Radio New Zealand - Thursday, 21st May 2009

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Jim's essay
The continuing assault on the English language by bureaucrats, corporates and government departments. [more]

The best song ever written
Truda Chadwick from Auckland chooses Long Distance Love by Little Feat. [more]

Your place - Kimbolton
It's a small and friendly rural township of 250 souls, set atop rolling hills with sweeping views of the Ruahine mountain range and the Apiti Valley. [more]

Porirua Harbour
Experts are warning the harbour could become damaged beyond repair if immediate action isn't taken to restore it. [more]

Avalanche warning
People are being warned to keep off the mountains, despite good dumps of snow in both the North and South Islands. [more]

He Rourou for 21 May 2009
Hundreds of whanau and friends celebrated with graduates at Massey university's Maori graduation ceremony. [more]

Feature album - Actor
One of the emerging female singer songwriters hitting the bigtime in the last few years - Annie Clark aka St. Vincent. [more]

Arts report with Lynn Freeman
Lynn Freeman chairs a panel discussion on the New Zealand Book Awards, which are up for review. [more]

Christchurch story with Katy Gosset
Tyron Southward runs his own business specialising in hunting and trophy work and despite the recession, business is booming. [more]

Science with Veronica Meduna
And now, in our science story, it is that time of year again a group of mycologists have gathered for the Fungal Foray. [more]

The panel (part 1)
With David Slack and Jon Bridges. [more]

The panel (part 2)
With David Slack and Jon Bridges. [more]

Business News

Morning Business News for 21 May 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets Update
A quick market update. [more]

Midday Business News for 21 May 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Government admits failure over massive power overcharging
The Government is admitting the electricity industry reforms of recent years have largely failed after an investigation showing massive over charging by power companies. [more]

Energy Minister on Commerce Commission Report
The Energy Minister Gerry Brownlee says the Government accepts the Commerce Commission report and is taking action to fix things. [more]

Couple flee country after bank error
Police in Rotorua are trying to track down a couple who've fled the country after Westpac mistakenly deposited ten million dollars into their bank account. [more]

Don Brash on the stolen emails investigation
The police investigation into former National Party leader Don Brash's stolen emails is to be investigated by the police. [more]

Flag burning students kicked out of University
Victoria University has expelled three students for what the students say was a flag burning anti-war protest. [more]

Victoria University kicks out flag burner's
Listening to that is the Dean of Humanities at Victoria University Deborah Willis and she joins us now. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Power overcharging robs consumers
A Commerce Commission investigation has found the four big electricity companies have overcharged by 4.3 billion dollars with wholesale prices between 2001 and 2007, 18 percent higher than they should have been. [more]

Iran rocket test escalates tensions
Iran appears to have successfully test fired a missile that military experts say is capable of hitting Israel. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Scientist says Robin Bain had blood on his shoes
A forensic expert from the UK has told the High Court in Christchurch that he found blood stains on top of Robin Bain's shoe where other scientists had found none. [more]

Police investigate Fraser High principal
The principal of Hamilton's Fraser High School has gone on leave while the police invesitgate allegations of financial irregularity. [more]

Appeal to government to lift Fiji sanctions
A Fiji government consultant has made an appeal to New Zealand government officials, to lift its sanctions on the coup stricken nation. [more]

Possums the key to beating the recession?
An entrepreneurial summit in Auckland has decided possum fur and leather could be the key to beating the recession. [more]

Government admits electricity reforms failed
The Government is admitting the electriticity industry reforms of recent years have largely failed after an investigation showing massive over charging by power companies. [more]

More eyes on crime in Christchurch CBD
The ability of police to spot crime in Christchurch has been given a boost, with 25 new state of the art closed circuit cameras switched on today. [more]

Swine flu prompts school closure in Victoria
Six cases of Swine flu have now been confirmed in Australia and a primary school in Victoria has been shut down to try to contain it. [more]

Wild weather moves to NSW
The wild weather that's brought extensive flooding to south-east Queensland is now creating havoc in northern New South Wales. [more]

Pair flee after millions put in their account
Police in Rotorua are working to track down a couple who've fled the country after Westpac mistakenly deposited ten million dollars into their bank account. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Bushfires could have fueled 1500 atomic bombs
The Victoria bushfires that killed 173 people in February generated enough energy to fuel fifteen hundred atomic bombs. [more]

Fears super-city will be harmful to health
The Auckland super-city is being described by a health academic as a Kremlin-like structure that will have a detrimental effect on health, especially in areas with big Pacific populations. [more]

Child abuse hidden by Irish State and Church
There are renewed calls in Australia for a royal commission to look into child abuse at Catholic run institutions following a damning report in Ireland. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Children abducted in Sri Lanka
A coalition of leading international humanitarian organisations is calling for the United Nations to send a special envoy to Sri Lanka to investigate allegations of child abductions. [more]

Observers allowed into Aung San Suu Kyi's trial
There's been a surprising twist on the 3rd day of the trial of Myanmar's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. [more]

Californians reject tax hike vote
Californian voters have decisively rejected measures including tax hikes to try to pull the state out of its huge deficit. [more]

Hanoi's art treasures could be fakes
Details are emerging of peculiar goings-on in the national art collection of Vietnam. [more]

Giant tortoise gets special crash helmet
A giant tortoise with a big hole in its shell has been fitted with a specially made fibre-glass crash helmet by vets while his wound heals. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 21 May 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 21 May 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 21 May 2009
Wintry blast hits, Weather update, Japan's economy, Angry super-city plans and Floods in Queensland. [more]

C-130 Hercules crashes in East Java
Aviation authorities in Indonesia have launched an investigation following the crash of a military transport plane. [more]

Pacific News
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Waatea News
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Ngati Whatua, Pacific leaders unite over super city plans
Leaders of Ngati Whatua and Auckland's Pacific Island boards have agreed to fight together the government's super city plans. [more]

Calls to increase monitoring of home detention prisoners
The Sensible Sentencing Trust says criminals serving home detention sentences need to be monitored more closely. [more]

Wintry blast hits central north island
Trucks are stranded and farms are isolated after an early winter blast moved through the North Island overnight. [more]

Weather update - roads
Our reporter Ceinwen Curtis has the very latest from the transport agencies. [more]

Japan's economy suffers record plunge
Japan's economy has suffered a record plunge - by 4 percent for the first quarter of 2009. [more]

Angry West Aucklanders front up at super city meeting
Waitakere residents have promised to fight the Auckland super-city plan. [more]

Labour says minister's nomination abuse of power
The Government's being accused of abusing Parliamentary process in its choice of who will chair the special select committee on Auckland governance. [more]

Floods and high winds hit south-east queensland
Across the Tasman, Queensland has been hit by extreme weather. [more]

60 years of Catholic cruelty to Irish children documented
A report on the abuse of children at institutions run by Catholic orders in Ireland has revealed a catalogue of cruelty. [more]

Entrepreneurs knock heads to beat recession
Another summit meeting is being held in Auckland today to try and brainstorm ideas to keep jobs in New Zealand. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Forest plantings at lowest level since World War II
The amount of new forestry planting has shrunk to its lowest level since the Second World War. [more]

Famed British pathologist gives evidence for David Bain
A touch of celebrity was added to David Bain's trial yesterday when defence witness Dr Robert Chapman took the stand. [more]

GP hailed after using power drill to perform brain surgery
A GP who operated on a boy with a household power drill has been hailed as having performed "one of the gutsiest life-saving efforts imaginable". [more]

Weather update - roads
Our reporter Ceinwen Curtis has the very latest from the transport agencies. [more]

Maori leader backs Christine Rankin, others still unsure
Controversy continues to swirl around newly appointed Families Commissioner Christine Rankin. [more]

Labour Party accuses government of abuse of process
Associate Local Government Minister John Carter and Labour MP Darren Hughes join Geoff Robinson in the studio. [more]

Interpol called after Rotorua's million-dollar bank mix up
We're joined by Bell Gully partner Mike Colson, a lawyer who specialises in commercial litigation, including mistaken payments. [more]

Sports News
An update from the RNZ sports team. [more]

Minister wants new pig welfare code by end of year
The Government wants a new pig welfare code in place by the end of the year. [more]

Irish abuse survivor tells of life in Catholic orphanage
Bernadette Fahy suffered as a child at school in the 1960s, she speaks to us from Dublin. [more]

Waatea News
The latest news from the Waatea team. [more]

Protest march over West Coast mental health changes
Four West Coast activity centres providing services and care for mentally ill and intellectually disabled people say a change in DHB funding may force their closure. [more]

Motor racing legend Moss says F1 must keep Ferrari
The future of Formula One's most glamorous team is in doubt after Ferrari lost a landmark court hearing in Paris today. [more]

Another book award for Kate de Goldi
Author and Radio New Zealand contributor Kate de Goldi has won a top award at the New Zealand Post Book Awards. [more]


Lake Eyre basin management
Lake Eyre in South Australia, the world's largest salt lake, is once again bursting into life. [more]

Salty Sailing
The recent flooding from Queensland has meant some hopefuls are planning a regatta. [more]

Hot rocks
Our resident geologist, and friends, talk Lake Eyre and Uluru/Ayers rock. [more]

Clue 7. [more]

Clue 8. [more]

Nine To Noon

Child support payments
Can the system managing child support payments be made fairer? [more]

Sri Lanka
Peter Cozens, expert on Sri Lanka and director of Victoria University's Centre for Strategic Studies. [more]

Bill Day - marine entrepreneur
Bill Day is a marine entrepreneur who's just been named one of Victoria University's distinguished alumni. [more]

UK Correspondent
News from the UK with our correspondent Jon Dennis. [more]

Conflicts surrounding water
Dr Peter Gleick discusses the conflicts around access to water, and the impact of climate change. [more]

Book Review - 'Singularity'
Mary McCallum reviews 'Singularity' by Charlotte Grimshaw. Published by Vintage. [more]

New Technology
Nat Torkington discusses artificial intelligence. [more]

Parenting guru and psychologist Nigel Latta on how to develop a good working relationship with your child's school or kindy. [more]

Simon Wilson confesses he has been watching breakfast television. [more]

Our Changing World

The Journey of Periwinkle Larvae
Marine ecologist Pelayo Salinas sets up an experiment to test how far periwinkle larvae travel. [more]

Nanotechnology - Managing Chronic Disease
University of Auckland chemist David Williams tracks the development of tiny home kits to manage chronic diseases. [more]

Fungal Foray
Mycologists gather for the 23rd Fungal Foray to search the Kapiti Coast for unusual fungi. [more]

Southern Right Whales Return
Marine mammal scientist Simon Childerhouse has been monitoring the comeback of southern right whales. [more]

Rural News

Morning Rural News for 21 May 2009
The latest from the farming and rural communities. [more]

Midday Rural News for 21 May 2009
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Jennifer Banks
NZ violinist and member of the Tasman String Quartet who are touring the country this month. [more]

Dr Keith Chapin
Organiser of NZSM's 'Joseph Haydn: Forms of Expression' conference - commemorating the 200th anniversary of Haydn's death. [more]

News stories:

Manukau council consults over rafting facility
Manukau City Council is going ahead with consultation to provide funding for a $60 million whitewater rafting facility, despite Gvernment legislation to establish an Auckland super-council. [more]

Magazine still in business, says editor
Mana magazine is being hit by reports that it is for sale. Editor Derek Fox says the reports are false and the magazine is in good health. [more]

$222 million raised by Downer EDI
Downer EDI has raised $222 million as part of an ongoing capital management programme. [more]

Chief science advisor named by PM
Professor Peter Gluckman has been named as chief science advisor to the Prime Minister. John Key says New Zealand's prosperity rests on its ability to make full use of the expertise of scientists. [more]

Dunne distances himself from Rankin
United Future leader Peter Dunne is distancing himself from an organisation he supported that was headed by Christine Rankin. [more]

Rankin appointment reasons sought
A former children's commissioner has written to the Government seeking reasons for the decision to appoint Christine Rankin to the Families Commission. [more]

Morning Report: local papers
Winter weather and overcharging by big power generation companies dominate the papers on Thursday. [more]

Supreme Court hearing to be sought over water
The New Zealand Maori Council is to go to the Supreme Court to stop Treaty assets like water being subject to the Resource Management Act. [more]

Rural drinking water contaminated - report
A new report issued by Canterbury Regional Council has confirmed that nitrate discharges from farming are contaminating drinking water in parts of rural Canterbury. [more]

ARU conifdent they'll get 15th super side
The Australian Rugby Union believes SANZAR's broadcast partners will support the 15th Super rugby side being based in Australia, rather than South Africa. The final piece in the new Super ... [more]

Ferrari appeal thrown out
Ferrari have failed in their bid to stop Formula 1's governing body introducing controversial new rules that limit team spending. Their appeal against the FIA, which wants to introduce an optional ... [more]

Cooper says restructuring of season is good
The Hurricanes coach Colin Cooper believes the expansion of Super 14 rugby and the impending change of the season structure is a common sense move and everyone should benefit from ... [more]

Wallabies warhorse tipped for the axe
The Australian rugby media is confidently tipping warhorse flanker Phil Waugh to be a controversial axing when a 30-man Wallabies squad is announced today for the start of the international ... [more]

nelsen has played last match of the English season
The All Whites captain Ryan Nelsen is unlikely to play in Blackburn Rovers final English Premiership match against West Bromwich Albion this weekend. Nelsen, Rovers captain, limped out of last ... [more]

Sharapova wins again in Warsaw
The Russian tennis player Maria Sharapova has continued her successful return to the WTA circuit with a confident 6-2 6-love victory over Darya Kustova of Belarus to reach the quarter-finals ... [more]

Mickelson suspends tour schedule to be with wife
The world golf number two Phil Mickelson has suspended his playing schedule indefinitely to be with his wife Amy who has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Mickelson was due to ... [more]

Michael Vick leaves prison
The suspended American Football star Michael Vick has left a Kansas prison to finish his 23-month sentence in home confinement. Vick left a federal penitentiary in Leavenworth after serving 19 months ... [more]

Former England cricketer gets 13 years
The former England cricketer Chris Lewis has been hailed for 13 years trying to smuggle drugs into Britain in his kit bag. The 41-year-old former all-rounder had attempted to ... [more]

Cavendish wins 11th stage of Giro
The British cyclist Mark Cavendish has won a sprint finish to take out the 11th stage of the Giro d'Italia. The Team Columbia sprinter just crossed the line first to ... [more]

Maitua faces 2 year ban from league
The National Rugby League has suspended Cronulla Sharks forward Reni Maitua for a positive drug test. The 26-year-old returned a postive sample for the banned substance Clenbuterol, a stimulant used to ... [more]

O'Shea to start Champion Leagues final
The Manchester United defender John O'Shea has been handed a starting place in next week's European Champions League football final. The Republic of Ireland man has rarely been a regular in ... [more]

Wine future uncertain at Lion Nathan
Lion Nathan is unsure what the future of its wine business will be if the company is taken over. Wine earnings are down due to excess supply and heavy discounting. [more]

Stocks in Europe end higher as commodities gain
European shares ended higher on Wednesday. Commodity stocks were the major gainers as the price of crude oil and metals rose. [more]

Same price for retail investors at Fletcher
Fletcher Building says retail investors will pay $5.35 per share under a $100 million share purchase plan - the same price as institutional investors. Fletcher Building has now accumulated over $500 million to bolster its financial position. [more]

Closer monitoring of home detention wanted
The Sensible Sentencing Trust wants criminals serving home detention sentences subjected to more stringent monitoring. [more]

Abuse of Parliamentary process claimed over appointment
Labour says the Government is abusing Parliamentary process by nominating Associate Local Government Minister John Carter to chair a select committee on Auckland governance. [more]

Wall St retreats
Stocks in the United States fell on Wednesday, after the Federal Reserve cut its 2009 forecast for GDP and raised its outlook for unemployment. [more]

Forestry decline continues
The amount of new forestry planting is its lowest level since World War II. Forest owners say the figures are disappointing but not surprising. [more]

Fourth Pacific Islands Trade Exhibition underway in Japan
The 4th Pacific Islands Trade Exhibition in Japan begins today and runs until the 26th of May at the JETRO Exhibition Hall in Tokyo. The director of the Pacific Islands... [more]

Nelsen out of Confederations Cup
The All Whites captain Ryan Nelsen will miss next month's Confederations Cup in South Africa because of injury. Nelsen picked up a calf injury playing for Blackburn Rovers against Chelsea ... [more]

RPA can see more player movement in the future
The head of the New Zealand Professional Rugby Players Association, Rob Nicol, says he can see more foreign players getting involved in the new Super 15 including having New Zealanders ... [more]

Croft comes into Lions squad
The England flanker Tom Croft has been called into the British and Irish Lions rugby squad to tour South Africa after Ireland's Alan Quinlan lost his appeal against a 12-week ... [more]

Henry and Iniesta should be fit for Champions League final
The Barcelona players Thierry Henry and Andres Iniesta should be fit to face Manchester United in the European Champions League foorball final if their recovery from injury continues on schedule. ... [more]

Pietersen out of one day series
The England batsman Kevin Pietersen will miss the one-day cricket series against the West Indies because of an Achilles tendon injury in his right leg. Pietersen says the injury is ... [more]

Nadal optimistic as he heads to Paris
The world tennis number one Rafael Nadal was cautiously optimistic as he left for Paris where he has the chance to become the first man to claim five successive French ... [more]

Campbell hoping to build on improved form, fitness
Michael Campbell will look to draw on his winning ways around the famed Wentworth West Course when he tees tonight for the opening round of the European Tour's PGA Championship. ... [more]

President of Fiji's Law Society concerned police will access information on computers
The President of the Fiji Law Society says three lawyers and their computers have been taken in to custody by police in Suva. Dorsami Naidu says the search warrants police... [more]

Salaries paid to consultants in PNG can't be justified says AIDWATCH
A body that monitors aid spending says the very high salaries paid to consultants employed by the Australian Government aid agency, AusAID, in Papua New Guinea cannot be justified. Last... [more]

United Nations FAO meeting begins in Niue
Drafting a regional programme for food security in the Pacific is one of the priorities up for discussion at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation's meeting in Niue. The... [more]

Bids submitted for Opel
Three suitors have submitted bids to acquire or buy a stake in General Motors' Opel car unit. GM faces a deadline of 1 June to complete a major restructuring or seek bankruptcy protection. [more]

Fiji's interim AG is still open to engage wtih European Commission
Fiji's interim Attorney General says they do not view the cancellation of the 2009 sugar allocation for Fiji by the European Commission to mean a closing of all dooors. The... [more]

President of Fiji's Law Society says one lawyer will have to return to police
The President of the Fiji Law Society says one of the lawyers taken in for questioning by police yesterday, will have to return to answer more questions today. Richard Naidu... [more]

Ryman Healthcare profit up
Increasing demand for space in retirement villages and rest homes has helped boost Ryman Healthcare's profit by 5% to $53 million. Revenue rose more than 22%. [more]

Retail expectations dampened by airport company
Auckland International Airport Ltd is dampening expectations about the level of income being generated by its retail arm. It says there will be fewer travellers and lower spending due to the recession. [more]

More interest than expected in offer by media company
APN News & Media has raised $A83 million from institutional investors. The company says there was more interest than expected in the offer and intends to raise a total $A99 million. [more]

$180,000 penalty for RMA breaches
A Manawatu meat processor and dairy farm owner has been fined more than $180,000 for breaching wastewater and effluent regulations under the Resource Management Act. [more]

Regional council to scrap planting programme
Waikato Regional Council is looking to scrap a programme to improve water quality in the region. [more]

Samoa head of state to gift land and home to government
Samoa's head of State, Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi, has decided to gift to the government of Samoa part of his estate. 20 acres of freehold land and a two-storey... [more]

Ukranian's win UEFA Cup
The Ukrainian football club Shakhtar Donetsk has won the UEFA Cup beating Werder Bremen of Germany 2-1 in the final in Istanbul. The score was level at the end of ... [more]

Waugh included in Wallabies squad
The Wallabies flanker Phil Waugh has been selected in a 29-man squad despite speculation in Australia that coach Robbie Deans would drop the 77 test veteran. However the New South ... [more]

Thrush still in contention for semi-final
The Hurricanes lock Jeremy Thrush continues to receive treatment on the elbow he injured at training yesterday and remains in contention for tomorrow night's Super 14 semi-final against the Chiefs ... [more]

Olympic officials unconcerned that Torch looks like marijuiana cigarette
Organizers of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver are taking the mellow approach to suggestions that their planned Olympic torch looks like a marijuana cigarette. Dave Cobb, the ... [more]

Smiling but silent Sonny Bill Williams returns to Australia
A smiling but silent Sonny Bill Williams has returned to Australia almost 10 months after walking out on the Bulldogs National Rugby League club. The 23-year-old former Kiwis player ... [more]

PNG apologises for anti-Chinese violence
Papua New Guinea's acting Prime Minister Puka Temu has apologised for what he says were a handful of hooligans and opportunists attacking and looting Asian businesses across the county. in... [more]

Talks continue to end Papua airstrip occupation
Indonesian police have continued with attempts to negotiate with dozens of Papuan residents who have been blocking a small airport in Kapeso district. The police chief in the province, Inspector... [more]

Letters written by mayor in response to lobbying
The leader of a rates lobby group says it defies belief that Far North Mayor Wayne Brown wrote submissions for other people to his own council. Mr Brown says he did so after noting organised opposition to a proposal for capital value rating. [more]

Ousted Fiji minister fears interim regime won't relinquish power
A member of Fiji's ousted SDL government says he has no confidence in the interim regime making serious attempts at starting a dialogue to solve the current political crisis. Ted... [more]

Fiji's roving ambassador Ligairi dies
Fiji's Roving Ambassaador Ross Ligairi has died suddenly. The newspaper, the Fiji Times, reports that the career public servant died shortly after midnight at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital in... [more]

Solomons government defends signing RAMSI deal
The acting prime minister acting in Solomon Islands has rejected accusations that the country was bullied by Australia into signing a partnership framework agreement with the Regional Assistance Mission, RAMSI. [more]

New Zealand Australian rugby unions open to door for Pacific players in new competition
The Pacific rugby union players could be the big winners in the expanded Super14 competition The SANZAR countries - South Africa, New Zealand and Australia - have agreed to replace... [more]

Ousted Fiji minister says pressure needed to bring about dialogue
A member of Fiji's ousted SDL government says applying more international and domestic pressure on the Fiji military government is the best way of forcing it to seek dialogue over... [more]

Assessment complete of sunken tanker in American Sdamoa
In American Samoa, a group of naval and coast guard divers has completed its assessment of a sunken naval tanker in Pago Pago harbour. The group will submit a report... [more]

Vanuatu companies implicated in Australian tax case
Two Vanuatu-based companies have been implicated in a move by Australia's Federal Court to freeze 27 million US dollars worth of assets belonging to Australian businessman Phillip Grimaldi. The newspaper,... [more]

Desert Road and SH4 open again
The Desert Road through the central North Island and State Highway 4 through National Park have reopened. [more]

Lee cleared by NZ On Air over programme
New Zealand On Air has cleared National Party MP Melissa Lee of any wrongdoing with funds her company received to make a television programme. [more]

Amnesty launched campaign to highlight poverty and abuse
Amnesty International in New Zealand is launching a new media campaign to highlight poverty and human rights issues internationally and in the Pacific. Its Deputy Director Rebecca Emery says its... [more]

Pacific leaders praise Japan's aid programmes
The leaders of small Pacific Island countries have heaped praise on Japan's aid programme and asked for more as the fifth Pacific Area Leaders Meeting, or PALM, gears up for... [more]

Former Fiji regime consultant lambastes New Zealand over coup sanctions
A former consultant to Fiji's interim government has called on New Zealand to soften its stance on Fiji and remove sanctions. John Samy, who last year headed the support team... [more]

Samoa bans movie Angels and Demons
Samoa's principal film censor has banned the movie, Angels and Demons, which was due to screen in Apia later this week. The principal censor, Lei'ataua Olo'apu, says the film is... [more]

Valerie Vili wins again
The Olympic Games and World Champion shot putter Valerie Vili has won again in Brazil although she didn't match the Oceania and New Zealand record of 20.69 metres she set ... [more]

Kahui out of semi
The Chiefs have suffered a serious setback ahead of Friday's Super 14 rugby semi final against the Hurricanes, with All Blacks centre Richard Kahui ruled out due to an ongoing calf ... [more]

NRL calls to meet with Cronulla board over crisis
The National Rugby League's chief executive David Gallop says he cannot guarantee embattled Cronulla's future. Gallop has called an urgent meeting with the Sharks as their financial crisis deepens after ... [more]

Scammer targeting Chinese changes tactics
Police say an extortionist threatening Chinese businesses in Auckland with gang violence has begun a second series of phone calls, this time pretending to be a vigilante. [more]

Hamilton principal on leave during investigation
Police in Hamilton are investigating financial accusations against a high school principal. Martin Elliott from Fraser High School is on leave pending the outcome. [more]

No change to Maori proposal for Otago harbour
Te Runanga o Otakou will not make changes to an application for a mataitai over the Otago harbour. A final decision is awaited from the Minister of Fisheries. [more]

Story of donated Bible sought by Red Cross
Manawatu Red Cross is attempting to discover the history and connections of a 167-year-old Maori Bible before putting it on sale. It turned up in a box of books. [more]

Police to use digital radio system
Police are to use an encrypted digital radio system to prevent people from eavesdropping on their communications. [more]

Police to review handling of Brash email case
A senior police investigator is to review the Don Brash email case, after the former National Party leader suggested there may have been political bias or incompetence in the investigation. [more]

Napier gunman determined to go down fighting - police
Napier gunman Jan Molenaar was determined to go down fighting rather than face jail, according to police. [more]

Japan to lay out new development assistance to Pacific at PALM
Japan will provide Pacific island nations with 527 million US dollars in official development assistance over the coming three years to support environmental, health and education measures. The newspaper, Yomiuri... [more]

Popular American Television series confirms filming in Samoa
The popular American television series Survivor has confirmed it will be filming in Samoa next month. 18 cast members of the CBS television show have arrived in the country. Several... [more]

Police in Samoa bring rape charge against son of senior officer
The son of a senior police officer in Samoa has been charged with raping a female university student. The charges come after public criticism of the police over the past... [more]

Orlando stun Cleveland despite LeBron's 49
The Orlando Magic withstood a sensational 49-point effort from LeBron James to shock the Cavaliers 107-106 in Cleveland in game one of the National Basketball Association's Eastern Conference finals . ... [more]

Crusaders forced to bracket a couple of players
The Crusaders coach Todd Blackadder has been forced to bracket a couple of players in naming his side to take on the Bulls in their Super 14 semi-final in Pretoria ... [more]

CNMI foreign workers anxious for improved status through federalisation
Foreign workers in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas are keenly awaiting the improved status they believe will accompany the United States' assumption of greater control of the territory later... [more]

RAMSI to build 200 houses for Solomon Islands police
The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, or RAMSI, is to build 200 houses for the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force over the next four years with funding from Canberra. [more]

Faleomavaega calls on US to engage more in Pacific
American Samoa's member of the US Congress has reiterated his call for the United States to step up its influence in the Pacific. Faleomavaega Eni Hunkin's comment follows his dialogue... [more]

Not too late for Australia and NZ to engage with Fiji leadership, says regime consultant
A consultant to Fiji's interim Government says it's not too late for New Zealand and Australian leaders to engage with Fiji but they need to look at the reality of... [more]

University expels students for burning NZ flag
A university has expelled three students for burning a New Zealand flag on its Wellington campus on Anzac Day. The students say it was an anti-war protest. [more]

Fears for health services under 'Kremlin' super-city
The proposed Auckland super-city has been described as a Kremlin-like structure that will have a detrimental effect on health - particularly in areas with large Pacific populations. [more]

New security cameras for Christchurch
New state-of-the-art cameras are operating in Christchurch as part of a police and council attempt to make the South Island city safer. [more]

Ngati Whatua, Pacific board unite against super-city
The leaders of Ngati Whatua and the Pacific Islands board in Auckland have vowed to fight together against the Government's plans for a super-city. [more]

Blood on Robin Bain supports suicide theory, trial told
Blood on Robin Bain's shoes and tracksuit pants supports the theory that he killed himself, a jury in the High Court in Christchurch has been told. [more]

Asia-Pacific markets lower
The New Zealand market fell 24 points, 0.88%, to close at 2776 on turnover of $84 million on Thursday. Benchmark indexes in Australia and Japan were also lower. [more]

Fewer people leaving NZ
New Zealand experienced its highest monthly migration gain in more than five years in April as fewer people left the country. [more]

Call for NZ to become a 'No Moan Zone'
Turning New Zealand into a 'No Moan Zone' is one of five best ideas to come out of an entrepreneurial summit. [more]

Power customers overcharged billions - commission
The Commerce Commission says electricity companies used their market power to overcharge wholesale customers by $4.3 billion from 2001 to 2007, but did so legitimately without breaking any laws. [more]