Radio New Zealand - Tuesday, 2nd June 2009

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Asian Report for 2 June 2009
Kiwi designer Jyoti Morningstar lives between Bali and Auckland and has just launched a new style of yoga inspired clothes with a new business philosophy to boot. [more]

The best song ever written - Keep a Dream in your Pocket
Colin Sutcliffe from Canterbury chooses 'Keep a Dream in your Pocket' by The Seekers. [more]

Reeling in the years
A musical trip back to 1979 with someone who was there, Tina Cross. [more]

Bumble bees export
New Zealand bumble bees are to be recruited for a rescue mission to bring their UK cousins back from the brink of extinction. [more]

Girl racers
Concerns about proposed anti-boy racer laws has seen an increase in the numbers of GIRL racers seeking the safety of all-girl clubs. [more]

He rourou for 2 June 2009
Ana Tapiata has found archival material where tribal exponent, the late Irirangi Tiakiawa talks about the rules around the art of whaikorero or formal speech delivery, in his Bay of Plenty tribe. [more]

Feature album - The Pretenders
The very first by British rock band, the Pretenders, who late last year released their first long player for 7 years. [more]

Tune Your Engine - 'Screw Inner Beauty'
By Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby. Lessons From The Fat-O-Sphere - trash the diet and self-loathing and get on with your life Published by Allen and Unwin. [more]

Science story
The science behind iron fertilisation and whether it really does offer a way of dealing with rising global carbon dioxide levels. [more]

The Panel (part 1)
With Bernard Hickey and Finlay MacDonald. [more]

The Panel (part 2)
With Bernard Hickey and Finlay MacDonald. [more]

Business News

Morning Business News for 2 June 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Markets update
A quick update of movements in the financial sector. [more]

Midday Business News for 2 June 2009
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]

Evening business
News from the business sector including a market report. [more]


Nai Yin Xue murder trial begins in Auckland
The man accused of murdering his young wife and abandoning their daughter at a Melbourne railway station has been portrayed as a violent man who was angry he didn't have a son. [more]

Genesis customers to be compensated up to $50
Households are being offered between 20 and 50 dollars compensation for enduring up to 16 hours without electricity during the coldest weekend of the year. [more]

Key's superannuation guarantees challenged
The Government is being challenged over John Key's claim that entitlements to New Zealand Superannuation will remain unchanged for the next 20 years despite the choke put on the Super Fund. [more]

Crown makes closing address in David Bain retrial
The final stages of the David Bain retrial got underway this morning when the jury returned to High Court One in Christchurch for the summary of the Crown case against Mr Bain. [more]

Dollar's rise could choke early recovery
Economists are warning the New Zealand dollar's rapid rise could choke off an early recovery from the recession. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Air France has"lost hope"for missing Airbus
Military aircraft and warships are using satellite imaging ina desperate attempt to find the wreckage of an Air France passenger jet that vanished over the Atlantic Ocean. [more]

MP's expense claims under scrutiny
The Prime Minister wants MPs to take another look at whether details of their expense claims should be made public. [more]

North Korean leader said to have appointed heir
North Korean leader Kim Jong-il is reported to have anointed his youngest son to continue the family dynasty and rule the communist regime. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

No Holden sell-off as GM woes continue
General Motors has filed for bankruptcy protection, becoming the biggest industrial company collapse in US history. However it's wholly owned Australian subsidiary Holden, which employs thousands of workers in South Australia and Victoria, is not being sold off. [more]

Immigration defends pregnancy policy
The Immigration Department is defending its policy of not wanting women on temporary visas to have their babies here. [more]

Spiderman scales Sydney skyscraper
The climber known as Spiderman has scaled one of the city's highest skyscrapers - only to be greeted by police with handcuffs when he got back down. [more]

Search continues for missing French Airbus
Air traffic control lost contact with the flight shortly after it took off from Rio de Janeiro's international airport in Brazil en route to Paris yesterday. [more]

Genesis Energy flooded with complaints
Genesis Energy says it is still receiving calls about a glitch which left hundreds of people without power over the coldest weekend of the year. [more]

Medical Association says fee expectation is unreasonable
The cost of going to your family doctor could rise by up to 6 point five percent this year, but doctors say even higher increases could be needed if they are to cover their costs. [more]

Latest news from the UK
For the latest news from the UK, we're joined by our correspondent in London, Barney Burnham. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Hundreds attend funeral for slain zookeeper
A private funeral has been held at Whangarei's Zion Wildlife gardens for Dalu Mncube - the keeper killed in last week's tiger attack. [more]

Scientist misquoted on swine flu's NZ origins
The Ministry of Health has confirmed another new case of swine flu, in a child who arrived from North America at the weekend. [more]

Details emerge on NZ's role in giant emissions deal
It has been revealed that a British-based company is behind the mystery New Zealand firm involved in the biggest-ever purchase of greenhouse gas emissions credits. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

Moves to ban cellphone use while driving
The Transport Minister anticipates a final decision on banning the use of cellphones while driving will be made in September. [more]

Pacific Islanders held by Somali pirates
Family and friends of eleven sailors from Tuvalu and one from Fiji are praying for their safe return, after they were kidnapped by Somalian pirates two months ago. [more]

Greenland goes to the polls
Greenland is the world's largest island - larger than all of Europe combined but most of it is covered by ice. [more]

Arrest over death of abortion doctor
Police in Kansas have arrested the man suspected of shooting dead Doctor George Tiller, one of very few physicians to provide late term abortions in the United States. [more]

Midday Report

Midday News for 2 June 2009
Midday Report news bulletin. [more]

Midday Sports News for 2 June 2009
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Morning Report

Top Stories for 2 June 2009
Cause of Air France crash still unknown, Green Party plans to open books on its MPs' expenses, UK Finance Minister latest victim of expenses scandal, General Motors plans its financial comeback, Migrants wants government to tackle immigration problems, 'Unseasonable' weather to blame for road death toll. [more]

Air France crash
It's believed an Air France plane has crashed into the Atlantic with more than 200 people on board. [more]

Pacific news for 2 June 2009
The latest from the Pacific region. [more]

Morning Rural News for 2 June 2009
News from the rural and farming sector. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

New Green Party leaders plans to work with government
The new Green Party co-leadership team says the Party will continue to work with the Government, despite Russel Norman describing National as incompetent and prejudiced. [more]

Air France plane lost over South Atlantic
An Air France airbus enroute from Rio De Janeiro to Paris, with 228 people on board, is missing over the South Atlantic. [more]

Green Party plans to open books on its MPs' expenses
The Green Party is planning to open the books on the expenses its MPs claim from the public purse. [more]

Green expenses 'transparency' initiative examined
Green party co-leader Metiria Turei on the initiative. [more]

UK Finance Minister latest victim of expenses scandal
In the UK, it appears the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Alistair Darling, is about to become the most high profile victim of the expenses scandal. [more]

General Motors plans its financial comeback
American car giant General Motors has filed for bankruptcy protection. [more]

Genesis power prepay customers fear further outages
Genesis Energy at this stage refused to speak publicly about the failure of its prepay electricity system over the weekend. [more]

'Unseasonable' weather to blame for road death toll
Horrific weather conditions are largely to blame for the worst Queen's Birthday death toll in a decade say police after nine people died on the country's roads. [more]

Ministry of Health warns schools of possible flu closures
The Ministry of Health is sending letters out to schools today, warning of possible school closures due to swine flu. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Small businesses worry about centralised super-council buying
Small and medium sized companies in Auckland are worried about their futures as the axe prepares to fall on the local bodies that provide them with more than 100 million dollars worth of business. [more]

John Walker becomes first knight since reinstatement of titles
Track legend John Walker is the first person to be awarded a Knighthood since the titular honours system was reinstated in March. [more]

Cause of Air France crash still unknown
It's believed an Air France plane has crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, killing more than 200 people. [more]

Political funding specialist discusses expenses disclosure
Just what and how much MPs in New Zealand spend on expenses is set to become the subject of greater public scrutiny after a Green party decision to reveal their claims annually from now on. [more]

Migrants wants government to tackle immigration problems
The Migrant Action Trust wants an urgent meeting with the immigration minister over persistent problems faced by people with skills wanting to live and work in New Zealand. [more]

NZ tips 'serious, universal' sanctions against North Korea
The defence ministers of the Asia-Pacific region have just finished an annual meeting in Singapore with the flexing of North Korea's military might a focus. [more]

Sports news
An update from the team at RNZ Sport. [more]

Bain retrial jury back after break for summing up
The final stage of David Bain's retrial begins today with the Crown summing up its case in the High Court in Christchurch. [more]

Genesis Energy play down power outage
Hundreds of Genesis Energy customers had a chilly weekend after a a computer glitch knocked out power to pre-paid customers. [more]

Waatea news
News from the Waatea team. [more]

ING using 'bullying' approach says shareholders
Investors in ING's toxic assets are accusing the company of employing 'bullying tactics' with their revised offer to shareholders. [more]

Furore over yoghurt's missing 'h'
A row has broken out in Britain, and like the spelling of Wanganui, it's all to do with the letter"H". [more]

Repatriated bumblebees
A bumblebee that died out in the UK more than two decades ago is to be reintroduced from New Zealand. [more]


Ethiopian Travels
Alicia Goss on experiencing the plight of children in Ethiopia from her recent travels there with Childfund. [more]

Ralph Sims on Nuclear Energy
Ralph Sims, from the International Energy Agency, talks about Nuclear Power. [more]

Conundrum Clue
Conundrum Clue 1 [more]

Conundrum Clue
Conundrum Clue 2 [more]

Nine To Noon

Judi Jones, Electricity and Gas Complaints commissioner
Hundreds of Genesis pre-pay customers were without power over the weekend. [more]

Research into NCEA
Dr Liz McKinley has been researching NCEA and how Maori, Pacific Island and students from low decile schools are navigating their way through it. [more]

Insulation retro fitting
The Government's home insulation grants of $1300 are available to any household but will rushed, shoddy retrofitting jobs make it all a pointless exercise? [more]

US correspondent Richard Adams
A Supreme Court Judge is being chosen and a doctor practising abortion has been murdered while in church. [more]

Feature Guest - Ruth Jones
81-year-old Auckland writer Ruth Jones shares her amazing story of searching for her birth mother. [more]

Book review - Kiwi Companeros
by Mark Derby (editor). Published by Canterbury University Press. Reviewed by Don Rood. [more]

With Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre. [more]

Food and wine
Cullen skink or smoked fish and potato soup with chives and Risotto of beetroot, fresh goats cheese and curly kale. [more]

Denis Welch looks at TV3's trip to Zimbabwe and the media's obsession with the road toll. [more]

IHC mainstreaming
A new report argues that disabled children do better in classrooms in regular schools, rather than being in special schools. [more]

Rural News

Midday Rural News for 2 June 2009
News from the rural and farming sectors. [more]


Kari Kriikku
Finnish clarinettist on tour with the NZSO, playing concertos by compatriots Magnus Lindberg and Jukka Tiensuu. [more]

Dean Powell
Tenor in the Treorchy Male Choir, a massed Welsh choir on tour down under. [more]

News stories:

NZ cricketers update
The New Zealand cricketers have scored 170 for 7 batting first in their latest Twenty20 World Cup warmup match against India at Lord's. After being asked to bat first Ross ... [more]

Bad news looms for manufacturing industry
The embattled manufacturing sector could be dealt another blow, as the fortunes of one of the country's biggest trading partners look set to take a turn for the worse. [more]

Tower eyes acquisitions
Insurer and fund manager Tower is eyeing potential acquisitions after effectively becoming debt free. [more]

More studies on Fonterra's emissions called for
A scientist involved in a study showing Fonterra's total greenhouse gas emissions says it is important more studies are done in the future so that any improvements can be tracked. [more]

'Grim' holiday road toll worst in 13 years
Police say it is too early to speculate on why the road toll for Queen's Birthday weekend spiked this year, to its worst level in 13 years. Nine people were killed over the long weekend. [more]

Tuesday's morning papers
Air France plane carrying 228 people missing; Computer glitch leaves customers without power; Play centre claims property developer owes it $30,000. [more]

World stocks rally on positive data
Wall Street stocks shot higher on Monday as reassuring economic data pointed to a positive turn in the economic cycle. European stock markets also rallied. [more]

Migrants to discuss problems with minister
The Migrant Action Trust charity is seeking an urgent meeting with the Immigration Minister over persistent problems faced by people wanting to live and work in New Zealand. [more]

Fears local contracts will go under super-city
Some small businesses in Auckland fear they will lose valuable contracts when the city's eight local bodies are merged in a single, region-wide council. [more]

Loss for commercial property investors
A new survey shows commercial property investors have made their first loss for 15 years. Collapsing property values were identified as the main culprit. [more]

Car cellphone ban decision due in September
Transport Minister Steven Joyce says he expects a final decision about banning the use of cellphones in cars to be made in September - and it is his intention to go ahead with a ban. [more]

Fiji's interim govt will decide next week if media censorship will continue
The interim government in Fiji will decide next week whether to continue with the censorship of media outlets. Fiji Live online says the Minister for National Security and Defence says... [more]

Samoa marks 47 years of independence
Samoa last night began celebrations marking 47 years of independence, with an official church service at the government prayer house on Mt Vaea, which overlooks the capital, Apia. Today there... [more]

Kiribati officials to ride in cars worth nearly 650,000 US dollars at celebrations
When Kiribati celebrates its 30th year of independence on July 12, the President and his 15 Cabinet Ministers will be riding in brand new cars that are costing the government... [more]

American Samoa govt has no money to purchase outgoing cannery
American Samoa's acting governor Faoa Sunia says the territorial government has no money to purchase Chicken of the Sea Samoa Packing. Mr Faoa was responding to a caller on the... [more]

Samoa to attend Small States Financial Crisis meeting in Washington
Samoa will be the only representative of the Pacific region at this week's Small States and the Financial Crisis meeting in Washington D.C. At the meeting World Bank officials will... [more]

Solomons' provincial governor castigates Honiara for ignoring plight of smaller regions
The Solomon's Government has again been accused of ignoring smaller provinces while focussing on the bigger regions. The Premier of Central province, Patrick Vasuni, raised the issue when the Governor... [more]

Fiji's Prices and Incomes Board not aware of price increases
Fiji's Prices and Incomes Board says it is not aware that the prices of Flour, Rice and Sugar have gone up after the devaluation. In April, the Reserve Bank devalued... [more]

Future of Nelson Sealord factory up for discussion
Talks have begun in Nelson which could decide the future of Sealord's fish processing plant there. The company says it needs to cut labour costs by $1.8 million per year. [more]

PINA's President to speak out about Fiji's crack-down on media
The president of the Pacific Island News Association says he'll speak out about Fiji's crack-down on media freedom when he attends an international media conference there next month. The Asia-Pacific... [more]

Chinese delegation to visit Fiji
A delegation of 60 Chinese entrepreneurs and government officials led by China's Vice Minister for Commerce Jiang Zengwei is due in Fiji this week, as part of bilateral efforts to... [more]

Delegates at UN conf told less export red tape in Asia-Pacific could see more exports
A reduction of export red tape by governments in the Asia-Pacific region will lead to an increase in exports from areas hard hit by the global financial crisis, according to... [more]

Bulldogs to watch SBW take on the Wallabies
Rugby convert Sonny Bill Williams says several of his former Bulldogs rugby league team-mates will be at the Sydney Football Stadium to support him when he turns out for the ... [more]

Dixon tops IndyCar standings after Milwaukee Mile win
The New Zealand driver Scott Dixon is back on top of the IndyCar standings after winning The Milwaukee Mile. It was the defending champion's first victory at the event, Dixon ... [more]

Ancelotti takes over at Stamford Bridge
The former AC Milan football coach Carlo Ancelotti has been appointed Chelsea manager on a three-year deal. The 49-year-old Italian left the Rossoneri on Monday after guiding them to a ... [more]

O'Driscoll to lead Lions on second match of tour
Brian O'Driscoll will captain a much-changed British & Irish Lions rugby side for Thursday morning's match against the Golden Lions in Johannesburg. Only Tommy Bowe, Jamie Roberts and David Wallace ... [more]

Mystics beat Tactix - just
The Northern Mystics have scored a last minute 47-46 victory over the Canterbury Tactix in their trans-Tasman netball clash in Auckland. It wasn't until that final minute of the game ... [more]

NZ womens cricketers beat Australia
The New Zealand women's cricket team has beaten Australia by four runs in a Twenty20 match in Brisbane. New Zealand made 115 for nine, while Australia finished on 111 for ... [more]

Paul Gallen quits as Sharks captain
The Australian rugby league player Paul Gallen has quit the Cronulla captaincy just hours after admitting his guilt and apologising for racially abusing St George Illawarra forward Mickey Paea. Gallen ... [more]

Canberra too good for Souths
The Canberra Raiders scored a rare away win this season with an impressive 34-18 margin over South Sydney in Monday night's National Rugby League match in Sydney. Canberra are still ... [more]

Uncapped Steyn makes Boks squad for Lions series
The Northern Bulls first five Morne Steyn is the only uncapped player named in South Africa's rugby squad for the three Tests against the British and Irish Lions. Steyn played ... [more]

More changes to Italy rugby squad
The experienced Italy flanker Josh Sole will miss this month's rugby tour of Australia and New Zealand with a broken wrist. Debutant Paul Derbyshire, who plays for Padua, has been ... [more]

Federer survives tough fourth round match in Paris
Roger Federer came back from the brink of defeat to reach the quarter-finals at the French Open tennis tournament in Paris with a five sets win over the German veteran ... [more]

Black Caps beat India in practice match
The New Zealand cricketers have beaten India by nine runs in their Twenty20 World Cup warm-up match at Lord's. Batting first New Zealand made 170 for seven with Ross Taylor ... [more]

Stosur reaches French Open Quarters
Samantha Stosur has stormed her way into the quarter-finals at the French Open, the first Australian woman to do so in 21 years. Stosur saw off Frenchwoman Virginie Razzano 6-1 6-2 ... [more]

Nadal's coach labels French Open crowd "stupid"
Rafael Nadal's uncle and coach Toni Nadal has called Roland Garros spectators stupid for their treatment of his nephew during his shock French Open loss to Robin Soderling. The world number ... [more]

Bath players resign
Bath rugby players Michael Lipman, Alex Crockett and Andrew Higgins have resigned from the English club with immediate effect after a probe into an alleged bar brawl. Australia's Bath lock ... [more]

This year's Russian Open called off
The Russian Open golf tournament has been cancelled this year because of the global financial crisis. Organisers says they had to cancel the August event because their main sponsor had ... [more]

Legendary Irish trainer dies
The legendary Irish racehorse trainer Vincent O'Brien has died aged 92. O'Brien was voted both the greatest jumping and flat racing trainer of the 20th century, and his victories included ... [more]

Obama takes up Presidents Cup role
US President Barack Obama has accepted an invitation to be honorary chairman of this year's Presidents Cup golf tournament. Obama, an avid basketball player who enjoys the occasional round of ... [more]

No success for appeal over wife's murder
A man found guilty of slitting his wife's throat has had his appeal against the murder conviction dismissed. Laxman Rajamani was convicted of killing Chitra Ramakrishnan in 2005. [more]

$5m for greenhouse gas research
The Government is setting up a greenhouse gas research centre to find ways to curb agricultural and horticultural emissions. The centre will receive $5 million per year. [more]

Animal welfare centre expands
The first international animal welfare centre, set up by Massey University two years ago, is to be expanded. [more]

Five bodies recovered after PNG landslide
Five bodies have now been recovered, but 14 are still missing in Papua New Guinea's Morobe province following last week's landslip. The landslide, caused by heavy rain, wiped out the... [more]

NZ conference seeks to up Pacific exports as recession bites
Developing a Pacific brand to generate consumer awareness and a demand for Pacific Islands goods will be discussed further at conference in Auckland this week. The event is being organised... [more]

Samoa's head of state gives message to Fiji on Independence Day
Samoa's head of State, Tuia Tua Tupua Tamasese Efi, has used his country's Independence Day celebrations to send a message to Fiji's interim regime. During his address to mark the... [more]

ADB advises Pacific states to rethink budgets
The Asian Development Bank says Pacific island governments must trim low-priority spending to minimise the negative effects of the global economic downturn. The ADB's new quarterly economic monitoring report says... [more]

Free trade deal agreed with Malaysia
New Zealand has concluded a free trade agreement with Malaysia although technical details of the deal have to be checked before both countries sign it. [more]

PFF joins IFEX at its Oslo meeting
The recently formed Pacific Freedom Forum has joined the International Freedom of Exchange which is meeting in Norway. A PFF founding member, Lisa Lahari Williams, says PFF will work with... [more]

PNG truck crash death tolls now 21
The number of people killed in one of Papua New Guinea's worst road accidents has risen to 21. The horrific head-on truck crash killed 17 people on the weekend but... [more]

New Caledonia union leader free pending trial in two weeks
The leader of New Caledonia's mainly Kanak USTKE union, Gerard Jodar, has been released from custody five days after being arrested amid clashes at Noumea's domestic airport. Mr Jodar was... [more]

PNG reconciliaton meeting due in Buka
Papua New Guinea politicians are to resume reconciliation efforts between New Ireland and Bougainville. According to the Post Courier, the Governor of New Ireland, Sir Julius Chan, is set to... [more]

PNG landslide zone remains risky
Papua New Guinea's Morobe province disaster management office says people should avoid the area affected by last week's landslip as it's still unsafe. Five people have been killed and 14... [more]

Forum trade ministers meeting in Samoa snubs Fiji
Fiji representatives have not been invited to attend a major series of Pacific Islands Forum trade meetings being held in Samoa from next week. Fiji can no longer attend Forum... [more]

NZ bumblebees to repopulate UK
A bumblebee which is extinct in the United Kingdom is to be reintroduced from New Zealand. As many as 100 short-haired bumblebees will be flown to the UK. [more]

Reports of increases in health insurance premiums
The health insurance industry is defending big rises in premiums following reports from two people spoken to by Radio New Zealand of 35% and 15% increases.The health insurance industry is defending big rises in premiums. [more]

Tautua Party to challenge Samoa by-election ruling
The interim leader of a newly formed political party in Samoa says they will challenge a ruling that has resulted in nine MPs with affiliations to the party losing their... [more]

Book award finalists announced
This year's finalists for the Montana New Zealand book awards have been announced. There are 26 contenders over eight categories. [more]

10th swine flu case in NZ confirmed
A child who returned to New Zealand from North America on Sunday is this country's latest confirmed case of swine flu. [more]

Murray odds-on to meet Federer in French final
After a close call against Tommy Haas of Germany, it's clear a first French Open title is far from a certainty for the Swiss tennis great Roger Federer. Roland Garros is ... [more]

Nadal's exit no good to Federer unless he makes the final
The world tennis number two Roger Federer says the exit of clay court king Rafael Nadal will have no affect on his French Open Tennis campaign, unless he reaches the ... [more]

Pellegrini new Real coach: Kaka, Alonso, Ribery, Ronaldo to join?
The Spanish football giants Real Madrid have confirmed Manuel Pellegrini as their new coach. The 55-year-old Chilean leaves another La Liga side, Villarreal, after five seasons, to replace ex-Spurs and ... [more]

Tuqiri dropped for Wallabies season opener
Australia's long-serving rugby winger Lote Tuqiri has been dropped from the Wallabies for their season opener against the Barbarians on Saturday. Coach Robbie Deans has handed the wing spots to ... [more]

All Whites trio in doubt for Tanzania
The seventeen-year-old West Bromwich Albion football striker Chris Wood may make his New Zealand debut against Tanzania on Thursday, after three players went down with a stomach bug The virus ... [more]

New Black Ferns coach appointed
Leading Auckland women's rugby and schoolboys coach Brian Evans has been appointed coach of the New Zealand women's rugby side. Evans was the coach of the Da La Salle College ... [more]

Weepu up to it at 10 as well as 9 for All Blacks
The All Blacks back coach Wayne Smith is backing the selection of Wellington's Piri Weepu as the lone back-up to Waikato's Stephen Donald at first five eighth for this month's ... [more]

GM says bankruptcy won't hurt Olympic sponsorship
Car maker General Motors says filing for bankruptcy protection will have "no impact" on its sponsorship of the 2010 Winter Olympics. GM has committed almost $93 million to the Games ... [more]

Bath trio quit amid drug allegations
Bath's joint captains Michael Lipman and Alex Crockett and winger Andrew Higgins have resigned from the English rugby amid allegations they failed to take drug test on three occasions. Their ... [more]

World champ and world record holder could square of in 100m next week
World champion Tyson Gay and former world record holder Asafa Powell could sqaure off in the 100 metres clash at next week's Prefontaine Classic meet in Oregon. Jamaican ... [more]

Australia's Pacific technical schools on target to graduate 3000 by 2011
The Australia Pacific Technical Colleges set up in Fiji, Samoa, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu are well on their way to reaching a target of training 3,000 Pacific Islanders by... [more]

Papua air strip occupation enters third week
In Indonesia's Papua police are still trying to negotiate an end to the occupation of an airfield at Kasepo in Mambramo Raya district, which is about 300 kilometres from Jayapura. [more]

Samoa Party to challenge ruling their MPs have lost their seats in Parliament
The interim leader of a newly formed political party in Samoa says they will challenge a ruling that has resulted in nine MPs with affiliations to the party losing their... [more]

Tonga's capital Nuku'alofa to get its own council
The government in Tonga is making plans for a town council in the country's capital, Nuku'alofa. The plan is in its early stages with the government looking for consultants to... [more]

ECREA says Fiji church meeting ban affects religious freedom
Fiji's Ecumenical Centre for Research, Education and Advocacy says the interim regime shouldn't cancel the Methodist Church conference as it impinges on religious freedoms. Police and the military issued a... [more]

Surfer dies after collision off Wellington coast
A man is dead after two surfers collided while riding the waves at a Wellington beach. [more]

Holiday not taken into account as power fails
Genesis Energy says the Queen's Birthday holiday was not programmed into its software, adding to a systems failure which left hundreds of people without power during the coldest weekend of the year so far. [more]

Police investigate patrol car crash
Police in Nelson say it is too early to say who was at fault in a collision between a patrol car and another motorist on Monday. [more]

Teen arrested over samurai sword attack
Police have arrested a 16-year-old after a samurai sword attack all but severed a man's hand outside a Palmerston North party on Saturday night. [more]

GPs could raise fees higher than DHB level
The Medical Association says family doctors may raise their fees higher than the 6.5% which district health boards say is reasonable. [more]

MPs' expenses could be made public
Prime Minister John Key wants a cross-party committee set up to look at whether MPs' expense claims should be opened up to the public. [more]

Policy on temporary visas defended
Immigration New Zealand says it is standard policy to deny temporary visas to people who may be a burden on the country's health service. [more]

Major quake in Vanuatu damages buildings, injures several people
A strong 6.5-magnitude quake shook Vanuatu this afternoon, causing landslips and damaging buildings on the small island of Tangoa. The quake struck at a depth of 39 kilometres about 45... [more]

PNG Government provides food aid for survivors of fatal landslide
Last week's fatal landslide in Papua New Guinea's Morobe province has left about 21 families without their livelihoods. Five people have been killed and fourteen others are still missing following... [more]

Concerns over swine flu stop cruise ship visit to New Caledonia
Concerns about H1N1 flu have prompted New Caledonia's health authorities to call off a planned visit by the Sydney-based Dawn Princess cruise ship to the island of Lifou in the... [more]

Nuplex to consolidate shares
Resins maker Nuplex plans cut the 759 million shares it has on issue by consolidating every four of its shares into one. [more]

NZ dollar eases back from 7-month high
The New Zealand dollar eased back on Tuesday after hitting a seven-month high against the US dollar overnight. [more]

Super entitlements are secure, says Key
Prime Minister John Key says it is his firm belief that suspending government superannuation contributions now will have no effect on entitlements over the next 20 years. [more]

Xue angry wife didn't give him a son, trial told
A man accused of murdering his wife in New Zealand before abandoning his daughter in Australia was a violent man who was angry with his wife for not giving birth to a son, a jury has been told. [more]

Australia's central bank leaves rates unchanged
The Reserve Bank of Australia has left rates unchanged for a second consecutive month on Tuesday, in another sign it is confident the worst of the global downturn has passed. [more]

Crown summarises case against David Bain
The Crown summarised its case against David Bain on Tuesday, telling and the jury that forensic evidence clearly points to the accused killing five members of his family in 1994. [more]

Asia-Pacific markets higher
Markets in the Asia-Pacific region gained on Tuesday. [more]

US consumers spend less
Consumer spending in the United States has fallen for the second month in a row, despite people having more money in their pocket. [more]