastle's Junior Sau. Taulapapa will contest the grade one dangerous contact charge, ... [more]

Jones should be the first New Zealand Immortal, says Price
The Warriors captain Steve Price has called for Stacey Jones to become the first New Zealander inducted as a rugby league Immortal. Price is full of praise for Jones after ... [more]

Waugh confirmed as starter against the Blues
The New South Wales Waratahs skipper Phil Waugh has been cleared to play Friday night's Super 14 rugby match match against the Blues in Auckland. Waugh had been in ... [more]

Pay differences with Air NZ unfair, say striking crews
Pay differences between Air New Zealand long-haul flight attendants and cabin crews of subsidiary Zeal 320 Ltd are unfair and the reason for strike action beginning next month, says the Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union. [more]

Senior pilot accuses Air NZ of age discrimination
A senior pilot who says he was the victim of an "ageist" policy at Air New Zealand has taken his legal battle over unlawful discrimination to the Supreme Court. [more]

Ethic Affairs minister defends select committee workshop
Ethnic Affairs Minister Pansy Wong is defending a workshop being held to explain the political process for ethnic communities. [more]

Changes to election of Nursing Council members
Health Minister Tony Ryall has announced changes to the way members are elected to the Nursing Council. [more]

AA, truckies want road user charges scrapped
The Automobile Association and the trucking industry are calling on the Government to scrap road user charges on diesel cars and instead include the tax in the pump price. [more]

French nuclear test compensation too little, too late, says veterans group
A ten-million euro compensation package for the victims of nuclear test is being described as "peanuts". The French Defence minister Hervé Morin has outlined the main points of a proposed... [more]

Alpine Centre to house rare Hillary film
Rare film footage of Sir Edmund Hillary preparing for his 1958 expedition to Antarctica will be presented to the Alpine Centre at Aoraki-Mt Cook for safekeeping. [more]

Australia's government looking to reward former PNG "kiaps"
Australia's federal government is considering how to officially recognise the pioneering work of Australian patrol officers in Papua New Guinea. From 1949 to 1974, patrol officers or "kiaps" brought law... [more]