Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 30th April 2009

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The best song ever written - '' November Rain ''
For Mike Jones the best song ever written is '' November Rain '' by Guns and Roses. [more]

Your place - Ohaeawai
Today we head to Ohaeawai, 250 kilometres north from Auckland but only 20 minutes by road from Kerikeri and the Bay of Islands. [more]

Nasal vaccine
Australian scientists have had positive test results with a vaccine that protects mice against deadly bird flu. [more]

Rower arrival
English rower Olly Hicks is back on dry land after an arduous and challenging trek across the Tasman. [more]

Feature album - LA Woman
The last studio album recorded by The Doors before their lead singer Jim Morrison died in July 1971. [more]

Arts report with Lynn Freeman
We find out from a Gisborne art gallery why it's putting so much time and money into competing at the Auckland Art Fair. [more]

Christchurch story with Katy Gosset
We investigate a claim based on empirical evidence that the city is full of Good Samaritans. [more]

Science story
Stephen Robertson is interested in a family of rare genetic disorders that affect the formation of the skeleton and limbs. [more]

The panel ( Part 1 )
Today's guests are David McPhail and Irene Gardiner. [more]

The panel ( Part 2 )
Today's guests are David McPhail and Irene Gardiner. [more]

Business News

Markets update
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 30 April 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


The latest from NZ and around the world on swine flu
There are now 16 people with confirmed or probable swine flu and more than a hundred suspected cases. [more]

Flu testing centre set up
The government is setting up a regional assessment centre to test and treat patients. [more]

The Reserve Bank cuts the Official Cash Rate
The Bank cut the official cash rate by half a percentage point this morning to 2.5 percent and says it could still move lower. [more]

Commerce Commission clears four banks
The Commerce Commission has cleared four banks in its investigation into the calculation of break fees for home mortgages. [more]

Campervan manufacturer to lay off 67 workers
A drop-off in tourist numbers is among the reasons being given for a round of redundancies at caravan builder, C.I Munro. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

David Bain's uncle gives evidence at his retrial
One of David Bain's uncles has told a court he took it upon himself to ask his nephew what he termed"the critical question". [more]

Science students rank highly in international study
Labour is challenging the Minister of Education to explain why changes to the education system are necessary. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Claims Govt spies in bureaucracy
The Labour Party has accused the Government of appointing spies in Government departments. [more]

NIWA predicts slow recovery for drought areas
NIWA says a near-normal winter outlook will bring little respite for the country's drought affected regions. [more]

ESR begins testing swine flu samples in NZ
Scientists from ESR in Wellington have begun testing swine flu samples in New Zealand. [more]

Jobs under threat at Ministry of Fisheries
Up to 30 jobs could be axed at the Ministry of Fisheries under a new restructuring plan. [more]

Pope apologises to native Indian Canadian children
Pope Benedict has apologised to native Indian Canadian children who were abused in state funded church schools. [more]

Homeowners hope to take advantage of OCR cut
Business and home owners have their fingers crossed they'll be able to take advantage of today's drop in the OCR. [more]

Financial advisor on how to spend your extra money
Financial advisor Murray Weatherston. [more]

i-Phone game labeled racist
An Apple i-Phone game application is being called racist, with it's characters said to be depicted as savage islanders. [more]

President Obama's challenges after first 100 days
For President Barack Obama it's 100 days in office, and 100 problems on his plate. [more]

Labour says Govt feathering own nest
The Labour Party is accusing the Govt of feathering its own nest by giving MPs representing larger electorates extra resources. [more]

Humankind sees dying star for first time
The explosion of a star early in the history of the universe is the most distant single object ever detected by telescopes. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

UN animal health experts inspecting pigs in Mexico
The UN's food agency is sending a team of animal health experts to Mexico to see if this strain of influenza is linked to pigs. [more]

We hear from an expert in pig infections
Roger Morris says the team from the Food and Agriculture Organisation will be going in to inspect pig herds. [more]

Taleban talks with Pakistan suspended
The Taleban says its talks with the government in northwest Pakistan have been suspended amid army operations against militants. [more]

Sri Lanka urged to stop military offensive
British and French foreign ministers in Sri Lanka have urged the government to halt its military offensive against Tamil Tigers. [more]

Australian war veteran attacked by mice
Queensland Health has rostered on extra staff and pest control agents since the weekend to kill mice at the home. [more]

Woolly taggers make their mark in Tauranga
A new type of graffiti has appeared on the streets of Tauranga. [more]

Children earn sneezing basics
Health authorities are launching their annual campaign today to teach school children how to sneeze without spreading disease. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 30 April 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday sport
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 30 April 2009
News coverage from Morning Report. [more]

Border crossing slow for New Zealand passport holders
Because of the swine flu a New Zealand passport can, these days, slow your progress through some airports and ports. [more]

Hundreds of Fijian civil servants forced to retire today
Close to two thousand civil servants in Fiji will have to retire today under the interim regime's new State Services Decree. [more]

Pakistani troops hit back at Taliban
Pakistani troops are hitting back at Taliban fighters who have advanced into a region just 100 kilometres of Islamabad. [more]

Pacific news for 30 April 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

US officials confirm first swine flu death outside Mexico
A toddler has become the first person to die of swine flu outside of Mexico. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

First swine flu death in US confirmed
The United States has confirmed its first death from swine flu, a 23-month-old Mexican boy who had travelled to Texas. [more]

Government may suspend superannuation fund payments
The Finance Minister Bill English says the government may suspend contributions to the Super Fund. [more]

Morning business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Extra health workers to ease flu pressure on Auckland
It's been revealed Swine flu may have arrived in New Zealand before it came in with a group from Rangitoto College. [more]

Emergency powers could be used in worst case scenario
The Government has passed new regulations which would allow it to use special emergency powers to combat the outbreak. [more]

Banks urged to pass on interest rate cuts
Interest rates are up for review today. The Reserve Bank Governor is expected to cut the cash rate by up to half a percent. [more]

Banks criticised for not passing on rates cuts
Are the banks unable or unwilling to pass on all the benchmark interest rate cuts to customers? [more]

Michael Cullen gives last speech to Parliament
After almost 28 years in Parliament, the former Finance Minister, Michael Cullen has bowed out of politics. [more]

Doctors field more demands for Tamiflu
The confirmation of Swine Flu in New Zealand has sparked a surge of people trying to get hold of the anti-viral drug Tamiflu. [more]

New Zealand students rank second in world in science
A newly released OECD study shows one in five New Zealand 15 year olds are among the world's very best performers. [more]

Budget for National Library revamp is slashed
The budget to revamp the National Library has been slashed by more than a third. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Windfarm controversy as protest placards disappear
Signs were removed from a windfarm just before the Prime Minister arrived to officially open it. [more]

Vending machine prints and binds books in 5 minutes
British publisher Blackwell's has just intoduced a machine that will print and bind books on demand in just five minutes. [more]

WHO raises pandemic to level 5
The World Health Organisation has raised its pandemic flu alert level to 5, the second highest level. [more]

New flu powers to be used only in worst case scenario
The government says in a worst case scenario it could use special emergency powers to combat the Swine Flu outbreak. [more]

World Health Organisation raises alert level
The WHO's director-general Margaret Chan has just announced a rise on the alert level to level five. [more]

Bain retrial hears from extended family
The jury in the David Bain retrial has heard from members of the accused's extended family for the first time. [more]

NZ Olympic medal tally could increase
New Zealand could be about to experience a dramatic improvement to its medal haul. [more]

Politics, recession make for tough times in Fiji
One of Fiji's top income earners, tourism has already seen falls in visitor arrivals. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Australia approves tough new swine flu powers
Australia's government has approved tough new powers to detain and disinfect people suspected of carrying the virus. [more]

UN probes flu link with pigs
A top level team from the United Nations Food Agency is being sent to Mexico to establish the exact link between pigs and flu. [more]

Global downturn hits South Island's listed companies
Market capitalisation of South Island firms rose in March and the month also saw the South Island index outperform the NZX50. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Two short films to go to Cannes
Two New Zealand short films have been selected for the prestigious Cannes festival in France which begins in a fortnight. [more]

Nelson collector seeks new home for alarm clocks
A Nelson man is looking for a new home for what he believes is the world's largest private collection of alarm clocks. [more]


Sri Lanka Travels
Jim Scott on visiting family on a coconut plantation in the very idiosyncratic,troubled,beautiful country of Sri Lanka. [more]

World Weather
Severe Weather Forecaster Erick Brenstrem with a full explaination of anticyclones. [more]

Nights Conundrum
Clue 7 [more]

Nights Conundrum
All 8 clues [more]

Nine To Noon

World Health Organisation raises Swine Flu alert level to 5
Vivienne Allan, communications officer for the World Health Organisation. [more]

Rod Ellis-Pegler
Dr Rod Ellis-Pegler was Auckland Hospital's infectious disease specialist until he semi-retired two years ago. [more]

Official Cash Rate review lowered
With Radio New Zealand's Business editor Patrick O'Meara . [more]

The curious economics of contemporary art and auction houses
Don Thompson is a Harvard economist who's an expert on the international contemporary art market. [more]

UK correspondent - Matthew Parris
The coming election is on the mind of many Britons. [more]

Feature guest - Louise Bagshawe
Best-selling chick lit author and now a parliamentary candidate for the British Conservative party. [more]

Book review - The Brief History of the Future
The Brief History of the Future' by Jacques Attali. Published by Allen and Unwin. Reviewed by Dan Slevin. [more]

New Technology with Nat Torkington
Nat Torkington talks about Twitter and Swine Flu, Internet history and printing with ceramics. [more]

Educating Boys - Helping Kiwi boys to succeed at school
Massey University senior education lecturer Michael Irwin and author of Educating Boys - Helping Kiwi boys to succeed at school. [more]

Television review with Simon Wilson
Simon has been watching BroTown, the final of Boston Legal... and he asks if Marc Ellis really is as mainstream as he claims. [more]

Our Changing World

Nanotechnology - Tiny Wires of Carbon
University of Warwick chemist Julie McPherson explains how carbon nanotubes can be used as tiny wires. [more]

Mammals in the Subantarctic
DOC's Peter McLelland talks about past and planned eradications of introduced mammals from subantarctic islands. [more]

New Zealand's Most Famous Plant
Te Papa botanists Patrick Brownsey and Leon Perrie explore New Zealand's native ferns. [more]

Rare Genetic Conditions
University of Otago geneticist Stephen Robertson discovers a link between a rare genetic bone condition and a childhood cancer. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 30 April 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Midday Rural News for 30 April 2009
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Emmanuel Despax
French pianist performing Schumann's Piano Concerto in A minor, Op. 54 with the Christchurch Symphony this Saturday night. [more]

Jeniffer Buckley
Director of the Auckland Art Fair which takes place this weekend. [more]

News stories:

IRD to appeal tax ruling
The Inland Revenue Department is appealing against a High Court verdict in Christchurch, clearing two surgeons accused of tax avoidance. [more]

Another breast pump stolen from Waikato hospital
Another mobile breast pump has been stolen from the newborn intensive care unit at Waikato Hospital. Two pumps were stolen on Christmas Eve. [more]

Norman confirmed as Green candidate for by-election
Greens co-leader Russel Norman has been selected as the party's candidate to contest the Mount Albert by-election on 13 June. He was the only nomination. [more]

Northland looks into local government reform
Northland Mayors are exploring the idea of further local government reform in their region. [more]

High ranking for NZ school science results
New Zealand secondary school results in science have been ranked second only to Finland. [more]

European shares hit 11-week highs
European stocks closed at an 11-week high on Wednesday, after Banco Santander reported higher than expected earnings. [more]

Retailer expects to maintain full-year profit
Kirkcaldie & Stains expects its full year profit to be similar to last year's, despite seeing profits fall 42% in the first half. [more]

Pork bans expected to have little effect on NZ
The pork Industry says international trade bans on pork will have little effect on New Zealand producers. [more]

US GDP contracts
The US economy continued to contract in the first quarter of 2009, led by the biggest fall in exports for 40 years. [more]

Uncertainty acknowledged in wine industry
Winegrowers New Zealand acknowledges the recession is causing a high degree of uncertainty in the wine industry. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Thursday's papers: Waitaki River hydro power opponent to withdraw Environment Court appeal; suspected NZ swine flu cases rise in number; South Island bar and nightclub operator in receivership. [more]

Todd withdraws from Badminton
New Zealand's double Olympic equestrian champion Mark Todd has withdrawn from next month's Badminton Horse Trials in Britain because of an injury to his horse Gandalf. Todd says the horse ... [more]

Strikers big winners in football awards
The All Whites striker Shane Smeltz and 15-year-old Football Ferns forward Rosie White were the big winners at the Football Awards luncheon in Auckland while New Zealand's newest Premiership player ... [more]

Breakers delighted by head coach's Australian job
The New Zealand Breakers General Manager Richard Clarke says the club's delighted its head coach Andrej Lemanis is to take up an assistant coaching role with the Australian men's basketball ... [more]

Australia wins women's softball series
An Australian development side has won the the five-Test women's softball series against New Zealand in Christchurch 4-1 after hard-fought victories in the last two matches. The Aussie Spirit team won ... [more]

Flintoff to make Twenty20 and Ashes after knee surgery
The England all-rounder Andrew Flintoff should be fit for the start of the World Twenty20 competition in June and the subsequent Ashes series against Australia following surgery on his right ... [more]

Bryce Lawrence gets Lions Test
The New Zealand rugby referee Bryce Lawrence will be in charge of one of the three Lions Test matches in South Africa in June and July. Lawrence has been appointed ... [more]

More than 300,000 tickets sold for Confederations Cup
Half the tickets for the FIFA Confederations Cup in South Africa have been sold and organisers are hopeful of a complete sellout before the competition kicks off in June. The ... [more]

India set to host majority of 2011 World Cup
A majority of the 2011 World Cup matches will be held in India after Pakistan was stripped of co-hosting rights over security concerns. Ther International Cricket Council's chief executive Haroon ... [more]

Clubs back two referees
The National Rugby League's decision to have games controlled by two referees looks set to stay after an overwhelming endorsement from NRL chief executives. Leading coaches Ricky Stuart from Cronulla ... [more]

IOC finds positive drugs tests from Beijing
The International Olympic Committee has discovered seven more positive drugs results from re-testing samples taken at last year's Beijing Olympics. The IOC says 948 samples were analysed and seven, from ... [more]

Italian paper names Olympic drugs cheat
An Italian sports daily has identified one of the seven athletes who have returned positive drug test results in the IOC's massive re-testing programme from last year's Beijing Olympics. The ... [more]

Armstrong set for comeback at Tour of the Gila
The seven-times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong will return to competition at this week's Tour de Gila in New Mexico after recovering from collarbone surgery. After initially being barred ... [more]

Russia survive first stiff test and Canada win again
The holders Russia survived their toughest test of the ice hockey world championship when they beat hosts Switzerland 4-2 in Berne for theirr third successive win as they finished top ... [more]

Christie posts maiden road win in Europe
The South Canterbury cyclist Jason Christie has enjoyed his maiden road win in Europe with victory in the Raiffeisen Grand Prix in Austria. Christie, who's based in Belgium with the ... [more]

NBA fines three coaches for criticising referees
The NBA has fined three coaches of $45,000 each for publicly criticising referees during the basketball playoffs. Houston's Rick Adelman, Portland's Nate McMillan and Boston's Doc Rivers all received the ... [more]

Barcelona held 0-0 by Chelsea in semi-final first leg
Barcelona have been held to a 0-0 draw by a battling Chelsea in the first leg of their European football Champions League semi-final at the Nou Camp. The home side ... [more]

No NZ athletes return positive drug tests in Beijing re-testing
No New Zealand athletes are among the six to have returned positive drug tests in the wake of re-testing samples taken at last year's Beijing Olympics. Of the almost 5,000 ... [more]

Swiss defender forced to defend contempt of court charge
The Swiss defender of sailing's America's Cup is being forced back to court in New York to defend a charge of contempt which carries a possible prison sentence. The charge ... [more]

Blues coach rings changes
The Blues coach Pat Lam has made seven changes and two positional switches in his side to play the Hurricanes in Wellington on Friday night. Among them he's moved the ... [more]

Cooper defends Weepu bench spot
The Hurricanes rugby coach Colin Cooper has defended his decision to keep All Black halfback Piri Weepu on the bench for Friday's home derby against the Blues. Alby Mathewson holds on ... [more]

Henry not happy with standard of referees
The All Blacks coach Graham Henry says the quality of this year's Super 14 has slipped and he's putting the blame on the referees. He's particulary concerned about the way ... [more]

McLaren let off with suspended three-race ban
Lewis Hamilton's Formula One title defence remains alive after his McLaren team were handed a suspended three-race ban for lying to a race stewards inquiry at the season opening Australian ... [more]

Nick Willis could move up to silver after champ fails re-test
The Olympic 1,500 metres champion Rashid Ramzi has become the highest profile track athlete to fail a dope test at a Games since Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive in ... [more]

Henry has no concerns about Weepu
The All Blacks coach Graham Henry says he has no concerns that one of his leading players from last year, the halfback Piri Weppu, isn't getting regular game time in ... [more]

Daly back in the game, again
Twice major golf winner John Daly's latest bid to resurrect his career is for his benefit and not to prove his detractors wrong. 43-year-old Daly is rehabilitating by losing weight ... [more]

Punjab scrape home, Knight Riders lose again
Kings XI Punjab has beaten Mumbai Indians by three runs in the Indian Premier League cricket tournament overnight, while the Kolkata Knight Riders lost to the Bangalore Royal Challengers by five ... [more]

ICL players offered amnesty by national boards
Indian and Pakistan players tied to the unofficial Indian Cricket League have been asked to ditch the rebel organisation if they want to be considered for international cricket. The new ... [more]

Bray agrees standard of refs has dropped
The rugby referees boss Lyndon Bray accepts the overall standard of refereeing in the Super 14 has slipped from previous years, but says it's impossible to replace experience overnight. The All ... [more]

Sport feeling effects of spine flu outbreak
The global spread of swine flu is starting to have an impact on a number of sports, including motor racing, soccer and golf. Next month's final round of the A1 ... [more]

Vaughan left out of England Test squad
The former England cricket captain Michael Vaughan is one of several experienced players left out of a 12-man squad for next week's first Test against the West Indies at Lord's. ... [more]

Gallen found not guilty
The Cronulla captain Paul Gallen has been found not guilty of a careless high tackle by the National Rugby League judiciary and is now free to play the Sydney Roosters ... [more]

British number one out of Rome Masters
The world tennis number four Andy Murray has been sent packing from the Rome Masters in a huge upset. The 21-year-old Scot, seeded through to the second round, looked in ... [more]

No Leuluai and Webb for Kiwis
The Kiwis rugby league coach Stephen Kearney has ruled out selecting the British-based pair Thomas Leuluai and Brent Webb for next week's trans-Tasman Test. Leuluai started at hooker against Australia in ... [more]

Ranger set to face court
The Blues winger Rene Ranger is to appear in court tomorrow to face assault charges, the same day he's been named to start against the Hurricanes in their Super 14 ... [more]

Armstrong does u-turn and set to race in New Mexico
The American cycling great Lance Armstrong will compete for the first time since breaking his collarbone in Spain last month in New Mexico's Tour de Gila. In a dramatic u-turn Armstrong ... [more]

Saints leave Dynamos winless
The Wellington Saints have comfortably beaten Taranaki 104-78 in New Plymouth to leave the Dynamos still win in the National Basketball League. The Saints led by a comfortable 20 points ... [more]

Henry confirms he wants to stay on as All Blacks coach
The All Blacks coach Graham Henry has confirmed he wants to continue in the job past this year. Henry was appointed on a two-year contract after the 2007 World Cup ... [more]

Fiji teachers association says future of education in Fiji is bleak
A union representing teachers in Fiji says the future of education there is bleak, with hundreds of teachers being forced to retire today. The military-led government has decreed that civil... [more]

Fed maintains key rate
The Federal Reserve says the pace of deterioration in the US economy appeared to be slowing, but it will continue to keep interest rates at zero to 0.25% for an extended period. [more]

Scotland pull out of 2015 RWC bid
Scotland have withdrawn from the race to co-host the 2015 Rugby World Cup - meaning there will be no joint bid from the home nations. The Scots wanted to host a ... [more]

Limited public access to National Library collection during renovations
Cuts to the budget for an upgrade of the National Library will result in limited public access to its collection during the renovation. [more]

Wall St rallies as consumer spending rises
Stocks in the United States have climbed on hints of future economic expansion. GDP dropped at an annual rate of 6.1% in the first quarter, but consumer spending rose. [more]

Health ministry in Samoa on alert over swine flu
The Ministry of Health in Samoa has started to check incoming passengers at the country's main international airport following reports of swine flu cases in New Zealand where many Samoans... [more]

Protest placards removed
Protest placards were removed from near a windfarm site in Wellington on Wednesday before the Prime Minister could have seen them. [more]

Cullen gives last speech in Parliament
Former Finance Minister, Michael Cullen gave his last speech to the House on Wednesday. Labour leader Phil Goff said his departure and that of Helen Clark marks the end of an era. [more]

Public health personnel "very tired"
The Government is trying to get more nurses and medical officers of health into Auckland to deal with the swine flu alert. Public health personnel are working around the clock and becoming very tired. [more]

GPs field requests for Tamiflu
Doctors are experiencing a surge in the number of people asking for the drug Tamiflu, which can be used to treat swine flu. [more]

Willis in line for silver medal
The New Zealand athlete Nick Willis is in line for an upgrade in his Olympic medal following the news that the Beijing 1,500 metre gold medalist Rashid Ramzi is one ... [more]

Australia to honour PNG WWII effort
Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, who provided vital assistance to Australian troops in Papua New Guinea during the Second World War, are to receive commemorative medals from the Australian government. The Australian... [more]

Village leader jailed in Samoa for indecent assault of step daughter
A 61 year old man in Samoa has been convicted and sentenced to four years in jail for indecently assaulting his 12 year old stepdaughter. The village matai was found... [more]

Reserve Bank cuts OCR
The Reserve Bank of New Zealand has lowered its Official Cash Rate to 2.5%. It was previously 3%. [more]

Marshall Islands welcomes Taiwan's Foreign Minister
Taiwan's Foreign Minister, Francisco Ou, is expected to arrive in the Marshall Islands today, for a two-day visit to mark the country's 30th anniversary of constitutional government. Taiwan is the... [more]

Court in Samoa reserves decision in compensation claim by SDPU leader
The Supreme Court in Samoa has heard legal submissions over a strike out motion by the Attorney General against a compensation claim by the leader of the Samoa Democratic United... [more]

Vanuatu govt to disburse anti-malaria drugs
The Vanuatu Government's National Malaria Control Programme is expected to distribute a new anti-malarial treatment within the next six months. The treatment has been successfully adopted in sub Sahara African... [more]

French Polynesian MPs unhappy with nuclear workers' bill
A French Polynesian politician says local MPs plan to make a submission to the French Assembly to show their dissatisfaction with a nuclear workers' bill. France tested nuclear weapons in... [more]

PNG's Commander of Defence Force says peacekeeping could be a key role
The Commander of Papua New Guinea's Defence Force says a draft law to allow it to serve in overseas missions will help fulfill its international obligations written in the country's... [more]

Fonterra sells ice cream business in Australia
Fonterra is selling its Australian ice cream business to Nestle Australia and Bulla Dairy Foods. Earlier this week, Fonterra said it is exiting a joint venture investment in India. [more]

Vodafone extension ready a month early
Vodafone says its 3G mobile network is available to customers north of Auckland and on the Coromandel Penensula - a month ahead of schedule. [more]

SPC economist sees potential in turning Pacific resources into popular brands
A resource economist for the Secretariat for Pacific Community says there is potential for poor countries to trade their way to improved levels of economic development with primary commodities. Tim... [more]

Reserve Bank of Fiji says devaluation alone will not solve Fiji's situation
The Reserve Bank of Fiji says devaluation alone will not solve Fiji's balances payments situation. The paper, the Fiji Times reports Governor, Sada Reddy, saying every section of the community... [more]

Guam Authority says a number of companies owe it money
The Guam Economic Development Authority or says it has 15 cases currently in litigation with companies that owe GEDA-backed government loans as far back as 1978. The authority yesterday provided... [more]

Fiji Hoteliers Association expects tourist numbers to pick up
The Fiji Hoteliers Association expects tourist numbers to pick up from next month onward. Fiji Live reports the association's president Dixon Seeto saying it is entering the traditional peak period... [more]

First Hawaiian Bank announces a rise in its first quarter
The First Hawaiian Bank has announced a rise in its first quarter net income for this year. The Saipan Tribune reports the income of 52.9 million US dollars, excluding a... [more]

Less bureaucracy wanted for fishing industry
Fisheries Minister Phil Heatley has told commercial fishing companies that he wants an industry with less bureaucracy during tough economic times. [more]

Building consents continue to fall
The number of consents issued for new houses resumed its downward slide in March, following a slight rise in February. [more]

Escaped prisoner recaptured
Police in Auckland have captured a escaped prisoner who has been at large for nearly two weeks. [more]

High ranking chiefs in Samoa jailed for arson
Four high ranking chiefs or matais of Matautu Falelatai village in Samoa have been jailed after being found guilty in the Supreme Court of arson, wilful obstruction, threatening police and... [more]

Suppression of name lifted in axe killing
A man charged with murder in Auckland following an incident involving an axe, can now be named. [more]

Amnesty critical of aspects of Solomons reconciliation plan
Amnesty International has criticised a clause in the Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation Act which says that any information disclosed to it cannot be construed as admissable evidence before a... [more]

$15 million grant towards stadium upgrade
The Government will contribute $15 million towards an upgrade of the AMI stadium in Christchurch. The $60 million project will be completed in time for the 2011 Rugby World Cup. [more]

Economic uncertainty accompanies cannery speculation in American Samoa
American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce says whether speculation about the territory's canning plants turns out to be true or false, it faces an uncertain economic future. The Governor's Office has... [more]

CT scanner opened at Massey
Massey University has opened a $1 million scanning facility that will help producers breed leaner animals for meat production. It is considered to be a huge advance on standard methods of selection. [more]

World number four unconcerned after upset
The British tennis number one Andy Murray isn't too disappointed despite losing his first match at the Rome Masters. The 21-year-old Scot hoped to replace Serbia's Novak Djokovic at number ... [more]

McCaw out with concussion
The All Blacks captain Richie McCaw has been ruled out of the Crusaders' match against the Lions in Johannesburg this weekend because of concussion. McCaw suffered the concussion in last ... [more]

Man U beat Arsenal
Holders Manchester United have beaten Arsenal 1-0 at Old Trafford in their first leg European Champions League football semi-final. Defender John O'Shea scored after 17 minutes in a match dominated ... [more]

Rene Ranger to be remanded and considered for diversion
The Blues player Rene Ranger will be charged with assault tomorrow at the District Court in Warkworth but he won't be there. Ranger's in Wellngton for tomorrow night's Super 14 ... [more]

Woods downplays speculation he's parting company with coach
The World golf number one Tiger Woods is downplaying speculation he may part company with coach Hank Haney. Rumours swirled that Haney, who's been with Woods since 2002, ... [more]

Athletics expects Willis silver confirmation next week
It looks as if it'll be a week before confirmation of the New Zealand athlete Nick Willis's retrospective 1500 metres silver medal from the Beijing Olympics, after the winner tested ... [more]

The caveman and his captain Racing this time
The French rugby captain Lionel Nallet and fellow lock Sebastien Chabal will reportedly join the French club Racing at the end of the season. The website reports the Racing chairman ... [more]

Swine flu fears prompt more cancellations
The US-based Nationwide Tour has postponed its Mexico Open golf tournament because of the swine flu outbreak, joining a growing list of sports events put off by the imminent pandemic. ... [more]

Three new caps in White Ferns squad
There are three new caps in the New Zealand women's cricket side for the ICC World Twenty20 tournament in June. Saskia Bullen and Victoria Lind from Auckland, and Wellington's Sian ... [more]

Giggs reaches new milestone
Ryan Giggs has passed another milestone in his remarkable Manchester United career with his 800th appearance for the Premier League football club. The 35-year-old Welshman came on as a 67th-minute ... [more]

Olympic champion Bolt hospitalized
World record sprinter Usain Bolt is being treated at a hospital in Jamaica after he was involved in a car crash. It's not known if he was driving the sports ... [more]

Double killer wants less time in prison
A man who admitted murdering a Korean student on the West Coast has appealed against a minimum prison sentence of 21 years imposed on him, saying he's already served almost half of his sentence for an earlier killing. [more]

Cook Strait power cable restored
The Cook Strait power cable is fully operational again. Supply was disrupted on Monday night because of a fault at a transformer at Benmore. [more]

Forum yet to say if Fiji will be suspended over election date row
The Pacific Islands Forum is yet to say whether it will go through with its threat to suspend Fiji from some of the agency's activities following the military led government's... [more]

Military riot spills over in Papua capital
Civilians have been beaten around the main Indonesian military base in the provincial capital of Papua as soldiers went on a violent rampage. Wednesday's violence stemmed from a protest by... [more]

Two men in French Polynesia convicted for racism
A French Polynesian court has convicted two men Cyril Legayic and Mahinui Temarii for making statements aimed at inducing racial hatred. They have been fined and Cyril Legayic, who is... [more]

Solomons commission to reach out to community affected by ethnic unrest
The chairperson of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Solomon Islands says its first priority will be to reach out to the communities affected by ethnic violence. The Commission was... [more]

"Near-normal" winter forecast
NIWA's National Climate Centre says a "near-normal" winter is on the way. Average or above average temperatures are forecast over much of New Zealand. [more]

Army major sent lewd texts to female captain
A court martial has found an Army officer guilty of doing an act likely to prejudice service discipline. [more]

Homes burnt at PNG's Porgera mine
Reports from Papua New Guinea say more than 300 houses belonging to landowners near the Porgera gold mine in Enga Province have been burned down. The Post Courier newspaper says... [more]

Juror's illness temporarily stops Bain re-trial
A juror suddenly became ill at David Bain's retrial, calling a halt to proceedings on Thursday. [more]

Petrol companies cut retail price of petrol
Petroleum companies cut the price of petrol by 5 cents a litre on Thursday. [more]

Mosley happy with McLaren's contrition
The chief of motor racing's governing body doesn't think the McLaren Formula One team have been let off lightly after they were handed a suspended three-race ban for lying to ... [more]

French Polynesian government rebuffs French nuclear compensation plan
The French Polynesian government has given a negative response to French plans to compensate nuclear test site workers. The proposal was unveiled by the French defence minsiter in March but... [more]

Anesi returns for Chiefs
The former All Black Sosene Anesi returns to the Chiefs starting line-up to face the Stormers in Cape Town on Sunday morning, after two months on the sidelines with a shoulder ... [more]

Olympic hero Bolt escapes serious injury in car crash
The Olympic sprint sensation Usain Bolt suffered only minor injuries when his BMW skidded off the road in Jamaica and overturned in a ditch. Bolt told fans he was good ... [more]

Five new members in bowls national squads
The possible make-up of the Commonwealth Games bowling team for New Delhi, next year has become clearer with the naming of five new players the new men's and women's national ... [more]

O'Neill keen on Old Firm joining Premier League
Aston Villa's manager Martin O'Neill has added his support to plans for the Scottish football giants Celtic and Rangers to play in the English Premier League. Bolton's chairman Phil Gartside ... [more]

Nightclub operator in receivership
A company which owns a number of South Island bars and nightclubs is in receivership. A co-receiver says each venue's financial position and potential will be assessed. [more]

Ministry's restructuring plan could mean job cuts
Almost 30 jobs could be cut at the Ministry of Fisheries under a restructuring plan. [more]

Journalists in Papua exposed to Indonesian military unrest
An Indonesian journalist says he and three colleagues were accosted by soldiers as violence broke out around the main military base in the provincial capital of Papua. The rioting stemmed... [more]

Faleomavaega restates his Fiji views in face of criticism
American Samoa's Congressman Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin says he has every right to speak out about issues affecting the Pacific region, including Fiji. His comments are in response to criticism from... [more]

Call for traditinal methods to protect Pacific turtles
An American government fisheries biologist says traditional practices could help protect turtles, which are in continuing decline across the Pacific. In the Northern Marianas, despite stricter laws, no one has... [more]

Tongan MP fears political reform delays
A pro-democracy MP in Tonga says there are growing concerns that political reforms will not happen next year as the government has promised. Clive Edwards says with the delays in... [more]

Two charged with man's murder
Two men appeared in the Upper Hutt District Court on Thursday charged with the murder of a 64-year-old man. [more]

Detained Fiji nationalist Duvuloco taken to hospital
One of the five Fiji nationalists, who have been in police custody this week, has been admitted to the country's largest referral hospital in Suva. Iliesa Duvuloco, a minister in... [more]

Solomons Commission claims broad support
The chairperson of the Solomon Islands Truth and Reconciliation Commission says there is widespread support for its mission to help heal the wounds of ethnic violence. The Commission was launched... [more]

NZ dollar falls after cut to OCR
The New Zealand sharemarket closed up 40 points or 1.5% on Thursday to 2740 on turnover of $109 million. [more]

Bill gives more protection to whisle-blowers
A bill strengthening the protections for whistle-blowers has passed into law with unanimous support in Parliament. [more]

Eight months on from Olympic Games, NZ gains a silver medal
Athlete Nick Willis is expected to be awarded a retrospective silver medal from the Beijing Olympics, after the winner tested positive for a new banned drug. [more]

NZers' hopes of getting good job in Britain reduced
New Zealanders wanting to work in Britain face cuts to the number of skilled jobs open to them under plans to curb local unemployment levels. [more]